Sunday Slam Intro
Neo's Realization
Erik Majors vs Alec Spade
Jason Tilley Promo
The Elite Backstage
Trent Hunter vs David Baker
Defman Segment
Neo vs Dake Ken
PC Cradle/Logan/Reckless Jack vs Defman/Outcast/Creeping Death

  • Sunday Slam Intro
  • Rock of Ages by Def Leppard hits, and Sunday Slam is on the air. The opening pyro goes off as we pan around the crowd to see them all excited, holding up their signs and all. We go to the ring announcers.

    Kyle Steel: Here we are, another Sunday Slam, and another huge show.

    Shannan Lerch: That's right! In our main event is a six man tag, and what a six man tag it is.

    Kyle Steel: PC Cradle teams up with Logan and Reckless Jack to take on Defman, Outcast, and Creeping Death. There's issues between everyone here, and to be honest I can't even keep track.

    Shannan Lerch: We'll see a match that fans have been wanting for a long time, and that's Neo and Dake Ken, one on one. Both are highly, highly talented individuals, and we know they'll put on a hell of a show.

    Kyle Steel: As long as Trent or X Rated doesn't get involved.. and we're almost certain they will.

    Shannan Lerch: Our World Champion, Trent Hunter, takes on our Television and Hardcore Champion, David Baker. Baker has been on a roll recently, but not as much as Hunter, who I believe is still undefeated since his debut. No Titles are on the line, it's much more important than that.

    Kyle Steel: Baker ended the Elite's domination and stole away the TV Title from them. Trent just wants to punish him.

    Shannan Lerch: And in our opening match, we'll see two new guys, Erik Majors and Alec Spade, go at it. I don't know much about either of them, but they seem promising. I guess we'll see soon!

    Kyle Steel: First, we have word that we'll see a little something by Neo.

  • Neo's Realization
  • The Jumbotron fills with static. This goes on for about five to ten seconds and then the screen is black with audio. Recognizable voices are heard throughout the whole stadium and at thousands or millions of homes in the area.

    Jim: I can't believe Seth agreed for you to record a segment with Cross and Gil. Man, you guys looked a lot different when I first met you three-

    Neo: Sorry, Jim....Seth wanted me to get the point and I will.

    Jim: Oh... okay.

    Neo: Old Footage?

    Gil: Check!

    Neo: Dake Audio Collage?

    Cross: Check!

    Neo: On-air, live coverage?

    The audio is fine, but the video seems to be having some problems. A few moments pass and we see light coming in as the camera finally starts to focus. When it does, all three men are wearing their clothes with nine TV’s behind them put into a three-by-three formation. They all look very disappointed at Jim.

    Cross: ...Good God...

    Gil: Seth should not pay you...

    Neo throws something at Jim.

    Neo: Lens cap?

    Jim: ...check...

    Neo: Ok, let's get started, shall we?

    One-by-one, all the TV’s that can be seen click on their blue screens as Gil and Cross insert various VHS tapes into the VCRs. Neo's still in the camera's main view while all of this is happening in the background. Neo....With his ash-gray hair and his oddly-colored red eyes. He doesn't look mad. He doesn't look sad. He's not doing his usual Howard Dean smile to spite Dake. Only his sun-glasses and a face that has no emotion. That's because it's a face that needs no emotion. It's a face that means "I know everything I need to know, now."

    Neo: Talk does no good. I'll be fake no matter what I or anybody else will say. You saying it over and over again is supposed to impose on me, not only as a wrestler, but as a human being. Just like humans, wrestling is not something to be "controlled."...You think this, how you say, "trap" makes or breaks me....I was going to use this time to state that you wouldn't get any better until you lost, Dake.....Until you lost to me. Someone who isn't real. A fake. But, this situation is more dire than I thought. I just thought you were putting on a brilliant poker face, and I applaud thee *clap, clap, clap*.....And it was successful. I did fall for it. But, even if I was blindfolded, I could see better than you.....I could go on..........and you're right.......Talk is cheap.....So, of course, I’ll let you do the talking! Spielen!

    Cross and Gil get the remotes and exit off-screen. Neo does the same, but in the other direction. The audio begins to play with the nine TVs standing by. Dake’s voice is heard throughout the stadium from the Titan Tron. They are excerpts from all of his tape-recorded promos that Neo received, watched and responded to. All of the quotes are real.

    “I saw what I was and what I needed to do. I saw what I was. I was a fake. ... It is so hard to say that to. To admit I was a fake. It's the first step though. To admit you are a fake.”

    One tape starts playing exactly when Dake’s first word is heard. It’s a bunch of video-clips of Neo when he came in as a Neo-Nazi. It shows how angry he was and vile and crude toward the audiences that came to watch WCF. We see a leading member who happens to be related to Heinrich Himmler, Hitler’s right-hand-man. Shortly after the audio quote ends, we see a bloodied Neo with Jim, tattered, but alive.

    “Neo, you are like my puppet now. You sway when I tell you to. You dance how I want you to. You do what I want you to, when I want you to.”

    Right when this comment begins, the first clip loops as the second TV next to it plays. Footage recorded without Neo knowing it, but it was shot. The Nazi brethren “Coven of the Sword” met while Neo shows up as everyone raises their right hand, hailing to the Nazi Republic. A time when Neo did exactly what they said.

    “I will try to help him make these leaps and bounds. I will show him how to be real, how not to be a fake. I will show him the art of wrestling. Not just for the output of anger, but for the real beauty. Then he will see the light. For something like losing opens up the human mind. If you can't defend your own views than what is the point?”

    This time, the third TV lets audience see Neo tagging with Gayfather and wearing the Tag-Team Title Belts. It then shows Neo and Gayfather winning their first title defense against DKX, Dake Ken and X-rated. TV No.4 comes to life with coverage of Neo denouncing the Nazi beliefs and moving on with his life with fellow wrestlers PC Cradle, Madd Dogg and even Gayfather.

    “I have you where I want you. You are my puppet, and you sway to my music. I am the dictator. I control you because I know how. It's not trying to get in your head. I'm not trying to talk shit. I'm just stating a fact Neo.”

    Neo battling against three brethren. Neo chasing brethren. Neo being chased by brethren. Neo surviving after three assassination attempts made by an unknown identity. Possibly the brethren. Then it shows Gil and Cross hanging out at the hospital as Neo and Gayfather hope to visit a healthy Rainbow Brite. Then Neo, Death and Torture as the Enforcers after Death and Torture come to his aid. All of these images are displayed on three of the nine TVs.

    “Neo, I want to win, but first and for most I want to make you something better.”

    “I might not always show it, but there is such thing as tuff love.”

    “You talk, and you don't even know what you are saying.”

    “Some people are so caught up in rage sometimes that they don't see straight.”

    “I am madly in anger with you”

    “Neo, how could you be so blind? How in the world could you possibly be so blind? Neo, I thought you had gotten better. I thought you were becoming something of a force...”

    “Neo, are you really that stupid. Are you really that angry? Why would I get to you? Hell, last time I spoke in front of a camera, I complimented you. I even called you a future me.”

    All these quotes follow one after the other as TV eight and nine play at the same time. One shows video of Dake Ken preaching, smiling, then yelling. All three Elite members stomping on Neo. Some of the audio and video synchronize with one another. The other TV shows footage of Hitler preaching to his men, smiling for his superiority, then yelling because the world is blind. Nazis marching into towns and capturing the Hebrews. And then... all of this comes to a complete stop after the quote is over. All TVs go blue and then black. One more clip.

    “Neo, I am the second best man in this fed. You wanna know who the first is? Trent "The Lone Wolf" Hunter. He has the belt, or belts, however you wanna look at it, and I don't. One day that will change but being a champion is not my first goal right now. We are hear to dominate! you will see why the XGWO is a factor to all members of the WCF and you will see why you don't deserve that number one contendership. So ... goodbye.”

    All nine TVs are like one huge monitor. It plays half of the clip to the quote and then the other half to mixed, over-lapping previous quotes the audience just heard. It starts out with Dake Ken holding both titles in triumph and then it switches to Dake hardly phased in a clip without them. Then it shows actual footage of Himmler and Hitler standing side-by-side at another podium arguing over power. Then, the Elite, all clips of them holding the titles that they won. Then they show Poland in warfare. Then a poster of an XGWO logo falls off the wall. Next, the British help out, but start falling back. Back to Death and Neo getting screwed out of the Tag-Team Titles. And after that, Torture getting screwed out of the WCF Heavyweight Title. Then they show Hiroshima in ruins and quickly switch back to Trent stomping on X-rated and making him tap-out for the WCF Heavyweight Title. Then it shows Germany over-run with chaos, which left it barren and cluttered afterwards. A look at different countries because of World War II is not a pretty one. Then it finally shows Neo holding a WCF logo poster shaking his head with Neo-audio running at the same time with Neo’s mouth.

    “This won’t happen, again!”

    All nine screens go to static and Neo stands center view of the camera.

    Neo: I know what most of the people present here tonight are probably asking themselves. “How could these people be so bright….so talented and promising…..and make such fowl-ups for a worthless cause and a problem that didn’t need fixing?” Well, historians asked the same things about Nazi leaders. Dake Ken... NO, Trent’s ABORTION of a stable... You guys came in when I decided to hold off on getting my revenge on the Nazi Republic for the bullshit they put me through and the manipulation of my life! Tonight, I don’t have to hold it off any longer!

    As the sun-glasses are removed, Neo’s red eyes look directly at the camera with everybody watching.

    Neo: I have evolved Dake... It’s you who’s decades behind... A fact the “Nazi-Elite” will know too well when their past and successful beginnings are met with a New End!... “Two birds with one stone!” That’s one Nazi member of the Elite regime…. in my line of fire!

    Neo raises his arm and points into the lens so it covers everything, except a side of Neo’s face. Right before the Titan Tron and TVs around the world look just like the nine one’s behind Neo, we hear one last word.


  • Erik Majors vs Alec Spade
  • "Semper Fi" Erik Majors walks out from the back, and walks to the ring.

    Kyle Steel: A very no nonsense man here, he doesn't even have entrance music. I can imagine that he's probably going to wrestle a very intense match.

    The opening guitar riffs to Aerosmith's "Dream On" are heard loud and clear over the PA system. The lights in the arena dim until the whole place is completely dark. We listen as Steven Tyler begins to belt out the opening lines of the song.

    "Every time that I look in the mirror.. All these lines in my face gettin' clearer.. The past is gone; It went by like dusk to dawn.. Isn't that the way?.. Everybody's got their dues in life to pay.."

    Three large explosions occur around the entryway as Alec Spade, clad in his plain black wrestling pants with the white spade on the left thigh, emerges from behind the curtain. He stands in the smokey entrance way for a moment and then begins to make his way towards the ring, looking around at the fans in disgust, occasionally making a rude comment to one of them.

    "Dream on, dream on, dream on, Dream yourself a dream come true.. Dream on, dream on, dream on, Dream until your dream comes true.. Dream on, Dream on, Dream on, Dream on, Dream on, Dream on, Dream on.."

    Spade hops up on the ring apron and then springboards himself over the toprope into the middle of the ring.

    Shannan Lerch: Looks like Spade is the exact opposite of Majors. Spade has a flashy entrance, and hails from Las Vegas.

    The two men walk towards each other in the center of the ring, and tie up. Majors pushes Spade off, in a show of power.

    Kyle Steel: Spade is definitly out muscled here. He needs to use his quickness.

    They tie up again. This time, Spade does a switch behind and rolls Majors up. One, two, no, Majors kicks out. Majors gets right to his feet and runs at Spade, hitting a Leatherneck Lariat. Spade is nearly turned inside out as he hits the mat, hard.

    Shannan Lerch: These two men are still just feeling each other out... Spade tried to end the match early, but was unsuccesful.

    Majors picks Spade up and hits a Standing Vertical Suplex. Spade goes down hard, and Majors covers him. He hooks the leg. One... two... no, Spade kicks out.

    Kyle Steel: Majors had a good cover, but not quite enough.

    Majors picks Spade up, and Spade fires back with several hard chest chops. The crowd WHOOO's at every one. Majors won't go down, but is wobbly. Spade runs to one side of the ring, then runs back, and hits him with a forearm to the face. Majors falls to the mat. He then rolls out of the ring. Spade raises his arms in the air and is met with booing from the crowd.

    Shannan Lerch: Guess he got under their skin.

    Outside the ring, Majors is standing. Spade hits a Baseball Slide, sending Majors flying into the guardrail. Spade rolls out of the ring and starts kicking at Majors. He picks him up and is about to go for a DDT, but Majors punches him a few times in the stomach and follows up with a Sidewalk Slam! The crowd "Ooh"s at it. Majors picks Spade up and rolls him into the ring, and then makes the pin. One... two... Spade kicks out again.

    Kyle Steel: I thought Semper Fi had him there, but I guess not.

    Majors picks Spade up, and kicks him in the gut. Spade doubles over and Majors goes for the Fidelis Fall, but Spade reverses it, sending Majors into the mat! Majors gets up and is met with a kick to the gut from Spade, and then a Scissors Kick! Majors goes down to the mat. Spade quickly jumps to the turnbuckle and hits the Spade Flush!! The ref counts. One... two.... three.

    Shannan Lerch: Alec Spade wins this match!

    Kyle Steel: Very impressive showing from both men. I see very bright things in their futures.

    Spade rolls out of the ring and heads to the back.

  • Jason Tilley Promo
  • Jason is shown in the boiler room of the arena. He is sitting down, rocking back and forth, holding the Elite Title tight. Jason then stands up and speaks.

    Jason Tilley: Hate, this past Thursday we both got knocked out, and couldn't finish the match. But now at One, end comes to an end. You said I can have whatever match I wanted... Well, at the biggest stage of them all, I will get my match. And my match will be a Barbed Wire match! And we can use whatever weapons we want. So you see, Hate I'm done playing games with you... and at One you will be destroyed forever!

    Jason sits back down and continues rocking as the camera goes back to the arena.

  • The Elite Backstage
  • Dake Ken: What the f**k Trent?

    Trent Hunter: What do you mean?

    Dake Ken: I talked about how I was the only guy here that could possibly beat you, but I didn't bad mouth you.

    Trent is silent.

    Dake Ken: I'll admit you are the best here, but you are not on a different level than me. We are just as good as eachother, you know that. Don't try to talk crap about me, because I don't about you. I respect you and we will always be friends, but that is uncalled for okay. Now, another thing. You guys stay back here during my match.

    Trent Hunter: Wait for the signal then?

    Dake Ken: No, no signal. I am going to do this on my own. Neo desirves that, and I desirve that. I believe that I will win, but he is a tough guy. I think this will be one of the best matches WCF will ever see. So, I'm going to do this one alone. Also, at One, I expect you to do the same.

    Trent Hunter: Well, my match is up next, I gotta get going. Good luck later on, Neo.

    The two men walk out of the room.

  • Non Title: Trent Hunter vs David Baker
  • The lights go out as "Tip your Bartender" by Glassjaw blasts over the PA speakers. Right after the quick guitar into, two pyros go off near the entrance ramp. The lights go back on as Trent Hunter walks down the ramp. He finally rolls under the bottom rope, and walks over to the middle of the ring with both arms up in the air. He does a slow spin for the fans.

    Proven bursts out of the PA System.

    "You wanna see me fail???? YOU WON'T GET THE CHANCE! You wanna see me fail? You wanna see me fail???? YOU'LL NEVER GET YOUR CHANCE!"

    Pyrotechnics hit to cue the entrance of David Baker. He bursts out of the curtain with his hands in the air. He jumps around with high energy along with the song. He runs down the ramp and claps each of the fans' hands that he can. Before he slides into the ring, he runs around it. He hops onto the turnbuckle and bounces a bit as he raises his arms. The music ends and he hops back down.

    Kyle Steel: We're used to seeing Trent in the main event, so this match is a bit unusual.

    Shannan Lerch: And remember, it's non-title.

    Baker goes right on the attack, kicking at Hunter's stomach over and over. Baker throws Hunter into the ropes and follows up with a mean Clothesline From Hell, sending the World Champ to the mat!

    Kyle Steel: David Baker taking the fight right to Trent! I am impressed!

    Baker pins Trent, hooking the leg. One... two... kickout. The camera focuses on the entranceway, and Jason Tilley has walked out. He's holding a 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire.

    Shannan Lerch: What's he doing out here?

    Kyle Steel: I have no clue.

    Back in the ring, Baker waits as Trent gets to his feet, and then goes for a Spinning Backkick. Trent catches the leg and pulls him in, hitting a Capture Suplex. Hunter slowly regains his composure, and goes on the attack to Baker, laying the kicks on him. Baker rolls out of the ring. Trent raises his arms in the air, playing to the crowd, and is met with booing.

    Shannan Lerch: Trent is not exactly a fan favorite.

    Baker begins climbing to the apron, but Trent goes right back to him, and starts throwing forearms across his back. Hunter attempts to Suplex Baker back into the ring, but Baker blocks it. David then counters and Suplexes Hunter to the cold floor outside! The crowd roars as Trent hits the ground and rolls right into the guardrail. David turns around and hits a Guillotine Legdrop from the apron to the outside on Trent!

    Kyle Steel: Baker not known for his high flying abilities, but that was a good move nonetheless.

    Baker slowly rises to his feet and picks Trent up with him, rolling him in the ring. Baker pins again. One... two... Trent's foot is on the ropes. Baker gets up and pulls Trent into the middle of the ring, then tries another pin. One... two... No, Trent is able to get the shoulder up.

    Shannan Lerch: I think Baker may have had the win if Hunter hadn't been able to get his foot on the ropes that first count.

    Baker again backs up and awaits as Trent begins to stand. Baker runs at Hunter and goes for the Sever, but Hunter is able to counter it and turn it into a Northern Lights Suplex Bridge Pin! The ref drops and counts. One... two.... Baker kicks out.

    Kyle Steel: Rookie mistake by Baker. He needs to stay on the attack with someone like Hunter, not wait for him to stand up like he did there.

    Trent doesn't wait for Baker to get up, and applies a Sleeperhold on the ground. He has it locked in tightly.

    Shannan Lerch: Trent's Sleepers are lethal. He does them better than anyone in the business today.

    Baker's eyes appear glazed over, and appear to fade.. fade.... fade. The ref raises his arm... and it drops to the mat. He raises it again, and again, it drops. He raises it one more time... and this time, much to Trent's surprise, it stays up! The crowd comes alive, cheering Baker on, and David begins getting to his feet. Trent tries to fight back as much as he can, but Baker is soon at a vertical base, and able to jab Trent in the ribs a few times before running to the ropes. He goes for another Clothesline From Hell but Trent ducks it and hits a Face Buster!

    Kyle Steel: This match has slowed down quite a bit, and when that happens, it begins to favor Hunter a lot more than it favors Baker.

    Trent pins Baker. One... two... kickout. Trent grabs Baker's right leg and starts stomping on it mercilessly, and then picks it up and slams it to the ground. He then applies a Single Leg Grapevine.

    Shannan Lerch: Hunter's softening him up for that Boston Leglock.

    Baker tries to crawl to the ropes to get Trent to release the Grapevine, and is unsuccesful. He keeps lunging and lunging, trying to reach, but he doesn't seem able to. He stops lunging and rests for a few seconds before making one more last ditch effort, using all his energy to propel him to the ropes.. and he's able to grab on! Trent is forced to release the hold.

    Kyle Steel: Unfortunatly for Baker, the damage has been done.

    Trent grabs Baker and pulls him to the middle of the ring. He then climbs the turnbuckle. The fans boo, knowing what's coming next. He flies off and hits the Full Moon on Baker. He quickly pins, hooking the leg.




    Shannan Lerch: David Baker kicks out of the Lone Wolf's Full Moon!

    The crowd, and Hunter himself, is stunned. Hunter pounds away at Baker, kicking furiously.

    Kyle Steel: Hunter is frustrated, and this isn't good, he's losing his game plan.

    Hunter grabs Baker's leg, and goes to lock in the Boston Leglock. Baker is able to kick him away in the nick of time, sending him right into the turnbuckle! Baker stands up, and Hunter slowly turns around. Baker grabs him and hits The Xero!!

    Shannan Lerch: This could be the upset of the year!

    Baker quickly covers Hunter, hooking the leg. The crowd counts along.



    Kyle Steel: THIS IS IT!

    Baker is hit over the back with a barbed wire 2x4! The fans boo like crazy as we see Jason Tilley hitting Baker over the back, over and over. The bell rings.

    Shannan Lerch: The winner of the match is Baker via Disqualification. But what's going on!?

    Hunter slowly stands up and grabs Baker's leg. He wraps him in the Boston Leglock, even as the bell keeps ringing, and Tilley keeps hitting Baker with the 2x4. Eventually Hunter releases the hold and stands up. He gets a mic.

    Trent Hunter: Introducing the newest member of The Elite... the Elite Champion... JASON TILLEY!

    The crowd boos as Tilley raises barbed wire 2x4 into the air. The two roll out of the ring and begin walking to the back as the paramedics tend to a bloody David Baker.

  • Defman Segment
  • Defman knocks on Seth Lerch’s office door. He hears Seth yell to come in, followed by some slight vulgarity. Defman pushes the door open, as Seth stands up. Seth looks surprised by the visitor, and sits back down, slightly scared.

    Defman: Seth, I just wanted to let you know, I want some airtime next week. I have a pretty important announcement to make. Seth Lerch: No, only Champions get airtime here. You don’t deserve it.

    Defman: Listen TO ME DAMMIT!!! There are two ways for me to get airtime. You can tell the guys backstage to give it to me, or I can make them. I don’t have a problem doing it either way.

    Seth Lerch: Who the hell do you think you are, trying to barge in here and get what you wa-

    Defman: SHUT UP! This announcement is very important, to me, to you, for One, and for all of the fans. I am getting that airtime, whether you like it or not. So make it a little easier on yourself...

    Seth looks at the schedule for next weeks show, thinking slightly, then speaking… Seth Lerch: O...OK, there is a couple of minutes before a break about half way through next weeks show… is that ok?

    Defman leans forward, putting his hands on the stacks of paper on Seth’s desk. He grins, his teeth showing through the grin.

    Defman: Was it really that hard for you to do that Seth? See what happens when you try?

    Defman turns to walk out.

    Seth Lerch: But Defman, don’t push your luck with me, you're on thin ice already.

    Defman: Don’t worry Seth, that ice wont last much longer...

    Defman chuckles as he walks out of Seth’s office.

  • Neo vs Dake Ken
  • As the intro to Back to the Mad builds up, the lights dim and the words Muk Shnel (German for "Move Quickly") appear on the big screen with "Heil the new Reich" and "Scum will be Purged." Neo appears from the main curtain running at top speed toward the ring.

    The arena goes pitch black before Harvester of Sorrow by Metallica hits. The first run goes off, and on the last power chord of the run an explosion goes off. The lights come up to a dim shot with a spot light on Dake Ken. The smoke gives it a greyer look and more dark look. He stands there, strokes his beard and starts to walk to the ring. He walks up the stairs and enters the ring, then walks over to the far ropes and leans on them, all the while smirking at Neo. He has his 'old look' going on.

    Kyle Steel: Wow, look at Dake. Blue hair, flashy tights?! Blue lightning on the tights, and the rest is red and green.

    Shannan Lerch: The fans can see that, Kyle. We're on TV. It's not like we're just some internet text thing.

    Kyle Steel: Yeah, but.. whatever, the point is that Dake Ken is playing head games with Neo.

    The two opponents circle each other. Neo keeps pointing to his attire and yelling 'FAKE!' at Neo. This allows DK to get an early advantage, punching Neo a few times. He then sends Neo into the ropes and catches him with a Powerslam.

    Shannan Lerch: Neo is clearly distracted.

    Dake Ken kicks at Neo several times and then hits an Elbow Drop. He stands and hits another. Stands again, hits another. He stands one more time and goes for one more elbow drop, but this time Neo rolls away. Dake Ken aggresively approaches Neo to pick him up, but Neo trips him and throws him out of the ring. Dake slowly stands up, and Neo hits a Suicide Splash! Both men lay on the outside.

    Kyle Steel: Neo putting his body on the line!

    Neo is the first man up, and he positions Dake Ken for a Jackknife Powerbomb. Dake Ken is able to avoid the move, and hits a Back Bodydrop.

    Shannan Lerch: If Neo would have hit the move, this match would have been over.

    Neo gets up quickly and is met with stiff fists from Dake Ken. The two exchange blows, and Neo slams Dake Ken's head into the guardrail. DK goes to slam Neo's into it as well, but Neo blocks it, jabs Dake in the gut, and hits a Snake Eyes maneuver! DK stumbles back, holding his face, and Neo rolls him into the ring and quickly pins. He hooks the leg. One... two.... No, Dake Ken just barely kicks out.

    Kyle Steel: We almost had a winner.

    Neo picks Dake Ken up and throws him to the ropes. Neo ducks, going for a move, and DK is able to see this ahead of time, grabbing Neo's head and hitting a DDT. He backs up to the opposite side of the ring and begins stomping his foot, waiting for Neo to stand.

    Shannan Lerch: He's going to go for the Bitch Kick.

    Neo is to his feet, and Ken runs at him. In the nick of time, Neo is able to run at DK and Spear him down! The crowd goes wild as Dake Ken hits the mat and Neo pins. One.. two.. another kickout! Neo picks DK up and kicks him in the gut before going for an Implant DDT, but Dake Ken holds on to the ropes, not letting himself go down. Neo, however, drops right to the mat. DK starts stomping at him mercilessly before he can get back up.

    Kyle Steel: That's what Dake Ken needs to do, stay on the attack.

    Ken picks Neo up and throws him to the ropes. He then catches him and picks him up into the Fireman's Carry position, and hits a Death Valley Driver! Dake Ken quickly covers Neo, semi non-chalantly. One... two.. Neo kicks out.

    Shannan Lerch: Dake Ken may have had the win there, but he was overconfident.

    Dake Ken is not happy. He picks Neo up, runs to the ropes, and goes for the Bitch Kick again! Neo grabs the foot, spins Dake around, kicks him in the gut and hits a Double Arm DDT! The crowd roars and Neo makes another cover, hooking the leg this time.




    Kyle Steel: What?!

    Dake Ken somewhere found the strength to kick out! Neo picks Dake up but Dake starts fighting back, and the two exchanged heated blows. Dake eventually gains the upper hand and hits a Side Effect. He stands up and points at his clothes again, yelling "FAKE!!" at Neo. He then runs to the ropes, bounces off, and hits a Knee Drop. He kicks Neo a few times, and Neo rolls away, out under the ropes, to the outside. Dake follows him, grabs his head, and slams it into the guardrail.

    Shannan Lerch: This is the second time these two have spilled onto the outside.. what hatred.

    Kyle Steel: Well you have to think, if Dake Ken can beat Neo, wouldn't that give him rights to the number one contendership? I'm sure Davey Ortega would have to think about it.

    Neo stumbles away, and Dake catches him and hits a T-Bone Suplex. He then picks Neo up and throws him into the steel steps. Dake grabs the steps and pulls them away, and sets the flat, wide bottom one up. He picks Neo up and hooks him for the Ride the Lightning!

    Shannan Lerch: He's going to do it onto the steps!

    He lifts for the move, but Neo counters with an Armdrag! Dake gets right to his feet, and taunts to Neo. Neo runs at Dake, goes for a Clothesline, Dake ducks it and hits the Ride the Lightning onto the stairs anyway!!

    Kyle Steel: Neo had a great reversal there, but in the end he couldn't avoid the move! He's finished!

    DK picks Neo up and rolls him into the ring. He pulls him to the middle, and pins, hooking the leg.




    Shannan Lerch: Well, Dake Kin defeats-... WAIT, what?! Neo kicked out!?

    The crowd roars in shock, and Dake looks just as amazed. Dake picks Neo up, and locks him for another Ride the Lightning. This time Neo jabs him in the head a few times, throws him to the ropes, runs to the other side, and hits the Hating You!! The crowd roars as Neo falls onto Dake, pinning him.




    The crowd groans at the second nearfall. Both men rest wearily on the mat, and the ref starts the mandatory ten count. One... two.. three... four.. five... six... Neo is stirring.. seven... Dake is stirring... eight... nine..... both men are up enough, and the ref starts counting. The two exchange lazy blows, and eventually Dake Bodyslam's Neo down. He backs up, again preparing for the Bitch Kick.

    Kyle Steel: If he can hit that, I think it's over.

    Neo begins to stand, Dake Ken runs, going to hit the move... but Neo runs at him as well and hits the New End!!! The crowd is on their feet as Neo pins again!




    Shannan Lerch: NEO WINS!! NEO WINS!!

    The ref raises Neo's arm in the air, and he then collapses onto the mat. He catches his breath for a few seconds before rolling out of the ring.

    Kyle Steel: That match could have gone either way, and Dake Ken has NOTHING to be ashamed of.

    Shannan Lerch: That's for sure. This was an amazing match.

    Neo stumbles to the back as we prepare for our next match.

  • PC Cradle/Logan/Reckless Jack vs Defman/Outcast/Creeping Death
  • Get to the Gone by Static X hits, with a very load thrash metal riff and a very long scream by the lead singer of the band. The crowd goes into a frenzy as PC Cradle steps through the curtain. He is shouting, screaming, spitting, and generally acting pissed off. He carries a solid black steel chair to the ring with him. About 2 metres from the ring, he runs and rolls under the bottom rope. The fans sing along to his entrance music in unison. Once in the ring, he drops the chair and runs to the opposite corner of the ring. After climbing to the middle turnbuckle, he raises his arms and crosses them in the air. Then, arms still crosses at the wrists, he makes the metal sign with both hands. When he climbs off the second turnbuckle, he jumps and does a 180 in the air, bringing his arms down at the same time as making a loud bang on the ring mat.

    Metallica's The Struggle Within plays, and the fans boo, anticipating Logan. We wait a few seconds... and no one comes out.

    Kyle Steel: What's going on?

    Shannan Lerch: Logan must be late, I guess.

    Rock Superstar plays, and Reckless Jack comes down to the ring as a lot of pyro goes off.

    Kyle Steel: There's team one.

    The arena goes black, a faint neon blue light shines at the top of the ramp, slowly growing as Lies by KoRn begins to play out of the PA. The fans jump into a massive roar of cheers, as the light turns into a series of explosions. The same neon blue light brightens the arena as Defman stands at the top, head down. He lifts his head, as he begins to walk down the ramp. He stops at the base of the ramp, looking over the arena, then leaps onto it, and rolls over the top rope. He goes to the nearest turnbuckle, standing on the second level, and raises his fist into the air, and smiles as the lights return to normal.

    God of Thunder hits and the arena lights dim. The Jumbotron says ''Without Fear'' and Outcast comes out slapping hands at ringside. He slides into the ring and the lights go up then.

    The lights go out as the crowd cheers in anticipation. A few seconds later, "Swinging the Dead" by devildriver hits, and a white light begins flashing through the darkness. When the song really picks up, about twenty seconds into it, Creeping Death walks out onto the stage, wearing a shiny steel hockey mask. The light continutes to flash as Creeping Death walks down the aisle. When reaching the ring, Creeping Death slides in under the bottom rope. Inside, he gives the whole metal \m/ sign with both hands in the air before he takes his hockey mask off and places it under a set of turnbuckles.

    Shannan Lerch: There's everyone but Logan...

    The Struggle Within plays again, and again, we wait for Logan. This time, someone walks out.. and it's Seth Lerch. He gets on the mic.

    Seth Lerch: Well, it's official. A few days ago, Logan quit the WCF. Again. He bailed on us before our biggest show of the year. He's gone. Creeping Death, his final match was against you, and you beat him. Good job.

    Creeping Death raises his arms in the air, and the crowd cheers.

    Seth Lerch: So, I had to find someone to fill in for Logan. And that man is here.

    Down for Life by Testament hits the speakers, and Hellz Angel walks out from the back. Lerch gives him the mic before walking backstage.

    Hellz Angel: Looks like at One, it's just me, Outcast, and Carr. It's better that way, with only the true NCW guys going at it. But it still needs something. I've talked it over with Lerch, and it's official. It's going to be an IRONMAN MATCH!

    The crowd roars, and Outcast is smiling as well, wanting to get his hands on Hellz. Hellz drops the mic and runs into the ring, and the bell sounds! The match is on! Hellz and Outcast brawl in the ring, as does Cradle and Defman and Creeping Death and Reckless Jack.

    Kyle Steel: All hell has broken loose! And I'm still shocked at the loss of Logan.

    Shannan Lerch: There have been rumors for a while... he wasn't happy with wrestling anymore, so I guess it was the right thing for him to do.

    Cradle Clotheslines Defman, sending both men over the top rope. Hellz and Outcast are still fighting, and they spill to the outside as well. This leaves Creeping Death and Reckless Jack in the ring.

    Kyle Steel: They'll go at it in a crazy Ultraviolent Ladder match at One. I can't wait.

    Reckless Jack kicks C.D. in the gut and hits an X Factor. He then hits an amazing Standing Shooting Star Legdrop!

    Shannan Lerch: Holy crap.

    Reckless Jack covers. One... two... no, Defman is in the ring and breaks it up. He then gets back to his corner.

    Kyle Steel: Looks like all six men are in their respective corners now.

    Jack picks up Creeping Death and puts him in a headlock, and then tags in Hellz. Hellz gets into the ring and kicks C.D. in the gut before hitting a Neckbreaker. Hellz kicks C.D. a few times and then picks him up and goes for a Gutwrench Powerbomb, but C.D. reverses it into a Hurricanrana! Hellz begins standing up and Creeping Death then follows up with a Shining Wizard. He quickly picks Hellz up and hits a Michinoku Driver and pins. One... two... Hellz kicks out.

    Shannan Lerch: Good flurry of offense there from Creeping Death.

    C.D. picks Hellz up, but Hellz starts fighting back. He backs up and quickly hits a Superkick to the chest! Creeping Death crawls over and tags in Defman. Defman gets into the ring with a head of steam and punches Hellz a few times, and then Hellz goes for a Clothesline. Defman ducks it and goes behind, hitting a German Suplex! Hellz crawls over and tags in PC Cradle.

    Kyle Steel: Uh oh.

    Cradle steps into the ring, and walks right up to Defman. The two stare each other straight in the eye, and in the blink of an eye, fists start flying! Each man punches the other, with neither gaining an advantage. Defman kicks Cradle in the gut and he doubles over. Defman goes for a Double Arm DDT, but Cradle rolls out of it, behind Defman, and hits a Reverse DDT. He then floats over and pins. One... two... Defman kicks out.

    Shannan Lerch: One thing we know is that Defman and Cradle are going to have a lot of reversals. They've been enemies, they've teamed, they know everything there is to know about each other and each other's style.

    Cradle picks Defman up, but Defman starts fighting back again, and throws Cradle to the ropes. He gets in position to grab him for a Bearhug, but Cradle moves to the side and runs past. The second he does this, Defman runs to the other side of the ring, bounces off, and then meets Cradle in the middle with a huge Spear! He then jumps to the top rope, waits for Cradle to stand, and hits a Missile Dropkick! Cradle goes down to the mat and Defman tags in Outcast.

    Kyle Steel: Here comes Outcast, totally fresh, and the only man we've not seen legally in this match yet.

    Outcast gets into the ring and approaches Cradle cautiously, picking his shots and kicking him strategically. He picks Cradle up and gets him in position for a Piledriver, but Cradle uses his strength to flip it over, so Cradle has Outcast in the Piledriver position, and hits it! Cradle then goes for the pin. One... two... Defman is in the ring and kicks Cradle right in the head, breaking it up. Outcast stands slowly up, and picks Cradle up with him. He hits the Bayou Shot!

    Shannan Lerch: Good, new move from Outcast.

    Outcast tags in Creeping Death. C.D. Springboards into the ring, hitting a Legdrop on Cradle. He quickly pins. One.. two.. Cradle kicks out. C.D. picks Cradle up and Cradle starts fighting back! He throws Creeping Death to the ropes, then goes for a Back Bodydrop, but C.D. jumps over his shoulders. Cradle stands and turns around, C.D. goes for a Cross Bodyblock, Cradle avoids it, CD hits the mat and gets up, turns to Cradle, and gets hit with the Cradlearm DDT out of nowhere!! The crowd roars as Cradle pins.



    Reckless Jack and Hellz stop anyone on the other team from interfering!


    Kyle Steel: Cradle's team wins!

    Defman rolls out of the ring after the bell, and begins making his way up the ramp. PC Cradle gets on the microphone, sounding ever so slightly out of breath. He shouts up the ramp to Defman.

    PC Cradle: Hey! Hey I'm talking to you, you big son of a bitch!

    The crowd cheer loudly, and Defman turns, looking back into the eyes of PC Cradle.

    PC Cradle: Yeah, I'm thinking at One, we're going to be needing something a little better! Something less restricting.

    A couple of fans shout "The Dome!"

    PC Cradle: No, no, no, not the Dome. But we don't need the restrictions of rules in this one. So Defman, I'm saying me vs. you, one on one, No Disqualification!

    We see a slight smirk curl the edge of Defmans mouth.

    PC Cradle: And you better bring it, boy, 'cause I got something special for you!

    Cradle throws the mic to the ground. The copyright info appears as the screen fades to black, focusing on Defman's stare.