Sunday Slam Intro
Triple I vs Burn Out
Seth Lerch/Logan Segment
Bishop/Priest vs Portalcide
Neo/Gayfather/Seth Lerch Segment
Jason Tilley vs Wreck
Death vs Defman
Logan Invitational Match
The Elite vs Hellz Angel/Neo/Gayfather

  • Sunday Slam Intro
  • Immortal by Adema blasts over the speakers, and Sunday Slam is on the air. We pan around the arena to see all of the various signs... "Wecome Back, Bishop and Priest", "Jason Tilley Sounds Silly", "Death Fears Def", and "l33t Sux0rz". We go to the announcers.

    Kyle Steel: Kyle Steel here, and I'm with Shannan Lerch. We have a huge night tonight, fans.

    Shannan Lerch: That's right. The Elite are all teaming up, together, to take on the team of Hellz Angel and the Tag Team Champions, Neo and Gayfather.

    Kyle Steel: That's an odd team, if I do say so myself. But they all hate Trent Hunter, and perhaps that common thread will pull them together.

    Shannan Lerch: Speaking of The Elite, Dake Ken is the TV Champ. We'll find out who will challenge him for that belt at Till Death Do Us Part, when Death takes on Defman. The winner gets the shot at DK.

    Kyle Steel: Those two had a stalemate on the last Slam, let's see what happens this week.

    Shannan Lerch: And.. sigh.. we'll see if Logan is coming back to WCF or not. Seth has declared that if Logan doesn't wrestle in his Logan Invitational match... he's not coming back.

    Kyle Steel: We don't even know who Logan is going to face though, I wonder.

    Shannnan Lerch: Guess we'll have to wait and see. We also have a match between the two contenders for the Hardcore Title, Jason Tilley and Wreck. They both challenge for the Title at Till Death Do Us Part, when David Baker is added into the fray.

    Kyle Steel: Bishop and Priest, former Tag Team Champions, are making their return tonight. They're taking on a rookie team named Portalcide. We haven't seen much from Bishop or Priest in a while, and we don't know what to expect from Portalcide.. this should be a good one.

    Shannan Lerch: The Ultimate Wrestling Federation, owned by former WCF World Champ Gravedigger, recently shut down. One of their former superstars, Triple I, has migrated to the WCF. He's going to be facing Burn Out. We'll see what he has to offer.

    Kyle Steel: And I believe that match is up next!

  • Triple I vs Burn Out
  • Don't You Wish You Were Me by Chris Jericho plays and Triple I comes out to a shower of sparks and taunts at the crowd. He walks to the ring.

    The sound of a motorcycle revving up is heard. Burn Out comes out on a motorcycle, goes around the ring, gets off the bike and climbs in.

    The men approach each other, and Burn Out starts pummeling Triple I. He Headbutts him down and follows up with a Leg Drop. He covers for the pin... one, two.. no, Triple I kicks out. Burn Out picks III up and goes to throw him to the ropes, but Triple I reverses it, sending B.O. to the ropes instead. Burn Out ducks a Clothesline, Triple I turns around, and Burn Out hits the Outcast Blast!

    Kyle Steel: It may be over before it even really started.

    Burn Out pins, and one.. two.. three. He gets the win!

    Shannan Lerch: Welcome to the WCF, Triple I.

    Burn Out rolls out of the ring and heads to the back.

  • Seth Lerch/Logan Segment
  • We go backstage to find Logan wearing his old wrestling gear, jumping up and down, drenched in water.

    Kyle Steel: We haven't seen Logan in wrestling gear in a while.

    Logan stomps jumping up and down to slowly turn his head up, meeting the eyes of Seth Lerch.

    Seth Lerch: Good luck, Logan.

    Logan looks down at Seth's hand, and slaps it away.

    Logan: Good luck? Whoa, down na simma Mrs. Lerch.. don't you ever wish me luck.

    Seth Lerch: It's Mr. Ler-

    Logan: SHUT UP!

    We hear the crowd in the arena cheering, to Logan's old catch phrase.

    Shannan Lerch: That lame quote will never get old.

    Logan and Seth Lerch go face to face, nose to nose, feet to feet, glaring holes in one another.

    Logan: I don't care who boudle you got planned to take me down, either way.. we both know, there ain't NOBODY in WCF that can beat The Face of Treachery.

    Seth Lerch: It's not who you can beat, it's who you WON'T beat.

    Logan steps back a bit, looking confused.

    Logan: Your penis?

    Seth Lerch looks down real quick, then looks back up to Logan.. blushing a bit.

    Logan: I'm not going touch that hideous thing, and why don't you try zipping up next time you come and confront a WCF Legend.

    Seth Lerch: Cut the crap Logan, you know what I mean.

    Logan: No Seth, I don't.

    Seth Lerch: I don't want you to beat my penis...

    Logan: You don't?

    Seth Lerch: No-

    Logan: You don't? Good. SHUT UP! Hurry up boudle, I don't have all day.. what piece of new blood trash on that WCF roster do you have me facing.

    Seth Lerch: Catherine.

    Seth Lerch winks, before leaving Logan by himself. Logan looks down a bit, making a hard swallow as we go back to ring side.

  • Bishop/Priest vs Portalcide
  • The sound of drums is heard as Bishop and Priest come out. The arena gets very dark and a single light follows them to the ring.

    Ya'll Want A Single? by KoRn plays, and the team of Allen 'Portal' Bartsche and James Suicide comes out, collectively known as Portalcide. They walk to the ring.

    Kyle Steel: Let's go!

    Bishop and Portal start the match. They approach each other and lock up. Bishop gets the advantage early on and hits a Drop Toehold before punching him in the head a few times. Portal is able to work his way back up and knees Bishop in the stomach before hitting a Snap Suplex. Portal stands up, stomps Bishop a bit, and then tags in James Suicide. Suicide hops over the top rope and hits a Springboard Bodysplash into pin. The ref drops to count. One, two,thre-

    Shannan Lerch: That was almost over before it started, but Priest was there to break it up.

    Kyle Steel: That's what good tag team wrestling is all about!

    Suicide is about to tag Portal back in, but Bishop rolls him up from behind quickly The ref counts again, one, two, thre - no, almost, Suicide is up in time. Suicide gets up and goes to clothesline Bishop but he ducks it and hits a devastating Powerbomb! He then tags in Priest.

    Shannan Lerch: Uh oh, here comes Priest.

    Kyle Steel: Where have I heard that before? Oh, wait...

    Priest gets in and applies an Armbar. Suicide won't tap.

    Shannan Lerch: Perhaps he should have gone for the pin instead of a submission.

    Priest gets up once he realizes that Suicide isn't going to give up, and starts stomping away at the arm. Suicide is soon able to roll away and stands up. Priest runs at him but Suicide hits a Spineacide! He then tags Portal in. Portal stomps Priest a few times before picking him up and hitting a Fisherman's Buster into pin. The ref drops to count.

    Kyle Steel: This could be it.

    One.. two.. no. Portal rolls out of the ring and stands on the apron as Priest begins to stand. He goes for a Springboard Missile Dropkick, but Priest is able to dive out of the way and tag in Bishop. Bishop picks Portal up and hits The Sermon, and then pins. Priest, meanwhile, keeps Suicide from interfering.




    Shannan Lerch: Bishop and Priest win their return match!

    Bishop and Priest get their arms raised before rolling out of the ring and heading to the back.

  • Neo/Gayfather/Seth Lerch Segment
  • Neo, Gayfather, and Rainbow Brite are backstage chatting.

    Neo: I'm looking forward to tonight's match, Gayfather... we need to show The Elite who the bosses are. Us.

    Gayfather: We'll dominate... I love dominating men.

    Neo: Uhh.. yeah.. But seriously, I want to get my hands on Trent Hunter, and kick his ass. I should be World Champion... not him.

    Gayfather: Yeah man. And you know, I think it's kind of stupid how Seth suspended Torture last week. He was so damn cool..

    At that very moment, Seth had been walking by. He approaches the trio.

    Seth Lerch: What was that, Gayfather? Did I hear you call me stupid?

    Gayfather: N.. n.. No sir...

    Rainbow Brite steps up to defend Gayfather.

    Rainbow Brite: Yeah, Lerch, he did! Because you ARE stupid, and it was stupid to suspend Torture!

    Seth Lerch: That's it! You two smartasses are suspended too! Hell, no, wait.. You're both FIRED! SECURITY!

    Security comes up quickly, and takes Rainbow Brite and Gayfather away. Rainbow Brite fights and screams to the best of her ability, but they can't get away. Lerch turns to Neo.

    Seth Lerch: Looks like you'll be fighting in a Handicapped match tonight, just you and Hellz Angel. You can find someone to team with you for the PPV if you want, but I don't know who the hell would team with a loser like you.

    Lerch walks away, laughing, while Neo looks pissed off.

  • Jason Tilley vs Wreck
  • “Smack my bitch up...” The fans scream at Jason Tilley as makes his way out from behind the curtain. Behind him, he carries various tools of the hardcore world. He makes it to the ring as several fans toss cups at him. One of the security guards tosses a cup at him, also. Jason looks shocked for a second, but then, continues into the ring. He settles himself in the corner as his music fades out. After a couple of seconds, “Smells like Teen Spirit” echoes throughout the arena. The crowd cheers on Wreck as He makes his way out from the back. He shows appreciation to some fans on his way to the ring. Before he can get to it, Jason comes charging up and closelines Wreck. He begins to pummel him with a kendo stick from his cart. Wreck tackles him to the ground. The face of Jason gets demolished as Wreck assaults him. Wreck lifts Jason Tilley up and rolls him into the ring. As Wreck makes his way in, the bell rings.

    Shannan Lerch: I guess that means it’s begun.

    Kyle Steel: Let’s hope it a wholesome, clean match... yeah right. Here’s Jason with the first offensive maneuver in this match...

    Jason gets Wreck in a headlock. To reverse, Wreck whips Jason into the ropes. he comes back with authority, however, as he tackles Wreck hard to the mat. He begins to trash his face, but the referee manages to pull him off. Wreck makes his way up. Jason goes to grapple, but Wreck gives a left to the ribs of Jason. Jason spins around holding his side. Then, Wreck explodes with a german suplex to Tilley.

    Kyle Steel: Exciting start to this match.

    Shannan Lerch: I think they want to take each other out before David is involved.

    Kyle Steel: Nice strategy by these to hardcore wrestlers. Not something you would normally see from two like that.

    Shannan Lerch: Let’s get back to the action...

    Wreck holds Jason by the hair, but he smacks his arm away. Wreck tries to irish whip Tilley, but he spins him around and kicks him in the gut. To continue, he grabs Wreck’s neck and DDTs his skull into the mat. Quickly, Tilley elbow drops to the back of Wreck’s spine. He rolls over in pain. Jason continues to pound on the spine of Wreck.

    Shannan Lerch: This might be apart of the strategy of the newcomer, Jason Tilley. It says on his spread sheet that he likes to perform the Camel Clutch.

    Kyle Steel: He’s here to prove that he’s no jobber. Time and time again have we seen great hardcore wrestlers go down because of their lack of wits. Jason was prepared for that...

    The referee pulls Tilley back so Wreck can get up. He holds his back as Jason walks over to him. Jason kicks him in the mid-section, with arms raised, he sets Wreck up for a powerbomb.

    Kyle Steel: If Jason succeeds in this, it will obliterate Wreck’s back, maybe even ruining his career.

    Jason lifts Wreck up. Using Jason’s own momentum against him, Wreck forces Jason backwards and lends on his face. Wreck pops back up. He lifts Jason up. Then, he sets Jason up for a powerbomb.

    Shannan Lerch: I guess this is revenge for the pain Jason is trying to cause.

    This time, Wreck plants Jason’s back into the mat. He lays on the ground catching his breath as Wreck stands back gloating to the fans. Finally, Jason gets up. He runs towards Wreck, but Wreck ducks and whips Jason towards the turnbuckle. Wreck used so much force that Jason bounces out of the turnbuckle towards Wreck, again. Wreck shrugs and runs at Jason. He closelines him so hard the he flips over instead of landing on his back. Wreck, then, elbow drops into Jason’s spine that he previously wounded with that forceful powerbomb.

    Kyle Steel: I guess he came with a game plan as well.

    He rolls over Jason and pins...

    Referee: 1...2...3.

    No. The referee holds up two fingers and points to Jason’s leg. It is propped upon the bottom rope.

    Shannan Lerch: So close to a victory for Wreck...

    Frustrated Wreck stomps on Tilley. Slowly, Tilley gets up. He bulldogs Wreck as he is turned around. Slowly, he makes his way to the turnbuckle. He is about to leap upon Wreck’s poor body. ‘Proven’ blasts through the PA system.

    Kyle Steel: What's this?

    Shannan Lerch: I'll give you one guess...

    Jason hops down and readies himself for Baker to come charging out from the curtain. Wreck gets up, as well. He drops Jason’s head onto the mat with a reverse DDT as David runs in from the crowd. He spears Wreck to the mat and beats his face in. The referee motions for the bell, but David throws him out of the ring. From behind, Jason closelines David down. Jason beats on Baker for a bit, but doesn’t see Wreck who is behind him with a chair. He turns and, expectantly, Wreck smashes the chair over Tilley’s head. Tilley hits the ground.

    Kyle Steel: This is turning into carnage. Wreck already won by disqualification.

    David Baker gets up and superkicks the chair into Wreck’s face. The champ pulls in the whole cart full of weapons. They litter about the ring. He pulls up a kendo stick and begins to pummel Wreck’s already assaulted back. Tilley makes his way up. Baker goes to smack his head off with the kendo stick, but he ducks and gives David some chin music with his right fist. Baker drops as Wreck runs at Tilley. They exchange wild fists. David gets up and swings a trash can at Wreck, he ducks and David gets Tilley. Wreck kicks David in the gut and whip him into Tilley who goes into the turnbuckle. David falls back as Wreck dropkicks the can more onto the face of Tilley. A same army of officials come charging into the ring to carry out these out of hand wrestlers. David is up with his good ole kendo stick, and Wreck has his sledge. They start to take out the officials one by one, but before they accomplish this, the ring clears. Jason is out like a light still sitting in the corner. David and Wreck back to the middle of the ring and bump into each other. They turn swinging as Baker explodes the stick over Wreck’s head. At the same moment, Wreck smashes David’s face with the hammer. Shannan shrieks in horror.

    Kyle Steel-We need an ambulance, now!

    They both burst open and hit the mat. All of the men sit in the ring bleeding as emts come out with three stretchers.

    Shannan Lerch: I hope they are okay...

  • TV Title Contendership: Death vs Defman
  • "Fuel" by MetallicA hits while green and yellow pyro lights up the stage. Death emerges from the back with yellow and green lights flashing throughout the arena. He gets to the base of the ring, steps up, climbs the outside of a turnbuckle throws his arms out and has pyro go off on the stage at the same time.

    The voices, the voices, the voices, the VOICES!!

    The voices, they take control,
    The voices, destroy your soul,
    The voices, they kill us all,
    The voices, why wont they fall?


    The arena goes black and a light neon blue shines at the top of the ramp. It grows into a series of explosions, and the lights come back on. Defman is seen at the top of the ramp, murmering to himself. He starts walking down to the ring, with his head down. He jumps onto the apron, and steps over the ropes.

    Kyle Steel: Both of these men have a valid claim to the Television Title. Only one of them can get the shot.

    Death and Defman approach each other, and stare each other down. They soon start exchanging blows, and Defman ends it by kicking Death in the gut and hitting a quick Pumphandle Slam.

    Shannan Lerch: Deathman.. er.. Defman... getting the advantage there. This match is going to be confusing as hell to call, stupid names.

    Kyle Steel: However, due to Death's size, it looked like Def couldn't hit that move to the full extent of it's potential.

    Defman lays the boots to Death for a bit, and Death crawls into a corner. Defman backs up and runs at him, but Death is able to get up fully and get his leg up, causing Defman to run right into it. Death then throws Defman into the ropes and as he's coming back, picks him up and hits a Body Press Slam. Defman hits the mat hard, and Death quickly makes the pin.




    Shannan Lerch: Defman doesn't get pinned that easily.

    Death picks Defman up and picks him up in a Stalling Suplex. He keeps Defman up for several seconds, and then as he's going to go down, Defman somehow manages to move his body so that he lands on top of Death, in a pinfall situation. The ref drops to count again!




    Kyle Steel: Close. Good reveral by Defman.

    Death throws Defman off and both men quickly get to their feet. Defman runs at Death but gets hit with a huge Powerslam. Death then begins climbing the top rope. Once he's there, he signals for the Deathstar.

    Shannan Lerch: An amazing move, coming up!

    He goes to jump off the top, but Defman rolls over. Death had the foresight to not actually jump, to see if Defman was faking. Immediately after Defman had moved Death flies off the top and hits an Elbow Drop on him. Death picks Def up and throws him to the ropes again, but this time Defman counters with an amazing Spear! He then picks Death up and follows up with a Double Arm DDT! He quickly pins.



    Kyle Steel: Defman with the advantage all of a sudden, he could have it!

    No! Death kicks out! Defman climbs to the ropes, and he's about to go for the Big Reverse Elbow. Death gets up before he's able to fly off, though, and dives onto the ropes. Defman falls and hits his groin on the turnbuckle. Death climbs up with him.. and steadily gets him into the Fireman's Carry posititon.. and flies off with a Super Chaos Breaker! He then drapes his arm over Defman, and the ref counts once again.




    Shannan Lerch: Death wins the Television Title shot!

    Fuel plays as Death rises and raises his arms into the air. He rolls out of the ring and heads to the back.

  • Logan Invitational Match
  • "Like A Pimp" by David Banner hits. Catherine walks out from backstage, and walks down the ramp blowing kisses to the cheering crowd. Catherine slides into the ring, under and bottom rope and gives nothing but smiles to her fans as the music cuts.

    Kyle Steel: I still can't believe Logan has to face his wife, this is stupid.

    Instead of Logan coming out, Seth Lerch does, with a microphone.

    Seth Lerch: Well, let me all let you in on a little secret.. LOGAN IS REALLY GONE FROM WCF!

    The crowd boos, and Seth chuckles.

    Seth Lerch: Yup, I saw him walk out.. and I even waved to him.

    Catherine slides out of the ring, and starts walking up the ramp.

    Seth Lerch: Whoa, Cat. Get back in that ring, even though Logan isn't here tonight.. you'll going be wrestling regardless.

    Catherine shrugs, getting back into the ring.

    Seth Lerch: With a certain someone, whom has been with WCF for a long time now. They've never really missed a show, and this certain individual has to be the most loyal person to WCF that I know.. unlike Logan.

    Kyle Steel: Who is it already?!

    Seth Lerch: This person is.. ME !

    Seth Lerch drops the microphone, and smiles walking toward the ring. Catherine taunts Seth, but Lerch smiles stopping in front of the ring. Electra slides into the ring with a chair as Catherine has her back turned, she slams the chair down on Catherine's back which takes her to the ground. Seth Lerch slides in, and begins stomping Catherine.

    Kyle Steel: Ah, Catherine doesn't deserve this..

    Shannan Lerch: Yes she does!!

    The crowd boos loudly at Seth, but then.. Ra "Do You Call My Name" blasts throughout the arena. Logan comes running out from the back, and shoots down the ramp.

    Kyle Steel: The hero of the day!

    Logan slides into the ring, Seth Lerch trips over the ropes trying to get out.. landing on the outside, and Electra jumps over the ropes running through the crowd. Logan looks down at Catherine, as he gets nothing but cheers from the crowd. He drops down, and pins her.




    Logan gets up, stopping the count.

    Kyle Steel: What the hell..?

    Logan looks over at Seth, and signals him to come in. Seth Lerch looks around confused, as is the crowd.. but he slides into the ring. Logan picks Catherine up, and holds her arms as we see him and Seth talking.. out of nowhere, Seth Lerch slaps Catherine down out of Logan's arms. Logan catches Catherine, and lays her out with a Connector!

    Kyle Steel: ....

    Shannan Lerch: HAHA!! Yes!!!

    The crowd boos, and throws trash at Logan as he drops down and pins her.




    Logan stands up, smiling at Seth Lerch as they embrace into a hug.

    Kyle Steel: This is BS! Logan teamed up with someone he hates, to beat up his wife?

    Logan and Seth Lerch raise their arms into the air for a booing crowd.

    Kyle Steel: What does this mean.. T.o.-

    Before Kyle can finish, Logan lays Seth out with a Connector. Logan stares down at Seth with an emotionless look on his face, he then turns to Catherine, and kisses her forehead before sliding out of the ring and walking up the ramp. Logan gets to the top of the ramp, and sticks up his middle finger waving it around at the crowd before heading off backstage.

  • The Elite vs Hellz Angel/Neo
  • Tip Your Bartender by Glassjaw hits and The Elite step out. Trent Hunter, the World Champion, Dake Ken, the Television Champion, and X Rated, movie star extrodinaire. They walk to the ring cockily, roll in, and await their opponents.

    Kyle Steel: I'd be cocky too, if I was on the team with the three against the two. How unfair.

    The lights darken as candles and lighters light up the arena. Thunder is heard as "Down for Life" by Testament hits the speakers. Hellz Angel walks out slowly as red lights flash. He walks down the ramp and slides into the ring. He circles the ring while loosening up. He raises both of his hands with the metal sign \m/ as pyro shoots off into the air from the four posts.

    As the intro to Back to the Mad builds up, the lights dim and the words Muk Shnel (German for "Move quickly") appear on the big screen with "Heil the new Reich" and "Scum will be purged." Neo appears from the main curtain running at top speed toward the ring.

    Shannan Lerch: The match is on!

    Neo slides into the ring and right away clotheslines Dake Ken and X Rated over the top, sending all three men spilling to the outside. This leaves Hellz Angel and Trent Hunter in the ring. They square off, and start exchanging blows.

    Kyle Steel: These men meet in seven days at Till Death Do Us Part!

    Hellz Angel develops the advantage and hits a Vertical Suplex. He stomps furiously away at Hunter a few times before grabbing his legs, preparing for the Figure Four Leglock. Hunter kicks him away, and is able to stand up quickly before hitting a quick Snapmare. He tags in X Rated. X kicks Hellz in the chest at the exact same instant Trent kicks him in the back.

    Shannan Lerch: Good double team move there.

    Hellz screams in pain as Trent climbs out of the ring. X kicks Hellz a few times and then climbs to the top. He flies off the top with a Moonsault, but Hellz is able to get his legs up in time and X flies into them! He stumbles to his feet, and Hellz dives and hits a devestating Power Clothesline. Hellz then, after a few seconds, makes the hot tag to Neo. Neo jumps into the ring with a head of steam. X is up, and Neo runs at him and ducks a Clothesline, he then kicks X in the gut and hits an Implant DDT! He quickly goes for the pin. One.. two... Dake Ken is in to break it up.

    Kyle Steel: That's what we in the announcing business call the "numbers game".

    DK picks Neo up and, with X, they hit a Spike Piledriver! The ref forced Ken out of the ring. However, the damage is done, and X is able to pound away at Neo. X then makes the pin.

    Shannan Lerch: This may be it!

    One... two... No! Neo kicks out. X picks him up and throws him into the corner before tagging Dake Ken in. X holds Neo as DK hits him with several blows to the body.

    Kyle Steel: Neo taking quite a beating here. But he's still standing!

    X then exits the ring and leaves DK with Neo. Dake kicks him in the gut and picks him up, hitting a Death Valley Driver. He goes for the pin.



    No! Neo kicks out! Dake Ken is frustrated, he picks Neo up and hits a DDT. He then tags in Trent Hunter.

    Shannan Lerch: Here comes the Lone Wolf.

    Hunter gets in and kicks Neo, slowly, methodically. He picks Neo up and hits an Arm Buster before locking in an Armbar. Neo yells a bit, and tries desperatly to reach the ropes.. keeps trying.. trying... and eventually he's able to! The ref forces Trent to break the hold. As he does, he immediately goes back on the offensive, kicking Neo over and over. Neo is able to stand up regardless, using all of his strength, and punches Hunter. He punches Hunter again a few times, bounces off the ropes and follows up with the Hating You!!! The crowd erupts, but Neo is out of energy, laying on the mat.

    Kyle Steel: He has the win! He needs to make the tag!

    Neo crawls slowly to Hellz Angel, Hellz reaching his arm out... they're about to tag... Neo is close... Neo dives, reaching his hand to Hellz... and Hellz drops off the apron, not allowing Neo to tag him. Neo looks at Hellz confused, but Hellz just laughs at him. Trent has now managed to get to his feet, and hits Neo with a Facebuster from behind. He then pulls Neo to the middle of the ring and locks in the Boston Leglock. Neo screams a bit, but he isn't able to crawl away. He's forced to tap out.

    Shannan Lerch: The Elite pick up the victory.

    Hellz Angel rolls back into the ring, stomps Neo a bit, and then tackles Hunter down. Hellz pounds at Hunter a few times before X Rated and Dake Ken enter the ring. Hellz wisely rolls out and begins walking up the ramp, pointing at Hunter.

    Kyle Steel: They'll meet at Till Death Do Us Part. It'll be a good one.

    Hunter, Dake, and X turn their attention towards Neo, and start beating him down, kicking at him relentlessly.

    Shannan Lerch: Uh oh, looks like they're not done with Neo yet! He doesn't even have a partner at the PPV!


    Death runs out from the back and rolls into the ring. He Clotheslines X Rated over the top, turns to Dake Ken and hits the Fade to Black, then throws him out of the ring. Hunter runs at him, and he throws Hunter out of the ring as well. The fans cheer as Death helps Neo to his feet.

    Kyle Steel: What's going on here? Is Death Neo's partner, or did he just come out because he's facing Dake Ken next week?

    The Elite are going up the ramp, but before they're even half way, Wherever I May Roam hits. Davey Ortega walks out, mic in hand.

    Davey Ortega: What in the hell is this? Death and Neo? Hm... alright, I have an idea. At Till Death Do Us Part, the Tag Team Title match is this. Monster Squad will take on Neo and Death... AND DKX. But we have another problem, Death and Dake Ken are scheduled to face each other for the Television Title. So, here's what I'll do. In that tag match, if Death scores the pinfall, on anyone, he becomes the TV Champ. And if anyone pins Dake Ken to win the match, Death wins the TV Champ that way too. So DK, you better watch yourself. That is all.

    Davey Ortega leaves, and it looks like The Elite are not happy with the decision, as they walk to the back grumbling. Death and Neo continue to celebrate in the ring as Slam comes to a close.