Slam Intro
US Title: M.I.B. vs Heatwave vs Mandy vs Burn Out vs Defman
Seth Lerch vs Outcast
Lerch/Carr Segment
Cyrus vs Epic and Wreck
Tag Titles: Gravedigger/Mike D vs Madd Dogg vs Bishop/Priest

  • Sunday Slam Intro
  • Immortal by Adema blasts across the PA system as the FIRST edition of Sunday Night Slam goes on air. We scan the arena, and see signs such as "I Should Be In Church!", "Four Matches!? Seth is Lazy!", "Lerch and Carr > Vince and Eric", and the ever popular "The Guy Behind Me Can't See!". We go to the announcers booth, to see the not-so-new team of Zach Davis and Shannan Lerch.

    Zach Davis: Welcome, fans, to Sunday Slam. Same great action, different day.

    Shannan Lerch: We only have four matches tonight, but god damn, they're packed. A crazy Tag Team Titles match tonight, as Madd Dogg, the champion(s)? takes on the teams of Gravedigger and Mike D and Bishop and Priest.

    Zach Davis: That will be great. Bishop and Priest have been at the throats of both Dogg and Gravedigger and Mike D. And Gravedigger and Dogg have certainly never got along, either.

    Shannan Lerch: Also, we'll see former World Champion Cyrus against the Team of Treachery team of Epic and Wreck. Wow, is that a lot to say.

    Zach Davis: I didn't know Wreck was in the T.O.T.?

    Shannan Lerch: Uh.. I guess he rejoined at a house show or something, whatever.

    Zach Davis: Seth Lerch goes one on one with Outcast, and we have a huge US Title match, too. I think the big news, however, is the alliance between Seth Lerch and Steve Carr.

    Shannan Lerch: They make GREAT partners, I think! I mean, seriously, they're the two most succesful men in e-wrestling ownership ever.

    Zach Davis: E-wrestling? What's that?

    Shannan Lerch: I didn't say that.

    Zach Davis: ...Anyhow, yeah, Steve Carr is the General Manager of Slam now. I guess Seth is too busy or something.

    Shannan Lerch: I can't say Carr is doing too bad a job, as our first match is huge. United States Title. Heatwave against Mandy against Burn Out against Defman against some Man in Black. I wonder who he is?

    Zach Davis: I think we may be finding out in a few seconds!

  • United States Title Match: M.I.B. vs Heatwave vs Mandy vs Burn Out vs Defman
  • Fire appears on the screen, and then it counts down from 5 seconds. We then hear Heatwave say "Feel the burn!" and he appears. As he walks down the stage he taunts the crowd and flames blast from the ramp down to the front turnbuckles.

    "21 Questions" by 50 cent plays and Mandy runs out from the back running down the ramp and clapping the fans hands on the way. she slides into the ring smiling and waiting for her opponents.

    A motorcycle is heard revving up, and Burn Out comes out on a motorcycle. He goes around the ring, gets off the bike, and climbs in.

    The arena goes black, a light neon blue shines at the top of the ramp, the light grows into a series of explosions, and the lights come back on. Defman is seen at the top of the ramp, murmering to himself... He starts walking down to the ring, head down... He jumps onto the apron, and steps over the ropes.

    Zach Davis: And now.. the Man in Black!

    The fans and men in the ring alike await the arrival of the fifth, and last, challenger. No one comes out. After a few seconds they start to get restless, and Defman shrugs and starts pounding away at Burn Out. Mandy turns and Clotheslines Heatwave to the ground.

    Zach Davis: Well, I guess.. I guess the Man in Black isn't showing up?

    Defman picks Burn Out up and executes a Double Arm DDT, sending him back down. He then locks him in an Armbar, yelling "TAP OUT! TAP OUT!". Burn Out refuses, and instead fights the hold for a while, screaming in pain. He's soon able to reach over and punch Defman, forcing him to release the hold. Mandy is kicking away at Heatwave, still, and hits him with a Jumping DDT.

    Shannan Lerch: GO MANDY! GRRL POWER!

    Zach Davis: ...Anyhow, let me explain the rules of this match. It's elimination, and hardcore. And.. that's about it.

    Burn Out picks Defman up and then hits a Superkick. He stomps on Defman a few times, and then hits a Legdrop. He quickly pins Defman, hooking the leg... but Defman is able to kick out. Mandy is up on the top rope, points at Heatwave, and hits a Moonsault into Pin!

    Shannan Lerch: YES GOOD MOVE!

    The ref counts for her. One... two... No? Someone kicked her off of the pin... It's a man wearing all black, loose clothing. We can't see much of anything about his feature.

    Zach Davis: He's here!

    Mandy stands up and attempts to Clothesline him down but he ducks it, goes behind her and hits a German Suplex! He then locks her in the Triangle Hold. After a few seconds, Mandy taps.

    Shannan Lerch: NO!!

    Zach Davis: Mandy is eliminated. I know I've seen that move somewhere before...

    The M.I.B. stands up and turns to Heatwave. Heatwave attempts to pick him up to do his Cool Down move, but M.I.B. slides behind him and props Heatwave's neck against his shoulder, hooks the back of his knees and lifts him above his head, resting on their neck. M.I.B. then falls to the mat, putting pressure on the head and neck of Heatwave, who taps almost immediately.

    Zach Davis: That was the Dark Damnation. Now I KNOW who it is, it makes perfect sense. Either way, Heatwave is out as well, at the hands of this monster in black.

    Burn Out and Defman are brawling with each other, and M.I.B. simply watches. Defman throws Burn Out to a corner, and kicks him a few times before picking him up in an Overhead Press Slam! Defman is about to pin Burn Out when he notices M.I.B., and yells a few obscenities at him.

    Shannan Lerch: Not a good idea.

    M.I.B. approaches Defman, and they start brawling as well! Defman gets the upper hand, and hits a Belly to Belly Suplex on the challenger. He then jumps to the top rope, quickly, and hits the Big Reverse Elbow!

    Zach Davis: This may be the end for this mysterious man.

    Defman makes the pin. One... two... No! M.I.B. manages to kick out. Defman starts kicking at M.I.B., angrily, until Burn Out rolls him up from behind! One, two, no! Another kickout!

    Shannan Lerch: Lots of nearfalls in between these competitors. The US Title scene has some good rivalries in it.

    Both Burn Out and Defman stand up, run towards each other, and Burn Out attempts a Clothesline. Defman ducks it, gets behind Burn Out, and hits the Fading Darkness! He quickly pins the fallen Burn Out, hooking the leg. One, two, three!

    Zach Davis: Burn Out is eliminated. It's come down to Defman and the Man in Black.

    Burn Out rolls out of the ring and begins heading to the back. M.I.B. and Defman approach one another, and Defman just slaps M.I.B. right in the face. M.I.B. slaps Defman right back, and they begin throwing lefts and rights at one another! Defman hits a Knee Lift, and then punches him a few time, pushing him into the ropes. Defman throws M.I.B. to the other side of the ring, and then hits the Stop and Drop!

    Shannan Lerch: I think we have a winner.




    Kickout! M.I.B. gets his shoulder up at the LAST second. The crowd and Defman are both stunned. Defman waits for the masked man to stand, positioning himself behind him, getting ready for the Fading Darkness. As he starts the move, M.I.B. reverses it into a Back Bodydrop. Defman stands up somewhat quickly, but M.I.B. is ready and hits an Osaka Street Cutter. He then climbs to the top rope and hits a reverse Harlem Hangover.

    Zach Davis: What the.. Never seen Dark Arts Wizard use those moves before, maybe my other assumptions were wrong?

    Shannan Lerch: I don't think so, we saw this guy use the Triangle Hold and Dark Damnation, it has to be him!

    M.I.B. pins Defman.




    Zach Davis: Whoever he is, he's the new United States Champion!

    The man stands up, and raises his arms high in the air, to a nice ovation from the crowd. He is handed the US Title from the ref, and puts it around his waist.

    Shannan Lerch: Who is he, already!?

    M.I.B. reaches up, puts his hand on his mask, and begins taking it off...

    Zach Davis: What in the hell?

    It is revealed to be none other than Brad Aikman himself! Aikman smiles and leaves the ring, heading to the back. As soon as Defman sees who it was, he looks furious, and starts smashing his head into the ring post and yelling as loud as he can. Eventually he leaves, but not until he's busted himself open.

    Zach Davis: Man, Defman can't be too happy about that. I'm sure he's got a rematch coming up soon, Aikman wasn't even scheduled to be in the match.

    Shannan Lerch: But he won, bottom line. Whatever. Next up is a match with the most exciting, talented, just plain best wrestler we have in the WCF... Seth Lerch, going against some Outcast loser.

  • Seth Lerch vs Outcast
  • Anger Rising hits, and Seth walks out. He walks to the ring, slapping a few hands, and rolls in. He headbangs a bit to the music.

    The lights turn off. Edgecrusher starts and red strobes flash. Steve Carr steps out and the lights stop flashing as the normal lights come on. He's holding a mic.

    Steve Carr: Wait one second, Seth. I'm the new General Manager of this show, and that means I can change whatever matches I want, correct?

    Seth nods.

    Steve Carr: Well then I have decided to make myself the special guest ref for this match! Just to keep things, um, fair, and stuff. You know.

    Carr takes off his "The Ultimate" shirt he was wearing to reveal a referee's tanktop underneath. He walks to the ring while he pretends to give high-fives to the fans and then pulls away.

    Zach Davis: This is ridiculous. We know Carr isn't going to be fair, and just... Lerch and Carr make me sick.

    Shannan Lerch: They also make you rich.

    Zach Davis: Touche.

    'God of Thunder' hits and the crowd cheers. Outcast powerwalks furiously out in black jeans. He goes to the ring with is eyes fixed on the Seth and Steve. Nothing else phases him. He slides in and never takes his eyes off them.

    Zach Davis: Outcast is all business tonight.

    The bell rings. Lerch and Outcast go to tie up, but Lerch rolls out of the way at the last second and Dropkicks Outcast in the back. Outcast drops to one knee, then turns around and hits a stiff Clothesline on Lerch, who goes down to the mat hard.

    Shannan Lerch: Oh.. geez, Outcast is NOT playing games. Ouch.

    Outcast pins Lerch, and yells at Carr to count. Carr does, fairly, but Seth kicks out at 2. Outcast picks Lerch up and hits a Neckbreaker. He stomps at Lerch a few times, and drops an elbow. He goes for another quick elbow drop but Lerch rolls away, sending Outcast to the mat. Seth stands up as fast as he can and starts stomping away at the temporarily vulnerable Outcast, 'Cast soon begins standing up regardless. Seth runs to the other side of the ring and then back to Outcast and hits a Jumping DDT! Lerch floats over and pins, hooking the leg, and Carr drops to count.

    Zach Davis: Let's see how fast this is.

    One, two, no, Outcast kicks out.

    Shannan Lerch: See? No fast count at all.

    Zach Davis: I still don't know...

    Seth goes to pick Outcast up, but Outcast pushes him away. Seth lands in a corner, and Outcast quickly runs at him and hits the Sick Twist! Seth falls to the ground, and Outcast quickly pins him. Carr counts again. One... two... .... .... ring, ring. Carr's cell phone starts ringing, so he stands up and answers the call.

    Zach Davis: I KNEW this wouldn't be fair! Outcast just had it won! I hate cell phones so much.

    Shannan Lerch: Carr didn't do that on purpose, it just might be an important call!

    Carr appears to be just chit-chatting, and Outcast gets in his fault. We see Carr mouth "I'll call you back" in the phone before hanging it up. Outcast yells at him, but Steve just stands there calmly. After a few more seconds of Outcast's trash talking, Carr just slaps him in the face. A big "Oooh!!" comes from the crowd, and Outcast reacts by kicking Carr in the gut and hitting a fast Crushing NightMare!

    Shannan Lerch: OH NO! Our General Manager! Damn you, Outcast!

    Seth is up by now, and Outcast catches him and hits a DDT. Outcast pins him, and grabs Carr's hand to make the three count. The bell rings, signalling that Outcast has won.

    Zach Davis: Well.. the better man won eventually anyhow!

    Outcast rolls out of the ring and begins walking to the back, with a smile on his face. Carr and Lerch soon begin standing up, looking pissed as all hell. Seth grabs a mic from the ring announcer.

  • Lerch/Carr Segment
  • Seth Lerch: Outcast, this isn't over! Don't you dare think you can CHEAT by attacking an innocent referee to do this to me!

    Carr is apparently the voice of reason, and tries to calm Lerch down. Carr takes the mic from him.

    Steve Carr: Calm down, calm down, I'm the General Manager. I'll get things taken care of, don't worry about it. However, I have some bigger news than anything that will ever involve Outcast. I've decided to announce the main event for next week's Sunday Slam.

    The arena buzzes in anticipation.

    Steve Carr: It will be a World Title match, with Gravedigger facing off against a former World Champion. A man who has been deserving of a shot ever since he got here. A man who is quite possibly the best wrestler alive today. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, Gravedigger vs Steve Carr for the World Title! Next week!

    A few people cheer at the match, but the majority boo at Carr using his powers to give himself a World Title shot.

    Zach Davis: I don't believe this! Carr giving himself a Title shot... Nevermind, I DO believe it. Carr is trash now.

    Steve Carr: I'm sure you'll all tune in next week to see Gravedigger get his ass kicked by yours truely. However, I have business to attend to, so enjoy the next match. I booked it, so I know you will.

    Better Than You by Metallica plays, and Carr rolls out of the ring, but not before high fiving Seth. The two walk to the back.

  • Cyrus vs Epic/Wreck
  • "Perfect Strangers" hits. The music plays for a few seconds, Epic and Wreck walk out and stand infront of the curtain for a while to let the crowd catch a glimpse of them in all their glory. The slowly walk to the ring, and just before they enters the ring Epic takes off his robe and enters. Once in the ring they wait in the corner.

    Last Resort hits and the crowd goes wild with excitement. However, no one steps out. Everyone looks around confusedly, wondering where Cyrus is.

    Shannan Lerch: He's scared!

    All of a sudden, Cyrus slides in the ring from behind, and hits both Epic and Wreck over the head with a chair! He quickly throws it out of the ring, and the bell goes off.

    Zach Davis: That was smart of Cyrus, attacking the TOT from behind with a chair. He's lucky he did it before the match technically started, or else he'd be DQed.

    Cyrus stomps away at both men, until Steve Carr walks out with a mic.

    Steve Carr: Hey there, what do you think you're doing!? Cyrus, you want to do the match like that, do you? This is from this point forward a No Disqualification match!

    Carr walks back out, and Cyrus continues stomping at the two Treachery members. Seth runs out from the crowd, with a steel chair of his own. He rolls into the ring and hits Cyrus over the back with it, sending him to the mat.

    Zach Davis: This match might as well be 3 on 1 now, this is ridiculous.

    Epic and Wreck get up, and all three members of the T.O.T. begin stomping away at the fallen Cyrus. Seth positions him for the I Own You, and Epic and Wreck help him execute it on the big man. Lerch sends Cyrus crashing down onto the chair! Epic picks up the now bloodied former World Champion and throws him to the ropes. Wreck quickly puts a chair in the ropes so that it stays there, and Epic hits the Tranquilizer on Cyrus, sending him into that chair!!

    Shannan Lerch: OW! That looked painful.

    Zach Davis: Yeah, uh... Cyrus is out.

    Lerch whispers something to the two other TOT members, and they smile. Wreck and Epic climb seperate turnbuckles, and Lerch places one chair over Cyrus' arm, and one chair over Cyrus' leg. At the same time, Wreck and Epic jump off the turnbuckles, Wreck hitting a Guillotine Legdrop on Cyrus' arm and Epic hitting an Elbow Drop on his leg. Cyrus screams in pain.

    Zach Davis: This is madness! Someone needs to help Cyrus!

    Epic and Lerch tell Wreck to make the pin, and he does so. The ref is forced to count... 1, 2, 3. Lerch grabs a mic.

    Seth Lerch: Let that be a LESSON to anyone who wants to cross the T.O.T.! Cyrus thought he could turn his back on us, and LOOK WHERE HE IS! It'll be a hospital bed, soon enough. But, guys... I don't think we're done messing with him yet, are we?

    Wreck and Epic both shake their heads no. They turn back to Cyrus, when a familiar music is heard over the PA system. It's Not Falling, by Mudvayne. All three men turn to the entrance way, and Logan runs out, holding a lead pipe! The crowd erupts. As Logan rolls into the ring, Epic and Wreck try to Clothesline him down, but Logan ducks and hits a Double DDT on them! He goes to attack Lerch, who attempts to get out of the ring, but Logan hits the Connector on him!

    Zach Davis: Hell yes! I didn't think I'd be saying this, but GO LOGAN!

    Epic and Wreck are beginning to get up, so Logan grabs them and hits their heads against each other. He then throws them out of the ring. The T.O.T. retreat to the back, while Logan checks on Cyrus, who is still bleeding all over the place and unconcious. As EMT's begin taking him away, Logan grabs a mic.

    Logan: That's what I'm goin get when I cross you guys, eh? Well, I just did! I didn't? I did? I DID! SHUT UP! I'm the only true Treachery in this damn place, and I'm goin prove it! You three are dead men!

    Logan walks with the EMT's as they take Cyrus to the back.

  • Tag Titles Match: Gravedigger/Mike D vs Madd Dogg vs Bishop/Priest
  • "Change" by Deftones plays as the lights go out. After a few seconds spotlights hit the ramp as Gravedigger emerges from the back accompanied by his manager, Dobbie. The two walk down to the ring absorbing the jeers of the crowd in attendance. Dobbie walks up the ring steps before Gravedigger and holds the ropes open for Gravedigger who steps through. The two men pose on opposite turnbuckles for a few seconds. The arena lights slowly come all the way back on.

    Zach Davis: No rap tonight? They mean business.

    "Bleed For Me" by Saliva plays on the arena's speakers as Mike D walks out accompanied by his manager, Jayson Stasiak. Mike D ignores the fans as he walks down the ramp. He stops in front of the apron and closes his eyes for a few seconds. Then he opens them up and jumps up onto the apron and climbs into the ring.

    The arena goes dark as drum music plays, and a spotlight follows Bishop and Priest to the ring. They cautiously stay away from GD and Mike D.

    The arena goes dark as the bass line of Ain't No Sunshine cuts in. The words "It is dark, and hell is hot" fill the arena as the stage explodes. Low red lighting barely illuminates the stage as Dogg walks out. From right to left, mini pyro showers go off in order, slowly. Each covering Dogg with golden sparks. Then the stage explodes again and Dogg walks down to the ring. He hands all of his Titles to the ring announcer.

    Shannan Lerch: That's A LOT of talent in the ring, this match should be excellent.

    Mike D, Bishop, and of course, Madd Dogg, start the match.

    Zach Davis: The rules are this: You can only tag in your own teammate, and there are 3 men in the ring at all times. Not like some of those other crazy tag matches where there's only 2 people in the ring at once and you tag anyone. Those suck.

    The three men are very aware of each other, not letting their guard down. Soon Bishop just turns at clocks Mike D, and kicks him into the corner, stomping mudholes. Dogg simply watches.

    Zach Davis: Good idea. Dogg is at a HUGE disadvantage here. I mean, everyone else can tag out, but Dogg has to stay in the match the entire time.

    Bishop lifts Mike D up onto the turnbuckle, then climbs up and tries to initiate a Superplex, but Mike D starts punching him in the gut. Mike D pushes Bishop off, and then goes for a Shooting Star Press. Priest jumps into the ring and pulls Bishop away just at the last second, sending Mike D into the mat!

    Shannan Lerch: Ouchies.

    Priest gets back onto the apron and Bishop starts stomping away at Mike D, as does Dogg. Dogg picks Mike up and throws him out of the ring, and then goes to Bishop and starts punching him a bit before hitting a Shoulder Neckbreaker. He then picks Bishop up and throws him into the ropes, but Priest manages to tag Bishop, getting himself in. Dogg hits a One Legged Spinebuster on Bishop, only to have Priest come up behind him and hit a Reverse DDT. Mike D is up by now, and kicks away at Dogg, as does Priest.

    Zach Davis: Another thing about this match: It's not elimination. First pinfall wins.

    As soon as Priest realizes he's somewhat cooperating with Mike D, he stops and kicks Mike in the gut. He then hits a DDT, and pins him. One.. two... No, Mike D kicks out. Priest goes for a Leg Drop but Mike rolls away, leaving Priest falling hard to the mat. All three men lay on the mat, resting.

    Shannan Lerch: Priest and Mike D have someone they can tag, but Dogg doesn't. He should have just gotten a partner.

    Mike D is able to crawl over and tag in Gravedigger, who gets in the ring with a head of steam.

    Zach Davis: The World Champion is in the ring!

    Gravedigger rushes in and starts laying the boots down on Dogg before picking him up and throwing him to the ropes. He catches him in a Powerslam into pin. The ref counts. One... two... No, Dogg kicks out.

    Shannan Lerch: Dogg prides himself on having all those Titles, he's not going to give them up easily.

    Gravedigger, undeterred, picks Dogg back up and positions him for a Powerbomb. But Priest is able to hit a Low Blow from behind, sending GD staggering down to the mat.

    Zach Davis: Good thing the ref didn't see that.

    Priest then tags in Bishop. Bishop jumps into the ring and goes straight for Gravedigger, choking him as much as the ref allows. He drops a knee on GD's head, and then puts him in a Leglock. As GD screams in pain, Dogg starts dropping elbows on him, making it worse.

    Shannan Lerch: Gravedigger is in a world of pain.

    The second it looks like Gravedigger might tap, Dogg kicks Bishop off. Dogg picks Bishop up and Powerbombs him straight into the turnbuckle. Dogg quickly pins him afterwards, but Priest jumps into the ring and breaks it up. Gravedigger is now able to tag in Mike D. Dogg gets up and runs at Mike, but Mike catches him and hits a DVD. He quickly pins.



    No! Bishop pulls Mike D off at the last second. Bishop picks Mike up and Headbutts him back down. Priest gets into the ring, but the ref tries to get him out. While the ref is distracted, Bishop pulls a pair of iron knuckles out of his pocket and hits the now standing Madd Dogg right in the face! He goes down in a heap, and Bishop throws them out of the ring and pins. Priest stops distracting and the ref drops to count.




    Dogg manages to kick out again! Bishop is distraught and starts kicking away viciously. Mike D is now able to tag in Gravedigger, who gets into the ring, runs up behind Bishop, and hits a Diamond Cutter! He signals something to Mike D, who pulls Priest off the apron and starts brawling with him outside. Madd Dogg is slowly standing up, and Gravedigger hits him with the Grave Marker!! Dogg goes down hard. Bishop is standing up slowly now as well, and Gravedigger catches him and hits the Death Driver.

    Zach Davis: I think we have new Champions.

    Gravedigger quickly pins Bishop.




    Priest was trying his hardest to get in the ring to break up the count, but Mike D stopped him. Mike now rolls into the ring, and the ref hands him and Gravedigger the Tag Team Titles. They raise them in the air and roll out of the ring, as Madd Dogg is getting up and looks furious.

    Shannan Lerch: I'd be mad if I was him too. I lost my Titles without even being pinned.

    Zach Davis: That was two Title changes tonight, and we have two angry former champions. Next Slam should be interesting. See you then!

    The copyright info appears as Gravedigger and Mike D walk to the back, triumphantly.