Sunday Slam Intro
Eclipse vs Camyno
Nytro vs Joe/Freez
Walker vs Burn Out vs Howie vs J-X
Torture/Mike Maida Debate
Cradle/C.D./Outcast vs Dogg/Mad/Hellz

  • Sunday Slam Intro
  • Numb/Encore hits, and Sunday Slam is on the air! We scan the arena for signs as the pyro blasts at the stage and in the ring. The fans roar as the music dies down and we go to our announcers.

    Zach Davis: Welcome to Slam! Last stop before One!

    Shannan Lerch: That's right, Zach. The biggest event in WCF history is only one week away.

    Zach Davis: And what a main event we have to lead up to it. PC Cradle, Creeping Death, and Outcast will team up to take on Madd Dogg, Hellz Angel, and Rick Mad.

    Shannan Lerch: everyone in that match has had World Title gold before. None of the teams are that stable. For example, I'm sure Cradle and Creeps have some animosity, and I doubt Madd Dogg loves Rick Mad that much.

    Zach Davis: Well hell, Cradle threatened to beat up his own team! That alone should tell you something.

    Shannnan Lerch: It does, and I wouldn't want to be in that match tonight.

    Zach Davis: Also, we have a match with Sylk Walker, Burn Out, Howie, and J-X taking each other on. These men's teams will fight each other at One, and the winner of this will surely get an advantage.

    Shannan Lerch: Nate Nytro is in a handicapped match against his own brother, who turned on him last week, Freez, and Reckless Jack's manager Fantastic Joe. Neither of these men are pushovers, and Nytro's going to have to hope Jack doesn't interfere.

    Zach Davis: We'll see Eclipse take on Camyno in our first match tonight. Let's get to that!

  • Eclipse vs Camyno
  • Ra's very own hit single, You Know My Name comes loud and clear over the speakers. Camyno comes out, ready to go. He walks down the ramp, and into the ring. He awaits for his opponent.

    Lights grow dim, an elcipse appears on screen, as it aligns the lights pulsate, faster and faster, the eclipse logs on over the sun, the music blasts out of the speakers and pyro shoots off the stage as the lights flash back on, Eclipse jumps out onto stage and makes his way down to the ring and hops over the top rope and parades around to the crowd...

    Both men circle around each other to start. Camyno goes in for a Clothesline, but Eclipse ducks the move. Camyno comes back only to get a huge Spinebuster. Eclipse looks at the crowd as they cheer. Eclipse takes his time and goes over to Camyno. Camyno throws Eclipse to the outside of the ring. Camyno takes his time getting up. Eclipse slides back into the ring as Camyno stomps and kicks at Eclipse.

    Zach Davis: Eclipse took his time and got burned.

    Shannan Lerch: Camyno showing us his ring skills.

    Eclipse fights his way up. Camyno takes him back down with a Shoulder Tackle. Camyno looks at the crowd as they boo. Camyno flips them off. Eclipse is back up as Camyno kicks him in the gut. Camyno goes for the Camyno-Bomb, but Eclipse turns that into a DDT.

    Zach Davis: Great counter!

    Shannan Lerch: I wonder whats next.

    Eclipse waits for Camyno to get up. Camyno does, only to get Superkicked. Eclipse covers. One! Two!! Kick out by Camyno. Eclipse pounds the mat. Camyno gets his way back up. Eclipse goes for the Half Moon, but Camyno slides out of the move. Camyno kicks Eclipse in the gut and goes for the Superbomb. There is one Powerbomb. There is the second Powerbomb. Then the third Powerbomb. On the fourth and final, Camyno taunts the crowd. Boom! The forth one is sat out as Camyno covers. One! Two!! Eclipse grabs the ropes.

    Shannan Lerch: What ring awareness!

    Zach Davis: I thought it was over! By God, I thought it was over!

    Camyno is pissed as he picks up Eclipse. Eclipse gets in a body shot in on Camyno. Eclipse then kicks Camyno in the gut followed by the Total Eclipse. He covers. One! Two!! Three!! Eclipse has won the match.

  • Nate Nytro vs Fantastic Joe/Freez
  • Shannan Lerch: Coming up next, a match I have looked forward to for the long has the show been on hold?

    Zach Davis: Around a half hour I think.

    Shannan Lerch: Right. Well, it's Nate Nytro vs. Fantastic Joe and, ironically enough, his own brother under the wrestling persona "Freez".

    Zach Davis: In a bizarre turn of events, RJ hired Nate's brother to assist in the destruction of his adversary...they are looking to put him out tonight.

    Natural Born Killaz by Dr. Dre and Ice Cube hits and Fantastic Joe, followed by RJ walk onto the stage. They walk side by side down to the ring...Fantastic Joe slides in.

    Zach Davis: And there's one half of tonight's 2-on-1 assault squad, and...well fans, looks like RJ is joining us here at ringside. How are you sir?

    Reckless Jack: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don't try to kiss my ass.

    Shannan Lerch: Hahaha!

    Zach Davis: SILENCE WOMAN!

    "Polyamorous" by Breaking Benjamin is next, the lights in the arena turning a pale, liquid blue. Freez comes through the curtain, in navy Nike shorts and a white wife beater. He taunts the crowd and slides into the ring.

    Zach Davis: A new face here in WCF, hand selected to try and take out Nate Nytro by ours truly, Reckless Jack.

    The lights grow dim...a new sound emerges from the speakers, Mudvayne's "Determined". Once the new entrance music picks up, Nate comes through the curtains, all business. He runs down the ramp way and into the ring, immediately attacking Joe and Freez. Nate whips Fantastic Joe into the ropes, clotheslining him out of the ring. He and his brother fly at one another with furious punches.

    Shannan Lerch: Whoa, little time wasted here.

    Nate lifts Freez, Irish whip, DROPKICK ON HIS YOUNGER SIBLING. Nate applies a quick headlock to the grounded assailant, who counters into a German suplex. He begins unleashing Mudhole stomps on Nate, before tagging Fantastic Joe. Joe lifts Nate and...suplex! He then applies a stunt driver stretch.

    Zach Davis: We've seen Nate in worse holds than that.

    Shannan Lerch: And look, Nate's already getting out of the hold.

    Nate is, indeed, reversing the hold, and delivers a back suplex. Freez rushes in illegally to be met by a back body drop. Nate stalks both men and delivers a Catatonic Finish to both in each arm. He then goes outside and grabs a table.

    Zach Davis: ...whoa, the pace has been quick enough, and now he has a table.

    Reckless Jack: Screw this!

    Shannan Lerch: And he's off.

    Nate unfolds and sets the table up in the middle of the ring. He lifts Freez onto it, climbs a turnbuckle and...RJ comes into the ring. The ref scrambles to get him out, derailing RJ's plans of sabotaging Nate's leap. While the ref is distracted...BAM! INSPYRATION THROUGH THE TABLE! Nate then lifts Fantastic Joe...another Catatonic Finish. Cover...




    Zach Davis: and it's over, Nate's ready for One.

    Nate Nytro stares at RJ as we go to a commercial.

  • Sylk Walker vs Burn Out vs Howie vs J-X
  • Shannan Lerch: Wow how do we continue to just top ourselves match after match? This just goes to show that WCF is the best product out there.

    Zach Davis: Thatís right Shannan your brother continues to amaze and astound every one in this business. And this next match should do that as well.

    Shannan Lerch: This will be a preview of sorts to One as we will see Sylk the Natural Walker, Howie, Burn Out and J-X.

    Zach Davis: My guess is that Sylk and Burn Out will team up and eliminate J-X and Howie.

    Shannan Lerch: Well Howie is not exactly friends with J-X so he is in there alone. And speaking of J-X here he comes.

    Welcome to the Jungle begins to play its beginning notes. Suddenly strobe lights are going off like crazy in green and blue. J-X shows on the jumbo-tron and it's flashing in different color letters with a different color background for each. Once it gets going J-X comes from behind the curtains and begins to taunt the crowd. He walks down the runway and taunts the crowd again. He gets into the ring and climbs onto a turnbuckle. He throws his arms up then gets down to get ready for the match.

    Zach Davis: And right behind him is Walker!

    Stop F'n Wit Me ( Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz ) A The Natural iiiiiiiiStruts down to ring smiling, shaking hands, posing. He stays on the outside of the ring awaiting the others.

    Before Shannan or Zach can begin talking Bad to the Bone begins and the six foot seven giant runs to the ring. As He approaches the ring we see The arena goes black and "Because of You" blasts over the PA system. Strobe lights flash around the arena and stop at the ramp way to find a figure walking out. It's Howie. As he walks down the ramp way, the strobe lights start again and the arena lights change in a cycle from black to red and then to blue. Before he enters the ring he holds both fists in the air and then runs and jumps on to the apron. The lights then return to normal. Howie hangs his chain on the ring post and removes his jacket and hat. .

    Zach Davis: Walker looks pumped up for this one.

    Shannan Lerch: He should, they finally got a win over Howie, even though is was controversial. Well we have all four men in the ring but they are fighting over who will start the match.

    Zach Davis: This is a first all four men want to be the first one in. Here you go the ref is moving J-X out of the ring and wait now he is moving Howie to another corner! What is going on he canít have Magnum Force against each other!

    Shannan Lerch: He can and he has Sylk and Burn Out will face each other. Look at their faces. The crowd loves it.

    Zach Davis: Shannan all they have to do is lie down and he match is over. This is great Howie can cry about this lose now as well.

    Shannan Lerch: I hate Magnum Force but I donít believe either one of these guys is going to blow this opportunity.

    Sylk and Burn Out circle each other. Sylk is talking away as Burn Out just keeps shaking his head. The two men lock up and Burn Out easily breaks that hold. Burn Out grabs Sylk and whips him into the ropes, Sylk bounces off the ropes BO bends over for a back drop and Sylk leap frogs him and turns and kicks him in the backside forcing him into the ropes and a tag to J-X.

    Shannan Lerch: Now maybe we can see a little wrestling; J-X and Sylk will now meet in the ring.

    Zach Davis: How can you say this will be a match J-X is not a proven singles wrestler. He is a tag team guy. How can you expect him to match up evenly against The Natural who has proven in both tag team and solo.

    J-X jumps off the ropes and goes for a clothes line on Sylk who grabs him by the arm for a take down. Both men are up quickly qnd J-X tries it again and misses again. Sylk grabs the arm and this time he hangs on and sticks his feet on the shoulder and in the pit of J-X and slaps on a wrist lock. Howie who is watching jumps in the ring and nails Sylk from behind with s boot to the back of the head.

    Zach Davis: Howie has been chomping at the bit to get at Sylk and that looks like he did it.

    J-X quickly capitalizes on the move and covers Sylk... Walker kicks out and J-X nails him with a couple fist to the face while the crowd goes wild. J-X stands up and plays the crowd; Sylk grabs him and whips him into turnbuckle, J-X jumps on the bottom rope and lands a cross body on the Natural who was following up the move.

    Shannan Lerch: looks like this is going to be move of a high flying match.

    Zach Davis: Both of these men can do this type of wrestling. I donít see Burn Out doing a lot from the ropes.

    Sylk again kicks out of the pinning combination. He is up and reaches for a tag to Howie, who turns his back on Sylk. J-X charges Sylk who sidesteps him causing him to knock Howie off the ring apron.

    Zach Davis: Oh boy Howie is pissed now he did not see that Sylk moved and thinks J-X hit him from behind. J-X is trying to explain himself but Walker kicks him into Howie again. Howie again goes down to the floor; this time he grabs J-X by the leg and pulls him out of the ring, he whips him into the barrier and then jumps back on the apron and climbs into the ring.

    Howie and Sylk stalk each other around the ring. The crowd begins booing because neither man is doing anything. Howie looks into the crowd and begins yelling at them to shut up. With his attention drawn to the fans Sylk nail a standing drop kick on Howie who is up quickly and rushes Sylk; both men begin exchanging fist. Howie starts to get the upper hand and finally Walker goes down. Howie slaps on a fiqure 4 leg lock but Walker is to close to the ropes and makes a tag to Burn Out.

    Zach Davis: Oh Boy here comes the big boy!

    Shannan Lerch: He ainít all that big, ...I I meahhh yeah your right, Look in the ring.

    Howie grabs Burn Out by the arm and tries to whip him into the ropes, BO stands hi ground. Howie tries it again BO still stands pat. He then grabs Howie by the neck and lifts him for a choke slam. J-X tries to enter the ring but is stopped by the ref. Sylk makes a move to enter but is hit from behind by Twister. Walker falls to the floor and Twister grabs his arm and slaps on a pair of handcuffs, he hooks the other end to the bottom rope of the turnbuckle. Twister quickly runs back stage.

    Shannan Lerch: I canít believe it did you see that?

    Zach Davis: See what? OH MY! What a choke slam by Burn Out! He covers ...1..2...3..4..Where is the ref?

    J-X has him in the corner, he is holding him. Burn Out gets up and grabs J-X with the ref in between them. He has J-X by the hair and is punching away. Howie rolls out of the ring grabs a chair and rolls back in; he hits BO with a chair. Burn Out falls forward pinning the ref between him and the ropes... J-X falls to the floor. Howie tosses the chair out of the ring grabs Burn Out off the ref punches him in the face and covers him; 1...2...

    Shannan Lerch: Oh sh*t, here comes Magnum Force!

    Zach Davis: And here comes Epic and Twister... Epic is beating the hell out of Sylk who is still handcuffed to the ring post! Damn look at Twister and JX working over Road Rage and Howie. Klubber is also trying to get at Howie.

    Shannan Lerch: Yeah but Howie is holding his own he just threw Twister into J-X and is now going toe to toe with Klabanski. I can tell you one thing these two men do not like each other.

    Zach Davis: Here comes some help from the back. And Burn Out and Epic are in the corner next to Sylk. Walker is helpless hanging from the ring post.

    Shannan Lerch: No so helpless he just hit Epic with a low blow as Burn Out pounds on him from the front. JX and Twister have Rage in the corner and his legs draped over the bottom ropes. OH DAMN! I DONĒT THINK RAGE IS GOING TO REPRODUCE!

    Zach Davis: Thank God for small miracles. SH*T! Klubber and Howie wont quit they are pounding on each other even with everyone in between.

    The crowd is going crazy as more and more people appear from the back to break up the melee.

    Shannan Lerch: And look, here comes Fugitive too!

    Zach Davis: Yup, he's helping Sylk. I think this match has been thrown out!

    Shannan Lerch: Fans we have to break but we will be back with more from WCF.

  • Torture/Mike Maida Debate
  • Shannan Lerch: Well it looks like things have settled down a little and we can get on to our next match.

    Zach Davis: We don't have a match, Shannan. We have a debate!

    Torture along with Howard Dean, stand at one pedistal. Mike Maida at the other one. Joe Smith stands in the middle at a table.

    Joe Smith: Ladies and Gentlemen, we are seven days from One, and tonight we have a debate, including your Peoples Champion, Mike Maida, and Hardcore Champion, Torture.

    Mixed Reactions for both stars. Joe Smith, begins to speak again.

    Joe Smith: Torture, you will go first on our first subject, and then we will go back and forth. Ready? Alright. Lets begin.

    Torture picks up the microphone.

    Joe Smith: How do you feel about the others undefeated streak?

    Torture: Joe, lets be honest. Mike Maida isn't undefeated. Beating no namers, almost jobbers of this damn federation. Joe, he's not undefeated. I'm undefeated! I've fought week in and week out, beating Hall of Famers, putting wrestlers on the shelves. Where is Neo? Thats right, he's gone. I put Fugitive out of action for atleast 5 to 6 weeks. I have defended and retained my championship against Hellz Angel, a multi-time World Champion. Joe. He's not undefeated. I'm undefeated.

    Joe Smith: ... Ooookay. Mike, How do you feel about his undefeated streak?

    Mike Maida: How do I feel? I feel that Torture is a very average man with average accomplishments to accompany his below average wrestling ability. I, on the other hand, am "Marvelous" Mike Maida I put the average man to shame. Which is why I am undefeated and come One I will be the only One undefeated.

    Joe Smith: Wow. Well, Torture, Whats your opinion on Mike being Peoples Champion?

    Torture: Joe, it's simple. He doesn't represent the people, and now I regret giving him that title.

    the crowd begins a Mike Mike Mike Mike chant

    Torture: Shut up! I allowed you to marvel at my coolness long enough. I want all of you to shut up! *Now yelling* You cheer for a man, that has no class, and with every word, with every move he pulls in this ring, this federation goes lower in stock! I bring you class, I bring this federation to the front of the line, with my undefeated streak, and my high profile matches. I'm positive! Absolutely positive, you would cheer me, if I slapped on some stupid submission in the center of this ring, and beat no named jobbers who can hardly carry a 5 minute match let alone carry a Championship Title. Mike Maida is not for the people, Mike Maida is not for this federation. *Now, talking with a very firm voice* Mike, I'm a wrestling Icon. You will be beaten. I can promise you that.

    Joe Smith: Mike Maida, whats your opinion on Torture being Hardcore Champion?

    Mike Maida: My opinion on Torture being the Hardcore champion? He's an imposter, he isn't a hardcore wrestler. He isn't even an icon. He's imposing that he is something that he can never be. Marvelous. Torture may be beating these hall of famers, these legends, but as you can recall at Payback, he was too scared to step into the ring with me. Torture's claim to fame is beating men who's best matches were years ago. Now he's going to be stepping into the ring with a man who's best matches are yet to come. I trained at the Dungeon with Stu Hart, a real icon, and learned wrestling from the best. Torture surrounds himself with losers as well, because in fact he is a loser. Howard Dean a democratic nominee for president who couldn't win there, so why is he here with Torture? because losers group together. Torture's losing ways just needs to get the ball rolling, and I will be the one who pushes that ball. So Joe, I don't think Torture is a very good hardcore champion at all.

    Joe Smith: Last and final questi..

    Torture: A group of losers?! A GROUP OF LOSERS?!

    Torture tips over his pedestal, with one push.

    Joe Smith: Torture! Now, come on!

    Torture: I surround myself with winners! I am nothing but a winner. And wrestlers that had good matches back in the day? Are you kidding me! Mike, I put PC Cradle down for a pinfall, and picked up this Hardcore Championship. PC Cradle is in the main event, the place I should be, the place I will be after One. Mike, you owe it to yourself. You're a nobody. You won't have good matches, you're great matches will never come! I will end your streak, I will end it. I'm a wrestling Icon. I'm here to stay.

    Mike Maida moves out from behind his pedastal, and steps near Torture and smiles.

    Mike Maida: Do you people know what this mans biggest fear is? His biggest fear is being a failure. That's why he keeps lying to himself. He keeps lying that he's worthy to be in the main event. Torture I've studied you inside and out. I've came to the conclussion that you're a man that lives in the shadows of other people. You're never going to be a star. You're only going to be a mediocre wrestler. But since you're so insistant on calling yourself an icon. I have a message for you. At One: One Icon dies, One Icon is born. That Icon who's born is non-other than "Marvelous" Mike Maida.

    At the ending of that speech, Torture drops his microphone. He steps closer to Mike, who also steps closer to Torture. Mike drops his microphone, and they begin the trash talking. Torture unstraps his title from around his waist as does Mike... they both throw them to the corner. Torture rolls up his sleeves, and Mike unbutton's his shirt. The crowd now pumping. Torture takes his sunglasses off and throws them to the crowd. Torture and Mike step face to face, nose to nose, boot to boot, we're ready to go! Joe Smith gets out of the ring. Torture then turns his stern face to a smile. He backs up, and Howard Dean picks up his Hardcore Title. Torture steps out of the ring, along with Dean. They both walk up the ramp. Mike Maida just stands there, all by himself. Torture walks up the ramp to the huge chorus of boo's. Torture and Howard Dean walk right behind the curtain, as we go to the next segment.

  • PC Cradle/Creeping Death/Outcast vs Madd Dogg/Rick Mad/Hellz Angel
  • Zach Davis: And it's Main Event Time! I should get that phrase copyrighted.

    God of Thunder hits as the arena goes dark. Strobe lights start to flash and Outcast makes he way down to the ring. He slaps hands of people and ring side. He slides into the ring and raises his fist in the air, red and white pyro shoot out from all four turnbuckle posts.

    The lights slowly fade to black. Bells toll as the JumboTron shows shots of a big wooden cross wrapped in barbed wire in the middle of a thunderstorm. While the cross is shown, "Wait and Bleed" begins. As soon as the song kicks in, about thirty seconds into it, the lights come back on, and Creeping Death is standing on the stage, holding a long wooden staff with a cross wrapped in barbed wire at the top of it. He slowly walks down to the ring wearing a black Metallica hoodie, with the hood over his head, and his head down. As he reaches the ring, Creeping Death climbs up the stairs and puts the cross staff in the ring post. After making sure it will stay in place, Creeping Death steps through the middle and top ropes, into the ring. Inside, Creeping Death takes off the hoodie and drops it onto the floor. Creeping Death then hops up and sits on the closest top turnbuckle and awaits the match to begin.

    Get To The Gone hits and PC Cradle steps out onto the rampway, dragging a solid black steel chair with him. He stands on the ramp, looking out at the crowd with a cynical, careless look on his face. Cradle walks methodically down to the ring, looking at the crowd as he goes. When he reaches the apron, he rolls under the bottom rope and runs quickly to the opposite turnbuckle. Cradle crosses his arms in the air, screaming to the crowd.

    Shannan Lerch: Looks like maybe Cradle has rethought this, he's not exactly fighting his teammates.

    Suddenly the lights go out with a burst. Laser lights from above are circling the arena with a red Pentagon sign. Rain and thunder are heard in the background as the refferee runs out of the ring. Drums are heard in a "knock on the door" style. DUM DUM DUM!! DUM DUM DUM!! The lights start flashing red and "Raining Blood" blasts through the arena. BLANK is looking all around and cant see a thing. The lights soon come back up and Hellz Angel and Rick Mad are walking down to the ring.

    Ain't No Sunshine hits, and golden pyro blasts from the stage. Madd Dogg comes walking out with the belt over his shoulder, and walks slowly to the ring, taking his time. He eventually rolls in, holding his Title in the air, looking right at PC Cradle. Cradle looks back, not showing an ounce of emotion.

    Zach Davis: Cradle may not show emotion, but you know there's nothing but hatred there.

    C.D. and Outcast roll out of the ring, not wanting to argue or get too involved with Cradle. Dogg motions like he's going to start the match, but he laughs and has Rick Mad start it instead.

    Shannan Lerch: Just to piss off Cradle.

    Mad and Cradle approach each other, and Mad goes to tie up but Cradle slaps him right in the face. Rick goes to punch Cradle, Cradle grabs Mad's hand and kicks him in the gut. Cradle then follows up with a big Powerbomb, driving Rick right into the mat!

    Zach Davis: Ouch, damn. These two are actually former Tag Team Champions.

    Cradle picks Mad up and goes for a Yakuza Kick, but Mad has it well scouted and manages to move out of the way. Rick hits a Clothesline on Cradle, Cradle gets back up, Mad hits him with several forearms to the head and pushes him into the turnbuckle. Mad lifts him up and then climbs up with him... soon both men are standing... Rick is about to Superplex Cradle.. Cradle jabs Rick in the abs a few times, and then throws him down. Rick crashes to the mat, landing face up, and Cradle flies down with an Elbow Drop! He doesn't pin Mad, and instead yells at him to tag in Dogg.

    Shannan Lerch: He doesn't want to end this match, he wants to fight Dogg.

    Rick Mad slowly crawls to his corner to make a tag.. and he tags in Hellz Angel.

    Zach Davis: Well, Cradle isn't getting what he wanted.

    Shannan Lerch: Not yet, at least.

    Hellz Angel comes in and runs at Cradle. Cradle ducks and Hellz leapfrogs over him, runs into the ropes, and goes for a big Power Clothesline but Cradle ducks it and runs to the ropes himself. Both men are flying towards each other, and Cradle hits the Decapitator!

    Zach Davis: OUCH!

    Cradle picks Hellz up and knees Hellz in the gut a few times, following up with a few forearms to the head. He then positions him and drives his head into the mat with a painful looking DDT!

    Shannan Lerch: Ouch, again.

    Cradle instructs Hellz Angel to make the tag. Hellz slowly crawls towards his corner.. and he tags in Madd Dogg.

    Zach Davis: Here we go!

    From behind, Creeping Death tags himself in.

    Shannan Lerch: Uh oh.

    creeping Death springboards from the apron and hits a Springboard Dropkick on Dogg, and Dogg goes down, but Cradle has become enraged. Cradle looks like he's about to attack C.D. but Outcast grabs Cradle and pulls him away, trying to talk sense into him. Cradle grudgingly steps between the ropes.

    Zach Davis: That was a close call.

    Meanwhile, Creeping Death stomps mercilessly at Madd Dogg. Dogg begins to stand up, and Creeps hits him with stiff martial arts kicks over and over before Dogg buckles over. Creeps backs up and hits a Running Fameasser. He then climbs the ropes... Phoenix Splash!

    Shannan Lerch: This could be it!

    One.. two... Dogg kicks out. Creeps begins picking him up, but Dogg pushes him away. Creeps pushes back, and Dogg kicks him right in the gut and hits a Turnbuckle Bomb!

    Zach Davis: That move looks BRUTAL.

    Dogg tags Hellz in. Hellz kicks methodically at Creeps. He picks C.D. up and hits a big Crucifix Powerbomb before going for a pin.

    Shannan Lerch: Good move, let's see-

    One.. two.. Creeps kicks out. Hellz picks him up and pushes him to a corner, but C.D. grabs Hellz and pushes him against the turnbuckle instead. C.D. punches him a few times and then tags in Cradle. Cradle comes in and kicks at Hellz repeatedly, stomping a mudhole in him. Hellz falls to the mat, and Cradle again instructs him to tag in Madd Dogg.

    Zach Davis: Cradle won't be happy till he gets a piece of Dogg!

    Hellz Angel once again makes the tag... and once again, Creeping Death tags himself in by tapping Cradle.

    Shannan Lerch: Uh oh.

    Zach Davis: Ahhh damn. That wasn't a smart move on Creeping Death's part.

    Cradle can't take it anymore and gets into the ring. He punches Creeps square in the jaw and throws him out of the ring. Outcast gets in and tries to calm Cradle down, but Cradle grabs him and pulls him into a Cradlearm DDT! Dogg is up now and grabs Cradle from behind.. HE HITS THE DOGG POUND!

    Shannan Lerch: There it is! Dogg Pound!

    Zach Davis: The ref has already called for the bell, this match has been thrown out. Jesus.

    Dogg rolls out of the ring, and Mad and Hellz come in. They start kicking at C.D. and Outcast, picking their shots. PC Cradle is rising, however, and they're not noticing.

    Shannan Lerch: How... how is he getting up already!?

    Cradle grabs both men from behind and throws them out of the ring recklessly. He then looks at Dogg, rage in his eyes, yelling "ONE WEEK! YOU'RE MINE!" Dogg simply rubs his World Title, nodding back.

    Zach Davis: That's all for this week! See you at One!

    The copyright info appears, and we fade out.