Sunday Slam Intro
Seth Lerch/Madd Dogg Segment
Creeping Death vs Mike Bradley
Neo vs Hal Demango
False Alarm
Death vs Creeper
Wreck vs Dark Angel
Cataclysm vs Bobby Dole
PC Cradle vs Seth Lerch

  • Sunday Slam Intro
  • Immortal by Adema hits, and Sunday Slam is on the air! We pan around the crowd, seeing signs and the like, before we go to the announcer's booth.

    Shannan Lerch: Welcome to Sunday Slam! This is Shannan Lerch, and I'm here with Kyle Steel.

    Kyle Steel: You know it.

    Shannan Lerch: We have a packed card tonight, as we continue the World Title tournament.

    Kyle Steel: We do, however, have one non-tournament match. Creeping Death in action for two weeks in a row, wow... this week, he's taking on Mike Bradley, a newcomer.

    Shannan Lerch: Can't wait to see how that goes. It's a hardcore match, so who knows what crazy antics we'll see.

    Kyle Steel: As for the tournament, we have Neo vs Demango, Death vs Creeper, Wreck vs Dark Angel, Cataclysm vs Bobby Dole, and...

    Shannan Lerch: Seth Lerch vs PC Cradle. There's a lot of hatred there, let me tell you... I can only imagine what that'll be like.

    Kyle Steel: Well, I can't wait to find out, let's get to the matches!

  • Seth Lerch/Madd Dogg Segment
  • Anger Rising by Jerry Cantrell plays, and Seth Lerch walks out. He has a mic in hand, and he walks

    Seth Lerch: Now, you all saw the show last night. The TV Title is now vacated. But, someone is still holding it. So, I’d like Tort to come out here and talk to me, one on one. But, oh yeah, no music. No hype. Just Tort. So get your ass out here.

    Kyle Steel: Yea, we did see the TV title get vacated. What is Seth so sore about?

    Shannan Lerch: Someone has the belt that doesn’t deserve to.

    Kyle Steel: Horsecrap.

    Torture walks to the ring, with the Television Title.

    Seth Lerch: So glad to see you Tort, and you have those two little titles of yours. Tag and TV, and neither of them belong to you. So, why don’t you give them over?

    Seth holds out his hand. Tort looks at it for a second. He then looks up and shakes his head no.

    Shannan Lerch: How absolutely selfish.

    Kyle Steel: I wouldn’t hand them over to that sanctimonious prick either.

    Shannan Lerch: That’s my brother.

    Kyle Steel: I know.

    Seth Lerch: Won’t do it huh? You see, I’m glad that’s your feeling Tort. It makes what I have to do easier. You see, first off, I’m giving those titles back to Neo and Gayfather. Don’t worry, they won’t have them much longer either, because I’ll be making them go against the Truth Commission later tonight. If Dogg wants to leave, I may not get to take it out on him, but I can sure as hell take it out on them. And your partner Death will be in a 4 on 1 handicap as all of the headhunters get to face Death to determine whether he goes on in the tourney. And if he loses, he’s fired.

    Shannan Lerch: That’s a hell of a matchup tonight. This is a great night for wrestling.

    Kyle Steel: This is a screw job plain and simple. He’s angry and he’s taking it out on poor unrelated people.

    Shannan Lerch: You’re just mad cause you don’t have Seth’s vision.

    Kyle Steel: Yeah, he’s got a hell of a hindsight.

    Tort is furious and he starts getting into Seth’s face. It looks as if they’re going to come to blows. Then Seth backs off and starts talking again.

    Seth Lerch: But that’s not all, we’ve got the little matter of that TV Title you’re holding. Since Dogg quit, the title is vacated. That means it’s up for grabs. It doesn’t mean that Dogg gets to assign it to someone else on the way out. You are therefore stripped of the title. And I’m going to award it to someone a hell of a lot more deserving. In fact, I’ve got the perfect man in mind. You were a complete ass to him last night. And I doubt Dogg would have any problems with me giving it to this deserving individual. So, let’s have him come on out and get his new title. Ladies and gentlemen, I offer you, the new TV champion, DEFMAN!

    Defman comes out and dives into the ring. In less than a second, he is standing next to Tort, dwarfing him. They are nose to nose, neither one wavering. Defman smiles sickeningly, and reaches his hand out for the title. Tort spits on his hand and Defman reaches back to take a swing when Seth stops him.

    Kyle Steel: Oh, this is just disrespectful. Seth knows Dogg hated this guy. And vice versa. Dogg sure as hell wouldn’t approve of him getting the belt. Seth is spitting across thousands of miles right into Madd Dogg’s face.

    Shannan Lerch: You take that risk when you quit with no warning. This is one of the most Hardcore son of a bitches ever to breathe. It was only a matter of time before he got that belt. I think Seth realizes that. He’s just speeding the timetable.

    Kyle Steel: First, he screwed him out of the hardcore belt and now they’re buddy buddy. I don’t get it.

    Shannan Lerch: That’s cause you’re not a genius like Seth.

    Kyle Steel: That’s cause I’m not scared like Seth. I think Seth just doesn’t want Defman to be mad at him anymore.

    Seth Lerch: None of that. That won’t be necessary. Tort will be handing you the title.

    Torture: Like hell I will.

    Seth Lerch: Oh, you will, because you see Tort, you’re not holding it anymore. Only WCF superstars can hold that belt. And as of now, you are no longer employed by the WCF. Torture, YOU ARE FIRED! Security, get this piece of crap out of my ring and out of my building.

    Kyle Steel: You bully. Tossing around your weight like you own the place.

    Shannan Lerch: He does.

    Kyle Steel: Well, yeah.

    Security surrounds the ring. They move in and start to move towards Tort. Defman grabs the title away from him as he’s forced out.

    Seth Lerch: no one screws with me Torture, especially some half talent like you. Don’t worry, by the end of tonight, your partner will be in the unemployment line with you. As will Death. And probably a few other guys. You screwed up my show last night. You created dissention among the ranks. And you made me look bad. I don’t tolerate any of that. So Tort, don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.

    Davey Ortega: Um, Seth, you may wanna wait a minute. We have a problem.

    Seth Lerch: No, we don’t. For the first time in quite some time, things are going exactly the way I want them to.

    Davey Ortega: Uh, Seth....

    Before he can finish, the arena goes dark and the speakers come on.


    The stage explodes. Before the music can come back on, the fans are already on their feet. The lights come back on and the first strains of DMX’s Ain’t No Sunshine play.

    Shannan Lerch: What the hell? No, this isn’t right.

    Kyle Steel: And the fans are going crazy. He said he quit. Maybe he changed his mind? Either way. The fans are ecstatic.

    Shannan Lerch: This is disrespectful. You don’t interrupt Seth like this.

    Kyle Steel: I’ve got a feeling he’s going to be adding insult to injury. If there’s someone you don’t mess with, it’s Dogg. Both Seth and Defman look shocked.

    Shannan Lerch: Bah, he’s brilliant. He probably knew Dogg wasn’t done. Nothing surprises him. You’re mistaken.

    Kyle Steel: You’re right. He looks scared.

    Dogg walks down the ramp, rolls into the ring, walks right up to Seth and snatches the microphone right out of his hand.

    Madd Dogg: Cut the music. (it dies down) Before anyone jumps to any wild conclusions, no I’m not back. I still quit. I’m just back to put this dumb son of a bitch in his place.

    Seth starts to say something, and Defman moves in.

    Madd Dogg: Shut the hell up. (to Defman) And you best back the hell off. Oh wait, on second thought.

    He grabs the title from Defman.

    Madd Dogg: There we go, you don’t deserve to have your filthy hands on this belt. You’ve already tarnished the Hardcore title. I won’t let you tarnish this one as well. Give it here. And Tort, you can come back in the ring.

    Seth grabs another mic.

    Seth Lerch: Now you wait a minute. When you left, you gave up all rights to complain. In fact, you’re lucky I don’t sue your ass for breach of contract. You owe me for three years. But if you leave now, I promise that’ll not be brought up again.

    Dogg gets right up in Seth’s face.

    Madd Dogg: I thought I said SHUT UP (snatches Seth’s mic) I’ll take that.

    Kyle Steel: Now, this is what I like to see. Seth being humbled.

    Shannan Lerch: This is inexcusable. No one should treat Seth like this.

    Kyle Steel: I agree. He’s being far too nice.

    Madd Dogg: You see, Seth. I wanted to sign my OFFICIAL contract until the whole Logan fiasco, when you weren’t paying attention. I put a little contract clause in that says that “In the event Madd Dogg is screwed over in any match by WCF, he has the right to walk out and not fulfill the remaining terms of his contract. Seth shall still be responsible for paying Madd Dogg for the remainer of his contract. And Madd Dogg shall have complete control of his likeness and all properties thereof and related to him.”

    Seth Lerch: But no one screwed you over.

    Madd Dogg: Me vs Defman. My shoulder was up for all three counts. Play it.

    The match ending is indeed replayed and Dogg’s shoulder is just slightly off the ground.

    Seth Lerch: That was so slight I don’t see how you could’ve expected anyone to catch that.

    Madd Dogg: That’s what you pay refs for. And while we’re on the subject. That count seemed a little fast.

    Seth Lerch: This is bullshit.

    Madd Dogg: Now, I’m going to be fair. I’m going to ask three unbiased sources and if they agree I win. So number 1. Kyle buddy. Do you think that count was fast?

    Kyle Steel: Absolutely. And I saw the shoulder up clear as day.

    Shannan Lerch: You kissass.

    Madd Dogg: Number two. Tort. Did you see my shoulder up?

    Torture: Hell yes.

    Madd Dogg: And what do you think of the ref?

    Torture: That’s the fastest count I’ve seen in my whole life.

    Shannan Lerch: That's not fair, we know Torture hates Defman-

    Madd Dogg: There we go. And number three. Call up Mike Bradley in the back.

    The image of Mike and the Truth Crew comes up.

    Madd Dogg: Mike?

    Mike Bradley: Yeah?

    Madd Dogg: What do you think of that? Was I screwed or not?

    Mike Bradley: Yup. Classic screw job. I would’ve killed him if he’d done it to me.

    Madd Dogg: Thanks.

    The screen goes black.

    Seth Lerch: That doesn’t count.

    Madd Dogg: 3 sources. Mike hates me. I screwed Tort out of the World title. To Hacker no less. And Kyle’s just an impartial announcer. You lose Sethie boy.

    Seth Lerch: Fine, you’re gone and there’s nothing I can do about it, but…

    Madd Dogg: Which brings me to the second part. All properties associated with me. That would be Neo and Gayfather. Therefore, that match against MMB and his goons is cancelled. He didn’t want it anyway.

    Kyle Steel: What a hell of a coo, Dogg just screwed Seth.

    Shannan Lerch: Surprises abound tonight.

    Seth Lerch: What? you can’t do this!

    Madd Dogg: I can and I did. And also the TV title is still officially linked to me. So, I am officially taking it back off Defman and expunging his name from the record. He never officially got it, so it was never his.

    Seth Lerch: Well, it isn’t Tort’s either. He has to win it. It can’t be awarded to him. A match has to be set up to determine a true TV champ. If you want it to be Tort, he’ll have to beat Defman for it.

    There is a brief pause as Dogg says nothing.

    Kyle Steel: He never saw that coming.

    Shannan Lerch: Seth wins again!

    Madd Dogg: Alright. At the PPV it will be Tort vs Defman.

    Shannan Lerch: Defman seems happy bout that.

    Kyle Steel: But not Tort.

    Madd Dogg: With Madd Dogg as the special guest referee.

    Kyle Steel: The fans are going wild. This is great.

    Shannan Lerch: Crap!

    Seth Lerch: Oh, that’s fair. That’ll prove to the World and all the guys in the back that Tort deserves the belt. What about all the guys in the back? They need a shot too?

    Madd Dogg: You’re right Seth.

    Shannan Lerch: Finally, some sense.

    Madd Dogg: So, remember that big match I talked about awhile back with you?

    Kyle Steel: I don’t.

    Shannan Lerch: Must’ve been in private.

    Madd Dogg: We’ll do that. And then everyone who deserves it will have the chance. The first (and last) Madd Dogg Invitational will happen this month at the PPV. Torture is entrant number one.

    Kyle Steel: Seth looks pale. Apparently, this match will be brutal.

    Shannan Lerch: He’s coming back. Just like he always does.

    Seth Lerch: And Defman will enter at number 6. There’s six guys right.

    Madd Dogg: Actually there’s 10. But I tell you what. I’ll enter him at 9 for you. Will that work?

    Seth Lerch: Lovely.

    Defman: Hey, I want 10. No, I demand 10.

    Madd Dogg: Don’t be greedy. 9 is fine. This is your only call Seth. I choose the rest of the entrants. I make the match. I ref it. I make all the calls.

    Seth Lerch: Fine. What choice do I have?

    Madd Dogg: None. Let’s shake on it.

    Kyle Steel: He looks tentative but he’s going for it.

    Shannan Lerch: Don’t do it Seth.

    Madd Dogg: Happy New Year you jack off.

    Kyle Steel: Oh my God! stunner to Seth!

    Shannan Lerch: He’s not done, he’s hitting the Dogg Pound on Defman. Neither of them saw it coming. WHAT A CHEAP COWARDLY SHOT!

    Dogg signals to Tort that it’s his turn as Seth staggers back. Tort grabs him.

    Kyle Steel: Torture’s Device.

    Shannan Lerch: Oh god, he’s not done. 5 star from the corner.

    Madd Dogg: Oh, yeah, since Tort was holding my belt when I came back, my control extends to him, and, by default, his partner. Consider that match cancelled, and Tort is rehired.

    He raises Tort’s hand in victory as WCF goes to commercial.

    Kyle Steel: What a great night this is going to be.

  • Creeping Death vs Mike Bradley
  • Creeping Death is the laziest bastard ever. He comes to the ring, and so does Mike Bradley with the Truth Commission. The Truth Commission beats C.D. down, as does Bradley. Bradley gets the win.

  • Sighting?
  • We go backstage, to find Seth Lerch cheerfully walking down a hall way towards his office. Out of nowhere, a backstage official almost runs into him knocking him down.

    Official: Seth! Seth!

    Seth Lerch immediately wipes the sleeves of his suit.

    Seth Lerch: What the hell do you want?! Do you want to keep your job?!

    Official: I just spotted Logan in the parking lot!

    Seth Lerch: Logan? What the hell is he doing here?!

    Seth and the official walk away as we go back to the ring.

  • Neo vs Hal Demango
  • As the intro to Neo's music builds up, the lights dim and the words Muk Shnel (German for "Move quickly") appear on the big screen with "Heil the new Reich" and "Scum will be purged." Neo appears from the main curtain running at top speed toward the ring.

    Headstrong hits and Hal Demango comes out with an evil smile on his face. He climbs into the ring and raises his arms as pyro shoots out of the turnbuckles.

    Kyle Steel: One of these men will move on in the tourney. Let's go.

    Both men tie up. Neo gets the upper hand by shoving Hal to the mat. Hal gets up quickly and is obviously angered. They tie up again and Neo puts him in a headlock. Hal drops to his knees, Neo then deleivers some stiff right hands to Hals face before he lets go. Hal drops to his hands and knees and Neo starts to kick him in the ribs. He then goes down and starts punchung the back of his head. He lets up after awhile and waits for Hal to get back up. He then kicks Hal in the midsection and hits him with an implant DDT. He covers.



    No.. Hal was barely able to kick out. They both get up and Hal starts delivering some right hands of his own, and Neo becomes wobbly. Hal hits a belly to belly suplex. He covers.


    No. Neo forcefully kicks out.

    Shannan Lerch: Wow, Neo kicked out just at 1. He's not losing this match easily.

    Neo gets up and hits a textbook dropkick. He picks Hal up and sends him into the turnbuckle. He puts him on the top and hits a thunderous superplex. Neo gets up, and picks up Hal again. He hits a double arm DDT and covers...




    Kyle Steel: Winner!

    Neo picks up the victory. In the middle of his celebration, Wherever I May Roam hits and Davey Ortega comes out to a chorus of boos. He has a microphone in hand.

    Davey Ortega: What the hell was that? That was..without a doubt...the worst match in Slam history! Hal, I didn't bring you here to make a fool of me! You know what, I've had it with you and your constant failures! You're fired!!

    Wherever I May Roam plays again and Ortega walks to the back. Neo points at Hal and laughs before walking to the back as well.

  • Death vs Creeper
  • Death comes out, him and Creeper fight, Death wins. Sorry, I suck.

  • False Alarm
  • The cameras open up in the parking lot. Seth Lerch and the WCF Official from before are standing outside, looking around.

    Seth Lerch: Logan is not here.

    Official: I saw him, I'm not lying.

    Seth Lerch: Uh huh, you're fired.

    Seth Lerch turns around, walking back into the building.

    Official: NO! I swear I saw him standing in the parking lot!

    Seth Lerch: And I swear... you're fired!

    Seth walks into the building as we go back to the ring again.

  • Wreck vs Dark Angel
  • Kyle Steel: Now we have Wreck versus Dark Angel. Both men want a piece of that title, but there are so many others that also do.

    Shannan Lerch: Yes there are, Kyle. Now, lets see who will move on in the World Title Tournament and who will lose and drop out like a dead…canary.

    Kyle Steel: Thank you for that analogy, Shannan.

    The lights go out as the beginning of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana hits the speakers. After the intro, the house lights hit as fire shoots up from the turnbuckles. Wreck is then seen in the entranceway, and he starts to make his way to the ring. He climbs in and signals for a mic, and then begins to speak.

    Wreck: I faced Logan and Burn Out for the World Title. That was the last real World Title match. Now if this was up to me, Burn Out and I should be going at it for this title. But Lerch has his ways of doing things as do I.

    Kyle Steel: What the hell is Wreck talking about, last REAL match?

    Shannan Lerch: Shut up and let him speak, Kyle.

    Wreck looks around at the crowd and nods, getting ready to speak again.

    Wreck: Now, after a long wait to go after that title, here is my chance. I can win this tournament. I can. But I need an opponent. So Dark Angel, get your ass out here!

    The crowd turns their attention once again to the entranceway. The lights go out as a pair of ash grey angel wings appear on the screen. As they unfold, the words “Dark Angel” are shown on the screen. “The Invasion from Within” by Tsunami Bomb hits the speakers as the lights come up. Dark Angel is then seen as he makes his way to the ring. He hops in and goes to his corner. Both men look each other in the eye and then go at it once the bell rings.

    Shannan Lerch: And our match has begun! This is sure to be a one to remember.

    Kyle Steel: Yes. This is also Dark Angel’s first match without a partner, I believe. I’m sure many are anxious to see how he does alone.

    Wreck makes the first move charging at Dark Angel. Wreck tries to get his hands around Dark Angel’s neck, but Angel hits his arms away. Both men now have their arms interlocked until Angel twists Wreck into a position for a DDT. Angel hits the DDT as Wreck hits the mat hard. He lies there until he finally gets on his feet again. Angel runs over to Wreck, but Wreck Irish Whips him into the ropes. As Angel is returning, Wreck cloth lines him onto the ground. He then starts to stomp on Angel’s stomach. He lifts Angel up, who is still a bit dazed, and hits a powerbomb. Angel lies yelling in pain on the ground.

    Kyle Steel: Well, this match is off to an interesting start. Both men seem to have an equal advantage and talent. But I must say, that DDT was pretty damn impressive.

    Shannan Lerch: Yeah Yeah Yeah. Stop trying to sound so smart. The winner of this match will go on to face Hacker in another match.

    Angel gets to his feet as Wreck and him both look at each other. Angel has a grin on his face as he punches Wreck right in the face. Wreck, still on his feet, feels his face for blood. As he does this, Angel moves back about a foot. When Wreck looks up, Angel does a roundhouse kick, hitting Wreck directly in the face. He falls down and kicks everywhere, blood flooding out of his forehead. Angel drags Wreck and sets up for a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. He is about to hit it when the lights go out again.

    Kyle Steel: Now what the hell is this? Probably some technical glitch.

    After about 10 seconds, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” hits again.

    Shannan Lerch: Yeah, this has to be some problem. Wreck is already in the ring. I can’t tell what’s happening though because of the damn lights!

    The lights finally come back on as the music is cut. The crowd as well as the wrestlers look around. Standing right behind Dark Angel is Slasher with Wreck sledgehammer. Angel turns around and sees Slasher. Slasher tosses Wreck the sledgehammer as he goes to the ref. Slasher punches the ref out, and Wreck hits Angel with his sledgehammer right in the stomach. He falls to the ground in pain, but then Wreck does it again! He hits him in the stomach a second time!

    Kyle Steel: Now this is insane. Slasher sneaks in, the ref is knocked out, Dark Angel is probably dead, and now Wreck is standing in the ring with Slasher. What else can go wrong?

    Shannan Lerch: I’m your sister and Seth is your brother!

    Kyle Steel: Really!?

    Shannan Lerch: No.

    Slasher then runs out of the ring and takes the sledgehammer with him. Wreck turns to the crowd and starts trying to get applause. Behind him, Angel stands up and gets behind Wreck. He turns him around and choke slams Wreck. Angel then pins Wreck.



    No! Wreck kicks out just in time. With Wreck still on the ground, Angel climbs the turnbuckle, sticks out his elbow, and jumps right onto Wreck’s chest. This time, Wreck is crying in pain while Dark Angel lifts him to his feet. Wreck runs at Angel and does a german suplex. Seemingly, Angel gets right up and stands toe to toe with Wreck. Wreck then irish whips him, and hits a clothesline.

    Shannan Lerch: He’s going to hit the Demolition!

    Almost as Shannan is commanding him, he drops an elbow right into Dark Angel’s chest. Angel starts to sit up, but Wreck punches his jaw. As it starts to bleed, Dark Angel falls down as Wreck moves in for the pin.




    Kyle Steel: SOMEHOW, Dark Angel kicked out!

    Wreck is angry, and picks Dark Angel up again. Wreck grapples him and goes for a German Suplex, but Dark Angel flips over him and lands his feet. He then hits the Demon Dreamin'! Dark Angel jumps to the top rope, quickly, and as Wreck stands up he hits the Heaven Falling.

    Shannan Lerch: It's over.

    Dark Angel pins Wreck...




    Dark Angel rolls out of the ring, victoriously, and walks to the back.

  • Cataclysm vs Bobby Dole
  • The pledge of allegiance plays as several fans raise signs that read; “Re-elect Bobby Dole”, “Bob Dole for President”, “The REAL president”. Bobby Dole makes his way from the back with his suit on. He waves to the crowd as he leisurely makes his way to the ring. He rolls into the ring, and circles around waving at various fans. Then, Wait and Bleed bursts through out the arena. The lights go out, and a thud is heard. Quickly, the lights flash back on, and Cataclysm is beating away on the so-called former president, Bobby Dole. The referee signals for the bell.

    Ding Ding Ding!

    Shannan Lerch: He is not letting Bobby Dole have a chance.

    The referee gets Cataclysm off of Mr. Dole, and they circle for a bit. Right away, Bobby Dole offers a hand shake. Cataclysm looks at him for a bit, then, he goes to shake his hand. Dole gives a kick to Cataclysm’s mid-section, and then, he suplexes him to the mat. With convection, Cataclysm rolls right back up. He rushes at Bobby Dole to closeline him. He does so as to bring his opponent to the mat.

    Kyle Steel: That’s what he gets for not lowering our taxes.

    Shannan Lerch smacks Kyle in the back of the head.

    Shannan Lerch: Pay attention to the match.

    Cataclysm starts to punch Bobby Dole while he is down, but the referee is quick to pull him off. While Cataclysm is arguing with the referee, Bobby rolls out of the ring. A fan has a wooden sign with paint on it. It is in support of Mr. Dole. Cataclysm gets into the referee’s face. Then, as the referee is getting pushy, Cataclysm decks him. The ref hits the mat hard. Bobby looks at the fan for a second as Cataclysm makes his way out of the ring. He charges at Bobby again, but this time Bobby Dole has a defense. He spins around with that sign and smashes it over Cataclysm’s face. Immediately, the sign explodes into millions of splinters of wood. Cataclysm is cut open from all of the wood. He drops to his knees holding his face as Mr. Dole starts to kick him. Mr. Dole backs up and poses for a bit as Cataclysm gets up. As Mr. Dole turns around, Cataclysm spears him to the mat. Cataclysm picks up Bobby Dole and rolls him into the ring. Cataclysm pulls a chair out from underneath the ring. He rolls in with it. Then, he positions Bobby Dole on the corner. To make sure he is under control, Cataclysm kicks him a few times. He opens the chair on Bobby’s head and the turnbuckle. Cataclysm backs up and looks at Bobby Dole for a second.

    Kyle Steel: This is going to hurt...

    Shannan Lerch: I can’t watch...

    Cataclysm charges at Dole. He springs his right leg up and is going to bust open Bobby Dole’s jaw, but before he does, Mr. Dole slips out from under the chair. Cataclysm’s foot slides up the chair making him do the splits. Then, My. Dole kicks Cataclysm in the groin.

    Shannan Lerch: That had to hurt...

    Kyle Steel: Now I can’t watch...

    Cataclysm hits the mat as the referee tosses out the chair. Cataclysm is rolling around in the middle of the mat as Bobby Dole climbs up the turnbuckle. He taunts Cataclysm a bit before he leaps into the air. He drops a flying elbow drop onto the torso of Cataclysm.

    Shannan Lerch: He just did Cataclysm’s own move...

    Kyle Steel: That had to be insulting...

    Bobby goes for the pin...




    Ding Ding Ding!

    The referee raises the arms of Bobby Dole in victorious fanfare.

  • PC Cradle vs Seth Lerch
  • A video package airs on screen. It shows Seth Lerch fooling PC Cradle into joining the Team of Treachery. It shows all the acts that Cradle performed for the group. It shows the revelation that it was Seth Lerch who concocted the plan to kidnap little Danny Cradle. It flickers off with a shot of Seth Lerch laughing manically in the ring.

    Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, this is arguably going to be the most personal match in WCF history.

    Shannan Lerch: I always stand by and defend my brother, but even I have to admit that he may have pushed Cradle too far.

    Kyle Steel: And this is a first round match in the World title tournie! There is a lot riding on this match.

    The arena turns completely black. We can't see anything around the stands or the ring. Suddenly, we hear the recognisable scream of Wayne Static kick in as "Get to the Gone" by Static-X kicks in. The intro plays out and the lights suddenly explode back on. The crowd sing the song in unison, as PC Cradle steps through the curtain. There is an almighty roar from the crowd, as Cradle stands silently on the ramp. A moment passes, and Cradle starts shouting out to the crowd. He begins making his way down the ramp, running the last few feet and sliding under the bottom rope. Cradle runs to one of the corners, jumping up and crossing his arms. He jumps off, his feet making a huge bang on the ring mat. Cradle signals to the announcer for a mic.

    PC Cradle: Seth Lerch! Its time for you to pay for the sins that you've perpetrated against me! This match is for everyone you've screwed over your years as the boss!

    Cradle throws the microphone down on the floor

    Kyle Steel: Strong words from Cradle there. He seems pretty jacked up.

    Cradle's ripped up sleeveless shirt has a picture of Seth Lerch on it. The picture is ripped to shreds, and the camera zooms in on it.

    Shannan Lerch: That actually looks like my brother. That's pretty scary.

    Cradle's music finishes. "Anger Rising" by Jerry Cantrell starts. The crowd all stand, booing in the direction of the ramp. A minute passes, and Cradle stands looking up the ramp. Suddenly, from out of the crowd, Seth Lerch jumps the guard rail, and hits Cradle in the back with a steel chair! The referee rings the bell, and Seth starts laying into Cradle with the chair. The referee rings the bell again, signalling the disqualification. Seth shakes his head, grabbing a mic.

    Seth Lerch: No way is this asshole going into the next round of the tournament! This match is No DQ! Now start the match again!

    Kyle Steel: That's not fair! He's making the rules up as he goes along!

    The referee rings the bell, and Seth quickly jumps on Cradle for the pin.




    Kyle Steel: Wow! I thought it was over there.

    Shannan Lerch: Me too, Kyle.

    Seth looks shocked, and he grabs his chair. Cradle slowly gets to his feet, and turns to Seth. Seth taunts him with the chair, and Cradle smiles, signalling for Lerch to hit him.

    Kyle Steel: Is he crazy!? He's asking Seth to hit him!

    Seth shrugs, and instead of hitting Cradle on the top of the head, he swings it at Cradles face! Cradle's face explodes, blood pouring from a deep gash in his forehead. Cradle stumbles back, but laughs and runs fast at Seth. Cradle spears Seth down hard, and starts raining punches down him his face. Cradle roars to the crowd, who cheer loudly. Seth pulls himself to his feet, and Cradle grabs the chair which has his blood on it. Cradle hits Seth hard in the head with the chair, and Seth tumbles from the ring. Cradle throws the chair out of the ring onto Seth, and then follows him out. Seth tries to crawl away, but Cradle grabs him. Cradle signals to the announcers table.

    Shannan Lerch: Wo wo wo! Stay away from here!

    Cradle rolls Seth onto the table, and climbs up. Cradle sets Seth up for a piledriver on the table, and he jumps in the air, driving Seth's head through the wood to the concrete!


    Cradle lays, dazed for a moment, but climbs to a knee, grabbing Seth by his hair. Cradle drags Seth out of the wreckage, and drags him around the outside of the ring. A fan offers a pitcher of beer to Cradle, and he takes it, drinking half of it and smashing the other half over Seth's head. Cradle reaches under the ring, pulling out a 2 x 4 with barbed wire wrapped round it!

    Shannan Lerch: Oh my god! Cradle's going to turn Seth to Swiss cheese!

    Cradle pushes the barbs into Seth's head, and Seth screams in agony. Blood dribbles from the rips in his forehead, and Cradle hits him hard in the face with the wooden end of the bat. Seth lies on his stomach next to the rampway. Cradle drags Seth onto the metal ramp, setting him up for another piledriver. Cradle drops back, and Seth's head hits the metal with a sickening thud. Cradle holds on, and hits another piledriver! Cradle draws his hand across his throat, before lifting Seth up for a powerbomb! Cradle drops forward, hitting a huge Tiger Bomb on Seth! The metal ramp buckles and bends.

    Kyle Steel: Well this is the end of the boss!

    Cradle's blood dribbles down his chest, and it has stained his dirty hair red. Cradle rolls Seth back into the ring, lifting him up to his feet. Seth wobbles for a moment, and Cradle boots him hard in the gut. Seth doubles over, and Cradle double underhooks his arms. The crowd all raises their hands, making the metal hand signal.

    Kyle Steel: This is it, Shannan.

    Shannan Lerch: I can't look.

    Cradle lifts Seth off of his feet, dropping back with a devastating Cradle-Arm DDT! Cradle sits up, as Seth lays limp on the mat. Cradle puts a hand on Seth's chest for the pinfall.




    Kyle Steel: Cradle's through to the next round! This tournament is really heating up now Shannan.

    Shannan Lerch climbs out of her chair, and climbs into the ring. She kneels down next to her brother, checking on him. Cradle climbs the turnbuckles, and the crowd cheer for him. The WCF copyright info comes on screen.

    Kyle Steel: We'll see you next week folks! G'night!

    Scene fades out.