Seth Lerch and Davey Ortega Backstage
Till Death Do Us Part Intro
Portalcide vs Pride of the USA vs Bishop/Priest
Hardcore Title: Wreck vs Jason Tilley vs David Baker
Neo and Death Segment
Creeping Death vs Triple I vs Razor
TV/Tag Titles: Monster Squad vs DKX vs Neo/Death
Logan's Surprise
World Title: Hellz Angel vs Trent Hunter

  • Seth Backstage
  • Seth Lerch and Davey Ortega are backstage, talking.

    Seth Lerch: Alright, you've got all of tonight's plans taken care of?

    Davey Ortega: Yep. Creeping Death will be out of WCF tonight, and everything else we have planned should go exactly as according to plan.

    Seth Lerch: Good.

    There's a knock on the door.

    Seth Lerch: Come in.

    A man comes in, and gives Seth an envelope. He then leaves.

    Davey Ortega: What's that?

    Seth Lerch: Hmm, I'm not quite sure.

    Seth opens the envelope, and reads it. A look of anger comes across his face.

    Seth Lerch: It says Torture is here. Damnit, he's suspended! Beef up security, double it! I won't have him messing up my show!

    Davey Ortega: Right away, sir.

    Davey walks out of the room, and Seth looks pissed.

    Seth Lerch: What else is going to go wrong tonight? Let the show begin...

  • Till Death Do Us Part Intro
  • Love, Hate, Love by Alice in Chains plays as Till Death Do Us Part comes on the air! The stage is set up with a main Jumbotron in the center, as usual, but two smaller Jumbotrons to each side, shaped as broken hearts. We read signs such as "Reach Out And Touch Someone, Priest!", "Wreck Tilley, Baker!", "Creeping Death Is A Hobo", "DKX Uses KY", and "The Lone Wolf Is Getting Put Down". We go to our announcers for the evening. Kyle Steel, Shannan Lerch, and a new man is seated beside them.

    Kyle Steel: I'm Kyle Steel, here with Shannan Lerch, and our new Pay Per View color commentator.. Luscious Jackson.

    The man is african american, and he's wearing round glasses and has a large afro.

    Luscious Jackson: Yo yo, Luscious J here. I'm joinin ya'll to call this action here tonight!

    Shannan Lerch: And what action we have! In our World Title match, Hellz Angel takes on the World Champ, Trent Hunter.

    Kyle Steel: That's right, Shannan. They have a heated rivalry, and it all ends tonight. Hellz Angel has been in World Title matches more than once, but Trent Hunter is still undefeated. Can Hellz end that tonight? It's the ultimate battle of old versus new.

    Luscious Jackson: Trent Hunter is a member of the Elite. The other two Elite dudes, Dake Ken and X, are two bad daddios. They're facin Neo and Death for them Tag Titles, and the Monster Squad is in this shizzle too.

    Shannan Lerch: Well.. that's one way of putting it... We'll also see a 'Loser Leaves Town' match between Creeping Death, Triple I, and Razor. I guess both of the losers will be fired, that's too bad. And I can tell you, odds are, Creeping Death is going to be gone.

    Kyle Steel: I don't know, when it comes to his job, Creeping Death has been very insistent about staying here. He's a hardcore individual, and we have a Hardcore Title match as well. Jason Tilley takes on Wreck and the Hardcore Champ, David Baker. Baker's been on a roll with that belt, and I'm not so sure that anyone's going to be able to take it away from him.

    Luscious Jackson: And you know cats, we have another big tag match when Pride of the USA take on Bishop and Priest and Portalcide! My money's on Pride of the USA, because, well.. they're the pride of the USA!

    Shannan Lerch: I don't know who hired you, but... ugh... well, we also have word that Logan is in the house. And he's brought us some special guests... I can't wait to see who they are!

  • Portalcide vs Pride of the USA vs Bishop/Priest
  • Ya'll Want A Single? by KoRn plays, and Portal and Suicide, collectively known as Portalcide, walk out. They head to the ring.

    Born in the USA hits, and the crowd erupts as Chief Bald Eagle and Klubber Klabanski walk out, with Ms Liberty. They go to the ring as well.

    Luscious Jackson: I sure hope that Klubber dude's middle name don't start with no K!

    The sound of drums is heard, and the arena gets dark. Bishop and Priest come out and walk to the ring.

    Shannan Lerch: What is this, a contest to see who can have the worst entrance?

    Kyle Steel: No, I guess all of these men are very down to business. Anyway, the match is starting.

    Chief Bald Eagle and Bishop start the match. Portal and Suicide are arguing over who is going to start for their team, each apparently thinking he's the better man. They push each other, and it looks like they're about to go at it... until Wherever I May Roam hits, and they look towards the entrance way.

    Luscious Jackson: General Manger is in da hizzouse!

    Davey Ortega walks out on stage, with a mic. All attention is directed towards him.

    Davey Ortega: It's my job, as the General Manager of Slam, to make good television. And that means I need the Tag Team division to be succesful. Know what I need for that, Portal? Suicide? I need a cohesive tag team unit! You guys can't start stuff like this. You're an official tag team, and you're damn well going to act like it. Let me make a deal with you. You can attack each other whenever you like...

    The crowd pops, and Portal and Suicide nod, eager to do so.

    Davey Ortega: BUT... not during your matches. Including this one. And if one of you does.. they're suspended, or fired, depending on my mood! Good luck, boys.

    Davey Ortega leaves, and the bell rings. The match is under way. Portal is finally chosen to start the match. He attacks Bishop fiercely, as Bald Eagle watches on, not wanting to get involved quite yet. Portal hits a mean Snap Suplex. He stomps on Bishop, and Bald Eagle joins him. Portal soon turns to Eagle and kicks him in the gut. He's about to hit a Double Arm DDT, but the Chief reverses it into a Back Bodydrop. Portal stands, and he's met with a Knife Edge Chop from Bald Eagle.

    Crowd: WHOOOOOO!

    Bald Eagle hits another hard chop, and another, and another, and another. The crowd WHOO's all along. Finally he hits a big Oklahoma Slam, and then tags in Klubber. By now, Priest is up, and he runs at Klubber and hits a Clothesline. Klubber goes down, and Priest then stomps his legs a little bit before locking in a Boston Crab. Portal is up, and he drops a few elbows on Klubber a few times before kicking Priest off.

    Kyle Steel: Klubber almost tapped out there.

    Portal reluctantly tags in Suicide. Suicide hits a Springboard Legdrop onto Priest, and then quickly pins him. One.. two.. no, Priest kicks out. Suicide picks Priest up and picks him up, hitting a Backbreaker. Klubber is back up and Dropkicks Suicide down. He then climbs to the top rope and flies down with a Fist Drop! He makes the pin.

    Shannan Lerch: We could have winners!



    No! Kyle Steel: We don't have winners! Another WRONG predicition by Shannan.

    Shannan Lerch: SHUT UP!

    Klubber then tags in Bald Eagle. Klubber holds Suicide up as Bald Eagle climbs to the top, and they hit the Flying Eagle! Bald Eagle is about to pin until Bishop tags in Priest, Priest runs in and tackles Bald Eagle down. As Priest beats on Bald Eagle, Suicide is able to crawl over and tag in Portal. Portal waits a second, then hits a Springboard Dropkick on Priest as he's standing up. Bald Eagle is up and runs at him, but Portal hits a Release Northern Suplex.

    Luscious Jackson: Portal is clearin' da hizzouse! He's off the hook!

    Portal quickly pins Bald Eagle. The ref drops to count.




    Kyle Steel: Priest was able to break it up.

    All three men lay on the mat, catching their breath. Priest and Portal both get to their feet first and exchange fists, and soon Bald Eagle is up as well. Portal throws Priest out of the ring, then turns to Bald Eagle, and kicks him in the gut. He DDTs him, but doesn't let go. He picks him up, DDTs him again...

    Shannan Lerch: Rolling DDTs! That's his trademark.. poor Bald Eagle.

    And on the fourth DDT, Portal lets it go. He's about to pin but Priest is back in the ring, he grabs Portal and hits The Book! He makes the pin.


    Suicide is in the ring to break it up...


    Bishop Clotheslines Suicide down.


    Luscious Jackson: Bishop and Priest pick up another win! Suckas gotta know that they're on the way to the Tag Team Titles.

    Bishop and Priest roll out of the ring quickly and raise their arms in the air as they head to the back. In the ring, Suicide and Portal are arguing over whose fault the loss was. They soon leave, not too happy with the other.

  • Hardcore Title: Wreck vs Jason Tilley vs David Baker
  • Kyle Steel: A lot of hype has been building between two of the competitors here today.

    Shannan Lerch: Of course, we mustn't forget the already established push of David vs Wreck.

    Kyle Steel: Yes. Folks, this is the match where you put your kids to bed. After this, it only gets deeper on this pay-per-view.

    Luscious Jackson: I don't like TOO much violence. This cat's all about peace and love.

    Shannan Lerch: Well, you're not getting that here. I cringe at the thought of what happened last time Wreck, Jason, and David were in the ring together...

    Several clips of the carnage that spewed from the match between Wreck and Jason Tilley show.

    Kyle Steel: It’s sickening...really. We all know that these men aren’t one hundred percent, but what will happen tonight, no one’s our first competitor...

    The lights go out and ‘Smells like Teen Spirit’ moans throughout the arena as the capacity crowd has a mixture of cheers and boos as Wreck makes his way out. He comes out slowly at first. He is, still, favoring his spine. He makes his way down the ramp with a rather melancholy look on his face. He rolls into the ring. Slowly, he makes his way over to the turnbuckle. The lights come back on.

    Shannan Lerch: He still doesn’t look one hundred percent.

    Kyle Steel: Just wait until you see the others, Shannan.

    At that moment, Smack My Bitch Up bursts out of the PA system. The crowd franticly boos at Jason as he struggles to pull the cart that is brimming with hardcore ‘toys’.

    Luscious Jackson: He's sure come prepared.

    Kyle Steel: He doesn’t look as bad as I thought he would. Maybe the champ will look worse.

    Shannan Lerch: I don’t know, he did look better earlier when we saw him..

    Kyle Steel: Don’t remind me...

    Four deep riffs blasts into the arena. ‘You wanna see me fail? You won’t get the chance! You wanna see me fail? You won’t get the chance! You wanna see me fail? You‘ll never get your chance!’ The music continues to blare into the arena as the crowd go crazy. Baker charges out of the curtains and stops at the top of the ramp. Many fans try to touch him as he stands there glaring at Jason who is glaring back. Quickly, Wreck blasts Jason over the head with a light bulb tube. It explodes upon impact. Baker makes his way down in the meantime.

    Luscious Jackson: Dirty play! Dirty play!

    Shannan Lerch: What do you expect? It is a hardcore bout.

    Luscious Jackson: True.. true..

    Baker slides in the ring as Wreck is stomping on Tilley. The bell signals the beginning of the carnage, I meant match. Together, Wreck and Baker stomp on Jason.

    Shannan Lerch: Is this a truc...

    Before she can finish her question, Wreck closelines David out of the ring onto the cart spilling the contents all over.

    Kyle Steel: That answers your question.

    Shannan Lerch: And Jason probably spent hours packing that stuff into that cart. How rude!

    Kyle Steel: Not as rude as Wreck breaking that light bulb over his head. He seems to be moving now anyway.

    Jason gets up, but Wreck starts on him too soon. Wreck whips Tilley into the ropes. Wreck positions himself to sling off of the ropes to attack Jason, but David slams a steel chair into the spine of Wreck. None to David’s luck, Jason flies through the ropes and slams the chair into Baker’s face. Everyone is down...

    Kyle Steel: Nice start by these men. I’m sure they won’t keep it this clean, however...

    Shannan Lerch: Clean...ha!

    Luscious Jackson: Yeah, I know you like it dirrty.

    Jason is the first one up. David is starting to get up, but Tilley grabs one of his ‘toys’. It appears to be a 9-iron.

    Jason Tilley: Four!


    Jason continues with the whacks to the torso of Baker.

    Kyle Steel: I see he is taking this seriously.

    Shannan Lerch:You know what I just noticed? Where’s the referee?

    Luscious Jackson: I don’t think they sent one out yet. Maybe they will later. Or maybe they're all scared.

    Jason continues to slam that metal into the abs of David. Wreck runs up and baseball slides into the head of Tilley. Jason drops the club, onto David sadly... Alas, Wreck hops out and picks Jason up. He continues to powerslam him onto the ladder that is casually laid out there for this match. David is still rolling around on the ground as Wreck delivers knee drops to the shoulder of Tilley. Finally, baker gets up. Wreck goes over to beat him down, but David gets an elbow to Wreck’s gut. With an ‘Oomph’, Wreck doubles over. Baker continues on to powerbomb Wreck onto Tilley.

    Kyle Steel: You find new weapons everyday in hardcore matches. Hell, even your opponent is a weapon.

    Wreck rolls off of Tilley. Baker fishes around in the stack of toys that Jason brought out. He finds a trashcan lid that seems to be stained, but David just shrugs it off. While he was examining the lid, Jason has gotten up. Jason dropkicks the can into Baker’s face.

    Shannan Lerch: Ow! Poor David! He will look like a hamburger when we are all done and through.

    Luscious Jackson: But he won't taste as good.

    Baker drops the lid and stumbles, but doesn’t fall. Jason hits Baker, but the only thing he gets out of that is the elbow of Wreck. Right to the shoulder. Wreck performs a military press on Jason. To retaliate against Baker’s powerbomb, Wreck tosses Jason at David. David tries to catch Jason, but he flies into the railing. Baker falls holding his back.

    Kyle Steel: The things these men do for gold..

    Shannan Lerch: You would think their lives on the streets would make them humble, not avaricious.

    Luscious Jackson: Stop using big words.

    Wreck grabs that chair that Baker had. He sets it up. Then, he lifts Tilley up. he gets him ready for a suplex onto the chair. When they get vertical, Jason reverses back down. Then, he lifts him up in a suplex, this time he flips Wreck around and powerbombs him onto the metal chair. The chair easily refolds...the other way.

    Kyle Steel: This match is getting brutal.

    The WCF theme hits and a referee comes out. He slowly makes his way past the wrestlers and into the ring. Jason ignores it as David is getting up now. Baker runs at Tilley. Tilley spins around. Thinking he tricked David, he points to his head and smiles to the crowd. The crowd boos and someone throws a drink at him. Baker just spun around when Tilley spun out of the way. So, Baker is standing behind Jason as he taunts. Jason slowly turns around to meet David who DDTs Jason’s thick skull onto the cement. Surprisingly, it does not burst open with blood.

    Shannan Lerch: Don’t underestimate that man!

    Wreck gets up, finally, and he and Baker exchange blows. Wreck plants a nice one on Baker’s chin making him stumble up the ramp. Wreck follows up with some more rights. Baker and Wreck, finally, square off at the top of the ramp. Baker whips Wreck into the titantron’s steel base. Wreck rests on the other side as David catches his breath. Baker slowly makes his way over there, but suddenly, Wreck pulls a sledge out from behind the curtain. He spins and plants it square on his skull. Baker bursts open immediately. Again, Shannan shrieks.

    Kyle Steel:That’s added to last times ‘The Snap’ too. This one might shorten his career quite a bit. Wreck should get kudos for first blood, but that’s brutal...

    David collapses soon after. Blood gushes out from his forehead. Wreck goes to pin...

    Referee: 1........2.......3?

    No! Jason manages to get to him in time to kick him off. Wreck and Tilley throw fists near the ramp. Tilley kicks Wreck in the shin. Wreck hops for a bit, then, Tilley spills a box of tacks onto the ramp. Wreck punches Tilley, but Jason socks him in the rib. Wreck grabs his ribs as Jason lifts him up. Then, he drops Wreck with ‘The End’.

    Shannan Lerch: No! No! No! No more pain! Someone end this!

    Luscious Jackson: Ain't gonna happen, baby.

    Jason pulls a chair and a table up from beside the ramp. He sets the table up. Next, he sets the chair up, but before he can sturdy it, Baker plants his through the chair with The Xero!

    Kyle Steel: Oh my God! He’s still alive! David Baker is still a live from the vicious attack from Wreck!

    Shannan Lerch: Back with a vengeance!

    Jason lays there and Wreck gets up. Quickly, Baker grabs the chair and starts to climb the titantron. He sits up there and waits as Wreck is close behind. Wreck shimmies towards Baker. They sit there waiting for the other to initiate. Wreck throws a punch and almost falls off.

    Luscious Jackson: No! Get down! I can’t watch!

    Kyle Steel: They need to get down. That could seriously hurt someone.

    Wreck regains his balance. Wreck punches Baker in the face, but Baker retaliates with a chair to the side of his face. Wreck spins and lays over the top of the titantron. The chair drops to the floor and falls apart upon impact. Slowly, Baker shoves Wreck off. Wreck soars through the air.

    Kyle Steel: Oh my god! No! This can’t be happening! He’s so young!

    Wreck slams into the table making it explode into litter pieces. Shannan screams hysterically and many yells are heard from the sounds before it goes out. Snow is heard as Baker wobbles on the titantron. He climbs down slowly. As he reaches the ground. Jason is up and in full stride. He charges at Baker and spears him off of the ramp and onto the pavement below. Tilley rolls off of Baker and they lay there. The snow is the only thing heard as they lay there. Several times, segments of Shannan and Kyle are heard. Finally, they get it together.

    Kyle Steel: Okay, I believe we are good now. It seems that the noise generated by that blew the circuits on the sound. I mean, oh my god... Folks, this is not pretty. Ignore that I said put your children to bed. This is too bad for you. Shannan left me. She couldn’t stand it any longer. She walked off saying it’s not worth it. I hope she keeps her job.

    Luscious Jackson: I'm surprised I'm still here, daddio!

    Jason sits up.

    Kyle Steel:We have movement from Jason Tilley. The rookie has given one great match-up.

    Soon after, he stands and starts to lift Baker. They lean on each other and try to exchange blows. It’s more of them using each other as crutches.

    Luscious Jackson: A feather could knock them over at any moment. Whoever comes out on top should feel good.

    Shannan Lerch: No Luscious, they should feel awful. Look what happened to Wreck.

    Kyle Steel: Thanks for joining us, Shannan.

    Shannan Lerch: I can’t leave without knowing if they are okay.

    Kyle Steel: We can only hope they're alive, let alone okay.

    Baker and Tilley get more energy as duke it out towards the ring. Baker tosses Tilley in. Jason stands and knees David in the shoulder. Then, he whips him into the ropes. Jason spears Baker to the mat. He goes for the pin...

    Referee: 1... 2... 3!

    No! Baker got his shoulder up at the last second. Jason bursts up with amazement. He looks shocked. He starts to argue with the referee. This gives Baker enough time to get up and ready himself. Jason turns around to meet Baker flying through the air at him. He latches onto his head and spins around. Tilley’s head slams into the mat. Baker rolls Tilley over and pins him with one arm, but Tilley’s arm is over Baker as he pins.

    Referee: 1... 2... 3!

    Luscious Jackson: He did it! Baker kept the title after all of this! I hope he’s okay.

    Shannan Lerch: Wait! I think there’s something wrong.

    The referee begins to speak with some officials at ringside. Baker and Tilley stand. They look at the referee who looks at them back and forth. He gets nervous and raises Baker’s hand. The bell rings. Before Baker can celebrate too long, Tilley plants brass knuckles into his jaw. Baker lays out as Jason cracks his neck. Tilley raises his arms and walks out to a booing crowd. Soon, the EMTs begin clearing the carnage.

  • Neo and Death Segment
  • We see Death walking through the halls and, just as he's turning a corner, him and Neo meet face-to-face. Neo's has one Tag-Champ belt draped over his shoulder, while the other one is around his waist. After a few tense moments pass, the crowd surrounding the ring in the stadium start chanting "NEW END! NEW END! NEW END!"

    Death: What kind of approach were you gonna take for this match? I would just like to know because this is a very important part of our careers.

    Neo: You're still a mountain. They're nothing but mole-hills compared to us. You worked at an expert level when you faced me in our first match against one another! As cliche as this sounds, I've got your back all the way!

    Death: So... "New End", huh?

    Neo: Yeah, it just seemed like an appropriate name.

    Death: Simplistic strategy, don't you think?

    Neo: I took out the Dreadnoks one-after-another after Creeper and Hacker lost to Gayfather.....BY HIMSELF!!! And they only dominated me when all three decided to blind-side me! I defended the titles against DKX with Gayfather! This'll be a fast-paced match, no-doubt. But, overall, we'll be the two most dominating men in that Tag-Team Title Triple Threat!

    Neo holds out his hand as a thank you for last Sunday Slam. After Death shakes it, he watches Neo walk away as a confident smile grows on his face. Death starts to go in the opposite direction, but....

    Neo: Wait! This is for good luck! Catch!

    Death snags the thrown item out of mid-air. He realizes that the shiny object is the WCF Tag-Team Championship Title Belt.

    Death: Don't worry........Luck would be over-kill!

    The scene fades out.

  • Creeping Death vs Triple I vs Razor
  • Razor comes out of the back real slowly and then walks down to the ring and side in a raised both arms.

    The lights go out as the crowd cheers in anticipation. A few seconds later, "Swinging the Dead" by devildriver hits, and a white light begins flashing through the darkness. When the song really picks up, about twenty seconds into it, Creeping Death walks out onto the stage, wearing a shiny steel hockey mask. The light continutes to flash as Creeping Death walks down the aisle. When reaching the ring, Creeping Death slides in under the bottom rope. Inside, he gives the whole metal \m/ sign with both hands in the air before he takes his hockey mask off and places it under a set of turnbuckles.

    Razor and Creeping Death are in the ring...awaiting there third opponent Triple I. All of a sudden Wherever I May Roam by Metallica hits and Davey Ortega comes out with a purpose.

    Luscious Jackson: What's this daddio doin' out here?

    The crowd boos as he steps into the ring, surprising both Razor and Creeping Death. He takes the mic from the announcer.

    Davey Ortega: Now I know what you guys are thinking. Why is Davey Ortega here? Well let me clear some things here. Triple I...Triple I is no longer working for WCF. I fired his ass as soon as he got to the arena. Which means it is now between you two. Razor and Creeping Death. Now no one here wants to see an ordinary one on one match. So I...the General Manager of Slam..have an idea. This match is now a special referee match. And I...Davey Ortega...will be the ref!

    Davey looks at the ref.

    Davey Ortega: Your services here are no longer reqiured. Go to the back now.

    The ref gets out and heads to the back. Davey signals for the bell and the match is on.

    Creeping Death and Razor are both uneasy with Daveys presense. Razor and CD tie up, CD is able to power him into a turnbuckle and starts beating the hell out of Razor. CD puts Razor on top of the turnbuckle and hits a superplex. CD attempts a pin.


    Davey hesitates for awhile untill Razor kicks out.

    Kyle Steel: What the hell was that for?

    CD gets into Daveys face, yelling at him about the slow count. Davey shakes his head like he has no idea what CD is talking about. Razor sneaks up behind CD and hits a german suplex with a pin.




    Shannan Lerch: Well, that was fair.

    CD kicks out..not even Daveys fast count could keep CD down. CD quickly gets up and into Daveys face once again. Davey warns him if he acts upone more time he will DQ him. CD turns around and is met with Razors right hand. CD stimbles a bit and Razor its im again. Razor then hits the Razor Blade. Razor pins.



    No! Amzaingly CD is able to kick out.

    Luscious Jackson: Creeping Death won't stay down! He's car-azy.

    Razor and Davey are shocked. Razor picks up CD and sets hi up for a powerbomb. He hoists him up but CD reverses it into a hurrincanrana. CD then gets up on the turnbuckle and hits a shooting star press.



    Davey suddenly holds his shoulder like it was in pain.

    Kyle Steel: Damnit just make the count!

    CD reaches out and grabs Daveys hand and slams it down for the three count. Davey is shocked and CD gets up and grabs Davey by the throat. He then hits For Whom The Bell Tolls! Davey is out and CD is victorious.

    Shannan Lerch: Wow, I don't believe that. Looks like Razor is gone, although after C.D.'s actions, he may be too.

    Creeping Death walks to the back as Ortega begins to slowly get up.

  • TV/Tag Titles: Monster Squad vs DKX vs Neo/Death
  • The Friday the 13th theme plays as the Monster Squad comes out. Creeper and Hacker both raise their arms before walking to the ring.

    The arena goes pitch black before Harvester of Sorrow by Metallica hits. The first run goes off, and on the last power chord of the run an explosion goes off. The lights come up to a dim shot with a spot light on Dake Ken and X Rated. The smoke gives it a grayer look and more dark. He stands there with X. He looks at him, strokes his beard, and starts to walk to the ring. The two men walk up the stairs and enter the ring. Dake Ken then walks over to the far ropes and leans on them while X Rated yells at the crowd.

    Kyle Steel: These two men came SO CLOSE to winning the Tag Titles before... they have a good chance tonight.

    As the intro to Back to the Mad builds up, the lights dim and the words Muk Shnel (German for "Move quickly") appear on the big screen with "Heil the new Reich" and "Scum will be purged." Neo appears from the main curtain running at top speed toward the ring

    "Fuel" by MetallicA hits while green and yellow pyro lights up the stage. Death emerges from the back with yellow and green lights flashing throughout the arena. He gets to the base of the ring, steps up, climbs the outside of a turnbuckle and throws his arms out. Pyro goes off on the stage at the same time.

    Shannan Lerch: This is Neo and Death's first defense together. They have a slight disadvantage, as the rest of the men here are established teams.

    Neo starts the match, as does Dake Ken, as does Creeper. Neo and Dake Ken go right for each other, with Neo tackling Dake down. Neo mounts and punches, throwing fist after fist. DK is soon able to roll away, and he rolls out of the ring. Creeper attacks Neo from behind, hitting his back with forearms. He then executes a Pump Handle Suplex, and quickly pins.

    Luscious Jackson: That there creepy dude might be winnin' it!

    One.. two.. Neo kicks out. Neo gets to his feet and brawls a bit with Creeper, eventually getting the upper hand and hitting an Impact DDT. Neo then tags in Death.

    Kyle Steel: They're working just fine as a team, perhaps we underestimated them.

    Death gets into the ring, and as he does, Dake Ken rolls back in too. DK grabs Death from behind and executes a T Bone Suplex. He then tags in X Rated.

    Shannan Lerch: A big part of Dake Ken's strategy is going to be making sure he isn't the legal man. If he gets pinned, his TV Title is history.

    X Rated climbs to the top rope and goes to hit a Moonsault on the fallen Death, but Death is able to get his knees up in time and X goes right into them. Death gets up and as X stands as well, holding his gut. Death knees him and then hits a huge Sitout Powerbomb into pin!

    Luscious Davis: Niiiiice.



    Creeper breaks it up! Creeper then picks Death up and Piledrives him back down to the mat. He follows up with a Leg Drop and pin.



    Breakup by X Rated! X then backs up, and waits for Creeper to stand. X runs at hits him with a Hard Clothesline, followed by a Standing Moonsault. Pin!



    Breakup by Death! Kyle Steel: I'm noticing a pattern. Lots of nearfalls though.

    Death grabs X and picks him up, quickly hitting the Chaos Breaker! He pins!

    Shannan Lerch: Another pin, but this may be it! That's one of his trademarks!



    Dake Ken breaks it up!

    Luscious Jackson: If that DK daddio lets Death get the pinfall win, he loses that Title of his! He can't let that happen!

    Dake Ken picks Death up and throws him out of the ring, and then gets out with him. They start brawling, sending each other into the guardrail and the like.

    Kyle Steel: Death and Ken going at it.. Death needs to be careful, he needs to WIN this match.

    Back in the ring, Creeper has crawled over and tagged in Hacker. Hacker gets in and runs at an already standing X Rated, and is met with a Spinning Backbreaker. X kicks Hacker a few times, and then throws him into the turnbuckle. He grabs his head, and hits a Tornado DDT. Dake Ken is back on the apron, and X tags him in. Dake gets in quickly and pins Hacker.



    No, Death is back in the ring as well, and he breaks it up.

    Shannan Lerch: This match is pure insanity.

    Death picks Dake Ken up, and throws him to the ropes. As he's coming back, Death picks DK up over his head...

    Luscious Jackson: What amazing strength!

    And drops him behind his back. Unfortunately, DK lands right on the ref, who is knocked out.

    Kyle Steel: Uh oh, that can't be good.

    As if on cue, Trent Hunter starts walking out with a chair. Before getting in the ring, he cracks Neo across the back with it, causing Neo to drop to the cement outside. He then rolls in the ring. Creeper quickly gets in to stop him, but Trent hits him with the chair too. X Rated jumps into the ring, picks Death up, and holds him. Trent raises the chair above his head, and then goes to slam it down on Death's head.. but Death moves away at the last second, and Trent accidently hits X Rated!! X drops to the mat, bloodied up. Dake Ken is up, and he begins yelling in Trent's face.

    Shannan Lerch: All Dake saw was Trent hitting X... this can't be good for The Elite.

    Trent keeps trying to apologize, but Dake won't hear it, and throws Trent out of the ring. Trent begins walking to the back, looking pissed. Dake Ken turns back around, and Death grabs him and hits the Rolling Death!! He quickly pins... but the ref is still out.

    Crowd: ONE! TWO! THREE!

    Luscious Jackson: Death should have won this match!

    The ref is soon conscious again, and notices the pin. He crawls over, and starts making the count.




    Kyle Steel: We were a count away from having a new Television Champion.

    All of a sudden, Wanna Be A Rock Star by Cypress Hill hits, and Torture runs out into the ring! He starts attacking the already bloody X Rated.

    Shannan Lerch: I guess all of Seth's security didn't do much of a good job.

    Luscious Jackson: Who cares!? Torture's here, and he's so damn cool! And he's evening the odds after Neo got hit by Hunter!

    Torture throws X Rated out of the ring and dives out after him. He then drags X Rated up the ramp, taking him to the back.

    Kyle Steel: Alright. Death is in the ring, so is Dake Ken. Hacker is a legal man, but him and Creeper are nearly passed out. Neo is outside, hurt, and X Rated has been taken to the back by Torture. This is hard to keep up with.

    Death climbs to the top rope, and signals for the Deathstar. He flies off the rope, but Dake Ken is able to move out of the way at the last second! Both men get to their feet, and Dake Ken catches Death and hits the Ride the Lightning! He pins.




    Shannan Lerch: The carnage is over! And we have new Tag Team Champions!

    Dake Ken is handed both the Tag Titles, since X Rated is still missing. He holds them in the air.

    Kyle Steel: This whole match was questionable. There was interference from Trent Hunter and Torture, and Neo, the man that won the Tag Titles in the first place, didn't get pinned anyway.

    Torture runs out again. X Rated is nowhere in sight. He rolls into the ring and kicks an unsuspecting Dake Ken, before hitting Torture's Device! Death is standing as well. Torture grabs a Tag Title, and gives the other to Death. They raise them in the air to a huge ovation. Neo finally rolls back into the ring. Torture and Death help him up, and they each raise his arms in the air to another huge ovation. Neo smiles, and takes the mic.

    Luscious Jackson: ...Are these cats aligned together? What a force!

    Neo: That's right, what you see is what you're getting. We're tired of seeing The Elite dominate this place, and it's not going to happen anymore. Dake Ken, X, you've won this battle. But you will not win the war. And Trent Hunter.... I hope you win tonight, I really do. I hate you, and I hate Hellz Angel too. But when I win that World Title... I want to win it from you, Trent. You may be the Elite, but you can call us The Enforcers.

    All three men roll out of the ring, Death and Torture still having the Tag Titles which rightfully belong to DKX. They walk to the back.

  • Logan's Surprise
  • "Do You Call My Name" by Ra hits, and plays throughout the arena, filling the ears of fans that hate Logan.

    Kyle Steel: Hey look, it's Mr. Wifebeater!

    Shannan Lerch: Yeah, that asshole. He could probably be the next Rick Mad, or Bob The Cameraman.

    Luscious Jackson: They were the original Wifebeaters, cats. But they weren't no assholes like Logan is.

    Logan walks out onto the stage, looking cocky with a grin on his face as some of the people in the audience throw trash at him. Logan yells at the crowd while walking down the ramp, and sliding into the ring as his music comes to a stop.

    Shannan Lerch: I wonder what this wife abuser wants.

    The crowd never stops booing Logan as he pulls a microphone from his pocket.

    Logan: Hey, stop it! Stop cheering The Face of Treachery, I appreciate your support and cheers but.. it's got to stop.

    The crowd boos even louder, as Logan chuckles.

    Logan: Haha, you boudles will never get it. I'm the best baby, the best EVER! So why don't you fat WCF fans chill out on the popcorn, relax, and eat some fruit.

    A bag of popcorn flies into the ring.

    Logan: Hey, it looks like some boudle actually listened. But whoa, whoa, whoa.. I came out here to address a new era in WCF. An era full of beating..

    Logan grins.

    Logan: Wifebeating!

    Shannan Lerch: Good job, he can beat up his wife. What a man.

    Shannan sarcastically claps.

    Logan: So I thought.. who else beats their wife? And since the famous Rick Mad and Bob The Cameraman are unemployed from UWF...

    Logan smiles, nodding to a booing crowd.

    Logan: I thought I'd introduce them back into WCF!

    Kyle Steel: Oh crap, THREE people who beat their wives? This is great.

    Metallica's One plays, and Rick Mad and Bob come out, walking down the ramp and getting into the ring. They're met with some cheers and some boos.

    Logan: I introduce to all of you crappy WCF fans, the new era of WCF, THE WIFEBEATERS!!!

    A lot of more trash gets thrown into the ring, as Rick Mad grabs the microphone from Logan.

    Rick Mad: Logan..

    Logan and Rick Mad smile at each other.

    Rick Mad: I thought you never had it in you to lay a hand on your wife. I mean, I know you've put your hand IN your wife, but actually hitting her? I guess I was wrong. Welcome to the Wifebeaters, buddy!

    Rick Mad drops the microphone. Logan, Bob, and Mad all embrace into a big group hug then raise their arms into the air.

    Luscious Jackson: Wifebeaters! Wifebeaters! Wifebeaters!

    Shannan Lerch: Oh, stop, uh.. Luscious.

    Kyle Steel: He has to be kidding, these guys are morons.

    More trash gets thrown in the ring.

    Shannan Lerch: The ring is starting to look like a dumpsite with all that trash in it. Logan included.

    Rick Mad and Bob begin stepping out of the ring, but Logan grabs Rick Mad around the neck and puts him into a sleeper! Logan jumps over Rick Mad and lays him out with a Connector!

    Shannan Lerch: What the hell is this?! No one can trust Logan, I swear.

    Bob just stares at Logan, before Logan begins walking towards him; Bob grabs Rick and jumps out of the ring.. running up the ramp. The crowd begins booing Logan as he picks the microphone back up.


    The crowd boos some more, throwing more trash into the ring.

    Logan: Look how damn filthy this ring is, would you stinky trailer trash bastards stop throwing this crap? SHUT UP! I said, SHUT UP!

    They never stop booing Logan.

    Logan: I am The Face of Treachery, and I can do whatever the hell I want. I am the ONLY Wifebeater, period!

    Logan slams the microphone down, and flicks off the audience before exiting the ring and walking up the ramp to go backstage.

    Kyle Steel: Well, I guess Logan wanted to be the only Wifebeater.

    Shannan Lerch: Sad, just.. sad.

  • World Title: Hellz Angel vs Trent Hunter
  • Luscious Jackson: Fans, I just got word that this here match is NO INTERFERENCE! Anyone that interferes is FIRED!

    Kyle Steel: It's just two giants going head to head.

    Shannan Lerch: Why did they give the news to Luscious, and not me or Kyle!? I hate this place sometimes. But yeah, after what Trent accidently did to Dake Ken and X Rated, I doubt they'd want to help him anyway.

    The lights darken as candles and lighters light up the arena. Thunder is heard as "Down for Life" by Testament hits the speakers. Hellz Angel walks out slowly as red lights flash. He walks down the ramp and slides into the ring. He circles the ring and he raises both of his hands with the metal sign \m/ as pyro shoots off into the air from the four posts. Hellz Angel grabs a mic and waits for silence.

    Hellz Angel: So it's tonight… the match that many have been waiting to see. It's what they call the new generation against the old generation. Everyone expect the Elite will be sitting in the back, watching the match and picking the side to cheer for. You'll see Logan, Lerch, Bishop, Priest and Creeping Death counting with the ref while I pit Hunter, and you'll see everyone else get shivers down their spines and they will cheer every time Hunter throws a punch. Now I said that the Elite will not be watching in the back… that's because I know that they will be ring by the ring helping out the leader of this new order movement, and I say bring all you've got! Hell… bring Death, bring Razor, and Burn Out, and Neo and the rest of these new punks, I'll take them all on. The "old" generation is not old enough to pass the torch down to anyone yet. They know what I'm talking about. They know, and they listen! They remember all that has happened in the past, and they are waiting to see just what it is I'll do tonight. They can tell you that whenever I am in a big match, whenever I'm in a match that means something to me, whenever I'm in a match to fight for what I believe in… I never lose! That means the odds are against you tonight Hunter because when everything is on the line and when I have nothing to lose, I give it my own from the bottom of my heart and my soul. I don't just do it for me, I do it for everyone watching and for everyone who will always remember the name Hellz Angel. Everyone knows me, and you will learn to hate me just like they do. Love or hate, they know in the back of their minds that this will just be another match for me, but it's something that will either make you or break you. It's not going to make me. I am already everything I wanted to be and more. As for you, you have everything to lose, and nothing but glory and honor to gain. I have no honor. I never had it and I'm never planning to, but the glory will be all for me tonight! After all the blood, sweat and tears, I guarantee you, that you will be surprised, and you will not have a smile on your face when it's all set and done. You see where I'm standing? I'll see you right here… right now.

    The lights go out as "Tip your Bartender" by Glassjaw blasts over the PA speakers. Right after the quick guitar into, two pyros go off near the entrance ramp. The lights go back on as Trent Hunter walks down to the ring, World Title slung over his shoulder. He doesn't look intimidated in the least. He finally rolls under the bottom rope, walks over to the middle of the ring with both arms up in the air, and does a slow spin for the fans.

    Luscious Jackson: I can see Hellz watchin' that cat with hatred in his eyes. That's one angry bro.

    Kyle Steel: If Hellz heard that, the hatred would be directed towards you. But yes, Hellz looks quite intense.

    The bell is about to ring, but before it does, Hellz grabs a towel from ringside. He wipes all of his facepaint off, still looking intensely at the Lone Wolf.

    Luscious Jackson: He's showin Trent that this is no laughin' matter.

    Hellz Angel and Trent Hunter approach each other, talking trash. Eventually Trent slaps Hellz. Hellz looks down for a second, and then fires back with right hand after right hand to Trent! Trent reels back, and Hellz hits a knee to the gut followed by a Neckbreaker.

    Shannan Lerch: Hellz getting the advantage early on. Can he keep it up?

    Hellz stomps Trent several times, and then grabs his leg. He kicks the inside of Trent's legs, several times, and then applies a Figure Four Leglock.

    Kyle Steel: Getting Trent ready for that Silent Scream.

    Luscious Jackson: That Hellz is one scary mofo, I'd be screamin' loud as all hell!

    Hunter, however, doesn't scream. He simply thrashes around, trying to get out of the hold, or reach to the ropes. He's centered in the middle of the ring, and could no way reach them. He instead tries to turn over, forcing the pressure onto Hellz. At first he's unsuccesful, and Hellz fights it.. but eventually he's able to turn over, and now Hellz is the one in pain! The hold is quickly released, and both men get up semi slowly.

    Shannan Lerch: It appears as if Trent's leg is a little hurt.

    Hellz is the first to his feet, and kicks Hunter's leg. The Lone Wolf drops to one knee. Hellz goes to kick the other one down, but Hunter hits a low blow! The ref yells, but Trent doesn't pay any attention.

    Kyle Steel: Hunter has the advantage in this situation. If he gets DQed in a situation like that, he keeps his Title, and Hellz is screwed.

    Trent gets his feet, and starts methodically working Hellz over. He grabs Hellz' arm and twists it a few times, and then applies Hammerlock. Hellz elbows him a few times, so he executes a quick Armdrag Takedown and applies an Armbar. Hellz fights it, kicking around and struggling, trying to break free. Eventually he's able to get out of the hold, and he rolls out of the ring. He starts arguing with a fan as Trent stands. Hellz turns around and is met with a Baseball Slide! Trent slides fully out of the ring and starts stomping on Hellz.

    Luscious Jackson: With Hellz and Trent out here, things could be gettin' a little brutal, daddios.

    Hellz is eventually able to pull himself up. He starts punching Trent back, and punches him over and over until he goes for a Clothesline. Trent ducks it, turns, kicks Hellz in the gut, and hits a brutal Powerbomb!

    Shannan Lerch: Oooh.. ouch.

    Trent drops and pins Hellz, hooking the leg. The ref makes the count.



    Hellz kicks out at the last second.

    Kyle Steel: You can say whatever you want about his morals, but Hellz is one tough cookie.

    Trent picks Hellz up, and Hellz again starts fighting back. He hits lefts and rights, lefts and rights, lefts and rights, sending Hunter to the ropes. He then whips Hunter to the other end of the ring, and as Hunter's running back, Hellz hits a mean Spinebuster. Hellz then grabs his legs and starts twisting them...

    Luscious Jackson: That mack daddy is goin' fo a Sharpshooter!

    Hunter fights it at all costs, trying viciously not to let Hellz lock it in. He soon kicks Hellz away, luckily for him. Hunter gets up and runs at Hellz, but Hellz moves away just in time, sending Trent into a turnbuckle. Hellz quickly lifts Trent up and onto the turnbuckle. Slowly and carefully he gets both to a standing position, and hits a Superplex! He then crawls on top of Trent again, slowly hooking the leg.




    Shannan Lerch: Hellz almost had the World Title... so close.

    Hellz gets up, and again begins kicking the leg. He picks up Trent's leg and then slams it back down to the mat. He kicks it a few times before again trying to lock in his Silent Scream. Hunter, again, valiantly fights it, but this time it's to no avail. Hellz locks in the move.

    Kyle Steel: It's all over. Hellz is our new World Champion.

    Hellz has Trent locked in the move in the center of the ring, and the Lone Wolf is screaming in pain. Hunter thrashes around, but refuses to give up. And all of a sudden, he goes limp. Stops moving completely.

    Luscious Jackson: Looks like the sucka passed out.

    The ref lifts his arm, and it drops. Hellz smirks, knowing he has the Title. The ref raises it again, and again it drops to the mat. He lifts it again... and it doesn't drop. Trent comes alive in one last flash of energy, and lunges toward the ropes.. and reaches them!! He grabs on, and the ref forces Hellz to release the hold. Hellz is furious that Trent didn't tap out, and immediately goes on the attack, stomping away at him.

    Shannan Lerch: Good job by Trent there! He faked Hellz out, and now he has Hellz off his gameplan, running out emotion... now he just needs to make a comeback.

    Trent uses the ropes, getting to his feet, as Hellz continues with his all-out attack. The Lone Wolf grabs Hellz leg as he's trying to kick him, and hits a Dragonscrew Legwhip. He then locks in a Leglock. Hellz is the one screaming now.

    Kyle Steel: My, how the tides have turned.

    Hellz reaches the ropes, and Trent releases the hold. Trent stands up and pulls Hellz up with him, and hits a Facebuster. Trent then stomps Hellz' legs, with the same mercilessness that Hellz was showing earlier.

    Shannan Lerch: This is a technical masterpiece... Both men using Sharpshooter like moves to put opponents out, both try to weaken the legs.

    Hellz appears to be out, so Trent begins climbing the top ropes. Looking to put an exclamation point on his victory, he flies off the top, going for the Full Moon. Hellz rolls away.

    Luscious Jackson: Oh man! Hunter was doing phenomonal until just now. he had the match.

    Kyle Steel: That's why they call it high risk.

    Hellz slowly stands up, and picks Hunter up with him. He positions him for the Pull the Plug.

    Shannan Lerch: If Hellz hits it, it's over.

    But no! Hunter reverses it into a Back Bodydrop! Hellz stands right back up, and runs at Hunter. Trent hits a Powerslam. He then quickly climbs the ropes and flies off with the Full Moon!

    Luscious Jackson: He connects this time!

    Hunter grabs Hellz Angel's legs, and twists them into the Boston Leglock. Hellz screams out in incredible pain.

    Kyle Steel: That's it! Ring the bell! We're finished!

    Hellz Angel can only fight it for a few seconds. He yells something inaudible a few times, before tapping out.

    Shannan Lerch: Trent Hunter retains! Trent Hunter retains!

    The ref hands Trent the World Title, which he holds up in the air. He celebrates a little bit more, and rolls out of the ring and begins to the back. Hellz Angel has gotten to his feet, and grabbed a mic.

    Hellz Angel: Wait.. wait.. show the replay! Part of me was under the ropes, damn it! That's what I was yelling. I wouldn't lose to trash like you!

    The replay is shown. Part of Hellz Angel is, indeed, under the ropes.

    Luscious Jackson: The ref's decision is final, nothin' no one can do now.

    Trent shrugs, and continues walking to the back. Hellz turns around to argue with the ref some more, and Trent quickly runs back into the ring and clocks Hellz with the belt in the back of the head! He then picks Hellz up and hits the Pull the Plug. Trent laughs as he rolls out, heading to the back.

    Kyle Steel: Trent used Hellz Angel's own move against him! But we're out of time!

    Shannan Lerch: See you on Slam!

    The copyright info appears as Till Death Do Us Part fades out.