Saturday Slam Intro
Matthew Steele Promo
Hardcore Title: Wreck vs Cyrus
Madd Dogg Promo
Blaze vs Joltman
TV Contendership 1: Mike Kaos vs Kreptian
Logan vs Roger Mason
TV Contender 2: Epic vs Road Rage
Gravedigger/Dark Arts Wizard vs Mace and Jax

  • Saturday Slam Intro

  • Lords of Destruction plays as the crowd erupts for the usual beginning of show ceremonies. The pyro goes off, several people hold up their signs, most of which are really stupid, etc. After panning the audience, we go to the announce booth, with the usual Zach/Shannan combo.

    Zach Davis: And here we are, another Saturday Slam! I'm Zach Davis, joined by Shannan Lerch, and tonight looks to be another great night, coming off last Slam. Two TV Title Contendership matches. I understand the winners of these two will go on to face each other at Blast.

    Shannan Lerch: Yes, and speaking of the TV Title, the Champion himself, Matthew Steele, is in the building. What will he have to say about Creeping Death? The whole world has been buzzing about the appearance last week.

    Zach Davis: We'll also see Logan get it on with his part time friend, long time enemy, Roger Mason. And of course, the last match EVERYONE has been waiting for.. Gravedigger and Dark Arts Wizard against Mace and Jax.

    Shannan Lerch: Who knows what'll happen there! Can Gravedigger and DAW be allies? They had better be, Mace and Jax are formidable foes indeed.

    Zach Davis: We'll have to wait until tonight to find out, because I've just received word that Matthew Steele will be making his way to the ring!

  • Matthew Steele Promo
  • The lights dim and a soft strobe light begins to flash around the arena. "Not Falling" by Mudvayne hits and the strobe lights flash with intensity. As the song picks up, the lights go bright and Matthew Steele stands on the ramp with his arms out to his sides, holding the WCF TV Title in his left hand. He looks out over the capacity crowd and makes his way down to the ring. Matthew enters and calls for a mic.

    Matthew: Everyone saw what happened last week. Not only the crowd before me but the whole television audience across the world knows that it was Creeping Death who assaulted me last week on Saturday Slam. Where is this snake in the grass now though? Creeping Death, you live up to your name… You are a little sneaky coward. Why don't you come out here and try to fight me face to face without all the phantom of the opera theatrics?

    Matthew stands in the ring with his arms out, waiting. The crowd begins a "Creeping Death" chant that gets louder and louder the longer they wait. Eventually, the lights once again go black, and churchy music begins to play as the familiar shot of the cross in the storm comes on the JumboTron. "Payback" by Flaw kicks in, and the lights come back on. Standing in the ring is Creeping Death and Kristen Volz. Kristen is holding a chair, while Creeping Death has his arms crossed. Creeping Death's black Metallica hoodie's hood covers his painted face and his black hair.

    Steele stares at Creeping Death for a couple seconds and then glances out of the side of his eyes, seeing the steel chair in Kristen's hands. The crowd is really into it, cheering like no other. Finally, Steele drops the TV Title, rushes Creeping Death, and tries for a clothesline. Creeping Death ducks and runs at the ropes however, and as Steele turns back around, Kristen tosses the chair to him. Matthew catches the chair and lunges as Creeping before he can execute the Van Daminator, nailing Creeping Death in the midsection with it. Kristen panics and cowers in the corner as Matthew Steele lifts Creeping Death to his feet. Steele lifts Creeping Death up for the Steele Driver but Creeping Death flips over him, spins him around and hits The Blizzard of Ozz! Kristen grabs the TV Title as she and Creeping Death exit the ring, leaving Matthew Steele paralyzed in the ring.

    Zach Davis: Eh oh.. Steele isn't going to be too happy about this.

    Shannan Lerch: No sir. What is Creeping Death thinking!?

    Zach Davis: Creeping Death is thinking that he wants to be known as the most suicidial, extreme, crazyass wrestler in the WCF. We should find out if he truely is soon enough. For now, though, we're going to see our first match of the night. It's for the Hardcore Title!

  • Hardcore Title Match: Wreck vs Cyrus
  • Last Resort hits and the crowd goes estatic with excitement. They know when Cyrus comes out usually something is going to happen. He appears just as pyrotechniques que him in. He raises an arm and lowers it as the crowd rises. Cyrus walks down the ramp towards the ring. He's wearing the Hardcore Title over his shoulder. Wreck comes up from behind and wacks him over the head with a sledgehammer!

    Zach Davis: This match getting going already, Wreck wasted no time. That was a dirty thing to do.. But that's what you need to do in a hardcore match, especially for the Title.

    Cyrus goes down after the shot to the head. Wreck throws the sledgehammer aside and picks Cyrus up, and runs him to the ring. He then slams his shoulder into the ringpost. Cyrus goes down hard, and Wreck rolls him into the ring. The bell finally rings. Wreck goes under the ring and pulls out a trashcan, but Cyrus has amazingly gotten up. Cyrus runs back and as Wreck is getting into the ring, hits a Baseball Slide under the ring ropes and into the trash can, sending it into Wreck's face!

    Shannan Lerch: Amazing move for a big man. I'd like to see Kevin Nash do that.

    Zach Davis: I don't think so. When Nash walks, he tempts fate. He's a cripple.

    Shannan Lerch: Is it legal to talk about guys from other companies like this?

    Zach Davis: Probably not, and the lawsuit would come out of my paycheck. Damnit.

    Cyrus rolls out of the ring and grabs Wreck's trash can, which is now badly dented, and slams it into his head. He then picks Wreck up and positions him for a Powerbomb.

    Shannan Lerch: Oh my God, is he going to Powerbomb Wreck onto that trash can?

    He tries to do it, but Wreck counters with a Back Bodydrop, sending Cyrus onto the hard concrete. He then locks him in the Figure Four Leglock!

    Zach Davis: A submission move in a hardcore match? How rare.

    Cyrus refuses to tap, however, and manages to grab a Singapore Cane out from under the ring, and cracks Wreck over the head with it! Wreck releases the hold, and holds his head, in pain. Cyrus stands up and picks Wreck up as well, and grabs him by the throat. He chokes him for a few seconds before throwing him, by the throat, into the guardrail! Wreck grasps his throat and Cyrus grabs him and hits the Virus! He then pins, and the ref drops for the count. One, Two.. Three.

    Zach Davis: Cyrus retains his Hardcore Title!

    Shannan Lerch: Yes, he's the true king of hardcore. We're now going to our next match-

  • Madd Dogg Promo
  • The screen and arena go black.

    Zach Davis: What's this?

    DMX: It is dark, and hell is hot.

    The sound of barking fills the arena, followed by eerie music. Brief flashes fill the screen, wars, explosions, firefights. The images flip to images of a man in a very ornate costume doing various moves to various opponents, powerbombs, neckbreakers, suplexes and moves there are yet to be names for. As the music crescendos, it changes to Godsmack- “I Stand Alone”. On each hit, of the base, the figure is shown doing another violent move. Between the moves, he can be seen standing against a fiery backdrop. As the song intensifies, the two images begin overlapping, as a double exposure. The final moves are a 90 degree stunner, mad splash, sharpshooter, trampling clutch, his finisher, the Dogg Pound, and finally an arm raised in victory. The violence fades away and the camera begins moving away from the still figure, making the background more and more clear. He is standing in amongst the wreckage of a building, burning, destroyed, collapsed, and smoking. The camera goes aerial, showing that the wreckage is not just one building, but an entire city. As the camera gets higher, the wreckage forms a picture, a vicious face of a Dogg. The reds and yellows of the fire fade into a drawn picture.

    Girl: He’s coming now, and no one can stop it anymore.

    One by one, each of the belts form a circle around the Dogg, tag, hardcore, tv title, world title, then they fade to the center. After the last belt fades in, the Harddcore title comes back out, replacing the Dogg. It splits down the center and burns.

    Girl: And heaven help all of you.

    DMX: Same old shit Dogg, just a different day. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. It’s my time now, and too late for all of you.

  • Blaze vs Joltman
  • AC/DC's Hells Bells Begins to play, right after the 4th bell finish the stage explodes in pyros and as the music starts the Joltman walks out onto the stage as the smoke clears. He High fives anyone wearing black gloves on his way to the ring and ingnores anyone else. He traveles all the way around the ring making sure he high fives everyone that has a black glove around the ring, before jumping up on the ring apron, where he wipes his feet before entering the ring and starts testing the ring ropes.

    Run by ICP hits next, and the lights go out as Blaze runs to the ring.

    Zach Davis: Joltman looking for some revenge here, after Blaze pinned him last week.

    The bell rings, and the two men look at each other and then lock up. Joltman gets the early advantage, getting Blaze in a headlock. He then executes a leg sweep followed by a Boston Crab. Blaze is about to tap but manages to reach the ropes seconds before it's too late. Joltman releases the hold and Blaze stands up. Joltman throws him to the turnbuckle and lifts him up. He then executes a Superplex! He floats over for the pin. 1, 2, no, Blaze kicks out.

    Shannan Lerch: Close call there, that hottie almost won!

    Zach Davis: Bah, not again..

    Joltman lifts Blaze up from the ground, and hits a Russian Legdrop. He then puts him into the Inverted Indian Deathlock Surfboard. He's in the middle of the ring and has no other choice but to tap.

    Zach Davis: I don't think Blaze got a single move in.

    Shannan Lerch: YAY JOLTMAN!

  • TV Title Contendership Match 1: Mike Kaos vs Kreptian
  • Lights go black. Fog arises from the ground in front of the entrance and blue lights flash throughout the crowd. Kreptian steps out and everybody cheers. He walks confidently down towards the ring giving fans hanging over the security rail a high-five. He steps into the ring and turns around in a circle. he puts his hands into the air like an X, then beats his chest.

    The lights in the arena go out, "Gramercy Park" hits, and two green pyros cross over the ring. The lights come back up, and Mike is sitting on the turnbuckle.

    Zach Davis: The winner of this will face either Epic or Road Rage at Blast. And you KNOW Kaos wants Epic.

    Kreptian runs at Kaos, and attempts a Clothesline, but Kaos ducks it and executes a Tiltawhirl Slam. Kaos stomps at him a little before getting into an 'ultimate punching' position and starts punching him ferociously.

    Shannan Lerch: Wow, he sure seems determined to win this match.

    After a few seconds of punching, Kaos picks Kreptian up and throws him to the ropes. He hits a Back Bodydrop, sending Kreptian outside the ring. Kaos then climbs out and stomps on Kreptian a few more times before picking him up. He attempts to throw Kreptian into the guardrail, but Kreptian reverses it, and Kaos flies into it instead. Kreptian runs at Kaos but Kaos hits him with a Spear! Kreptian flies down with force, and Kaos picks him up and throws him back into the ring.

    Zach Davis: Man, it's hard to keep saying Kaos and Kreptian. Stupid K names.

    Shannan Lerch: Stupid announcer.

    Zach Davis: ..sigh..

    Kaos, having just rolled back into the ring, is attacked by Kreptian. Kreptian swings at him but Kaos ducks and hits a German Suplex! He gets back up, hits another one, and then follows up with a third! Kreptian has a glazed over look on his face, and Kaos signals that it's time to end it. He picks him up and hits the Kaos Theory! The crowd is going wild as he climbs the ropes to the top.. and then hits the Tidal Wave, his finisher! A 3 count later, Kaos has won!

    Zach Davis: Kaos with authority. If I was Epic or Road Rage, I'd be frightened to face that man at Blast.

    Shannan Lerch: Me too, Zach, me too. But do either of those men know fear?0

    Zach Davis: I suppose not, but... Kaos sure doesn't either.

    Kaos walks to the back triumphantly.

  • Logan vs Roger Mason
  • "Straight Out of Line" by Godsmack blasts out over the PA system. Logan slowly passes his way through the curtains letting them slide off his body and fall behind him. Logan's body is drenched in water causing drops of water to fall of him as he moves down the ramp. Every now and then Logan yells at the booing crowd before rolling inside the ring. Once inside the ring Logan paces around untill his music cuts.

    Zach Davis: It's no secert that Rage and Logan have quite a big history together.

    Shannan Lerch: You mean Roger Mason.

    Zach Davis: Yeah whatever. What's Logan doing?

    Shannan Lerch: He's signaling for a microphone.

    Inside the ring Logan grabs a microphone looking around at the crowd before he speaks.

    Logan: Whoa whoa boudles! This is the moment of Treachery.. respect it!

    The crowd boos heavily at Logan.

    Logan: No, no not you people. I was talking to them slizzy ass announcers!

    Shannan Lerch: I know he just didn't call me a slizzy ass!

    Logan winks at Shannan Lerch.

    Logan: Not you baby. I'm talking about Mr. Davis over there. Hey Shannan..

    Logan makes a phone jester to his ear.

    Logan: Call me.

    Shannan Lerch smiles at Logan.

    Logan: Anyhow I came out here to do two things. Number one, whoop Roger's ass. Number two, talk about Epic. You see Epic the ToT has been disbanded over a year now and I see you walking around with ToT shirts on like it's going be coming back or something. How about this Epic..

    Logan looks down appearing to be in thought. Out of nowhere Roger Mason clotheslines Logan down from behind.

    Zach Davis: Where the hell did he come from?

    Shannan Lerch: Was he hiding under the ring?

    The microphone scatters landing outside the ring as Roger Mason begins stomping on a falling Logan and the bell rings.

    Shannan Lerch: People have been sneaking up on Logan all week! He deserves respect..

    Roger Mason grabs Logan up by the hair and whips him into the ropes. Logan flys back at Roger and Roger takes him down with a drop toe hold. Roger scoops Logan up and sets him for a suplex, Logan sends a few stiff right hands to Roger's gut and counters the move laying him down with a suplex of his own. Logan picks Roger up and spin kicks him towards the turn buckle. Logan patiently waits for Roger to stumble out of the turn buckle and as he does Logan lays him out with an High Impact Style!

    Zach Davis: I wish I could do that move!

    Logan slides out of the ring and grabs the microphone which dropped.

    Logan: Whoa, wait a mintue.

    Logan slides back into the ring with the microphone.

    Logan: Who the hell is Roger Mason? I don't got no history with this boudle!

    Logan stomps on Roger Mason.

    Logan: Hey Epic! Come on out..

    Epic slides out from under the ring wearing a "ToT" t-shirt. Roger Mason gets up and begins punching away at Logan, Logan drops the microphone and falls down to the ropes landing up in a sitting up position.

    Zach Davis: Epic was under the ring too?!

    Epic jumps inside the ring and hits a Tranquilizer as Roger goes falling down to the mat. Logan stands up picking up the microphone.

    Logan: Yeah that's right whoop that boudle ass Treachery style!

    Epic holds Roger Mason up.

    Logan: Hey Roger.. do you think your going to win?

    Logan puts the microphone to Roger's lips, before Roger can even reply Logan speaks back into the microphone.

    Logan: SHUT UP!

    Logan drops the microphone and kicks Roger in the gut. Logan spins Roger around and locks him inside a sleeper hold.

    Shannan Lerch: I smell a Connector!

    Logan flips over Roger Mason and lays him smack out with a Connector! Logan rolls over on Roger hooking the leg.

    Zach Davis: Who said this was a no DQ?

    Shannan Lerch: These referee's are to stupid to notice Epic standing in the ring.

    ONE! TWO! THREE! Logan stands up raising his arms victorious as the crowd boo's heavily at Logan and Epic.

    Anger Rising blasts out over the P.A. speakers. Logan and Epic look back and fourth to one another talking. An angry Seth Lerch makes his way down the ramp and rolls into the ring getting face to face with Logan.

    Shannan Lerch: Uh-oh!

    Seth Lerch picks up the microphone that was used by Logan.

    Seth Lerch: What the hell are you doing! I saw you hitting on my sister!

    Logan shows signs of sympathy.

    Seth Lerch: What's that? You said your sorry?

    Logan nods. As Seth Lerch drops the microphone feeling satisfied. Seth Lerch turns around to check on Roger Mason, Logan comes up behind Seth Lerch grabbing him in a sleeper hold getting ready for a Connector.

    Zach Davis: Never turn your back on Logan!

    Roger Mason somehow makes it to his feet and punches Logan off of Seth. Seth turns around full of rage as Logan and Epic jump out of the ring walking up the ramp backwards and talking trash to Seth Lerch and Roger Mason.

    Shannan Lerch: Is ToT back?

    Logan walks over to the annoucers booth and gives Shannan Lerch a gentle soft kiss on the lips. Logan and Epic walk backstage smiling as Shannan Lerch looks stunned. Seth Lerch stomps his feet in the ring as Roger trys to calm him down.

    Zach Davis: Shannan?

    Seth Lerch leaves the ring in a fit not even looking at his sister.

  • TV Title Contendership Match 2: Epic vs Road Rage
  • "Perfect Strangers" hits. The music plays for a few seconds, Epic walks out and just stands infront of the curtain for a while to let the crowd catch a glimpse of him in all his glory. He slowly walks to the ring, and just before he enters the ring he takes off his robe and enters the ring. Once in the ring he waits in the corner, with a look of totally confidence.

    Bad to the Bone hits, and Road Rage runs to the ring. He rolls in, ready for his match.

    Zach Davis: The winner of this match will face Mike Kaos at Blast.. I'm sure Epic knows this, and he wants that match.

    Road Rage and Epic go to tie up, but R.R. Clotheslines him to the ground. Road Rage stomps on him a few times and picks him up, throwing him into the turnbuckle, and punches him a few times. He then climbs up, but Epic counters with an Atomic Drop. Epic then locks in the Maple Leaf! Road Rage refuses to tap, and reaches the ropes. Epic releases it, and then stomps R.R. a few times. He picks R.R. up and whips him to the ropes, and attempts a Big Boot, but R.R. ducks it and Superkicks him to the mat.

    Zach Davis: Ouch.

    R.R. pins Epic. One, two.. Epic kicks out. Road Rage picks him up and attempts a Powerbomb, but he can't quite get Epic up. Epic kicks him in the gut and DDTs him to the ground. He stomps on him a few and then climbs to the top rope. Road Rage stands up and Epic flies off with a Flying Clothesline, but R.R. ducks it. Epic lands on his feet and hits R.R. with the Tranquilizer! He pins Road Rage, and gets the win.

    Zach Davis: Epic vs Kaos at Blast!

    Epic rolls out of the ring and heads backstage.

  • Gravedigger and Dark Arts Wizard vs Mace and Jax
  • The Jumbotron lights up, showing Gravedigger and DAW. The screen is split in half, and each man is in a seperate dressing room. Gravedigger is with Dobbie, who is getting him pumped for the match, and he is wearing the World Title. Both men step out, heading to the ring for the match.

    Zach Davis: Normally tag teams are in the same dressing room... I'm not sure if Gravedigger and DAW will be cooperating tonight.

    Mace as always has the strobe lights flashing as Call The Ambulance by Busta Rhymes hits. Two spot lights focus in on him and Jax as they make their way to the ring with utmost arrogance.

    "Prayer" by Disturbed hits the sound system as the arena goes dark and cold. Dark Arts Wizard walks out from backstage with a blank look on his face and a vacant stare in his eyes. He enters the ring and paces around, staying away from Mace and Jax, waiting for his partner.

    "Change" by Deftones plays as the lights go out. After a few seconds spotlights hit the ramp as Gravedigger emerges from the back accompanied by Dobbie. The two walk down to the ring absorbing the jeers of the crowd in attendance. Dobbie walks up the ring steps before Gravedigger and holds the ropes open for Gravedigger who steps through. The two men pose on opposite turnbuckles for a few seconds. The arena lights slowly come all the way back on.

    Mace and Jax stand in their corner, as does Gravedigger and DAW. Gravedigger motions that he wants to start the match, but DAW argues, saying he does as well. The arguing soon turns to yelling, and the arguing turns to pushing as DAW pushes Gravedigger! Gravedigger pushes back, and they talk more trash to each other...

    Shannan Lerch: They're going to fight each other already!!

    They look as if they're going to explode, but before they attack each other Jax and Mace start pounding on them from behind! Mace attacks Gravedigger and Jax attacks DAW. Jax Clotheslines DAW out of the ring, leaving Mace and Gravedigger, and the bell rings. Mace whips Gravedigger into the ropes, and then Powerslams him to the mat.

    Zach Davis: Gravedigger and DAW's issues are causing them problems already..

    Mace pins him, but he kicks out at 2. Mace picks him up and puts him in a headlock, then takes him over to his corner, tagging in Jax. Jax jumps in and kicks Gravedigger in the gut. He attempts to whip GD into the ropes, but GD counters in and then hits a Spinebuster out of desperation. He goes over to DAW, tries to make a tag, but DAW moves away, laughing. Gravedigger angrily, and forceably, tags DAW in anyhow.

    Shannan Lerch: This is the first time we get to see what Dark Arts Wizard is made of.

    DAW gets into the ring and picks up Jax. He executes a Single Arm DDT and then locks in an Inverted Armbar. Mace gets into the ring and breaks it up, as Gravedigger just watches, not attempting to help. Mace and Jax pound on DAW until the ref forces him out of the ring. Jax picks DAW up and grabs him by the throat, going for a Chokeslam, but DAW kicks him and goes around for a German Suplex. Jax is laying on the mat and DAW signals for the Dark Damnation, but before he can follow up Gravedigger tags himself in by slapping DAW rather hard on the back. Gravedigger gets in the ring quickly and starts kicking at Jax mercilessly.

    Zach Davis: They keep trying to show each other up. That may motivate them, but..

    DAW grabs Gravedigger, and the two start arguing again.

    Zach Davis: Hey.. I think I see someone coming out from the back?..

    Two men have stepped out. One stands at the entranceway, and the other walks all the way down to the ring, watching DAW and GD. They notice, and as they turn around they seem to look surprised.

    Shannan Lerch: I recognize them... The one ringside is Bishop, and the one up at the entranceway is Priest. They have a history with Gravedigger and DAW as well!

    DAW and Gravedigger forget their issues for a second and turn around, looking questioningly at the men, who show no signs of their intentions. Jax tags in Mace, who walks cockily into the ring, but from OUT OF NOWHERE Hellz Angel is in the ring and hits him with a bat as the ref watches the outside!

    Zach Davis: What the hell!? What's he doing here!? He wasn't even scheduled to be on the show!

    Hellz then cracks Gravedigger with the bat from behind! DAW makes no effort to help him as he falls to the mat, bleeding from the back of his head. Mace, too, is bleeding profusely from the nose. Hellz smiles at DAW before hitting him with the bat as well! Hellz raises his arms in the air and rolls out of the ring, heading to the back, and paying no attention to Bishop and Priest, who are still watching emotionlessly. As he walks to the back... Jam comes out of nowhere and hits the Extinction Level Event.

    Shannan Lerch: Ahhh, now what is this about!?

    Jam looks down into the ring, staring at Mace and Jax, nodding.

    Zach Davis: ...I have no idea what's going on anymore...

    As Jam heads to the back, leaving Hellz on the entrance, Jax jumps into the ring and throws Mace onto Dark Arts Wizard. One, two, three !

    Zach Davis: Mace and Jax have won, but certainly not alone. Both Gravedigger and DAW were distracted, AND obviously Hellz had something to do with it. And what was Priest and Bishop doing out here? Not to mention Jam...

    Bishop and Priest begin walking to the back, as does the groggy Mace and Jax, happy about their victory. DAW shakes his head groggily as he gets up, and Gravedigger rolls into the ring. He looks angry.

    Zach Davis: Uh oh, Gravedigger doesn't look too happy DAW cost him the match.

    Shannan Lerch: That's not fair, DAW didn't do anything wrong. They had the match won if it wasn't for those two guys, and Hellz.

    The World Champ and DAW start arguing again. They come to a boiling point, and Gravedigger shoves DAW this time. DAW shoves back, and soon they're trading fists! DAW picks Gravedigger up, going for the Dark Damnation, but GD wraps his leg around DAW's, blocking the move. Gravedigger kicks DAW in the gut and picks him up, going for the Death Driver, but DAW slides down off his back and picks him up going for the Dark Damnation again! Gravedigger manages to flip out of it but by now several officials and security personnel are in the ring, and seperating the two men. They try their best to get to each others throats, and it takes about five men to restrain each of them. Anger Rising by Jerry Cantrell plays throughout the arena.

    Zach Davis: Seth can't be too happy about this.

    Seth Lerch steps out from the back, and as Zach just mentioned, he's obviously angry. He has a mic in hand.

    Seth Lerch: What in the HELL do you two think you're doing!? I bought you in here, Dark Arts Wizard, because I thought that you and Gravedigger would work as a TEAM. I thought you'd dominate like never before, you'd dominate like no other. Instead, you're fighting each other!? Come on! That's so weak. You guys could be getting my company ratings and making me money. You're going to team up AGAIN two weeks from now, before Blast, and you're going to work like a frickin team. Because next week, you're going to fight each other in a match, one on one. You're going to get all this animosity out of your systems like good little boys, and be a unit from there on out. It's going to be non-title, but it'll still be one of the biggest matches the WCF has ever seen. See you guys then.

    His song plays again, and he steps out before neither Gravedigger nor DAW can get a word in. They turn to each other, realizing they'll be fighting next week, and start pushing officials away, trying to get at each other! As they're about to fight again... The copyright info appears at the bottom, and we fade to black as Slam comes to an end.