Sunday Slam Intro
David Baker vs Kojima
Logan Segment
Steve Carr vs Neo
The Headhunters vs Bishop/Priest/Price/Mandy
Hardcore Title: Spike West vs Defman
Logan Segment 2
Rick Mad/PC Cradle vs Eternal Agony
World Title: Gravedigger vs Logan

  • Sunday Slam Intro
  • Immortal by Adema hits, and Sunday Slam is on the air! We pan the arena, signs include "Treachery Era is BACK!", "Don't Make Rick Mad!", "Can You Hear Me DeAfman?", "Computer Cradle!" and various things like that. We go to the announce booth.

    Zach Davis: This is Zach Davis, next to Shannan Lerch.

    Shannan waves at the camera.

    Zach Davis: And let me tell you, boy do we have a show tonight.

    Shannan Lerch: Indeed, Zach. This looks to be the best Sunday Slam ever! I mean, looking at all these matches.

    Zach Davis: You couldn't definitely pass this off for a PPV. In the Main Event, we have a "Dream Match". A match for the ages, two of the biggest stars ever to hit WCF, going one on one.

    Shannan Lerch: And, it's for the WCF Championship! Can you believe it? Logan versus Gravedigger for the biggest prize in the game?

    Zach Davis: Actually, I don't believe it. Gravedigger is retired, and no one has heard or seen him all day.

    Shannan Lerch: He's probably too scared to show his face. Who would want to face Logan ? The WCF Champion!

    Zach Davis: Well, I know you sure woul--

    Zach Davis mumbles the rest out, as Shannan rolls her eyes.

    Zach Davis: Plus we have T.o.T members, Rick Mad and Cradle, going against Eternal Agony.

    Shannan Lerch: Team of Treachery rocks.

    Zach Davis: Yeah, right. Your just saying that because your brother is in it, and your little lover boy.. Logan.

    Shannan Lerch: Ah, whatever. I can't wait to see that hardcore title match between Defman and Spike West.

    Zach Davis: If Defman is in it, you know it's going be exciting. He has to be the most ruthless hardcore champion I've ever seen.

    Shannan Lerch: We also have a BIG tag team match tonight, The Headhunters going against Bishop, Priest, Price, and my girl Mandy.

    Zach Davis: You think Neo will take out the General Manager, Steve Carr ?

    Shannan Lerch: No way.

    Zach Davis: And, David Baker. This man has to be Logan's number one fan, and he's going up against Mr. Anti-Treachery Kojima, next!

  • David Baker vs Kojima
  • Zach Davis: And here we have the debut of some David Baker guy, a man trained by Logan to be a WCF wrestler after winning a contest to get here.

    Shannan Lerch: An interesting character indeed. But if Kojima wins, he gets a shot at Logan's TV Title... And he's been taking out member after member of the TOT it seems...

    Zach Davis: Well, we're gonna see now.

    Proven bursts out of the PA System. "You wanna see me fail???? YOU WON'T GET THE CHANCE! You wanna see me fail? You wanna see me fail???? YOU'LL NEVER GET YOUR CHANCE!" Pyrotechniqes hit to cue the entrance of David Baker. He bursts out of the curtain with his hands in the air. He jumps around with high energy along with the song. He runs down the ramp and claps each of the fans' hands that he can. Before he slides into the ring, he runs around it. He hops onto the turnbuckle and bounces a bit as he raises his arms. The music ends and he hops back down.

    The arena goes completely dark, The sound of calling crows is heard. Two sets of red eyes appears on the jumbotron. The eyes are revealed to be those of two crows. The crows fade away from the jumbo tron and the sound of horses and wooden wagon are now heard. and two black horses pulling a wagon appears on the jumbotron. they are getting closer. almost as if they are going to come through the screne. Then they disappear and it is completely dark again. Then a white a fog like substance shoots all around the ring, totalling covering the ring. The fog is then sucked down by vents, and the lights come back on. and standing in the middle of the ring is Kojima.

    Shannan Lerch: David Baker does look impressive.

    Zach Davis: But so does Kojima..

    Kojima approaches David, punking him out. Kojima laughs at the newcomer, but David fires back with lefts and rights! He sends Kojima reeling into the ropes, and then whips him to the other side. Baker goes for Clothesline from Hell, but Kojima ducks it, runs to the other side of the ring, bounces off the ropes, and Spears Baker to the ground.

    Shannan Lerch: No! Boo!

    Kojima stomps at Baker a few times, then applies an STF.

    Zach Davis: Ouch, that move hurts, especially on someone as green as Baker.

    David screams in pain, and you can see it on his face... but he doesn't tap. He tries his best to reach the ropes, but it seems as if every time he's about to get there, Kojima stops him. He lifts his arm to tap, Kojima smiles... but instead he finally manages to grab the rope! Kojima releases the hold, eventually. He pulls Baker back to the middle of the ring and goes to lock in the STF again, but Baker rolls away, stands up, and as Kojima turns around he's met with a Spinning Back Kick! Kojima drops to one knee, and David then hits a DDT!

    Shannan Lerch: YES! He has it.

    David Baker pins.




    Shannan Lerch: Ah crap.

    Zach Davis: Ha. The match continues.

    Baker picks Kojima up, and puts him in position for a Powerbomb. Kojima reverses it into a Back Suplex, but Baker lands on his feet, runs to the ropes, and hits the Sever on Kojima!

    Shannan Lerch: THAT'S IT!

    Baker pins again.




    Baker is astounded he didn't get the win. He picks Kojima up one more time and goes for The Xero, but Kojima somehow blocks it, and hits the Death Drop! Kojima quickly makes the pin...




    Somehow, Baker manages to kick out. Kojima picks Baker up, pissed, and throws him out of the ring. Kojima goes outside, and Baker hits him with a low blow when the ref isn't looking.

    Zach Davis: That's definitely the TOT way. He's learned well.

    Kojima goes down, and Baker grabs a chair from ringside and hits him with it, over and over. The bell rings.. Kojima wins by DQ.

    Shannan Lerch: HA! Kojima may win, but Baker gets the last laugh.

    Zach Davis: Not really, because now Logan has to defend his TV Title against Kojima!

    Shannan Lerch: Damnit!

    Baker throws down the chair, and realizes what he's done. He curses to himself as he walks to the back.

  • Logan Segment
  • We go backstage to find Logan pacing back and fourth in a hallway, talking to someone on a cell phone.

    Logan: What do you mean he's not coming? Huh? Do you know who I am? You don't? You do? SHUT UP! I'm Logan, The Face of Treachery, and if I want a damn match with Gravedigger I'll get one. Huh? Ah, know what.. I don't care. Do whatever it takes, I want Gravedigger versus Logan tonight!

    Logan mumbles something, turning off the phone and walking away.

    Shannan Lerch: What does that mean? No Gravedigger?

    Zach Davis: I guess we'll find out later, because, up next is the big 8 man tag!

    Shannan Lerch: Actually, a seven man tag.

    Zach Davis: No.. eight man tag.

    Shannan Lerch: Are you calling MANdy a man?! Ah, go girl power!

    Zach sighs.

  • Steve Carr vs Neo
  • Shannan Lerch: The next match features the sick son of a b*tch Neo. I hope Steve kicks his ass all over the ring.

    Zach Davis: As you can tell, Neo has been building a steady hatred towards him at a shockingly quick pace. I don’t know if this is smart or not, but I know I hate him. Here comes Carr now...

    The lights dim as Zach’s words end. “Edgecrusher” begins as red strobe lights flash throughout the arena. A moment or two later, the strobes steadily become a red spot light that snakes up towards the curtain. Suddenly, He steps out and begins down the ramp. He goes to high five some of the fans, but just as they swing he pulls his hand away and laughs. The crowd reponds with a series of boos. Then, out of the crowd comes Neo with a chair shot to Carr’s head. Carr hits the ground. Neo laughs at him, and start to curse him in German. He pulls Carr down the ramp and rolls him into the ring. The referee makes Neo get rid of the chair, but Carr gets revenge with a series of rights. He kicks Neo in the mid sections and DDTs him to the mat. Carr leaps back up as Neo rolls to his knees. Steve jumps up and drives his elbow into Neo’s spine.

    Shannan Lerch: GET HIM!

    Carr tries to lift Neo back up, but Neo kicks him in the mid section. Neo, then, tries to set up for a powerbomb, yet before he can pulls Carr in, he slams an uppercut into Neo’s big German chin. Neo stumbles a bit, but Carr stops the with a dropkick to his chest. They hit the mat, and Carr goes for a pin.


    2..........NO! Neo gets a leg up. He, slowly, gets up to catch a breath. Carr waits for him to get up, but as he gets to standing, Carr gets him into a headlock. Neo reverses to send him at the ropes. On the way back Neo tries for a closeline, yet Carr just ducks to Bounce back from the ropes and pulls off a bulldog. Neo bounces a bit before he holds his face in pain. Carr grabs his right leg and signals for a submission.

    Zach Davis: This could be the end of the vicious onslaught by Carr.

    Neo tries to crawl away, but Steve pulls him back into the center of the ring. The referee checks on Neo as he screams in pain. Neo lifts his hand, but makes a fist as to not tap out. Again, he lifts his hand as if he were going to tap, but reaches for the ropes instead. No luck. After a while, the referee gets Carr off of Neo. Neo rolls around a bit before he climbs to his feet. Carr runs at Neo, and Neo ducks. To Neo’s dismay, Carr kicks him in the chest.


    Crowd: OHHHHHHH! The sound of the smack bellows throughout the arena. Carr goes for the Ultimate Stunner, but Carr reverses with an Irish Whip towards the ropes. As Carr is on the return, Neo Spears him, but lifts him up screaming, “Hating You!”

    Shannan Lerch: NO! Don’t let him win!

    Zach leaps to his feet as Neo slams Carr down. Obviously, Neo goes for the pin.




    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    Zach Lerch: Somehow that son of a b*tch got the win...

    Neo smacks the referee as “Back to Mad’ signals his victory. The crowd tosses in soda cups and food to protest his win. This pisses him off even more, and he picks Carr up and hits a Judo Hip Throw and starts choking him. He then rolls outside the ring and grabs a chair. He sets it down and hits Carr with a Double Arm DDT onto it!

    Shannan Lerch: He can't do that to the General Manager of Slam!

    Carr is bleeding profusely from the forehead and nose. Neo isn't done, and he picks Carr up and hits the Hating You! again, onto the chair! He then, finally, leaves the ring as medics attend to Carr.

    Shannan Lerch: It was going all too well until he landing “Hating You!” Now, who will defeat him?

  • The Headhunters vs Bishop/Priest/Price/Mandy
  • “God of Thunder” hits to signal the entrance of Outcast. He appears from out of the curtain followed by Burn Out, Hacker, and Creeper. They pause at the top of the ramp to pose a bit. They get a mixed reaction and start towards the ring. Outcast and Burn Out slide in the ring as “21 Questions” hits. She starts to clap some of the fans’ hands, but Hacker and Creeper stalk towards her up the ramp.

    Zach Davis: What are they planning?

    Shannan Lerch: They might be planning on taking her out early. Someone has to save her. This isn’t fair!

    Jason Price appears out of the crowd and closelines both Creeper and Hacker. Burn Out tries to slide out, but Bishop and Priest head him off with some punches to his head. He hits the ground, and they begin to stomp him. Outcast surveys what’s happening before he climbs out of the ring. Slowly, he walks towards Mandy. She looks worried for a second, but readies herself. She walks in slowly and kisses Outcast. Shockingly, he does nothing.

    Shannan Lerch: What is she doing?

    Zach Davis: Jealous are you?

    Shannan Lerch: No! What do you mean? Jealous. Whatever...

    After the kiss, Mandy rakes her nails across Outcast’s face. He holds his face and eyes as Mandy runs and kicks him right in the groin with a cringingly loud thug.

    Zach Davis: OW! He’s not getting up from that!

    Bishop and Priest roll Burn Out into the ring. The referee separates them from him and ushers the rest into the ring.

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    Shannan Lerch: Finally...

    Jason and Burn Out start off with some rights, but Burn Out ends it with an Irish Whip to the ropes. Hacker kicks Jason as he hits the ropes. In response, Jason turns around to strike at him, but the referee appears to get him off. Burn Out runs at Jason to closeline him, and almost hits him. Somehow, Jason gets out of the way. Creeper tags himself in to run at Jason. Price dropkicks Creeper to deny his attack. He walks over to Bishop to tag him in, but Bishop and Priest hop off of the apron. Jason looks a bit surprised, but instead, he tags in Mandy. She, reluctantly, gets in. Jason hops out to have a word with Bishop and Priest. They all start to walk to the other side of the ring as Mandy squares off with Creeper. Creeper smiles, but Outcast tags himself in with a more suspicious smile on his face. Creeper gets on the apron, and Outcast grabs Mandy by the hair. He slings her across the ring. Bishop, Priest, and Jason appear with all sorts of weapons in hand. They attack The three Headhunters on the outside of the ropes. All three of them fall out of the ring. The referee turns to see what happens as Outcast starts to kick Mandy. Price, Bishop, and Priest are assaulting their opponents respectively, but they seem to have dropped the weapons when the attention was on Outcast and Mandy.

    Zach: What is this? A war or a match?

    Jason backs up a bit and waits for Hacker to get up. As he gets up Price lands a Keltic Kick to the Jaw of Hacker. Seeing this, Bishop and Priest stop their attacks to lift of Creeper and Burn Out. First, Bishop motions for Jason to get on the apron. Then, Bishop and Priest lift Creeper and Burn Out in a powerbomb position. Now, Jason understands what is happening, so, he hypes the crowd up with some hands gestures.

    Shannan Lerch: This is going to hurt. Even more than the low blow!

    Zach: I don’t think anything hurts more than a low blow...but this might get damn close.

    Price leaps from the apron at the two. He closelines them just as Bishop and Priest powerbomb them onto the crowd barrier. Outcast grabs Mandy by the legs at this moment, but before Bishop, Priest, and Jason can notice, Hacker is up with a weapon in hand. He hits Jason square in the head, and he falls flat. He swings at Bishop, yet he takes it and chases Hacker around ringside. Priest goes the other way to head him off. Meanwhile, the referee is checking on Mandy because Outcast has just locked in the Mind Rager. She is screaming in pain as Bishop and Priest are trying to catch the little man running around the ring. Just as Bishop and Priest notice Mandy, she taps out. The referee motions for the bell to be rung, but that only makes Outcast lock in the hold harder. Hacker, finally, stops running and tries to help Creeper and Burn Out up. Bishop and Priest run in to rescue Mandy with a double closeline to Outcast. He hits the mat as Mandy rolls out of the ring holding her leg. Bishop and Priest climbs out to help Jason out. All of The Headhunters Pose in the ring with “God of Thunder” echoing throughout the arena.

    Shannan Lerch: That was an interesting match to say the least...

  • Hardcore Title Match: Spike West vs Defman
  • Down with the Sickness plays over the PA system as strobe lights begin to flash and Spike steps out on to the stage. Behind him stands Angel. Spike raises his Sledge hammer above his head and Angel drops to her knees and semi-crawls between Spikes legs and snakes her way up Spikes lower body with her hands on his chest. Purple Sparks shower around them as they pose. Angel Then untangles herself from Spike and Spike makes his way down the ramp with Angel close behind. Spike slides under the bottom rope as Angel plays the Stacy Keibler role. Spike goes to the far right turnbuckle and climbs it, He and Angel then strike the same pose as the one on the stage. Spike grabs a microphone

    Spike West: Angel, it ain't safe for you to be here, go to the back. I don't want you near Defman, let me take care of him. You go now.

    Angel looks confused but leaves the ringside area.

    Spike: Now Defman, you may be bigger than me, you may be stronger, but after tonight your Hardcore Title is gone!

    Spike throws the microphone down. Defmans music hits and the arena goes black, a light neon blue shining at the top of the ramp. The light grows into a series of explosions, and the lights come back on. Defman is seen at the top of the ramp, murmuring to himself. The crowd cheer for Defman, and the camera shows clear shots of all the cuts covering his body. There is still a lot of dried blood on Defmans body.

    Zach Davis: Well, this is Defmans first title defence since Helloween, and he doesn't look to be in the best shape.

    Spike stands crouched in the ring, and he's holding his sledgehammer. Spike taunts Defman, who walks towards the ring. Spike slides out, showing he has a big heart. He marches to Defman, looking up at the monster. Defman begins to laugh, and Spike swings his sledgehammer. Defman grabs the handle, stopping the hammer inches from his own face. Defman rips the hammer from Spikes grasp, and Defman advances on Spike. Defman swings the hammer, and Spike ducks, kicking the back of Defmans knee. Defman goes down onto one knee and Spike hits a Yakuza Kick to the side of Defmans head. Defman falls to his hands and knees, and Spike begins kicking Defman while he's down.

    Zach Davis: Spike wants to keep the bigger Defman grounded, if he can do that then he might be in for a chance.

    Spike goes to the ring, pulling out a steel chair. Spike turns, and is met by a boot from Defman to the face. Defman grabs the chair and attempts to cave Spikes head in. Spike looks dazed, but amazingly, he stays on his feet!

    Shannan Lerch: How is he still standing!?

    Defman roars and brings the chair down again, and Spike drops to the floor hard. Defman looks at the mangled chair and grins. Some of the cuts on Defmans body have begun to bleed again, and his face is twisted into a manic snarl. Spike climbs to his feet, and Defman attempts to knock his head off with a right hand. Spike ducks, punching Defman below his un-doubtebly injured ribs. Defman drops to a knee as Spike starts picking him apart with hard lefts, rights and boots to the chest and gut area.

    Zach Davis: Spikes got the idea! He should use the damage that Defman suffered at Helloween to his advantage. Spike needs to use his brain here.

    Spike dropkicks Defman, and rams him into the steel railing. The railing bends slightly at the velocity of Defmans body hitting it. Defman sits prone against the railing, and Spike runs at him. Spike gets back dropped over the railing, into the second row of the crowd. Defman follows, with the referee and the cameraman. Defman and Spike battle through the crowd. Defman manages to ground spike, and an over zealous fan hits Defman on the arm. Defman turns slowly and grabs the man, throwing him almost 3 rows forward!

    Zach Davis: Look what he did to that fan!

    Shannan Lerch: Hey, he deserved it. That's what he gets for interfering!

    Defman turns and is met by a glass bottle smashed over his cranium. Defman drops to a knee again, and flicks his hair back, sending pieces of glass flying everywhere. Defman has a small cut on his forehead and a trail of blood trickles down his face. Defman quickly rises to his feet. Both men battle around to the side of the staging area, and both end up on the stage. They exchange hard shots to the face.

    Zach Davis: This isn't a wrestling match! This is a brawl!

    Both men battle closer to the edge of the stage, Defman charges forward with a close line, but unfortunately Spike West ducks. Defman spins back around to face Spike, but instead, gets a SPIKE DRIVER! Spike West covers Defman as the crowd counts along!



    THRE-- NO! Defman kicks out!

    Zach Davis: And Defman is showing exactly why he is the Hardcore champion.

    Shannan Lerch: I can't believe he kicked out.

    Spike West stands up, looking fustrated. He picks Defman up, and gives him ANOTHER Spike Driver.

    Zach Davis: Whoa, well.. I guess that did it.

    Spike West smiles, dropping down on Defman for the count.




    Shannan Lerch: Geez, this match is so close..

    Spike is furious by now, and picks Defman up again. He goes to throw Defman to the ropes, but Defman reverses it, whipping Spike forward. Defman then pulls Spike back, catches him in a Belly to Belly position, and Suplexes him out of the ring! He climbs out, and grabs a chair from ringside, which he sets on the ground. Spike stands up, and Defman motions for him to bring it. Spike runs at Defman, and Defman hits the Stop and Drop onto the chair! He quickly pins, hooking the leg.




    Zach Davis: Defman retains! No Title change tonight.

    Shannan Lerch: Do you think there will be a title change tonight, in the main event?

    Zach Davis: I hope so. I'd love to see Gravedigger come back, and beat that son of a bitch for the title.

    Defman stands up, grabbing the Hardcore Title and heading backstage.

    Shannan Lerch: What a match.

  • Logan Segment 2
  • We go outside, in a cold parking lot to find Logan talking on his cell phone yet once again.

    Logan: Seth, you need to get here.. now. What do you mean? The plane is having problems? Ah, well look, what if Gravedigger really shows up? I need you here to put authority into power. What do you mean fight it out? Seth? Seth?! Hello?

    Logan turns the cell phone off, running his hands through his hair.

    Logan: I knew this was a bad idea.

    Logan turns around, walking back into the building.

    Zach Davis: Oh man, is Gravedigger REALLY going be here tonight?!

  • Mad/Cradle vs Eternal Agony
  • "Scavenger of Human Sorrow" by Death hits and the crowd boo loudly. The large frame of SOS breaks the curtain and he comes out, banging his head to the music, his jet black hair falling over his face. Just as the curtain settles, its again parted by the larger Hellz Angel. Hellz Angel walks silently to the ring, his face lacking any emotion. SOS is in the ring, and he's makes the heavy metal sign, raising his fist to the sky. Hellz Angel circles the ring, and eventually enters.

    Shannan Lerch: Eternal Agony are sooo going to lose.

    The lights fade and Rick Mad steps through the curtain. There is an almighty roar of hatred from the crowd, as Rick steps towards the ring. He doesn't enter the ring yet, as Eternal Agony are waiting for him.

    Zach Davis: Damn, I don't know who the crowd hate more!

    "Get to the Gone" by Static X hits and the crowd murmur in anticipation of seeing the physical state of PC Cradle after his Hardcore Title loss to Defman in the dome. The music plays for a while and no one comes through the curtain. The crowd talk quietly to each other speculating where Cradle is. The camera shows Rick Mad with a concerned look on his face. The music stops, and we see the referee talking to Mad.

    Shannan Lerch: Well, it appears Cradle isn't here tonight due to…

    "Get to the Gone" hits again, and the curtains part. Cradle slowly steps through, and he has had the blood washed away. His face and body are a mass of cuts, and the crowd surprisingly roar loudly, cheering for Cradle!

    Zach Davis: Can you believe this reception, Shannon?! He deserves it after what he went through at Helloween!

    Cradle stops at the top of the ramp, and he looks out to the crowd who cheer him loudly. Cradle raises his fist to the sky and the crowd follow suit. Cradle makes his way towards the ring and pats Rick Mad on the back, before both men slide under the bottom rope. The 2 TOT members run at Eternal Agony and the bell rings. Cradle goes for SOS, spearing him to the floor. Cradle repeatedly punches SOS in the head. Rick Mad ducks a clothesline from Hellz Angel, and fires off the ropes, taking him down with a sickening lariat.

    Shannan Lerch: Wow, great start for Cradle and Mad!

    The referee forces the brawling SOS and Cradle from the ring into opposite corners. Rick Mad stomps the downed Hellz Angel repeatedly, before running at the ropes. He comes back, and falls forward, headbutting the neck and chest area of Hellz Angel. Rick Mad attempts this again, but Angel rolls over, sending Rick Mad face first into the matt.

    Zach Davis: Eternal Agony now, taking the advantage.

    Hellz Angel tags in SOS and both of the monsters start pounding Mad, sending him to the floor. Cradle comes in but the referee restrains him. SOS Irish whips Mad into the ropes and forces Mad down with his shoulder. Mad falls back onto the matt, and SOS shouts to the crowd, flipping them off.

    Zach Davis: He needs to concentrate on this match, instead of trading barbs with the crowd.

    SOS crouches over Mad, pummelling him in the face whilst Mad lies on the matt. SOS tags in Hellz Angel, and the two monsters lift Mad up, spike piledriving him. Cradle dodges round the ref, clothes lining Hellz Angel to the matt. The ref manages to restore order, removing SOS and Cradle from the ring. Hellz Angel gets to his feet and stomps Rick Mad. Angel lifts Mad to his feet, but Rick manages to get some shots into his stomach. Mad grabs Hellz, and hits a huge standing tornado DDT on him. Mad falls to the mat and both men crawl towards their respective partners.

    Shannan Lerch: Who's gonna get to their partner first?

    Hellz tags in SOS, and SOS grabs Mad's leg. Mad boots him off and tags in Cradle, as the crowd goes crazy. Cradle runs in and hits a huge Yakuza Kick to the chest of SOS. SOS falls flat and Hellz Angel runs in attempting to clothesline Cradle. Cradle ducks, and hits a side effect onto Hellz. Cradle slides out of the ring and grabs his black folding chair.

    Zach Davis: Hey, this match isn't No DQ!

    Cradle slides back in and brings the chair down hard on SOS' skull! The referee rings the bell and Cradle hits him aswell!

    Shannan Lerch: Cradle's gone crazy!

    Cradle swings hard, hitting Hellz Angel, who falls like a chopped tree. Rick Mad grabs Cradles shoulder, and Cradle hits him hard with the chair aswell!

    Zach Davis: He just took out his own tag team partner! What's gotten into Cradle!?

    Cradle looks at Rick and hen leaves the ring, throwing his chair down. Cradle shouts to the crowd as he disappears behind the curtain. The camera shows a wide shot of the ring, and off Eternal Agony, Rick Mad and the referee, all laid out.

  • World Title Match: Gravedigger vs Logan
  • "Not Falling" by Mudvayne blasts out over the PA system. Logan slowly passes his way through the curtains letting them slide off his body and fall behind him. Logan's body is drenched in water causing drops of water to fall of him as he moves down the ramp. Every now and then Logan yells at the booing crowd before rolling inside the ring. Once inside the ring Logan paces around untill his music cut and hands his two titles to the referee, who takes them to ringside.

    Zach Davis: We haven't heard from Gravedigger all night.

    Shannan Lerch: Who cares?! This has to be the biggest Sunday Slam Main Event, ever! And, it's for the WCF World Title!

    Zach Davis: That's true. Eh, I have a funny feeling about this match.

    "Change" by Deftones plays throughout the arena. The crowd stand to their feet screaming, and cheering.

    Shannan Lerch: I can't even hear in here!

    Zach Davis: What did you say?

    Shannan and Zach cover their ears. Meanwhile, Logan stands in the ring, staring at the entrance way, eyes wide and more ready than ever. What's this? A black Monster Truck pulls out from the ramp, with tented windows allowing us not to see anyone inside. The Monster Truck stops infront of the ring, as the music cuts off. Moments pass and no one gets out, Logan looks confused as the arena fills with buzzes from the crowd.

    Shannan Lerch: Finally, I can hear.

    Zach Davis: What the hell is going on? Why would Gravedigger be driving a Monster Truck?

    The Monster Truck door opens, and out pops GRAVEDIGGER!


    Zach Davis leans back laughing, as we hear the crowd groan in dissapointment.

    Shannan Lerch: Well, it is Gravedigger. Just not the "wrestler".

    The fat old hairy monster truck driver, rolls into the ring. Logan laughs, grabbing a microphone.

    Logan: What's up, Gravedigger?!

    Logan keeps laughing, as he tries hard not too, wanting to speak into the microphone.

    Logan: Whoa man, did anyone ever think that you'd be one on one in the ring with The Face of Treachery for the WCF Title? No, they didn't did they? Oh, they did? C'mon on GD, make up your mind. Oh, you can't? SHUT UP! Get your fat ass out of here.

    Gravedigger frowns, rolling back out of the ring and getting into his monster truck.

    Logan: Yeah, this was all one big fake Main Event. Just so you dumb basterds could sell out a WCF show, in hope to see Gravedigger versus Logan.

    The crowd boos.

    Logan: Well, my plan worked. I help Seth out by bringing more money to a show without having to wrestle Gravedigger. Speaking of which..

    Logan looks back to The Monster Truck Driver, Gravedigger.

    Logan: Get your boudle ass out of here, you ain't the Gravedigger I want. You ain't on no damn hall of famer, or a two time world title holder. Anyhow, Gravedigger, if your watching at home.. I want you to listen up. I respect you, but then again, I don't respect you. I do? I don't? Eh, forget all of that. Bottom line is, in order to me to be the best damn WCF World Champion there ever was, I have to beat YOU GD, yes you. So why don't you get your lazy ass out of retirment and come get a Treachery ass whooping!

    Logan throws his arm up, trying to get cheers from the crowd, but instead, hears boos.

    Logan: Yeah, you boudles boo me! Boo the WCF Champion, it's not my fault Gravedigger abandon you. I bet you'd cheer if that sorry sac of crap Gravedigger was here, huh? Know why he left? Because he's scared of me! Yeah, what's that? Oh, wait. No, no, no. I was too tired to whoop his ass at Helloween! Gravedigger, put it this way. I'm going give you to the count of ten, and if you don't get your boudle self out here.. then you've accepted the fact that I am better than you.

    Logan chuckles a bit.

    Zach Davis: That's not fair, Gravedigger is probably miles away right now.

    Shannan Lerch: He's scared, let's face it.

    Logan: One, two, skip a few.. TEN. Yeah, that's it. I'm better than Gravedigger, you all just witnessed it. Say hello to the NEW Man of WCF!

    Logan drops the microphone, and stands on the turnbuckle raising the T.V. title, and WCF title above his head.

    Zach Davis: This is SO cheap.

    Shannan Lerch: Who is that?

    Zach Davis: Huh?! Gravedigger?! Where?!?!

    Nope, instead it's Hellz Angel! Hellz comes through the crowd, and slides into the ring. Logan jumps down from the turnbuckle and swings a title at Hellz, Hellz Angel ducks and turns around throwing a right fist to Logan. Logan stumbles back and drops his titles, Hellz Angel then proceeds to punch Logan all the way towards the turnbuckle. Hellz Angel pounds away at Logan, but Logan kicks Hellz, then closelines him down. Logan quickly scoops up his titles, and rolls out of the ring. Running up the ramp. Hellz Angel gets up, and picks up the microphone.

    Hellz Angel: You shouldn't worry about Gravedigger! You should worry about me, the person who has been whooping your ass ever since you came into WCF!

    Zach Davis: I thought this feud was dead, long ago!

    Hellz Angel: How about you put that title on the line at Time Bomb, that's if.. your man enough.

    Logan stops at the top of the ramp, and turns around glaring at Hellz Angel. A backstage offical runs out, and hands Logan a microphone.

    Logan: If I'm man enough? How about I come down there and show you how man enough I am!

    Hellz Angel: What's stopping you?

    Logan: I have um, better things to do.

    Hellz Angel: You do?

    Logan: Yeah. You'd just wast--

    Hellz Angel cuts Logan off.

    Hellz Angel: SHUT UP!

    Zach Davis: Hahaha! I've never seen anyone say that to Logan, well, say his own quote to him.

    Logan throws the microphone down, and flicks Hellz Angel off. Hellz Angel drops his microphone too, and laughs. Hellz stands up on the turnbuckle, taunting Logan as Logan glares daggers at him. Sunday Slam goes off the air as it fades away with a glare of treachery by Logan.