Sunday Slam Intro
TOT Segment
Tag Titles: Jason Price/Mandy vs Monster Squad
Hardcore Title: PC Cradle vs Dogg
Backstage PC Cradle Segment
Steve Carr vs Burn Out
Dogg Segment
Rick Mad vs Outcast
Logan Segment
Dehart vs Logan
Dogg vs Hellz Angel

  • Sunday Slam Intro
  • Immortal by Adema hits, and Sunday Slam is on the air! We pan the arena, signs include "Cradle Ate My Baby", "Mad's A Boudle", "Nash Works Circles Around Dehart", "Dogg And His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat", "Welcome Back Hellz!" and various things like that. We go to the announce booth.

    Zach Davis: Hello fans! Here we are, Sunday Slam, coming off a week break after School of Pain. And we have a tremendous night tonight.

    Shannan Lerch: That's an understatement. WCF changed forever at School of Pain. The retirement of one of the greats, Gravedigger. The transformation of Madd Dogg into just plain.. Dogg. And the addition of Rick Mad and Logan to the Team of Treachery.

    Zach Davis: Yes, and as a result of Gravedigger's retirement, we have a vacant World Title. There's going to be a four way match at Helloween, between the winners of tonight's contendership matches. It should be good.

    Shannan Lerch: Dogg, who came SO CLOSE to beating Gravedigger, goes up against Hellz Angel himself. That should be a true match for the ages.

    Zach Davis: Dehart meets Logan again in a rematch from School of Pain. After Logan turned on his team, Dehart is going for revenge.

    Shannan Lerch: The returning Rick Mad takes on Outcast. I can't believe we saw Mad turning on Dehart and Outcast, much less teaming up with Logan and Seth Lerch. I mean.. damn. Whatever.

    Zach Davis: And we'll find out if he still has what it takes inside that ring. Steve Carr, our general manager, will take on the leader of the Headhunters, a man by the name of Burn Out.

    Shannan Lerch: The Headhunters have the Tag Titles, I'm sure they'd be ecstatic to have the World Title too. They're on a roll, but I don't know if they can get past The Ultimate.

    Zach Davis: We'll also see a Hardcore Title match with PC Cradle taking on Dogg. I know Dogg has been such a dominant champ, but with his new persona, how will he compete in the Hardcore division? And PC Cradle is, well... as violent as violent gets.

    Shannan Lerch: It'll be interesting, at least. We'll see a Tag Title match featuring my favorite star, Mandy, with Jason Price taking on the Monster Squad.

    Zach Davis: But before that, word on the street is that the TOT is coming out... oh boy, I can't wait...

  • TOT Segment
  • Better Than You by Metallica plays, which of course is followed by insane amounts of booing. Seth Lerch steps out first, followed by Logan and Rick Mad, standing side by side. Epic steps out next, and the four men walk down the ramp to the ring. Logan has his US Title, and Epic has his International.

    Zach Davis: Have we ever seen such an amazing group of individuals, besides the Dark Side?

    Shannan Lerch: I don't think so.

    Zach Davis: I don't think we've ever seen such a huge group of assholes, either.

    Shannan Lerch: This is network TV! Shut yo mouth!

    The four roll into the ring, and each climbs up a seperate turnbuckle. They all raise their arms at the same time, and hop down at the same time too. Seth grabs the mic first.

    Seth Lerch: Hello, Seth Lerch and Team of Treachery fans.

    Boo's, and lots of them.

    Seth Lerch: I guess you're wondering about our two newest additions... Logan and Rick. Well, who better to tell you than them?

    Seth hands the mic to Rick.

    Rick Mad: Hey f'n yo. I'm standing here beside my two biggest enemies... Seth Lerch and Logan. Simply put, I was tired of being a jobber. I was tired of going out there and losing just to put someone else over, and I was tired of standing in that no-talent hack Creeping Death's shadow. Now, I'm among equals, who treat me with respect. Not that stupid Marilyn Manson wannabe freak. Nuff.. f'n.. said.

    People boo, and he hands the mic to Logan.

    Logan: Are you booing Rick Mad? Treat this man with respect! Are you booing me? Treat me with respect! You are? You're not? You're booing your own goddamn trashy city? SHUT UP!

    The yelling and booing is even louder now.. if that was possible.

    Logan: You boudles want to know why I rejoined the TOT? I AM the TOT! No one does Treachery like Logan!

    The mic goes back to Seth.

    Seth Lerch: And there you have it. The Team of Treachery, the four most cohesive men in this business.... wait.

    The arena buzzes, as Seth looks around at his men.

    Seth Lerch: Something's not right.

    Seth looks at Logan. He looks at Epic. And then he looks at Rick. And in an instant, they begin attacking Epic! They beat him to the ground, stomping him over and over. The International Title flies from his shoulder out the ground, and the men continue to beat him.

    Seth Lerch: Logan, pin him!

    Logan pins Epic, and Seth drops and counts. Fast. One, two, three.

    Zach Davis: What in the hell is going on!?

    Rick rolls out of the ring, and grabs the International Title. He gets back in and hands it to Logan, who slings it proudly on his left shoulder, the US Title on his right.

    Seth Lerch: That no good piece of crap Epic was holding us down! He's no Treachery member, not anymore. This is a new day for us, and we don't need him!

    Rick and Logan nod, and laugh at Epic, who is still on the mat. Probably unconcious.

    Seth Lerch: Not only that, but with the vacating of the World Title, that technically means the Television Title was vacated as well, seeing as they were unified. Logan, since you've won both the US and International Titles, I'm unifying THEM and making you the new Television Champ!

    Zach Davis: Logan shouldn't have even been able to win the International Title, he's from the US! Goddamn Lerch.

    Shannan Lerch: He can do whatever he wants, buddy.

    Zach Davis: Well, I bet our General Manager will have something to say about this. Oh, wait, no he won't! Carr and Lerch are friends! Ugh, this place is hell.

    Seth, Rick, and Logan all slide out of the ring as Better Than You plays again. They walk to the back confidently and laughing with one another.

  • Tag Titles Match: Jason Price/Mandy vs Monster Squad
  • Top O The Morning To Ya hits and Jason Price comes out with Mandy. They walk down to the ring, disrespecting the fans, and occasionally gets into arguments with fans at ringside.

    The Friday the 13th Theme plays, and the crowd roars. The lights go out, and when they're back on, the Tag Team Champions are in the ring! They quickly attack Price and Mandy, Clotheslining them over the top rope. "Lightning" Jack Norris is at ringside. The bell rings.

    Shannan Lerch: Horrible sneak attack by the Monster Squad.

    Zach Davis: Haha, I call it smart. Either way, the match is on.

    Creeper and Hacker beat on their opponents, and then roll Price into the ring. Creeper starts the match as there is finally order. He stomps Price a few times, then runs back and hits a Leg Drop. He goes for a quick pin, but Price kicks out. Price and Creeper stand up at the same time, with Creeper attempting to throw Price to the ropes. Jason reverses it and follows up with a Back Bodydrop. He then tags in Mandy.

    Shannan Lerch: YES!

    Mandy jumps to the top rope and hits a Missile Dropkick on the now standing Creeper, sending him back down. She raises her arms in the air, but as she turns around she's met with a Spear from Hacker!

    Shannan Lerch: That's illegal! He can't just jump in and do that!

    Zach Davis: Well.. he just did.

    Creeper stands up, picks Mandy up, and Chokeslams her. Price gets into the ring, running at Creeper, but he receives a Chokeslam as well! Creeper picks Mandy up and Chokeslams her once again before making the pin. One.. two.. three.

    Shannan Lerch: ...sigh...

    Zach Davis: Monster Squad makes short work of these challengers!

    The ref hands them their Titles, and they roll out of the ring with them, heading to the back. Jack Norris is still taunting Mandy for losing, when out of nowhere Jason Price hits him in the head with a chair! He's bleeding profusely from his head.

    Zach Davis: May not see Norris in WCF again any time soon, we're getting a lawsuit over that for sure.

    Price and Mandy run out of the arena as the Monster Squad goes back to help their manager.

  • Hardcore Title Match: PC Cradle vs Dogg
  • Shannan Lerch: Now we have the Hardcore match up between PC Cradle and Madd Dogg… I’m sorry the “Dogg”father.

    Zach Davis: His recent “change of heart” has been quite disappointing. First he loses to Carr, then he loses to a freaking choke hold of all things. I’m starting to think his heart’s just not in it anymore.

    Shannan Lerch: PC Cradle’s heart however is still in it. He seems set on taking that belt away from Dogg. And he’s been on quite a roll as of late. This young star is quite impressive.

    Zach Davis: I have a feeling this is going to be a quick match.

    Somebody hit the lights. So we can rock it day and night. People getting down that’s right. From AM to PM.

    The lights hit the stage and Dogg begins dancing down the ramp, twirling and spinning.

    Zach Davis: How revolting.

    Shannan Lerch: I agree with PC Cradle. He DOES make the Hardcore title look bad.

    Zach Davis: Speaking of which, he doesn’t have it. Coward probably left it at home so that when he loses they can’t take it from him.

    Before he can get halfway down the ramp, PC Cradle jumps out of the crowd and begins hammering away at Dogg. Running him down the ramp, PC throws Dogg face first into the ring post. As Dogg staggers away, PC Cradle grabs a shovel from under the ring and slams it into Dogg’s face.

    Shannan Lerch: Cradle doesn’t even make an entrance, he just takes the fight straight to Dogg.

    Zach Davis: Good strategy by Cradle. Keep the champion off guard. Hit him quick and don’t stop hitting. That shovel shot looks like it knocked Dogg out cold.

    Shannan Lerch: And of course, Cradle is going for the pin.

    1, 2, thre...

    Shannan Lerch: And kickout by Dogg.

    Zach Davis: With his change in attitude, I wouldn’t expect Dogg to have that kind of fight in him.

    Shannan Lerch: Apparently, neither dis Cradle as he looks stunned by Dogg’s kickout.

    Zach Davis: Didn’t faze him for long. He’s right back on the attack.

    Cradle grabs Dogg and german suplexes him right into the ring post.

    Zach Davis: And I’m glad I’m not Dogg right now. He’s taking a hell of a beating.

    Shannan Lerch: Kinda like your private areas on date night.

    Zach Davis: What I do in my house is my business.

    Shannan Lerch: What? AW, ew, I meant girls kicked you in the nuts. You’re gross.

    Cradle follows his attack up by picking up the shovel and ramming the blade straight into Dogg’s throat. He’s pulled the stairs apart and set Dogg on the lower half, sitting up against the pole. He places the top half on Dogg’s lap, sandwiching him against the pole. Taking a good running start, he drop kicks the stairs into Dogg’s chest.

    Zach Davis: Dogg is howling in pain. Get it? Howling?

    Shannan Lerch: You are sooooo not funny.

    Zach Davis: Bah, he’s whipping Dogg, but somehow Dogg reversed it. Cradle went into the pole. Dogg has FINALLY got a weapon.

    Shannan Lerch: That’s not a weapon, that’s a dumb Chinese finger trap.

    Zach Davis: Well, he’s using it. Cradle’s fingers are now locked together. He can’t seem to believe how stupid Dogg is either.

    Cradle gives Dogg the big boot and sets to getting the finger trap off. And he then goes to using it to strangle Dogg. While he’s at it, he bounces Dogg’s head off the steel stairs several times. With a quick toss, he throws Dogg over the guard rail and into the crowd. While he taunts, Dogg grabs a hot dog vendor’s box and squirts ketchup and mustard right in front of the charging Cradle.

    Shannan Lerch: Dogg is using ketchup and mustard to make his opponent slip.

    Zach Davis: Apparently, Dogg has forgotten that he has to use real weapons to hurt his opponent and keep him down.

    Shannan Lerch: I’m sure Cradle will remind him. By introducing him to more of those weapons he’s supposed to use.

    Cradle chases Dogg around the outside. Dogg tries to get back in, but trips and falls onto the announcing table. Cradle is right on him.

    Zach Davis: Cradle has Dogg. And to add insult to injury, he’s putting Dogg through the table with his own move. Dogg Pound.

    Shannan Lerch: He’s not done yet. He’s sending Dogg back into the ring. Stunner. And it looks like he’s going to make Dogg tap.

    Zach Davis: He’s got a hammer hold in. Normally, I’d say this will do nothing, but Dogg tapped to a chokehold, why not a hammer hold.

    As Zach guessed, Dogg taps. The ref hands PC Cradle the Hardcore Title, but as he begins leaving the ring... the lights darken.


    DMX’s Aint No Sunshine plays. Cradle gets up confused, looking around, until another Madd Dogg comes out on the stage.

    Shannan Lerch: What the hell?

    Zach Davis: It’s him! It’s the real him! I knew something was wrong with the “NEW” Dogg.

    Shannan Lerch: It’s just a tactic by Dogg.

    Zach Davis: No, this one has the hardcore belt, and his costume isn’t all fruitified.

    Dogg runs down the ramp and into the ring, PC Cradle realizes his real opponent is in front of him and they begin trading blows. Dogg ducks a right and slides the belt off his shoulder, slamming it to Cradle’s head. Cradle goes down. The other Dogg goes to shake Dogg’s hand, only to get a stunner.

    Zach Davis: YES! The real Dogg is wreaking mayhem again.

    Shannan Lerch: He’s grabbing a chair. Setting PC Cradle on it.

    Dogg opens the chair up and lays PC Cradle face up, with his lower back on the seat. He climbs the turnbuckle and does a Mad splash. He and cradle go through the chair, crumpled metal wrapping around Cradle’s lifeless form.

    Shannan Lerch: He’s got the leg. One, two, three.

    Zach Davis: Yeah, but Cradle was already declared the official winner... Dogg got screwed out of his Hardcore Title.

    Shannan Lerch: The “other” Dogg is heading up the ramp with the real one in hot pursuit.

    Zach Davis: Things are never normal in the WCF.

    Shannan Lerch: Cradle looks to be headed somewhere on a mission as well, he's going to the back. I wonder what's up?

  • Backstage PC Cradle Segment
  • The cameraman on the rampway follows Cradle through the curtain. Cradle has his Hardcore Title draped over his shoulder, and he's removing his wrapping tape on his hands whilst he walks. A couple of people offer their congratulations to Cradle for becoming Hardcore Champ, but he ignores them as he walks. After walking maybe 25 metres along the corridor, he takes a left, leading down a dimly lit staircase. He turns right at the bottom, and comes to a plain black door. On the door is taped a piece of paper, and the camera zooms in on it whilst Cradle reads it. Written in what looks like blood, the message reads simply "I've got your boy". Cradle bursts through the door calling his son's name, but finds the room is empty. He finds his son's shoe lying in on the floor, and he picks it up.

    PC Cradle (talking to himself): That son of a bitch. That son of a BITCH! I'm gonna fuckin' kill him…

    Cradle throws his hardcore title at the wall, and grabs his solid black steel folding chair. Cradle wrenches the door open, almost pulling it off its hinges. He walks at a fast pace up the dark staircase, and off up the corridor, shouting as he goes…

    PC Cradle: Defman! Where are you son of a bitch!?

    Suddenly, from no-where, the WCF owner, Seth Lerch, step's out blocking Cradle's path. Logan is stood with his arms crossed next to Seth, and Cradle tries to shove past him. Lerch puts his hand on Cradle's shoulder…

    Seth Lerch: Hey, hey take it easy! What seems to be the problem?

    PC Cradle: That son of a bitch Defman has taken Danny! I'm gonna take my time when I find his ass…

    Seth Lerch: Relax, we got your son back.

    PC Cradle: What!? Where? Where is he? Is he Ok?

    Seth Lerch: He's ok, a little shaken up, but me and the boys were lookin' after him for you. Here, follow me…

    Seth and Logan lead Cradle to a locker room that says "Team of Treachery" on the door. Cradle looks at the sign on the door, before cautiously stepping into the room. There, sat down in the corner of the room, drinking a can of coke, is little Danny Cradle. Cradle rushes over and crouches in front of him.

    PC Cradle: Where've you been!? Dammit boy, I told you, you have to be careful round here! That's it, I'm not bringin' you to the arena anymore.

    Seth Lerch interjects himself in the proceedings.

    Seth Lerch: Hay, Cradle, can I talk to you for a minute?

    Seth tells Cradle that Danny will be ok with Logan, and that they wont let anything happen to him. Cradle and Lerch step out of the locker room and walk along the corridor, talking as they go.

    PC Cradle: That's it, man. I'm sorry if I lose you sponsors or ratings or whatever, but it's all on now. That big bastard is in deep.

    Seth Lerch: I know you want Defman. I know you want him bad. Hell, Cradle vs. Defman equals ratings! You saw the way he looked at your boy last week! And now, he's gone and kidnapped him! All these thing's he's done to you, and your gonna let it slide!

    Cradle grabs Seth by the scruff of his shirt and pulls him so they are nose to nose.

    PC Cradle: I'm not gonna let anything slide!! That son of a bitch is gonna pay for his sins!

    Seth Lerch smiles.

    Seth Lerch: That's it, use that anger! I know your angry Cradle! I know you want him real bad! But you need to focus that anger! I can help you do it, Cradle. I can help you channel your anger! Join me. Join us! If you're with the Team of Treachery, then we can stand side by side and put right what he has done to your son! Join us, Cradle. You know that it's the right thing to do!

    Seth Lerch holds his hand out stretched at Cradle. Cradle looks down at his hand, whilst Lerch focus's his eyes onto Cradle's. After a few moments, Cradle reaches out and…shakes Lerch's hand! Seth Lerch laughs loudly, as Cradle breaks a rare, sly smile at Lerch.

    Seth Lerch: Welcome to the most dominant group in professional wrestling. Now…go be with your boy…

    Cradle turns and walks off up the corridor. Seth Lerch watches him go and fellow T.O.T member Rick Mad comes up and stands beside Seth Lerch.

    Seth Lerch: Did the boy give you any crap?

    Rick Mad: Huh? What you mean?

    Seth Lerch: When you took him! Did that snivelling little shit give you any hassle?

    Rick Mad: Oh! No, not at all, I used the old bag on the head trick.

    Seth Lerch smiles as he walks with Mad.

    Seth Lerch: This is perfect! Now that we've convinced Cradle that Defman kidnapped the boy, we've managed to make our group 4 men strong, AND now we can get rid of Defman once and for all. Team of Treachery are callin' the shots now. One more matter of business to take care of before the night is over, and everything is complete...

    Rick Mad and Seth Lerch laugh and shake hands, before walking off in the direction of the Team of Treachery locker room. The camera watches them go.

  • World Title Contendership: Steve Carr vs Burn Out
  • The lights turn off. Edgecrusher starts and red strobes flash. Steve Carr steps out and the lights stop flashing. They become red spotlights which follow him up to the ring while he pretends to give high-fives to the fans and then pulls away. He climbs up the stairs and steps over the ropes.

    The sound of a motorcycle revving up is heard and Burn Out comes out on a motorcycle, goes around the ring, gets off the bike and climbs in.

    Zach Davis: What a match... the leader of the Headhunters against the General Manager. I wonder what tricks Carr has...

    The bell rings, and the two men circle the ring. They tie up.

    Shannan Lerch: None, apparently, looks like Carr is making things fair.

    Carr pushes Burn Out into a corner, and slaps him. Burn Out, in a fit of rage, punches him and turns him around into the turnbuckle, and begins punching away furiously. The ref breaks it up and Carr falls to the mat. Burn Out approaches Carr, who kicks him in the back of the knee, causing him to fall. Carr then puts that leg into a Half Crab. Burn Out screams, and reaches for the ropes...

    Zach Davis: He might have to tap if he doesn't make it..

    However, he DOES make it, and grabs them. Carr is forced to release the hold. Carr goes right to stomping Burn Out's knee, the same one that was just in the Crab. Burn Out tries his best to stand up, but Carr won't let him. Eventually Burn Out rolls out of the ring, and Carr chases after him. Burn Out runs around the ring, Carr continuing to give chase, and rolls in. Carr rolls in as well and Burn Out kicks him several times as he's getting in.

    Shannan Lerch: Burn Out favoring that leg as a result of Carr's brilliant strategy.

    Burn Out waits for Carr to stand, and then hits a Superkick, sending Carr back down. However, Burn Out drops to the mat too, clutching his leg.

    Shannan Lerch: See? Told you so!

    Burn Out stands again, slowly, and then drops and hits a Headbutt. He pins Carr, quickly, but the GM is able to kick out at 2. Burn Out picks Carr up, but Carr goes to kicking at his knee again, and he falls to the mat. Carr rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair, then rolls back in. He's about to hit Burn Out in the leg with it, but the ref tells him not to. Carr whispers something to him, reminding him that he's the GM of the show, and the ref nods. Carr then goes to work on Burn Out's leg, using the chair.

    Zach Davis: Looks like Carr made this a No DQ match. Great.

    Shannan Lerch: So much for fair.. but it was still the smart thing to do.

    After a few shots with the chair, someone grabs it away from him. It's The Creeper! Carr goes to grab the chair back, but he's met with a chairshot to the back from a different chair, from Hacker! Carr drops to the ground. Creeper and Hacker roll out of the ring, and Burn Out stands up. He picks Carr up and hits the Outcast Blast onto the chair! He then pins.. one, two, three.

    Zach Davis: I'm amazed, what an upset! Burn Out wins, and he moves on to Helloween to fight for the World Title!

    Shannan Lerch: ...thanks to the Monster Squad...

    The Headhunters begin walking to the back, but they're ambushed by Mad, Logan, and Lerch! The three men pound on the Headhunters, and then go to the ring. Lerch helps Carr up.

    Zach Davis: Figures that they'd help Carr, ugh. This is such crap.

    Shannan Lerch: At least Carr isn't officially in the TOT, that would make things even worse.

    Seth pulls a TOT T-shirt out of his pocket, and hands it to Carr... who slips it on. The four men raise their arms in the air, in unison, smiling.

    Zach Davis: ...You were saying?! Sweet crunchy Christ, this place has gone to hell.

    The new TOT, with Carr included, roll out and walk to the back. They kick the members of the Headhunters a few times as they're doing so.

  • Dogg Segment
  • Hank Brown: Madd Dogg, how are you doing?

    Dogg: Who in the hell are you?

    Hank Brown: It’s me...

    Dogg: Shut up. Do you think I give a damn who you are? Do you think I wanna know your name?

    Hank Brown: But, you called me by my name last week.

    Dogg: I wasn’t even here last week. I wouldn’t call you by your first name even if I knew it. I don’t care who you are. I came to restore my good name and to dethrone an imposter. Speaking of.

    The other Dogg goes running past. Dogg reaches out an arm and clotheslines him to the ground.

    Dogg: Did you think I wouldn’t find out? Did you think nothing would happen? You trick me into not showing up for a few weeks so you can pretend to be me. I’ll kill you. Get that dumb mask off your head.

    He pulls off the mask revealing Gayfather from XGWO.

    Dogg: You son of a bitch.

    Gayfather: I just wanted to show you I could do a good job. That I was as tough as anyone.

    Dogg: You passed out to a chokehold, tapped to a hammer lock, and lost to Steve Carr. You are by far, the most pathetic piece of crap I have ever seen. You made me look bad. I can never regain what you have cost me. Even if I get the World title now, it won’t matter, because people will look at me and say, “Eh, he’s ok, but he’s no Gravedigger.” Because he “beat” me, before he left, I will always be in his shadow, and it’s all thanks to you.

    Stunner to Gayfather.

    Hank Brown: Don’t you think that was a bit harsh?

    Dogg: Shut up, unless you want one too.

    Seth Lerch comes walking up, and he looks unhappy.

    Seth Lerch: What the hell do you two think you're doing!? I don't know who in the HELL Gayfather is, or HOW he was able to pull this off. But I'm blaming YOU, Madd Dogg. You stupid son of a bitch. As punishment, Gayfather is going to compete tonight in the Main Event, in your spot. He's going to compete as the Doggfather, too, because that's what I advertised. If he wins, you get your World Title shot. If he loses.. You should have thought of that before.

    Seth walks away angrily, leaving Dogg and Brown. Hank sees the fury in Dogg's eyes, and quickly runs away.

    Zach Davis: Wow. Dogg loses the Hardcore Title, and now he may lose his chance at the World.

    Shannan Lerch: We have a very unhappy maniac on our hands...

  • World Title Contendership: Rick Mad vs Outcast
  • The heavy part of Metallica's One plays, and a green light fills the arena. Rick Mad steps out to booing. He walks to the ring slowly, rolls in and raises his arms in the middle as green pyro blasts from the turnbuckles. The lights go back to normal as the music stops.

    'God of Thunder' hits and the crowd cheers. Outcast walks out in black jeans. he goes to the ring with is eyes fixed on the ring. Nothing else phases him. He slides in and raises his hands.

    Zach Davis: Former friends going at it, here, tonight, right now.

    Outcast confronts Rick, asking him what the hell is up. Rick shrugs, and replies with a forearm to Outcast's head!

    Shannan Lerch: Smart man.

    Rick hits Outcast a few more times with the forearm and then whips him into the ropes. Rick runs at him and hits a Kitchen Sink knee strike. He then stomps on Outcast some more, and drops for a pin. One.. two.. Outcast kicks out. Rick picks him up, but Outcast hits a Clothesline out of nowhere, sending him down. Outcast then runs to the ropes and hits a Leg Drop.

    Zach Davis: Outcast mounting a comeback here, using his power.

    Outcast drops down and begins choking Mad a little bit, until the ref instructs him to stop. He then runs and hits a second Leg Drop before applying a Sleeperhold.

    Shannan Lerch: This may be a mistake, Outcast needs to keep the match fast and keep using his strength.

    Mad slowly begins to get up, and eventually is able to jab Outcast in the gut. He then switches behind him and executes a German Suplex into pin! The ref counts. One.. two.. no, Outcast is able to kick out again. Both men lay on the mat for a few seconds, and Mad is up first. He walks over to Outcast, but Outcast tackes him, knocks him down, and starts punching him over and over.

    Zach Davis: Wow, yeah, Outcast is furious.

    Outcast stands up, and waits for Mad to do the same. Outcast grabs him and pushes him into the corner. He then runs back, and goes for the Sick Twist! Mad moves out of the way at the last second, sending Outcast into the corner, Rick grabs his head and jumps onto the turnbuckle in one swift motion, and executes a Tornado DDT! He then quickly jumps to the top and motions for a Diving Headbutt, and as he flies down Outcast rolls out of the way, sending Rick into the canvas. Outcast picks Rick up and hits a quick Neckbreaker before going for the pin. One... two... no, Rick kicks out as well.

    Shannan Lerch: Lots of nearfalls, and both men appear pretty tired.

    Zach Davis: This is for a chance at the World Title. Outcast's been there before, and so has Mad. They need to pull out all they have.

    Again, both men lay on the mat, not moving. Slowly, they both stand up, and begin throwing punches and kicks at each other. Rick kicks Outcast in the gut and is about to hit the Mad DDT, but Outcast pushes him off in the nick of time into the ropes. As Mad's coming back Outcast attempts a Back Bodydrop, but Rick slides under him, runs to the ropes, and connects with the Mad DDT as Outcast turns around! He then pins, hooking the leg... one, two..


    Mad is amazingly pissed. He signals to the back, and Lerch comes running out, chair in hand. He rolls into the ring, and starts hitting Outcast with it, over and over. The ref calls for a disqualification.

    Shannan Lerch: Uh oh.. what about the Contendership?

    Zach Davis: I.. have no clue.

    Mad picks Outcast up, and holds him so Lerch can hit him square in the face. However, Outcast ducks, and the chair hits Mad! Mad goes down, and Outcast grabs Lerch and Chokeslams him! Outcast picks up the chair, and hits both Mad and Lerch with it several times until Logan comes running out. Logan taps Outcast's shoulder, and he turns around. Logan Superkicks the chair into Outcast's face! Outcast goes down in a bloody mess. Lerch and Mad roll out of the ring, but before doing so, Lerch grabs a mic.

    Seth Lerch: You think you're real cool, Outcast? You think you're taking down the T.O.T.? Well, I'll tell you what. In the main event, both you AND Mad will be in the main event Title match. That makes 5 men, but I don't friggin care. You're getting your ass kicked. Especially when Logan beats Dehart later tonight. Welcome to hell.. boy.

    The three T.O.T. members walk to the back.

  • Logan Segment
  • We go backstage, finding Logan, Seth, and Rick walking down a hallway.

    Seth Lerch: So, let me get this straight, Logan. Your trying to tell me, that the Butch and Logan thing was for real? And, not a gimmick?

    Logan: Gimmick Shimmick. Yeah, you bet your sisters panties it was real.

    Rick Mad: Dude, chill out. That's his sister!

    Seth Lerch: Yeah, man.. defiantly a low blow.

    Logan stops.

    Logan: Well, not really. Because I'm willing to bet your sisters panties, and guaranteed I could get into them.

    Seth Lerch: Eh, I know my sister. She wouldn't go for someone as...

    Seth Lerch stares at Logan.

    Rick Mad: As sexy, and wealthy as him?

    Seth Lerch: Yes, exactly.

    Logan: Whoa, hold on.. I got something. Wait, everyone back away.

    Rick Mad and Seth just stand there.

    Logan: Seriously damnit, I have something here. Hold on, check it out.

    Logan steps back, looking up at the ceiling in a glaze of seriousness.

    Logan: Shannan couldn't handle the.. "Raw Steel Sex Appeal"!

    Logan claps a bit, while chuckling.

    Seth Lerch: Weak.

    Seth Lerch and Rick Mad leave Logan, as they continue walking down the hall way. Logan shouts after them.

    Logan: Hey, JUST YOU WATCH! The Face of Treachery is going get into them panties damnit!

  • World Title Contendership: Dehart vs Logan
  • Zach Davis: The next match is for the number one contendership.

    Shannan Lerch: Not only that, these two have had some disagreements in the past. And that's an understatement. It's a rematch from School of Pain...

    The lights fade as "Man in the Box" echos throughout the packed arena. A strope light pulsates towards the curtain as Dehart appears on cue. He walks down the ring greeted with some cheers. Finally, he reaches the ring and rolls in. Then, he circles the ring for a bit.

    Zach Davis: You can tell he has concentration in his eyes...

    "Not Falling" blasts out of the PA System. After a couple seconds, Logan appears through the curtains with water dripping off of his body. He starts on down the ramp with a mixed reaction of boos and cheers. He reaches the ring and rolls in. After a couple rounds of circling Dehart, he winks at Shannan. She just smiles and winks back.

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    The bell rings to signal the start of the match.

    Zach Davis: And we are off...

    Logan and Dehart grapple up, but Dehart gives Logan a knee to the mid section. Logan, then, shoves Dehart towards the ropes. As he is coming back, Logan dropkicks him in the knee. Dehart bounccs back up at about the same time Logan does.

    Zach Davis: This could get technical.

    Logan and Dehart exchange some punches, but Logan ducks one of Dehart's and gets him in a sleeper hold position.

    Shannan Lerch: This could be it!

    To spite Shannan's enthusiastic remark, Logan just spins him around to drop Dehart with an Evenflow DDT. Logan gets up and pumps the crowd a bit before he starts stomping on Dehart. The referee pulls Logan away just so Dehart has enough time to drop Logan with a Diamond Cutter. He gets up and walks over to the turnbuckle. Dehart climbs the turnbuckle and motions to Logan. He goes for a Top Rope Leg Drop, but is denied when Logan rolls out of harm's way. Both men stumble to their feet. Dehart positions Logan for a DDT and plants his head int he mat. Dehart getx up and brings Logan with him. He locks Logan's arms and pulls out a double underhook piledriver. The crowd cheers as Dehart starts to pummel Logan as he is down. He gets up and, again, lifts Logan up, but this time Logan shoves him away. he superkicks Dehart in a jaw and tries to regain his spirits. Dehart rolls around a bit before getting up. Logan and Dehart square up again, and Logan suplexs Dehart back to the mat. He waits for Dehart to start to get up, but he sends him back down with a Scissors Kick to the back of his head. Then, Logan locks in the Boston Crab. Dehart tries to get to the ropes, but Logan manuvers him back into the center of the ring. The referee is constantly checking on Dehart. Dehart, somehow, gets a leg loose and kicks Logan away. He springs up and readies himself for Logan. As Logan turns around, Dehart nails him with a Gore.

    Zach Davis: GORE! GORE!

    Shannan Lerch: That had to hurt.

    Being psyched, Dehart climbs the turnbuckle. Then, he motions towards Logan and the "end of the match". He dives off of theturnbuckle and htis Logan with a K-Bomb. The crowd roars as Dehart quickly covers.

    Crowd: 1......



    No. Somehow, Logan got his leg on a rope. The referee holds up two fingers and Dehart lifts Logan in disbelief. Dehart goes to kick Logan in the face, but Logan ducks and pulls a belly to belly suplex out. Dehart pops back up to be met with a leaping closeline from Logan. Dehart a little dazed, but goes to hit Logan anyway. Logan knocks his fist away and locks in a headlock. He flips over Dehart and rips Dehart with him. Logan regains his senses for a bit, then, he goes for the pin.

    Referee: 1...........



    That one was legitimate. The referee raises Logan's arm as he catches his breath.

    Zach Davis: He is now the number on contender.. along with a few other guys.

    Shannan Lerch: Would you have it any other way?

    Logan rolls out of the ring, grabbing his U.S. championship.

    Zach Davis: You have still ignored the fact that Logan said he wanted to get into your panties.

    Shannan Lerch: Zach..

    Shannan sighs as Logan walks up the ramp. Logan gets to to the top of the ramp, turning his head to Shannan to wink at her. Shannan Lerch smiles at Logan, Logan walks over to Shannan whispering into her ear. Shannan smiles, and shivers a bit. Logan then exits backstage to go shower up.

    Zach Davis: What did he say?

    Shannan Lerch: Well, all I know is.. that I'm not going home tonight!

  • World Title Contendership: Hellz Angel vs Dogg
  • “Somebody hit the lights.”

    The music stops and the sounds of a single tap dancer come over the speakers.

    “So we can rock it day and night.”

    The tap dancing begins again, though there are several dancers this time.

    “People getting down, that’s right.”

    The dancers are now accompanied by the beat of a drum.

    “From AM to PM.”

    As the guitar chords blend two spotlights dance across the audience, both finally coming to rest on the stage where Dogg is standing. As the two lights hit him, he begins dancing down the ramp, playing it up to the crowd on either side. He throws off his colorful coat to reveal his outfit. What once was a bland and tasteless tan and brown montage is now a colorful managerie of blues and reds and yellows and purples. He slides into the ring and does a little soft shoe followed by several turns.

    Zach Davis: We know that's not REALLY Dogg, but.. whatever, Seth Lerch has informed us to call him Dogg all throughout the match.

    Shannan Lerch: And we're good employees, and we do as we're told.

    The lights darken and Rob Halford's piercing voice is heard screaming "Can't... Stop... The... PAINKILLER!" and "Painkiller" hits the speakers. Hellz Angel walks out to a silent crowd as camera flashes go off and cigarette lighters turn on all around the arena. He makes his way to the ring and climbs in. He circles the ring and pushes himself off the ropes as the lights come back on.

    Zach Davis: The brutalness of Hellz Angel against the panzyness of Gayfa-... Dogg.

    The two circle, and go to tie up, but Dogg escapes it. Hellz tries to Clothesline him down, but Dogg ducks that too. Hellz chases Dogg, trying to get ANY offense in, but it seems like Dogg really doesn't want to fight. The two run around the ring.

    Shannan Lerch: Uh...

    Zach Davis: This is ridiculous.

    Dogg drops to the mat, signalling he wants Hellz to just pin him, so he doesn't have to fight. Hellz shrugs, walks over, but Dogg grabs his leg and executes a Schoolboy tie up! The ref drops to count.. 1.. 2.. No, Hellz kicks out.

    Zach Davis: Ha, the "Doggfather" using his head for once.

    Hellz stands up fast, angry, and Clotheslines Dogg down to the mat. He then drops an elbow, stands up, and drops another. He then goes to kicking and stomping away, while Dogg tries to roll out of the ring. Hellz won't let him. Hellz picks him up and gets him in position for the Hellz Face, but he reverses it in a Back Bodydrop. Dogg runs to the ropes and then back to Hellz, hitting a Splash onto him, into pin. One.. two... no, Hellz kicks out.

    Shannan Lerch: Looks like Dogg had to resort to.. gasp.. violence!

    Zach Davis: Yeah, but it's just out of self defense, I guess.

    Dogg kicks Hellz a few times before picking him up and attempting a Shoulder Neckbreaker. Hellz manages to get out of it, and goes for a Superkick. Dogg catches the leg and hits a Dragonscrew Legwhip, and then locks in the Sharpshooter! The crowd roars at the use of the move. Dogg keeps it locked in, as Hellz screams. Hellz crawls towards the ropes, trying his best to reach, and he's eventually able to. Dogg releases the hold, and Hellz rolls out of the ring. Hellz pulls Dogg's legs, causing him to trip and fall to the mat. Hellz rolls back in and goes to the top rope, signalling for the Angel of Death.

    Zach Davis: This could be the end of it all!

    As Dogg stands up, Hellz flies off the top, but Dogg sidesteps it and then Powerbombs Hellz into the turnbuckle, all in one swift motion! Dogg picks him up and hits the Dogg Pound, then quickly pins. One.. two.. three!

    Shannan Lerch: Dogg moves on to the World Title match too!

    Zach Davis: Dogg vs Logan vs Outcast vs Rick Mad vs Burn Out... What a match.

    Shannan Lerch: We'll see that at Helloween.

    Zach Davis: But before that, fans, I'll see you all next week! Goodnight!

    The copyright info appears as Dogg rolls out of the ring and heads to the back.