This page is to highlight the different events held throughout the years that made WCF what it is today.


One is WCF's "Wrestlemania," simply put, and generally celebrates WCF's yearly anniversaries. WCF has now had the opportunity to hold three of these events. The first was main evented by Neo vs Trent Hunter, where Neo finally captured the gold, and the next year's main event was the culmination of a huge feud between PC Cradle and Madd Dogg where PC Cradle was able to score the victory and Title. The third was a dream match between former Team of Treachery members and best friends at the time, Jack of Blades and Logan, where Blades was finally able to win the World Title.

The fourth was main evented by a dream match: finally, Slickie T versus Torture. In one of the most controversial decisions in WCF history, Torture defeated Slickie T. The next year's One would have not one, but THREE main events: Gravedigger vs Jay Price, Doc Henry vs Johnny Reb, and Brad Kane vs Torture. Brad Kane made the leader of This_Is_War pass out. The next year's One would take place shortly after Seth Lerch's return to the company after a nearly year long absence; it was main evented by Corey Black versus Odin Balfore, two men that "held down the fort" in Seth's absence. Corey Black was able to destroy the monster he created, and finally earned his One moment as he defeated Balfore for the Title.


War has typically been WCF's way of determing its first Champion after opening or reopening, though not exclusively for that purpose. It is a mix between a Royal Rumble and a Battle Royale. Two men start in the ring, and every two minutes someone else enters. You can only be eliminated via pin or submission, and the last man standing is declared the winner.

War I: Mace
War II: Hellz Angel
War III: Logan
War IV: Gravedigger
War V: Epic
War VI: Logan
War VII: Skyler Striker
War VIII: Slickie T
War IX: Logan
War X: Johnny Reb

Five times, War has been held in the WCF chatroom. Stats for four of these are available, including time spent in match, number of eliminations, who eliminated who, etc.

War IX
War X


Ironically, one of WCF's most popular events is an event not sponsored by WCF at all. After winning the right to three wishes from Steve Carr, Creeping Death demanded his very own show, which he deemed XIII. It takes place every Friday the Thirteenth that CD decides to hold one.

The first XIII featured arch rivals Logan and Reckless Jack duke it out, an epic Hardcore Title match between Skyler Striker and Jack of Blades, a World Title match between none other than Seth Lerch, Chino, and Torture, and a TV Title match. The TV Title match was the main event, where Creeping Death defeated Lawnmower Jones for the belt.

The second XIII showcased the MCE, or Modern Cutting Edge, division. The MCE nemesis crowned their first Champion, Nemesis. There was also a classic match between Jack of Blades and Merc.

The third XIII was once thought to be the last WCF show ever and took place in Tokyo, Japan. It contained several classic matches such as Danny Vice vs Johnny Craven, JJ Biggs vs Lance Ryan, and Torture vs Mike Maida. But in an epic main event, Creeping Death defeated Skyler Striker, one of WCF's greatest Champions, to recapture the WCF World Title.

The Trilogy
Timebomb - Explosion - Aftermath

This series of PPVs always tends to lead to great matches. The first trilogy started by showcasing the tag team division, as the first Timebomb and Explosion both featured Tag Title matches. At Timebomb, the amazing team of Defman and PC Cradle emerged as Cradle abandoned the Team of Treachery. Then, at Explosion, a special tag team match was booked with every man on the roster teaming up with someone else. Ten teams competed, with ten legal men at once. Once one man was eliminated his partner would come in, and once that man was eliminated the team was finished. Eliminations were by pin or submission. The Explosion match featured such teams as Defman/Cradle, Torture/Death, The Wifebeaters (Rick Mad and Bob the Cameraman), and Seth Lerch/Steve Carr. In the end, the team of Neo and the Gayfather, members of Madd Dogg's stable, won the belts. Madd Dogg would continue to be the talk of WCF as at Aftermath he booked the first ever Euthanasia match for the TV Title. This match featured Torture, Evan Creech, PC Cradle, Death, Mike Bradley, Creeping Death, Dake Ken, Wreck, Defman, and Seth Lerch. In the end, Evan Creech won. It was so brutal and unimaginably violent that most people that remember it like to pretend it never happened.

The next Timebomb started with a World Title match between JJ Biggs and Bobby Cairo, where JJ Biggs pulled the upset to win the belt. It also continued the growing story between the team of Ellis and Josephine Miyazaki, two of WCF's most infamous competitors, though they'd be gone by Explosion. This Explosion marked one of the most important events in WCF history: Torture defeated JJ Biggs to win the World Title for the first time. Aftermath would see a big tag match, with members of the Team of Treachery, Logan and Lawnmower Jones, facing members of the New Dynasty, Creeping Death and Nate Nytro. The Title match would see Torture defending against Reckless Jack in one of many classics he'd have with that man.

The next Timebomb would start things off with a Hardcore Title encounter between Creeping Death, Johnny Craven and Danny Vice. In the main event, former tag team partners squared off in a Pyramid match. Thunder up against Skyler Striker. The pyramid match featured a structure made of glass and steel, which both competitors painfully got to know. Explosion would host a match that is always a classic, a battle between two NCW legends, Steve Carr and Outcast. It also had a rematch from Timebomb, where Creeping Death once again fought Johnny Craven and Danny Vice for the Hardcore Title, where Creeping Death was able to win the belt. And in the main event, Skyler Striker defeated Bobby Cairo in the final match of the first WCF Championship Series.

WCF Championship Series

The WCF Championship Series is a series of shows in which the World Title is defended against one man on every single show. The first Series began with Skyler Striker as Champion. He fought Biohazard, Creeping Death, Thunder, Jay Williams, Johnny Craven, The Xtreme One, and Bobby Cairo, week after week, in that order. Despite the challenges, Skyler Striker was able to come out in the end still holding the World Title.