Sunday Slam Intro
Logan Backstage
DKX Segment
J vs Fugitive
Davey Ortega Promo
Neo Finds A Partner
Seth Lerch Segment
Gravedigger/Dobbie vs Bishop/Priest
Return Promo
The Elite Find A Partner
Seth Lerch/Madd Dogg Segment
Cradle/Logan/Neo/Gayfather/??? vs X/Hunter/Dake/Tilley/???

  • Sunday Slam Intro
  • Def Leppard's Rock of Ages blasts over the loudspeakers as Slam comes on the air! The crowd roars as pyro shoots up off the stage. We go to Zach Davis and Shannan Lerch, as always.

    Zach Davis: Welcome to another WCF Sunday Slam. We have a great card tonight. A small card, yes, but wow... WHAT A MAIN EVENT!

    Shannan Lerch: You have to think that this should have been made for a Pay Per View, because four of the WCF's top stars are going to go at it... and there are two mystery partners! Who will they be?

    Zach Davis: We'll find out as the night goes on, as the teams only have a few hours to find a partner to join them. Seriously though, you have the 'anti-Elite'. PC Cradle, the number one contender. Logan, former Champion. Neo, former Champion. And Gayfather, uh.. well.. he beat Dake, at least.

    Shannan Lerch: Maybe so, but on the Elite we have X-Rated! CURRENT World Champion! Trent Hunter, former Champ, and I'll add, a much better Champ than Logan was. We have Dake Ken, former Tag and Television Champion, and Jason Tilley, current Elite Champion. No team can compare to that.

    Zach Davis: Well... I guess we'll find out if that claim is true or not. But hey, guess what? We also have the in-ring return of former World Champion, Gravedigger! He's taking on his old adverseries Bishop and Priest, alongside Dobbie.

    Shannan Lerch: Don't forget, Gravedigger and Bishop and Priest used to be friends too. Remember the Dark Side? But it looks as if that's all been thrown out the window, and we'll see what Gravedigger has left in him.

    Zach Davis: If I know Gravedigger... he hasn't lost a step.

    Shannan Lerch: And in our opening match, newcomers J and Fugitive will get it on. We know nothing about these men, except-

    Zach Davis: Hey Shannan, wouldn't it be funny if we did J vs X vs JX?

    Shannan Lerch: What.. uh.. oh! Ha. Maybe, but don't interrupt me. We know nothing about these men except that they've come to WCF to show their stuff, and that's what we'll see tonight.

  • Logan Backstage
  • The scene opens up backstage with Logan and Cradle standing in a hallway together.

    PC Cradle: I don't know how far this tag team of ours is going last, but I will say this-

    Logan: MY HEAD!

    Logan leans against the hall way, his hands covering his head.

    PC Cradle: What's wrong?

    Logan stands back up, appearing to be normal.

    Logan: I'm fine, really.

    Logan gives Cradle an unusual grin.

    PC Cradle: Uh, see you out there in the ring later tonight.

    Cradle pats Logan on the shoulder before walking off down the hall, out of sight.

    Logan: What's wrong with your head Logan? SHUT UP! There isn't a damn thing wrong with your head, HEY.. don't tell me to shut up Butch. Or what Loogie? Or what? I'll kick your ass right now Butch. Oh yeah? YEAH!

    Shannan Lerch: Who the hell is he talking too?

    Logan: Meet me in my locker room Logan, I'm tired of your mouth.

    Logan points a finger to his chest.

    Logan: You got it Butch, and I want a fair fight.. you boudle!

    Logan walks off down the hall way arguing with himself.

    Zach Davis: That's odd.. to say the least.

  • DKX Segment
  • Tip Your Bartender plays and Dake and X make their way down the ramp, accompanied by Electra. They roll into the ring. They stand there for a few seconds before X calls for a mic.

    X-Rated: OK, we came because we were told that someone had a message for us. Now, we know all you fans are excited to see us, but weíd like our message. The stink of this crap town is getting in my clothes.

    Dake Ken: And considering they already have the stench of goodwill, this stench may not come out.

    X-Rated: Stop helping! As I was saying, we want out of this pathetic town, and we donít want to be seen here any longer than necessary. So whoever it is, get out here.

    He waits for a few moments.

    X-Rated: Hurry the hell up! We donít have all night.

    After a second the lights dim and the old-fashioned movie countdown can be seen on the Jumbotron. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. A little baby can be seen in the bathtub.

    Ladyís voice: Oh look at you Alex. You look so cute in there donít you? Yes you do. Whoís my cute little boy. You are!

    X-Rated: What the hell is this?

    The title of the video fills the screen. X-Ratedís Best Hits.


    Instead it continues. A little league game where Xís team lost. X getting turned down for his first dance. And X-Rated first match ever as lil Alex Zambian. A very unpleasant match. Footage plays of X from XGWO. The scene of Electra discussing his penile problems. Dake beating X in the cage to get Electra fired. Dake and X losing last week to Logan and PC Cradle. And finally X being pantsed on the stage at One. The screen goes dark.

    X-Rated: What the hell was that? I demand to know whoís respons....No, scratch that. I already know. Damnit Gayfather. Get your ass out here and answer for this.

    Christina Milanís AM to PM plays and Gayfather dances out to the stage, Rainbow Brite accompanying him.

    X-Rated: What were you thinking?

    Gayfather: Well, X, I was just thinking. You always demand respect. You say nobody respects your accomplishments. So I thought to myself....self, we need to honor X-Rated. Maybe if the fans saw a little video of X-Ratedís accomplishments, theyíd respect him more. So I put together the video.

    X-Rated: No one will respect me now. That was all crap footage. YOU MADE ME LOOK BAD!

    Gayfather: Iíll admit, my selection of footage was limited. I had to call your mom for extra. But I think I did good.


    Dake Ken: Pretty much sums up your career.

    X: Iím sick of this shit. Gayfather, you have embarrassed me for the last time. Tonight, Iím gonna embarrass you. Tonight, Iíll....Iíll.....Iíll...

    Electra grabs the mic.

    Electra: Tonight, Gayfather, you can go one on one with me. You think youíre such a great dancer, weíll baby, no oneís a better dancer than me. So weíll have a dance off. And when I beat you....youíll know how absolutely pathetic you are.

    X-Rated: Look at this woman, gorgeous, writhe, sexy as all hell. And look at you Gayfather. You donít have a chance.

    Gayfather: I never turn down a chance to dance. YOUíRE ON!

    Zach Davis: Oh my God, this is incredible. Weíll see this right after we come back from this promo detailing the X-Rated and Gayfather feud.

    As the show comes back, a small dance set has been erected inside the ring, a wooden floor, a pole, steps, a few chairs and a bar. Both Electra and Gayfather are in the ring.

    Electra: Why donít we get this out of the way. You can go ahead and go first so youíre embarrassing ass is out of the way. Go ahead.

    Music plays and Rich soft-shoes down the stairs. Using the bar he does and incredible leap, back flipping in mid-air. He lands and begins doing wings, pullbacks and the slides in front of Electra. He does several turns, stopping after each one to spot, then hits a multiple turn, spinning 8 or 10 times before landing. He then drops into some basic break dancing and even discos a little bit before handing the floor over to her. The fans go crazy.

    Electra: Not bad honey. But let me show you how itís done.

    She slinks up to the bar sexily. Rubbing her stomach with both hands, she slides to the floor and slithers to the edge of the ring, licking her lips at some of the guys. She stands and begins to dance erotically, then puts a leg up on the pole and pole dances for awhile. Some of the guys cheer, but itís nowhere near the reaction she was expecting.

    Electra: Youíre just lucky the crowd is mostly women. Otherwise Iíd smoke you. Itís a tie right now.

    Gayfather: Iíve never done that....but I havenít seen a style of dance yet I canít do. So hit the music and let me give it a try.

    The music plays and Gayfather begins mimicking what Electra did. At first he gets laughs but soon all the ladies, and some of the men are cheering. He gets up and Electra is in a huff.

    Electra: Listen here, asshole. I wonít stand for you making fun of me. In fact....

    Before she can finish however, Rainbow Brite runs up behind her and pantses her. While X is trying to help her, Gayfather shrugs and pantses him again. The two of them freak while Gayfather and Rainbow Brite share a quick look and laugh. They then both give a quick soft paddle to their opponentsí backsides and X and Electra high tail it out of the ring. The Elite makes their way up the ramp threatening and cursing as Gayfather and Rainbow Brite dance in celebration.

  • J vs Fugitive
  • The lights go out. After fifteen seconds, Hells Bells starts to play and at each corner of the ring a blue flame comes up. A dark grey light follows J down the ring and he walks in slowly. He stands in the middle of the ring with the flames still going and raises his arm. After five seconds he puts it back down and the flames go down and the areana is re-lit

    800 by Saliva hits, and Fugitive comes out. He walks down the entrance ramp, taunting at the crowd.

    Zach Davis: Let's see what these men have got.

    The two men tie up. J appears to overpower Fugitive, and grabs him by the throat and tosses him across the ring. Fugitive gets right back up and runs at J, going for a Clothesline, but J just absorbs it. Fugitive goes for another Clothesline... J still doesn't go down... Fugitive goes for another.. J drops to one knee. Fugitive grabs his head and DDTs him to the mat.

    Shannan Lerch: Fugitive, finally getting J down.

    Zach Davis: Yeah, this J is massive.

    Fugitive quickly pins J, looking for the early win. One... two... J throws him off. J goes to get up but Fugitive kicks him a few times, and then grabs his legs, and goes for the Sharpshooter. J kicks Fugitive away, and then hits another Choketoss.

    Shannan Lerch: Fugitive has an uphill battle. J can just throw him around like a rag doll!

    Fugitive gets back up and runs at J, but J ducks it and hits a Backdrop. He then covers Fugitive. One.. two... shoulder up.

    Zach Davis: Nearfall.

    J picks Fugitive up and throws him into the turnbuckle. Fugitive uses his speed to stop himself, slide under the ropes, and quickly hit a Springboard Missile Dropkick, sending J back. He then runs and hits a Flying Head Scissors! J goes down to the mat.

    Shannan Lerch: Yes, Fugitive needs to use his speed.

    Fugitive quickly pins J. One.. two... J kicks out. Fugitive stomps J a few times, keeping him on the ground. Fugitive then begins climbing the top rope.

    Zach Davis: Ooh, what's he going to do?

    Right as he reaches the top, J is up too, and he starts hitting Fugitive. J climbs up with Fugitive, getting him to a standing position, and hits a Superplex! Both men land hard on the mat. J slowly stands up, and waits for Fugitive to as well. Once Fugitive is up, J grabs his throat, and lifts him up...

    Shannan Lerch: He's going for a Chokeslam!

    No, Fugitive reverses it, hitting an Armdrag! J flies to the other side of the ring, gets up quick, runs at Fugitive, and goes right into the Death Sentence!

    Zach Davis: OH! Great move!

    Fugitive pins, hooking the leg! One... two... no, kickout!

    Shannan Lerch: What!? I thought Fugitive had this thing won.

    Zach Davis: Nope, J is just that damn powerful.

    Fugitive climbs to the top rope, and raises his arms into the air. He then flies off, sending J to Death Row! This results in another pinning combination. One... two.... three!

    Shannan Lerch: Fugitive wins!

    J rolls out of the ring and leaves while Fugitive celebrates. Wherever I May Roam blares from the speakers...

  • Davey Ortega Promo
  • Davey Ortega walks out. He has a briefcase. He walks to the ring, Fugitive still inside, and the music cuts.

    Davey Ortega: It's been awhile since I have been here. I have been tied up with official WCF business but I am now back. I am back with a few announcments as well. First of all, the travesty that happend at One... When the greatest WCF champion lost his title to some neo nazi punk wanna be!! Trent, you know I have been fighting for you to get a rematch for the Title. The only way for that to happen is for you to win the War match, but that shouldn't be too hard for you, should it? And since Neo lost his title to X Rated... I'm sure X will gladly give you a rematch.

    Fans boo.

    Davey Ortega: Now... for this whole Anti-Elite business. If you insignificant morons think you can take out the Elite, then we invite you to bring it. I mean my God, the Elite has the General Manager of this show behind them all the way, there is nothing you can do to dismantle them. PC Cradle found that out the hard way, didn't you Cradle? When I buried my brass knucks right into your huge forehead.. and watched your ugly face bleed.. I felt like a God! So Logan, Cradle, Neo, and Gayfather... you can recruit whomever you want... it will not matter. This is my show and I call the shots.

    More booing, and "asshole!" chants.

    Davey Ortega: Now, onto new business. I have decided to get someone who will protect my best interest. Ever since that unkind incident with Creeping Death.. I knew I needed someone to enforce my laws. Ladies and gentlemen... Fugitive!!

    Ortega points to Fugitive as he stands in the ring, coldly.

    Davey Ortega: This man will soon be the most feared individual in WCF. He is my bodyguard, my entourage, my surrigate son. I have seen him grow and thrive...and he wouldn't let anything happen to his surrigate dad. So he will be at my side, every week on Slam!

    Davey hands the briefcase to Fugitive, who holds it.

    Davey Ortega: Hold this, son. Now, for my last announcement. It is obvious to everyone about the dissolution of Thursday Night. Which means that Slam is once again the only show on WCF. Do you people know why that is?

    The fans start to chant ''Logan''. Davey seems really irritated, as is Fugitive.

    Davey Ortega: NO! Shut up! Logan is nothing but a has been and a burn out!! The reason is me!! I'm the reason Slam is so succesfull. Look at what I've done for it. Introduceing Trent Hunter to WCF. Co-introducing the Elite Title. So.. in honor of myself. I have created something for me, and only me.

    Davey opens the briefcase Fugitive is holding and pulls out the WCF US Title. Only it now reads ''Undisputed GM Champion.'' Davey straps it around his waist.

    Davey Ortega: This title symbolizes my greatness. I have withstood another GM, who now works on my show. Wow, Gravedigger, not only is your body old and broken... it looks like you're as stupid as ever. You couldn't even manage a piss poor show like Thursday Night!! Gravedigger, I ran Steve Carr out of this fed... I defeated Creeping Death in a tables match... you are my next victim.

    Wherever I May Roam hits again and the two men leave with a chorus of boos.

  • Neo Finds A Partner
  • Neo is backstage, getting a drink of coffee. He's approached by Kyle Steel.

    Kyle Steel: Hey, Neo, I'm the new backstage interviewer. Got a minute?

    Neo: Yeah, sure.

    Kyle Steel: Speculation has been running rampant about the identity of the mystery partners tonight. Do you have any clue about who your partner is going to be?

    Neo: Quite frankly, Kyle, no. I don't. None of us care. We're out there to get the Elite and beat the hell out of them. We don't need a partner, we don't care if it's four on five. We just want to kick their ass.

    Kyle Steel: Well, yeah, but-

    Before Kyle can finish, Nate Nytro, the Cruiserweight Champion, walks up. He's wearing a hoodie and has the Cruiserweight Title around his waist.

    Nate Nytro: Neo! Just the man I've been looking to see! I have a GREAT idea.

    Neo: Uh... OK, what?

    Nate first takes something out of the hoodie's pocket, and then takes it off. He's wearing a T-shirt that says "Sporin".

    Nate Nytro: I am no longer Nate Nytro, no. I am now Nate "Sporin" Nytro.

    Neo: So? What does this have to do with me?

    Nate holds up the package he got from inside his hoodie. It's Neosporin Scar Solution, Neosporin's newest product.

    Nate Nytro: You and me, teaming up, collectively known as Neo-Sporin! We'll inflict scars on our opponents, and our name will tell our enemies who to get their scar products and pain relievers from when we BEAT THEM SENSELESS!

    Neo: Uh.. well.. see, Nate, that sounds great and all, but-

    Nate Nytro: Call me Sporin... partner.

    Neo laughs to himself for a second.

    Neo: Man.. you know what? You've got yourself a deal. You can be my partner tonight. Get your stuff ready, kid.

    Nate Nytro: Hell yeah!

    Neo and Nytro walk away, leaving Kyle Steel stunned.

    Kyle Steel: There you have it, fans. The Anti-Elite team has found their partner... wow.

    We go back to ringside.

  • Seth Lerch Segment
  • Seth Lerch runs out to the parking lot to see firemen putting out the remains of what used to be a mint condition Porsche.

    Seth Lerch: What the hell happened?

    Fireman: Well, sir. Someone set your car on fire.

    Seth Lerch: Oh my God. My new Porsche. I just bought that. It was a limited edition.

    Fireman: Iíd say it just got a whole hell of a lot more limited.

    Seth Lerch: Were there any clues?

    Fireman: Yes sir. This was left on the ground.

    Seth looks down at the picture of a snarling dog.

    Seth Lerch: Iíve had it. This has to stop.

  • Gravedigger/Dobbie vs Bishop/Priest
  • The lights go out as "In My Life" by Juvenile starts playing. Gravedigger and Dobbie walk out from the back and stand at the top of the ramp soaking in the cheers from the crowd. They walk down the ramp slowly while slapping hands with the fans that are close enough to the barricade to reach them. They then climb into the ring and mount each turnbuckle to the cheers of the crowd until they've both been on all four turnbuckles. Then they hop down and stand off to the side, Dobbie getting Gravedigger ready for the match.

    The arena gets dark as the sound of drums is heard. Bishop and Priest walk out, and a light follows them to the ring.

    Zach Davis: A lot of pride in this match. Let's see if Gravedigger still has what it takes.

    Gravedigger starts the match for his team, and Bishop for his. The two go after each other immediately, tieing up.. and Bishop gets the advantage, pushing Gravedigger away. The crowd is stunned.

    Shannan Lerch: Haha, little bit of ring rest, there, Gravedigger?

    Gravedigger doesn't look happy about that last exchange, and they tie up again. This time Gravedigger overpowers Bishop, pushing him down to the mat. Bishop gets right up and goes to Clothesline Gravedigger down, Gravedigger ducks it and throws Bishop into the ropes. GD then catches Bishop and hits a huge Belly to Belly Suplex!

    Zach Davis: Great move.

    Priest is in the ring, and grabs Gravedigger from behind. He hits a Russian Legsweep, and then gets out of the ring. Bishop slowly stands up and starts kicking at Gravedigger, and hits a Standing Headbutt. He then tags Priest into the ring. Both Bishop and Priest stomp Gravedigger for a bit, then pick him up and both grab his throat.

    Shannan Lerch: They're going to hit a Double Chokeslam!

    Gravedigger kicks Bishop, sending him out of the ring, and then throws Priest to the other side of the ropes. He then catches Priest in a huge Powerslam, following up with a pin. One... two... no, Priest kicks out.

    Zach Davis: Almost had it, there.

    Gravedigger picks Priest up and puts him in a Headlock. He then tags in Dobbie. Dobbie gets onto the turnbuckle and jumps off with a Flying Axehandle Smash onto Priest's back. He then kicks Priest a few times as Gravedigger climbs onto the apron.

    Shannan Lerch: Dobbie isn't normally a wrestler, but he's looking good so far.

    Dobbie keeps on the attack, but Priest is slowly getting up. Dobbie runs to the other side of the ring and then goes for a Flying Cross Bodyblock, but Priest catches him and hits a huge Fallaway Slam! He then tags Bishop back in.

    Zach Davis: As good as Dobbie may be, Bishop and Priest have a huge size advantage.

    Bishop comes in, pretty cocky, and kicks Dobbie around a bit. He then picks him up and puts his head between his legs, lifts him up for a Powerbomb... but no, Dobbie starts fighting back, punching him in the head! Dobbie manages to hit a Victory Rollup, and the ref drops to pin!



    No! Priest is in the ring to break it up!

    Shannan Lerch: Wow, Dobbie almost had it.

    Both Bishop and Priest stomp at Dobbie furiously, and Gravedigger goes to get in the ring to stop it. The ref yells at Gravedigger, not noticing the double teaming. Bishop picks him up and he and Priest grab him by the throat. They hit a Double Chokeslam! Priest rolls out of the ring as Bishop pins. The ref turns around and makes the count.



    Gravedigger is in the ring now anyway and kicks Bishop right in the head. The ref yells at him to leave the ring, which he does. Bishop slowly, groggily stands up as Dobbie has begun crawling over to Gravediggers corner. Bishop grabs Dobbie's leg and pulls him away. Dobbie begins standing up, Bishop still holding the leg. Dobbie hits an Enziguri! He then dives and tags Gravedigger.

    Zach Davis: Here we go, once again.

    Gravedigger gets in with a head of steam. Bishop is up and Gravedigger runs at him and hits the Grave Marker! Priest gets in the ring, knowing the end could be near, and runs at Gravedigger. GD uses his momentum to pick him up and hit a Death Valley Driver! He then climbs to the top rope, the crowd gets on their feet...

    Shannan Lerch: Gravedigger is awfully big to be on the top rope! Let's see this!

    He flies off and hits the Death From Above onto Priest! Priest immediately rolls out of the ring. Bishop has begun slowly standing up, wobbly, and Gravedigger catches him. He hits the Death Driver!

    Zach Davis: That's it! This match is over.

    Gravedigger makes the pin.




    Shannan Lerch: Gravedigger and Dobbie win!

    Gravedigger stands and climbs one turnbuckle as Dobbie climbs the other, raising their arms to a cheering crowd. They then climb down and begin heading off to the back.

  • Return Promo
  • The camera is shown in New York City. It zooms into a dark apartment. There is a man in the shadows.

    Cameraman: Who is this?

    ???: Reckless Jack.

    Cameraman: OK. Why donít you come out of the shadows.

    Reckless Jack: Nah, Iím good right here.

    Cameraman: Whatever.

    Reckless Jack: Here I am, as you can see I havenít been around for a week or so. As you all know, Alec Spade ended the career of Snake. I know, you must be thinking, ďWhy does Reckless Jack care about Snake?Ē. The reason why is that me and him were friends and still are. We grew up together in NYC until he moved to D.C. with his family. Then we went to the same wrestling school. We even got done at the same time. Thatís not why I am talking to you people here tonight. I am gonna talk about the War match coming up. I am gonna end all spectulation and say that I am gonna be in the War match. Its not gonna be pretty at all. No, I am gonna go on and wi... No I ainít gonna win the match. I know I canít, but that doesnít mean I canít try and win. If I do win though, I am gonna make people believe in my by doing it. Thatís right, I want the first spot in the match. I want to try to make the miracle happen and try to go coast to coast next Sunday. Next up is the title I lost. Nate Nytro, you gave one hellva match. I am glad to see you with that title. It fits you to a... whatever. The title match I am gonna watch, besides the WCF World Title Match is the Hardcore Title match. It ought to be a good one for sure. When I show my face at War, you might think ďWhere is Jacky?Ē. Well, I caught her with another guy. So I said hit the bricks bitch. Well, onto War again. X or PC, one of you guys will have a worthy challenger for title. Now thatís all I got to say besides... IíM RICK JAMES BITCH!!!

    The camera feed goes back to the show and the announcers speculate.

  • The Elite Find A Partner
  • X-Rated, Dake Ken, and Jason Tilley are backstage, with Electra and Tiff of course. They're sitting and talking casually.

    X-Rated: We can't afford to lose this match. I don't want Gayfather humiliating us again.

    Dake Ken: Us? You mean YOU.

    X punches Dake in the arm, not too hard.

    X-Rated: Shut up. I'm the World Champion, and you're lucky to be called Jobber of the Week.

    Jason Tilley: Seriously though, yeah, Trent told us he has a partner in mind. He'll deliver. He always does.

    Seconds later, Trent walks into the room. He's accompanied by none other than...

    Dake Ken: Twister?

    Yes, Trent Hunter is standing beside Twister, another one of WCF's rookies and Nate Nytro's tag team partner.

    Trent Hunter: I introduce to you, Trent Hunter's pet project, Twister. You guys don't know it, but I've been helping to train Twister is the last few weeks. And as you can see, he's come quite far thanks to me. He may not be a member of the Elite quite yet, but with the progress he's making he'll be here in no time.

    Twister: Thanks man. Hey, you know who the other team's partner is yet? I can't wait to kick his ass.

    The Elite look around at each other nervously, knowing it's Nate Nytro, and knowing that if Twister found this out he may not want to do the match anymore.

    Jason Tilley: Uh.. no idea. Last I heard they couldn't find anyone because everyone knows we're gonna win this match.

    Twister: Damn right! Haha, this is gonna own.

    Twister high fives the members of the Elite as they walk out of the dressing room, ready to go to the ring for the match.

  • Seth Lerch/Madd Dogg Segment
  • Anger Rising hits, and as usual, Seth walks out quickly. He gets into the ring, mic in hand.

    Seth Lerch: For weeks now, Iíve been dealing with a madman. A man who has no conscience. A man who plays by no rules. A man who would torch my car, put wild animals in my office. A man who would threaten my very family. Itís time to settle things once and for all. Madd Dogg get out to the ring.

    Instead of responding, the stage stays dark. Seth appeals a few more times, but nothing. Suddenly the arena goes dark. The picture of the Dogg flashes in lights on different sections of the arena.


    The ringposts explode around Seth. He flinches as the top of the Sethtron begins to spark and Madd Dogg rises from the top of the structure.

    Seth Lerch: Madd Dogg, I...

    Madd Dogg: No, you shut up. Weíve all heard what you have to say. Itís my turn to talk. Iíve listened to you jamoke. Iíve listened to you threaten, and cajole and demand and bitch and piss and moan. And Iím calling the shots now, Seth. I AM coming back. Youíve had youíre fun. Youíve played your little games and Iíve played mine. And I think we know whoís winning.

    Seth Lerch: Thatís why I called you out here, Madd Dogg. I give up. You want to come back, I say fine. What will it take, Madd Dogg? What will it take to make this all end?

    Madd Dogg: You know what I want Seth. I want back whatís mine. The Hardcore and TV titles. They have been sullied. And Iíll be damned if I let peons continue to tarnish my belts. I put both those belts on the map. And to see them disgraced like this boils my blood. So you know what itíll take.

    Seth Lerch: UGH.

    Madd Dogg: Thereís a contract at your feet Sethie boy. Read it.

    Seth picks the contract up and skims through it.

    Seth Lerch: Triple original pay. Ouch. Full reinstatement. No matches against Shark Boy? Who?

    Madd Dogg: You know, NWA guy, blue head, sharp teeth. Saw him wrestle here.

    Seth Lerch: Defman?

    Madd Dogg: THATíS who that was? Well, God. Thatís who I meant.

    Seth Lerch: Sigh. He doesnít even work here. Whatever. Bishop and Priest. Monster Squad. This list is huge. I have to ask your permission to put you in a match? 100% creative control? NO way.

    Madd Dogg: I can go back to stalking you. Pick off your family one by one.

    Seth thinks then pulls out a pen and signs the contract without reading the rest.

    Madd Dogg: Oh, yeah. And thereís other special provisions you may want to read.

    Seth looks it over and pales. Dogg grabs a pully and slides down to the ring face to face with Seth.

    Seth Lerch: You got what you want. Let it end.

    Madd Dogg: It will Seth. Congratulations. You just booked yourself a match at War. SETH LERCH VS. MADD DOGG. IN A STEEL CAGE.

    The crowd goes crazy as Seth pales and grabs the ropes to keep from falling over.

    Madd Dogg: You tried to make my life miserable. So now, Iíll just make yours.... end.

    Dogg then grabs the contract and sign it himself before stunning Seth. Pulling out the katana, he buries it in the mat inches from Sethís head. The arena goes dark and when the lights come back on, both he and the sword are gone.

  • Cradle/Logan/Neo/Gayfather/Nytro vs X/Hunter/Dake/Tilley/Twister
  • Get to the Gone by Static X hits, with a very load thrash metal riff and a very long scream by the lead singer of the band. The crowd goes into a frenzy as PC Cradle steps through the curtain. He is shouting, screaming, spitting, and generally acting pissed off. He carries a solid black steel chair to the ring with him. About 2 metres from the ring, he runs and rolls under the bottom rope. The fans sing along to his entrance music in unison. Once in the ring, he drops the chair and runs to the opposite corner of the ring. After climbing to the middle turnbuckle, he raises his arms and crosses them in the air. Then, arms still crosses at the wrists, he makes the metal sign with both hands. When he climbs off the second turnbuckle, he jumps and does a 180 in the air, bringing his arms down at the same time as making a loud bang on the ring mat.

    Zach Davis: He's the number one contender and Tag Team Champion!

    The lights in the arena dim blue, and a loud echoing gun shot is heard. Drums start pounding, and Metallica's "The Struggle Within" blasts out over the speakers. Logan steps through the curtains, looking around to a screaming crowd which repeatedly chants his name. Logan smiles, finally appreciating the fans he's spit on the last four years. Logan slowly walks down the ramp, flexing his shoulders and arms a bit, before sliding into the ring. Logan paces around looking at the crowd as the lights in the arena go back to normal, and the music cuts.

    Shannan Lerch: And the other Tag Team Champion, Logan.

    The lights go down as the Jumbotron shows nothing but a shadow of a man on a boiler room wall with red lighting. We see the shadow punch and kick to the four sounds that echo throughout the stadium. Shift! CLANG! Lock! BANG! The heavy part of ďBack to MadĒ rips through the arena. Neo walks out and starts motioning for the crowd to get on their feet! The Jumbotron shows a black screen with green letters saying ďNewĒ and followed by white letters saying ďEndĒ. The black screen fades to a half-face shot of Neo, who frowns and looks at the audience with those red eyes! Right when this happens the screen of Neo fades out, but the green ďNĒ, white ďEĒ and the red eye that looks like an ďOĒ! When his name finally does appear heís already in the ring and shoots the eye at the moment the red pyro goes off at the top of the ramp way!

    Zach Davis: There's Neo, and look at Nytro! He's halfway down to the ring as well. I guess he wasn't used to doing Neo's entrance as well as Neo was, heh.

    As Zach just stated, Nate "Sporin" Nytro is running down to the ring, still wearing his "Sporin" T-shirt.

    Shannan Lerch: I wonder if he knows Twister is the Elite's partner. I doubt it.

    Somebody hit the lights
    Tap dancing noises...
    So we can rock it day and night
    More with a drum...
    People gettin' down, that's right
    More drum...
    from AM to PM.

    Two spotlights circle the audience, changing color. As they do so they come to rest on Gayfather who dances to the ring. Rainbow Brite holds the ropes open while Gayfather does the diva entrance.

    Zach Davis: Gayfather and Neo used to be Tag Team Champions, so them teaming up isn't anything new.

    Tip Your Bartender hits, and out comes The Elite. In order from left to right stands Tiff, Dake Ken, Jason Tilley, Trent Hunter, Twister, X-Rated, and Electra. X-Rated raises his World Title into the air as they begin to walk down the ramp.

    Shannan Lerch: There's the difference between these two teams. The Elite are one solid unit; the Anti-Elite team is singles wrestlers kinda teaming up. But they're not going to have the same kind of chemistry and teamwork that The Elite has.

    As they're walking down, Twister finally notices Nytro in the ring, and Nytro notices Twister. They look at each other, with "What the hell?" looks on their faces. Before anything can happen, the four Elite members slide into the ring at once and instantly start beating on the Anti-Elite members. X-Rated is almost unsure as to whether he should go for Gayfather or Cradle, but he eventually decides on Gayfather. Trent goes for Cradle, Dake goes for Neo, and Tilley goes for Logan. Twister rolls in and asks Nate what's going on, but before anyone can get any answers Twister gets thrown out of the ring by Logan, who also just threw out Tilley.

    Zach Davis: This match is pure chaos!

    Shannan Lerch: Did you think it would be anything other than that?

    Dake and Neo have spilled to the outside, and Trent and Cradle have too. This leaves Nate, X-Rated, and Gayfather in the ring. Nate takes this opportunity by helping Gayfather and hitting X on the back several times. He and Gayfather then send X to the ropes, and they hit a Linked Clothesline!

    Zach Davis: The World Champ not faring well in the opening seconds of this match.

    Shannan Lerch: Doesn't Nytro have any respect? He shouldn't even be in the same ring with a World Champion such as X-Rated!

    X drops to the mat and Nytro goes to the apron where he can wait for a tag. Gayfather stomps X a bit, then prances around a bit. This gives X a chance to get up, and as Gayfather turns back around, and X hits him with a Hard Clothesline. Gayfather hits the mat hard, and X lays the stomps to him.

    Zach Davis: Well, there you go, X-Rated turned that around quickly. He's back in control.

    X picks Gayfather up and then executes a mean Dragon Suplex into pin. The ref drops and counts.. one, two, no, Neo kicks X off. Both Gayfather and X get up slowly and exchange blows. X eventually ducks one of Gayfather's and follows up with a Superkick! Gayfather is sent back, and he tags in Logan. The crowd roars.

    Shannan Lerch: Logan, getting in the ring with the World Champion... there's always something about that that makes you tingle inside.

    Zach Davis: Yeah, Logan tingled your insides good, remember?

    Shannan Lerch: And he BROKE MY HEART! DAMN YOU, LOGAN!

    Logan and X-Rated circle, and eventually lock up. The Champ gets the advantage, putting Logan in a headlock, but Logan pushes him off. X is sent into the ropes, Logan drops to the mat and X jumps over him, X then leapfrogs over Logan, and after that X hits Logan with another Hard Clothesline!

    Zach Davis: X had a TREMENDOUS amount of momentum with that move.

    X then begins climbing the turnbuckle, and as he reaches the top the fans begin to boo. He takes a little time to yell at them before hitting the Moonsault, but in that time Logan rolls away, sending X into the canvas.

    Shannan Lerch: X can't let those fans get to him. It's going to be even worse now that he's Champ.

    Logan slowly stands up, and stomps X a few times. He picks him up but X switches behind Logan and hits a Reverse DDT. X then tags in Dake Ken.

    Zach Davis: That's just plain instinct, going for his former Tag Titles partner.

    Dake gets in and kicks at Logan with cold, calculated precision. He picks Logan up and goes to pick him up for a Death Valley Driver, but Logan slips behind him, spins him around, and hits an Evenflow DDT! Logan quickly pins. One... two... no, Dake kicks out. Logan tags in Cradle.

    Shannan Lerch: Here comes the number one contender!

    As Cradle gets in Dake is back up. Cradle runs at him and Clotheslines him down. Dake gets right back up, and is met with another Clothesline. He gets up again and this time ducks Cradle's Clothesline, and hits a T-Bone Suplex. He kicks Cradle repeatedly before picking him up and shoving him into the turnbuckle. Dake punches him a few times, and then Cradle switches and throws several punches at Dake! He then throws Dake towards the Elite's corner, yelling at him to tag in X.

    Zach Davis: Cradle wants the World Champion!

    Dake Ken flips Cradle off, and then tags in Twister. The crowd boos.

    Shannan Lerch: Oh, shut up. Buy War V on Sunday if you want to see Cradle and X go at it!

    Cradle is about to tie up with Twister, but instead he goes over and tags in Nytro. Nytro gets into the ring hesitantly, and it looks like neither of them want to fight.

    Zach Davis: They're tag partners, not enemies. Let's see what they do here.

    Reluctantly, they tie up. They come to a stalemate. They tie up again, and this time Nytro hits an Arm Drag. Twister gets right back up, looking not too happy that Nytro got the advantage. Twister quickly hits a mean Dropkick, sending Nytro down. Nytro, like Twister, gets right back up. They've both had enough, turn, and tag in other members from their team. Nate tags in Neo while Twister tags in Hunter.

    Shannan Lerch: Oh damn.. here we go.

    Neo and Trent both get into the ring, looking at one another. Staring each other down. Each trying to gain the mental advantage.

    Zach Davis: This is tough to call. Neo DID beat Trent in their first one on one matchup. However, Neo dropped the ball and lost the Title, and wasn't near as good a Champ as Trent. So who knows who has the psychological advantage here.

    They approach, and lock up. Neo gains the upper hand and pushes Trent into a turnbuckle. Neo punches him a few times and then throws him to the other turnbuckle, all the way across the ring. Trent stumbles forward and Neo Spears him to the mat! He then makes the pin.

    Shannan Lerch: That Spear was perfect, this may be it!

    One... two.. no! Trent kicks out. Neo stomps furiously at Hunter, who rolls out of the ring. Neo then goes for a Baseball Slide, but Trent sidesteps it and pulls Neo out. Trent slams Neo's head into the guardrail, and then throws him into the ring steps! The crowd ooh's as he hits.

    Zach Davis: If anyone can take a beating, it's Neo.

    Trent then throws Neo back into the ring. He applies a Single Leg Grapevine, yanking away at Neo's leg.

    Shannan Lerch: Neo's been put into that move week in and week out in his battles with Trent, I'm sure it has to be starting to get to him.

    Cradle gets into the ring and stomps Trent, getting him off Neo. He then goes back to the apron. Both Trent and Neo rest a bit, and both begin crawling towards their respective corners. Neo tags in Nytro as Hunter tags in Tilley.

    Zach Davis: Tilley, the fresh man, and Elite Champion. Going up against the Cruiserweight Champ.

    Nytro runs at Tilley and hits a Flying Bodypress, sending him down. Nate mounts and punches him a few times. He then gets off and climbs the turnbuckle, but before he can do anything Tilley dives into the ropes. Nate falls into the turnbuckle in a sitting position. Tilley sets him up in the tree of woe, and then starts kicking at his gut mercilessly.

    Shannan Lerch: Good move, good move.

    Eventually Nytro falls off the turnbuckle to the mat. Tilley continues stomping him, jumping every now and then for added momentum. He picks Nytro up and is going for a Piledriver, but Nytro is somehow able to wriggle free and rolls Tilley up! The ref counts!



    No! Dake is in the ring, and he kicks Nytro off. Dake and Tilley then double team Nytro, kicking him a few times and hitting a Double Suplex before the ref makes him leave. Tilley then tags in X-Rated.

    Zach Davis: Here comes the World Champ again.

    As X gets in, he motions for the rest of the Elite to get in as well. All four of them start kicking at Nytro, Twister just watching. Soon all of the Anti-Elite team is in as well, and there's an all out brawl!

    Shannan Lerch: All hell has broken loose, again!

    Nytro ends up getting thrown out of the ring. Trent's thrown Neo out, and Cradle and Dake Ken soon spill to the outside. Twister and Tilley are brawling, they end up outside, and X-Rated tosses Gayfather out next. This leaves X-Rated, Trent Hunter, and Logan in the ring. Logan is dazed, and turns around, and X-Rated hits him with the X-Plicit!

    Zach Davis: It's over, the Elite have the match.

    X stands up, and he's about to pin Logan. Before he can, someone grabs him from behind, pulls him in, and Powerbombs him straight into the mat!

    Zach Davis: It's... it's....

    Shannan Lerch: Oh my God!

    Zach Davis: Trent Hunter.

    Everyone is in a stunned silence after what they just saw. Trent stomps at X-Rated, mercilessly, and then locks in the Boston Leglock. He yanks it for a few seconds before giving it up and rolling out of the ring, and heading to the back. Logan has stumbled up, barely knowing what happened. He picks X-Rated up and locks him in a Sleeper before hitting The Connector!

    Shannan Lerch: There it is!

    Logan makes the pin.




    Zach Davis: The Anti-Elite team get the win! Logan has pinned the World Champion!

    Shannan Lerch: But.. did you see that? Trent... he.. he turned his back on them. He turned his back on The Elite.

    Logan rolls out of the ring, and he grabs Cradle and begins helping him to the back. Cradle will have none of it, and walks himself. He points at X, nodding, making the "belt around waist" motion. The other members of the Elite are back in the ring, picking up X, and asking him what the hell happened. They seem to be in shock as well.

    Zach Davis: Well fans... we'll see you at The War V. Goodnight.

    The copyright information appears as we fade out.