Slam Intro
Seth Lerch Promo
Spur Of The Moment Match
Mandy vs Creeper
Aikman and Kaos vs Psychomantis and Epic
Tag Titles: Junkyard/Cyrus vs Bishop/Priest
Outcast vs Scavenger of Sorrow
Post Match Promo
Gravedigger/Bishop and Priest Segment
World Title No DQ: Hellz Angel vs Gravedigger

  • Saturday Slam Intro
  • Lords of Destruction by Black Label Society plays, and the familiar WCF Saturday Slam pyro lights up. The usual pre-Slam rituals, some signs include "Logan Has Finally Shut Up!", "Welcome Back Outcast", "I Want To Get Freaky With Mandy", "Hellz Is Going To Hell", etc. We go down to the announcing booth.

    Zach Davis: Welcome, fans, to WCF Saturday Slam! Let me tell you, it's good to have things back to normal, after how chaotic last week was.

    Shannan Lerch: I agree. I had to work with that Kyle Steel guy.. ewww!

    Zach Davis: Well, things are not only back to normal, but they've picked up quite a bit as well. We have a HUGE World Title match, with Gravedigger defending against none other than Hellz Angel.

    Shannan Lerch: In a No DQ match, no less! At first thought you think the advantage goes to Hellz Angel, due to his recent string of demolishing people, but Gravedigger has a lot of guys backing him up.. and a mean streak to go along with it. But the wildcard.. Creeping Death. He was promised a match with Gravedigger, and somehow got himself into this.

    Zach Davis: This is true. And one of the only productive things to come out of the Saturday of Treachery, we have a Tag Titles match between the team of Bishop and Priest and Junkyard and Cyrus.

    Shannan Lerch: Junkyard and Cyrus know they're going to fight each other at the PPV, can they overcome that and win the Tag Titles?

    Zach Davis: I guess we'll see. We also have Outcast making his in-ring debut against Scavenger of Sorrow, that should be good. Also making his debut is Psychomantis, teaming with his TOT partner Epic. Mandy is debuting tonight as well, against The Creeper!

    Shannan Lerch: I don't know how much I like Mandy..... But this is a night of debuts, yes.

    Zach Davis: Heh, yeah, I hear Mandy was all over Seth at Saturday Night, and-

    Shannan Lerch: Ah be quiet! Speaking of Seth, he's coming out to address WCF now!

  • Seth Lerch Promo
  • Anger Rising by Jerry Cantrell plays, and Seth Lerch walks out form the back. He walks quickly to the ring, ignoring the fans, who are mostly booing. Lerch carries a briefcase with him as he heads to the ring. He rolls in, and gets a mic before setting it on the ground.

    Seth Lerch: Well... I bet you think I have a lot to say. First, at Blast, I kick Roger Mason out of here. Then, last week, I help kick Road Rage out. Creeper, you're a lucky man, because without me you'd probably be without a job. As payment, you're facing my good friend, The "Freaky" Mandy, and let me tell you, Freaky is right.. but er anyhow, she's a great wrestler, and you'll all see that she's the breast.. AH I MEAN BEST.. woman wrestler in a while.

    Zach Davis: Your brother is a little tongue tied there, Shannan.

    Shannan Lerch: ...

    Seth Lerch: Onto other matters. LOGAN IS FINALLY GONE!! Whoohoo! This is a happy day for me! I regret having given him full control over last Saturday's show, as it obviously sucked, but things are back under MY control now and that's how it should be. Logan brought back the Tag Team Titles. Well, good for him, I don't care. Two can play at that game.

    Seth goes over, and opens the briefcase.. and out falls both the US and International Titles! Lerch puts both of them over his shoulders.

    Seth Lerch: See these? These are a lot better than the lowly Tag Titles. First, the US Title. For anyone who hails from this fine country of ours, the United States of America. However, I also have the International Title, which is for anyone from outside of the US, such as England or Canada or what have you. There will not be a match for them this week, but we'll see the crowning of our US and International Champions either the next Slam or at Revenge.

    Zach Davis: HOLY CRAP! Now that's what I call a bombshell. Two additional Titles being added to the WCF.

    Shannan Lerch: We have a huge, diverse roster, we need them.

    Seth Lerch: Yeah, Logan, I know you're watching.. You remember the US Title, don't you? It's the first WCF Title you EVER won. And it's back, right as you leave... How ironic.

    Shannan Lerch: Ha, he's right.

    Seth Lerch: That's all I have to say. I'll see you all later, and good luck, Mandy!

    Anger Rising plays again, and Lerch rolls out of the ring, taking those two Titles with him...

  • Spur of the Moment Match
  • The sound of a motorcycle revving up plays across the PA system as Seth was leaving, cutting off his music. Seth backs away down the ramp as the new WCF star Burn Out walks out the ramp with a smile on his face. Burn Out runs at him and Clotheslines him down! He then picks Lerch up and grabs him, runs him back down to the ring, and throws him in.

    Zach Davis: Seth wouldn't give Burn Out his match against him at Revenge... But it looks like he's going to make it happen now.

    Seth quickly gets up as Burn Out gets into the ring as well, and starts kicking him before he can stand up. Lerch motions for the ref to start the match, and he does so.

    Shannan Lerch: Looks like it's official now!

    Lerch stomps Burn Out a few more times, and then picks him up. He kicks him in the gut and goes for a DDT but Burn Out pushes him off and Superkicks him down.

    Zach Davis: I bet Seth is regretting this now..

    Burn Out pins Lerch, but he manages to kick out at 2. B.O. backs up, and as Lerch is getting up, hits a martial arts kick right to the side of his head! Lerch flops down again. Burn Out goes for a Leg Drop, but Seth manages to roll away, and B.O. hits the canvas. Seth quickly jumps up and hits a Falling Dropkick to Burn Out's face. Lerch stands up and raises his arms, taunting the crowd, who naturally boo. Lerch then goes to the top rope, and does the RVD finger point thing...

    Zach Davis: I guess that means he's going for the Five Star Frogsplash. RVD is one of his favorite non-WCF wrestlers, he seems to idolize him.

    And Lerch leaps off the top with the Frogsplash, and hits it! Burn Out, however, rolls over and somehow reverses it into a rollup pin. One! Two! Three!

    Shannan Lerch: NO!!! Burn Out SOMEHOW pulls out a victory, but.. NOO!!!

    Burn Out rolls out of the ring as his music plays, and he leaves, satisfied with his performance. Seth is still in the ring, throwing a Christian-like temper tantrum. He soon leaves, as we prepare for our next match.

  • Mandy vs Creeper
  • Do You Call My Name by Ra hits. Mandy runs out from the back blowing kisses from the crowd as she struts down the ramp before sliding into the ring before her music cuts.

    The theme from Friday the 13th plays and the lights go out. Creeper walks to the ring, raises his arms, and then puts them down and the lights come on.

    Zach Davis: This should be interesting indeed.

    The two opponents lock up. Creeper pushes Mandy away, and then laughs.

    Shannan Lerch: He shouldn't handle a girl like that!

    Zach Davis: She wants to fight the big boys, she'll get what's coming to her.

    Mandy gets up, runs at Creeper, and starts punching him right in the face! The crowd erupts, and she whips him to the ropes and hits a Flying Head Scissors!

    Shannan Lerch: See? She can handle herself in that ring. Amazing.

    But, Creeper quickly gets up, and grabs Mandy by the throat. He slams her into a turnbuckle, and then starts kicking her in the gut. She goes down, and he throws her into the middle of the ring. He goes for a Leg Drop, but Mandy manages to roll away! He then stands up, but Mandy hits him with a Low Blow from behind!

    Zach Davis: ...Ouch.

    Creeper goes down quickly, hurting. She jumps to the top rope, and hits a 450 Splash!

    Shannan Lerch: What an amazing move!!

    This results with her pinning him. One, two, three...

    Zach Davis: What an upset! Mandy has won!

    She stands up, and raises her arms in the air, happily celebrating. She rolls out of the ring and heads to the back.

  • Brad Aikman and Mike Kaos vs Psychomantis and Epic
  • Slutgarden by Marilyn Manson plays, and Brad Aikman walks out, with Mike Kaos and Chelsea of course. As they're walking to the ring, Kaos seems to be checking Chelsea out. Aikman pushes him, in that messing-around-with-a-friend kind of way. They get into the ring and await their opponents.

    Perfect Strangers plays next, and the team of Epic and Psychomantis walk out. They walk slowly to the ring, sizing up their opponents. They roll in. Psychomantis decides to start the match, as does Kaos. The bell rings.

    Zach Davis: This is Psychomantis' first match in a while, this should be excellent.

    Psycho and Kaos walk towards each other, and go to tie up, but Psycho instead does a Snapmare and kicks Kaos in the back. Kaos goes down and Psycho drops an elbow on him. Mantis picks him up and kicks him a few times and pushes him into the corner and starts stomping at him.

    Shannan Lerch: Well, Psychomantis is looking impressive thus far.

    PM then picks him up, puts him in a headlock, and tags in Epic. Epic kicks him in the gut a few times, and PM then hits a Neckbreaker before climbing out onto the apron. Epic stomps on him a few times, and then picks him up and goes to whip him into the ropes. Kaos counters it, and hits a Tiltawhirl Slam as Epic's coming back! Kaos then tags in Brad Aikman. Aikman jumps into the ring and stomps a few at Epic. He then goes up top and signals for the Moonsault, but Epic is up and grabs him from the top and hits an Electric Chair Drop.

    Zach Davis: Oooh, Aikman goes down hard. Just like you, Shannan!

    Shannan Lerch: Yeah, but Aikman went down for free. I don't.

    Epic quickly pins Aikman, but Kaos gets into the ring and kicks him off. Aikman and Kaos pick Epic up and hit a Total Elimination! PM jumps into the ring to even out the odds, and Clotheslines Kaos over the top rope and to the outside, and he spills out as well, leaving only Epic and Aikman. Aikman picks up Epic and goes for a German Suplex, but before he can, Epic hits a Mule Kick. Epic then turns around and hits a brutal Powerbomb! He grabs Aikman's leg and kicks it a few times before applying the Maple Leaf submission hold.

    Zach Davis: Kaos is outside the ring, he can't help.. Will Aikman tap?

    Aikman begins crawling to the ropes, but Epic repeatedly pulls him back into the middle of the ring. Aikman is about to tap... And Kaos jumps into the ring in the nick of time and kicks Epic off. Kaos goes back onto the apron and reaches his hand out for the tag, and Aikman makes it! Kaos gets into the ring with a head of steam, punches Epic a few times and whipping him to the ropes. Epic shocks Kaos and hits the Tranquilizer! He makes the pin, and PM makes sure no one interrupts it. One, two, three... The T.O.T. team has won the match!

    Shannan Lerch: Well what do you know? Even without Logan, they have it in 'em.

    Zach Davis: Guess so. I just hope the Dark Side can figure things out...

    Epic and PM roll out of the ring, victorious, and leave to the back.

  • Tag Team Titles Match: Junkyard Justice and Cyrus vs Bishop and Priest
  • Criminal by Eminem hits, minus the lyrics. Junkyard Justice and Cyrus walk out without Justice's normal fanfare, and walk to the ring quickly.

    Zach Davis: Wow, they're all business tonight, that's for sure.

    The sounds of drums plays, and next out is the team of Bishop and Priest. They walk out slowly, appearing confident.

    Shannan Lerch: They left the Dark Side, let's see if it's going to pay off for them.

    Bishop starts the match, as does Junkyard Justice. But before it can begin... Anger Rising by Jerry Cantrell hits.

    Zach Davis: Ugh, what now?

    Seth comes walking out, surprisingly calm after his loss earlier, and with a mic in hand.

    Seth Lerch: Alright, a few announcements about this match. First of all... No DQ. I'm not going to have some crazy disqualification messing up who gets those Titles.

    Junkyard smiles.

    Seth Lerch: Second of all... Cyrus, that Hardcore Title of yours... It is now a 24/7 belt. That means that if ANYONE pins you throughout the course of this match.. ANYONE.. you lose it. Got it? Good.

    Seth walks out, and we can see a slight look of fear on Cyrus' face...

    Zach Davis: Uh.. Does Junkyard Justice really want to wait that long for his shot? He could just go for it now... And what about the Tag Titles?

    Shannan Lerch: I guess we'll see.

    Junkyard turns to Cyrus, and assures him that he won't pull any funnybusiness. The bell rings as Seth leaves, and the match is on. Junkyard and Bishop lock up. Junkyard puts him in a headlock, but Bishop pushes him off and then brings him down with a Clothesline. Bishop stomps at him a few times, and then taunts Cyrus to get in the ring. Cyrus begins to do so until the ref stops him, and Priest jumps in and starts stomping on Junkyard as well.

    Zach Davis: Wow! I guess they did learn from Mace and Jax, about that cheating thing...

    As soon as Cyrus realizes what they're doing, he stops trying to get in and the ref turns around, and forced Priest out of the ring. Bishop picks Junkyard up and pushes him into a corner, but Junkyard grabs him and turns him around, and lifts him onto the top rope. He follows up with a Superplex! He then quickly tags in Cyrus. Cyrus comes in with a head of steam, kicking Bishop mercilessly.

    Shannan Lerch: Cyrus running on adrenaline I'd imagine, he knows if he loses he's screwed.

    He then picks Bishop up, and grabs him by the throat. He tosses him across the ring, but Bishop is finally able to tag in Priest.

    Zach Davis: Mistake by Cyrus, putting Bishop in a position where he can tag his partner in...

    Priest jumps into the ring and runs at Cyrus, but Cyrus catches him and hits a Belly to Belly Suplex! Cyrus then goes up top, and motions for a 450 Splash...

    Shannan Lerch: Can the big man do it!?

    Cyrus does, indeed, hit the move! Priest is able to roll away, though, leaving Cyrus sprawled out on the mat, motionless.

    Zach Davis: Geez.. is he alive?

    Priest pins Cyrus, but Junkyard jumps into the ring and breaks it up at 2. Cyrus looks up and sees Junkyard, and quickly rolls away from him and out of the ring.

    Shannan Lerch: He's still paranoid about thinking Junkyard will turn on him for the Hardcore Title...

    After a few seconds, Cyrus rolls back into the ring, and hesitantly tags in Junkyard. Junkyard comes in quickly and hits Priest with a Lariat. He then Piledrives him down to the ground. Junkyard goes over to tag Cyrus back in, but Cyrus seems to think Junkyard wants to attack him, and jumps down to the ground. And out of nowhere, Brad Aikman hits him with a briefcase!! He then opens it, revealing it was full of bricks. He mouths something like "I hope it hurt like hell, it sure did when you did it to me."

    Zach Davis: What's Aikman doing out here!?

    Shannan Lerch: Getting revenge on Cyrus, apparently.

    Bishop hits Junkyard in the back of the head with a chair from behind. Him and Priest then hit their Double Powerbomb onto the chair!

    Zach Davis: Junkyard is Hellbound, thanks to Cyrus...

    Priest pins Justice. One, two, three...


    They're handed the Titles, and they quickly roll out of the ring. They confront Aikman, seeing what he was doing interfering in their match.

    Brad Aikman: You guys said that Gravedigger never had your back. I just want you to know that since we were the Dark Side.. I do. I know you guys turned away from us, but remember what I did here tonight. I still have your back, guys.

    Priest and Bishop walk past Aikman, showing no signs of what they thought about what he said. Aikman leaves as well. Meanwhile, Cyrus rolls into the ring, trying to apologize to Junkyard. He'll have none of it, and Junkyard just walks out of the ring and to the back. Cyrus is about to leave as well, until Anger Rising plays again. Seth steps out.

    Seth Lerch: Last Saturday, I was disappointed. I hired a man for WCF on his word. He said he was unbeatable, and I gave him a chance to prove it. I gave him a hardcore title shot, which he won. Then, last Saturday, he walked into the ring, thinking he was big shit, cause he won a match, etc. And he lost. I wouldn't have minded that, but he only took one chairshot and was down. He fell like a house of cards. I was pissed. I paid all this money to a man who cant take a damned chairshot in a HARDCORE MATCH. I didn't see him again until after the night. He walks into my office, and apologizes. I've seen this man in 6 different federations, researching him, and I've never heard him apologize. You wanna know why he apologized? He apologized for not being there. Something bout he got stopped at the airport for carrying his kitana. They thought he was gonna destroy the plane and he said if he wanted it destroyed, it already would be. Etc. I laughed and asked why he thought that would work. He'd lost and he was trying to back out. He gave me a blank look, and even through his mask, I could see the confusion on his face. I even showed him the tape, and do you know what he did? He pulled the fking hardcore belt out of his bag. I called the airport. His flight didn't even land until 30 minutes AFTER HIS MATCH HAD ENDED. So I checked the backstage camera and do you know what I saw. Roll the footage!

    The Jumbotron lights up, and we see T.O.T. members Wreck and Slasher paying a homeless bum, about the same size as Madd Dogg, to pretend to be him in the ring. They hand him a McDonalds bag, and he nods happily as he drops his whiskey bottle and walks into the WCF arena.

    Seth Lerch: Whatever, it's gone down in the records that you're the Hardcore Champion, but...

    Cyrus is spun around from behind, and is hit with the Dogg Pound!

    Seth Lerch: ...Not for long.

    Dogg pins Cyrus, and Seth runs into the ring and makes the count himself. One, two, three!

    Zach Davis: Yet another Title change, and Madd Dogg is once again the Champ!

    Lerch and Dogg shake hands, and Lerch rolls out of the ring and leaves.

    Seth Lerch: Oh yeah, and that Title is no longer 24/7. It's back to normal now.

    Dogg raises his Title in the air as his music plays and we prepare for our next match.

  • Outcast vs Scavenger of Sorrow
  • 'God of Thunder' hits and the crowd cheers. He walks out in black jeans. he goes to the ring with is eyes fixed on the ring. Nothing else phases him. He slides in and raises his hands.

    Scavenger of Human Sorrow starts playing and Scavenger of Sorrow comes out banging his head to the heavy beat. He throws the heavy metal sign into the air with his right hand and starts walking to the ring fixing his leather vest. He climbs into the ring slowly, takes off his vest, and stretches his arms

    The bell rings, and the two men circle each other. They're about to tie up but Outcast instead pulls Scavenger in and Clotheslines him down. Outcast then drops an elbow on him, and puts him into the Mind Rager.

    Zach Davis: Outcast getting the advantage early on.

    Scavenger doesn't tap, and instead reaches to the ropes... and eventually grabs them. Outcast releases the hold, and waits for Scavenger to get up. He grabs him and throws him to the ropes, and goes for a back bodydrop, but Scavenger counters it and knees Outcast in the head. He then executes a Belly to Belly Suplex! Scavenger quickly floats over and pins Outcast, hooking the leg. The ref drops to count. One, Two, Thr- No, Outcast kicks out.

    Shannan Lerch: That was close, but hey, look who is coming to the ring.

    Hellz Angel is walking down to the ring, smiling. Scavenger looks toward him and nods. He picks Outcast up and throws him into the corner, and starts punching him. Outcast slumps down, and Scavenger then puts him into a Sleeper. The crowd begins getting behind Outcast, chanting his name and the like, and Outcast begins to stand up. Slowly. Once he's up all the way, he jabs Scavenger in the stomach a few times, then runs to the ropes and attempts to Clothesline him down. Scavenger is nearly unaffected. He runs to the ropes and goes for another Clothesline, and Scavenger falls to one knee. Outcast runs to the ropes one more time, but Hellz grabs his foot from behind and trips him, causing him to fall. Scavenger walks over and picks Outcast up, and slams him back down in the middle of the ring. He then puts Outcast into the Figure Four Leglock.

    Zach Davis: Slowing down the pace of the match...

    But, Outcast refuses to tap. Scavenger and Hellz are both clearly getting frustrated, and he soon releases the hold. Outcast gets up and Scavenger throws him into the ropes and goes for the Flattening of Emotions, but Outcast ducks in and QUICKLY hits the Crushing NightMare!

    Shannan Lerch: That's his finisher! It's over!

    Outcast makes the pin, and sure enough... One, two, three.

    Zach Davis: He picks up the victory, indeed! Hellz isn't happy.

    Hellz rolls into the ring, but not before grabbing a chair. He hits Outcast in it from behind, and Outcast goes down.. And the lights go out.

    Zach Davis: What's going on now!? I hate it when people do it.

    We hear sounds of gunshots being fired, coming from the PA system.. and as the lights come back on, Rick Mad is in the ring, behind Hellz! The crowd erupts, and Rick spins around Hellz and hits the Mad DDT! Rick raises his arms, but Scavenger doesn't let him celebrate too long, as he spins him around and starts punching him. Rick eventually manages to throw him into the ropes and then follows up with a Fallaway Slam! Hellz and SOS roll out of the ring, making their way to the back.

  • Post Match Promo
  • Shannan Lerch: I.. I thought he was gone!? I thought he was here for a one time thing!?

    Outcast is up, and looks at Rick. Rick extends his hand, and Outcast shakes it. Rick calls for a mic, and it is given to him.

    Rick Mad: Yeah, I know I said I was only here to fight Logan... But let me tell you something, when I got into that ring with him, I felt something I hadn't felt in a LONG time. I felt true adrenaline. I felt... alive. I felt like I was doing exactly what I should be doing, KICKING ASS!

    Crowd cheers, and Outcast smiles.

    Rick Mad: So.. That's exactly what I've decided to do. I've joined WCF, once again. And what better way to debut than helping Outcast? I told you I'd be here to help you when you needed it man, and I followed through with my word. And besides, Hellz and that Scavenger dude are really getting on my nerves, acting like they own the place. That is why I have an idea.

    Rick whispers something into Outcast's ear, and he smiles and nods.

    Rick Mad: Next week, Saturday Slam... Rick Mad and Outcast against Eternal Agony, whatever the hell that is. I'll see you then, guys.

    Rick throws the mic into the crowd, as he always does, and rolls out of the ring. Outcast follows, and the two men walk to the back.

  • Gravedigger/Bishop and Priest Segment
  • The new Tag Team Champions, Bishop and Priest, are walking down the hall, talking to each other quietly. From behind, we hear a voice say "Hey guys, good job winning the Tag Team Titles". They turn around, and are attacked by Gravedigger and Dobbie! They knock Bishop and Priest into a wall, and they go down. GD and Dobbie then continue to stomp on them.

    Gravedigger: I MADE you two, and you turn your backs on me!? Pfft. No one.. NO ONE.. turns on me.

    Gravedigger and Dobbie walk away to prepare for GD's match.

  • World Title No DQ Match: Hellz Angel vs Gravedigger
  • Up on the WCF-tron the screen is split in two. On one side Jessie and Dobbie stand at the entryway, getting Gravedigger pumped up for his match. On the other side, some hollering and noises can be heard coming from The Dark Side's lockerroom. The door opens up and out walks Scavenger of Sorrow and Hellz Angel. They both have bent-up steel chairs in their hands. They laugh as they toss them to the floor. SOS wishes Hellz luck as Hellz walks toward the entryway. The camera goes into The Dark Side's lockerroom and sees Mike Kaos and Brad Aikman laid on the floor unconscious.

    Zach Davis: Uh-oh. This doesn't bode well for...well...anyone.

    Shannan Lerch: Got that right. Anyways, next up is the World Title No Disqualification Triple Threat Match! Sheesh, that's a mouthful.

    Zach Davis: (snickers) I bet it is Shannan. I bet it is.

    The lights darken and Rob Halford's piercing voice is heard screaming "Can't... Stop... The... PAINKILLER!" and "Painkiller" hits the speakers. Hellz Angel walks out to a silent crowd as camera flashes go off and cigarette lighters turn on all around the arena. He makes his way to the ring and climbs in. He circles the ring and pushes himself off the ropes as the lights come back on.

    Zach Davis: There's Hellz Angel, probably the most feared man in WCF...ever.

    Shannan Lerch: Yeah, look at that beef.

    Zach Davis: (snickers) I bet it is Shannan. I bet it is.

    Shannan Lerch: Will you please stop that?

    Zach Davis: Please? How rare.

    The lights slowly fade to black. The JumboTron shows shots of a big wooden cross wrapped in barbed wire in the middle of a thunderstorm. While the cross is shown, the churchy music plays. "Payback" comes on through the organ music. As soon as the heavy part of "Payback" kicks in, the lights come back on, and Creeping Death emerges from the back, with Kristen Volz by his side holding a kendo stick and the WCF Television Title. They slowly walk down to the ring, Creeping Death with a black hoodie on, with the hood over his head, and his head down, Kristen wearing a black baby doll tank top with "Flaw" on the front in white letters, and the same baggy black nylon pants Creeping Death wears. As they reach the ring, Kristen takes the steps, and Creeping Death climbs up to the apron, and jumps over the top rope into the ring. Inside, Creeping Death takes off the hoodie and hands it to Kristen.

    Shannan Lerch: This match seems to be right up everyone's alley.

    Zach Davis: I beg to differ. Creeping Death has been talking about ultraviolence the past few weeks now. We saw a little taste at Blast in his match against Matthew Steele. No doubt he's going to pull out all the stops for this match.

    "Change" by Deftones plays as the lights go out. After a few seconds spotlights hit the ramp as Gravedigger emerges from the back accompanied by his manager, Dobbie. The two walk down to the ring absorbing the jeers of the crowd in attendance. Dobbie walks up the ring steps before Gravedigger and holds the ropes open for Gravedigger who steps through. The two men pose on opposite turnbuckles for a few seconds. The arena lights slowly come all the way back on.

    Zach Davis: Gravedigger seems a bit tense. He does have to look over his shoulder throughout this match for SOS.

    Shannan Lerch: Yeah, Hellz is the kind of guy that would turn Gravedigger's grandmother against him.

    Right off the bat, GD and Hellz begin brawling, leaving Creeping Death stand in his corner. Punch after punch is thrown by the two big men, neither one backing down. Hellz takes a step back, and brings a big boot up. His huge foot connects with Gravedigger's chin, spinning GD down to the mat. Creeping Death takes the chance, and runs at Hellz, only to be thrown into the air. Creeping Death comes crashing down on the top turnbuckle face first. Gravedigger is back up, and kicks Hellz in the gut. Gravedigger scoops Hellz up, and slams him down to the mat. Creeping Death is now outside the ring.

    Zach Davis: What is he up to?

    Shannan Lerch: Looking for...something...

    Creeping Death has the ring skirt lifted up, and is pulling out random objects. Kristen is also over there, helping him out. Inside the ring, Gravedigger and Hellz are back to a punching base. Hellz goes for the boot again, but Gravedigger ducks down, reaches back, and hits a nasty neckbreaker. Outside, Creeping Death and Kristen have set up a ladder that bridges the apron and guard rail, and a table on top of it, amung various weapons. Kristen begins sliding in the plunder, which includes a chair, bat, singapore cane/kendo stick, and trash can. Gravedigger grabs the chair, and plasters Hellz's back with it.

    Zach Davis: Chair!

    GD tosses the chair aside, and gets hit in the shin with a kendo stick from Creeping Death, who is still on the floor. Gravedigger no sells the shot, and rolls to the outside. Creeping Death is waiting, and lays the kendo stick in Gravedigger's stomach. GD bends down, and Creeping Death hooks him in a DDT. Gravedigger just stands up, and has Creeping Death on his shoulder. Gravedigger spins Creeping Death like a top, and drops him in a gut buster. From the heavens comes Hellz Angel, hitting the Angel of Death on Gravedigger from the apron! Gravedigger goes down, and Hellz focuses on Creeping Death with stomps. Hellz rolls Creeping Death into the ring, and follows him in. Creeping Death stands up, and kicks Hellz in the gut. Creeps then positions Hellz in a suplex. Hellz blocks.

    Zach Davis: Creeping Death needs to rely on speed and ultraviolence. There's no way he's going to over power Hellz or Gravedigger.

    Hellz lifts Creeping Death into an F-5. As Hellz swings him out, Creeping Death grabs hold of Hellz's head, and hits a snap suplex without ever touching the ground!

    Shannan Lerch: He can rely on sick, innovative reversals, also.

    Hellz flips off, and Gravedigger makes his way back into the ring. Creeping Death meets him with a spinning wheel kick, that sends Gravedigger back against the ropes. Hellz Angel pulls himself up to a standing base next to GD. Creeping Death runs at both men, but both the monsters duck down, and back body drop Creeping Death high into the air. CD flies over the top rope, and through the table and ladder bridge, smashing the table up, and bending the ladder in half!

    Shannan Lerch: Oh my god! Is he dead?

    Zach Davis: Damn...damn damn damn damn damn.

    Hellz Angel looks over to Gravedigger, and clotheslines him down. Hellz goes for a leg drop, but GD puts that chair down and moves out of the way. Hellz lands thigh first on the chair. Gravedigger pulls Hellz up, and hits a massive falcon arrow on him. GD looks down at Creeping Death, who is still out, and continues to assault Hellz. Hellz stands back up, and blocks a punch, and again throws that foot up, this time connecting with GD's chest. Gravedigger stumbles back, bounces off the ropes, and runs at Hellz, who delivers a hurricanrana?!

    Zach Davis: Did I just see that? He's six foot eight inches.

    Shannan Lerch: That, and Gravedigger is six foot six inches. Amazing.

    On the outside, Creeping Death is recovering from the massive back body drop. He is back up, and on the apron, where he is met by Hellz Angel. Hellz grabs Creeping Death by the neck, and flips him into the ring, where Creeping Death lands on his feet. Creeping Death turns, and is met by a big clothesline. Hellz gets hit in the back by Gravedigger. Kristen hands Creeping Death a chair from the outside, while Gravedigger gets the one in the ring. Gravedigger brings Hellz to the middle of the ring, so he is facing Gravedigger, and Creeping Death is on Hellz's back side, looking at Hellz's back. Gravedigger tosses his chair to Hellz, who catches it, and is hit with a Grave Marker! On his way through Hellz's head with the clothesline, Gravedigger catches the chair Creeping Death cought, and is hit with a Van Daminator!

    Shannan Lerch: Wow...I love no DQ.

    Creeping Death, once again, rolls to the floor. He looks under the ring, and pulls out a box of light tubes! Creeping Death slides the box into the ring, and looks under...again. This time, he pulls out another table, setting it up at ringside.

    Zach Davis: ...Creeping Death likes to break things. Most of the time, with his own body.

    Hellz and Gravedigger are both back up, and again brawling. Creeping Death stands on the apron, and waits. Hellz knocks Gravedigger back a step, and CD leaps up to the top, springboards off into a flip, and gets cought by Gravedigger, who plants him with a powerbomb. Hellz steps over, and is kicked in the gut. Gravedigger drops Hellz with a Diamond Cutter.

    Crowd: BANG!~@!

    Gravedigger brings Creeping Death to his feet. Chop!

    Crowd: WOO!


    Crowd: WOO!


    Crowd: WOO!! Creeping Death with a Diamond Cutter of his own!

    Crowd: BANG!~@!

    Hellz Angel is back up, and whispers something to Creeping Death. CD nods, and hands Hellz a chair. Creeping Death walks across the ring, and climbs up to the top rope while Hellz sets Gravedigger up against the bottom turnbuckle.

    Zach Davis: Oh it comes...

    Hellz holds the chair in Gravedigger's face, and Creeping Death takes off. On his way across, Hellz brings the chair up, and levels Creeping Death in the head as he's flying across the ring! The crowd moans and aws as Creeping Death lay motionless.

    Shannan Lerch: NO! He has to be dead now.

    Hellz Angel snickers and pulls Gravedigger to his feet. Gravedigger throws his hands up, and latches onto Hellz's head. GD pulls Hellz down, and hits a brutal gut wrench powerbomb. With both men down, Gravedigger covers Creeping Death. 1...2...KICK OUT?! Gravedigger is furious. He pins Hellz. 1...2...Hellz kicks out as well! Suddenly, Bishop and Priest come running down to the ring. They enter, and double kick Gravedigger in the gut! Priest picks GD up in a powerbomb, and Bishop hits a massive neckbreaker, folding Gravedigger in half. The two men then exit the ring yelling something about "Screw the Dark Side!".

    Zach Davis: Swerve!

    All three men are down now, resting. Gravedigger and Creeping Death manage to be the first ones up. Gravedigger headbutts CD in the gut through the ropes and grabs his head and arm. Gravedigger lifts CD up and suplexes him over the ropes and plants him right through the table on the outside. Gravedigger gets up and slides into the ring. He immediately kicks Hellz Angel in the gut, picks him up, flips him over and nails the Death Driver. SOS starts running down to the ring as the referee starts counting to three.

    1...2...Broken up by SOS!! The referee can't do nothing about it as this is a NO DQ matchup. Hellz and SOS start beating down the champ with stomps, lefts and rights. SOS holds GD up a couple of times as Hellz nails him in the head as hard as he can. Suddenly, Dobbie leaps from the top rope at Hellz Angel, but Hellz moves out of the way and Dobbie crashes to the mat. Hellz picks up Dobbie and executes the Hellz Face. SOS walks over and starts beating up Dobbie, while Hellz goes after GD. Both men are out of it and barely putting up a fight. Jessie gets in the ring and jumps on Hellz's back and starts scratching at him and smacking him. Hellz reaches behind him and grabs her by the hair and head and flips her over his head and onto the mat. Hellz tells SOS to hold GD down as he climbs out of the ring. SOS goes over and applies the Crippler Crossface on GD to hold him down. Hellz reaches under the ring and pulls out a couple of tables, opens their legs and stacks them up one on top of the other. He then walks over to the side of the ring and pulls Jessie out of the ring and puts her on top of the top table. He climbs into the ring and walks over to Dobbie. He picks Dobbie up and kicks him in the gut. Hellz puts Dobbie's head between his legs and points at GD who is hollering in pain from the Crossface being applied by SOS.

    Hellz Angel: This is for NCW!!!

    Hellz lifts Dobbie up in powerbomb position, walks over to the side and drops him over onto the Jessie and the two tables. Dobbie smashes into Jessie who breaks both tables and they bounce off of the concrete below. The crowd starts booing Hellz. GD's face gets real red as he gets pissed off. Paramedics start coming down to the ring with stretchers as Hellz slides back out of the ring. He reaches under the ring and pulls out a baseball bat! He starts to climb back into the ring, but stops in his tracks when GD yells out in anger. He gets up on one knee while still in the crossface. SOS looks around trying to figure out what to do. GD is up on two feet and stands up, still in the cross face. He powers SOS up into the air and starts slamming his fist into the side of SOS. As soon as SOS loosens up, GD grabs him and powers him up onto his shoulders. He turns around and yells at Hellz Angel as he nails a vicious Death Driver on SOS. GD turns around in the middle of the ring, neck veins popping out as he yells out in anger some more. He turns around and is nailed in the face with the end of the baseball bat. He goes down and gets right back up and is hit in the gut with the bat. Hellz pulls back and slams the bat into GD's back. GD screams out in agony as he falls to the mat. Hellz wakes SOS up and the two of them beat on GD some more, Hellz still using the baseball bat. The big screen lights up with Kaos and Aikman starting to stir. More paramedics and some officials come running down to the ring. The officials move Hellz and SOS away from GD as the paramedics start loading him onto a stretcher. The paramedics start carting Dobbie, Jessie and Gravedigger to the back. The officials force SOS to the back as they clear the ringside area. CD is still on the outside but has apparently been waiting the perfect opportunity to get back in on the action. He takes this time to get in and hits Hellz from behind causing him to drop the baseball bat.

    Zach Davis: Well.. I guess it's between Creeping Death and Hellz Angel now!

    Creeping Death picks up Hellz, and throws him to the ground. Hellz tumbles up the ramp. When he stops, CD picks him up again and kicks him in the gut. DDT on the ramp! Creeping Death then drags Hellz a bit closer to the Jumbotron... and CD begins climbing up.

    Shannan Lerch: What in the HELL is he doing!?

    Zach Davis: I don't think he's THAT crazy.. is he?

    Shannan Lerch: We're about to find out.

    Hellz somehow finds the energy to get up, and he sees what CD is doing. CD is far up already, and Hellz knows he can't catch up to knock him down. Hellz runs to the other side of the Jumbotron, and begins climbing up as well. And soon enough.. both men are at the top.

    Zach Davis: I don't know if I like where this is going. It's hella dangerous up there.

    They walk towards each other, slowly, carefully. They meet at the center, and begin throwing punches at each other!

    Shannan Lerch: Ahh! What's going to-

    Creeping Death goes to throw Hellz off, but Hellz pulls CD with him and BOTH MEN FALL TO THE RAMP! There is a sickening crash sound as both men hit it HARD, and the ramp kind of breaks, such as glass would. There is a huge "HOLY SHIT!" chant throughout the entire arena. And needless to say, both men are out completely cold.

    Zach Davis: ....Are... they....alive?...

    Shannan Lerch: Nope.

    Medics come out, with stretchers, and begin putting both men on.

    Zach Davis: But.. who is our World Champion!? I've received word that Gravedigger is out for a while, and.. what's going to happen!?

    Shannan Lerch: I have no idea.

    The copyright info shows up on the screen, and we fade out.