Sunday Slam Intro
TOT Segment
Black Dawg vs Gayfather
Hardcore Title: Rick Mad vs Defman
TV Title: PC Cradle vs Kojima
The Wests and Death/Torture Segment
Hellz Angel vs ???
Wreck vs Burn Out
Seth Lerch/Rick Mad Segment
World Title: David Baker vs Logan

  • Sunday Slam Intro
  • Immortal by Adema hits, and the 20th episode of Slam is on the air! A lot of pyro explodes from the stage and in the ring, and the crowd screams in both surprise and excitement. Signs include "XCW Sucks", "Hellz Jobbed To My Grandma", "Burn Out's Wrecking Tonight!", "Bake Logan A Whoopass Pie", and various others. We go to Shannan and Zach.

    Zach Davis: Hello fans and hello Shannan and welcome to Sunday Slam! It's our 20th episode, and damnit, it'll be one of the best. Tonight is action packed.

    Shannan Lerch: We have a big World Title match, David Baker fighting against his idol, Logan. His stomach must be full of butterflies, this'll be a hell of a match. Baker isn't going to hold any punches, he's here to make a point.

    Zach Davis: Not only that, but if Baker wins he gets in the TOT! It'd be a dream come true.

    Shannan Lerch: Not to mention the World Title.

    Zach Davis: Speaking of the World Title, two of the contenders for Timebomb go up against each other, Wreck against Burn Out. This will be quite a match.

    Shannan Lerch: Whoever wins is going to have the edge going into Timebomb, that's for sure... too bad Logan will just win anyhow.

    Zach Davis: Yeah, we'll see... we'll also see Hellz Angel take on a mystery opponent. I have NO idea who it could be, there's so many people who hate this man. Outcast is retiring soon, maybe his last wish is to take Hellz out?

    Shannan Lerch: An interesting theory. We have two other Title matches, the first being PC Cradle getting a shot at the TV Title, going up against Kojima.

    Zach Davis: Kojima stole that Title away from the TOT, and they want it back. Not to mention the big tag match at Timebomb, this one'll be filled with animosity.

    Shannan Lerch: Our second Title match is for the Hardcore Title, and it's Rick Mad facing off against Defman. Just as much animosity as the last match, but this one could get a lot more violent.

    Zach Davis: Mad isn't known for his Hardcore tendencies, that's for sure, but we'll see what he can do against a madman like Defman.

    Shannan Lerch: We'll open up the show with a new guy, Black Dawg, taking on Gayfather! This one should be.. well, yeah, I guess we'll see.

    Zach Davis: I'd LOVE to see Neo's expression as he watches that.

    Shannan Lerch: I just got word that the TOT has something to say before that match, sweet. Let's see.

  • TOT Segment
  • Better Than You by Metallica hits, and the crowd boos instantly. Seth Lerch steps out first, then motions for the rest of the TOT to come out. Logan, the World Champion, steps out first. PC Cradle, former Hardcore Champ and possibly the next Television Champ, is out third. And finally, Rick Mad, possibly the next Hardcore Champion, steps out last. The four men walk down the aisle, Seth and Logan making fun of the fans and Cradle and Mad just ignoring them. They roll into the ring, and Lerch grabs a mic.

    Seth Lerch: Well, well, well... I know this may seem like cheap heat, but damn, does this town suck. Why do I always do shows in these shitty arenas?

    The crowd boos, duh.

    Seth Lerch: Yeah, boo all you want, maybe I'll charge all of you an extra dollar or two to exit the arena. You know, a tax for disrespecting me. In fact... I have a message for all you people, and here to deliver it, is Logan.

    Seth hands the mic to Logan, who clears his throat, as if he's delivering some big speech...

    Logan: SHUT UP!

    The crowd boos heavily once again.

    Logan: You know, when I came into this company four years ago. I respected everything in it, and I still do. I didn't just come in here and get handed The World Title, or get handed a group with some of the best wrestlers I've ever met. No, I worked my ass off for that. I've injured myself, retired myself, and even had Seth fire myself to get where I am today. So for all of you new WCF punks, you need to RESPECT every moment that shines for you in WCF. That's all I really have to say, but no.. SHUT UP! There is one more thing I must say. Tonight, against my biggest fan.. "I will do, whatcha gotta do, to get to the top!"

    Logan hands the microphone back to Seth Lerch, as he stands on the turnbuckle raising his title into the air for a booing crowd.

    Shannan Lerch: Logan owns this place, I'm glad I'm going out with him.

    Zach Davis: If his head wasn't stuck to far up Seth's ass, then--

    Zach Davis mumbles out the rest.

    Logan then jumps down from the turnbuckle, slinging the World Title back over his right shoulder.

    Seth Lerch: Well said. And-

    Seth is interrupted as God of Thunder by KISS hits. All of the TOT looks toward the entryway as Outcast steps out, mic in hand.

    Seth Lerch: Who in the-

    Mad grabs the mic from Lerch.

    Rick Mad: Who in the hell are you to come out here, Outcast?! What do you want!?

    Outcast: Rick, Rick, Rick... and Seth, Seth, Seth... I was told you two had some surprised for my last match at Timebomb. What's the deal?

    Seth Lerch: Aha, THAT. You thought I'd let you off the hook with just some singles match? Never. I-

    Outcast: You SHUT YOUR MOUTH, Lerch. I don't care what you have to say anymore, this is MY last match and I'M calling the shots. I don't care what kind of stipulations you had, but this match is going to be a Buried Alive match!

    Seth Lerch: Buried Alive? Rick, what do you think?

    Rick Mad: FINE by me. I'll be happy to bury Outcast, and his career, down in hell.

    Seth Lerch: Well then, 'Casty, you've got a deal. Now get out of my arena, I have business to attend to.

    Outcast: Fine, I got what I want. But Rick... I'll see you soon, boy.

    With that, Outcast walks to the back as Rick looks outraged.

    Zach Davis: Wow.. this Timebomb is going to be a great show.

    Seth Lerch: Now, what I was trying to say... The Television, Hardcore, and World Titles are all being defended tonight. So I think to myself earlier today... what's missing? A Tag Team Title match.

    Zach Davis: Oh well, it's kinda too late. Monster Squad isn't prepared to defend their Titles tonight, that wouldn't be fair.

    Shannan Lerch: This is Seth Lerch we're talking about... fair isn't a factor.

    Seth Lerch: So, I think to myself, which tag team has been dominating the most recently? Who deserves a shot more than anyone else? Death and Torture?

    Pop from the crowd.

    Seth Lerch: Hell no, not those XCW rejects. Eternal Agony? Has-beens. The Wests? Never weres. There is only ONE team worthy of this shot... Rick Mad and PC Cradle.

    Zach Davis: WHAT?! That's ridiculous!

    The crowd boos at Seth's choice, as it's obviously unfair.

    Seth Lerch: Creeper, Hacker, get out here RIGHT NOW! This match is on!

    Creeper and Hacker come walking out, in their street clothes, with no pyro or anything. They hop into the ring as the rest of the TOT, excluding Mad and Cradle, roll out.

    Seth Lerch: RING THE BELL!

    The bell is rung, and the match is official.

  • Tag Titles Match: Rick Mad/PC Cradle vs The Monster Squad
  • Creeper and Mad brawl, as does Cradle and Hacker. Somehow Creeper and Hacker begin to get the upper hand, and they both Chokeslam their respective opponents at the same time!

    Zach Davis: Look at that! They weren't even prepared for this match!

    Creeper drops to pin Mad, but all of a sudden Seth Lerch rolls into the ring and hits an Elbow Drop on him, causing him to break it up. Seth threatens the ref, not allowing him to call a disqualification. Logan rolls in next, picks up Hacker, and hits a Connector. Logan and Cradle stomp away at im as Seth and Mad beat down Creeper.

    Shannan Lerch: GO TOT!

    Zach Davis: This is horrible. All because he thought the 20th Slam should have a Tag Title match, ugh.

    Shannan Lerch: No. Lerch wanted the Tag Team Titles.. and now the TOT is getting them.

    Cradle picks up Creeper and hits the Cradlearm DDT! He then pins. Seth yells at the ref to drop and make the count.. 1. 2. 3.

    Zach Davis: Ugh. PC Cradle has won the Tag Team Titles for his team.

    Shannan Lerch: YAY!

    Zach Davis: In my eyes, the Monster Squad are still Champs. They got completely screwed, they shouldn't have been forced to wrestle this match. And all the interference... ugh.

    Seth grabs the Tag Titles, and places them around Cradle and Mad's waist. They raise their arms, much to the hatred of the live crowd.

    Seth Lerch: And as for you two, Defman and Kojima? You two get a shot at these Tag Team Titles at Timebomb, even though you don't deserve it. Monster Squad, you'll get a rematch sometime, don't worry your ugly little heads. TOT... let's get out of here.

    All four men roll out of the ring and begin walking to the back, with each wrestler holding a Title.

    Zach Davis: And ugh, they have TWO other chances at gaining Titles! They could hold all the power in WCF in a matter of less than an hour...

  • Black Dawg vs Gayfather
  • Many Men by 50 Cent plays, and Black Dawg walks out, rapping along with the song.

    Zach Davis: More rapping wrestlers, that's exactly what the world needs.

    "Somebody hit the lights...."
    The sound of a single tap dancer comes over the speakers.
    "So we can rock it day and night...."
    A drum and cymbals join the single dancer over the speakers.
    "People getting down that's right...."
    A few more dancers can be heard.
    "From AM to PM"

    As the music whirs, two spotlights cycle through the audience, coming to rest on the stage as Gayfather dances out. He dances down to the ring, conversing with the crowd. Rainbow Brite walks down to the ring to join him. They go into the ring together, her holding the ropes down for him, as he does a Stacy Kiebler like entrance. She shakes her head and watches as he plays to the crowd.

    Black Dawg and Gayfather start the match slowly, not tieing up right away, but getting a feel for each other. Eventually they do, and neither one can gain a clear advantage quickly. Black Dawg applies an Arm Lock, but Gayfather reverses it and pulls Dawg in, hitting a Sky High Facebuster. This results in a pin. One.. two.. no, Gayfather kicks out.

    Zach Davis: Black Dawg almost got an early pin.

    Dawg picks Gayfather up and throws him to the corner, throwing lefts and rights at him. He then stomps him down in the corner.

    Shannan Lerch: Black Dawg dominating, stomping mudholes in Gayfather!

    Dawg pulls his leg back, going for one big, final kick, but Gayfather moves out of the way just in time. Dawg ends up kicking the turnbuckle, thus hurting his leg. Gayfather rolls Dawg up quickly... one.. two... no, Dawg kicks out. Both men stand up, and Dawg attempts a Clothesline. Gayfather ducks and hits a Dragon Screw Legwhip.

    Zach Davis: I think Gayfather is going after that leg that Dawg hit on the turnbuckle, good strategy.

    Gayfather quickly applies a Spinning Toe Hold.

    Shannan Lerch: Reminiscent of the great Terry Funk.

    Dawg refuses to tap, and is soon able to kick Gayfather off. Dawg gets up, limping a bit. Gayfather runs at him, but Dawg counters by picking him up on his shoulders and hitting a Death Valley Driver! Dawg makes the pin. One... two.... No, Gayfather kicks out at the last second. Gayfather then rolls out of the ring, trying to catch his breath. Dawg runs to the ropes and attempts a Suicide Plancha, but Gayfather moves out of the way just in time! Gayfather then stomps Dawg a few times, before rolling him back into the ring. He then locks in the Nutcracker.

    Zach Davis: He already had in the Spinning Toe Hold, and god damn that looks painful as it is...

    Dawg taps out very, very quickly. Gayfather raises his arms in the air, rolls out of the ring, and makes his way to the back.

    Shannan Lerch: Gayfather picking up his first victory here in WCF... hip hip hooray.

  • Hardcore Title Match: Rick Mad vs Defman
  • The heavy part of Metallica's One plays, and a green light fills the arena. Rick Mad steps out to booing. He walks to the ring slowly, rolls in and raises his arms in the middle as green pyro blasts from the turnbuckles. The lights go back to normal as the music stops.

    The voices, the voices, the voices, the VOICES!!

    The voices, they take control,
    The voices, destroy your soul,
    The voices, they kill us all,
    The voices, why wont they fall?


    The arena goes black, a light neon blue shines at the top of the ramp, the light grows into a series of explosions, and the lights come back on. Defman is seen at the top of the ramp, murmering to himself, wearing the Hardcore Title around his waist. He starts walking down to the ring, head down... He jumps onto the apron, and steps over the ropes.

    Shannan Lerch: Just another belt for the TOT, coming up.

    Mad and Defman go to lock up, but as they do, Mad drops and Low Blows him! He then executes a Snapmare and Dropkicks him in the spine.

    Zach Davis: Wow, that was low. This may be a hardcore match, but a low blow is lame.

    Mad picks Defman up and throws him into the corner. He's about to throw a punch, but Defman pushes him away and tackles him down to the ground, and throws punch after punch! He then rolls off and out of the ring. He pulls a chair out from under the ring. Mad is up and attempts to hit a Baseball Slide to the chair, but Defman moves away just in time, and then hits Mad's leg with it. Defman pulls Rick out of the ring, and throws him into the guardrail. He then hits a Belly to Belly Suplex.

    Shannan Lerch: Rick hits the ground hard! That padding doesn't really help much when there's nothing but cold cement underneath.

    Defman pins Rick, and the ref drops to count. One... two... No, Mad manages to get the shoulder up. Defman rolls Rick onto the Spanish Announce Table, then climbs the apron...

    Zach Davis: Uh oh, our amigos de espanol over there might have some trouble coming.

    Defman goes for a Big Reverse Elbow, but Mad manages to roll off, sending Defman through the table! Mad then quickly pins him, hooking the leg. One... two... No! Defman gets the shoulder up, barely. Rick gets up and starts arguing with the ref, saying the count was too slow. Defman gets up slowly behind Rick and hits a German Suplex onto the remnants of the table. He keeps the grapple locked in, and gets up, and goes for another German Suplex... Mad flips over, runs at Defman.. Defman picks him up over his head and then slams him down onto the normal announce table, breaking it! Shannan and Zach quickly move out of the way.

    Zach Davis: Damnit!

    Defman pulls a table out from under the ring and sets it up. He attempts to roll Mad onto it, but Mad resists, and is able to slam Defman's shoulder into the turnbuckle on the outside. He then grabs him again and rolls him into the ring, climbing in himself. Rick picks Defman up and grabs him from behind, going for a German Suplex of his own, but Defman reverses it, gets behind Rick, goes for a Neckbreaker but diving through the ropes.. and he hits the Fading Darkness through the chair he set up earlier!! He then pins Rick quickly, hooking the leg. The ref counts once he gets out of the ring..




    Zach Davis: Defman retains!

    Shannan Lerch: Booooo!!

    Defman lays on the ground for a few seconds before standing up and being handed the Hardcore Title from the ref, and heading backstage. Rick lays, resting, for a much longer amount of time before he's able to get up, slowly.

  • Television Title Match: PC Cradle vs Kojima
  • Zach Davis: Well, this match should be interesting. Kojima, who has been off the radar this week, will put his Television championship on the line against PC Cradle!

    Shannan Lerch: That's right Zach, and if I was a betting lady, I'd put my money on another belt going to the Treachery camp.

    "Get to the gone" by Static X begins. PC Cradle parts the curtains and roars loudly to the crowd. He runs down the ramp way fast, and rolls in under the bottom rope. The crowd offer a mixed reaction, as he launches off the second turnbuckle, spinning 180 in the air, and banging his feet to the floor. He is wearing a TOT hoodie, which he takes off and throws to the outside, leaving it lying on the floor. Cradle walks to the corner and drops down, using the turnbuckles to prop himself up.

    Zach Davis: Well, Cradle looks jacked for this one.

    The arena goes completely dark. The sound of calling crows is heard. Two sets of red eyes appear on the jumbotron. The eyes are revealed to be those of two crows. The crows fade away from the jumbotron and the sound of horses and wooden wagon are now heard. and two black horses pulling a wagon appear on the jumbotron. they are getting closer. almost as if they are going to come through the screen. Then they disappear and it is completely dark again. Then a white a fog like substance shoots all around the ring, totalling covering the ring. The fog is then sucked down by vents, and the lights come back on. and standing in the middle of the ring is Kojima.

    Shannan Lerch: Man, it still gets me how he does that.

    We see Cradle look up at Kojima from the corner. Kojima walks to the ropes and spits on the TOT hoodie on the floor. Cradle smirks and pulls himself to his feet. The referee takes the TV title from Kojima and holds it up to the crowd.

    Shannan Lerch: This should be a good one. Kojima is big and strong, but Cradle is ruthless.

    PC Cradle and Kojima circle each other, Kojima runs at Cradle, who twists his arm in an arm ringer, before hitting a dragonscrew wristlock. Kojima drops to one knee, and Cradle quickly pops back up.

    Zach Davis: Don't let the ripped up clothing fool you, this guy can wrestle.

    Cradle and Kojima circle again, this time with Kojima going behind with a hammerlock. Cradle reverses, putting a hammerlock of his own on Kojima. Kojima tries to elbow Cradle in the head, but Cradle ducks out of the way. Kojima backs Cradle into a corner, and the referee calls for a clean break. Kojima doesn't comply, and begin's delivering hard boots to Cradle's gut.

    Shannan Lerch: Well, I guess Kojima doesn't think about rules when he's fighting the TOT.

    Kojima lifts Cradles jaw, before delivering a stiff right hand. Cradles head snaps back, and Kojima goes for a second, but Cradle ducks under. Kojima turns, running at Cradle, attempting a spear. Cradle moves again to the side.

    Zach Blue: Kojima needs to control his anger. Cradle is a psychological opponent, and will wear you down mentally before wearing you down physically.

    Cradle boots the back of Kojima's knee, sending him to one knee. Cradle hits the ropes, and fires back with a hard knee to the side of Kojima's head. Kojima falls sideways onto the mat, and Cradle, once again, hits the ropes, coming back with a huge jumping elbow drop to the back of Kojima. Cradle goes for a second, hitting it again. Cradle is about to go for a third, but thinks better of it, instead opting for a camel clutch.

    Shannan Lerch: Cradle is wrenching the title from Kojimas grasp here. Kojima hasn't been around for a while, he doesn't seem his usual self.

    Kojima's face turns to a grimace, and Cradle lets his head go, leaving it to slap to the floor. Cradle delivers a legdrop over the back of Kojimas neck.

    Zach Davis: Well, Cradles gameplan is obvious here. Work over the neck.

    Almost on cue, Cradle lifts Kojima up, preparing him for a piledriver. Kojima lifts his head, back dropping Cradle. Cradle pops up, and Kojima clotheslines him down. Again, Cradle pops up, and again, Kojima clotheslines him down.

    Shannan Lerch: You get the feeling Cradle should stay down.

    Cradle leans on his elbow and shakes his head. Kojima grabs him, lifting him to his feet, but Cradle battles out with a series of punches to Kojimas stomach. Kojima leans over, and Cradle hooks him for the Cradle-arm DDT, but Kojima fights out. Cradle settles for a stiff Yakuza Kick to the side of Kojimas head, sending him to one knee. Cradle lifts himself to the second turnbuckle, and jumps forward, delivering a pointed Elbow to Kojimas head. Kojima staggers back, and Cradle elbows him hard in the jaw. Again, Kojima doesn't fall, so Cradle Irish whips him to the ropes. On return, Cradle spins 360 degrees, before slamming his elbow into Kojimas jaw with a devastating roaring elbow!

    Zach Davis: Stick a for…I mean, its all over!

    Shannan Lerch: I heard your little cliché!

    Cradle drops down for a cover and gets a close two count. Cradle lifts Kojima to his feet, hooking his head and spinning, hitting a devastating corkscrew neckbreaker. Cradle hooks on a single leg Boston crab.

    Zach Davis: I think he calls that the single leg Cradle-crab.

    Shannan Lerch: That's about as original as calling your dog rex!

    Zach Davis: Your telling me!

    Cradle wrenches back and Kojima grimaces even more. The referee bounces about in front of Kojimas face, asking if he quits. Kojima scrapes his way across the mat, grabbing the bottom rope. The referee tells Cradle to break the hold, and as Cradle does, begins telling him off for keeping it on. Suddenly, from the Locker Room, Rick Mad appears! Mad runs down the ramp and is about to climb in the ring, when Cradle walks over and stops him. Cradle shakes his head from side to side, and tells Mad to back down. Mad drops off the apron, looking confused, and Kojima grabs Cradle around the waist from behind. Cradle pushes Kojima back and bounces him off the ropes, returning with a huge leg lariat! Kojima pops back up, and Cradle drops him with a standard lariat to the throat.

    Zach Davis: Cradle's setting him up here!

    Cradle signals to the crowd, and the all rise to their feet in unison. Cradle double under hooks Kojima and hoists him, letting the blood rush to his head.

    Shannan Lerch: This could be over here Zach!

    Cradle drops down, hitting the Cradle-arm DDT!

    Zach Davis: Cradle-arm DDT! Cradle-arm DDT! This match is over!

    Cradle covers Kojima…




    The crowd erupt, cheering for Cradle.

    Ring Announcer: The winner of this match…and NEW WCF TELEVISION CHAMPION…P…C…CRADLE!!!

    Rick Mad Jumps in the ring with a big smile on his face, shaking the hand of the man he's had some problems with recently. Kojima heads backstage, and the referee hands the title to Cradle. Cradle looks at the belt, and asks for a microphone. The announcer hands him one.

    PC Cradle: (out of breathe) Hey! Hey Seth! Seth Lerch, get out here!

    The crowd murmur quietly, as Seth Lerch steps through the curtain. He has no entrance music, as he makes his way down the rampway, and climbs into the ring. He looks confused, and Rick Mad goes and stands behind him.

    PC Cradle: Now…everybody knows that I've not exactly been a team player.

    The crowd cheer.

    PC Cradle: And everybody knows, that you and me Rick…

    Cradle prods Mad's shoulder.

    PC Cradle:…well we never really got along. In fact, let's be serious, I have done nothing for the TOT. The TOT gave me a Hardcore title shot, and put me in an almost-main event level spot at Helloween, and I didn't deserve any of it. And now, Seth Lerch granted me a Television championship shot, and even though I didn't trust you guys or deserve it, you still gave me the benefit of the doubt. So from here on in, you can bet your ass, PC Cradle is Treachery all the way! Thank you Seth, and you Rick…

    Cradle holds his belt up.

    PCCradle: And even though I know he couldn't come out here right now because he's preparing for his match, Logan, this is for you buddy! I got your belt back, and it's in its rightful place, with the Team…of…Treachery!

    Cradle, Rick Mad and Seth Lerch all leave the ring and walk up the ramp, side by side.

  • The Wests and Death/Torture Segment
  • Fuel by Metallica hits, and Spike West and Chad West step out from the back.

    Zach Davis: We still don't know much about these two men, they haven't been very vocal.

    They walk to the ring quickly, hop in, and grab mics.

    Chad West: We're out here to make one thing clear. Tag Titles are no, we are the best damn team in this place. Bottom line. There's no one in the back that-

    And as if on cue, Fuel by Metallica plays again.

    Chad West: What? Cut our music!

    A voice is heard overtop the music...

    Voice: The music is mine now, bitch.

    And with that, Death and Torture walk out from the back. They, too, have mics in their hands. Death had just responded.

    Shannan Lerch: They're WCF's newest tag, and I guess they took offense to what the Wests had to say.

    Torture: You guys can say you're the best, but you've never been up against us! Death is an unstoppable monster, and me, I'm Torture and I'M SO GOD DAMN COOL!

    The crowd pops, as anyone that knows anything about Torture recognizes his catchphrase.

    Spike West: Who in the HELL do you newbies think you are?! We've been here longer than you, you have NO right to come out here like this! What are you going to say, "XCW sucks" this, "Gonz0 is a whore" that? No one cares. This is WCF, boys.

    Death: Oh, really? Well I tell you what.. how about we come in there and show you what we're all about!?

    Both teams drop their mics, and Death and Torture storm the ring!

    Zach Davis: We have an all out brawl going, this was unexpected!

    Death and Spike exchange blows, as does Torture and Chad! Death and Torture both get the upper hand, and simutaneously hit moves. Torture executes a perfect Inflictorture, as Death hits the Fade to Black! The crowd cheers the newcomers, and they raise their arms in the air to an even bigger pop.

    Shannan Lerch: Impressive, to say the least.

    Zach Davis: Look, they're not done!

    Torture and Death threw their opponents outside the ring. Death pulls out the steel steps, while Torture rolls Spike onto the Spanish Announce Table. Death takes Chad up the steps, and hits a Rolling Death onto it! Meanwhile, Torture hits a Torture's Device, sending Spike through the table! Both of the men then grab chairs, and begin smashing the West's with them, mercilessly.

    Shannan Lerch: Wow... look at that intensity.

    Zach Davis: I don't know if we'll be seeing the Wests around here again any time soon.

    As soon as Death and Torture tire of beating down the now unconcious men, they leave the ring as Wanna Be A Rock Superstar by Cypress Hill echoes throughout the arena. As they're half way up the ramp, it stops.. and Neo walks out from the back, mic in hand!

    Neo: You guys think you're so damn good? Well, despite my injury, I'm back to compete at the PPV, Timebomb, and I have no opponents. As far as I can tell, you guys don't either. So here's the challenge. Death and Torture against me and a mystery partner of my choosing. How about it?

    Death and Torture snicker. Death walks up to Neo, and grabs the mic.

    Death: You've got yourself a match, Nazi boy. We'll see you then. Now once again, play our goddamned music, and let's get out of here.

    Wanna Be A Rock Superstar plays again as Death and Torture walk past Neo, showing disrespect. Neo doesn't seem phased by this, and simply walks to the back after they're gone.

    Zach Davis: These guys just got here and they're already causing problems.. I can't wait to see them in action.

  • Hellz Angel vs ???
  • The lights darken and Rob Halford's piercing voice is heard screaming "Can't... Stop... The... PAINKILLER!" and "Painkiller" hits the speakers. Hellz Angel walks out to a silent crowd as camera flashes go off and cigarette lighters turn on all around the arena. He makes his way to the ring and climbs in. He circles the ring and pushes himself off the ropes as the lights come back on.

    Hellz stands in the ring awaiting his opponent, when the lights darken once again. A long minute passes, and finally, "Man in the Box" by Lefty (Alice in Chains cover) blares through the PA. The crowd pops like no other as they finally realize who is coming through the curtain.

    Zach Davis: Holy shit, is he back!?

    Shannan Lerch: Careful, this isn't PPV, Zach.

    Finally, after almost the whole song, the lights come back on, and Dehart emerges from the back, chair in hand. The crowd cheers so loud the song is almost drown out. Dehart stops on the ramp, points at Hellz, and then to the chair. Dehart then runs full speed down the ramp, and slides into the ring, dropping the chair, and meeting Hellz with fists to the face. Hellz backs into the corner, and Dehart just keeps coming. Finally, Hellz pushes Dehart off, sending him halfway across the ring.

    Zach Davis: Hellz is no slouch.

    Hellz charges at Dehart, only to get met with a clothesline, taking Hellz over. Dehart picks up the chair, and awaits Hellz to stand. When he does, Dehart unloads, and knocks Hellz's lights out. Dehart drags Hellz to the corner, picks him up, and puts him in the tree of woe. Dehart props the chair in Hellz's face, and runs to the other turnbuckle. Dehart climbs up, and leaps off in a front flip Van Terminator! His feet meet the chair and Hellz's face with a sickening crunch.

    Shannan Lerch: Hellz needs help out there.

    Suddenly, like magic, Scavenger of Sorrow appears in the ring. He attacks Dehart with a left hook to the back of the head, sending Dehart down. SOS picks Dehart up in the SOS while the crowd chants "SOS SOS SOS". Dehart gets thrown down in the move, but, backflips over SOS' upper body, and hits a massive jawbreaker!

    Zach Davis: Ouch.

    Hellz is back up, but rather groggy. Dehart runs at him, only to get a big boot. Hellz starts stomping as SOS returns to his feet to help. All the sudden, the lights go out. Bells are heard tolling. Once...again...again...and a fourth time. After the bells, the pounding bass of Korn's "Dead Bodies Everywhere" fills the arena as a cross comes upon the Jumbotron. After five earth rumbling bass hits, the piano intro plays. Two verses go by, and then the band kicks it up a notch. As soon as Korn comes into earshot, the lights burst back on, and inside the ring is a druid standing beside Dehart. Hellz and SOS stand there looking shocked. The druid exits the ring and sets up a table beside the ring by the turnbuckle. Hellz and SOS watch as Dehart reaches up and pulls his mask off. Along with the mask come the blonde strands of hair. As he pulls his mask off, white face paint is seen. Four black bars and circles around his eyes...


    Zach Davis: Dehart has been Creeping Death all along! I don't believe it! It all makes sense now!

    Hellz and SOS rush Creeping Death, only to get met with a double dropkick. CD whips SOS into the ropes, and the druid pulls SOS out. Creeping Death switches focus to Hellz Angel. Creeps hooks Hellz up, and drops him in a Fisherman Buster. On the outside, the druid lifts SOS up above his head in a press slam. The druid walks over to the steel steps and then turns it around into a Michinoku Driver, obliterating SOS on the steps!

    Zach Davis: Oh lord, SOS is done.

    Inside the ring, Creeping Death has the chair. He climbs up to the top rope, and leaps off with a Frog Splash, hitting the Mecca Toad Splash, crushing the chair and Hellz's ribs in the process. Creeping Death bounces off, and rolls around, feeling the effects. After that, Creeping Death picks Hellz up to a standing state. Hellz can barely stand after all the punishment infliced upon his body. Creeping Death hooks Hellz in a Pedigree, and lifts him into a double underhook piledriver. From there, Creeping Death allows Hellz to fall on his face, and sit out, hitting For Whom the Bell Tolls. Hellz's body limply lays in a pool of blood as the crowd cheers like madmen.

    Shannan Lerch: Creeping Death is back, and has sent a mess...wait a minute!

    Creeping Death has picked Hellz up once more, and is dragging him to the turnbuckle. CD places Hellz on the top, and climbs up, lifting Hellz in a superplex set-up. Creeping Death picks Hellz up, but instead of falling backwards in the superplex, he leaps out of the ring and throws Hellz down in an Orange Crush (suplex to sit out powerbomb) from the top rope to the table outside the ring! The two men explode the table as the crowd blows up in "WCF! WCF!" chants. Creeping Death covers the lifeless Hellz Angel...1...2...3!

    Zach Davis: Hellz Angel is done, Creeping Death has simply decimated him in his return.

    Creeping Death walks out triumphantly out of the arena.

  • Wreck vs Burn Out
  • The lights go out as the beginning of "Dragula" starts. Then the house lights come up as Wreck walks to the ring, shaking some hands.

    The sound of a motorcycle revving up plays as Burn Out comes out on a motorcycle. He drives to the ring, gets off, and rolls into the ring.

    Zach Davis: These two men will meet our World Champion at Timebomb. Let's see what they have.

    Wreck runs at Burn Out as the bell rings, but Burn Out hits a quick Savate Kick, sending Wreck down. He then jumps and hits a Leg Drop. He pins. One.. two.. kickout.

    Shannan Lerch: No early victory for Burn Out.

    Burn Out picks Wreck up, and Wreck starts fighting back. The men brawl back and forth, but Wreck soon gains the upper hand. He grabs Burn Out and attempts a Chokeslam, but Burn Out kicks him in the gut to prevent it from happening. Burn Out goes for a quick Superkick but Wreck ducks it, gets behind him, and hits a Sleeper Drop.

    Zach Davis: Ouch, brutal move by Wreck.

    Wreck begins climbing to the top rope...

    Shannan Lerch: This isn't something we see very often.

    And jumps down, hitting a Flying Elbowdrop! He quickly pins Burn Out, hooking the leg.




    Burn Out got his leg on the rope at the last second. Wreck picks him back up and throws him in the corner, picks him up, and sets him on top of it. He then climbs up himself, and gets him in position for a Superplex... but Burn Out fights out of it, and throws Wreck to the ground. Burn Out steadies himself and hits a Missile Dropkick on Wreck as he's standing up! He quickly pins, hooking the leg as well!




    Burn Out is frustrated. He picks Wreck up, but Wreck pushes him away, sending him into the ref. The ref is knocked out. Wreck rolls out of the ring and pulls the Sledge Hammer out from under the ring. He rolls back in and runs at Burn Out, about to hit him with it, but Burn Out picks him up into a Torture Rack! While in the Rack, Wreck manages to hit Burn Out in the face with the sledgehammer nonetheless. Burn Out is able to hit the second part of his Afterburn finisher, but afterwards both men lay on the mat, trying to catch their breath. Wreck throws his arm over onto Burn Out, and Burn Out throws his arm onto Wreck. The ref is forced to count both pins...




    Zach Davis: Wreck pinned Burn Out, but Burn Out pinned Wreck at the same time!

    Shannan Lerch: So, who is the winner!?

    Ring Announcer: The ref has decided that since both men pinned each other, this match is declared a tie!

    Wreck and Burn Out get up, and there is obviously a lot of animosity between them. They both go to get out of the ring, but instead run at each other and start brawling again! The ref tries to break it up, but they throw him out of the ring. They continue fighting, until security runs out and breaks them up. Security escorts both men out of the ring.

    Zach Davis: Oh man, these two hate each other now.. Timebomb is going to be insane!

    Shannan Lerch: This whole situation is a timebomb itself, everyone wants to get to each others throats!

  • Seth Lerch/Rick Mad Segment
  • We see Rick Mad and Seth in Seth’s office, watching a TV.

    Rick Mad: So what the hell did you bring me in here for Seth?

    Seth Lerch: This tape.

    The two of them watch it for several minutes.

    Rick Mad: There’s nothing there. Just a few shots of Logan and that chick he was with. Some of me eating doughnuts. A little clip of you at the store. Here I thought you’d gotten the PC Cradle tape back. This…this is nothing.

    Seth Lerch: No, it’s not nothing Rick. It’s footage of us, in our offices, private lives. Some of this could’ve been gotten from that security station, but I don’t have cameras in half of these places. And what about us outside of WCF? He didn’t get that from the security station. He’s been following us. He knows our routines.

    Rick Mad: But at least he doesn’t have the tape.

    Seth Lerch: Are you sure?

    On the screen, Seth’s little cousin appears, playing ball with Seth's dad. Seth turns red with anger.

    Seth Lerch: I bet he still does have the tape. And I want you to get him. Whether he has it or not, I want that son of a bitch to pay for stalking my cousin, for…for visiting my family.

    Rick Mad: Just calm it down Seth….

    Seth Lerch: No, your family didn’t get paid a visit by that madman. He sent me a message and I received it loud and clear. I want you to find him, and I want you to get that tape back from him. And whether or not he has it, I want you to make him pay for what he did.

    Rick Mad: No offense, Seth. But uh, he didn’t hurt your cousin. In fact, he had a good time. What’s the big deal? Maybe he was just having a little fun.

    Seth Lerch: And what if he wants to have fun with your family next Rick? What then? Hell, he’s got footage of each of us on that tape. And maybe he doesn’t have PC Cradle’s tape. But maybe he does. I want him dealt with. Before he moves on to Logan. Or Cradle. Or you. Or Carr.

    Long silence.

    Rick Mad: I’ll take care of him.

    Seth Lerch: Good.

    The scene fades out.

    Zach Davis: ...What does this all mean? I don't.. I don't get what's going on. WHO are they talking about? Who is stalking the Lerch family?

    Shannan Lerch: ...I don't know, Zach, but I'm really scared.

    Zach Davis: Yeah, I know he's been stalking you, too. There's a lot of video of you on the internet... if you catch my drift.

    Shannan Lerch: ZACH! Don't be a dick.. this is serious.

    Zach Davis: Sorry, sorry.. You know, we saw Creeping Death return tonight, maybe it's him. I mean, we know he hates Lerch.

    Shannan Lerch: I don't even want to think about that. Let's get to our main event.

  • World Title Match: David Baker vs Logan
  • Proven bursts out of the PA System. "You wanna see me fail???? YOU WON'T GET THE CHANCE! You wanna see me fail? You wanna see me fail???? YOU'LL NEVER GET YOUR CHANCE!" Pyrotechniqes hit to cue the entrance of David. He bursts out of the curtain with his hands in the air. He jumps around with high energy along with the song. He runs down the ramp and claps each of the fans' hands that he can. Before he slides into the ring, he runs around it. He hops onto the turnbuckle and bounces a bit as he raises his arms. The music ends and he hops back down.

    Zach Davis: Man, this has to be the biggest match in David's short career.

    Shannan Lerch: Against his Idol, Logan ! Well.. Logan is probably everyone's Idol.

    Zach Davis: Yeah, right. He's more than your Idol.

    Zach Davis winks and Shannan Lerch nods, smiling.

    Shannan Lerch: At least I dont idolize that Clay Aikan guy from American Idol.

    Zach Davis: I like his singing!!

    Meanwhile, David Baker stands in the center of the ring looking more excited than ever waiting for his hero. "Not Falling" by Mudvayne blasts out over the PA system. Logan slowly passes his way through the curtains letting them slide off his body and fall behind him. Logan's body is drenched in water causing drops of water to fall of him as he moves down the ramp. Every now and then Logan yells at the booing crowd before rolling inside the ring. Once inside the ring Logan paces around untill his music cuts, Logan hands the WCF World Title to the referee.

    Zach Davis: Let me you remind you folks, this match is for the title.

    Logan leans back into the turnbuckle, as the bell rings. He seems to be relaxing and smiling at David Baker.

    Shannan Lerch: This should be an ease for Logan.

    David Baker, on the other hand.. smiles back.

    Zach Davis: This match should be interesting. I mean, could Logan actually assault a fan?

    Shannan Lerch: I don't know, he is a sweet guy though.

    Zach Davis: Yeah right! A sweet guy who is the leader of T.o.T?

    Logan paces back and fourth, against the ropes, looking at David Baker in the corner of his eyes. Logan stops, as David Baker still remains standing in the middle of the ring, smiling. Logan cautiously walks up to David, extending his hand.

    Zach Davis: Well, I've never really seen Logan show sportsmanship before.

    Shannan Lerch: He is wrestling his biggest fan, so..

    David Baker gladly goes in to shake his hand but Logan throws his hand up, as David misses the hand shake. Logan turns around, and goes back to pacing back and fourth as the crowd boos.

    Zach Davis: Yeah, real sportsmanship.

    David Baker frowns, and then glares at Logan. Logan stops, and turns to notice the glaring of David. Logan grabs a microphone from an official standing near the ring.

    Logan: Get that little glare off your face, right now!

    David Baker looks down a bit, as Logan goes face to face with him.

    Logan: What is your problem? You want to be like me? Why? You can't be like me. There is only ONE Face of Treachery, and you want to know why? Because I'm The WCF World Champion. Your not! You'll never be me.. because..

    Logan almost sticks the microphone and his mouth right in David Baker's ear.

    Logan: Because, you suck! Your pathetic! You make me sick! How did you even win that WCF Treachery contest? I wish you didn't win. Because, I hate you. I hate every fan I have, and now I got the chance to beat one of my fans asses.. so.

    Logan steps back a foot.

    Logan: You might as well just lay down and let me pin you.

    Logan walks back over to the apron, handing the microphone back to an official. As he turns back around to David Baker, David surprises Logan with a right hand!

    Zach Davis: WHOA! Logan's fan just attacked him!

    David Baker continues his assault on Logan, as he punches him all the way into the turnbuckle. David Baker stops, and steps back to the center of the ring. Logan stumbles out of the turnbuckle and David Baker delivers an IMPACT STYLE to Logan!

    Shannan Lerch: Logan's fan just gave him his trademark move, this is insane!

    Logan falls back into the turnbuckle, dazed, stunned, and a little shocked he just got an Impact Style. Out of desperation, Logan rolls over the top rope and lands on the matt outside of the ring. Logan drapes an arm over the apron, and stands to his feet, shaking his head, still a little dazed. David Baker rolls under the ropes, and comes up behind Logan grabbing him by his hair. David drags Logan over to the steel steps, and brings his head down hard on the steel. Logan falls back, as David catches him, and slides him back into the ring. Logan rolls in the ring a bit, before stopping, laying on his back in the center. David Baker slides in and jumps on top of Logan, for a pin.


    Zach Davis: This might be it! Logan got an Impact Style and his head hit that steel pretty hard!


    Shannan Lerch: Logan can kick out! I know it!

    THRR--- Logan kicks out.

    David Baker scoops Logan up, as he does, Logan comes back with an uppercut to David's jaw. David turns around and falls on the ropes, holding his upper jaw. Logan staggers to his feet, and throws his hands up waiting for David Baker to come at him. David turns around, running at Logan. Logan catches David in his arms, and goes for a belly to belly. David, hooks his leg around Logan, David then reverses it and gives Logan a belly to belly! Logan immediately jumps back to his feet, looking a little shocked. Logan turns around and gets another belly to belly.

    Zach Davis: Logan's fan is beating his azz!

    Shannan Lerch: No way.

    This time, Logan doesn't get up. David Baker runs to the ropes, and comes back dropping an elbow on Logan, then pinning him.



    THR-- Logan kicks out.

    Shannan Lerch: That was close.

    David Baker picks Logan up, and sets him on his knees. David Baker runs to the ropes, and bounces off of them coming back to Logan. Instead, Logan grabs the referee pulling him infront of him as David Baker accidentally drop kicks the ref.

    Zach Davis: Smart, but cheap.

    Logan gets up, and closelines David Baker down. David Baker pops up, and Logan kicks him in the gut, then grabs his head and slams it into the turnbuckle. Logan steps back, and David falls out of the turnbuckle but is met by an IMPACT STYLE by Logan. Logan picks David up, and sets him in the turnbuckle. Logan climbs the turnbuckle with David, and gives him a superplex off of it! Logan slowly rolls over, and covers David Baker.





    Zach Davis: Good job taking the referee out Logan, I seriously congratulate you on that.

    Shannan Lerch: Oh, SHUT UP! Zach.

    Zach Davis stares at Shannan.

    Zach Davis: You've been going out with Logan too long.

    Logan stands up, kicking the referee out of the ring. Logan leans against the ropes, with his head down, resting.

    Shannan Lerch: What the hell?! Burn Out is running through the crowd, and he's in the ring! Logan doesn't even know!

    Logan slowly turns around, but is met with a BIG close line by Burn Out. Burn Out drags Logan into the turnbuckle, where he stomps mudholes in him and gives him right hands to the face. Unfortunately, Logan is too weak to fight back. What's this?! Wreck is running down the ramp, and he slides into the ring as the crowd kinda cheers. Wreck and Burn Out begin exchanging punches, as Logan just lays back, resting and watching on, still recovering from Burn Out's assault. Wreck gets the best of Burn Out, and Power Bomb's him over the ropes all the way to the outside of the ring!

    Zach Davis: Oh my gosh!

    Logan lifts himself up, and stares at Wreck. Wreck stares back.

    Shannan Lerch: These two sure do have a lot of chemistry together.

    Zach Davis: Well, Wreck was a former T.o.T member untill he disappeared.

    Logan and Wreck slowly appoarch each other, glaring deep into each others eyes.

    Shannan Lerch: Plus, Wreck cost Logan his T.V. title.

    They begin exchanging trash talk, and before long they begin exchanging right hands. Logan kicks Wreck in the gut, and spins him around putting him into a sleeper. Logan goes to jump over Wreck but Wreck catches him in his arms and slams Logan down to the ring, Logan gets right back up, throwing right blows to Wreck. But, Wreck doesn't seem to go down, instead Wreck wraps a hand around Logan's throat and lifts him high into the air, slamming him back down to the matt with a choke slam! Logan lays laid out, next to David Baker. Wreck chuckles, and exits the ring, walking up the ramp.

    Zach Davis: Look at the strength by Wreck, he just picked up the World Champion, a man that is six foot five, and well over two hundred and sixty-six pounds, in the air!

    A referee finally comes out to the ring, as David Baker rolls over moving an arm over Logan's chest.

    Shannan Lerch: No! Not like this!




    Seth Lerch pulls the referee out of the ring!

    Zach Davis: Where the hell did he come from?!

    Shannan Lerch: Who cares?! My brother owns!

    The referee and Seth Lerch argue, pretty soon, David Baker and Logan both make it to their feet.. slowly exchanging right hands. Out of nowhere, Logan grabs David Baker by the head and sits down, bringing his neck violently down with him, doing an Connector without the sleeper! Logan quickly covers David Baker. Seth Lerch points at the pin, screaming at the referee.

    Shannan Lerch: Stupid ref! Get in there!

    The referee slides into the ring.




    Zach Davis: Ugh.

    Logan stands in the air, as the referee hands him back the world title. Seth Lerch jumps into the ring and whispers something in Logan's ear, Logan suddenly turns around and clocks the referee with the title.

    Zach Davis: What the hell was that for?!

    Shannan Lerch: Who cares?! Good night folks, and what a 20th Sunday Slam this has been.

    The scene fades out, as Logan puts his foot on David Baker's chest, and Seth Lerch raising Logan's hand into the air.