WCF History 101 Intro
Pre War IV
War IV - Blast
Blast - Revenge
Revenge - Ultimate Showdown

  • WCF History 101 Intro
  • Iggy Pop's Little Know It All is playing in the background as we open up backstage. Kyle Steel and Shannan Lerch are sitting casually, wearing street clothes.

    Shannan Lerch: Hello, fans, welcome to History 101. I'm Mrs. Lerch, and this is my assistant.

    Kyle Steel: I'm Mr. Steel... I sound like an X-Man or Superman wannabe or something.

    Shannan Lerch: Yeah... anyway, we're going to trace the history of WCF from its beginning to today. Our newer fans may not be familiar with some of the happenings, so we'll let them know now.

  • Pre War IV
  • 1/6/02 - The War III - End of Match
    2/9/02 - Saturday Slam - Logan/Seth Lerch Promo
    2/9/02 - Saturday Slam - Hellz Angel/Logan vs Butch/Rage

    Kyle Steel: The WCF opened its doors during the summer of 2000. The NCW, Net Championship Wrestling, had just closed, and it's wrestlers needed a place to go. They migrated to the Wrestling Championship Federation, which had been opened by NCW wrestler Rick Mad. Superstars such as Steve Carr, Hellz Angel, Mike Taylor, Outcast, Jam, Mace and Jax, and Mike Curtis competed there. Unfortunately our footage of this era in WCF's history was accidently destroyed, and little is known.

    Shannan Lerch: We do know that the first match ever was The War, which has become a tradition for us. The winner of that match was Mace, and became our first ever World Champion. Logan started his career in this WCF, becoming the US Champion and feuding with a wrestler named Metal Angel. He causes quite a bit of controversy backstage, and to be honest, everyone hated him.

    Kyle Steel: As would be the story for most of WCF's stints, it closed before it got off it's feet. It ran less than a month or two.

    Shannan Lerch: However, in February of 2001, it was reopened by my brother, Seth Lerch. The first match was on an episode of Saturday Slam, but it was the second War match to take place. This time around, Hellz Angel got the victory, pinning Logan. He was the new WCF World Champ. On the next show, we would see Death Skull pin Cyrus to become the Hardcore Champion, and Hellz defend his Title against Carr, Logan, and Jam. At the end, Seth Lerch announced a Lethal Lottery tournament.

    Kyle Steel: However, that Lethal Lottery tournament was not to be. WCF was again announced to be closing. After only two shows, nonetheless.

    Shannan Lerch: Once again, however, it was reopened. January of 2002, The War III took place. And the winner of THAT War.. a breakout star by the name of Logan.

    Kyle Steel: Logan was WCF's true home grown superstar, and he'd finally realized his dream of winning the WCF World Title, after 2 years. Rage was the Special Ref. Let's take a look back at this match.

  • 1/6/02 - The War III - End of Match
  • Zack Davis: Well...this is it. It has come down to two men. Seth Lerch and Logan. Lerch is somewhat fresh to the match, but isn't in that great shape..however, Logan has been in the match for a long time, and has to be ready to pass out. He has worked hard to get where he is...but the deciding factor is Rage. Rage isn't going to let Logan win the match...it's basicly over.

    Seth Lerch is standing, looking at Logan. Logan struggles to get up, and Lerch smirks at him. Once Logan is standing, he notices that Lerch is the only one left. They stare each other down, and Rage watches both of them.

    Zack Davis: These two men do have a lot of history with each other, and this is very suspenseful...you could cut the tension with a butterknife.

    Shannan Lerch: I want to see Seth cut Logan with a butterknife! I want too see Seth win this damn match! Logan is kinda cute and all, but..

    Lerch and Logan approach, not taking their eyes off one another. It looks like Lerch is going to make the first move! He swings at Logan, but misses...and falls down.

    Zack Davis: Lerch fell, what happened?

    Logan pins Seth, and Rage counts. 1, 2, 3...


    The bell rings, and Logan raises his arms in victory!

    Zack Davis: I don't believe this...this is the highpoint of Logans career. He has worked his ass off, and waited years for this Title. He's done it. But what happened to Lerch? And why did Rage do what he did?

    Lerch is standing back up...and grabs Logans hand. Rage grabs Logans other hand, and they raise it into the air. The fans boo, because they know they just witnessed the biggest swerve in WCF History.

    Zack Davis: What is happening? Are Seth Lerch and Logan...friends?

    Seth Lerch takes the mic, as the crowd throws trash into the ring.

    Seth Lerch: Your WCF World Champion, Logan!

    The crowd boos and continues throwing trash as Logan smiles. Lerch continues talking on the mic, as Rage gets the World Title, which was located at the announcers booth.

    Seth Lerch: I'll tell you all the truth now...I knew what was happening from the beginning, but, Logan didn't. He didn't know what was going to happen, and he didn't know I would make him the WCF Champion. I hand picked you, Logan. I decided that you were going to be the head of WCF. And I know that no one, and I mean NO ONE, is going to take that Title from you. Rage, give it to him.

    Rage holds the Title in his hands, and hands it over to Logan. Confetti falls from the ceiling, and Forever blasts loudly. Logan smiles, looking over the crowd, and he holds the World Title above his head. More booing. He then wraps it around his waist, and takes a mic.

    Logan: Well, I have a few words to say, and-

    The crowd is chanting "Shut Up!" at Logan, and he is looking mad.

    Logan: SHUT UP!

    The chant gets louder and louder, and it is almost drowning out the music.

    Logan: That's it, you boudles don't even deserve to hear the Face of Treachery talk! I did...what I hadta do...to get to the top!

    Logan, still wearing the WCF World Title, rolls out of the ring. Lerch and Rage glare at the fans, and rolls out also. The scene fades as the WCF Logo comes onto the screen, and we see a shot of Logan, wearing the Title.

    We go back to Kyle and Shannan.

    Shannan Lerch: That began the Team of Treachery era in WCF, the original TOT being Logan, Seth Lerch, Rage, and later, Cyrus.

    Kyle Steel: Logan's first instinct was to go after Hellz Angel, who he'd had a grudge against ever since he lost to him in the second War match. However, a man by the name of Creeping Death got involved. Logan and Creeping Death had a memorable TLC match on Wednesday Night, and a man by the name of Rick Mad made his return, attacking Logan who would go on to win the match regardless.

    Shannan Lerch: Rick Mad and Creeping Death would win the Tag Titles, but also in that match were the teams of Logan and Cyrus and Hellz Angel and Mad Dog, who is a different Mad Dog than the Madd Dogg we have now, might I add. Anyhow, this only fueled the feud between Logan, Creeping Death, and Hellz.

    Kyle Steel: This feud came to a head during Creeping Death vs Hellz Angel vs Logan at Blast, which was a landmark PPV. Two TOT members, Seth Lerch and Butch, interfere in that match. They go for a Double Chair Shot on Creeping Death, but they accidently hit Logan... Hellz Angel hit him with a Hellz Face, and took the WCF Title from him.

    Shannan Lerch: That was a HUGE blow to Logan's ego, losing the World Title to a man he hated SO much.

    Kyle Steel: Another landmark moment that took place was the debut of Exodus, Chester and Gravedigger. They won a Tag Team Contendership match. Mike Taylor returned to the WCF as a commissioner.

    Shannan Lerch: All three of these events would have huge ramifications on the next episode of Saturday Slam. Hellz Angel, who was a long time enemy of Taylors, destroyed the new Commissioners car. Because of this, Taylor stripped Hellz of the World Title. Exodus faced Rick Mad and Creeping Death for the Tag Team Titles, and won, putting Rick Mad out for a few months.

    But most notably was what took place between Logan and Seth Lerch. I really can't describe it, so we'll just show you.

  • 2/9/02 - Saturday Slam - Logan/Seth Lerch Promo
  • Forever by Kid Rock blasts throughout the arena. The crowd cheers a little bit but there is mostly just boos. Logan walks out from behind the black curtain wearing a SHUT UP t-shirt, army pants and black boots. He walks down the ramp, the camera then starts getting shots of signs. We get a close look at some which read "Seth Lerch will pay!", "Logan! Don't cross the boss!", "Logan got screwed!", "Hellz Angel for life!". The camera switches back to Logan who is getting in the ring by going through the middle rope, he walks around the ring with a glare on his face.

    Zack Davis: Logan missing something?

    Shannan Lerch: Yeah, the WCF title.

    Logans music cuts and he yells at someone outside the ring, Logan gets thrown a microphone. Logan paces around the ring a bit then stops.

    Logan: A chair...another chair...

    Logan: Double...my head...busted...Creeping Death...Hellz Angel...pin....one...two...three!

    Shannan Lerch: Oookay.

    Logan: Put it together! Two chairs busting my head open causeing Hellz Angel to pin Creeping Death and take my title, two chairs...putting me out of the match...and two ass whoopings...coming tonight!

    Zack Davis: Who could those two ass whoopings be for?!

    Shannan Lerch: Definitely not my brother, Seth Lerch is Logan's best friend.

    Logan looks down.

    Logan: Seth Lerch and Butch get your asses out here!

    Zack Davis: Was his best friend!

    The crowd cheers knowing Logan might whoop Seth Lerchs ass, anyone will cheer to seeing Seth get beat up.

    Logan: I said get both your asses out here!

    The crowd cheers some more.

    Zack Davis: Whats up with this crowd?

    Sad But True plays throughout the arena and Logan starts pacing around the ring. Seth Lerch and Butch come out and slowly walk down the ramp, we see Seth Lerch doing hard swallows as he steps into the ring with Butch. The music cuts and Logan walks face to face with Seth Lerch.


    Shannan Lerch: No matter what Seth Lerch did Logan shouldn't act like that, hes lucky Seth Lerch doesn't knock him out.

    Zack Davis: Well, Logan showing alot of rage tonight.


    Seth Lerch looks down a little. Logan grabs him by his chin making him look into his eyes.

    Logan: You cost me...my title.

    Logan then starts pacing around the ring then comes to a stop in the middle of it.

    Logan: You want the microphone, you got something to say?

    Seth Lerch grabs the microphone from Logan.

    Seth Lerch: Logan, I didn't mean to..I'm so-

    Logan snatches the microphone away from Seth Lerch.


    The crowd cheers. We hear Seth Lerch say something about the Team of Treachery.

    Logan: Who cares about the T.O.T.!? This is what I think about the T.O.T!

    Logan flicks off Seth Lerch.

    Logan: See that?

    Logan flicks off Butch.

    Logan: See that? SHUT UP!

    We see Seth Lerch talking and reaching out his hand for Logan to shake it.

    Logan: .........

    Logan walks in front of Seth Lerchs hand and looks down at it.

    Shannan Lerch: Shake it Logan!

    Zack Davis: I don't know, if he shakes it then Logan is not a normal person..

    Logan keeps looking down at Seths hand then he turns his head and looks at the crowd.

    Logan: Does anyone want to see me shake this sum bitches hand!

    The crowd says "Hell no."

    Logan: Me neither, its dirty!

    Logan pulls a bar of soap out of his pocket and a bar of spring water.

    Logan: Wash your hands!

    Logan puts the bar of soap and water in Seth's extended hand.

    Logan: Now, blow a bubble!

    Seth Lerch just stares at Logan.


    Zack Davis: Whoa!

    Seth Lerch blows a bubble.

    Logan: Now let me pop it!

    Logan drops the microphone and punches Seth Lerch right in the face.

    Zack Davis: Right hands by Logan!

    Shannan Lerch: NO!

    Logan gives Seth Lerch right hands all the way to the corner of a turnbuckle, Seth Lerch falls down from the right hands sitting down and Logan starts stomping mudholes in Seth as the crowd is going crazy cheering. Butch comes up and grabs Logans arm, Logan stops stomping mudholes and looks down at Butch's hand on his arm.

    Zack Davis: It seems Butch is trying to reason with him, take him out of it.

    Logan looks down then his head pops up and right hands to Butch!

    Zack Davis: Now Logan is beating up Butch!

    Logan punches him and punches him with hard right hands, Butch falls down and Logan starts stomping a mudhole in him. Cyrus runs out, he slides into the ring but Logan turns around and knocks Cyrus down with a right hand.

    Zack Davis: Logan has snapped!

    Cyrus gets up again and Logan knocks him right back down with a right hand, Cyrus gets up, Logan goes for another right hand by Cyrus blocks it and starts punching Logan. Logan and Cyrus are exchanging punches but Logan has got the upperhand and punches Cyrus right out of the ring. Logan goes back to stomping a mudhole in Seth, Butch gets up and hits Logan from behind. Logan turns around and Butch is pounding on him. But somehow Logan grabs Butch from the legs taking him down and giving him right hands, Rage runs out. Logan doesn't notice Rage, Logan keeps pounding away at Butch. Seth Lerch gets up, Logan turns around and starts giving right hands to Rage, Logan is not facing Seth Lerch as he throws right hands to the face of Rage. Seth Lerch comes up behind Logan giving him a low blow! Cyrus slides into the ring and Logan is stumbling around, Cyrus gives Logan a Total Annihilation!


    Cyrus starts talking trash to the laid out Logan, Cyrus picks him up but Logan spears him down giving him right hands.

    Zack Davis: Logan is still fighting right after that Total Annihilation! This is unbelieveable!

    Shannan Lerch: .........

    Butch, Rage, and Seth Lerch gang up on Logan punching him down to the ground as the crowd boos. They stomp away at Logan, Rage and Butch hold Logan up, wait, whats this! Seth Lerch is outside the ring getting a chair, Cyrus also crawls outside the ring grabbing a chair. Cyrus and Seth Lerch get in the ring with the chairs, and they smack Logan with a double chair shot. Rage and Butch let go of Logan and Logan falls down to his knees but doesn't go down!

    Zack Davis: Logan will not go down! Right after a double chair shot!

    Cyrus and Seth Lerch stare at each other in shock, so they give him another double chair shot, Logan falls down laying there eyes closed.

    Shannan Lerch: There we go Seth! If first ya don't succeed, chair shot again!

    Zack Davis: Logan does not deserve this!

    Seth Lerch grabs a microphone and stands over Logan as the crowd boos. Junkyard Justice comes out from the crowd next, and has a lead pipe. He hits Logan in the head with the pipe, adding even more insult to injury. Lerch smirks, as the entire T.O.T. stands in the ring.

    Seth Lerch: Logan.. you disgust me... and I hereby declare that you are no longer part of the Team of Treachery.. In fact, the Team of Treachery is no more.

    The crowd gasps, and cheers.

    Seth Lerch: I welcome you, fans, to.. The New Era. Seth Lerch. Rage. Junkyard Justice. Cyrus. Katie. Butch. These men, are the New Era.

    Zack Davis: A new stable.. the New Era.. and Logan isn't a part of it.

    Seth Lerch: These men OWN YOU, Logan. You know how I said earlier, that at Blast, that chairshot was accidental? I lied. That was on purpous.. From day one, I lured you in to this stable, JUST TO SCREW YOU OVER! I've never liked you.. in fact, I hate you, Logan.

    The crowd boos loudly at Lerch, who smiles, and takes all the hatred in..

    Seth Lerch: Get this maggot out of MY ring.

    Junkyard Justice and Cyrus throw Logan out of the ring, and Lerch laughs. Logan is still unconcious.

    Seth Lerch: Now, more about tonights show... First of all, G Funk Kid against Butch has been canceled. Butch, you're too important for this match, G Funk is nothing to you. In place of this match, I have a little idea of my own.. Heh. My boys, Rage and Butch, against Logan.. and Hellz Angel.

    Zack Davis: What the hell.. Logan is not only unconcious, but he and Hellz Angel won't be able to co-exist! Seth Lerch knows that.

    Shannan Lerch: Duh.. Thats his plan.

    Seth Lerch: Haha, I guess you better come back to the land of the living, Logan, before it's time for your match. My guys'l see you soon.

    Sad but True hits again, and the New Era gets out of the ring. They stomp at Logan as they leave, and then walk to the back to a chorus of boos. As soon as they are backstage.. Logan begins to get up. The fans cheer loudly as Logan, former WCF champion, stands up after the beating he took.

    Zack Davis: Any other man would be in an ambulance right now.. Logan is amazing. I have a newfound respect for that man. And so do the fans.

    Replays of some things Seth Lerch said are shown on the Jumbotron, and Logan hears. He looks pissed, as he walks backstage.

    Zack Davis: ..Someones gonna pay.

    Back to Shannan and Kyle.

    Kyle Steel: And pay they did. Later that night, Logan teamed with his long time nemesis Hellz Angel in a monumental match against Rage and Butch.

    Shannan Lerch: We have that for you, as well.

  • 2/9/02 - Saturday Slam - Hellz Angel/Logan vs Butch/Rage
  • Zack Davis: And finally, the main event. This is history in the making!

    Shannan Lerch: Oh yes, long time enemies teaming up. This is crazy!

    Zack Davis: It's insane...and I still can't believe Logan is able to compete in this match.

    A hawk screams and the lights dim. A Death March hits the speakers and Hellz Angel walks out slowly as the crowd boos him. He walks down the ramp, without the WCF title, and climbs into the ring. The lights come back on and his music cuts.

    Zack Davis: And his tag team partner!

    The lights dim blue, "Forever" by Kid Rock blasts throughout the arena. Logan comes out from behind the black curtain to a series of cheers.

    Zack Davis: I still can't get over this...the crowd is cheering for Logan.

    He walks down the ramp and enters the ring by going through the middle rope. Once in the ring, he climbs the nearest turnbuckle throwing his arm into the air. He climbs down and his music cuts. Logan paces around the ring awhile walking around Hellz Angel, Hellz Angel just stares at him. Logan and Hellz Angel then go face to face.

    Zack Davis: Can they compete with each other tonight and work as a team?

    Sad but True plays, and the lights go out. Rage enters through the black curtain as gold strobe lights blink. He runs to the ring, and hops in. The lights come back on, and golden pyro shoots from the turnbuckles, and right behind running is Butch.

    Zack Davis: Rage, and Butch, in his debut match..

    Logan goes right after Rage and Butch, giving Rage a right hand then Butch a right hand. Hellz Angel steps outside the ropes into his corner. Logan ends up close lineing Rage over the top rope and Rage falls outside the ring. Hellz Angel hops down from the apron and starts stomping on Rage, back inside the ring Logan whips Butch into the ropes and as he is coming back Logan lays Butch down with a spinebuster.

    Zack Davis: What a spinebuster by Logan.

    Logan picks up Butch and lays him back down with a suplex. Outside the ring Hellz Angel throws Rage knee first into the steel steps, Rage does a flip over the steps and falls down holding his knees, Hellz Angel then picks him up and rolls him back into the ring and Hellz Angel follows. Butch and Rage begin stumbing up at the same time as Logan and Hellz Angel both stalk them, when they turn around Hellz Angel and Logan give Rage and Butch a superkick at the same time!

    Shannan Lerch: That was pretty cool.

    Hellz Angel and Logan stare at each other, Rage rolls out of the ring and Hellz Angel gets back in his corner. Logan stomps on Butch a few times then picks him up holding him by the hair and tags in Hellz Angel, Hellz Angel hops into the ring and kicks Butch in the gut as Logan goes through the ropes going back to his corner. Hellz Angel grabs Butch by the hair but Butch comes back and punches Hellz Angel, Hellz snaps his head then smiles and spears Butch!

    Zack Davis: That Spear came out of nowhere!

    Hellz Angel makes the cover. 1...2...Rage breaks it up. Logan runs inside the ring and gives Rage a jumping closeline and Rage goes down. Logan picks Rage up and throws him out the ring, Logan follows sliding out the ring also. Rage is kneeling down by the steps, Logan walks towards him and Rage turns around real quick giving Logan a lowblow. Logan falls down yelling in pain. Back inside the ring Hellz Angel is stomping away at Butch, he picks him up and gives him a jacknife powerbomb.

    Zack Davis: It's over!

    Shannan Lerch: Butch can kick out.

    Hellz Angel makes the cover. 1...2...Rage pulls Hellz Angel out of the ring.

    Zack Davis: This is good team work by Rage and Butch.

    Shannan Lerch: You bet.

    Hellz Angel gets up and glares down at Rage. Rage just stands there staring at Hellz, Hellz Angel gets out of the ring and Rage starts running up the ramp as Hellz Angel follows and they exit the arena.

    Zack Davis: Where are they going?

    Logan slides into the ring, Butch has recoverd, he stumbles, turns around and gets a DDT by Logan! Logan stands up and walks infront of Butch talking trash. Logan holds his legs up and spits on Butch then crosses his leg, wraps it to one leg flips him over and puts him in the Loganshooter!

    Zack Davis: The Loganshooter! This has to be it!

    Butch is screaming and pain, he trys to reach it for the ropes but can't. Finally, he taps out and the bell rings.

    Zack Davis: And the winner of this match! Hellz Angel and Logan! But.. Where is Hellz!?

    Hellz Angels Death March plays again, and Hellz Angel walks out dragging a casket. He drags it down the ramp and sits it down at the bottom. Logan stares at him as Hellz Angel turns around and walks up the ramp leaving the arena.

    Zack Davis: What was that about?

    Hellz Angel walks back out dragging a knocked out Rage, Logan slides out of the ring and slides the casket into the ring. Logan slides back in the ring, Hellz Angel slides Rage into the ring and then he enters the ring. The music cuts and Hellz Angel and Logan go face to face talking trash as Rage and a casket lay in the middle of the ring, Butch is outside the ring and he sees this. Butch slides into the ring, Hellz Angel turns around and punches away at Butch, Hellz Angel kicks him. Logan opens up the casket and Hellz Angel powerbombs Butch right in the casket.

    Shannan Lerch: Do they trust each other?!

    Zack Davis: I don't think you can say that, they'd never trust each other but...I guess they just both hate the New Era.

    Logan picks Rage up by the hair and looks at Hellz Angel yelling stuff, Logan picks up Rage and throws him onto Butch in the casket, Hellz Angel closes the led shut. Him and Logan then start yelling more things at each other, all of sudden they pick up the casket and slide it out the ring. They get out the ring also, they grab the casket up in their hands and carry it up the ramp. They get to the top of the ramp and raise the casket higher in the air.

    Zack Davis: No! No one deserves this!

    Logan and Hellz Angel throw the casket off the top of the ramp. Logan and Hellz Angel stare at each other, Logan points a finger at him and walks behind the black curtain leaving the arena. Hellz Angel then stands at the top of the ramp looking down at the casket 15 feet down from him.

    Zack Davis: What a night this has been! Logan and Hellz Angel didn't hurt each other the whole match! This is amazing! But were out of time damnit! See you this Wednesday on Wednesday Night!

    The copyright logo and infomation is up, but wait a minute.. Logan has come out to the stage with a microphone.

    Shannan Lerch: Logan can't extend this show!

    Logan: No! No! No! Get the damn copyright and information crap off the screen!

    The stuff goes off the screen and the show keeps running.

    Logan: Tonight, like its always been...I did what I had to do to get to the top! And Hellz Angel...one day, we will meet in that ring again.

    Hellz Angel walks towards Logan and Logan drops the microphone and walks towards Hellz Angel, they go face to face as the camera gets a close up of their faces.

    Zack Davis: This time we are out of time!

    The copy right info and stuff pops up again as the scene fades to black with Hellz Angel and Logan face to face.

    Back to Shannan and Kyle once again.

    Kyle Steel: And that was the last image we'd ever see on WCF television in the year 2002, as WCF closed YET AGAIN afterwards.

    Shannan Lerch: But, as it had done every year, it did reopen. May of 2003... And it hasn't closed since.

    Kyle Steel: This is the modern era of WCF, let's get to that!

  • War IV - Blast
  • 6/29/03 - Blast - Mace vs Hellz Angel vs Logan vs Gravedigger
    6/29/03 - Blast - Creeping Death vs Matthew Steele

    Shannan Lerch: The first of the new WCF's shows was held on May 25th, and as is tradition, was a War match. The winner of this match was a man by the name of Gravedigger.

    Kyle Steel: At the time, Gravedigger was just a former WCF Tag Champ... but he showed us that he had what it took to become the World Champion, and he started a new era in the WCF. The era of the Dark Side, a stable including Gravedigger, Dark Arts Wizard, Brad Aikman, Mike Kaos, and Bishop and Priest. All of those men would be Title holders in WCF.

    Shannan Lerch: And a huge match was announced for Blast... All four of the War winners, Mace, Hellz, Logan, and Gravedigger, would compete to determine the ULTIMATE War winner at Blast.

    Kyle Steel: We have that monumental match in it's entirety for you right now!

  • 6/29/03 - Blast - Mace vs Hellz Angel vs Logan vs Gravedigger
  • "Call the Ambulance" by Busta Rhymes plays on the arena's speakers. Mace as always has the strobe lights flashing and then two spotlights focus in on him and Jax as they make their way to the ring with utmost arrogance. The crowd gives Mace and Jax a mixed reaction as they climb into the ring and take their place in one of the corners.

    The lights darken and Rob Halford's piercing voice is heard screaming "Can't... Stop... The... PAINKILLER!" and "Painkiller" hits the speakers. Hellz Angel walks out to a silent crowd as camera flashes go off and cigarette lighters turn on all around the arena. He makes his way to the ring and climbs in. He circles the ring and pushes himself off the ropes as the lights come back on. Hellz eventually heads over to a corner different from Mace, keeping his eyes on Mace and Jax.

    "Straight Out of Line" by Godsmack blasts out over the PA system. Logan slowly passes his way through the curtains letting them slide off his body and fall behind him. Logan's body is drenched in water, causing drops of water to fall off of him as he moves down the ramp. Every now and then Logan yells at the booing crowd before rolling inside the ring. Once inside the ring Logan paces around on the opposite side of the ring that Mace and Hellz are standing on. Everyone looks up to the entrance awaiting the entrance of the world champion, Gravedigger.

    Kyle Steel: This match is gonna be intense.

    Zach Davis: Indeed it will.

    "Get Low" by Ying Yang Twins plays on the speakers.

    Shannan Lerch: Well, here comes Gravedigger's manager, Dobbie.

    Dobbie walks out onto the top of the ramp, mic in hand and puts it up to his mouth.

    Dobbie: Yo yo, let Dobbie speak on this. Dobbie gotta liven this PPV up with a bit of his lyrics. Dobbie looks in that ring and sees three wrestlers who think dey got it, but everybody knows that you ain't got a chance of beating Gravedigger not even a little bit. Mace standin up in there with his manager Jax, thinkin he the $hit musta not got the fax. Dude you not the shit, you the ex-lax. When Gravedigger gets done with you, ya gon feel like you got anthrax. Hellz Angel up in there claiming he is the original Bloody }{awk, he ain't nothin neither, no walk all he does is talk. Gathering up a group of his boys to do all his work, sittin in the basement you know he don't like to see a female twerk. That's aight if you like guys named Mitch, but tonight you'll be Gravedigger's bitch. Logan up in there with a big grin on his face thinkin this dood suck, well tonight punk you've ran out of luck. The running stops here, because the darkness has started to run amuck, after tonight when people see you they won't give a

    Dobbie holds the mic up to the audience as they finish his last sentence.

    "I'm not the one who's so far away When I feel the snake bite enter my veins Never did I wanna be here again And I don't remember why I came."

    The opening words to "Voodoo" by Godsmack play on the arena's speakers as the lights go out. Every few seconds a spotlight lights up one of the turnbuckles and upon each turnbuckle is one of the four faceless figures crouching, facing the entryway waiting for Gravedigger. Two more spotlights light up near the entrance as Jessie comes out from the back and stands where one of the spotlights is at, while Dobbie walks over onto the other one. A couple of seconds later the four faceless figures slowly stand up and raise their hands to the sky, as if drawing in power from an invisible force. A shrieking noise can be heard over the song from each one of them. The lights flicker over each figure and then each ringpost bursts into flames, that nearly reach the rafters. The four spotlights quickly meet right in front of the entryway as Gravedigger steps out from the back with the world title strapped around his waist and his mask over half of his face. The crowd goes nuts when they see Gravedigger emerge from the back, not a person in their seats. The three sets of spotlights keep up with Dobbie, Jessie, and Gravedigger as the trio walks to the ring. Dobbie and Jessie walk slightly ahead of Gravedigger and they climb the ring steps followed by Gravedigger. They both sit on the ropes holding them open for Gravedigger who steps through, his eyes glancing back and forth from Mace to Logan to Hellz Angel the entire time. Jessie and Dobbie get off of the middle ropes and into the ring. Jessie walks up to Gravedigger and latches onto one of his arms staring at the three men gunning for Gravedigger's world title.

    The referee walks over and takes the world title from Gravedigger. He walks around showing it off to each of the three contenders, letting them have a glance at it before going to the next person. He finally holds it up in the air and spins around slowly in a circle allowing the audience to see it. He then hands it out to the timekeeper who goes over and rings the bell at the referee's request. None of the four men move. Jessie, Dobbie, and Jax all climb out of the ring as the four men continue to stare at each other.

    Shannan Lerch: Wow, this is intense.

    Zach Davis: Yes it is. Who will make the first move?

    Hellz Angel's eyes lock on Mace who returns the look. Hellz Angel and Mace walk towards each other and lock up. Hellz Angel with a headlock on Mace. Gravedigger and Logan watch the two start the match. Hellz irish whips Mace and nails him with a forearm on his way back. Mace up and irish whipped again and goes flying through the air via a backbody drop. Mace rolls out of the ring in front of Jax and looks up at Hellz Angel. Hellz is nailed from behind via a combined attack from Gravedigger and Logan.

    Zach Davis: Why in the world are those two working together?

    Shannan Lerch: They share a hatred for the original Bloody }{awk. Gravedigger and Logan nail Hellz with a double suplex. Logan picks Hellz up and together with Gravedigger nails Hellz with a double DDT. Logan goes for the pin but is knocked off by Gravedigger.

    Zach Davis: Uh oh, well there went that teamwork from those two as Logan shoves Gravedigger who shoves him right back.

    Before the two men can start nailing rights on each other, Mace nails Gravedigger with a kick to the back of the head, causing him to fall down. Gravedigger gets up with a mad look on his face but is floored by a clothesline. Logan goes for another pin attempt but Hellz kicks out at two. Gravedigger is irish whipped by Mace, ducks the boot by Mace and nails a cross body on Mace. Mace back up and is body slammed to the mat. Gravedigger leans into the ropes, uses the momentum and hits a big splash on Mace. Gravedigger with the pin but Logan is right there to knock him off before the ref even has time to tell the timekeeper that it was only a one count. Logan picks Gravedigger up and performs a Russian leg sweep on the champion. The champ is up and right back down with a belly-to-belly suplex from Logan.

    Zach Davis: Logan applies an armbar as Hellz gets up.

    Hellz goes back to taking on Mace, leaving us right back where we started. Hellz with a thumb to the eye on Mace, causing him to wince and hold his eye. Mace is down on the mat again after a brainbuster from the former WCF champion. Mace better pick up the pace in this match-up if he hopes to win. He's the only wrestler to get little offense in so far. Logan still pouring in the pain as he still has the arm bar locked in. Gravedigger is up on one knee now as the referee continues to ask Gravedigger if he gives up.

    Shannan Lerch: Jessie watching on from the outside, cheering her man on telling him to not give up. Where's Dobbie?

    Zach Davis: He's over there near the ramp talking to some woman.

    Shannan Lerch: You think he's going to freestyle for her?

    Zach Davis: Good Lord I hope not. I'm praying something happens to his throat so he won't sing anymore...

    Shannan Lerch: Maybe so.

    Logan drops an elbow across Gravedigger's arm causing him to holler out a little bit. Logan lets go and performs a double leg takedown on GD. He keeps hold of GD's legs and attempts to flip him over for a boston crab but GD kicks Logan away and into the turnbuckle. The back of Logan's head hits the turnbuckle and he stumbles back towards GD, who rolls him up in a small package. Logan kicks out at the two count and the match continues with Mace finally getting the advantage over Hellz after nailing a DDT from out of nowhere. Mace with a headlock. Gravedigger runs up and applies a headlock on Mace who's still applying the headlock on Hellz. Logan runs up and applies a headlock on the champion.

    Zach Davis: What the hell is this??

    The referee is standing there confused and finally decides to start pulling them all apart. Mace and Gravedigger start going at it again as Mace is sent into the ropes. Mace goes down to the mat after a body slam by the champion who follows up with an elbow drop, but Mace rolls out of the way. Mace back up, irish whipping the champ and nails a drop toe hold on GD. GD back up and suplexed by Mace. Mace is floored from a clothesline by Hellz. GD back up and helps Hellz flapjack Mace. Both men start stomping away at Mace, but their teamwork doesn't last long as Gravedigger bounces off the ropes, leaps forward leaning all the way back and superkicks Hellz. GD's foot catches Hellz on the chin and launches him a couple of feet before he comes crashing down to the mat. Logan runs over from the side and clotheslines the champion over the top rope and goes for the pin attempt on Hellz. The ref counts...

    1...2...kick out by Hellz Angel.

    Logan gets Hellz up off of the mat and body slams him. Logan walks over and scales the turnbuckle. He leaps off nailing a flying elbow on Hellz Angel and once again goes for the pin. Logan slaps the mat hard in frustration as Hellz once again kicks out. Jax is on the outside and goes over and starts stomping away at the champion who is on the mat outside. Mace rolls out of the ring and joins Jax. Jax picks up the champion and irish whips him into Mace who nails the champ with a big boot. GD goes down hard for some reason.

    Shannan Lerch: How does Mace always take people down with a weak boot to the face.

    Zach Davis: Maybe there's more power to that boot than we know...

    The crowd cheers as Dobbie comes running along the barricade, chair in hand. He balances perfectly along towards Mace and Jax. Dobbie hollers at them and tosses the chair as they turn around. Mace catches it and is nailed with a Ghetto Blaster as Dobbie leaps off the barricade and lands a perfect kick to the chair which hits Mace in the side of the head. Dobbie ducks the clothesline attempt from Jax, grabs the chair again and slams it into Jax. Dobbie starts waking up Gravedigger as we go back to the action in the ring. Logan is still on the offensive as he nails a belly-to-belly suplex on Hellz. Logan grabs Hellz's legs and signals for the Loganshooter. Hellz hollers out and tries to reach for the ropes. He stops when he sees Gravedigger bouncing off the ropes. Gravedigger dropkicks Hellz in the face without Logan even knowing it. Gravedigger runs back again, bounces off the ropes and bulldogs Logan off of Hellz Angel. GD picks up Hellz Angel and powerbombs him to the mat. GD goes for the pin as Epic runs out from the back. The ref goes for the count.

    1...2...Gravedigger is pulled out of the ring by Epic. Epic walks Gravedigger over to the barricade and picks him up in a suplex and drops him over the railing. Gravedigger yells out. Dobbie comes running around once again to save the day. Dobbie quickly leaps up on the apron, jumps up on the top rope and as Epic turns around he jumps off and does a hurracanrana on Epic which flips him into the steel steps.

    Zach Davis: Man, that had to hurt.

    Shannan Lerch: Yeah, Dobbie is all over the place tonight.

    Kyle Steel: Just like you on the nights you don't work here, eh?

    Shannan Lerch: ...WHAT?! How dare you!

    Zach Davis: Calm down.. Back to the match.

    Gravedigger gets back into the ring and is hammered in the back by Hellz Angel. Hellz irish whips GD, who ducks the clothesline attempt but is nailed with a dropkick. Hellz picks up Gravedigger, irish whips him and nails a clothesline on the champ. Mace finally back up and in the ring. Mace helps Hellz as they irish whip the champ. Gravedigger again ducks the clothesline attempt and answers with his own clothesline on both men, knocking them to the mat. Logan kicks GD in the back and hits a reverse DDT on the world champion. Logan picks GD up, bounces off the ropes and nails a scissor kick on the champ. Logan goes back over and starts working on Hellz Angel again. He mounts the Bloody }{awk and nails him with lefts and rights pummeling his enemy in the head. Logan picks Hellz up and irish whips him. Hellz goes for a boot, but it's ducked by Logan who nails the Impact Style!! Scavenger of Sorrow leaps over the railings from the crowd and slides into the ring with a guitar in hand. The referee turns around into a guitar shot, the guitar smashing into a hundred pieces over the fallen referee. Logan gets mad as his chances at being world champion have been thwarted once again. Logan runs over at SOS who kicks him in the gut and nails the SOS on the Face of Treachery! SOS grabs Hellz and pulls him over and drapes his arm across Logan's chest. SOS goes over and starts waking up the referee so he can register the 3 count making Hellz Angel the new world champion. SOS is tapped on the shoulder and when he looks he's nailed by a huge diamond cutter from Dobbie.

    Zach Davis: Man! There he goes again!

    Shannan Lerch: Dobbie making sure that no one interferes in this match-up. Wait, who's that?

    All of a sudden, Steel comes lumbering out from the back.

    Zach Davis: Oh man, this CAN'T be good. Dobbie sees him, too. How's he going to stop the big man from interfering? Dobbie's telling him to bring it.

    Gravedigger slowly getting back up on the edge of the apron as Steel nears the ring. Dobbie runs across the ring, jumps up onto the top rope, balancing on it for a second and then using it as a launching pad as he goes flying through the air in a cross body block attempt on Steel. Steel grins right before he catches Dobbie and he performs a vicious backbreaker on Gravedigger's manager. Jessie screams from ringside as Steel drops Dobbie across his knee again and then throws him aside. Steel reaches the ring and climbs in going straight after Logan and Hellz. Gravedigger is over at Dobbie's side trying to get him up and awake, but no response from Dobbie. Jessie runs over and says she'll take care of him as Gravedigger turns back to the ring with an angry look on his face. Gravedigger looks up at the rafters and lifts his hands up in the air.

    Zach Davis: What the hell is doing this for again?

    Shannan Lerch: He's "hulking" up!

    Zach Davis: But he's not the Hulk! Should I call Broughton?

    Shannan Lerch: No, it's like the Undertaker holding his hand out for the urn...or the Ultimate Warrior pointing at the sky and then shaking the ropes...or Hogan hulking up! Gravedigger's drawing power from the darkness!!

    Zach Davis: ....How did you know that?

    Shannan Lerch: I asked him one day after a match.

    Zach Davis: Oh...well that explains it. Uh oh, I think he's ready.

    Gravedigger flexes, muscles all over his body bulging with the flex, and he hollers out as he runs to the ring. Jessie runs to the backstage area.

    Shannan Lerch: I wonder where she's going.

    Zach Davis: Maybe nature is calling.

    Shannan Lerch: No, us women know how to control our bladders.

    Zach Davis: Well, how come your always going during dates!

    Shannan Lerch: We're not, we're powdering our noses. Like you know anything about getting a date...

    Zach Davis: What the hell does that mean?

    Shannan Lerch: Powdering our noses? We're talking about you behind your back in the bathroom.

    Zach Davis: Well, how come sometimes when you women do that, you never come back?

    Shannan looks at Zach like he's a loser and looks back at her monitor.

    Shannan Lerch: Anyway, back to the action. Steel in the ring as Hellz and Logan both get up.

    Steel grabs both men by the throat and does a double chokeslam planting both men on the mat. Mike Kaos runs out from the back, with Jessie following closely behind, and with a chair in his hand as Gravedigger gets in the ring and starts going at it with Steel.

    Kyle Steel: So THAT'S where Jessie went.

    Both men trade blows back and forth as Kaos slides into the ring. Kaos signals for the Grave Marker, which Kaos would usually help with, and tosses the chair to Gravedigger. Steel halfway turns around to see who is there, then catches the chair as he turns back to Gravedigger. Gravedigger and Kaos run at Steel at the same time. Kaos takes his legs out from behind as Gravedigger performs the Grave Marker on Steel. With the help from Kaos, Steel goes down and is rolled out of the ring by Kaos who climbs out and hangs out at ringside. Mace comes at GD, kicks him in the gut and tries to lift him up for the Mace drop, but GD hooks his leg around Mace's leg. The move is stopped. Mace punches GD in the gut again and goes for it one more time. When GD is up in the air, he ends up sliding out of it. GD shoves Mace into the nearby turnbuckle. Mace crashes off of it and lands right in GD's arms where he is flipped over and his head is driven into the mat....Death Driver!! Hellz Angel finally gets back up and gets over to GD before he can try and pin Mace. Hellz kicks GD in the gut and tombstones the champion to the mat.

    Zach Davis: Hellz with his own version of the Death Driver. The ref sliding into the count.

    Shannan Lerch: One...two...NO! GD kicks out. Hellz going for another tombstone...but GD reverses it! Death Driver on Hellz Angel!! But here comes Logan who knocks GD off of the pin at the 2 count. Logan and GD going at it now.

    GD goes for a clothesline but it's ducked by Logan who locks in a sleeperhold. He looks around with a wild look on his face.

    Shannan Lerch: I think this is it! He's in position for the Connector!

    Logan leaps over GD's shoulder, but GD grabs onto Logan, and holds him in place. GD is powering out of the move. GD yells loudly as he powers Logan up onto his shoulder and pummels his left side making him let go of the sleeperhold. GD sets Logan in position for the tombstone, walks around the ring showing off his "prize" and jumps in the air, crashing down with a violent Death Driver. GD bounces back up and notices everyone down except for Hellz who's on the outside. GD walks over and hooks Logan's leg. The referee slides into position and registers the 3-count.


    Zach Davis: Gravedigger has retained the world title!!

    Ring Announcer: The winner and STILL WCF world champion...GRAVEDIGGER!!

    "Voodoo" by Godsmack starts playing as Gravedigger stands in the middle of the ring, his arms raised towards the sky. Kaos stands outside the ring clapping his hands, giving Gravedigger his props.

    Kyle Steel: Gravedigger proved why he was the real deal, and the "new blood" of WCF.

    Shannan Lerch: Meanwhile, another "new blood" was having his own problems with a man that, well, just wanted blood. Matthew Steele had become the TV Champion, and was involved in a feud with Creeping Death. The two went after each other for months... up until Blast, when they settled their fight once and for all. It was a barbed wire TLC match, and here it is.

  • 6/29/03 - Blast - Creeping Death vs Matthew Steele
  • Inside the ring, the crew members are replacing the ropes with strings of barbed wire, and the WCF Television Title is lowered from the rafters. Creeping Death's ladder, Damien, is laying in the aisle, awaiting the opponents for this T.V. Title Match.

    The lights slowly fade to black. The JumboTron shows shots of a big wooden cross wrapped in barbed wire in the middle of a thunderstorm. While the cross is shown, the churchy music plays. "Payback" comes on through the organ music. As soon as the heavy part of "Payback" kicks in, the lights come back on, and Creeping Death emerges from the back, with Kristen Volz by his side holding a kendo stick. They slowly walk down to the ring, Creeping Death with a black hoodie on, with the hood over his head, and his head down, Kristen wearing a black baby doll tank top with "Flaw" on the front in white letters, and the same baggy black nylon pants Creeping Death wears. As they reach the ring, Kristen takes the steps, and Creeping Death climbs up to the apron, and jumps over the top rope into the ring. Inside, Creeping Death takes off the hoodie and hands it to Kristen.

    The lights dim and a soft strobe light begins to flash around the arena. "Not Falling" by Mudvayne hits and the strobe lights flash with intensity. As the song picks up, the lights go bright and Matthew Steele stands on the ramp with his arms out to his sides. He looks out over the capacity crowd and makes his way down to the ring.

    Zach Davis: Folks, I'm going to keep kind of quiet. These men's actions will do all the talking.

    Shannan Lech: Yes.

    Both men look up at the T.V. Title that hangs twenty six feet above the ring. Creeping Death cracks his neck, and Steele jumps around, getting the blood flowing. The crowd roars in antitipation and delight. Steele is the first to try anything, going for a clothesline. Creeping Death ducks, and goes for a spinning kick, which Steele ducks and goes for a sweep, but Creeping Death jumps up, and tries a kick to the face, but again, Steele avoids it with a duck. Steele fires right back with a kick to the ribs, but Creeping Death catches his foot, and pulls him into a headlock. Creeping Death pulls hard on Matthew's head, but Matthew picks Creeping Death up into a belly to back suplex. Creeping Death turns in mid air though, and rolls Steele in a sunset flip. Steele rolls through that, but stands up right into a belly to back suplex from Creeping Death. Steele goes for the sunset flip, but Creeping Death catches his head, and hits a Kryptonite Krunch on Steele!

    Zach Davis: Nice chain wrestling by these two...but this is supposed to be Ultraviolent!

    Shannan Lerch: Don't worry, things will get ugly.


    Zach Davis: ...Don't talk for the rest of this match.

    Kyle Steel: Sigh. OK, sorry.

    Creeping Death slides under the barbed wire ropes, and looks under the ring. From underneath, he pulls out a chair, and tosses it into the ring. But he isn't done! He then pulls out a ten foot ladder, and places it on the apron and guard rail, creating a bridge. As Creeping Death places the ladder down, Matthew Steele comes flying over the barbed wire, and slams Creeping Death's head into the ladder with a leg drop! Steele gets off the ladder, and grabs Creeping Death, hitting a belly to belly suplex over the ladder bridge, down to the concrete. Steele ducks under the ladder, and picks Creeping Death up, only to whip him into the ladder. Creeping Death's back hits the ladder, and it flies down the apron. Steele reaches into the ring, and grabs the chair Creeping Death threw in there. Steele stalks Creeping Death, and blasts him right in the head with the chair. Steele drops the chair, and positions Creeping Death infront of the ladder. Steele runs at C.D., and goes for a jumping Tornado DDT, but Creeping Death throws Steele off, over the ladder. Steele lands on his feet, and Creeping Death jumps up, grabs into the ladder, and slings himself under, kicking Steele right in the shins! Steele falls face first, and Creeping Death just simply sits down, holding his lower back. Steele pops right back up, and climbs on top of the ladder bridge. Creeping Death grabs the chair, and tosses it over Steele's head. Steele watches it the whole way, and sees it land in Kristen's hands. Kristen then tosses it up to Steele, who catches it. As Kristen tosses the chair, Creeping Death hops up to the guard rail, and jumps back, hitting Steele with a Van Daminator, knocking him into the barbed wire!

    Steele lays in the barbed wire, as Creeping Death lays on the floor. The crowd chants "WCF! WCF!" over and over as the Van Daminator is replayed on the Jumbo Tron. Steele finally rolls off the barbed wire, into the ring. Creeping Death begins to move some weapons into the ring, like the chair, a table, and the ladder. Creeping Death rolls in after the weapons, and sets up the table. Steele grabs the chair, for some unknown reason, and rushes at Creeping Death. Steele dives and hurls the chair right at Creeping Death's face, connecting. Creeping Death falls in a heap. Steele grabs C.D., and whips him into the wire. Creeping Death hits chest and stomach first. Steele follows up with a body splash, pushing the barbs even further into C.D.'s body. Matthew pulls Creeping Death back to the center of the ring, and lifts him into the Torture Rack! Creeping Death's body gets basically broken in half. Steele keeps C.D. up in the move for a good fifteen seconds, until Creeping Death turns around, and hits a Tornado DDT out of it, sending Steele violently forward in a flip. Both men lay in the ring, dazed. Creeping Death is the first one up, as he sets up the ten foot ladder in the center of the ring. Creeping Death lifts Steele up, and takes him up the ladder. At about the seven foot mark, Steele begins to fight back. Steele hooks Creeping Death in a belly to back suplex. But instead, Steele gives Creeping Death a release german suplex off the ladder, turning Creeping Death inside out, through the table! This table just shatters from the impact of Creeping Death's midsection!

    The two men lay in the ring, Creeping Death lays motionless, and Matthew is holding his lower back. Steele manages to roll out of the ring, and pick up Damien. Matthew slides Damien into the ring as Kristen checks on Creeping Death. Steele sets up Damien in the center of the ring, right next to the ten foot ladder. Damien doubles the size of this ten footer, making it look like a dwarf. Steele begins his climb of Damien, but Creeping Death is back up, climbing up the other side very quickly. Creeping Death reaches the ten foot point, and swings around the ten foot ladder, grabbing Steele. Steele goes for a punch, but Creeping Death blocks it, and hooks Steele in a DDT. Stele counters, and hits a Russian Leg Sweep off the ladders onto the barbed wire ropes, bringing them down on that side! The two men lay there, utterly motionless while the crowd once again chants "WCF! WCF! WCF!"

    Steele is the first man to show signs of life. He rolls onto his stomach, and lays an arm on Creeping Death. He stays there for a second, and remembers he needs to climb the ladder. Matthew sits up, and looks at the carnage. All three strands of barbed wire have come down on that side of the ring, and Creeping Death lays on his stomach after being bounced around from the impact. Matthew manages to crawl over to the ladder and pull himself up to a standing base. Steele looks up, and sees the T.V. Title, and knows it's his. As be puts a foot on Damien, Kristen comes into the ring, and checks on Creeping Death again. Steele looks down at Kristen, and in a brief moment of hatred, grabs her, and lifts her into a Tombstone position, sitting out with the Steele Driver on the helpless woman. Steele rolls Kristen's limp body to the floor, and goes to look back at Creeping Death, who is gone. Matthew looks around, and finds a light tube coming towards his head! The tube shatters and sends glass shards everywhere!

    Zach Davis: Oh my god! Creeping Death really has brought ultraviolence to WCF!

    Creeping Death hops out of the ring and looks under. C.D. pulls out a long box FILLED with light tubes! He slides it into the ring, and pulls out a bag from under the ring. Creeping Death slides into the ring and empties the bag...thumb tacks! Steele is back up, and Creeping Death kicks him in the gut. Steele doubles over, and Creeping Death lifts him into For Whom the Bell Tolls! Steele, however, flips up into a hurricanrana, but Creeping Death front flips out of it. C.D. stumbles infront of the ladder, and runs up it, jumping off in a moonsault. Steele is ready, and hits a dropkick to Creeping Death's gut on his way around! Creeping Death lands right beside the pile of tacks as the crowd oohs and aahs. Steele helps Creeping Death to his feet, and lifts Creeping Death in a powerbomb. However, Creeps counters with a hurricanrana, but Steele front flips out of it too. Just like Creeping Death, Steele runs up the ladder, and off into a moonsault, only to catch Creeping Death in a Dragon Sleeper as Matthew flips over C.D. Steele turns it around into a suplex. Instead of falling backwards, he falls forwards, and spins around into a Diamond Cutter!

    Zach Davis: That was The Fall From Grace, Steele's new move.

    Steele looks down at Creeping Death and cracks a smile. Matthew goes to the outside and retrieves a table, setting it up on the side of the ring where the babred wire ropes are taken down. Matt then grabs the box of light tubes, and begins to line the table. He gets about seven or eight tubes on the table, and duct tapes them into place. Steele climbs into the ring, and grabs Creeping Death. Matthew leads C.D. over to the apron, and whirls him up into the Tombstone position. Creeping Death, however, pushes off Matthew's legs, and swings down to the side, hitting a leg scissor takedown. Steele rolls through it, and runs at Creeping Death, only to get lifted up into a Death Valley Driver. Creeping Death basically stumbles to the apron, and whips Steele around in the F-5 to X-Factor...but Steele reverses into a Tornado DDT! NO! Creeping Death reverses that into a release Northern Lights Suplex back into the ring! NO AGAIN! Steele flips out of it and lands on his feet. Creeping Death pops back up into the waiting arms of Steele, who again turns Creeping Death into the Tombstone. But this time, Creeping Death cartwheels out of it, and hooks Steele in a Flatliner/Downward Spiral. Creeping Death bends over a little bit, making Steele bend over backwards, and Creeping Death whips his body back violently, sending Steele face first into the mat!

    The two men take another break. Creeping Death is the first one up, and he positions the ten foot ladder infront of Steele. Creeping Death climbs up the opposite side of the ladder, and stands on the very top. Creeping Death leaps off in a Shooting Star Press, but turns once more, and hits a Shooting Star Leg Drop! "WCF!" chants quickly arise. Again, the two lay and breathe. Creeping Death is again the first one up, and he brings Steele to his feet. Out of complete and utter desperation, Steele kicks C.D. in the gut, and hits a LYGER BOMB off the apron through the light tube table! Creeping Death's body folds up from the angle that Steele dropped him. The two men lay in the rubble, while again, the "WCF!" chants fire up.

    Steele is the first one to even blink. He gets up from the mess, and falls into the ring. Matthew climbs up Damien, and at around the twelve foot mark, Creeping Death is back in the ring, almost up the other side. The two men meet at the top, and throw twenty foot high punches at eachother. Steele tries a haymaker, but Creeping Death blocks it, and hooks Steele in a Flatliner/Doanward Spiral. Creeping Death brings Matthew up so they are standing on the very top of Damien, and Creeping Death goes a moonsault off the ladder, sending Steele in a front flip, landing in a Rock Bottom position down on the mat! As the two men hit the mat, Creeping Death bounces to his back, and Steele just lays motionless. A mixture of "WCF!" and "Holy Shit!" chants arise. Creeping Death stirs for a moment, and begins his climb. At the fifteen foot point, he looks back, and sees Matthew still laying motionless on the mat. Creeping Death stands on top of Damien, and grabs the T.V. Title, winning this Ultraviolent Ladder Match, and more importantly, the WCF Television Title!

    Kyle Steel: Well.. damn. Look at that.

    Creeping Death jumps off the ladder down to the ring, and then rolls out. He walks.. amazingly.. under his own power, to the back.

    Zach Davis: We have a three way match coming up next, but man.. This was brutal, I'm amazed.

    Shannan Lerch: I can safely say this has been the most Hardcore night in WCF ever.

    Back to the studio.

    Shannan Lerch: Of course, we'd so more violence to come, but..

    Kyle Steel: Meanwhile, Logan was getting the TOT back together. He and Seth resumed their fighting, but Logan recruited men like Wreck, Cyrus, and Epic. At Blast, he brought in PsychoMantis and Hellz Angel... only to beat the crap out of Hellz anyway, just to be an asshole. After that, however, Logan announced his retirement. Seth didn't like this, and challenged Logan to a match. If Seth won, Logan had to stay, but if Logan won, Logan could control Slam for a week. Well, Logan won, which lead up to... Saturday of Treachery.

  • Blast - Revenge
  • 7/5/03 - Saturday of Treachery - Logan vs Rick Mad
    7/12/03 - Saturday Slam - End of Creeping Death vs Hellz Angel vs Gravedigger

    Shannan Lerch: The consequences of Logan running Saturday of Treachery were obvious from the start. He booked Road Rage against his friend Creeper in a career match, forcing one of them to leave WCF. It was Road Rage. Creeper got to stay. He booked his enemy Hellz Angel in a huge handicapped match against the TOT; needless to say, Hellz lost. He made a Hardcore Title match when the Hardcore Champion, Madd Dogg, wasn't even there. Cyrus won the Hardcore Title, technically, but he beat some hobo who had been payed to play Dogg. He brought back the Tag Titles. And he faced a man from his past...

    Kyle Steel: The match was YEARS in the making, and it was Logan vs Rick Mad for the FIRST TIME. We could do an entire show devoted to their feud, but we won't. Instead, we will show you their first, and so far ONLY, one on one encounter.

  • 7/5/03 - Saturday of Treachery - Logan vs Rick Mad
  • "Straight Out of Line" by Godsmack blasts out over the PA system. Logan slowly passes his way through the curtains letting them slide off his body and fall behind him. Logan's body is drenched in water causing drops of water to fall of him as he moves down the ramp. Every now and then Logan yells at the booing crowd before rolling inside the ring. Once inside the ring Logan paces around untill his music cuts.

    Zach Davis: This is a highly anticipated match for Logan.

    Shannan Lerch: Yeah, it's just will Rick Mad actually show up to face Logan?

    Anger Rising hits, and Seth walks out with a microphone in hand. He walks to the ring, slapping a few hands, and rolls in. He headbangs a bit to the music sometimes once he's in the ring.

    Shannan Lerch: What is my brother doing out here?!

    Seth raises the mircophone to his lips.

    Seth Lerch: Logan, Logan, Logan. Sure you've paid your dues here in WCF but to be honest.. I'm GLAD to see you go! Now I don't know what tricks you have up your sleeve but I want to know who's going be the new T.o.T leader right now!

    Logan walks over to Seth whispering in his ear. Seth's eyes grow big.

    Seth Lerch: BIG---

    Seth Lerch is interupted from a right hand to the jaw by Logan. The microphone drops to the floor as Logan scoops up Seth throwing him over the ropes to the outside of the ring.

    Shannan Lerch: That's my brother he's throwing around!

    Logan stares at the ramp way hearing a crowd chant "Mad!". One by Metallica plays, and the crowd erupts. Rick Mad steps out from behind the curtain, and the already load cheering grows even louder. He's wearing a leather jacket and black sunglasses on over his wrestling attire as he walks to the ring. He steps in, stands in the center with Logan never taking his eyes off him, and raises his arms in the air. Green pyro shoots out from all four turnbuckles as he does so before the music cuts.

    Zach Davis: It's really happening!

    Logan and Rick Mad immediately go face to face exchanging words. There's so much tension you couldn't break it with a four ton stone. As they keep disrespecting each other Seth Lerch slides into the ring in the background of these two. As Seth stands to his feet Rick Mad and Logan turn around clocking Seth down to the ground. Logan picks up Seth Lerch and holds him up as Rick delivers a boot to Seth's gut and hit's a MAD DDT!

    Shannan Lerch: Seth is getting beat up tonight.

    Logan holds up Seth Lerch's legs right in front of Rick Mad as Logan signals for a sharpshooter. Sure enough, Rick Mad grabs Seth's legs and locks him into a sharpshooter as he has his back turned to Logan. Logan looks at the crowd and puts a finger over his lips as if he's saying "Shhh!". The crowd try to help out Rick by chanting "Behind you Rick!". Rick Mad just smiles thinking his fans are behind him before Logan rushes up behind him clocking him down with a close line to the back of his head. Rick Mad is forced to break the hold as he falls down to his face. Logan kicks Seth out of the ring as the bell finally rings. Rick Mad pops back to his feet to an unexpecting Logan as Rick drills Logan over the face with right hands. Rick punches Logan into the turn buckle before going to stomp some feet into his gut, Logan however catches a foot by Rick Mad as Logan spins him around. Rick Mad spins around with his back facing Logan as Logan grabs Rick from behind and gives him a back body drop on to the turnbuckle causing Rick Mad to bounce off the turn buckle protectors and fall towards Logan. Logan grabs him in a bear hug and throws him over his shoulders for a belly to belly suplex.

    Zach Davis: Nice little combination.

    Logan falls on top of Rick Mad going for an early pin. One, Tw-- Rick Mad kicks out. Logan stands up and stomps over Rick Mad before picking him up by his hair and whipping him into the ropes. Logan bends down in front of Rick waiting for him to come back, Rick comes back and sends a boot to the face of Logan. Logan walks around the ring holding his nose as we see a little blood trinkle from it. Logan stumbles back to Rick and is met with a Fallaway Slam. Logan somehow pops back up and gets another Fallaway Slam. Rick Mad rushes over to Logan holding on to the ropes to give him support as he stomps away at Logan.

    Shannan Lerch: It looks like Logan is bleeding from the nose.

    Rick Mad picks up Logan and gives him yet another Fallaway Slam.

    Zach Davis: Logan LOVES them Fallaway Slam's doesn't he?

    Rick Mad finally drops on top of Logan hooking the leg. One, two, th-- Logan kicks out.

    Zach Davis: That was pretty close. The Fallaway Slam's did some effect on Logan.

    Rick Mad picks up Logan and hooks his head into a head lock. Rick Mad backs up against the turnbuckle and jumps up with his feet on the second rope, Rick Mad then spins over Logan and gives him a tremendous Tornado DDT. Rick Mad quickly rolls over on Logan to make the cover. One, two, thr--- Logan kicks out again. Rick Mad stands to his feet and gets some support from the crowd. Logan rolls over and drops his arm over the ropes using them to stand up. Rick Mad turns around and Logan jumps in the air knocking Rick Mad down with a close line. Logan falls over on the turnbuckle leaning against it and watching Rick Mad stand up. Once Rick Mad does Logan runs over to Rick Mad throwing right hands at his face, Rick responds back with right hands of his own as they soon begin exchanging right hands. Logan gets the upperhand and kicks Rick Mad in the gut and lays him out with his own finisher the MAD DDT!

    Shannan Lerch: Logan just gave Rick Mad a MAD DDT! What the...

    Logan hooks the leg. One, two, thre--- Rick Mad shockly kicks out of his own finisher. Logan stands up stomping away at his leg before picking them up to hook Rick Mad into a Loganshooter in the center of the ring.

    Zach Davis: Will Rick Mad submit?!

    The crowd chants "Mad!" over and over as this only makes Logan mad. Logan screams at the crowd to "shut up!" as he feels Rick regaining strength. The referee checks on Rick Mad but Rick just shakes his head. Rick Mad manages to flip Logan over and now Logan is laying on the ground and Rick Mad is standing up with a hold of Logan's legs. Rick Mad has reverse the sharpshooter and now has Logan in a sharpshooter of his own! The blood begins flowing harder from Logan's nose as Logan bangs his head on the matt looking for motivation. Logan begins crawling towards the ropes but can't seem to reach them. Rick Mad pulls Logan back into the center of the ring. Logan finally flips Rick Mad over and locks him back into the Loganshooter!

    Zach Davis: How many times are they going reverse sharp shooters?

    After a few minutes of moaning and groaning Rick finally makes it to the ropes and the referee forces Logan to break the hold. Logan picks up Rick Mad and kicks him in the gut and grabs his head looking for another MAD DDT. But, Rick reverses it and out of nowhere hit's Logan with the MAD DDT! That's got to be it! It's over! Rick Mad hooks the leg. One! Two! Thre-- No! Logan manages to kick out. Rick Mad picks Logan up but Logan strikes back with a russian leg sweep causing both of them to lay down. Logan rolls over still recovering from the MAD DDT. Both of the men begin to slowly get to their feet at the same time.. Rick Mad stumbles around and Logan locks him into a sleeper. Logan flips over Rick's shoulder and hit's Rick with a Connector! It's got to be over! Logan slowly crawls over to Rick and lays an arm over him.




    Rick Mad somehow kick's out!

    Zach Davis: No way! How could he kick out! NO ONE HAS EVER KICKED OUT OF THE CONNECTOR!

    Logan sets up looking shocked with wide eyes. Logan stands up and begins aruging with the referee. Logan declares that it was a three count. All of sudden Logan hits the referee with an Impact Style causing the referee to be laid out in the ring. Logan walks backwards from the referee talking trash and flicking off the crowd. Logan turns around to a stood up Rick Mad. Logan gets a kick to the gut followed by a MAD DDT!

    Shannan Lerch: Another MAD DDT!

    Rick Mad rolls over on Logan hooking the leg but there is no referee. The crowd counts along.






    Rick Mad stands up looking pissed and gently kicking at the laid out referee. A referee comes out from backstage sprinting towards the ring as Rick Mad drops back down on Logan pinning him again. The referee slides into the ring slapping his hand on the mat.




    No! Logan kicks out right in time. Rick Mad rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair, Rick slides back inside the ring as Logan stumbles to his feet. Rick Mad swings at Logan but Logan pulls the referee in front of him as the referee takes the hit for Logan. Logan jumps up and kicks Rick in the gut and gives him a MAD DDT onto the chair busting Rick open by the forehead.

    Shannan Lerch: How many times is he going do his finisher?!

    Zach Davis: I don't know but what's going happen now! Rick is busted open and we have two unconscious referees!

    Shannan Lerch: Rick Mad is probably unconscious too.

    Logan stands to his feet looking around with blood dripping over his lips. Logan grabs Rick Mad up by his hair which is soaked in blood and throws him against the ropes which Rick just lays against.

    Shannan Lerch: I bet them ropes are the only thing keeping Rick Mad on his feet right now.

    Logan backs up and nails Rick Mad with an Impact Style making Rick fall backwards over the ropes and land on the mat outside. Logan hops through the middle rope before slinging blood off his chin by his movements. Logan stomps away at Rick before picking him up and Irish whiping him into the steal steps. Rick Mad hits the steal steps and falls on top of them laying over them trying to recover.

    Zach Davis: I think Rick is out of it now.

    Logan grabs Rick up by the hair and goes to slam his face on the steps but somehow Rick throws a foot on the step blocking Logan and rams Logan's head into the steps instead. Rick Mad picks up Logan from behind and locks him into a sleeper. Rick jumps over Logan and over the steel steps drilling Logan down on the steps with a Connector!


    Shannan Lerch: That was payback for that MAD DDT onto the chair from Logan.

    A "Mad" chant starts in the crowd as Rick slowly makes it to his feet looking over at the crashed steel steps with Logan laid out on top of them. Rick Mad ducks down to his knees looking under the ring searching for something, after a few seconds he finally pulls something out and it's a table! The crowd cheers their asses off when they see this. Rick Mad kicks the stands up and sets it up outside the ring. Rick Mad picks up the broken bloody Logan and hits him with a few right hands before rolling him up on the table. Rick slides into the ring and rubs his forehead against his arm rubbing blood off. Rick climbs the turnbuckle and faces the table before rising his hands into the air for a screaming crowd. Rick Mad jumps off the turnbuckle with a Flying Head Drive, Logan somehow manages to slowly roll off the table right in time as Rick Mad goes through the table head first!


    Shannan Lerch: He could have broken his neck! Did he?!

    Rick Mad lies still not moving a muscle with pieces of table covering his back. Logan somehow manages to make it to his feet as he grabs Rick up by the hair bringing him with him. Logan uses what strength he has left to roll Rick Mad in the ring. Logan shortly follows in and somehow Rick Mad begins to stagger up to his feet.

    Zach Davis: I can't believe these men still have the strength to compete.

    Rick Mad soon gets up and throws a slow but complete right hand to the face of Logan. Logan throws one right back and they end up throwing their bodies they have left of right hands with the little strength they have left. A referee runs down the ramp and slides into the ring as the right hands now need more strength to throw and less few are thrown. Logan leans over on the ropes using it as support as he takes right hands from Rick Mad. Rick Mad soon leans over on the ropes also joining Logan as they grab the ropes punching each other. They soon stumble out to the middle of the ring exchanging slow right hands.

    Shannan Lerch: It looks like they could just fall down any second.

    Zach Davis: They have gave it their all.. I wouldn't be surprised if they both passed out right now.

    They both stumble back and run at each other jumping in the air and close lining each other at the same time as they both fall down to the center of the ring laying beside each other. Logan rolls over crawling towards Rick Mad laying an arm over him as a referee runs down the ramp and slides into the ring.





    Back to now.

    Kyle Steel: As it was eluded to in the beginning of this match, a new TOT leader had to be announced. And Logan announced none other than Big Poppa, a long time mentor of his. However, Poppa turned down the position, hitting Logan with a Poppadriver. We wouldn't find out who the new TOT leader would be for a while.

    Shannan Lerch: Meanwhile, in the World Title scene, on our next show we would see a No DQ match featuring Creeping Death vs Hellz Angel vs Gravedigger. Hellz Angel and his partner, Scavenger of Sorrow, injured Gravedigger, the World Champ, and took him out of the match. It was left between Creeping Death and Hellz Angel, and we thought we'd see a New Champion. We were wrong. Let's show you why.

  • 7/12/03 - Saturday Slam - End of Creeping Death vs Hellz Angel vs Gravedigger
  • Creeping Death picks up Hellz, and throws him to the ground. Hellz tumbles up the ramp. When he stops, CD picks him up again and kicks him in the gut. DDT on the ramp! Creeping Death then drags Hellz a bit closer to the Jumbotron... and CD begins climbing up.

    Shannan Lerch: What in the HELL is he doing!?

    Zach Davis: I don't think he's THAT crazy.. is he?

    Shannan Lerch: We're about to find out.

    Hellz somehow finds the energy to get up, and he sees what CD is doing. CD is far up already, and Hellz knows he can't catch up to knock him down. Hellz runs to the other side of the Jumbotron, and begins climbing up as well. And soon enough.. both men are at the top.

    Zach Davis: I don't know if I like where this is going. It's hella dangerous up there.

    They walk towards each other, slowly, carefully. They meet at the center, and begin throwing punches at each other!

    Shannan Lerch: Ahh! What's going to-

    Creeping Death goes to throw Hellz off, but Hellz pulls CD with him and BOTH MEN FALL TO THE RAMP! There is a sickening crash sound as both men hit it HARD, and the ramp kind of breaks, such as glass would. There is a huge "HOLY SHIT!" chant throughout the entire arena. And needless to say, both men are out completely cold.

    Zach Davis: ....Are... they....alive?...

    Shannan Lerch: Nope.

    Medics come out, with stretchers, and begin putting both men on.

    Zach Davis: But.. who is our World Champion!? I've received word that Gravedigger is out for a while, and.. what's going to happen!?

    Shannan Lerch: I have no idea.

    Back to backstage with Shannan and Kyle.

    Kyle Steel: We were without a World Champion. However, at Revenge, that was to change. Creeping Death took on Hellz Angel to determine who would wear the gold. Creeping Death also fought Epic, and beat him for the Television Title. When Hellz and C.D. fought, it was to unify both the TV and World Titles... and Creeping Death won. We would also find out the new TOT leader, as Seth Lerch of all people would step up and take the stable under his wing.

    Shannan Lerch: Creeping Death may have seemed like a good Champ, but the World Title scene was about to head onto a rocky road...

  • Revenge - Ultimate Showdown
  • 8/31/03 - Ultimate Showdown - Gravedigger vs Cyrus
    8/9/03 - Saturday Slam - Steve Carr vs Logan
    8/23/03 - Saturday Slam - Epic vs Outcast
    8/23/03 - Saturday Slam - Seth Confronts Attacker
    8/31/03 - Ultimate Showdown - Logan vs Logan
    8/31/03 - Ultimate Showdown - Steve Carr vs Seth Lerch

    Kyle Steel: Creeping Death lost the World Title to Outcast on the August 2nd edition of Slam. Then, on the 9th, Outcast lost it to Cyrus.

    Shannan Lerch: The value of the World Title was being diminished, with all of these quick Title changes. However, Cyrus was able to hold on to the Title for two weeks, up until Ultimate Showdown where he faced Gravedigger, who had returned from his injury. Let's take you back to that match.

  • 8/31/03 - Ultimate Showdown - Gravedigger vs Cyrus
  • "Voodoo" by Godsmack plays as Gravedigger walks out from the back with Dobbie. The crowd rises to their feet and goes wild at the sight of another member of The Darkbloods. Gravedigger stops at the top of the ramp and poses for the masses. The cameras flash like crazy as Gravedigger flexes. Finally, Gravedigger stops and starts walking down the ramp. Dobbie has a mic in hand and talks.

    Dobbie: YO, shut off the music. Dobbie wants to spit a little something out for ya! It's like this...

    Cyrus, you call yourself the Virus, or at least that's what Dobbie is told

    ackin like you some kind of deadly illness, nah you more like the common cold

    You walkin around wearing Gravedigger's world title belt thinking you the real champ

    nah, that's whack you ain't the real champ, all you are is the real CHUMP

    We up in here at the PPV entitled WCF Ultimate Showdown

    you and 'Digga about to step into the ring and throw down

    You gon' walk up in there all 7 feet tall

    they say the bigger they are, the harder they fall

    You gon' climb in the ring wearing the belt actin like you impress someone

    Gravedigger is greater than you, he'll beat you down, toy with you, have some fun

    Beaten you ain't gonna be a problem, it'll be a breeze

    when he's through with you, you'll be so beat down you won't even be able to grab on DEE----

    Dobbie is interrupted as "Last Resort" by Papa Roach hits. The crowd goes ecstatic with excitement as Cyrus runs out from the back, world title strapped around his waist. Cyrus charges down the ramp and before either man can react, nails Gravedigger with a vicious boot to the face. Gravedigger goes down hard as Dobbie runs at Cyrus. Cyrus ducks slightly and picks Dobbie up in a gorilla press. Dobbie is thrown into the second row of the audience as Gravedigger starts getting back up.

    Zach Davis: WOW!! The world champion, Cyrus, wastes little time in attacking the challenger and tossing the guy's manager into the crowd.

    Shannan Lerch: Cyrus and Gravedigger are slugging it out at the bottom of the ramp as the referee tries to get them in the ring.

    Kyle Steel: That's not exactly going to be the simplest of tasks, Shannan.

    Shannan Lerch: You're right, Kyle. Did I just say that? Sorry...

    Zach Davis: ...anyway. Gravedigger and Cyrus finally take the match into the ring as the referee signals for the bell to start the match.

    DING DING DING! Cyrus jumps on the former champ and starts pounding away at him with lefts and rights. Cyrus picks up GD and irish whips him into the turnbuckle. Cyrus runs at GD and nails a back elbow on GD. He hooks GD's head and suplexes him to the mat. Cyrus bounces off the ropes and tries to hit a leg drop on GD but he rolls out of the way and gets up. Cyrus back up and is bodyslammed by GD. GD stomps away at Cyrus a couple of times before nailing a leg drop of his own. GD back up and bounces off the ropes. Cyrus is up and he lays on the mat as GD jumps over him and bounces off the other side. Cyrus tries to leapfrog over GD but GD is too fast and spears the world champion to the mat. The crowd starts chanting Digger.

    Crowd: Digger! Digger! Digger!

    GD picks up the world champion and pushes him into the corner. GD rares back and gives Cyrus a hard chop to the chest. Cyrus cringes as the crowd hollers out.

    Crowd: WOO!

    GD with another chop to the chest.

    Crowd: WOO!


    Crowd: WOO!

    One more time.

    Crowd: WOO!

    Gravedigger irish whips Cyrus across the ring. Cyrus bounces off and the self-proclaimed "Future of WCF" powerslams the giant Cyrus.

    Zach Davis: Gravedigger showing off his strength with that powerslam. Gravedigger covers the champion in our first pin attempt in this match.

    Referee: 1...2....kick out!

    GD picks Cyrus up and performs a bodyslam. GD walks over to the nearby corner and signals for Death From Above. GD slowly climbing up. Cyrus gets up and walks over to the turnbuckle. He grabs GD as GD shakes his head hollering no. Cyrus launches GD across the ring with a toss off of the top rope. GD crashes to the mat and arches his back in pain. GD starts getting back up and Cyrus starts nailing him with a couple of forearms to the back. Cyrus irish whips the former champ towards the corner across the ring. GD reverses the irish whip and Cyrus' back slams into the turnbuckle. GD charges at Cyrus, who steps out of the way and grabs GD's head. He smashes GD's head into the turnbuckle. He does it again...and one more time. Cyrus floors GD with a clothesline. Cyrus grabs GD's legs and applies a Texas Cloverleaf. The referee checks on GD to see if he wants to submit but GD shakes his head no. He powers himself and Cyrus up as he "crab walks" a couple of inches closer to the ropes and reaches out. He grabs onto the ropes and the referee forces Cyrus to let go of the hold. Gravedigger gets up favoring his back a little bit and is belly-to-belly suplexed back onto the mat. Cyrus stomps away at GD's back.

    Shannan Lerch: Smart move by the champion on wearing the challenger down. With his back being weak, it'll be kind of hard for GD to do any power moves.

    The former champ is picked up off of the mat. Cyrus grabs him by the throat and nails a huge chokeslam on Gravedigger. Cyrus goes for the pin.

    Kyle Steel: 1...2...OH and Gravedigger just kicks out. Hey, Dobbie's back!

    Dobbie jumps over the barricade and gets up on the apron. He starts talking junk to Cyrus for throwing him into the crowd. Cyrus runs over and grabs Dobbie by the throat. He picks Dobbie up in the air and falls to the mat, slamming Dobbie into the mat. Cyrus gets up and turns back to Gravedigger. Gravedigger is ready for him and dropkicks the world champion, who stumbles back into the ropes and flips to the outside. Cyrus slowly gets back up as GD bounces off the ropes on the opposite side of the ring. He leaps up and over the top rope and nails a suicide dive onto the world champion. Both men are down on the mat outside as the referee begins the countout...


    GD gets up and walks over to the ring.


    GD rolls into the ring and then rolls right back out, ending the 10-count. The referee starts fussing at GD to get back in the ring as GD goes back over to Cyrus. GD picks up the champion and slams his head on the barricade. Dobbie is back up in the ring and he now climbs to the outside as GD leads Cyrus over to the spanish announcer's table. Dobbie grabs a chair as GD holds Cyrus up for Dobbie to hit him. The referee starts yelling at Dobbie to not hit him with the chair. Dobbie starts lifting the chair up when Cyrus kicks the chair into Dobbie knocking him down, but not out. Cyrus gets out of GD's grip and nails GD with a DDT on the outside. Cyrus leans against the Spanish announcer's table as Dobbie runs at him again with the chair. Cyrus ducks down and grabs Dobbie by the legs. He lifts up Dobbie and drops him backwards. The chair hits Dobbie in the face as he crashes through the Spanish Announcers's table!!

    Zach Davis: Well, there will be no more interference from Dobbie in this match.

    Cyrus turns back to Gravedigger, and is met with a wicked Grave Marker! He then picks Cyrus up, rolls him into the ring, and makes the pin.




    Cyrus kicks out! Gravedigger isn't happy, and picks him up. He goes back, then runs at him, going for another Grave Marker. Cyrus ducks it, Gravedigger bounces off the ropes, and Cyrus catches him and hits The Virus!! Pin!




    The crowd says the last "THREE!!", but to no avail, as Gravedigger gets his shoulder up at the last microsecond possible. A groan escapes the crowd afterwards, when the ref holds up his fingers, showing "2". Cyrus waits as Gravedigger slowly stands up, stomping his foot on the mat. Once GD is up Cyrus attempts a Superkick, but Gravedigger grabs his leg, spins him around, and hits a Death Driver! He pins, making sure to hook the leg...




    This three is legit, and Gravedigger stands up, triumphantly. The ref hands him the World Title.

    Kyle Steel: Gravedigger has done it! He's regained the World Title!

    Zach Davis: He's also joined the list as one of the few 2-time WCF Champions. The only other is Hellz Angel.

    Gravedigger puts the Belt around his waist and raises his arms in the air.

    Back to Shannan and Kyle!

    Kyle Steel: And there you had it, the Gravedigger Era had begun again. But perhaps a tad more exciting than the World Title scene at the time was the tomfoolery that Seth Lerch was having with Logan, and the return of one Steve Carr.

    Shannan Lerch: WCF was in a slump after Logan left, it's true. Seth knew this, although he'd never admit it. But he announced the return of Logan, in order to get attendance and ratings back up. At the same time, Steve Carr, the owner of NCW and great wrestler, was making his return. A HUGE match was booked, Logan vs Steve Carr, both in their return match. Let's see how that went...

  • 8/9/03 - Saturday Slam - Steve Carr vs Logan
  • Straight Out of Line by Godsmack plays, and the crowd ERUPTS. Seth Lerch walks out first, and stands there for a bit, just looking around.

    Zach Davis: Well.. where's Logan!?

    And another man walks out from the back, and stands beside Lerch. Logan. He's wearing black pants and a T.O.T. shirt. The crowd pops like never before as the two men walk to the ring.

    Zach Davis: Hmm, Logan looks a little different.

    Shannan Lerch: What do you mean?

    Zach Davis: I don't know, I can't quite put my finger on it...

    Seth and Logan roll into the ring. Seth gets the mic first.

    Seth Lerch: I promised you all a new member of the T.O.T... I promised you Logan... And I delivered. Here he is, the man that built WCF.

    The crowd pops, a little less than before, and we can hear the whole arena buzzing to one another.

    Zach Davis: Something is up. This doesn't seem right.

    Seth hands the mic to Logan.

    Logan: Well, boudles... The face of Treachery is back!

    A little bit of the crowd starts to boo, but most cheer.

    Logan: You're booing? You don't like me? SHUT UP!

    Zach Davis: That man isn't as muscular as Logan. He's not as built as Logan. He's not as tall as Logan. That man... that man is not Logan.

    Shannan Lerch: What are you talking about?! Of course he is!

    Zach Davis: No, I'm sure of it. Listen to his voice. I don't know who it is, he looks A LOT like Logan, but it's not him. I'm positive. Why would Logan EVER join Seth again anyhow!? I knew it didn't make sense.

    Seth takes the mic back from "Logan".

    Seth Lerch: Now that Logan's back, I know ratings are going to be THROUGH THE ROOF! Crowd attendance will be at an all time high! And ass kicking will be nightly. Steve Carr, you're about to get your "Ultimate" ass handed to you by the Face of Treachery himself. You do NOT disrespect me. Get out here, now.

    The lights turn off. Edgecrusher by Fear Factory starts and red strobes flash. Steve Carr steps out and the lights stop flashing. They become red spotlights which follow him up to the ring while he pretends to give high-fives to the fans and then pulls away. He climbs up the stairs and steps over the ropes.

    Zach Davis: I'm not a fan of Steve Carr's current attitude, but whoever this new Logan is, I hope he gets his ass kicked.

    Seth rolls out of the ring, and the bell rings. The match is on! Logan and Carr circle each other, and as Carr gets close, he can see too that it's not the real Logan. He laughs at him, but Logan looks angry and hits Carr with a forearm to the face. Carr reels backwards, and Logan whips him to the ropes. He then runs at Carr and hits a Jumping Clothesline. Carr goes down, and Logan starts kicking at him. He then grabs his legs and locks in the Sharpshooter!

    Shannan Lerch: LoganShooter!

    Zach Davis: No, that's just a Sharpshooter. That's certainly not Logan. He's a very good replica, and he does Logan's moves almost as good as Logan himself.

    Carr, however, is able to reach the ropes. Logan has to release the hold, which he does. He picks Carr up, but Carr fights back, kicking him a few times in the leg, then the stomach, and then a swift kick to the head. Logan flops down in a heap. Carr climbs up the top rope, points towards Logan, and hits a Flying Elbow Drop! He pins Logan, but the man kicks out at 2. Carr quickly grabs his leg and puts him into a Half Crab.

    Zach Davis: Carr is in great shape. To be honest, I don't know if I've ever seen him look this good.

    Logan screams in pain, but doesn't tap. Lerch pulls his hand onto the rope while the ref isn't looking, and Carr then has to let go of the hold. Carr looks over the ropes and yells at Lerch, who pretends as if he hasn't done anything wrong. But as he turns around to Logan, he is met with a Superkick! Carr begins getting up, slowly, and Logan goes for a Spin Kick. Carr ducks it, kicks Logan in the gut, and goes for a Powerbomb. Logan reverses it into a Facebuster.

    Zach Davis: AHA! I got it! Logan is actually Roger Mason, AKA Rage, whom got kicked out of WCF months ago. He's Logan's brother, and looks A LOT like him. Seth must have brought him back to impersonate Logan.

    Logan pins Carr, but Carr kicks out. Logan picks Carr up, backs up, and goes for another Superkick. This time, Carr catches it, spins Logan around, and hits the Ultimate Stunner!

    Shannan Lerch: Well.. I think it's over.

    Carr begins climbing the top rope, though, and instead of just putting Logan away, he hits the Ultimatum! He's added insult to injury. He quickly pins Logan. One. Two. Three.

    Zach Davis: Carr wins his first match back! But Seth is furious...

    Logan rolls out of the ring, and Seth rolls in. He stares Carr in the eyes, and the second it looks like Carr is going to punch him... Seth rolls back out, and begins walking up the ramp.

    Zach Davis: What a coward!

    Back to Kyle and Shannan in the studio.

    Kyle Steel: That's right. The big "return of Logan" was a fake, Logan hadn't come back after all. This also began the feud between owners, the feud between Seth Lerch and Steve Carr. Logan would go on to fight matches just like he was the real Logan, but with a lot less skill. Carr would continue his feud with Seth, while also having problems with Outcast, his former friend who he turned on. Outcast stepped up and wanted to help Carr, by taking on Epic, who screwed Carr over the week before. Carr did special commentary during Outcast vs Epic, a TOT member, but... well, let's show you the match.

  • 8/23/03 - Saturday Slam - Epic vs Outcast
  • Shannan Lerch: Well we have Epic vs Outcast up next, I hope I don't have to do commentary alone, since Zach isn't back yet.

    The lights turn off. Edgecrusher starts and red strobes flash. He steps out and the lights stop flashing. They become red spotlights which follow him up to the ring while he pretends to give high-fives to the fans and then pulls away. He walks over to the announcers booth, and sits aside of Shannan.

    Shannan Lerch: Hello, uh, Mr. Ultimate, sir, what are you doing here?

    Steve Carr: Just call me Steve. Well.. No, Mr. Carr sounds better. But I'm here to see my friend Outcast kick the crap out of that Epic guy that screwed me over last week.

    "Perfect Strangers" hits. The music plays for a few seconds, Epic walks out and just stands infront of the curtain for a while to let the crowd catch a glimpse of him in all his glory. He slowly walks to the ring, and just before he enters the ring he takes off his robe and enters the ring. Once in the ring he waits in the corner, with a look of totally confidence.

    Steve Carr: COUGH sucks COUGH.

    'God of Thunder' hits and the crowd cheers. Outcast walks out in black jeans. He goes to the ring with his eyes fixed on the ring. Nothing else phases him. He slides in and raises his hands.

    Steve Carr: See, now THAT'S a man. Kick his ass, Outcast.

    Outcast and Epic approach each other, and 'Cast throws a huge forearm at Epic, sending him down. Outcast then kicks at Epic a few times and then hits a Leg Drop. He quickly pins Epic, but Epic kicks out at 2. Epic rolls out of the ring, and Outcast follows him. Epic grabs a chair from ringside, and hits Outcast with it straight over the head.

    Shannan Lerch: What the hell was that!?

    The ref is about to call for a disqualification, until Seth Lerch walks out with a mic.

    Seth Lerch: This match is now a NO DISQUALIFICATION match. Just wanted to make that clear.

    Seth leaves, and Epic smiles, and continues beating Outcast with the chair.

    Steve Carr: Yet another example of that lowlife Seth Lerch screwing with people. Come on, Outcast! A few chair shots isn't going to stop him.

    When Epic is done with the chair, the throws it into the ring, and then picks Outcast up. He grabs Outcast by the throat and is going to attempt a Chokeslam, but Outcast kicks him in the gut, grabs him, and rams his shoulder into the outside turnbuckle. He then goes under the ring and pulls out a garbage can, which he throws in the ring. Outcast puts Epic in a headlock and takes him over to the steel steps...

    Shannan Lerch: Uh oh, we know what he likes to do with those steps.

    And as Shannan alluded to, Outcast DDT's Epic on those steps! He then picks him up and throws him into the ring, before getting in himself. He quickly pins Epic. One... two... No! Epic kicks out. Outcast picks Epic up and sits him on top of the turnbuckle, then positions the trash can. He climbs up with Epic, and gets him in position for a Superplex... But Epic punches him a few times in the stomach, and pushes him off. Outcast lands right on the trash can! Epic then jumps off and hits an Elbow Drop! Epic makes the pin, hooking the leg... One... two... NO! Outcast manages to kick out one more time! Epic stands up and starts arguing with the ref.

    Steve Carr: That's it.

    Shannan Lerch: Huh?

    Steve Carr stands up, takes the headphones off and walks over the ring. He climbs up onto the apron. Neither Epic nor the referee sees him. Steve puts his hand up to his neck...he has a chain hidden around his neck and under his shirt! A dazed Outcast is finally on his feet. Steve punches him with the chain wrapped around his fist. He jumps off the apron as Epic and the ref turn to see what that "thump" was. Steve yells at Epic to make the pin and the ref counts.




    Epic stays just long enough to be declared the victor and then runs away before Outcast can get up. Steve goes back to the announcer's table.

    Shannan Lerch: What the hell was that?

    Steve Carr: It was a message.

    Shannan Lerch: A message to whom?

    Steve Carr: (speaking quickly) Number one, it was a message to anyone who wants to tell me I can't do whatever I want. You don't go around badmouthing me, either, that's for sure. Outcast, I hope you've learned your lesson. Number two, it was a message to the Team of Treachery. Epic, I have no problem with you. Seth Lerch, it is now obvious that we have a problem. So I'm challenging you to a match at Ultimate Showdown. How about that for a showdown? NCW versus WCF. I have some stipulations for that match to make it a bit more enticing to you as well. Those will be revealed later this week. Now, I must be leaving.

    Shannan Lerch: Hey, wait...

    Steve Carr takes off the headset again and jumps over the railing into the crowd. Outcast comes out of nowhere and jumps over the railing as well.

    You know the drill, back with Shannan and Kyle.

    Kyle Steel: The stage was set. Seth Lerch vs Steve Carr to happen at Ultimate Showdown. However, Seth had other problems going on... All night, someone was taking out his Team of Treachery members. He thought it was Creeping Death. He was wrong. Let's show you that, too.

  • 8/23/03 - Saturday Slam - Seth Confronts Attacker
  • Anger Rising hits, and Seth walks out. He walks to the ring, looking serious, and rolls in. He gets a microphone.

    Seth Lerch: Alright.. I have NO IDEA what is going on. But damnit, I'm Seth Lerch, and I want some freaking answers!

    The crowd begins a "Seth Sucks" chant.

    Shannan Lerch: He does NOT suck.

    Zach Davis: HA!

    Seth Lerch: So.. whoever did that to Logan and Epic, get your ass out here right now!

    Lerch paces around the ring, looking furious.

    Seth Lerch: You told me to meet you in the ring, damnit! So get your ass out here right now!

    Staind "Price To Play" blasts over the P.A. system. The crowd roars in anticipation of who it might be, and because that's a good song. An unfamiliar man whom WCF has never seen before walks out to the stage, with a microphone in hand.

    G-Man: W-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-waz uppp WCF?!

    Seth Lerch: Who in the hell are you?!

    G-Man: Your mamma! Beyotch!

    Lerch stares blankly at G-Man.

    G-Man: I'm G-G-G-G-MAN you crazy mo' fo.

    Zach Davis: ......

    G-Man: And it's like dis dawg.. your boys didn't go to the hospital, they went somewhere else!

    Seth Lerch: Where the hell are they, then?!

    G-Man smirks.

    G-Man: I'll give them back to you after the show, BUT dats a whole nother story. You gots to do something for me..

    Seth Lerch: And what's that?

    G-Man: Give umm.. Logan..

    G-Man chuckles a bit.

    G-Man: A match against a certain somebody at the PPV.

    Seth Lerch: Okay, damnit. You got a deal. Now! Where are they and what did you do to them?!

    G-Man: It's not what I did to them.. it's what someone else did to them and you just GAVE that certain someone a match with that Logan wannabe, Rage, at the PPV.

    Seth Lerch: AH! WHO IS IT?!

    "Not Falling" by Mudvayne blasts out over the P.A. system as the crowd jump to their feet, already cheering the unfamiliar theme music of a new WCF wrestler.

    Shannan Lerch: Now who is it?!

    A man walks out from behind the curtains wearing a black "SHUT UP" T-shirt tucked into blue, light, tight jeans with a black belt reading "Treachery" across the belt in white letters, and black laced up boots.


    The crowd jumps to their feet screaming as a shocked Seth Lerch stands in the middle of the ring.

    Shannan Lerch: I can't believe it!

    Logan and G-Man shake hands as G-Man heads off backstage and Logan begins walking down the ramp. Logan slides into the ring and walks past Seth Lerch climbing the turnbuckle and throwing his arms into the air to a roaring crowd.

    Zach Davis: I can't even hear in this arena, it's so loud.

    Logan drops down from the turnbuckle as his music cuts off. He goes face to face with Seth Lerch grabbing the microphone from his hand as the crowd goes silent.

    Logan: What the..

    Logan lowers the microphone turning his head to the crowd as they loudly cheer him on.

    Logan: What the hell are you doing? You got some little boudle sumbitch to come out here and pose me? Act like me? Thinking he's The Face of Treachery? There is only one Face of Treachery? There is? There ain't? You suck? I hate you? SHUT UP!

    Seth Lerch stands there looking into the eyes of Logan.

    Logan: Did you hear what I just said? You didn't? You did? SHUT UP! Are you going to shut up? You are? Then why are your little boudle lips flapping? They're not?

    Logan drops the microphone and walks backwards hitting Seth Lerch with an Impact Style!

    Zach Davis: YES!

    Logan picks up the fallen Seth Lerch and tosses him out of the ring before picking the microphone back up.

    Logan: The!

    Logan leans back.

    Logan: Face!

    Logan leans forward.

    Logan: Of!

    Logan leans backwards.

    Logan: Treachery is back!

    The crowd cheers as they begin a "Logan" chant.

    Logan: And at that cheap ass WCF Pay-Per-View I'm going to show that fake sumbitch why there is only ONE Logan on the Hall of Fame and why there is only ONE man with Treachery! But besides all that.. I will do, whatcha gotta do to whoop HIS ass!

    Logan drops the microphone and climbs the turnbuckle throwing his arms into the air as "Not Falling" by Mudvayne plays again.

    Zach Davis: Logan is really back! And this time it's the REAL Logan!

    The scene fades out with Logan on the turnbuckle telling the camera to "SHUT UP, WCF!".

    Shannan. Kyle. Back to them.

    Kyle Steel: That's right, the REAL Logan had come back, and we found out that the "Fake Logan" had been Seth Lerch's lackey Rage all along. In addition to the huge match we saw earlier from Ultimate Showdown, Gravedigger against Cyrus, we had two other big ones. Logan vs Logan and Seth Lerch vs Steve Carr. We have BOTH of them for you. In Carr vs Lerch, if Lerch won, he got to do whatever he wanted to Carr's contract.

    Shannan Lerch: This sure was an exciting month!

  • 8/31/03 - Ultimate Showdown - Logan vs Logan
  • "Not Falling" by Mudvayne blasts out over the PA system as the crowd cheers and boo's wondering which Logan it is. Instead, the jumbotron comes to life as we come into the middle of a Logan versus Logan brawl in a public mall.

    Zach Davis: Holy crap! It looks as if this match, is going to take place inside that mall.

    Kyle Steel: That's WCF for you baby. Which one happens to be the real Logan, anyhow?

    Logan and Rage seem to be fighting inside a shoe store, Logan whips Rage into a shelf full of boxed shoes as Rage falls down to his knees with the boxes falling over him. Logan then turns his head to the camera.

    Logan: I'm the real one Kyle! So, SHUT UP!

    Kyle Steel: How in the hell did he hear me?!

    A crowd gathers around the store watching Logan and cheering him on as he begins stumping mudholes into Rage's chest.

    Logan: I!


    Logan: Am!


    Logan: The!


    Logan: Real!


    Logan: Logan!

    Stomp, stomp. Logan picks up a shoebox and opens it up ripping the shoes out and smacking them over Rage's head. Logan then brings Rage up to his feet and rips off Rage's black "SHUT UP" t-shirt. Logan then takes the shirt and wraps it around Rage's neck choking him with the shirt while dragging him out of the store.

    Shannan Lerch: He is choking him with his own shirt!

    Logan carries Rage down to a bench and sits him up on it.

    Logan: I'll be right back! Don't you move boudle!

    The dazed Rage sits back into the chair closing his eyes as people in the background of the store take pictures.

    Zach Davis: Where the hell is Logan going now?

    After a few moments, Logan comes back with a cheese burger. Logan calmly sits down beside Rage as if the match isn't even happening.

    Logan: So, Rage. We're brothers?

    Rage nods.

    Logan: Do you want some more ass whooping?

    Logan looks over at Rage while taking a bite of his cheese burger.

    Logan: Know what, nevermind that. You know in fourth grade I got into a fight while eating a sub?

    Rage: No, I didn't know that.

    Logan chuckles.

    Logan: Your damn right. My old man use to say nev--

    Rage quickly gets up off the bench but Logan throws a foot at his leg causing him to fall back down into the bench into a sitting position.

    Logan: Your not going anywhere. You got that?

    Rage: N--

    Logan: SHUT UP! Hell bro, I might not even beat you up tonight. So, what do you think about that match tonight with Cyrus and Gravedigger?

    Rage: I don't know.

    Logan takes another bite of his cheese burger.

    Logan: You don't know? It is the main event dumbass. You know.. I use to hate Gravedigger but now that I think about it, he's not that ba--

    Rage goes to get up again but Logan grabs him by the arm throwing him back into the bench.

    Logan: Hey! You know what..

    Logan stares down at the cheese burger.

    Logan: There is only one brand of these cheese burgers made in Virginia, and.. there is only one brand of The Face of Treachery.

    Logan quickly turns to his side dropping the cheese burger and clotheslining Rage over the bench, as we see Rage fly over the top floor of the glass guard rail falling twenty feet down to the floor.


    Logan drops the cheese burger down to the bottom floor to as it lands on top of the beaten, not moving, Rage. Logan looks down at his brother with signs of sympathy and regret in his face. Logan turns around heading through Sears with his head down as people rush down to the bottom floor to Rage.

    Zach Davis: No way..

    Shannan Lerch: Well, it looks like there is only one Logan in WCF now.

  • 8/31/03 - Ultimate Showdown - Steve Carr vs Seth Lerch
  • Zach Davis: This is the match I've been waiting for all night. Oh man.

    Shannan Lerch: NCW vs WCF. Right now.

    The lights turn off. Edgecrusher starts and red strobes flash. Steve Carr steps out and the lights stop flashing. They become red spotlights which follow him up to the ring while he pretends to give high-fives to the fans and then pulls away. He climbs up the stairs and steps over the ropes.

    Anger Rising hits, and Seth Lerch walks out. He walks to the ring, slapping a few hands, and rolls in. He headbangs a bit to the music a bit, not taking his eyes off Carr. Before the bell rings, he grabs a mic.

    Seth Lerch: Hold on there, Ultimate boy. You added your little stipulations, and they're fine. But you know what? I have a little surprise of my own. You don't like it, too bad, because I can do whatever I want. Introducing, the special in-ring enforcer of this match... Outcast!

    'God of Thunder' hits. Outcast walks out in black jeans. He goes to the ring with is eyes fixed on Carr. Nothing else phases him. He slides in and raises his hands.

    Kyle Steel: Carr doesn't seem the least bit bothered by this, he looks as cocky as ever.

    Seth and Outcast shake hands, and the bell rings.

    Zach Davis: And here we are... it's on.

    Lerch and Carr walk towards each other, talking trash at each other. They soon stand face to face, continuing the verbal assaults, when Lerch pulls his fist back and... pokes Carr lightly on the chest. Carr falls down to the ground like he just got hit in the head with an anvil.

    Shannan Lerch: Finger Poke of Doom!!

    Zach Davis: What in the fu-... What's going on!?

    Everyone seems confused, but Seth quickly pins the fallen Carr. One, two, three.

    Kyle Steel: Well, uh.. in any case, Lerch wins, I guess...

    Lerch stands up, and raises his arms in the air. Carr stands up as well. Outcast pushes Lerch, asking what's going on. Both Lerch and Carr deck Outcast, and he falls to the ground. They begin kicking the crap out of him, over and over. Seth picks him up and holds him as Carr hits the Ultimate Stunner. They then throw him out of the ring.

    Zach Davis: Steve Carr and Seth Lerch... on the same page? Aligned? Sweet zombie Jesus.

    Lerch grabs the mic again.

    Seth Lerch: Now, I get to do WHATEVER I want to your contract, Carr. And know what I'm going to do? I'm making you... the General Manager of the new Sunday Slam.

    The crowd kind of gasps, and Carr smiles to himself.

    Zach Davis: What is Carr going to do with that kind of power? This is madness!

    Better Than You by Metallica plays, and the two men raise their arms in the air, again. They then step out of the ring and head to the back.

    Back to Shannan and Kyle.

    Shannan Lerch: We have to take a break now, but we'll see you back here for WCF History 101 in a few!

    Little Know It All plays as the scene fades out.