Explosion! Intro
Burn Out/Monster Squad Segment
TV Title: Neo vs Burn Out vs Madd Dogg
Backstage Look
Seth Lerch/Davey Ortega Promo
Tag Titles: Explosion Match

  • Explosion! Intro
  • True Nature by Jane's Addiction plays, and Explosion! is on the air! We pan around the arena... Hey Rick, Beat My Wife Please!, Bobby Dole For President!, Happy Hanukah, Neo!, and various things like that. We go to the ring announcers.

    Shannan Lerch: It's me, Shannan Lerch, here for another WCF Pay Per View, Explosion! I'm joined by Kyle Steel.

    Kyle Steel: Lucky you. It's your pleasure.

    Shannan Lerch: Um.. right. Anyhow, we only have two matches tonight.. but they are BIG matches.

    Kyle Steel: That's right! A gigantic match for the Tag Team Titles. Ten teams competing at once... that means ten men in the ring at once, and the only way to be eliminated is pinfall or submission. The action is going to be all over the place!

    Shannan Lerch: This is true. PC Cradle and Defman are the Tag Champions, of course, and when they're the target of nine other men, it's going to be hard to defend. With teams like Death and Torture, the Monster Squad, the Wifebeaters... there's a lot of competition.

    Kyle Steel: Don't forget, we may see one team break away and show dominance we've never seen before. The unlikely pair of Neo and Gayfather stand quite the chance. We don't know much about the team of Madd Dogg and Dark Angel either, nor Hal Damango and.. Bobby Dole.. one of the most unusual characters we've ever seen. And the Hardcore Champion, David Baker, teams up with Wreck.

    Shannan Lerch: You have to think Defman will go right for Baker, after Baker winning the Hardcore Title without actually pinning Defman.

    Kyle Steel: All I know is... it'll be one hell of a match.

    Shannan Lerch: Speaking of Titles though, our other match is a Television Title match. These three men won the rights for the match, and they'll duke it out tonight.

    Kyle Steel: Madd Dogg and Neo seem to be allies of some sort, so I'm not exactly sure how that's going to pan out.. and who knows what Burn Out's going to be able to do?

    Shannan Lerch: Remember, these guys also have to compete in the Explosion match, they might be tired when it comes to that.

    Kyle Steel: That's true... this is possibly the most unpredictable PPV in WCF history.

  • Burn Out/Monster Squad Segment
  • Burn Out and his cronies are walking down the hall.

    Burn Out: Psht. So Madd Dogg brought in someone else. Doesnít matter to me. Iíll beat his ass just like Iím gonna do to Dogg tonight.

    Hacker: I hear that.

    Creeper: What kind of name is Trent Hunter anyway?

    Burn Out: Itís a loserís name. Just another victim for Burn Out and the Monster Squad.

    Creeper: All heís hunting is defeat!

    Hacker: Yeah, weíre gonna own him good.

    Burn Out: And tonight, when I destroy Madd Dogg and Neo, to become the TV champion, and the Monster Squad picks up the tag team belts, we will be the most dominant faction in WCF again.

    Creeper: Neoís gonna find out bout some superiority.

    Hacker: Weíre all hating him.

    Burn Out: Doggyís gonna be put on a leash.

    Creeper: Hope the mutt got his shots.

    Burn Out: No, heís gonna be put down. Neo too.

    They all start laughing. As they stop watching where theyíre going, they all run into a lone individual.

    Burn Out: Hey, idiot. Why donít you watch where youíre going?

    Creeper: Hey, are you deaf? Move out of our way.

    Hacker: Youíre looking at the future TV and Tag Champs here buddy.

    He just stands there.

    Burn Out: Maybe you didnít hear me, I said move.

    Hacker: I guess heís deaf. Or just stupid.

    Creeper: Do you know who youíre messing with?

    Voice: A bunch of losers.

    Burn Out: What did you call us?

    Voice: You heard me. Losers. Two bit wrestlers. You donít have a chance against me. You talk big for trash.

    Burn Out: You better watch your mouth.

    Voice: Hahahaha. Youíre standing in the face of greatness and donít even realize it.

    Burn Out: Take care of this joker for me.

    Hacker and Creeper move forward. Hacker throws a punch, but the man grabs his hand and twists it down. Bones crack and Hacker yells out in pain. Creeper runs forward, only to be met with a boot to the midsection. The man starts throwing punches left and right, taking both of the Monster Squad off of their feet. Burn Out starts forward, but the man grabs him by the throat and throws him against the wall. The camera pulls back and you see the man who destroyed the Monster Squad and Burn Out, itís Trent Hunter.

    Trent Hunter: You want hunting season eh? I think Iíll make it Monster season.

    He grabs a bat off a nearby shelf and just destroys the three of them. Tossing an old shirt across them, he then turns and walks away down the hall. The camera focuses on the shirt, and itís an old one from XGWO. It says Trent Hunter Lone Wolf.

    Trent Hunter: The only thing I hunt is belts.

  • Television Title Match: Neo vs Burn Out vs Madd Dogg
  • As the intro to Back to the Mad builds up, the lights dim and the words Muk Shnel (German for "Move quickly") appear on the big screen with "Heil the new Reich" and "Scum will be purged." Neo appears from the main curtain running at top speed toward the ring.

    The sound of a motorcycle revving up is heard and Burn Out rides out on a motorcycle. He climbs into the ring, avoiding Neo.

    Shannan Lerch: Burn Out is at a huge disadvantage, as he was attacked just seconds ago.

    The arena goes dark as the bass line of Aint No Sunshine cuts in. The words "It is dark, and hell is hot" fill the arena as the stage explodes. Low red lighting barely illuminates the stage as Madd Dogg walks out. From right to left, mini pyro showers go off in order, slowly. Each covering Dogg with golden sparks. Then the stage explodes again and Dogg walks down to the ring.

    Kyle Steel: One of these men will be Television Champion.

    Dogg and Neo quickly hit a Linked Clothesline on Burn Out, sending him down. The two men then stomp on him, pick him up, and throw him out of the ring. Neo looks up and looks at Dogg; Dogg looks at Neo; and they back up. They approach each other again and tie up.

    Shannan Lerch: There's a show of mutual respect. That's good to see.

    Dogg gains the upper hand and hits an elbow to the top of Neo's neck. He then hits a quick Gutbuster. He stomps Neo a bit, then picks him up. Neo starts fighting back, throwing lefts and rights at Dogg, and whips him to the ropes. Neo runs at him and attempts a Clothesline but Dogg ducks it, Dogg turns around to Neo and swings, Neo ducks that and picks Dogg up from behind in an Atomic Drop type position but Dogg flips over him and grapples him from behind, goes for a German Suplex but Neo flips in mid air and lands on his feet, Dogg runs at Neo but Neo catches him and hits an Impact DDT!

    Kyle Steel: Entertaining exchange of offense there, nice.

    Burn Out rolls back into the ring, behind Neo, and grabs him and hits a Saving Grace.

    Shannan Lerch: Ouch! That move's always looked brutal to me.

    Burn Out quickly pins Neo, hooking his leg. One... two... no, Neo kicks out at the last second.

    Kyle Steel: With one move, we almost did have a TV Champ.

    Burn Out picks Neo up and grabs him by the throat. Neo kicks him in the gut and then hits him with a back hand! Neo hits a Judo Hip Throw and then puts Burn Out into a choke. The ref keeps telling him to stop, but Neo refuses until the ref is about to disqualify him. Neo stands up but as he does Dogg rolls into the ring, grabs him from behind and hits a Neckbreaker. He then picks up Burn Out and hits a Dragonscrew Legwhip before locking in the Sharpshooter.

    Crowd: HITMAN! HITMAN!

    The crowd's chants die down fast as they anticipate if Burn Out is going to tap or not. He reaches to the ropes.... No, can't reach... puts his hand up, ready to tap... but in the nick of time, Neo hits a Baseball Slide Dropkick into Dogg, breaking the Sharpshooter! Neo kicks away at Dogg, and then climbs to the top rope. He signals to the fans, and goes for a Frog Splash.. but Dogg rolls away at the last second. Neo stands up, clutching his stomach, and walks right into a One Legged Spinebuster by Dogg. Dogg quickly pins, hooking the leg.



    No! Burn Out kicks Dogg off, breaking up the fall. Burn Out waits for Dogg to stand up, and as he does, he hits a Superkick! Neo is up next, and as he turns around Burn Out catches him and hits an Outcast Blast! He pins, hooking the leg!



    Shannan Lerch: NEW TV CHAMP!

    NO! Neo kicks out at the last second! Burn Out is frustrated as all hell, picks Neo up again, and puts him into a Torture Rack. He keeps the Rack move in, and turns, facing the crowd. As he turns back, Dogg runs at him and Spears him down onto the mat! As Burn Out falls, Neo is sent falling out of the ring to the cold concrete below! He lays motionless.


    Kyle Steel: A huge fall, from Burn Out's shoulders to the concrete outside... Neo may be out of this match, folks.

    Dogg picks Burn Out up and hits the Dogg Pound on Burn Out! He quickly pins, leg hooked..

    Shannan Lerch: It's academic, he's got it.

    Crowd: ONE!


    Crowd: TWO!


    Crowd: THREE!

    NO!! Neo pulls Burn Out's leg under the rope at the last second!

    Kyle Steel: Where did Neo get the strength to do that?

    Dogg sees what Neo did and rolls out of the ring, and kicks Neo in the stomach, several times. He picks Neo up and goes for the 90 Degree Stunner. Neo pushes him off, and as Dogg turns around Neo hits the Hating You!! Neo then rolls into the ring and waits as Burn Out stands up.. and hits another Hating You! He's about to pin Burn Out, but instead he moves away. He picks Burn Out up, as Dogg is standing up as well. Dogg approaches Burn Out and hits the Dogg Pound. He pins, and Neo just lets him. One. Two. Three.

    Shannan Lerch: Madd Dogg has won the WCF Television Title!

    Aint No Sunshine plays as the ref hands Dogg his Title. Dogg celebrates for a few moments, until Neo approaches him. The two men look face to face, but Neo shakes Dogg's hand and raises it into the air. They then walk to the back.

  • Backstage Look
  • As The Television Title match closes, we go to a quick commercial telling WCF fans that next week's Sunday Slam will be airing WCF History 101, and teling them to tune in two weeks from now for the kickoff Sunday Slam for 04'.

    Kyle Steel: Those'll be two great shows, I bet.

    As soon as the commercial ends we cut to the back where a cameraman is inside Bobby Dole and Hals locker room. They are talking some moves before entering the match. We now cut to the Monster Squad getting some water and stretching out a bit. The crowd reacts with some cheers as Torture and Death are pumping each other up with Woo nodding in agreement, we then are cut to Bob and Rick as they stand face to face pushing each other getting into the mood. Next we cut to Davey Ortega tucking the ref shirt in to a somewhat pop from the crowd. After cleaning his shoes, he leaves the locker room and walks down the hall way.

    Shannan Lerch: I can't wait to see how Ortega does his referee job.

    Wreck is walking down one of the hallways towards the ring, as is Dark Angel. Behind Dark Angel is the Gayfather, and behind Wreck is Razor. And lastly, walking down a hall alone, is Defman. We then cut to ringside.

  • Seth Lerch/Davey Ortega Promo
  • Better Than You by Metallica plays, and out comes the special ref for the Explosion match, Davey Ortega. He's wearing a referee shirt, of course. Seth Lerch walks with him. The two men roll into the ring, and Seth grabs a mic.

    Seth Lerch: So, yeah, about my partner tonight...

    Kyle Steel: Who is it!?

    Seth Lerch: I know there's been a lot of buzz about who my partner is going to be, and well... I haven't found one. I'm going into this Explosion Tag Title match partnerless, and it's not going to matter. All I'm there to do is to make sure that the Wifebeaters do not win, and that's what's going to happen. Partner or no partner. Ortega?

    Ortega takes the mic next.

    Davey Ortega: I, too, have a special announcement. Well, I HAD a special announcement. I signed the hottest free agent this side of... well, anywhere. His name? Trent Hunter. I was excited to tell all of you about this, but, well, you saw Hunter's handywork earlier this evening.

    A pop from the "smart fans" who know Hunter's name.

    Davey Ortega: He'll be debuting on the next Sunday Slam following the "History of WCF 101" show. That Slam will be on January 4th, 2004. That's right, the first show of the new year, and the first of WCF's new blood debuts... How appropriate. That's when the World Title Tournament will begin, as well. A new era in WCF will be born as 2004 is brought in; the year of Davey Ortega's reign, and we'll be better than ever before. Now... let's get this match under way! Seth, get ready.

    Seth whispers something in Ortega's ear before the entrants begin coming out, and then stands in a corner, awaiting the participants...

    Kyle Steel: I wonder what that's all about..

  • Tag Title Explosion Match: Defman/Cradle vs Torture/Death vs Bob/Mad vs Hacker/Creeper vs Razor/Burn Out vs Lerch/??? vs Gayfather/Neo vs Angel/Dogg vs Wreck/Baker vs Hal Demango/Bobby Dole
    Special Guest Ref: Davey Ortega
  • The voices, the voices, the voices, the VOICES!!

    The voices, they take control,
    The voices, destroy your soul,
    The voices, they kill us all,
    The voices, why wont they fall?


    The arena goes black, a light neon blue shines at the top of the ramp, the light grows into a series of explosions, and the lights come back on. Defman is seen at the top of the ramp, both Tag Title over his shoulders, murmering to himself... He starts walking down to the ring, head down... He jumps onto the apron, and steps over the ropes. He hands the ref the Tag Titles.

    Red pyros shoot straight up in the air as the music hits. "Wanna be a rock superstar?" The crowd goes wild, and Torture hits the stage. He taunts to himself saying he's so god damn cool, he rolls into the ring and waits.

    All In The Suit That You Wear by Stone Temple Pilots plays as Bob the Cameraman steps out. He raises his arms in the air before he walks to the ring. He rolls in and waits in his corner.

    The Friday the 13th theme plays, and Hacker walks slowly to the ring.

    Razor comes out of the back real slowly and then walks down to the ring. He slides in and raises both arms.

    "Somebody hit the lights...."
    The sound of a single tap dancer comes over the speakers.
    "So we can rock it day and night...."
    A drum and cymbals join the single dancer over the speakers.
    "People getting down that's right...."
    A few more dancers can be heard.
    "From AM to PM"

    As the music whirs, two spotlights cycle through the audience, coming to rest on the stage as Gayfather dances out. He dances down to the ring, conversing with the crowd. He does a Stacy Kiebler like entrance getting into the ring. He then plays to the crowd.

    Shannan Lerch: No Rainbow Brite tonight, the ring will be crowded enough.

    Kyle Steel: SIGH! She could have sat with us.

    Shannan Lerch: We only have two chairs.

    Kyle Steel: I know, she could sit on my lap.

    A pair of ash grey, scarred angel wings appear unfurling to reveal the words Dark Angel on the WCF screen. "The Invasion From Within" starts playing as Dark Angel walks out, and heads into the ring. He gets into the ring, and and awaits the rest of the competitors.

    Shannan Lerch: A newcomer to WCF, let's see how he does.

    The lights go out as the beginning of "Dragula" starts. The house lights come up as Wreck walks to the ring, shaking some hands.

    Headstrong hits and Hal Demango comes out with an evil smile on his face. He climbs into the ring and raises his arms as pyro shoots out of the turnbuckles.

    Kyle Steel: That's all of the initial participants!

    The bell rings, and everyone starts fighting with.. well, everyone. It's a mess in the ring, with most men just pounding on whomever is closest.

    Shannan Lerch: I'm surprised they could wait till everyone was there to fight. This truely is an explosion!

    Seth has gone right to Bob, pounding on him. Torture joins Lerch in kicking at Bob. Hacker and Razor have teamed up and work away on Defman. Gayfather and Angel also have teamed up, fighting both Wreck and Hal Demango. Hacker and Razor throw Defman out of the ring, and then go out with him. They pick him up and try to hit a Double Reverse Suplex onto the guardrail, but Defman lands behind it, on his feet, and uses both his hands to slam their heads into it. He then climbs onto the guardrail, balancing the best he can, and hits a Cross Bodyblock onto both men the best he can. They both go down.

    Kyle Steel: Great move by Defman, what an innovator. We knew he'd be the prime target in this match.

    In the ring, Gayfather and Hal Demango are exchanging blows. Gayfather somehow has gotten the upper hand, and he hits a Dragonscrew Legwhip. He then applies the Nutcracker! Hal screams out in incredible pain, but refuses to give up.

    Shannan Lerch: Guess Hal isn't that ballsy of an individual.

    Kyle Steel: You'd know, you've slept with most of the WCF wrestlers, I hear.

    Wreck kicks Gayfather off, and then starts stomping on him. Dark Angel comes from behind Wreck and grabs him, and quickly hits a Reverse DDT. Angel backs up and waits as Wreck stands up, and goes for a Roundhouse Kick, but Wreck avoids it and hits a quick Chokeslam, sending Angel down to the ground! Gayfather is back up and as Wreck turns around, Gayfather grabs his head, runs to the turnbuckle, gets on, and hits a Tornado DDT. Gayfather quickly pins Wreck, hopefull that he'll eliminate someone... One, two... No, it was not to be, Wreck kicks out.

    Shannan Lerch: We almost had our first elimination.

    Back on the outside, Hacker and Razor have again taken control Defman. Hacker goes for a Headbutt but Defman avoids it, kicks Razor away, and hits a Double Arm DDT on Hacker.

    Kyle Steel: Ouch! On the outside!

    He turns back to Razor, who runs at him, and hits a Belly to Belly Suplex! He then rolls into the ring. Torture and Seth are still working over Bob. Defman runs at Lerch and hits a Bulldog. Torture picks Bob up and gets him in position for a Death Valley Drive. Bob manages to squirm back behind Tort, Tort turns around and gets hit with a Russian Legsweep. Bob then applies a Leglock, trying to get Torture to tap. When Ortega asks Tort if he wants to give up, Tort replies "I'M TOO DAMN COOL TO TAP!". Bob soon releases the hold and begins kicking Tort. Meanwhile Defman is punching Lerch. Defman picks Lerch up, up over his head, and hits an Overhead Press Slam... to the outside! Lerch flies down onto the cold concrete, leaving Defman stand in the ring.

    Shannan Lerch: No! Seth! Ahh, I hope he's OK!

    Kyle Steel: From the looks of it, he's not, and he doesn't have a partner either...

    Wreck has turned against Hal and is fighting him in a corner. He picks him up onto the turnbuckle, climbs up himself, and hits a Superplex! Wreck then quickly pins Hal. One... two.... three.

    Shannan Lerch: There it is, the first elimination.

    Bobby Dole runs out to replace Hal. As he rolls in, he Clotheslines Wreck right down, and begins going to work on him. Gayfather has begun fighting with Razor, and Angel with Hacker. Gayfather hits another Dragonscrew Legwhip, sending Razor to the mat, clutching his leg. He then locks the Nutcracker in again.

    Kyle Steel: That's very appropriate so near Christmas time, ha.

    Apparently Razor is more sensitive there than Hal was, because Razor taps out. Razor rolls out and heads to the back as Burn Out takes his place, fighting the Gayfather. Dark Angel and Hacker are exchanging lefts and rights, and Hacker hits him with a Headbutt. He then hits a quick Leg Drop, and pins. One... two... No, Angel kicks out. Hacker picks Angel up and throws him to the ropes, but Angel slides under them then jumps over them and hits a Springboard Arm Drag on Hacker! He then jumps up a turnbuckle and waits for Hacker to stand up... and as he does, Angel hits the Heaven Falling!

    Shannan Lerch: What an amazing finisher.

    Angel pins Hacker. One, two, three, and Hacker is eliminated as well. He rolls out of the ring grudgingly, and Creeper runs in next. Bobby Dole picks up Wreck and then hits an Atomic Drop. Dole climbs to the top of the turnbuckle, and he looks like he's about to hit an Axe Handle Smash, but Wreck gets up quickly and throws him off. Dole stands up and Wreck quickly Powerbombs him back down to the mat. He pins... One, two... No, Bobby kicks out. Bob the Cameraman and Torture's fight has spilled to the outside. Torture grabs Bob's head and slams it into the guardrail, but Bob immediately does the same to Tort. Soon both men are slamming each other's heads into the metal, and after a few seconds they both seem dizzy. They're both busted open as well, and they collapse.

    Kyle Steel: Two men wearing the crimson mask!

    Dark Angel has just bodyslammed Creeper to the mat. He turns around, and out of nowhere Defman Spears him down! Defman then quickly jumps to the top rope and hits the Big Reverse Elbow! He pins, hooking the leg... One... two... three!

    Shannan Lerch: Ouch, Dark Angel is eliminated.

    Kyle Steel: You know what that means...

    Madd Dogg runs out from the back and slides into the ring! He's immediately turned into everyone's target. Defman runs at him but Dogg Clotheslines him down, Creeper runs at him and gets a Bodyslam, Burn Out attempts a Flying Cross Bodyblock off the top rope but Dogg catches him and hits a Fallaway Slam. Gayfather approaches Dogg, Dogg approaches Gayfather.. they simply stare at each other, neither making an attempt to fight the other...

    Shannan Lerch: Does Gayfather have the balls to fight Dogg?

    We don't have time to find out, as Bobby Dole comes behind Gayfather and throws him out of the ring, and Wreck tackles Dogg's leg. Dogg stands back up and Wreck hits a German Suplex from behind. Bobby Dole gets out of the ring and beats down on Gayfather. He picks him up and gets him in position for a Brainbuster but Gayfather slips behind him and hits the Sodomizer!

    Kyle Steel: Bobby Dole would be out, if they were inside the ring.

    Back in the ring, Creeper and Burn Out are teaming up against Dogg. They pick him up and hit a Double Chokeslam.

    Shannan Lerch: Creeper and Burn Out both need to be careful, they're the last member for each of their teams.

    Torture and Bob are back up, and Torture rolls Bob into the ring. Bob stands up as Torture gets in, and Torture runs at him, Bob ducks, and hits the Zoom In! He pins Torture. One... two.... no! Someone pulled Bob off. It was Seth.

    Kyle Steel: Wow, I forgot he was even here, looks like he's back in the match.

    Bob starts pounding away at Seth, and whips him to the ropes. Seth bounces back and kicks Bob straight in the groin! Bob drops to one knee, and Lerch quickly hits the I Own You. He pins Bob... One, two, three.

    Shannan Lerch: So far Seth's kept his promise, he's making sure the Wifebeaters don't win the Tag Titles.

    Seth raises his arms in the air as Bob rolls out of the ring. Rick enters the arena, runs in, and tackles Lerch down to the mat as he begins throwing lefts and rights to his face. Meanwhile Defman has taken to attacking Wreck, hitting a Bearhug Slam. He then picks Wreck up but Wreck reverses around him and puts him in a Sleeper Hold. Defman drops to one knee, and then to the ground. The crowd soon starts cheering him on...

    Crowd: DEFMAN! DEFMAN!

    Ortega lifts Defman's hand. It falls. Ortega lifts it again... and again, it falls. He lifts it one more time... and no, it doesn't fall this time! Defman slowly stands up, and jabs Wreck several times in the ribs. He then runs behind him and hits the Fading Darkness, going to the outside! He gets up slowly and rolls Wreck into the ring, and pins. One... two.... three. Wreck is out. He rolls out of the ring and heads to the back as David Baker runs in next.

    Kyle Steel: Let's see, from what I can tell... Defman, Torture, Lerch, and Gayfather are the only first members of their teams left.

    Gayfather comes to Madd Dogg's aid and throws Creeper out of the ring. Gayfather then holds Burn Out from behind as Dogg picks his shots, punching Burn Out several times before Gayfather lets go and Dogg hits him with a 90 Degree Stunner! He's about to pin him until Creeper pulls him out of the ring. Torture is now attacking Rick, kicking away at him in a corner. Defman and Lerch have gone back to fighting as well. Defman goes for a German Suplex, but Seth switches around and puts Defman into a Sleeperhold.

    Shannan Lerch: Defman in ANOTHER Sleeper, he was just in one a few moments ago.

    And again, Defman drops to the mat and the crowd begins chanting his name. Ortega lifts his arm... it drops. Ortega lifts his arm again... it drops. Lerch has a cocky look on his face and Ortega lifts Defman's arm again.... and this time, it doesn't drop!

    Kyle Steel: Defman isn't going to be eliminated by some lame Sleeper.

    Apparently, Ortega thinks differently. He motions that Defman has been eliminated. Defman stands up, getting in Ortega's face, pissed about it.

    Kyle Steel: What in the hell is this!? We all saw clearly that Defman did NOT give up and his arm did NOT drop... I think this is what Lerch whispered to Ortega about earlier. Defman is getting screwed.

    Ortega forces Defman to the back, or his whole team will be completely disqualified. Defman is about to leave, and he hears Seth laugh. He turns around and clocks Seth right in the face before rolling out and having Cradle come in to replace him. Cradle and Defman high five, and then Cradle rolls into the ring.

    Shannan Lerch: With Cradle in there, business has just picked up.

    David Baker has begun working away on Gayfather in the ring, while Dogg is brawling with Creeper and Burn Out. Baker kicks Gayfather in the gut and hits a quick DDT, and then pins. One, two, no, kickout. Baker waits for Gayfather to stand, and goes for a Spinning Back Kick, but Gayfather catches it and counters with a Sky High Facebuster! Gayfather then pins Baker... One, two, kickout!

    Kyle Steel: I smell a nice little competition.

    Gayfather climbs to the top rope, and signals for a Dragonrana. Baker stands up, and Gayfather goes for the move, but Baker reverses it into a Sitout Powerbomb. He picks Gayfather up and quickly hits the Xero before pinning him... One, two, three.

    Shannan Lerch: Gayfather has finally been eliminated, I'm impressed with him though.

    Gayfather rolls out, and Neo is the next man to enter!

    Kyle Steel: This leaves Torture as the only guy in the ring that still has a partner to be brought in. For the rest of them, if they're eliminated, that's it.

    Neo gets into the ring with a head of steam, and clotheslines Torture down first, then Baker, then he goes to hit Cradle. Cradle ducks and counters with a few right hands to Neo, and then a Snapmare into Dropkick.

    Shannan Lerch: That's called a Spinal Tap.

    Cradle then turns, and notices Rick Mad and Seth Lerch brawling near the ropes. Cradle runs at them and hits a Double Clothesline, sending all three men flying over the top rope. Neo approaches Torture, who is beginning to stand up, and hits a Back Hand, sending him back down. Neo backs up, waiting as Torture groggily begins standing up, and then runs and hits the Hating You! Neo quickly pins, hooking the leg. One! Two! Three!

    Kyle Steel: Torture is finally eliminated, and now it's time for Death.

    Torture rolls out of the ring, and flips Neo off as he walks to the back. Death runs out, runs around the ring to where Mad is, picks him up, and quickly hits a Rolling Death out of nowhere. Death rolls Rick into the ring and pins him quickly... One, two, three!

    Shannan Lerch: I don't believe it! The Wifebeaters are the first full team to be eliminated!

    Rick Mad rolls out of the ring, infuriated. We can see him yelling various obscenities at Death, and he starts kicking the ring steps and guardrail and whatever he can find.

    Kyle Steel: Rick is out of control! I know if there was anyone he WOULDN'T want to be eliminated by, it's Death, but still.

    Bob the Cameraman runs out to try to calm Rick down, but it's to no avail. Rick is still pissed for a few moments, but eventually he calms down. Him and Bob begin walking to the back, but all of a sudden he quickly runs back to the ring and gets a mic.

    Rick Mad: You're a dirty son of a bitch, Death, and you are too, Lerch. You got your goddamned wish, the Wifebeaters are not going to be WCF Tag Team Champions. But you fucking know what? I'M OUT OF THIS GOD FORSAKEN FEDERATION. Me and Bob are taking our ball elsewhere, we don't need your bullshit.

    Rick throws the mic into the crowd, before giving the fans the finger. He then writes out letters in the air. The letters read "U... W... F".

    Shannan Lerch: Does that mean what I think it means? Rick and Bob are leaving for Gravedigger's federation!?

    Kyle Steel: That's exactly what it means, Shannan.

    Rick and Bob begin walking to the back again, but Rick turns around once more...

    Rick Mad: Oh, I forgot one thing. I don't care about your rules, Lerch, I have one more partner. He really doesn't care about anything more than kicking your ass... have fun.

    The lights go out. We can hear confusion all through the ring, and we can also hear most of the wrestlers that were fighting get out of it. When the lights come back on, Seth is the only one standing in the ring... besides the man known as Creeping Death.

    Kyle Steel: Uh oh.

    Creeping Death is holding a small Christmas tree. This is no ordinary Christmas tree, it's decorated with Barbed Wire, in addition to the normal Christmas balls and whatnot it would have. Creeping Death smashes Seth Lerch right in the face with the tree, and Seth goes down to the mat, bleeding profusely from the face.

    Creeping Death: Oops.. I forgot the lights.

    Creeping Death rolls out of the ring and pulls two florescent light tubes out from it. He rolls back in, and smashes then both on Seth's skull. The crowd chants "HOLY SHIT!" as Creeping Death raises his arms in the air, gets out of the ring, and walks to the back. Paramedics run out quickly and get Seth out of the ring, carrying him to the back.

    Shannan Lerch: Ahhh! I hope he's going to be OK....

    Kyle Steel: Somehow, I doubt it.

    Yet another voice is heard now.

    Voice: Seth forgot to mention, he DID find a partner... the Ultimate partner.

    Steve Carr runs out from the back! All of the Explosion match participants have gotten back in the ring, and Carr rolls in to join them. He hits hard right hands on whomever he can!

    Kyle Steel: STEVE CARR IS BACK! What a surprise!

    Carr begins fighting with PC Cradle. Meanwhile, Creeper and Burn Out fight Neo and Dogg as Baker and Bobby Dole are going at it. Death goes around, attacking whoever presents the opportunity to be attacked. Baker and Dole are in a corner. Baker picks Dole up onto it, and is going for a Superplex. Dole jabs Baker in the ribs a few times, and then pushes him off. Baker quickly stands up and Dole flies off the top rope with a Double Axe Handle but Baker counters with a Dropkick to his chest! Dole goes down to the mat, and Baker stomps on him a bit. Dole begins standing up, and Baker backs away a bit. He then runs at him and hits the Sever! Baker pins. One. Two. Three.

    Shannan Lerch: Hal Demango and Bobby Dole are done.

    Dogg has just hit a Turnbuckle Bomb on Creeper. He and Neo begin stomping away at Burn Out, and they pick him up. He begins fighting back, throwing a punch to Dogg and then a punch to Neo, but it's not enough. Dogg grabs him and gets him in a Piledriver position, and Neo climbs the turnbuckle. They hit a Super Spike Piledriver! Dogg pins Burn Out. One... two... Creeper dives out of nowhere and breaks up the pin.

    Kyle Steel: That was horribly close.

    Neo kicks away on Creeper with no mercy. He then drops and punches Creeper in the face a few times. Dogg picks Creeper up and holds him as Neo goes to the other side of the ring. Neo runs at Creeper, Dogg quickly moves out of the way, and Neo hits the Hating You! Dogg quickly hits the Dogg Pound on Burn Out, and Neo pins Creeper the same time Dogg pins Burn Out. One.. One... Two... Two... Three... Three.

    Shannan Lerch: Two teams eliminated at the same time. The Monster Squad is gone, as is the Dreadnoks. Not a good day for the Headhunters.

    Cradle and Carr are still brawling as well. Carr whips Cradle into the ropes, and hits a Big Boot. Cradle goes down, and Carr climbs to the top rope. He goes for a Flying Elbow Drop, but Cradle rolls out of the way. Carr stumbles to his feet and Cradle knees him in the stomach several times and then hits a big Right Arm Clothesline. Carr goes to the mat, and Cradle locks in a Single Leg Boston Crab. As that's locked in, David Baker approaches Carr and starts kicking his back, trying to get him to tap out. Carr refuses, although all this pain is obviously taking its toll. Seeing that Carr isn't going to tap, Baker runs to the ropes and hits a Bulldog on Cradle. Death begins stomping away on Cradle as well, and soon Neo and Madd Dogg are as well.

    Kyle Steel: Everyone left in this match is trying to eliminate Cradle. This isn't good for the Tag Champ.

    Shannan Lerch: I'm pretty sure we're going to have new Tag Champs, Kyle.

    Carr climbs to the top rope, and Neo picks Cradle up. Dogg hits the Dogg Pound on him, and Carr flies off the top rope and hits the Ultimatum! Carr pins him, and Davey Ortega drops to count.




    But Davey counts the Three.

    Kyle Steel: Ortega's done it again! He's screwed the Tag Champions out of their Titles!

    Ortega signals that Cradle has been eliminated. Carr picks Cradle up and throws him out of the ring. Dogg and Neo turn their attention next to Baker, as Death and Carr go at it. Dogg and Neo throw punch after punch at Baker, who eventually goes down. Neo picks Baker up and holds him as Dogg hits the 90 Degree Stunner. Neo picks Baker up and hits a Double Arm DDT, and then pins him. One. Two. Three.

    Shannan Lerch: Wreck and Baker have lost their chance at the Tag Titles as well.

    Kyle Steel: And we're down to the final four. Death, Steve Carr, Neo, and Madd Dogg.

    Shannan Lerch: I just realized, Neo and Dogg have such a huge advantage since they're helping each other.

    Neo and Dogg look at Death and Carr. Death and Carr nod at each other, signalling a temporary alliance. Death and Carr Clothesline Neo and Dogg down to the mat, and then start stomping away at them!

    Kyle Steel: If Carr and Death can stop Neo and Dogg from using teamwork, they'll be able to make things fair again.

    Neo gets up and Carr starts kicking him with various karate kicks. Neo eventually catches one of them and spins Carr around, going for a Clothesline, Carr ducks, Neo turns around, Carr hits a Northern Lights Suplex into pin. Ortega counts, rather quickly.. One, two, NO, Neo kicks out. Carr stands up as Neo does and Neo runs at him, going for a Hating You!, but Carr sidesteps it. Neo is sent flying into the turnbuckle. Carr picks Neo up and hits a Backbreaker. Carr pins Neo... one, two... No, Neo kicks out again!

    Shannan Lerch: Neo just won't let himself be pinned.

    Dogg and Death have been brawling back and forth for the last few minutes. Death finally gains the upperhand, and hits a Fireman Carry Roll Slam. Death then stomps on his legs a few times before locking in the Sharpshooter. Dogg crawls to the ropes, trying to get out of it, but he can't. He won't tap, either. Death soon releases the hold. He picks Dogg up and goes for a Body Press Slam, but Dogg slides down behind him and hits a German Suplex. Dogg then looks towards Neo and Carr, runs at Carr, and Lariats him down.

    Kyle Steel: Death and Carr were doing a good job keeping them apart... until now.

    Neo and Dogg go on the attack, kicking away at Carr. Dogg picks him up and hits a Shoulder Neckbreaker, and then applies the Trampling Clutch. Carr yells out in pain, but it's no use. After a few seconds of agony, Carr yells that he gives up. Dogg releases the hold, and Carr rolls out of the ring. He collapses on the ground, and after a little begins getting up to go to the back.

    Shannan Lerch: Death is kind of screwed. It's turned into a handicapped match now.

    Death stands up, and Dogg and Neo approach him. He looks at both of them, and motions for them to "bring it". They start attacking him, beating him down, but he soon manages to power out and push them away. Dogg runs at him and is met with a Big Boot, Neo runs at him and Death picks him up in a Sidewalk Slam. Death then climbs up the turnbuckle.. and signals for the Deathstar.

    Kyle Steel: That move is horribly dangerous for a man his size to do...

    He points to Dogg, and flies off the turnbuckle, hitting the move! Ortega makes the count. One. Two. Three!

    Shannan Lerch: Guess it's NOT a handicapped match, Dogg is eliminated!

    Death throws Dogg out of the ring. Dogg curses a bit as he walks to the back. Death stands, waiting for Neo to stand up. As he does, Neo looks around, wondering where Dogg is, until he sees him walking to the back. He then looks at Death with intensity in his eyes.

    Kyle Steel: It's down to this, Neo against Death. Either Neo and Gayfather or Death and Torture are going to be the WCF Tag Team Champions.

    Neo and Death approach each other, and tie up. Death pushes Neo off, showing his power. Neo walks right back up to him, and they tie up again. This time Neo pushes Death into a corner, and Ortega tells him to back off. He does so, but then slaps Death right in the face. Death tackles Neo and starts pounding away at him, but Neo reverses it so he's on top of Death and starts throwing fists at him as well. The two soon get up, run at each other, and Death Clotheslines Neo down. Neo gets right back up, runs at Death, ducks a Clothesline, bounces off the ropes and heads back towards Death, goes for a Clothesline of his own, Death ducks it, gets behind Neo, and hits a Reverse DDT. He then locks in another Sharpshooter.

    Shannan Lerch: Great exchange of offense.

    Neo yells in pain, and tries crawling to the rope.. He can't. He continues trying anyway, and actually does soon start to make it.. he's a few inches away.. but Death pulls him back to the middle of the ring. Neo continues screaming, but with one last ditch effort, lunges towards the ropes. He makes it. Death releases the hold, but goes right back on the attack on Neo's leg. He picks it up and then throws it back down to the mat. Neo clutches it and screams out. Death then picks him up and throws him to the ropes. Neo comes back with an elbow to Death's head!

    Kyle Steel: Can Neo mount a comeback?

    Neo hits Death a few times, but Death angrily hits Neo back and hits the Fade to Black!

    Shannan Lerch: Guess not.

    Death pins Neo, hooking the leg.




    Neo somewhere finds the strength to kick out! Death picks Neo up and starts punching at him again, but Neo is soon able to punch Death back. Neo punches Death a few times, then kicks him in the gut and hits an Impact DDT! He then goes to one of the corners, and crouches down. He waits for Death to stand up, and turn towards him... runs.. and hits the Hating You! Death goes down hard, and Neo quickly covers him, hooking the leg.




    Neo stands up and raises his arms in the air as Davey Ortega hands him the Tag Title. Gayfather prances out from the back and is handed the other Tag Title. Death stands up, in a daze, and rolls out of the ring.

    Kyle Steel: Wait, let me understand.. we have a Nazi and a blatantly homosexual man as Tag Team Champions together!? This has to be the most bizarre thing I've ever seen.

    Shannan Lerch: I don't know, but this is a good day for Madd Dogg's little group. He becomes Television Champion, Neo and Gayfather win the Tag Titles, and Trent Hunter made an appearance.

    Gayfather and Neo both hold their Tag Titles in the air to a surprising pop from the crowd.

    Kyle Steel: Fans, I'll see you at WCF History 101.

    Shannan Lerch: And I'll see you at the first Slam of 2004!

    Kyle Steel: Goodnight.

    Explosion! fades out as the copyright info appears on the bottom of the screen.