Saturday Slam Intro
Damien Ecks Promo
TV Title: Damien Ecks vs Matthew Steele
Epic and Slasher vs Monster Squad
Madd Dogg Promo
Creeping Death vs Brad Aikman
Cyrus Promo
Junkyard Justice vs JR
Scavenger of Sorrow vs Jam
Logan Promo
Logan and Wreck vs Priest and Bishop
Gravedigger and DAW vs Hellz Angel and Kaos

  • Saturday Slam Intro
  • Lords of Destruction hits and the crowd erupts as WCF is on the air! We go around the arena and see signs such as "Go Back To The Junkyard, J.J.", "Logan: SHUT UP!", "Gravedigger can dig me any day", and "Priest Molested My Son". We go to the announcer's booth.

    Zach Davis: We regret to inform you that the television feed for most of the night has been out, so you haven't seen any of the action going on.

    Shannan Lerch: And a lot of action it was!

    Zach Davis: We still have our main event coming up, but before that, we're going to go backstage with Kyle Steel for a recap of tonights events.

    Kyle Steel: We started Blast off with a great match between our Television Champion and Damien Ecks. But before we did that, we had a word from Ecks himself.

  • Damien Ecks Promo
  • The scene opens up to ecks walking out of a black car, the driver shuts the door and hand "X" his jacket.

    Driver: Here you are Mr Ecks

    Ecks looks at the driver with a cold stare and the driver knods his head and says........

    Driver: 30 mins, yes sir

    Without any emotion and his soul peircing stare he walks dow toward then Hank Brown walks up and asks him about his match and his affiliation with Mace and Jax. He stares at Hank and he backs off and little.

    X: I dont find reason to talk much, I never really have really, my silence is often misunderstood, but it does not go without reason. Mace and Jax are childhood friends , that s is all the iformation you nned to know at this point.

    Hank Brown: what about your title match, it is your first match ever in your career, what do you tink your chances of winning a title in your debut.

    X: My thoughts are of my own and tat is how they will stay. I do not wish to share them with the world, yet i will explain and teach a fact of life. I do not believe in chance, see you impose that my "chances" are not very good for my lack of ring time. Let me tell you about chance. Chance leads to faith. Fait turns to luck, that luck turns into hope, hope to need, then when you need you become desperate. Desperation leads to mistakes. You might want to ask my opponents what they feel their "chances" are.

    Hank Brown: Whoa, thats deep. what role are you playing in the WCF along side Mace and Jax?

    X looks at Hank with a emotionless dead stare and he backs off more then before

    X: Do you not listen, and if you are worried about your well being , DONT. Do i owe the WcF or the world and explination of every move i make. You want one Ill give you one. The people of the WcF see in only twop spectrums. The good spectrum meaning you are a face, and the bad meaning you are a heel, what this establishment is the spectrum between the two. One has a reason to be who they are, either an experience or occurance has caused them to act in certain ways. Good and Basd are roles the 3 of us do not choose to play. What this federation will see is the Grey area between the good and the bad. No more wil be said after that.

    Hank Brown: The grey area between the good and the bad interesting

    Hank looks down to think about that statement and as he looks up "X" is gone.

  • Television Title Match: Damien Ecks vs Matthew Steele
  • Kyle Steel: As for the match, Ecks put up a good fight, and we saw many nearfalls, but Steele once again showed his determination and ended up pinning the man with the Steele Driver. He also hit the Facelift earlier in the match. Good showing by both men.

  • Epic and Slasher vs Monster Squad
  • Kyle Steel: Epic and Slasher worked well individually against the Monster Squad, but Monster Squad used their tag team knowledge to get the advantage over the team on a few occasions. In the end, Epic and Slasher ended up beating the Squad, when Epic pinned The Creeper.

  • Madd Dogg Promo
  • A reporter is running out to the parking area.

    Hank Brown: Iíve just gotten word that somethingís happening in the parking lot. Someone has arrived.

    As the camera gets into the lot, a beat up Chevy Celebrity can be seen, with a sun visor depicting a rabid bulldog spread across the inside of the windshield.

    Hank Brown: Oh, my God. Does this mean. Ladies and Gentlemen, Madd Dogg has finally arrived.

    Dogg gets out from inside his car.

    Hank Brown: (running up to him) Mr. Madd Dogg, can I have a word with you?

    Madd Dogg: Everyone will hear me at the same time.

    Hank Brown: But the people want some questions answered. Hell, thisíll make my career. Do you know how hard weíve tried to get a hold of you?

    Dogg has been walking past, he turns around.

    Madd Dogg: Iíll give you an exclusive after I win the Hardcore Title.

    Hank Brown: Donít you mean if.

    Madd Dogg: No, it was never an IF. It was always WHEN.

    With that he turns around and walks into the stadium.

    Zach Davis: He should be here in a matter of seconds...

    The arena goes dark.

    DMX- It is dark and hell is hot.

    The stage explodes. As DMX- Ainít No sunshine comes across the speakers.

    Shannan Lerch: Holy crap! What in the hell is this?

    A low level dim red light reveals a man clad in black with a flowing trench coat. From right to left on the stage, fountains of golden sparks erupt, covering the figure in dying embers. His arms cross in an X in front of him and rise above his head as the stage explodes again.

    Shannan Lerch: this guy is fucking crazy.

    Zach Davis: Watch your mouth. But I think that weíre getting a treat tonight folks. Our first real look at our new superstar Madd Dogg.

    The lights come back up as the man makes his way to the ring. His outfit, mask and coat are all ornately decorated with tan, brown and gold designs. Quickly he slides into the ring.

    Zach Davis: Heís calling for a mic.

    Thereís a mixed reaction from the crowd. Some cheers, some boos. A fan has even painted a sign. ďXWA to NAWF to WEW to XGWO to WCF. Sooner or later we all feel the bite.

    Madd Dogg: So you finally get to see the Dogg. Youíve heard about me for weeks. Seth has been trying to track me down for almost as long. So, here I am.

    Again, the mixture of reaction.

    Madd Dogg: You know, Iíve heard a lot of names tossed around since Iíve been around. Names like Gravedigger. Names like T.O.T. Names like Dark Arts Wizard. Names like Creeping Death, Matthew Steele, Priest. Names like Junkyard justice. But thereís one name I havenít heard, the most important name that this fed will ever hear. That name is Madd Dogg.

    Shannan Lerch: Damn cocky lil bastard if you ask me.

    Zach Davis: Iíve seen him in XGWO, and I can tell you, heís not all talk.

    Madd Dogg: You see, Iím different from everyone else here, and everyone else in every fed Iíve been in. You probably figured that from my ads. I am that rare breed that only comes along once in a lifetime. All of you will look back at this moment and tell your grandchildren that you were there the night that Madd Dogg first spoke to the WCF. You can say you were there the night a legend first appeared. In the WEW, I became Undisputed Champion within two weeks. NAWF, I owned it in just a few short months. Got bored with winning and defending all the belts so I decided to run the fed. XGWO I am the reason the fed is open. But this isnít XGWO. This isnít WEW or NAWF, or XCW, or ABC. This is the WCF. And as far as any of you know, I have to prove myself. And I will. In just one week, at blast, I will go from nobody to Hardcore champion. Despite what he says, Cyrus doesnít have a prayer. I know everything there is to know about him, that heís a crappy driver. That he sounds half retarded when he talks about me. And he doesnít know a damn thing about me. Well, Iíll make it simple. All you have to know is that, in seven days, Iím the man whoís going to take your title. Youíre going to give me everything youíve got, youíre world is going to come crashing down around you, youíll hear 1, 2, 3, and then see your title get passed to me. You just barely held your own against a rookie and you think you can beat me?

    Cyrus music hits, and he walks out.

    Cyrus: You know, you talk a lot of bullshit for a man who doesnít have the balls to do anything but attack me from behind. You watch every move I make huh? You know what that makes you? A legend? No. Someone to be feared? Hardly. A natural disaster? Give me a break. It makes you common. It makes you an average garden-variety stalker. It makes you a pussy.

    Shannan Lerch: Damn, this is getting good.

    Cyrus: Youíre too fucking scared to do anything but wait til my guard is down and then hit me from behind. You donít have the balls to take me on head to head. And you certainly arenít going to become anything at Blast except another victim.

    Madd Dogg: I donít have the balls? You donít understand, little man, you seeÖ

    Cyrus: All I see is a coward who has a lot of flashy talk and nothing else. You know what I say, I say next Saturday isnít soon enough, I say Blast is too far away. Letís go tonight!

    He runs into the ring and the two men begin exchanging right hands as the refs run down. At first a ref pulls him back, but Cyrus is not to be denied as he again goes after Dogg. They again exchange right hands until the refs break them up and force Cyrus out of the ring. As they hold Cyrus back, Dogg grabs the mic again.

    Madd Dogg: At Blast Cyrus, you can come by yourself, you can bring a friend, hell, bring the whole TOT. It can be one on one, two on one. Better call 911 cause youíre gonna need all the help you can get. Iím going to make you the man you always knew you could be alright. But that man still isnít enough to beat me. I will make you a nobody. A normal wrestler, and I will take your place. How is it going to feel when you give your all and I still stand there. Iím a tornado, Cyrus. A tornado isnít good or bad, it simply is. It is pure destruction. Thatís what you face at blast. Not a man, not a stalker, but pure, unbridled destruction. You might be able to delay it, you can bring your whole little group, but come Blast, you will, you will, you will, you will, you will you will you will, good god almighty you WILL FEEL MY BITE!!!!

    Ainít No Sunshine hits as he throws the mic down and walks out, Cyrus screaming after him.

  • Creeping Death vs Brad Aikman
  • Kyle Steel: Creeping Death used his usual high flying moves against Aikman, who was again looking good tonight. Aikman had control of the match most of the time, with C.D. acting pretty lazy. C.D. ended up pulling out the win right at the end, somehow, continuing his undefeated streak and getting ready for his TV Title match against Steele coming up at Blast!

  • Cyrus Promo
  • The scene opens up in the T.O.T. dressing room.

    Wreck: Donít worry bout it Cyrus, donít nobody take that title from you.

    Logan: Right man, thereís not a man alive who can beat one of us in the ring, let alone all of us.

    Wreck: He must be stupid to bait you like that. Youíre gonna kill him.

    Cyrus: Thatís right, mess with one of us, you mess with us all. You did good tonight Madd Dogg. You just signed your own death warrant. Donít worry. We will call 911, cause youíre gonna need a hearse after our match. Iíll show you what being Hardcore means. The TOT is a virus. And youíre about to be infected. And Dogg, this sickness is terminal.

    The scene fades out.

  • Junkyard Justice vs JR
  • Kyle Steel: A VERY hard fought match for both men, and both gave it their all. A wide variety of moves and arsenal from the combatants, and many nearfalls, as both Junkyard Justice and JR could have had the match won any second. Eventually the ref gets accidently knocked out, and Junkyard is able to capitalize by hitting JR several times with a chair. As the ref recovers J.J. throws the chair out of the ring, and makes the pin, winning his comeback match.

  • Scavenger of Sorrow vs Jam
  • Kyle Steel: After we thought we had seen the most brutal match of the night, this proved us wrong. Both Scavenger and Jam used every trick they could in this First Blood Dog Collar match, and each man had his share of turns being choked and pulled by the collar. In fact, let's see a replay of some of that match!

    Jam picks up Scavenger over his head and slams him down onto the mat. He wraps the chair around his fist and starts punching at Scavenger's forehead. Suddenly Hellz Angel runs down the ramp. He climbs to the top turnbuckle and hits Jam from behind with an Angel of Death. Hellz Angel helps Scavenger up and starts stomping on Jam. Scavenger wraps the chain around Jam's neck and pushes him onto the ropes. Jam's arms and head are on the outside of the ring and Scavenger is stomping on his back. Hellz Angel looks down at the ramp and sees Steel running down to the ring. Hellz Angel walks away from Jam and jumps through the ropes and nails Steel with a spear. Both men get up and start exchanging punches. Out of nowhere, from the back of the audience, a man in a black mask jumps over the railing with a chair, runs up to Jam, who's on the 2nd rope, and hits him in the head with the chair. Jam puts his hands on his head as Scavenger tells the ref to check if he's bleeding. As Steel and Hellz Angel exchange punches, Steel overpowers and takes teh advantage. He picks Hellz Angel up by his neck but the masked man comes from the back and hits Steel. Steel drops Hellz Angel. Hellz Angel kicks Steel in the gut, and sets him up for a Hellz Face. The masked man sees Mace and Jax running down the ramp, drops the chair and escapes through the crowd. Hellz Angel hits the Hellz Face, gets up and is closelined by Jax with a magnificent force. And the ref finally sees that Jam is bleeding, and calls for the bell. Security finally gets into the ring and seperates all the men.

  • Logan Promo
  • The scene opens up inside Seth's locker room. Logan and Seth appear to be arguing about something.

    Logan: Come on man let me wrestle!

    Seth Lerch: No! Your suspended till Blast!

    Logan: Yeah, alright man.

    Seth Lerch: Go watch I Love Lucy!

    Logan: I WILL!

    Seth Lerch: OKAY!

    Logan: OKAY!

    Logan slams the door shut walking out to the hall way. Logan notices Wreck walk around the corner spotting him.

    Wreck: Hey man. You ready for the match?

    Logan: .... Wreck.

    Logan looks down.

    Logan: I can't..

    Logan's head pops up as his eyes turn wide with an idea sparking inside his head.

    Logan: I got an idea.

    Logan grabs a chair and folds it out leaning it against the door knob of Seth's office.

    Logan: Ha! He can't stop me now. Come on Wreck, let's go own that ass Treachery style.

    Logan pats Wreck on the back as they head down the hall way on their way to the ring.

  • Logan and Wreck vs Bishop and Priest
  • Kyle Steel: Logan and Wreck worked very well together as a team, as did Bishop and Priest. Again, let's see part of that match...

    Wreck and Priest are in the ring exchanging punches. Bishop and Logan are on the outside waiting for a tag. Priest overpowers Wreck and Logan starts arguing with the ref. The ref gets distracted and out from the crowd jumps out the masked man with the chair and hits Bishop in the back. Bishop falls back from the ring appron and the man in the black mast starts nailing him with the chair. Priest notices whats going on and looks at the masked man as Wreck scores a low blow. Logan is still arguing with the ref as the masked man slides the chair into the ring. Wreck picks Priest up and bodyslams him onto the chair. Wreck kicks the chair out of the ring and pins Priest as the masked man stays ourside the ring. Logan stops arguing with the ref, the ref turns around and starts counting 1...2...3.

    Zach Davis: This is all so confusing... In any case, Wreck and Logan pick up the victory.

    Hellz Angel runs down to the ring as the masked man leaves through the crowd. Hellz Angel runs up to Bishop and superkicks him. Hellz Angel then gets in Bishop's face and is heard saying "You better not screw me over, or you're a dead man!"

    Zach Davis: Bishop is supposed to referee Hellz Angel's match which is up next!

    Hellz Angel walks up the ramp and leaves. We cut to backstage.. DAW is walking out of his locker room. Scavenger of Sorrow comes from behind and attacks DAW! He pushes him into the walls and closelines him over and over. He then stomps on his head and screams "An unstoppable force is coming, and you will get the front seat for the ride along with your loser friends!". Scavenger walks away as the scene goes black...

    Kyle Steel: That was everything to happen up to now, let's go back to Zach and Shannan.

    Zach Davis: Thanks, Kyle. I think DAW has recovered enough to wrestle tonight, I guess we'll see. The main event coming up now.

    Shannan Lerch: Here we go!

  • Gravedigger and DAW vs Hellz and Kaos
  • Loud drums start playing over the speakers as Bishop walks out from the back wearing a referee shirt. He climbs into the ring and looks down, admiring his stripes.

    The lights in the arena go out, "Gramercy Park" hits, and two green pyros cross over the ring. The crowd gives a mixed reaction to Kaos as the lights come back up, and Mike is sitting on the turnbuckle.

    The lights darken and Rob Halford's piercing voice is heard screaming "Can't... Stop... The... PAINKILLER!" and "Painkiller" hits the speakers. Hellz Angel walks out to a silent crowd as camera flashes go off and cigarette lighters turn on all around the arena. He makes his way to the ring and climbs in. He circles the ring and pushes himself off the ropes as the lights come back on.

    "Prayer" by Disturbed hits the sound system as the arena goes dark and cold. Dark Arts Wizard walks out from backstage with a blank look on his face and a vacant stare in his eyes. He's apparently OK, despite the earlier attack. He enters the ring and stops in one of the corners keeping an eye on both of his opponents, waiting for his tag partner to arrive.

    "Get Low" by Ying Yang Twins plays on the speakers.

    Shannan Lerch: What is this? This isn't Gravedigger's music!

    Zach Davis: Maybe he changed it again?

    Shannan Lerch: He does that a lot, so it wouldn't surpri---no wait, it's Dobbie.

    Dobbie walks out onto the top of the ramp. Dark Arts Wizard turns around and looks at Dobbie along with Hellz and Mike. Dobbie has a mic in his hand and puts it up to his mouth.

    Dobbie: Yo yo, let Dobbie speak on this. Dobbie got's something ta say before the GREATEST world champion WCF has ever seen makes his way to that ring. Listen up. Mike Kaos, Dobbie gotta ask who the hell do you think you are dude? We attacked Epic and Matthew Steele makin it easy for ya and you act rude. We out there beatin down fake ass bustahs, keepin it real. You run your mouth talking junk makin it a big deal. Now look where you at, got Hellz Angel on your team. Dude thinks he's a lean, mean fighting machine. Dude more like a power ranger, ain't gonna find no one stranger. Muh fucca sittin in the boiler room with guys all the time, talkin 'bout how Gravedigger's a fag, when everyone knows you'll be the woman in the relationship always havin to nag. Some people say my rhymes suck, to those people...I don't give a

    Dobbie holds the mic up to the audience as they finish his last sentence.

    "I'm not the one who's so far away When I feel the snake bite enter my veins Never did I wanna be here again And I don't remember why I came."

    The opening words to "Voodoo" by Godsmack play on the arena's speakers as the lights go out. Every few seconds a spotlight lights up one of the turnbuckles and upon each turnbuckle is one of the four faceless figures crouching, facing the entryway waiting for Gravedigger. Two more spotlights light up near the entrance as Jessie comes out from the back and stands where one of the spotlights is at, while Dobbie walks over onto the other one. A couple of seconds later the four faceless figures slowly stand up and raise their hands to the sky, as if drawing in power from an invisible force. A shrieking noise can be heard over the song from each one of them. The lights flicker over each figure and then each ringpost bursts into flames, that nearly reach the rafters. The four spotlights quickly meet right in front of the entryway as Gravedigger steps out from the back with the world title strapped around his waist and his mask over half of his face. The crowd goes nuts when they see Gravedigger emerge from the back, not a person in their seats. The three sets of spotlights keep up with Dobbie, Jessie, and Gravedigger as the trio walks to the ring. Dobbie and Jessie walk slightly ahead of Gravedigger and they climb the ring steps followed by Gravedigger. They both sit on the ropes holding them open for Gravedigger who steps through, his eyes glancing back and forth from Dark Arts Wizard to Mike Kaos to Hellz Angel the entire time. Jessie and Dobbie get off of the middle ropes and into the ring. Jessie walks up to Gravedigger and latches onto one of his arms staring at DAW.

    Bishop walks over and takes the belt from Gravedigger which Jessie unstraps. Bishop hands it to the timekeeper. Hellz Angel watches the belt the entire time. Hellz makes belt motions around his waist at Gravedigger. Gravedigger points at his crotch. Hellz gets mad but Bishop tells him to wait for the match to begin. The lights come back up and "Voodoo" stops playing. Gravedigger walks over to DAW and says points at their corner telling DAW he wants to start the match. DAW shakes his head and says he wants to start. They start bickering over who will start the match and look as if they're about to go at it again, but Hellz stops them.

    Shannan Lerch: Why is he stopping them? Shouldn't he let them go at it, that way this match is a piece of cake for him?

    Hellz points at DAW. GD looks at DAW and shrugs. Jessie lets go of Gravedigger's arm and climbs out of the ring along with Dobbie. GD steps through the ropes and onto the apron and stands beside the turnbuckle, as does Mike Kaos. Bishop tells the timekeeper to ring the bell as Hellz Angel and Dark Arts Wizard lock up.


    DAW pushes Hellz against the ropes and irish whips him across the ring. DAW hits Hellz with a chop that floors him. Hellz gets up and DAW hits him with a forearm to the back. He applies a headlock on Hellz Angel. Hellz Angel grabs DAW's legs and lifts him up as he falls backwards nailing a back suplex. DAW gets up and is irish whipped by Hellz. Hellz with a clothesline. Hellz stomps DAW a couple of times and then picks him up. He applies an arm wrench and walks him over to his corner. Hellz tags in Mike Kaos who elbows DAW's arm. Mike Kaos takes DAW's arm from Hellz and applies an arm wrench of his own. He applies pressure as DAW hollers out. Mike lets go and snapmares DAW to the mat. DAW gets back up and is irish whipped into the corner. Mike grabs the middle ropes and rams his shoulder into DAW over and over. Mike lifts DAW up onto the top turnbuckle. Mike climbs up the turnbuckle but DAW holds on, not allowing him to hit a superplex. DAW shoves Mike off who falls to the mat. Mike starts getting up and DAW stands on the top turnbuckle. He leaps off and nails a dropkick. Mike Kaos gets up and is hit with a chop to the chest.

    Crowd: WOOO!

    Mike staggers back into DAW and GD's corner. DAW comes up and hits another chop to the chest.

    Crowd: WOOO!

    GD asks for the tag. DAW ignores GD and nails Kaos with another chop.

    Crowd: WOOO!

    DAW without thinking about it, gets within arm's reach of GD and feels a slap on his back. DAW turns around with a mean look on his face as he sees GD climbing into the ring. DAW starts arguing with him and GD slaps his own hand saying that DAW wouldn't tag him so he tagged himself in. DAW turns to Bishop and starts yelling at him to make GD get back out because that wasn't a tag. Bishop argues back saying it was and DAW gets in his face. Bishop pulls at his referee shirt reminding DAW that he's the referee for this match. Meanwhile, Mike Kaos starts sneaking by the three arguing men as Hellz leans over the ropes. Mike stops dead in his tracks when he feels a hand on his shoulder. He's turned around and GD starts nailing him with rights and then irish whips him back into the turnbuckle at his and DAW's corner. GD nails a chop on Mike Kaos.

    Crowd: WOOO!

    DAW turns away from Bishop and goes back to arguing with GD. GD chops Mike Kaos again.

    Crowd: WOOO!

    DAW looks at GD and then gives Mike Kaos a chop of his own.

    Crowd: WOOO!

    GD looks at DAW and then gives Mike another chop, this one harder than the last.

    Crowd: WOOO!

    DAW gives Mike an even harder chop.

    Crowd: WOOO!

    Mike screams out in pain as his chest feels like it's on fire. His chest is blood red from all the chops. Bishop grabs DAW and makes him get outside of the ring. GD irish whips Mike and clotheslines him to the mat. GD picks him back up and performs a stalling suplex. Mike back up via help from the ropes. GD with another irish whip and Mike Kaos is launched in the air with a back body drop from the world champion. DAW starts fighting back a little with a few rights to the champion, rocking him back a few steps. GD blocks a right and delivers a headbutt to Kaos, knocking him to the ground. GD stomps Mike a couple of times before picking him up off of the mat and driving his knee into Kaos' back with a back breaker. GD with a hard irish whip into his own corner. Hellz gets the blind tag as Mike bounces off and stumbles back towards GD.

    Zach Davis: I don't think GD saw that tag from Hellz, but Bishop did.

    GD takes a couple of steps forward, catches Mike and powerslams him to the mat. GD bounces up, looks out at the crowd and poses for the masses in attendance. Camera flashes go off all over the arena, hoping to get the perfect close up of the WCF world champion. Jessie runs around in front of GD and tells him to turn around. Hellz Angel is behind him, crouched down, gesturing for him to turn around. GD turns around into a spinebuster from Hellz Angel. GD back up and floored with a DDT. Hellz nails the champion with an elbow drop and covers him. Bishop gets in position.

    1..shoulder up!

    Hellz grabs GD by the hair and lifts him up to a standing position. Hellz steps back, holding onto his arm and pulls GD into a short arm clothesline. He picks the champion back up and irish whips him across the ring. GD bounces off the ropes and runs into a knee from Hellz causing the champ to flip over him and onto the mat. DAW starts hollering at GD, mocking him. GD flips DAW off and DAW starts climbing into the ring. Hellz picks GD up as Bishop goes over to stop DAW from getting into the ring. Hellz irish whips GD into the turnbuckle and starts choking him with his boot while Mike holds GD's arms by his sides. Dobbie sneaks around and yanks Mike Kaos off of the apron, causing him to hit his jaw on the apron outside. He bounces around and is knocked down by a dropkick from Dobbie. Dobbie talks junk to Mike Kaos and starts to walk back but is grabbed by Hellz Angel who is leaning between the top and middle ropes. Hellz puts Dobbie in a headlock. Dobbie drops to his knees and causes Hellz to bounce up into the ropes back and forth, hurting his neck. GD takes advantage of this as Bishop finally convinces DAW to stay on the outside. GD nails a neckbreaker on Hellz. GD applies a headlock on Hellz while still on the mat. Hellz reaches for the ropes but can't quite make it, and GD's huge arms aren't allowing Hellz to budge an inch. With every flex of his muscles, GD's arms put more pressure on Hellz Angel's head. Hellz still fights, trying to get out of the headlock, but to no avail. Bishop runs over and asks Hellz if he gives up. Hellz shakes his head no and continues trying to knock the champion off. After a couple of more minutes, Hellz stops fighting it. Bishop asks Hellz if he gives up again. No response from Hellz. Bishop lifts his arm once in the air and it falls back to the mat.

    Bishop points to the timekeeper's table and holds up one finger.

    Shannan Lerch: We haven't seen one of these in years.

    Bishop lifts Hellz's arm up again, no response again as the hand falls to the mat. Bishop holds up two fingers. The arm is lifted up one more time, but stops halfway down as Hellz starts fighting the headlock even more. He struggles until the two men are in a standing position. Hellz repeatedly elbows GD in the gut. Hellz tries to push GD off of him but GD holds on, causing Hellz to holler out in pain. GD is hit in the gut a couple of more times before he finally loosens up. DAW leans over the ropes trying to tag GD. GD smiles as he sees DAW is a couple of inches out of reach. Hellz takes this opportunity to shove GD with all his might, hoping his head doesn't get pulled off. GD is sent into the ropes right at DAW, knocking him off the apron. GD is caught off guard and Hellz rolls GD up for the count. Bishop goes to count. more counting!

    Hellz looks over and sees Bishop not counting and instead picking at his eye acting like there's something in it. Hellz slaps the mat a couple of times telling him to count to three. Bishop shakes his head, gets up and starts walking around the ring. Hellz stands up and starts yelling at Bishop and gets in his face. Bishop points at the referee's shirt. Hellz shoves Bishop who shoves him back yelling at him to not put a hand on him. Hellz nails Bishop with a right. Bishop nails Hellz with a right. The two men start slugging it out. Mike Kaos is back up and climbs into the ring. He walks over and starts stomping away at the fallen champion. He chokes GD as Bishop and Hellz still fight it out. Jessie runs over and climbs up onto the apron. She starts teasing Mike, trying to get his attention. He turns his attention to Jessie and walks over. She suddenly stops smiling and climbs off of the apron. Mike turns around into a clothesline from DAW, sending him over the top rope. DAW sneaks back over to GD and rolls him out of the ring, taking his place in the ring. DAW stands over to the side as Hellz and Bishop still fight it out. Bishop nails Hellz with a huge forearm to the side of the head, causing him to fall back a few steps right into DAW. DAW irish whips Hellz across the ring and nails a huge kneelift on the Bloody }{awk. A big pop (cheer) is heard from the crowd as DAW gets down and starts nailing Hellz with rights to the head. Hellz is picked up off of the mat and hit with a suplex. DAW picks him up and irish whips him across the ring and nails a one arm DDT. GD is up on the other side of the ring, and sees DAW inside the ring fighting Hellz. He slides under the ring as Mike Kaos grabs a chair on the other side and heads for the ring. GD starts walking towards DAW claiming that he never tagged him in. Bishop intercepts Gravedigger and starts telling him to get back in his corner. Mike Kaos slides into the ring, chair in hand, behind DAW about to swing the chair. GD shoves Bishop out of the way. DAW turns around seeing Kaos ready to swing. Before he can move out of the way or hit Kaos, GD steps in and nails Mike Kaos with the Grave Marker. Mike Kaos hits the floor and lays there knocked out.

    DAW stands there staring at GD with a confused look on his face. Hellz Angel is back up and he grabs the chair. Bishop goes over to stop him from using the chair and Hellz nails Bishop over the head with the chair, knocking him down. Gravedigger runs over and tries to nail the Grave Marker on Hellz, but he ducks and nails Gravedigger with the chair in the back. Gravedigger goes tumbling out of the ring, leaving only DAW and Hellz Angel in the ring. Hellz throws the chair out of the ring. DAW runs over and hits him with a flying forearm, knocking him back into the turnbuckle. DAW nails a few forearms to Hellz's head over and over. Hellz is irish whipped but reverses it and DAW ends up in the corner. Hellz climbs up the turnbuckle and starts nailing rights to DAW's head. The crowd starts counting but at 8, DAW lifts Hellz up and nails a spinebuster. Hellz is picked up and irish whipped. Hellz ducks the attempted clothesline, bounces off the ropes and nails DAW with a big spear. GD is back up on the outside. He looks at Hellz who is pounding away at Hellz. GD climbs onto the apron and steps through the ropes. He spins Hellz around and nails a DDT, planting Hellz on the mat. DAW starts getting up. He gestures for Gravedigger to whip him into the ropes and says something to GD. GD shrugs and does as DAW asks. Hellz is sent across the ring. GD and DAW run across the ring, bouncing off different sides and both nail Hellz Angel at the same time, with a variation of Total Elimination, GD nailing the shoulder block and DAW spearing his legs out from under him!!

    The crowd goes wild as the two men start working together.

    Zach Davis: What in the world is this?!?! That was a double team move!!

    GD picks up Hellz and says something to DAW. The two men pick Hellz up and nail a double suplex. DAW holds Hellz down as GD scales the turnbuckle. Mike Kaos is back up and grabs another chair. GD leaps off and nails a guillotine leg drop. Mike Kaos stands on the outside watching the two men beat down his tag team partner.

    Shannan Lerch: What in the world is he doing??? They're beating down his tag team partner Hellz Angel!

    DAW looks at GD with wide eyes. He gestures for their old finisher. GD grins as he picks up Hellz Angel. GD hits Hellz with a kick to the gut, making sure he doesn't get out of the move. GD puts Hellz's head between his legs and lifts him up into powerbomb position. GD walks around in a circle showing off his strength and then when he's facing DAW again, DAW grabs Hellz's head and nails a reverse DDT as GD completes the powerbomb....APOCALYPSE!!!

    Zach Davis: Oh my lord!!! That's the finisher they used as Ragnarok!!

    Shannan Lerch: Is Ragnarok back??? Uh oh, here comes Mike Kaos with that chair, and Bishop is back up.

    Bishop walks over and tells GD to get out of the ring and back in his corner. Mike Kaos runs over and starts slapping Hellz in the face, trying to wake him up. DAW turns and sees Mike with the chair, standing over Hellz. Hellz is stirring, and finally gets up, with help from the ropes. Bishop turns around and it's as if time has frozen. GD on the outside, waiting for DAW to tag him, Bishop, about to grab the weapon from Mike. Hellz is standing there waiting for Mike to hit DAW, who is standing there about to grab the weapon from Mike, and the crowd watching on. Then as if time has resumed, Mike Kaos turns and blasts his tag team partner Hellz Angel with the steel chair. Everyone but DAW, GD, and Mike Kaos are shocked. DAW and GD run over and the three men start stomping away at the fallen Hellz Angel. Bishop walks over and breaks it up and starts fussing at them. He grabs at his referee shirt, then stops and smiles. He turns and points at DAW and GD, then at Hellz Angel. DAW and GD both walk over and place a foot on the chest of Hellz Angel. They raise their arms in victory as Bishop makes the slowest, and most drawn out 3-count in history. The four men then go back to stomping away at Hellz. Dobbie and Jessie climb into the ring. Dobbie goes over to the side of the ring where the ramp is and starts waving someone down. From the back come Priest, Brad Aikman, and Chelsea. They run down to the ring and get in. Priest and Brad go over and join the four men and everyone starts stomping away at and beating down Hellz Angel. DAW and GD slide out of the ring and walk over to the announcer's table.

    Zach Davis: What are they doing over here?? Hey, wait, what's that?

    DAW and GD reach under the announcers' table and pull out a pair of Louisville sluggers. They slide into the ring, bats in hand. Dobbie tells the others to stand Hellz up.

    Shannan Lerch: What the hell is this??

    DAW and GD stand on opposite sides of Hellz and then swing the bats at the same time connecting with Hellz's head. Hellz falls to the ground, knocked out. Dobbie is handed a mic and gives it to Gravedigger as the rest of the men and the two women stand in the ring. Gravedigger puts the mic to his lips.

    Gravedigger: Yeah, Hellz, you were wrong...but you were also right. I didn't form The Dark Side, neither did Dark Arts Wizard. The darkness all called us to WCF and pulled us together as a group. The darkness formed The Dark Side. So, in case any of you back there are slow, we are the newest faction here in WCF....The Dark Side. I don't give a damn what Logan and the rest of the tater TOTs say, we are and will be the greatest faction here in WCF. We have the combined might of some of the greatest superstars WCF has seen and will ever see. There's the amazing newcomer and also one of the members of the original formation of The Dark Side three years ago, Brad Aikman. Then there's one of the men who was in the final four, and one that Hellz now knows not to mess with...Mike Kaos. Then you have the monstrous twin brothers Bishop and Priest who will dominate the tag team division. And Bishop was also a member of the original Dark Side formation. Then there's the greatest two wrestlers to ever form a tag team in the history of this great business...Dark Arts Wizard and the current WCF champion......ME....Gravedigger!! This Sunday, The Dark Side goes full speed ahead into the PPV as a powerful force. It doesn't matter who you are, what faction you're in, what title you hold, or even who you know...The Dark Side is here and will dominate. To those that don't know the power of The Dark Side, do not DARE underestimate us, for that would be the greatest mistake you could ever make. You either stand in our way and be destroyed or you embrace the darkness!!

    The copyright info is presented and the scene fades out as the crowd is left speechless.