Saturday Slam Intro
Team of Treachery Promo
TV Title Match: Supreme Xtreme vs Junkyard Justice
Whyte Zombie vs Dragula vs Mystyk Devil
Hardcore Title: Red Baron vs Creeping Death vs Outcast vs Cyrus
Rage vs G Funk Kid
Logan Promo
World Title Cage Match: Hellz Angel vs Logan

  • Saturday Slam Intro

  • The Saturday Slam music plays, and the opening pyro shoots. The arena has a normal stage, with a large jumbotron screen with the WCF logo on it, and two signs that say "Slam!" on either side. The camera scrolls around the arena as the music and pyro stops, and we go ringside to our announcers for the night, Zack Davis and Shannan Lerch.

    Zack Davis: Fans, welcome to the first edition of Wrestling Championship Federation Saturday Slam! I am Zack Davis, you know, and I'm joined by Shannan Lerch.

    Shannan Lerch: Yes you are, you lucky bastard.

    Zack Davis: Watch your mouth. Anyway, we have a lot of great matches tonight, and definitely the best main event we could put on. Hellz Angel vs Logan. People have been waiting to see this for a LONG time...

    Shannan Lerch: And I'm sure that Logan has been waiting to kick his ass for a long time, too.

    Zack Davis: I don't really like either Hellz or Logan, but I guess we will see who the better man is. Speaking of Logan, I believe we're going to start with a promo from the Team of Treachery...

  • Team of Treachery Promo
  • Forever by Kid Rock plays, and Logan, Rage, and Seth Lerch step out to an ovation of boos. Logan walks emotionless to the ring, while Rage and Lerch blow kisses to the crowd in a cocky kind of way. Logan rolls into the ring, and raises his arms to more jeers. Lerch grabs the mic.

    Seth Lerch: Well, well, well. If it isn't the worst damn audience I have ever seen! I'll have to remember not to come back to this goddamn city. Anyhow, tonight is going to be our night. Logan, Rage, both of you are going to win your matches...I guarentee it. The Team of Treachery is going to be stronger, and I'm telling all of you guys that I hired in the back this. None of you can stop us. That, my friends, is a fact...but, onto more important matters. First of all, a match has been pulled from tonights card. Killer Instinct vs Killian is off, because neither of these men showed up for work.. I don't know if it was transportation problems or what, but, I'm thinking of putting both men into suspension. I guess thats all I have to say, so-

    Rage grabs the mic away from Lerch.

    Rage: Hey, I wanna talk. I don't have too much to say, and I'll let my actions in the ring speak for me. I just wanted to give you one last message before our match, though, Kiddie. Your ass is mine. That is all.

    Lerch takes the mic back, as he smiles.

    Seth Lerch: Yes, yes it is, Rage. Good luck, man..anything you wanna add, Logan?

    Logan takes the mic next, and instantly the fans start yelling loud, obscene words at him. He seems not to notice.

    Logan: SHUT UP!

    Logan drops the mic, and stomps on it in a fit of anger. It breaks under his foot, and Lerch shrugs. Each member of the T.O.T. goes to a different side of the ring, and they flip the audience off at the same time. They then rolls out of the ring, and head to the back as we get prepared for our next match.

  • TV Title Match: "SX" Supreme Xtreme vs Junkyard Justice
  • Click Click Boom plays, and SX walks straight to the ring. He rolls in and raises his hands at all four turnbuckles.

    The crowd await at the edge of their seats. The announcers tremble with fear as the lights flash out; sparkles of cameras can be seen in the distance. A load drum beat echoes round the silent arena. Monsterous shots of bodies crashing through tables, tables crashing through dumpsters and dumpsters shutting to darkness apear on the oval-tron. The words 'Death Do Us Part' flash onto the screen as a heavy guitar beat kicks in. The lights remain off, a single flash of fire circles the stage as a dumpster filled with tables, ladders and chairs rolls out unto it. A single figure emerges from behind it, the lights flash on and that figure steps forward. Two arms are raised as the fire fizzes out. This single figure drags the dumpster ringward. As he walks down the ramp all that trails is silence. He pulls the dumpster up and slides into the ring.

    Zack Davis: Those weapons that Junkyard Justice has may not be legal, but I don't think any of our referees are brave enough to stand up to him...

    The ring announcer announces both mens height and weight, and holds up the Television Title belt. The bell rings, signalling the match is on.

    Zack Davis: I've really been anticipating this match, I think it should be good.

    Justice and SX circle each other, and tie up. SX puts Justice in a Front Headlock, and cranks on it. Justice pushes him away, however, and catches SX with a clothesline. SX goes to the ground, and Justice slides under the ropes, and is standing at the apron. SX gets up, groggily, and Justice knees him through the ropes. Justice then tries to suplex SX over the ropes, but SX blocks it and Suplexes Justice back into the ring. SX stomps at Justice from the inside, and begins to pick him up. Justice swings at SX, but SX drops. SX executes a legsweep and Justice goes down, and SX jumps up. Justice tries to climb back up but SX grabs his head and slams him back down to the mat. Justice then grabs SXs leg and pulls him down, and tries an elbow drop. SX rolls out of the way, and tries his own elbow drop onto Justice. Justice also moves out of the way, and drops a leg onto SX, into a pin. The fans clap at the heated exchange between the two men, as the referee makes the count. 1, 2, No. SX got his arm up. Justice backs up, giving SX time to get up, and attempts a Savat Kick. SX ducks, and executes a High Angle Backdrop from behind. SX makes a pin now, but only gets a two count. He stomps repeatedly at Justice, followed by an Elbow Drop.

    Shannan Lerch: These men are putting on one hell of a show for us tonight.

    Zack Davis: Your not kidding. This is the kind of wrestling I like.

    SX applies a sleeper hold on Justice, but Justice reaches behind him and punches SX in the head. SX releases the hold, and Justice slowly stands up. He pulls SX up with him, only to DDT him back to the mat. He picks up SX again, and follows up with another DDT. He picks him up once again, and is about to attempt another DDT, but SX counters with a Belly to Back suplex. SX then picks up Justice and puts him on his shoulders.

    Zack Davis: SX going for the DVD now, thats one of his key moves.

    Justice manages to wriggle free, and drops down behind SX. He nails SX in the head, and then slams the head into the turnbuckle. SX is groggy, and Justice takes off the pad from the turnbuckle, and throws it to the floor. He goes out of the ring to get a chair, and as he gets back into the ring with it, SX grabs him from behind and does another Belly to Back suplex! The chair falls to the ground, as does Justice. SX pins him again, and the ref gets to the ground and counts. 1. 2. Kickout! SX begins arguing with the ref, and Justice pushes him from behind. SX runs into the ref, who falls to the ground. Justice then grabs SX, and gets him in position for his Tombstone Piledriver. He Tombstones SX onto the chair!

    Shannan Lerch: Geez, it's a good thing the ref didn't see, it must have hurt..

    Justice makes the pin, and as the ref comes back to conciousness, he begins the count. 1... 2... 3. The match is over, and Junkyard Justice, after a hard fought battle, is our Television Champion. The ref hands him the belt, and he drops and rolls out of the ring, holding it. He goes to the back as replays are shown from his match.

    Zack Davis: I have to admit, Justice earned that belt. He worked damn hard for it tonight, and this was a classic match for WCF. Your Television Champion, ladies and gentlemen, is Junkyard Justice.

  • Whyte Zombie vs Dragula vs Mystyk Devil
  • House of a Thousand Corpses hits, and a circle of fire lights the stage. Whyte Zombie rises from it, and comes to the ring.

    "Bodies" by Drowning Pool hits, and Dragula walks into the arena. Multicolored lights flash, and he pours some sportsdrink into his mouth and spits it out. He walks into the ring and raises his arms. ]

    Rollout plays and Mystyk Devil comes out with two fine lady chaperones. They escort him to the ring and he pumps up the crowd.

    Zack Davis: And we're ready to go..I wonder if Whyte Zombie and Dragula will team up tonight, or if it's going to be every man for himself?

    Whyte Zombie walks around the ring. Dragula walks around the ring. Mystyk Devil goes under the ring and pulls out about ten tables and sets them up accordingly. (ding, ding, ding) Whyte Zombie attempts to kick Mystyk Devil, but Mystyk Devil catches his leg. Whyte Zombie flips around and kicks Mystyk Devil.

    Zack Davis: Whyte Zombie executes a enzuigiri.

    Zombie gets up. Zombie punches Mystyk Devil repeatedly.

    Shannan Lerch: weak move by Zombie.

    Mystyk Devil hits a jumping elbow hrust on Zombie. A side kick by Zombie turns the match around by knocking Mystyk Devil to the mat.

    Zack Davis: flying side kick!

    Now Whyte Zombie standing. Whyte Zombie punches Mystyk Devil repeatedly. Mystyk Devil trys for a somersault slam but Whyte Zombie avoids it. Mystyk Devil hits a flying karate chop right to Zombie's neck. Mystyk Devil holds his mouth after recieving an elbow smash to the face. Mystyk Devil whips Zombie's feet from under him with a side kick. Mystyk Devil moves back to his feet. Mystyk Devil hits Zombie with an elbowdrop from the second turnbuckle. Mystyk Devil gets up. Mystyk Devil goes for a pin. Referee Billy Flew makes the count. ...1 Zombie kicks out. Zombie gets back to his feet. Whyte Zombie on the turnbuckleMystyk Devil rising from the mat, Zombie leaps from the top rope with a bodypress. Zombie gets up. Now Mystyk Devil standing. Mystyk Devil goes off the top turnbuckle and double foot stomps Zombie. Mystyk Devil covers Whyte Zombie. Billy Flew counts the pin. ...1 Whyte Zombie kicks out.

    Zack Davis - Not even close!

    Mystyk Devil executes a ropeflip hiptoss on Whyte Zombie. Whyte Zombie stands up. Whyte Zombie gets caught with an elbowsmash to the face. Dragula lifts up Whyte Zombie and delivers a gut-wrench power bomb. Dragula whips Whyte Zombie to the ropes and puts him in a sleeper as he comes back, into the Punisher! Billy Flew asks Whyte Zombie if he quits. ... Whyte Zombie is fighting the hold. ... Dragula breaks the hold. Dragula drags Whyte Zombie to the floor.

    Shannan Lerch - The wrestlers have moved to ringside, and I think Dragula is going to find a weapon..

    Billy Flew starts the count (.1) Dragula chokes Zombie with a microphone cable. Dragula piledrives Zombie into the floor. (..2) (...3) Dragula stomps Whyte Zombie's head. Whyte Zombie climbs to his feet. (....4) Flying somersault drop kick by Whyte Zombie puts him back in the match.

    Shannan Lerch - Dragula takes a flying somersault dropkick.

    Whyte Zombie is back on his feet. Dragula is up again. (.....5) They fight into the aisle. Whyte Zombie and Dragula move back to ringside. Zombie takes Dragula into the ring. Dragula gets elbowed to his midsection by Dragula. Zombie attempts to kick Dragula, but Dragula catches his leg. Zombie flips around and kicks Dragula. Zombie punches Dragula repeatedly. Mystyk Devil executes a split legged moonsault on to Zombie. Mystyk Devil stands up. Zombie stands up. Dragula grabs Mystyk Devils throat with one hand, lifts him up, and does a One Handed Chokeslam! Dragula whips Mystyk Devil to the ropes and puts him in a sleeper as he comes back, into the Punisher! Billy Flew asks Mystyk Devil if he quits. ... ... Mystyk Devil escapes. Dragula measures Mystyk Devil up and drops a closed fist. Dragula gets up. Dragula goes for a pin. Referee Billy Flew makes the count. ...1 Mystyk Devil escapes. Mystyk Devil gets up. Dragula grabs Mystyk Devil by the arm and breaks it over his shoulder.

    Shannan Lerch - Dragula with a armbreaker.

    Dragula executes a huge gutbuster on Mystyk Devil. Dragula applies an arm wrench to Mystyk Devil. Mystyk Devil gets up. Mystyk Devil gets back into the match with a jumping neck snap on Whyte Zombie. Mystyk Devil chants start. Mystyk Devil kicks Whyte Zombie's head out of desperation because Whyte Zombie blocked Mystyk Devil's first kick. Mystyk Devil is up again. Zombie piledrives Dragula. A side kick by Zombie turns the match around by knocking Dragula to the mat. Zombie gets up. Zombie climbs the turnbuckle, then jumps back down, with a Swanton Bomb, which he calls Gravedigger. Dragula gets hit with the shooting star press from Whyte Zombie. The ref starts the count. ...1 ...2 ...3.

    Zack Davis - Whyte Zombie has won the match!

  • Hardcore Title Match: Red Baron vs Creeping Death vs Outcast vs Cyrus
  • Rovin Gangsta by Kid Rock plays, and the camera focuses at the entryway. No one comes out..

    Zack Davis: Uh, we're expecting Red Baron, but I haven't heard anything from him lately. Is he here?

    Shannan Lerch: Guess not.

    Zack Davis: Well, I have just been told that this match is now a 3 Way Dance, since Red Baron didn't show up.

    "People = Shit" hits, and the lights go black. They come back on, and Creeping Death is standing on the stage with his hands up. He walks to the ring, and jumps over the top rope.

    Crush 'Em hits, and the lights go out for ten seconds. Fog fills the entrance way prior to an explosion of black and white pyro. Outcast comes out. He raises his hands to an approval of the fans.

    Lighting like pyro hits twice in 5 second intervals and a big explosion of thunder strikes and Feel So Numb hits. Cyrus slowly stalks out with Katie at his side. Cyrus slowly walks up the steps and climbs in the ring. Katie takes his coat off. She puts it on and she climbs out. He goes over to his corner by Katie and waits.

    Zack Davis: The ref rings the bell, and this Hardcore Title match is on!

    Cyrus stays in his corner, while Outcast and Creeping Death approach each other. They look one another in the eye, and exchange heated words. It looks like C.D. is about to throw the first punch, but instead the two men run towards Cyrus and clothesline him to the mat! They both stomp on him.

    Zack Davis: Outcast and Creeping Death doubleteaming Cyrus. Cyrus is definitly at a disadvantage here.

    Suddenly C.D. turns, and and nails Outcast! Outcast goes down, only to get back up. C.D. nails him again, and again he falls, and stays down. Cyrus, meanwhile, rolls out of the ring. C.D. stomps on Outcast, and Cyrus grabs weapons from under the ring. He throws them in, and C.D. picks up a chair. He is about to hit Outcast, but Outcast kicks him in the gut. He drops the chair, and Outcast DDTs him onto it! He pins. 1, 2...Cyrus breaks it up, by hitting Outcast with a lead pipe.

    Zack Davis: Ouch.

    Cyrus continues hitting Outcast with the pipe, and then turns to Creeping Death. C.D. punches Cyrus before he can use the pipe, and then does the X-Factor, sending Cyrus' face onto the pipe!

    Shannan Lerch: Jeez, that must have really hurt..I hope none of Cyrus' teeth were knocked out.

    C.D. goes outside, following Outcast. C.D. beats on him, and grabs a chair. He hits Outcast in the ribs repeatedly, and then climbs back into the ring. He goes up top to the turnbuckle, and the fans cheer in anticipation..

    Shannan Lerch: Oh my god...he isn't going to..

    Creeping Death jumps off the top rope, holding the chair, and does the Mecca Toadsplash!! Both Outcast and C.D. are hurt badly, and both are clutching their ribs. Cyrus rolls out and pins Outcast, and the ref makes the count. 1. 2. NO! Amazingly, Outcast has kicked out. Cyrus is in shock, and punches Outcast with a closed fist over the head. He then rolls him into the ring, and gets a table. He throws the table into the ring next, and then climbs in himself. C.D. is getting up now, and someone is running through the crowd...and hits C.D. with a bowling ball of all things!

    Zack Davis: Who is that? And why the hell did he hit Creeping Death with a bowling ball!? This is crazy!

    We get the camera closer to the man, and that man is Hellz Angel!

    Zack Davis: Hellz Angel has come out of the crowd to ruin Creeping Deaths chance at the Hardcore Title..what a bastard. Hellz and Creeping Death had a long feud in NCW, and it apparently hasn't been settled.

    Inside the ring, Outcast is setting up the table. He gets a trashcan, and puts it on the table. Outcast then puts Cyrus up on the top rope, and is setting him up for a Suplerplex onto the trashcan table! Suddenly LOGAN runs out from nowhere, and hits Outcast over the head with a baseball bat!

    Zack Davis: GOD DAMMIT! Too much interference in this match!

    Now that Outcast is dazed, Cyrus does a Top Rope Powerbomb, sending Outcast onto the trashcan and through the table! Logan goes on the outside and begins attacking Hellz Angel, who was beating on C.D., while Cyrus pins. 1. 2. 3.

    Shannan Lerch: Cyrus has won the Hardcore Title, thanks to Logan! But why? Why did Logan interfere?

    Logan hits Hellz Angel with a Superkick, and Hellz is sent over the guardrail. The two men brawl outside the ring, punching each other, but no one is going down. Hellz runs at Logan, and Spears him down! Hellz pounds on him some more, and security breaks it up, taking the two men away.

    Zack Davis: Man, I can't wait till the main event tonight. We just got a taste of it, and it will be intense.

    Seth Lerch is in the ring now, amidst all the chaos occuring on the outside. He takes the mic, while Cyrus holds his Hardcore Title.

    Seth Lerch: Welcome, the newest member of the Team Of Treachery... CYRUS! And Katie, of course.

    The fans boo, and Cyrus smiles. Katie gets into the ring, and helps Cyrus get to the back, accompanied by Lerch, as we prepare for our next match.

  • Rage vs G Funk Kid
  • As Lerch is leaving, the Mob Mentality theme hits and Rage comes out. Rage is seen talking to Lerch, and doesn't appear too happy. He gets in the ring, and his pyro goes off, but he doesn't pose or anything. Instead, he simply gets a mic.

    Rage: Well, I am at a clear disadvantage here. I was supposed to have Lerch by my side, but no, he had other business to attend to. So, I'll have to kick your ass myself, Funk Boy!

    Rage drops the mic, and prepares for G Funk.

    Zack Davis: Rage is a moron...he isn't at a disadvantage at all, the odds have just been evened!

    Who We Be begins to play over the PA, and suddenly two huge gold pyros blast off from the stage area as Who We Be goes into full flare. G Funk Kid steps out from behind the curtain, reaches to his back and brings around a white bandana. He ties it around his forehead and fixes his hair over the top of it. He begins to walk down the ramp, and climbs onto the apron and then further up onto the top of the turnbuckle. He stands and takes a long full sniff at the air, he then jumps into the ring, waits for his music to come to a stop and takes a fighting stance.

    Shannan Lerch: Rage can do it, I know it. Let's see how this turns out.

    Rage attacks G Funk quickly, throwing forearms across his head. Rage then kicks him, and G Funk bends over. Rage puts his leg on G Funks head, and Funk stands up. Rage flips over, and is behind G Funk. Rage tries to grapple him from behind, but G Funk grabs his head, runs to the turnbuckle, and does a Top Rope Bulldog.

    Zack Davis: Good scientific, high flying action.

    Rage is down, and tries to roll out of the ring. G Funk doesn't let him, and grabs his leg. Rage manages to stand up, with G Funk still holding the leg, and does an Enziguri Kick. G Funk ducks, and grabs Rages other leg. G Funk is holding both of Rages legs now, and he picks Rage up into a Powerbomb position. He attempts to Powerbomb Rage, but Rage counters by punching his head from up top, and does a Spinning DDT, which brings G Funk to the mat. Rage jumps to the turnbuckle, and does a Five Star Frogsplash onto G Funk. G Funk is being pinned. 1. 2. NO! G Funk manages to kick out.

    Shannan Lerch: ...Dammit!

    Rage picks up G Funk, but G Funk punches Rage and runs to the ropes. He executes a Flying Legscissors Takedown, but Rage rolls it off and jumps onto the ropes. He does a Springboard Cross Bodyblock, but G Funk catches him and does a Fallaway Slam. G Funk jumps up to the top rope, and does a Twisting Corkscrew Moonsault. He pins. 1...2... No, Rage kicks out.

    Zack Davis: Another nearfall, either man could take this match.

    G Funk stomps on Rage, and follows up with a Standing Moonsault. He then jumps onto the rope and does a Springboard Bodysplash, but Rage rolls out of the way, under the ropes. Rage stands up on the apron, and grabs G Funk head. He runs to the turnbuckle, still holding G Funks head, and does a Tornado DDT. He runs, jumps onto the turnbuckle again, and attemps the Shooting Five Star Press, but G Funk rolls out of the way!

    Shannan Lerch: Grrr...if G Funk wouldn't have moved, this match would have been over, with Rage as the victor.

    Rage stands up, groggily, and G Funk executes the Funk Bomb! Rage looks out, but G Funk isn't done yet. He goes up top, one more time, and flies down with the G Force.

    Zack Davis: Look at that airtime...simply amazing.

    G Funk Kid makes the pin, and the ref gets down and counts. 1. 2. 3! The match is over, and G Funk Kid has beaten Rage! G Funk rolls out of the ring, a cocky smile on his face, and walks to the back. Rage gets up, realizing what happened, and looks incredibly angry. He gets out of the ring, and goes to the back.

  • Promo with Logan
  • Cameras switch backstage to a hall way, we find Logan in his wresting clothes watered down. He's pacing in place a bit with the WCF title over his shoulder, Joe Smith is standing next to him and he begins asking questions.

    Joe Smith: Logan..

    We hear a crowd in the arena boo to the mention of his name, Logan looks around.

    Joe Smith: Logan. We are moments away from your match against Hellz Angel for the biggest prize in the bussiness...the Wrestling Championship Federation World Title. Either way, you MUST beat Hellz Angel. Through all odds, to do anything, you MUST beat Hellz Angel. Because you have putten your hand upon a bible and swore to the people that you would defend your title tonight.

    Logan walks up the the microphone as the crowd cheers.

    Logan: Say something?

    The crowd in the arena boos.

    Joe Smith: Uh, ye-

    Logan cuts him off.


    The crowd in the arena start up a Logan sucks chant.

    Logan: You see, it was only yesterday I put my hand against a bible and said I'd beat Hellz Angel, it was only yesterday that I promised to the people that they were going to see the biggest match of all time, it was only yesterday where I promised to Hellz Angel that he was in front row seat...for history, it was only yesterday I promised that this WCF title wouldn't be going anywhere...

    Logan stares at the camera.

    Logan: And its only today where I whoop Hellz Angel's ass for the one! two! three! and walk out Wrestling Championship Federation world champion! And it's only today that you put some High Endurance Anti-Perspirant Pure Sport Gel Solid Deodorant on because you Joe, smell like an monkeys anus!

    We see Joe smelling his arm pits, Logan looks at him and Joe sees Logan, Joe throws his arms down and looks embarrassed. Logan looks back into the camera.

    Logan: And it's only today where Hellz Angels knows why I always say...bring it!

    Logan walks off saying some lame qoute he hasn't said in about two years, we see Joe Smith smelling his arm pits and the camera switches to the arena.

  • World Title Cage Match: Hellz Angel vs Logan
  • Zack Davis: And now, my friends, it's time.

    Shannan Lerch: Main Event!

    A hawk screams and the lights dim. "Follow the Reaper" hits the speakers and Hellz Angel walks out slowly as the crowd slightly boos him. He walks down the ramp and climbs into the ring and the lights come back on.

    Zack Davis: Hellz Angel is arguably the most succesful man in WCF, and the only one I know that could rival him in that aspect would be, of course, Logan.

    Shannan Lerch: And that fact adds to this feud even more.

    The lights dim blue, "Forever" by Kid Rock blasts throughout the arena. Logan comes out from behind the black curtain to a series of boos. He is wearing the WCF World Title around his waist as he walks down the ramp and enters the ring by going through the middle rope. Once in the ring, he climbs the nearest turnbuckle throwing his arm into the air. He climbs down and his music cuts.

    Zack Davis: Logan...the WCF Champion. That Title Belt is Logans pride, and his life...and he sure as hell doesn't want to lose it. Especially to Hellz Angel.

    Shannan Lerch: This is a Pay Per View quality match, everyone watching this should have to pay to see it.

    The cage is lowering, and Hellz Angel is standing in his corner, as is Logan. Neither man makes a move, they simply stare each other down. Logan starts talking trash, and Hellz quickly answers back. They slowly walk towards each other, and the cage is completely down now.

    Zack Davis: Let me remind you, fans, that you can win this match a number of ways. You can climb out of the cage, but not through the door. You can also pin your opponent, or make him submit.

    Logan and Hellz are very close to each other now, and Logan slaps Hellz right in the face. Hellz smiles, and slaps Logan back. Logan replies with a punch, that sends Hellz to the mat. He quickly stands back up, though, smiling right back at Logan. Logan punches him again, and again he gets back up. Logan punches him one more time, harder then the last two, which knocks Hellz into the turnbuckle. Logan starts stomping mudholes in him, until he is sitting on the ground. Logan then hops back a few steps, and does a Sliding Dropkick into Hellzs face. Hellz falls, and Logan continues stomping away. The crowd is booing, and Logan turns his attention from Hellz to them. He yells SHUT UP! at them, and they only boo more.

    Shannan Lerch: Logan shouldn't let the fans get to him, they're just jealous. Either way, though, it's not a smart move with someone as dangerous as Hellz Angel in the ring.

    Hellz comes up behind Logan, and rolls him up in a Small Package. The ref counts, but Logan breaks out at the 2 count. Both men stand back up, and throw punches at each other over and over again. Hellz soon gets the advantage, and whips Logan to the ropes. He then runs to the opposite side, back to Logan, and Spears him to the mat! He covers, and again, gets a 2 count. Logan stands up slowly, and as Hellz tries to tie up, Logan kicks him in the knee. He falls on that knee, and Logan kicks him again, until Hellz is having a hard time standing. Logan grabs the leg, and slams it into the cage! Hellz grimaces in pain, and Logan rams it into the steel mesh time after time after time. Logan finally stops, and Hellz hops around the ring. Logan tackles him, and then applies a Single Leg Leglock.

    Zack Davis: Logan is working good on the leg of Hellz Angel, preparing him for the LoganShooter?

    Hellz doesn't tap, and Logan releases the hold. He stomps on the leg again, and then starts climbing the turnbuckle. Hellz dives on the ropes, which sends Logan down, although he is still sitting on the turnbuckle. Hellz climbs slowly up with him, and standing on the turnbuckle himself, slowly gets Logan to stand as well. Hellz then Clotheslines him into the cage, and throws him down onto the mat! He starts climbing up the cage, trying to escape, but Logan manages to get up and shake the cage. Hellz falls about 8 feet, landing with his back to the mat. Logan slowly moves over to him, and surely enough puts him into the LoganShooter.

    Zack Davis: I knew it, Logan hurt Hellz Angels leg earlier so this move is more effective..and Logan wants to end this match now. Will Hellz tap?

    The Referee checks, but Hellz just won't tap! He has a look of severe pain on his face, but he just isn't tapping. Logan is amazed, and releases the hold. He goes back to work stomping on the leg, even harder than before. The lights start to flash and a hawk flies through the arena and lands on the cage.

    Shannan Lerch: Uh..whats this?

    A bloody Hellz Angel looks up at it and smiles with relief. Seconds after, Mad Dog is seen lowering down on a rope from a Panasonic blimp that was high in the air. Mad Dog lands on top of the cage and unhooks himself. He climbs down and attacks Logan from the back. The lights come back on and Mad Dog and Hellz Angel are stomping away on Logan.

    Zack Davis: If it was anyone else but Logan, I'd care that this was happening. But, I don't. I hope Logan gets hurt.

    The lights go out again, and the Children of Filth seem to be confused...

    Shannan Lerch: AHHH!! What now!?

    The lights come back on, and Creeping Death is in the ring, holding a chair! He hits Hellz Angel in the head with it, followed by Mad Dog. They both go down, but Creeping Death picks up Hellz and delivers his finisher, the Blizzard Of Ozz! Hellz is out cold, and the referee decides to declare this match a no contest.

    Zack Davis: Well, no one got what they wanted but Creeping Death. Creeping Death came out here to get revenge on Hellz for what he did earlier in the night, and he got that. However, Hellz Angel didn't get his WCF Title, and Logan didn't get to beat Hellz Angel..

    The cage is being raised now, and Logan is just beginning to get up. He sees Creeping Death, and once he is standing, sticks out his hand. C.D. shakes his head, knowing better than to trust Logan, and starts to get out of the ring. Logan attacks C.D. from behind, and puts him in a Sleeperhold...he then does The Connector! The only man left standing in the ring is Logan, and he raises his arms in the air to the booing of the crowd.

    Zack Davis: This is totally out of control, and we're totally out of time.

    Shannan Lerch: Goodnight, and remember to watch WCF Wednesday Night!

    The WCF Logo appears on the bottom of the screen with copyright information, and the show ends.