Gravedigger Promo
Slam Intro
Muscular Masked Man Promo
International Title: MMM vs Mike Kaos
Logan vs Mandy
Nightmare vs Monster Squad
Ragnarok Promo
Hardcore Title: Defman vs Madd Dogg
Steve Carr vs Epic
Ragnarok Promo 2
Gravedigger vs Bishop
World Title: Outcast vs Creeping Death vs Cyrus

  • Gravedigger Promo
  • "My Immortal" by Evanescence is playing as the scene fades in. The scene is a room, and seeing the things in it, it's a hospital room. In the room is a single bed, and lying in the bed is Gravedigger's girlfriend, Jessie. She is watching television and on the TV is the weekly WCF recap show...where they show matches and the wrestlers' promos that have been cut during the week. Currently on the screen is Gravedigger's latest promo. A noise can be heard from the door. Someone is knocking. Jessie turns her head to the door.

    Jessie: Come in.

    The door slowly opens and someone is standing there holding a bunch of flowers. The person holding the flowers lowers's Gravedigger. He smiles as he walks in the door and shuts it behind him quietly. He walks over to Jessie's bed.

    Gravedigger: Hey, babe.

    Jessie smiles real big as Gravedigger hands her the flowers. She smells them and then hands them back to Gravedigger. Gravedigger looks around and finds an empty vase. After filling it up in the nearby sink, he slides the flowers into the vase. He walks back over and bends over the bed. Jessie and Gravedigger kiss. Gravedigger takes Jessie's hand as he sits down. Jessie reaches over and turns the TV off.

    Gravedigger: So, how are you doing?

    Jessie: I'm doing much better. I should be out of here soon.

    Gravedigger: How soon?

    Jessie: They're going to do some tests on me later in the week. I should be out of here two weeks from tonight, unless I'm not better.

    Gravedigger: That's great.

    Jessie: Who was that woman you gave your phone number to the other night?

    Gravedigger is confused for a second, trying to figure out how she knew that, but then remembers he did it in his latest promo. He shakes his head.

    Gravedigger: Nobody. I gave them Dobbie's number anyway. I knew you'd be watching since it was in my promo.

    Jessie nods.

    Jessie: I saw that you and DAW got Hellz and Scavenger of Sorrow last week. Thank you.

    Gravedigger: Don't thank me yet.

    Jessie looks at Gravedigger curiously.

    Gravedigger: I'm not through yet. What I did last week was for me. I still have to get them back for you.

    Jessie smiles.

    Jessie: So, you're going to wait until they're better and attack them again?

    Gravedigger shakes his head.

    Gravedigger: No way. I'm getting them tonight.

    Jessie: But there's security all around them so that it doesn't happen. And besides you don't know what room they're in. Only the hospital staff and Seth Lerch know.

    Gravedigger shakes his head and pulls out a slip of paper. He hands it to Jessie who opens it up. On the paper is Hellz Angel's real name and room number 158. She smiles as she hands him the slip of paper back.

    Jessie: But you still have the problem of the security guards guarding the room.

    Gravedigger: That's why I have HIM.

    Jessie: Him who?

    The door slowly creaks open. Standing in the doorway is Dark Arts Wizard. He is wearing a surgical mask, surgeon's clothing and is putting on a second glove. He pulls it down past his wrist and lets it go. It makes a snapping sound. He reaches down beside the door and picks up something. He tosses a bunch of clothing to Gravedigger. Gravedigger smiles at Jessie who smiles back. He bends back over the bed and they give each other another kiss. DAW walks in and the door closes as the scene fades to black.

  • Saturday Slam Intro
  • Lords of Destruction blasts over the PA System, and we're on the air! Tonight's signs include "Lock Up The Children! Lock Up The Husbands! Mandy's Back!", "Congratulations, Cyrus", "Rage - The FAKE Of Treachery", "Steve Carr Made My Kids Cry", and various others. As the music dies down and the pyro stops, we go to the announcer's booth.

    Zach Davis: Hello fans, welcome to possibly the best Saturday Slam ever. Tonight's card is absolutely PACKED, with not only seven matches, but a lot of crazy stipulations and the like! Tonight IS the 10th anniversery of Saturday Slam. Kind of, the 10th episode, at least.

    Shannan Lerch: You said it, Zach. Tonight might as well be a pay-per-view, because it sure feels like it.

    Zach Davis: To start us off we'll have the WCF debut of the "Masked Man" who has been attacking our wrestlers as of late. And, hell, he starts off his debut match getting a Title shot against Mike Kaos, whom he attacked last week.

    Shannan Lerch: Sometimes it seems like he's on the side of the Youngbloods, sometimes it doesn't. Who knows!?

    Zach Davis: We'll also see... Logan... go up against a returning Mandy. It's obvious that it's Roger "Rage" Mason, Logan's brother, but Lerch is still trying to pull it off. And hell, he's booked against MANDY! She's a great competitor and all, but she's a woman.

    Shannan Lerch: Don't underestimate Mandy. Girl power!

    Zach Davis: We'll see the debut of Nightmare, who sounds frightning, going up against the Monster Squad. That reminds me, Freddy vs Jason came out yesterday!

    Shannan Lerch: We have a Hardcore Title defense, with the new man Defman going against Madd Dogg. I'm starting to think no one can stop Dogg... I hope Defman has what it takes.

    Zach Davis: Steve Carr is going to go one on one with none other than Epic. That alone is a pretty big match, but Seth Lerch is the special guest ref. I don't know if I like Carr's chances in this match.

    Shannan Lerch: Come on, Seth is a fair, just man. He'll call it straight down the middle. I'm starting to like this little Lerch against Carr feud, it's like WCF vs NCW or something. Awesome.

    Zach Davis: And the match to end all matches... Gravedigger against his former friend, Bishop. These two have been arguing over who is better for years, and this epic rivalry is coming to an end, here, tonight. It's going to be a match for the ages.

    Shannan Lerch: And finally, our World Title match. Outcast against Creeping Death against Cyrus. Each of these men had about a one week Title reign, and they're being viewed as "transitional Champions". One of them has to prove that he has what it takes to be a REAL World Champion, and he's going to do it tonight.

    Zach Davis: I can't wait for that match. Quite frankly, the Title scene in WCF hasn't been that great lately, reminding me of WCW's late days. I hope I don't end up announcing baseball games like Tony Schiavone did.

    Shannan Lerch: Ha! And coming up, I hear we have a word with the Masked Man.

  • Muscular Masked Man Promo
  • On the bottom of the screen it says earlier today and we're at the WCF offices. Hank Brown is walking down the hall towards the front desk. He walks up to the secretary seated there.

    Hank Brown: I was told that I have a call....

    The secretary smiles as she hands him a cordless phone. Hank pushes the talk button, puts it up to his ear. He looks at the secretary and nods. She hangs up her phone and goes back to her business. Hank talks into the phone.

    Hank Brown: Hello, this is Hank Brown.

    Voice: Hi, Hank.

    Hank Brown: Who is this?

    Voice: That doesn't matter right now. You'll find out soon enough. I represent the muscled masked wrestler you've been seeing on TV recent weeks, who tonight, is facing Mike Kaos for the international title.

    Hank Brown: Great! So, when can I schedule you for an interview here at the studios?

    Voice: I'm not coming there.

    Hank Brown: Well, what's your address? I'll come there and save you the trouble.

    Voice: You idiot, I'm calling you because I'd rather my identity remain a mystery. Trust me, if you saw who I am then you'd know right away who the masked guy is. We do this here...over the phone. Now ask your questions, quickly. We have to prepare for his match tonight.

    Hank Brown: Ok, first question is...why wear the mask? Got something to hide?

    Voice: No...he just likes playing hide-and-seek with his face...of course he's got something to hide! His identity. Seth told me you were the best interviewer, and I'm starting to regret that I called you. Ask a freakin good question, man!

    Hank Brown: Did you just randomly pick who you were attacking? Or is there some kind of pattern?

    Voice: There you go, Hank. Now THAT was a good question. The answer is that there IS some kind of pattern. It will be blatantly obvious what the pattern is tonight at Slam.

    Hank Brown: During his match?

    Voice: Maybe...

    Hank Brown: Is he going to unmask?

    Voice: Yes, he will unmask tonight.

    Hank Brown: During his match?

    Voice: ....Maybe.

    Hank Brown: Can you give us any hints on his identity?

    Voice: Yes. He's an associate of a champion.

    Hank Brown: Which champion?

    Voice: Again, giving some information like that away will spoil the surprise.

    Hank Brown: Is it a current champion?

    Voice: Could be. Anyway, my masked man here is going to destroy Mike Kaos tonight. He's going to be bringing a lot of pain with him. And for those that can't handle it, he's going to bring a Painkiller.

    Hank Brown: Hey, I recognize that catchphrase. OH!! I know who it is...

    Voice: It would be wise to not blab it around.

    Hank Brown: Of course. Talk to you later.

    Voice: Maybe...

    We go back to the announcers booth.

    Zach Davis: Was that really who I think it was?

    Shannan Lerch: I guess we'll find out soon.

  • International Title Match: Muscular Masked Man vs Mike Kaos
  • "Bleed For Me" by Saliva plays on the arena's speakers as the muscular masked man walks out from the back and stands there for a few seconds. Half the crowd boos him, while the other half cheers him. MMM walks down the ramp and climbs into the ring, waiting for Mike Kaos to come down.

    The lights in the arena go out, "Gramercy Park" hits, and two green pyros cross over the ring. The lights come back up, and Mike is sitting on the turnbuckle. MMM jumps as he didn't see Mike there. The referee calls for the bell as this match-up for the International title begins.

    Mike Kaos begins the match with a boot to the midsection. MMM isn't even fazed. Kaos fires a right hand at the muscular man, still no reaction. Kaos grabs the man and headbutts him. MMM just grins. Kaos goes for another boot but his leg is caught, used to pull him in and MMM hits a massive clothesline, flooring the champion.

    Zach Davis: The muscular masked man starts this match off with a huge clothesline.

    Kaos is back up and steps back a little and tries to come up with another strategy. He grabs the muscle man and irish whips him. MMM reverses the irish whip and hits Kaos with a powerslam. MMM starts getting up and is nailed in the back of the knee with a kick from Kaos. MMM falls to one knee but gets back up.

    Shannan Lerch: Kaos needs to keep MMM on the ground.

    Kaos dropkicks the muscled monster in the back and MMM skids face first across the mat. MMM slaps the mat in anger and stands up.

    Zach Davis: Uh oh, that was not a good idea by the international champ.

    Shannan Lerch: I think he's just made it worse for himself.

    He turns to Kaos and walks over to him, anger in his eyes. Kaos takes a swing and MMM ducks. He grabs Kaos and goes for an atomic drop. Kaos hooks his left leg around MMM's left leg. MMM decides to put Kaos in a bearhug instead and begins squeezing the air out of him. Kaos counters this by hitting huge blows with his elbow on the challenger. MMM finally lets go in a daze. Kaos bounces off the ropes and floors the big man with a flying forearm.

    Shannan Lerch: Kaos finally gets the masked man down!

    MMM back up and is hit with a bodyslam. Kaos walks over and stands at the nearby turnbuckle, waiting for MMM to get up. MMM is up and Kaos dives at him and nails MMM with a spear....but MMM holds on, hooking his legs around Kaos.

    Shannan Lerch: What's this? Not only is he a monster, but he knows submission moves, too?!?

    Zach Davis: WCF is in real trouble...

    He wraps his arms around Kaos' neck and starts trying to make him tap. Kaos tries to lift himself and MMM off of the mat, but MMM denies him that by punching him in the side. Kaos reaches out, blindly, and by sheer luck grabs the ropes. The referee tells MMM to let go of the hold. MMM up off of the mat as is Kaos. They lock up in the center of the ring. MMM with a headlock on the champion. Kaos punches him in the side and sets him up for a german suplex. He nails it!

    Shannan Lerch: German suplex on the challenger.

    Kaos stands up still holding onto MMM...another german suplex!

    Zach Davis: Kaos showing off his skill and power with the triple german suplex move he likes to use.

    Up again...a third german suplex! Kaos lets go and tries to catch his breath. He looks over in amazement as MMM gets right back up as if the match has just started.

    Shannan Lerch: Holy crap! This guy is like a machine!

    Kaos doesn't have time to get up as MMM starts stomping away at the fallen champion. MMM draws an imaginary line across his throat as he picks up Mike Kaos.

    Zach Davis: Oh man, the masked man says this match is OVER.

    MMM kicks him in the gut and lifts him over his head with a loud grunt. He gorilla presses him over his head and shows off his strength by "bench pressing" him.

    Shannan Lerch: Kaos is 300 pounds and the masked man acts like he's only 50 pounds!!

    He drops him, catches the 300 pound man to everyone surprise and nails a Death Valley Driver on the International champion. MMM flips the man over and applies a STF. Within seconds, Mike Kaos taps...we have a new International champion!!

    Zach Davis: Wow! The masked man comes in on his first match and practically dominates it, winning the International title from Mike Kaos. But wait, I don't think he's through yet!

    The referee tries to raise MMM's hand but he yanks it away and climbs out of the ring. MMM fishes around under the ring and comes out with two tables. He sets up one table, and then another one. He takes one table and stacks it on the other. He climbs into the ring and picks up Kaos.

    Zach Davis: This does NOT look good for our former International champion. Someone stop him!

    Shannan Lerch: Get the EMTs out here, this is gonna be bad!

    MMM walks over to the side of the ring with the tables, still holding Kaos. He picks Kaos up and powerbombs him over the top rope through the two tables!!


    Shannan Lerch: OH MY! Kaos could be out for a while due to that.

    MMM walks over, takes his newly won title from the referee, straps it around his waist, and leaves the ring. MMM walks to the back as "Bleed For Me" by Saliva plays on the speakers.

  • Logan vs Mandy
  • Straight Out Of Line by Godsmack plays over the PA system, and the crowd boos heavily. "Logan" walks out, and at first glance he looks exactly like the original. Seth Lerch is by his side, and the two walk to the ring. Logan gets in, and paces around until his music cuts.

    21 Questions by 50 Cent plays and Mandy runs out from the back, running down the ramp and clapping the fans hands on the way. She slides into the ring, smiling.

    Zach Davis: I'll tell you right now, I'm not going to have fun calling this match. But here we go.

    Mandy and Logan go to lock up, but Logan gets behind her and Dropkicks her. She goes down hard. He then drops an elbow on her, rolls her over, and makes the pin. One, two, no, Mandy kicks out.

    Zach Davis: Rag-... er, Logan, was too cocky.

    Logan picks Mandy up and goes for a Spin Kick, but Mandy ducks it, and hits a Head Scissors Take Down! The crowd pops, cheering Mandy on. Logan stands up and Mandy Clotheslines him back down, and then starts stomping away on him!

    Shannan Lerch: I told you not to underestimate her!

    Logan rolls away soon, and uses the ropes to stand up, even as Mandy continues kicking him. He grabs her by the hair and throws her into the turnbuckle, and as she staggers away catches her and hits a Belly to Belly Suplex! Mandy hits the mat hard. Logan goes over, and begins picking her up... and out of nowhere, Mandy kisses him.

    Zach Davis: What in the f-

    It's not just a small kiss, it's a KISS, with tongue. And soon Logan is returning the favor. The ref doesn't exactly know what to do, so he just kinda stands there, watching. Once they're done, Mandy begins moving down...

    Zach Davis: She's not going to.. No, not in a wrestling ring..

    Right as she's around his lower area, she LOW BLOWS him!!

    Shannan Lerch: HA! Women know how to manipulate you men, Zach. Mandy's pretty smart.

    Logan goes down, holding his crotch, yelling in pain. Mandy pins him. One... Two.... No! Logan SOMEHOW manages to get his shoulder up. Mandy picks Logan up and gets him in a Vertical Suplex position, but sets him on the turnbuckle. She climbs up, and is about to hit a Superplex, but Logan punches her in the stomach a few times and pushes her off. She falls to the mat. He then hits a Phoenix Splash!

    Zach Davis: SEE!? That was Rage's finisher!!

    Logan quickly picks Mandy up, and hits The Connector!!

    Shannan Lerch: Yeah, and that's LOGAN's finisher!

    Zach Davis: Don't be ridiculous, Shannan. That's Rage. Give up.

    Logan pins Mandy. One, two, three. "Logan" has won!

    Zach Davis: Whatever, whoever he is, he's beaten a woman. Good job, hats off to you, man.

    Logan rolls out of the ring, and Seth congratulates him on a job well done. The two then walk to the back.

  • Nightmare vs Monster Squad
  • Suddenly the arena plunges into darkness and Drop the Bombshell hits as a wall of fireworks heralds Nightmare's entrance prompting a standing ovation. The music plays for a minute and when the first chorus kicks in, Nightmare walks through the curtain with Korinea and Jeff Stevens through the blue and purple strobe lights. He raises his arms high in the air while he talks to his fans, then he goes back and forth on the stage high fiving everyone he can see up there. he walks down the ramp, high fiving everyone he can reach, then he pulls his kendo stick from his sheath and taps the steel stairs on all four corners before he slides into the ring, posing among the flashing lights. he props Korinea on his knee and drops down to one knee, spreading one arm and using the other to hug Korinea close to him as purple fireworks blast everywhere, with Jeff Stevens flexing above him. he stands up, does his chest pounding taunt as the crowd cheers him, then he removes his to-the-ring attire and awaits his opponent. Korinea kisses him and exits to the outside as Jeff steps over the top rope and drops to the floor.

    Zach Davis: Very impressive entrance.

    Shannan Lerch: Entrances don't mean anything, let's see if he can back it up in the ring!

    The Friday the 13th Theme plays, and both Creeper and Hacker walk out slowly from the back. They walk to the ring, calmly, and get in. The bell rings.

    Zach Davis: Handicapped match.. Here we go.

    Hacker and Creeper run at Nightmare, but Nightmare hits them both with a Double Clothesline. Both Monster Squad members go down. Nightmare stomps on them both a few times, and then picks up Hacker. He hits a Spinning Wheel Kick.

    Shannan Lerch: Lethal Injection!

    Hacker goes down, and Nightmare pins him. One, two.. Creeper breaks it up. Creeper kicks Nightmare a few times, but Nightmare stands up quickly, regardless. Creeper runs to the ropes and Clotheslines Nightmare down, and then hits a Leg Drop. Hacker then hits a Standing Headbutt. Hacker and Creeper then both climb to opposite turnbuckles. As Nightmare stands up, Hacker hits a Missile Dropkick, and Creeper follows up with a Flying Elbow Drop!

    Zach Davis: Great teamwork by the veteran group of Hacker and Creeper.

    Creeper pins Nightmare. One. Two. No! Nightmare kicks out.

    Shannan Lerch: What a monster, to kick out after all that offense.

    Creeper and Hacker pick Nightmare up, and grab him by the throat. They hit a Double Chokeslam! They then pick him up and hit the Monster Bomb! Creeper pins Nightmare again, and this time, he doesn't kick out.

    Zach Davis: Wow, they sure made quick work of Nightmare. If I was Madd Dogg, I'd be thinking twice about that match at Ultimate Showdown right about now.

    Shannan Lerch: Are you kidding? Madd Dogg has no fear.

  • Gravedigger/DAW Promo
  • The scene fades into a hallway. In the middle of it stands Dark Arts Wizard and Gravedigger, dressed in a surgeon's outfit and a doctor's outfit. Behind them down the hall a little ways is a bunch of security guards, guarding a room. Gravedigger taps his foot impatiently.

    Gravedigger: Where is he??

    Dark Arts Wizard: Have patience, my friend. He'll not disappoint he usually does.

    Suddenly, an ugly nurse comes walking down the hall towards GD and DAW. For some reason the nurse is walking like she's a thug. She stops in front of GD and DAW.

    Nurse: Alright guys, I'm here. Let's go do this!

    Gravedigger looks at the nurse with a weird look on his face.

    Gravedigger: What in the hell....Dobbie?!?

    Dobbie ducks down behind GD and DAW.

    Dobbie: You can still tell it's Dobbie?? Keep it down, dood, da 5-0 is over there, don't want them to know it's Dobbie.

    Gravedigger: Why the hell are you dressed up as a nurse??

    Dobbie: You said get an outfit. Dobbie figured that since DAW was a surgeon and you was a doctor, that the only logical thing to be is a nurse.

    Dark Arts Wizard looks at Dobbie.

    DAW: You don't even know what logical means do you?

    Dobbie gets all mad.

    Dobbie: Shut yo punk ass up, DAW. Tired of you. Now, let's get this thing done. My girdle's botherin me.

    GD and DAW start to turn around to walk to the room when they hear Dobbie say the word girdle. They turn around quickly.

    DAW: Did you say girdle?

    Dobbie: Yeah, Dobbie figured if he was going to dress up, he'd go all the way.

    GD points at Dobbie's "boobs".

    Gravedigger: Well, even though that's a scary thought, nice touch on the stuffing socks into a bra thing.

    Dobbie: Those ain't socks.

    GD gives Dobbie a disgusted look and starts to say something but DAW stops him.

    DAW: Don't ask Gravedigger. Just leave it alone.

    GD shrugs as he and DAW turn around. The three men...or well...two men and Dobbie walk towards the room. One of the security guards stops them.

    Security Guard: Excuse me, no one said that there was a nurse THAT LOOKS LIKE A MAN BABY, a surgeon and a doctor coming in.

    DAW stares deep into the man's eyes and as if hypnotized he steps to the side and gestures for them to go inside. The other security guards look at the lead guy with a weird look. The scene fades to black as the door to Hellz Angel and Scavenger of Sorrow's hospital room closes.

  • Hardcore Title Match: Defman vs Madd Dogg
  • The arena goes black, a light neon blue shines at the top of the ramp, the light grows into a series of explosions, and the lights come back on. Defman is seen at the top of the ramp, murmering to himself... He starts walking down to the ring, head down... He jumps onto the apron, and steps over the ropes.

    The arena goes dark as the bass line of the music cuts in. The words "It is dark, and hell is hot" fill the arena as the stage explodes. Low red lighting barely illuminates the stage as Dogg walks out. From right to left, mini pyro showers go off in order, slowly. Each covering Dogg with golden sparks. Then the stage explodes again and Dogg walks down to the ring.

    Zach Davis: Both Defman and Dogg appear to be in incredible shape, this will be excellent.

    The two walk towards each other, and starts trash talking. Defman pushes Dogg, and Dogg pushes back. Defman goes to hit Dogg with a forearm, but Dogg ducks and kicks Defman in the gut. He punches him a few times, and then Clotheslines him over the rope and to the floor, sending both men to the outside. Dogg is the first up, and he kicks at Defman a few times before going over to the announcers table...

    Shannan Lerch: AHHHH!! What is he doing over here!? Protect me, Zach!

    Zach Davis: No.

    Shannan Lerch: I'll make it worth your while..

    Zach Davis: No.

    Dogg grabs a chair, and as he turns back to Defman, the chair gets Dropkicked into his face! Defman then takes the chair from him and starts hitting him with it, over and over. He quickly makes the pin. One, two, no.

    Shannan Lerch: Good offense by Defman.

    Defman picks Dogg up and slams his head into the guardrail. He then grabs Dogg and throws him onto the spanish announce table.

    Zach Davis: We have a spanish announce table? I never noticed.

    Shannan Lerch: Yeah, we just put that there so they wouldn't hurt our table. No one actually uses it.

    Defman climbs onto the table, and hits a Double Arm DDT on Madd Dogg, causing the table to collapse! Both men lay on the ground a few seconds, before Defman rolls over onto Dogg and makes the pin. One... two... no! Dogg is again able to kick out!

    Zach Davis: Defman is really taking it to Dogg, but he hasn't been able to get the pin yet.

    Defman swears to himself, and starts picking Dogg up, but Dogg begins fighting back. He punches Defman a few times, slams his head on the guardrail, and then hits his head onto the turnbuckle pole! He then throws Defman onto the real announcers table.

    Shannan Lerch: Uh oh, looks like we should have gotten another spanish table-

    The announcers move out of the way as Dogg climbs onto the table, with Defman. Not to be outdone, he hits the Dogg Pound through the table! The crowd immediately goes into "HOLY SHIT!" chants, and both men lay on the ground, resting a bit. Madd Dogg crawls over top of Defman, and the ref counts.




    Defman barely got his shoulder up. Dogg is furious, and picks Defman up. He Powerbombs Defman into the turnbuckle pole on the outside! He then makes the pin again.




    Dogg has retained his Title in this brutal match. He grabs it, and walks to the back. Defman gets up slowly, and he receives a standing ovation. He, too, walks to the back.

  • Epic Steve Carr
  • "Perfect Strangers" hits. The music plays for a few seconds, Epic walks out and just stands infront of the curtain for a while to let the crowd catch a glimpse of him in all his glory. Seth Lerch then steps out from the back, wearing a ref's shirt. Epic slowly walks to the ring, and just before he enters the ring he takes off his robe and enters the ring. Seth follows. Once Epic is in the ring he waits in the corner, with a look of totally confidence. Seth stands in the middle, awaiting Carr.

    The lights turn off. Edgecrusher starts and red strobes flash. He steps out and the lights stop flashing. They become red spotlights which follow him up to the ring while he pretends to give high-fives to the fans and then pulls away. He climbs up the stairs and steps over the ropes.

    Zach Davis: Now that we've gotten a BRAND NEW announcers table built, and we're back... Well, about this match. If nothing else, this will be interesting. Will Seth call it straight down the middle?

    Shannan Lerch: Yes. Of course.

    Carr and Epic approach each other, and tie up. Carr overpowers Epic, and pushes him into the corner. Seth forces Carr to move back, and as he does Epic kicks him in the stomach and DDT's him to the mat. Epic goes and pins Carr quickly. Seth drops to count... 1, 2... Carr kicks out.

    Shannan Lerch: See? I told you it'd be fair.

    Epic picks Carr up, but Carr starts fighting back with punches. Epic staggers, and Carr hits a Northern Lights Suplex pin. Lerch drops to count again... 1, 2, no. Epic kicks out.

    Zach Davis: That count looked about right, yeah.

    However, Carr stands up, and starts arguing a bit with Seth. Seth says he didn't do anything wrong, and in the meantime, Epic climbs to the top rope. As Steve turns around, he's met with a Flying Clothesline! Carr goes down hard. Epic stomps on him a few times, and then hits an Elbow Drop. He then picks Carr up and goes for a Powerbomb...

    Zach Davis: No way! Carr is too big.

    And Carr counters with a Back Bodydrop, sending Epic down to the mat. Epic stands up and Carr hits him with a few Karate kicks, sending him back into the turnbuckle. Carr backs up, runs at him, and Clothesline him into it. Epic goes down. Carr jumps to the top rope, and hits the Ultimatum!

    Shannan Lerch: Well, this may be it.

    Carr pins Epic. One. Two. ... Lerch refuses to count anymore. Carr stands up, angrily, and starts yelling at him, again. Lerch pushes Carr, Carr pushes back, Seth kicks Carr, Carr pretty much just shakes it off and hits the Ultimate Stunner!! Carr then turns back to Epic, but is met with the Tranquilizer!! Carr flies down to the mat as well. Epic tries to revive Lerch, who slowly starts to stand up again, groggily. Epic picks Carr up and hits the Epic Falls as well, and Lerch counts. OneTwoThree.

    Zach Davis: Epic has won the match, but that count was REALLY fast. Not to mention when Seth wouldn't count for Carr. Fair, Shannan?

    Shannan Lerch: I said he'd be fair.. I didn't say who he'd be fair to, though.

    Once Seth has regained himself, he starts stomping on Carr, along with Epic.

    Zach Davis: Carr hasn't exactly been making friends, I don't think anyone is going to come out and even the odds for him.

    Seth gets Carr in position for the I Own You, and Epic helps him get Carr up. He hits it! They then continue to kick Steve a bit, and as soon as they're done, they start leaving the ring, laughing to each other. But as they're about to go to the back.. Carr is standing up, and has a mic.

    Steve Carr: You think I'm done? Get back in here, Lerch!

    Lerch looks enraged, and instructs Epic to go to the back. Seth then runs to the ring, gets in, and starts brawling with Carr. They exchange blows, back and fourth, until Carr hits another Ultimate Stunner on him! He then quickly jumps up and hits the Ultimatum for the second time this night. He then rolls out of the ring and walks to the back, triumphantly. After he's gone, Seth slowly rolls out. He walks to the back, looking like he's in a lot of pain.

  • Ragnarok Promo 2
  • Hellz Angel looks up as three men walk in. DAW walks over to the bed that SOS is lying in and pulls out a bag of liquid. He starts fiddling with the IV set-up that SOS has. GD looks over there.

    Gravedigger: What are you doing?

    DAW: This will slow him down some. You and me can take care of Hellz, the nurse can take care of SOS.

    Hellz: Hey, I recognize those voices. You're Gravedigger and Dark Arts Wizard! HEY, GUA--

    GD jumps over and punches Hellz in the face, stopping him from finishing his cry for help. Dobbie grabs a chair and slides it over to the door. He wedges it under the knob so that no one can open the door. DAW walks over to Hellz's bed. He punches Hellz in the face. GD and DAW both start beating the crap out of Hellz Angel. GD reaches into a pocket and pulls out a nightstick he brought with him. He starts nailing Hellz in the stomach with the nightstick over and over. He hollers out in pain. Dobbie runs over and jumps on SOS and starts punching him over and over. DAW reaches over to Hellz's IV bag and gives it a squeeze. Hellz hollers out in pain and there's a knock at the door. GD looks at DAW.

    Gravedigger: We don't have a whole lot of time left. Hey, bring over that thing over there. You know, the thing they use on TV with the two things....and they say clear and zap someone.

    DAW looks behind him and sees what GD is talking about.

    DAW: You mean a defibulator?

    Gravedigger: No, I'm talking about that thing in the corner.

    DAW: That's a defibulator.

    Gravedigger: Look, we don't have time to argue, just grab the defibuwhatever and bring it over here.

    DAW walks over and grabs the defibulator. He wheels it up to Hellz's bed. GD walks around and starts playing with the knobs. DAW rubs the two pads together.


    DAW jams both of them into Hellz Angel. Hellz Angel jerks and jumps all over the bed. GD messes with the knobs again and DAW zaps Hellz with again, and then one more time. GD reaches down beside the bed and comes up with a metal bedpan. He is balancing it carefully as he puts it on Hellz's bed. He grabs Hellz Angel's head and rubs it in the metal bedpan. Hellz screams. DAW walks over and grabs SOS' bedpan and turns it upside down. His shoulders slump.

    DAW: This one is empty.

    Gravedigger: I don't care, give it to me.

    DAW hands GD the bedpan. GD pulls Hellz's face out of his bedpan and puts the side of his head in it. GD then puts the other bedpan on the other side of his head. He reaches into another pocket and pulls out the little hammer they use to test your reflexes. GD laughs maniacally as he slams the hammer on the top of the bed pan over and over. Hellz Angel's body spasms as he screams bloody murder. GD stops hitting the bedpan after a few more times. DAW steps forward and jams the two pads onto the bedpan and Hellz Angel starts screaming out some more. DAW steps back and lets the two pads fall to the floor. GD points at SOS and DAW joins him and Dobbie in beating the crap out of SOS. GD turns and grabs one of the pads and jams it into SOS' crotch. Dobbie laughs at SOS as he screams out in horror. Suddenly the banging at the hospital door stops. The three men look up. A loud crashing sound can be heard as the door starts to splinter.

    Dobbie: Oh snap!! They breakin down the door! We gots to get outta here!

    Dobbie runs over to the only window in the room and tries to pull it up. It won't budge.

    Dobbie: Oh snap, tha window is stuck!!

    GD walks over and starts pulling at it. He looks at DAW.

    Gravedigger: Dude, help me get this. Dobbie, try and hold them off.

    Dobbie runs over and talks trash to the police trying to break the door down. GD and DAW try with all their might and finally get the window to slide up. DAW jumps out first. GD gets halfway out and turns back to Dobbie.

    Gravedigger: Dobbie, come on man!

    The door suddenly bursts open enough that Dobbie can see some of the police outside the room.

    Dobbie: Oh what now, 5-0. Can't do shiat can ya!! Punk ass muh fuccas!

    One of the police puts his hand through the hole and is holding a thing of mace. He sprays it in Dobbie's eyes. Dobbie clutches his eyes and hollers out.

    Dobbie: DAMN, that was Dobbie's eyes, dood! How you gonna hate on me like that! Stupid pig.

    Gravedigger: DOBBIE, COME ON!!

    Dobbie turns around, still blind, and runs for the window. He leaps into the air but misses the window and slams into the wall. He smacks the floor with a thud. GD gets mad and climbs in the room. He grabs Dobbie and carries him out of the room as the police bust in. GD, DAW, and Dobbie run a couple of hundred feet before stopping. They're standing there trying to catch their breath when they suddenly hear a hissing sound.

    Gravedigger: The hell is that?

    DAW sees what it is and points at Dobbie. One of his "boobs" is deflated.

    DAW: One of Dobbie's boobs is no more.

    Dobbie looks down and laughs.

    Dobbie: Oh snap, I look like Gravedigger's mom.

    Gravedigger starts beating up Dobbie as the scene fades to black.

  • Last Man Standing Match: Gravedigger vs Bishop
  • Zach Davis: Now it's time for a match that could start out as a simple match between former friends, but could end up leaving the arena looking like a warzone. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's time for Gravedigger vs. Bishop in a Last Standing Match.

    Shannan Lerch: The match will also be no disqualification, no countout and to ensure that there is no interference both men will have friends accompanying them to ringside and hanging around. And here comes Michael Buffer down to the ring. We've been informed that Mr. Buffer isn't here by Seth Lerch's request, but by the request and deep pockets of our former WCF world champion...Gravedigger. And we also received word that he has also thrown out the cash to bring in Mills Lane to be the special guest referee for this match.

    Zach Davis: He's using his wallet to make this match seem bigger than even our main event for the world title between Outcast, Creeping Death, and Cyrus.

    Shannan Lerch: I don't think the wallet of Gravedigger will do that, the thing that will probably make this match huge is the talent between the two. You can never be disappointed after watching a match involving Gravedigger or Bishop, much less one between the two. Now, time to go to the ring...

    Michael Buffer is standing in the middle of the ring holding a microphone. He looks out at the cheering crowd and smiles. He lifts the mic and talks.

    Michael Buffer: Welcome wrestling fans to this week's WCF. It's time for an amazing match-up. For the thousands in attendance...and the millions watching around the world....LETS GET READY TOOOO RRRUUUUUUMMMBBBLLLEEE!!!!!

    The crowd goes wild at what Michael Buffer says.

    Michael Buffer: First, weighing in at 385 pounds and hailing from Miami, Florida. He's the resident giant of WCF. Accompanied to the ring by the members of The is BIIIISSSHOOOP!!!

    The sound of drums are heard throughout the arena and out from the back walks Bishop followed by Priest, Brad Aikman, Mike Kaos, and the current WCF world champion Cyrus. The five men walk down to the ring, Bishop still leading the way. They all climb into the ring and stand over to one side, watching the entryway.

    Michael Buffer: And his opponent...weighing in at 275 pounds and hailing from Phoenix, Arizona. He's the self-proclaimed "Epitome of Hardcore" and "The Future" of WCF. He's accompanied by manager Dobbie, and tag team partner Dark Arts is...GRRRRAAAAVVEEEDIGGEEERRRR!!!

    "I'm not the one who's so far away When I feel the snake bite enter my veins Never did I wanna be here again And I don't remember why I came"

    The opening words to "Voodoo" by Godsmack start playing as the lights in the arena go out. Dobbie and Dark Arts Wizard walk out from the back and stand off a couple of feet to each side as Gravedigger walks out right after them. The crowd jumps to their feet and cheers like crazy as they see Gravedigger make his return to the ring. Dobbie is playing to the crowd the whole way down the ramp as the three men head towards the ring. Gravedigger smiles out at the crowd, flexing every now and then on the walk to the ring, while DAW has his usual blank stare as he concentrates on the group of men in the ring.

    Zach Davis: DAW seems to be the only one who realizes that the three men are outnumbered. The three of them are walking right into 5 men, every single one of them having held a WCF title in the past few weeks.

    Shannan Lerch: Well, you gotta remember that Gravedigger was the world champion not long ago and held it for about 6 weeks without getting defeated for it once. He lost it due to an injury by Hellz Angel and Scavenger of Sorrow, who he got his revenge on earlier tonight along with DAW.

    Gravedigger, Dobbie, and DAW finally get to the ring and they cautiously climb into the ring.

    Zach Davis: Speaking of DAW, the men in the ring now have caused some of the most drama out of nearly every faction involved in WCF history. Not long ago, with the exception of Cyrus, these guys were all part of The Dark Side. Gravedigger has feuded with DAW and is now feuding with Bishop. Uh oh, the two groups are heading towards each other.

    The eight men head towards the middle of the ring and stop once they get there. Gravedigger's eyes jump back and forth from Bishop to Cyrus, both his current enemies. Cyrus taunts Gravedigger by holding up the world title at him and smiling. DAW's eyes are locked onto Priest's eyes while Dobbie talks junk to Brad Aikman and Mike Kaos. Mills Lane walks up and inserts himself between the two groups. He commands that Dobbie, DAW, and The Youngbloods minus Bishop leave the ring immediately. After a few remarks back and forth between the two groups of people they all leave the ring and stand on opposite sides. Bishop and Gravedigger continue staring each other down in the middle of the ring with Mills Lane standing beside them.

    Zach Davis: Gravedigger giving up a good 6 inches of height and 110 pounds to the massive Bishop.

    Shannan Lerch: Yeah, but Gravedigger has the determination and pure muscle to hold his own with Bishop.

    Zach Davis: Right you are, Shannan. This will be a match for the record books. I've just been informed that there's not a single person in the bathrooms, at the merchandise stand, or standing in line for refreshments. Every single ticketholder is in his or her seat.

    Mills Lane informs both Bishop and Gravedigger of the rules, but it's obvious that neither man hears nor cares what he has to say. They're simply waiting for the bell to ring. Until they hear that sound, nothing else matters. Mills Lane looks over at the timekeeper as Michael Buffer climbs out of the ring. Lane signals for the bell.


    Before the timekeeper is even able to pull the hammer back the second time, Bishop and Gravedigger are already tearing into each other with massive lefts and rights.

    Zach Davis: Remember ladies and gentlemen, this match can only end when one man can no longer stand up and answer the 10-count. That's the ONLY WAY it can end.

    Bishop's size advantage wins him the fight with Gravedigger as Gravedigger finally staggers back into the ropes. He bounces off and hits Bishop with a shoulderblock, flooring the giant. Bishop gets pissed off at being caught off-guard and bounces off the ropes for his own shoulderblock. Gravedigger is one step ahead of Bishop and steps to the side, holds his foot out, and trips the giant. Gravedigger shoves Bishop and he falls into the turnbuckle face-first. Bishop gets madder and turns around to meet Gravedigger's feet in his face as he nails a dropkick on the former tag team champion. Gravedigger gets right back up as does Bishop. Gravedigger kicks the back of Bishop's left leg, trying to take the big man's legs out from under him.

    Shannan Lerch: Gravedigger doing the smart thing in trying to take Bishop's legs out from under him.

    Gravedigger irish whips Bishop into the nearby ropes and kicks him in the gut. GD with a bodyslam on Bishop. Gravedigger grabs Bishop's leg and stomps the inside of his knee, continuing to wear down Bishop. Cyrus gets under the ring and pulls out a kendo stick. He tosses it over the ropes, over Gravedigger's head and right into the hands of Bishop. Bishop smiles as he cracks the stick over GD's head. GD goes down to the mat. Bishop is back up first and he hits GD with the kendo stick in the back. GD arches his back as he yells out. Bishop with another shot and another and one last time before he throws away the kendo stick. Bishop picks up GD and gives him a backbreaker, further causing him pain. Bishop grabs GD's legs and tries to turn him over for a boston crab but GD kicks Bishop away. GD starting to get up but Bishop kicks him in the stomach and GD goes back down, clutching his stomach. Bishop gets GD up and irish whips him across the ring. Suddenly, a chair comes flying into the ring. GD catches the chair and Bishop goes to clothesline it into him. GD ducks, turns and tosses the chair to Bishop. Bishop catches it and GD punches the chair into Bishop's face. GD hollers out and rubs his wrist, but smiles at Bishop who is on the ground, blood trickling from his forehead.

    Shannan Lerch: Ouch!! That had to hurt, and look! We have our first bleeder in this match.

    He dabs at his forehead and his eyes grow wide when he sees his own blood on his hand. He looks up and GD is trying to superkick him. Bishop quickly ducks and grabs GD, lifts him up and powerbombs him to the mat. Bishop bounces off the nearby ropes and goes for a leg drop but GD quickly rolls out of the way and the big man falls onto the mat, no one there to cushion his fall. GD runs across the ring, grabbing the chair again on the way to the ropes, bounces off of them and tosses the chair to Bishop. Bishop catches the chair and GD dropkicks him in the face, making a loud WHAP as the chair connects with Bishop's cranium.

    Zach Davis: Holy crap!

    GD goes for the pin but before he can even be told there's no pins, he realizes it and pulls Bishop off of the canvas. He nails a scoop piledriver on Bishop and walks over to the turnbuckle. He climbs onto the second buckle and jumps off, nailing a small elbow drop. He gets up and watches as Bishop slowly starts getting up, via help from the ropes. Gravedigger runs over at Bishop and tries to nail a knee to Bishop, but Bishop ducks, pulls down the middle rope and GD goes flying to the outside and accidentally collides with Priest. Cyrus walks over, having not seen what Bishop did and grabs GD, thinking he's attacking Priest. Cyrus puts GD's head between his legs but is stopped when DAW walks over with a chair in hand. DAW grabs Cyrus by the hair, pulls his head back so he can see DAW's face and tells him to let GD go. Cyrus lets GD go. DAW and GD walk back around the ring while Bishop catches his breath inside the ring. GD and DAW have a conversation about something and GD points under the ring. Dobbie is told to come over and they apparently coming up with a plan.

    Shannan Lerch: What are those three talking about over there?

    Zach Davis: Whatever it is, it's probably not going to be good for Bishop.

    GD nods and climbs back into the ring. Bishop runs over and clotheslines GD to the mat. On the outside DAW and Dobbie pull a table out from under the ring and set it up on the outside. Bishop picks GD up, but gets a thumb to the eye.

    Zach Davis: Anything but interference goes in this match.

    GD kicks Bishop in the gut and then walks him over to the side of the ring with the table. GD climbs onto the apron and leads Bishop out onto the apron. GD knees Bishop and puts his head between his legs. GD tries to lift Bishop up but Bishop holds onto GD's legs, keeping him from lifting him up for a powerbomb. GD tries again, but still Bishop won't budge. GD's eyes get wide as Bishop lifts him up for a back body drop, but Bishop doesn't go all the way through with the move. Instead he dumps GD off to the side and GD breaks through the table to the mat outside. The crowd cheers as someone goes through a table.

    Shannan Lerch: Man, that had to hurt. Now Bishop walking over here towards us...wait a second. Hey! No, stay away from our table Bishop!

    Zach Davis: Use another--hey, get your hands off of me!

    Bishop ignores Shannan's pleas as he grabs Zach and shoves him aside. Bishop clears everything off of the table. Bishop walks over and grabs GD. He picks GD up off of the mat outside the ring. He walks GD over and grabs him by the throat. Bishop lifts GD up and chokeslams him through the table.


    Zach Davis: Well, I guess we have to stand here for the rest of the match. Hopefully, they'll get us a place to sit at for the main event.

    Shannan Lerch: Poor Zach.

    Zach Davis: Shut up! I just can't believe we lost TWO announce tables tonight. First Madd Dogg and Defman, now this.

    Shannan laughs at Zach as Bishop looks over at Mills Lane and tells him to count. Mills slides out of the ring and starts the 10-count on GD.

    Mills: 1...2...3

    GD stirring.

    Mills: 4...5

    GD standing up.

    Mills: 6...

    GD all the way back up and Mills says the match will continue. Bishop is furious at GD for getting up after being put through two tables. GD stands up. Bishop runs at GD who is leaning against a ring post when suddenly Dobbie pops out from nowhere and sprays a fire extinguisher right where GD is. A loud CLANG can be heard in the middle of the "mist". When it clears, GD is a couple of feet away catching his breath and Bishop is laying down in front of the ring post, knocked out. Mills Lane begins the count.

    Mills: 1...2...3...4

    GD not finished with this match yet and walks over to Bishop. He picks Bishop up off of the mat and rolls him back into the ring. Priest suddenly walks towards the back and disappears. GD bounces off the ropes and hits a splash onto Bishop. GD grabs Bishop's legs and applies a figure-four leglock on Bishop. Bishop sits up and hollers out at his leg hurting in the move. He reaches for GD's head but GD ducks out of the way and slaps Bishop in the face. This angers Bishop who starts swinging at GD while still in the figure four. Finally one of Bishop's fists connects with the side of GD's head. The two start punching each other while in the figure-four leglock.

    Shannan Lerch: Good grief! These guys trade blows no matter where they're at.

    Finally GD lets go of the move and stomps Bishop a couple of times. Priest comes walking back down the ramp, carrying a ladder. Bishop is back up, sees Priest and points at him. They both smile as Priest reaches the ring. Priest starts sliding the ladder into the ring as Bishop irish whips GD. GD bounces back and is back body dropped by Bishop. GD goes flying up into the air and ends up landing on the ladder that Priest is still sliding in. GD's fall knocks the other end of the ladder up into Priest's face, who flies off the apron and into the barricade outside. The crowd goes wild at what just happened. Bishop walks over and picks GD up and body slams him onto the ladder. GD hollers out in pain. Bishop rolls GD off of the ladder and picks it up. He slams the end of the ladder into GD's gut. GD hollers out some more and clutches his stomach. Bishop rams the ladder into his side again and then tells Priest to set the ladder up as a bridge to the Spanish announcer's table. Bishop grabs GD and walks him over to the apron and they both climb out. Bishop picks GD up in a powerbomb and gets ready to powerbomb GD onto the "bridge" that Priest has just set up. GD starts punching Bishop in the face, hoping he'll put him down. Bishop holds on. GD wraps his legs all the way around Bishop's neck and starts trying to choke him out as he continues punching GD. Bishop starts slowly losing his grip as GD squeezes his legs together, cutting off Bishop's oxygen supply. GD feels him losing his grip even more and reaches over. He grabs the turnbuckle and pulls on Bishop with his legs. Bishop finally lets go and falls onto the "bridge". Gravedigger falls onto the apron. He gets up on the turnbuckle and signals for Death From Above.

    Zach Davis: Oh wow, he's going off the top rope and doing his leg drop onto Bishop who's lying on that ladder. Wait, here comes Cyrus!! Cyrus is still mad over the recent attack on him last week. Before Cyrus can do anything, DAW is on the apron to stop him once again. Cyrus and DAW start arguing and end up getting in a shoving match. DAW pushes Cyrus who accidentally bumps into GD at the same time he jumps! GD goes through the Spanish announcer's table!!

    The crowd goes wild as GD lies in the middle of the broken table and Bishop falls off the ladder as it collapses from the table being broken. Both competitors laying there. DAW walks over and tries to get at Cyrus, but Cyrus picks up one of the chairs used earlier and nails DAW with the chair.

    Suddenly, the arena's speakers come to life as "Bleed for Me" by Saliva starts playing.

    Shannan Lerch: What in the hell??! He's coming out here now?!

    Everyone looks shocked as the masked man walks out from the back, his newly won International title strapped around his waist. Cyrus jumps down from the apron. The masked man runs down the ramp, around to the side of the ring and to everyone's surprise violently gores Cyrus into the barricade, busting a hole in it. The world champion goes down in a heap as the masked man stands back up.

    Crowd: HOLY SH!T!! HOLY SH!T!! HOLY SH!T!! HOLY SH!T!!

    Zach Davis: OH MY GOD!! Our world champion still has to defend his title later on tonight!

    He turns around to see DAW, back up and standing there. The two stand face-to-face, eyes locked. DAW nods at the guy and then turns to where GD is lying and continues watching the match. Mills Lane starts the 10-count on both Bishop and Gravedigger.

    Mills Lane: 1...2...3...4...5...6!

    Bishop slowly getting up, GD barely moving.

    Mills Lane: 7...8!

    Bishop up and walking over to GD. He picks GD up and irish whips him into the side of the ring. Gravedigger hollers out as Bishop grabs him and irish whips him towards the barricade that keeps the crowd away from the ring. GD irish whips Bishop into the barricade and the force causes Bishop to flip over into the crowd. GD walks over and steps over the barricade. The two continue their fight through the crowd. GD with an irish whip on the giant Bishop into the steel railing on the outside. The crowd starts cheering as the two exchange blows again out among them. Crowd members reach out and touch Bishop and GD until security starts pushing them back. DAW climbs over the railing with something in his hand. He tosses a black object to GD. GD fiddles with it for a couple of seconds. Bishop sees what it is and tries to stop him but GD stabs Bishop with it and Bishop's body jerks.

    Zach Davis: Hey, that's the stun baton that DAW got Hellz with a while back!!

    Shannan Lerch: Well, that was a shocking experience!

    Zach Davis: ...

    Shannan Lerch: What? You think you're the only one that can make corny jokes???

    GD smashes the baton over Bishop's head and Bishop goes down. GD looks over nearby and sees the curtain that goes to the backstage area. GD leads Bishop over to it and the two go through the curtain to the backstage area. The Youngbloods minus Cyrus who is still knocked out, DAW, Dobbie, and the masked man walk into the back with them to make sure there's no more interference. GD spots a cart with a bunch of lead pipes lying in it. He starts to grab Bishop but is low-blowed by the big man. Bishop lifts GD up in a gorilla press slam and drops him onto the lead pipes. GD hollers out and when he rolls over his face is busted open and his face is bleeding. Bishop walks over to a room marked "Janitor's closet" and pulls out some brooms and mops and a mop bucket. Bishop hits GD with one of the brooms breaking it in half over his back. Bishop grabs the mop bucket and starts to hit GD in the head with it, but GD hits Bishop with a right and grabs the bucket from him. Bishop shoves GD into a nearby wall and the bucket gets put on GD's head. He walks around and starts to pull the bucket off of his head, but stops when Bishop uses one of the other broomsticks as a baseball bat and nails the bucket. GD goes staggers around and the bucket on his head is hit again by Bishop's broom stick. Bishop grabs GD and puts him in a bearhug and starts squeezing the former world champion. GD starts punching at Bishop but the punches don't faze the giant. GD then headbutts Bishop with the bucket. Bishop shakes the pain off, but is hit with it again. His grip loosens some and he's headbutted for a third time by GD.

    Zach Davis: And the third time is a charm! Bishop lets go of the bearhug and GD pulls off the now-cracked mop bucket. Uh oh! Here comes the janitor!

    A janitor comes walking by and sees the cracked bucket! He gets all mad, picks the bucket up and looks at Bishop and GD.

    Janitor: Hi! I'm Hans the yanitor!! Vy did j00 idiots break vy bucket!!

    Suddenly, Dobbie comes flying from out of nowhere and nails a Ghetto Blaster on the janitor. He looks down at the unconscious janitor.

    Dobbie: Dood, didn't you hear there was no interference??

    GD and Bishop go back to fighting. Bishop kicks GD in the gut and signals for the Last Sermon.

    Bishop grabs GD and lifts him up in the air. GD squirms and wiggles. He finally breaks free of Bishop's grip and jumps to the floor. Bishop turns around as GD gives Bishop a kick of his own to the gut. He powers up the giant, manages to turn around in a complete circle and BAM...Death Driver on the concrete! The crowd goes insane as GD starts walking away towards the ring. Dobbie, DAW, and the masked man follow GD back towards the ring. GD knows he's won this match and walks away with his arms raised. Mills Lane begins the count on Bishop.

    Mills Lane: 1...2....3...4

    GD & Co. are walking down the ramp.

    Mills Lane: 5...6...7...8

    GD & Co. get in the ring.

    Mills Lane: 9...10!!!

    GD & Co. start celebrating in the ring. Mills Lane comes running down the ramp towards the ring. The cameras show what's happening backstage. Priest and Brad Aikman are waking Bishop up. He looks around asking where Gravedigger is. They tell him he lost. Bishop gets all mad and shoves Priest. He starts throwing things around and asks where GD is. Brad tells him. Bishop storms towards the ring as Brad and Priest follow him. Back in the ring, Mills Lane holds Gravedigger's arm up, signaling him the victor as the timekeeper rings the bell.

    Michael Buffer: The winner of this match...GRRAAAVVVVEEDIGGER!!!

    Cyrus looks on from the outside with a pissed off look. Bishop comes storming out from the back with Priest and Brad Aikman following closely behind. Cyrus climbs into the ring with the rest of The Youngbloods. GD turns as Bishop climbs into the ring and the two men get in each other's faces and continue talking junk. DAW walks over to the side and gestures for a microphone. He is handed one and puts it up to his mouth.

    DAW: Bishop....ENOUGH!! Gravedigger...ENOUGH!! I tire of this constant squabbling among us. The internal war among The Dark Side ends tonight!! Everyone...your differences, hatred, jealousy, whatever else is squashed tonight!! We broke into this business together! We dominated this business together! We won titles together! We won matches together! We destroyed careers together! We destroyed entire federations together! No one can compare to us! This might sound corny....but united we stand. Divided we fall!! The Dark Side is no more! Bishop...Priest...Brad Aikman...yes, even you Cyrus. Join us. Join us as the newest faction in WCF. The Dark Side is no more. The Youngbloods are no more. This new faction will take the best that both groups had to offer. We will be called The Darkbloods. What do ya say?

    Bishop steps back from GD and looks at DAW for a few seconds. He turns and talks to The Youngbloods. They all nod to each other. Bishop turns around and nods to DAW. Bishop turns to GD. He holds his hand out. GD stares at him for a few seconds and turns to DAW. DAW nods. GD turns back to Bishop and shakes Bishop's hand. The former Youngbloods, GD, DAW, and Dobbie all stand together, while the masked man stands to the other side with a smirk on his face. GD stops shaking Bishop's hand, lets go and asks DAW for the mic. DAW hands it to him. GD speaks.

    Gravedigger: You said earlier that you were going to unmask tonight. Unless I'm blind, you're still masked. And now you have the audacity to come down here and interfere in our business. Who are you?

    The masked man looks at GD for a few seconds and then slowly walks over to him. The masked man turns his back to GD and points at the strings on the back of his mask.

    Gravedigger: You want me to take off your mask?

    The masked man nods. GD slowly unties the back of the mask. The masked man grabs the front of the mask and steps away from GD. He turns around and moves his hand away from his face and allows the mask to hit the floor. A collective gasp is heard from all over the arena including the wrestlers in the ring as the muscular masked man is...revealed as none other than...MIKE D!! Mike D immediately flexes and growls real loud with a huge grin on his face.

    Gravedigger: What in the he--

    Gravedigger is cut off as someone on a microphone comes walking out from the's Jayson Stasiak!

    Jayson: Yes, yes, it's me. The guy talking on the phone who talked to Hank. Surprised, Gravedigger?

    Gravedigger nods as Jayson climbs into the ring.

    Jayson: We watched on TV for weeks how dominating The Youngbloods and The Dark Side were. We noticed you guys lacked one thing. Someone watching your backs constantly, a magnificent wrestling phenomenon...a magnificent specimen. A true monster like Mike D. You needed more pain added to your little group. And you know Mike D knows how to dish out the pain. He's not called The Harbinger of Pain for nothing. Mike D is hungry. He hasn't tasted pain in months. As you can see, in his debut match, he violently annihilated Mike Kaos and won his, I take that back...he TOOK Mike Kaos' title...and possibly even his career. Mike D is an animal. He's the Harbinger of Pain...the destroyer of dreams...the taker of careers...and the catastrophe of WCF.

    Gravedigger: You said you thought we needed someone. Are you saying that you guys are part of The Darkbloods?

    Jayson holds his finger up and wags it back and forth slowly.

    Jayson: No, see that's the thing. We're not here to be in a faction...not yet at least. Mike D is here to watch your backs, whether you think you need it or not. Mike D is here to wrestle. He's here to compete in singles matches. If you guys ever need another guy on your team, Mike D would have no problem teaming with you, but he's here not only for you guys but for himself. Whenever Mike D tires of his newly won title, he's on a quest to destroy every wrestler in the hardcore division. Then after that who knows what title he'll go after next? Maybe...the WORLD title.

    GD and Mike D stare at each other.

    Jayson: But see, that's something else about Mike D joining WCF. Not only will he be watching your back, but during the process of him breaking limbs here in WCF, he might even be pitted against a member of The Darkbloods. But hey, sh!t happens. But, now, we'll leave while The Darkbloods celebrate their moment.

    Jayson starts to leave, but then stops and turns back to the group.

    Jayson: Oh...wait...there was something I almost forgot. We said we'd watch your backs. There's one little problem there. There's a certain person we don't like in The Darkbloods. I guess you could say he doesn't really fit in...doesn't really belong. Mike D, take care of him. Guys, try and stop Mike if you'd like to. TRY.

    Mike D storms across the ring, shoves the members of The Darkbloods aside as he plows towards Cyrus. He grabs Cyrus and irish whips him across the ring. As Cyrus bounces off and runs back, Mike D nails a superkick on the world champion, grabs Cyrus' leg on the way down, flips him over and applies a STF on him. Cyrus screams out in pain as Mike D yanks on Cyrus' neck. Mike D roars out, drowning out Cyrus' screams. Everyone in The Darkbloods start laughing at Cyrus. Jayson finally comes over and pulls Mike D off of Cyrus. The Darkbloods start stomping away at the world champion. They finally stop as "Idle Hands" by Stone Sour starts playing on the arena's speakers. The newest faction, The Darkbloods, walk to the back followed by their "Guardian Angel" Mike D and his manager. The camera zooms in on the world champion who is just now getting up. Cyrus is furious.

    Zach Davis: And after that attack... CYRUS HAS TO DEFEND HIS TITLE IN A TLC MATCH! Right now! This is CRAZYNESS!

  • World Title TLC Match: Outcast vs Creeping Death vs Cyrus
  • 'God of Thunder' hits and the crowd cheers. He walks out in black jeans. he goes to the ring with is eyes fixed on the ring. Nothing else phases him. He slides in and raises his hands.

    The lights slowly fade to black. The JumboTron shows shots of a big wooden cross wrapped in barbed wire in the middle of a thunderstorm. While the cross is shown, the churchy music plays. "Payback" comes on through the organ music. As soon as the heavy part of "Payback" kicks in, the lights come back on, and Creeping Death emerges from the back, with Kristen Volz by his side holding a kendo stick. They slowly walk down to the ring, Creeping Death with a black hoodie on, with the hood over his head, and his head down, Kristen wearing a black baby doll tank top with "Flaw" on the front in white letters, and the same baggy black nylon pants Creeping Death wears. As they reach the ring, Kristen takes the steps, and Creeping Death climbs up to the apron, and jumps over the top rope into the ring. Inside, Creeping Death takes off the hoodie and hands it to Kristen.

    Cyrus and Outcast begin the match with a lock up. Creeping Death watches on, but, sits in the corner, much like Raven used to do.

    Zach Davis: What the hell is this? Creeping Death asked for this match, and now he's just sitting?

    Cyrus whips Outcast into the ropes, and as he comes back, Outcast hits a flying elbow. Outcast lifts Cyrus to his feet, but, Cyrus chokeslams him out of nowhere! Cyrus then hits an elbow drop. Cyrus helps Outcast up, and lifts him onto his shoulders like a DVD. Cyrus swings Outcast out in an F-5, but Outcast reverses into a Stunner! Now in control, Outcast slides out and grabs a chair. As he comes back in, he looks over at Creeping Death in the corner. Creeping Death flips him off, and Outcast gets a big boot from Cyrus! Cyrus grabs the chair and whacks Outcast in the knee. Cyrus locks on a Figure Four.

    Shannan Lerch: This TLC Match needs Creeping Death. Badly. I mean come on, a Figure Four?!

    Outcast is able to reverse the hold. Outcast hits Cyrus with a DDT, followed by a leg drop. Creeping Death begins to stand up, and the crowd cheers. But then he sits right back down. Cyrus and Outcast are back up, punching eachother in the face over and over. Like out of nowhere, Outcast scoops Cyrus...but Cyrus is too much. Cyrus slides off Outcast's back, and hits a neckbreaker. Cyrus exits the ring and throws in a chair and two tables. Cyrus puts a table in the corner, and sets one up in the ring. Creeping Death slides under the bottom rope and stands up on the apron, watching the action. Cyrus lifts Outcast up, and Powerbombs him through the table!

    Zach Davis: Ouchies.

    Cyrus slides outside, and brings in a ladder. He then slides back into the ring, and sets it up, Creeping Death standing on the apron and watching the whole time. Cyrus climbs up, and gets to the middle, when Outcast begins to climb. Outcast meets Cyrus at the top, and they begin punching at eachother. All the sudden, Creeping Death springs up to the top rope, and hits Outcast with a springboard dropkick, knocking him off the ladder! Cyrus looks down in shock as Creeping Death rolls out of the ring and begins walking up the ramp. Cyrus grabs the World Title, winning the match.

    Zach Davis: What the hell?

    Shannan Lerch: At any rate, Cyrus retains the Title. I wonder why Creeping Death did what he did, though?

    Zach Davis: It's because he's lazy. And a pussy.

    Cyrus leaves the arena with his belt, and Outcast soon follows. Before Creeping Death leaves... Anger Rising by Jerry Cantrell hits, and Seth Lerch walks out. He isn't exactly looking pleased.

    Seth Lerch: Creeping f'n Death. I don't know how you continue to get put into main events like this. Seriously, you deserve to be jobbing to Mandy or something. So here's what I'm going to do. Next week you fight my number one man, Logan, and if you lose you're FIRED.

    There are gasps from the crowd, but Creeping Death doesn't seem to care.

    Seth Lerch: You don't do ONE promo before that match? You're fired then, too. I'll see you then, buddy.

    The copyright info appears, and Slam goes off the air.