One Intro
Top Announcer Match: Kyle Steel vs Zach Davis
Neo Arrives
Television Title Match: Erik Majors vs Davey-Kins vs Snake vs Pyro vs Alec Spade
Dake Ken and Neo Backstage
Hate and Reckless Jack Backstage
Elite/Hardcore Title Barbed Wire Match: Hate vs Jason Tilley vs David Baker
DKX Backstage
Cruiserweight Title Ultraviolent Ladder Match: Reckless Jack vs Creeping Death
Tag Team Title Hell Match: Sylk Walker and Billy Tilley vs Bishop and Priest vs Portalcide vs Pride of the USA vs Willson and Smith vs DKX
Billy Tilley and Ms. Liberty Backstage
Musical Performance
Ironman Match: Outcast vs Hellz Angel vs Steve Carr vs Logan
World Title Contendership Match: Defman vs PC Cradle
Seth Lerch Promo
World Title Match: Neo vs Trent Hunter

  • One Intro
  • One by Metallica hits, and the crowd erupts as One is on the air!!! The audience has never been larger, nor louder, than they are now. Pyro bursts from the stage and shoots into the air, creating a dazzling display. We go to the announcers, Kyle Steel, Shannan Lerch, and Luscious Jackson.

    Kyle Steel: Welcome, fans, to WCF ONE! This is our twelth pay per view event, and it's symbolizing a year's worth of hard work by our fans, staff, and most importantly, our wrestlers. We have an action packed card tonight. I know this gets said a lot in our business, but I truely believe it may be one of the greatest shows we've ever offered.

    Luscious Jackson: That's right, yo! And I'm in da house to see it!

    Shannan Lerch: We wish you weren't. Regardless, yes, we do have a great card. Topping it all off is the World Title match, and EVERYONE has been waiting for this confrontation for months. Neo, the man that's been chasing Trent Hunter for months, chasing after that Title. We've never seen anyone as determined as him. Trent Hunter, the WCF sensation that captured the Title as soon as he got the chance.

    Kyle Steel: There is such an intense hatred among these two men. Trent Hunter's Elite took out Death and Torture, Neo's friends. They've cost Neo the World Title on several occasions. Neo may need to battle against not only Trent, but the Elite as well, we know that as well as he does. And I'm sure he's prepared.

    Luscious Jackson: Don't you watch Thursday Night, cracka? Seems like Dake Ken and Neo have some mutual respect dealio goin' on, and the DK man might have some problems with da Elite.

    Kyle Steel: I try not to watch it, just because of you. Good point though... we'll have to wait for our main event to find out. I can't wait!

    Shannan Lerch: And there's another match concerning the World Title, this one is for the Contendership. And it's been the most talked about feud in WCF, well, ever. Defman. PC Cradle. Just hearing those names together sends tingles down hardcore WCF fans' backs. They've had two singles confrontations before, and afterwards had seemingly resolved their differences, becoming Tag Team Champions. But upon Cradle's return, we found out that this match was signed, and that one more war would be fought.

    Kyle Steel: Remember, if Defman loses... he retires. And even if he wins and goes on to the World Title match at One, he's retiring after that. We're seeing the last of Defman here, no matter how you look at it, and that saddens me.

    Luscious Jackson: One less cracka to hold the black man down!

    Shannan Lerch: ..Shut up. You're going to ruin a lot of classical matches tonight with your commentary.

    Kyle Steel: We have a "Battle of the Old School" match tonight, but not just any Battle of the Old School. This will be an IRON MAN MATCH. Hellz Angel and Outcast are both former NCW and WCF Champions, while Steve Carr ran NCW and is a former WCF Champion. Logan is the true WCF Icon. Hellz Angel and Outcast have a storied history with each other, and quite the heated feud. Carr and Outcast have had their differences as well, most notably here in WCF earlier in the year. Logan and Hellz have such a heated feud here, and Steve and Hellz have never been friends either. There's hatred all around, and it should be explosive.

    Luscious Jackson: Yeah, and-

    Shannan Lerch: Don't talk. We have a HUGE Tag Team Title match, with six teams. These men have been going after the Tag Titles for months, and each feels they deserve to be the Number One Contender.. so they've all been given a shot. Two teams are in the ring at a time, and each match has a random gimmick assigned to it, which we'll find out when the match takes place. The entrance is random, so it's anyone's game.

    Kyle Steel: That's the key: It's going to be the luck of the draw. If DKX happens to be the first team out, it's very unlikely that they're going to hold on to the Titles. But whoever the last team out is has an overwhelming advantage. That'll be full of surprises.

    Luscious Jackson: Our first Cruiserweight Champ will be crowned when Creeping Death steps into the ring with Reckless Jack. These high flyin' crazies will give it their all for that Title. Did you know Creeping Death currently holds several Cruiserweight Titles? They're inactive, but he still holds 'em.

    Kyle Steel: Did you know Joe Mamma currently holds my balls? Shut up, we don't want to hear from you. We have a Barbed Wire match, and this one is for the Elite and Hardcore Titles. The first fall is for the Hardcore Title, and the next will be for the Elite. We're almost sure we'll be walking out with some kind of new Champion, but we don't know exactly what that'll be.

    Shannan Lerch: We have several debuts tonight, as Alec Spade takes on many challengers for the Television Title. We'll see the debuts of Davey-Kins, Snake and Pyro. Erik Majors is also in the match. And you know he hates facing rookies.

    Luscious Jackson: And in my favorite match of the night.. heh heh.. Kyle Steel takes on Zach Davis to see which one of them will be WCF's top announcer.

    Kyle Steel: That's right! I'm going to beat some sense into that asshole. He walked away from his announcer position, he can't just have it back whenever he wishes.

    Shannan Lerch: That match is starting off our show Kyle! Get ready!

  • Top Announcer Match: Kyle Steel vs Zach Davis
  • All In The Suit That You Wear hits, and Zach Davis walks out from the back. He's wearing shorts and a tanktop, and looks ready to go. He rolls into the ring and waits.

    Rock of Ages, Slam's theme, plays. Kyle Steel gets up from his position in the announcers booth, and walks towards the ramp. He's wearing pants and a One T-shirt. Kyle is somewhat overweight. He rolls in the ring and stands in his corner.

    Luscious Jackson: That Kyle mofo used to be a bum back in his PCW days. Literally. He was hired from the streets, and he was nothin' but a bum.

    Shannan Lerch: Yes, and him and Kyle were in the same stable, along with Rick Mad. They were called the mWo, Mad World Order, and then the Four Whoresmen. An interesting time in their careers, indeed.

    The bell rings. Zach and Kyle circle each other, weary of one another. The crowd is split. Some chants of "ZACH!" can be heard, as can some "KYLE!" ones. The men don't seem to pay much attention, as they're fighting for their jobs. Kyle makes the first move and goes to grab Zach, but Zach slips behind Kyle and trips him. Kyle gets right back to his feet.

    Luscious Jackson: I dun care who wins, I just wanna see someone get they ass beat.

    Shannan Lerch: Zach was playing mind games there, tripping Kyle and getting in his head.

    Kyle and Zach approach again, and Zach pushes Kyle, laughing. Kyle pushes back. Zach pushes harder, and Kyle pushes him down to the ground! Kyle then goes right on the attack, kicking Zach mercilessly into the corner! Zach slowly gets to his feet, grabs Kyle and throws him into the turnbuckle instead. Zach hits several right hands before the ref comes between them. Kyle stumbles forward and Zach grabs him and Bodyslams him in the middle of the ring. He then covers, hooking the leg.

    Luscious Jackson: Not already! It hasn't even started yet!

    One... two... Kyle gets his shoulder up! Zach picks Kyle up and goes for a DDT, but Kyle pushes Zach up and hits an Atomic Drop! Kyle then Clotheslines Zach down to the mat, and mounts him, punching over and over! The ref eventually makes him break it up.

    Shannan Lerch: Come on, ref! This is a fight, not a match!

    Luscious Jackson: Amen!

    Kyle picks Zach up and then kicks him in the gut, and hits a Double Arm DDT. Kyle drags Zach to the middle of the ring and hooks the leg, pinning him.

    Shannan Lerch: Impressive move by Kyle, let's see if he has it.

    One... two... no, Zach kicks out. Kyle picks Zach up again, and goes for another kick, but Zach grabs the foot and hits an Enziguri. Zach climbs up to the top, and motions to the crowd for a moment before flying off with a Flying Elbow Drop. Kyle rolls away at the last second! Zach crashes to the mat. Kyle picks him up again and gets him in position for a Russian Legsweep, but Zach counters it and hits a Facebuster Legsweep!

    Luscious Jackson: The Stroke!

    Shannan Lerch: This isn't Jeff Jarrett we're talking about, that's Zach's Zoom In! It's his finisher!

    Zach pins Kyle. One... two... three.

    Luscious Jackson: Good! I never liked that Kyle guy!

    Shannan Lerch: And Zach's back!

    Zach stands up and raises his arms in the air to a cheering, appreciative crowd. Kyle Steel slowly stands, holding his ribs. He goes to leave the ring, but Zach calls him back in. Zach extends his hand, and Kyle shakes it, not unlike the Hogan and Rock handshake following their Wrestlemania X8 match.

    Shannan Lerch: Haha! At least the two respect each other.

    Zach rolls out of the ring, and heads toward the announcers booth. Kyle's about to walk to the back, but Zach gets the mic.

    Zach Davis: Hey, hey, Kyle, wait up. The match stipulation was that I become WCF's top announcer... no one said you had to leave.

    Kyle appears happy, yet confused.

    Shannan Lerch: Four announcers? That's a little bit much.

    Zach Davis: There's one man on our announcing team that just doesn't belong. One man that shouldn't be here. One man that, well, everyone just plain hates.

    Kyle smiles, and he and Zach approach Luscious Jackson.

    Luscious Jackson: HEY! Wait! What!? The people love me, I'm a GREAT announcer! I-

    Kyle throws Luscious' headset off, and Zach throws him out of the chair. Kyle take his seat, and Zach sits down at Kyle's old position. Luscious hangs his head as he walks up the ramp, and Zach, Kyle, and Shanna wave goodbye.

    Kyle Steel: Now THIS is an announcing team!

    As Luscious leaves, the crowd is singing "NA NA NA NA, NA NA NA NA, HEY HEY HEY, GOODBYE!" as is now customary in pro wrestling. Luscious gives them all the finger before walking to the back.

    Zach Davis: Well fans, it's good to be back.

    Shannan Lerch: And it's good to have you back!

    Zach Davis: Don't be too happy, Shannan, this just means I'm going to be here to call you a slut more often.

    Shannan Lerch: Sigh.

    Kyle Steel: Alright guys, we have our first real match of the night coming up! And it's for the Television Title!

  • Neo Arrives
  • The camera sees Neo's van pull up and park into WCF's private parking lot next to the locker rooms. Neo gets out of the van with a cigarette still lit. His pants and shoes are black and he's got a red muscle shirt on. His trenchy is still Olive Green and hair, being a little bit longer, is still ashy-gray mixed with white. Neo flicks his cig into a sewer as he passes a car he can't help be back up and inspect more closely.

    Neo: .....!!! No... just, no...

    Neo walks with a sense of urgency, like he believes this person who has arrived will somehow screw up his Title match tonight. He kicks open the double doors and looks around, hoping that it isn't who he thinks it is. He eventually starts passing individual locker rooms and passes a bathroom he can't help but back up and inspect more closely. There's a sign hung up that say "Gayfather."

    Neo: NO!!

    Neo runs around through the lobby just to be extra sure and see if he can't run into him or possibly his manager to tell them not to interrupt his match.

    Neo: Dammit to hell! Couldn't he have waited until NEXT week?! The "One" day he decides to show up, and it's on the "one" day I could win on the greatest stages of them all!

    Neo runs too fast for the camera to keep up, so it switches back to the arena as we go to our match.

  • Television Title Match: Erik Majors vs Davey-Kins vs Snake vs Pyro vs Alec Spade
  • Zach Davis: It’s now time for the Television Title match, and here comes are first competitor.

    Low Rider starts to play and Pyro walks out looking pissed.

    Shannan Lerch: He is one of the new guys here in the WCF.

    Snake comes out with the lights and the words boo-ya hit the titantron and a bunch of pyro hits.

    Kyle Steel: This kid talks a big game, and here comes the third competitor in this match.

    The Salior Moon theme song starts to play and out comes Davey-Kins pushing a camera man down, gets in the ring and does a girly dance.

    Zach Davis: Wow what a fairy.

    Shannan Lerch: Be nice and here comes the forth competitor.

    The entranceway fills with smoke and dry ice as Voodoo by Godsmack plays. Erik Majors pops up from out of nowhere, not unlike that of a Marine Sniper or Navy Seal. He methodically walks to the ring. When the lights return, we see a large survival knife stuck in one of the four corner ringposts, to show he means business.

    Kyle Steel: Majors has yet to get a win here in the WCF.

    Zach Davis: Yeah but he is looking for revenge on the now champion Alec Spade.

    Shannan Lerch: Here’s Semper Fi, and here comes the champion.

    The opening guitar riffs to Aerosmith's "Dream On" are heard loud and clear over the PA system. The lights in the arena dim until the whole place is completely dark. We listen as Steven Tyler begins to belt out the opening lines of the song. "Every time that I look in the mirror.. All these lines in my face gettin' clearer.. The past is gone; It went by like dusk to dawn.. Isn't that the way?.. Everybody's got their dues in life to pay."

    Kyle Steel: Alec Spade won the Television championship this past Thursday, by beating David Baker.

    Shannan Lerch: Spade is the man!

    Three large explosions occur around the entryway as Alec Spade, clad in his plain black wrestling pants with a white spade on the left thigh, emerges from behind the curtain. He stands in the smokey ramp-way for a moment and then begins to make his way towards the ring, looking around at the fans in disgust, occasionally making a rude comment to one of them. Dream on, dream on, dream on, Dream yourself a dream come true.. Dream on, dream on, dream on, Dream until your dream comes true.. Dream on, Dream on, Dream on, Dream on, Dream on, Dream on, Dream on.. Spade hops up on the ring apron and then springboards himself over the top rope into the middle of the ring.

    Zach Davis: Here we go!

    The bell rings.

    Shannan Lerch: Five competitors in one ring.. this will be wild.

    All five men start circling around each other. Pyro starts to go after Spade, but is pulled back by Majors and Majors starts punching Pyro with lefts and rights. Snake and Spade lock up as Davey is still doing his girly dance. Spade puts Snake in a side headlock, Snake pushes Spade off into the ropes and Spade leap frogs over Snake and Spade crashes into Davey sending Davey out of the ring through the ropes.

    Zach Davis: I guess no more dancing for him.

    Kyle Steel: That is for sure.

    Majors picks up Pyro and hits a huge Vertical Suplex. Majors now starts putting the boots to Pyro, Snake chop blocks the knee of Majors. Now Snake stomping away on the knee of Majors. Now Spade getting to his feet as does Pyro, Spade slides out of the ring and picks up Davey then kicks him in the midsection and DDT’s him on the outside. Pyro and Snake both got Majors up and a double DDT on Majors. Pyro goes for the cover one.... two... Snake drops a elbow on to Pyro, breaking up the pin.

    Kyle Steel: There was the first near fall.

    Snake grabs Pyro and hits him with a standing drop kick. Spade grabs Davey and rolls him into the ring. Spade enters the ring only to be side kicked by Snake. Majors gets up holding his knee, Pyro gets to his feet as well, as does Davey. Pyro and Davey locks up Pyro lands a couple of knee’s to the midsection of Davey then body slams him to mat. Majors runs at Snake and nails him with a hard hitting closeline knocking him down to the mat. Spade pulls himself up and starts to nailing Majors with some knife edge chops. Majors just stands there like there not effecting him and the grabs Spade by the neck. Spade quickly drops to his knees and low blows Majors. Pyro clims to the top rope and hits a 450 splash on Davey. One.. Two.. Davey just getting the shoulder up.

    Zach Davis: That was close.

    Shannan Lerch: We almost had a new champ.

    Spade grabs the bad knee of Majors and drops a elbow on it. Spade claims the top rope now, Snake pushes Spade off the top rope, and Spade crashing onto the guardrail head first.

    Kyle Steel: That has to hurt.

    Shannan Lerch: I hope he’s okay.

    Pyro picks up Davey tries to suplex him, but is reversed by Davey. Both men lay on the mat winded. Snake picks up Majors and hits the death valley driver on Majors. Snake goes for the pin. One.. Two.. and Majors kicks out. Snake shaking his head in disbelieve, Davey picks up Pyro and DDTs him and Davey starts dancing around.

    Zach Davis: This kid needs to stop dancing around.

    Spade starts pulling himself up, Snake bounces off the ropes goes to drop a elbow on Majors but misses as Majors rolled out of the way. Davey now places Pyro into a reverse chin lock, Spade now standing on the ring apron, Snake gets up as Spade climbs to the top rope and hits a fly cross body drop onto Snake. One.. Two.. Thre... Majors pulls Spade off of Snake. Majors picks up Spade and hits him with a forearm, Majors swings Spade into the ropes, and Spade ducks the closeline and nails Majors with a flying forearm, Spade nips up.

    Kyle Steel: It looks like Spade has a second wind.

    Zach Davis: Shut up Kyle!

    Spade now climbs to the top rope, and hits missile drop kick on Snake. Davey lets go of the chin lock, he grabs Pyro by the hair and lays a kiss on him.

    Zach Davis: That is sick! I told you he was a fairy.

    Kyle Steel: Hahahaha!

    Shannan Lerch: Oh my.

    Davey now piledrives Pyro. Majors gets to his feet and bounces off the ropes and hits the leatherneck lariat on Davey. Majors picks up Davey and now hits the Fidelis Fall. One.. Two.. Thre. No Spade pulls Majors off of Davey, Snake is up on his feet and runs at Spade, Spade backbody drops Snake over the top rope. Spade now spring boards onto the top rope and hits a moonsalt on Snake.

    Kyle Steel: That was just awesome.

    Zach Davis: Nothing new there, I’ve seen other wrestlers do that.

    Spade doesn't bother to pin, and quickly runs to the other side of the ring, jumping up that turnbuckle. He hits the Spade Flush! The ref makes the count. One... two.... three!

    Shannan Lerch: Spade retains the Title!

    He grabs it, and rolls out of the ring. He walks to the back cockily.

  • Dake and Neo Backstage
  • Dake Ken is walking down a hallway. For what reason, we don't know. He stops by a backstage guy.

    Dake Ken: Where's Neo?

    Guy: He... ummm, all I know is that he is warming up for his match.

    Dake Ken: Okay. Thanks.

    Dake walks off. He knows where to go. He walks down the hall and goes to an elevator. He goes down to the basement floor and finds the boiler room. In there Neo is streching and getting ready for his match.

    Dake Ken: Neo.

    Neo turns quickly.

    Neo: Hey.

    Dake Ken: You ready?

    Neo begins getting up.

    Neo: I think so.

    Dake Ken: .... uhhh, that isn't talk I want to hear from you.

    Neo: I know so.

    Dake Ken: Better.

    Neo: So, what is up with that little stunt you pulled Thursday?

    Dake Ken: Neo, I have much more respect for you, and I saw you get screwed out of a win. I mean, it's not like you had much of a chance, no offense, it was two against one, but still, that's BS.

    Neo: Yeah.

    Dake Ken: Look, you go out there and give Trent the fight of his life.

    Neo: I'm going to. You know, after our match, ... I've really gained respect for you. It's true, you are the real deal.

    They both shake hands and laugh.

    Neo: I'm going to finish getting ready. Okay?

    Dake Ken: Sure thing.

    Neo turns to go back to streching and etc. Only Dake holds on to his hand.

    Dake Ken: But Neo, one thing before I go.

    Neo: What?

    Dake Ken: Since you see that I'm the real deal, do you honestly think some fake is going to be the champion?

    Neo's breif pause is all it takes for Dake to start beating the living crap out of him. Dake had put his hands in his pockets before they shook hands, and left one in when they did. Now he pulls his hands out, wearing brass knucks. He hits Neo square in the jaw. Neo drops like a sack of bricks. Dake lifts him up and his him again. We get a better view of the knucks. They aren't your average knucks, they actually have spikes, or something that looks like extra metal sticking out from the ends. Neo has already been busted open. Dake picks him up off the floor. He throws him into one of the big pipes and you can see the dent as Neo slides down it. Officals and Seth Lerch being to run into the room and grab Dake, but Dake gets off one more kick in Neo's face, bouncing his head off the back of the pipe. The officials grab Dake's hands and arms and carry him out of the boiler room as he's yelling at Neo all the way out. We then go back to the announcers.

    Zach Davis: What the hell was that?!

    Kyle Steel: We know exactly what it was. It was a setup all along, Dake Ken never REALLY respected Neo. He just earned his trust so he could beat him down and leave him be easy pickings for Trent Hunter... ugh. I can't believe this.

    Shannan Lerch: Neo's fault for being so damn trusting.

    Zach Davis: If I know anything about Neo... that attack isn't going to stop him, not one bit.

    Kyle Steel: Regardless, fans, while you were watching that, our ring has been set up for our Barbed Wire match. It was originally booked that the rings would be wrapped in barbed wire, but now they've been TOTALLY REPLACED with it.

  • Hate and Reckless Jack Backstage
  • We go backstage as Reckless Jack is standing around minding his own business as we see Hate and Nine walking going to the arena as they meet.

    Nine: Jack if you know what’s best for you…you will stay out of Hate’s way.

    Reckless Jack: What are you gonna do about it.

    Nine: Not me... Hate.

    Reckless Jack: That's stupid load of crap. I would like to see him try.

    Nine: He has a match soon, but he will deal with you later.

    Hate and Nine continue down the hall.

  • Elite/Hardcore Title Barbed Wire Match: Hate vs Jason Tilley vs David Baker
  • Slowly, the lights fade out to a dim darkness. A feminine voice says, "Hate makes Fate". Then, out comes Expendable Youth. The lights burst on as Hate makes his way down the ramp.

    Kyle Steel: There is a lot of animosity in this match.

    Shannan Lerch: David and Jason should be tearing at each other.

    Zach Davis: Don't leave Hate out of this, you two!

    Hate slides into the ring, avoiding the barbed wire. He turns around to hear Smack my Bitch up by Prodigy. Behind him is his usual cart of toys. The cart clangs around as he stalks down the ramp. He leaves the cart at the steps as steps into the ring. Jason and Hate circle as Proven blasts through out the arena.

    David Baker walks down from the curtain. Hate and Jason keep an eye on him as he slides in. The bell rings to signal the start of the match.

    Kyle Steel: Here we go!

    Jason runs at David, but he kicks him in the knee caps. Quickly, Jason hits the mat. David goes to lift him up, but Hate comes and knees them both to the ground. He begins to stomp away on both of them, but David catches his foot. David clotheslines Hate to the mat, but Jason hops up and bulldogs Baker to the mat, too. Jason hops around a bit before he goes to lift David. David elbows him in the gut. Then, he flings Jason at Hate who is getting up. Jason knocks Hate over. Hate and Jason get up at the same time and begin to brawl. David leans on the turnbuckle.

    Zach Davis: Remember, the first fall is the Elite Title. Then, the second is for the Hardcore Title.

    Hate suplexes Jason to the mat. David climbs out of the ring.

    Shannan Lerch: What is David doing?

    Casually, David grabs a bat from Tiley's cart-o-toys. He then climbs into the ring. Hate is still beating on Jason. Then, Jason gets a foot to the mid-section to Hate. He goes to set him up for a piledriver. As he is about to piledrive Hate into the mat. David walks up and breaks the bat over the back of Tilley's head. He falls to the mat instantly. Blood and wood are everywhere. Hate gets up and goes after David. Then, David lands the Xero on him.

    Kyle Steel: David is clearing house!

    Baker grabs a microphone.

    David Baker: Seth, you seemed to have it in for me. I don't know or care why. If you wondered why I haven't been showing up a whole lot the last month or so... It's that I am losing patience. I am glad that Alec Spade took that Title, it made this easier. Seth, I'm out, I don't care what you do with my piece of shit belt, but I'm out.

    David tosses the microphone out of the ring. He walks up the ramp. The crowd boos as he leaves.

    Zach Davis: What the hell?

    The camera zooms out on both bodies laying in the middle of the ring. Tilley is the first to move, and slowly stands up. He picks Hate up with him, and rubs the barbed wire in Hate's face. Hate screams and immediately begins to bleed profusely. Tilley then DDT's him to the mat, and pins. The ref drops to count. One.. two.. Hate miraculously kicks out.

    Shannan Lerch: From the looks of it, this match is going to go on as planned. Ladies and gentlemen, we're going to have a new Hardcore Champion!

    Kyle Steel: Baker held that Title for over four months, which is a record I'm sure. I'm not sure if it beats Madd Dogg, but I'm sure it comes DAMN close.

    Tilley picks Hate up and goes to throw him into the barbed wire, but Hate puts the breaks on at the last second. Tilley runs at him, but Hate picks it up in a Bodypress into Samoan Drop!

    Zach Davis: Great move. You know, I heard Xander talking earlier to Portalcide. He was saying how Hate was the reason the Underground lost at Thursday's matchup... he's looking pretty talented here though, that's for sure.

    Shannan Lerch: Do you just spy on people backstage or what?

    Zach Davis: Yes.

    Kyle Steel: Speak of the devil.

    Xander has just walked out of the entranceway, with Portalcide. He's yelling at them, telling them to attack. Hate turns and mouths "BRING IT ON!".

    Shannan Lerch: It... it doesn't look like Portalcide wants to do it.

    Xander keeps telling Portalcide to attack, but they seem to refuse. They simply walk to the back, and Xander angrily leaves as well. Back in the ring, Hate turns around, and Tilley is back up. He grabs Hate and hits a Piledriver! Tilley then rolls out of the ring and grabs a table, pulling it out from under the ring.

    Zach Davis: Uh oh. You know what that means.

    Tilley slides it into the ring, and at first he leans it against the turnbuckle. But he then leans it against the barbed wire instead. He stomps Hate a few times, and then pulls him near the table. Hate slowly begins standing up, and as soon as he's on his feet Tilley runs at him and Spears him through the table and barbed wire!! Both men fly to the outside, with Hate taking most of the blow! The crowd bursts into "HOLY SHIT!" chants as both of them lay in the wreckage.

    Kyle Steel: The table is in a million pieces, and the barbed wire has been torn from the ring post and is on the ground!

    Tilley is somehow able to sling his arm over Hate. The ref drops to the floor and starts counting.




    Shannan Lerch: Jason Tilley wins the first fall! He retains the Elite Title!

    Zach Davis: And at this rate, he may be a double Champion. I don't know if Hate can recover.

    Both men rest on the mat for a while, neither moving. Eventually Tilley begins standing, and he rolls Hate back into the ring. He then looks under the ring and pulls out a bag... it's thumbtacks.

    Kyle Steel: How bad can this get?

    Tilley rolls back into the ring himself, and dumps the thumbtacks out. He picks Hate up, irish whips him to one side, then pulls him back in...

    Shannan Lerch: He's going for The End!

    But Hate kicks Tilley in the gut before he can hit the Spinebuster, and Hate executes the H8ER Driver on Tilley onto the thumbtacks!! The crowd bursts into another "HOLY SHIT!".

    Zach Davis: That is NOT a move you want to take onto thumbtacks.

    Hate quickly pins!




    Kyle Steel: ...What?

    Jason Tilley somehow managed to get his shoulder up. The crowd is amazed, as is the ref and as is Hate. Hate picks Tilley up, and then up into the air and hits a Snake Eyes onto the barbed wire! Tilley is now wearing the crimson mask as well. He pins again.




    Shannan Lerch: ANOTHER kickout!

    Somehow Tilley found the strength to kick out. Hate picks him up again, and lifts him up into a Fireman's Carry. Tilley slides down behind Hate and spins him around, and puts him in The Gag!

    Zach Davis: He has it! Tilley has it! The Hardcore Title is his!

    Hate begins to go down, and drops to one knee. With one last ounce of strength, Hate punches Tilley, who releases The Gag. Hate switches behind Tilley and hits the F8ALITY onto the thumbtacks!! He pins, once again...




    Kyle Steel: Hate has done it! Hate wins the Hardcore Title!

    Hate rolls over and rests in the ring for several seconds as the ref raises his arm in the air. He eventually begins to stand up, and the ref hands him the Hardcore Title. He raises it proudly into the air. Jason Tilley is up now, and the ref hands him his Elite Title.

    Shannan Lerch: These guys put on a hell of a show.

    Tilley puts his Title over his shoulder, and Hate puts his over his. The two walk to the middle of the ring, and stare each other down... and shake hands.

    Zach Davis: That's good to see. There's some mutual respect there, and it's well deserved.

    Tilley rolls out of the ring and heads to the back as Hate celebrates in the ring. Men come to replace all the barbed wire that got messed up, and to clear the ring of thumbtacks and the like.

    Kyle Steel: Coming up next.. Ultraviolent Ladder match. That means more barbed wire, folks.

  • DKX Backstage
  • Dake Ken and X-Rated can be seen talking about their later match. Gayfather walks into X-Rated and Dake's room.

    Gayfather: Hi, guys!

    He extends his hand but X merely looks it at and then at him.

    X-Rated: Who are you and why should I care?

    Gayfather: I'm Gayfather!

    X-Rated: Good for you, there are groups that help with that.

    Dake Ken: Luckily for you, X-Rated can refer you. He belongs to all of them.

    X gives Dake an icy look.

    X-Rated: I don't have time for nobodies.

    Gayfather: But...I'm not a nobody.

    X-Rated: You're not a somebody.

    Gayfather: No....I'm Gayfather.

    X-Rated: And a moron too apparently.

    After a second Gayfather puts his hand down. He just stands there.

    X-Rated: And?

    Gayfather: And what?

    X-Rated: That's what I'm wondering.

    Dake Ken: Ha, the deepest thought you've had for months. TWO WORDS! And what? Must be a brain teaser.

    X-Rated: Your help is neither appreciated nor needed. When or if you are required or desired to speak, you shall be let to know.

    Dake Ken: Required? Desired? Appreciated? Neither? Someone's been reading the dictionary.

    Another icy look.

    Dake Ken: I understand. If I had a crack head for a wife, I'd be cranky and off my game too.

    X-Rated: WHAT'D YOU SAY?

    Gayfather: Maybe nows not a good time.

    X-Rated: It'll never be a good time....

    Dake Ken: Yea some women rag for a week, but not X here. He rags all month.

    X-Rated: SHUT UP!

    Gayfather: This is awkward....

    X-Rated: You're still here?

    Gayfather is genuinely confused.

    Gayfather: Did you think I was elsewhere?

    Dake can't help but laugh.

    X-Rated: You should be.

    Gayfather: Where?

    X-Rated: Anywhere but here?

    Gayfather: Why?

    X-Rated: I can't believe I'm having an argument with a nincompoop.

    Dake Ken: And losing, too, I might add.

    X-Rated: Do you know who I am?

    Gayfather: Um, a guy in a cheap suit you bought at Goodwill?


    X-Rated: Goodwill? Cheap? How dare you?

    Dake Ken: Yeah, cheap is a word we reserve for his girlfriend.

    X-Rated: I HATE YOU!

    Gayfather: Chill out guys.

    X-Rated: Don't tell me to chill out you little peon! I'm X-Rated. I am a huge action star.

    Dake Ken: In movies no one's head of.

    X-Rated: A sexy man any woman would love to be with.

    Dake Ken: If she lived in a trailer.

    X-Rated: And XGWO superstar.

    Dake Ken: Which shut down.

    X-Rated: Will you shut up?

    Dake Ken: Hadn't planned on it.

    Gayfather: So are a cheap guy in a crappy suit!

    X-Rated: OUT!

    Gayfather: I was in XGWO too.

    X-Rated: Then you must remember me.

    Gayfather: NOPE!

    X-Rated: Get the hell out!

    As Dake dies laughing, X forces Gayfather out of their locker room into the hall. He slams the door.

    Gayfather yells at the door.

    Gayfather: You're not a very pleasant person!

    He turns to Rainbow Brite.

    Gayfather: He is far too serious. Maybe we need to help him loosen up. Have some fun. Not be so businessy about himself.

    Rainbow Brite: What di you have in mind?

    Gayfather: Come with me I'll tell you.

    The two walk away.

  • Cruiserweight Title Ultraviolent Ladder Match: Reckless Jack vs Creeping Death
  • The camera circles around the ring where men are still working on the strands of barbed wire. The new WCF Cruiserweight Title lowers from the ceiling, down to 25 feet above the ring.

    Go To Sleep starts and the lights go out. The words Reckless Jack appear on the Jumbotron. Then after the first verse Jack comes out with fireworks going off behind him. He goes to the ring and poses on the turnbuckle.

    The lights go out as the crowd cheers in anticipation. A few seconds later, "Swinging the Dead" by Devildriver hits, and a white light begins flashing through the darkness. When the song really picks up, about twenty seconds into it, Creeping Death walks out onto the stage, wearing a shiny steel hockey mask. The light continutes to flash as Creeping Death walks down the aisle. When reaching the ring, Creeping Death slides in under the bottom strand of wire. Inside, he gives the whole metal \m/ sign with both hands in the air before he takes his hockey mask off and places it under a set of turnbuckles.

    Zach Davis: Here it is, more barbed wire mayhem.

    Shannan Lerch: Great...

    The two men circle eachother. Neither one looking to make the first move. Reckless Jack comes rushing at Creeping Death, and goes for a clothesline. Creeping Death ducks under, and hooks the arm behind Jack in a hammerlock. Jack slaps his shoulder, spins around, and drop toe holds Creeping Death. C.D. turns over onto his back, nips up, and locks up with Jack. Creeping Death sticks one legs out, trips Jack, and drops him down with an STO type move. Jack flips onto his stomach, holding his head in pain.

    Kyle Steel: Creeping Death can go, when he wants to.

    Creeping Death picks Jack up so that he is standing, and whips him into the babred wire. Jack jumps over them, however, and lands on the floor. Creeping Death quickly slides outside, and is met with a punch. Jack hits another right hand, and whips C.D. into the steel steps. Creeping Death leaps off them, onto the guard rail, and runs around it like Jeff Hardy. On the way around, Reckless Jack hits a spinning wheel kick to C.D.'s legs, tripping him, and making him fall face first to the floor. Reckless Jack picks up a chair, and hits Creeping Death in the head with it. Jack puts the chair down on Creeps' head, and hits a standing shooting star leg drop to the back of Creeping Death's head!

    Zach Davis: Reckless Jack can too!

    Jack looks under the ring and pulls out the 20 foot ladder, Damien! Jack slides it into the ring, and follows. Jack sets up the ladder, and begins to climb. At around the 10 foot mark, Creeping Death comes into the ring, and begins to scamper up after Jack. Near the top, Creeping Death gets to Jack's feet. Jack tries to kick Creeping Death down, but it doesn't work. Creeping Death holds on. Jack breaks free for a split second, and rears back, totally kicking Creeping Death's head off. When Jack kicks, he follows through, and as Creeping Death falls, Jack comes down in a shooting star press, landing at the same time! Jack bounces off Creeping Death, who is holding his gut in pain.

    Shannan Lerch: Wow.

    Jack picks Creeping Death up, and locks him in a T-Bone Suplex. Jack flips Creeping Death over into the barbed wire ropes, cutting Death to shards! Creeping Death untangles himself, and it met with a big german suplex. Reckless Jack holds on, and hits another. Still holding on, Jack throws Creeping Death back. Death backflips out of it, and hooks Jack up in a reverse DDT. Creeping Death leaps up, turns, and hits a standing tornado reverse DDT to Reckless Jack! Creeping Death climbs up a few rungs, and leaps off in a 450 Splash. Jack puts his knees up, but C.D. lands on his feet. At the same time he hits, Creeping Death drops down a quick leg drop. Reckless Jack rolls away, kicks Creeping Death, and hits an X Factor.

    Kyle Steel: It's anyones match...

    Both C.D. and Jack lay in the ring, resting, catching their breath. Jack begins stand up, sets the ladder up so it's right under the Title, and begins climbing. Creeping Death gets up as well, and climbs the other side of the ladder. They reach the top at the same time, and throw punches at each other. Reckless Jack pushes Creeping Death off, and he flies down to the bottom into the barbed wire! Jack reaches up... and grabs the Cruiserweight Title!

    Zach Davis: He's done it! Reckless Jack has done it!

    Jack holds the Title, and climbs down. He raises it in the air... and from behind, someone grabs him. It's Hate! He hits the F8ALITY into the barbed wire!!

    Shannan Lerch: ...Crap.

    Hate grabs the Cruiserweight Title and throws it out of the ring. He stomps Reckless Jack a few times before rolling out and heading to the back, laughing.

    Kyle Steel: Well... Reckless Jack is the Cruiserweight Champ, but not without cost.

  • Tag Team Title Hell Match: Sylk Walker and Billy Tilley vs Bishop and Priest vs Portalcide vs Pride of the USA vs Willson and Smith vs DKX
  • Ms. Liberty stands at top of ramp with the American flag. The Natural comes running from behind the curtain while red, white and blue pyro goes off as I Am #1 blares from the loud speaker. Billy Tilley and Ms. Liberty are walking out behind him.

    Kyle Steel: Looks like Sylk Walker and Billy Tilley are the first out in this match. They have a long road ahead of them if they want the Tag Titles.

    Walker hugs fans and hands out small American flags to those at rinhside. Ms. Liberty goes in the ring with Tilley and holds the flag as Sylk removes his shirt and hands it to a young woman in the front row.

    Shannan Lerch: The Natural is so dreamy...

    Therapy by Finger Eleven plays, and Portalcide make their way out next. Xander accompanies them.

    Zach Davis: Portalcide, too, have an uphil battle apparently.

    The ring announcer gets on the mic.

    Ring Announcer: Fans, this first match of Tag Team Hell is... a Tables match! The first team to have either of it's members put through a table is eliminated.

    Kyle Steel: There's the first stipulation. A Table's match.

    Shannan Lerch: Table matches usually don't last all that long, so whoever wins this match is particularly lucky because they'll be relatively fresh going into the next team.

    Portalcide run at Sylk and Tilley, and begin pounding them down, starting the match. Portal and Suicide whip Sylk and Tilley to the ropes, run at them, and Sylk and Tilley both Clothesline their opponents down at the same time!

    Zach Davis: Good teamwork by Walker and Tilley, who are kinda the odd team out here.

    Tilley rolls out and pulls Suicide with him, leaving The Natural and Portal in the ring. Walker picks Portal up and throws him to the ropes, then hits an Armdrag Takedown. He follows up with a quick Leg Drop. On the outside, Tilley and Suicide are brawling, Suicide with the slight advantage. He hits a Side Russian Legsweep, and then goes under the ring looking for a table.

    Kyle Steel: Like Shannan was talking about earlier, this could spell the end very quickly for one of these teams.

    Suicide pulls it out and sets it up. He picks Tilley up and goes to throw him onto the table, but Tilley slides under it instead. He then slides under the table and Low Blow's Suicide!

    Shannan Lerch: The great equalizer, ouch.

    Tilley gets up and rolls Suicide onto the table. He then climbs up onto the the apron, and is about to hit a high risk move, until Portal grabs him and turns him around. Portal then Suplexes him back into the ring. Portal stomps away at both Walker and Tilley, but eventually both men begin standing up. Portal keeps trying to keep them down, but Walker and Tilley start fighting against him. They kick him in the gut and hit a Double Suplex.

    Zach Davis: Again, they work well as a team. Impressive.

    On the outside, Suicide is up. He's grabbed Ms. Liberty's hair, and is yelling at her.

    Kyle Steel: He wouldn't hit a woman, would he?!

    Suicide picks Liberty up and slams her to the ground outside the ring! Billy and Sylk go to get out of the ring, but Portal grabs Sylk from behind, spins him around, and hits a Release Northern Lights Suplex! Billy is able to get out before Portal can attack, and checks to see if Ms. Liberty is OK. She doesn't answer. He picks her up and carries her to the back, leaving Sylk alone.

    Shannan Lerch: What a noble move by Billy, protecting the girl he loves. Aww.

    Back in the ring, Suicide has rollen in, and both members of Portalcide are double teaming Sylk, kicking at him continuously. Portal picks him up and holds him, and Suicide grabs him, positions him, and Powerbombs him over the top rope through the table!! The bell rings.

    Ring Announcer: Winner of the first fall... PORTALCIDE!

    The crowd boos, and paramedics rush out to help Sylk Walker to the back.

    Zach Davis: I hope Ms. Liberty is in better shape than him.

    Ring Announcer: And the next team to enter the match is WILLSON AND SMITH! They will compete in a Dog Collar match.

    Kyle Steel: Dog collar matches can be brutal and times, this isn't good for Portalcide.

    Eric Willson and Richard Smith walk out from the back. Each has a dog collar strapped to his neck, and as they roll in they throw the other end of the dog collars to their opponents. Portal and Suicide both put theirs on. Portal is attached to Willson, Suicide is attached to Smith.

    Shannan Lerch: This match is going to take a lot out of both the winners and the losers... Portalcide can't be happy.

    All four men start the match by trying to pull on the chains. Eventually Willson and Smith get the advantage, yanking their opponents to the ground. They then go to stomping them a little bit, and they use the chains to whip!

    Zach Davis: Ouch. Shannan, you're exactly right.

    Willson picks Portal up and wraps the chain around his neck, choking him. Smith picks Suicide up and DDTs him back to the ground, his head hitting the chain. He's busted wide open.

    Kyle Steel: Yeah, I think we can count Portalcide out of this match.

    The crowd is seemingly beginning to get behind Portalcide a little bit, as they're clapping, trying to get Portal to get to his senses. Eventually he does, and trips Willson before quickly unwrapping the chains from his neck. Smith turns to him and runs at him, but Portal quickly Clotheslines him, using the chain, and choking Willson a bit in the process.

    Shannan Lerch: These kinds of matches are SO dangerous.

    Portal continues to yank the chain, choking Willson more and more each time. He then kicks Willson and hits a Double Arm DDT, pinning him. One... two... Willson kicks out. Meanwhile, Smith is up, and is back to stomping on Suicide. Smith rolls out of the ring, and then pulls Suicide out using the chains! He then picks Suicide up and hits a German Suplex. Smith rolls back into the ring, then rolls back out, causing the chain to get wrapped around the turnbuckle. Smith pulls on it. Suicide is pulled to the turnbuckle and then the life begins getting choked out of him.

    Zach Davis: Suicide isn't going to be in this match very long, they could seriously hurt him.. or worse.

    Back in the ring, Portal has a bit of chain on the ground, and hits a Snap Suplex on Willson, with him landing on them.

    Kyle Steel: One thing I have to say, both teams have been utilizing the chains in this match very, very well.

    Smith has finally stopped choking Suicide, and the chain is unwrapped. Smith rolls Suicide back into the ring, and pins him. One... two... Suicide barely gets the shoulder up. Smith picks Suicide up and begins wrapping himself together with him with the chains, so they're as close as they can be. Smith Headbutts Suicide, and punches and just generally hits him as much as possible.

    Shannan Lerch: That's just horrible. Look at Smith.. ugh. Both Suicide and Portal are already bleeding, and I believe Willson is as well.

    Portal picks Willson up and DDTs him back down, onto the chains. He picks him up again.. DDTs him back down, onto the chains. Picks up again, DDTs onto the chains again. Willson is definitly busted wide open now. Portal floats over and makes the pin.

    Zach Davis: That's Portal's trademark, rolling DDTs!

    Portal pins Willson. One... two... three!

    Kyle Steel: Somehow, Suicide and Portal pull out the win!

    Smith unravels himself from Suicide, and pulls off his collar, pissed that he wasn't able to help his tag partner. He rolls out of the ring and pulls Willson out with him, after unstrapping him. The two head to the back.

    Ring Announcer: And the winners of the second fall.. Portalcide!

    The crowd cheers a bit.

    Shannan Lerch: They may have won, but they're NOT in good shape. Let's see who is next.

    The sound of drums is heard, and Bishop and Priest walk out.

    Ring Announcer: Introducing the next set of opponents, BISHOP AND PRIEST! They will wrestle in a cage match! The team whose member is pinned first is eliminated.

    Bishop and Priest run into the ring as the cage begins to lower from the ceiling. They go right on the attack.

    Zach Davis: How appropriate is this?! We were originally scheduled for a Cage match between Bishop and Priest and Portalcide and last month's Pay Per View event, Payback. And we're seeing it here at One too!

    Bishop and Priest pound away at their opponents. Suicide is virtually unable to fight back, but Bishop Chokeslam's him for good measure. He then turns his attack on Portal, and both he and Priest beat him down. They pick him up and both grab his throat. They lift him up and hit a Double Chokeslam! Bishop pins him. One... two.... kickout.

    Kyle Steel: How?!

    Bishop and Priest pick Portal up again, and again grab his throat. This time they Chokeslam him into the steel cage, and then use that momentum to bring him to the ground. Bishop pins him again. One... two... three.

    Shannan Lerch: Finally, Portalcide is gone. But they put up a great showing here tonight!

    The cage begins to raise as fast as it came down, and Portal rolls out slowly, pulling Suicide out with him.

    Ring Announcer: The winners of the third fall.. BISHOP AND PRIEST!

    Outside the ring, Xander is yelling at Suicide and Portal for having lost. They don't yell back, they just stand there, and look at each other. Xander continues yelling... and slaps Portal. Portal just laughs, and then punches Xander right in the face! Xander reels back and Suicide hits the Suicide DDT onto the ground!

    Zach Davis: Well... I guess Xander is fired!

    Kyle Steel: And hospitalized.

    Portal and Suicide walk to the back to a cheering crowd. As soon as they've disappeared behind the curtain, Harvester of Sorrow by Metallica plays. The crowd boos and jeers as Dake Ken and X walk out. They're holding the Tag Team Titles above their head, as if to symbolize that they are, indeed, the best.

    Ring Announcer: This match will be decided with SUBMISSION ONLY rules! The first team to have someone tap out is eliminated!

    Zach Davis: What?! That's not too fair. Bishop and Priest are power wrestlers, not submissionists.

    Kyle Steel: The management around here loves DKX. I bet they did this on purpose.

    DKX begin to get in the ring, and immediately Bishop and Priest begin attacking. Both Ken and X struggle to get up, but once they are, Bishop and Priest Clothesline them over the top rope.

    Shannan Lerch: All of these men are outside now, let's see how thisgoes.

    Bishop and Priest pick X Rated up and go for a Double Powerbomb on the outside, but Dake Ken attacks them from behind, not letting them pull off the move.

    Zach Davis: This match would have been over. Well, this part of the match at least

    Dake grabs Bishop and throws him into the guardrail. He and X then both grab Priest and roll him into the ring. The current Tag Champs roll in after him, and stomp away at him. X applies a Leglock while Dake Ken applies an Armbar.

    Kyle Steel: Double whammy there, geez, Priest is getting torn apart from every which way.

    The ref asks if Priest gives up, but he repeatedly says no. DKX soon release the hold. Bishop is back in the ring, and grabs Dake Ken from behind, hitting a Russian Legsweep. X Rated then goes for a Clothesline but Priest ducks it and Headbutt's X. X stumbles back, Priest then grabs him and Chokeslam's him! He then applies a Single Leg Grapevine.

    Shannan Lerch: Bishop and Priest beginning to get back in this match. If they win, we're guarenteed new Tag Champs tonight!

    X screams a bit, and raises his arms, ready to tap out... until Dake Ken hits an Elbow Drop on Priest, causing the hold to be broken.

    Zach Davis: Poor movie star X Rated can't let his legs get too busted up. Pussy.

    X rolls out of the ring. Dake Ken stomps on Priest, and hits a T-Bone Suplex. He then turns to Bishop, who just got up, and is met with a High Kneelift. Dake staggers back, and Bishop throws him into the ropes. As he's coming back, Bishop locks him in a Sleeper Hold.

    Kyle Steel: I don't think Dake Ken is going to give up to a Sleeperhold, but he may pass out from the pain.

    Shannan Lerch: Dake Ken won't tap out to ANYTHING.

    Bishop releases the hold, but X is back in the ring, and hits tackles Bishop down via the leg. X then stomps on Bishop's leg a bit. Priest is back up and grabs X, going to get him for the Running Powerslam, but X switches behind him and Dropkicks him out of the ring. X grabs Bishop's legs and applies the Figure Four Leglock.

    Zach Davis: X Rated does that better than anyone! Will Bishop give up?

    Dake Ken is up, and he repeatedly kicks Bishop. Eventually Bishop taps out.

    Ring Announcer: Your winners of the fourth fall... Dake Ken and X Rated... DKX!!

    DK and X pick up the men they just beat and throw them out of the ring.

    Kyle Steel: Well, there's only one team left, so we know who is coming.

    Born in the USA plays, and Chief Bald Eagle and Klubber Klabanski, the Pride of the USA, step out!

    Shannan Lerch: Freedom Fighters member Sylk Natural was already eliminated in this match, let's see if the Pride win it!

    Ring Announcer: This match will be a LADDER MATCH, with the Tag Team Titles suspended high in the air!

    A second ref comes to the ring, and takes the Tag Titles that DKX brought out. He heads backstage, presumeably going to set them up so they're reachable. Pride of the USA continues to the ring and they both roll in.

    Zach Davis: I believe that they're at a slight disadvantage, they may be worried about Ms. Liberty's status still...

    And as soon as Pride is in the ring, we see Electra walking out from the back as well. She's carrying a ladder.

    Kyle Steel: What the hell is this? What's she doing out here?

    Shannan Lerch: Supporting her men, duh!

    She stands ringside as the next round of the Hell match starts. The two teams are hesitant of each other at first, but Dake Ken and X soon tackle their opponents and start punching them. Eventually Klabanski and Eagle roll over, and they pound DKX as well! Both teams get to their feet, and Klabanski and Eagle Clothesline DKX down. They then both hit Elbow Drops on their opponents. Klabanski picks X up and Clotheslines him over the top. He rolls out and leaves Dake Ken in the ring with Chief Bald Eagle.

    Zach Davis: The challengers looking pretty good in the opening of this last round.

    Klabanski picks X up and hits a Snake Eyes on the guardrail. X drops to the ground and holds his face. Electra comes from behind and taps Klabanski's shoulder. He turns around and she Bitch Slaps him! He falls to the ground.

    Shannan Lerch: You go, girl!

    Kyle Steel: Klabanski didn't even do anything! But THAT'S why Electra is out here. And let me tell you, a bitch slap from HER is painful.

    Back in the ring, Bald Eagle has Dake up, and throws him into the turnbuckle. He then hits a Knife Edge Chop. The crowd "WHOO"'s right along. He hits several chops, over and over, and Dake appears to be in great pain at each one. Dake grabs him and switches around, so that Eagle is at the turnbuckle, and Dake hits several chops of his own! Eagle kicks him in the gut and grabs him, runs diagonally to the other side of the ring, and hits a huge Oklahoma Slam! He then rolls out of the ring and grabs the ladder that Electra brought in, and sets it up.

    Zach Davis: The Tag Teams Titles are now hanging down, ready to be grabbed.

    Indeed they are. Chief Bald Eagle begins climbing up, but X Rated is back in the ring. X climbs up the ladder quickly, and he and Bald Eagle begin brawling at the top. X Rated eventually gets the best of Eagle, and pulls Eagle up, positioning him that he's 'sitting' on the ladder. X climbs so that he's right up at Eagle.. and executes a HURRICANRANA!! Both men go down to the ground hard!! Yet another "HOLY SHIT!" chant rings up from the crowd as the ladder falls.

    Shannan Lerch: ....How in the hell...

    Kyle Steel: Wow.

    Klabanski rolls into the ring, and sets the ladder back up. Before he can start climbing, Dake is up, and pounds on him from behind. DK quickly runs to the ropes and as Klabanski turns around, Dake hits the Bitch Kick! Both men go down though, resting.

    Zach Davis: Dake Ken just not having the energy to climb the ladder there. It may be anyone's match.

    Eventually Dake stirs, and stands up. He begins to climb the ladder, slowly... slowly... and he's to the top. He reaches for the Tag Titles... but Bald Eagle lunges into the ladder, and it topples, Dake Ken flying out of the ring!! Bald Eagle sets the ladder back up, and then runs to the turnbuckle and climbs up. X Rated is standing, and the Chief flies off the top, hitting the Flying Eagle! He then begins climbing the ladder again.

    Shannan Lerch: Bald Eagle has it now, I'm sure.

    He slowly climbs, much slower than before, having had his energy so drained. He eventually reaches the top, and goes to grab for the Titles... but Dake Ken is back in the ring, and he's shake the ladder. X Rated is back up as well, somehow, and he begins climbing up. X Rated and Chief Bald Eagle are at the top again, and again they begin brawling. Both men begin to kind of stand, continuing to exchange fists... and X Rated hits the X-Plicit!!

    Kyle Steel: I don't know what's more amazing, the fact X Rated pulls these moves off or if Chief Bald Eagle keeps taking them.

    Klabanksi is up now, and he runs at Dake Ken, going for a Clothesline. Dake Ken ducks it and hits the Ride the Lightning! He then climbs the ladder, slowly, slowly...

    Zach Davis: Can he have grab them? Is this it?

    Yes, he can. Dake Ken grabs both of the Tag Titles, and the bell rings.

    Shannan Lerch: DKX wins Tag Team Hell!

    Kyle Steel: ...And the Elite is 2 out of 3 wins tonight. Can Trent Hunter make it a clean sweep?

    Dake Ken climbs down, and pulls X Rated to his feet. He hands X the other Tag Title, and the two raise them in the air.

    Zach Davis: There aren't many times we can compliment the Elite or DKX... but this is one of those times. Very hard fought match by both men.

    Shannan Lerch: And very stiff competition throughout the whole thing. Amazing.

    X Rated climbs a turnbuckle, and holds the Title up in the air. He seems to get a big pop from the audience.

    Kyle Steel: Hey, X Rated's getting cheered?

    Zach Davis: I don't think so, Kyle. Look behind him.

    Gayfather is behind X, and pulls his pants down!! The crowd laughs like hell, and X Rated looks horrified. Gayfather laughs and rolls out of the ring, and X Rated pulls his pants back up, stomping around furiously.

    Shannan Lerch: Haha!

    Kyle Steel: I never thought I'd be saying this, but it's good to have Gayfather back.

    Gayfather runs to the back, laughing all the away, and the embarassed Tag Champions soon follow.

  • Billy Tilley and Ms. Liberty Backstage
  • As we go backstage, Ms. Liberty is laying on a couch, resting, and watching the monitor of what's happening at One. She seems unhappy that Pride of the USA just lost, obviously. Billy Tilley walks into the room.

    Billy Tilley: Hey... are you doin' OK?

    Ms. Liberty: Yeah.. better. Billy, thanks for protecting me.

    Billy Tilley: No problem, it was my duty. I.. just.. um...

    Ms. Liberty: What is it?

    Billy Tilley: I can't take this anymore.. I love you.

    Sylk walks into the room at just that moment, and is in shock. He just stands there for a second as Billy and Ms. Liberty look at each other, and we go back to our announcers.

    Shannan Lerch: Aww, that's cute. Could we be seeing Mrs. Liberty soon?

    Zach Davis: No, it would be Mrs. Tilley since she'd adopt his last name.

    Shannan Lerch: She doesn't HAVE to, that's kind of sexist.

    Kyle Steel: It's just how things are done, Shannan.

    Shannan Lerch: I don't care! It's sexist!!

  • Musical Performance
  • Zach Davis: Fans, I'm pleased to tell you we have a special surprise tonight. WCF has signed a legendary band to play tonight. They've amazed audiences for years with their hard as nails metal songs, and later wrote some of the nineties best alternative rock.

    Shannan Lerch: Recently they've explored a new style, and continue to thrill metal fans worldwide with their playing. So without further adeu, I introduce to you... METALLICA!

    All of the lights go off. The arena buzzes for a few seconds, and a few guitar riffs from the song St. Anger come are heard. The stage is lit up fully with a green light, and all of the members are there. James Hetfield on the rythm guitar and vocals, Lars Ulrich on the drums, Kirk Hammett playing lead guitar and Robert Trujillo playing bass. James sings out the vocals.

    James Hetfield: Saaiinntt Anger round my neck, Saaiinntt Anger round my neck....

    The lights go out again, and it looks like we have a power failure. The sound of shooting fills the arena for a few seconds, and we can here bombs dropping. A single light comes on, showing Kirk Hammett, as he now begins to play One! The crowd cheers at first but quiets down quickly as they listen to him play. One by one, the rest of the band members light up, until the vocals start.

    James Hetfield: I can't remember anything...
    Can't tell if this is true or dream
    Deep down inside I feel to scream
    This terrible silence stops me!

    Now that the war is through with me
    I'm waking up, I can not see
    That there's not much left of me
    Nothing is real but pain now!

    Hold my breath as I wish for death
    Oh please God, wake me...

    The band continues their amazing performance as Kirk's guitar takes over.

    James Hetfield: Back in the womb its much too real
    in pumps life that I must feel
    But can't look forward to reveal
    Look to the time when I'll live
    Fed through the tube that sticks in me
    Just like a wartime novelty
    Tied to machines that make me be
    Cut this life off from me!

    Hold my breath as I wish for death
    Oh please God, wake me...

    Now the world is gone, I'm just One
    Oh God, help me
    Hold my breath as I wish for death
    Oh please God help me!

    As the song continues, we can see a fifth man step onto stage. He is revealed to be the lead singer of KoRn, Jonathan Davis! KoRn covered One at Metallica's Icon show on MTV, and the performance was also on their newest album, Take A Look In The Mirror. Davis takes Hetfield's mic duties as he focuses on his guitar playing.

    Jonathan Davis: Darkness!
    Imprisoning me!
    All that I see!
    Absolute horror!
    I cannot live!
    I cannot die!
    Trapped in myself!
    Body my holding cell!

    Has taken my sight!
    Taken my speech!
    Taken my hearing!
    Taken my arms!
    Taken my legs!
    Taken my soul!
    Left me with life in Hell!

    Hetfield is back on the mic.

    James Hetfield: No... No... NO NO NO NO NOOOO!!

    The band continues playing hard as Davis headbangs on stage. As it ends, the lights come back on and the crowd roars in favor of the performance. Jonathan shakes the Metallica members' hands, and the band bows to the fans.

    Kyle Steel: A badass performance for a badass song by a badass band.

    Shannan Lerch: You said it, Kyle!

    Zach Davis: And coming up next.. the Ironman match!

  • Ironman Match: Outcast vs Hellz Angel vs Steve Carr vs Logan
  • God of Thunder hits and the arena lights dim. The Jumbotron says ''Without Fear'' and Outcast comes out slapping hands at ringside. He slides into the ring and the lights come back on.

    The lights darken as candles and lighters light up the arena. Thunder is heard as Down for Life by Testament hits the speakers. Hellz Angel walks out slowly as red lights flash. He walks down the ramp and slides into the ring. He circles the ring while loosening up. He raises both of his hands with the metal sign \m/ as pyro shoots off into the air from the four posts.

    Edgecrusher hits next, and red strobe lights begin to flash. Steve Carr steps out from the back, to a huge ovation. He walks to the ring, all business, and rolls in as the lights come back to normal.

    Metallica's The Struggle Within plays out through the arena, and the audience immediately recognizes Logan's theme they cheer like hell. Logan steps out from behind the black curtains, drenched in water and slowly walks down the ramp flicking off the crowd, and talking as much crap to them as he can. Despite this, they still seem to love the man. Logan rolls into the ring, and grabs his crotch yelling at the crowd, who have never appreciated him more.

    Zach Davis: Logan wasn't even supposed to be here, but he is, and he wouldn't miss the biggest event WCF has to offer for anything.

    Kyle Steel: That's for sure. None of these men have had many wrestling matches in the past few months, Logan's had the most.

    Shannan Lerch: That could be both an advantage and a disadvantage. We know that their bodies will be in top condition to perform, and they should all have their little various nagging injuries healed up. But no one can help having a little bit of ring rust, and in an Ironman match setting like this, that's important.

    Each man is in his corner, and the bell rings. A timer appears at the bottom of the screen, starting at 60:00.

    Zach Davis: The clock is ticking!

    Each man looks around at the others, no one sure of who is going to make the first move. Outcast does, running at Hellz and knocking him down. Hellz goes down to the mat and the three other men begin kicking at him, all at once!

    Kyle Steel: Wow. These guys all REALLY hate Hellz.

    Eventually Hellz rolls out of the ring. Carr and Outcast work together and hit a Linked Clothesline, taking Logan down, but Carr keeps the link and pulls Outcast in, hitting a Belly to Belly Suplex! He quickly pins, hoping for a quick point. One.. two.. no, Outcast kicks out.

    Shannan Lerch: Carr on a roll in the beginnings of the match!

    Zach Davis: I was just thinking, Hellz Angel has a big advantage here. If he uses his technical prowess to get someone to the point they'll tap out, then he can keep going back to that part of the body and rack up the points.

    Kyle Steel: If he can overcome the fact that he's the most wanted man in this match.

    Carr picks Outcast up, but Logan is up as well. He grabs Carr from behind and holds his arms so that Outcast can take various shots without Carr being able to defend himself at all. Logan throws Carr out of the ring, and Outcast immediately goes on the attack, hitting the Face of Treachery with several forearms to the back. Outcast then hits a Belly to Back Suplex and pins. One... two... No.

    Shannan Lerch: It would be a HUGE blow to Logan's ego if he was the first pinned in this matchup.

    Hellz Angel is back in the ring, and drops an elbow on Outcast before he can get up. Outcast continues to try to get to his feet but Hellz keeps kicking him down until he no longer fights back. Hellz picks him up and hits a good Vertical Suplex. He then turns to Logan and starts stomping on him as well. Logan tries to get to his feet using the ropes, and eventually is able to do so, and brawls right back against Hellz. Eventually Logan gets the advantage and goes to whip Hellz into the ropes, but Hellz throws him instead and follows up with a Spinebuster!

    Zach Davis: Hellz Angel, not doing so bad for himself here.

    Hellz quickly pins Logan. One... two.... Steve Carr is back in the ring, and breaks it up. Carr picks Hellz up and hits a Bodyslam, sending him back to the mat. He stomps Hellz a few times, then stomps Logan a few times, and alternates between both men. Logan and Hellz are both laying close to each other, so Carr hits a Double Elbow Drop!

    Kyle Steel: Interesting move there from Carr, nice.

    Carr pins Logan. One... two... shoulder up. Carr then pins Hellz. One... two... shoulder up.

    Shannan Lerch: Two quick nearfalls, no one wants to give up the first fall.

    Zach Davis: And if you think about it, whoever DOES get the first fall kind of becomes everyone else's target.

    Outcast, who had rollen out of the ring, is now back in. He hits a huge Clothesline, sending The Ultimate down to the mat, and him as well. All four men are down, catching their breath. Outcast is the first up, and Logan soon is as well. Outcast begins kicking at Hellz as Logan kicks at Carr, and soon Hellz and Carr are out of the ring. Logan and Outcast turn to each other, see that they're the only two left in the ring, and run at one another. Logan ducks a Clothesline attempt by Outcast, runs to the other side of the ring, and then hits a Cross Bodyblock. Logan picks Outcast up, and follows up with a Snap Suplex.

    Kyle Steel: Ooh, that move is always painful.

    Logan floats over and makes the pin. One... two... no, Outcast kicks out. Logan picks Outcast up again, but hears a yell from behind. He turns around and is met with a Missile Dropkick from Hellz Angel off the top rope! Hellz turns around to Outcast but walks right into Carr, who also just got back into the ring. Carr kicks Hellz and hits the Ultimate Stunner!!! The crowd goes wild!

    Shannan Lerch: Our first finisher of the night!

    Carr drops to pin Hellz, but Outcast is up and throws Carr over the top rope. He then quickly pins Hellz, hooking the leg. One... two.... three!!

    Zach Davis: And Outcast scores the first pinfall, with 44 minutes left to go.

    Kyle Steel: And like mentioned earlier, there's now a bullseye on him.

    Carr gets back into the ring, outraged at Outcast. He pounds 'Cast down mercilessly, punching and kicking and whatever else he can. Hellz comes up from behind and hits Carr with a Reverse DDT. Hellz turns back to Logan and kicks him a few times, just to make sure he's down, and then goes back to Outcast. He picks Outcast up and executes a Crucifix Powerbomb!

    Shannan Lerch: Survey says: Reminds me of Scott Hall.

    Hellz Angel pins 'Cast. One... two.... no, Logan is there to kick Hellz off. Logan picks Hellz up, but Hellz goes for a Clothesline. Logan ducks it and hits Hellz with a German Suplex Bridge Pin! The ref counts again. One! Two! No! Carr breaks it up!

    Zach Davis: Out of everyone in this match, you have to think Logan wants to beat Hellz the most.

    Carr picks up Hellz and throws him out of the ring, going to focus on Logan. He kicks Logan strategically, whenever he tries to get up. He eventually lets Logan get to his feet, and throws him to the ropes. He lifts him up his leg, going for a Big Boot, but Logan runs by it. Logan bounces off the other side of the ring and goes for a Hard Clothesline on Carr, but Carr ducks that. Logan again bounces off the other side, and this time Carr connects with the Big Boot! He then begins climbing to the top rope.

    Kyle Steel: I think he's going for the Ultimatum!

    Carr reaches the top, but Outcast is up, and punches Carr a few times while he's still on the turnbuckle. Outcast climbs up with him, and hits the Black Out! He then pins Carr, hooking the leg.

    Shannan Lerch: Outcast has to have it. He's up by 2 points now!

    Shannan spoke a little prematurely. One... two... Hellz pulls Outcast out of the ring before the three, leaving Carr and Logan inside. Hellz kicks Carr in the gut and goes for a Gutwrench Powerbomb, hitting it on the cold, hard floor!

    Zach Davis: Ouch, brutal move. Sucks for Carr.

    Back in the ring, Logan is up, and he's kicking Outcast repeatedly. He picks Outcast up, and Outcast starts fighting back, hitting a few punches, sending Logan reeling. Outcast lifts Logan in the air in a Suplex type position, but Logan flips over behind him. Outcast turns and is met with a kick and Evenflow DDT!

    Kyle Steel: Good Evenflow DDT! Although not as good as one Rick Mad would do.

    Shannan Lerch: Yeah, Logan SUCKS compared to Rick Mad, just like all these other old school guys.

    Zach Davis: And it's not like he paid us to say that, or anything, really. We promise.

    While the announcers were babbling, Logan has covered Outcast. The ref drops to count. One... two... three.

    Kyle Steel: That makes the score one to one to zero to zero, with Outcast and Logan tied.

    Shannan Lerch: We're about halfway through this match, with 33 minutes to go.

    On the outside, Hellz Angel and Carr are still battling. Hells throws Carr into the guardrail, and Carr holds his back and falls to the ground. Hellz stomps at him a few times before rolling him into the ring, and then himself. Logan grabs Hellz from behind and hits a Back Bodydrop into pin.

    Zach Davis: If Logan gets this, he'll be up by one.

    One.. two.. no, Hellz kicks out. Logan picks him up and grabs him, going for some kind of suplex, but Hellz reverses it and hits a Belly to Belly of his own. Carr is up by now, and he kicks Hellz as he turns around. He then goes for a Snapmare before Dropkicking Hellz's spine.

    Kyle Steel: Spinal Tap!

    He grabs Hellz' leg and puts it into a Boston Crab. Hellz is planted square in the middle of the ring, and neither Outcast nor Logan can help right now.

    Shannan Lerch: Hellz is in quite a spot He can tap and give Carr a point, or he can let Carr injure that leg... neither one is too good.

    Apparently Hellz has chosen to give Carr the fall, because he quickly taps. Carr releases the hold.

    Zach Davis: Hellz is down by one, because everyone else in the ring has a point. We have about 27 minutes to go.

    Carr immediately goes to kicking Hellz's leg some more, and then pulls him to the middle of the ring again. And again, he applies the Boston Crab.

    Kyle Steel: Great strategy by Carr. Submissions are an easy way to get points in an Ironman match.

    Hellz is a lot more hesitant to tap this time, and tries to crawl to whatever ropes he can go to. He's unable to find any, raises his hand... but no, Outcast is there and kicks Carr off! Outcast throws Carr to the side and picks Hellz up, throwing him out of the ring. He then picks Logan up and throws him out as well. He turns back to Carr, who is now standing, and grabs him. He knees him in the gut a few times and then executes the Bayou Shot!

    Shannan Lerch: Great move!

    He pins. One... two... no, Carr kicks out. Outcast picks Carr up halfway and then pulls him in and Piledrives him to the mat. Outcast stomps Carr some more, and then hits an Elbow Drop. He stands and hits another Elbow Drop. Stands, hits another. Outcast then grabs Carr's legs and go to put him in an Inverted Boston Crab, but Carr kicks him away. Carr begins to get to his feet, but Outcast runs at him. Carr is able to get up in time and hits a Big Boot! Outcast drops to the mat, and Carr falls onto him, pinning. The ref counts one.... two.... No, Outcast gets the shoulder up in the nick of time.

    Zach Davis: That was a close one.

    Carr slowly gets to his feet and climbs to the top. He flies off the top with a Senton Bomb, but Outcast rolls out of the way at the last minute! Carr holds his back, and both men rest on the mat for a few seconds before Outcast begins getting to his feet.

    Kyle Steel: All of these high risk moves haven't been paying off for Carr. At least he didn't get another Black Out.

    Carr begins getting to his feet as well, pulling himself up at the turnbuckle. Once he's up, he turns around and Outcast Clotheslines him into it. He then runs backwards, then runs towards Carr again and hits the Sick Twist! He quickly picks Carr up onto the top turnbuckle and hits another Black Out!!

    Shannan Lerch: So far Carr has taken two Black Out's and one Piledriver... his neck can't be in very good condition, at all.

    Outcast pins Carr, hooking the leg. One... two.... three!

    Zach Davis: Outcast is once again winning the match, he's up by one. But someone else could come from behind at any moment.

    Kyle Steel: We have 18 minutes left in this amazing matchup.

    Carr rolls out of the ring, and Logan rolls back in, behind Outcast. He grabs Outcast, spins him around, and hits the Impact Style! He quickly pins.

    Shannan Lerch: Logan and Outcast'll be tied..



    No! Hellz breaks it up.

    Zach Davis: Logan had been resting outside the ring for a long time, he's probably in the best shape right now.

    Hellz pounds Logan across the back, and picks him up. He kicks him in the gut and goes for the Pull the Plug, but Logan reverses it into a Back Bodydrop. Logan throws Hellz out of the ring and then goes out with him. He stomps him a few times, and then turns to Carr. He stomps Carr as well and rolls him into the ring. Logan picks him up and hits a Neckbreaker.

    Kyle Steel: Logan's smart, he's going for that neck.

    He picks Carr up and throws him to the ropes. He then catches him and locks him into a Sleeper Hold...

    Shannan Lerch: You know what's coming up.

    Logan hits The Connector! He pins.




    Zach Davis: Logan has two, Outcast has two, and Carr has one. Hellz still hasn't gotten a fall. 13 minutes to go.

    Logan goes back to the outside and goes over to Hellz. He picks him up, but apparently Hellz was playing possum and punches Logan right in the face! Logan staggers back, and Hellz then kicks him in the gut and hits the Pull the Plug!

    Kyle Steel: Pull the Plug on the outside! Logan's done!

    Hellz rolls into the ring. Carr has begun standing up, and Hellz yells to him. He turns around and gets a kick to the stomach followed by, you guessed it, Pull the Plug! Hellz pins, hooking the leg.




    Shannan Lerch: Another move that affects the neck. This match has not been kind to Carr.

    Zach Davis: This match has not been kind to anyone. And we're done to 10 minutes.

    Kyle Steel: It's between Outcast and Logan, they both have two points. It depends on who can get that one last pin...

    Shannan Lerch: And Logan may be out of it.

    Outcast is back up, and he grabs Hellz from behind. He spins him around and hits the Nail in the Coffin, pinning, and hooking the leg!

    Zach Davis: This could be it, Outcast could win it!




    Logan is somehow back in the ring, and he kicked Outcast off. We can see him yell "HELLZ IS MINE!".

    Kyle Steel: That's right, guys... Logan hasn't been able to pin Hellz yet, and you have to think that's who he wants the most.

    Logan kicks at Outcast, mercilessly. He picks Outcast up and hits multiple spin kicks, and then knees him in the gut. He follows up with a Scissors Kick! He picks Outcast up and tosses him out of the ring. He hits the ground hard.

    Shannan Lerch: Ouch. Logan might have been able to pin Outcast, but he didn't want to...

    Logan turns back to Hellz, with a gleam in his eye. He kicks him repeatedly, and then picks him up. He hits a Jumping Singlearm DDT, sending him back to the ground. He then starts kicking his leg a few times, and applies a LoganShooter!

    Zach Davis: Will Hellz tap!?!

    Kyle Steel: A while ago, I'd have said it may be the best idea, but not anymore. He can't give Logan that last point, if he does, it's all over.

    Shannan Lerch: I don't think that matters anymore... Hellz Angel's pride won't let him.

    And yes, that seems to be true. Logan keeps the hold locked in, and Hellz screams bloody murder, but he won't tap out. The ref asks if he wants to give up, and he yells NO! Logan appears pissed off, not knowing what to do. Steve Carr is up, and he kicks Logan and quickly hits an Ultimate Stunner before collapsing back to the mat! All three men rest.

    Zach Davis: Carr, getting one last little ounce of revenge... And we only have a few more minutes guys...

    Outcast, on the outside, is up, and he crawls into the ring. He throws his arm over Logan's chest.




    The crowd is amazed, as is the ref, and Outcast. Logan slowly stands up, kicks Outcast a few times in the head, and rolls him out of the ring. He kicks Carr a few times, and rolls him out of the ring.

    Kyle Steel: We're running out of time, it's almost up...

    Logan then turns to Hellz. He picks him up and hits the Impact Style! Hellz goes back a few paces, and Logan throws him to the ropes. He locks Hellz in the Sleeper.. and then hits The Connector!! He pins Hellz, hooking the leg...




    Shannan Lerch: Logan is up by one!!

    He just rolls over, resting, possibly not able to move anymore. After a few seconds, the bell rings. The match is over.

    Zach Davis: Logan has done it. Logan has won. Logan did what he hadta do to get to the top.

    The ref holds Logan's arm up, and it just falls back down to the mat. The fans give the four men a standing ovation, appreciating what they've done for WCF over the years. Logan is eventually able to stand up, and he throws his arms into the air to a huge ovation. Chants of "LOGAN! LOGAN!" fill the arena.

    Kyle Steel: There you have it fans... there you have it.

    Shannan Lerch: And we still have more coming up!

  • World Title Contendership Match: Defman vs PC Cradle
  • Kyle Steel: This match will be brutal, PC Cradle against Defman, the third time, the final time...

    Shannan Lerch: You got that right, Luscious, Defman and PC know everything about each other, And this could be the last match of Defman’s career...

    Zach Davis: Let’s get on with it!

    The arena goes black, a faint neon blue light shines at the top of the ramp, slowly growing as Lies by KoRn begins to play out of the PA. The fans jump into a massive roar of cheers, as the light turns into a series of explosions. The same neon blue light brightens the arena as Defman stands at the top, head down. He lifts his head, as he begins to walk down the ramp. He stops at the base of the ramp, looking over the arena, then leaps onto it, and rolls over the top rope. He stares down the ramp, waiting for Cradle to make his way out.

    Shannan Lerch: Defman looks ready for this, no smiles tonight...

    Get to the Gone by Static X hits, with a very load thrash metal riff and a very long scream by the lead singer of the band. The crowd goes into a frenzy as PC Cradle steps through the curtain. He is shouting, screaming, spitting, and generally acting pissed off. He carries a solid black steel chair to the ring with him. About 2 metres from the ring, he runs and rolls under the bottom rope. The fans sing along to his entrance music in unison. Once in the ring, he drops the chair and runs to the opposite corner of the ring. After climbing to the middle turnbuckle, he raises his arms and crosses them in the air. Then, arms still crosses at the wrists, he makes the metal sign with both hands. When he climbs off the second turnbuckle, he jumps and does a 180 in the air, bringing his arms down at the same time as making a loud bang on the ring mat.

    Zach Davis: We’re in for a wild ride here, NO DQ!

    The bell rings, as Defman and PC stare each other down, no movement from either. Defman’s cold eyes burn into PC, as PC’s eyes burn equally back. The crowd is deafening, as the two men lock up. Defman drops to his knees, but bounces back up, putting PC in a front headlock, PC twists around, getting behind Defman, and attempting a Suplex. Defman blocks it, breaking the hold, and pushing PC back into the ropes. They break the lock, and stare each other down again.

    Kyle Steel: Two equal men, neither one with a clear advantage.

    Defman slides out of the ring, receiving a horde of jeer’s for it. He climbs under the ring, as PC begins to smile. Defman comes out, throwing all sorts of toys into the ring. Chairs, Trashcans, canes, and many other various things. Defman goes back under, pulling out a Ladder, as he slides back into the ring. PC dives forward, swiftly kicking Defman in the jaw. Defman is quick to his feet, as the two men begin to exchange punches. PC gets the upper hand, knocking the large man back into the corner. PC walks away, picking up a chair, just as Defman charges forward, putting a hard boot to the chair, connecting it with PC’s forehead.

    Shannan Lerch: They better conserve their energy!

    Kyle Steel: They need to beat the hell out each other!

    PC staggers up, shaking his head to get the cobwebs out, as Defman is back out of the ring, working under it again. Out he comes, this time with a table. He has a slight curl at the edge of his lips. He sets the table up, outside of the ring, before sliding back in. PC charges, dropkicking Defman once again as he comes in. Defman rolls to his feet, shaking cobwebs of his own out. Once again, both men lock up, but to no avail.

    Zach Davis: That table could mean trouble...

    PC quickly kicks Defman in the gut, whipping him into the ropes. PC sets up to flapjack him through the table, but Defman stops at the ropes, kicking a trashcan up to his hands, and smashing it over the back of PC’s head. PC drops to the mat, as Defman rolls him out of the ring, and onto the table. Defman quickly hops onto the barricade, signaling for a Big Reverse Elbow. He leaps off, as PC plays possum, and rolls off the table. Defman goes ribcage first through the table, as PC leaps onto the apron, and comes off with a Leg drop.

    Shannan Lerch: Defman hurting himself there, Get up, Defman!

    Zach Davis: A nice game of possum there by PC, followed by quick maneuvering and a hard leg drop.

    PC stands up out of the rubble, picking Defman up as well. He whips Defman into, and over the barricade. The fans roar once again, as PC leaps onto it, and Defman staggers to his feet. PC leaps off for a cross body drop, but is caught by the large man. Defman charges forward, taking him right out into the food court of the arena, slamming him into a popcorn machine. Defman smiles, as popcorn flies everywhere. He sits down on the counter, popping a few pieces into his mouth, as PC comes up behind him, hitting Defman over the head with a bag of Ice. The bag rips; Ice and popcorn scatter all over.

    Kyle Steel: Is this a wrestling match or a carnival!?

    The two men stagger towards the exit, both men exchanging blows as they move. PC once again gains the upper hand, throwing Defman through the glass front doors of the arena. Defman rolls on the sidewalk outside, slowly getting to his knees, blood spotted on his back and chest from the glass. PC walks out the doors, as Defman charges forward, spearing PC right back through the doors, bending the metal frame, and shattering the glass against PC’s back. Both men lay spread out on the ground, catching their breath.

    Shannan Lerch: Some amazing effort’s here tonight.

    Zach Davis: The winner of this is the #1 contender for the world title, but if PC wins, it is also Defman’s last match.

    Both men begin to move at the same time, Defman works his way to his feet first, grabbing PC by the arm, and whipping him forward. PC reverses the whip, sending Defman right into the side of a moving security wagon. Defman drops, holding his ribs, as PC moves forward. The wagon stops, as PC throws out the rent-a-cop, and gets behind the wheel. He begins driving, circling Defman for a second, as Defman makes his way to his knees. PC floor’s it after him, as Defman manages to get out of the way, PC driving into the side of the Arena, wrecking the wagon.

    Kyle Steel: Some slight stupidity by the usually wise PC.

    Shannan Lerch: Swift footwork, by Defman there.

    Defman climbs to his feet, and drags PC out of the mess of the totaled wagon. He throws PC up against the building, sending a flurry of devastating punches to the gut of PC. PC drops to his knees, as Defman sends one final hard punch to the jaw, knocking PC backwards, slumping down the side of the building. Finally, the rent-a-cop comes up to Defman, grabbing onto his shoulder.

    Defman: Get out of here, boy.


    The glare returns to Defman’s eyes, as the crowd erupts watching on the titantron. The glazed over look comes to him after he blinks, exactly what the crowd has been waiting for. The match is just now really getting started. Defman grabs the guard by the throat, lifting him inches off the ground, staring into the horrified eyes of the guard. Defman shakes his head, as PC leaps from behind, spearing Defman in the back, and throwing a rampaged assault to Defman’s face, as the guard drops to the ground. Defman manages to get PC off of him, standing up, both bloodied now.

    Zach Davis: PC and Defman have both completely LOST IT!!!

    Kyle Steel: No surprise there.

    PC charges forward again, his eyes somewhat crazed now as well. Defman sidesteps him, but charges after him, attempting to Bulldog him, but PC stops short, and turns with a sharp kick to the gut of Defman. PC whips Defman forward, putting him face first through the windshield of a parked car, leaving him motionless.

    PC Cradle: Where’s the old Defman? I WANT THE OLD DEFMAN!!!

    Defman slowly pushes himself out of the car, letting out a deafening roar as he does so. PC begins to nod, getting what he wants. The two stare each other in the eyes, neither flinching, not a muscle moving. The crowd starts chants of both “Defman!” and “Cradle!”. Finally, Defman leans back, letting another roar out, as they both start exchanging blows, slowly moving back towards the arena.

    Shannan Lerch: They’re coming back!!!

    PC and Defman continue their assault on each other, neither feeling the effects, both bloodied. Finally, PC ducks out of the way of a punch, sending Defman’s fist into the brick wall of the arena. Defman looks down at his hand, a grin growing on his face, as PC turns him around, picking him up.

    Zach Davis: Amazing strength from PC there!!!

    PC drives forward, ramming Defman through the glass doors, all the way to the wall of interior wall of the arena. The force is so great that it sends both men through the wall, laying on the other side, now in a boiler room. PC is up first, dragging Defman to his feet, only to plant him with a DDT onto the hard concrete floor. Slowly, but once again, Defman gains his feet, withstanding the punches thrown by PC. Out of rage, Defman charges forward, throwing PC back through the hole in the wall, and then climbing out. He begins to walk forward, knowing PC will follow, as he walks towards the ring again.

    Kyle Steel: They are on their way here!

    Shannan Lerch: Remember, fans watching at home, this is a no DQ, but falls must still take place IN the ring!

    Defman turns around, as PC follows behind, they begin walking down through the fans, jumping over the barricade, and sliding into the ring. Defman stands alone in the ring, waiting for PC. PC set’s up a table while on the outside, throwing another chair into the ring, then slides in. PC charges, spearing the unsuspecting Defman into the turnbuckle. Defman gain’s his feet, as PC sets up the chair. As PC finishes setting up the chair, Defman runs up from behind, sending him face first into the chair, destroying the chair. Defman then picks PC up, and rolls him out of the ring. He set’s PC up on the table, then climbs the ropes. He signals for the big elbow.

    Zach Davis: That’s going to kill him!!!

    Shannan Lerch: He has nothing to lose!

    Defman leaps off, putting his arm hard through the chest of PC, splintering the table under the force. Defman gets up once again, rolling PC into the ring. PC holds his ribs, trying to get to his feet, as Defman stalks him.

    Kyle Steel: STOP OR DROP!!!

    Defman hits the stop or drop as PC gets to his feet, then goes for the first pin fall of the match.

    1, 2, 3- NO Kick out!

    Defman nods to himself, as he gets to his feet once again. PC is on his knees, throwing sharp blows to the stomach of Defman, keeling him over, as PC pulls out a desperation DDT. Both men laying out on the mat. At the same time, both men crawl to their feet, Cradle kicking Defman in the gut, as he attempts to lift him up.

    Zach Davis: PC need’s a lot of strength to lift that big man up!

    PC stops for a second, then tries again, sending Defman up with ease, as he Cradle bomb’s him, then covers for the pin.

    One! Two!!! Three- Kick out.

    Defman sits up, after just a second, then gets back to his feet, he holds onto the ropes, trying to shake the cobwebs out, as the shocked PC gets to his own feet. Cradle kicks him in the gut once more, hitting the Cradle Arm DDT, but before he can cover, Defman is already moving to his feet once again. Defman stands up tall, hitting a powerful cloths-line on PC. PC drops back hard, but climbs to his feet instantly. Defman kicks cradle in the knees, keeling him over, as he hits the Fading Darkness, PC crumbling on the inside as his neck hits the rope, and Defman falling to the outside, laying.

    Shannan Lerch: This match is starting to really pick up!

    Zach Davis: Intense!

    Defman is first to his feet, sliding back into the ring, putting PC in a figure four. PC instantly turns it over, and forcing Defman to let it go. Both men bounce to their feet, PC swinging, but Defman ducking, and back body-dropping PC. PC lays motionless for a second, before starting to get up again. Defman helps him up, then picks him up, and throws him to the outside of the ring. Defman slides out after him, but goes under the ring instead. He comes out with another table, and slides it into the ring. He follows in, and begins to set the table up. He struggles setting up the table, just getting it done as PC returns into the ring. PC puts a boot to the stomach of Defman, then lifts him up. PC continues to slam him with a Cradle bomb, putting him through the table, then falling over Defman for the fall.

    Shannan Lerch: No way to kick out of that...




    Kyle Steel: And PC Cradle ends the career of Defman.

    Zach Davis: Goodbye, Defman.

    Defman climbs out of the wreck from the table, sitting on his knees. He holds his hands up to his face, then stands up. He holds his head up high, ending a long career. He walks forward to PC, and extends his hand. PC looks down at his hand, and shakes it.

    Zach Davis: It doesn’t get more intense than that.

    Kyle Steel: Say goodbye to Defman, folks.

    Defman gets a mike from the stagehand, and begins to talk.

    Defman: Not much to really say... Just goodbye to everyone, and thank you. Thank you for the support from the fans, thank you for the opportunity to wrestle here… and PC, thank you for making my last hurrah as fun, and as great as it was… Thanks.

    Defman drops the mic as he slides out of the ring, and walks out of the arena for the very last time.

  • Seth Lerch Promo
  • Anger Rising hits, and Seth Lerch steps out. He walks to the ring cockily, looking generally pleased. He rolls in and gets a mic.

    Seth Lerch: I won't be out here long-

    The crowd cheers.

    Seth Lerch: ....I won't be out here long because I know you want to get to the main event. But I have to announce that not only has WCF broken it's all time attendance record, but we've also broken our all time PPV buyrate record!

    The crowd cheers pretty loud. They're happy to be a part of something special.

    Seth Lerch: So congratulations and thank you to everyone that made it possible. Thank you, Defman, you've meant A LOT to WCF over the years and we'll miss you. And good luck to Trent Hunter and Neo, I know this match should be pretty amazing. Later.

    Anger Rising plays again as Seth rolls out and heads to the back.

  • World Title Match: Neo vs Trent Hunter
  • Kyle Steel: Guys... it's time.

    Shannan Lerch: After everything we've seen... the first one on one match between these two...

    Zach Davis: Neo versus Trent Hunter. The WCF World Title on the line. Right now.

    The lights go down as the Jumbotron shows nothing but a shadow of a man on a boiler room wall with red lighting. We see the shadow punch and kick to the four sounds that echo throughout the stadium. Shift! CLANG! Lock! BANG! The heavy part of “Back to Mad” rips through the arena. Neo walks out and starts motioning for the crowd to get on their feet! The Jumbotron shows a black screen with green letters saying “New” and followed by white letters saying “End”. The black screen fades to a half-face shot of Neo, who frowns and looks at the audience with those red eyes! Right when this happens the screen of Neo fades out, but the green “N”, white “E” and the red eye that looks like an “O”! When his name finally does appear he’s already in the ring and shoots the eye at the moment the red pyro goes off at the top of the ramp way.

    Kyle Steel: Quite an entrance by the number one contender.

    The lights go out as Tip Your Bartender by Glassjaw blasts over the PA speakers. Right after the quick guitar into, two pyros go off near the entrance ramp. The lights go back on as The World Champion, "The Lone Wolf" Trent Hunter walks down the ring. He's wearing the WCF World Title around his waist. He rolls under the bottom rope, and walks over to the middle of the ring with both arms up in the air. He then does a slow spin for the fans, showing off the Title, as Neo looks on.

    Zach Davis: This is what it's all about, folks. The World Title. Both of these men know each other very, very well. Both of these men want it just as much as the other, I believe, and both of these men are evenly skilled. I'm at a loss of words when it comes to my prediction.

    Shannan Lerch: I predict Trent Hunter. We saw Dake Ken set up Neo and attack him earlier, and that puts Neo at a disadvantage. And if you go into a match with Hunter with ANY kind of disadvantage, he'll eat you alive.

    Kyle Steel: My money is on Neo. I think the attack earlier tonight proved as a waking up call to him and put him in the right mindset for this match, and I just know he's been so damn determined to get that Title.

    The bell rings... and the main event is on.

    Zach Davis: Well guys, we don't have to wait any longer.

    Neo and Trent approach one another, and immediately the trash talking begins. It comes to a head and Neo throws the first punch! Trent reels back into the ropes, and the crowd roars. Neo whips him across the ring and then Clotheslines him down. Trent gets back up, runs at Neo, and Neo catches him and hits an Arm Drag Takedown. Trent goes down again and gets right back up. Both men stand, awaiting each other to make the next move, and neither does. They both relax a bit and begin pacing the ring.

    Kyle Steel: Trent can't be too happy about that, Neo just got the upper hand, several times.

    Shannan Lerch: And that gives Neo the psychological advantage.

    The two meet at the center of the ring, and lock up. Each struggles for supremacy, and each seems to gain it, only to lose it seconds later. Trent puts Neo into a Side Headlock, but Neo pushes Trent off. Hunter goes to the ropes, Neo goes for a Standing Clothesline, Trent ducks and runs to the other side, and hits a Running Forearm, sending Neo to the ground. Trent quickly drops an elbow, and then another, and another. After the elbow drops he goes to stomping Neo. He kicks fast, landing kicks wherever he can.

    Zach Davis: It looks like Neo is into Trent's head. Hunter would normally be placing his kicks carefully, but instead he's just doing whatever he can to keep Neo down.

    Trent grabs Neo's leg, picks it up, and slams it down. He seems to be getting back into his mindset he needs to win, as he's working the leg. He kicks at it a few times, and then applies a Single Leg Grapevine. Neo is planted firmly in the middle of the mat.

    Kyle Steel: We've seen this from Trent before. Take out the leg early in the match, and wear the opponent down from there.

    Shannan Lerch: And more often than not... it works.

    Neo thrashes around for a few seconds, and searches his surroundings for any way to reach a rope. He is unable to do so. Trent keeps the hold on, cranking harder and harder as time goes on. As soon as he feels that the leg has been adequetly damaged, he releases the hold. He drags Neo over to the ropes, by the leg, and puts it on the bottom rope. He then jumps up and smashes it.

    Zach Davis: Shades of Bret Hart with that move, just like his Boston Leglock.

    Kyle Steel: And I have a feeling we may be seeing that Boston Leglock soon.

    Neo clutches his leg and rolls out of the ring, collapsing onto the floor. Trent rolls out, stalking his prey. He picks Neo up and goes to slam his head into the guardrail, but Neo blocks it, grabs Trent's head, and sends his head into the guardrail instead! The crowd cheers, and several front row fans yell "HERE TOO!!". Neo promptly throws Hunter into that guardrail, much to the happiness of those sitting there.

    Shannan Lerch: Neo's first batch of offense since the opening of the match. But man, this crowd is blood thirsty. They want to see Trent Hunter dead.

    Neo walks towards Trent, slightly favoring his one leg that Trent had worked on earlier. Neo picks him up and puts his head under his legs.

    Zach Davis: We know what's coming.

    Neo hits the Jack Knife Powerbomb onto the cold, hard cement! The crowd chants "HOLY SHIT!" as Trent rolls over, holding his back in pain. Neo picks Trent up and rolls him into the ring, and pins. One... two.... no, Trent kicks out. Neo kicks Trent a few times, slowly, trying to figure out what to do next. He picks Trent up and throws him to the ropes. He then catches him and hits a Powerslam, landing Trent right in the center of the mat. Neo begins climbing the top rope, slowly, but as quickly as he can. Once up there, we can see he's about to go for the Frog Splash.

    Kyle Steel: I don't know if Neo can do this as well as he normally would, with the condition of his leg and all. Let's see.

    Neo flies off the top, and hits the move to perfection!

    Shannan Lerch: You were saying, Kyle?

    This results in a pin. One... two... No, another kickout. The fans boo.

    Zach Davis: It takes more than that to put Trent Hunter out. A LOT more.

    Neo backs up, waiting for Trent to stand. As soon as Trent reaches his feet, Neo runs at him, ready to hit a Spear. Trent moves out of the way in the nick of time, and sends Neo right into the turnbuckle!

    Kyle Steel: He could have hit the New End, Hating You!, or just a plain Spear right there. Either one could have been the end to the match.

    Trent pulls Neo out and begins punching him mercilessly into the turnbuckle. Neo tries to block the best he can, but is mostly unable. Trent then lifts him up onto the top rope, and begins climbing up with him. Trent lifts him up, and hits a huge Superplex! Neo hits the mat hard. Hunter goes right back onto the offense, going back to kicking Neo as soon as he's up. He then backs up, giving Neo space to get up. As soon as he's half way there, Trent hits a Facebuster!

    Shannan Lerch: Trent's back in control of the match, definitly.

    Trent grabs Neo's leg and this time applies a Single Leg Crab. Neo screams out this time, visibly in more pain than the Single Leg Grapvine from earlier. Neo is again firmly planted in the middle of the ring, with no ropes in immediate sight. Neo reaches out regardless, and does his best to crawl towards them, reaching, reaching... crawling.. crawling.. and eventually, somehow, he's able to grab onto the lowest rope! The ref makes Hunter release the hold, which he does, right before he'd get disqualified of course. Trent picks Neo up, and Neo starts fighting back, sending punches Trent's way.

    Zach Davis: Look at those punches! Right to Trent's face, those can't be legal.

    Kyle Steel: The ref is doing a good job though, we need a winner in this match.

    Neo follows up with a big Back Hand! He then hits a Judo Hip Throw, and puts Trent into a Chokehold.

    Shannan Lerch: This isn't fair! That's cheating! You can't choke like that!

    Zach Davis: So Trent can cheat, but Neo can't? What's good for the goose is good for the gander, Shannan!

    Neo keeps the choke going as long as he can until the ref tells him to release it, which he eventually does. He backs up several paces, to the turnbuckle, and awaits as Trent stands.

    Kyle Steel: Look at his positioning, guys. He's going to Spear him, at the very least.

    Trent's to his feet, and Neo runs at him as he turns around. He hits the Hating You!!! The crowd roars as Neo pins Hunter, hooking the leg.

    Shannan Lerch: What?!?




    NO!! Trent Hunter kicked out! The fans boo relentlessly, and Neo asks the ref if he's sure it wasn't a three, and it wasn't.

    Kyle Steel: Neo had an amazing offense going there, but it wasn't enough!

    Neo picks Trent up, not sure where to go from here. In this momentary lapse of concentration, Trent is able to trip Neo, sending him flying into the turnbuckle. Neo falls to the mat, and Trent lays there as well, breathing heavily. Neither man is very quick to move.

    Shannan Lerch: This match has obviously taken a lot out of both competitors here tonight.

    Neo is the first to move, and begins standing up. Trent begins getting up as well, and they reach their feet at about the same time. They throw lefts and rights at each other. Hunter catches one of Neo's punches and quickly locks in a Hammerlock. He cranks on it for a few seconds before Neo is able to switch behind Hunter, and locks in a Hammerlock of his own. Trent switches behind again, and this time trips Neo. He then grabs Neo's feet and begins applying some leg lock... it's an Indian Deathlock. Hunter drops, cranking on it.

    Zach Davis: Hunter, again, going back to the leg. And Neo is in as much pain as ever. Eventually he's just going to have to tap.

    Neo screams, and screams loud. He reaches every which way for a rope, but can't get it. He flails around and tries to get out of it, but as much as he struggles Trent only yanks on the move even more. We can hear Trent yell "TAP!!" but Neo will do nothing of the sort. Trent eventually releases the hold.

    Kyle Steel: Neo won't tap now... but will he when he gets put in the Boston Leglock?

    Shannan Lerch: Neo can't afford to let it get to that point. Because he WILL tap. He'll have to.

    Trent picks Neo up, and goes for a Standing Clothesline. Neo ducks it, and goes to kick Trent. Trent catches the leg and hits a Dragonscrew Legwhip.

    Zach Davis: Just as it looks like Neo's going to get more offense going, Trent stops it. Damnit!

    Hunter stomps Neo a few times, and then slowly begins making his way up the turnbuckle. He raises his arms in the air, and goes for the Full Moon!... But Neo rolls away in the nick of time!! Trent hits hard on the mat!

    Kyle Steel: Yes! Neo needs to mount some offense NOW!

    Neo is eventually able to get to his feet, and he sees that Trent is down. His face lights up, knowing he has a chance. He climbs to the top, quickly, knowing the match may rest on one or two moves... he flies off, and hits a Frogsplash into pin!

    Shannan Lerch: This is it!




    Zach Davis: Shoot. Neo almost had it...

    Neo stands up, unsure of what to do. And suddenly his face lights up. He grabs Trent's leg, twists... and he puts Trent into the Boston Leglock!! The crowd roars!!


    Trent screams in agony, and he doesn't seem to be able to reach anywhere. He thrashes around, crawling towards the ropes.. and much to the crowd's, and Neo's, dismay, he grabs it. Neo is forced to release the hold. Hunter rolls out of the ring, holding on to his leg, and tries to walk it off.

    Shannan Lerch: Neo needs to capitalize, now!

    Neo goes to the outside and attacks Neo from behind, and throws him into the ring steps. It makes a sickening thud as he hits. Neo then picks Trent up and hits a Double Arm DDT!

    Zach Davis: There's another one of his moves! And he hit it to perfection, outside the ring!

    Neo picks Trent up, and rolls him in. He pins, hooking the leg...




    Kyle Steel: Aarrgghh!!

    Neo is just as frustrated as anyone. He stands up, and again gets in position to Spear Trent. The Lone Wolf stands up, turns around, Neo runs... and Trent sidesteps it, sending Neo crashing into the turnbuckle. The crowd groans as Neo falls to the mat. Trent rolls out of the ring, and grabs Neo's legs. He pulls them out, with the turnbuckle inbetween them... and puts them into a Figure Four!

    Shannan Lerch: Another move ala The Hitman, and a damn effective one!

    Neo screams, his legs having already been put through intense punishment.

    Zach Davis: This isn't even a legal move, really!

    Eventually the ref forces Trent to stop, but the damage has been done. Trent limps up and back into the ring. He kicks Neo's legs a few times, and then grabs them....

    Kyle Steel: He's going to apply the Boston Leglock. It's all over.

    And as Kyle predicted, he puts Neo into the move. Neo screams for several moments, doing everything he can to try and get out of it... and soon he just goes limp. He doesn't move.

    Shannan Lerch: It's over. I think Neo has passed out.

    The ref raises Neo's hand in the air, although it hardly seems neccesary. It falls. He raises it again, and again, it falls.

    Zach Davis: Neo's done. Trent Hunter retains.

    The ref raises the arm again... it falls... BUT NOT ALL THE WAY! Neo's still going! The crowd cheers with all their might as Neo waves his arm in the air, trying to get the strength to reach the ropes. Hunter has a mix of surprise and anger on his face, and he keeps trying to hold Neo back. Neo SOMEHOW reaches though, and Trent releases the hold!

    Kyle Steel: Neo's still alive! He can do it!

    Trent goes on the attack, kicking Neo, but Neo is slowly getting up, using the ropes. He eventually reaches his feet, and starts fighting back with Trent! The two brawl like no others, and Neo whips Trent to the ropes. Neo then hits the NEW END!!!

    Shannan Lerch: NEW WORLD CHAMPION!!





    Zach Davis: NEW CHAMP! Wait, what?! DAMNIT!

    Somehow... Trent Hunter kicked out. Neo backs up, and prepares to hit the move again.

    Kyle Steel: Does he have it in him?

    Trent slowly stands up, slowly... he turns around.... Neo runs.... And he hits the move again!! He pins one more time, hooking the leg.


    Crowd: ONE!


    Crowd: TWO!


    Crowd: THREE!!


    The bell rings, and Neo stands to his feet. He raises his arms triumphantly in the air.

    Zach Davis: After all of these months, after everything Neo's gone through, he has beaten Trent Hunter to win the WCF World Title. And no one deserves it more.

    The ref hands Neo the Title, and Neo holds it high into the air. The crowd erupts with cheering.. until Trent Hunter comes from behind with a Low Blow.

    Kyle Steel: Son of a bitch.

    Trent starts beating down Neo, even though the match is over. The bell rings, and large amounts of trash come flying into the ring. Soon DKX are in the ring as well, and all three men are stomping away at Neo.

    Shannan Lerch: This is nothing short of horrible. I.. I can't believe this.

    Suddenly, someone else is in the ring. It's MADD DOGG!! He grabs Dake Ken and Clotheslines him over the top rope, kicks X Rated and Powerbombs him like no other! The crowd is roaring. Dogg punches Trent Hunter several times, sending him reeling, and then hits his finisher, the Dogg Pound!!

    Zach Davis: Madd Dogg is back!?

    Trent rolls out of the ring, and Madd Dogg raises Neo's hand in the air to a huge standing ovation.

    Kyle Steel: Well fans, we've had QUITE a night. The best pay per view in WCF history, I can honestly say.

    Shannan Lerch: And I can honestly agree.

    Zach Davis: See you at our next show, fans! Goodnight!

    The copyright logo appears on the bottom of the screen and we fade out.