Slam Intro
Madd Dogg Promo
Hardcore/Tag Titles: Madd Dogg vs Bishop/Priest
Epic vs Brad Aikman
International Title: Jeff Evans vs Mike Kaos
Logan Returns
Steve Carr vs Logan
World Title: Cyrus vs Outcast

  • Return
  • The scene opens backstage as the sounds of a fight are heard. The camera finally reaches the corner and goes around it. Fighting in the backstage area are Hellz Angel, Scavenger of Sorrow, Gravedigger, and Dark Arts Wizard! SOS is knocked out with a pipe laying beside him, blood trickling from his forehead. Hellz is making a decent effort to hang in there but the numbers overwhelm him as Gravedigger and DAW beat him down. Gravedigger grabs him and tosses him headfirst into a big metal case sitting in the middle of the hallway. DAW tells GD to help him lift Hellz up into the air. They both lift him up and drive him face-first into the concrete wall. They pick him up again and double powerbomb him onto the corner of the metal case. Hellz Angel screams out in pain as security and paramedics flock to the scene. DAW and GD turn and walk away, satisified grins on their faces.

  • Saturday Slam Intro
  • As usual, Lords of Destruction hits, and the crowd goes wild. The signs tonight include "Go Away, Logan!", "The Ultimate JACKASS", "Jeff Evans Stole My Girlfriend", "Epic Got Screwed!!", "Madd Dogg Killed My Baby", "Let's Go Cyrus!", etc. We go to the announcers.

    Zach Davis: And here we are! Once again, Saturday Slam. You know, Shannan, this is the longest I've ever had a job with WCF. I feel proud.

    Shannan Lerch: Yeah, let's hope I don't make Seth fire you or something anytime soon.

    Zach Davis: I don't think so, Seth must be in a GREAT mood tonight. Logan is back, Steve Carr is back, we just saw Gravedigger and Dark Arts Wizard.. I don't believe what they did to Hellz and DAW! Geez.. Who knows if they'll be able to keep competing... Hell, who knows what else will happen.

    Shannan Lerch: And STILL, no one has seen Logan. He's been in his own private locker room all day, no one has been able to talk to him besides Seth. I can't wait to see how he does up against Steve "The Ultimate" Carr.

    Zach Davis: We'll also see Jeff Evans-

    Shannan Lerch: HOTTIE!!!

    Zach Davis: ...Yes, well, he'll get a shot at the International Title.

    Shannan Lerch: I hope he wins. He deserves some gold around that sexy waist of his.

    Zach Davis: Speaking of Title matches, how about this? Bishop and Priest in a handicapped match against Madd Dogg. If Bishop and Priest win, one of them gets the Hardcore Title. But if Madd Dogg wins, he'll get the Tag Titles!

    Shannan Lerch: And why does Madd Dogg want to face those two men? No reason, except the fact he just plain doesn't like them.

    Zach Davis: Another member of the Youngbloods, Brad Aikman, goes against Epic, who must be FURIOUS at the man who cost him his match against Cyrus last week. I wonder who that is!?

    Shannan Lerch: And while we're on the topic of the Youngbloods, Gravedigger returns tonight. I wonder what he'll have to say to them? I guess we'll see.

    Zach Davis: And, finally, the World Title match. Outcast, who won it last week due to interference from Evans, against Cyrus.

    Shannan Lerch: Cyrus is a man that quite frankly, we never thought would be in this position. We never thought he'd be going for the World Title. But now, he's proven us wrong, and quite frankly he deserves this match every bit as much as ANYONE else.

    Zach Davis: Cyrus has been with WCF for.. well, forever. And he's finally getting his shot at the big time. He's moved up the ranks, and now he's here.

    Shannan Lerch: Well, I think we've talked enough, Zach. First, we have an interview with Dogg. Then the Hardcore and Tag Titles match coming up!!

  • Madd Dogg Promo
  • Hank Brown: Dogg can we get a few words with you?

    Madd Dogg: Why, may I ask, why do you always bother me going in to my job?

    Hank Brown: Well, itís uh, um, Iím supposedÖ

    Madd Dogg: Do, I bother you on the way to your job? Do I come up and knock the squeegie out of your hand? No, I let you wash all the windows on all the cars.

    Hank Brown: Um, uh, duh, uh, hmm

    Madd Dogg: Come on, kid. I donít have all damn day.

    Hank Brown: Duh, uh, um, yea, uh

    Madd Dogg: (sigh) Youíre useless. (pushes him) Iíll take it from here. Bishop and Priest, you two have been giving me your life story since this match was signed. How you grew up, where you went to school, and then somewhere along the way, you came up with some nonsense about rolling over anyone you came across. I seem to remember it different. But, Iíll give you the benefit of the doubt and say that you have brain damage, as opposed to you lying. Maybe you donít remember getting owned by everyone you faced until Junkyard justice and Cyrus, which you only won because of Aikman. And then you did beat the monster Squad on your own, but they suck. So, donít try and play this ďWe own everyoneĒ crap with me. I remember it better. Let me give you the play by play in a form you might understand, something a little more on your level. A nursery rhyme.

    Bishop and Priest were bugging,
    And trying to pretend they were thugging,
    They were smoking crack,
    Thought they could kick Madd Doggís ass,
    But just ended up broken hearted.
    Two belts on the line
    They thought it was going just fine,
    But then Dogg had them down in the middle of the ring
    They heard 1, 2, 3 and the bell went ding,
    They saw their hopes and their dreams go up in smoke
    And realized that the two of them were nothing but a joke.
    The match was won,
    Your tag reign is done,
    To the excitement of the fans...

    Madd Dogg sniffs.

    Madd Dogg: Dear God, it smells like Hank just crapped his pants! Thatís disgusting man.

    Hank Brown>: What, I dinítÖ

    Madd Dogg: Here, take your mic.

    Hank Brown holds out his hand to shake.

    Madd Dogg: Donít touch me, your nasty. Only God knows where those hands have been. Well God and the men on 5th avenue.

    Dogg walks away, heading out for his match.

  • Hardcore/Tag Titles: Madd Dogg vs Bishop/Priest
  • The arena goes dark as the bass line of Ain't No Sunshine cuts in. The words "It is dark, and hell is hot" fill the arena as the stage explodes. Low red lighting barely illuminates the stage as Madd Dogg walks out. From right to left, mini pyro showers go off in order, slowly. Each covering Dogg with golden sparks. Then the stage explodes again and Dogg walks down to the ring.

    The sounds of drums play, and the lights get dark. A light follows Bishop and Priest to the ring.

    Zach Davis: Let me explain the rules of this match. First of all, it's hardcore. Second of all, no tags have to be made, and Bishop and Priest can both be in the ring at any time. If Dogg pins either man, he wins the Tag Titles. But if one of them pins him, that person becomes the Hardcore Champion.

    Shannan Lerch: Let's hope Bishop and Priest don't fight over who makes the pin.

    Zach Davis: I don't think they will, they care a lot more about retaining the Tag Titles.

    All the participants are in the ring, and the bell goes off. The match is on. Dogg runs at both men right away and attempts to Clothesline them both down, but Bishop is able to duck. Priest goes down but Bishop grabs Dogg and Headbutts him. Dogg goes down as well. Bishop stomps him a few times, then rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair.

    Zach Davis: Dogg is tough, but the numbers game might be too much.

    Bishop rolls back into the ring, but Dogg is up. He runs at Bishop and kicks the chair into his face! Bishop goes down in a heap, and Dogg grabs the chair from him. By now Priest is back up, and starts punching Dogg from behind. Dogg turns around and hits Priest square in the head, and then pins him.

    Shannan Lerch: OW! That chair shot was brutal.

    One, two... No, Priest is able to kick out. Dogg picks him up and in a single, smooth motion, Powerbombs him into the turnbuckle!

    Zach Davis: Speaking of brutal, that wasn't too pretty either.

    Bishop is back in the ring, and has a singapore cane with him. He cracks Dogg over the back, not once, not twice, but three times, and then spins him around and knees him right in the head. He then grabs Dogg's throat and Chokeslams him down to the mat. He drops and goes for the pin, but Dogg is able to kick out.

    Shannan Lerch: Even after the singapore cane shots, wow.

    Bishop picks Dogg up and throws him out of the ring. And all of a sudden, out of the crowd jumps a man with long, blue hair wearing black JNCO jeans, holding a lead pipe. He hits Dogg right in the head with the pipe, and then starts kicking away at him, mercilessly.

    Zach Davis: That's WCF newcomer Defman! What's he doing!?!

    Shannan Lerch: If you had done your research, Zach, you'd know that he's one hardcore sumbitch. He's making a name for himself.

    Bishop and Priest watch on from inside the ring, not exactly knowing what's going on, but not caring. Defman backs up, and taunts Dogg to get up. And, of course, Dogg does. He runs at Defman, but Defman catches him and hits the Stop and Drop! Defman then jumps back into the crowd, and leaves. Bishop goes outside and picks Dogg up, and rolls him back into the ring. Priest makes the pin.

    Zach Davis: This should be it.



    No! Dogg kicks out!

    Shannan Lerch: I swear to God, he's inhuman.

    The two men are amazed. They pick Dogg up, and whip him to the ropes, but as he's coming back he kicks Priest in the gut, and hits Bishop with the 90 Degree Stunner!

    Zach Davis: Where did he gather this energy?

    Priest goes to Clothesline him, but Dogg ducks and then hits the Dogg Pound! He quickly pins Priest, and the ref makes the count.




    Zach Davis: Madd Dogg has won the Tag Titles!

    Madd Dogg stands up, smiling, and is handed both Tag Team Titles, and his Hardcore Title. He puts the Hardcore Title around his waist and each Tag Title over a different shoulder as he walks out.

    Shannan Lerch: I wonder who in the world would be his partner?

    Zach Davis: Maybe he'll pull an "Eternal Agony" and get Hank Brown. Who knows? We have a great grudge match next though, Epic against Brad Aikman.

  • Epic vs Brad Aikman
  • "Perfect Strangers" hits. The music plays for a few seconds, Epic walks out and just stands infront of the curtain for a while to let the crowd catch a glimpse of him in all his glory. He slowly walks to the ring, and just before he enters the ring he takes off his robe and enters the ring. Once in the ring he waits in the corner, with a look of totally confidence.

    Slutgarden by Marily Manson hits and Brad Aikman walks down to the ring being followed by Kristine. Brad rolls in the ring and climbs on the far turnbuckle throwing his arms straight up while Kristine bends over through the middle rope giving the crowd a "nice shot" of the posterior.

    Zach Davis: Epic is certainly not happy with the Youngbloods, and this match isn't going to be pretty.

    Epic runs at Aikman and Spears him, right off the bat.

    Shannan Lerch: You're right, Epic is furious!

    Epic climbs on top of Aikman and starts throwing punches left and right, UFC style almost. Aikman is soon able to roll out of the ring, but Epic goes right out after him. Epic grabs Aikman from behind but Aikman turns and Clotheslines him down. Brad stomps on Epic a few times, then picks him up and throws him back into the ring. Aikman climbs in as well and locks in the Mexican Surfboard.

    Shannan Lerch: I still can't figure out why Aikman does that move, he's not mexican!

    Zach Davis: Uh.. yeah, to quote a returning star.. SHUT UP!

    Epic, however, refuses to give up. Aikman soon releases the hold. He picks Epic up and throws him to the ropes, but as he's coming back Epic ducks past Aikman and stops. As Aikman turns around Epic kicks him in the gut and Powerbombs him!

    Zach Davis: Ouch, that had a lot of force behind it.

    Epic quickly makes the pin, hooking the leg. One, two, thr- No! Aikman just kicks out.

    Shannan Lerch: That was really close.

    Epic picks Aikman up, and gets him in position for the Epic Falls, but Aikman breaks out of it and hits a Sidewalk Slam! He kicks at Epic a few times more, then climbs up to the top rope. He hits a Moonsault. One, two.. No, Epic kicks out!

    Zach Davis: Lots of nearfalls. Good match.

    Aikman signals that he's going to finish it off, and quickly jumps to the top rope.

    Shannan Lerch: Here comes the Axe Handle!

    Aikman does the move, but Epic rolls away at the last second! Aikman gets up quickly, but is met with the Tranquilizer!! Epic then picks Aikman up, quickly, and hits the Epic Falls. The ref drops to count... One. Two. Three!

    Zach Davis: And there you have it. Epic's gotten his revenge on the Youngbloods for now.. But is he done yet?

    Epic rolls out of the ring, happily, and heads to the back. Aikman stands up, about ready to leave... but Anger Rising plays!

    Shannan Lerch: Yay! Seth! Maybe he's bringing Logan back now!

    Zach Davis: ...Great...

    Seth steps out, microphone in hand, ready to speak.

    Seth Lerch: No, I didn't come out here to bring back Logan, yet. I have an announcement for you, Brad Aikman. I'm giving you a rematch for your US Title at the Pay Per View, Ultimate Showdown.

    Brad smiles, seemingly happy with the announcement.

    Seth Lerch: That's not all, though. It will be.. an ultimate submission match!

    Aikman smiles more, and Lerch leaves. Aikman leaves as well, looking cocky and confident.

  • International Title Match: Jeff Evans vs Mike Kaos
  • "Your Worst Mistake" by Strung Out hits the speakers, and Jeff Evans steps out. He walks down to the ring, and enters it.

    Shannan Lerch: He doesn't need flashy intros, folks; he does that stuff in the ring.

    Zach Davis: Did he pay you to say that?

    Shannan Lerch: Yes.

    The lights in the arena go out, "Gramercy Park" hits, and two green pyros cross over the ring. The lights come back up, and Mike Kaos is sitting on the turnbuckle. He gets down, and the bell rings.

    Zach Davis: Here we go!

    Evans runs at Kaos, but Kaos catches him and hits a Tilt-a-Whirl Slam!

    Shannan Lerch: Not a good way for Jeffy to start the match.

    Kaos starts kicking the fallen Evans, but Evans soons begin getting up. Kaos lets him get up about to his waist, and then positions him for a Jacknife Powerbomb. As Kaos lifts him, Evans counters with a Facebuster! Kaos goes down hard. Evans slides out onto the apron, and signals for his Springboard Shooting Star Press. Kaos gets up quickly and pushes him off the apron and onto the ground. Evans stands up slowly, and Kaos hits a Springboard Bodysplash over the top!

    Zach Davis: He connected beautifully, but not very characteristic of Mike Kaos.

    Both men lay on the ground outside, catching their breath, when the ref starts counting.

    Shannan Lerch: They have 20 counts to get back inside.

    Kaos is up first, and he grabs Evans and throws him back into the ring. Kaos rolls in as well, and pins Evans, hooking the leg. One, two, no. Evans kicks out. Kaos backs up, and waits for Evans to get up... Once Evans is on his feet, Kaos runs at him, going for a Spear... but Evans moves out of the way! Kaos is sent flying into the turnbuckle post.

    Zach Davis: Ouch, that must have hurt his shoulder.

    Evans grabs Kaos, picks him up and hits a Shoulderbreaker. He then stomps away at Kaos' shoulder, and applies a Armlock submission hold.

    Shannan Lerch: Jeffy being smart and working away at Kaos' hurt shoulder.

    He cranks away on it, and Kaos screams in pain, but he doesn't give up. Kaos uses his free arm to grab the ropes, forcing Evans to release it. Evans picks Kaos up and hits the Atrophy!

    Zach Davis: It HAS to be over.

    Evans makes the pin. One... two... NO! "Bleed For Me" by Staind plays as the masked man walks out from the back. Evans lets go of the pin, and looks towards the entranceway. Masked man stands on top of the entranceway and flexes for the thousands in attendance. He smiles as he jogs to the ring and slides in. The masked man grabs the referee and immediately tosses him over the top rope. Jeff Evans stands over in the corner watching as the masked man climbs out of the ring and grabs a chair. The masked man gets back in the ring and goes after Mike Kaos. Mike blocks the chair shot from the masked man. The masked man grabs Mike with one arm and headbutts him. Mike Kaos goes down. The masked man hits Mike Kaos a couple of times with the chair and then lays it on top of his head. The masked man reaches into his trunks and pulls out a small metal plate. He slides it up under the mask to his forehead. He walks over and scales the turnbuckle. The masked man dives forward and nails the chair with a diving headbutt, smashing the chair and plate into Mike Kaos' face. Mike Kaos writhes around yelling as his nose starts bleeding. The masked man gets up and shakes off the pain from the headbutt. He turns and jumps out of the ring as Brad Aikman and Priest run down to the ring to chase him off. The masked man leaps the barricade and escapes out through the crowd. The bell rings, signalling that the match has been thrown out.

    Zach Davis: Ugh, we would have had a new champion, if it weren't for that interference...

    Shannan Lerch: Oh well. Who cares? Next up... Logan is coming back.

  • Logan Returns
  • Straight Out of Line by Godsmack plays, and the crowd ERUPTS. Seth Lerch walks out first, and stands there for a bit, just looking around.

    Zach Davis: Well.. where's Logan!?

    And another man walks out from the back, and stands beside Lerch. Logan. He's wearing black pants and a T.O.T. shirt. The crowd pops like never before as the two men walk to the ring.

    Zach Davis: Hmm, Logan looks a little different.

    Shannan Lerch: What do you mean?

    Zach Davis: I don't know, I can't quite put my finger on it...

    Seth and Logan roll into the ring. Seth gets the mic first.

    Seth Lerch: I promised you all a new member of the T.O.T... I promised you Logan... And I delivered. Here he is, the man that built WCF.

    The crowd pops, a little less than before, and we can hear the whole arena buzzing to one another.

    Zach Davis: Something is up. This doesn't seem right.

    Seth hands the mic to Logan.

    Logan: Well, boudles... The face of Treachery is back!

    A little bit of the crowd starts to boo, but most cheer.

    Logan: You're booing? You don't like me? SHUT UP!

    Zach Davis: That man isn't as muscular as Logan. He's not as built as Logan. He's not as tall as Logan. That man... that man is not Logan.

    Shannan Lerch: What are you talking about?! Of course he is!

    Zach Davis: No, I'm sure of it. Listen to his voice. I don't know who it is, he looks A LOT like Logan, but it's not him. I'm positive. Why would Logan EVER join Seth again anyhow!? I knew it didn't make sense.

    Seth takes the mic back from "Logan".

    Seth Lerch: Now that Logan's back, I know ratings are going to be THROUGH THE ROOF! Crowd attendance will be at an all time high! And ass kicking will be nightly. Steve Carr, you're about to get your "Ultimate" ass handed to you by the Face of Treachery himself. You do NOT disrespect me. Get out here, now.

  • Steve Carr vs Logan
  • The lights turn off. Edgecrusher by Fear Factory starts and red strobes flash. Steve Carr steps out and the lights stop flashing. They become red spotlights which follow him up to the ring while he pretends to give high-fives to the fans and then pulls away. He climbs up the stairs and steps over the ropes.

    Zach Davis: I'm not a fan of Steve Carr's current attitude, but whoever this new Logan is, I hope he gets his ass kicked.

    Seth rolls out of the ring, and the bell rings. The match is on! Logan and Carr circle each other, and as Carr gets close, he can see too that it's not the real Logan. He laughs at him, but Logan looks angry and hits Carr with a forearm to the face. Carr reels backwards, and Logan whips him to the ropes. He then runs at Carr and hits a Jumping Clothesline. Carr goes down, and Logan starts kicking at him. He then grabs his legs and locks in the Sharpshooter!

    Shannan Lerch: LoganShooter!

    Zach Davis: No, that's just a Sharpshooter. That's certainly not Logan. He's a very good replica, and he does Logan's moves almost as good as Logan himself.

    Carr, however, is able to reach the ropes. Logan has to release the hold, which he does. He picks Carr up, but Carr fights back, kicking him a few times in the leg, then the stomach, and then a swift kick to the head. Logan flops down in a heap. Carr climbs up the top rope, points towards Logan, and hits a Flying Elbow Drop! He pins Logan, but the man kicks out at 2. Carr quickly grabs his leg and puts him into a Half Crab.

    Zach Davis: Carr is in great shape. To be honest, I don't know if I've ever seen him look this good.

    Logan screams in pain, but doesn't tap. Lerch pulls his hand onto the rope while the ref isn't looking, and Carr then has to let go of the hold. Carr looks over the ropes and yells at Lerch, who pretends as if he hasn't done anything wrong. But as he turns around to Logan, he is met with a Superkick! Carr begins getting up, slowly, and Logan goes for a Spin Kick. Carr ducks it, kicks Logan in the gut, and goes for a Powerbomb. Logan reverses it into a Facebuster.

    Zach Davis: AHA! I got it! Logan is actually Roger Mason, AKA Rage, whom got kicked out of WCF months ago. He's Logan's brother, and looks A LOT like him. Seth must have brought him back to impersonate Logan.

    Logan pins Carr, but Carr kicks out. Logan picks Carr up, backs up, and goes for another Superkick. This time, Carr catches it, spins Logan around, and hits the Ultimate Stunner!

    Shannan Lerch: Well.. I think it's over.

    Carr begins climbing the top rope, though, and instead of just putting Logan away, he hits the Ultimatum! He's added insult to injury. He quickly pins Logan. One. Two. Three.

    Zach Davis: Carr wins his first match back! But Seth is furious...

    Logan rolls out of the ring, and Seth rolls in. He stares Carr in the eyes, and the second it looks like Carr is going to punch him... Seth rolls back out, and begins walking up the ramp.

    Zach Davis: What a coward!

    Seth Lerch: Hey, Carr, you think you're so good? Huh!? Well, guess what? Next week, Saturday Slam, you face the Team of Treachery's golden boy. Epic. And that's not all. I'm going to be the SPECIAL REF in that match! See you then!

    Carr doesn't seem to care, besides looking happy that he's getting Seth into the ring with him. Lerch and Logan walk quickly to the back, and Carr leaves soon afterwards.

  • World Title Match: Cyrus vs Outcast
  • Last Resort hits and the crowd goes estatic with excitement. They know when Cyrus comes out usually something is going to happen. He appears just as pyrotechniques que him in. He raises an arm and lowers it as the crowd rises. Cyrus walks down the ramp towards the ring. He walks to the side and runs up the stairs. He climbs up the turnbuckle and raises and arm.He climbs over and walks in the middle of the ring. he stands in the middle of the ring and tosses his coat to a ring-side attendant. He hops around to loosen up for the carnage that is about to appear in this ring.

    'God of Thunder' hits and the crowd cheers. Outcast walks out in black jeans with the World Title around his waist. He goes to the ring with is eyes fixed on the ring. Nothing else phases him. He slides in and raises his hands.

    The two men look at each other, and the bell rings. They walk towards each other, and tie up. Neither one is able to outpower the other, and they come out with a stalemate.

    Zach Davis: These two may be the most powerful men in WCF today.

    They tie up again, and Cyrus is able to get a slight advantage, due to his height. He pushes Outcast into the corner, then kicks him in the stomach. He punches Outcast a few more times, and then rams his shoulder into his stomach. Outcast stumbles foreward and Cyrus grabs him and hits a Vertical Suplex.

    Shannan Lerch: How in the hell did Cyrus even manage to do that to a man as big as Outcast?

    Zach Davis: Both of them have incredible strength.

    Cyrus then puts Outcast in a Chickenwing Headlock. He locks it in tighter and tighter every second, and we can see the life fading from Outcast's eyes. The ref raises his arm... and it drops. He raises it again.... and it drops.

    Shannan Lerch: If it drops one more time, Outcast loses!

    Zach Davis: Don't be silly, it's not going to drop. It never does.

    And, Zach was right, it doesn't drop. Outcast begins standing up, much to Cyrus' dismay, and elbows him in the gut. Outcast then runs to the ropes, and Clotheslines Cyrus down. Cyrus gets back up but Cyrus grabs him and hits a thunderous Bodyslam!

    Zach Davis: The heavier they are, the harder they fall. And, damn, did Cyrus fall hard.

    Outcast then grabs his leg and puts him in the Mind Rager. Cyrus screams in pain, and tries to reach to the ropes, but Outcast doesn't let him. He continues to scream, but won't tap out. Outcast is getting frustrated, releases the hold, and starts kicking at him, over and over. He grabs Cyrus' leg again, going to put in the Mind Rager once more, but Cyrus kicks him away. Cyrus staggers up and Outcast runs at him, but Cyrus catches him in a Powerslam. He then jumps up to the top, and signals for a 450 Splash.

    Shannan Lerch: This is what won him the World Title contendership in the first place!

    But, Outcast gets up too fast, and punches Cyrus. Outcast then climbs up to the top rope and hits a Superplex! The whole ring shakes, and the two men lie on the mat, catching their breath.

    Zach Davis: WOW! That took a lot out of both competitors.

    Outcast is the first one to move, and rolls over, pinning Cyrus. The ref makes the count. One. Two. NO! Cyrus kicks out!

    Shannan Lerch: Amazing!

    Outcast slowly stands up, and picks Cyrus up with him, but Cyrus punches him a few times. Outcast punches him back, and soon both men are exchanging blows. Cyrus soon ducks one of Outcast's and then moves back, and Superkicks him! Outcast doesn't quite go down, and Cyrus is amazed. He grabs Outcast by the throat and hits a Chokeslam!

    Zach Davis: He couldn't quite get him all the way up, but that did it's job.

    Cyrus pins Outcast quickly, hooking the leg. One! Two! NO! Outcast kicks out!

    Shannan Lerch: These men are giving it all they have! How is anyone ever going to win?

    Cyrus picks Outcast up, and goes to irish whip him into the corner, but Outcast reverses it. Cyrus flies into the corner instead. Outcast then hits the Sick Twist! Cyrus stumbles foreward, and Outcast kicks him in the gut and DDTs him to the mat. He makes another pin...




    Zach Davis: Cyrus, somehow, somewhere, found it in him to kick out.

    Outcast is furious, and picks Cyrus up, and signals that he's going to finish it off. He picks him up in a Vertical Suplex, going for the Crushing Nightmare, but Cyrus drops behind him and picks him up, Death Valley Driver style, and hits The Virus! Cyrus then covers...



    Zach Davis: Two and a half!

    Shannan Lerch: Two and three fourths!



    The ref hands Cyrus the Title, and he holds it up in the air, triumphantly. Cyrus stands there celebrating with the world title when suddenly Gravedigger and Dark Arts Wizard walk out from the back. They both walk down the ramp. Cyrus finally sees them and Outcast does too, who is just now standing back up. GD and DAW slide into the ring. DAW jumps on Outcast and starts beating him up, while GD jumps on Cyrus. Outcast goes down quickly after his match with Cyrus. GD irish whips Cyrus, but Cyrus has a little fight left in him and reverses the irish whip. GD bounces back off. Before Cyrus can do anything, DAW spins him around and then bounces off the nearby ropes. GD and DAW both hit Cyrus with Total Elimination and the champ goes down hard. GD picks Cyrus up and nails a perfect Death Driver as The Youngbloods run out from the back. GD and DAW climb out of the ring as The Youngbloods get in and tend to their stablemate. GD and DAW smile at the men in the ring as they circle around to the side with the entranceway. They start walking back up the ramp when they hear a voice from the ring. It's Bishop.

    Bishop: Hold on a minute. Gravedigger, how about we have our one-on-one match this week instead of next week?

    Gravedigger turns around smiling and nods. He goes back over to the ring and gets up on the ring apron. He halfway climbs in as The Youngbloods get ready. DAW walks over and grabs GD's arm. He shakes his head and mouths the words "next week" to GD. GD looks at DAW who shakes his head again. GD smiles and climbs back out of the ring and onto the floor outside. He and DAW walk backwards up the ramp talking trash to the guys in the ring as they head towards the back. Bishop gets on the mic again.

    Bishop: What? Are you afraid of me?

    Gravedigger starts walking back towards the ring but DAW holds him back. A member of the ring crew walks over with a mic. Gravedigger snatches it from him and lifts up the mic.

    Gravedigger: You want a match with me?

    Bishop nods.

    Gravedigger: Then it will be next week.

    Bishop shakes his head and points in the ring in front of him. Gravedigger shakes his head and turns around. GD and DAW start walking up the ramp.

    Bishop: Fine, next week. The greatest match ever in WCF...the great Bishop vs Gravedigger. One-on-one.

    Gravedigger turns back around with a smile as he speaks.

    Gravedigger: One-on-one in a Last Man Standing match. No interference, no disqualification, and no count out.

    Bishop: Yeah, and to ensure that no one interferes, I'll have The Youngbloods at ringside with me.

    DAW takes the microphone from Gravedigger.

    DAW: And I'll be in Gravedigger's corner.

    "Hallelujah" by Rammstein, which is Ragnarok's music, plays. Gravedigger and DAW walk out, leaving only the Youngbloods in the ring.

    Zach Davis: I guess that's all, and-

    The lights go out. Churchy organ music hits as a picture of a cross wrapped in barbed wire in a storm is seen on the Jumbotron. A few seconds later, "Payback" by Flaw kicks in, and the former World Champion Creeping Death walks out from the back with a mic.

    Shannan Lerch: Yeah, now he shows up. Last week he loses the title to Outcast, isn't heard from all week, and he comes out after Cyrus gets brutalized?

    Creeping Death: Damn Cyrus, what a night. You win the World Title, get killed by Gravedigger, and have to hear some bad news. You have to defend your title next week at Slam. Not against Gravedigger. Not against Outcast. Not even against that Backstreet Boy reject looking bitch Jeff Evans. Oh no. You have a World Title Match against Creeping. F'n. Death.

    Creeping Death stares into the ring, watching Cyrus stir and lean on the bottom rope.

    Creeping Death: Oh, I forgot to mention. This match we're having, it's going to be...TABLES...LADDERS...AND MOTHERFUCKING CHAIRS!

    Zach Davis: TLC! That's Creeping Death's specialty match!

    Cyrus looks stunned. Creeping Death takes off towards the ring. He stops on the floor, and looks into Cyrus' eyes.

    Creeping Death: Cyrus, next week, TLC Match...the bell tolls

    And with that, the copywrite information appears and the show goes off the air.