Sunday Slam Intro
Hacker vs Dark Angel
Another Sighting?
X vs Fallen
PC Cradle vs Bobby Dole
Trent Hunter vs Gayfather
Death vs Neo
Defman vs Steve Carr

  • Sunday Slam Intro
  • Adema's Immortal blasts over the PA system as Slam opens up! Pyro shoots from the entrance way as usual as we pan around the crowd, seeing fan signs and the like. We go down to the announcers.

    Kyle Steel: Welcome to Sunday Slam! I am Kyle Steel.

    Shannan Lerch: And I, of course, am Shannan Lerch.

    Kyle Steel: We have an action packed card tonight... six matches, all in the World Title Tournament.

    Shannan Lerch: Aftermath is coming up, and the tournament is heating up. After tonight, only 6 men will remain.

    Kyle Steel: Speaking of Aftermath, I wonder what match Dogg has in mind for his vacant Television Title.

    Shannan Lerch: From the sound of it, I'm scared to find out...

    Kyle Steel: Let's get on to the matches!

  • Hacker vs Dark Angel
  • Kyle Steel: Well, we're set for more tournament action. This one should be a brawl, Shannan.

    Shannan Lerch: I agree Kyle, both these guys are pretty evenly matched with size. Dark Angel has a slight height advantage, whilst Hacker has the weight.

    The theme music from Friday the 13th plays out and Hacker walks slowly down the ramp.

    Kyle Steel: Man, this guy has character!

    Shannan Lerch: Do I sense a note of sarcasm?

    Kyle Steel: No, you sense a BUCKET of sarcasm! Look at this guy! He really needs some color in his life, maybe even a girlfriend. How about you Shannan?

    Shannan Lerch: I don't date guys in grey.

    Kyle Steel: For the right price, I bet you would...

    A pair of ash grey, scarred angel wings appear unfurling to reveal the words Dark Angel on the WCF screen. "The Invasion from Within" starts playing as Dark Angel walks out, and heads into the ring.

    Kyle Steel: See, this guy has presence. I certainly wouldn't want to fight him.

    Shannan Lerch: That's because you got no balls Kyle, remember?

    Kyle Steel: Oh yeah!

    Both of the big men circle, locking up in the centre of the ring. Neither budges, and they break after a couple of seconds.

    Kyle Steel: There's no point anyone trying to over power people here.

    They lock up again, this time, Dark Angel going behind with a hammerlock. Hacker attempts to elbow Angel, who ducks out of the way, causing Hacker to spin. Angel hits a northern lights suplex, taking Hacker to the mat.

    Kyle Steel: Don't be fooled by Angel's size. He's one of those athletic big men.

    Shannan Lerch: Yeah! Have you seen this guy's finisher!? Unreal.

    Angel quickly locks on a rear chin lock, and Hacker fights out after a moment. Angel slaps on a side headlock, and Hacker shoots him off the ropes. Angel returns, ducking a clothesline from Hacker. Off the opposite ropes, and Angel hits a Super Kick to the jaw of Hacker, sending him tumbling under the bottom rope!

    Kyle Steel: Crushing blow there!

    Angel follows Hacker out, attempting to Irish whip him into the steal steps, but Hacker reverses, and Angel hits the steps knee's first, sending him flipping over the top.

    Shannan Lerch: Dark Angel's knees could be broken there!

    Hacker climbs the steel steps, and jumps, delivering a Guillotine Leg Drop right to Angels neck!

    Kyle Steel: He's athletic as well, you know.

    Hacker roles Angel back into the ring, grabbing him by the head and lifting him up. Hacker signals for a powerbomb. Hacker hoists Angel up, but Angel reverses, hitting an X-Factor like move! Angel boots him on the floor, before running at the ropes, returning with a quick leg drop. Hacker pops up, and Dark Angel runs at the corner, jumping clean to the top rope and hitting a tumbleweed (Whisper in the Wind) right to Hackers face! Hacker goes down again, and Angel signals for the end. Angel mounts the top rope, and jumps high in the air with a shooting star press, attempting the "Heaven Falling", but Hacker catches him before he can perform the DDT, and hits an ugly T-Bone Suplex into the corner, tangling Angel up in the ropes!

    Shannan Lerch: Tough break for Angel, I thought he had it.

    Hacker covers Angel, who kicks out at 2. Hacker pulls Angel to his knees and Irish whips him to the corner. Angel reverses, and Hacker hops to the second turnbuckle, returning with a clothesline! Just as Hacker connects, Angel hits the same move, and both men flip onto their stomachs, lying motionless in the ring!

    Kyle Steel: Wow, these guys are really going toe to toe!

    Dark Angel is the first up, and slowly makes his way up the turnbuckle. Hacker slowly stands as well, and as he turns toward Angel, he's met with Heaven Falling! Dark Angel quickly pins.




    Dark Angel rolls out of the ring and raises his arms before walking to the back.

    Shannan Lerch: Another advancement..

  • Another Sighting?
  • We go backstage and find Seth Lerch sitting at his desk inside his office. All of sudden, Davey Ortega bursts into the room.

    Davey Ortega: Seth!

    Seth Lerch: What?!

    Davey Ortega: I know this may sound stupid, and I know you've fired backstage officials for starting the "Logan Sighting" rumors... But man, I just saw him walk out of a bathroom, and he smiled at me.

    Seth Lerch: When?!

    Davey Ortega: Not one minute ago, he still might be in the hallway.

    Seth Lerch: Eh, alright, let's go.

    Seth Lerch and Davey rush out of the room, and jog down the hallway. They make it to the end, and look down both sides of the hall but spot no one.

    Seth Lerch: Look, you might have THOUGHT you saw Logan. But, if he was really here.. he'd come straight to me. We WERE friends before he left, but ever since I stripped him of the World Title... he hates me again. But he's a no talent hack, I really couldn't care less.

    Davey Ortega: No, seriously, I saw Logan! I know it was him!

    Seth Lerch: You've never even met him, he left a week before you came to WCF.

    Just then, Bobby Dole walks in between the two men.

    Bobby Dole: Get out of my way, you boudles, and listen to your master!

    Seth and Davey exchange confused looks as we go back to the arena.

    Shannan Lerch: Boudles..? I only know ONE person who says that.

    Kyle Steel: ...Logan.

  • X vs Fallen
  • The lights go out and red spotlights flash. There is an explosion on stage, and "The Red" blares. X comes out in his leather pants, with a long black jacket and sunglasses. He's accompanied by Electra. She removes his jacket and sunglasses before they begin walking down the ramp.

    The normal lights go out and black lights mixed with red and blue turn on and start to strobe. Fallen comes out and points at his few followers as I Don't Like the Drugs starts up and a few people get on their feet. Fallen struts his way to the ring and gets up on the second turnbuckle and poses for the cameras.

    Kyle Steel: Yet another Title Tournament match, the winner goes on to the PPV!

    X and Fallen approach, and tie up. X hits a Snapmare on Fallen, and then stomps on him a few times. X picks him up and then Powerbombs him to the mat.

    Shannan Lerch: X taking control early on.

    X jumps backwards, and waits as Fallen is about to get up. Once Fallen stands, X hits a Superkick, sending him back down to the mat.

    Kyle Steel: Fallen.. well.. fell.

    X again waits until Fallen stands, and then hits the X-Plicit!

    Shannan Lerch: That was quick.

    Kyle Steel: Yeah, it's over.

    X locks Fallen into the Figure Four Leglock. After a few seconds of fighting, Fallen taps out.

    Shannan Lerch: X advances!

    X rolls out of the ring, and he and Electra walk to the back.

  • PC Cradle vs Bobby Dole
  • Anger Rising hits, and Seth Lerch walks out. He walks to the ring, slapping a few hands, and rolls in. He headbangs a bit to the music once he's in the ring.

    Kyle Steel: What's Seth doing out here? This is supposed to be a match.

    Shannan Lerch: Who cares? Let's listen!

    Kyle Steel: I care!! I was looking forward to this! Everyone was!

    Seth grabs a mic.

    Seth Lerch: Yeah, yeah, I bet you guys didn't want to see me out here. You want to see Cradle advance in the Title Tournament, right?

    Big pop from the audience.

    Seth Lerch: TOO BAD! See, after that ass kicking I gave Cradle last week, I had to suspend him. For his own good, of course, he's far too beat up to keep wrestling.

    Kyle Steel: Bullshit! Cradle beat Lerch like nobody's business. Seth is just a sore loser

    Shannan Lerch: Don't say that about my brother!

    Seth Lerch: How sad, I needed to take Cradle out of the tournament. So that means Mr. Bobby Dole advances! And I'd also like to announce I fully support him for President. Thank you, and good night.

    Anger Rising hits again, and Seth leaves to a chorus of booing.

    Kyle Steel: So... when is Cradle allowed back!?

    Shannan Lerch: Whenever Seth damn well pleases.

  • Trent Hunter vs Gayfather
  • The lights go out as "Tip Your Bartender" by Glassjaw blasts over the PA speakers. Right after the quick guitar into, two pyros go off near the entrance ramp. The lights go back on as Trent Hunter walks down to the ring. He finally rolls under the bottom rope, and walks over to the middle of the ring with both arms up in the air, and does a slow spin for the fans.

    "Somebody hit the lights...."
    The sound of a single tap dancer comes over the speakers.
    "So we can rock it day and night...."
    A drum and cymbals join the single dancer over the speakers.
    "People getting down that's right...."
    A few more dancers can be heard.
    "From AM to PM"

    As the music whirs, two spotlights cycle through the audience, coming to rest on the stage as Gayfather dances out. He dances down to the ring, conversing with the crowd. Rainbow Brite walks down to the ring to join him. They go into the ring together, her holding the ropes down for him, as he bends down, trying to show off his butt. Rainbow Brite shakes her head and watches as he plays to the crowd.

    Kyle Steel: How or why that man became a wrestler is beyond me. Regardless, here he is, 2nd round of a Title tournament.

    Shannan Lerch: Against the man people are calling the best rookie we have.. Trent Hunter.

    Hunter approaches Gayfather, and they go to tie up... But Gayfather slides out of the ring before they do.

    Shannan Lerch: He's scared!

    Trent runs at Gayfather and hits a Baseball Slide, sending Gayfather into the guardrail. Hunter climbs out and starts stomping away at Gayfather, and then rolls him into the ring. He starts kicking at him a little more, and then applies an Armlock.

    Kyle Steel: He has it applied well, as always.

    Gayfather squirms a bit, trying to get out of the hold, but to no avail. Hunter soon releases the hold, and picks Gayfather up. He hits a Single Arm DDT, and then locks in another Armlock.

    Shannan Lerch: Hunter may be the most scientific guy we have, he seems to have an old school style about him.. Working away at the arm.

    Gayfather still refuses to give up, but screams in pain again, desperate to get out of the hold. Rainbow Brite sees this, and grabs his leg, pulling it under the rope. The ref forces Hunter to break it up. Hunter gets up and again begins going to work on Gayfather, kicking at his ribs as he tries to get up. Trent picks Gayfather up again, but this time Gayfather is able to fight back a bit, getting a few shots in. He hits a Spinning Toehold Drop, and quickly applies a Spinning Toehold.

    Kyle Steel: Both men being pretty scientific, actually, wow.

    Trent screams, but he won't tap either. As Gayfather is spinning, Trent is able to push him off with his leg. Hunter hops up quickly, puts Gayfather in a Sleeperhold, and hits a Sleeper Drop. Gayfather is square in the middle of the ring, and Trent locks in the Boston Leglock!

    Shannan Lerch: Gayfather getting a taste of his own medicine, and that's Trent's finisher!

    Gayfather tries to hold on, but he can't, and taps out.

    Kyle Steel: Trent advances!

    Trent releases the hold, and raises his arms in victory. He rolls out of the ring as Rainbow Brite checks on Gayfather.

  • Death vs Neo
  • "Fuel" by MetallicA hits while green and yellow pyro lights up the stage. Death emerges from the back with yellow and green lights flashing throughout the arena. He gets to the base of the ring, steps up, climbs the outside of a turnbuckle throws his arms out and has pyro go off on the stage at the same time.

    As the intro to Back to the Mad builds up, the lights dim and the words Muk Shnel (German for "Move quickly") appear on the big screen with "Heil the new Reich" and "Scum will be purged." Neo appears from the main curtain running at top speed toward the ring. He rolls in and walks to his corner.

    Death and Neo approach, and lock up. Neo puts Death in a headlock, but Death shoves Neo off. Neo runs to the ropes, Death hits a Shoulderblock, Neo goes down. Death drops an elbow, and then starts kicking. Neo rolls out of the ring, and Death follows. Death grabs Neo's head and goes to slam it into the guardrail, but Neo blocks it and slams Death instead! Neo then grabs Death and rams his shoulder into the turnbuckle.

    Kyle Steel: We didn't expect much of a wrestling match between these men, it's an all out brawl!

    Death stumbles backwards and Neo throws him back into the ring. Neo climbs up and onto the turnbuckle, and hits a Frog Splash into pin. The ref counts... One, two... No, Death kicks out.

    Shannan Lerch: It's hard to keep Death down, he's a powerful man.

    Neo picks Death up but Death starts throwing a few punches to Neo and gains the advantage. Death picks Neo up in a Vertical Suplex, and holds it.. holds it.. HOLDS IT!... and then drops.

    Kyle Steel: The blood rushes to Neo's head with that Stalling Suplex.

    Death then grabs Neo's legs and tries to lock in the Sharpshooter, but Neo kicks him off. Neo gets up slowly, and him and Death start exchanging blows. Eventually Neo gains the upper hand and kicks Death in the gut, and follows up with an Implant DDT. He climbs to the top rope and waits as Death is about to stand, and goes for a Missile Dropkick.. Death catches him, however, and hits a Fallaway Slam.

    Shannan Lerch: Reminiscent of the great Scott Hall, whom appeared at our Slammys show the other week.

    Death stomps away at Neo a bit more, and picks him up. He hits a Body Press Slam!

    Kyle Steel: Raw power.

    Death then goes for the pin. One... two... no, Neo is able to escape. Death climbs to the top rope, and signals for the Deathstar.. he flies off the top, but Neo rolls away just in time! Both men lay on the mat, resting. Neo is able to get up first. He picks Death up and hits a Double Arm DDT! He pins again...




    Neo is frustrated. He gets up and waits at the turnbuckle as Death starts to stand... Neo runs and hits the Hating You! He pins again.




    Neo stands as the final count is counted, and the ref raises his arms. He rolls out and heads to the back.

  • Defman vs Steve Carr
  • The voices, the voices, the voices, the VOICES!!

    The voices, they take control,
    The voices, destroy your soul,
    The voices, they kill us all,
    The voices, why wont they fall?


    The arena goes black and a light neon blue shines at the top of the ramp. It grows into a series of explosions, and the lights come back on. Defman is seen at the top of the ramp, and he has several medals around his neck and he's holding some trophies. One reads "Wrestler Of The Millenium", and the other reads "Most Awards Won Ever Award".

    Shannan Lerch: Did Defman win all those awards himself?

    Kyle Steel: I don't think so, Shannan. I'm pretty sure they're fake. But you know Defman; he thinks he's the absolute best and everything...

    Defman starts walking down to the ring, with his head down. He sets his awards on the outside and takes off his medals. He then jumps onto the apron, and steps over the ropes.

    The lights turn off. Edgecrusher by Fear Factory starts and red strobes flash. Steve Carr steps out and the lights stop flashing. They become red spotlights which follow him up to the ring while he pretends to give high fives to the fans and then pulls away. He climbs up the stairs and steps over the ropes, into the ring.

    Shannan Lerch: And here's another man who thinks he's the absolute best at everything.

    The bell rings. Carr and Defman slowly walk towards each other, taking their time.

    Kyle Steel: These are two huge egos up against one another... Who knows what'll happen.

    They go to lock up, but Carr hits a few martial arts kicks to Defman's midsection instead. Defman jumps backwards, and then runs at Carr angrily and Clotheslines him down. Defman then goes for an Elbow Drop but Carr rolls away, gets up quickly, and hits a Running Big Boot on Defman as he stands up. Defman goes down and Carr starts stomping him relentlessly.

    Shannan Lerch: These two starting the match off pretty fast paced.

    Carr slows it down and puts Defman in a Half Crab. Defman won't tap, and doesn't even make much attempt to get to the ropes.

    Kyle Steel: Defman is used to pain... he's not going to submit very easily.

    Carr releases the hold, and then grabs Defman's leg, picks it up, and slams it back down to the mat. He picks Defman's leg up again, but this time Defman kicks him away. Defman hops up and goes for a Clothesline, but Carr ducks it, sending Defman behind Carr. Before Carr can do anything, Defman hits a German Suplex. He picks Carr up, still in position, and hits another. He picks Carr up one more time, and hits another German Suplex, this time of the Bridge Pin variety. The ref drops to count.




    Shannan Lerch: That was close!

    Carr kicked out. Defman picks him up, and throws him to the ropes. Defman goes for an Overhead Press Slam, but he isn't quite able to get Carr up. Carr drops down and hits Defman with a Backbreaker. He goes to kicking at him again, and then climbs to the top rope. He goes to hit the Ultimatum...

    Kyle Steel: This will be it!

    But Defman is able to roll away! Carr stumbles to his feet, turns around, and Defman hits the Stop and Drop. He then jumps to the top and hits the Big Reverse Elbow.

    Shannan Lerch: THIS will be it.




    The ref is knocked unconcious by.. Madd Dogg! Dogg quickly picks up Defman and hits the Dogg Pound. He then grabs Carr and lays him on Defman, and rolls out of the ring.

    Kyle Steel: What the hell is this!? Dogg just won't go away...

    Shannan Lerch: He sure does hate Defman.

    The ref awakens, and sees Carr on Defman. He counts.




    Kyle Steel: Carr wins it!

    Carr stands up and the ref raises his hand. He then rolls out of the ring and walks back up the ramp cockily.

    Shannan Lerch: Fans, we'll see you at AFTERMATH!

    Dogg laughs at a furious Defman as the copyright info appears and the scene fades out.