WCF v1

WCF Is Born

Records relating to the earliest days of WCF have been lost, and few details remain. Following the death of NCW, Net Championship Wrestling, run by Steve Carr, Seth Lerch opened up WCF in 2000. The first Champion was crowned in a War (although not titled as such) match, a match that would go on to become one of WCF's trademarks. The winner of this match was Mace, who would later give the Title to Steve Carr. A Television Title was also introduced, held by Biohazard and CyRax. WCF 2000 would also see the debut of Logan, who defeated Metal Angel to become the fed's first United States Champion. Logan would go on to give the belt to Metal Angel. Sadly, the first incarnation of WCF only lasted for less than two months before closing.

WCF v2

Shortest Return Ever

In 2001, WCF reopened. The classic announcing duo of Zach Davis and Shannan Lerch joined WCF, and in the very first show a new Champion was crowned: former NCW World Champion, Hellz Angel. Logan nearly won the match as well, giving him his first taste of stardom. On the next show, a four way Title match was held, with the Champion, Hellz Angel, taking on Logan, Steve Carr, and NCW legend, AJ Jam. The second version of WCF would prove to have even less longevity than the first; it closed after approximately two weeks.

WCF v3

Logan Gets To The Top; Creeping Death Debuts

Approximately a year later, WCF returned. This time the Champion was determined in a War match, now formally titled as such. War III marked the debut of Creeping Death, and the ascension to the main event of Logan. Seth Lerch, who participated in the War match, took the fall and allowed Logan to pin him. The Team of Treachery was born, consisting of Logan, Seth Lerch, and Rage. Cyrus soon joined as well. Creeping Death and Hellz Angel all gunned for Logan's Title. Another big name, Epic, would make his debut in WCF v3. And although Creeping Death didn't manage to capture the World Title, he and Rick Mad became the first Tag Team Champions. WCF became a worldly federation with such internation stars as the Canadian, Epic, the Australian, Down Under, and British Mike Kaos.

Gravedigger Arrives

In WCF v3's closing days, the Tag Team of Exodus debuted, Gravedigger and Chester, and they managed to win Tag Title gold very early in their career. At Blast, Logan's first reign as Champion came to an end as Hellz Angel won the belt. This would lead to a falling out between Logan and the Team of Treachery, with Logan attacking Seth Lerch and Lerch and the ToT retaliating by beating Logan down. Seth would then disband the ToT and replacing them with his New Era, consisting of Lerch, Rage, Cyrus and his girlfriend Katie, Junkyard Justice, and Butch. Logan and Hellz Angel teamed up and seemed to be on the road to a Title rematch, but WCF closed once more.

WCF v4

The Rise of Gravedigger

WCF would return once again, and would prove to be the most succesful run thus far in WCF's history. Once again things started off with a War, which saw a new star rise to the top of the WCF mountain: Gravedigger. It was also the debut of a team that would forever live in the hearts of WCF fans, The Monster Squad, consisting of The Hacker and The Creeper. Logan and Epic reunite, bringing back the Team of Treachery, and soon added Wreck and Cyrus to the group. Gravedigger debuted the Dark Arts Wizard, and created The Dark Side, also adding Brad Aikman, Mike Kaos, and Bishop and Priest. Madd Dogg began his ascent, winning the Hardcore Title. The ToT still remained quite powerful, however. First, they had Hellz Angel join the group, only to turn on him seconds later and beat him down in one of the most infamous swerves in WCF history. They were also the first group to hold a non-Seth Lerch WCF show; the Saturday of Treachery, after Logan beat Seth for the rights to be CEO for his own show.

ToT Drama

At Saturday of Treachery, Logan promised to announce the new leader of the ToT, as Logan said he was retiring. Logan also faced Rick Mad for the first time on WCF television, and beat him. Logan introduced his former mentor Big Poppa as the new leader of the ToT, but in true Logan fashion and living up to his name, he turned on him, leaving the ToT leaderless. Eventually, Gravedigger was injured in a match with Hellz Angel and Creeping Death, and the Title was stripped from him. Hellz Angel vs Creeping Death was booked at Revenge to determine the next Champion. Not only did Creeping Death win the World Title, but the same night he also won the Television Title, and unified the two. And in a turn of events, Seth Lerch returned to the Team of Treachery as their leader.

World Title Changes; Gravedigger's Stable Problems

Unfortunatly for Creeping Death, his Title reign was incredibly short lived, as he was defeated by NCW legend Outcast the next week. The Title once again changed hands when Cyrus defeated Outcast for the belt the week after that. WCF ratings and buyrates at this point, so Seth Lerch, leader of the ToT, made a phone call.. to Logan. Logan returned against Steve Carr, but turned out not to actually be Logan, but rather a Logan impersonator whom turned out to be Rage. Carr would begin feuding with Seth Lerch and the ToT. Meanwhile, Gravedigger was having faction drama as well: he was feuding with his former stablemate and leader of the Youngbloods, Bishop. Dark Arts Wizard convinced Gravedigger to merge the Dark Side and Youngbloods, creating the Darkbloods. However, Bishop and Priest were promptly kicked out of the group. Creeping Death also feuded with the ToT, which lead to Lerch screwing him and getting him fired. And, finally, the REAL Logan returned, once again attacking Seth Lerch. At Ultimate Showdown, fake Logan fought the real Logan in a public mall, where the real Logan got rid of the fake. The leaders of NCW and WCF were booked to fight each other, Seth Lerch and Steve Carr, but it turned out to be a swerve as they were in cahoots and attacked the special referee, Outcast. And lastly, at Ultimate Showdown things came full circle as Gravedigger regained the World Title by defeating Cyrus.

Steve Carr In Power; Gravedigger's Retirement

Seth Lerch made Steve Carr the General Manager of Slam, and Carr would abuse his power by giving himself a Title shot against Gravedigger, abusing wrestlers he didn't like, and more. Regardless, Gravedigger would continue his domination by winning the Tag Team Titles, along with Mike D, from Madd Dogg, who had been holding the Titles by himself. One of WCF's classic feuds erupted during this time between Defman and PC Cradle, and they fought at School of Pain. Also at School of Pain, Gravedigger and Dark Arts Wizard teamed up one more time, dropping the Tag Titles to Eternal Agony, Hellz Angel and Scavenger of Sorrow. Eternal Agony would proceed to give up the Tag Titles, which were then won by Monster Squad. Later in the night, Gravedigger was able to defend his World Title belt against Madd Dogg later in the night, however. But he proceeded to relinquish the Title regardless, retiring.

Changes in the ToT; PC Cradle Joins

After School of Pain, Rick Mad joined the Team of Treachery, and Logan rejoined the group. Logan, Rick and Seth quickly turned on Epic, beating him down and having Logan take the International Title. To replace him, the Team of Treachery stole PC Cradle's son, framing Defman, and got Cradle to agree to join the group so that he could exact revenge on Defman. Steve Carr would also join the group later in the night. The ToT flexed their power when Cradle and Carr fought Defman in a handicap match, and Cradle won the Hardcore Title from him. At Helloween, a new wrestler named Kojima appeared, defeating Steve Carr. Defman defeated Cradle in a Texas Deathmatch, and in a star studded match, Logan regained the World Title once more.

Death and Torture Debut; Cradle Turns on the ToT

Kojima seemed to be on a mission to take out the ToT. He defeated Logan on Slam to take his Television Title. The ToT continued to stay on top though, as Logan held on to his World Title and the ToT beat down anyone that got in their way. They cheated the Monster Squad out of the Tag Team Titles, with Rick Mad and PC Cradle virtually stealing them from the Monster Squad. Cradle would go on to win the Television Title from Kojima. Creeping Death also made his return, attacking Hellz Angel. It turned out he had been in WCF since he got fired all along, under the name of Dehart. The tag team of Death and Torture made their debut and got challenged to a PPV match, them against WCF up-and-comer Neo and a mystery partner. The partner ended up being Madd Dogg, though Torture and Death were succesful in the match. But the big story at Timebomb was the Tag Title situation, as Kojima and Defman fought champions Rick Mad and PC Cradle. At the end of the match, Defman revealed to Cradle that it was Rick Mad and the ToT that kidnapped his son. Cradle, naturally, turned on his own partner. Cradle pinned his own partner, Rick Mad, while Defman pinned HIS partner, Kojima. The referee declared the new Champions as PC Cradle and Defman, formal rivals and bitter enemies.

Tag Teams In The Spotlight; Logan Leaves

On the next Slam, Seth Lerch would strip PC Cradle of the Television Title. Later in the night, Cradle and Defman would defend their Tag Titles against Rick Mad a mystery partner who turned out to be... Zach Davis, Mad's former tag team partner as Bob the Cameraman in the Wifebeaters. The Wifebeaters were unsuccesful in their Title match, however. Later in the night, to get back at Logan, the Wifebeaters would attack Logan and Logan's love interest, Shannan Lerch. Seth would come out and book a match for Explosion: a huge Tag Title match featuring everyone on the roster on a team, making ten teams. One man from each team would start, and once one of those men was eliminated his partner would come out. Once the second man was eliminated, the team would be done. Shortly after Slam, however, World Champion Logan would be released by WCF and his Title stripped. On the next edition of Slam, Seth would introduce the new GM of the show: Davey Ortega. Ortega announced a Tournament for the vacant World Title, with each match having a gimmick to it. Before this tournament could start, Explosion came around. At Explosion, Madd Dogg won the Television Title, and his teammates Neo and the Gayfather won the Explosion match and the Tag Titles. In addition, Steve Carr made his return as Seth's partner in the Explosion match.

World Title Tournament Begins; Euthanasia Match

Following Explosion, Ortega's World Title tournament would begin. Several notable names would be included in the tournament, including Trent Hunter, Steve Carr, Neo, Madd Dogg, Defman, and PC Cradle. Madd Dogg would go on to quit WCF, but in his final act he'd book a Title match for Aftermath: a Euthanasia match for the Television Title, and stop Seth from firing Torture. Throughout the weeks, several "Logan sightings" would happen, though Logan never officially appeared. At Aftermath, the World Title tournament decided the final three men that would compete in the Title match to determine the new Champion: Trent Hunter defeated Steve Carr, X-Rated defeated Bobby Dole, and Neo defeated Dark Angel. And in the infamous Euthanasia match, Evan Creech pinned Mike Bradley to win the Television Title.

Trent Hunter Wins The Title; The Elite Is Born

On the next Slam, Logan once again returned, married to a female wrestler named Catherine. A new Television Champion was decided, as Dake Ken defeated Mike Bradley (Evan Creech had left the promotion after the Euthanasia match). And most importantly, the new World Champion would be decided in a Hell in a Cell Triple Threat match. Trent Hunter, Neo, and X-Rated battled for the vacant Title, until Trent Hunter emerged victorious. However, possibly a bigger story was that after the match, Dake Ken joined with X-Rated and Hunter... and the Elite was born. On the next Slam, Dake Ken and X-Rated teamed up to take on the Tag Champions, and one of WCF's classic tag teams, DKX, were on the scene. And in the main event of the night, Torture would get his first ever World Title shot, against Trent Hunter. Torture lost after interference from Seth Lerch, who attacked him with a chair. Seth then suspended Torture. Logan would come out in Torture's defense, telling Seth that he's tired of him screwing people and that he was here to put an end to it. Next week, Seth would book Logan against his wife, Catherine. Seth would then claim that Logan walked out on WCF yet again, and attempt to beat Catherine up. Logan, of course, would come out to make the save... and in a move that confused everyone, he would would hit his own wife with the Connector, and Seth with a Connector as well for good measure. At Till Death Do Us Part, in a move that would change WCF forever, Luscious Jackson, the PPV announcer, debuted. The Monster Squad would face DKX and the team of Death/Neo, Death being Neo's new tag partner. If Ken was pinned, or if Death pinned anyone, Death would win the TV Title, and the winning team would win the Tag Titles either way. DKX would get the win, earning the WCF Tag Titles. And in Till Death Do Us Part's main event, Hunter defended against Hellz Angel. Also, Creeping Death turned to the ring and continued his feud with Seth Lerch and Slam GM Davey Ortega.

Seth And Logan Feud; PC Cradle Returns; Death and Torture Leave

Next show, Hunter would team with Neo facing DKX, but of course Hunter ended up turning on Neo. Earlier in the show, Torture and Death beat Portalcide, earning a Tag Title shot. On the Slam after, Hunter would continue the Elite's stranglehold on WCF, creating a new Title: the Elite Title. Logan proposed a finish to his feud with Seth Lerch: a glass match at Payback, to which Seth accepted. The Payback match betwee Logan and Lerch would prove to be one of the most brutal matches in WCF history, and was declared a no contest as both men knocked each other senseless. Jason Tilley became the first Elite Champion, and Defman faced David Baker for the Television Title... where PC Cradle returned! Seth agreed to unsuspended him so that he could face Defman at WCF's biggest show of the year, One. Cradle attacked Defman, setting up the match. In the DKX vs Death/Torture match, an undercard tag team interfered and attack both teams, throwing the match out and signifying the end of Death and Torture's career in WCF for the time being. In the Payback main event, Hunter took on Neo and Hellz Angel, and once again walked out with the Title.

Reckless Jack Debuts; One Is Booked; Defman Puts Career On The Line

Next Slam, Logan faced Creeping Death, where CD got the win as Seth interfered. Reckless Jack debuted in WCF, attacking Creeping Death after the match. In Slam's main event, the team of Defman and Cradle faced DKX for the Tag Titles, with Neo and Hunter as the referees. DKX would get the win, and afterwards a brawl would erupt between Cradle and Defman, and a brawl between Neo and Hunter. At the end of the show, Seth would announce several huge One matches: Neo vs Hunter, a huge tag match where DKX would defend against virtually every team in WCF, and a battle of four of WCF's hugest names: Outcast vs Hellz Angel vs Steve Carr vs Logan. Following Slam, WCF would debut its new show, WCF Thursday Night. The GM of the show turned out to be none other than Gravedigger. Next Slam, Neo beat Dake Ken in a great match, and a huge six man tag would take place Logan, Reckless Jack and PC Cradle against Defman, Outcast, and Creeping Death. Seth would announce that Logan had once again quit, and Hellz Angel took his place in the match, and Cradle's team got the win. Next week, Defman announced that if he didn't beat Cradle at One, he'd retire. Slam's main event was Neo/CD vs Hunter/Jack, and Hunter and Jack were able to get the win, giving them the advantage heading into WCF's first ever One.


One opened with an unusual match: Zach Davis made his return to face Kyle Steel to determine the top announcer in WCF, which Zach won. Reckless Jack and Creeping Death battled for the Cruiserweight Title in an Ultraviolent Ladder Match, and Reckless Jack was actually able to get the victory. DKX retained their Titles in Tag Team Hell, which was a match where one team would face the next, one would get eliminated and another would enter, and each match was a different stipulation. Logan, despite quitting, would appear in WCF's star studded Ironman Match between Logan, Hellz, Carr and Outcast. Logan ended up winning the match by one point. In a classic match, it was no DQ and for World Title contendership with Defman's career on the line... Defman vs PC Cradle. Cradle once more defeated his biggest rival, securing his Title shot at War. And in the main event, Neo finally defeated Trent Hunter, once and for all, getting the World Title back from the Elite.

New Blood Arrives; DKX Dethroned; Epic Wins The War; Cradle Makes It To The Top

Following One, on Thursday Night, two future WCF stars would debut: Nate Nytro and J-X. Outcast showed the world he still had "it", beating Hate for the Hardcore Title. Seth Lerch would continue feuding with the returning Madd Dogg. Logan faced Jason Tilley for the Elite Title, but the Elite would interfere, beating Logan down. Later in the night, Cradle faced DKX for the Tag Titles. Cradle was going at it alone until Logan of all people entered the match, and Logan and Cradle finally ended DKX's reign as Tag Champions! Next Thursday Night, Nate Nytro surprised everyone and defeated Reckless Jack for the Cruiserweight Title. Next Slam, Cradle fought Trent Hunter in a "Tip Your Bartender" match, which Hunter won via interference from Davey Ortega.. and in an upset no one anticipated, X-Rated defeated Neo to become the new World Champion, bringing the belt back to the Elite. On Thursday Night, WCF legend Epic would return, victorious in his match. Seth would go on to cancel the Thursday Night show. In the last Slam before War, Cradle, Logan, Neo, the Gayfather, and a mystery partner would team up to face the Elite and a mystery partner of their own. Cradle's team's mystery partner turned out to be Nate "Sporin" Nytro, looking to start a Neo-Sporin team with Neo. The Elite's partner turned out to be Nytro's friend Twister. In the match, Trent Hunter would turn his back on the Elite, leading Logan to pin X-Rated and get the win for his team. At War V, Seth and Dogg fought in a cage match, where Dogg decimated Lerch. In the War match itself, Logan and Dake started it off. In the end, Epic pinned Trent Hunter to pull the upset and win the match. And in the main event, PC Cradle finally made it to the top of the world, as he defeated X-Rated to capture the WCF World Title. This would be WCF v4's final show.

WCF v5

The Missing Era

WCF would once again reopen in 2005. At the first event of the new WCF, Rebirth, two teams fought in a War Games match. The winning team would then fight one another in a battle royal. At the end of the show, Epic emerged as the new World Champion. Records relating to this era of WCF have been lost; but Logan defeated Epic for the World Title, eventually. Rick Mad won the Title from Logan as Logan left WCF once again, and Creeping Death eventually got hold of the belt as well. Madd Dogg was the next to hold the belt. Reckless Jack and Nate Nytro had a lengthy feud, trading wins and losses back and forth. Torture engaged in a feud with Mike Maida over Torture's new People's Championship, and Torture also had a memorable and lengthy run as Hardcore Champion. The Twisted Elements, Twister and J-X, emerged as WCF's next top tag team. And at WCF's next edition of One, Torture defeated Maida, Nate Nytro defeated Reckless Jack, and PC Cradle defeated Madd Dogg to become the new World Champion. And, of course, WCF closed soon thereafter.

WCF v6

Two Time War Winner; Title Unification

And WCF reopened yet again. At War VI, superstars such as Logan, Dake Ken, Creeping Death, and more competed to become the next Champion... and Logan emerged as the first ever two time War winner. Next Slam, Torture returned, announcing that he would no longer be an active wrestler and wished luck to future competitors in the hardcore division. After losing War, Creeping Death would bring back his KWA, Kombat Zone Wrestling, World Title. Reckless Jack also brought back a World Title; the XCW World Title. The three Champions were booked in a PPV match to unify the three belts. And to the surprise of no one, the Team of Treachery returned, with Seth, Logan, Rage, Mad, and Wreck. The ToT briefly accepts Reckless Jack before, of course, turning on him. At Till Death Do Us Part, future star Bobby Cairo debuted with a victory. Kurtis Victory, a man Torture had been mentoring, beat Torture down, turning on him. Ownership of the company changed hands, from Seth Lerch to Davey Ortega. And in the end, Reckless Jack won the WCF and KWA World Titles, unifying them with the XCW belt.

Future Superstars Debut; New Owner

Following TDDUP, a Title Contendership tournament began. In the first round, Cairo, C.D., Tommy Havock, and Genocide both advanced. And the WCF Champion, Reckless Jack, spit on the organization, saying he doesn't consider himself a WCF wrestler and he can leave and take the World Title whenever he wants. Bobby Cairo and Havock advanced in the tournament. Creeping Death's former woman, Kristen Volz, returned with a wrestler named Frost, who's identity CD had apparently stolen a year earlier. Next week, one of WCF's most infamous wrestlers, Ellis, debuted. Bobby Cairo won the Title Contendership tournament. Torture returned, attacking his former protege Kurtis Victory. At Blast, yet another future WCF star, JJ Biggs, would debut. Jack of Blades would also debut, attacking Ellis. Logan defeated Davey Ortega to win ownership of WCF. Seth had believed ownership would revert back to him, but Logan actually won the ownership for himself instead. And Reckless Jack got himself disqualified in his match against Bobby Cairo, to avoid losing the World Title.

Jack of Blades/Ellis Feud; Ownership Drama; Bobby Cairo Is Champion

Next Slam, Jack of Blades won TV Title contendership, only for Ellis to attack him after the match. In a Slam main event, Outcast was able to once again become WCF Champion, defeating Reckless Jack. Seth would convince Logan to fight him at Payback for WCF ownership, in a "friendly match between friends." Jack and Ace beat the team of Ellis and Josephine Miyazaki, continuing that feud; Cairo defeated Reckless Jack for Title contendership, with Logan attacking Jack afterwards and booking himself in a second match for Payback. Torture defeated Kurtis Victory, who revealed that Howard Dean, Torture's former manager, had hired him to put an end to Torture. Seth realized that he actually enjoyed the freedom from running WCF and told Logan that Logan could have the fed, but Logan was growing tired of being in charge and wanted to lose it to Seth. Jack of Blades was the guest referee in a match involving Ellis; he force fed her cake, mocking her. At Payback, Nate Nytro would return as he and C.D. helped Torture defeat Howard Dean and his crew. Creeping Death defeated Frost in the Nightmare Chamber. Logan announced a Lethal Lottery tournament to crown the first Tag Team Champions. Jack of Blades defeated Ellis and Havock for the TV Title. Seth made sure Logan beat him, leaving Logan in charge of WCF. Logan then went on to defeat Reckless Jack, who quit the company. And in the main event, Bobby Cairo beat Outcast to win the World Title.

Jack/Ellis Continues; Lethal Lottery Tournament; World Title Upset

At the next Slam after Payback, Jack of Blades would participate in a classic segment, "celebrating" Ellis' 20th birthday party, playing mindgames with the girl. A Lethal Lottery tournament began. Torture won his match by himself, as his partner, Outcast, had retired, and Torture took out ToT member Tommy Havock. Ellis and Sean Hughes also advanced in the tournament, defeating World Champion Bobby Cairo and JJ Biggs, when Cairo walked out on the match. Next week, Torture's partner would turn out to be Nate Nytro and they would advance once again. Jack of Blades' partner in the tournament would be replaced by Logan, as they fought Ellis and Hughes... and Ellis shockingly pinned Jack of Blades, advancing. JJ Biggs beat Cairo in a Non-Title match, by disqualification, after Cairo hit Biggs with a chair. At Timebomb, in the finals of the tournament, Ellis replaced her partner with Josephine Miyazaki and defeat Torture and Nytro to win the Tag Team Titles. After the match, Jack of Blades and Ace would interfere... where Blades used fire to burn Kikyo's face. And in the main event, JJ Biggs would upset Bobby Cairo to win the World Title.

More Ownership Drama; Ellis' Suicide; Torture's Reign Begins

The next Sunday, Logan would announce that he'd be giving both his protege, Bobby Dole, and Seth book Slam, and at Aftermath he'd decide who to hand WCF over to. Torture defeated Outcast, Brad Wallace, and Bobby Cairo to determine who would get a World Title shot at Explosion. And at the end of that episode of Slam, Ellis seemingly committed suicide after having dishonored Kikyo by not protecting her. On the next episode of Slam, during a tag match with Miyazaki, the casket containing Ellis was brought down to ringside. As Kikyo prayed, Ellis emerged from the casket, alive and as well as Ellis ever was. The next week, the Ellis/Miyazaki team would defend their Tag Titles against the Dreadnoks, Burn Out and Road Rage... and after interference from Creeping Death, the Dreadnoks would win the match and capture the WCF Tag Team Titles, as CD stole the Hardcore Title from JoJo. Ellis and Miyazaki would leave WCF forever, never settling their score with Jack of Blades. At Explosion, Logan would decide that both Lerch and Dole failed and retain ownership for himself. CD would defend his Hardcore Title against David Alastair, and in the main event, history would be made as Torture defeated JJ Biggs to capture the WCF World Title. But after the match, Reckless Jack made his return, attacking both Biggs and Torture.

Lawnmower Jones Arrives; Logan Returns to the Ring; Logan vs Torture Is Imminent

Next Slam, Torture would come out and confront Reckless Jack, leading to Tort vs Jack being booked in a hardcore match for the World Title at the next PPV, with the stipulation that they couldn't touch each other until then. One of the most beloved WCF stars of all time, Lawnmower Jones, debuted. In Slam's main event, Torture defended his Title against Creeping Death, but Jack once again interfered and made the match a no contest. Next week, Logan returned to the ring, beating Ripper from the Dreadnoks, and the week after he beat Nate Nytro. Creeping Death helped Nytro out afterwards, challenging Logan to a match at Aftermath, with Logan and a partner of his choice up against CD and a partner of his choice. Logan quickly recruited Lawnmower Jones to his side. Later in the night, Reckless Jack hired a face from Torture's past to take him out... Doctor Gonz0 up against Torture, NON-TITLE! Torture won the match. At Aftermath, it seemed as if Creeping Death didn't have a partner... until Dake Ken made his return, having been out of action since the ToT attacked him! The match ended in a no contest after Logan hit C.D. with a chair. Logan then declared that it was a "If the match ends in a no contest, Logan gets a Title shot at the next PPV" match, and also promised that he'd never fight Dake Ken one on one. And Jack of Blades returned, aiding Logan and Lawnmower Jones. In the main event, Torture defeated Reckless Jack, thus finalizing Logan vs Torture headlining the next PPV.

Torture Disappears?; New Dynasty/ToT Warfare; More Big Debuts; Lawnmower Jones' Wedding

Next Slam, Nate Nytro would shock the world by beating JJ Biggs for the TV Title. J-X and Twister would team up once more as the Twisted Elements. And it would turn out that Logan had hired Steve Carr as the new owner of WCF. Carr explained his new booking philosophy and seemed to target Creeping Death. At the end of the match, it would turn out the Team of Treachery was reborn once again, with Logan, Jack of Blades, Lawnmower Jones, Ace, JJ Biggs, Shaun Sexton, and Beyond. They'd stand in opposition of the New Dynasty, consisting of Torture, Creeping Death, Nate Nytro, Dake Ken, and the Twisted Elements, though Torture had recently been MIA. Next show, future star Skyler Striker would debut, winning his match but being attacked by fellow newcomer Danny Vice directly afterwards. And there would be a ten man battle royal to determine who would face Logan for the Title if Torture continued to not show up. Dake Ken won the match, though Torture at the end of the match during a New Dynasty/ToT brawl. Next week, Striker would cost Vice a match, causing him to lose to Chino. A six man match featuring New Dynasty against ToT ended in a no contest of course. And in WCF's first televised wedding, Lawnmower Jones was set to marry his lawnmower, Lonnie. The New Dynasty crashed the ToT's wedding celebration, and Torture would use a pin to stab Logan's blowup doll, Linda, enraging the Face of Treachery one week before their epic showdown.

Ultimate Showdown

Ultimate Showdown would begin with yet another big debut in Thunder. Skyler Striker and Danny Vice would face off in the first match of a feud that would become as epic as PC Cradle vs Defman before it. The match would end when Vice hit Striker with a chair, causing a DQ, and Vice challenged Striker to a hardcore match next week. Reckless Jack would return, cutting a promo saying he would be returning to the ring next week. Nytro's TV Title would be on the line in a six man tag match, with the ToT team up against the New Dynasty team. The Title would only change hands if Nytro was beaten, and Lawnmower Jones made him tap, winning the belt and bringing it to the ToT. Seth Lerch would make his return to television as well, cutting a scathing promo against the New Dynasty. Creeping Death defended his Hardcore Title against Jack of Blades, but Steve Carr interfered, helping Blades win the belt. Afterwards, Creeping Death challenged Carr to a match next week. If Carr won, CD would leave. If CD won, however, Carr would be forced to grant him any three wishes he wanted. Carr relunctantly agreed.

Logan vs Torture

And finally, in the main event, Logan fought Torture for the WCF World Title. The two men would seem evenly matched in the start of the match. Two Logan fans would heckle Torture throughout the beginning, and once Torture confronted them, they turned out to be Jack of Blades and Ace, who attacked the Champ. Logan would get Torture in the Sharpshooter, after having knocked out the ref. And, of course, Seth Lerch would run out from the back wearing a referee shirt. As Torture was locked in the Sharpshooter, and Seth called for the bell. However, before the match could officially end, Dake Ken entered the ring and knocked Seth out with his Bitch Kick and took him to the back. Afterwards, Torture would be back in control, but after a DVD and a Cool Mint Frogsplash, Logan still couldn't be pinned. Logan hit a Connector, but Torture couldn't be pinned either. Tort hits a Torture's Device, Logan barely kicked out. And finally, after countering a Connector, Torture would use a Backslide Pin to keep Logan's shoulders on the mat for a three count.

Three Wishes; Striker/Vice Continue to Feud; ToT/New Dynasty War Continues

The following Slam, the New Dynasty would begin the show by celebrating, and kicking out Twister and J-X, whom they declared dead weight. Skyler Striker and Danny Vice battled once more, in a hardcore match this time, to a no contest as both men knocked each other out. Logan and Jones were forced to team up with Dake Ken and Nate Nytro in an eight man tag, which the ToT/New Dynasty team was able to win. And in the main event, Creeping Death defeated Steve Carr to win his three wishes. Next week, CD would use his first wish to replace Carr as the head of WCF with a management committee instead. For his second wish, he created one of WCF's most interesting shows. On Friday, October 13th, WCF would hold XIII, a show run by Creeping Death himself. He decided to keep his third wish for later on when it could come in handy. Later in that night, Seth would award Logan with a replica WCF World Title belt, though Logan would act like it was the real thing as if he'd defeated Torture himself. Chino came out and challenged Torture to a Title match at School of Pain. The week after, Outcast would return, though he was defeated by Shane Sires, ToT member. At School of Pain, Thunder became the first new People's Champion. JJ Biggs and Ace of the ToT won the Tag Team Titles. In a Hardcore Title contendership match, Skyler Striker defeated Danny Vice in the next stop of their feud. And in the actual Hardcore Title match, Jack of Blades defeated Dake Ken in a great matchup. And in the main event, Seth Lerch interfered, causing a no contest. Seth went on to complain that Chino vs Torture was headlining the PPV instead of a ToT member getting the shot.

XIII; Third Wish

On Slam, Jack appeared in a video during Skyler Striker's match, in Striker's home, talking to his daughter. We learn that Ace has left the company, leaving JJ Biggs holding the Tag Titles by himself. Creeping Death announced the XIII card, featuring a Triple Threat match for the WCF Title between Chino, Seth Lerch, and Torture, a Hardcore Title match between Blades and Striker, and a TV Title match with CD facing Lawnmower Jones. XIII took place soon thereafter, and Creeping Death made his third wish: The Helloween PPV would be renamed Hellimination, and feature a four on four Hellimination match where the members of the New Dynasty fought the members of the ToT, with the losing team being forced to disband. Also at XIII, Reckless Jack defeated Logan in a hard fought match. Jack of Blades would be able to defeat Skyler Striker to retain the Hardcore Title, Torture defended the World Title, and in the main event, Creeping Death defeated Jones to win the Television Title for the New Dynasty. Next Slam, Outcast fought Danny Vice, and lost due to interference from Logan. The next week, Logan fought Outcast, and Danny Vice interfered to attack Outcast, with Logan eventually getting the pin. Afterwards, the members of the New Dynasty and the ToT would spill into the ring, causing a huge brawl.

Hellimination; Culmination of Team of Treachery vs New Dynasty

At Hellimination, the first shocking development would be Danny Vice and Skyler Striker teaming up with one another after a showing of mutual respect. And in the main event, Logan, Lawnmower Jones, Jack of Blades, and JJ Biggs took on Torture, Creeping Death, Dake Ken, and Nate Nytro. The match started with Torture taking Logan's fake World Title and smashing it, which of course causes a huge brawl amongst the factions. Nytro was the first to be eliminated, by JJ Biggs. Next, Jack pinned Dake Ken, leaving the match as four against two. And in a move no one saw coming, Torture turned on Creeping Death, hitting him with a Torture's Device, turning his back on the New Dynasty and leading to the Team of Treachery winning the match.

ToT's New Member; Thunder Rising; Torture vs Creeping Death

The next Slam would begin with Seth and the ToT demanding a World Title shot for Logan now that the New Dynasty has been defeated. Kyle Steel, representing the WCF committee, instead announced that at Revenge, Creeping Death, Torture's former friend and teammate, would be getting the Title shot. JJ Biggs, who had been holding the Tag Titles by himself, introduced his new partner: Danny Vice, who joined the Team of Treachery. Reckless Jack and Jack of Blades fought, and Logan interfered, as both men wanted a shot at the World Title. Skyler Striker challenged Jack of Blades to one more match, at Revenge, as Blades still had Striker's daughter kidnapped and brainwashed. And in the main event, Torture was up against Nate Nytro. He didn't wrestle him, and instead just started beating him down with a chair. Creeping Death, of course, made the save. Next week, Thunder would win a match featuring multiple stars to capture the Television Title, and afterwards Torture interfered to attack the former Champion, CD. Thunder now held both the People's and Television Titles. Vice was announced as the special guest referee for Revenge's Blades vs Striker match, being forced to pick between his stablemate and his former rival and ally. At Revenge, Logan defeated Reckless Jack. In the Blades vs Striker match, Jade Striker turned against her captor, Jack of Blades, and Danny Vice unknowingly counted the pinfall awarding Striker the victory. However, Vice attacked Striker afterwards, casting his allegiances with the ToT and announcing that Danny Vice vs Skyler Striker would take place once more.. at One. In the main event, Creeping Death was about to win the World Title, but Logan interfered and stopped him, wanting to be the one that would take the belt from Torture. At the end of the match, to solve all of the current feuds, Reckless Jack vs Logan vs Creeping Death vs Torture was booked for One.

Seth's Back in Control; Torture Leaves; Jack and Logan's Friendship; Striker/Thunder and Disorder By Design Feud

Next Slam, Striker and Thunder were able to defeat Vice and Biggs to capture the Tag Team Titles. Afterwards, Vice attacked Striker and declared that their One match would be a Hell in a Cell match. In the main event, Creeping Death and Reckless Jack took on Logan and Torture, but the teammates attacked each other immediately, throwing the match out. And at the end of Slam, Seth declared that the WCF Committee was having legal troubles and that he was going to be the owner once again. After two weeks of negotiations and backstage power struggles, Slam returned to the air. It was announced that Torture was leaving the company, and the Title was stripped off of him as of January 1st, 2007 at midnight. Reckless Jack fought Jack of Blades and Creeping Death fought Logan, with the winners of those matches going on to battle in the main event of One. Jack of Blades and Logan won their respective matches, setting the former teammates to face one another at the biggest PPV of the year. The next Slam, Logan and Jack of Blades would cement their friendship and alliance, raising their arms together and celebrating with one another, and would go on to defeat Reckless Jack and Creeping Death in the main event. Reckless Jack announced that he'd be retiring, but Seth interfered and yelled at him, accusing him of sucking up to the fans. JJ Biggs defeated Skyler Striker, and Danny Vice defeated Thunder, making it a clean sweep for Disorder by Design. Next week, Seth would book a handicap match pitting Reckless Jack against Logan, Blades, Rick Mad and Bob the Cameraman, and Cryboy McEmo, with Seth as the ref. They made sure that Cryboy pinned Jack, adding insult to injury. Davey Boone made his debut, addressing the WCF fans. And in Slam's main event, Disorder by Design recaptured the Tag Team Titles by defeating Thunder and Striker. The last Slam before One started with a One parade, featuring Logan and Jack dancing around. RJ brought out Cryboy McEmo, and beat him down, promising he'd do the same to Seth at One. Rick Mad made an open challenge for a match at One, and Outcast answered. And in the main event, Logan and Jack of Blades won the Tag Titles in a match featuring many tag teams when Jack pinned Skyler Striker.


One started off with a performance of the song by Metallica. In the opening segment, Bobby Cairo returned, interrupting a Lawnmower Jones promo and harrassing him only to get attacked. Cairo would go on to cause Jones to lose his contendership match for the Television Title. Outcast defeated Rick Mad. The Alliance of Violence, Davey Boone and Adam Knite, were the ones that defeated Creeping Death in his n00b gauntlet match. JJ Biggs recaptured the Television Title, defeating Thunder. In his last match before leaving WCF, Reckless Jack beat Seth Lerch. In the Extreme Hell in a Cell, Skyler Striker made Danny Vice pass out, retaining his Hardcore Title. And in the match to decide the new World Champion, Jack of Blades defeated his best friend Logan. After the match, the two were still allies, with Logan raising Jack's hand high in the air, World Title and all.

Lonnie on the Line; Blades and Logan Hold The Title Hostage

The Slam following One opened with both Logan and Blades wearing World Title gold. Blades explained that he'd be defending his World Title against Logan, as Logan had a rematch clause, and that he was taking the Title hostage as only he or Logan would be holding the belt from then on. Chris Avery defeated Thunder to capture the People's Title, and Jones and Cairo continued their feud. On the next show, Skyler Striker made an open challenge for the following week, which Seth answered by saying there aren't any major players for him to face... but Striker challenged Seth instead, which Seth accepted. Creeping Death announced that he was starting the MCE, Modern Cutting Edge division, a division focusing on in ring competition. Danny Vice fought Thunder, but refused to cheat, leading Janie Vice to turn on her brother and side with Thunder. And the Alliance of Violence was able to defeat Logan and Blades to win the Tag Titles. CD's MCE division debuted on the next show. Seth would defeat Skyler Striker in the Hardcore match, thanks to Seth having hired the Alliance of Violence to protect him. Later in the night, Lawnmower Jones would raise the stakes in his PPV match with Cairo: If Cairo won, he got to keep Jones' lawnmower Lonnie, if Jones won he got Lonnie back. The AoV attacked Logan and Blades, but rather than protecting Blades, Logan protected the World Title, throwing Blades to the wolves. At Till Death Do Us Part, Striker defeated Seth this time, retaining the Hardcore Title. Danny Vice was able to defeat Thunder, and Bobby Cairo beat Lawnmower Jones, getting custody of Lonnie. And in the main event, Blades defeated Logan once more, though Logan turned on Blades afterwards.

Cairo Injures Lonnie; Blades and Logan Feud; War

On the next show, Bobby Cairo would seriously "injure" Lonnie, nearly killing her, before Lawnmower Jones would save her. Team NCW would emerge as Outcast and Davey Ortega. Seth Lerch announced that he'd be the special ref between Blades vs Logan at War. Logan and Blades would miraculously defeat the Alliance of Violence for the Tag Team Titles. On the next show, it was revealed that Jack of Blades had kidnapped Shannan Lerch, Logan's on again, off again love interest. Blades and Logan would continue to brawl for the rest of the show. And all of WCF's superstars tried to show their dominance leading up to War. At War VII, Madd Dogg returned, helping Logan in his match against Blades. However, Logan was unable to defeat Jack, and Blades retained the World Title. During the War match itself, Danny Vice and Team NCW member, Davey Ortega, started it off. Stars such as JJ Biggs, Thunder, Outcast, Creeping Death, Lawnmower Jones, Skyler Striker, Bobby Cairo, and more competed to see who would earn the Title shot. In the end, it came down to Bobby Cairo and Skyler Striker.. and Striker was able to win the War, pinning Bobby Cairo and becoming the seventh man to win the match, earning a World Title shot.

Madd Dogg Is Logan's Servant; Striker/Vice/Thunder Hardcore Title Feud

The next Slam started off with Skyler Striking being interrupted by Thunder, and then by Danny Vice. Logan called out Seth Lerch for costing him his chance at the World Title before defeating the Red Devil Mafia, with aid from Madd Dogg afterwards, much to the confusion of Logan and everyone else. Later in the night, Mike Ragnal called Logan out for a match at Blast. After interfering in a match between Biohazard and Lawnmower Jones, another Blast match was booked: Cairo and Biohazard vs Jones and a mystery partner. Jack of Blades defeated Dehart, a member of the MCE division. Next show would feature Striker teaming with Disorder by Design, only to be beaten down afterwards by that very team. At Blast, we discovered that Madd Dogg had basically become Logan's servant, going as far as calling him master. Logan defeated Mike Ragnal, as Madd Dogg kept Seth distracted. JJ Biggs attempted to retire, only for Reckless Jack to return and challenge Biggs to one final match at XIII, which Biggs agreed to. Jones fought Cairo and Biohazard in a handicap match at first, until a mystery man entered and helped Jones earn the victory by making Cairo tap. Vice and Thunder fought Skyler Striker for the Hardcore Title. During the match, Striker got knocked unconscious; Vice allowed Thunder to pin Striker and win the match simply so it could end and Striker could get medical attention. And in the main event, Jack of Blades retained against Creeping Death.

XIII; MCE Division At Stake; Television Title Tournament

Striker had been injured at Blast and was forced to take time off from wrestling. Immediately following Blast was another XIII show. It started with a shock, as Torture returned to deliver a promo against Seth Lerch. Reckless Jack defeated JJ Biggs in Biggs' retirement match. In a huge upset, Merc, from Team NCW, defeated WCF World Champion Jack of Blades with help from Steve Carr. A round robin tournament was held for the MCE Title, though no clear winner was determined. Next week at Slam, Seth took shots at Torture, getting him back for what he said at XIII. He then insulted Logan as well, challenging him to a rematch of their infamous Payback match. Logan agreed. Seth then announced the Payback main event... A Euthanasia match for World Title contendership involving Logan, Madd Dogg, and eight others; the Euthanasia Match being Madd Dogg's creation. A Television Title began, with Biohazard, Lawnmower Jones, Mike Ragnal, and Bobby Cairo advancing. Cairo defeated Vice after Thunder attacked Cairo just to get him the win by disqualification. Next week, Cairo advanced again, as did Lawnmower Jones. And in the main event, Outcast fought Jack of Blades to a no contest when the rest of Team NCW, and Creeping Death, interfered. CD/JoB versus Team NCW was booked for Payback. At Payback, Reckless Jack defeated Safestyle Jack, Cairo defeated Jones to win the TV Title, Danny Vice beat Thunder for the Hardcore Title.. Logan gained revenge on Seth by defeating him in their glass rematch.. and Team NCW defeated CD and Blades when Blades turned on CD. As a result, the MCE division was abolished.

Payback Main Event; Euthanasia Chamber?

And in the main event, Seth delivered a pretaped announcement that the Euthanasia Chamber would not be happening and he'd used it to get extra viewers. Since Seth had been severely injured, Logan and Madd Dogg decided to hold a battle royal for Title contendership regardless, with them, Bobby Cairo, Reckless Jack, Biohazard, Danny Vice, Skyler Striker, Outcast, Lawnmower Jones, and Rick Mad. Somehow, WCF's most popular undercard wrestler, Biohazard, won the Title shot. Jack of Blades came out and declared that his World Title defense against Biohazard would happen immediately. Expecting to squash Biohazard, Jack went for a move.. only for Biohazard to reverse it. Biohazard then took off his mask to reveal... Skyler Striker! Striker would go on to make Jack of Blades tap out, miraculously winning the World Title.

WCF Championship Series; Team NCW vs Team nCw

Skyler Striker opened Slam as the new World Champion, but was quickly interrupted by Thunder. Striker versus Thunder was booked for Timebomb, and Seth Lerch was the next to interrupt. Seth announced the WCF Championship Series, which would be a two month period in which the World Title would be defended in a one on one match every single night. That night, Striker defeated Biohazard in the first match of the Series. Bobby Cairo won a four way match involving Danny Vice, Mike Ragnal and Thunder, earning himself the last match in the WCF Championship Series at Explosion. Next week, Vice had an in ring confrontation with Striker in which he asked Striker to join forces, to which Striker agreed. Steve Carr, of Team NCW, challenged Davey Boone, of Team nCw, to make his one on one match with Outcast at Timebomb a Loser Leaves WCF match. At Timebomb, Johnny Craven upset Creeping Death and Danny Vice, winning the Hardcore Title. Bobby Cairo defeated Mike Ragnal to retain the TV Title, though Vice and Striker aided Ragnal afterwards, joining forces with him. Outcast defeated Davey Boone, sending him out of WCF. However, Steve Carr and Merc turned on Team NCW shortly thereafter. And in the main event, Skyler Striker defeated Thunder to retain his Title.

Bobby Cairo/Skyler Striker Feud; Epic's Return

At the next Slam, Striker faced Jay Williams in the Championship Series. In the end of the match, Bobby Cairo stole his daughter, Jade, as collateral until his World Title match. The next week, Team NCW would be defeated by Steve Carr and Merc. Index Three members Mike Ragnal and Danny Vice took on Thunder and Bobby Cairo, defeating them, but Cairo attacked both men with chairs afterwards. Striker made Johnny Craven tap out in Slam's main event.. and afterwards, a video hyping Epic's return was shown. Next week, Creeping Death would announce matches for the next XIII: JJ Biggs vs Lance Ryan, Torture vs Seth Lerch, and World Title or not, Skyler Striker vs Creeping Death. Epic returned to address the crowd, carrying his old WCF World Title, but Striker interrupted him. Striker announced one last Series match: Epic vs Striker at Aftermath to unify the two World Titles, and Creeping Death made his match against Striker at XIII a Nightmare Chamber match. Striker defeating The Xtreme One in the Championship Series, and following the match, a video was shown of Bobby Cairo apparently dropping Jade Striker off a cliff. The main event was Vice vs Cairo for the Television Title, which ended in a DQ when Striker attacked Cairo. At Explosion, Epic won his return match. Steve Carr defeated Outcast. Mike Ragnal beat Thunder for Television Title contendership. Seth told Creeping Death that he refused to fight Torture at XIII, and that he had a different opponent for The Tort instead. Creeping Death won the Hardcore Title in a Triple Threat with Danny Vice and Johnny Craven. And in the main event, Skyler Striker made Bobby Cairo tap to retain the World Title.

Bobby Cairo/Skyler Striker Feud; Epic's Return

The next Slam was opened by Index Three. Mike Ragnal proposed that if he beat Cairo, they got Jade Striker back, and if Cairo won, he'd get Sasha, Ragnal's girlfriend. Outcast brought out the newest Team NCW member.. Logan, the Face of Treachery.. who proceeded to turn on Outcast and hit him with the Connector. Mike Ragnal beat Bobby Cairo, winning the TV Title and getting Jade back. After that, Lawnmower Jones made his return, announcing that Lonnie had passed away and that he'd be hosting a segment called Yard of Yearning, where five women and five lawnmowers would compete for Jones' heart. Striker and Vice beat Epic and Creeping Death, where Torture did guest commentary. Next week, Seth revealed his opponent for Torture: Torture's long time rival, Mike Maida. At XIII, Danny Vice defeated Johnny Craven, Biggs beat Lance Ryan, Torture beat Mike Maida.. JJ Biggs announced that he was back permanently.. and in the main event, on his very own show, Creeping Death beat Skyler Striker to once again win the WCF World Title. This would be the last WCF show of the era.