Reckless Jack vs Nate Nytro
Nate Nytro vs Reckless Jack
Reckless Jack vs Jobby McJobberson
Reckless Jack vs J-X
Reckless Jack/Fugitive vs Nate Nytro/Eclipse


These matches were part of WCF v5, in which all the results were loss because our host just deleted everything. They were all saved by Reckless Jack and they detail his feud with Nate Nytro. In the interest of putting up all I can of the WCF v5 material, here you are.

Reckless Jack vs Nate Nytro

The opening guitar riff of Southtown starts and the lights go out. When the first drum beat hits strobe lights start to flash. When it goes hard, Pyro explodes from the stage and Reckless Jack comes out. He slowly walks to the ring taunting the fans in his own way. Once he gets in the ring the chorus comes on and Reckless Jack kneels down as Pyro shoots out the turnbuckles and the fans boo. He gets up and stands in the turnbuckle waiting.

Zach Davis: Here is the man who fared well in the War Games match and pinned his opponent that he is facing tonight in that very match.

Shannan Lerch: Yeah, Reckless Jack as we all know was duped by Logan.

The lights go dim as the beginning of “Before I Forget” hits. After the drums and base kick in, on each hard beat, a blue strobe flashes simultaneously with it, while at the same time smoke pours from the entranceway, shrouding it in a fog. Once the word “Go!” is heard in the song and the rhythm picks up, Nate Nytro runs out to the stage. He begins to head bang a little and then approaches the ring. He slides in and taunts on two opposite turnbuckles. On the first, he usually head bangs a bit to psyche-up the crowd. On the other, he gives the traditional, heavy metal devil horns.

Zach Davis: Here is a man that has had Reckless Jack’s number as Reckless Jack showed up earlier this week.

Shannan Lerch: Both men look ready and whoa, Nate Nytro is rushing at Reckless Jack.

Nytro does indeed rush at Jack, taking him down hard. Nytro starts punching Jack in the face. Jack tries his best to get his hands in his face, but it doesn’t work. Nytro tells Jack to get up. Jack gets to his feet and shakes his head. He has a confused look on his face as he extends his hand to Nytro for a handshake. Nytro looks at the crowd and grabs for Jack’s hand, but as he does, Reckless Jack hits a dropkick on Nytro as the crowd boos.

Zach Davis: Reckless Jack just suckered in Nate Nytro like a fool.

Shannan Lerch: Perhaps, he is showing that he is not a idiot.

Jack picks up Nytro and lifts him for a Suplex. He turns it into a Spinning Brainbuster. Jack jumps up to the top rope and waits for Nytro to get up. When Nytro does, Jack jumps up for a Flying Neckbreaker, but Nytro drops kicks Jack. Jack goes down as Nytro goes to the outside of the ring. Nytro brings in a ladder and a chair. He puts down the weapons and picks up Jack to hit a Scoop Slam. Nytro turns Jack over and puts the chair on the back of his head. Nytro goes back to a turnbuckle and runs at Jack. Nytro jumps up and hits a Leg Drop on the chair, thus making a loud impact on Jack’s head.

Zach Davis: Wow! What a move by Nate Nytro.

Shannan Lerch: That reminds me of a different Jack.

Nytro turns Jack over and covers. One! Two!! Kick out at two by Reckless Jack. Nytro pulls Reckless Jack up, but Jack has enough wits about him to counter with a low blow. Both men are down, but Jack nips up to his feet. He sees the chair, but doesn’t pick it up. Jack instead picks up Nytro and hits an X-Factor. Some of Nytro’s knee hit the chair as he got dropped. Jack rolls out of the ring and looks up the ring.

Zach Davis: Whatever this sick man is looking for, I hope its not under there.

Shannan Lerch: This guy has to mentally ill.

Jack pulls out his usual weapons. Ladder, tables, tacks, barbed wire, and a 2x4. Jack slides into the ring with a bit of barbed wire and that 2x4. He wraps the 2x4 with the barbed wire. Jack tells Nytro to get up. Nytro does, but sees the 2x4 and ducks Jack’s first attempt to hit him. Nytro flips up with a beautiful Dropkick. Nytro waits for Jack to get up. Jack does and Nytro floors him with a Book End. Nytro takes off Jack’s mask and throws it into the crowd. Nytro lets Jack up to his feet as Nate grabs the barbed wire 2x4.

Zach Davis: Nate is gonna mess up Jack’s face!

Shannan Lerch: I don’t think Jack cares or not.

Nytro hits Jack right in the face with the 2x4. Jack is busted wide open immediately and blood is literally spurting across the ring. Jack smiles as he falls to the mat. Nytro tells Jack to get up as Nytro maybe stalking Jack for a move. He hooks Jack in the Catatonic Finish, but Jack gets a kick to the shin. Jack rears back and hits a Superkick to Nytro. Both men fall to the ground. Jack rolls around and touches his head and feels the blood trickling down the face. He has a sick smile on his face. Jack raises his index finger. Nytro rolls to the ropes as Jack gets up himself.

Zach Davis: What the hell is going on?!?!

Reckless Jack looks at the entrance and sees the barbed wire chair. He goes to leave the ring, but Nytro dropkicks him in the back. Jack still falls out of the ring. Nytro goes out after him. Nate sees what Jack saw and goes to get it. Nytro gets to the stage and grabs the BARBED WIRE CHAIR!!! Nytro brings it back over to Jack and tells him to get up. Jack does and Nate swings with the chair. Jack ducks it and kicks Nytro in the groin. Nytro goes down as Reckless Jack sees the chair. He gets another sick smile. Jack starts to yell “Time to go to school!”

Shannan Lerch: This does not look good for Nate Nytro.

Nytro gets to his feet, but stumbles a bit. Jack tries to hit Nytro with the chair, but Nytro ducks and the chair bounces off the ring apron and drills Jack right in the face. Jack goes down as Nytro quickly puts that chair on Jack’s chest. Nytro does a cut throat motion. He goes up to the apron and then to the top turnbuckle. Nytro jumps off for the InspYration, but Jack rolls out of the way and Nytro smacks the floor hard. Jack starts to shake his head. He points to the chair and he grabs it. Jack sets the chair next to Nytro’s head as Nytro is now on his knees. Jack rears back and hits the Shining Wizard. We see Nytro fall down in a heap and the chair is semi stuck to his head. Jack just laughs and pulls the chair loose.

Zach Davis: My god, is Nate dead?

Shannan Lerch: I don’t think so.

Reckless Jack gets a table and a bag to tacks. He sets the table up next to the ring apron and pours the tacks all over the table. He picks up Nate Nytro and sets him on the ring apron. Jack gets on it now and picks up Nytro for the Reckless Killing. Nytro somehow slides out of it and lands on the apron somehow. He grabs Jack by the throat. He tells him to “Go to hell you son of a bitch!” Nytro then Chokeslams Jack through the table with the tacks on it. Nytro goes down as well as the crowd chants “Holy Shit!”

Shannan Lerch: Dear lord, that has to kill Reckless Jack.

Zach Davis: If Nytro can cover here, it will be all over.

Nate slowly gets over to Jack and covers. One! Two!! Three!!! NO, Jack is able to kick out at the last second. Nytro can’t believe as the crowd boos. Nytro goes and gets the ladder and the barbed wire chair. He sets up the ladder and the chair. Nytro give us the devil horns again and jumps off for the InspYration with that damn barbed wire chair in his hand. Jack moves again at the last possible second. The crowd can not believe it. They once again chant “Holy Shit!” Reckless Jack doesn’t cover, but instead makes sure Nytro is out cold and puts the chair on his stomach. He gets that sick smile again. He slowly climbs up the ladder. When he gets to the top, he flips off the crowd and jumps off for a Corkscrew Moonsault. It connects with the chair and the crowd is absolutely flipping out.


Shannan Lerch: He said he was willing to pay the price and it looks like he is.

Jack doesn’t cover right away as he doesn’t have the energy to. Jack gets a table and sets it up in the ring. He comes back out to get Nytro in the ring. Jack does and he grabs the chair off of Nate’s chest. Nate’s chest is all cut to hell now. Jack sets the chair on the table. He pulls it towards the turnbuckle. Jack sets Nate on the top. Jack then goes to the top himself. Nate is able to elbow Jack somehow. Nate turns around and hooks Jack in the Catatonic Finish. Nate smiles and jumps off the turnbuckle backwards. Both men go crashing though the table with the barbed wire chair. Both men are out now.

Shannan Lerch: Jesus, will you please stop these two men?

Zach Davis: I don’t think anyone can stop these two now.

Neither man can really go for a cover. They both slowly get up as Jack kicks Nytro in the guy. He gets Nytro in the Reckless Killing. Jack hits it on a table remant. Both men are out again as Jack slowly crawls over to cover. One! Two!! Three!!! Reckless Jack has won the match against Nate Nytro.

Zach Davis: My god... I just can’t describe what happened here tonight. These two men gave this match everything they had. Reckless Jack just wanted it a little more I guess.

Shannan Lerch: This may be one of the most brutal matches will we ever see on Slam. Here come the EMTs.

The EMTS do come out and take both men out on stretchers.

Nate Nytro vs Reckless Jack

The lights go dim as the beginning of “Before I Forget” hits. After the drums and base kick in, on each hard beat, a blue strobe flashes simultaneously with it, while at the same time smoke pours from the entranceway, shrouding it in a fog. Once the word “Go!” is heard in the song and the rhythm picks up, Nate Nytro runs out to the stage. He begins to head bang a little and then approaches the ring. He slides in and taunts on two opposite turnbuckles. On the first, he usually head bangs a bit to psyche-up the crowd. On the other, he gives the traditional, heavy metal devil horns.

Luscious Jackson: Here is Nate Nytro who has a huge score to settle here tonight.

Shannan Lerch: You bet. He has been abused by Reckless Jack. I think Nate will get his retribution here tonight.

The opening guitar riff of Southtown starts and the lights go out. When the first drum beat hits, strobe lights start to flash. When it goes hard, pyro explodes from the stage and Reckless Jack comes out. He slowly walks to the ring, taunting the fans in his own way. Once he gets in the ring the chorus of the song comes on and Jack kneels down as pyro shoots out the turnbuckles and the fans boo. He gets up and stands on the turnbuckle, waiting.

Zach Davis: Reckless Jack has almost killed Nate Nytro a couple of times in the past month.

Shannan Lerch: Yeah, but the first time was a hardcore match and the second time was just uncalled for.

Jack and Nytro look at each other. Jack starts to taunt Nytro and Nytro talks right back to Jack. Both men lock up in the middle of the ring. Nytro goes behind and gets a Hammerlock on Jack, but Jack quick reverses into one of his own. Nytro Snapmares Jack over his shoulder and locks in a headlock. Jack gets up and throws Nate into the ropes. Jack hits a deep Armdrag and locks in an Armbar. Nytro fights out of it and Hiptosses Jack to the mat. Jack gets up and hits a Hurricrana on Nytro, but Nytro gets back up and hits one of his own. Jack and Nytro look at each other as the crowd gives them a standing ovation.

Luscious Jackson: What action by these two men to start off this match here.

Shannan Lerch: I wonder if they can keep this up?

Both men lock up again, but Jack slaps Nate right in the face and laughs about it. Nytro comes back with an explosive right hand that knocks Jack flat on his ass. Jack gets up and flips off Nytro. Jack then leaves the ring to clear his head. Nytro comes out after him. Nate locks in a waistlock from behind, but Jack gets some elbows in the face. Jack then runs around the ring a couple of times and slides back in. Nytro gets back in, but gets stomped a couple of times by Jack. Jack goes for a Rolling Thunder, but Nytro gets out of the way. Nate gets a Scoop Slam in on Jack and hits a very quick Leg Drop. Nytro doesn't cover, but instead locks in an Armbar.

Zach Davis: Will Reckless Jack tap out to this Armbar?

Shannan Lerch: I don't think this is intended to make Jack tap out, its just a nice wear down hold.

Jack starts to fight out of it, but Nytro quickly gets him back down. Jack again fights his way up and breaks the hold. He goes behind Nate really fast and hits a Full Nelson Face Buster. He then scurries forward, and locks in a sitting headlock. Nate Nytro slowly rises to his feet, and hits a back suplex. Reckless Jack gets up quickly and is greeted with a running elbow. Nate stops for a moment, then runs off the ropes. Reckless Jack rolls underneath Nate, forcing him to jump over him. RJ stands, Nate comes back... DROP KICK! Cover!


Kick out. Jack lifts Nate and lifts him onto his shoulders, placing him in the position for the Reckless Killing.

Luscious Jackson: Perhaps a bit early on Reckless Jack’s part, but with a move like that, I don’t think it matters when it’s implemented.

Regardless, Nate Nytro counters out falling behind RJ. He grabs Jack’s head, turns it, and hooks it for the Catatonic Finish. RJ also maneuvers out of the situation with a Northern Lights Suplex into a pin.One! Tw-

Kick out! Nate quickly rises to his feet, as does RJ. Reckless runs at Nytro, and Nate hits a drop toehold. He then runs off the ropes, while RJ stands up. RJ launches Nate over his head, and miraculously, Nate lands on the top rope. RJ turns around to see the damage done, but Nate springboards back in a cross body type fashion, grabs the head of RJ, and delivers a Tornado DDT!

Shannan Lerch: Wow!

Nate covers!

One! Tw-

Reckless Jack kicks out. Both me rise to their feet and go in opposite corners to shake off the cobwebs and once again given their respects by the audience; an uproar of cheers fills the arena.

Zach Davis: It’s only about five minutes into this match, and I’m already impressed, not to mention on the edge of my seat.

Shannan Lerch: You and I both. The time may be short, but it’s been filled with solid, back-to back action. Never a dull moment.

Reckless Jack and Nate Nytro slowly exit their corners and circle for a moment. They lock up yet again, and RJ puts Nate in a headlock. Jack holds him there for a bit, until Nate is able to elbow his way out. As he attempts to gain the upper hand, RJ kicks him in the gut with authority. Nate holds his gut while RJ runs off the ropes, he comes back and NAILS a Yakuza Kick! Cover!



Nate, who was near the ropes, grabs them, and RJ gets off. He taunts momentarily, and then grabs Nate Nytro’s head. Nate Nytro rolls RJ into a small package!



Reckless Jack quickly kicks out. Stunned and dazed, he walks right into a flying heel kick by Nytro. Nate climbs the turnbuckle nearest the fallen adversary, but before he can do anything, RJ runs over and punches Nate in the head. RJ climbs to the second rope, and punches him Nate to keep him subdued. He then perches himself on the third rope, leaps, and delivers a Frankensteiner to Nate. He quickly covers.



Nate gets his shoulder up. RJ grabs his head in disbelief. RJ goes into a corner and crouches, an international sign of a running move of some sort.

Luscious Jackson: Here he goes!

RJ runs and hits a Shinning Wizard! He gets on his knees and taunts. The crowd boos, and Reckless Jack covers.



A kickout! RJ pounds the ground. He slowly lifts Nate, and Irish Whips him into the nearest corner. He walks over and begins to punch Nate, while standing on the second rope. The crowd counts with each blow.






Nate blocks RJ’s sixth punch attempt, grabs his legs, and runs under sweeping them out. Jack falls face first on the turnbuckle. RJ holds his mouth as Nate kicks him twice to sit him in the corner on the ground. He then, using the ropes as a means of momentum, swings upward flipping forward and delivering a modified dropkick to RJ. He pulls RJ out of the corner and covers!



RJ gets his shoulder up! Nate stares at the ground and then raises his head to stare at the crowd. The audience cheers at the effort of the rookie, as Nytro lifts RJ up. Nytro hoks RJ’s head and his arm. Lift him up... SUPLEX! Nate rolls around, and stands with RJ still hooked... ANOTHER SUPLEX! Nate turns again, and goes for a third... and in midair, Jack turns himself and connects with a Sit-Out Reverse DDT into the mat. Nate’s legs curl over his legs as Jack hooks said legs.




Nate kicks out!!!

Shannan Lerch: Amazing... simply awe inspiring. Both men refuse to stay down. Question is, is their endurance a result of will power? Or hatred for one another?

Zach Davis: I’d say all of the above.

Reckless Jack grabs the head of the fallen Nytro and locks in a Jackmission! Nate struggles and begins to fade. The ref waits momentarily, seeing if Nate will come to his senses. But he does not. The ref grabs the limp hand of Nate Nytro and drops it.


He grabs the hand again, holds it high, and again it falls.


The ref grabs the hand yet again, only to have it shake his grip off. Nate Nytro clenches a fist, trying to find the strength to escape the hold. Nate slowly gets one foot on the ground... then another... he stands... RJ tries taking him down, but Nate throws his own legs in the air. Upon falling, he whips RJ over his head. RJ stumbles, and after RJ runs back, Nate hits a jumping crescent kick! RJ stands and leans on the ropes. Nate runs off the opposite ones and hits a dropkick, sending Jack to the outside. Nate climbs the turnbuckle. RJ stands... a Swanton type front flip onto RJ. Both men lie on the outside. After a long span of time, Nate stands. Nate rolls RJ in the ring, and after rolling in himself, he hangs RJ over the middle rope on his upper abdomen, his head facing outward and face downward. Nate makes the devil horns to get the crowd going. He then runs off the opposite ropes, and using RJ’s back for leverage does a Shooting Star over the top rope, delivering a Leg Drop! RJ flies back into the ring on impact, and Nate (who’s tailbone smashed against the edge of the apron), falls to the outside and holds the bruised body part. The crowd goes nuts!


Shannan Lerch: Unbelievable! A Shooting Star Leg Drop onto the apron!

Luscious Jackson: Both men feeling the effects of that high risk maneuver. And I don’t think that’s the last one we’ll see this evening.

Eventually, Nate pulls himself into the ring. RJ by now is up, and stomps on the self-injured Nytro. He lifts Nytro near the ropes and kicks him in the gut. As Nate bends over in pain, Jack runs behind him and hits the RJ Calling. Both men lie still again! Suddenly, we see RJ’s hand move, and he rolls over, his arm on top of Nate Nytro.




Nate barely is able to lift his left shoulder off the mat. Nate looks down and out as Jack calls for the end to come here and now. Jack picks up Nate for the Reckless Killing, but Nate slides out of hit and hits a Dropkick to the back which sends Jack flying out of the ring. Jack is down and Nate is trying his hardest to get up. Nate is up now and jumps over the top rope to hit a Suicide Plancha on Jack.

Zach Davis: How did Nate pull that off?

Shannan Lerch: Neither men will give up.

Both men are down on the outside as the ref starts to count.






Jack gets up and slowly crawls into the ring. Nate is still on the outside.



Nate slides into the ring. Jack whips Nate into the ropes. Nate goes under Jack's arm and bounces back at him off the ropes. Nate goes for an Elbow, but Jack ducks and Nate drills the ref to the outside of the ring. The ref is down on the outside of the ring now as both men slug the hell out of each in the middle of the ring. Jack slams Nate down with a X-Factor as Jack is now going to the top. Nate gets up and catches Jack at the top. Nate hooks Jack up and hits the Catatonic Finish from the top rope. The crowd is cheering as Nate crawls over to Jack. Nate even hooks the leg, but no ref. Nate release the cover and goes for the ref as Jack is still feeling the effects of the move.

Shannan Lerch: What a bad break for Nate.

Luscious Jackson: Yes it is.

Nate rolls the ref into the ring. Nate picks up Jack and tosses him into the turnbuckle. Nate jumps up to the top and goes the InspYration, but Jack moves out of the way. Jack gets up to the top himself, but gets crotched on the top rope. Nate puts Jack's towards the turnbuckle pad on the bottom. Now RJ has been tangled in a Reverse Tree-of-Woe, where his face is looking at the turnbuckle pad rather than the ring. And Nate is climbing up the turnbuckle from the outside. He grabs the knotted legs of Reckless Jack and hooks them under his arms. He gets a firmer hold on him.

Zach Davis: We saw Howie implement a similar face buster in their tag match on Sunday Slam a week ago. I think he’s going for that!

Nate Nytro is, indeed, attempting that face buster. But as he lifts RJ in the air, RJ rolls forward taking Nytro with him. RJ hooks the waist of Nate and as they fall... DELIVERS A RJ Driver!!!!


Shannan Lerch: OH MY GOD!

Luscious Jackson: Nate’s neck could be broken! This crowd is going apeshit!!!

Shannan Lerch: Watch your mouth.

Jack crawls over to make the cover, but the ref is still out. Jack can not believe it. Nate is still not move as Jack gets a chair. Jack stalks Nate with the chair. Nate gets up and ducks the chair shot. The chair bounces off the ropes and drills Jack right in the face. Nate rolls him up as the ref has finally come to and starts the count slowly.




Zach Davis: Oh my god, Nate Nytro has just won this match.

Shannan Lerch: No, damn... Jack got a shoulder up just in time. My god that was close.

Nate can not believe it as he goes to the top again. Nate gives the horns as he is ready for the InspYration. Jack somehow kicks the ref into the ropes and Nate has just lost a couple of prized possesions. Jack goes to the second rope and hooks up Nate for...

Luscious Jackson: No way... this will kill him.

Shannan Lerch: This is gonna hurt.

Jack jumps off and hits the Reckless Killing from the second rope as the crowd explodes.



The ref starts his count.











The bell rings as neither man was able to get up after the ten count. The crowd boos and starts to throw things into the ring.

Zach Davis: You gotta be kidding me! There is no winner.

Shannan Lerch: Does this mean that both men are still in this... you know, "feud."

Luscious Jackson: For the people watching, lets hope it indeed is over now.

Reckless Jack vs Jobby McJobberson

"Welcome to the Jungle! I'm back in black!" a medley of different songs plays as Jobby McJobberson walks out, preparing to WIN.

Shannan Lerch: Oh boy, this ought to be most interesting.

Zach Davis: Yeah, STL Crew should have their way tonight.

Give It All hits and no one comes out. The crowd is buzzing with anticipation. After about a minute or two, no one comes out. Jobby overhears the ref saying to the ring announcer that Jobby is gonna win.

Zach Davis: What the hell is this?

Shannan Lerch: I have no idea!

Ring Announcer: The winner of this match and...

All of a sudden Pure Energy hits as the lights go out. The song starts out slow. When "You must find strength" starts to get repeated, strobe lights start up all over the arena. The song goes heavy as pyro explodes from the stage. Reckless Jack steps out onto the stage. Fantastic Joe is right behind him. Reckless Jack slowly makes his way down to the ring. Once he gets in the ring, he kneels down as pyro shoots out of the turnbuckles. Fantastic Joe grabs a mic right after this. "Ladies and gentlemen, the most Reckless man in history, Reckless Jack!" Some fans go nuts as some other fans boo. Reckless Jack smiles as he lets nothing bother him. He taunts the people as Fantastic Joe gets on the ref's ass about something. Reckless then waits...

Shannan Lerch: What the...

Zach Davis: What in the hell is he doing here? I thought he left?

Fantastic Joe give his mic to Reckless Jack.

Reckless Jack: Now, I know what you fans must be thinking. "Where is the STL Crew, I thought they were the next big tag team in WCF." Guess again. You see, the STL Crew was comprised of D-Long and Brad Wallace. Or to other people, Reckless Jack as D-Long and Fantastic Joe as Brad Wallace. I never was gone, just messing around with you fans. You guys loved them didn't you? They are still here, but now as Reckless Jack and his manager, Fantastic Joe. Now, Jobby, this is now a... No DQ match. May the best man win.

Fantastic Joe goes out of the ring as Reckless Jack runs right at Jobby. Jobby tries to run away, but to no avail, Reckless Jack catches up with him. Fantastic Joe goes over to the commentators table and puts on a headset. Reckless Jack hits a Chickenwing DDT on Jobby. Jobby starts to flop around lifelessly already.

Fantastic Joe: Wow, Reckless Jack is the man.

Zach Davis: I think your comments are biased sir.

Shannan Lerch: Yeah!

Reckless Jack continues his beating on Jobby. Reckless hits a stiff 360º Spinning Calf Kick. Jobby looks dead as Reckless continues the onslaut. Reckless picks up Jobby and drills him with a Fisherman's Cradle Lift into Gutbuster Drop. Reckless then hits a Standing Shooting Star Press. Reckless tells Joe to get him a chair. Joe throws the chair in the ring. Jobby gets up. Reckless throws the chair at him. Jobby naturally catches the chair. Jack then hits the Reckless Jackinator. The crowd is on their feet as Reckless tells Joe to get a table. The table is in the ring as Reckless sets it up. He then puts Jobby in the top rope. Reckless gets Jobby on his shoulders. The crowd is buzzing. Reckless Jack jumps off and hits the Reckless Killing through the table. The crowd chants "Holy Shit" as Jack covers.




Its over as Reckless Jack taunts the fans. He leaves the ring with Joe as he goes to the back.

Zach Davis: Wow, that was shocking.

Shannan Lerch: Jack is back...

Reckless Jack vs J-X

Zach Davis: In a few moments, folks, we’ll see Reckless Jack take on J-X...who has recently been looking to shine in the singles division.

Shannan Lerch: That he has, but Reckless Jack IS and has proven himself to be a great singles competitor. Does J-X have an ace up his sleeve tonight?

Welcome to the Jungle begins to play its beginning notes. Suddenly strobe lights are going off like crazy in green and blue. Once you hear Axl begin to scream before it really starts up, J-X shows on the jumbo-tron and it's flashing in different color letters with a different color background for each. Once it gets going J-X gets out of the curtains and begins to taunt the crowd. He walks down the runway and taunts the crowd again. He gets into the ring and goes onto a turnbuckle. He throws his arms up in HHH fashion and then gets down to get ready for the match.

Zach Davis: He looks quite determined.

The Perfect Cell Techno Remix hits as the lights go out. The song starts out slow. When the song picks up, strobe lights start up all over the arena. Lights start to flash as the strobe stops. Reckless Jack steps out onto the stage. Fantastic Joe is right behind him. Reckless Jack slowly makes his way down to the ring. Once he gets in the ring, he kneels down as pyro shoots out of the turnbuckles. Fantastic Joe grabs a mic right after this.

Fantastic Joe: Ladies and gentlemen, the most Reckless man in histo-

J-X, growing tired of the continuous showboating clotheslines both Fantastic Joe and his opponent RJ.

Shannan Lerch: Well, he did what I thought about doing. Let’s get it on!

J-X lifts Reckless Jack and begins to throw punch after punch his way. RJ is eventually backed up against the ropes, where he is then whipped to the opposite set. Upon return, J-X throws him up and over...back body drop connects. J-X runs off the ropes to the side, and as RJ stands he gets a bulldog from J-X. J-X covers.



Reckless kicks out. Fantastic Joe is at ringside encouraging RJ on. Reckless gets to his feet but is taken to the nearest corner. J-X sets him up...chop to the chest! He winds up...ANOTHER! J-X goes for a third...connects. He pulls RJ out and sets him up for a Winning Element. However, RJ counters out and nails an Uranage Slam. RJ covers.



J-X manages to get the rope hooked with his right leg. RJ becomes furious and lifts J-X up into a headlock. J-X struggles for a bit and then become motionless. Then, once again, J-X fights his way to a standing base. J-X elbows RJ in the gut twice. He runs off the ropes, comes back and BAM! Reckless Jackinator from RJ connects. The cover.



J-X gets the shoulder up! RJ brings J-X to his knees only to be kicked down again. RJ does the same several times.

Zach Davis: The man’s frustrated to say the least.

Reckless Jack picks up J-X and delivers a Chickenwing DDT. RJ then goes to the outside apron. He sets up, springboards, and a 450 splash connects. RJ still lies on top of J-X, therefore the count commences.




J-X gets the shoulder up again! Jack can’t believe it. He stands and crouches down, stalking his prey. J-X slowly manages to get to his feet, and RJ wastes little time. He lifts J-X up back first into a Torture Rack/Reverse Death Valley position.

Shannan Lerch: Well, goodbye J-X.

J-X gets his second wind and gets out of Jack’s grasp. RJ turns around into a spinebuster from J-X. J-X rolls off, and both men lie still. After a pause, both men stand. RJ goes for a Yakuza Kick, but J-X ducks under, hooks the waist...WINNING ELEMENT! J-X rolls over and drapes an arm over Jack. The count begins.




Fantastic Joe had placed RJ’s foot on the ropes without the referee spotting him. J-X, however, did. He points at Joe with a euphoric look in his eyes. He rolls outside and chases Joe around. They eventually get back in the ring, and RJ greets J-X with a kick to the gut and a Reckless DDT. RJ then slowly rolls to the outside, mouthing something like, “That’s it!”

Zach Davis: I don’t like where this is going.

Reckless Jack walks over to the cutout section of the guardrail where the time keeper, bell ringer, and ring announcer sit. He grabs a chair. One of the officials tries to prevent him from going anywhere with it, and grabs on to the chair. RJ simply smacks the man in the face and walks off, chair in hand. RJ walks around the outside a bit, holding the chair high upward, signaling for a devastating finish. RJ eventually gets in the ring. He begins taunting J-X, Fantastic Joe beside him. The ref is scrambling to try and regain order. At this point, a bit behind RJ, we can see the same official he smacked climbing the stairs. Once he reaches the top step, he stares. No one pays much mind to him, but he slowly begins to “undress”. He removes his dark blue shades to reveal deep, green eyes. His suit is the next thing to go, a WCF shirt underneath it. Then...he removes his bald head cap, unveiling semi-long red hair.

Shannan Lerch: that?...

The official climbs in the ring. RJ has the chair lifted back behind his head, ready to deliver a blow. He tires and realizes he is unable to do so, for something holds him back. It is the official. RJ turns around to come face to face with an old acquaintance, who’s smiling menacingly.

Zach Davis: NATE NYTRO?

Shannan Lerch: Uh oh.

Nate tosses the chair aside and begins punching Jack like there’s no tomorrow. He backs him into a corner and begins to stomp away. He eventually lifts RJ, goes for a whip, but it is countered. Nate flies into the corner, but manages to run up it...Whisper in the Wind! Nate then removes his shirt, displaying his pale complexion and slightly toned exterior. He waits for RJ to stand, and then hooks his head. He jumps...Catatonic Finish right onto the steel chair. Fantastic Joe gets in Nate’s face, only to be given a Side Effect. Nate then turns his attention to the rising J-X.

Zach Davis: Take no prisoners, I suppose.

Nate just stands behind Jay, who is facing outward of the ropes. He finally is stable enough to walk. He turns to meet Nate. Nate waves, and then lifts J-X up into a scoop slam position, but spins him! Gunn Stinger! Nate then climbs the turnbuckle, looking to hand out some InspYration. Suddenly, a spotlight on the ramp way shows Twister running to the ring. Nate sees him and gets off his perch. Twist runs into the ring and goes for an immediate Twisted Kick. Nate ducks, and Twister gets an X-Factor for his troubles. At this, Nate Nytro stands on a turnbuckle and taunts to the crowd, who applaud his return. “Before I Forget” by Slipknot begins to play already up to speed. Nate finally gets out of the ring and fires up the crowd all the way back up the ramp.

Shannan Lerch: Unbelieveable.

Zach Davis: May I?

Shannan Lerch: Oh by all means, do so.

Zach Davis: I think it’s safe to say that Nate Nytro IS back! And with a vengeance.

Shannan Lerch: God knows what may await us in weeks to come after this assault.

Reckless Jack/Fugitive vs Nate Nytro/Eclipse

Surfacing hits as the arena goes dark. When Kevin Palmer's voice fills the arena the place starts to flash red lights. "I'm turning into what you... See!" Reckless Jack walks out as the crowd is booing the hell out Reckless Jack when seeing him. Of course, Fantastic Joe is not far behind either. Reckless Jack gets into the ring and kneels down as pyro shoots out of the ring posts. Reckless Jack gets up and stretches with the ring ropes as Fantastic Joe yells at the ref.. Reckless Jack then waits...

"800" by Saliva sounds out through the arena and the lights dim. Just when the guitar picks up pyros explode on the entrance ramp and then Fugitive comes walking out from behind the curtan. He makes his way down to the ring and slides in. Goes to each corner and taunts to the crowd before standing in the center of the ring awaiting his opponent.

Shannan Lerch: Reckless Jack and Fugitive, thats not exactly a great pair..

Zach Davis: No its not. But I'm not going to tell them that!

Shannan Lerch: Wuss.

Zach Davis: ..sigh..

Lights grow dim, an elcipse appears on screen, as it aligns the lights pulsate, faster and faster, the eclipse logs on over the sun, the music blasts out of the speakers and pyro shoots off the stage as the lights flash back on, Eclipse jumps out onto stage and makes his way down to the ring and hops over the top rope and parades around to the crowd...

Shannan Lerch: This mans entrance is possible the best in WCF!

Zach Davis: No doubt!

The lights go dim as the beginning of “Before I Forget” hits. After the drums and base kick in, on each hard beat, a blue strobe flashes simultaneously with it, while at the same time smoke pours from the entranceway, shrouding it in a fog. Once the word “Go!” is heard in the song and the rhythm picks up, Nate Nytro runs out to the stage. He begins to head bang a little and then approaches the ring. He slides in and taunts on two opposite turnbuckles. On the first, he usually head bangs a bit to psyche-up the crowd. On the other, he gives the traditional, heavy metal devil horns.

Zach Davis: The crowd is on their feet !

Shannan Lerch: He almost won the world title! They must be applauding for that fact alone!

Two teams, four men stand in the ring. Waiting to duel. Cold stares for each of their own rivals. Eclipse points to Nytro, and Nytro takes a step out of the ring to the apron. Fugitive and Reckless Jack talk it over and Fugitive steps outside of the ring to the apron as well.

Shannan Lerch: Reckless Jack and Eclipse! This could get intresting!

Zach Davis: Oh yeah!

Reckless Jack talks with Joe, and Eclipse attacks him from behind, as to say "lets get this mf'n party started!" Eclipse throws Jack to the ropes and hits a mean clothesline. Eclipse picks him up and throws him to Nytros and his corner. Hitting a few punches and stomps. Eclipse begins a foot choke, and the ref mangages to break it. Reckless comes stumbling out of the corner and Eclipse hits a superkick!

Zach Davis: WOW!

Shannan Lerch: Oh man! That was an impact!

Eclipse pins, but before one, fugitive is there to break it. As the ref gets Fugitive back into the corner, a tag is made! Nytro comes in and begins stomping away at Reckless Jack! The crowd stands to their feet, as Nytro picks him up, he goes for a suplex, lifts him up, but Jack flows to behind him! Nytro turns around and is hip tossed to the mat. Nytro gets to his feet, but manages to get clotheslined down! Reckless Jack goes to the top rope, not even facing the ring. He leaps into the air for a massive moonsault! Nytro rolls out and gets up, Jack lands on his feet, but he then gets Nytros version of the Book End!

Shannan Lerch: Oh! You have to watch these two..

Zach Davis: I thought Reckless was on offense, turns out, he wasn't!

Shannan Lerch: My point exactly, these two are perfectionists in the art of wrestling!

Nytro rolls to his corner and gets up and Eclipse tags himself in, Nytro kind of stunned, but lets it slide. Eclipse gets in, and grabs Reckless Jacks feet. RJ stands up hopping on one leg.... Eclipse taunts him like mad crazy, and RJ hits a mean enziguri! RJ throws himself to the corner to tag in Fugitive!

Shannan Lerch: Uh oh.

Zach Davis: You stole the words from my mouth!

Fugitive picks up Eclipse and hits a german suplex. Eclipse manages to get to his feet, and Fugitive hits a spinning DDT. He pins, but Nytro comes in and breaks it up... Reckless Jack comes out from his corner to fight with Nytro! The ref trying to break wrestlers apart, but fails in doing so. Reckless Jack clotheslines Nytro over the top rope, and Fugitive throws Eclipse over as well. Eclipse gets up, as does Nytro now standing next to each other. RJ and Fugitive hit the ropes and go running from inside the ring, they both go for a baseball slide dropkick! Reckless Jack hits Eclipse, and goes sliding out of the ring, and at the same time, Nytro grabs Fugitive and just slides him to his back, and he crashes to the mats. Nytro and RJ notice each other and hit a double clothesline. All four men are out, on the outside of the ring!

Zach Davis: Whoa! What just happened ?!

Shannan Lerch: Well Fugitive missed and slide right on out of the ring, but RJ hit Eclipse... well then Nytro and RJ just clotheslined each othe...


Shannan Lerch: Well, be more clear next time.

The ref begins the count, and as he reaches 8, Eclipse rolls in and Fugitive gets up to the apron. Eclipse grabs Fugitive from inside the ring, and suplexes him right inside of the ring. Both men take a breather, as Nytro and RJ begin to get into their corners as well. Eclipse picks up Fugitive and hits a few uppercuts to Fug's chin. Reels him to the ropes, and irishwhips him, Fugitve ducks Eclipses' clothesline, hits the other side of the ropes and Eclipse goes for some dropkick, but Fugitive stops dead in his tracks. Eclipse slams onto the mat on his back, and Fugitive goes to the top rope, and quickly hits a moonsault! He pins, Nytro steps in again to break it.

Shannan Lerch: This match is nearing its end, I can sense it.

Zach Davis: You sense anything.. especially something to do with four men..

Shannan Lerch: Oh shut.. up!

Fugitive picks up Eclipse and tags in Reckless Jack. RJ gets in and hits a few punches and what not, and then hits a Reckless DDT!

Shannan Lerch: WHOA!

He punches at Nytro, and Nytro gets all pissed and charges into the ring, the ref turns his back and Fugitive along with RJ begin the beat down on Eclipse. The ref manages to get Nytro out of the ring. Reckless Jack grabs Eclipse and hits a snap suplex. RJ goes over to Nytro once again, but Nytro grabs him and begins to choke him out! The ref tries to break it up, and Fugitive steps into the ring, he grabs Eclipse but Eclipse has different plans! Fugitive picks up Eclipse, but gets low blowed... The ref can't stop the action, as Nytro now gets into the ring still having RJ in a sleeper hold... RJ back kicks Nytro into the nuts! RJ hits the ropes but Eclipse hits a massive clothesline sending him out of the ring to the mats, crashing on top of Fantastic Joe!

Zach Davis: Joe always gets the crap end of the stick...

Shannan Lerch: You're telling me..

Fugitive gets to his feet, but Eclipse grabs his legs tripping him to his back, and Eclipse locks in the boston crab! Nytro goes over to Fugitives arm, as he lays on his stomch, and puts him in an armbar!

Shannan Lerch: Double Submission !?!?!

Zach Davis: He's going to tap !!

Reckless Jack, out of nowhere, kicks Nytro right off, and then kicks Eclipse off as well.

Shannan Lerch: Ahh he WAS going to tap.

Jack then goes back to the apron, as does Nate. Eclipse slowly crawls towards his corner, as does Fugitive... Eclipse reaches first, tagging in Nytro! Nytro gets in with a head of steam and grabs Fugitive's leg, but Fugitive kicks him off. Fugitive stands, but Nytro hits him a few times. Nytro positions him in the Underhook position, but Reckless Jack Springboards off the ropes and hits a Dropkick! Nytro drops to the ground. This gives Fugitive the chance to jump to the top rope..

Zach Davis: Death Row!

The ref counts...




Shannan Lerch: Thanks to Reckless Jack, Nytro got pinned!

Fugitive rolls out of the ring right as Eclipse rushes in, about to kick his ass. Fugitive smiles back, having gotten another one up. Reckless Jack rolls out of the ring as well and points and laughs and Nate.

Zach Davis: Nytro's getting more and more pissed as time goes by, I can tell...

Shannan Lerch: And I don't think that's a good thing for Jack, once they meet up.