WCF Blast Intro
Team of Treachery Promo
International Title Match: Epic vs Down Under vs Mike Kaos
Hardcore Title Match: Mad Dog vs Rick Mad vs Cyrus
Tag Titles #1 Contender Match: 22 Carrot Gold vs Exodus vs Dark LoTus
Hellz Angel Promo
Outcast vs Rage
TV Title Match: Junkyard Justice vs G Funk Kid
Mike Taylor Return Promo
World Title Match: Hellz Angel vs Creeping Death vs Logan

  • WCF Blast Intro

  • The PPV pyro goes off, with blasts everywhere. Fireworks shoot from the turnbuckles, from the ceiling, from the arena stage, everywhere. The stage is the same as WCF Wednesday Night, except that it has different coloring. After the pyro stops, we go to our announcers booth.

    Zack Davis: This is WCF Blast!! I am one of your announcers for the night, Zack Davis, and I am joined by both Shannan Lerch and Kyle Steel.

    Shannan Lerch: Yeah.. I tried to get just me and Kyle out here, but for some reason they wanted you too, Zack.

    Kyle Steel: I think just me and Shannan would have been a better team, but oh well. As long as I get to see tonights matches, I'm happy.

    Shannan Lerch: And as long as the fans get to see me, they're happy..

    Zack Davis: Anyhow, speaking of our matches tonight, we will finally have Logan, Hellz Angel, and Creeping Death settle their feud. Can Logan hold on to his Title?

    Shannan Lerch: Yes, yes he can. Especially if Seth, my bro, has anything to do with it.

    Zack Davis: Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if the T.O.T. got involved in the match.. And they are scheduled to have a promo, right about now..

  • Team of Treachery Promo
  • Forever, by Kid Rock, plays, and the Team of Treachery steps out from behind the curtain. Logan, Seth Lerch, Rage, Cyrus, and Katie. The crowd boos as the five members walk to the ring, Logan leading the way. They roll into the ring, and each member stands at one side of the ring, Katie standing with Cyrus. They all raise their arms, and then Lerch gets a microphone.

    Seth Lerch: Show some respect.. These are the best wrestlers in the WCF today!

    The crowd boos, obviously NOT showing respect.

    Seth Lerch: Ugh.. You people just don't know talent when you see it. I can't blame you, though, this town has never had talent in it, ever.. Until now. Anyhow, like every night, I have a lot of important announcements..

    Zack Davis: Ooh! Important announcements! They better be good.

    Shannan Lerch: They will be.

    Seth Lerch: First of all, the Main Event match.. Will now be a No Disqualification match! Not that there will be any interference, mind you, just so that we don't have some kind of screw job.

    Zack Davis: "Not that there will be any interference"..bullshit! Lerch knows damn well that the T.O.T. will interfere.. Dammit.

    Seth Lerch: Now, my second announcement.. this one is about the T.O.T.. The Team of Treachery is the most elite group in the WCF, and we have the best wrestlers in the fed. It has come to my attention, though, that there are a lot more talented wrestlers in WCF, that deserve a spot with us. One man in particular has shown that he does indeed deserve a spot with us.. And he shall join, tonight.

    Kyle Steel: Someone is joining the T.O.T., but who is it? I guess we'l find out later tonight..

    Seth Lerch: Not only that, but I have ANOTHER new member, joining TONIGHT! His name.. is.. Butch!

    Rock Bottom by Eminem hits, and Butch walks out from behind the curtain. He is 6"5' and 228 lbs. He has brown spiked up hair, black jeans, black boots, black shirt and black leather jacket. He is also wearing a pair of black glasses. He walks quickly to the ring, as the crowd boos him without even knowing who he is.

    Seth Lerch: This, my friends, is Butch. He is the newest member of T.O.T., and will definitly show WCF what we're all about.. Butch, welcome.

    Butch raises his arms to a chorus of booing from the crowd.

    Seth Lerch: And now, I want Joe Smith to get his ass out here. It's time to interview Logan!

    Joe Smith walks out from behind the curtain, and jogs quickly to the ring, mic in hand.

    Seth Lerch: Logan is the WCF Champion. Say something? SHUT UP! He is going to be interviewed, here, and now. Joe, go ahead.

    Joe Smith: Logan…

    We hear the crowd in the arena boo.

    Logan: SHUT UP!

    Logan grabs the microphone from Joe Smith and he leans backwards.

    Logan: The!

    Logan leans forwards.

    Logan: WCF!

    Logan leans backwards.

    Logan: Champion!

    Logan leans forwards.

    Logan: Has!

    Logan leans backwards.

    Logan: Come!

    Logan leans forwards.

    Logan: Back!

    Logan stares into the camera and passes the microphone to Joe Smith.

    Joe Smith: Now Logan.

    Logan turns his head to Joe.

    Logan: Say something?

    Joe Smith: Two weeks you made your big return when you gave Darkside a Connector.

    Logan: What are you talking about? I've been whooping ass all week, just like this. I was laying in bed with Junkyards mamma, then it popped in my head..tonight is Wednesday. I guess I'll go beat up that sumbitch Creeping Death, I got out of my bed, put on some boots, a shirt, some pants, walked into that WCF arena in whooped Creeping Deaths ass. Then, I went back to bed with Junkyards mamma, few days later. I said damn, tonight is Saturday Slam! I got out from my bed, I put on some boots, a shirt, some pants and walked into that WCF arena and whooped Dark Side's ass. I got back in my bed with Junkyards mamma and I said damn, I got to cut a promo. I put on some boots, a short, some pants and I walked outside that WCF arena and cut a promo, I got back in bed and I said damn, Junkyards mamma stopped the swallow deal, I put on some boots, a shirt, some pants and told that two dollar ho, our love will never become cold and hollow, unless, today, you refuse to swallow, then I left and I came back to the WCF!

    Joe Smith: What do you think about the new and improved Hellz A-

    Logan cuts him off.

    Logan: This is what I think about the little sumbitch!

    Logan flicks off the camera.

    Joe Smith: The one thing I don't get, you and Rick Mad have been wanted to get in the ring one on one for years..why do yall ignore each other?

    Logan: Why? He's scared of me is why, he's scared to show his pathetic face is why! Every time I walk down the hallway he puts a padlock on his locker room door! He's a little punk boudle.

    Joe Smith: Punk Boudle?

    Logan: SHUT UP! Now I don't care what anyone thinks about the WCF champion, because they have been putting me down for weeks. Hell, backstage last Saturday I asked Seth Lerch if I could have a World Title match, me versus the entire WCF roster! He said no Logan, if that happened..you would win, and when you won everyone would lose faith in their self and they'd know you'd be unstoppable so they would quit and WCF would go bye bye. So that didn't happen, so I requested a one on three match for my WCF title, and it happened! I walked in WCF champion and walked out WCF champion!

    Joe Smith: What do you think about the return of Mike Taylor tonight?

    Logan: Look boudle, I've heard of Mike Taylor..I've never met the guy but there is a spot opened up for him in Team of Treachery and he's welcome to fill that spot.

    Joe Smith: The question is, your main goal is, is to survive in till the main event, so you can walk in champion.

    Logan: And walk out champion. Now for surviving, I got no problem with that, you see..the fighting champion that I am. I defended my title right before Blast but in what way do you mean…surviving?

    Joe Smith: Well I've seen it happen before, you're the world champion..and someone's main goal is to injure you, so you can't compete for a event as world champion, someone takes your place.

    Logan: Well Joe, that's not going to happen! What's going to happen is me walking into Blast..and whooping..WHOOPING! All their face of treachery wannabe asses!

    Joe Smith: Well..

    Logan: No! SHUT UP! Hellz Angel, you want to put people into your little coffin, you want to walk around backstage and talking smack to little boudles like Epic, you want to be a bully? Well come tonight why don't you try to bully me and put me in a casket! Now I know Epic drew first blood by talking his trash but Hellz Angel this is what I do to little boudles like that.

    Logan tilts his head up and closes his eyes, mumbling, acting as if he's sleeping.

    Logan: Say something? Oh…you want to be the champion…yeah uh huh….keep dreaming…

    Logan's head goes down and his eyes open up staring into the camera.

    Logan: You see Hellz Angel, you got bigger things to worry about, no, not your mamma calling you in for supper!

    Logan cracks his neck.

    Logan: You got to worry about…

    Logan looks down at the WCF title.

    Logan: This, and that's something you will never…ever take from me, Hellz Angel..you will never ever pin me, not now, not in the future, yeah in the past but now…Hellz Angel. I'm ready.

    Joe Smith: What about Creeping Death?

    Logan: Creeping Boudle? He's just standing in the middle of our path, he's just a brick wall I got to bust down with a sledge hammer to get to Hellz Angel, I have no concern for him, his name doesn't put a smile to my face, now Hellz Angel is someone I can respect, the only person to pin me straight up, and no were not talking about the double team from Creeping Death and Rick Mad. I'm talking about one on one, now Hellz Angel, like I said before, all of that is in the past, in the history books, with dust all over the cover and cob webs surrounding it, but I do respect you for pinning me back then when it came down to me and you in the WCF War match, but Hellz Angel…tonight, my ring, my title on the line, may the best come out on top, but tonight, Hellz Angel…good luck.

    Joe Smith stares at Logan.

    Logan: And tonight…I will do watcha gotta do…to get to the top!

    Seth Lerch: Logan.. Damn Straight. All of the T.O.T. will do what we gotta do to get to the top tonight!

    The T.O.T. raise their arms once more, and then roll out of the ring as Forever plays again. The crowd boos as all of the men, and Katie, walk to the back.

    Zack Davis: And now, we go to our first match of the night..

  • International Title Match: Epic vs Down Under vs Mike Kaos
  • Deep Blue Purple starts, pyro shoots down, and Epic walks to the ring with his nice robe on.

    Down Under by Men at Work plays, and Down Under steps out from behind the curtain. The fans yell "G'Day!" at him, and he smiles and walks to the ring.

    The lights go out and Freak on a Leash hits. The fans cheer as the arena lights go green and Mike Kaos walks slowly to the ring and sits on the turnbuckle.

    Zack Davis: Mike Kaos and Down Under met at Wednesday Night, with Mike Kaos being the victor. However, Epic could get in his way of doing it again.

    Kyle Steel: And remember, the winner of this 3 Way Dance is the first International Champion!

    The bell rings, and Kaos and Down Under go at each other. Epic stands back, and lets them fight. Down Under whips Kaos to the ropes, and then Clotheslines him to the mat. He picks him up and throws him into the turnbuckle, and starts stomping mudholes in him. The fans chant "G'Day!" at every stomp.

    Zack Davis: Down Under seems to be quite popular.

    Epic runs up to Down Under from behind, and executes a Bulldog. Kaos slowly gets up, and both Kaos and Epic stomp on Down Under. Eventually, Epic turns to Kaos and attempts to punch him. However, Kaos blocks the punch, and hits Epic with one of his own. Epic is sent reeling, and Kaos then hits him with the Big Boot. Down Under is getting up now, and does a Dropkick to Kaos' knee. Kaos is sent down, and he rolls out of the ring. Down Under turns to Epic, and picks him up. He attempts a Swinging Neckbreaker, but Epic reverses it by swinging himself the other way, and hits the Rude Awakening!

    Zack Davis: That move made famous by the Ravishing One, Rick Rude, and it may spell the end for Down Under.

    Epic pins Down Under, but the man from Australia manages to kick out! Epic picks up Down Under, and grabs his throat. He begins to lift him in the air for a Chokeslam, but Down Under kicks him in the face. Epic releases, and Down Under does a Running Knee Lift, sending Epic down. He then puts him in the STF submission.

    Shannan Lerch: Down Under has Epic planted firmly in the middle of the ring, there is no way Epic is going to be able to reach the ropes.

    Mike Kaos gets back into the ring, and kicks Down Unders head, which breaks up the STF hold.

    Zack Davis: Oh, and Epic was just about to tap...

    Kaos kicks Epic, who is still on the ground, then kicks Down Under. He stomps both men repeatedly, until Down Under manages to stand up. Down Under attempts to kick Kaos, but Kaos grabs his foot. Down Under counters with an Enziguri Kick, but Kaos ducks! Kaos then applies the STF onto Down Under.

    Shannan Lerch: No one does the STF like Mike Kaos.. That's his finisher, and he wasn't too happy about Down Under using it.

    Down Under manages to reach the ropes, and the referee forces Kaos to break the hold. Kaos stands up, and Epic does a Reverse Neckbreaker from behind, bringing him down. Down Under is just standing up, and is groggy. He walks into Epic, who does the Sidewalk Slam to him, sending him into the mat. Epic then picks Kaos back up, and executes the Epic Falls! He pins, and 3 counts later, we have a winner.

    Zack Davis: Epic has become the first WCF International Champion!

    Epic grabs the International Title from the ref before Down Under notices what happens, and walks quickly to the back.

  • Hardcore Title Match: Mad Dog vs Rick Mad vs Cyrus
  • Follow the Reaper hits, and Mad Dog runs into the arena as the lights flash red. He gets into the ring.

    Zack Davis: Hellz Angel attacked Mad Dog, and I thought he could be dead.. but he has amazingly shown up to compete tonight.

    The Memory Remains hits, and Rick Mad walks out. He wears a black leather jacket to the ring, and slaps a few hands as he goes. He rolls in the ring, and there is a burst of green pyro from the ceiling.

    Lightning like pyro hits twice in 5 second intervals and a big explosion of thunder strikes. Feel So Numb hits. Cyrus slowly stalks out with Katie at his side. Cyrus slowly walks up the steps and climbs in the ring. Katie takes his coat off. She puts it on and she climbs out.

    Zack Davis: This is the second of three 3 Way Dance Title matches, the last being for the World Title..

    Rick Mad attacks Cyrus to start, but Mad Dog attacks Rick. Cyrus and Dog soon have control over Rick, and do a Double Suplex to him. Mad Dog then turns to Cyrus, and decks him. Cyrus goes down. Dog rolls out of the ring, and begins getting out weapons. He throws some in, and then puts in a Table. Dog gets into the ring, but Rick has picked up a weapon, a golf club! He hits Dog over the head with the club, and Dog falls down. Cyrus hits Rick over the head from behind, though, with a VHS tape! Cyrus then throws the tape down, and sets up the Table.

    Kyle Steel: Well.. Someone is going through that Table, but who?

    Cyrus begins to pick Rick up, but Dog Low Blows him from behind. Dog then picks Cyrus up, and sets him on the table. He climbs to the top turnbuckle, and is about to jump off onto Cyrus, until Rick dives onto the ropes. Dog falls off the turnbuckle, and Cyrus is still on the table. Rick then climbs up the turnbuckle, but Dog punches him and climbs up. Mad Dog Superplexes Rick Mad onto Cyrus and through the table!!

    Shannan Lerch: Amazing move by Mad Dog, but I'm still sure that Cyrus will retain his Title.. Come on, Cyrus!

    Mad Dog rolls over onto Cyrus, and pins him. 1.. 2... Katie pulls the referee out of the ring!

    Zack Davis: Mad Dog would have had this match, if it wasn't for Katie.

    Cyrus and Dog slowly begin to stand up, and Cyrus grabs a baseball bat. He swings the bat at Dog, and hits him in the ribs! Dog goes down, and Cyrus continues hitting him in the ribs with the bat. He then picks up a shard of wood from the broken table, and smashes it over Dogs head.

    Kyle Steel: Mad Dog is taking one hell of a beating.

    Cyrus pins Dog, but Dog somehow kicks out. Cyrus stands up, and Rick is behind him. Rick grabs him from behind and does a German Suplex, which sends Cyrus' head onto a trashcan! 1... 2... NO! Cyrus manages to get his shoulder up, somehow. Dog picks up a fire extinguesher, and sprays Rick with it as he is getting up! Dog then Spears Rick down. However, Cyrus kicks Dog and does the Total Annihilation move. He pins Dog, and the ref counts. 1. 2.. The ref is again pulled out of the ring, this time by The Darkside!

    Kyle Steel: The Darkside must be looking for some revenge on Cyrus..

    Darkside does the Pile DDT to Cyrus, and then the Transylvanian Gutbuster to Rick Mad! He throws Cyrus on top of Rick, and the ref counts. 1. 2. 3. Cyrus has retained his Hardcore Title, and Darkside walks to the back, looking happily at Cyrus.

    Shannan Lerch: Told ya so... Cyrus won!

    Kyle Steel: Well, Darkside must have wanted Cyrus to keep the Hardcore Title, so he could eventually get a shot..

    Zack Davis: Ugh.. well, the T.O.T. is doing well so far. I'm still wondering who their new member will be, though...

  • Tag Titles #1 Contender Match: 22 Carrot Gold vs Exodus vs Dark LoTus
  • Do You Wanna Hit It plays, and out comes 22 Carrot Gold to a series of cheers. Whit 2 K and Spark Man walk quickly to the ring.

    When Worlds Collide by Powerman 5000 hits next, and the team of Chester and Gravedigger, dubbed Exodus, come out. They are accompanied by their manager, Jayson Stasiak.

    House of a Thousand Corpses plays and Dark LoTus, Whyte Zombie and Dragula, rise from a ring of fire on the stage. They then walk to the ring.

    Whit 2 K, Gravedigger, and Dragula start off the match. Whit 2 K pummels Dragula into the corner, and Gravedigger joins him in kicking Dragula.

    Zack Davis: Whit 2 K and Gravedigger working as a team against poor Dragula..

    Gravedigger turns, and then kicks Whit 2 K in the gut.

    Kyle Steel: Well, so much for teamwork I guess...

    Gravedigger does a Powerbomb into Facebuster to Whit 2 K, then pins him. Spark Man quickly gets into the ring and kicks Gravedigger, breaking up the pin. Spark Man climbs out of the ring, and Whit 2 K tags him in. Dragula is standing up, and Spark Man hits him with a Savat Kick. He then does a Savat Kick to Gravedigger as well. He picks Dragula up, and whips him to the ropes, but Whyte Zombie reaches and tags himself in. Zombie gets into the ring and tries to Clothesline Spark Man, but Spark Man ducks and DDTs Zombie to the mat. He then pins Zombie, but Gravedigger throws him off. Spark Man tags Whit 2 K back into the match, and Gravedigger tags in Chester. Chester hits Whit 2 K with a Dropkick, and then hits Zombie with a Dropkick as well. He pins Zombie, but Zombie manages to kick out at 2. Zombie then lunges to his corner, and tags in Dragula.

    Zack Davis: Chester seems to have the advantage, as he is the freshest man in the ring...

    Chester jumps to the top rope, and hits a High Cross Bodyblock on Whit 2 K, but Whit 2 K catches him and does a Fallaway Slam. Whit then jumps to the top rope, and tries a Five Star Frogsplash, but Chester rolls away before he connects with it. Chester kicks Whit in the gut, and then tags in Gravedigger. Dragula runs at Gravedigger, but Gravedigger catches him by the throat. Gravedigger then grabs Whit 2 K, and lifts both of them up in the air. Double Chokeslam! He pins both men, each with one arm. Spark Man tries to get in the ring to break it up, but Chester stops him. Whit 2 K kicks out of the pin, but Dragula doesn't. Exodus has won the match!

    Kyle Steel: Although Whit 2 K wasn't pinned, Dragula was, and there only needs to be one pinfall to decide the winner of this match..

    Zack Davis: These two men, Exodus, will go on to Slam, where they will get a Tag Team Title shot against Creeping Death and Rick Mad, the Tag Team Champions..

  • Hellz Angel Promo
  • Zack Davis: And now I understand that we have an interview scheduled with the Child of Filth himself, Hellz Angel...Lets take a look.

    Hellz Angel is sitting in the boiler room getting ready for the match. He is tying a red bandana around his right knee. He looks into the camera and smiles.

    Hellz Angel: Well I guess its showtime. We've seen a whole lot today already but nothing will compare to what will happen in the main event. This is the moment we've all been waiting for. The moment I take my foot and take Logan's ass and combine the two to make a huge statement and a great show. And Epic... I suggest you sit in your little room with a paper and a pen and take notes because you might actually learn something. I'm not going to lie to you... it will be brutal but maybe it will give you the chance to be at least somewhat of a man.

    Hellz Angel fixes his shirt and his hair.

    Hellz Angel: Logan and Creeping Death... its an honor to be in the ring with you... and its even a greater honor to kick both of your asses at the same time and walk away with it all. Logan, you'll walk away missing your title and Creeping Death... you'll walk away missing some teeth! I'm going to keep coming at you until blood will stop pumping to my head. I'm going to rip all of you apart. I'll destroy the two of you and anyone else who wants some. Logan, just like Creeping Death I've been waiting for this moment for a long time but unlike Creeping Death... I'm going to get the job done. If you mess with the best, you'll di---

    The door of the boiler room opens and Joe Smith comes in. He walks towards Hellz Angel and Hellz Angel puts his head down.

    Joe Smith: Hellz Angel! Your match is coming up! How are you feeling? Any thoughts?

    Hellz Angel: Yeah I'm thinking someone is going to get their ass wooped!

    Joe Smith: Wooped or wooooped?

    Hellz Angel: What's the damn differance?

    Joe Smith: Eh its just something I saw on TV.

    Hellz Angel: Well if you dont shut up and get the hell out of here, everyone is going to see you bleed on TV. Do you want that?

    Joe Smith: No. Not at all. I was just playing around you know?

    Hellz Angel: Dont play around with me Joe, I'm not in the mood. I'm ready to kick somebody's ass so dont make this your lucky day. As a matter of fact if you dont have anything to do right now, I suggest you call your kids and tell them to go to bed and turn of their TVs because this is going to get very ugly!

    Hellz Angel gets up and walks out of the boiler room leaving Joe Smith alone. Joe Smith looks around quietly and turns to the camera.

    Joe Smith: Well... uhh we're done here.

    Joe Smith looks behind him fast.

    Joe Smith: Yeah back to you!

    The scene fades to black and we go back to Zack, Shannan and Kyle.

    Shannan Lerch: That was.. Odd...

    Zack Davis: I can tell one thing.. Hellz Angel means business.

    Kyle Steel: I wouldn't want to be Logan or Creeping Death right now..

  • Outcast vs Rage
  • Lights go out for ten seconds. Fog fills the entrance way prior to an explosion of black and white pyro. Outcast comes out. He raises his hands to an approval of the fans.

    The Mob Mentality Theme plays, Sad but True, and the lights go out. Rage enters, with Seth Lerch, as gold strobe lights blink. He runs to the ring, and hops in. The lights come back on, and golden pyro shoots from the turnbuckles.

    Rage and Outcast look at each other, with hatred in their eyes. Rage runs at Outcast, and tries a Flying Headscissors, but Outcast catches Rage as he is swinging around. Outcast uses his strength to pick Rage up, into a Powerbomb position, and Powerbombs him to the mat.

    Zack Davis: Wow, Rage Powerbombed very early in the match. This can't be good.

    Outcast pins Rage, but Rage gets his shoulder up before the three count. Outcast picks Rage up, but Rage Dropkicks him. Outcast is sent back into the corner, and Rage follows up with a Bodysplash. He then grabs Outcasts head, and climbs the turnbuckle. He is about to try a Tornado DDT, but Outcast punches him and begins to climb up with him. He stands Rage up, and grabs his throat. He does a Top Rope Chokeslam! Outcast then does a Bodysplash onto Rage from the top rope, into pin.

    Shannan Lerch: Wow, Outcast from the Top Rope. You don't see that every day.

    The ref counts the pin. 1... 2... the ref is pulled out of the ring. Seth Lerch jumps in, and takes off his normal shirt, to reveal a referees shirt underneath! Outcast looks angrily at Lerch, but doesn't do anything drastic. He instead turns back to Rage, who crawls underneath him, between his legs. Rage then does a Rollup Pin, and Lerch counts. Outcast gets out of it, although Lerch was counting fast..

    Shannan Lerch: There is NO WAY that Outcast can win, the odds are too stacked.

    Outcast throws Rage to the corner, and then does the Sick Twist! He then lifts Rage up to the top turnbuckle, and does the Black Out Piledriver. He quickly pins Rage.. but Lerch turns around, and begins to tie his shoe.

    Zack Davis: Who does Lerch think he's kidding?! I hope Outcast rips him a new..

    Shannan Lerch: HEY! He's my brother! Shut up!

    Outcast releases the pin, and walks over to Lerch. He stands behind him, and Lerch turns around, only to be pushed into the turnbuckle by Outcast. Outcast then lifts him up and does the Black Out to Lerch as well!

    Kyle Steel: Outcast can't win the match with no referee.. Err..

    Shannan Lerch: SHUT UP!! MY BRO IS HURT!! AHH!!

    Outcast then turns back to Rage, who runs at him. Outcast catches him, though, and Powerslams him into a pin. The original referee gets into the ring, and slowly counts. 1.... 2.... 3. Outcast has defeated Rage.

    Shannan Lerch: NO!!

    Zack Davis: YES! Despite all odds, Outcast has won at Blast.

  • TV Title Match: G Funk Kid vs Junkyard Justice
  • Who We Be begins to play over the PA, when suddenly two huge gold pyros blast off from the stage area as Who We Be goes into full flare. G Funk Kid steps out from behind the curtain, he reaches to his back and brings around a white bandana. He ties it around his forehead and fixes his hair over the top of it. He begins to walk down the ramp and climbs onto the apron and then further up onto the top of the turnbuckle. He stands and takes a long full sniff at the air, he then jumps into the ring, waits for his music to come to a stop and takes a fighting stance.

    The crowd awaits at the edge of their seats. The announcers tremble with fear as the lights flash out; sparkles of cameras can be seen in the distance. A loud drum beat echoes round the silent arena. Monsterous shots of bodies crashing through tables, tables crashing through dumpsters, and dumpsters shutting to darkness apear on the Jumbotron. The words 'Death Do Us Part' flash onto the screen as a heavy guitar beat kicks in. The lights remain off, a single flash of fire circles the stage as a dumpster filled with tables, ladders and chairs rolls out unto it. A single figure emerges from behind it, and the lights flash on and that figure steps forward. Two arms are raised as the fire fizzes out. This single figure drags the dumpster ringward. As he walks down the ramp all that trails is silence. He pulls the dumpster up and slides into the ring, and we can see that the man is Junkyard Justice.

    Zack Davis: Both G Funk Kid and Junkyard Justice have been waiting for this match for a long time, and it is important to both of them..

    Kyle Steel: Not only that, but the Television Title hangs in the balance!

    Junkyard and G Funk circle each other cautiously, and then tie up. Junkyard gets the best of him, and pushes him to the turnbuckle. The ref says to break it up, and Junkyard does, but then cheaply hits G Funk. He then Clotheslines G Funk. He bounces off the ropes, and comes behind G Funk, but Funk kicks backwards and does a Neckbreaker. He then stomps on him, and climbs up to the top rope. He does the Five Star Frogsplash! He pins. 1.. 2.. NO! Junkyard manages to kick out.

    Shannan Lerch: Very few men have kicked out of that move..

    G Funk slowly picks Junkyard up, but Junkyard fights back and punches him. Junkyard runs to the ropes, and does a Lariat, sending Funk down. Junkyard then goes outside the ring, and grabs a chair, but the ref makes him get rid of it.

    Kyle Steel: This isn't a Hardcore match..

    Junkyard gets back into the ring, and G Funk swings at him. Junkyard ducks, and grabs G Funks leg. G Funk goes down, and Junkyard does an Elbow Drop, but G Funk rolls away from it. G Funk counters with his own Elbow Drop but Junkyard also rolls away. Junkyard tries to punch Funk but Funk blocks it and throws his own punch, Junkyard blocks that and throws another back, and it connects. Funk is dazed for a moment and Junkyard DDTs him to the mat. He picks him up again, and is about to DDT him, but Funk reverses it into a Northern Lights Suplex.

    Zack Davis: G Funk Kid had the Three DDTs move scouted well, and knew how to counter it..

    The Northern Lights Suplex results in a pin, and the ref counts. 1.. 2.. No, Junkyard again kicks out. Both men lay on the canvas, resting, and G Funk slowly is the first one to stand up. He stomps a few times at Junkyard, then jumps to the top rope and tries a Split Legged Moonsault. Junkyard manages to get his legs up, though, and Funk rolls away holding his stomach. Junkyard goes over, and pins him. 1.. 2.. No, G Funk also kicks out.

    Shannan Lerch: Another nearfall.

    Junkyard picks G Funk up, and lifts him into Suplex position, but drops him down with a Brainbuster. He again, pins, but only gets another 2 count! He bangs his hands on the canvas, angry that he didn't pin G Funk.

    Zack Davis: How can he keep G Funk Kid down!?

    G Funk slowly gets up, and sends a Haymaker to Junkyard. Junkyard sends one back, and the two men are soon brawling it out. G Funk appears to have the advantage, and whips Junkyard to the ropes. G Funk jumps over Junkyard as he is coming back, and then tries a Cross Bodyblock. However, Junkyard catches him and turns it into a Tombstone Piledriver!!

    Kyle Steel: That's his finisher!

    Junkyard pins G Funk. 1... 2... 3. It's over, Junkyard Justice has beaten G Funk Kid.

    Zack Davis: Wait, what's this? Someone is running down the ramp.. it's Seth Lerch!

    Shannan Lerch: Seth hates Junkyard, and can't be too happy about him keeping the TV Title.

    Lerch has a chair, and rolls into the ring with it. He is about to swing it at Junkyard from behind... but hits G Funk instead! Lerch then sets the chair down, and picks up G Funk. Lerch and Junkyard do a Double Suplex to G Funk, sending him onto the Chair!

    Zack Davis: What the hell... is Junkyard Justice the newest member of the T.O.T.?

    Shannan Lerch: Yep, Zack, I think he is.

    Lerch gets the Television Title from the ref, and hands it to Junkyard. He then raises Junkyards arm in the air, and nods to the fans, who boo. The two men roll out of the ring, and walk to the back together.

  • Mike Taylor Return Promo
  • Zack Davis: This is something we've all been waiting for, for a long time.. the return of Mike Taylor. Is he going to be wrestling, or what?

    Kyle Steel: We're about to find out.

    The lights dim, and then tint to green and blue strobes. "Superstar" by Cypress Hill hits, and the crowd isn't really sure what to expect...until a video begins to play on the Jumbotron. The fans then jump to their feet in a standing ovation. Mike Taylor steps out from the back, wearing sneakers, white cargo shorts, and a WCF teeshirt. He has a brace on his right knee, but looks better than ever regardless of the injury he sustained when fighting Hellz Angel about three months ago. He has hazel eyes, and shoulder length wet light brown hair, partially dyed dirty blonde. He is about 22 years old, well-built, and about 6'0". He walks down the aisle, and stops about halfway down, smiling. He turns around, and begins to walk backwards, pointing towards the stage. He looks as if he is asking a fan a question, when pyro explodes in the entry way. He faces the ring again, and climbs in. He stands on the second rope of a turnbuckle, and looks out at the crowd. He hops down, and does the same on another turnbuckle. He gets a mic from the ring announcer.


    Shannan Lerch: He looks better than ever. You saw the event back in NCW where he got injured, didn't you Zack?

    Zack Davis: Of course I did. That was one of the most sick things Hellz Angel has ever done. Gimme a break! He threw him face-first into a burning grave! Let's listen to what Taylor has to say.. Can he wrestle?

    Mike Taylor: I've been here since about 3 o'clock this afternoon, and still there's only one thing I'm sure of...IT'S GREAT TO BE BACK!

    Crowd cheers even louder.

    Mike Taylor: And, in case any of you have forgotten, I'm YOUR four time World Champ, and the only man that's ever stood in Hellz Angel's way for almost two years straight...

    Crowd responds, and Taylor gets the cheap pop.

    Mike Taylor: Either way, it doesn't really matter who's put in front of me this time, because we ALL know that I was undefeated my last time around here in the WCF! But, you see, this time I won't be undefeated in the ring....I'll be undefeated politically.

    Zack Davis: What does he mean? Wait..no, he can't be doing what I think he's doing...there's only one spot left on the WCF Executive team...

    Mike Taylor: Please welcome your new commissioner!

    Crowd cheers again..

    Mike Taylor: And, since I'm here, I'll announce my first act as commissioner publically...well, it's not really an act, but it's good enough..

    Kyle Steel: WHAT IS IT?!

    Mike Taylor: Right now, I'm taking control of every superstars' contract in the WCF. I'll do the hiring, I'll do the firing, the suspending, the title stripping, the booking, and everything else that Seth Lerch couldn't.

    Shannan Lerch: How does he think he can just waltz out here, and badmouth my brother?! He's the president of this company! He could-

    Zack Davis: Take it easy...

    Mike Taylor: I'll see all of you Saturday night!

    "Superstar" hits again, and Taylor climbs out of the ring, and walks to the back to a huge ovation for the new commish.

  • World Title Match: Hellz Angel vs Creeping Death vs Logan
  • Zack Davis: Well... It's time.

    Shannan Lerch: World Title Match.

    Kyle Steel: Hellz Angel vs Creeping Death vs Logan.

    Zack Davis: In a No DQ Match, nonetheless..

    People = Shit hits, and the lights go black. They come back on, and Creeping Death is standing on the stage with his hands up. He walks to the ring, and jumps over the top rope.

    A hawk screams and the lights dim. A Death March hits the speakers and Hellz Angel walks out slowly as the crowd boos him. He walks down the ramp and climbs into the ring and the lights come back on

    The lights dim blue as Forever by Kid Rock blasts throughout the arena. Logan comes out from behind the black curtain to a series of boos. He walks down the ramp and enters the ring by going through the middle rope. Once in the ring, he climbs the nearest turnbuckle throwing his arm into the air. He climbs down and his music cuts.

    Creeping Death stares at Hellz Angel.. Hellz Angel stares at Logan.. Logan stares at Creeping Death. All three men are incredibly focused on one another. They walk to the middle of the ring, and each begin talking trash on each other. That lasts for about 5 seconds, and at the same time they each start throwing punches at each other!

    Zack Davis: One thing I don't understand, is that Seth Lerch isn't out here..

    Shannan Lerch: Shut up and look at these three men open up on each other!

    Logan seems to have gotten the best of the brawl, and he throws Creeping Death away. He focuses on Hellz Angel, by punching him with closed fits and then giving him a Snap Suplex. Creeping Death is back up, though, and gives Logan a Bulldog from behind. C.D. goes to stomp on Logan, and Hellz comes up and joins him. Suddenly, though, Hellz and Creep notice each other, and begin going to work on each other!

    Kyle Steel: The problem with this is that no one can figure out who he wants to beat up..

    Logan gets up, Clotheslines both of the other men down. He stomps on both of them, over and over, until C.D. rolls out of the ring. He then focuses on Hellz alone. He picks Hellz up, and whips him to the ropes. As he is coming back, though, Hellz Spears Logan to the ground! Hellz then pins quickly. 1.. 2.. No, Logan able to get his shoulder up. Logan tries to roll out of the ring, but Hellz grabs his foot, not letting him. Hellz picks up Logan, but Logan counters by Superkicking him down. Creeping Death then pulls Logan to the outside of the ring, from under the ropes. C.D. punches Logan, but Logan blocks it and Superkicks C.D. as well.

    Shannan Lerch: No one can keep Logan down.. Logan is unstoppable.

    Logan grabs a chair from a photographer sitting at ringside, and hits it over C.D.s back. He hits C.D. with it, over and over, and then rolls him into the ring. Logan gets in the ring also, dropping the chair outside. Creeping Death gets up quickly, and both he and Hellz attack Logan. Hellz and C.D. whip Logan to the ropes, and do a Double Armtoss as he comes back.

    Kyle Steel: Hellz Angel and Creeping Death are working together, because they know that is the only way they can defeat Logan.

    They then both stomp on Logan, and pick him up. C.D. climbs the turnbuckle, and Hellz gets Logan in the Piledriver position. They then do a Spike Piledriver! Logan is out, and rolls out of the ring. Meanwhile, Hellz and Creeping Death go back to fighting each other. C.D. throws Hellz into the corner, and as Hellz is walking back C.D. kicks him and does the X-Factor! He pins. 1.. 2.. NO, Hellz manages to kick out.

    Zack Davis: Creeping Death was one count away from the WCF World Title.

    Creeping Death then climbs to the top rope, and signals for a Swanton Bomb! He is about to jump off, but Logan comes up from behind and grabs him. Logan climbs up to the top rope, with C.D., and Superplexes C.D. off! Logan then crawls on top of C.D., hoping for the pin. 1. 2. Creeping Death kicks out. Logan then turns to Hellz Angel, who is just standing up, and quickly DDTs him down. He goes back to the outside, and brings his chair back into the ring. He hits Hellz with it, repeatedly, and then hits C.D. with it as well. He then motions toward the entranceway.. and Seth Lerch and Butch come walking out, each holding chairs of their own.

    Zack Davis: Ah, I knew that Lerch and the T.O.T. would interfere..

    Logan stomps on Hellz, and then lifts him up as Lerch and Butch get into the ring. Creeping Death is beginning to stand as well. Logan puts Hellz in a Sleeperhold..

    Shannan Lerch: He's getting ready to do the Connector!

    Lerch and Butch swing their chairs at C.D., trying to do a Double Chair Shot, but C.D. ducks, and the chairs hit Logan instead!! Logan is knocked out completely, and falls to the ground. Lerch and Butch look shocked at what they've just done, and they roll out of the ring to check on Logan. Hellz turns to C.D. and kicks him in the gut, then does the Needle Head! He pins. 1.. 2.. 3!!!


    Kyle Steel: ...I don't believe this.

    Shannan Lerch: NO!!!!!

    Hellz Angels Death March plays again, as he is handed the World Title. He rolls out of the ring, holding the Title, and smiling his sadistic smile. C.D. lowers his head, and begins walking to the back as well.. The only men that remain are Logan, Butch, and Seth Lerch. Logan looks at both men.. And simply walks away, leaving.

    Zack Davis: I don't believe that Hellz Angel has won.. And I don't believe that Lerch and Butch cost Logan the Title.. This is unbelievable. We're out of time, though, so I'll see you at Saturday Slam.

    Kyle Steel: G'Night!

    Zack Davis: Stop that...

    Shannan Lerch: ..Goodnight.

    The WCF logo shows on the bottom of the screen, and the scene fades out as Hellz Angels music continues to play, even as Logan walks to the back.