The WCF, Wrestling Championship Federation, pyro goes off as the show begins. The first thing we do is cut to the announcers booth, where we see a solemn looking Zack Davis with Shannan Lerch.

Zack Davis: This is Zack Davis, and on the last Wednesday Night, we saw something so, I can hardly think about it. But, of course, I am talking about Hellz Angel. How could he do what he is Logan? He could pretty beat up.

Shannan Lerch: Calm down, Zacky. It wasn't THAT bad, and it wasn't THAT sick. Hellz Angel was just doing what he had to do.

Zack Davis: Well, I just can't wait to find out how he is...but, we also saw the return of none other then Mace. But, I thought he was dead..and Jam even looked surprised...what the hell is up with this!?...well, I have just gotten a message that we have a live video, with Logan.

Interview With Logan

The Jumbotron comes to life and Logan is at his home in Ches, Virgina. Logan is in a neck brace from Hellz Angel giving im the Hellz Face onto a chair, Logan looks highly p*ssed off as he sits in his chair and begin's to speak.

Logan: Ya know, Hellz Angel, YOU might have just took me out of wrestling. Well, way back when I played football, I got my neck hurt. Now that Hellz Face has hurt my neck again. I may never EVER return to WCF again, the doctor told me I couldn't wrestle again. And when the doctor walked away he said ''Logan Sucks". Ya know everywhere I go I get the same answer, but Hellz Angel you took my dream away from me. And I hope you burn in hell for it. Seeing as I can't even show up to WCF again.......I have one last match to request to Seth Lerch, so Seth Lerch when I do return I want Hellz Angel......No...I am not asking Seth. I am telling this to YOU, Hellz, when I come back.. IF I DO.. it's going to go down like this.....Logan vs Hellz Angel in a First Blood Match. You think that blood on Wednesday made me feel bad? Huh? I love bleeding, and I loved that Hellz Face on a chair....AND I WANT IT AGAIN! But I don't like not being able to wrestle again...but like it or not Hellz Angel I WILL COME BACK TO THE WCF....AND WHEN I DO AM COMING STRAIGHT FOR YOU!

Logan looks really mad as the Jumbotron fades away with the crowd booing.

Zack Davis: Well...I don't know what to say. I don't know if we will ever see Logan again...and for some reason, I'm saying that like it's a bad thing.

Shannan Lerch: Well, we are scheduled to go to the matches now-

Wreck vs Death Skull: Hardcore Title Match

The lights go out and when they come back on Wreck is standing on the entryway with his back turned to the crowd and his arms straight out; then he runs to the ring and taunts the crowd.

Death Skulls music hits, and Wreck looks to the entryway, awaiting our Hardcore Champion. Death Skull doesn't come out, and Wreck looks confused. He turns around to ask the ref what is going to happen about his match, and is met with the Hardcore Title being smashed into his face! Death Skull is standing there, and the bell rings.

Death Skull keeps hitting Wreck with the Hardcore Title, and Wreck is busted open already. Death Skull then throws down the Hardcore Title, and pulls the Tazer out of his pocket. He is about to zap Wreck with it, but Wreck grabs it out of his hand. He then tries to zap Death Skull, and connects with it, although some of his clothes get in the way. Death Skull goes down, and Wreck pins him. 1, 2, No! Death Skull gets his shoulder up.

Zack Davis: Wow, Death Skull is lucky the clothes got in the way, or he would have gotten the full affect from that tazer...and we would have had a new Hardcore Champion.

Wreck rolls out of the ring, and begins looking under the ring for some objects. He pulls out a table, and the fans cheer. He begins setting it up, but on the inside of the ring Death Skull is already up. He runs up the turnbuckle, then jumps to the outside onto Wreck, with a Diving Clothesline. The table is half up, and Death Skull finishes standing it up. Suddenly, Death Skull is hit from behind, by Hellz Angel! Hellz Angel punches him a few times, then Chokeslams him through the table! he then picks up Wreck, and gives him the Hellz Face on the outside, fortunatly not on a chair like last Wednesday.

Zack Davis: What is Hellz Angel doing? He isn't involved here at all...

In the original, I had my message about WCF shutting down here, and that's all that was on the show. Hell, I don't remember if I even posted all of this stuff. Oh well, whatever.