Sunday Slam Intro
Chad West vs Jason Price
Madd Dogg vs Wreck vs Spike West vs Outcast vs David Baker
Rick Mad/PC Cradle vs Neo
Hellz Angel vs Burn Out
TV Title: Kojima vs Logan

  • Sunday Slam Intro
  • Immortal by Adema plays over the PA system as Sunday Slam goes on the air! The camera pans the arena, as usual... "Bake Me A Cake, David!", "Cradle's Off His Rocker", "Neo Fears Goldberg", "Hellz Is A Nobody", "Kojima = Hulk Hogan", and more. We go ringside!

    Zach Davis: Welcome, yet again, to Slam. I'm Zach Davis, with Shannan Lerch. We have an action packed night tonight.. as usual.

    Shannan Lerch: Damn right. My man.. er.. the leader of the TOT, Logan, takes on Kojima in the Main Event for the TV Title.

    Zach Davis: Kojima's mission to end the TOT may not end tonight, but it's going to be monumental if this mystery man can defeat Logan, and take the Title away from his team.

    Shannan Lerch: Even if Kojima DOES win, Logan's still the World Champion, anyhow, and the most powerful.. and sexy.. man in wrestling.

    Zach Davis: Speaking of that World Title, as of now, Hellz Angel is the Number One Contender. However, if he loses to Burn Out tonight, he loses that right.

    Shannan Lerch: And one would have to think it would make Burn Out a big contender.

    Zach Davis: The team of Rick Mad and PC Cradle will be reuniting after last week's.. unpleasantness..

    Shannan Lerch: Let's see if they're a good team again... I bet they are. The TOT is quite the cohesive unit, and they'll prove it tonight!

    Zach Davis: We also have a crazy insane hardcore match, featuring Madd Dogg, Wreck, Spike West, Outcast, and David Baker. Dogg is a former Hardcore Champ, and the rest are known for their hardcore antics as well. Except for Baker, and he was really impressive last week!

    Shannan Lerch: And in our opening match, Chad West will take on Jason Price. Let's get to that!

  • Chad West vs Jason Price

    Top O The Morning To Ya hits and Jason Price comes out. He walks down to the ring with a confidentsmile on is face, disrespecting the fans and the like.

    The two men tie up right away, as the bell rings. Jason Price hits a Snap Suplex, before running to the turnbuckle and jumping onto the middle rope. West stands up and takes an Irish Shot!

    Zach Davis: That's Price's finisher!

    Jason Price quickly pins Chad West. 1... 2... 3.

    Shannan Lerch: Sweet Crunchy Christ that was fast.

    Jason Price raises his arms in the air and rolls out quickly before heading to the back.

    Zach Davis: I have a feeling this next match won't be so quick, and'll be much more violent... It's a hardcore match, and it's coming up next.

  • Hardcore: Madd Dogg vs Wreck vs Spike West vs Outcast vs David Baker
  • The arena goes dark as the bass line of the music cuts in. The words "It is dark, and hell is hot" fill the arena as the stage explodes. Low red lighting barely illuminates the stage as Dogg walks out. From right to left, mini pyro showers go off in order, slowly. Each covering Dogg with golden sparks. Then the stage explodes again and Dogg walks down to the ring.

    The lights go out as the beginning of "Dragula" starts. Then the house lights come up as Wreck walks to the ring, shaking some hands.

    Down with the Sickness plays over the PA system as stobe lights begin to flash and Spike steps out on to the stage. Behind him stands Angel. Spike raises his Sledge hammer above his head and angel drops to her knees and semi-crawls between Spikes legs and snakes her way up Spikes lower body with her hands on his chest. Purple Sparks shower around them as they pose. Angel Then untangles herself from Spike and Spike makes his way Down the ramp with Angel close behind. Spike slides under the bottom rope as Angel plays the Stacy Keibler role. Spike goes to the far right turnbuckle and climbs it, He and Angel then strike the same pose as the one on the stage. The music stops as Spike hops down and he awaites his opponent.

    'God of Thunder' hits and the crowd cheers. Outcast walks out in black jeans. he goes to the ring with is eyes fixed on the ring. Nothing else phases him. He slides in and raises his hands.

    Proven bursts out of the PA System. "You wanna see me fail???? YOU WON'T GET THE CHANCE! You wanna see me fail? You wanna see me fail???? YOU'LL NEVER GET YOUR CHANCE!" Pyrotechniqes hit to cue the entrance of David Baker. He bursts out of the curtain with his hands in the air. He jumps around with high energy along with the song. He runs down the ramp and claps each of the fans' hands that he can. Before he slides into the ring, he runs around it. He hops onto the turnbuckle and bounces a bit as he raises his arms. The music ends and he hops back down.

    Zach Davis: Yeah, someone's probably going to die in this match. This will be insane.

    David Baker goes right on the attack, Clotheslining Madd Dogg to the mat. Wreck shows initiative and pulls a pair of iron knuckles out of his tights, and punches Spike West down! He's then attacked from behind by Outcast, and the knucks fly out of the ring.

    Shannan Lerch: Haha, Wreck came prepared.

    Zach Davis: It's nice to see him back.

    Outcast sends forearm after forearm to Wreck's back. He then tosses him out of the ring, and climbs out with him. Outcast grabs Wreck's head and slams it into the guardrail. He then pulls out the steel steps, and steps up them, bringing Wreck with him. He DDT's Wreck onto them!

    Shannan Lerch: OW. Pain.

    Back in the ring, David Baker is stomping on both Madd Dogg and Spike West. Both Dogg and West begin to stand up, and they whip Baker into the ropes and hit a Double Flapjack. Dogg then turns to Spike and hits a 90 Degree Stunner! He quickly makes the pin... One, two... No, Outcast dives into the ring and breaks it up.

    Zach Davis: Close call.

    Outcast starts stomping away at Madd Dogg, as does David Baker. Once Spike West is up, he, too, joins in beating down Madd Dogg.

    Shannan Lerch: It's turned into 3 on 1, they want him out of this match.

    Wreck, from outside the ring, gets a table. He sets it up, and then goes under the ring... and pulls out a can of gasoline. He pours it onto the table, before pulling some thumbtacks out of his pocket and putting those on, too. He then pulls a match out from his pocket.. and sets the table aflame.

    Zach Davis: This.. is.. insanity.

    Spike West jumps up onto the turnbuckle, as David Baker gets Dogg in position for a Powerbomb... Outcast helps lift Dogg, and they hit a Spike Powerbomb outside the ring onto the flaming tacks table!! Spike West then jumps off the turnbuckle, hitting a Flying Elbowdrop onto Dogg!~!

    Shannan Lerch: It's safe to say that Madd Dogg is out of this match.

    Zach Davis: He may be out of more than this match...

    Back in the ring, Outcast rolls Wreck up from behind. 1... 2... No, kickout. Wreck gets up quickly and runs at Outcast, but is met with a Powerslam. Spike West is back in the ring, and hits a Superkick on Outcast as he turns around!

    Shannan Lerch: Madd Dogg is being taken to the back on a stretcher.

    Indeed, Dogg has been loaded onto a stretcher, and is being carried up the ramp. But out of nowhere, Rick Mad runs out and throws him off of it! Mad picks him up and hits a Mad DDT quickly onto the entrance ramp. Dogg's head gushes more blood, and Mad laughs as he walks to the back as quickly as he ran out.

    Zach Davis: Christ! Damn that TOT! Dogg is definitely going to be out for a little bit.

    In the ring, Spike West has pinned Outcast. The ref counts. One... two... No! Wreck just hit Spike with a Sledgehammer to the head!

    Shannan Lerch: The Snap!

    Wreck hits Outcast with The Snap next, then picks him up and hits his Demolition finisher!




    Zach Davis: Wreck is the winner!

    Wreck rolls wearily out of the ring, and heads to the back, triumphantly.

  • Rick Mad/PC Cradle vs Neo
  • Zach Davis: Well ladies and gents, here we go with what promises to be an interesting match.

    Shannan Lerch: This is supposed to be a handi-cap match, but as PC Cradle said, its gonna more like a 3 way!

    We go to last week, and it shows Cradle hitting Rick Mad with the chair from various angles

    Zach Davis: …and his reasoning for that was simple, "because he was there".

    Shannan Lerch: Man of few words…

    "Back to Mad" by Texas Faggots hits. The crowd begin to boo loudly. The words "Muk Schne" appear on the screen, followed by "Heil the new reich" and "Scum will be purged". Neo appears quickly, running fast down to the ring. A couple of fans swipe at him as he runs past, but Neo is much to fast, and he slides into the ring. He produces a big fist full of American dollars and wipes his mouth with them. Neo notices a sign that says "Kiss my ass, Nazi" in the front row, held by a grey haired black man. Neo looks away for a second, before hocking a huge gob of spit out of the ring into the mans face! Security restrains the man whilst Neo smiles slyly.

    Shannan Lerch: This guy makes me sick!

    Zach Davis: Can you believe what he did to that fan!?

    The arena fades to black for a second and then a green light fills the arena. The heavy part of "One" by Metallica kicks in, and Rick Mad parts the curtains, stepping out to a loud chorus of boo's from the crowd.

    Zach Davis: Who do these fans hate more?! Rick Mad or Neo?!

    Rick Mad slowly walks to the ring, focusing on Neo, who is stood leaning on the ropes, staring back at Mad. Rick carefully slides under the bottom rope, not taking his eyes off of Neo. Rick Mad looks around, before raising his arms, and green pyro from the turnbuckles rock the arena!

    Shannan Lerch: I hate those explosions!

    Rick Mad walks into the opposite corner to Neo, eyes still fixed on him.

    Zach Davis: Well the crowd hate Neo, Rick Mad hates Neo, the crowd hate Rick Mad, and Neo hates Rick Mad! And we don't know what anyone thinks of Cradle! We're about to find out though!

    "Get to the Gone" by Static X hits and the crowd, surprisingly, hit the roof! The crowd scream along to the beginning of the song!

    Crowd: Get to the gone! Under the gone! Drop in, drop out! Get to the gone!

    PC Cradle parts the curtain, stepping out onto the stage. The crowd all cheer in unisons! Cradle looks out to the crowd, surprised by the warm reaction. Cradle headbangs to the music, his dirty blonde hair flicking down over his face and beard. He starts making his way down the ramp, and he spots a sign in the front row. The fan holding it hands it to Cradle and Cradle looks into the camera, showing that the sign says "We miss you Danny!". He hands the sign back before sliding into the ring. Ignoring the other competitors, Cradle does his usual routine of climbing to the second turnbuckle and crossing his arms, making the metal sign, before jumping off and hitting the ring with a huge bang. His music stops and Cradle stands in the centre of the ring, looking back and fourth between Neo and Rick Mad.

    Zach Davis: Well, we're about to find out what's going on between these guys.

    Neo and Rick Mad both march forward quickly, standing face to face, exchanging angry words. Cradle crouches in the corner, and suddenly both Mad and Neo explode, trading lefts and rights into each others faces!

    Shannan Lerch: Neo needs to use his quickness here. He's probably used to fighting guys bigger than him, and if he wants to beat Rick Mad, he shouldn't try slugging it out!

    As if on cue, Neo ducks an attempted lariat by Mad, kicking him in the mid section. Neo runs against the ropes, coming back with a stiff scissors kick off the neck of Rick Mad. Mad drops flat and Neo kicks up to his feet. Cradle stands, and again, Neo marches up to him. Both men stand nose to nose, but don't speak a word, instead just looking at each other with stone cold stares. Rick Mad gets to his feet, but Neo turns, hitting a big spinning wheel kick to his face. Rick Mad goes down again, and Neo goes back to Cradle. Neo looks away for a second, and then turns and delivers a hard slap to the side of Cradle's face!

    Zach Davis: This guy doesn't respect anyone!

    Shannan Lerch: In fairness, Cradle hasn't really earnt his respect.

    Zach Davis: Are you defending this hate-monger!?

    Shannan Lerch: Hell no! I was just sayin….

    Neo backs up to the centre of the ring, egging Cradle on to go after him. Cradle turns back, and we can see a hint of a smile on his face, through his thick black goatee. Cradle runs at Neo, attempting a lariat. Neo ducks, and tries a spinning wheel kick. Cradle knocks his feet to the side, sending Neo to the mat. Cradle attempts an elbow drop, but Neo moves. Neo attempts a leg drop, but Cradle moves! Cradle rolls over and hops to his feet. He turns quickly, and him and Neo are face to face again!

    Zach Davis: Wo! Impressive wrestling by both these guys!

    The crowd cheer loudly and Neo backs up into the corner, resting on the ropes again. Rick Mad is on the outside, in the corner, on the apron. Neo and Cradle lock up, and Neo goes behind with a hammmerlock. Cradle attempts a reversal, but backs Neo into the corner. The referee calls for a clean break, but both men punch each other. Cradle begins raining down right hands to the face of Neo, knocking him down into a sitting position in the corner. Cradle begins delivering boots to the chest of Neo, but Rick Mad slaps Cradle on the back, tagging himself in. Cradle puts his hands on his hips, as Rick Mad shouts at Cradle, telling him to leave the ring. Reluctantly, Cradle shakes his head, stepping through the ropes. Neo is back up, and runs at Mad, dropkicking him in the stomach. Rick Mad doubles over, and Neo hooks his head, dropping him with a huge Impact DDT!

    Zach Davis: Rick Mad should have been focusing on his opponent, instead of mouthing off at Cradle.

    Neo pops up quickly, and starts dropping knees, legs and elbows onto Mad. Neo runs at the ropes, and returns, hitting a big jumping elbow drop. The crowd boo as Neo turns, shouting at them. Mad rolls to his hands and knees, and Neo runs at him, delivering a dropkick to the side of his head. Neo cockily kicks Mad whilst he's on the floor, spitting on him. Neo pulls Mad to his feet, and Rick hits to big right hands to Neo's gut. Battling back, the big Rick Mad stands tall over Neo, before delivering a skull cracking headbutt to Neos face!

    Shannan Lerch: Neo needs to keep Rick of his feet, that way he can use his fast pace offence to take him out.

    Neo drops to one knee after the headbutt, and Rick Mad hooks Neo's head and arm, before hoisting him into a suplex position! Mad shows his brute strength, before dropping Neo with a ring shaking falcon arrow!

    Zach Davis: Wow! What impact there!

    Rick Mad stands again, cockily standing over Neo. Mad runs to the ropes, but this time, Cradle slaps him on the back, tagging HIMself in! Cradle steps in and Rick Mad gets in his face. Cradle shoves Rick Mad back, and Mad attempts to clothesline Cradle! Cradle ducks and the referee restrains Mad. Cradle turns as Neo climbs to his feet

    Shannan Lerch: Neo is taking a pounding here. Maybe he should just give it up now.

    Cradle kicks Neo in the stomach, and again, Neo is hoisted into a suplex position. Cradle drops back hard, delivering a mighty Brainbuster!

    Zach Davis: Stick a fork in him! He's done!

    Shannan Lerch: We'd have to call Abdullah the Butcher for that. But geez, Zach, where can I buy that Big Book of Cliches you must use?

    Cradle covers Neo…




    Cradle stands, grabbing Neo's head as he does. Neo groggily stands, and Cradle goes behind, wrenching back with a huge German suplex! Cradle bridges, again, going for the pinfall…




    Shannan Lerch: Wow, Neo showing some resilience here.

    Cradle again climbs to his feet. Neo manages to battle away form Cradle, and runs at him, hitting a big leg lariat to the throat! Cradle goes down, and Neo quickly rolls out of the ring, pulling a baseball bat out from under the apron!

    Zach Davis: He's gonna get himself disqualified! This is just the sort of thing we should expect from Neo.

    Neo waits for Cradle to get up, and Rick Mad stands smiling, not coming in to help Cradle. Neo hits Cradle hard in the ribs with the bat, and the referee rings the bell.

    Ring Announcer: The winner of this match as a result of a disqu…

    Voice: Hold it, hold it, hold it!

    Zach Davis: Hey, it's the boss! What's he doing here?

    The crowd boo Seth as he stands on the ramp way.

    Seth Lerch: No, no, no, no, no, your not getting out of this that easy Neo! I'm making this match a no-disqualifications match! Anything goes! Now ring the bell!

    The bell rings.

    Zach Davis: Well, I guess this match is gonna continue here.

    Neo quickly takes advantage, going to work on Cradle with hard baseball bat shots to the back and ribs. Rick Mad takes advantage of the No-DQ rule, coming into the ring, with the referee not being able to do anything about it. Mad circles Cradle and Neo, before knocking Neo down with a lariat to the back of the head!

    Shannan Lerch: Well, looks like Rick Mad might wanna help Cradle after all!

    Zach Davis: Don't speak so soon!

    Mad picks up the baseball bat, and stands over Cradle, who groggily starts to his feet. Mad raises the baseball bat, ready to hit Cradle, but from no-where, Neo runs at Mad, hitting the Hating you!

    Zach Davis: Hating you! Hating you! Hating you by Neo! This could be it here!

    Neo quickly covers Rick Mad, and the referee makes the count.



    Cradle breaks it up!

    Shannan Lerch: Hey! Rick Mad wasn't legal! Just like most of your girlfriends, Zach!

    Zach Davis: Who do you think I am, R. Kelly or Michael Jackson!? As for Rick, well, I guess that's the price you pay for being in the ring when your not supposed to! And Cradle doesn't wanna lose this match.

    Cradle begins laying boots into Neo, as Rick Mad lies flat on his back from Neo's finisher. Mad begins to stir, getting to one knee, when the arena goes black!

    Zach Davis: Hey, what the hell is this!?

    The lights come back on, and…DEFMAN is standing in the ring!!!

    Shannan Lerch: Oh my god…what's he doing here!? He's not even booked tonight!

    Zach Davis: Well, he's the hardcore champ, plus a total nut-bar, so he can do what he wants.

    Defman walks towards Cradle but stops! Defman grabs Rick Mad, hitting the Stop & Drop on him!

    Zach Davis: What the!? What he do that for!?

    Shannan Lerch: I don't know but I got a sneaking suspicion that it didn't have anything to do with Mad.

    Defman looks at Mad and grins manically. He then turns, looking straight at Cradle. Cradle stands, ready for a fight, but Defman rolls out of the ring, leaving the ringside area, still looking at Cradle!

    Zach Davis: I don't know what the hell is going on here! We sure as hell know that Defman isn't scared of Cradle, so what's goin' on!!?

    Cradle looks up the ramp confused, before turning to Neo. Cradle gets kicked in the gut and Neo is about to hit a Double Arm DDT, but Cradle somehow reverses it into an Arm Drag, sending Neo flying. Neo quickly gets up and runs at Cradle, but Cradle catches him in the Cradlearm DDT! He makes the pin!

    Shannan Lerch: Put a fork in him, Zach!

    Zach Davis: ...ugh...




    Zach Davis: The "team" of Rick Mad and PC Cradle has won, but I'm not sure how much of a team they are..

    Cradle rolls out of the ring, and heads to the back. Mad slowly manages to leave as well, as does Neo.

  • Contendership On The Line: Hellz Angel vs Burn Out
  • The lights darken and Rob Halford's piercing voice is heard screaming "Can't... Stop... The... PAINKILLER!" and "Painkiller" hits the speakers. Hellz Angel walks out to a silent crowd as camera flashes go off and cigarette lighters turn on all around the arena. He makes his way to the ring and climbs in. He circles the ring and pushes himself off the ropes as the lights come back on.

    Burn Out comes out on a motorcycle goes around the ring, gets off the bike, and climbs in.

    Zach Davis: Remember, if Hellz loses this match, he loses his Title match at Timebomb.

    Hellz Angel goes right on the attack, and starts kicking away at Burn Out's leg. Burn Out drops to his knees, and Hellz initiates a Test of Strength. Hellz pushes Burn Out down for the first few seconds, but the crowd starts getting behind Burn Out, and cheers him on. B.O. eventually makes it up, and kicks Hellz in the gut before hitting a Vertical Suplex. He then runs to the ropes and hits a Leg Drop. Burn Out makes the pin...

    Shannan Lerch: Burn Out made a quick comeback there, can he get the win that fast?

    One, two, and no. Hellz kicks out. Burn Out climbs to the top rope, and is about to hit a Diving Headbutt, but Hellz quickly gets up and throws him off the top. Hellz then hops to the top, quickly, and as Burn Out gets to his feet he goes for the Angel of Death! Burn Out manages to dodge it and catch Hellz, hitting the Outcast Blast!!

    Zach Davis: He could have it!

    Burn Out drops for the pin!




    Hellz kicked out at the last second, again. Burn Out is frustrated, and picks him up. He throws Hellz into the rope and goes to get him into the Torture Rack position, but Hellz slips behind him and hits a Reverse DDT! Both men rest on the mat.

    Shannan Lerch: Burn Out's almost gotten the win several times, its anyone's game...

    Hellz Angel is the first one to his feet, and locks Burn Out in the Figure Four Leglock. Burn Out doesn't want to tap out, and attempts to reach to the ropes. He can't. He then begins trying to roll over, to reverse the pressure... he keeps almost getting it, but Hellz is resisting... the crowd becomes restless, chanting Burn Out's name, and he's soon able to turn over! Hellz screams in pain now, and quickly grabs for the ropes. The two release the hold, and stand up, near the same time. Burn Out goes for a Clothesline but Hellz ducks and kicks him in the gut, gets him in position for the Hellz Face...

    Zach Davis: It could be over right here.

    But Burn Out reverses it into a Back Bodydrop. Hellz somehow lands on his feet, runs to the ropes, but Burn Out catches him into the Torture Rack position and hits the Afterburn! He quickly hooks the leg to pin!




    Zach Davis: Burn Out wins!

    Shannan Lerch: And Hellz Angel loses his World Title shot. What a shame.

    Zach Davis: This isn't the Hall of Fame Hellz Angel that we all know... I don't know what his problem is, but he needs to fix it.

    Burn Out rolls out of the ring, arms in the air.

  • Television Title Match: Kojima vs Logan
  • The arena goes completely dark, The sound of calling crows is heard. Two sets of red eyes appears on the jumbotron. The eyes are revealed to be those of two crows. The crows fade away from the jumbo tron and the sound of horses and wooden wagon are now heard. and two black horses pulling a wagon appears on the jumbotron. they are getting closer. almost as if they are going to come through the screne. Then they disappear and it is completely dark again. Then a white a fog like substance shoots all around the ring, totalling covering the ring. The fog is then sucked down by vents, and the lights come back on. and standing in the middle of the ring is Kojima.

    "Not Falling" by Mudvayne blasts out over the PA system. Logan slowly passes his way through the curtains letting them slide off his body and fall behind him. Logan's body is drenched in water causing drops of water to fall of him as he moves down the ramp. Every now and then Logan yells at the booing crowd before rolling inside the ring. Once inside the ring Logan paces around until his music cuts.

    Zach Davis: Logan.. Kojima.. TV Title.. here we go.

    Logan and Kojima are about to tie up, but before they can, Seth Lerch steps out from the back, mic in hand.

    Seth Lerch: Hey, Koji, one quick thing. This match is now officially no disqualification, as well. Good luck.

    Kojima shrugs, but as Seth begins walking down the aisle, Rick Mad and PC Cradle follow. Kojima watches them, and Logan attacks him from behind, pounding away. Logan whips him to the ropes, and follows up with a Belly to Belly Suplex. He then quickly applies the Loganshooter. Kojima won't tap, and he tries crawling to the ropes... but as he tries to grab them, Cradle punches him, making sure he doesn't get a chance. Kojima still refuses to tap, so Logan releases the hold.

    Zach Davis: Kojima is up against the entire TOT here, I don't know how he's going to be able to win. There's no way.

    Shannan Lerch: He couldn't have won anyhow, it doesn't matter.

    Logan picks Kojima up and irish whips him into the corner. Kojima jumps up onto the turnbuckle and then flies back down, hitting Logan with a Flying Clothesline! Rick Mad rolls into the ring, and goes to attack Kojima, but Kojima ducks and then hits him with a Snap Powerbomb. Seth Lerch attacks next, but Kojima runs and Spears him to the mat. PC Cradle gets in last, but Kojima gets the best of him and sets him up for the Razors Edge... But as he gets Cradle in the crucifix position, Logan is back up, and Superkicks Kojima in the back. Cradle hops down, and joins Logan in hitting a Double DDT. Kojima drops to the mat. Logan pins him, as the TOT members roll out of the ring.

    Zach Davis: That's probably it for Kojima.



    No! Kojima kicks out. Logan is pissed again, and picks him up. Logan goes for the Impact Style, but Kojima backs up just in time, then kicks Logan in the gut and hits the Death Drop!! Both men lay on the mat, motionless.

    Shannan Lerch: COME ON, LOGAN! GET UP!

    Zach Davis: If Kojima pins Logan, the TV Title is his!

    Kojima rolls over, and slings his arm onto Logan. The ref counts...



    Shannan Lerch: KICK OUT LOGAN!

    And almost as if he heard Shannan, Logan kicks out.

    Zach Davis: Damn.. what does Kojima have to do to beat Logan?

    Kojima picks Logan up, and whips him to the ropes. He catches him, and picks him up for a Death Valley Driver. Before he can hit it, Mad is up on the apron, and hits a Springboard Dropkick onto Kojima. Logan slides off as Kojima falls to the mat.

    Zach Davis: Kojima was about to hit The Spike, he'd have won it for sure. This TOT interference has to stop.

    Cradle rolls in the ring next, and picks Kojima up. He's about to hit the Cradlearm DDT... But the lights go out. Again.

    Shannan Lerch: What the-

    When they're back on, DEFMAN is in the ring! Cradle is outraged and attempts to Clothesline him down, but Defman ducks it and throws Cradle to the outside. Defman rolls back in, and Rick Mad runs at him.. Defman hits him with the Stop and Drop!

    Zach Davis: For the second time tonight...

    Seth Lerch comes out of nowhere and low blows Defman, and Logan follows up by hitting him with a Connector. Lerch throws him out of the ring, and then goes out to beat on him.

    Zach Davis: Only Logan and Kojima in the ring now.

    Kojima is standing, and he runs at Logan, hitting a massive Spear. He pins quickly, hooking the leg...




    Logan kicks out, again. Kojima is exhausted, and unsure what to do. We can see Logan pulling a pair of iron knucks out from his tights. He puts them on, and hits Kojima with them! Logan quickly rolls over and pins..




    Logan is met with a stiff kick to the head from none other than... Wreck?! He picks Logan up and proceeds to hit the Demolition! Kojima stands up groggily, unsure what happened, as Wreck gets out of the ring. Kojima picks Logan up and hits another Death Drop, before pinning, again hooking the leg...



    Seth rolls in the ring, to break up the count...

    THREE! He was too late.

    Shannan Lerch: DAMNIT!

    Zach Davis: Kojima has won the TV Title!

    Shannan Lerch: But why in the hell was Wreck of all people in the ring!?

    Zach Davis: Wreck is a former TOT member, and is probably jaded towards Logan in some way...

    Defman rolls into the ring and hits a Double Arm DDT on Lerch. He then tosses Logan out of the ring, and hands the TV Title to Kojima, raising his hand in the air.

    Zach Davis: It seems like Defman has formed a kind of "Anti TOT" bond with Kojima. That spells trouble for them.

    Shannan Lerch: Not to mention the Wreck interference.. ugh!

    Zach Davis: We'll see how the Team of Treachery retaliates on the next Slam! See you then!

    The copyright info appears, as Kojima puts on his TV Title and we fade to black.