Aftermath Intro
Seth Lerch/Bobby Dole Segment
Hellz Angel vs VeN0m
Madd Dogg/Seth Lerch Segment
Monster Squad vs Truth Commission vs Strain/Sharp
Davey Ortega Segment
Dark Angel vs Neo
Madd Dogg/Defman Segment
X-Rated vs Bobby Dole
Seth Lerch/Referee Segment
Steve Carr vs Trent Hunter
Slasher Memorial Service
Euthanasia TV Title Match

  • Aftermath Intro
  • Youthanasia by Megadeth hits, and green pyro shoots from the stage and the turnbuckles as Aftermath comes on the air! We pan the arena for signs and the audience going wild and the like. We soon go to the announcers, as usual, Shannan and Kyle.

    Shannan Lerch: I'm Shannan Lerch, here with Kyle Steel.

    Kyle Steel: Welcome to AFTERMATH! We have huge matches scheduled for tonight.

    Shannan Lerch: You are correct. Our main event is entitled the "Euthanasia" match. Madd Dogg came up with it, and he's the special guest ref.. so you know it's going to be insane.

    Kyle Steel: We also know there are ten participants, one of whom we don't know yet. I guess we'll find out. Who is your pick to win, Shannan?

    Shannan Lerch: I have to go with Defman. He has the talent, he has the confidence.. he DEFINITLY has the confidence.. and he has the motivation.

    Kyle Steel: I pick Torture. He's so god damn cool, I don't know how anyone could bet against him.

    Shannan Lerch: In addition to the crowning of a new Television Champion, we'll continue the World Title Tournament. It's coming down to the best of the best, and three men will be eliminated tonight... leaving only three left.

    Kyle Steel: We'll see a ladder match, a cage match, and a table match. All leading up to the big Hell in a Cell Title matchup, either on Slam or our next pay per view.

    Shannan Lerch: The tournament matches are looking fierce.. whoever wins tonight guarentees their spot for the Title match. My pick to go all the way is Bobby Dole. Something about him... I just like.

    Kyle Steel: Yeah, gee, I wonder... my pick is Steve Carr. He might as well be the WCF posterboy, even if he is a jerk nowadays.

    Shannan Lerch: We have two other big matches.. a Tag Title Contendership match between the Monster Squad and two new teams, the Truth Commission and Strain and Steven Sharp. That's a lot of S names for one tag, Kyle.

    Kyle Steel: It sure is, Shannan! The winner will face Neo and Gayfather. And our first match tonight is another newcomer, VeN0m, against the returning HELLZ ANGEL! We'll get to that in a second.

    Shannan Lerch: But now.. something much more important!

  • Seth Lerch/Bobby Dole Segment
  • Anger Rising by Jerry Cantrell plays, and Seth Lerch walks out to the stage with a microphone in hand. He gets a mixed reaction from the crowd.. mostly boos though.

    Shannan Lerch: Lerch for life!

    Seth Lerch: You know, I've become a bit tired of all these damned "Logan sightings" lately. They're pissing me off.

    Kyle Steel: Have you seen Logan, Shannan?

    Shannan Lerch: The last time we spoke was.. wow, ages ago.

    Seth Lerch: Logan is.. something that no matter what, will always be in the hallways in one form of another. I myself, don't really think Logan would come back. I sadly feel he's gone forever, and he'll always be a big piece of history to WCF. But.. lately, not ONE, but MANY people have claimed they spotted Logan. Have I? No. Have they brought back one shred of evidence to prove anything? No. For all we know, it could have been a Logan fan. But, it does make me suspicious.. so I want to say that if Logan is really backstage, what is he hiding from? You hear me Logan? If you're back there, I want you to come out.. RIGHT NOW!

    Kyle Steel: Wow, this would be good for Aftermath. The return of Logan.

    The Pledge of Allegiance Theme hits. Seth's eyes go a bit wide, as we hear a lot of buzzes from the crowd.

    Shannan Lerch: Bobby Dole... Logan? This would explain why Dole wears a mask.

    Kyle Steel: And, why he said "boudle" last week!

    Bobby Dole walks out onto the stage, with a microphone in hand as Seth just stares at him.

    Seth Lerch: Logan...?

    Bobby Dole looks over at Seth.

    Bobby Dole: Where?!

    Seth Lerch: No. Uh, nevermind. Why did you come out here?

    Bobby Dole: I just wanted to say.. that you don't get treated with the respect you should be treated with. I mean, you DON'T stink, you DON'T steal computers, and you're NOT black.

    Shannan Lerch: Exactly!

    Bobby Dole: But wait, who is this Logan guy? And why do I get the feeling, that everytime he's in WCF.. all he does is make problems? You know Lerch, I respect you as a President, and you should NOT be treated like this. Logan, I believe you already caused enough trouble for WCF last time you were here.. so why don't you just come on out now!

    The loyal Logan fans start up a "Treachery" chant.

    Bobby Dole: Damn it, I said come out here.. now!

    The crowd continue their chant, but nothing happens.

    Bobby Dole: Hell with this, I hate Logan. Matter of fact.. why is he in The Hall of Fame?! If you can hear me Logan, I'm glad you didn't just come out. I want you to stay away from WCF, for good. If you ever show up, it's your ass!

    Seth Lerch smiles.

    Seth Lerch: I couldn't have said that any better. Oh, let me add something. To the.. "Mr. Wrestler of The Year". SHUT UP!

    Shannan Lerch: Ugh..

    Seth Lerch and Bobby Dole chuckle, as they head off backstage.

    Shannan Lerch: Oh Logan, where could you be?

  • Hellz Angel vs VeN0m
  • The lights darken as candles and lighters light up the arena. Thunder is heard as "Down for Life" by Testament hits the speakers. Hellz Angel walks out slowly as red lights flash. He walks down the ramp and slides into the ring. He circles the ring while loosening up. He raises both of his hands with the metal sign \m/ as pyro shoots off into the air from the four posts.

    Kyle Steel: He's back!!

    Basic Thugonomics blares across the PA system and the lights turn dark as VeN0m walks down to the ring, followed by a spotlight.

    Shannan Lerch: Are we allowed to use that song? It's by a WWE wrestler...

    Kyle Steel: Probably not. Lawsuit city, population WCF.

    Hellz and VeN0m go to lock up, but come out with a stalemate. "HELLZ!" chants come up across the arena. Hellz and VeN0m lock up again, and this time, Hellz gets the advantage and hits a Snapmare. He then kicks VeN0m right in the spine.

    Shannan Lerch: Ouch.

    Hellz stomps mercilessly on VeN0m, and then backs up. He awaits as VeN0m begins standing, and then hits a Superkick right to his chest! VeN0m drops down to the mat, and Hellz quickly pins, hooking the leg.

    Kyle Steel: It's quick, but this could be it!

    One.. two.. no, kickout. Hellz picks his opponent up and attempts a Gutwrench Powerbomb, but VeN0m reverses it into a Back Bodydrop.

    Shannan Lerch: Venom's first offensive move thus far.

    Kyle Steel: He's not Venom, he's VeN0m.

    Shannan Lerch: ...What?

    VeN0m then locks in the Figure Four Leglock.

    Kyle Steel: That's one of Hellz's favorite moves, too.

    VeN0m cranks on the move, but Hellz is mostly unaffected. He struggles a bit, but not too much. VeN0m is obviously angered, and let's go of the hold. He starts stomping furiously at Hellz, but Hellz is soon able to roll him up in a Mahistrol Cradle!

    Shannan Lerch: Good move by Hellz.. with his great tolerance for pain, he was able to frustrate Venom.. excuse me, VeN0m.. into making a mistake.

    One... two... no, VeN0m is again able to kick out. Hellz then kicks VeN0m in the gut...

    Kyle Steel: He's about to Pull the Plug!

    And just as predicted, Hellz pulls VeN0m in and hits his Pedigree finisher!

    Shannan Lerch: Yep, Hellz Face!

    Kyle Steel: No, Shannan, he calls it the Pull the Plug now. You're not doing a very good job with this match.

    Hellz gives VeN0m a taste of his own medicine and locks in a leg submission... his Silent Scream! VeN0m screams a bit, not so silently, and soon taps out.

    Shannan Lerch: HELLZ ANGEL WINS!

    The crowd roars, and as Hellz stands up, he flips them off. They boo a bit, and he walks to the back.

    Kyle Steel: Yeah, he's still a jerk. They love anyone who returns like this, but I think that's all the love that Hellz Angel is going to get from the WCF fans any time soon.

    Shannan Lerch: Don't say love. I miss my Logan.

    Kyle Steel: ..Ugh..

  • Madd Dogg/Seth Lerch Segment
  • The arena goes dark as the bass line of Aint No Sunshine cuts in. The words "It is dark, and hell is hot" fill the arena as the stage explodes. Low red lighting barely illuminates the stage as Madd Dogg walks out. From right to left, mini pyro showers go off in order, slowly. Each covering Dogg with golden sparks. Then the stage explodes again and Dogg walks down to the ring. He rolls in, and grabs a mic.

    Madd Dogg: Now, I’m sure a lot of you are asking, why in the hell did I just screw Defman? Well, I could give you a funny little answer, like, “Cause I hate him”. But honestly, that’s not enough. See, Seth and I made a little agreement of sorts. That agreement was that I couldn’t have anyone who was still in the finals in my match. This has severely limited my choices. But then there’s Defman. He’s been put in the match, and is still in the runnings. So that means one of two things, both unacceptable. One, none of my guys can have this special treatment, but he can. That is down and out HORSESHIT. No one gets partial treatment before the match. Or two, if Defman won last Slam, he got to go to the finals and got taken out of my match. Also unacceptable. I do believe I promised the most violent match ever created. And I plan to deliver. And part of my plan now rests on Defman’s sheer brutality. When I started this match, I made an investment. If this match goes well, I do well. And my word becomes law in WCF. Because I equal ratings and my ideas equal ratings. So I did what any reasonable man, any BETTING man would do. I protected my investment. And that meant, Defman, you’re in my match whether you like it or not. Get used to it. This could either be the best thing to happen to you. OR IT COULD BE SHEER HELL.

    At that Seth comes waltzing out. Before his music can even fully hit, he’s out. And Dogg is shutting him down.

    Madd Dogg: Cut his music.

    Seth rolls into the ring, angrily.

    Seth Lerch: Fine, Madd Dogg. Why don’t you go over this little match with us in detail?

    Madd Dogg: Gladly Seth. Basics first. 30 by 30 ring. 25 foot walls. Transparent, so the audience can see through, but reinforced with solid steel. The wall has platforms built into it, since there are no turnbuckles, just in case someone wants to do a high flying move. The walls also have floor to ceiling chains, which will hold various weapons of my choosing. The walls will have barbed wire. And the walls will have spikes imbedded in them. There is a ceiling, and an entrance there. It is the only way in. There will be no way out. No escape. From the ceiling there will hang, hooks, ropes, nooses and other goodies yet to be determined. Probably a battering ram or something. Who knows? Now, onto the match itself. There are ten entrants, as you all know. The first two are the lucky ones. The other eight are chained, hand and foot to the ground. High density shackles. Every five minutes, one man will be released. Electricity will arch through all the captives who are still shackled, everytime one is released.

    Seth Lerch: That’s insane. Why would anyone…

    Madd Dogg: Dammit, you interrupted me. And for that, you have to pay. I could just hit you. But that’s boring. And you cry like a little girl far too easily. So instead. I’m going to play a little footage. And you’re going to realize how much I own you. PLAY.

    The footage of Dogg walking up to Logan’s house and Logan and Shannan getting it on plays. Seth drops to his knees shaking his head.

    Seth Lerch: I never wanted to see that the first time. And now again… Oh God.

    Madd Dogg: Then shut up and let me talk. Anytime you interrupt me, I’ll play that. Understood? Anyway as I was saying, the shocking and all. With each release, the shock gets larger. So it really sucks to be number ten. It also sucks a lot to be number nine. Hear that Defman? Thank your buddy Seth, he got you the second shittiest spot in the whole match. Now, as the match progresses, the walls move inwards. So the ring gets smaller and smaller and smaller. And the match gets more and more dangerous.

    Seth Lerch: Good God. You’re mad. Do you know how much this will cost me?

    Madd Dogg: PLAY!

    The footage is replayed and Seth has to fight getting sick.

    Madd Dogg: Dumb jamoke. Now, due to the walls, the first people to be released are the farthest out. Number ten will probably be right around dead center. After all ten guys are released. The ring will begin to collapse, and shake. There will be more violent surprises. One of them will be hidden packages of C4 (small but effective) set to go off at random times. There will be other nasty extras, but I’m going to let some of them be a surprise. This match isn’t one fall. It’s elimination. Pinfall or submission. But, since there’s no way out, once you’re eliminated, you stay in the match and destroy whoever you want.

    Seth Lerch: That’s chaotic. No one will know who…

    Madd Dogg: PLAY! Now shut up. This match will be the cap to the most spectacular career ever. I may be retiring, but I’m going out with a bang. You see, for years, I have stepped into the ring with everyone who stood in my way. And I always won. Everyone who I set out to beat, I beat. Everyone I wanted to destroy ended up in pieces. If I wanted to beat a man, he was beaten. No exceptions. No one escaped me. And no one could ever keep me from victory. I beat EVERYONE.

    Seth Lerch: Actually, Dogg. I’ve found out quite the contrary.

    Madd Dogg: Pl…What?

    Seth Lerch: There was a guy you’ve been wanting for years. A man who, no matter how good you were, he was always better, no matter how on top of the game you were, he was always two steps ahead of you. I found him, and I’m using him to make your life a living hell.

    Evan Creech’s music plays. Old school NAWF fans and even XGWO fans mark out as the stage marks his entrance. However, no one shows up. As Dogg looks, a figure dives over the railing and into the ring. With Dogg’s standard katana, he delivers a vicious neckbreaker to Cradle then begins brawling with Dogg. Within seconds, Dogg is down, and getting dry beaten with his own sword. Evan picks him up and gives him the ExTremist, tossing him out of the ring.

    Evan Creech: That’s right. For all the people you beat Madd Dogg, and you did beat a lot, you…never…beat…ME! You just can’t take me out. And you’ve tried. Oh GOD, you’ve tried. For years we’ve been going at it. But I’m still ticking. And I’m still standing. And well, you’re not. You’re lying on the ground, and your precious little sword…well, I think I’m gonna make it mine. No one’s going to miss your pathetic ass, cause they got me now.

    Seth Lerch: All in all, that’s a pretty fair trade.

    Seth raises Evan’s hand in victory and raising Dogg’s title over their heads. The camera focuses in on Evan’s sick smile as we go to the next match.

  • Tag Title Contendership: Monster Squad vs Truth Commission vs Strain/Sharp
  • The Friday the 13th theme hits and the crowd roars. The lights go out and The Creeper and The Hacker step out from behind the curtain, and walk to the ring. They get in the ring, raise their arms, and then lower them as the lights come back on.

    Kyle Steel: A lot of people say the Monster Squad still deserve to be the Tag Team Champions... They'll soon get their chance!

    The Fight Song plays and Crusher and Brutus, the Truth Commission, walk out. They walk to the ring and slide in.

    The arena lights dim as It's Going Down fades into effect. The mood is expectant as the lights flash to the beat. Pyro bursts out of the ramp as Strain and Steven Sharp step out from behind the curtain. They raise their arms into the air and roar. The crowd blazes with excitment as they make their way to the ring. The pyrotechniques tone down at the same rate. They get in the ring and loosen up.

    One man from each team is in the ring at the same time, like a normal 3 Way Dance or Triple Threat or one of those matches. First pin gets the victory.

    Hacker, Crusher, and Sharp start the match for their respective teams.

    Kyle Steel: That has to be the most unusual group of names in a wrestling ring at once, ever.

    Sharp and Hacker begin kicking away at Crusher, teaming up for a little bit. They knee him and jab him and hit him with all kinds of striking moves, and then push him into the ropes. They irish whip him to the other side of the ring, and then hit a Linked Clothesline. They follow up with hitting simultaneous elbow drops. Hacker hits a Standing Headbutt.


    Shannan Lerch: Calm down.

    Sharp starts kicking Hacker as soon as he's down, and then begins stomping on both Hacker and Crusher at the same time. Eventually they are both able to get up, and Crusher picks Sharp up and hits a Military Press Slam!


    Shannan Lerch: STOP!

    Hacker throws Sharp out of the ring. Crusher grabs Hacker and whips him to the ropes. He goes for a Big Boot, but Hacker ducks, continues running to the ropes, bounces off, Crusher turns around, and Hacker Spears him!

    Shannan Lerch: This could be it!

    Hacker pins. One... two... No, Brutus is in the ring to break it up. Brutus leaves, and Sharp rolls back into the ring. Both Sharp and Crusher crawl towards their partners, reaching their hands out for a pin... Hacker simply lays on the mat.. and Sharp and Crusher make the tags. Strain and Brutus get into the ring with heads of steam, run toward each other, and start exchanging blows. Brutus gets the advantage and in one swift motion, hits a Jackhammer.

    Kyle Steel: OOH! BRUTUS BRUTED HIM!... wait... that doesn't make much sense...

    Brutus stands up, and as he does so, Hacker comes from behind and rolls him up. The ref drops to count. One... two... no, Brutus kicks out. He's outraged at being attacked from behind and almost losing, and hops up right away. Hacker gets up right away too. Brutus runs at Hacker but Hacker catches him in a Powerslam. Hacker then tags in Creeper. Creeper gets into the ring and picks Brutus up, and grabs his throat. Creeper hits a Choke Toss, throwing Brutus into his partner. Both Truth Commission members tumble to the outside. Creeper calls Hacker into the ring. Creeper picks Strain up as Hacker throws Sharp off the apron. Creeper and Hacker then hit Strain with the Monster Bomb!

    Shannan Lerch: I think we have our winners.

    Creeper makes the pin, as Hacker rolls out and makes sure none of the Truth Commission interrupt. One... two... three!

    Kyle Steel: The Monster Squad win their contendership!

    The bell rings as the Friday the 13th theme plays again and Hacker rolls back into the ring. The ref raises both of their arms, and they then head to the back.

  • Davey Ortega Segment
  • Wherever I May Roam hits and the crowd boos. Davey Ortega walks out and smiles. It seems that the boos do not affect him at all. He walks triumphantly to the ring and steps into it. He takes the mic from the announcer.

    Davey Ortega: Welcome, one and all, to WCF Aftermath!! I know you are all excited to be here. Maybe that's because you couldn't believe you all actually could afford tickets to this great event. Or maybe all you ladies out there love to see me, the sexist man alive!

    The crowed boos.

    Davey Ortega: Or maybe all you guys love to see the hottest announcer here... Shannan Lerch!

    He points to Shannan and she, and the rest of the announcers. seem confused. Davey winks at her.

    Davey Ortega: But no, I know why you are excited to be here. It is because you all get to see great talent! Talent like Mike Bradly, PC Cradle, Defman, and of course, my favorite... the man who will lead WCF into the next generation. The man who will come out on top, and defeat the other two contenders.. whoever they may be. He will become the WCF champion! That man is none other than Trent Hunter!!! That's right, Trent Hunter... the man that I found, signed, and all in all introduced to WCF. He is ratings, baby!

    Kyle Steel: That's not even true. Madd Dogg brought him in.

    Shannan Lerch: It's Ortega's dream, let him tell it how he wants.

    Davey Ortega: Now... now that I have all of your attention.. I would like to address two people. Two people who have been in WCF for way to long. Steve Carr... one person is you. You see Steve, Seth tried to tell you in a subtle way. When he hired me to do your job. We all know you were the GM of Slam, but you couldn't do it Steve. That is because you are old. Steve, you are in the Hall of Fame. You are a living legend here. But that's the problam, you are still..... here. Steve, unfortunatly I am in no position to fire you, because you haven't done anything wrong. Only, let me help you contemplate retiring again. Steve, you have nothing to prove here. You won't win the WCF Title anytime soon, because you will not only lose to Trent, but you will be embarrased, humiliated, and will lose horribly to him. Now if that somehow doesn't break your already weak and old will... there is one other thing to6 consider. What you represent in the ring... is just like NCW... dead. No one cares about the past, about your past, and about NCW. I mean, the reason the Hall of Fame was created... was not to only honor the few who make it, but to tell them to get out... nothing left for you. Look at it... I mean Gravedigger got the hint... he went off and created his own company. And Outcast is enjoying his retirement. So Steve, get the hint.

    Mixed reaction from the crowd.. mostly booing.

    Davey Ortega: Now, onto another man who refuses to get the hint. Creeping Death. Creep, When you made your return here in the huge tag match... I was upset. I mean you ran out there and took it upon yourself to brutalize Seth. I wanted to kick your ass then, but I thought about your safety...and I refrained. Now that you are here, I want to fire you and ban you from any and all WCF events. Seth won't allow it though, because he's tried it before and it doesn't work. So what I am gonna do is make your life a living hell! I will make every Slam you are on a brutal contest. So, get the hint.

    Wherever I May Roam hits again and Davey leaves the ring and makes his way backstage.

  • Tournament Table Match: Dark Angel vs Neo
  • Kyle Steel: Well, Shannan, now it is time for our Table Match between Neo and Dark Angel. This is sure to be a………..

    Shannan Lerch: Treat. I think the work you were looking for was treat.

    Kyle Steel: Nah, I think the word I was looking for was something like 'cd player', but that doesn't matter right now, Shannan.

    Back to Mad by Texas Faggot hits the PA System. As the intro to the music builds up, the lights dim and the words Muk Shnel (German for "Move quickly") appear on the big screen with "Heil the new Reich" and "Scum will be purged." Neo appears from the main curtain running at top speed toward the ring. He then starts nodding as "The Invasion from Within" by Tsunami Bomb starts blasting over the speakers.

    Shannan Lerch: Well, now where is Dark Angel?

    A pair of ash grey, scarred angel wings appear unfurling to reveal the words Dark Angel on the WCF screen. Some pyrotechnics shoot up from the stage as Dark Angel is shown walking towards the ring. Both men stand in their corners as some WCF Technician's come out and check the tables under the ring. They pull a few out and start looking at them and banging on them.

    Shannan Lerch: Checking the tables. Making sure they are nice and tough.

    Kyle Steel: Yeah, I think I meant to say CD Player…..but yes. This match promises to be one of the best matches of the night.

    The ref moves to the middle of the ring as he looks at both men. They all nod to each other as the sound of three 'dings' flow throughout the arena. Dark Angel and Neo waste no time as they both charge at each other, the ref still caught up in the middle. Dark Angel starts reaching towards Neo, trying to grab him, but the ref is still in the way. After about 1 minute of this, the ref is able to get untangled as Dark Angel lunges towards Neo, tackling him to the ground.

    Kyle Steel: An odd start to a promising match. Look at how Dark Angel is just beating on Neo repeatedly!

    Shannan Lerch: When is their going to be tables? I want tables!

    Dark Angel picks Neo up and sets him up for a DDT. Neo resists, but Dark Angel just squeezes on his neck tighter. DA hits the DDT as Neo lies on the mat in pain. DA rolls out of the ring and grabs a table from under the ring. He slides himself and the table inside the ring as he starts setting it up near the ropes. From behind, Neo runs at DA and clotheslines him over the table and over the top rope. As DA grabs his back and rolls around, Neo goes up onto the turnbuckle. He stares at Dark Angel as he is lying on the ground in pain. Neo then jumps off of the top rope and tries to hit a flying elbow. He lands his elbow directly in the middle of his chest. DA lies there on the ground, breathing heavily as Neo jumps back into the ring and starts setting up the table.

    Kyle Steel: An early win for Neo? That looked so painful, I cannot express it with words that are allowed to be said on TV.

    Shannan Lerch: You said it, Kyle, even though this is Pay Per View and we can say anything... I am surprised Dark Angel hasn't just given in yet. Doesn't he realize Neo will never give up?

    Kyle Steel: Nope, he doesn't realize it.

    Neo is too busy setting up the table that he doesn't realize Dark Angel slowly making his way into the ring. Dark Angel sneaks up behind Neo and grabs him into a full nelson. Neo starts gasping as he reaches for the ropes. Once he finally gets within a foot of the ropes, DA jerks him back and punches him a few times in the face. He flings Neo onto the wooden table as Neo just lies there. Dark Angel climbs up onto the turnbuckle and signals to everyone he is going to do a flying elbow.

    Kyle Steel: He is getting revenge on Neo for the elbow outside of the ring! Dark Angel is only a leap away from advancing in the tournament. Will he go through with it?

    DA dives from the top rope, but Neo moves at the last second! Angel crashes through, splinters of wood flying everywhere. Neo lays on the ground next to the shattered remains of both Angel and the table.

    Kyle Steel: However, this one isn't over yet. I thin k its pretty common knowledge that the move has to be an offensive maneuver from one man to the other. This one is still going.

    Neo lies down in the corner, using the bottom turnbuckle to prop himself up. We can see his mind working, thinking about what he's going to do next. Neo grabs one of tee jagged metal table legs and begins attacking Angel with it.

    Shannan Lerch: A change in offense by Neo here! This guy is hardcore when he has to be!

    Neo starts choking Angel with the metal bar, but Angel flips him off with a monkey flip. Quickly to his feet, Neo runs at Angel. Angel swings for Neo, who ducks, hitting the opposite ropes. Returning, Angel attempts a second clothesline, and Neo ducks again, only this time he slides under the bottom rope, hiding next to the ring apron, out of sight of DA.

    Kyle Steel: Sneaky move by Neo here.

    Angel turns around, and can't see Neo anywhere. Angel walks over to the ropes, and is met by a stiff chair shot! Angel stumbles back, and Neo slides into the ring, taunting Angel with the chair. Neo hits Angel again, and this time he goes down to the mat. Neo rolls out of the ring and grabs a table, and puts it in the ring, then rolls in himself. He sets up the ring, and picks Dark Angel up, and throws him onto it. Neo climbs the top turnbuckle, and signals for some top rope move.. but Dark Angel rolls off. He rolled off before Neo hit the move, and Neo now jumps down and hits an Elbow Drop on Angel, even though he's not on the table.

    Shannan Lerch: That was a close call, Neo almost sent himself through a table.

    Neo picks Dark Angel up, but DA starts fighting back. DA goes to whip Neo into the ropes, but Neo counters it and throws Angel into the ropes instead. As Angel is coming back, Neo lifts him up in a Gorilla Press position, and then drops him onto the table! Angel goes through it.

    Kyle Steel: NEO WINS! And he gets a World Title shot!

    Neo stumbles to his feet, and the ref raises his arm in the air. Neo leaves as the ref checks to see if Dark Angel is OK.

  • Madd Dogg/Defman Segment
  • Madd Dogg is in the hallway with Hank Brown.

    Hank Brown: So Madd Dogg. I have to ask, as does everyone, what IS the elimination chamber?

    Madd Dogg: Elimination chamber? What the hell? You dumb jamoke, it’s called the euthanasia chamber. WWF has the…nevermind, you’re obviously stupid. Well, I described it for all the fans last week. It is hell. And sheer unadulterated violence.

    Hank Brown: How did you chose a name?

    Madd Dogg: God, you suck. This interview is terrible. Give me that (takes the mic). You bore me. Get the hell out of here. Everybody has been asking about the euthanasia chamber. Can it really be that violent? Yes it can. Why Madd Dogg Why? Because I can. Do you worship the devil? No I don’t and what in the blue hell does that have to do with anything? You see, honestly, I don’t know WHY I called it the euthanasia chamber. You see, Euthanasia is a mercy killing. A little prick of a needle and you fade quietly into death. Peaceful. Easy. Painless. NOTHING LIKE WHAT WE’RE DOING TONIGHT AT ALL. This match will be brutal. It will make God cry. It will be painful. These men are going to tear each other apart for the TV title, and more importantly, for my amusement. Evan Creech got himself a spot last week by attacking me. He wants to make my life hell? He’s about to find out what hell truly is. He’s going to step into that ring, and his ass belongs to me. You see, this match has everything violent. Spikes on walls that are constantly moving in. People chained to the floor. Electricity. C4. Nooses. I did indeed include a battering ram above their heads. Defman. Creech. Cradle. 3 of the most destructive people I have ever met. And 7 other guys, all hungry to win. Cause honestly, they’re not fighting for the TV Title tonight. They’re fighting for the Madd Dogg title. And that’s a hell of a lot more...

    Defman comes up and is getting in Dogg’s face.

    Defman: You think you’re so special. Walking away. Cause you lost. LIKE A BITCH. Well, everyone else may be sorry to see you go, but I’m not. You’ve done nothing but hold me down. So I’m GLAD to see you go. Without you here, there will be no more Defman getting held down. I will be the new star. And you, just a memory.

    Madd Dogg: You know, every time you start to get my respect for what you’ve done here, you’ve gotta go and open your mouth again.

    Defman: See, you always have to belittle me. I’m just as good as you. And I proved it. You’re just sore because I beat you. 1, 2, 3. And you can’t handle that, so you’re running. You’ve mocked me at every chance you get. You’ve probably even planned something tonight, but it doesn’t matter. I’m going to be the new TV champ.

    Madd Dogg: Cocky much?

    Defman: Nope, you’ve said it yourself. I’m just one of ten guys, hungry for that title. I have just as good a shot as anyone else. No reason for me to be targeted, no reason for anyone to single me out. Tonight is my night.

    Madd Dogg: You wanna be special huh? I’ll make you special, just like I do every time you get in the ring. You’re right. You DO need people actively gunning for you.

    Defman: What? That’s not what I…

    Madd Dogg: So, tonight. Anyone who takes you out of the match, gets A QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS. Now, you’re special. Everyone in that chamber will be gunning for you. As will everyone in the arena. Hell, guys will be lining up around the block to kick your ass. So Merry Christmas Defman, you just became the most important person in this match. As I was saying...

    Defman has had enough. He begins punching Dogg like crazy, before throwing him into a brick wall. He powerbombs him into a door, which breaks with the impact. Finding a chain, he begins choking the life out of Dogg. He then beats Dogg with the chain. As Dogg slowly stands, Defman grabs a claw hammer, and swings hard, connecting the back of Dogg’s skull and sending him to the ground. Damn near killing him.

    Defman: You wanna know what I think of you? Here it is.

    Defman unzips his fly, but before he can do his business, security pulls him off and drags him away.

    Defman: Reality check Dogg. You’re gone, and no one cares.

  • Tournament Cage Match: X Rated vs Bobby Dole
  • The lights go out and red spotlights flash. There is an explosion on stage, and "The Red" blares. X-Rated comes out in his leather pants, with a long black jacket and sunglasses. Electra removes both before they begin walking down the ramp. Before X can make it into the ring, his music cuts off.

    Shannan Lerch: Damn backstage officials, they always have to screw up.

    Not Falling by Mudvayne blasts out over the arena.

    Kyle Steel: HOLY SHIT! That is Logan's music!

    Bobby Dole comes out, looking confused as hell.

    Kyle Steel: Wait a second, what the hell is going on?

    Bobby Dole is speaking into a microphone.

    Bobby Dole: Why does everyone backstage seem to smell and suck? This is not my theme music! Hey you, Mr. Porn, how come they got your music right?

    X-Rated starts running up the ramp towards Bobby Dole, Dole throws the microphone at him but misses. X-Rated catches up to Dole, and knees him in the gut before grabbing his hair and dragging him to the cage. X-Rated slips Dole through the door of the cage, and soon follows in after him. The bell finally rings, as Dole gets up sending a right hand to X.

    Shannan Lerch: I love cage matches.

    X whips Dole into the turnbuckle, and runs forward spearing his midsection. Dole stumbles out, and gets caught with a closeline by X. "Not Falling" by Mudvayne plays once again.

    Kyle Steel: Why the hell do they keep playing Logan's theme?

    X looks up at the ramp, taking his attention off of Dole. Dole sneaks up behind X-Rated, and lays him down with a back body drop.

    Shannan Lerch: What the hell?!

    We see Seth Lerch running out from backstage, with a bunch of security guards. Mudvayne finally stops playing. The security guards and Seth, stand at the top of the ramp staring at the curtains.

    Kyle Steel: What the heck is going on?


    Logan appears to have tricked Seth, and is swinging on a cable from the side of the stage. He glides right into Lerch, sending a boot to his face knocking him down into a security guard. Logan lets go, and lands on the stage as Seth and his security guards tumble off the stage.

    Kyle Steel: IT'S REALLY LOGAN!

    Logan turns around staring at the steel cage, an emotionless look on his face as he begins walking towards it. Bobby Dole begins backing away in the ring, and heads for the door trying to get out.. but X-Rated grabs him by the arms and holds him back, Logan slips through the door.

    Shannan Lerch: Well, Bobby shouldn't have talked about Logan so bad.

    Logan kicks Dole in the gut, and spins him around locking him into a sleeper hold, he jumps over him, sitting down with his neck for a Connector!

    Kyle Steel: I never thought I'd see that again!

    Logan picks Bobby up, and slings him into X-Rated as X hits Bobby with an X-Plicit! Logan spits on Dole, and slides out of the ring heading up the ramp as X drops down on Bobby for the a pin.




    Kyle Steel: Well, X-Rated has done it.. with the help of Logan. Unbelievable.

    Shannan Lerch: Logan..

    Logan and Shannan stare at each other for a long time, before Logan heads off backstage.

    Shannan Lerch: He didn't even talk to me, Kyle.

    Shannan puts her head down a bit, as X walks backstage celebrating his victory over Bobby Dole.

  • Seth Lerch/Referee Segment
  • Seth is backstage with a referee.

    Seth Lerch: What do you mean you won’t do it?

    Ref: No way, nuh uh.

    Seth Lerch: But you have to. It’s your job.

    Ref: Mr. Lerch, all of the refs have agreed. None of us are getting in that chamber. I don’t care what it does to your PPV, we just won’t do it. We don’t get paid enough. And we don’t love WCF enough to DIE for it.

    Seth Lerch: Dammit. What else can go wrong tonight?

  • Tournament Ladder Match: Steve Carr vs Trent Hunter
  • The designated referee for the match flicks through the contract that states that the winner of the match goes on to the finals of the tournament. The referee holds it up for the crowd to see, before placing it inside a plain black leather brief case. The referee then attaches the handle to a rope dangling from the ceiling, and the brief case and contract are lifted high into the air.

    Kyle Steel: Well, that's what this is all about. Steve Carr and Trent Hunter are vying for a position in the finals, and both are going to want to get their hands on that contract.

    Shannan Lerch: You got that right Kyle, but with Steve Carr's 9 inch height advantage over Trent Hunter, I think the cocky new comer is going to have some trouble in this one.

    Kyle Steel: So you're predicting Steve Carr?

    Shannan Lerch: That's right Kyle. I'll take size over speed any day of the week.

    Kyle Steel: Well, this one should be fantastic! Lets get these guys out here and get it under way!

    All of the light sin the arena go off, and the crowd fall silent. The quick guitar intro of "Tip Your Bar Tender" by Glassjaw plays. Two huge pyro technical explosions rock the arena, and the crowd erupt with excitement. The lights quickly return and Trent Hunter parts the curtains. Hunter slowly makes his way to the ring, his face a picture of stern concentration instead of his usual cocky self. Hunter looks up at the contract, and rolls in under the bottom rope. Hunter for goes his usual in ring taunt, instead keeping his eyes sternly locked on the ramp way, waiting for Steve Carr.

    Kyle Steel: I'm glad Hunter is taking this seriously. The concentration on that mans face is a sure sign that Trent Hunter wants to win this match and make a big impression with WCF.

    Shannan Lerch: But here comes a guy you should never count out. Steve Carr has been here since the beginning, and you can bet your hard earned money that he wants to be the first WCF champion of 2004.

    Once more, the lights in the arena switch off. "Edgecrusher" by Fear Factory begins to play, red strobe lights flashing around the arena. The fans boo loudly, as Carr steps through the curtain. The flashing red lights become spotlights, and they cover Carr's stern features with light. He stares at the ring. Once more, he seems to be concentrating on nothing but the match ahead. Carr slowly makes his way to the ring, walking up the ring steps and stepping over the top rope. Carr looks from the contract, to Hunter and back to the contract.

    Kyle Steel: My god! I knew there was going to be a size difference, but look at that guy! He's a freak!

    Shannan Lerch: That's right, Kyle, and that's exactly why he's my pick to win this match.

    The lights darken as candles and lighters light up the arena. Thunder is heard as "Down for Life" by Testament hits the speakers. Hellz Angel walks out slowly as red lights flash. He walks down the ramp.

    Kyle Steel: What is Hellz Angel doing here!?

    Hellz walks silently to the announcer's table, and sits down. He watches the ring, not paying attention to Shannan or Kyle.

    Shannan Lerch: So, uh, Hellz Angel, congratulations on your win earlier tonight.

    Hellz Angel: ...

    Kyle Steel: A man of few words. Well, a man of NO words, right now.

    Ladders surround the ring, all different sizes, all the same cold black color. The bell rings, and quickly, Trent Hunter runs forward, dropkicking the knee of Carr. Carr's leg buckles, and he falls to one knee. Hunter hits the ropes, returning with a stiff shining wizard. Carr falls backwards, and immediately, Hunter goes to the outside, sliding a ladder into the ring.

    Kyle Steel: He's not messing about in this match.

    Hunter taunts Carr to get up. Carr slowly rises, and Hunter runs at him with the ladder. Carr brings his foot up, delivering a huge Big Boot to the ladder, sending it down on top of Hunter. Carr grabs the ladder, setting it up underneath the contract. Carr begins to climb, quickly. Hunter's back up, and he climbs the opposite side of the ladder. Both men reach the top at the same time and begin exchanging lefts and rights.

    Shannan Lerch: This could get messy.

    Hunter bounces Carr's face off of the top rung, and Hunter quickly climbs a couple of rungs higher than Carr. Grabbing the back of Carrs head, Hunter jumps in the air! Hunter spins 180 degrees around the ladder, still holding Steve Carrs head, before falling to the floor, delivering a huge X-Factor facebuster from the top of the ladder!

    Kyle Steel: Oh my GOD! This match is just under way, and already we've seen a move never before seen anywhere else! Only in WCF, folks!

    The crowd erupts into chants of HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! Hellz Angel continues staring at the match, not showing any emotion. Steve Carr lies motionless on the canvas and Hunter holds his lower back. Hunter gets to his feet, delivering some stiff boots to the back and neck area of Steve Carr. Carr comes around, slowly getting to his feet. Hunter goes for another shining wizard, but Carr catches his leg. Rising to his feet, Carr pulls Hunter towards him, hooking his arms and legs. Carr flips backwards, and Trent Hunter flies through the ladder, sending it clattering to the floor!

    Kyle Steel: Wow! A sickening Capture Suplex by Carr there!

    Hunter lays, tangled up in the ladder. Steve Carr gets to his feet, and grabs Hunter by his hair, slowly pulling him over to the side of the ring. Carr put's Hunters head between his legs, signalling for a powerbomb over the top rope to the floor! Carr hoists Hunter up, who wriggles free, dropping in front of Carr. Hunter delivers a stiff kick to the groin of Carr, before dropkicking the side of his head. Carr tumbles through the ropes to the outside. Trent Hunter sets up the ladder next to the ropes in the ring, and climbs to the top. Hunter waits for Carr to get to his feet, and performs a HUGE flipping senton splash from the top of the ladder, to the outside, onto Carr!

    Kyle Steel: Senton from the ladder! Very uncharacteristic of Hunter there, but effective none the less.

    The crowd chant HOLY SHIT for the second time. Hellz Angel, still, shows no emotion. Carr gets to his feet first, as Hunter seemingly took the brunt of the move. Carr grabs the steel steps, lifting them high above his head, and bringing them down across the back of Hunter. Carr holds on to them, delivering a second shot before throwing them to the floor. Hunter twitches like a squashed bug on the floor. Carr looks under the ring, pulling out a steel chair. Hunter slowly rises, and Carr quickly drops him with a sickening chair shot to the forehead! Hunter sports a crimson mask quickly, blood trickling from a deep wound in his head.

    Shannan Lerch: Well, this match was bound to be violent, and give a 6 foot 11 powerhouse a steal chair, this is what happens!

    Carr smiles at the blood on Hunters face. And climbs back into the ring. Carr positions the ladder under the contract, and begins to climb. Somehow, the bloodied Hunter rolls back into the ring! Hunter climbs the second turnbuckle, flying through the air, hitting a missile dropkick onto Carr, who tumbles from the ladder, which remains erect. Hunter takes his turn, climbing the ladder slowly. He reaches the top and attempts to grab the briefcase!

    Kyle Steel: He's got it! This ones over!

    Carr appears underneath Hunter, hooking him up into a powerbomb position! Hunter's feet leave the top rung of the ladder, and Steve Carr jumps forward, hitting a staggeringly big Tigerbomb from the top of the ladder!


    Kyle Steel: My god! Hunters been broken in half!!!!!

    Shannan Lerch: What do you have to say about that, Hellz?

    Hellz Angel: ...

    Both men lay motionless on the canvas. The ladder remains up as Steve Carr begins to move. Hunter's blood stains the ring mat, and Carr crawls to the base of the ladder. Suddenly, Trent Hunter begins to move!

    Kyle Steel: Wow! When this kid says he's going to give it everything, he's not lying! How is Hunter still moving!

    Shannan Lerch: Hats off to Trent Hunter. He has to rank in the toughest of the WCF roster!

    Carr makes his way about half way up the ladder, but Hunter quickly scales the opposite side! Once more, Hunter smacks Carr's skull of the top rung. Hunter carefully positions himself, before flipping over the top of the ladder, over Steve Carr! Hunter holds on, delivering a huge Rolling Powerbomb onto Carr from the middle of the ladder! The sound echo's throughout the arena!

    Kyle Steel: Hunter with unique offence there! He's making moves up as he goes along!

    Crowd: DUB C F! DUB C F! DUB C F!

    Hunter grabs the arm of Carr, stretching it over his head, locking on a sickening Triangle choke Hold!!! Steve Carr writhes underneath Hunter, who stretches the limbs of the big man!

    Shannan Lerch: This isn't a submission match! What's he doing!?

    Kyle Steel: Shannan, how is a guy supposed to grab the belt is he can't use his arms!? Trent Hunter is a thinking man's wrestler. If he immobilises one or more of Carr's limbs, the match might as well be over!

    Carr taps out, but to no avail. Hunter releases the hold, and Carr lies in agony on the mat, holding his shoulder. Hunter, again, climbs the ladder. Hunter reaches the top, but realises that the ladder has shifted, and that he is to far away to reach it. Hunter sits on the top rung and shrugs, before launching off, hitting his patented Full Moon elbow drop! Carr trembles from the huge move, but Hunter holds his right hip, shouting with agony.

    Kyle Steel: Hunter took an unwarranted risk there, and ended up injuring himself! I hope it's nothing to serious.

    Shannan Lerch: No, I think he just jarred his leg. He's getting back up now.

    The bosses sister is right, as both Steve Carr and Trent Hunter rise to their feet. From no-where, dashing forward, Carr hits the Ultimate Stunner! Hunter drops to the mat quickly, and Carr grabs both his legs, twisting them into the Boston Leg Lock!

    Kyle Steel: Steve Carr is using Hunters own finishing move here!

    Hunter screams in agony, as Carr wrenches back on the move. Hunter taps out, much the same as Steve Carr, but again to no avail. Hunter slowly fades, and Carr releases the hold. The camera shows Hunter open one eye and smile as Carr moves away from him.

    Kyle Steel: Did you see that!? Hunters playing possum!

    Shannan Lerch: Hey! Carr! Get on him you big freak!

    Carr climbs the ladder, unawares of Trent Hunter behind him. Hunter doest play around, quickly climbing the opposite side. Both men reach the top, and we see Hunter getting the better of an exchange of rights and lefts. Hunter grabs Carr's head again, and jumps again, but this time delivers a devastating Ultimate Stunner from the top of the ladder!


    Shannan Lerch: Come on, Hellz, don't you want to chant too?

    Hellz Angel: ...

    Kyle Steel: Holy shit! Did you see that! Hunter used Carrs own move, from the top of the ladder!

    Carr lies motionless in the ring. Hunter holds his right hip again, screaming in agony. Trent is somehow able to stand up, and sets the ladder back up. He climbs slowly.. he looks down, to make sure Carr isn't up yet.. he reaches the top.. he attempts to grab the briefcase, but misses, and the ladder wobbles back and forth.

    Shannan Lerch: Is he gonna fall off!?

    No, the ladder eventually becomes stable again. Hunter grabs for the briefcase again, and this time, grabs it!

    Kyle Steel: Trent Hunter wins! He advances!

    Trent climbs down the ladder, and then collapses on the mat, holding the briefcase.

    Shannan Lerch: What do you have to say to that, Hellz? Is that what you wanted?

    Hellz Angel: ...

    Kyle Steel: To be honest, I think Carr may have been a little distracted by Hellz Angel's presence.

    Trent rolls out of the ring, and begins stumbling to the back, briefcase in hand. Hellz gets up from his chair, and stands outside of the ring, looking in at Carr. Carr notices as he's beginning to stand up, and stares back. Hellz walks to the ramp and up it, still without emotion.

    Shannan Lerch: ...What was his purpose out here!?

    Carr rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp, just as confused as everyone else.

  • Slasher Memorial Service
  • Kyle Steel: As you may have heard, Wreck has murdered his best friend, Slasher. In memory of Slasher, we will have a short memorial service for him before our main event. Some people will come out in speak about Slasher and other related things.

    Shannan Lerch: Also, we will have some videos of moments with Slasher up playing on the Jumbotron. We have also been told that a special man will be doing the service. I think he should be coming out right about now.

    The camera pans around the arena as the fans wait in anticipation. In the ring is a red carpet and some microphones. There is also a picture of Slasher and Wreck, but Wreck’s has been colored in with red and black markers. The lights then go dark as a few spotlights start circling around the as “Feeling Way Too Damn Good” by Nickelback plays. Some pyros shoot up as Wreck, accompanied by 2 security guards with rifles appear from backstage. They stand in the middle of the ramp way as the crowd boos.

    Shannan Lerch: This has to be wrong! Wreck is the one who KILLED Slasher. He shouldn’t be giving the speech. My brother is going to crack when he finds out what is going on.

    Wreck is wearing orange clothing with chains all over him. One of the guards nudges him with the butt of the rifle signaling him to go. They make their way to the ring as the 2 guards help Wreck into the ring. Both men stand next to Wreck as he grabs the mic. As the crowd boos, he begins to speak.

    Wreck: Yeah, it’s me! ME! ME! ME! Well, I am out here presenting all of this to you, for one reason, and one reason only. I didn’t do it. I don’t care what the media says. I don’t actually care what any of you say! You all suck! I’ll kill al…..

    Guard: Come on, boy. You getting’ a lil rowdy, eh!?

    Wreck: NO! Now, I would like to say that Slasher was an amazing man. He did many things in this life, many of them for me or other people. He may have been stupid, but he knows that I would never even try to hurt him. He pulled the knife on me! ME!

    The guard hits Wreck with the rifle again. This time Wreck whips up his chains and wraps them around the 2 guards necks. They both drop their rifles trying to remove the chain. Wreck then ties the chains and grabs a rifle as he runs off. He starts running into the back as “Felling way too Damn Good” hits the speakers again.

    Kyle Steel: Well that was a little odd now, wasn’t it? I hope he will still be able to fight... very soon.

    Shannan Lerch: Regardless, our main event is coming up... Euthanasia.

  • Euthanasia TV Title Match: Torture vs Evan Creech vs PC Cradle vs Death vs Mike Bradley vs Creeping Death vs Dake Ken vs Wreck vs Defman vs ?
  • Anger Rising blares as Seth Lerch walks out to the ring.

    Seth Lerch: Dammit, Dogg. You’ve pulled some stunts, but you’ve really put me in a bind. Attacking Defman? Crap, we can’t have that. We needed him for the match. But I hate to announce to the audience that the Euthanasia Chamber has been CANCELLED.


    The stage explodes and Dogg comes walking out to the ring. Seth backs up, but Dogg closes in on him and steals his mic.

    Madd Dogg: What is this? The match won’t happen? Are you stupid? Screwing with me? Do you think you’ll get away with it? Hell, if you do, you must be about seven different kinds of stupid.

    Seth Lerch: I’m not doing this to screw with you. There are two things that are keeping your match from going on the air. One: you never announced the tenth entrant. And two: the refs refuse to get in that chamber to call the match.

    Madd Dogg: Neither of those are problems Sethie boy. You see, if I don’t want a tenth man, I don’t have to have one. But I do. Regardless, I’ll address the ref thing. Maybe I wasn’t clear on it last week, or we wouldn’t be here. I don’t need a ref.

    Seth Lerch: But what? Someone has to call this match.

    Madd Dogg: I have a very special guest ref. A man who’s not afraid of the chamber. A man who loves to view pain and suffering first hand. ME.

    The crowd goes crazy at that.

    Madd Dogg: I will be doing everything in my power to make this the goriest blood bath ever produced. And, I suppose I should announce my number ten entrant. Seth, the tenth, and final, entrant to this match… IS YOU!

    The crowd goes wild as all the color drains from Seth’s face.

    Madd Dogg: You think you can mess with people? Play with careers like they’re your own little toys? Tonight, we play with you. See you in the ring Seth.

    Ain’t No Sunshine plays as Dogg drops the mic. Seth runs out of the ring and to the back.

    Kyle Steel: Looks like Seth isn't going to compete tonight after all, he's running away!

    The scene fades out, and we see a promo focusing on the Euthanasia match. It shows Defman beating Dogg, and all of the events leading up to this match, including from earlier tonight. By the time it's over, most of the participants have entered.

    Kyle Steel: My God! The time has come...

    Shannan Lerch: Right you are, Kyle. Madd Dogg has pulled some strings in his day, but none have been THIS extreme. If you are a concerned and responsible parent with small children present, then tucking them in early would be the only way to save their innocence.

    Kyle Steel: I don't think you understand……This match……Madd Dogg explained it, but I didn't believe a word. How? How could he pull THIS off?! It's unnatural! It's inhumane! It's description bares repeating for its sheer violence! It's-

    Shannan Lerch: It's Madd Dogg! He's certifiably insane. He cringes at NICE things for their tendency to be...well...not evil.

    Kyle Steel: Right you are Bitchy McGee… I mean Shannan. Nothing good can come of this!

    Shannan Lerch: Well, he certainly knows how to get a crowd going. This match even has me impressed with the work he's put into this.

    As Defman walks down, he seems pretty confident. He's boasting to the crowd that tonight is his night. Dogg grabs a microphone.

    Kyle Steel: Oh good god! What is Dogg gonna do, now?!

    Shannan Lerch: Start the match, already! This isn't the time to gloat, sore-loser!

    Madd Dogg: Oh, yea, Defman, forgot to mention. Special stipulations, JUST FOR YOU. Tonight, you get to prove how superior you are, when you start the match off IN A STRIAGHT JACKET. You wanna bitch about getting screwed over? Tonight, you'll find out just what a screw job is.

    Kyle Steel: Amazing….Truly amazing…..

    Shannan Lerch: See? SEE?! SORE LOSER!!!

    Defman is furious as the ring personnel move closer, begging him to let them do their jobs. Finally, with an evil glint in his eye, he agrees, saying it'll make him even more superior in the eyes of the fans.

    Kyle Steel: Well, Defman is screwed. The odds couldn't possibly be stacked against him any further.

    Finally, Seth's music plays. At first, he doesn't come out, and then Neo drags Lerch out to the ring. Lerch is pleading with Neo, begging him to let him go, offering money, fame, ANYTHING. Neo, however, seems unfazed, and simply tosses Seth into the ring to be shackled.

    Kyle Steel: He's…..He's actually going to kill him…..He doesn't care about ANYONE in this match….not really.

    Shannan Lerch: He has no soul. He is the ruiner of worlds!!!

    Ring staff chain all of the competitors to the floor. Except for Torture and PC Cradle who get to start the match. They abandon the ring like rats fleeing a plague or disaster and the walls raise, signaling the violence to come. Before PC and Tort can start though, Madd Dogg pulls a small control from his pocket.

    Madd Dogg: Gotta make sure it works.

    He pushes the button and a massive energy arc comes out of the floor and through the 8 chained entrants' bodies. They all grimace horribly and shake violently. Dogg holds it for five seconds before releasing it. He nods satisfied.

    Madd Dogg: Glad it works……..Now to see how high it goes...

    He then presses it several times in quick succession, playing with it. He looks pleased. Finally, Tort stops him and signals that the match should start. Dogg nods and the bell rings. Immediately, the walls begin moving in, though it is so slight, so slow that it is almost unnoticeable.

    Shannan Lerch: All of this! It was designed to completely erase my brother's existence!

    Kyle Steel: Oh, lord! The madness has begun….

    Cradle and Tort circle each other for awhile eyeing each other. The fans are breathless in anticipation, then finally they lock up. Cradle rears back and tosses Tort halfway across the floor, near Defman. Defman tries to do something but is shackled. Before going back, Tort pulls a cheap shot off on Defman and then runs back at Cradle, drop kicking his knees out from under him.

    Shannan Lerch: What a cheap shot! He knows he can't beat him legitimately, so he cheats?

    Kyle Steel: There is no cheating here. Besides, he's gotta outlast 9 people? I wouldn't call anything in this match a cheap shot.

    As Cradle tries to stand, Tort kicks the knees away again. Tort tries to get a third one off but Cradle clotheslines him so hard he does a back flip. Cradle walks to the wall and chooses a pair of brass knuckles off the wall. As Tort staggers to his feet, Cradle runs at him and delivers a diving punch to the forehead. He then mounts Tort and begins hammering away. With Tort down, he then turns to Seth and delivers a punch to his face. Tort crawls over, hits a quick low blow from behind and rolls Cradle up. Dogg drops for the count. One, t… Nope, Cradle kicked out early. Tort stands. He begins stomping away at Cradle. He stops to ask Dogg something and Cradle sees his opportunity. Grabbing Tort's foot, he yanks it in and sinks his teeth into Tort's toes.

    Shannan Lerch: Oh my God!! His toe is has been chewed!!

    Kyle Steel: Anything goes, Shannan, and that works just fine for PC Cradle! Tort will need a half size smaller shoe for that foot now.

    Tort howls in pain and falls backwards. Cradle continues his attack, punching the injured foot with his brass knuckles. Desperate, Tort kicks him away and staggers to the corner where he stands tentatively. Cradle takes a good running start at him, but Tort hits a drop toe hold, bouncing Cradle's face right off the thick wall. Fortunately for Cradle, there are no spikes or barbed wire that low, but the wall is just as unforgiving. With a sickening thud, his head bounces off and he falls to the floor.

    Kyle Steel: Honestly, I bet that hurt Tort as much as Cradle.

    Shannan Lerch: How can you say that?

    Kyle Steel: Hurt foot?

    Shannan Lerch: Oh. Right.

    Still, unmoving. Cradle has to be done. Pin cover by Torture. 1, 2, and…. Kickout. No one knows how he did it but Cradle refuses to give up. Even Dogg is shocked at the resilience. The walls have moved in a good several inches by now and the difference is noticeable. It reminds all the wrestlers that there is a sense of urgency, to get this done with quickly.

    Shannan Lerch: "WHY," I ask you?!!

    Kyle Steel: I have no friggin' idea!

    Tort drags Cradle back to his feet and goes for the Torture Device, but Cradle counters it and German-Suplexes him right into the corner. Eye for eye. Torts head bounces off the walls and he now feels what Cradle feels. The walls have come in another inch. Cradle pulls a 2x4 out of the tangled chains, and wraps it himself with some barbed wire. Tort climbs to a small platform in the wall, and delivers a diving DDT. Cradle sees Tort coming, winds up, and connects with a home run swing right to Tort's mid-section. The crowd all begin chanting HOLY SHIT! Cause this match has barely begun and it will definitely get more violent. Grabbing Tort's head, he DDTs him onto the same 2x4. He then uses the board to choke him. Somehow, Tort makes it to his feet and, using the wall for leverage, does a back flip over Cradle and brings him down into an Educution type of move. He goes for the pin. 1, 2, kickout.

    Kyle Steel: Everyone and their parents can feel their collective pain! Can-can this even be legal?!

    Shannan Lerch: It can't be! It isn't! Madd Dogg has set my brother's death-bed! Police would be preventing this right now, otherwise!

    Kyle Steel: If it was someone other than your brother?

    Tort is getting up when suddenly Creeping Death convulses violently. Tort takes a minute to comprehend what is going on. Then he sees the electricity arching through Creeping Death. The others see it too. A second later, he is released, and the others are feeling the violent burn of electricity. Creeping Death staggers away from his restraints.

    Kyle Steel: Business has picked up. Creeping Death is free. And the odds have gotten slimmer for Cradle's and Tort's survival.

    He floors Tort, then Cradle. For a little while, he goes back and forth between the two, then Cradle Irish whips him into a twisted mesh of barbed wire. CD's limbs become hopeless entwined with the barbed wire, it digging into his skin. The more he tries to escape, the more caught he becomes. Cradle then grabs Tort and whips him directly into CD. Tort does the signature HBK tree of woe move, then grabs CD's head, and drops him into the X-Factor.

    Kyle Steel: I feel as if I'm in Japan. Where's Cactus Jack?

    Shannan Lerch: What?

    Kyle Steel: This is too violent. Even the Orientals cringe at this.

    Cradle comes over and the two of them double team CD, powerbombing him back into the barbed wire. Cradle then plants his boot in Tort's stomach and powerbombs him into CD. While Tort is down, Cradle climbs the tangled CD, further tearing his skin, and uses him as a post to deliver a diving foot stomp directly to Tort's throat. Then, Cradle grabs Torts feet and slingshots him right into the spikes. Unfortunately for poor Tort, he discovers one of Dogg's hidden c4 "packages", which promptly explodes on him. Thank God it's small. As it is, he has to roll on the ground to extinguish the flames. Cradle flinches for a moment.

    Kyle Steel vomits from the gruesome spectacle while Shannan Lerch pats his back and prays for everyone inside the ring. Madd Dogg laughs maniacally.


    Then an evil smile comes over cradle as he realizes he can "help" poor Tort. He begins stomping on him with cleats found in Dogg's wall of violent weapons. With Tort and CD both disabled, PC goes back to his real prey, Seth Lerch. He quickly tests the length of the shackles and then grabs Seth. He DDT's him and the chains stop Seth from moving at about three feet. However, Seth is forced down, dislocating both shoulders and tearing the muscles. He screams like Nancy Kerrigan. Cradle pulls a hub cap down from the wall and hurls it at Seth like a Frisbee. It connects with his forehead. Tort is up. He's not been completely successful in dousing the flames. So he's decided that since he has to be in misery, that he could use a little company. A quick hug later and Seth is also ablaze. Unfortunately, unlike Tort, he has no way to put the flames out.

    Shannan Lerch: Someone put him out for Godsakes!

    Kyle Steel: Why? He's competition. The sooner he's eliminated the better, right?

    Shannan Lerch: That's so cold.

    Kyle Steel: I'm sorry. What part of this match is it that makes you feel all warm and snuggly.

    Shannan Lerch: I…I…SHUT UP!

    Kyle Steel: Must be the flames. They're making Seth feel warm.

    Shannan Lerch: I hate you.

    The walls have now moved in by about two feet. For Dake Ken, who is on the very edge of the ring, now only two inches from impending doom. Some of the longer spikes have begun to press against him. He's leaning forward, but that'll only work for so long. As the spikes break his skin and begin to scrape bone, the alarm sounds and massive voltage surges through his body, worse than last time. He falls forward as the surge rushes through the others. It also affects Tort, who is disengaging from Seth as the voltage hits. He's stuck to the chains until the surge subsides, leaving him smoking.

    Kyle Steel: I think I'm gonna be ok……I usually only vomit only twice during……woooah, god!!

    Shannan Lerch: Cradle just plucked at my brother's arms like they were feathers off a chicken! All these horrible things should happen to MADD DOGG!! This madness hasn't even gotten half under way and it's already taken its toll on everyone witnessing…..I couldn't say about those participating...

    Dake runs at Tort, tackling him to the ground and smelling the burnt flesh. CD somehow loosens himself. Together, they pick Tort up by his arms and legs and then slam him back down on his stomach. CD holds his scarred arms in the air in victory until Dake grabs him and throws him into the spiked wall. As Creeping Death moans in pain, Dake spears him harder, driving the spikes completely through him. Cradle comes up from behind Dake and hits an OH MY GOD suplex, tossing him like a rag doll. Tort forces CD off the wall, pulling him apart with terrible consequences. Several wounds are torn open and two of the spikes are torn from the wall with him. CD somehow manages to fight him off, but Dake is back on the attack. He grabs the blunt end of a spike and twists. CD howls in agony, but Dake tosses him to the ground, re-injuring the spike wounds, driving those still there farther in, or twisting them. Cradle tosses Dake a 2x4, which Dake hammers the spikes into. Using a chain from the ceiling, he hooks it around the 2x4, and pulls the counter chain, raising CD in the air. He thrashes wildly as he is being crucified.

    Shannan Lerch: Just a reminder kids that Jesus died for our sins. I wish I could explain this. But my only answer to how something like this has happened is that there is no God.

    Cradle and Tort join in the festivities, brandishing baseball bats and pretending CD is a pińata.

    Kyle Steel: And suddenly it's a Mexican birthday party. First Easter now this? Well, there is one constant. No matter what holiday we're celebrating, it sucks to be Creeping Death.

    Cradle whips him with some barbed wire, leaving criss-cross marks across his back. Finally, Dake drops him to the mat and hammers the spikes all the way into the canvas, pinning him. He drapes an arm over the defeated CD. Dogg counts. 1, 2, 3. Dake's done it, Creeping Death has been eliminated AND taken out of the picture.

    Shannan Lerch: Creeping Death has been eliminated and will not be leaving as the TV Champion.

    Kyle Steel: This is a sight to be seen. This match will continue with Creeping Death STILL stuck in that hellacious chamber! He can't pin! He can't win! But, he can be the deciding factor of who won't win this title!

    Cradle turns his attention to Evan Creech, who will be released next. He takes a noose from the ceiling and wraps it around Evan's next. Using the counter rope, he pulls it as taunt as he can, hanging Evan while his feet are still shackled to the ground. Evan's face turns blue as Dogg laughs with delight. Fortunately for Evan, the timer reaches zero and a jolt races through his body. It reaches up and arches for Cradle, but Cradle lets go just in time to escape a shock. Evan is now free and his mind is on Cradle.

    Kyle Steel: Madd Dogg not only designed this just to piss Seth off, but he went completely out of his way to give these brave wrestlers nightmares for the rest of their now shortened lives!

    Shannan Lerch: This should be called, "Undiscovered levels of hell!" This would make Satan soil himself!

    Evan runs past Cradle, and for a second it looks like he missed him, but instead he goes for the barbed wire. He wraps it around his fist and does a springboard back to Cradle, rapidly punching him in the face on the way down. He un-wraps it off his fist and twists it around Cradle's neck, trying to choke the life out of him and bleed him dry at the same time. Tort runs at him, but is back dropped onto the wall where he catches in some barbed wire and chains, and hangs upside down in sheer panic. Evan, seeing his handiwork, grabs a chair. Running full force at Tort he tosses the chair and big boots it right into Tort's face. Tort's bleeding profusely, but he reaches up, trying to loose himself. Evan climbs up to one of the ledges and does a leg drop onto Tort's throat. It violently frees him with a sickening pop that could only be Tort's knee dislocating. He lands poorly, on the top of his head.

    Shannan Lerch: Extreme is right.

    Kyle Steel: No surprise that this one came for Dogg. Neither of them have souls apparently.

    Cradle has recovered and grabbed another of Dogg's goodies, a spike-less flail. He spins it round and hurdles it at Evan who receives it perfectly, right in the small of his back. Evan slams into a chain net which drops some of its payload. A tike torch, a banjo, a totem pole and a fire extinguisher. As Cradle approaches, he sets off the extinguisher in his face, blinding him. Evan takes a few good blind swings, wildly missing, but eventually connects and breaks the tiki torch over Cradle's back. He then stabs Cradle with the sharp wooden slats, causing a jagged circular wound. Evan then spots his next weapons, a small canister of salt, and a mercury thermometer.

    Shannan Lerch: I restate what I said earlier about Madd Dogg. Everyone involved, besides my brother are sick bastards!!!

    Kyle Steel: This makes the Hell in a Cell look like a playground. This is an abortion on screen, only with grown men. If anyone comes out alive, I'll be shocked. Forget Survivor Series, THIS is the real deal.

    He breaks open the glass tube, and opens the salt, pouring both into the wound. Cradle screams in a mix of sheer agony and absolute delight. Dake comes up from behind and takes Evan's leg out from under him. Using the totem pole, he cracks Evan's knee with the old guardians of Indian villages, who were still causing pain to the white invaders. He then locked in the figure four. As Evan screamed in tortured defiance, Cradle crawled over and applied a vicious full nelson stranglehold, furthering Evan's agony. Tort began pounding Evan's stomach with the banjo until it splintered away. Dogg asked a few times whether Evan would give up or not. When the answer was the same, no, each time, Dogg grew bored and went to torment the weeping Seth. He gained much joy in pressing the button to shock Seth over and over and over, hearing him scream with each burst of electricity. Tort eventually grows bored too. He takes a baseball bat and hammers away at both Dake and Cradle. Evan slowly stand t thank him, and he takes him out too. Torture climbs to a small ledge and waits for Dake to stand. Then he delivers a shooting star DDT onto the broken remnants of the weapons.

    Kyle Steel: This is insult to grand inhumanity!

    Kyle Steel: My God. There is no sparing ourselves from this.

    The ring has shrunk to a mere 25 feet by 25 feet, losing a third of its size. The spiked walls loom that much closer for all the contestants. The timer counts slowly down from two minutes. Cradle, Tort and Dake make it to their feet. The three look warily at each other and the punches begin, all trying to unbalance the other two. Dake is the first to fall. Cradle and Tort both grab a leg and grotesquely apply two different one-legged Boston crabs, damn near tearing Dake's legs from his body. Before anything can happen, Evan slips a pair of handcuffs onto Tort's right arm and begins lifting him in the air, in slow deliberate jerky motions. Each violent jerk snaps Tort wildly, surely tearing some muscle and spinning him in the air like a malformed marionette. Dake grabs a length of chain off the wall and wraps it around Tort's dislocated knee. He then runs it the length of the ring, through a hook in a wall for leverage, and back to right in front of Tort. He and Evan take turns trying to tear one of Tort's limbs off, and then they start tearing in unison. It looks like Tort is finished, then the buzzer sounds, and, after a shit load of increased voltage, Death is released.

    Shannan Lerch: My God, they're trying to draw and quarter Tort.

    Kyle Steel: Madd Dogg looks like he's enjoying this.

    Shannan Lerch: HE should be put down. Not my brother. Sick freak.

    Kyle Steel: There are no words to describe this. Manson would pale. Dahmer would vomit. I HAVE vomited. No matter how strong your stomach, this will make you feel weak. This is not for the faint of heart.

    As the others dance in a macabre twisted little puppet show, Death runs straight for his partner. He grabs a shovel and nearly decapitates Dake. He tries with Evan, but Evan simply ducks. Cradle cracks him in the ribs from behind with the brass knucks and goes for a quick roll-up. 1, 2, no avail he kicks out. Tort is released and he falls painfully to the ground. Dake goes for the cover. 1, 2, Death just barely saves his partner. While Cradle and Evan go at it, Death takes Dake away from the injured Tort and the two begin trading shots. Grabbing the back of Dake's head, Death runs forward for what appears to be a bulldog but then vaults off the wall and turns it into a tornado DDT which conveniently happens to land Dake's face on a cement block.

    Kyle Steel: Oh dear God, I…I…I… There are no words.

    Instead of going for the pin, Death lifts Dake to his shoulder and hits a violent snake eyes right to the biggest cluster of spikes he can. At first, Dake grabs hold and is lucky. But somehow, Tort has revived and is already on the platform. He dropkicks Dake off his safe hold and lets him plummet 4 feet to the ground. Death gets him up and some Tort is able to hit the Tortured Death. Dogg begins clapping for this display of sheer violence. Both men roll over and drape the arm over Dake, Dogg counts, 1, 2, 3. Dake is eliminated. Both Death and Tort turn their attention to Evan, Tort's other deformer.

    Shannan Lerch: Another one is eliminated.

    Kyle Steel: In this match, someone is actually MORE dangerous once they're eliminated. They have nothing to lose, and everything to well destroy.

    They both race towards him, double dropkicking him backwards into spikes and barbed wire. They located a lone manacle and clip it to his leg. They then work at securing his arm into some chain. It seems like this is a three on one on Evan. Evan begins to throw punches. Death tries to run forward, but Evan somehow pulls off a bicycle kick, the manacle tearing flesh off for his efforts. But Death is down.

    Shannan Lerch: I don't see how anyone in the audience can permit this kind of idiocy! Kyle? Why don't you DO something?! You know someone is gonna die!!

    Kyle Steel: No! YOU go to Madd Dogg and see what he thinks!!! Meanwhile, I'll be fetching the paramedics to remove the steaming hot poker from your belly!!!

    Tort goes after him, a flurry of angry punches. In his limited reach, Evan grabs for anything he can reach and comes up with…a salad fork. He looks at Dogg with the words WTF written all over his face. Dogg shrugs and laughs.

    Shannan Lerch: A salad fork? After all this carnage? A fucking salad fork? WEAK!

    Kyle Steel: A while back, Dogg said he could turn any item into a deadly weapon. Perhaps now he's giving his potential victims the same opportunity.

    Shannan Lerch: So, you're saying what? This whole thing is just a big test?

    Kyle Steel: Maybe. The people who pass get to live another day. And maybe have a small sliver of Dogg's respect?

    Evan returns the shrug, then begins digging the sharp tongs into Tort's skull. Over and over and over, one breaking off, then two. More blood from Tort. Tort falls back, then looks for a weapon of his own. He grabs the fire extinguisher, but instead on spraying it, he smashes it against Evan's skull. Then, inspiration hits. He sprays the foam into Evan's open wounds. Then he forces Evans jaw open, puts the nozzle down his throat, and SPRAYS. The blast is so violent it breaks Evan's two front teeth. He gags violently, then vomits everywhere. He can't stop choking as Tort raises the fire extinguisher for one final death blow. It never comes down however, as the sound of a firing mechanism fills the chamber, followed by a whoosh, and a bean bag slams against Tort's skull. Dake is up and has found a riot gun. He walks over with a purpose and places the gun at the base of Tort's skull and fires again. There's a sickening crack and Tort cries out. Dake looks proud of himself, firing more bags into poor Tort.

    Shannan Lerch: Oh God, he's brought in firing weapons.

    Kyle Steel: Could be worse.

    Shannan Lerch: How?

    Kyle Steel: Could be real guns.

    Shannan Lerch: Then at least, the pain would end.

    Then there's a wild cry and Death dives at Dake again, putting his full force behind a football tackle that connects with Dake at his upper shoulders. Death decides to take advantage of being one of the two men who agreed to have the taped gloves imbedded with glass put on him, by punching Dake full force in the face. The battle seems almost even for Death and Tort, then the timer hits zero again, and with a plume of smoke, and sparks still echoing off his body, Mike Bradley is released, looking like a man possessed. He gathers a pile of broken shards underneath him in a little mountain of twisted, mangled shards of glass, and weapon fragments. Crusher and Brutus have climbed to the top of the chamber and are awaiting Bradley's instructions. He grabs onto two separate ropes and his two behemoths lift him into the air in some twisted vision of the messiah.

    Mike Bradley: Listen to me, my children. I am your savior.

    Shannan Lerch: Crucify the bastard!!

    Kyle Steel: I don't think MMB can truly save anyone from this!!

    Shannan Lerch: I don't think he wants to.

    Death stumbles backwards and Bradley releases the ropes, falling from fifteen feet, landing a leg drop to Death's neck and driving him face first into the pile. The effects are catastrophic. Death's face can't be seen, but blood is oozing out around the pile. He is motionless. Bradley rolls him over, and the crowd can see his face, a horrid torn mask of what it had been. Mike hooks the leg. 1, 2, Tort is there to save him, but Death kicks out on his own slightly before the three. Saving himself. Barely.

    Kyle Steel: Even I can't believe he was able to stave off that one. Without help no less.

    Shannan Lerch: Tort was there.

    Kyle Steel: But Death got out before Tort helped.

    Shannan Lerch: But he was THERE.

    Kyle Steel: Whatever.

    Bradley is surprised. But he signals for the Truth Commission to lower the ropes. He carefully ties one around each of Death's wrists and is going to have Death lifted like he just did earlier. Death however, doesn't have the chance to hold himself up. As he is slowly raised in increments, Death comes back to life and wraps his legs around Bradley's throat, choking him, then lifting him into the air too. At ten feet, he lets Bradley go, to fall into his own little pile. Shocked Brutus and Crusher release the ropes as Bradley begins to stir, dropping Death right on him, tearing open new wounds all over his body. Death is spared the impact. He loosens his bindings and clotheslines Bradley down. He then gets him in sharpshooter position and shoves a bat backwards, between the legs, using it as leverage to torque the knees and cause pain. Bradley's eyes bug out as he tries vainly to get free. He's spared his agony when Dake throws a baseball at Death, hitting him square in the ribs. Shocked, Death cries out in pain and collapses. Madd Dogg tries to compose himself, but just has to laugh at this.

    Madd Dogg: Go take your base!!

    Shannan Lerch: My God. He thinks this is funny. Sick freak is actually amused.

    Kyle Steel: THAT was the whole purpose of this match. His sick entertainment. He said it earlier. He doesn't give a damn who wins. He wins. Because he gets all the carnage to fill his endless blood lust.

    Shannan Lerch: I doubt it'll sate him.

    Kyle Steel: Maybe not. But maybe it'll be enough to where he doesn't murder your brother on public TV.

    Shannan Lerch: GO BLOODSHED!

    Kyle Steel: Um…that's the…spirit?

    Across the ring, Evan twists Tort's knee, in a modified STF, trying to break Tort's leg completely off. Tort writhes in agony and calls out for help, but none comes. Still, the tough little bastard refuses to surrender. Finally he somehow manages to reach back with all his energy, and lock Evan into some bizarre choke hold. The more pressure Evan puts on Tort, the less air he gets. He lets go in an act of self preservation. But then he begins delivering elbows to the small of Tort's back, trying to cripple him for life. Cradle is face to face with Lerch, one hand mocking him, the other holding a bat that he fully intended to make good use of. After Seth pleads for his life for a minute or so, Cradle brings the bat against his jaw. The beatings begin in earnest, but soon it doesn't matter, because Seth's body is torn from the pain with massive electricity, and Wreck is now in the mix. The ring is down to a mere 23 by 23, and still getting smaller.

    Shannan Lerch: OH MY GOD!! My poor brother!!

    Kyle Steel: And the ring keeps getting smaller. This match gets more and more deadly with each passing second.

    Wreck runs up behind Cradle, hooks both arms behind him, and Suplexes Cradle right on the crown of his head. Pulling a Dog chain off the wall, he hooks it around Cradle's neck in a makeshift leash, plants his foot between Cradle's shoulder blades and pulls back, choking him horribly. He then drags Cradle to his feet and spins him around the ring like a human Skip-It. Bradley sees fit to dodge him with each go round and deliver a few punches. Finally, Wreck careens Cradle off to the wall and lets him go. As Cradle connects with the wall, another one of Dogg's "presents" is triggered, and a C4 blast throws him five feet. Wreck makes the cover, 1, 2, NO, Bradley pulls him off. Bradley makes the pin, 1, 2, Wreck pulls him off. It seems there is some controversy as to which man deserves to make the pin.

    Shannan Lerch: This is not smart. These men need to eliminate then bicker, not the other way around.

    Kyle Steel: These are prideful people. It's hard to let something like that go. There's more on the line here than their bodies. The winner tonight basically has Dogg saying, you're ok in my book.

    Shannan Lerch: Is that worth dying for?

    Kyle Steel: Apparently.

    Words lead to pushing, then Wreck slaps Bradley. Mike looks furious and he lays into Wreck, destroying him with a volley of lefts and rights. Sweeping him off his feet, Bradley attaches one of his little ropes to Wreck's feet and has his faithful followers lift Wreck off the ground. Now that Wreck is little more than a helpless punching bag, Mike has thought of a new use for him. A human wrecking ball. Aiming Wreck, he pulls back, and throws Wreck forward, watching his head bounce off of Evan Creech's. Creech goes down and Wreck swings back helplessly where Bradley is waiting with a hand held barbell. It connects with Wreck's forehead. Mike then swings Wreck directly into the wall, where he not only slams against it HARD, but also tears off several chunks of skin on the spiked wire.

    Kyle Steel: What a……wreck!

    Shannan Lerch: I hate you!!

    The fans chant as the clock ticks down, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, ZERO. And with that, Defman is loosed.

    Shannan Lerch: The fans want carnage? They're about to get it.

    Kyle Steel: I think Cradle was right. He seemed all too willing to let Defman in. If this match is truly about giving the fans the most violent show they can possibly have, then Defman had to be on Madd Dogg's list from the beginning. Seth kinda just played into his trap.

    Shannan Lerch: Dogg's just jealous cause Defman is better than him.

    Kyle Steel: No, that's not it. I just think he doesn't like the constant mouth running.

    Shannan Lerch: Jealousy.

    Kyle Steel: Either way, Defman has been given an incredible opportunity. Not only has Dogg mentioned that no pinfalls on him count until he is released from that jacket, but he gave the go-ahead earlier to make Defman one of only two people to get those special gloves he made.

    Shannan Lerch: Aw, maybe Dogg respects Defman?

    Kyle Steel: Never. Dogg respects no one. But maybe, that's as close as he can get.

    Instinctively, Evan, Death, Tort, and Bradley all race towards him. He seems to be stuck in his straight jacket and can't defend himself against the onslaught of weapon attacks coming from all sides. Tort and Death each grab a shoulder and whip him out, then back onto the spikes and wire, which permeate him jacket and tear holes in him.

    Kyle Steel: Now this is smart. Taking out the toughest competitor before he can cause any damage. Weaken him to the point of no return.

    Shannan Lerch: Normally, I'd disagree. But not here.

    Bradley grabs his leg , but Defman swats him away with an inseguri. He gives both Death and Tort dropkicks, sending them reeling, and then head butts Evan. As all his competitors fall, he begins laughing, because the spikes not only tore his skin, they tore his jacket. It's just a matter of time. He begins working loose of it. And suddenly, before he can get free, Cradle is there, going to town with a lead pipe, battering Defman's head. Taking out his fiercest competition. He remembers their last match well, and he'll be damned if it happens again. Swinging for the fences every last time, soon Defman is bleeding from his mouth and nose, which Cradle has broken again. Despite all this Defman is laughing. Which infuriates Cradle even more. He wraps two chains from the wall around Defman, one around his neck, the other cradling his waist. He motions for the people on the outside to slowly pull the chains taunt, and they do, creating a sort of modernized iron maiden. Compressing Defman's body against the spikes.

    Shannan Lerch: You know. I bet the straight jacket was Dogg's way of evening the odds. Making it fair for everyone else.

    Kyle Steel: What do you mean?

    Shannan Lerch: I mean, this guy's an animal. At least this way, the other guys have a chance to wear him down to a manageable level before he gets free.

    Defman screams out in absolute pain, but then looks at Cradle with a glint in his eye. All the warning he gets is a quick glimpse of movement, then arms have encircled him. Defman has gotten free of the jacket, and is crushing Cradle with his brute strength. He pulls Cradle onto the spikes with him, impaling both men. Cradle screams, and Defman shuts him up with a quick head butt to his mouth. He then pushes Cradle away, and, despite the best efforts of five men on the outside, putting their full weight into it, he pulls free.

    Shannan Lerch: Those two have an intense rivalry.

    Kyle Steel: I think Cradle was trying to prevent another massacre like last time they face. Unfortunately, he seems he has been unsuccessful in that endeavor.

    Shannan Lerch: Well, he did get the first shot. That counts for something.

    Kyle Steel: Maybe in races, but not in death matches.

    Instead of going for Cradle, he sees the helpless Wreck and goes for him. Defman is the other man who got the taped gloves with glass imbedded, and he has an idea. He applies the broken glass in the best way he knows how, a mandible claw to poor Wreck. The broken glass tears his tongue and the inside of his jaw apart. He screams and taps out so that the pain will end. Dogg, in a rare display of mercy, counts the submission. However, Defman refuses to let go and Wreck continues tapping. At first, Dogg is amused, but he quickly loses interest and goes to something else. Defman, seeing Dogg stop watching him goes and gets in Dogg's face, and the words get…heated. Before they can come to blows, Tort dives between Defman's legs with the rollup. Dogg gives the fastest count of his life. 1, 2, thre… somehow Defman manages to kick out before the final fall. Tort is hysterical. He gets in Dogg's face. This proves to be a mistake as Defman jumps up and delivers a back brain kick to the oblivious Tort. He falls like a house of cards.

    Kyle Steel: This makes me want to watch "Faces Of Death!"

    Then, the moment that PC Cradle has been waiting for all night arrives. The electricity surges through him, and Dogg's special hidden package goes off right beneath Seth's feet. Seth Lerch is released. And the ring drops to 20 by 20. Moving faster. As Cradle approaches, Lerch backs up in sheer panic, skin singed and horribly bleeding, hands in the air begging for mercy. When it appears that Cradle isn't interested in giving mercy, Seth begins praying to whomever he feels might be listening, Yahweh, Jesus, Buddha, Vishnu, Moses, Tipper Gore, ANYONE AT ALL.

    Shannan Lerch: NO! Madd Dogg don't do this. Please help my brother.

    Kyle Steel: You and he have a lot in common.

    Shannan Lerch: Dogg?

    Kyle Steel: No, you're brother. Both your prayers are falling on deaf ears.

    All his prayers are for naught as Cradle reaches him. It's time for a lynching and Cradle's ready to hang Lerch out to dry. Unfortunately for poor Sethie boy, Cradle chooses to use barbed wire instead of rope. Violently, he winches Seth up off his feet, not only choking him, but tearing away layers of tender executive flesh with the barbs. As Seth swings, Cradle pulls up on the floor and reveals a special compartment that Dogg made just for him, and pulls out a can of kerosene. As Seth screams and begs for his life, Cradle makes a puddle beneath his feet. He then pulls out a pack of matches and lights one. The crowd begins chanting HOLY SHIT again, but before he can set the puddle ablaze, the match dies. Seth sighs in relief but then Cradle lights another. And another. And another. All go out before lighting Seth up. Soon Cradle is out of matches and quite justifiably pissed. The crowd chants go from Holy Shit to Weak as Hell. However, Dogg rectifies the situation, He walks over, pulls a road flare out of his pocket and hands it to Cradle. The evil little glint comes back as Dogg walks away. Seth begins to scream again as the flare is held under his feet, burning him. Cradle then lights the puddle, letting he flames lick Seth's legs. Soon, however, he gets bored, picks up the can, and EMPTIES IT ALL OVER SETH. The flames travel up and engulf Seth, setting him completely ablaze. He breaks the barbed wire and begins running around wildly, putting all the men at risk. Thinking quickly, Tort grabs the fire extinguisher and puts out the flames. As a burned Seth gives Tort his gratitude, Tort uses the butt of the metal canister to put Seth out as well. Cradle covers. 1, 2, 3. And Seth is gone. And then there were 6. Cradle is hardly done though. He pulls out a pressurized gas canister and ties Seth's arm to the valve. Using a fireman's ax, he cuts off the valve and it shoots across the ring, dragging Seth after it.

    Seth Lerch: I've wasted my life.

    He flies across the ring and runs head first into a surprise Cradle left for him, ten bowling pins. And behind them, a brick wall. He crashes into them at terminal velocity, scattering them.

    Madd Dogg: STRIKE!

    Dogg grabs the canister, and before all the gas is gone, lights it. It flies across the ring like a rocket. Seth looks up just in time to see it coming.

    Seth Lerch: I hate my life.

    Then it runs into his forehead and night comes. Shannan bursts into tears and wonders if her brother is mentally disabled.

    Kyle Steel: I'm SO glad I'm out here!

    Shannan Lerch: At least now he's free.

    Kyle Steel: Not quite. He's gotta last the rest of the match. I actually pity the jackass.

    Death climbs up to one of the many platforms for a flying move, but before he can do anything, Defman sprints up after him, locks him in a full nelson, and full-nelson German Suplexes him off the platform. The crowd starts really getting into the hardcore bloodshed as Defman begins giving Death an old fashioned Indian rope burn, WITH THE BROKEN GLASS. Understandably, Death screams out. Death places his glassed hand against Defman's face and rubs, but to no avail. The pain doesn't bother Defman enough. Fortunately, Tort comes to his rescue with a running chair drop kick to the back of Defman's head. The chair falls away bloodied, and Defman turns to face Tort. Tort backs up, leading Defman away from Death, and over a shovel. Before he understands what's going on, Death dives and slaps the blade of the shovel, driving the handle up into Defman's balls. Defman holds the asylum jewels, so to speak, and the team of Death/Tort comes up with a plan. It's time for a conchairto. And the chairs they choose are covered with barbed wire. The make a sickening thud against Defman's head. He goes down. They both pin him, one, two, kickout, and both are sent flying. All of a sudden, a forklift enters the arena. Neo and Gayfather are driving a forklift to the ring, WITH A GIANT STATUE OF LOGAN!

    Kyle Steel: You were right, Shannan! Dogg designed this whole match to degrade and destroy his last two entrants!!

    Shannan Lerch: Forget the whole respect thing. Forget chances. He just wants Defman to remember that Dogg hates him. Even after he's gone.

    Neo: Hey, Dogg? Do we HAVE to wear these ridiculous construction hats?!

    Gayfather: OooOOOo! Pink!

    Madd Dogg: Yes! Yes you must!

    Neo: For the love of god, why?!

    Madd Dogg: ....Because I hate you!

    Kyle Steel: Maybe it'll make Defman feel better that Dogg is publicly humiliating Neo, hating him in essence, heh. And they're in a stable.

    Shannan Lerch: Don't forget Gayfather.

    Kyle Steel: It's only humiliating if they don't like it.

    They stop and slowly hoist it to the top, where they run into the Truth Commission. Two drop kicks later, both contestants have been sent hurtling off the 30 foot chamber, one landing on the floor, the other landing on the guard rail. The Holy Shit chants begin anew. Using a small door in the top of the chamber, they drop in the statue of Logan. Tort and Death look at each other with an evil grin as they pick it up. Defman is complaining to Dogg about it, so they use the statue AS A BASEBALL BAT. As Defman falls, Tort lays the statue on top of him and Death counts the three as a ref. Dogg is so amused, he falls over laughing. Defman, however is not amused. Suddenly, there's a screeching, and one corner of the ring DROPS, pitching everyone violently in that direction. Some of the cables in the ceiling fall down as the ceiling begins to move down too. The walls suddenly change their motion and begin to come in unevenly, forming an odd shaped ring, instead of a perfect square. All of this concerns the competitors, since Dogg never mentioned this. Clearly one of his "surprises". Defman takes advantage of the chaos to find another hidden panel and pull out a Japanese death bed. Grabbing Death, he hits the Stop and Drop, lifts him back up, and hits the Fading Darkness, right onto the death bed. Nails puncture Death's skin. Glass is embedded all over his body. He lays motionless. Defman put one foot on him cockily. Dogg counts 1, 2, 3. Tort tries to make the save but it's too late. Defman eliminated Death before anyone knew what he was doing. And now Tort is enraged. Tort dives onto Defman, punching and clawing. He's wrapped Defman's arm around his neck and kicked the legs right out from under him. Cradle motions to a massive weapon above him and Tort, A GIANT BATTERING RAM.

    Shannan Lerch: I...I just can't watch this anymore...

    Cradle gives Tort a boost as the ring takes another violent shift. Now fifteen by fifteen, it is tilting even more dangerously. Spikes have started to fall from the roof, along with broken glass, nails, and other pointy debris all rain down on the remaining combatants. Grabbing onto one of the remaining ropes, Tort shimmies up to the ropes holding the ram. Defman goes to stop him, but a small vent opens in the floor, shooting up scalding hot steam. Defman yells, half in pain, half in anger at the distraction. Cradle goes to buy Tort the time he so desperately needs. Grappling with Defman, he grabs Def's head and shoves it down, inside the open vent, burning his hands, but also Defman's face. The rattling of the ring shakes another "package" loose. It hits the ground and slowly slides over to the hot steam vent where PC and Def reside. It hits the hot steam with a pretty good bang, hurtling both men back against the wall.

    Madd Dogg: And now, activate the Bouncing Bettys.

    Kyle Steel: NO WAY!!!!

    Shannan Lerch: What….What is that?

    Kyle Steel: Something the military uses!! A Bouncing Betty is a land mine. It activates when you step on it, and when you step of, it bounces out of the ground to chest level.

    Shannan Lerch: And?

    Kyle Steel: Um, it explodes.

    Shannan Lerch: That sucks, but why is that worse than the C4?

    Kyle Steel: Bouncing Bettys are filled with shrapnel. When they explode, they hurl out metal shards, maiming victims left and right.

    Shannan Lerch: Well, Defman may be humiliated, but at least we know he'll survive this. Some of the guys Dogg likes may not.

    Kyle Steel: Which proves again, that Dogg has no friends.

    Both Cradle and Defman look quizzically at Dogg as a sharp click comes from underneath Defman's feet. Moving his foot, the device springs up. Neither has time to move before the little sphere explodes, riddling both of them with sharp metal debris. Cradle drops to the ground as Defman stands there, howling in pain. With a piece of sharp metal, Tort saws away at the ropes, until two give way and the battering ram hurls downward. Finally, the ram is freed. Defman looks up in time to see the giant log hurtling down. It slams into his chest hard enough to crack ribs and slams him into the spiked walls which, even now, are still moving ever inward. Tort climbs aboard one of the few remaining platforms. Cradle slowly rips Defman's howling form off the spikes and with a quick Cradle DDT sets him up for Tort. Unfortunately for poor Tort, the walls collapsing has destroyed the platform he's on. It cracks under his weight, sending him airborne in an awkward position. He lands half on his head, half on his shoulder, all on broken glass and debris. Cradle realizes that Tort is in no position to help, so he covers Defman. 1, 2, 3. It's over for Defman.

    Kyle Steel: Madd Dogg looks positively thrilled that Defman won't be getting the title tonight.

    Cradle walks over and helps Tort to his feet. He gives him a quick pat on the back and then sets him up for a Cradle DDT. Somehow, Tort reverses it and sends Cradle crashing to the canvas. Tort then walks over to Evan and Mike, who have been brawling, street fighting all along. Both men are bruised. Both are bloody. Dogg tosses him a katana, and Tort proceeds to DRY BEAT both men. After a few shots, he staggers back, and Wreck (who is STILL hanging) grabs him by the throat from behind. The sword drops and Tort struggles to get free. Creech runs at him with a sledge hammer and swings. Fortunately, Tort gets away just in time. Wreck takes the full impact. Dake however catches him from behind in a Russian leg sweep onto the remnants of the Japanese death bed that Death has somehow managed to get out of. Defman picks him up for the stop and drop and Bradley covers him. 1, 2, 3.Evan has been put in the Cradle DDT, and feels the full impact onto a chair. As Cradle tries to cover him however, Evan hooks his leg. At first, it looks as if he's going to pin him, but just the opposite happens. He gets him for the sharpshooter, then arcs his back as if he's got him in the walls of Jericho. For a few tense minutes Cradle holds strong. But eventually, he passes out and Dogg calls for him to be eliminated via knockout. Evan however, won't let go. Dogg tries to pry him off, but fails. As the bones in Cradle's back begin cracking louder and louder, and Cradle is reawakened with screaming, Dogg resorts to what is best. Physical violence. A quick stunner and Evan has let go. Dogg clotheslines him and then throws him face first into the only patch of barbed wire left. Tearing it down, he begins forcing Evan (who is horribly wrapped in the wire's embrace) to dance like a puppet. Madd Dogg sings.

    Madd Dogg: I've got no strings to hold me down...

    Kyle Steel: I don't know who Madd Dogg hates anymore……I just don't.

    Shannan Lerch: Probably everyone.

    Evan tears lose of the wire and swings at Dogg, but it is countered into the Dogg Pound. Bradley, ever the opportunist goes for the cover. 1, 2, no Death has come to and brakes up the count. Mike turns to face his opponent and they trade punches. After a few, Death is too weak to stand and collapses. Evan takes a 9 iron off the chains and (with full swing) delivers a low blow to Mike from behind. He rolls him up quickly, grabbing the tights for leverage. 1, 2, no! Madd Dogg decides not to count the pin! Instead, Madd Dogg stands Evan up and grabs the 9 iron and starts beating him like a red-headed step-child!

    Madd Dogg: You...Forgot...To say..."Four!"

    Shannan Lerch: Doesn't Madd Dogg know that this senseless violence won't solve anything?!!

    Kyle Steel: He believes it solves EVERYTHING!!! He says, "A little violence goes a long way, while a lot of violence will get you whatever you want!"

    Shannan Lerch: I should've figured that he'd have some sort of "enlightened" philosophy like that.

    Suddenly, they hear another chink. As Bradley dives out of the way, he pulls the near unconscious Death in front of him to receive the full brunt of the Bouncing Betty. Thank God Madd Dogg made them small, or the blast would've torn Death in half, instead of just horribly injuring him. Evan, however, wasn't as lucky, taking some minor shrapnel to the leg. He stands, barely, only to see Bradley hurtling Wreck at him again. The huge form of Wreck connects with his right side, sending waves of pain down his leg and arm. Somehow, when Bradley charges at him, he finds the energy to drop toe hold him onto a cinder block. Blood trails from Bradley's nose and mouth. It's over. One, two, thre… Though Dake has no love for Bradley, he hates Evan even more. And to prove it, he reintroduces that totem pole to Evan's spine and shoulder blades. Grabbing Evan, Dake makes him Ride the Lightning. As Bradley gets up, he gets a nice swift Bitch Kick to the chin. As he stumbles back, Tort and Death hit the Tortured Death on him. Defman treats Tort to a Stop and Drop and introduces Death to the Fading Darkness. Dogg stuns both Dake and Defman as Evan rolls over and places his arm on Bradley. 1, 2, 2, 2… what the hell, Dogg stopped counting. As Evan stands to complain, Dogg hits the Dogg Pound and rolls Bradley on top of him. 1, 2, kickout. How did he do it? Mike gets up and starts to complain that Dogg had a slow count. To emphasize his point, he slaps him. Dogg looks shocked for a moment then pummels him. Both stumble backwards as the ring tips again, plunging them into another burst of steam (this time followed by actual fire) burns them both. Evan has made it to his feet. He grabs a chair. A few quick shots and Mike is reeling. He then goes to work on Dogg. A few dozen chair shots floor him, and he then makes a whip out of the barbed wire, much as was done to Creeping Death, and lashes Dogg mercilessly. Dogg arches in pain with every blow. He throws Dogg into a massive spike and watches as Dogg falls lifeless to the ground. Picking up a cinder block he cracks it over Dogg's head. Satisfied, he turns and receives the Curtain of Darkness for his troubles. Bradley pins, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. The crowd is counting, but Dogg has been knocked cold by Evan's vicious attack. Infuriated, he tries hopelessly to bring Dogg around. Evan sneaks up behind and rolls him up as Dogg comes to. 1, 2, thre… no kickout.

    Kyle Steel: How many lives must be scared for gold on a leather strap?!!

    The Truth Commission come in from the outside, climbing in through the top. They set up Evan for a modified 3D and he goes down. Dogg tries to push them away as Bradley locks on the Silent Rage. Evan, whose had enough, begins tapping, but Dogg is preoccupied with Brutus and Crusher and doesn't see it. As Dogg dispatches both henchmen with swift stunners, Death gets up, kicks Bradley in the stomach and hits the Rolling Death before collapsing again. Evan hobbles to his feet and sizes Bradley up. Picking him up, he hits the ExTremist onto a chair, taking out Bradley. As Dogg turns back, Evan grabs him and hits an EvanFlow DDT onto the cinder block. He covers Bradley, grabs Dogg's hand and begins the count. 1, 2, 3!

    Kyle Steel: Evan has done it. He won the first ever Euthanasia match and became TV Champ.

    Shannan Lerch: Thank God, it's over.

    He raises his arms in victory as the collapse of the chamber is halted and the walls are brought down. He half hobbles, half crawls up the ramp, TV title held in victory. Dogg rolls over and glares at him as the paramedics rush to Dogg's latest massacre. Evan proudly raises his belt as Aftermath goes off the air.