School of Pain Intro
Dehart vs Logan
Jason Price/Mandy vs Wreck/Burn Out
Defman vs PC Cradle
Madd Dogg Promo
US Title: Tournament Winner vs Brad Aikman
Tag Titles: Monster Squad vs Ragnarok vs Bishop/Priest
Outcast/Dehart/Logan vs Lerch/Carr/Epic
World Title: Madd Dogg vs Gravedigger

  • School of Pain Intro
  • Eat You Alive by Limp Bizkit plays as the pyro explodes and School of Pain is on the air. The jumbotron is made to look like a blackboard. Camera pans around, we see "Here is something you can't understand... how Defman could just kill a man!", "Make Lerch Die", "Monster Squad Rules", and the like. We go to Zach Davis, Shannan Lerch, and Kyle Steel.

    Zach Davis: Welcome to School of Pain! We have an amazing card tonight.

    Shannan Lerch: In our World Title main event, Madd Dogg challenges Gravedigger. This has been coming for a long time.

    Kyle Steel: You're right, and it will be brutal. Dogg has wanted to get his hands on Gravedigger for quite a while, and I don't know if 'Digger has ever faced such a tought opponent.

    Shannan Lerch: But don't forget, we'll also see my brother Seth in action with Steve Carr and Epic against the craptacular team of Dehart, Outcast, and.. Logan.

    Zach Davis: That's IF Dehart, 'Cast, and Logan can get along. Dehart and Logan fight each other in the opening bout, and the winner goes on to wrestle another match, too. By the time the big six man rolls around, they'll be exhausted.

    Kyle Steel: I'm sure Lerch did it on purpose, to wear down his opponents. I guess that's why it's called School of Pain.

    Zach Davis: Speaking of pain, we have a Cage of Pain US Title match, with Brad Aikman facing the winner of this match...

    Shannan Lerch: Dehart vs Logan!

  • US Title Contendership: Dehart vs Logan
  • The lights go out, and "Man in the Box" hits. After a few seconds a strobe light hits, and Dehart comes out from the back. He slowly walks down the aisle and rolls into the ring.

    "Not Falling" by Mudvayne blasts out over the PA system. Logan slowly passes his way through the curtains letting them slide off his body and fall behind him. Logan's body is drenched in water causing drops of water to fall of him as he moves down the ramp. Every now and then Logan yells to the cheering crowd before rolling inside the ring. Once inside the ring Logan paces around untill his music cuts.

    Zach Davis: This will be interesting.

    Dehart and Logan shake hands as the bell rings.

    Kyle Steel: A nice show of sportsmanlike conduct there.

    Dehart and Logan circle each other, then tie up. Logan puts Dehart in a headlock, but Dehart pushes him off into the ropes. Logan rests on them and Dheart quickly hits a 619! He follows up with a Slingshot Guillotine Legdrop, and pins. 1... 2... kickout. He starts to pick Logan up but Logan counters with a few stiff kicks to the ribs followed by a DDT.

    Shannan Lerch: Neither man can afford to get injured, at all, in this match.

    Logan floats over and pins. 1.. 2.. another nearfall. Logan runs to the ropes and then hits a running knee drop, followed by a regular knee drop. He pins again, and again, Dehart kicks out. Logan picks Dehart up and goes for a Superkick, but Dehart grabs it and spins him around before hitting a Diamond Cutter!

    Crowd: BANG!

    And another pin. One.. two... no.

    Zach Davis: Crazy amounts of nearfalls.

    Dehart jumps to the top and goes for a Shooting Star Press, but Logan rolls away at just the right time. Dehart stumbles up, and walks right into an Evenflow DDT. He then quickly applies the LoganShooter.

    Kyle Steel: Dehart may sustain serious leg injury if he's in this hold too long, and his legs are very important to his offense. If he's grounded, most of his moves are gone.

    Dehart, realizing this, taps out.

    Zach Davis: We have a winner! Logan vs Brad Aikman in the Cage of Pain, later tonight!

    Logan stands up, and raises his arms in the air. He picks Dehart up and pats him on the back, and leaves to the back as Not Falling plays.

    Shannan Lerch: I never thought I'd see Logan be a class act like that.

    Zach Davis: I guess he's finally grown up.

    Kyle Steel: Next up... Price and Mandy vs Wreck and Burn Out!

    Shannan Lerch: I hear Mandy's price is pretty cheap.

    Zach Davis: Shut up.

  • Jason Price/Mandy vs Wreck/Burn Out
  • Zach Davis: The tag match is about to start. Who knows what will happen in the ring.

    Shannan Lerch: This might turn out as a great match. You nevre know with the girl power thrown in there!

    Zach Davis: Ugh...

    Top O The Morning To Ya by House of Pain hits, and Jason Price walks out with Mandy by his side. They walk to the ring quickly.

    The sounds of motorcycle revving up and Burn Out comes out on a motorcycle, goes around the ring, gets off the bike and climbs in the ring.

    The lights go out as the beginning of "Dragula" by Rob Zombie starts. Then the house lights come up as Wreck walks to the ring, shaking some hands.

    The bell rings. Wreck and Jason Price start the match.

    Kyle Steel: Wow, I have a nice view of Mandy from here.. mmm.

    Shannan Lerch: Pervert!

    Wreck and Price tie up, and Wreck puts Price in a headlock. Price pushes him off, into the ropes, and then hits a Schoolboy Rollup. One.. two.. kickout. Price stands up quickly and begins stomping at Wreck, over and over. He picks Wreck up, tags in Mandy, then holds him while she kicks him in the gut several times. He falls to the ground as Price gets onto the apron.

    Shannan Lerch: GO MANDY!

    Mandy jumps to the top and signals for a Moonsault, but as she goes to hit it, Wreck rolls away.

    Zach Davis: Haha!

    Wreck tags in Burn Out, who jumps into the ring to a chorus of cheers. Mandy stands up and is met with a Superkick from him! She goes down to the mat. Burn Out pins. One.. two.. no! Price is in the ring to break it up. Price goes to whip Burn Out to the ropes, but B.O. reverses it sending Price into the ropes instead. Burn Out catches him and hits the Outcast Blast! Mandy runs at him next, but he turns her around and puts her into the Torture Rack.. and hits the Afterburn! He then quickly pins again. One. Two. Three.

    Kyle Steel: Haha! Burn Out and Wreck win!

    Burn Out raises his arms in the air, and rolls out of the ring and heads to the back. Wreck does as well.

  • Defman vs PC Cradle
  • Zach Davis: Next is something rather more than a match. It is more of a bloodbath. I hope you brought your raincoat Shannan. These two monstrosities have escalated this match far above it's expectations. Maybe, someone will walk out of this alive.

    Shannan Lerch: I know how you feel Zach. Cradle and Defman have the highest threshold, no, lust for pain I have ever seen in this business if not anywhere. Here comes our first competitor, Defman...

    The arena lights fade to black and Defman's maniacal voice rolls over the PA System...

    PA System: the voices, the voices, the voices, the VOICES!!
    The voices, they take control,
    The voices, destroy your soul,
    The voices, they kill us all,
    The voices, why wont they fall?

    Then, the spotlight scrolls over to the curtain. Several explosions echo throughout the arena, and the lights flash back on. Out of no where is Defman, but he seems to still be in his straight jacket. An assistant quickly unbuckles his jacket and runs off. Defman gets out of the jacket and starts down the ramp. He seems to be talking to himself with his head lowered towards the ramp floor. As he reaches the ring, he stops. Next, he jumps up and steps over the apron. Defman circles the ring with a sadistic smile on his face.

    Kyle Steel: ...We all can only imagine the carnage at which is going to take place, but let's not sell PC Cradle short. He is going to start on the way to the ring any second now.

    Immediatly, "Get to the gone" bursts through the arena. The fans wanting to see Cradle appears roar with authority. Defman man paces the ring with that same smile across his face. Then, PC Cradle appears through the curtain with his steel chair in his hand. He makes no due when he quickly walks down the ramp. He rolls into the ring and drops the chair. Savoring the moment, Defman stands there. Cradle makes sure this isn't going to be an attack before he climbs the turnbuckle. He raises his arms and then, crosses them. He screams a couple of things before he makes the devil horns on his hands. Finally, he jumps off and the bell rings.

    Shannan Lerch: Here we go...I hope this doesn't turn out too bad...

    Cradle goes for a right hook. Defman stands there with the smile still. PC hits him a couple times, but Defman just stands there. Finally, PC pulls off a side kick to the mid section. Defman grunts a bit and retaliats with a closeline. Cradle hits the ground, and Defman lifts him back up. PC hits a jawbreaker to send Defman to the ground. Cradle rolls out a bit to think about his strategy. Defman joins him outside to lift him into the air. Then, Defman goes to toss him onto the crowd barrier. Cradle hits hard, but turns around to knee him in the gut in preparation for a powerpomb. Seeing that his efforts would be futile to attempt this on Defman, he just pile drives him onto the cement. Without letting him rest, PC bashes his head on the ground rapidly. Defman gets to his feet as Cradle goes to dropkick him. Defman denies him of that and stomps on him as he hits the ground. Defman rolls him back into the ring and punches him without any restraint. The referee just rests on the side as he has no control over this. Suddenly, Cradle kicks Defman and rolls up. He ddts Defman to the mat and goes to the turnbuckle. He leaps and attempts a leg drop.

    Zach Davis: From the top....

    Defman stands up and PC hits the mat.

    Shannan Lerch: And he hits the mat....

    Defman lifts Cradle up, but PC gives him several gut shots. Defman lets go and Cradle grabs his steel chair. He goes for a chair shot and hits Defman square in the head. Defman shakes a little, but stnads there smiling.

    Kyle Steel: Did you see that?

    Zach Davis: Yes, he is one of the most monsterous wrestlers here in WCF.

    Defman gives a big boot to the chair which, in turn, sends it into Cradle's face. He falls down, but bounces back up to send the chair into Defman's gut. PC trips Defman with the chair and folds the chair onto his leg. PC stomps on the chair furosiously. Defman yells. He kicks Cradle to the mat and gets up acting as though it had no effect on him. He throws the chair out of the ring and lifts PC up. He sends him into the turnbuckle with an irish whip. He goes for a spear, but Cradle hops over him. So, Defman's should colides with the turnbuckle. Taking advantage of this, PC turns him around and knees him in the mid section. The crowd counts the series...

    Crowd: 1...........

    Then, he closelines Defman to end this hanous attack. PC locks in an side arm lock. Defman shakes his head, but still, his smile remains.

    Shannan Lerch: This could be the end right here. PC Cradle might pull this one out.

    After several seconds of this PC Cradle lets go.

    Zach Davis: What? He had this one in the bag. Why did he do that? That may just come back to haunt him.

    PC goes outside of the ring and pulls a table out. He sets it up and Defman comes charging from behind with a spear to PC's back. PC and Defman hit the ground hard. Defman lifts PC up and goes to toss him onto the table, but Cradle slides behind him. He smashes a forearm into Defman's head sending him onto the table. PC slides onto the apron and leaps off. He leg drops Defman through the table. Defman sits up just as PC rolls to his feet. Fists fly as they collide. Defman headbutts PC. PC hits the ground. Defman gets a ring bell and smashes it over Cradle's face. He immediatly bursts open and spills blood everywhere. Defman tastes the blood on the bell, and PC hops to his feet. He smashes the bell into Defman's face. This splits his skull open, as well.

    Zach Davis: Blood is everywhere. Just as expected.

    Defman shakes it off, but PC goes for a powerbomb. Amazingly, he pulls it off nd hops into the ring. He readies himself for Defman, but Defman plows him to the mat. Cradle hops up and bounces off of the ropes. He leaps at Defman, but he catches PC.

    Shannan Davis: Amazing show of strength by Defman.

    Defman locks in a bear hug. Zack Davis leaps to his feet.

    Kyle Steel: THIS COULD BE IT!

    Defman squeezes harder and PC yells in agony. Out of no where, the black steel chair used to hit Defman earlier nails him in the back of the head. Defman hits the ground, and PC turns to see his savior.

    Zach Davis: Oh my god! It's Danny! He has some power in him.

    The camera shows little Danny holding the steel chair in his hands. He is standing over Defman with tears in his eyes. Cradle just stands there in amazment before he whipes his tears. Defman gets back up and goes to crush the little boy, but PC steps in with a huge german suplex. He, quickly, locks in a Single Leg Boston Crab. Defman scowls as blood runs down his face. Cradle leans back as Danny stands there with a blank look in his face. Defman squirms a bit before his eyes focus on the little boy. He stares at Danny.

    Defman: London bridge's falling down....
    falling down...
    falling down...
    falling down...
    London bridge's falling down...
    My fair lady...

    He breaks out in a twisted laughter before he taps out. The referee motions to ring the bell, and goes to raise PC's arm. Defman arises and grabs the chair from Danny. He smashes it over PC's head. Then, he takes out the ref. As he turns his attention towards Danny, officials run out and try to wrestle him to the mat. He gets away and runs up the ramp with a smile on his blood stained face. PC gets up and goes over to Danny. He whipes his tears. Finally, they exit the ring with "Get to the Gone" trumpeting his victory.

  • Madd Dogg Promo
  • Interviewer catches up to Madd Dogg in the hall.

    Hank Brown: Madd Dogg. A few words please.

    Dogg stops and turns to face Brown.

    Madd Dogg: Ok, what do you want to know?

    Hank Brown: Well, you havenít been showing up a lot lately, and thereís talk in the back that youíre scared. I mean, you lost to Steve Carr.

    Madd Dogg: Well, Iím here tonight, arenít I? And as for Carr, he hits hard. Have you ever felt the ULTIMATE stunner?

    Hank Brown: Well, no.

    Madd Dogg: Let me tell you. They donít call it ULTIMATE for no reason. It hurt. It hurt a lot.

    Hank Brown: You hardly sound like the same Madd Dogg weíve seen in recent weeks.

    Dogg: Well, Iíve decided to drop the Madd from my name. It just wasnít working for me. Makes me sound like Iím a bad person or something. Oh, by the way, what do you think of my new coat?

    Hank Brown: Uh, are you applying for Joseph and the Technicolored Dream Coat?

    Dogg: Thatís a great idea. That could be fun. I just love entertaining my fans.

    Hank Brown: I thought you didnít give a damn what anyone said.

    Dogg: Well, that WAS the case. But, Iíve realized Iíd be nowhere without my fans. A little song and dance will get you anywhere Hank Brown, remember that.

    Hank Brown: You know my name?

    Dogg: Of course. What kind of a jerk would I be if I didnít remember peopleís names. And feel free to call me Kenny. I think friends should be able to call each other by their first names. Donít you?

    Hank Brown: Well, sure. But this sure is unexpected.

    Dogg: Just remember, Hank. Life is beautiful. Take time to savor it.

    Dogg walks away.

    Hank Brown: Um, thanks, I will.

    Cameraman: What the hell?

    Hank Brown: I think itís refreshing. At least heís not smacking us around now.

    Cameraman: Yea, but did you notice his costume?

  • US Cage of Pain Title Match: Logan vs Brad Aikman
  • "Slutgarden" by Marilyn Manson blasts out over the arena, feeling the crowd half boo and cheer.

    Zach Davis: The WCF United States Champion!

    Brad Aikman makes his way down the ramp, with the U.S. title strung over his right shoulder. With Kristine shortly behind him, Brad stops in front of the cage, staring up at it as his music cuts.

    Shannan Lerch: Brad has been like, the best WCF United States Champion I've ever seen.

    Kyle Steel: That may be true, but he never has faced Logan. Who, was infact.. the FIRST ever WCF United States Champion.

    Brad Aikman hands the referee his U.S. title, before entering the cage through the fence door. "Not Falling" by Mudvayne blasts out over the PA system. Logan slowly passes his way through the curtains letting them slide off his body and fall behind him. Logan's body is drenched in water causing drops of water to fall of him as he moves down the ramp. Brad Aikman stares into Logan's eyes as he makes his way towards the cage, their eyes never leave contact. Logan passed through the entrance of the cage door, stepping through the ropes and stopping only feet away from Brad as his music cuts.

    Zach Davis: Man, I've been wanting to see these two go at it for awhile.

    Shannan Lerch: No better place to have it then at, School of Pain.

    Logan and Brad Aikman slowly approach, only stopping a foot away from each other.

    Zach Davis: Brad has to play this one smart. Logan, is one of the most experienced WCF superstars on the roster today. Ironically, Logan won the U.S. title in a cage match.. so watch out Brad.

    Shannan Lerch: Well, most experienced next to Steve Carr.

    Kyle Steel: Hey, Outcast has been here since day one too.

    The referee closes the door, and the bell rings. The crowd becomes silent, waiting to see what will go down in this title bout. Logan and Brad Aikman begin exchanging words, but it soon stops when Brad slaps Logan over the right cheek. Logan's head twitches, and he slides his hand over his face.. then looking down at his hand, Logan slaps Brad right back. Brad chuckles a bit, and returns the favor looking for a quick sucker punch but Logan blocks it with his arm, throwing a right hand to Brad. Logan swings his right arm back and fourth to the face of Brad, knocking him all the way to the ropes, Logan Irish whips Brad into the other set of ropes, unstead of bouncing off of them.. Brad falls backwards over the ropes slamming against the steel fencing. Logan makes his way over to Brad, bringing right stomps down to his chest, through the ropes. Logan grabs Brad up by the hair, and slings him through the ropes into the middle of the ring. Brad quickly recovers, only stumbling. Brad turns around towards Logan, and Logan charges at him with a close line. Unfortunately for Logan, Brad ducks dodging it. With no impact, Logan spins around to face Brad and Logan gets a kick to the gut followed by an DDT. Logan rolls over, holding on to his head and kicking the ring with his right foot. Brad stands up, and picks Logan up by his hair, laying Logan back down with a snap mare. But, Brad keeps the hold in, applying a sleeper hold onto Logan.

    Zach Davis: Trying to tire Logan up already hm?

    Brad Aikman keeps the hold in, but still early in the match it doesn't seem to work. Logan makes it his feet, and sends three stiff elbows to the gut of Brad. Brad is forced to release the hold as he crunches over, Logan jumps back and takes Brad down with a head scissors take down. Brad immediately goes down, as Logan rolls back up to his feet. Logan picks Brad up, and sets Brad up for a suplex. Logan picks up Brad and drops backwards with him, sending him and Brad down to connect with the suplex. Logan goes back to his feet, looking up at the top of the cage where the weapons hang. Logan walks over to the turnbuckle, looking for a way to climb up the cage. Brad Aikman makes it to his feet, Logan surpirsly turns around to get closed lined into the turnbuckle, Logan falls down into the corner of the turnbuckle into a sitting position as Brad begins stomping away at Logan. Brad Aikman stops, as he walks around the ring, then turns his attention back to Logan. Brad runs at Logan, charging with a drop kick but Logan rolls out of the way in a nick of time dodging the attack. Brad Aikman goes crashing into the bottom rope of the turnbuckle, Logan makes it to his feet and stumbles forward, then turns around stalking Brad. Brad begins grabbing the ropes, getting to his feet and turns around to get a right hand by Logan. Logan throws another right, and another, Logan then runs back and charges at Brad with a closeline by Brad scoops Logan up and counters with a spine buster.

    Shannan Lerch: Oh man! What a counter by Brad.

    Logan lays sprawled out by the ropes, as Brad gets to his feet and begins climbing the cage. Brad soon enough, makes it near the top, grabbing a chain which was hung up over the cage. Brad gets a tight grip of the chain in his hand, as he drops back down to the ring. A recovering Logan makes it to his feet, unaware of the chain Brad has. Logan turns around and Brad clocks Logan dead in the forehead with the heavy, steel chain. Logan suddenly falls down, smacking the floor of the ring and holding his face.

    Kyle Steel: I wouldn't doubt that that cut Logan wide open.

    Logan looks into his bloody hands, as Brad picks Logan up and wraps the chain around his neck, choking him with it. Brad his Logan to his feet, with Brad behind him choking him with the chain. Out of desperation, Logan kicks his foot up behind him nailing Brad in the groin, Brad drops the chain and falls down to his knees. Logan picks the chain up, but soon falls down to the matt, feeling the loss of blood take its state into the world of dizziness. Logan finally gets back up, and so does Brad. Logan swings the chain at Brad, but Brad ducks and sends Logan down to the ring with a side walk slam.

    Zach Davis: Man, Brad is really taking it to Logan.

    Shannan Lerch: I sure do feel sorry for Logan, I mean.. he has ANOTHER match later tonight.

    Brad Aikman stands up, and leans against the cage shaking it. Hoping for another weapon to fall down, sure enough.. another one does, and it's a little red wagon, large enough to fit a six foot, five man in. Brad sets the wagon up, and rolls Logan into it. Brad jumps up onto the turnbuckle, and jumps off of it with a moonsault, with a little bit of strength left, Logan jumps out of the wagon and Brad lands onto of it. The cheap wagon breaks in half, as Logan falls back against the cage holding on to the ropes for support as his own blood blinds him. Logan turns around, and begins slowly climbing up the cage.

    Zach Davis: What's this? Brad is getting up too? Man, this kid has got some heart.

    Logan makes it to the top, and rolls over onto the three foot wide roof of it, which separates the outside of the ring, to the inside of it. From the loss of blood though, Logan just lays there.. his eyes shutting.

    Shannan Lerch: Is Logan passing out?

    Brad Aikman falls against the cage, his ribs hurting badly from the fall. Brad begins climbing up the cage too, and he soon too reaches the top. Brad Aikman rolls on top of the guarding rail of the cage, only inches away from Logan. Logan's eyes so begin to open back up, as Brad Aikman begins climbing to the outside of the cage. Logan reaches a bloody hand over to Brad, grabbing his hair and soon grabbing his arm. Logan stands up on top of the cage, lifting Brad up with him. Logan kicks Brad in the gut, and spins him around locking him into a sleeper hold.

    Kyle Steel: No, no, no. I hope he doesn't do what I'm thinking he's going do!

    Logan jumps over Brad's shoulder, unaware of where they might fall. Logan sits down with Brad behind him on top of the steel guard railing, hitting him with a Connector! The crowd jump to their feet, not knowing what else will come of this match. Instead, Logan falls back, his head resting on the laid out Brad's shoulder. Logan slowly stands up, and waits for Aikman to stand as well. And as he does, Logan hits him with a Superkick! Aikman falls through the cage opening back down to the mat! This gives Logan the opportunity to climb down from the cage on the outside, winning the match!

    Zach Davis: Logan has won the United States Title!

    Logan raises his arms in the air, and the ref hands him the US Title. He slings it around his waist as Not Falling plays again, and he walks to the back.

    Shannan Lerch: That bruised and broken man is going to wrestle again later tonight... I can't wait.

    Kyle Steel: Well you're going to have to, because we have a Tag Title match up next.

  • Tag Titles Match: Monster Squad vs Ragnarok vs Bishop/Priest
  • The Friday the Thirteenth theme plays as The Creeper and the Hacker walk out to the ring slowly.

    Zach Davis: These men have been going for the Tag Titles ever since they got here, and we didn't HAVE Tag Titles! Tonight may be their night.

    Change by Deftones plays as the lights go out. Gravedigger steps out, Dobbie-less for once, but accompanied by the monster of a man named Dark Arts Wizard.

    Kyle Steel: Back for a one time deal, this may be Dark Arts Wizard's last match in WCF... it'll be sad to see him go.

    Shannan Lerch: What a way to leave, though, the Tag Team Champions!

    The sound of drums plays, and Bishop and Priest walk out next. They have a look of motivation like no other on their faces as they rush to the ring, and stand in their corner.

    Zach Davis: Rules are the same as any of WCF's other tag matches. First pin wins.

    Shannan Lerch: Let's get goi-


    Painkiller by Judas Priest/Rob Halford hits the speakers, and Hellz Angel and Scavenger of Sorrow walk out to a HUGE pop! The lights go out, and seemingly EVERYONE turns on a lighter and holds it up. The lights soon come back on, and Hellz and SOS are standing right at the ring. Hellz has a mic in hand.

    Hellz Angel: Ragnarok, you put me through HELL. You put me out of WCF, sent me to the hospital, and attacked me there. And you thought you could GET AWAY WITH IT? No way in HELL, guys! I talked to Lerch before the show, and the matches for tonight have been changed. There will be TWO Tag Team Title matches tonight.

    Zach Davis: I... I'm amazed to see Eternal Agony here! And TWO Tag Title matches? What will they be?

    Hellz Angel: ...Right now, to settle the score, once and for all. Eternal Agony vs Ragnarok. Tag Team Titles. Lumberjack matches, with Hacker, Creeper, Bishop, and Priest as the Lumberjacks. No disqualifications.. starting NOW.

  • Tag Titles Match: Eternal Agony vs Ragnarok
  • The Monster Squad and Bishop and Priest all roll out of the ring, but Gravedigger and DAW hold their ground. Hellz and SOS roll in, and Hellz starts brawling with Gravedigger as SOS brawls with DAW!

    Zach Davis: This is amazing! An unexpected match, but what a GREAT one!

    Shannan Lerch: What will the second match be, though?

    Kyle Steel: Word from the back is that the winner of this will face Monster Squad and Bishop and Priest.

    Hellz and SOS both hit their opponents with Superkicks simutaneously! Gravedigger and DAW go down, and the Eternal Agony team raises their arms in the air to applause.

    Zach Davis: They're not usually fan favorites, but I guess since this is their big return the fans are making an exception.

    Hellz and SOS pick DAW up and grabs his throat. They hit a Double Chokeslam on him.

    Kyle Steel: It was hard for TWO men to get him up, wow.

    However, Gravedigger has gotten up by now, and Clotheslines both of them down, hard. Hellz stands up and is met with another Clothesline. Hellz goes down again, hard, but gets back up. He runs at GD but GD catches him and hits a Powerslam into pin! One. Two. No! Hellz kicks out. Gravedigger stands up, as does DAW, and head towards SOS. They pick him up and hit their version of the Total Elimination!

    Shannan Lerch: Insane amounts of tag moves being utilized by these men.

    Hellz is up, however, and grabs DAW from behind. He throws him out of the ring, and to the waiting lumberjacks below. The lumberjacks start being on him mercilessly.

    Zach Davis: They know they might have to face him in a matter of minutes.

    Gravedigger rolls outside the ring, voluntarily, to help fend off the lumberjacks. While they're all busy, Hellz drops to the outside of the ring as well, opposite side, and grabs a chair. He rolls back in, unnoticed by anyone else. Once Gravedigger and Dark Arts Wizard are able to get back into the ring.. they're met with MASSIVE chair shots over the head from Hellz!

    Kyle Steel: Those chair shots have A LOT of emotion behind them, they come from quite a lot of pain that Hellz has had to endure... and he's making GD and DAW go through it too.

    SOS is up now, and throws Gravedigger back out of the ring. They then pick up Dark Ars Wizard and Pegamum onto the aforementioned chair! Hellz makes the pin, while the lumberjacks are beating on Gravedigger.




    Shannan Lerch: Eternal Agony are the Tag Team Champions!

    The bell rings. Gravedigger looks up angrily, and rolls into the ring. Hellz and SOS retreat to the outside. Gravedigger grumbles, and helps DAW up. The crowd gives DAW a standing ovation, and starts a "D-A-W!" chant. Gravedigger and DAW, Ragnarok, raise their arms in the air, with the Titles, one last time before setting them in the ring and stepping out. They walk to the back, quietly and emotionlessly.

    Zach Davis: Is the next Tag match starting now?

    Kyle Steel: I think it is, Zach, I think it is.

  • Tag Titles Match: Monster Squad vs Eternal Agony vs Bishop/Priest
  • Eternal Agony gets back into the ring, and give their Titles to the ref, who sets them outside the ring. Hellz waits on the outside, SOS staring the match. Bishop and Hacker start for their teams, and they roll in as well. Bishop and Hacker both start beating down on SOS.

    Shannan Lerch: They know SOS is warn out, Eternal Agony is at a big disadvantage here.

    Zach Davis: But they beat Ragnarok.. they got what they wanted.

    Bishop and Hacker throw SOS to the ropes, and then hit a Double Flapjack. SOS rolls out of the ring, and Bishop Clotheslines Hellz down too, leaving only two men in the ring. Hacker kicks Bishop a few times, and then hits a Headbutt. Bishop goes down, and Hacker follows up with another Headbutt. He then tags in the Creeper. Creeper jumps into the ring and hits a Leg Drop. He pins Bishop...



    No! Bishop kicks out! Creeper picks him up and throws him to the ring, where he's able to tag in Priest. Priest gets into the ring with a head of steam, and Clotheslnes Creeper down. Creeper gets back up and Priest goes for another Clotheslne, but Creeper ducks it, turns Priest around, and hits a Chokeslam!

    Kyle Steel: Holy crap. Priest is a big man!

    Creeper picks Priest up again, and hits ANOTHER Chokeslam! He picks him up one more time, and Hacker jumps into the ring. They hit a Double Chokeslam!

    Zach Davis: Creeper loves hitting 3 Chokeslams in a row.. it might be over.

    Just to make sure, they pick Priest up and hit the Monster Bomb! Creeper pins. Bishop goes to get in the ring, but Hacker throws him back out... One, two.. three!

    Shannan Lerch: NEW Tag Champs! Again!

    The ref hands Creeper and Hacker their Tag Titles, which they hold proudly in the air.

    Kyle Steel: Those Titles mean a lot to that team, and they sure as hell deserve them. They've stuck with WCF as long as anyone and have been as dedicated as anyone I've ever seen.

    Zach Davis: But hey, guys... what happened to Eternal Agony?

    Apparently, the Tag Champs, Hellz and SOS, walked out of the arena during the match. They're nowhere to be seen.

    Shannan Lerch: They didn't care about the Tag Titles... they cared about being Ragnarok, and ending their feud once and for all.

    Zach Davis: Speaking of ending feuds... we have a lot more wrestling coming up.

  • Outcast/Dehart/Logan vs Lerch/Carr/Epic
  • Zach Davis: Let's go over the rules of this upcoming six man tag match.

    Kyle Steel: It's elimination, first of all. Pinfalls, submissions... however, no disqualifications. However, it is NOT Texas Tornado rules.

    Shannan Lerch: That's it? Excellent.

    'God of Thunder' hits and the crowd cheers. Outcast walks out in black jeans. He goes to the ring with is eyes fixed on the ring. Nothing else phases him. He slides in and raises his hands

    The lights go out, and "Man in the Box" hits. After a few seconds a strobe light hits, and Dehart comes out from the back. He slowly walks down the aisle and rolls into the ring.

    "Not Falling" by Mudvayne blasts out over the PA system. Logan slowly passes his way through the curtains letting them slide off his body and fall behind him. Logan's body is drenched in water causing drops of water to fall of him as he moves down the ramp. Every now and then Logan yells at the booing crowd before rolling inside the ring. Once inside the ring Logan paces around untill his music cuts.

    Zach Davis: That looks like quite a team... the TOT and Carr don't have an easy task ahead of them.

    Better Than You by Metallica plays, and Seth Lerch, Steve Carr, and Epic walk out from the back. They walk slowly down to the ring.

    Shannan Lerch: Maybe so, but this team is obviously more of a unit. That gives them the edge.

    Kyle Steel: I guess we'll see.. right.. now!

    Seth rolls into the ring, and all three of his opponents immediately go after him. Carr and Epic run around the ring and enter through the back, and attack Outcast and Logan from behind.

    Shannan Lerch: That was a nice piece of strategy, using Lerch as a "decoy" of sorts to distract them.

    Carr and Epic both hit Back Bodydrops, and then turns to Dehart and hit a Double Suplex. The "management" team raises their arms in unison as Outcast's team rolls out of the ring, leading to several booes from the crowd. But as they turn around, Dehart rolls back into the ring and Dropkicks both Lerch and Carr out of the ring, leaving only himself and Epic.

    Zach Davis: Good, maybe we'll have some order, finally.

    Dehart stomps on Epic, as his teammates climb onto the rings apron, awaiting a tag. Dehart runs to the ropes and hits a Running Bodysplash into pin. One.. two... no, Epic kicks out. Dehart picks Epic up and throws him to the ropes, and Carr tags himself in. Dehart hits a Spinning Heel Kick on Epic, but is met with a brutal Clothesline by Carr. Carr then picks him up and starts punching him and elbowing him, into a corner. Carr picks him up and puts him on the turnbuckle. He climbs up, looking for a Superplex...

    Kyle Steel: Carr going high risk!

    And Dehart pushes him off. Carr falls to the mat, and Dehart goes for a Five Star Frog Splash, but Carr rolls out of the way! Carr rolls over and tags in Lerch.

    Zach Davis: The man that got Creeping Death out of WCF, which is Dehart's reason for hating him.

    Lerch kicks at Dehart a bit, playing with him, before taunting the crowd. He picks Dehart up and throws him to the ropes, but Dehart reverses it, sending Lerch to the ropes instead. Dehart hits a Fallaway Slam to swinging Rock Bottom! He then rolls over and tags in Outcast.

    Shannan Lerch: Seth doublecrossed Outcast last month. Haha, Outcast is such a fool.

    Outcast walks over to Lerch, laughing a bit. Epic goes to get into the ring, and the ref starts arguing with him. In the meantime, Outcast begins to pick Lerch up, but Lerch Low Blows him! As soon as this happens, Epic gets back onto the apron. Seth then tags in Carr.

    Kyle Steel: Nice cop out by our owner.. I'm ashamed to work for him.

    Carr gets in and starts kicking at Outcast. He picks him up and hits a Northern Lights Suplex pin, and the ref drops to count.



    No! Outcast kicks out. Carr picks him up and puts him in a Headlock, and then tags Epic. Epic climbs to the top turnbuckle and hits an Axe Handle Smash on the prone Outcast. Carr climbs out of the ring as Epic goes to work on Outcast. He climbs the top turnbuckle...

    Zach Davis: He'll be going for a Flying Clothesline here.

    But Outcast stands and lunges into the ropes, causing Epic to fall down and into the corner. Outcast then runs at him and hits the Sick Twist! He quickly pins, hooking the leg.


    Carr gets into the ring, ready to stop the count.


    Logan gets in as well, and stops Carr from interfering...


    Shannan Lerch: Crap. Epic is eliminated.

    Epic rolls out, and Lerch jumps in to take his place against Outcast. Dehart starts yelling, asking to be tagged in.. and Outcast obliges. Dehart jumps onto the turnbuckle and goes for a Missile Dropkick, and connects! Lerch goes down, and Dehart starts pummeling him. He then jumps up to the turnbuckle again, but Lerch gets up in time and hits him a few times in the stomach. Lerch then climbs up as well, and executes a Top Rope DDT.

    Kyle Steel: Impressive.

    Shannan Lerch: GO SETH.

    Lerch floats over and pins Dehart.



    Thr.. kickout.

    Lerch is furious, and starts harassing the ref. He tags then tags Carr back in. Carr gets into the ring and starts stomping at Dehart. He then runs to the Dehart's Team corner and punches Outcast and Logan down off the apron before jumping up and hitting the Ultimatum on Dehart!

    Zach Davis: I smell elimination.



    Kickout !

    ...Right after the three count. Dehart kicked out a split second too late.

    Shannan Lerch: SO CLOSE! But at least things are fair now.

    Dehart rolls out of the ring, and walks grudgingly to the back. Logan gets into the ring to replace him. Logan comes in with a head of steam as the crowd cheers, hitting Carr with several Clotheslines, one after another after another. He then hits an Armtoss Takedown followed by a Superkick! Logan quickly pins, hooking Carr's leg.




    Carr manages to kick out. Logan picks him up, and signals for the Connector, to finish it off.. but Carr pushes him away, into Outcast. Outcast tags himself in, and runs at Carr, hitting a Clothesline from Hell! Carr goes down in a heap. 'Cast picks him up, and hits the Crushing NightMare. He throws Seth off the apron before pinning...




    Outcast has eliminated Steve Carr.

    Shannan Lerch: Uh.. it's Logan and Outcast against just Seth now. That hardly seems fair.

    Seth rolls into the ring, standing up to Outcast. Outcast laughs, but Logan begs to get tagged in. Seth shakes his head "No", but Outcast tags Logan in anyhow. Logan gets into the ring, looking cockily at Lerch and talking generic shit on him. Logan kicks him in the gut and is about to hit the Connector, but Lerch pushes him away and he runs into Outcast.

    Kyle Steel: He accidently hit his own teammate!

    Logan starts apologizing to Outcast, and picks him up... right before kicking him and hitting the Connector!!

    Zach Davis: WHAT IN THE HELL!?

    Logan and Seth start stomping furiously at Outcast, and Lerch quickly pins. One.. two.. and three. The bell rings.

    Zach Davis: I guess, technically, Lerch's team wins. Even though Logan wasn't eliminated, whatever. This is a travesty.

    Suddenly, the lights go out. A familiar song plays... it is One, by Metallica.

    Shannan Lerch: What's this!?

    They come back on, and Rick Mad is in the ring!

    Kyle Steel: He left WCF when Creeping Death got fired! But looks like he's back!

    Logan and Lerch roll out of the ring, as the crowd cheers the returning Mad. He picks up Outcast, who embraces him.

    Zach Davis: Outcast and Mad are going to be a formidable team for Logan and Se-

    Just before Davis finishes his sentence... Mad kicks Outcast, and hits a Mad DDT.

    Shannan Lerch: HAHA! Outcast got screwed twice in one night!

    Zach Davis: Just like you, most nights. But WHAT!?!? WHAT'S GOING ON!?

    Logan and Seth roll back into the ring, and all three men start kicking at Outcast, once again. They raise their arms up in the air, and Seth hands Rick and Logan TOT T-shirts... which they quickly put on.

    Kyle Steel: ...I never thought I'd see the day.

    Zach Davis: Rick Mad in the TOT, with Logan!? This is MADNESS.

    The three men get out of the ring and head to the back, to a HUGE chorus of booing and BULLSHIT! chants. They take it all in, laughing as their perfectly laid scheme has worked.

  • World Title Match: Dogg vs Gravedigger
  • Zach Davis: And here we go... main event time, once again.

    Kyle Steel: Dogg, the raving lunatic, against Gravedigger, the unstoppable monster.

    ďSomebody hit the lights.Ē

    The music stops and the sounds of a single tap dancer come over the speakers.

    ďSo we can rock it day and night.Ē

    The tap dancing begins again, though there are several dancers this time.

    ďPeople getting down, thatís right.Ē

    The dancers are now accompanied by the beat of a drum.

    ďFrom AM to PM.Ē

    As the guitar chords blend two spotlights dance across the audience, both finally coming to rest on the stage where Dogg is standing. As the two lights hit him, he begins dancing down the ramp, playing it up to the crowd on either side. He throws off his colorful coat to reveal his new AND IMPROVED outfit. What once was a bland and tasteless tan and brown montage is now a colorful managerie of blues and reds and yellows and purples. He slides into the ring and does a little soft shoe followed by several turns.

    Zach Davis: Wow.. I don't know what to say.. uh.. wow.

    Kyle Steel: I wonder if he's still going to be himself in the ring...

    "Change" by Deftones plays as the lights go out. After a few seconds spotlights hit the ramp as Gravedigger emerges from the back accompanied by Dobbie. The two walk down to the ring absorbing the jeers of the crowd in attendance. Dobbie walks up the ring steps before Gravedigger and holds the ropes open for Gravedigger who steps through. The two men pose on opposite turnbuckles for a few seconds. The arena lights slowly come all the way back on.

    The bell rings.

    Shannan Lerch: IT'S ON!

    The hatred is apparent in both men's eyes. Instead of starting the match slow, the two start throwing punch after punch at each other! Gravedigger gets the early advantage and whips Dogg to the ropes, and then hits a Big Boot.

    Zach Davis: No one expects this match to be pretty, or technical, because it won't be. It'll be an all out brawl.

    Kyle Steel: A slobberknocker?!?

    Zach Davis: ...No. And don't say that, it's a little lawsuit called copyright infringement.

    Gravedigger goes for an elbow drop, but Dogg rolls away, sending him into the mat. Dogg then goes for an elbow drop of his own, but GD avoids it as well. Soon both men are up. GD runs at Dogg, who hits an Armdrag. GD gets right up, runs at Dogg, slides behind him and trips him. Gravedigger goes for a Leg Drop on Dogg's head, but Dogg rolls away. As GD stands up, Dogg executes a Schoolboy Pin from behind. One.. kickout. Gravedigger stands up and hits a Headlock Takedown into pin. One count, Dogg kicks himself up. Both men are standing, and each runs at the other and attempts a Clothesline. They catch each other, and both go down.

    Shannan Lerch: Amazing exchange of offense from these competitors! Wow.

    Dogg stirs first, and manages to roll over and pin Gravedigger. One... two.... No! Gravedigger gets his shoulder up. Dogg stands up, slowly, as does GD. Gravedigger tries to kick Dogg, but Dogg catches it and hits a Dragonscrew Legwhip! He then locks in the Sharpshooter.

    Kyle Steel: Good strategy.

    Dogg yells, "TAP!", but Gravedigger uses all his strength not to. He crawls towards the ropes, slowly but surely. The crowd begins to get on his side, clapping and chanting "GD! GD!" He's soon able to make it to the ropes, and Dogg is forced to release the hold.

    Zach Davis: GD may have hurt his leg a bit, it might not be the same for the rest of the match.

    Dogg lets Gravedigger stand up under his own power, only to kick him in the leg, causing him to fall back down. Dogg then stomps the same leg, over and over, before applying a leglock.

    Kyle Steel: Earlier Zach said this wouldn't be a technical match, but I guess he was wrong, as usual.

    Zach Davis: Hey! Bastard.

    Shannan Lerch: Dogg will just do whatever he can to inflict as much pain as possible.

    Gravedigger screams out, yet still does not tap. Dogg cranks on the hold, yet to no avail. He soon lets go, and grabs GD's leg, going for some other hold. But GD kicks him away, into the turnbuckle. Gravedigger stumbles to his feet as fast as he can, and starts stomping away at Dogg.

    Kyle Steel: He's favoring that right leg that Dogg had been going after.

    Gravedigger backs up, and waits for Dogg to stand up. He runs, and hits the Grave Marker! Dogg goes down in a heap, and GD quickly makes the pin.




    Dogg somehow kicked out. Gravedigger picks him up and goes for a Powerbomb, but his leg gives out and he's unable to do it. Dogg then tackles it, sending Gravedigger back down to the mat. Dogg applies a Figure Four Leglock.

    Zach Davis: Leg submission after leg submission... I don't know how long Gravedigger can hold out.

    Shannan Lerch: Doesn't look like he's done yet.

    Just as Shannan predicted, Gravedigger is still not tapping. Dogg seems astounded, but keeps the hold in nonetheless. Gravedigger tries his damndest to roll over, reversing the pressure... the audience begins clapping their hands again, in unison.. and eventually, Gravedigger is able to do it! Seconds later, it's released, but Gravedigger stands up again. Dogg runs at him, and Gravedigger catches him in a Powerslam into pin!




    Kyle Steel: ANOTHER nearfall!

    Gravedigger picks Dogg up, and throws him into the corner. He starts punching him, over and over, and then rams his shoulder into Dogg's ribs. Dogg stumbles forward, and he stumbles into a Diamond Cutter!

    Crowd: BANG!

    Gravedigger isn't taking any chances, so he picks Dogg up and signals for the Death Driver. He grabs Dogg and starts to do it, but Dogg pushes him away and into the ropes. As Gravedigger is coming back he ducks a Clothesline by Dogg, then runs back and hits another Grave Marker! The crowd goes wild as he picks Dogg up quickly and hits the Death Driver! He pins!

    Zach Davis: ONE!

    Shannan Lerch: TWO!

    Crwod: THREE!

    Kyle Steel: No! Dogg kicked out, at the VERY LAST SECOND!

    And despite the crowd's enthusiastic three, the ref says it was a 2. Gravedigger is livid, not knowing what to do.

    Zach Davis: I.. uh.. I don't know what to say, folks, this is incredible. I have NO IDEA what Gravedigger can possibly do to end this match.

    Gravedigger picks Dogg up, and grapples him from behind. Dogg elbows him in the head, switches behind and signals for the Dogg Pound. GD's arms are wrapped around his neck and he tries to lift the champion up. GD slips his foot around behind Dogg's right leg and hooks it, keeping Dogg from lifting him. Dogg tries a couple of more times. GD suddenly hollers out as he slowly pulls his arms from around his neck despite Dogg trying to hold GD's arms still with all his might. GD finally gets his arms straightened out in front of himself, which causes Dogg's hands to now be crooked. GD grins as he leans forward and yanks Dogg up into the air over his shoulder. GD lets go of Dogg's arms and catches him around his midsection. GD is in position for the Death Driver. He gets a pissed off look on his face as he uses one arm to support Dogg. GD extends his other arm out and points to the mat. His other arm goes back around Dogg and GD plants the challenger mat-first via a Death Driver.

    Shannan Lerch: ANOTHER Death Driver.

    The crowd goes wild as GD makes the pin. The ref slides over to count.




    The crowd roars in disbelief.

    Kyle Steel: Sweet Jesus Christ. He's kicked out of TWO Death Drivers.

    Both men lay on the ground, resting, no one really knowing what to do. Gravedigger is the first up, with Dogg soon following. Dogg attempts a Clothesline, throwing most of his energy into it, but Gravedigger drops. Gravedigger whips Dogg into the ropes, and catches him in a Sleeperhold.

    Shannan Lerch: Maybe if he can't pin him, he'll make him pass out.

    Zach Davis: Don't be ridiculous, no one has gone out to a Sleeper in years. Gravedigger is just giving himself time to rest.

    Gravedigger cranks the Sleeper, and Dogg drops to one leg. He appears to be going out, his eyes close. He drops down to the mat. The ref raises his hand.. and it falls to the ground. He raises it again.. and it falls, again.

    Kyle Steel: One more time, and Dogg loses..

    The ref raises the arm...

    And it drops.

    Zach Davis: Gravedigger retains the world title!!

    Gravedigger stands up as the referee walks over. The referee holds up the arm of Gravedigger as the announcer announces Gravedigger as STILL being the world champion.

    Shannan Lerch: Dogg refused to lose, he had to be put to sleep before he'd go down. To a Sleeper, nonetheless. Almost ironic.

    Fireworks go off on the stage as "Voodoo" by Godsmack plays on the arena's speakers. The timekeeper walks over and hands the world title through the ropes to the referee. The referee walks over as Gravedigger holds his arms up celebrating. The referee straps the world title around GD's waist. A look of relief and peace is on the face of Gravedigger. He stops celebrating and walks over to the side of the ring. GD gestures for a mic and is given one a couple of seconds later. He walks back to the middle of the ring and puts the mic to his lips.

    Gravedigger: Cut my music a second. I gotta say something!

    "Voodoo" by Godsmack slowly fades out as does the noise coming from the crowd.

    Gravedigger: First off, I gotta congratulate Dogg on a hard-fought matchup.

    Gravedigger looks over at Dogg who is getting up with help from the referee. Dogg pushes the ref away as he finally gets to his feet. Gravedigger walks over and extends his hand. Dogg looks at it for a second or two before taking it. The two men shake hands. Gravedigger holds Dogg's hand up and points to him. He pats Dogg on the back as he leaves the ring. GD turns back to the crowd.

    Gravedigger: That man right there, he's gonna be the champion one day. Could be a week from now, could be a month from now. No telling when. But too bad I won't be here when that happens.

    Shannan Lerch: What is he talking about?

    Zach Davis: Is he going on vacation again??

    Gravedigger: I've been in this business for nearly 4 years now. As a matter of fact it'll be my 4-year anniversary in two and a half weeks give or take a day. In those basically four years, I've done it all. DONE IT ALL. In every wrestling federation I've signed on with, I've gone up against the best those federations have had to offer. I have defeated every single one of them. I have more championship belts than even one of the greatest wrestlers to ever grace a wrestling ring...Ric Flair. But as you all know, titles don't always mean everything. I've wrestled in almost every single type of match and as my titles and record shows, I've come out on top nearly every single time. When I stepped through the doors of WCF on May 25th, 2003...I could not have imagined that on this day...September 28th, 2003 that I would have become a two-time WCF tag team champion and a two-time WCF world champion. Nor would I have thought I'd beat every single challenger who got in my way. Matthew Steele in the War match. Mace, Hellz Angel, and Logan at Blast. Cyrus at Ultimate Showdown. Steve Carr not long after that, and most recently Bishop...and tonight Dogg. I never would have thought that the tension between myself and my friend...yes my friend Bishop would reach a boiling point. I never would have thought we'd end up turning on each other and causing this huge war between us. But see, I wouldn't trade anything that happened here for anything in the world. My popularity and my wallet size have soared since I joined WCF...and so has my name value. The years, however, have taken a toll on me and I've decided that it's time...for me to hang up the boots once and for all. As a wrestler, I'm hanging up my boots. I'll still be in the business in one form or another, but not here in WCF. So...

    Gravedigger reaches behind himself and unstraps the world title. He holds it up one more time for the fans to see before handing it to the baffled referee.

    Gravedigger:'s time I give this to you Mr. Referee. You take it back there to Seth Lerch when you go to the back.

    Gravedigger turns back to the crowd.

    Gravedigger: So, I'd like to close by saying thank you. Thank you to all of those who tuned in each week to see the phenom that is Gravedigger. Thank you to all those who paid their hard-earned cash to buy tickets for each and every WCF show I was wrestling on. Thank you to all those who logged onto the Internet and talked about how I was holding down the other talent here. Thank you to all those wrestlers in the back who were in the ring with me, those who influenced me or inspired me or motivated me in some way, and those who were inspired, influenced or motivated by my actions in this ring. I wish that whoever holds that world title next can put into it the same respect, power, and importance that I put into it myself. But don't fret, fans. Hey, I might even get put in the WCF Hall of Fame. Until I see you again...

    Gravedigger tosses the mic to the timekeeper on the outside. "Voodoo" by Godsmack plays one last time as Gravedigger climbs each turnbuckle and raises his arms. The crowd goes absolutely insane and not a single person is in their seat. Gravedigger chants burst from every mouth in the arena. Security presses in trying to control the crowd somewhat as they cheer Gravedigger one last time in WCF. Gravedigger finally finishes posing on the fourth turnbuckle. He jumps down and rolls out of the ring. Gravedigger jogs around slapping the hand of each fan that's able to get close enough to the barricade. Finally he starts making his way up the ramp, arm raised. He stops one last time looking out at the crowd when he gets to the top of the ramp. He breathes in and then turns, about to head into the back... when Anger Rising plays.

    Kyle Steel: I hope Seth Lerch isn't here to ruin this for Gravedigger...

    Seth walks out, but he doesn't look angry or vindictive. If anything, he looks saddened. He's holding something that resembles a plaque.

    Seth Lerch: Hold up, buddy, you're not leaving just like that. You said you may just get inducted into the Hall of Fame? Do you know who gets into that, Gravedigger? Only the best. Only the ones that have made some significant impact on WCF. So with that in mind... I present this to you.

    Seth hands Gravedigger the plaque. It reads "WCF Hall of Fame" with a gold plate saying "Gravedigger" on it. Seth extends his hand, and Gravedigger shakes it appreciativly. Seth then pulls Gravedigger in, and the two hug. Seth raises Gravediggers hand in the air as the copyright info displays and we fade to black.