Burn Out vs Dehart
PC Cradle vs Epic vs Defman vs Mandy
Logan vs Outcast
Steve Carr vs Madd Dogg
World Title HIAC: Bishop vs Gravedigger

  • US Contendership Tourney: Burn Out vs Dehart
  • Burn Out hits a lot of offense and there is a little interference from the rest of the Headhunters. Dehart manages to perservere through it all, and ends up hitting The Nightmare for the win.

  • PC Cradle vs Epic vs Defman vs Mandy
  • Lots of action between all of these high class wrestlers. Many nearfalls, and PC Cradle and Defman are able to hit their finishers and trademarks throughout the match. Cradle hits the Cradlearm DDT on Mandy and puts her in a Single Leg Boston Crab, and Defman, at the same time, hits the Fading Darkness on Epic and locks in a Figure Four Leglock. Mandy taps to PC Cradle, and a single second later, Epic taps to Defman. The ref raises Cradle's hand, but Defman argues that he's the winner. The two brawl to the back.

  • US Contendership Tourney: Logan vs Outcast
  • Logan and Outcast shake hands with each other before the match. It's a highly competetive matchup, and in the end Outcast goes for the Sick Twist but Logan gets out of the way and hits the Connector! He pins, and advances in the US Title Tournament. Zach Davis points out that he'll be facing Dehart, his teammate, at School of Pain. Zach also wonders if perhaps Seth or Carr just happened to book all of the teammates against each other. Also, either Logan or Dehart will be wrestling three matches at the PPV. The last US Tournament match, the actual US Title match, and then the six man tag.

  • Steve Carr vs Madd Dogg
  • Carr receives a lot of heel heat, and Dogg receives a neutral response. Lots of back and forth action with Dogg getting the upper hand a lot, but Carr ends up with the win after an Ultimate Stunner followed by the Ultimatum.

  • World Title Hell in a Cell: Bishop vs Gravedigger
  • Zach Davis: Ladies and gentleman this is it! The World Title match-up pitting Bishop and Gravedigger against each other inside of a 20-foot tall monstrous cage.

    Shannan Lerch: A HELL IN A CELL!

    The sound of drums roll through the arena as it gets dark. A light follows Bishop to the ring. He steps in the ring and glares at the entranceway, waiting for his former friend.

    "Change" by Deftones plays as the lights go out. After a few seconds spotlights hit the ramp as Gravedigger emerges from the back accompanied by his manager, Dobbie. The two walk down to the ring absorbing the jeers of the crowd in attendance. Dobbie walks up the ring steps before Gravedigger and holds the ropes open for Gravedigger who steps through. The two men pose on opposite turnbuckles for a few seconds.

    As the arena lights come back on the cell starts to lower as the two men circle the ring taunting each other.

    GD and Bishop finally lock up; both putting all there might into it. Bishop turns the lock-up into an arm bar. GD then counters into another arm bar. GD holds for a few seconds, then releases.

    Zach Davis: I think GD was just letting Bishop that he's the man when it comes to getting out of moves.

    The two get up in each other's face and then simultaneously start trading punch after punch after punch until Bishop drops to the mat. GD picks him up and tosses him in the corner and starts a ten-punch. After the third punch Bishop hits a low blow on GD.

    Shannan Lerch: That really sucks that move is legal in this match!

    Acting smart Bishop then starts to go to work on GD's leg with a figure four. Before GD can get to his feet Bishop grabs a chair and bangs it a few times on the canvas like he's warming up to hit GD. He swings and GD ducks and turns around and punches the living piss out of the chair, right into Bishop's face. While Bishop is laid out, GD begins to work the crowd a little bit.

    Crowd: Darkbloodz! Darkbloodz! Darkbloodz!

    Zach Davis: The crowd is really behind GD and his group.

    Bishop begins to stir and immediately he is met with GD's fist to the face. GD rolls Bishop out of the ring. He irish whips him, but Bishop counters sending GD face first into the solid steel cage. Back in the ring we go. Bishop irish whips GD into the ropes and hits a running DDT.

    Shannan Lerch: Damn!

    Bishop feels like that does it for GD so he begins to taunt the crowd, but much to his surprise Gravedigger is standing when he turns around. Death Driver by GD.

    Zach Davis: THAT HURT! I KNOW IT HAD TO!

    Shannan Lerch: Yeah but Bishop is used to it by now!

    GD makes the pin and the referee counts…ONE…TWO…THREE!

    Shannan Lerch: Gravedigger retains the title!

    Zach Davis: Do you realize that was the only pin, and why didn't these two individuals use the cage more than ONCE?

    Shannan Lerch: I'm not sure if it's over...

    Gravedigger and Bishop continue brawling as the copyright info appears and the screen fades to black...

    Zach Davis: See you at the SCHOOL OF PAIN!