The WCF, Wrestling Championship Federation, pyro goes off at the entryway as the camera start running. The camera pans the crowd, and everyone is excited. Several "Welcome Back, WCF" signs are scattered throughout the arena. As the pryo stops, we go to our announcers booth.

Zack Davis: Welcome, everyone, to the first night of WCF Wrestling! Thats right, the WCF is back! And with the talent we've got, better then ever. I am Zack Davis, the new commentator here, and I am joined one. Looks like I'll be doing the announcing solo, folks...except there is another chair here. Wonder who it could be for. Anyhow, we may not have a very big card tonight, but it sure is a great one. We have a special announcement from Seth Lerch, which should be any second now, and the Ultimate Battle Royal, featuring EVERY WCF Superstar...

The lights dim, and Seth Lerchs music hits. The fans give a mixed reaction, some boos, some cheers. Lerch walks out from behind the curtain, wearing his usual jeanshorts and T-shirt combination. He holds a mic in his hand.

Zack Davis: Well, a lot of the fans here can't forget what Seth Lerch did in other federations, hence all the booing...but lets hope he has changed.

Lerch walks down the aisle, slapping a few of the fans hands, but looking very serious. He gets to the ring, and rolls in. He signals for the music to stop as he walks to the center of the ring. He clears his throat, and begins to speak.

Seth Lerch: ...The Wrestling Championship Federation is back.

The fans cheer in approval of WCF.

Seth Lerch: Yes, the WCF is back, and I am here in power once again. And I am going to work my hardest to make WCF a success. And that work begins..tonight.

Zack Davis: There has been a lot of speculation about what this announcement could be. What does our president have in mind?

Seth Lerch: There are going to be a lot of things going on tonight, and I am going to try to prove to you fans that I have changed from when you have previously seen me. Yes, I know, you hated me. But I want to change that. I want to be fair...which is why i hired Drake Kannon as our commishioner. Drake...get out here.

Red blasts of pyro go off around the stage, and Drake walks out holding a bottle of Gatorade. He looks around the arena, takes a sip of Gatorade, nods his head, and starts down the ramp and into the ring. He takes a mic from George Green.

Commissioner Kannon: Yes, it's true, Lerch did hire me. Drake Kannon is now the Commissioner. And, along with Lerch, I am going to do my best for this damn company. And, as Commissioner, I have an announcement to make about the Battle Royal tonight.

Zack Davis: Whoa, Commissioner Kannon has an announcement too...lots of important stuff tonight.

Commissioner Kannon: It will, in fact, NOT be a Battle Royal. Because, in a Battle Royal, you must throw the opponents over the top rope to win. Not in this match. To be eliminated, you must be pinned! That means you can go out of the ring, and do whatever you want, but you have to pin to win. Easy enough.

Lerch smiles, and the crowd cheers at his announcement.

Commissioner Kannon: And as we all know, that will be for the WCF World Title. But, moving on...what about the other titles? The Television, Tag Team, and Hardcore Titles. I have a plan to decide both of them. For the Television Title, the third and fourth people to be eliminated tonight will face each other at The War, the first WCF Pay Per View. And as for the Tag Team Title, we will be having...a Lethal Lottery Tournament. For those of you not familiar with the concept, that means we will randomly choose names, and create teams. These teams will compete in a tournament for the Tag Team Titles. And as for the Hardcore Title, I am going to schedule a match between Death Skull and Cyrus for Wednesday Night. And thats...the end...of that.

Seth Lerch: Great booking my friend, great booking. I'd like you to leave the ring now, as we have a lot more stuff happening...

Drake nods at Lerch, and "Kannonball" hits again. Commissioner Kannon rolls out of the ring, and heads toward the back, Lerch watching him go. Once he is gone, and his music stops, Lerch continues.

Seth Lerch: Alright, next. As you may have noticed, our announcer team is one man..or woman..short. So, I now introduce to you the second Saturday Slam announcer, my sister, Shannan Lerch.

A fairly young woman walks out from the curtain this time, waving politely at the audience. She has no music, and simply walks toward the announcers booth, and sits down.

Zack Davis: Why hello hello, beautiful.

Shannan Lerch: Shut up. Lets listen to my bro.

Seth Lerch: And, finally, my last announcement tonight. We are going to have a special guest referee/enforcer in our little match tonight. I know him well, and I want you guys to give him a big round of applause..this man is...Rage!

The lights dim, and the Mob Mentality theme plays again. Golden blasts rock the entryway, and as the lights come back on, Rage is walking down the aisle. He is wearing bluejeans and a referee shirt. Rage has short, crew cut blonde hair, and is about 5'11. The fans make little noise, except some booing, and he rolls into the ring. He climbs up one turnbuckle, raises his arms, then hops down. He high fives Lerch, then pulls a mic out of his pocket.

Rage: Yes, yes, Rage is back. You guys missed me, didn't ya? Anyhow, it was a good idea for Lerch to put me as the referee tonight. I will make sure the right man wins, no matter what I want. Not only will I be the referee tonight, I am going to stay in WCF as Seth Lerchs bodyguard. And I really hope I showed you guys something about me, that I'm not a "bad guy" anymore. I mean, I didn't even bring that phony Anarchy Title, and I am not going to.

Zack Davis: Steve Carr is involved in that match tonight, and if you don't know the history between Rage and Steve Carr, it spans back a long time. These guys have hated each other for a loonngg time, and I don't know if I see Rage doing the "right thing" here.

Rage: Well, thats all I have to, if it's OK with you, I think it's time we get this match going!

Seth Lerch: Your right...let the main event begin.

Lerch rolls out of the ring, and his music hits again. He quickly walks backstage, as Rage waits in the ring for the competitors to arrive. Finally Lerch dissapears, and the superstars in this match start walking out.

Zack Davis: This match is about to begin! We are going to find out the World Champion...oh, I just can't wait.

Shannan Lerch: Do you ALWAYS talk this much?

Zack Davis: Uhhh...sorry.

Death Skulls music plays first, and he comes running out from behind the curtain. He jogs to the ring, and rolls in, then stretches. Next, Cyrus' music plays, and he runs out. He quickly rolls in the ring, and immediatly attacks Death Skull.

Zack Davis: Cyrus, jumping the gun here, but he knows he will face Death Skull for the Hardcore Title. If Cyrus would pin Death Skull, it would definitly give him the advantage in the Hardcore Title match...

Cyrus throws forearms to the head, but within seconds a bunch of other WCF Superstars are coming out of the entryway and running to the ring. Whitey, Skull Crusher, Ray Smith, and Wreck all run to the ring. Wreck attacks Death Skull, and the other three attack Cyrus. Death Skull finally gets some offense, and gives Wreck a low blow. Now Steve Carr and Outcast join the frey, both coming out of the crowd on opposite sides. Outcast goes to work on Wreck, and Carr kicks down Smith. Shotgun Kid, Logan, Mad Dogg, and Hellz Angel run out next, and all slide into the ring...and that should be everyone. Each wrestler is attacking whoever he can, and there isn't much room in the ring to do much.

Zack Davis: Wait...look at the entryway...what the hell!?

Shannan Lerch: .........Is he back?

Zack Davis: ........Of course he's back.

Familiar music hits, and the fans instantly pop, and everyone in the arena is standing.

Zack Davis: Its........A.......J.....Jam!

AJ Jam walks out and starts to yell into the mic, as pyro shoots from the ceiling. All of the action inside the ring has stopped, and everyone is looking towards the entryway, at Jam.

Jam: THROW YOUR HANDS UP, THROW YOURS HANDS UP, THROW YOUR HANDS UP, LET THE WORLD KNOW WHATS UP! Lemme let you know how GOOD it feels to be back in the sport that made the phenomenom, THE ONE AND ONLY G. KILLAH. I'm back from TRAINING. Hey boookies, heres a good bet, bet on ME and you'll see who the real deal is. You all know what rucuss comes to the ring when Jam brings his happy ass into it. could you man? NNCW, the originating place of the G. Killah..that federation launched my career, and you let it come to an end. I have never had the privilage to fight the "Ultimate". Tonights my shot, in the Battle Royal. The fans Know, I know. It's a Global Event Warning, The Extinction Level Event is upon us once again. Steve, will you be the first victim or another talentless rookie? It's the same to me. This goes to you, Mace! May you rest in peace...thats right...he died! After you fired him from NCW! He went out in a rage and got himself in a "Carr" accident. He got himself and Jax killed. I now swing the Mace Drop. Everytime, it's for you two. I put my neck on the line one more time. Carr, I take you to blame and your butt buddy Billy Roberts. I dunno If he is here, but it's time to have my own "Carr" accident. Carr, it's Round One. Tonight I break my foot off in YOUR ASS! Face it, like it or not I will hand you your ass. Tonight, the ELE, and most of all the Mace Drop, this next one has your name on. You killed the Original Ruff Rydaz, now you have to FACE the New Ryda!

Zack Davis: ...whoa.

Shannan Lerch: I don't believe this...and look, Jam is heading for the ring.

The Jumbotron shows Mace and Jaxs picture, and reads: 1976-2001 RIP. We will miss you! Jam runs into the ring, and suddenly all of the action is go again. Jam, naturally, heads for Steve Carr, and punches him several time in the face. Steve blocks one of the punches, and throws his own back. Jam is sent reeling, but gets up quickly and Clotheslines Carr to the mat.

Zack Davis: Jam looks in better shape then ever, and I am sure glad he is back here in the WCF.

The Bloody }{awks, Hellz Angel and Mad Dogg, are doing a good job working as a team. They give a Double Suplex to Skull Crusher, and Hellz pins him. Dogg sits on Hellz, and Rage runs over to make the count. 1, 2, 3, Skull Crusher is eliminated. He rolls dissapointedly out of the ring, and the match continues. Jam is dominating on Carr, and goes for a pin. Rage counts, but its only a two. Meanwhile, Logan is attacking Ray Smith, and executes a Dangerous DDT. Smith promptly rolls out of the ring. Logan then goes to stomping someone already laying on the ground. Whitey and Outcast are brawling, and Whitey attempts to do the Whitey Bomb to him. Outcast fights it, and holds on to the ropes, but manages to throw Whitey out using his legs. Whitey is sent sprawling out of the ring, falling onto Smith. Both Smith and Whitey are knocked out. Logan spots an oppertunity, and rolls out of the ring, and pins both of them at the same time. Rage quickly gets out and counts both pins. 1, 2, 3, Ray Smith and Whitey are eliminated. Logan then gets back into the ring. Jam and Steve Carr are still fighting, and Jam runs at Carr, who does a Big Boot. Jam goes down, and Carr then tries a Running Elbowdrop. Jam rolls out of the way. Carr slowly gets up, clutching his elbow, and as he turns around Jam gives him the Mace Drop! He does a Bridge Pin, and Rage gets over and counts. Steve Carr is eliminated. Jam raises his arms, but Hellz Angel Schoolboys him from behind. Rage then counts that pin, and AJ Jam is eliminated. Jam gets up after Hellz releases it, and looks angry. He then turns around, and does a Springboard Bodysplash to the outside, again knocking down an already hurt Steve Carr. Security comes out to break them up, and Jam walks to the back, looking angry.

Zack Davis: I don't believe this! Both Steve Carr and AJ Jam are eliminated, already! I think the definite favorite to win this match was Carr himself...and another favorite was Jam, once he arrived. I just don't believe this.

Shotgun Kid, Mad Dogg, Outcast, and Wreck are all punching each other, and Cyrus and Death Skull are exchanging punches also. Hellz Angel and Logan are resting outside the ring, oblivious to each other. Wreck and Outcast nod at each other, and deliver a Linked Clothesline to Shotgun Kid. Shotgun goes to rest in one corner, and Outcast does the Sick Twist. He then pins, 1, 2, 3, Shotgun Kid is eliminated. As Outcast gets up, Mad Dogg punches him from behind. On the other side of the ring, Cyrus delivers The Virus to Death Skull. He then pins, but Death Skull manages to kick out. Death Skull rolls out of the ring, and pulls something out from under the ring. Cyrus follows him, and Death Skull zaps him with a Tazer! He then rolls him into the ring, and pins. There is no way Cyrus could kick out of that. 1, 2, 3, Cyrus is eliminated. Logan is back in the ring, and kicks Death Skull in the back of the head. Death Skulls tazer flies out of the ring. As he turns around, Logan kicks him a few more times, and Death Skull manages to catch is leg. Logan then executes an Enziguri Kick, sending Death Skull down to the mat. Death Skull gets up, and is met with a Superkick as he turns around. Logan is about to pin, but Outcast grabs him from behind, and executes a Release German Suplex. Hellz Angel rolls into the ring now, and punches at Outcast.

I don't have the rest of what really happened. I can tell you that in the end, Hellz Angel won!