Sunday Slam Intro
Seth Lerch Backstage
Elite Title: Sylk Walker vs Suicide vs Priest vs Jason Tilley
The Gayfather vs Dake Ken
DKX/Gayfather Segment
Tip Your Bartender: Trent Hunter vs PC Cradle
Gayfather Backstage
Elite Backstage
World Title: Neo vs X-Rated/Electra
Seth Lerch/Madd Dogg Segment

  • Sunday Slam Intro
  • Rock of Ages by Def Leppard hits, and the pyro blasts. Slam is on the air! We pan around the arena and go to the fans before going ringside with Zach Davis and Shannan Lerch.

    Zach Davis: Welcome to this latest edition of WCF Sunday Slam! I'm Zach Davis, here with Shannan Lerch, and we have an action packed main event.

    Shannan Lerch: For the first time in quite a while, we'll see the World Title get defended. World Champion Neo is facing X-Rated.. AND Electra. I'm sure a lot of people say "Oh, well, Electra is just a woman" but she's not too bad in that ring, either.

    Zach Davis: And X-Rated alone would be a problem, too. Remember that Hell in a Cell match to end our World Title Tournament? It was Neo vs Hunter vs.. that's right, X-Rated. So I'm sure X has been waiting quite a while to get another shot.

    Shannan Lerch: And.. well.. sometimes my brother books smart matches. But sometimes he books really dumb ones. This is a dumb match. He's doing Trent Hunter against PC Cradle on FREE TELEVISION. This is a Pay Per View calibur match. Hell, this is a ONE calibur match! And you'll all see it tonight!

    Zach Davis: We saw Trent assault Cradle last week, and I'm sure hardcore WCF fans know that this will be one hell of a fight. Neither Trent nor Cradle budges an inch when it comes to tough matches such as this.

    Shannan Lerch: In what's sure to be a highly entertaining match, Dake Ken is taking on The Gayfather. Gayfather has been a pain in the Elite's side the last few weeks, if not a very humorous one.

    Zach Davis: I wonder if X-Rated is going to get involved. Dake Ken has been taking Gayfather lightheartedly, but X is just plain mean about it.

    Shannan Lerch: Wouldn't it be funny if X-Rated beats Neo tonight, and then Gayfather beats X-Rated somewhere down the road?

    Zach Davis: No. Anyway, we also have an Elite Title defense, as Sylk Walker takes on Suicide who takes on Priest who takes on the Champ, Jason Tilley.

    Shannan Lerch: The big story in that match is that Walker has been tagging with Billy Tilley. And if both of the Tilley's are in the same arena, well.. that spells trouble.

  • Seth Lerch Backstage
  • Seth is in his office. Suddenly the phone rings.

    Seth Lerch: Hello?

    Scott: Hey Seth.

    Seth Lerch: Scott?

    Scott: Ya, big brother itís me. I just wanted to say thanks.

    Seth Lerch: For what?

    Scott: For letting me hang around with my friends again.

    Seth Lerch: I donít know what youíre talking about.

    Scott: Last Friday, Madd Dogg came to visit again. Said you told him we could hang together again. So I wanted to say thanks.

    Seth Lerch: Um no problem Scott.

    He hangs up the phone before throwing it against the wall.

    Seth Lerch: GODDAMNIT!

  • Elite Title Match: Sylk Walker vs Suicide vs Priest vs Jason Tilley
  • Zach Davis: This is the opening contest and itís for the Elite Championship.

    Shannan Lerch: Yeah and Jason Tilley is the only champion left in the Elite.

    Zach Davis: Here come the first challenger.

    Therapy by Finger Eleven starts to play over the PA system and out comes James Suicide.

    Shannan Lerch: He looks focused.

    Zach Davis: He better be if he wants to win and here comes are second contender.

    I am #1 by Nelly starts to play over the PA system as Ms. Liberty stands at top of ramp with the American Flag. The Natural comes running from behind the curtain. Red, white and blue pyro goes off as the music blares from the loudspeaker. He is bouncing around gets Ms. Liberty to give him a kiss on the cheek. He runs to ringside and hugs fans and hands out small American Flags. Ms. Liberty gets in the ring, holding the American flag. Sylk removes his shirt and hands it to a young woman in the front row.

    Zach Davis: I wonder if Billy will play a role in this match?

    Shannan Lerch: Is he even here?

    Zach Davis: I donít know. Here comes the third challenger.

    The sound of drums is heard and the lights go out. A spotlight follows Priest to the ring.

    Zach Davis: His tag team partner won the TV title just last week.

    Shannan Lerch: Heís looking to do the same and here comes the champion.

    Smack My Bitch Up by Prodigy blasts over the PA system and out comes Jason Tilley with the Elite Championship on his shoulder. Jason slides in the ring and sits in the corner.

    Zach Davis: Jason really looks more focused than normal.

    Shannan Lerch: He should be heís taking on three other men and heís the last champion for the Elite.

    Zach Davis: Here we go!

    Sylk runs at Jason and nails him with a hard closeline. Priest and Suicide lock up and Suicide puts Priest in a side headlock, Priest pushes Suicide off and into the ropes Suicide drops his head and a huge backbody drop. Sylk picks up Jason and hits a huge body slam. Sylk elbow drops Jason. Suicide runs at Sylk and nails him with a shoulder block. Priest gets to his feet as does Jason. Jason and Priest look at each and then charge at Suicide and Sylk. Jason tackles Sylk as Priest nails Suicide with a closeline. Priest picks up Suicide and hits him with several punches in the heart of Suicide. Priest still holding up Suicide and nails him with a choke slam.

    Zach Davis: Those punches to the heart had to a lot out of Suicide.

    Shannan Lerch: So did that choke slam.

    Jason picks up Sylk and nails a ddt. Jason stands up and starts stomping on Sylk. Priest picks up Suicide and hits a russian legsweep. As Priest gets up and Jason runs at Priest and hits a closeline, Jason drops a elbow on Priest. Jason picks up Priest and placeís Priest on his should and hits a running powerslam.

    Zach Davis: Shades of Davey Boy Smith.

    Jason covers. 1..2.. and Sylk breaks up the pin. Sylk picks up Jason and hits a powerbomb. Suicide pulls himself up and drives a forearm in the back of Sylk. Suicide grabs Sylk and hits a reverse ddt and goes for the cover. One.. Two.. Thr. pin broken up by Priest.

    Shannan Lerch: That is the second near fall in this match.

    Priest hits a sidewalk slam on Suicide. Jason starts to get to his feet, Sylk and Jason lock up and Sylk irish whips Jason into the corner. Sylk sets Jason on the top turnbuckle and nails a top rope frankenstiener on Jason.

    Zach Davis: What a awesome move by Sylk Walker.

    Shannan Lerch: Sylk goes for the cover.

    One.. Two.. Thre. broken up by Priest. Priest walks over to Suicide picks him up and tries to suplex him but blocked and reversed by Suicide. Suicide gets to his feet and starts to climb to the top rope. Jason gets to his feet just as Suicide gets to the top, Jason pushes Suicide off the top rope and Suicide goes crashing into the guard rail face first.

    Zach Davis: Suicide might be knocked out.

    Jason stands there taunting the crowd as Jason turns around Sylk hits a spear. Priest runs and hits a running closeline on Sylk. Priest picks up Sylk and hits a backbreaker. Jason gets to his feet holding his midsection. Priest and Jason look at each and nod and starts stomping away on Sylk. They pick up Sylk, Jason places Sylk on his shoulders while Priest climbs the top rope and they hit the dooms day device. Priest covers 1.. 2.. Jason pulls Priest off. There both yelling at each other Priest pushes Jason, and then Jason drops to his knee and is bagging Priest not to hit him.

    Shannan Lerch: Look at Jason cowering.

    Jason hits Priest with a low blow, then hits a single arm ddt on Priest. Suicide starting to get up to his feet and he rolls in the ring and covers Sylk. One... Two.. Thr.. Jason pulls Suicide off of Sylk. Priest gets to his feet and he runs at Jason and Suicide, and nails a hard closeline all three men go over the top rope. A man comes running from the back wearing a Freedom Fighters t-shirts runs down to the ring.

    Zach Davis: Itís Billy Tilley!

    Shannan Lerch: It looks like he has accepted the offer to join the Freedom Fighters.

    Sylk starts getting to his feet. Jason is the first to get to his feet and slides in the ring. As Priest tries to get in the ring, Suicide pulls him back to the floor and they start brawling on the outside. Jason and Sylk are trading punch after punch. Sylk knees Jason in the midsection, picks him up and but Jason counters and low blows Sylk. Priest throws Suicide into the guard rail and is now laying the boots to him. As that is going on Jason and Sylk are starting to get to there feet, Billy grabs a steel chair from ringside and slides in the ring. Billy goes to swing at Jason but stops. He looks around and then nails Sylk right between the eyes with the chair. Busting him open.

    Zach Davis: What the hell is he doing?

    Shannan Lerch: That is not right!

    Billy slides out of the ring and starts walking to the back. The bell rings, and the match is a disqualification.

    Zach Davis: Well, I think that means technically, Sylk Walker is the winner. But Jason Tilley keeps the Title.

    Shannan Lerch: I'd say that Walker deserves a rematch.

    Suddenly, "In My Life" by Juvenile stats playing on the speakers. Out from the back, to the shock of the crowd due to the music, walks Dobbie and Thursday Night GM, Gravedigger.

  • Gravedigger and Dobbie Appearance
  • They stop at the top of the ramp for a couple of seconds to let their presence be felt. Dobbie wears the usual outfit of the blue wrestling tights with the huge yellow smiley face, no shirt and his hair is sticking in all different directions. However, Gravedigger has gone through nearly a 100% transformation. Gravedigger is wearing long Nautica shorts, street shoes and a throwback Suns jersey. His long silver-colored hair is no more and now he just has a closely shaved head. His true hair color, brown, can barely be seen. Gravedigger has no face paint on. Totally changed. The competitors have stopped fighting, and are now looking towards Gravedigger and Dobbie as they walk down to the ring. No one has any idea what's going on as they slide into the ring.

    Zach Davis: Um.. uh.. what the hell?

    Jason Tilley, aggravated at the interruption, makes the mistake of getting in Gravedigger's face. Gravedigger stops and turns his head to Jason. Gravedigger smiles as he says something to Tilley. Apparently, he was introducing himself because as soon as he finishes speaking he holds his hand out for a handshake. Jason looks confused as he slowly extends his hand to take Gravedigger's, but Gravedigger pulls his hand back and uses it to smooth the top of his head back in an arrogant manner. His face then turns serious as he grabs Jason and irish whips him across the ring. As Jason comes back, Gravedigger leans in and flips Tilley over twice with a Grave Marker. Gravedigger turns and high fives Dobbie. Suicide slides into the ring behind Dobbie and Gravedigger gestures to Dobbie. Dobbie half turns and delivers a huge kick to the side and catches Suicide in the gut. Gravedigger irish whips Dobbie and puts some extra force into it. Dobbie bounces off and leap frogs the bent-over Gravedigger and nails a Ghetto Blaster (Shining Wizard) to Suicide's temple. Sylk Walker climbs into the ring for some but Gravedigger kicks him in the gut and delivers a powerbomb to the man from Orlando, Florida. Gravedigger looks around surveying the bodies in the ring and stops when he sees Priest standing across the ring from him. Dobbie looks over at Gravedigger, seeing what he's going to do. Gravedigger walks up to Priest grinning. Priest realizes that Gravedigger isn't going to do anything to him, Gravedigger sticks his arm up in the air and Priest meets his hand in the middle. Their hands clasp and they pull each other in and touch their fist on the other's back. They let go and Dobbie does the same thing with Priest while Gravedigger leans out the ring for a mic. He is handed one and turns around with the microphone.

    Gravedigger: What the hell is wrong with wrestlers these days? I simply wanted to come to the ring to get some camera time right now and Sylk, Suicide, and Jason are so rude and won't even let me talk. It wasn't going to take a lot of time but no, they wanna go toe-to-toe with Gravedigger. I mean look at Priest, he watched me demolish everyone in the ring. I interrupted their match and he doesn't get mad, he has respect. What do Jason Tilley, Sylk Walker, and Suicide all have in common? They're all rookies. Rookies who don't show respect to the veterans around here. There's two groups of people in WCF that piss me off lately: these punkass rookies who think they're hot stuff. The other group is these veterans who I used to wrestle against and tag with and hang out with in the back. I look around the federation and what do I see? These rookies handing the veterans an ass whooping every week. Look at the freakin title scene for crying out loud. World title... held by a rookie who was just starting out about the time I retired. Tag Titles...held by a team consisting of a rookie and a veteran. Elite title...held by a rookie. Cruiserweight title...held by a rookie. Hardcore title... thank goodness Outcast took it back from the rookies and the same can be said for my boy Bishop for capturing the TV title. But speaking of Outcast, Bishop, and Logan, you veterans are pissing me off who are having trouble with the rookies of WCF. You're letting snot-nosed punks come in here and walk all over what we veterans built. They're ruling the federation. They should be looking up to us, respecting us and losing to us on a weekly basis but no. You guys are looking up to them every week while they stand perched on top of you with their hand raised by the referee. You're laying on your back so much that we've got perverts trying to jump the barricade with wads of cash thinking you're prostitutes in a hotel room.

    Gravedigger turns to Priest.

    Gravedigger: I'm sick of the rookies pushing around the veterans. But I'm even more sick of veterans going up against the rookies every week and losing. Priest, where's the tag titles? Huh? You've been in WCF for a while now and you're not one half of the tag champions with Bishop, are you?

    Gravedigger drops the mic and kicks Priest in the gut. Gravedigger's muscles bulge out as he uses his strength to irish whip Priest across the ring and signals to Dobbie. Dobbie goes across the ring and crouches. Priest bounces off the ropes and Gravedigger catches him. He picks Priest up and leans backwards to drop Priest face-first on the mat, but Dobbie dives forward and superkicks Priest in the chest. The momentum of the kick and Gravedigger shifting his weight causes them to go back in the other direction and Gravedigger nails Priest with a vicious spinebuster thanks to Dobbie's superkick. Priest is LAID OUT!! A loud "OOHHHHH" is heard coming from the crowd. Gravedigger bounces up off the mat and then picks the mic up off the ground.

    Gravedigger: Oops, looks like I slipped. Enough beating around the bush. Here's what's happening. I, Gravedigger, am officially stepping back into the wrestling ring next Sunday on Slam.

    The crowd goes wild at what Gravedigger just said. Everyone is on their feet.

    Gravedigger: Yes, the Epitome of Hardcore is returning to his stomping grounds because something has to be done about these snot-nosed rookies taking over WCF. Looks like since most of these other veterans can't get the job done, then I'll have to do it myself. And as for Priest, a fellow WCF veteran, being laid out in the ring...that is a message to any other WCF veteran. If you cross my path to taking the federation back from the rookies, you'll end up on your back beaten and bruised after receiving a Death Driver or Grave Marker from Gravedigger...or a Spinal Slam from myself and Dobbie like Priest here just got. Now, as for my position in WCF as General Manager of Thursday Night. This Thursday Ni-

    Gravedigger is interrupted as "Anger Rising" by Jerry Cantrell hits the speakers. Anger flashes across Gravedigger's face as he looks to the entryway. Seth Lerch walks out from the back. Seth gestures to the ring.

    Seth Lerch: What the hell is going on here, Gravedigger? Why are members of my roster lying in the ring? Why did you, the General Manager of Thursday Night, lay an unprovoked hand on my wrestlers?

    Gravedigger: You've got questions, do ya? Well here's one for you: Why are you allowing the rookies to take over WCF? You're allowing everything I did for WCF the last time I was here to be just done away with like it's nothing. I helped build WCF and now you're allowing these rookies to destroy it and they're destroying the legacy of the WCF World title before your very eyes and you sit there in your office doing nothing!

    Seth Lerch: Destroying WCF? Destroying the World title? If they're doing anything, it's making WCF more popular, bringing me more ratings, and making my wallet fatter. Look around you Gravedigger, look at all the fresh faces here in WCF. Look at all the new competition that has arrived since you were last wrestling for the company! If anything, I thought that when you returned to the ring you'd be thrilled with the new talent here because you'd have more competition. Both times you've held the WCF World title, you basically had no one volunteering to step up and really challenge you for the belt. But too bad for you. You won't be able to really experience the talent WCF has to offer because after tonight's incident you'll be facing the bottom of the barrel talent. Hell, I might even ship you off to the farm leagues because as of tonight, you're fired as General Manager of Thursday Night.

    Gravedigger smirks.

    Gravedigger: That's fine. Take away my management position. It's just less excuses when I take the federation back from the rookies. I won't have to hear them saying I did it because I'm a member of management.

    Seth Lerch: Well, unless you have something in your ears, you obviously didn't hear me very well. It'll be a while before you have a chance to even start taking the federation back from the rookies, because I'm bumping you way down than where you should be.

    Gravedigger starts laughing. Seth gets angry at Gravedigger for laughing, but Gravedigger eventually composes himself and lifts the mic.

    Gravedigger: Who the hell do you think I am? Do I look like Logan? Do you actually think I'm going to just start over at the bottom of the heap and wrestle nobodies? Hell no! All bossing me around will do is piss me off and I'm sure you remember what happened to Hellz Angel and Scavenger of Sorrow when they attacked Jessie, don't you?

    Seth nods.

    Seth Lerch: Yeah, I remember and you've got a point. Besides, why should I torture you by making you start over when you've got a bigger problem lying directly behind you on the mat? Good luck with that situation.

    "In My Life" starts playing as Dobbie and Gravedigger look at Priest still lying on the mat. Seth Lerch smiles as he walks backstage. We are then taken back to the announcers in preparation for the next match.

  • The Gayfather vs Dake Ken
  • Somebody hit the lights
    Tap dancing noises...
    So we can rock it day and night
    More with a drum...
    People gettin' down, that's right
    More drum...
    from AM to PM.

    Two spotlights circle the audience, changing color. As they do so they come to rest on Gayfather who dances to the ring. Rainbow Brite holds the ropes open while Gayfather does the diva entrance.

    The arena goes pitch black before Harvester of Sorrow by Metallica hits. The first run goes off, and on the last power chord of the run an explosion goes off. The lights come up to a dim shot with a spot light on Dake. The smoke gives it a greyer look and more dark. He stands there with X-Rated. He looks at him, strokes his beard, and starts to walk to the ring. He walks up the stairs and enters the ring, then walks over to the far ropes and leans on them, all the while smirking at his opponent.

    Zach Davis: Just like all of Gayfather's matches, this should be interesting.

    Shannan Lerch: Especially with X-Rated at ringside. He has a Title match later tonight.

    Dake Ken approaches Gayfather, not looking too seriously. Gayfather prances towards Dake, and Dake can't help but laugh. Gayfather looks confused, not knowing what's so funny. Dake gets serious for a second, and outstretches his hand. Gayfather goes to shake it, but Dake pulls him in and hits a quick Belly to Belly Suplex.

    Zach Davis: Boo, that was wrong.

    Dake stomps Gayfather a few times, and X-Rated is enjoying every second of it. Dake picks Gayfather up and runs to the ropes, then runs towards Gayfather, and goes for the Bitch Kick. Gayfather catches it and hits a Dragonscrew Legwhip!

    Shannan Lerch: Dake underestimated Gayfather and went for that too early in the match.

    Gayfather waits for Dake Ken to stand up, and then begins executing the Most Ridiculous Move In Sports Entertainment! Right before he's supposed to dive under Dake's legs, X grabs him and trips him. He yells at X and then turns back to Dake, but Dake catches him and goes for the Ride the Lightning!

    Zach Davis: Just like lightning, that came out of nowhere!

    No, Gayfather manages to switch behind and rolls Dake up! The ref counts! One! Two! Three!

    Shannan Lerch: Gayfather... wins!?

    X is going furious at ringside. Gayfather quickly rolls out and heads to the back, Rainbow Brite by his side. The two Elite members just look plain confused, not able to figure out what happened.

  • DKX/Gayfather Segment
  • X goes into Gayfatherís locker room and sees him standing against the wall. X runs and attacks Gayfather, stomping him into the ground. Finally, Dake pulls X off.

    X-Rated: What are you doing?

    Dake Ken: Um, dude look.

    X and Dake look, and itís not Gayfather at all. X was stomping a mannequin that Gayfather dressed up like himself, complete with a wig. Dake busts up laughing.

    Dake Ken: Dude, you just went fugging crazy on a dummy.

    X-Rated: Damnit, he set this up to make me look bad! I know he did! Heís gonna pay for this!

    X and Dake leave. As soon as they do, Gayfather comes out of the shower, in gym shorts and tee.

    Gayfather: Whatís going on out here?

    Gayfather spots the dummy.

    Gayfather: Mr. Plastic Face! What happened to you? Oh, and my clothes are all rumbled! Darn. I put them on you to keep them clean.

    He runs to the door.

    Gayfather: I need a medic! Heís hurt. Heís hurt bad.

  • Tip Your Bartender Match: Trent Hunter vs PC Cradle
  • The lights go out as "Tip your Bartender" by Glassjaw blasts over the PA speakers.

    Zach Davis: And this just happens to be a Tip Your Bartender match. What a coincedence.

    Right after the quick guitar into, two pyros go off near the entrance ramp. The lights go back on as Trent Hunter walks down the ring. He rolls under the bottom rope, and walks over to the middle of the ring with both arms up in the air. He does a slow spin for the fans.

    Get to the Gone by Static X hits, with a very load thrash metal riff and a very long scream by the lead singer of the band. The crowd goes into a frenzy as PC Cradle steps through the curtain. He is shouting, screaming, spitting, and generally acting pissed off. He carries a solid black steel chair to the ring with him. About 2 metres from the ring, he runs and rolls under the bottom rope. The fans sing along to his entrance music in unison. Once in the ring, he drops the chair and runs to the opposite corner of the ring. After climbing to the middle turnbuckle, he raises his arms and crosses them in the air. Then, arms still crosses at the wrists, he makes the metal sign with both hands. When he climbs off the second turnbuckle, he jumps and does a 180 in the air, bringing his arms down at the same time as making a loud bang on the ring mat.

    Shannan Lerch: Trent Hunter and PC Cradle are two of the most respected men in this federation... A lot of people have been waiting for this match for a long time.

    The two men approach each other, cautiously, and tie up.

    Zach Davis: That's true. And this is no ordinary match. You have to get the 40 oz hanging on the pole there, and smash the other guy with it. Ouch.

    They struggle to see who gets the upper hand, and Cradle backs Hunter into the corner. Cradle gives Hunter a clean break, but Hunter then grabs him and spins him around, pushes him into the turnbuckle, and starts pummeling him. The ref eventually gets Trent to move, as the fans boo.

    Shannan Lerch: They're firmly behind Cradle here.

    Trent picks up Cradle and throws him to the ropes. Cradle runs back and ducks a Clothesline, and then knees Trent several times in the midsection. He follows up with a big Right Arm Clothesline, but Trent ducks it and hits a Neckbreaker on Cradle. He then runs to the turnbuckle and begins climbing up, going to reach for the bottle. Cradle lunges to the ropes, and Trent drops, still on the turnbuckle, but facing towards the audience. Cradle slowly stands and climbs up with Trent, and begins lifting him up...

    Zach Davis: Big move coming up, pretty early in the match...

    Cradle hits a Super Back Bodydrop! The crowd gasps at the high impact move. Both men rest on the mat for several seconds, but Cradle begins standing up. He goes back up to the turnbuckle, slowly climbing up, and he too begins reaching for the 40 oz. He's about to grab it when Trent comes up from behind and hits a few forearms to the back. Cradle drops, and Trent puts him in the Tree of Woe position. He then starts kicking his stomach several times, over and over, until Cradle falls off. He clutches his stomach, in pain.

    Shannan Lerch: Yeah.. that isn't exactly pleasant. All the blood rushes to your head as you're getting pummeled.

    Trent, seemingly realizing that Cradle doesn't stay down too easily, drags him to the middle of the ring. He then applies a Grapevine Leglock.

    Zach Davis: Good thinking. If Cradle's legs get hurt, he can't climb, and can't win.

    Trent eventually releases the hold. He then kicks the legs several times, and begins climbing the turnbuckle opposite the one with the bottle.

    Shannan Lerch: Trent's up top...

    He flies down, going for the Full Moon, but Cradle rolls away in the nick of time! Trent crashes to the mat, and holds his elbow. Both men again rest. They eventually begin making their way to their feet, and throw punches at one another. Trent goes for a Lariat, Cradle ducks it, and then picks Trent up and hits a mean Brainbuster!

    Zach Davis: Brutal. Ow.

    Cradle begins climbing the turnbuckle, the one with the bottle. But once again.. Trent won't stay down. Cradle notices this time, and flies off the top with a Diving Leg Lariat! Trent goes down, and Cradle quickly hops back up to his feet. He makes his way over to the turnbuckle, and once again begins climbing up. He reaches the top, tries to grab for the bottle... it's kind of swinging back and forth... Trent is standing.... Cradle reaches a little higher.... NO, Trent grabs Cradle and puts him on his shoulders, Electric Chair position. Trent hits the Electric Chair Drop!

    Shannan Lerch: OH! So close!

    Trent then turns Cradle over and grabs his legs. He locks in the Boston Leglock! Cradle doesn't yell or scream, but it's visible that he's in pain.

    Zach Davis: You can't win this match by submission, but like we mentioned before, if Cradle's legs are incapacitated then he can't climb.

    After a few moments, Trent releases the hold. He begins climbing the turnbuckle, slowly, as the match has taken it's toll on both competitors. He eventually reaches the top.. but oh, Cradle is up...

    Shannan Lerch: Hurry Trent!

    Cradle runs at Trent.. but OH! Cradle gets punched right in the face with a pair of brass knuckles! It was.. General Manager Davey Ortega!

    Zach Davis: What the hell?

    Shannan Lerch: He's always been a big fan of the Elite.

    Trent reaches up and grabs the 40 oz bottle. He then hops down, smiling to himself. Ortega picks Cradle up and holds him, Trent swings, and smashes Cradle with the bottle! Cradle goes down and is bleeding profusely from the forehead. Trent looks down, smiling, as does Ortega.

    Zach Davis: Oh.. oh god. Trent has left the number one contender a bloody mess.

    Shannan Lerch: And he's sent a message to Neo and everyone in the War match... he wants that Title back.

    Trent rolls out of the ring and heads to the back, as does Ortega.

  • Gayfather Backstage
  • Medic: Wasted our damn time.

    Gayfather: But he was hurt.

    Medic: Good God itís a friggin mannequin.

    Gayfather: But heís my friend.

    Abbie hides her eyes in the corner.

    Rainbow Brite: Why do I even allow myself to be seen with you?

    Gayfather: Who could do this?

    Rainbow Brite: Oh for the love of God. Iíll buy you a new one.

    Gayfather: But heíll never be like Mr. Plastic Face.

    Rainbow Brite: You know, over these past few months, Iíve really come to understand why Madd Dogg always used to stun you.

    She leaves.

    Gayfather: Wait, Abbie, come back. What does that mean?

    He leaves too.

  • The Elite Backstage
  • Dake Ken, X-Rated, and Jason and Billy Tilley are all backstage.

    Jason Tilley: Billy, one of the most important parts of being a member of the Elite is having brains. And when you got me disqualified, you showed just what kind of brains you have. Thusly, I present this to you...

    Jason hands Billy an Elite T-shirt. Billy puts it on... but as he does, Jason hits him with the Elite Title! Dake and X start laying the boots to him, as does Jason.

    Zach Davis: He's turned on his own brother!

    A 6'9", 365 pound man walks into the room. This man picks Billy up... and slams him through the locker room wall, head first!

    Shannan Lerch: Oh my God...

    Jason Tilley: Billy, that man is known as the Enforcer. And he's going to do a better job than you ever could. I hope I never see you in the WCF again... and it doesn't look like I will.

    The men walk out of the room, smiling and laughing to themselves.

  • World Title Handicapped Match: Neo vs X-Rated/Electra
  • The lights go out and red spotlights flash. There is an explosion on stage, and "The Red" blares. X comes out in his leather pants, with a long black jacket and sunglasses. Electra removes both before they begin walking down the ramp.

    Zach Davis: We haven't seen X-Rated in a lot of singles competition lately. He and Dake Ken seem to be moving more into their singles roles now, though, after FINALLY losing those Tag Team Titles.

    Shannan Lerch: And what a way to do that, a World Title shot! But you should correct yourself, it's not X-Rated in singles competition. It's X-Rated and Electra.

    Zach Davis: Of course. Electra is good and all, but I imagine that X is going to be doing most of the work in this one.

    The lights go down as the Jumbotron shows nothing but a shadow of a man on a boiler room wall with red lighting. We see the shadow punch and kick to the four sounds that echo throughout the stadium. Shift! CLANG! Lock! BANG! The heavy part of ďBack to MadĒ rips through the arena. Neo walks out and starts motioning for the crowd to get on their feet! The Jumbotron shows a black screen with green letters saying ďNewĒ and followed by white letters saying ďEndĒ. The black screen fades to a half-face shot of Neo, who frowns and looks at the audience with those red eyes! Right when this happens the screen of Neo fades out, but the green ďNĒ, white ďEĒ and the red eye that looks like an ďOĒ! When his name finally does appear heís already in the ring and shoots the eye at the moment the red pyro goes off at the top of the ramp way!

    Shannan Lerch: I'm NEVER getting used to that.

    The bell rings, and X-Rated is already pounding Neo across the back, not even giving him a chance to get focused. Electra is there too, hitting Neo as well.

    Zach Davis: Hm, maybe she IS going to get involved more than I expected.

    Shannan Lerch: Yeah, don't underestimate her.

    With Neo sufficiently subdued, X-Rated grabs him and executes a Dragon Suplex. Meanwhile, the ref is ordering Electra to get onto the apron, and she does so. X stomps the Champ, and then backs up, waiting for him to stand. He hits a Hard Clothesline, sending Neo back down to the mat hard. He then tags in Electra.

    Zach Davis: The challenger dominating this match thus far. Let's see what Electra can do though.

    Electra climbs up to the top rope, and Neo begins to stand up. X yells to him, Neo turns, and Electra jumps off the top and hits a Flying Hurricanrana into pin! The ref drops to count!

    Shannan Lerch: What an athlete!

    One! Two! No! Neo breaks free. Electra picks Neo back up and hauls back, going to Bitch Slap him, but Neo grabs her arm and pulls her in, hitting an Impact DDT!

    Zach Davis: Neo with his first offensive move.

    Shannan Lerch: He hit a woman! What a jerk!

    Zach Davis: Hey, she didn't need to be in this match. You can't blame Neo.

    Neo then picks her up and shoves her into X's corner. He then backs up.

    Shannan Lerch: Neo's afraid of Electra. He wants her to tag X back in.

    Zach Davis: He does want her to tag X, but certainly not out of fear.

    She does so. X gets back into the ring and Neo runs at him, going for a Clothesline. X ducks it, grabs Neo from behind, Neo elbows him in the head a few time and switches to the back, Neo then picks him up and hits an Atomic Drop! X stumbles forward, reaching to tag Electra in, but Neo grabs him and throws him to the ropes. He then hits a Spear!

    Shannan Lerch: Oh! Well executed move by Neo.

    Neo pins X, hooking the leg. One... two.... no, X gets the shoulder up. Neo mounts X and proceeds to start punching him several times in the face. The ref soon makes Neo stop.

    Zach Davis: X, taking a beating.

    Shannan Lerch: Yeah... because Neo is a rule breaking jerk. Why do the fans cheer him?

    Neo begins climbing the turnbuckle. He reaches the top, and looks like he's about to fly off for the Frog Splash, but Electra runs over and shakes the ropes, causing Neo to fall, still sitting on the turnbuckle. X slowly stands up, and walks over to Neo. He grabs Neo's head...

    Zach Davis: Here comes the X-Plicit!

    ...but Neo holds on to the ropes, and kicks X-Rated away! Neo quickly jumps back to his feet and as X turns around, he's hit with a Missile Dropkick! Electra rushes into the ring and she's met with a back-hand. Neo then hits her with the Double Arm DDT! Electra promptly rolls out of the ring.

    Shannan Lerch: Ahhh!! I've never hated Neo so much!

    Neo turns back to X, and begins picking him up, but X hits a Low Blow, obvious to everyone but the referee. X grabs Neo's head and climbs up onto the turnbuckle, he executes a Tornado DDT!

    Zach Davis: Another well executed move.

    X then tags in Electra. She climbs her turnbuckle, and he climbs the one at the opposite end of the ring... X flies off with a Moonsault, quickly moves away, and then Electra flies off with one too, landing in a pin!

    Shannan Lerch: Great, great teamwork!

    The ref makes the count!




    Zach Davis: How humiliating would that be for Neo? Losing the World Title by being pinned by a girl?

    Electra picks Neo up and DDT's him back down to the mat before tagging X back in. X kicks at Neo strategically, hitting well placed kicks. He then backs up, and waits for Neo to stand... he goes for a Superkick.. Neo catches it, spins him around, and hits a Judo Hip Throw! X-Rated flies into the ref, knocking him down.

    Shannan Lerch: Look at that! Neo took out the ref! How dare he!

    Zach Davis: It wasn't on purpose.

    Dake Ken runs out, and Electra gets into the ring. DK rolls in as Electra Bitch Slaps Neo. The momentum spins Neo around, and he gets hit with the Bitch Kick by Dake Ken!

    Shannan Lerch: A Bitch Slap followed by a Bitch Kick! Ouch!

    Neo is sent right into X-Rated, who hits the X-Plicit! Dake rolls out of the ring while Electra revives the ref. He crawls over, and makes the count...




    Zach Davis: Neo kicks ou-... wait... what?


    The bell rings, and the crowd is in shock. Neo simply rolls out of the ring as the ref hands X the World Title. He raises it into the air, and the crowd boos heavily.

    Zach Davis: I.. don't believe it. How?

    X puts the World Title around his waist, and he rolls out of the ring. He and Electra embrace as they walk to the back, Dake Ken following.

  • Seth Lerch/Madd Dogg Segment
  • Anger Rising plays, and Seth Lerch makes his way to the ring.

    Seth Lerch: Madd Dogg get your ass out here now.

    Ainít No Sunshine begins playing.

    Seth Lerch: No, No. HELL NO! Cut his music. Get your ass out here now.

    After a minute no one appears on the stage.

    Seth Lerch: Damnit, I said get out here. OK, you donít wanna come out here. You are now not only fired. But Iím editing you out of all the WCF DVDs that are supposed to come out here soon. Oh, you all like that? Maybe I should take it a step further and fire Gayfather and Rainbow Brite again. Maybe Neo too. Iíve not just fired you Dogg, Iíve erased fact Iíll do.....Iíll do...Iíll do....

    Seth turns around and runs smack into Madd Dogg.

    Seth Lerch: damnit, this is what Iím talking about. The cloak and dagger bullshit. Playing your stupid little mind games. Trying to freak people out. Do you think you scare me?

    Dogg nods once.

    Seth Lerch: Well you donít! Going after my family again! I wonít just sit idly by this time. I will bury you. Iíll.....

    Madd Dogg reaches into his pocket, pulls something out and covers the bottom half of his face, lifting his mask a little.

    Seth Lerch: Iíll destroy you. You have no idea who youíre messing with asshole. Iíll make it as if you never existed. Are you listening to me?

    Dogg is blowing something up. Seth moves in towards him.

    Seth Lerch: Iím talking to you damnit!

    Dogg pulls a balloon away from his face and presents it to Seth. Itís a balloon middle finger right in Sethís face. Seth angrily throws it aside.

    Seth Lerch: Oh, you sure think youíre funny. Well damnit I fired you last Thursday, and then you had the nerve to show up last Slam. After I told you would no longer be on WCF programming.

    Dogg has pulled more out of his pocket, and a small air tank, and is filling up another balloon. He presents it to Seth.

    Seth Lerch: Stop it damnit. Iím sick of your crap. You are a cancer on the WCF. You.... you....

    Dogg is now blowing up balloons and letting little rubber middle fingers fly all over the arena.

    Seth Lerch: I wonít put up with this. I wont.... damnit....I....I....

    Dogg grabs the microphone from his hand.

    Madd Dogg: Shut up already Seth. Those balloons were the polite way. My polite way of saying Shove it up your ass. You come out here and you fire, and you threaten, and you demand, and I DONíT CARE! You insignificant little prick. Iíll kill you and leave your corpse in a gutter somewhere. Do you think that because you can deal with all these little copycats like Kojima and Hate that wanna do the Madd Dogg thing and stalk you, but donít have the talent for it, that you can deal with me? Iíll murder your family and not think twice about it. Iím, not to be trifled with and I swear to God that if you lay one more hand on me Iíll cut it off. Now, Iím coming back, whether you like it or not, and thereís not a damn thing you can do about it.

    Seth Lerch: But I.....

    Dogg viciously lashes out and stuns Seth Lerch, knocking him unconscious to the mat. He pulls out his katana and slams it into the mat where Sethís head was, but ring staff have pulled him out of the ring. As they pull him up the ramp, Doggís pyros go off and scare the crap out of the workers carrying him backstage.

    Shannan Lerch: My God... Seth could have been killed.

    Zach Davis: Um.. goodnight, folks.

    Dogg's music plays as the copyright info appears and we fade out.