Slam Intro
Carl Cruel vs Matthew Steele
TOT Promo
US Title: Burn Out vs Brad Aikman
Epic vs Cyrus
Seth Lerch Promo
Tag Titles: Eternal Agony vs Bishop/Priest
Rick Mad vs Jeff Evans
The Future Promo
World Title: Outcast vs Creeping Death
Seth Lerch In-Ring Promo

  • Saturday Slam Intro
  • Lords of Destruction plays once again as the first Saturday Slam after Revenge is on the air! We go around the arena, this time seeing such signs as "Go Back To Canada, Jeff Evans!", "Creeping Death: Champion at Last!", "Steve Carr Stole My Car", and "I'm On The Television, Ma!"... wait, that last one really doesn't matter... Anyhow, we go to the announcers.

    Zach Davis: And here we are, less than a week following Revenge, and we're ready for action! Not only is the World Title on the line, but Jeff Evans makes his in-ring debut!

    Shannan Lerch: I saw him earlier today, he still has that World Title he stole from Creeping Death.

    Zach Davis: And you KNOW Creeping Death wants to get it back, tonight.

    Shannan Lerch: We'll also see a Tag Title defense when Eternal Agony takes on Bishop and Priest.

    Zach Davis: That should be a good one. Bishop and Priest may be one of the best Tag Teams we've seen in WCF thus far, and beating Eternal Agony will only fortify their position as such.

    Shannan Lerch: The US Title will be determined in another Youngbloods match, Brad Aikman vs Burn Out. The Youngbloods are what Aikman and Co. are calling themselves nowadays, but will the Headhunters get the US Title from him?

    Zach Davis: We'll see. The biggest news from Revenge, to me, was Seth Lerch joining the Team of Treachery. It's not exactly at it's strongest anymore, but Lerch promised that he'd make it better. What did he mean by that? Can he follow through with his promise?

    Shannan Lerch: Of course he can! He's Seth Lerch, he'll think of something.

    Zach Davis: On the downside, I have to announce that Steve Carr will NOT debut tonight. He couldn't make it. Change of plans..

    Shannan Lerch: We should see him next week though! I can't wait!

    Zach Davis: In the meanwhile, we DO have a WCF debut, Carl Cruel. Let's see how he fairs against the veteran, Matthew Steele.

  • Carl Cruel vs Matthew Steele
  • St. Anger by Metallica plays, and Carl Cruel swaggers to the ring, not even looking at the crowd. He rolls in to the ring and absorbs the boos of the fans and smiles.

    The lights dim and a soft strobe light begins to flash around the arena. "Zero" by Smashing Pumpkins hits and the strobe lights flash with intensity. As the song picks up, the lights go bright and Matthew Steele stands on the ramp with his arms out to his sides. He looks out over the capacity crowd and makes his way down to the ring.

    Zach Davis: Let's hope Matthew Steele can get his career back on track tonight.

    The bell rings, and the two men approach each other. We can read Cruel's lips saying something about Steele being a has-been, and it sets Steele off. He starts punching Cruel, several times, and then hits The Facelift!

    Shannan Lerch: Not a pleasant way for Carl Cruel to begin his first match.

    Steele quickly pins Cruel. One. Two. No, not quite, Cruel gets his shoulder up. Steele picks Cruel up, but he starts fighting back. Cruel throws Steele into the ropes and hits a Sidewalk Slam. He then jumps to the top rope, and attempts a Shooting Star Press... but misses Steele completely, and appears to have hit his leg in the process.

    Zach Davis: Cruel is a brawler. He shouldn't be trying moves for high flyers, like Shooting Star Presses and whatnot. He's car-azy!

    Steele appears to be hurt, barely moving. He manages to roll over and cover Cruel. The ref counts... One, two, three.

    Shannan Lerch: Well that was a quick match. It looks like Matthew Steele got injured when Cruel hit that sloppy Sidewalk Slam, it wasn't performed very well.

    Steele rolls out of the ring, and slowly walks to the back, barely able to do so.

    Zach Davis: I don't know when we'll be seeing any of these men again..

    Cruel limps backstage slowly as well.

  • TOT Promo
  • Seth Lerch is backstage, sitting at his desk, reviewing papers. He looks very unhappy with them. Epic walks into the room, and Seth looks up.

    Seth Lerch: Hey man, what's up?

    Epic: Not much, just getting psyched for my match with Cyrus later on tonight. You look pretty pissed off though.

    Seth Lerch: Yeah, I just got the papers for the buyrates of Revenge.

    Epic: How were they? It was a great show.

    Seth Lerch: I know it was! Yet, the buyrates... They were terrible. Blast did GREAT numbers, why didn't Revenge?

    Epic: Maybe it was missing something. Missing something that would make people want to tune in and buy it.

    Seth Lerch: Epic, I think you're right. Ever since Blast, the numbers have been down. If these trends continue, I don't know what I'm going to do... Hell, WCF could close.

    Epic: WHAT?! That can't happen! I'm going to win the World Title soon!

    Seth Lerch: I know, I know... I THINK I KNOW WHAT IT IS! This will solve my problems with WCF's ratings AND strengthen the TOT! I'll talk to you later, I need to make a phonecall!

    Seth bursts out of the room, running down the hallway.

    Epic: Hmm, I wonder what he has up his sleeve...

    Epic walks out of the room, and we go back to the arena.

  • United States Title Match: Burn Out vs Brad Aikman
  • The sound of a motorcycle revving up plays, and Burn Out comes out on a motorcycle. He goes around the ring, gets off the bike, and climbs in.

    Slutgarden by Manson plays and Brad Aikman walks down to the ring being followed by Chelsea. Brad rolls in the ring and climbs on the far turnbuckle throwing his arms straight up, holding the US Title, while Chelsea bends over through the middle rope giving the crowd a "nice shot" of the posterior.

    Each man stands in his corner, and the bell rings. They look at each other, intensely.

    Zach Davis: You could cut the tension here with a knife. These two men do NOT like each other.

    They soon go towards each other, and as their about to tie up, Aikman hits Burn Out with a Forearm to the head. He punches him a few more times, and then throws him to the ropes. Aikman hits Burn Out with a Spinebuster, and it goes into a pin. One. Two. No, Burn Out gets his shoulder up.

    Shannan Lerch: Can't end the match that quickly!

    Aikman picks Burn Out up, and shoves him into a corner, and starts punching. He lifts Burn Out onto the turnbuckle, and climbs up. He sets him up for a Superplex, but Burn Out blocks it. Burn Out pushes Aikman off, then dives down with an Elbow Drop! He stands up slowly, and kicks Aikman a few times before hitting a Leg Drop. He covers, hooking the leg.

    Zach Davis: This could be it. That elbow drop looked painful.

    One. Two. Shoulder up! Aikman gets it up in the nick of time. Burn Out picks up Aikman, but Aikman starts fighting back, and picks him up in a Sidewalk Slam. Burn Out starts sitting up, and Aikman runs at him and hits a Shining Wizard kick! Burn Out quickly drops back down to the mat. Aikman climbs back up the turnbuckle, and hits a Moonsault. Another pin. One, two,

    Shannan Lerch: Do we have a winner?

    No! Burn Out manages to just kick out. Aikman stomps on Burn Out a few times, and climbs back up the turnbuckle. Burn Out stands up slowly. Aikman flies off the top, going for an Axe Handle Smash, but Burn Out catches him and hits the Outcast Blast! Both men lay on the mat, resting.

    Zach Davis: The crowd is cheering, supporting Burn Out now.

    Burn Out crawls over to Brad, and throws his arm over his chest, pinning him. The ref counts again. One. Two. But no, the US Champion manages to get his shoulder up, once again!

    Shannan Lerch: What does Burn Out have to do to keep Aikman down!?

    Burn Out sighs, stands up, and picks Aikman up again. Aikman counters and tries to throw Burn Out to the ropes, but Burn Out reverses it, catches Aikman, and puts him in a Torture Rack. He then sends it into a Reverse Stunner!

    Zach Davis: AFTERBURN!

    Burn Out pins Aikman again, hooking the leg.

    Shannan Lerch: This HAS to be it.

    One. Two. Three. Burn Out wins!

    Zach Davis: Yes, and now we have a new United States Champion!

    The ref hands Burn Out the US Title, which he raises in the air to a nice ovation. He then rolls out of the ring, and heads to the back.

  • World Title Contendership Match: Epic vs Cyrus
  • "Perfect Strangers" hits. The music plays for a few seconds, Epic walks out and just stands infront of the curtain for a while to let the crowd catch a glimpse of him in all his glory. He slowly walks to the ring, and just before he enters the ring he takes off his robe and enters the ring. Once in the ring he waits in the corner, with a look of totally confidence.

    Last Resort hits and the crowd goes estatic with excitement. They know when Cyrus comes out usually something is going to happen. He appears just as pyrotechniques que him in. He raises an arm and lowers it as the crowd rises. Cyrus walks down the ramp towards the ring. He walks to the side and runs up the stairs. He climbs up the turnbuckle and raises and arm.He climbs over and walks in the middle of the ring. he stands in the middle of the ring and tosses his coat to a ring-side attendant. He hops around to loosen up for the carnage that is about to appear in this ring.

    Zach Davis: A LOT of animosity here, ever since Cyrus left the TOT... This will be great.

    The bell rings, and the two men walk towards each other, talking trash. Epic throws the first fist, and Cyrus counters with one of his own, and soon both men are brawling with each other!

    Shannan Lerch: You can see the hatred in their eyes.

    Epic gets the edge first, and throws Cyrus to the ropes. He hits a Big Boot, and Cyrus drops to the mat. Epic smiles and starts stomping on Cyrus, mercilessly. He then starts climbing the top rope, but Cyrus manages to get up by the time Epic is at the top. Cyrus grabs Epic's throat and hits a Top Rope Chokeslam!

    Zach Davis: Ouch, Epic goes down hard. Total Carnage!

    Cyrus quickly pins, hoping to get an early victory. One, two, no. Epic kicks out. Epic begins getting up, but Cyrus grabs his leg and locks in the Ankle Lock. Epic screams in pain, and as he does so, Cyrus seems to just lock the hold in harder. Epic attempts to crawl to the ropes, but Cyrus pulls him back, not letting him.

    Shannan Lerch: Ow, Epic's pain is just motivating Cyrus more.

    Eventually Epic is able to use his other leg to kick Cyrus away. He stands up and attempts to Clothesline Cyrus to the mat, but the big man doesn't go down. Epic backs up, and hits Cyrus again. And again, he doesn't go down. Epic Clotheslines Cyrus one more time, and this time Cyrus falls to the mat. Epic runs up to the top rope and waits for Cyrus to get up and turn around, and hits the Flying Clothesline! Cyrus falls back down again, and Epic pins, hooking the leg.



    Th- Kickout!

    Cyrus kicked out at the last second. Epic picks him up, and goes for a Powerbomb...

    Zach Davis: There is NO WAY that Epic can get Cyrus up. Epic may be strong and athletic as anyone, but Cyrus is huge.

    And indeed, Epic can't get him up. Cyrus hits a Back Bodydrop, sending Epic to the mat. Cyrus waits for Epic to stand up, and then jumps back and hits a Superkick! Epic falls, and rolls out of the ring. Cyrus goes outside after him. Cyrus goes to grab him from behind, but Epic spins around and hits him with a Forearm. Epic then grabs Cyrus' head and smashes it into the turnbuckle. He picks Cyrus up in a Vertical Suplex type way, and hits a Reverse Suplex onto the railing, with his stomach hitting the rail. With Cyrus still on the rail, Epic positions him for the Powerbomb... Gets Cyrus up, spins around, and hits it on the outside!!

    Shannan Lerch: Epic was only able to do that with the railings help but that was AMAZING!!

    The ref is about to count both men out, but Epic rolls into the ring and hits him with the Epic Falls.

    Zach Davis: I wonder how much a referee spends on insurance? Working here, it's probably a hell of a lot.

    Epic goes back outside, and stomps on Cyrus again a few times. All of a sudden, Bishop and Priest appear out from the crowd, and start beating down Epic.

    Shannan Lerch: NO! I thought Epic had this match won!

    They hit the Hellbound on him, then rolls him into the ring. They pick Cyrus up and roll him into the ring as well. They then leave before the ref wakes up. Epic and Cyrus both start to stand up, slowly, and soon both men are on their feet. Bleed For Me by Saliva plays on the arena's speakers as the action stops in the ring. Both Epic and Cyrus look at the entranceway as a very muscular man walks out from the back. He is wearing a mask.

    Shannan Lerch: It's that guy from last week!

    Zach Davis: Yeah! The one that attacked Outcast!

    The masked man stops at the top of the ramp and rolls his head around popping his neck. He grins as he walks down the ramp and hops up onto the apron. He steps through the ropes and heads over towards Epic and Cyrus who look at each other trying to figure out who is going to be attacked. The referee comes over and gets in the masked man's face, telling him to get out of the ring. He stops and glares at the referee. The masked man grabs the referee by the throat and walks him over to the corner near the timekeeper table. The masked man lifts the referee up and tosses him over the top rope into the lap of the timekeeper and the announcer!!

    Zach Davis: OH MY GOD! He just chunked that referee like he was nothing!

    The masked man turns to Epic and Cyrus. He points at Epic. Cyrus turns to Epic and grins, waves bye, and climbs out of the ring. Epic goes over and hits the masked man with a forearm. Epic just bounces off. He tries again but is hit in the gut with a knee. The masked man picks Epic up in a gorilla-press slam over his head. He shows off his strength by lifting Epic up and down in a bench-press fashion.

    Shannan Lerch: What power!!

    The masked man lets go of Epic and catches him on his shoulders. He walks around in a circle in the ring and then shoves Epic's legs behind him and drops to the mat hitting a TKO on Epic.

    Zach Davis: Holy crap! He nearly broke Epic's neck!

    The masked man moves Epic into position on the mat and then scales the turnbuckle backwards. He turns slightly to measure Epic up, then leaps backwards and nails a picture-perfect moonsault to the amazement of everyone.

    Shannan Lerch: Good grief! This guy is a monster and can still fly through the air like a cruiserweight. Last week he did a double powerbomb into a death valley driver, followed by a shooting star press on Outcast. This week he lifts Epic up and down in a gorilla press, drops him, catches him on his shoulders and nails a TKO, followed by a beautiful moonsault! Cyrus is all smiles.

    Cyrus is shown on the outside smiling. Another referee starts running down the ramp as the masked man slides out of the ring and escapes into the crowd.

    Zach Davis: Who is going to stop that masked man? And who will his next victim be?

    Cyrus climbs back into the ring is about to cover Epic, but thinks better of it. He instead picks Epic up, and hits the Virus!

    Shannan Lerch: As if the interference wasn't enough, he wants to make sure he definitely has Epic done.

    Cyrus then climbs to the top rope...

    Zach Davis: What are we seeing here?!

    Cyrus hits a 450 Splash!!

    Zach Davis: HOLY CRAP! That man is over 7 feet tall!

    This results in a pin. One, two, and not surprisingly, 3.

    Shannan Lerch: Cyrus will go on to face the World Champion!!

    Last Resort plays again as Cyrus stands up, and raises his arms in the air, in celebration. He then walks to the back. Epic stands up next, and the crowd gives him a standing ovation.

    Zach Davis: Quite frankly, Epic got robbed of this match. I think he has a World Title shot coming up soon, no matter this outcome.

    Epic walks to the back as well. Not disappointed though, no. Not in the least.

  • Seth Lerch Promo
  • We see Seth at a payphone just outside the WCF arena, putting quarter after quarter into a pay phone. Once he's put a few dollars with of quarters in, he dials a number quickly, and puts the phone to his ear. It rings for a few seconds.

    Seth Lerch: Hey, is-.. Oh, yeah, it's you. Sorry, didn't-.. Why am I calling you? First of all, please stop interrupting me. ... No, I don't hate you, that was just a misunderstanding. I've always liked you a lot, to be honest. Listen, that's not why I called you. WCF isn't doing that great, man, and I need you to come back. ... YOU WON'T!? I'll pay you whatever you want, I promise. With you in WCF again, the money will be pouring in. ... What do you mean money doesn't matter!? ... You can't forgive me for what I did? It's all in the past, just.. ... No! Don't you DARE hang up on me! Plea-

    Lerch slams the phone down, and swears under his breath. He walks away, looking REALLY angry. We go back to the arena.

    Zach Davis: What the... who was Seth talking to?

    Shannan Lerch: I'm his sister, and not even I know.

    Zach Davis: Whoever it was, it doesn't sound like he wants to be in WCF... But Seth sounded desperate.

    Shannan Lerch: I think we'll find out sooner or later what's going on. In the meantime... Tag Team Titles match!

  • Tag Titles Match: Eternal Agony vs Bishop/Priest
  • The lights darken and Rob Halford's piercing voice is heard screaming "Can't... Stop... The... PAINKILLER!" and "Painkiller" hits the speakers. Eternal Agony walks out to a silent crowd as camera flashes go off and cigarette lighters turn on all around the arena. They make their way to the ring and climb in. They circle the ring and push themselves off the ropes as the lights come back on.

    The sound of drums hits, and Bishop and Priest walk out, Tag Titles on their shoulders. They run to the ring and start punching Hellz and SOS, and the bell rings!

    Zach Davis: Tag Titles, on the line, here we go!

    Bishop and Hellz fly over the top rope, leaving Priest and SOS in the ring. Priest punches SOS a few times, and then throws him to the ropes. As SOS is coming back he counters with a Shoulder Block, sending Priest down, and then drops an elbow. SOS then gets on Priest and starts punching him.

    Shannan Lerch: Bishop and Priest started with the upper hand, but Scavenger of Sorrow has things going their way again.

    SOS soon stands up and goes for a Knee Drop, but Priest rolls away. He then tags in Bishop, who comes in with a head of steam. As SOS gets up Bishop hits him with a Clothesline, sending him back down. He picks SOS back up and tries to go for a Powerbomb, but SOS reverses it with a Back Bodydrop! SOS then tags in Hellz.

    Zach Davis: Uh oh, I don't think Hellz is in that good a mood...

    Hellz starts stomping away at Bishop, as hard as he can, especially in the leg area. He then applies a Figure Four Leglock. Bishop screams in pain, and begins trying to roll over, reversing the pressure. As soon as Bishop is close to getting it over, Hellz releases the hold but quickly puts him into the Texas Cloverleaf submission. Bishop is about to tap, but Priest jumps into the ring and kicks Hellz off.

    Shannan Lerch: We almost had our winner, and new Tag Champs.

    Hellz gets up, and throws Priest out of the ring. The ref says something to him, and in a blind rage, Hellz hits him with the Hellz Face!

    Zach Davis: That was uncalled for, the ref didn't do anything...

    Hellz then rolls out of the ring, and grabs a chair from outside. He slides it into the ring, and starts hitting Bishop with it, over and over. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Mike Kaos is in the ring! He grabs Hellz, spins him around, and hits the Kaos Theory onto the chair!

    Shannan Lerch: Mike Kaos helping his fellow Youngbloods. It's all out chaos.

    Kaos then rolls out of the ring. Bishop stands up slowly and picks up Hellz, and Powerbombs him twice in a row! He makes the pin. One. Two. NO! SOS kicked him off. Priest jumps into the ring and Powerslams him. Bishop and Priest then grab Hellz and hit the Hellbound! Bishop makes the pin, one more time. One. Two. Three.

    Zach Davis: Bishop and Priest retain the Titles!

    Bishop and Priest grab their Titles and roll out of the ring, and head to the back.

  • Rick Mad vs Jeff Evans
  • The heavy part of One by Metallica hits, and the lights go out and start flashing. Rick Mad steps out from the back, and raises his arms in the air. He walks to the ring as the lights continue to flash, and a burst of pyro shoots from all four turnbuckles as he gets in and the lights come back on.

    "Your Worst Mistake" by Strung Out hits the speakers, and Jeff Evans steps out. He has the WCF World Title around his waist.

    Zach Davis: He wouldn't give that Title back to the WCF officials, I'm surprised he'll even take it down to the ring for fear of someone taking it back.

    Evans walks down to the ring, and enters it. He holds the Title up in the air while Rick looks on, grudgingly. He then sets it down on the outside and stands in his corner. The bell rings.

    Shannan Lerch: The match is on!

    The two circle each other, carefully, and then tie up.

    Zach Davis: These men have actually known each other for quite a while, but outside of the wrestling world. This match is interesting, indeed.

    Rick pushes Jeff into a corner, and the ref forces him to break it up. Rick backs away, cleanly, with no cheap shots. A few fans in the front clap, out of respect. Evans reacts by raising his arms in the air, which gets a much bigger pop from the crowd... especially the ladies.

    Shannan Lerch: Evans is increasingly popular with the fans, mainly the females, like myself. He's a sexy, popular mofo.

    Zach Davis: Mofo? Oh, right, he's Canadian, that kinda thing is OK up there.

    Shannan Lerch: Great idea, alienate our viewers in Canada! Let's just call the match.

    Mad and Evans tie up again. This time, Evans hits a Snapmare, and then locks Rick in a Sleeperhold. Mad struggles to get up at first, but then falls down to the mat. Evans keeps the hold locked in, and Mad seems to be out. The ref picks up his arm.. and it falls to the ground. Evans smiles to himself, confidently, as the ref picks up his arm again. And again, it falls limply to the mat. Evans obviously thinks he has the match in the bag as the ref picks Mad's arm up one more time... And this time, it stays up! Jeff is shocked, and Mad slowly begins standing up. Once he's up far enough he elbows Berg in the ribs a few times, runs to the ropes, and hits a Cross Bodyblock. Evans goes down, and Mad stomps on him quickly a few times. He then jumps up to the top rope and hits a quick Guillotine Legdrop! Mad hooks the leg, making the pin. One. Two. NO!

    Zach Davis: OH, Mad almost had the win.

    Rick picks Evans up, and throws him to the ropes, but Evans reverses it, sending Mad running instead. Evans follows up with a cross between a spinning heel kick and a Superkick, sending Mad down to the mat.

    Shannan Lerch: Brutal.

    Evans then runs to the ropes, and slides under. He then hits a Springboard Shooting Star Press! This results in a pin.

    Zach Davis: It's over. That move was amazing.

    One. Two. NO! Mad manages to get his shoulder up! Evans is amazed, once again, that he couldn't put Mad away. Evans stands up, trying to figure out what to do next, when he suddenly looks behind him.

    Shannan Lerch: What is it?

    Creeping Death has suddenly appeared ringside, and he's holding he's stolen his World Title back!

    Zach Davis: Yes! That Title is his to begin with!

    But all of a sudden, Rick rolls Evans up from behind! One! Two! Three!

    Shannan Lerch: Oh my God, Mad wins!

    Zach Davis: Not without help though.. Evans was distracted.

    Evans rolls out of the ring, apparently not even caring about his loss to Mad, and chases Creeping Death up the ramp and backstage. Mad rolls out of the ring as well, and walks to the back triumphantly.

  • The Future Promo
  • The lights in the arena go out and the WCF-tron lights up. "Won't Back Down" by Fuel starts playing softly in the background as someone appears on the screen. It's Gravedigger sitting there with his silver hair, now grown back out, hanging in front of his face. Dobbie is sitting right beside him. A bandage wrapped around his forehead. The camera turns slightly towards Gravedigger.

    Gravedigger: WCF, you all need to pay attention to what I'm about to say, but Bishop, Priest, Hellz Angel, Scavenger of Sorrow, and Creeping Death need to especially pay attention.

    The camera turns towards Dobbie.

    Bishop and Priest? What are you some kinda clergymen? Nah you the devil. You think you're the best? You're not even on Gravedigger's LEVEL! Sittin there talking trash ackin like you took Gravedigger out Best quit talkin junk before you get knocked the f*** out!

    The camera turns towards Gravedigger.

    Gravedigger: Bishop, you go on and on about how you took me out of action a couple of weeks ago. You're wrong, you had a hand in it but it was Hellz Angel and Scavenger of Sorrow who took me out. They got the job done, but you wanna talk like you're a big man. You wanna still talk junk about how things have gotten better for you since I left? That I was holding you back and keeping you from being the best that you THINK you are? You know, I tire of this constant running of the mouth from you. How about we put a stop to this? How about you put your money where your mouth is? How about we see if your bark is as powerful as your bite?

    The camera turns back to Dobbie.

    You always talk about beware the dog and feel the power You step in the ring and you'll do nothing but cower. Beware the dog like you some kinda vicious canine Bitin the hand that feeds you, be glad you ain't mine

    The camera turns back to Gravedigger.

    Gravedigger: So, are you gonna accept Bishop? How about it? Gravedigger vs. Bishop on August 16th? One week after I return. Just me and you. You name the stipulations, you name the type of match we'll have. Only stipulation I want is for there to be no interference. We've both defeated each other before in matches, and I want there to be no excuse when we break the tie of 1 and 1.

    The camera turns to Dobbie.

    Now it's time to talk about two punks named Scavenger of Sorrow and Hellz Angel when Gravedigger gets back, there's gonna be a murder, he'll be locked in a jail cell When he returns you both gonna get beat down in the back ringside, in the ring, don't matter, brains is what you both lack Think it's a good idea to take out Gravedigger, his boy Dobbie and his girl Jessie? what's wrong with you? You think you're safe? Nowhere to run, nor to flee.

    The camera turns to Gravedigger, who is laughing softly.

    Gravedigger: Once again Hellz Angel proves how stupid he is. He doesn't consider the consequences of his actions. I see that you got beat down by Dark Arts Wizard at the PPV. Well that's good, you deserved it. But see, when I finally get my hands on you again, I'll make DAW look like a saint! You temporarily injured me, took out Dobbie for a couple of weeks and really injured Jessie badly. Your beatdown will be so severe that like Dobbie just said I'll probably be locked in a jail cell. If that was to happen, then so be it. But seriously, starting on August 9th, watch your back Hellz Angel. You too, SOS.

    The camera turns to Dobbie.

    The WCF world title was vacant but now it's got an owner Creeping Death walkin around thinks he's special, doesn't realize he always has a boner his mom's cheap, EVERYONE knows she's a moaner you're gonna lose the title soon, you weren't told it was actually a loaner You always talk about bells tolling when Gravedigger returns, heads will be rolling.

    The camera turns back to Gravedigger.

    Gravedigger: Creeping Death, you possess that which is mine. I never truly lost that world title. Keep a hold on it though, now when I get my match with you, I can not only FINALLY beat you in a one-on-one confrontation. I'll also get back my world title. August 9th...remember that date WCF. The Future of WCF returns on that day. And The now!

    The scene fades to black and the words The Future returns on August 9th, 2003 appear on the screen.

  • World Title Match: Outcast vs Creeping Death
  • 'God of Thunder' hits and the crowd cheers. He walks out in black jeans. he goes to the ring with is eyes fixed on the ring. Nothing else phases him. He slides in and raises his hands.

    The lights slowly fade to black. The JumboTron shows shots of a big wooden cross wrapped in barbed wire in the middle of a thunderstorm. While the cross is shown, the churchy music plays. "Payback" comes on through the organ music. As soon as the heavy part of "Payback" kicks in, the lights come back on, and Creeping Death emerges from the back, with Kristen Volz by his side holding a kendo stick. He's wearing his newly returned World Title, of course. They slowly walk down to the ring, Creeping Death with a black hoodie on, with the hood over his head, and his head down, Kristen wearing a black baby doll tank top with "Flaw" on the front in white letters, and the same baggy black nylon pants Creeping Death wears. As they reach the ring, Kristen takes the steps, and Creeping Death climbs up to the apron, and jumps over the top rope into the ring. Inside, Creeping Death takes off the hoodie and hands it to Kristen. He also hands her his World Title.

    Zach Davis: Creeping Death won this Title not that long ago, let's see if he has what it takes to defend it.

    The two shake hands before starting the match. The bell rings. They circle each other, and then tie up. Outcast overpowers C.D. and pushes him away. C.D. runs back at him, and Outcast catches him in a Powerslam into pin. The ref drops to count. One, two, kickout. Outcast picks C.D. up and throws him into the turnbuckle, and starts ramming his shoulder into C.D.'s stomach. After the fourth hit, Outcast goes for another, and C.D. pulls himself up. Outcasts shoulder is sent into the turnbuckle. Creeping Death rolls over Outcast and hits a Sunset Flip type move, into a pin. The ref counts again, one, two, kickout.

    Shannan Lerch: Nice exchange of moves, yes.

    C.D. runs to the ropes, and as Outcast is standing up, C.D. executes a Flying Head Scissors! Outcast goes down and rolls outside the ring. Creeping Death then follows up with a Suicide Plancha! Both men lay on the cement outside, trying to catch their breath.

    Zach Davis: Crazy Creeping Death and his crazy high flying moves.

    C.D. is the first one up. He picks Outcast up, and throws him into the guardrail. He grabs him again and throws him back into the ring. C.D. jumps onto the apron and goes for a Springboard Bodyblock as Outcast is standing, but Outcast catches him and hits a Fallaway Slam. Outcast goes over and pins. One, two, another kickout.

    Shannan Lerch: Lots of nearfalls, but there'll be a victory sometime. I hope.

    Outcast picks him up, and lifts him onto the turnbuckle. He climbs up, and hits a Superplex! He quickly floats over and pins C.D. again.



    No! Kickout!

    Outcast is obviously frustrated, and picks C.D. up again. C.D. starts fighting back, but Outcast whips him to the ropes. As he's coming back C.D. slides under Outcast's legs, and as Outcast turns around, C.D. hits a Diamond Cutter!

    Crowd: BANG!

    C.D. quickly covers Outcast.



    NO! Outcast kicks out!

    He climbs the top rope, and stands backwards, as if he's going to do a Moonsault. Outcast gets up, however, and hits him with a Forearm to the back. Outcast then climbs up with him, and is about to hit a Spider German Suplex, but C.D. looks behind and blows white mist in Outcast's eyes!!

    Zach Davis: Blizzard of Ozz!

    Outcast goes down right on top of the ref, who is knocked out. Outcast flails around for a little bit, clawing at his eyes. C.D. stands up and signals for Death from Above... but out of nowhere, Jeff Evans is on the apron, and pushes C.D. off.

    Shannan Lerch: YAY! It's Jeff Evans!

    Zach Davis: But he's interfering in this match, and he's going to cost Creeping Death the Title. Why does everyone love him so much?

    Shannan Lerch: Because he's ever so hot!

    Zach Davis: Of course.

    Evans hops into the ring and picks C.D. up. He hits his Atrophy move! He then grabs Outcast, and throws his arm over C.D. He rolls out of the ring and runs to the back. The ref wakes up, crawls over, and slowly makes the count...




    Zach Davis: New World Champion!

    Outcast slowly stands up, barely being able to see. He is handed the World Title from the ref, and it appears as if he barely knows what happened. He holds it up in the air, rolls out of the ring, and heads to the back. C.D. does as well, obviously angered because of Evans.

    Zach Davis: I think that's all we have for tonight, so-

  • Seth Lerch In-Ring Promo
  • Anger Rising by Jerry Cantrell plays, and Seth Lerch walks out onto the entranceway.

    Zach Davis: Guess that's NOT all we have for tonight. Hmm, Seth seems like he's in a better mood now than before.

    Shannan Lerch: He promised something, and he's going to deliver.

    Lerch walks down the ramp and rolls into the ring, looking cocky as usual. He grabs a mic from the ring announcer.

    Seth Lerch: Alright, I know you all saw me on the phone. And you don't know who I was talking to. Well, at first, he was dead set against coming back to WCF. For some reason, he thought I screwed him over last time he was here! Imagine that!

    Zach Davis: I don't doubt it...

    Seth Lerch: And last thing you saw, he hung up on me. Well, as you should all know by now, I'm a persistant man. And when I want something, I get it. As a famous "million dollar" wrestler once said, every man has his price. Even this man.

    Shannan Lerch: WHO IS HE ALREADY!?

    Seth Lerch: Oh, that's right, I haven't told you who I was talking to yet! Well, he'll be here next week... a former WCF Champion... the Face of Treachery himself, LOGAN!!

    The crowd erupts, some cheers, some boos, but everyone is surprised. Lerch looks on, laughing to himself.

    Zach Davis: I... I don't believe it! Logan back in WCF!? I thought he retired.. And, hell, I thought Lerch hated him!

    Shannan Lerch: Deep down inside, I know Seth DOES hate Logan. But Seth LOVES WCF, and he'll do anything to make sure it survives. And he knows that Logan equals ratings.

    Seth Lerch: And he's coming back to where he truely belongs, the TEAM OF TREACHERY! Seth Lerch and Logan, reunited at long last. I'll see you next week, fans, and remember to call your friends and tell them to tune in. And hell, call your enemies too. Whatever, I don't want anyone to miss the return of Logan.

    The copyright information appears on the bottom of the screen as Lerch looks around the arena at the fans, who are still shocked.