Saturday Slam Intro
Logan/Seth Lerch Promo
Derek Cantrel vs Shaggy 2 Violent vs Mike Porter vs Scooter McLittle
Tag Team Title Match: Exodus vs Creeping Death and Rick Mad
Mike Taylor Promo
Hardcore Title #1 Contender Match: The Assasin vs The Darkside
Mystery Main Event Match

  • Saturday Slam Intro

  • The show opens with an unusual setting.. A parking lot. We see a car pull up, and park.. Mike Taylor, the new WCF commisioner, steps out.

    Zack Davis: The new Commisioner is in the house!

    Taylor locks his car, and walks away. Seconds later.. Hellz Angel, the new WCF Champion, walks up to it. He is wearing the Title around his waist.. and is holding a bat.

    Hellz Angel: Hmm.. That is one nice car. I'd hate if our precious Commish would have something happen to his car..

    Hellz smashes in the window with the bat!

    Zack Davis: NO!

    Hellz continues smashing the car, over and over again. He smiles his sadistic smile, and then walks away.. but not before saying one last message.

    Hellz Angel: Mike Taylor.. You will pay.

    We go to the arena now, and the Saturday Slam intro theme plays as the usual opening pryo goes off. We scroll across the arena, looking at the fans, before going to the announcers booth.

    Zack Davis: And here we are, Saturday Slam, following a great PPV, Blast.

    Shannan Lerch: A lot of stuff went down at Blast, I am shocked.. Not only about Blast, but about what Hellz Angel just did to Taylors car..

    Zack Davis: Yeah.. but the thing on my mind, is Blast. Not only did two men, Butch and Junkyard Justice, join the Team of Treachery.. but Logan lost his World Title, to Hellz Angel. Because of interference from his own teammates!

    Shannan Lerch: I still don't believe it...

    Zack Davis: Well, we are going to see what Logan has to say about it, because he is schedule to start the show..

  • Logan/Seth Lerch Promo
  • Forever by Kid Rock blasts throughout the arena. The crowd cheers a little bit but there is mostly just boos. Logan walks out from behind the black curtain wearing a SHUT UP t-shirt, army pants and black boots. He walks down the ramp, the camera then starts getting shots of signs. We get a close look at some which read "Seth Lerch will pay!", "Logan! Don't cross the boss!", "Logan got screwed!", "Hellz Angel for life!". The camera switches back to Logan who is getting in the ring by going through the middle rope, he walks around the ring with a glare on his face.

    Zack Davis: Logan missing something?

    Shannan Lerch: Yeah, the WCF title.

    Logans music cuts and he yells at someone outside the ring, Logan gets thrown a microphone. Logan paces around the ring a bit then stops.

    Logan: A chair...another chair...

    Logan: head...busted...Creeping Death...Hellz!

    Shannan Lerch: Oookay.

    Logan: Put it together! Two chairs busting my head open causeing Hellz Angel to pin Creeping Death and take my title, two chairs...putting me out of the match...and two ass whoopings...coming tonight!

    Zack Davis: Who could those two ass whoopings be for?!

    Shannan Lerch: Definitely not my brother, Seth Lerch is Logan's best friend.

    Logan looks down.

    Logan: Seth Lerch and Butch get your asses out here!

    Zack Davis: Was his best friend!

    The crowd cheers knowing Logan might whoop Seth Lerchs ass, anyone will cheer to seeing Seth get beat up.

    Logan: I said get both your asses out here!

    The crowd cheers some more.

    Zack Davis: Whats up with this crowd?

    Sad But True plays throughout the arena and Logan starts pacing around the ring. Seth Lerch and Butch come out and slowly walk down the ramp, we see Seth Lerch doing hard swallows as he steps into the ring with Butch. The music cuts and Logan walks face to face with Seth Lerch.


    Shannan Lerch: No matter what Seth Lerch did Logan shouldn't act like that, hes lucky Seth Lerch doesn't knock him out.

    Zack Davis: Well, Logan showing alot of rage tonight.


    Seth Lerch looks down a little. Logan grabs him by his chin making him look into his eyes.

    Logan: You cost title.

    Logan then starts pacing around the ring then comes to a stop in the middle of it.

    Logan: You want the microphone, you got something to say?

    Seth Lerch grabs the microphone from Logan.

    Seth Lerch: Logan, I didn't mean to..I'm so-

    Logan snatches the microphone away from Seth Lerch.


    The crowd cheers. We hear Seth Lerch say something about the Team of Treachery.

    Logan: Who cares about the T.O.T.!? This is what I think about the T.O.T!

    Logan flicks off Seth Lerch.

    Logan: See that?

    Logan flicks off Butch.

    Logan: See that? SHUT UP!

    We see Seth Lerch talking and reaching out his hand for Logan to shake it.

    Logan: .........

    Logan walks in front of Seth Lerchs hand and looks down at it.

    Shannan Lerch: Shake it Logan!

    Zack Davis: I don't know, if he shakes it then Logan is not a normal person..

    Logan keeps looking down at Seths hand then he turns his head and looks at the crowd.

    Logan: Does anyone want to see me shake this sum bitches hand!

    The crowd says "Hell no."

    Logan: Me neither, its dirty!

    Logan pulls a bar of soap out of his pocket and a bar of spring water.

    Logan: Wash your hands!

    Logan puts the bar of soap and water in Seth's extended hand.

    Logan: Now, blow a bubble!

    Seth Lerch just stares at Logan.


    Zack Davis: Whoa!

    Seth Lerch blows a bubble.

    Logan: Now let me pop it!

    Logan drops the microphone and punches Seth Lerch right in the face.

    Zack Davis: Right hands by Logan!

    Shannan Lerch: NO!

    Logan gives Seth Lerch right hands all the way to the corner of a turnbuckle, Seth Lerch falls down from the right hands sitting down and Logan starts stomping mudholes in Seth as the crowd is going crazy cheering. Butch comes up and grabs Logans arm, Logan stops stomping mudholes and looks down at Butch's hand on his arm.

    Zack Davis: It seems Butch is trying to reason with him, take him out of it.

    Logan looks down then his head pops up and right hands to Butch!

    Zack Davis: Now Logan is beating up Butch!

    Logan punches him and punches him with hard right hands, Butch falls down and Logan starts stomping a mudhole in him. Cyrus runs out, he slides into the ring but Logan turns around and knocks Cyrus down with a right hand.

    Zack Davis: Logan has snapped!

    Cyrus gets up again and Logan knocks him right back down with a right hand, Cyrus gets up, Logan goes for another right hand by Cyrus blocks it and starts punching Logan. Logan and Cyrus are exchanging punches but Logan has got the upperhand and punches Cyrus right out of the ring. Logan goes back to stomping a mudhole in Seth, Butch gets up and hits Logan from behind. Logan turns around and Butch is pounding on him. But somehow Logan grabs Butch from the legs taking him down and giving him right hands, Rage runs out. Logan doesn't notice Rage, Logan keeps pounding away at Butch. Seth Lerch gets up, Logan turns around and starts giving right hands to Rage, Logan is not facing Seth Lerch as he throws right hands to the face of Rage. Seth Lerch comes up behind Logan giving him a low blow! Cyrus slides into the ring and Logan is stumbling around, Cyrus gives Logan a Total Annihilation!


    Cyrus starts talking trash to the laid out Logan, Cyrus picks him up but Logan spears him down giving him right hands.

    Zack Davis: Logan is still fighting right after that Total Annihilation! This is unbelieveable!

    Shannan Lerch: .........

    Butch, Rage, and Seth Lerch gang up on Logan punching him down to the ground as the crowd boos. They stomp away at Logan, Rage and Butch hold Logan up, wait, whats this! Seth Lerch is outside the ring getting a chair, Cyrus also crawls outside the ring grabbing a chair. Cyrus and Seth Lerch get in the ring with the chairs, and they smack Logan with a double chair shot. Rage and Butch let go of Logan and Logan falls down to his knees but doesn't go down!

    Zack Davis: Logan will not go down! Right after a double chair shot!

    Cyrus and Seth Lerch stare at each other in shock, so they give him another double chair shot, Logan falls down laying there eyes closed.

    Shannan Lerch: There we go Seth! If first ya don't succeed, chair shot again!

    Zack Davis: Logan does not deserve this!

    Seth Lerch grabs a microphone and stands over Logan as the crowd boos. Junkyard Justice comes out from the crowd next, and has a lead pipe. He hits Logan in the head with the pipe, adding even more insult to injury. Lerch smirks, as the entire T.O.T. stands in the ring.

    Seth Lerch: Logan.. you disgust me... and I hereby declare that you are no longer part of the Team of Treachery.. In fact, the Team of Treachery is no more.

    The crowd gasps, and cheers.

    Seth Lerch: I welcome you, fans, to.. The New Era. Seth Lerch. Rage. Junkyard Justice. Cyrus. Katie. Butch. These men, are the New Era.

    Zack Davis: A new stable.. the New Era.. and Logan isn't a part of it.

    Seth Lerch: These men OWN YOU, Logan. You know how I said earlier, that at Blast, that chairshot was accidental? I lied. That was on purpous.. From day one, I lured you in to this stable, JUST TO SCREW YOU OVER! I've never liked you.. in fact, I hate you, Logan.

    The crowd boos loudly at Lerch, who smiles, and takes all the hatred in..

    Seth Lerch: Get this maggot out of MY ring.

    Junkyard Justice and Cyrus throw Logan out of the ring, and Lerch laughs. Logan is still unconcious.

    Seth Lerch: Now, more about tonights show... First of all, G Funk Kid against Butch has been canceled. Butch, you're too important for this match, G Funk is nothing to you. In place of this match, I have a little idea of my own.. Heh. My boys, Rage and Butch, against Logan.. and Hellz Angel.

    Zack Davis: What the hell.. Logan is not only unconcious, but he and Hellz Angel won't be able to co-exist! Seth Lerch knows that.

    Shannan Lerch: Duh.. Thats his plan.

    Seth Lerch: Haha, I guess you better come back to the land of the living, Logan, before it's time for your match. My guys'l see you soon.

    Sad but True hits again, and the New Era gets out of the ring. They stomp at Logan as they leave, and then walk to the back to a chorus of boos. As soon as they are backstage.. Logan begins to get up. The fans cheer loudly as Logan, former WCF champion, stands up after the beating he took.

    Zack Davis: Any other man would be in an ambulance right now.. Logan is amazing. I have a newfound respect for that man. And so do the fans.

    Replays of some things Seth Lerch said are shown on the Jumbotron, and Logan hears. He looks pissed, as he walks backstage.

    Zack Davis: ..Someones gonna pay.

  • Derek Cantrel vs Shaggy 2 Violent vs Mike Porter vs Scooter McLittle
  • Never Gonna Stop plays, and the lights go out. A spotlight then spells the word Prodigy in the middle of the ring. The Prodigy, Derek Cantrel, walks out to the ring, and stands in the middle of the spotlight.

    If I Get Locked Up Tonight plays, and an explosion of green pyro blasts. Shaggy 2 Violent comes out.

    The Decline plays, and the arena goes smokey. Blue lights flash, and Derek Cantrel runs to the ring. He does a couple of turnbuckle poses.

    Scotter McLittle comes out with his manager, Sprocket, as Got Yourself A Gun plays. His pyro goes off and he rolls into the ring.

    Zack Davis: This match should be note, it is an elimination match, so each man must be pinned, submit, or counted out to be eliminated.

    Prodigy attacks Shaggy as Porter attacks Scooter. Prodigy pushes Shaggy into the right ropes and Porter pushes Scooter into the left. Each man throws his respective opponent, sending Shaggy and Scooter crashing into each other!

    Zack Davis: Derek Cantrel and Mike Porter working well as a team..

    Prodigy picks Shaggy back up, and throws him out of the ring. He then goes out after him. Meanwhile, Porter picks up Scooter and then DDTs him back down to the mat. He pins. 1.. 2.. No, Scooter kicks out.

    Shannan Lerch: Cantrel and Shaggy 2 Violent best get back into the ring soon..

    The ref continues counting the ringout for Shaggy and Cantrel as Porter picks Scooter up again. Scooter fights back this time, though, and punches Porter in the gut. He then whips him to the corner, and tries to do a Side Shoulderblock, but Porter lifts his legs up and counters with a Sunset Pin. The ref counts Derek Cantrel and Shaggy 2 Violent out, and both men are eliminated. He then counts the pin for Porter. 1.. 2... No, Scooter again kicks out.

    Zack Davis: That isn't really fair, the ref spent time eliminating Shaggy and Prodigy.. Porter nearly had this match won.

    Scooter stands up slowly, and Porter hits him with the Evenflow DDT! He then quickly jumps to the top turnbuckle, and hits a Frogsplash. The ref counts the pin. 1.. 2.. 3.

    Zack Davis: This match didn't take too long, but Mike Porter pulls off an impressive win.

    Shannan Lerch: Something tells me we won't be seeing very much of these other three "superstars" any time soon...

    Porter raises his arms, and rolls out of the ring and walks to the back.

  • Tag Team Title Match: Exodus vs Creeping Death and Rick Mad
  • When Worlds Collide" by Powerman 5000 plays in the background as Jayson Stasiak walks out from the back followed by Exodus. Chester stands to one side of the ramp and looks out at the crowd as Gravedigger poses on the other side of the ramp. They then make their way to the ring and perch up on different ring posts and look around at everyone before climbing into the ring.

    People = Shit hits next, and Creeping Death and Rick Mad walk out, wearing the Tag Team Titles. Rick and C.D. both walk to the ring with a bit of a limp to them.

    Zack Davis: The Tag Team Champions walking slowly, and with a limp. Both of them must have gotten injured at Blast.. I hope they can survive this matchup.

    They roll into the ring, and Rick gets a microphone.

    Rick Mad: Alright, alright, I know we're supposed to defend our Tag Team Titles tonight and all.. but, Exodus, I need to reason with you. Both me and Creeps had big matches at the PPV, and we're pretty tired out. And injured.. The doctors told me not to wrestle at all, because if I do, I risk serious injury.. So, I promise you guys that we'l give you your Title shots, but not tonight. Sound fair?

    Chester and Gravedigger whisper to each other, and nod there heads, saying that they agree. Rick and Creeping Death go up to shake their hands. Rick shakes Chesters, and C.D. shakes Gravedigger. But, suddenly, Chester and Gravedigger pull them in and Clothesline them down!

    Shannan Lerch: Haha, looks like Exodus' answer is no.

    The crowd boos as Exodus stomps on the fallen tag champs. Both men seem to be going for the injured legs. Gravedigger picks up C.D., but C.D. punches him into the ropes. He then Clotheslines him over the rope, and both men go to the ground. Meanwhile, in the ring, Chester kicks Rick in the gut, which he calls the Gut Instinct. He then quickly jumps to the Top Rope and does The Edge! He pins Rick. 1... 2... He was about to get the pinfall, but lifted Rick up voluntarily.

    Zack Davis: Chester wants to inflict more damage, this is disgusting. Ricks career could be over.

    On the outside, Creeping Death is working away on Gravedigger, until Gravedigger pokes him in the eyes. He grabs his throat, lifts him up, and Chokeslams him to the cold, hard cement! He then rolls into the ring, where Chester has Rick. Chester jumps to the top rope, and Gravedigger Powerbombs Mad. Chester jumps off the top rope in the middle of the Powerbomb and lands on Rick, with a Five Star Frogsplash.

    Zack Davis: They call that move High Times..

    Chester pins. 1.. 2.. 3.

    Shannan Lerch: NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!

    Zack Davis: Creeping Death and Rick Mad were not ready for this match, and Rick may be seriously injured. Total domination by Exodus, though..

    The referee hands the men their Tag Team Titles, and they get out of the ring. Exodus and Jayson Stasiak walk quickly to the back, as EMTs come out for Rick Mad.

  • Mike Taylor Promo
  • The Jumbotron comes to life, showing a very angry Mike Taylor sitting in what appears to be his office.

    Mike Taylor: Hellz, I don't know what you don't get. I am not a wrestler here.. What you did to my car, was pointless. I could easily take the money for it out of your pay... I could easily fire you. But, I'm not like that. Instead, I'm going to hit you where it hurts..

    Zack Davis: Huh? What is he gonna do?

    Mike Taylor: I am stripping you of the WCF World Title. You are also suspended for one week.

    The crowd gasps at this huge announcement.. There is no WCF Champion.

    Zack Davis: Hellz sure made the wrong choice in destroying Taylors car.. But what's going to happen to the Title?!

    Mike Taylor: This may seem a bit unfair, but Hellz, you have to understand my position. I'm not going to let you push me around.. However, I am going to give you a second chance. Once your suspension period is over, there will be a World Title Tournament.

    Shannan Lerch: Wow.. But who will be in it? Logan better not be..

    Mike Taylor: The men in this tournament will be.. Hellz Angel, Epic, Logan, Junkyard Justice, Outcast, Cyrus, Mad Dog, and one other man.

    Zack Davis: Who?

    Mike Taylor: This man is one of the biggest stars, ever, and I am glad to be the one to offer him his WCF contract. Lets go to the arena..

    We go directly to the ring, and a man is standing there.

    Shannan Lerch: Whoa, I was watching Taylor, and I didn't even notice anyone get in the ring.. Who is it!?

    Zack Davis: STEVE CARR!

    Steve Carr: Well, it's great to be back. And I really mean that this time. Because, this time, I wasn't just out of work...I had retired from wrestling.

    The crowd gasps.

    Steve Carr: With all the stuff that has gone on, I just wasn't much of a wrestling fan anymore. I mean, this is a very dangerous sport. I am lucky to never have been seriously injured...but as you all can see, I'm here now. So what happened? Three things, really. First of all, I realized that I can't be a wuss and stay out of something I like because I think I might get hurt. Secondly...I did it for the fans.

    The fans cheer, obviously..

    Steve Carr: That's right, the fans don't want to see Steve Carr go. I'm a nice guy, so I got to give the people what they want. That was the main reason...but the final reason, the one that really clenched it, the last straw, was Hellz Angel winning the World Title. Now, Mr. Angel and I have some unfinished business. And I see this is an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. I can settle this with him...and win the World Title at the same time. Now Hellz, don't misunderstand me, I am SO glad that you HAD the Title of World Champion. You and I both know that you want to fight me very, very badly. I know you can advance in this World Title Tournament.. And I know I can too. I think we'l be seeing each other for a match, sometime soon. As long as it's just me, and just you...just me, beating just you, knocking just you down on your ass and pinning you 1, 2, will happen, oh yes, because I'm bigger than you, I'm SMARTER than you, and, oh yeah, JUST PLAIN BETTER THAN YOU!

    Carr raises his arms in the air and the fans cheer loudly. He rolls out of the ring, and begins heading to the back as we go back to Taylor.

    Mike Taylor: Welcome back, Steve... But, this isn't all I have to say. I have an announcement about Logan, and the New Era. Logan came in my office, and requested a match. Logan vs the ENTIRE New Era.. I said No. I'm not giving him that match. However, starting Wednesday, Logan will face every member of the New Era, one by one, until he gets to the man he really wants.. Seth Lerch. If Logan can beat every other member, he will face Seth Lerch at the next Pay Per View, which I am hereby calling Revenge. That's all, thank you.

    The Jumbotron fades, and we go to our announcers.

    Zack Davis: Wow.. those were some shocking announcements by Taylor.. And I can't believe that Steve Carr has returned to wrestling, here in the WCF.

    Shannan Lerch: ..I'm speechless.

  • Hardcore Title #1 Contender Match: The Assasin vs The Darkside
  • Zack Davis: The winner of this match will face Cyrus at our newly named PPV, WCF Revenge, for the Hardcore Title.

    Shannan Lerch: You KNOW Darkside wants that match..

    The lights go off and Iron Man plays. A red spotlight is on the enterance, and The Assasin walks through and slowly walks into the ring.

    The lights go out and Bat Out Of Hell comes over the PA system. Smoke begins to fill the arena as silver glitter falls from the roof and can be seen every now and then when the lights flash on. After about 30 seconds the lights come on and we can see a shadow kneeling down with his right arm outstreched, and as the smoke clears we can see The Darkside clearly now. He walks quickly to the ring, and once he is in the bell rings.

    Lightning like pyro hits twice in five second intervals and a big explosion of thunder strikes and Feel So Numb hits. Cyrus slowly stalks out with Katie at his side. Cyrus is wearing his Hardcore Title, and he slowly walks over to the announcers booth. Katie takes a seat with the announce team, but Cyrus simply stands beside her.

    Zack Davis: Welcome, Katie..

    Katie: Shut up, Zack, I'm here to help Cyrus analyze this match..

    Zack Davis: Um, sorry.

    Shannan Lerch: It's good to have another female here!

    Darkside Clotheslines Assasin to the mat, but Assasin stands back up. Darkside does a Short-Arm Clothesline this time, sending Assasin back down. Darkside then stomps on him, and goes outside the ring. He pulls Assasin out, and throws him into the guardrail. He then picks up a steel chair, and swings it at Assasin. Assasin ducks, and then kicks Darkside in the gut. Darkside drops the chair, and Assasin DDTs him onto it.

    Zack Davis: Ouch... well, Katie, which one of these men do you think Cyrus would rather face?

    Katie: It doesn't matter, Cyrus will dominate all.

    Zack Davis: If you say so..

    Assasin picks Darkside up, and attempts to lift him up for a Brainbuster. Darkside reverses it, though, and Suplexes Assasin over the guardrail into the fans!

    Katie: Good move. Cyrus wouldn't have let him do it.

    Darkside notices Cyrus standing at the announcers booth, and walks over to him. He starts yelling at Cyrus' face, and Cyrus decks him! Cyrus starts stomping repeatedly on Darkside, and then lifts him onto the announcers table..

    Shannan Lerch: Oh, dammit..

    The announcers move out of the way, and Cyrus is about to do the Total Annihilation move.. until he notices that Katie is being attacked! Huang Feilang is punching Katie, and does her Split-Legged Stunner move! Cyrus gets down, and starts running after Feilang. She runs away from him, and he chases her to the back..

    Zack Davis: Feilang not leaving out of fear, but I think she was trying to lure Cyrus away from this match.. I have to wonder, though, why did she attack Katie?

    Assasin climbs back over the guardrail, and climbs onto the announcers table that Darkside is still on. Darkside stands up, though, and punches back at Assasin. Darkside then executes the Pile DDT! It sends Assasin through the table, and to the ground. Darkside rolls on top of him, and pins. 1... 2... 3.

    Zack Davis: Darkside vs Cyrus at Revenge!

    Darkside raises his arms, and walks triumphantly to the back.

  • Hellz Angel and Logan vs Butch and Rage
  • Zack Davis: And finally, the main event. This is history in the making!

    Shannan Lerch: Oh yes, long time enemies teaming up. This is crazy!

    Zack Davis: It's insane...and I still can't believe Logan is able to compete in this match.

    A hawk screams and the lights dim. A Death March hits the speakers and Hellz Angel walks out slowly as the crowd boos him. He walks down the ramp, without the WCF title, and climbs into the ring. The lights come back on and his music cuts.

    Zack Davis: And his tag team partner!

    The lights dim blue, "Forever" by Kid Rock blasts throughout the arena. Logan comes out from behind the black curtain to a series of cheers.

    Zack Davis: I still can't get over this...the crowd is cheering for Logan.

    He walks down the ramp and enters the ring by going through the middle rope. Once in the ring, he climbs the nearest turnbuckle throwing his arm into the air. He climbs down and his music cuts. Logan paces around the ring awhile walking around Hellz Angel, Hellz Angel just stares at him. Logan and Hellz Angel then go face to face.

    Zack Davis: Can they compete with each other tonight and work as a team?

    Sad but True plays, and the lights go out. Rage enters through the black curtain as gold strobe lights blink. He runs to the ring, and hops in. The lights come back on, and golden pyro shoots from the turnbuckles, and right behind running is Butch.

    Zack Davis: Rage, and Butch, in his debut match..

    Logan goes right after Rage and Butch, giving Rage a right hand then Butch a right hand. Hellz Angel steps outside the ropes into his corner. Logan ends up close lineing Rage over the top rope and Rage falls outside the ring. Hellz Angel hops down from the apron and starts stomping on Rage, back inside the ring Logan whips Butch into the ropes and as he is coming back Logan lays Butch down with a spinebuster.

    Zack Davis: What a spinebuster by Logan.

    Logan picks up Butch and lays him back down with a suplex. Outside the ring Hellz Angel throws Rage knee first into the steel steps, Rage does a flip over the steps and falls down holding his knees, Hellz Angel then picks him up and rolls him back into the ring and Hellz Angel follows. Butch and Rage begin stumbing up at the same time as Logan and Hellz Angel both stalk them, when they turn around Hellz Angel and Logan give Rage and Butch a superkick at the same time!

    Shannan Lerch: That was pretty cool.

    Hellz Angel and Logan stare at each other, Rage rolls out of the ring and Hellz Angel gets back in his corner. Logan stomps on Butch a few times then picks him up holding him by the hair and tags in Hellz Angel, Hellz Angel hops into the ring and kicks Butch in the gut as Logan goes through the ropes going back to his corner. Hellz Angel grabs Butch by the hair but Butch comes back and punches Hellz Angel, Hellz snaps his head then smiles and spears Butch!

    Zack Davis: That Spear came out of nowhere!

    Hellz Angel makes the cover. 1...2...Rage breaks it up. Logan runs inside the ring and gives Rage a jumping closeline and Rage goes down. Logan picks Rage up and throws him out the ring, Logan follows sliding out the ring also. Rage is kneeling down by the steps, Logan walks towards him and Rage turns around real quick giving Logan a lowblow. Logan falls down yelling in pain. Back inside the ring Hellz Angel is stomping away at Butch, he picks him up and gives him a jacknife powerbomb.

    Zack Davis: It's over!

    Shannan Lerch: Butch can kick out.

    Hellz Angel makes the cover. 1...2...Rage pulls Hellz Angel out of the ring.

    Zack Davis: This is good team work by Rage and Butch.

    Shannan Lerch: You bet.

    Hellz Angel gets up and glares down at Rage. Rage just stands there staring at Hellz, Hellz Angel gets out of the ring and Rage starts running up the ramp as Hellz Angel follows and they exit the arena.

    Zack Davis: Where are they going?

    Logan slides into the ring, Butch has recoverd, he stumbles, turns around and gets a DDT by Logan! Logan stands up and walks infront of Butch talking trash. Logan holds his legs up and spits on Butch then crosses his leg, wraps it to one leg flips him over and puts him in the Loganshooter!

    Zack Davis: The Loganshooter! This has to be it!

    Butch is screaming and pain, he trys to reach it for the ropes but can't. Finally, he taps out and the bell rings.

    Zack Davis: And the winner of this match! Hellz Angel and Logan! But.. Where is Hellz!?

    Hellz Angels Death March plays again, and Hellz Angel walks out dragging a casket. He drags it down the ramp and sits it down at the bottom. Logan stares at him as Hellz Angel turns around and walks up the ramp leaving the arena.

    Zack Davis: What was that about?

    Hellz Angel walks back out dragging a knocked out Rage, Logan slides out of the ring and slides the casket into the ring. Logan slides back in the ring, Hellz Angel slides Rage into the ring and then he enters the ring. The music cuts and Hellz Angel and Logan go face to face talking trash as Rage and a casket lay in the middle of the ring, Butch is outside the ring and he sees this. Butch slides into the ring, Hellz Angel turns around and punches away at Butch, Hellz Angel kicks him. Logan opens up the casket and Hellz Angel powerbombs Butch right in the casket.

    Shannan Lerch: Do they trust each other?!

    Zack Davis: I don't think you can say that, they'd never trust each other but...I guess they just both hate the New Era.

    Logan picks Rage up by the hair and looks at Hellz Angel yelling stuff, Logan picks up Rage and throws him onto Butch in the casket, Hellz Angel closes the led shut. Him and Logan then start yelling more things at each other, all of sudden they pick up the casket and slide it out the ring. They get out the ring also, they grab the casket up in their hands and carry it up the ramp. They get to the top of the ramp and raise the casket higher in the air.

    Zack Davis: No! No one deserves this!

    Logan and Hellz Angel throw the casket off the top of the ramp. Logan and Hellz Angel stare at each other, Logan points a finger at him and walks behind the black curtain leaving the arena. Hellz Angel then stands at the top of the ramp looking down at the casket 15 feet down from him.

    Zack Davis: What a night this has been! Logan and Hellz Angel didn't hurt each other the whole match! This is amazing! But were out of time damnit! See you this Wednesday on Wednesday Night!

    The copyright logo and infomation is up, but wait a minute.. Logan has come out to the stage with a microphone.

    Shannan Lerch: Logan can't extend this show!

    Logan: No! No! No! Get the damn copyright and information crap off the screen!

    The stuff goes off the screen and the show keeps running.

    Logan: Tonight, like its always been...I did what I had to do to get to the top! And Hellz day, we will meet in that ring again.

    Hellz Angel walks towards Logan and Logan drops the microphone and walks towards Hellz Angel, they go face to face as the camera gets a close up of their faces.

    Zack Davis: This time we are out of time!

    The copy right info and stuff pops up again as the scene fades to black with Hellz Angel and Logan face to face.