Saturday Slam Intro
Seth Lerch Promo
Seth Lerch vs Junkyard Justice
Epic vs Marcus Pain
Tag Team Title Match: Team of Treachery (Logan and Cyrus) vs Children of Filth (Hellz Angel and Mad Dog) vs Outcast and G Funk Kid vs Creeping Death and Rick Mad

  • Saturday Slam Intro

  • The Saturday Slam music plays, and the opening pyro shoots. The Slam! signs flash, as do the fans cameras. The music and pyro stops, and we're at ringside with our announcers.

    Zack Davis: Here we are, coming off WCF Wednesday Night, where we witnessed Logan do the unthinkable to Creeping Death, and the return of Rick Mad.

    Shannan Lerch: Rick Mad sucks...and Logan is sadistic.

    Zack Davis: Creeping Death is here, tonight, though, and has the chance to get his revenge. However, he'l also have to deal with the other teams in the match..this is the biggest match in WCF so far, featuring WCFs eight biggest stars.

    Shannan Lerch: We also get to see my brother kick the crap out of Junkyard Justice, in a No DQ match! Not to mention, Epic against Marcus Pain.

    Zack Davis: Lets get started!

  • Seth Lerch Promo
  • The new Mob Mentality theme, Sad but True by Metallica, hits. The crowd cheers initially, because they like Metallica. Seth Lerch and Rage walk out, and the cheering quickly change to booing. The two men walk to the ring, get in, and Lerch gets the mic.

    Seth Lerch: Thank you, thank you, for that warm ovation I got on my way to the ring. It was very nice of you!

    More booing.

    Seth Lerch: Anyways, down to business. A few announcements. First of all, there are going to be massive roster cuts...people being fired know who they are. Due to these roster cuts, one match has been taken off tonights show, leaving three matches. Thats OK, though, seeing as the last match will be phenomonal... now, after these roster cuts, we're going to need some big name talent to fill the space.. and I have hired someone I'm sure you all know.

    Zack Davis: ...A new Superstar!? Who is it?

    Seth Lerch: Mike Taylor! He will be making his return at Blast...I don't like the man, but, Mike Taylor is ratings.

    Zack Davis: WOW! Mike Taylor, former another former NCW star. I can't wait for Blast!

    Seth Lerch: Also, there will be a special stipulation for the Tag Title match tonight. At the next Pay Per View, Blast, we already know Hellz Angel is getting a shot at Logan. But... whoever makes the pin in tonights match will also get a shot. Example. If Cyrus pins Hellz Angel, the main event at Blast would be Logan vs Hellz vs Cyrus...if either Hellz or Logan get the pinfall, the main event will be a one on one match, just Logan vs Hellz.

    Zack Davis: Whoa...a history making night tonight. We will find out the main event for Blast!

    Seth Lerch: And now, Junkyard, it's your time to get your ass kicked by your own boss. Get out here. One more thing, though, if ANYONE interferes in this match... you're fired. This includes you, Rage.. I'm going to win this myself.

  • Seth Lerch vs Junkyard Justice
  • The crowd await at the edge of their seats. The announcers tremble with fear as the lights flash out; sparkles of cameras can be seen in the distance. A load drum beat echoes round the silent arena. Monsterous shots of bodies crashing through tables, tables crashing through dumpsters and dumpsters shutting to darkness apear on the oval-tron. The words 'Death Do Us Part' flash onto the screen as a heavy guitar beat kicks in. The lights remain off, a single flash of fire circles the stage as a dumpster filled with tables, ladders and chairs rolls out unto it. A single figure emerges from behind it, the lights flash on and that figure steps forward. Two arms are raised as the fire fizzes out. This single figure drags the dumpster ringward. As he walks down the ramp all that trails is silence. He pulls the dumpster up and slides into the ring...this man is Junkyard Justice.

    Zack Davis: That dumpster, and everything in it, is legal in this match, and this is not for the Television Title.

    Lerch attacks Junkyard right away, and appears to have slipped on brass knuckles. He hits Junkyard in the head repeatedly, but the blows aren't enough to keep Junkyard down. He does a Haymaker punch, sending Lerch down. He then starts stomping away.

    Shannan Lerch: Ahhh! No! Come on, Seth, pull it together!

    Zack Davis: I can't see this match lasting too long...Lerch can't survive this.

    With Lerch subdued, Junkyard goes outside the ring, and gets a chair. He throws it into the ring, and it hits Lerch in the head. He laughs to himself, and then gets a 2x4 out of his dumpster. He gets back into the ring and starts choking Seth with it, and then hits him in the head with it.

    Zack Davis: The President is taking a lot of damage here..

    He sets the chair up, and sets Lerch on it. Lerch is dazed, and Junkyard climbs to the top rope. He attempts a Dropkick, but Lerch gets off the chair, sending Junkyard crashing into the chair! Lerch pins him quickly, but only gets a 2 count. Junkyard gets up, and does a Jawbreaker, followed by a DDT to Lerch. He then goes back to the outside, and sets up a table, on the dumpster. He grabs Lerch, and gets him on the apron.

    Shannan Lerch: Uh oh....

    Junkyard Justice does the Tombstone Piledriver into the dumpster! He then goes in, and gets Lerch out. Lerch is bleeding from the head, and Junkyard pins him.

    Zack Davis: Goodnight, Mr President.

    1. 2. 3. Junkyard Justice has, not surprisingly, won the match. Rage carries Lerch out of the ring, and to the back, as Junkyard celebrates in the ring.

  • Epic vs Marcus Pain
  • Pyro shoots across the stage. Cocky begins to play. Out from behind the curtain steps Marcus Pain. He stands at the top of the ramp as the fans boo him. He looks out across the fans then looks towards the ring and shakes his head. He slowly makes his way to the ring, stepping between the ropes.

    Perfect Strangers starts, pyro shoots down, and Epic walks out with his nice robe on.

    Marcus Pain walks around the ring. Epic checks his boots. (ring, ring, ring) Marcus Pain gives Epic a reverse neckbreaker. Epic is back on his feet. Epic uses a snap mare takeover on Marcus Pain.

    Shannan Lerch: snap mare!

    Marcus Pain gets up. Marcus Pain takes Epic down with a knee. Epic stands up. Epic hits Marcus Pain with the Big Boot.

    Zack Davis: Follows up with a Big Boot.

    Epic covers Marcus Pain. The ref starts the count. ...1 Marcus Pain kicks out.

    Shannan Lerch: Epic is a loser, why pin with that move?

    Epic comes from behind and bulldogs Marcus Pain. Epic is back on his feet. Marcus Pain kicks Epic in the back of the leg.

    Shannan Lerch: Marcus Pain with a kick.

    Marcus Pain kicks Epic on the mat. Marcus Pain stomps Epic. Epic kicks Marcus Pain, and then executes a Dangerous Powerbomb.

    Shannan Lerch: Marcus Pain and Epic move to ringside, submissions do not count here.

    Billy Flew starts the count (.1) (..2) Epic fist drops Marcus Pain on the floor. Epic stands up. Marcus Pain climbs to his feet. (...3) Marcus Pain kicks Epic in the head. (....4) Marcus Pain kicks Epic on the floor. (.....5) Marcus Pain takes Epic into the ring. Marcus Pain stomps Epic's head.

    Zack Davis: stomp!

    Marcus Pain stomps Epic. Marcus Pain stomps Epic's head. Marcus Pain grabs Epics ankle from behind, and applies the Ankle Lock. Epic doesn't give up. Epic stands up. Epic executes a belly-to-belly suplex on Marcus Pain. Marcus Pain gets back to his feet. Epic drags Marcus Pain to the floor. Billy Flew starts the count (.1) (..2) Epic with an illegal chokehold on Marcus Pain.

    Zack Davis: Epic with a choke hold.

    (...3) Marcus Pain punches Epic in the head. (....4) Marcus Pain hiptosses Epic. Epic moves back to his feet. (.....5) They fight into the aisle. Epic and Marcus Pain move back to ringside. Epic and Marcus Pain move back into the ring. Epic punches Marcus Pain hard, and Marcus Pain is sent across the ring. Epic is ready for his next move. Marcus Pain jabs Epic.

    Kyle Steel: jab!

    Epic kicks Marcus Pain in the stomach.

    Zack Davis: Marcus Pain takes a kick.

    Marcus Pain gets back to his feet. Marcus Pain hits a power slam on Epic. Now Marcus Pain standing. Marcus Pain comes from behind and bulldogs Epic. Marcus Pain gets up. Marcus Pain stomps Epic's head. Epic stands up. Epic uses a closed fist on Marcus Pain. Marcus Pain uppercuts Epic. Marcus Pain kicks Epic in the groin.

    Zack Davis: Marcus Pain executes a kick to the groin.

    Marcus Pain knifehand chops Epic.

    Shannan Lerch: Follows up with a knifehand chop.

    Marcus Pain gets hit with a running powerslam by Epic Epic chants start. Epic stands up. Epic drags Marcus Pain to the floor. Billy Flew starts the count (.1)

    Shannan Lerch: These guys are almost as good as me. Wouldn't you agree?

    Zack Davis: Not in this life time.

    Marcus Pain is back on his feet. (..2) Marcus Pain connects with a flying knee. Epic goes down.

    Shannan Lerch: knee!

    (...3) Marcus Pain stomps Epic. (....4) Epic puts Marcus Pain on the top rope and executes a superplex. Epic is up again. Marcus Pain climbs to his feet. (.....5) Marcus Pain takes Epic into the ring. Marcus Pain delivers a kick to the head of Epic. Epic is up again. Epic grabs Marcus Pain by the throat, lifts him up, and delivers a Chokeslam! Epic chants start. Marcus Pain is up again. Marcus Pain kicks Epic in the groin.

    Shannan Lerch: kick to the groin!

    Epic hits a running forearm smash on Marcus Pain's face. Epic fist drops Marcus Pain on the mat. Epic climbs to his feet. Epic connects with a flying knee. Marcus Pain goes down. Epic measures Marcus Pain up and drops a closed fist. Now Epic standing. Epic does the Rude Awakening Reverse Neckbreaker to Marcus Pain. Epic covers Marcus Pain. Referee Billy Flew makes the count. ...1 ...2 ...3.

    Zack Davis: We've got ourselves a winner!

    Shannan Lerch: The winner of this match, Epic!!!

  • Tag Team Title Match: Team of Treachery (Logan and Cyrus) vs Children of Filth (Hellz Angel and Mad Dog) vs Outcast and G Funk Kid vs Creeping Death and Rick Mad
  • Zack Davis: ...Here we go.

    Forever hits, and the lights dim blue. Logan and Cyrus walk out, together, although Katie isn't accompanying them tonight. They both get into the ring as the crowd boos. Logan gets out onto the apron, and Cyrus stands in the ring.

    Follow the Reaper plays, and the Children of Filth come out next. Hellz Angel and Mad Dog both look ready for action as they walk to the ring, and Mad Dog stands in the opposite corner as Cyrus.

    Crush 'Em hits, and Outcast comes out to his usual fog and pyro entrance. When he is mid way down the ramp, Who We Be plays. G Funk Kid runs into the arena, and him and Outcast rush into the ring. They raise their arms, and Outcast gets in his corner as Funk waits on the apron.

    People = Shit hits the speakers next. Creeping Death slowly walks out, and The Memory Remains plays next. Rick Mad walks out, slowly, taking his time getting to the ring. The other three men are anxious, and Mad Dog and Cyrus start double teaming Outcast! They kick him into the corner, and Rick slides into the ring. He attacks Cyrus from behind, leaving Mad Dog taking on Outcast. The bell rings, and the match is underway.

    Shannan Lerch: This will be good, I guarentee it.

    Rick continues punching Cyrus, and then whips him to the ropes. He then Clotheslines him down onto the mat. Mad Dog is still kicking Outcast into the corner, and then climbs up the turnbuckle. He starts punching Outcast, as the crowd counts along with every blow. 1. 2. 3. 4... but Outcast has him, and does a Super Atomic Drop! Dog scrambles over to his corner, and tags in Hellz Angel. Hellz rushes the ring, running at Outcast. Outcast drops to the ground, Hellz jumps over him, Outcast jumps back up, Hellz bounces off the ropes, and Spears Outcast to the mat. Cyrus is now working on Rick, and has him on the ground. He stomps away, and Rick tries to crawl over to Creeping Death to make the tag. Cyrus pulls him away, and applies a Texas Cloverleaf hold. The ref checks for Rick to tap, but he won't. Creeping Death quickly gets into the ring, does a Falling Dropkick to Cyrus, then rolls out. Cyrus releases the hold on Rick, and then tags in Creeping Death. C.D. is on the top rope, and as Cyrus is getting up, he does a Flying Cross Bodyblock. Hellz notices that C.D. is in the ring, and does a low blow from behind. He then puts C.D. into a Full Nelson, and makes it a Full Nelson Slam, sending C.D. down hard. Outcast manages to get to his corner, and tags in G Funk Kid. G Funk does a Springboard Frogsplash onto the already prone Cyrus, and it results in a pinning situation. The ref drops down and counts. 1.. 2... no, Cyrus kicks out. Creeping Death is up, and Hellz throws him into the ropes. C.D. reverses it by flipping over Hellz, attempting to do a Sunset Flip, but Hellz isn't losing his balance. Logan jumps into the ring, and Superkicks Hellz, which allows C.D. to finish the move. Logan then disrupts C.D.s pin, and C.D. attacks Logan!

    Zack Davis: Logan is NOT the legal man in the ring right now, Cyrus is..

    Logan rolls out of the ring. G Funk Kid whispers something to C.D., and C.D. nods. They then do a Linked Clothesline, taking Cyrus down with it. C.D. tags out, allowing Rick into the ring, and Cyrus also tags in Logan. Rick and Logan go right for each other, and throw punch after punch at each other..but neither man goes down.

    Shannan Lerch: Could you imagine if Rick made the pin tonight, and went on to Blast? Logan vs Rick Mad vs Hellz Angel... That would be a classic.

    Zack Davis: Quite frankly, putting any man in this match into the Blast main event would be classic. You have to wonder about G Funk and Outcast, though, each of those men are already booked...they'd have to have two matches!

    Hellz and G Funk are fighting, and Hellz DDTs G Funk down to the mat. He starts stomping away, and makes a quick pin, but G Funk kicks out. He then rushes over and tags in Outcast. Outcast gets into the ring, and Hells runs at him. Outcast catches him, though, and Powerslams him to the mat. Rick gets Logan in the corner, and grabs his head. He climbs the turnbuckle, and is about to attempt the Diamond Dust, but Logan counters by punching. Logan then climbs up too, and Superplexes Rick down. Logan quickly tags in Cyrus, and instructs him to pin Rick.

    Zack Davis: VERY good strategy by Logan. By having Cyrus pin Rick, he adds Cyrus to the main event at Blast, which would GREATLY increase his chances of retaining the Title.

    Cyrus does as told, and pins Rick. Creeping Death bursts into the ring, and breaks up another pin. Cyrus then goes over to Outcast, who is pounding on Hellz, and gets him from behind. He executes a Northern Lights Suplex into Pin, and the ref goes to count. 1..2..Outcast gets the ropes, and Cyrus is forced to release the hold. Rick tags in Creeping Death now, who goes over to Hellz. He attempts a Tiger Driver, but Hellz reverses it into a Back Bodydrop. They were close to the ropes, and Creeping Death is sent over the top rope!

    Shannan Lerch: Oooh, a Back Bodydrop over the top rope, ouch...Creeping Death has taken a lot of punishment in the last few days.

    Zack Davis: Yes he has.. It's amazing he's alive!

    Cyrus and Hellz turn to Outcast, and both kick him at the same time. They then try to do a Double Suplex, but Outcast blocks it by putting his knees up. Outcast manages to reverse it, and Suplex both men at the same time!

    Zack Davis: Great show of power by Outcast.

    Outcast then tags G Funk Kid into the ring. As Outcast goes to get back onto the apron, Rage comes out from the crowd and hits him with a chair! Outcast falls to the ground, and Rage hits him once more with a chair before dropping it, so the referee doesn't notice. G Funk turns around to see what happened, and Cyrus rolls him up from behind. The ref goes to count, but Hellz breaks it up. Cyrus gets up, angry at Hellz, and grabs his throat. He attempts a Chokeslam, but Hellz manages to reach his hand over to tag Mad Dog into the ring. Mad Dog quickly climbs the top turnbuckle, and does a Top Rope Bulldog before Cyrus can Chokeslam Hellz. Hellz then rolls out of the ring, and C.D. is just getting back in, and Mad Dog throws Cyrus out, before attacking C.D. G Funk comes behind Mad Dog, grabs his head, swings around, and DDTs him down. He then pins, but Mad Dog manages to somehow kick out at 2. C.D. then tags in Rick. Rick runs at G Funk, and G Funk leapfrogs over him. Rick was expecting this, continues running and jumps onto the turnbuckle. He then does a Moonsault onto Mad Dog, but doesn't pin. Rick and Funk give a pair of Elbow Drops onto Dog, who then dives over, tagging in Hellz Angel. Cyrus trips Hellz from the outside, and then rolls back into the ring. Cyrus throws forearms at G Funk, and Rick focuses on Hellz. G Funk gives a hard right hook punch to Cyrus, and then does the Funk Bomb! He pins Cyrus.

    Zack Davis: This has GOT to be the end!

    Logan is close enough to Cyrus, and tags himself in! The ref aknowledges the tag, and doesn't count for G Funk Kid. Logan tackles G Funk, and punches him repeatedly. Rick and Hellz are fighting, and Hellz seems to be getting the better of Rick. Hellz kicks Rick in the gut, and then does a Jackknife Powerbomb. Rick appears to be out, but somehow gathers the strength to tag Creeping Death into the match. Logan gets up from punching G Funk, and tries to Clothesline Creeping Death. Creeping Death catches him, though, and executes the Emerald Fusion move!

    Shannan Lerch: That move is devastating..

    G Funk gets up, and goes to tag in Outcast, but Rage, who is still ringside, pulls Outcast down before G Funk can. G Funk then runs to the end of the ring, bounces back, and does a Flying Bodyblock onto Rage on the outside! He accidently catches Outcast as well, and all three men are down on the outside. In the ring, Logan is down, and C.D. and Hellz both stomp on him. Creeping Death turns to Hellz Angel, kicks him, and executes the Blizzard of Ozz move...onto Logan! Hellz rolls out of the ring, and C.D. picks up Logan. Rick gets into the ring, and hands C.D. a chair. Rick starts the MadPlex, holding Logan high in the air with the Hanging Suplex part of the move. Creeping Death climbs the turnbuckle, with the chair, and as Rick brings Logan down, C.D. jumps off and lands with the Mecca Toadsplash!

    Zack Davis: They call that the Mecca ToadPlex, and that is their finisher.

    Creeping Death throws the chair out of the ring, and pins Logan. None of the other participants know what's going on, as the ref counts. 1. 2. 3.

    Zack Davis: Creeping Death and Rick Mad are the WCF Tag Team Champions! Not only that, but Creeping Death will move on to face Logan and Hellz Angel in the WCF Blast main event!

    Shannan Lerch: And, maybe you didn't realize this, Zack... but Logan just got pinned.

    Zack Davis: ...You're right.

    Creeping Death and Rick are awarded the Tag Titles, and they raise them into the air. Logan is coming to, and realizes what just happened at the same time the Children of Filth and G Funk and Outcast do. Mad Dog continues attacking Outcast on the outside, but Hellz rolls into the ring. Rick and Creeping Death get out, with their Titles, and begin walking to the back. C.D. looks behind him, into the ring, and hands Rick his Tag Title. He then runs in, and stands toe to toe against Logan and Hellz. The three man stand in the ring, not making any action, nor saying any word... until Logan hits Creeping Death, and Hellz hits Logan! All three men are brawling with each other, but no one is going down!

    Shannan Lerch: Ahhh, we're out of time! Not now!!

    Zack Davis: Well, I guess we'l see you Wednesday Night, folks. Who knows when this carnage will stop..

    The scene closes as Logan, Hellz Angel, and Creeping Death brawl with each other and the WCF Copyright information comes up on the bottom of the screen.