Slam Intro
Mandy vs Burn Out
Hellz/SOS/Partner Segment
US Title Match: Cyrus vs Brad Aikman
International Title Match: Mike Kaos vs Junkyard Justice
Jam vs Matthew Steele
CD/Mad/Outcast vs Hellz/SOS/???

  • Saturday Slam Intro
  • Lords of Destruction plays, and Saturday Slam is on the air. We pan around the arena, seeing "Welcome Back Rick!", an odd "Outcast Is My Father", "F*** 'Em Up, Junkyard!", "Mandy Is The Breast!". We go to the announcing booth.

    Zach Davis: And here we are, Saturday Slam before Revenge! I am Zach Davis, here with Shannan Lerch, and we have quite a show tonight.

    Shannan Lerch: That's right! Two new Champions will be crowned, those being the US Champion and the International Champion.

    Zach Davis: Seems like Cyrus has been getting a lot of Title opportunities ever since he got here, let's see if he can pull this one out too.

    Shannan Lerch: And Junkyard could become, like, the first International Hardcore Champ, if he wins at Revenge. That's if he gets passed Mike Kaos.

    Zach Davis: And then in the main event, the team of the Metal Militia and Outcast against Eternal Agony and a mystery teammate.

    Shannan Lerch: I think that's going to end up a handicapped match.. I mean, there is no way anyone would tag with Hellz and SOS.

    Zach Davis: Maybe so, but we'll start with our female competitor, Mandy, against Burn Out!

  • Mandy vs Burn Out
  • Mandy runs out from the back blowing kisses from the crowd as she struts down the ramp before sliding into the ring before her music cuts.

    Burn Out comes out on a motorcycle goes around the ring get off the bike and climbs in the ring.

    The match is mostly Mandy getting beat down. Burn Out wins, and pins her. Afterwards the Monster Squad comes out and beat her down as well, using chairs and weapons and the like. Seth Lerch comes out and announces that since Mandy is seriously injured and probably out of WCF forever, the PPV match will now be the Monster Squad against the Tag Team Champions, Bishop and Priest, in a TLC match for the Tag Titles.

  • Hellz/SOS/Partner
  • Hellz Angel and Scavenger of Sorrow are walking down the hall. Hank Brown comes up to them.

    Hank Brown: Guys! So glad to see you! Its almost time for your match. How do you feel about it?

    Hellz Angel: We feel fine. If its what we have to do, we'll do it!

    Scavenger: Even though the odds might seem bad, we'll do our best!

    Hank Brown: So... you still havent found a partner??

    Scavenger: Nope!

    Hellz Angel: Actually...

    Hank Brown: You have?? Who is he???

    Hellz Angel grabs Hank by the arm and starts dragging him down the hall to their dressing room.

    Hank Brown: You want me to meet him?

    Hellz Angel: I think you know him already... Its YOU!

    Hank Brown: Me? Ohhh HEEEELLLL no! Let me go! I dont want to die!

    Hellz Angel and Scavenger drag Hank down the hall by his arms and legs to the ring as the scene fades back to the arena.

  • United States Title Match: Cyrus vs Brad Aikman
  • Last Resort hits and the crowd goes estatic with excitement. They know when Cyrus comes out usually something is going to happen. He appears just as pyrotechniques que him in. He raises an arm and lowers it as the crowd rises. Cyrus walks down the ramp towards the ring. He walks to the side and runs up the stairs. He climbs up the turnbuckle and raises and arm.He climbs over and walks in the middle of the ring. he stands in the middle of the ring and tosses his coat to a ring-side attendant. He hops around to loosen up for the carnage that is about to appear in this ring.

    Slutgarden by Marilyn Manson plays and Brad walks down to the ring being followed by Chelsea. Brad rolls in the ring and climbs on the far turnbuckle throwing his arms straight up while Chelsea bends over through the middle rope giving the crowd a "nice shot" of the posterior.

    The ref holds up the US Title, and the bell rings.

    Zach Davis: The match is on! Either Cyrus or Aikman, first US Champ.

    Aikman and Cyrus approach each other, and begin talking trash. Aikman pushes Cyrus, and Cyrus pushes back. Aikman pushes Cyrus again and Cyrus attempts to punch him but Aikman ducks and hits an Arm Drag Takedown. Cyrus gets up and runs at Aikman but Aikman catches him and puts him into a Standing Sleeperhold. Cyrus begins to go down, but he soon counters with a Fireman's Carry on Aikman. He then stomps on him a bit before picking him up and picking him up. He hits a Gorilla Press Slam!

    Shannan Lerch: What power displayed by Cyrus. Wow.

    Cyrus picks him up again and goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Aikman slides out of it and behind him. He executes a German Suplex!

    Zach Davis: It's not easy doing that to a man as big as Cyrus.

    The move results in a bridge pin. The ref drops to count. 1.. 2.. No! Cyrus kicks out. Aikman picks Cyrus up and Bodyslams him down. Aikman then goes to the top rope and motions for the Axe Handle, but Cyrus is up and punches him. Cyrus climbs up and hits a Super Powerbomb!

    Shannan Lerch: Amazing.

    Cyrus crawls over and throws his arm over Aikman, pinning him. One. Two. Thr-, No! Aikman kicks out! Cyrus is frustrated. He goes up to the top rope and goes for the 450 Splash, but Aikman rolls out of the way! Both men lie on the mat, resting.

    Zach Davis: These men are giving it their all.

    Shannan Lerch: The US Title is a stepping stone in WCF, the winner of this match is important.

    Epic runs out from the back, and into the ring. He starts kicking at Aikman.

    Zach Davis: This match is No DQ, because the Title holder must be determined..

    Bishop and Priest run out from the back as well, and begin beating down Epic. They pick him up, and hold him there. Cyrus stands up.. and hits Epic with The Virus!?!

    Shannan Lerch: What the hell? Is Cyrus turning his back on the TOT?

    Cyrus then drops down, and lets Aikman pin him. One, two, three.

    Zach Davis: Brad Aikman has become the U.S. Champion. But I think Cyrus has not only turned on TOT, but he's joined the Dark Side!

    Bishop, Priest, Cyrus, and Aikman raise their arms up in the air to a chorus of cheers.

    Shannan Lerch: If Kaos can win the International Title, well, the Dark Side will have quite the monopoly of Titles...

    Zach Davis: That's coming up next!

  • International Title Match: Mike Kaos vs Junkyard Justice
  • The lights in the arena go out, "Gramercy Park" hits, and two green pyros cross over the ring. The lights come back up, and Mike Kaos is sitting on the turnbuckle.

    The crowd await at the edge of their seats. The announcers tremble with fear as the lights flash out; sparkles of cameras can be seen in the distance. A load drum beat echoes round the silent arena. Monstrous shots of bodies crashing through tables, tables crashing through dumpsters and dumpsters shutting to darkness appear on the oval-tron. The words 'Death Do Us Part' flash onto the screen as a heavy beat kicks in. The lights remain off, a single flash of fire circles the stage as a dumpster filled with tables, ladders and chairs rolls out unto it. A single figure emerges from behind it, the lights flash on and that figure steps forward. Two arms are raised as the fire fizzes out. This single figure drags the dumpster ringward. As he walks down the ramp all that trails is silence. He pulls the dumpster up and slides into the ring. This single monster circles the ring a few times, the crowd sit in silence.

    Zach Davis: Both men here from England, both this will be no cup of tea for either of them.

    Shannan Lerch: The best thing to come out of England is Mr. Bean, and he's starring in Saturday Slam's sponsor Johnny English! See it in theaters!

    Zach Davis: Good job.

    The bell rings, and Kaos goes after Junkyard right away, tripping him from the legs and then punching him in the face quickly. Kaos stomps on him a few times, and then applies a leglock.

    Shannan Lerch: Good strategy, keeping Junkyard Justice grounded like that.

    Kaos then inverts the Leglock into a Boston Crab. J.J. soon reaches the ropes and grabs them, forcing Kaos to release the hold. Junkyard gets up quickly and bounces off the ropes and hits Kaos with a Clothesline, sending both men over the top rope. They lie there for a few seconds, and Kaos is the first to get up, and picks Junkyard up with him. He goes for a Bodyslam but Junkyard slides down behind him and hits the Stinger DDT!

    Zach Davis: Ouch, on the cold cement on the outside! That. is. brutal.

    Junkyard stomps at Kaos, picks him up, and throws him back into the ring. Junkyard slides in as well and pins him, but Kaos kicks out at 2.

    Shannan Lerch: I thought Kaos was done, looks like he still has a lot in him.

    Junkyard is astonished. He picks Kaos up, but Kaos begins fighting back! He punches him a few times, and then runs to the ropes, but Junkyard catches him and hits a Death Valley Driver!

    Zach Davis: Mike Kaos is going through a lot of punishment.

    Shannan Lerch: WCF also sponsors Marvel's "The Punisher", due out Summer 2004!

    Junkyard pins Kaos again, but again, Kaos kicks out. Junkyard stands up and picks Kaos up with him. He goes for a Running Powerbomb but Kaos manages to reverse it into a Facebuster! Junkyard is up quickly and runs at Kaos, but Kaos hits him with a Spear! J.J. goes down, and Kaos covers him for the pin. 1. 2. No! Junkyard kicks out.

    Zach Davis: Lots of nearfalls.

    Kaos picks Junkyard up. Junkyard goes to throw Kaos to the ropes, but Kaos pulls Junkyard in and places him on top of his shoulders. He hits the Kaos Theory! Instead of going for the pin right away, he climbs to the top. He hits the Tidal Wave!!

    Shannan Lerch: I think that has to be it.

    One. Two. Three.


    The bell rings, and Kaos' music hits. The ref hands him the belt, and he holds it up in the air to a huge pop from the crowd. They clap respectively. Kaos rolls out of the ring, and heads to the back.

    Zach Davis: I'm not just a WCF announcer, I'm a fan too. And as a fan, it's good to see that belt FINALLY around the waist of Mike Kaos.

    Shannan Lerch: You said it.

  • Jam vs Matthew Steele
  • The arena goes pitch black, the music blairs over the speaker, the Jumbotron has G.Killah slam through a wall and fades in and out with the beat of the music.

    A single spot light flys toward the entrance where jam his walking out with his normal walk and smile pumping up the crowd. He then runs toward the ring and smoothly sliding in the ring and bounces up and head toward where he throws up The E.L.E sign with his hands and the crowd goes nuts.

    The lights dim and a soft strobe light begins to flash around the arena. "Zero" by Smashing Pumpkins hits and the strobe lights flash with intensity. As the song picks up, the lights go bright and Matthew Steele stands on the ramp with his arms out to his sides. He looks out over the capacity crowd and makes his way down to the ring.

    The match isn't very long, and both men give out an equal amount of offense. In the end, they start brawling on the outside, which results in a Double Disqualification.

  • Creeping Death/Rick Mad/Outcast vs Hellz Angel/Scavenger of Sorrow/???
  • The Struggle Within by Metallica plays and Rick Mad and Creeping Death step out to a huge ovation.

    Zach Davis: What a reunion this is for Metal Militia!

    Shannan Lerch: Rick was too scared to come back when Gravedigger was here, I think.

    Zach Davis: Somehow I doubt that, despite all their history.

    Mad and C.D. roll into the ring. 'God of Thunder' hits and the crowd cheers. Outcast walks out in black jeans. he goes to the ring with is eyes fixed on the ring. Nothing else phases him. He slides in and raises his hands.

    The lights darken and Rob Halford's piercing voice is heard screaming "Can't... Stop... The... PAINKILLER!" and "Painkiller" hits the speakers. Hellz Angel, Scavenger of Sorrow, and Hank Brown all walk out to a silent crowd as camera flashes go off and cigarette lighters turn on all around the arena. They make their way to the ring and climb in. They circle the ring and Hellz pushes himself off the ropes as the lights come back on.

    Zach Davis: I still can't believe they have a frickin interviewer as their partner.

    Shannan Lerch: Hey, at least they didn't make you do it.

    Zach Davis: True...

    Rick starts the match for his team, and Hellz and SOS try to get Hank to start. He refuses, and Hellz decides to. The two go to tie up but Hellz hits Rick with a forearm to the face. He hits Rick a few times and then pushes him to the ropes, and whips him across the ring. As Rick is running back Hellz lifts his knee and hits the kitchen sink move. Rick goes down and Hellz drops an elbow on him. He then applies the Figure Four Deathlock. Rick tries to reach the ropes, but when he can't, Creeping Death decides to hit a Springboard Guillotine Legdrop on Hellz! Hellz releases the hold, and C.D. gets out of the ring. Rick stands up and pulls Hellz with him. He then hits a Dragonscrew Legwhip, and puts Hellz into a Figure Four of his own.

    Shannan Lerch: Fight fire with fire!

    Zach Davis: Ending is near! Fight fire with fire, bursting with fear!

    Shannan Lerch: Huh!?

    Zach Davis: Sorry, it's a song. I had to.

    SOS instructs Hank to get into the ring and get Rick off Hellz. Hank refuses. SOS just throws him in, and he doesn't quite know what to do. He walks over to Rick and kicks him, but Rick kinda just laughs it off. He then drops an elbow, but Rick releases the hold and rolls away, and Hank hits the canvas. Rick goes over and tags in Creeping Death.

    Shannan Lerch: We saw what Creeping Death did to that homeless guy last week, I wonder what he'll do to a poor interviewer like Hank.

    C.D. picks Hank up and throws him out of the ring. He then goes on the attack against Hellz, kicking him repeatedly. He then picks him up and hits the Eye of the Beholder! He goes up to the top rope but SOS pushes him off from behind. Hellz is then able to make the tag to Scavenger. SOS hops into the ring and starts stomping at CD. He then gets on him and starts punching him, but CD blocks them as much as possible. CD manages to roll over and gets himself on top of SOS, and starts punching him himself. He then gets up and hits a Standing Moonsault into pin. The ref drops to count, but it's only a two. C.D. picks SOS up but SOS hits him with a low blow! CD manages to tag in Outcast.

    Zach Davis: You KNOW Outcast is just waiting for SOS to tag in Hellz.. That's who he wants.

    Outcast and SOS start brawling with each other, sending punch after punch after punch to each other. Outcast soon gains the upper hand, and hits a Bodyslam. He backs away, allowing SOS to go make the tag... but instead of tagging in Hellz, he tags in Hank Brown.

    Shannan Lerch: Uh oh.

    Hank steps into the ring, and turns around, ready to tag someone else. Both members of Eternal Agony drop down to the floor, allowing Hank to have his fun. Outcast shrugs, and doesn't know what to do.

    Zach Davis: I don't think Outcast is enough of a jerk to attack a helpless man like that.

    Shannan Lerch: But I know someone who is!

    Creeping Death is screaming to get tagged back in, and Outcast does so. C.D. jumps into the ring and starts wailing on Brown, who goes down right away. He hits the For Whom The Bell Tolls! He then jumps to the top rope and hits a Shooting Star Legdrop.

    Zach Davis: Amazing.

    Creeping Death pins Hank Brown. One. Two. No, the Eternal Agony members jump back into the ring, and pull C.D. off. They then begin beating down on him. Hellz steps out onto the apron, and SOS makes Hank tag him in. Hellz gets back in the ring and the other two get out. Hellz picks C.D. up and hits the Hellz Face! Hellz goes for the pin. One, two... NO! Outcast is in to break it up. Outcast throws SOS out of the ring, and then gets back onto the apron. Creeping Death makes the tag to him. Outcast jumps into the ring with a head of steam and Clotheslines Hellz down. Hellz gets back up, and 'Cast pushes him into the corner. He hits the Sick Twist! Hellz stumbles forward, and Outcast follows up with the Crushing NightMare. He makes the pin, and Mad and C.D. make sure SOS isn't there to break it up. One. Two. Three!

    Shannan Lerch: The Metal Militia and Outcast pulled it off!

    Zach Davis: Yes, and they have the edge going into Revenge. On the other hand, Eternal Agony was at an obvious disadvantage... I'd say everything is just about even, here.

    Outcast, Mad, and C.D. walk down the ramp, looking in the ring at Hellz and SOS. The copyright info appears on the bottom of the screen.

    Zach Davis: See you at.. REVENGE!

    The scene fades out.