Saturday Slam Intro
Mad Dog Promo
Outcast vs Mad Dog
Non Title Match: Cyrus vs Darkside
Epic vs Lone Wolf
Team of Treachery Promo
TV Title Handicapped Battle Royal: Junkyard Justice vs Mystery Opponents
Creeping Death vs Hellz Angel

  • Saturday Slam Intro

  • Saturday Slam intro theme plays as the usual opening pryo goes off. We see the fans, and there are a lot of signs.. "Logan, Shut Up!", "Hellz Pansy", or "Junkyard Jackass". We then go to our announcers, Zack Davis and Shannan Lerch.

    Zack Davis: Welcome, fans, to Saturday Slam. This is the last Slam before WCF Blast, as we would like to remind you that there will NOT be a Slam the day before Blast.

    Shannan Lerch: Yeah, losers like Creeping Death need that day to prepare...

    Zack Davis: Creeping Death was born ready. But, enough about Blast for now... Lets talk about tonight. We have a lot of great matches, and our main event will be Creeping Death vs Hellz Angel, which has been widely anticipated.

    Shannan Lerch: Don't forget about the Handicapped Battle Royal, with Junkyard Justice, the TV Champion. Who are the opponents?! And how many are there...?

    Zack Davis: I guess we'l have to wait and find out... First, I believe we are going to talk to Mad Dog before his match.

  • Mad Dog Promo
  • Mad Dog is standing in the hall with Lucy Hope.

    Lucy: Mad Dog, tonight you have a match against Outcast who you attacked earlier. Do you have anything to say to him?

    Mad Dog: You know its just more of the same old Lucy. I've faced Outcast before, its no big deal. He's just another guy who is just like those T.I.T. guys. He thinks the world revolves around him so he just goes around asking for title shots. You dont see me doing that do you? I lost my tag team title match and I'm OK with it.

    Lucy: Well do you blame Hellz Angel for it?

    Mad Dog: No... no! I dont blame anyone.

    Lucy: You faced Outcast before and you lost. At that time, you were teamed with Hellz Angel like now. Do you think you will loose again?

    Mad Dog: What? Why is everyone thinking that when I'm with Hellz Angel I suck? That's crazy!

    Lucy: Well its tr---

    Mad Dog: NO! I'm out of here! But I have something to say first. Before the night is over, this night will indeed be Mad Dog's night.

    Mad Dog walks off quickly, leaving Lucy with a confused look on her face.

    Lucy: ...What does he mean, Mad Dog's night?

  • Outcast vs Mad Dog
  • Lights go out for ten seconds. Fog fills the entrance way prior to an explosion of black and white pyro. Outcast comes out. He raises his hands to an approval of the fans.

    The lights start flashing red and Mad Dog runs out screaming. He runs to the ring, and attacks Outcast. The bell rings.

    Mad Dog hits Outcast a few times, and then whips him into the ropes. As Outcast is coming back, Dog holds down the ropes, and Outcast flies over the top, down to the concrete. He slowly stands up, but Mad Dog does a Baseball Slide between the ropes and hits him back down. Dog is on the outside of the ring now, and throws Outcast into the guardrail. He then grabs a chair, but Outcast punches him and he drops it. Outcast hits Dogs head on the turnbuckle, and then rolls him back into the ring, climbing in with. Outcast stomps on him a little, and then begins picking him up. He puts Dogs head between his legs and tries to Powerbomb him, but Dog manages to reverse it into a Facebuster. Dog then climbs up to the top rope, and Outcast begins to stand up.. Dog jumps off, and Spears him!

    Zack Davis: Ooh, vicious Top Rope Spear by Mad Dog.

    Mad Dog pins Outcast after that, and the ref drops for the count. 1. 2. No! Outcast kicks out. Dog then stomps on Outcast a few times, and picks him up. He attempts a Short Clothesline, but Outcast ducks. Dog turns around to face Outcast and is met with a DDT! Outcast pins this time, hooking the leg. 1.. 2.. No, another kickout. Outcast stomps him a few times, and applies the MindRager hold. Mad Dog screams in pain, and attempts to reach the ropes, but can't. Hellz Angel runs out from the back, and into the ring. Dog still can't reach the ropes, and Outcast has him in the middle of the ring, but Hellz hits Outcast! Outcast breaks the hold and falls, and the ref calls for Outcast to win by Disqualification. Dog looks angered by this, and gets out of the ring, walking to the back. He totally ignores Hellz, and Hellz looks puzzled. He walks to the back as well.

  • Non Title Match: Cyrus vs Darkside
  • Lightning like pyro hits twice in 5 second intervals and a big explosion of thunder strikes. Feel So Numb hits. Cyrus slowly stalks out with Katie at his side. Cyrus slowly walks up the steps and climbs in the ring. Katie takes his coat off. She puts it on and she climbs out. He goes over to his corner by Katie and waits.

    The lights go out, and Bat Out Of Hell comes over the PA system. Smoke begins to fill the arena, silver glitter falls from the roof and can be seen every now and then when the lights flash on. After about 30 seconds the lights come on and we can see a shadow kneeling down with his right arm outstreched. As the smoke clears we can see The Darkside clearly now. He walks slowly to the ring.

    Cyrus and Darkside stand in their seperate corners, and the bell rings. The match is beginning.

    Zack Davis: The match was originally expected to be Darkside vs Logan, but Logan isn't here.. What a Champion.

    Shannan Lerch: Logan IS a good World Champion... He'l prove that at Blast.

    Zack Davis: We will see then. As for now, lets watch this match.

    The two men circle, and tie up. Cyrus overpowers Darkside, and pushes him into a corner. He lifts Darkside up to the top rope, and climbs up with him. He grabs Darksides throat, and looks like he is going to attempt a Top Rope Clothesline. Darkside elbows Cyrus, and grabs him by his throat with both hands. He does a Choketoss off the top rope!

    Zack Davis: Amazing show of power by the newcomer, Darkside.

    Darkside waits for Cyrus to stand up, and does a Flying Lariat. He then pins Cyrus.

    Shannan Lerch: Darkside going for the early pin here, can he make the upset?

    1... 2... No! Cyrus gets his shoulder up in the nick of time. Cyrus then rolls out of the ring, catching his breath. Darkside climbs out after him, but Cyrus runs at him and Spears him down. Cyrus stomps away at his opponent, and then climbs back into the ring. He pushes the ref, for apparently no reason, but Katie starts attacking Darkside outside the ring!

    Zack Davis: Ugh, Cyrus distracted the ref so Katie could hit Darkside.. What kind of man needs a woman to win his matches for him?

    Shannan Lerch: Excuse me, was that sexist towards women?

    Zack Davis: Uh... Nevermind.

    Katie then rolls Darkside into the ring, and Cyrus stops harrassing the ref. Cyrus goes to work on Darkside by kicking him some more, but Darkside is slowly managing to stand up. Darkside clocks Cyrus with a closed fist, and Cyrus falls to the mat. He picks Cyrus up, and lifts him up in a Suplex position. He drops him down on his head.

    Shannan Lerch: Brainbuster! That move isn't easy to pull off on someone the size of Cyrus.

    He pins Cyrus, but Katie jumps up on the apron. The referee goes over to Katie, and Darkside releases the pin on Cyrus.

    Zack Davis: Darkside had this match won, if it wasn't for that bitch.. er.. lady... of Cyrus'.

    He pushes Katie off of the apron, and turns back around to Cyrus. Cyrus kicks him in the gut though, and quickly does the Total Annihilation move! He pins, and the ref counts. 1. 2. 3. Cyrus has defeated Darkside, with the help from Katie.

    Zack Davis: That's a shame, if you ask me. Darkside had the match, dammit.

    Shannan Lerch: Ah, shut up, Cyrus won fair and square...Really, he did...

    Cyrus continues stomping on Darkside, even after the match is over. He picks him up and puts him in the Tree of Woe position at the turnbuckle, and Superkicks him in the groin!

    Zack Davis: No man deserves that.... OUCH!

    Suddenly Forever by Kid Rock plays, and Logan runs out from the back! Logan and Cyrus both stomp on Darkside, and the fans boo loudly. Cyrus picks Darkside up, and Logan hits him with the Connector.

    Shannan Lerch: Logan is back!

    Forever plays again, and Cyrus and Logan walk out together. Logan gives the finger to the fans, and yells at them to Shut Up!

    Zack Davis: Logan is such a coward, he waited for Cyrus to win until he came out.. and wouldn't even take this match himself. Oh well.. next, we have Epic vs Lone Wolf.

  • Epic vs Lone Wolf
  • Perfect Strangers hits, and pyro shoots down. Epic walks out with his nice robe on, and he is holding a rifle.

    Zack Davis: Uh.. Epic is crazy. He was talking about Wolf Hunting, and now he has a rifle... This can't be good for poor Lone Wolf.

    Paper Cut by Linkin Park hits, and Lone Wolf comes out. He does a Front Flip all the way to the ring and once inside the ring he does Karate Techinque. At the last technque, the fire works shoot up.

    Epic runs at Lone Wolf, and hits him over the head with the rifle. The rifle breaks in half, and Epic looks angry he can't shoot him now.. instead he punches him a few times. The bell rings, and the match has begun. He then picks him up, and DDTs him back down.

    Shannan Lerch: Epic can make the pin now, because Lone Wolf is out. Breaking the rifle over his head.. I don't know what it did, but, I think Lone Wolf is going to be gone for a long time.

    Epic picks Wolf up again, and then does the Epic Falls finishing move! He pins, and the ref has no choice but to make the count. 1. 2. 3. Epic has won.

    Zack Davis: Well, another win for Epic. He is lucky he didn't hit Lone Wolf with that gun after the bell rang, or it would have been a DQ.. Either way, Lone Wolf needs to go to the hospital!

    Epic rolls out of the ring, and EMTs begin to come out for Lone Wolf. They take him away.

  • Team of Treachery Promo
  • Sad but True plays over the PA system, and heavy booing is heard. Cyrus, the Hardcore Champion, Rage, and Seth Lerch walk out from behind the curtain. Logan isn't with the group, but that doesn't reduce the heat they are receiving. They roll into the ring, and Rage gets the mic.

    Rage: Hey, Outcast... Yeah, feeling good? You won tonight.. You beat Mad Dog. Good job, buddy! I couldn't be more happy for you, and I wanted to be the man to congradulate you first. It's almost time, though.. Almost time for Blast. I wonder if you're anticipating this as much as I am... I've always hated you, Outcast, and it's going to give me great pleasure to tear you a new whining-hole... Soon, Outcast. Soon.

    Seth Lerch: You know it. I'd also like to congradulate Cyrus, for winning his match against Darkside.

    Lerch claps for Cyrus, and Cyrus nods. The fans boo, because they know that was NOT a fair victory.

    Seth Lerch: Shut up, and show some respect for the Hardcore Champion... Anyhow, I have a few announcements tonight. First of all, regarding the Main Event match between Creeping Death and Hellz Angel... This will now be a Casket Match!

    The fans pop at this unexpected turn of events.

    Seth Lerch: I want you all to remember... each and every one of you.. that the Team of Treachery still has control of this federation. You may have forgotten, but, this is your reminder... Now, a lot of you may be wondering where Logan is. I've decided to let him leave work early, but I understand that he is in the parking lot, and wants to talk.

    The Jumbotron comes to life. Logan is standing outside in a parking lot, as expected, and its dark outside. Logan wears army pants, black boots, a Shut Up shirt, a black jacket over it and the WCF title over his shoulder. He leans against the side of a limo, the crowd in the arena sees the Jumbotron and they burst into boos.

    Logan: SHUT UP!

    The crowd boos even louder.

    Logan: I've been gone about a week now, but this Wednesday. I will make my return, and I will make it with this WCF title. Now, Creep Deathing and Hellz your momma. You won't be cut out in this deal because you two boudles got a shot at this title come Blast, which is close. But to prove to everyone of you boudles in WCF that whine over and over, people like Epic. Complaing about "their" WCF champion, claiming I don't have what it takes to hold my glory, that I don't have what it takes to be called WCF champion, and that I shouldn't be the WCF champion. Well, if anyone feels that way...then this Wednesday why don't you take a step into my ring, take a step up my ladder and come into my level. The first three to challenge me this Wednesday besides Creeping Death and Hellz gets a shot at this WCF title. You don't think I have what it takes? Oh, I will show you I have what it takes. It has taken me two long years to get this WCF title, and when I finally get it, I get put down by all the other boudles, and I shouldn't be "their" champion, they want a new leader. Well, that will not happen. No one will own this title but me! Not Hellz! Not Creep! Not Rick Mad! Not the return of that boudle Mike Taylor! No one! Creeping Death, last pinning me.

    Logan looks down laughing a bit.

    Logan: That's the closet you will ever come to being the WCF champion! So any boudles that don't believe in the face of treachery, the WCF champion, people like Epic, Spark Man, the whole damn roster! Then this Wednesday...the first three that step up...well, see you all Wednesday.

    Logan glares at the camera then walks off as the scene fades out, and back to Lerch and the T.O.T.

    Seth Lerch: Haha, good job, Logan. He needs a tune up before Blast, so Wednesday, he's going to participate in that Handicapped match.. Now that is what I call a Champion of Champions!!

    The people boo.. they hate Logan, and don't think he's any kind of Champion, much less a "Champion of Champions".

    Seth Lerch: Speaking of Champions, our next match is Junkyard Justice in a Handicapped Battle Royal! I will now announce the participants in this match, right before it starts.. Death, Pagan, Red Baron, Mystyk Devil, and Killer Instinct.

    Zack Davis: What the hell... I thought that these men were fired earlier. And now he's bringing them back just to get at Junkyard?!

    Seth Lerch: Well, Junkyard, have fun.

    Sad but True plays again, and Lerch, Rage, and Cyrus roll out of the ring. They start heading to the back, and the men that Lerch named as the opponents begin coming out from the back.

  • Television Title Handicapped Battle Royal: Junkyard Justice vs Mystery Opponents
  • All of the opponents stand in the ring. Death, Pagan, Red Baron, Mystyk Devil, and Killer Instinct, all who were thought to have been gone from WCF.

    The lights turn off, A.D.D. plays, and the words 'Death Do Us Part' flash onto the screen as a heavy guitar beat kicks in. The lights remain off, and a single flash of fire circles the stage as a dumpster filled with tables, ladders and chairs rolls out onto it. A single figure emerges from behind it, the lights flash on and that figure steps forward. He is Junkyard Justice. He drags the dumpster to the ring with him, and slides in. His opponents rush him right away, and the match is on.

    Zack Davis: Let me explain this match a little bit. Opponents are eliminated by being thrown over the top rope, and if someone throws Junkyard over, that man becomes the TV Champion. Junkyard, however, must throw each man over to win the match and keep the Title.

    The five men pound on Junkyard, and Death and Pagan hold him. Red Baron and Mystyk Devil attempt a Linked Clothesline, but Junkyard manages to duck and send them into their own partners, Death and Pagan. Pagan is sent out of the ring, and he is eliminated already! Pagan is angered, and throws weapons from Junkyards dumpster into the ring. Junkyard picks up a chair, and wacks Killer Instinct over the head with it. He turns to Red Baron, hits him too. He hits Death as well, and then Mystyk Devil. All of the four men are down.

    Zack Davis: You know.. This match isn't fair at all. These five men were fired from WCF because they weren't good enough. And Junkyard is showing no mercy or compassion at all.

    Shannan Lerch: Oh, shut up. If Seth thinks it's fair, it's fair.

    Junkyard picks up Mystyk Devil, who is groggy, and puts his head between his legs. He then Powerbombs Devil, right onto the chair! Devil holds his back in pain, and Junkyard picks him up, and is about to toss him out of the ring.. but he doesn't. Instead, he DDTs Devil onto the chair!

    Zack Davis: Disgusting. Junkyard is just inflicting pain for the pleasure it gives him.. What a sicko.

    Junkyard picks up Devil again, and tosses him out of the ring. Devil has been eliminated. Junkyard turns to Death, but Red Baron and Killer Instinct are up and have trash can lids. They try a Con-Chair-To type move, with the lids, but Junkyard manages to duck. He is behind both men, and he runs at them. He grabs both of their heads and does a Double Faceslam, sending each mans face onto the trashcan lid he was holding! He then turns back to Death, and does a Savat Kick. Death ducks, and gets Junkyard in a Side Headlock. Junkyard pushes him off, and then does the Savat Kick again. This time, it sends Death over the top rope, and Death is gone.

    Zack Davis: Well, it's a one on two match now..

    Junkyard Justice finds a trash can, and sets it up at the turnbuckle. He grabs Red Baron, and throws him headfirst into it! Red Baron is bleeding from the head, and Junkyard throws him over the rope as well. Baron is gone. Killer Instinct is the only man left in the ring now, besides Junkyard of course. Junkyard goes to the turnbuckle, and rips off the pad. He grabs Killer Instinct, and sets his head on the turnbuckle. He then grabs the chair, and wacks Instinct with it! Instinct holds his head and falls down in pain, and Junkyard kicks him a few times until he rolls voluntarily out of the ring. Junkyard Justice has won.

    Zack Davis: That was pathetic.. watching Junkyard Justice beat up men that were no where near his ability level.

    A.D.D. plays again, and Junkyard stands in the ring, where his dumpster is, celebrating his victory. He looks toward the fans, and raises his arms, but G Funk Kid attacks him from behind! G Funk hits him a few times, and then Powerbombs him out of the ring and into his own dumpster!! The crowd cheers, until security rushes the ring. G Funk runs through the crowd to escape.

    Shannan Lerch: That was a cowardly act by G Funk Kid, if you ask me..

    Zack Davis: Just sending a message to Junkyard Justice.. The G Funk Kid means business. Anyhow.. It's time for the Main Event!

  • Creeping Death vs Hellz Angel
  • People = Shit hits, and the lights go black. They come back on, and Creeping Death is standing on the stage with his hands up. He walks to the ring.

    Shannan Lerch: The casket has been set up aside of the ring, and is just waiting for someone to be put inside of it..

    Creeping Death walks over to the closed casket, smiling and thinking how he can use it, but its lid pops open! Hellz Angel attacks Creeping Death!

    Zack Davis: Hellz Angel must have been hiding in the casket all along..

    The bell rings, and the match is on. Hellz Angel is standing at the casket, punching Creeping Death. Creeping Death manages to block one of the shots, though, and pushes Hellz Angel into the casket. It slams down to the ground, and Creeping Death quickly locks it.. He has won, already!?

    Zack Davis: Uh... I guess that's it. Creeping Death has beaten Hellz Angel in the casket match.. Hellz Angels strategy backfired on him, he was too close to the casket, and vulnerable.

    Hellz Angel is banging on the lid but Creeping Death is not opening it. Two refs pull on the lid but they can't get it open.. C.D. has locked it shut, and isn't about to open it up. The ref raises Creeping Deaths hand and he leaves as People = Shit plays. Out of nowhere, Mad Dog pops out from the crowd.

    Shannan Lerch:: Well finally! Someone that can actually open the damn thing.

    Mad Dog pulls on the lid but cant open it. He smiles and slides under the ring. He comes out a few seconds later with a can of gasoline and a torch.

    Zack Davis: What the hell is he doing? Is he insane?

    Mad Dog sprays the casket with gasoline and lights it on fire. Mad Dog backs away and starts running up the ramp.

    Shannan Lerch: This is it! I can't believe he did that!

    Zack Davis: This is the end of the man they call Hellz Angel. We will never see him again!

    Suddenly the lights darken and lightning strikes the lid of the casket. Hellz Angel kicks the lid open and it flyes off. Mad Dog is watching in fear on top of the ramp and the crowd is in shock. Hellz climbs out of the casket and a ref puts out the fire on his back and his right leg. Hellz Angel pushes the ref away and climbs into the ring.

    Zack Davis: Hellz Angel is nothing short of a monster..

    Shannan Lerch: Yea you damn right! That man has died and came back.

    Zack Davis: Well he didnt die, but a part of him did. Look at the look on his face!

    Hellz Angel gets a mic and kneels down.

    Hellz Angel: I remember the future, a new begining of life.

    Shannan Lerch: What the hell does THAT mean?

    Hellz Angel: You can be a superhero, you can be the strongest man on earth, you can be the World Champion... it doesnt matter what you are because from now on, if you're in the ring with the Child of Filth... you're a looser!

    Lightning strikes the four turnbuckles and the ropes light up in flames. Mad Dog and Creeping Death stand on top of the ramp looking at a different Hellz Angel, and they know it.

    Shannan Lerch: Its the old Hellz Angel! Its him! Its the dark deadnight warrior! The Child of Filth himself!

    Zack Davis: Whatever he is, we're out of time. The show is over.

    The show ends with Hellz Angel standing tall in the ring, an evil smirk on his face. The copyright information is shown, and we fade out.