The camaras fade in, Linkin Park's Hit the Floor comes upon this studio as we see video of Rick Mad nailing the Mad DDT into the grave on Outcast, Death and Torture nail a tag move, Cyrus throws Digger off the top rope, PC Cradle taunts towards the camera from one of the past shows, Rage hits hard right hands on Logan inside a mall, and various finishers are hit from everyone when at the end of the 45 second video clip WCF flashes through and we go to Kyle Steel behind a table at some WCF Studio backstage.

Kyle Steel: WCF fans welcome to the first In-Demand Direct TV WCF Preview, and tonight, we are 30 minutes away from Explosion!, lets go to a live camara feed..

Cameras show people coming into the arena, you can hardly see but workers are putting the ring up and checking the Jumbotron out.. music is playing for the crowds as they gather into their sold out seats.

Kyle Steel: Tonight two scheduled matches are taking place, but first let's take a look back to last Sunday Slams event, where Seth Lerch surprises us once again.

We go back to last weeks event. Seth Lerch talks and announces Davey Ortega as new General Manager, Davey speaks about how he is going to be the special ref in the Explosion Tag Match, and announces a World Title Tournament with the two finalists being in a match of his choosing. The video ends and we go back to Kyle.

Kyle Steel: That's right, Davey Ortega, Special Ref in the Explosion Match. And the World Title Tourney?, that's going to be impressive, who knows what will happen? We can only watch on..

Kyle quickly turns to his left at another camara.

Kyle Steel: We learned Davey is special ref, but let's talk about the teams that are in this explosive Explosion Match.

Video shows Death and Torture being face to face with Bob and Rick Mad, then we cut to Cradle and Defman taunting with thier Titles, Seth pointing to himself in a cocky attitude, Monster Squad are shown hitting moves, along with Dreadnoks hitting thier finishers, Neo and Gayfather hitting some moves in a bar, Madd Dogg and Angel are talking backstage, Hal and Bobby are shown taunting on cue, then with WCF EXPLOSION in the background all the teams are shown taunting on camara as 'EXPLOSION MATCH' fades across the bottom of the screen. The Tag Titles spin around in the background as PC Cradle and Defman are in front of all the men... the clip cuts and we go back to Kyle.

Kyle Steel: The Wifebeaters reunited and becomame a team once again, and of course they have held Tag Titles before. Death and Torture are one of two wild cards in this match, being WCF's debut impressive and undefeated team I wouldn't count them out as they have held Tag Titles before as well, Hal and Bobby Dole are the other wildcard, what can these two men do as a team? We don't know, thus it's a wildcard. Neo and Gayfather are great as a team so do NOT count them out, and Madd Dogg and Dark Angel striving for gold in WCF, I would put money on them. Wreck and Baker, who knows how powerful that team can be, and of course do not count out the Tag Champs themselves PC Cradle and Defman! They aren't Tag Champs for nothing. But then the last wrench that gets thrown into this massive pile is Seth Lerch, WHO IS HIS PARTNER? Folks this is one hell of a match, along with Davey as ref, this is really Explosive!

Kyle takes a deep breath as that last one was tough to say. He looks at the camara straight on now, and begins again.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, order the PPV right now, we are nine minutes away! Get it right now, if you get the PPV within the next eight minutes you will recieve your very own CoolWear T-Shirt from Torture with a signature poster as well, so order NOW!

Kyle Steel looks at a camara to his right.

Kyle Steel: The other match on our card tonight, less than seven minutes away is Burn Out against Neo and Madd Dogg, for the vacant Television Title, let's take a look at this one...

Video is shown from Neo and Madd Dogg speaking to each other about how their match is at Explosion, we then see Burn Out pinning some jobber and gets the three, we see Lerch stripping Cradle of the Title. Next we go to an Explosion background featuring the TV Title floating in the background as Burn Out, Neo and Madd Dogg all taunt towards the camara. As soon as they pause, 'Telvision Triple Threat' flashes at the bottom fo the screen, we go back to Kyle.

Kyle Steel: Folks, this Explosion is going to be one PPV YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS With every team possible in WCF going for the Tag Titles, and a new TV Champion will definitely be crowned tonight, you better believe this is going to be unbelievable! But we're only two minutes away from the PPV, folks i have to go ringside with Shannan to commentate, order RIGHT NOW IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY! IT'S NOT GOING TO BE FOR THE WEAK OF HEART!

In Demand Direct TV Preview fades out as we see Kyle running behind the set. It totally fades to black, and the warning label shows up on the TV screen. Explosion! begins in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1!