Thursday Night Intro
General Manager Announcement
Freedom Fighters vs. Headhunters
Reckless Jack vs. Eric Willson
Elite Title Match: Hate vs. Jason Tilley
Bishop/Priest vs. Portalcide

  • Thursday Night Intro
  • "Set It Off" by Audioslave blasts throughout the arena, and the first edition of WCF Thursday Night is on the air! The camera pans the audience, and everyone in attendance seems genuinely excited. We go ringside to see Shannan Lerch seated beside Luscious Jackson.

    Shannan Lerch: Welcome to Thursday Night! I'm Shannan Lerch.

    Luscious Jackson: And I am the Luscious Jackson, the Chocolate Sex God.

    Shannan Lerch: Don't ever call yourself that again. We have four great matches tonight! In our main event, we'll see a match that should have gone down at Payback. Bishop and Priest take on the team of Portalcide.

    Luscious Jackson: Portalcide has to be two of the most bastardestly bastards we've ever seen. First they put Bishop and Priest out of action, and then last week they played mind games with Pride of America. Who knows what them cats'll be up to this week.

    Shannan Lerch: We also have an Elite Title match. Jason Tilley won the Title at Payback, although he did so via cheating. Hate could have won the Title that night just as easy as Tilley, and he'll get a rematch tonight.

    Luscious Jackson: We also got two daddios debuting in a pretty personal match. Eric Willson and Reckless Jack are gonna be goin' at it for something that might be more important than any Title, their very own finisher! The Super RKO, off the top rope.

    Shannan Lerch: Do you even know what an RKO is, Luscious?

    Luscious Jackson: Not exactly, but I'm sure to find out tonight!

    Shannan Lerch: Sigh... and in our opening match, we'll see a huge six man tag. The Freedom Fighters, Sylk Walker, Chief Bald Eagle and Klubber Klabanski, take on the Headhunters, Burn Out, Creeper, and Hacker.

    Luscious Jackson: The big boss man, Seth Lerch, announced on Saturday that every tag team in WCF would be competing for the Tag Titles at One. Winning this match would put these daddios in good shape.

    Shannan Lerch: Let's see what goes down!

  • General Manager Announcement
  • Anger Rising by Jerry Cantrell blasts over the PA system, and Seth Lerch steps out. There is a mixed reaction, and once again the arena buzzes. They know that he's going to have to announce the Thursday Night General Manager. He rolls into the ring and grabs a mic.

    Seth Lerch: I introduce to you, the newest General Manager for Thursday Night.. STEPHANIE MCMAHON!!!

    The crowd boos beyond belief. Seth laughs to himself.

    Seth Lerch: No, no, I kid, I kid. Only the WWE would be stupid enough to have one of the owners family members be an important part of the show.

    Shannan Lerch: Ahem, I don't know about that...

    Seth Lerch: Regardless, I'm not going to waste any more time. The Thursday Night General Manager is... well, hey, let someone else tell you.


    "Quick To Back Down" by Bravehearts plays as the lights are killed. Yellow and Red spotlights flash very quick all over the entryway and suddenly Dobbie walks out from the back. He has a mic in his hand. The crowd goes insane when they spot Dobbie at the entryway. Dobbie stands there until the music slowly dies out and the lights come back up. He is wearing his trademark blue pants with the big yellow smiley face on the leg. His brown hair is sticking out in long braids in every direction and he wears a sweatband around his forehead which reads "Disciple of Darkness" on it. He slowly lifts the mic up to his lips.

    Dobbie: Dobbie watchin WCF last few weeks and he notices one thing. Muh fuccas around here think they bad, they think they defy authority and get away wit' it. Well see, nah, that ain't gonna happen no mo'. Da' Thursday Night GM, he ain't gonna take muh fuccas shiat around herre. See, dis dood is the baddest dood ever step into a WCF ring. He beat everyone put before him. He's got wins over nearly every major star to stand in that ring that was in WCF at the same time as him and those before him. Unstoppable. Undefeated WCF World Champion on TWO different occasions. Fake ass bustahs 'ad to injure him just to get the belt off of him. Now, 'cause Dobbie knows you people gettin bored, here he is...GRAVEDIGGER!!

    "Change" by Deftones hits the speakers as the lights go out again. Dobbie steps forward and walks halfway down the ramp before turning back to the entryway. Smoke slowly fills the entryway until the entire top of the ramp is invisible. Red and Blue spotlights go off everywhere all over the arena. Suddenly a dozen sets of pyros explode from the entryway, clearing a path in the smoke and at the top of the ramp stands three people: Jessie, Gravedigger, and towering over them is Mike D. Out of the trio, only Gravedigger has changed. He's gotten slightly more muscular, showing off what he's done since he left WCF. The three people walk down the ramp and join Dobbie as the walk to the ring. They finally get to ring side. Dobbie and Jessie go up the ring steps first and Dobbie holds the ropes open for Jessie and they both get in the ring. Gravedigger walks up the stairs, Mike D following close behind and the two large men get into the ring. Gravedigger walks over to Seth Lerch. They shake hands and exchange pleasentries as the music starts to die down and the lights slowly come back on. Seth hands the mic to Gravedigger who turns and looks out at the crowd. He isn't even allowed to get a word in as the crowd reaction is deafening. Jessie walks over and wraps her arms around one of Gravedigger's arms and looks up at him grinning. Finally, after a few minutes they start to calm down enough for Gravedigger to speak.

    Gravedigger: Who'd have ever thought that they'd see Gravedigger back in WCF? Who thought that it would be me that was named the new GM for Thursday? I mean, I can honestly say that I don't think there's a single person back there in the lockerroom that can say they knew it would be me. And if they can, then it was because Seth told them about it, not because they figured it out. I'm sitting there at home in Phoenix, Arizona...I'm sitting there enjoying my retirement. At night, I'm sitting there counting the money I'm making off of The Graveyard, just living it up. When my phone rings, I'm surprised to hear Seth Lerch's voice. This wasn't just a regular call that he would make to me once a month to see how I'm doing. No, this was a call to offer me a job in WCF. I was shocked that he would even think about calling me again as there was nothing left for me to do here in WCF. I'd done it all. I'd beaten everyone here who was of any importance. I'd won the world title and the tag title two times each. He offered me a position as GM for the new Thursday show. I wanted to know...why me? He said it was because he knew how tough I am. He knew how I don't take crap from no one. How I never backed down from anyone. Not even Hellz Angel, not the Team of Treachery, Cyrus, or Bishop. Didn't matter how big in size they were or how well-known they were. I didn't back down from anyone. Hell, he knows I destroyed Chester's wrestling career. My own freakin brother. Plus he knows about my friend here, the monstrous Mike D. The guy freakin manhandled Hellz Angel in NCW. MANHANDLED him. How many people can say they've done that to Hellz? His career was nearly ended with that powerbomb through those tables onto the outside. So, I accepted. As of right now, I'm the GM for Thursday Night. What I say goes. I don't care who you are. When I was called by Seth to do this, that was a while back and I got into the gym training as hard as my body could take it. And now look at me. I'm in way better shape than I was as champion. I dare anyone of you little scum-sucking leeches to get out of line, because there will be a world of hurt coming your way from myself and Mike D here. I don't care who you are. You can be Logan, Creeping Death, Hellz Angel, my former stablemate Bishop, hell you could even be WCF World Champion Trent Hunter. Speaking of Trent Hunter, I look at the roster and see all these new faces, people who weren't here before. Well, you've probably never heard of me other than what people have said, but like I said...I don't care who you are. You can know me like the back of your hand or you can have never met me. I make the rules around here. I call the shots. You got a problem, you come to me. You got a match request, you come to me. Oh and one more thing. When I said that I don't care who you are...

    Gravedigger turns to Seth Lerch and steps up to him.

    Gravedigger: ...that goes for you, too, Seth.

    Seth looks outraged and starts talking junk to Gravedigger.

    Gravedigger: Hey, hey hey. Calm down, LURCH. You hired me to do a job and so I'm going to do it. I know all about your little power trips and I'm going to tell you now, that they won't be happening on MY show. Trip all you want on Sunday Slam, but if you try it on Thursday Night, you're treading on thin ice, buddy. And Mike D here, he's good at breaking the ice if you catch my drift. Now, hit my music.

    "Change" by Deftones hits the speakers as Gravedigger, Mike D, Jessie, and Dobbie leave the ring. They walk up the ramp and Gravedigger turns in the entryway and smiles at the enraged Seth Lerch as he backs away into the backstage area.

  • Freedom Fighters vs. Headhunters
  • We hear sounds of a motorcycle revving up. Burn Out comes out on a motorcycle, goes around the ring, gets off the bike and climbs in the ring. As he is climbing into the ring the Theme from Friday the 13 begins to play and Creeper and Hacker begin there way to the ring. Both masked men now climb into the ring. As they do Born in the USA begins to play and the three Freedom Fighters run to the ring forgoing their normal entrance. Ms. Liberty follows behind the group but is not carrying the flag she normally has.

    Luscious Jackson Yo my boyz the Freedom Fighters they mean business tonight they are in the ring and ready to go. And from the sound of the crowd it's about even for both sides.

    Shannan Lerch If you look in the ring all three men are here for business and it looks like we may have a good technical match. Both Sylk and Burn out met last week and both like to use a lot of martial arts.

    Luscious Jackson: Both teams are in the center of the ring and getting last minute instructions from our referee. It looks like the Chief will start for the Freedom Fighters and its Burn out for the Headhunters. Both are the big men in their respective groups.

    Chief and Burnout meet in the center of the ring and after shaking hands circle around the ring looking for an opening. The two giants lock up with the Chief forcing Burnout against the ropes, the ref calls for a break and both men split clean. The two men are back in the center of the ring and Burn out challenges the Indian to a test of strength. As the two lock fingers it is apparent that Burnout has the better of the two. As the Chief is now down on one knee.

    Luscious Jackson: Burn Out is quite a powerful man.

    Shannan Lerch: I wouldn't count the Chief out!

    Ms. Liberty begins banging on the side of the ring as if it where a tom tom: the other two Freedom Fighters begin stomping and enticing the crowd to do the same. As the noise gets louder the Chief responds he is now back up on both feet. Burnout sensing the turn in momentum kicks the Indian in the gut. Breaking the lock up, he then hits the slumped over Chief with a forearm to the back. He now sets him up for a pile driver; the Chief grabs Burnout by the ankles and pulls them out from under him dropping him to the mat. Bald Eagle goes for the Figure four leg lock but Burn Out kicks out. Bald Eagle stumbles backwards into his corner and tags Sylk. Walker leaps over the top rope and charges Burnout who is now back on his feet. Sylk hits a running drop kick knocking over Burnout. Sylk continues the attack. As Burnout gets up Sylk grabs his arm and hip tosses him back to the mat.

    Luscious Jackson : Oh yeah baby look at him move! He is added a spark to this match. He is moving around that ring like a bee. Each time Burn out tries to grab him He ducks out of the way and hits him with another kick or a hip toss.

    Shannan Lerch He is spending a lot of energy in there and that showmanship could cost him.

    Sylk grabs burnout and whips him into the ropes as he comes off Sylk attempts a standing drop kick that comes up short as burn out stops. With Sylk on his back Burnout drops a big leg across the chest of Walker. Shannon Lerch: See I told you all that showboating was gonna cost him. Burnout is back up on his feet and drags Sylk to his corner then tags Hacker.

    Luscious Jackson: Tag, daddio!

    Hacker crawls thru the center rope and then drops an elbow on the chest of Walker. Hacker helps Walker up and with the help of his team they set him up on the top rope facing the crowd Hacker climbs to the bottom rope and sets Walker on his shoulders and with a little push from Burn out the two men hit the mat hard. Both men are slow to get up but Hacker is moving a little faster. He turns around and picks up Sylk and hits a German suplex on him. He gets up and helping Walker up he then shoves him into the ropes Hacker also hits the rope across the way and both men meet in the middle of the ring with a clothesline.

    Luscious Jackson: A double clothesline!!

    Both men are down on the mat and trying to get back to their corner Sylk gets to his feet but instead of going to his corner he grabs the ankle of Hacker and pulls him away from his corner back to the center of the ring Sylk makes the tag to Bald Eagle as he climbs the tope rope Hacker is up and looking for Sylk as he turns Bald Eagle hits a Flying Eagle off the top rope. Hacker hits the mat hard as Bald Eagle jumps up and races into the corner of the headhunters and hits both Burn Out and Creeper knocking them off the apron. He quickly turns and picks up Hacker and shoves him into the F. Fighters corner Hacker hits the turnbuckle hard and slumps. He is then held up by Sylk and Klubber as the Chief gets into a football stance and begins to head to the post.

    Shannan Lerch: A triple team here and the ref is doing nothing. But wait look it's Burnout!

    He's back up and he is in the ring he grabs the Chief by the seat of his pants and pulls him backwards. Burn Out then picks up the Chief and puts him in a back breaker as the ref begins a count. Klubber and climbs in the ring and is working over the midsection of Hacker while Sylk hits a standing drop kick to the back of Burn Out. Burn out stumbles forward and drops the Chief over the top rope to the floor. Sylk again hits a drop kick sending Burnout over the top.

    Luscious Jackson: Wow a lot of exciting things happening here its getting tough to keep up with!

    The Chief and Burnout are on the opposite side of the ring on the floor and pounding on each other. Sylk and Creeper are in the Center of the ring exchanging punches while Klubber is still beating the tar out of Hacker. Klubber is now forced out of the ring by the ref and he also steps in between Hacker and Sylk and breaks them up. Bald Eagle and Burn Out continue to beat on each other on the out side of the ring. The Ref begins a count on the duo on the floor. While Klubber rushes over to the ref to stop the count, Creeper steps between Bald Eagle and Burn Out forcing them apart. Bald Eagle slowly walks around to his own corner. Klubber is still trying to distract the ref. As the ref get s things back underway He puts Sylk and Hacker back in the ring. Sylk and Hacker lock up with Hacker gaining control with an arm lock. Sylk fights his way back to the corner and tags Klubber. Klubber get in the ring and hits Hacker with a polish Hammer to the head. Hacker is back on the mat. Creeper jumps in the ring but is stopped by the ref. Klubber picks up Hacker and shoves him back into his corner. Klubber then points at Creeper and tells him to get in the ring. Creeper makes the tag and charges Klubber with a clothesline, Klubber ducks and follows Creeper into the rope and as they come off the rope Klubber goes for the roll up but Creeper kicks out. Klubber gets into the face of the ref and Creeper gets up hits Klubber from behind with a double ax handle. He then turns Klubber around and Choke slams him to the mat.

    Luscious Jackson : This could be it as Creeper heads to the top rope he has him set up for a leg drop from high up . That's a lot of man trying to fly. He is up and here it comes the leg drop but no Klubber moves out of the way. That kinda gives Creeper a new look on things.

    Shannan Lerch: Creeper is not really a high Flyer and sometimes those mistakes are what can change a match.

    Creeper gets back to his feet and grabs Klubber and again delivers a choke slam followed by another as he sets Klubber up for the third Sylk is in the ring and hits Creeper with a boot. Klubber hits the mat and rolls slowly to the corner as the ref ushers Sylk out of the ring, Klubber Tags Bald Eagle. He is quickly in the ring and hits Creeper with a chop to the chest. Creeper follows and the two men exchange chops. Both men are now down to their knees and continue to chop.

    Luscious Jackson: Both of these two men are just pounding on the other mans chest. Look how red they are. Oh My!

    The Chief has just locked on and Eagles Claw. He is squeezing the head of Creeper, the ref is looking for a submission but Creeper is not moving. Blood is now all over the hand of Bald Eagle the ref is trying to get him to break the hold. You can see blood coming from the eye holes of Creepers mask. Here comes Hacker he kicks Bald Eagle in the face and drags Creeper back into the corner to safety. Hacker and Burn Out pull Creeper out of the ring Hacker is going after Bald Eagle!

    Shannan Lerch: This could be it for the Freedom Fighters they have drawn first blood and now the ire of the Headhunters.

    Hacker kicks Bald Eagle knocking him to the mat he then begins to stomp on the body of the Indian. He then runs over to Sylk and punches him and Klubber knocking Klubber to the floor but Sylk manages to hang on and jumps over the top rope and grabs Hacker and whips him into the ropes as Hacker comes off the rope he is caught in a bear hug by Sylk. Sylk then turns Hacker upside down and rushes into the turnbuckle. He leaves Hacker hanging there the ref moves Sylk out of the ring. Bald Eagle is back up he sees Hacker hanging upside down and moves in. He kicks Hacker in the chest and then grabs his legs and clamps on a figure four leg lock as the Ref begins the count.

    Shannan Lerch: Bald Eagle is grabbing the bottom rope 1.. 2... Oh my Burn Out just jumped into the ring and forced the ref to stop counting. Bald Eagle has the hold still locked on. Look Hacker is rolling over trying to reverse the hold.

    As Hacker turns the hold around Bald Eagle grabs the rope and the ref breaks the hold. Both men get up and stagger into their respective corners Bald Eagle Tags Klubber while Hacker tags Burn Out. Klubber is in the ring first and rushes Burnout who side steps him and puts a sleeper hold on the ex Marine, Sylk climbs the top rope and hits a flying drop kick to the back of the head of Burn Out. Klubber rolls out of the ring and walks around to his corner. He rolls back in the ring and hits Burn Out with a spinning side kick Burn Out the counters with a crescent kick to the head of Sylk it staggers the Natural. He quickly recovers and hits three thrust kicks to the body of Burn Out. Burn out goes down as Sylk goes up to the top rope. Burn out is prone in the middle of the ring Sylk hits a five star press and the ref counts to three!

    Luscious Jackson: We have winners!

    Sylk Walker rolls out of the ring, and walks up the ramp with Klabanski and Eagle.

    Shannan Lerch: Well, that was a good match, but the Headhunters aren't leaving.

    The Headhunter's are standing up in the ring. Burn Out gets a mic.

    Burn Out: Sorry, fans, I hate to say this... but the Headhunter's have to leave WCF.

    The crowd boos heavily.

    Burn Out: We'll be back, I promise you that. Goodbye WCF.. you haven't seen the last of us!

    The Headhunters roll out of the ring and walk to the back to a standing ovation.

  • Reckless Jack vs. Eric Willson
  • Luscious Jackson: YO! YO! This is going to be a great match; it has some many underlying stories. First you got two rookies in the WCF both trying to make a name. Second it's a battle of a move; the winner gets to keep the RKO. And lasly it pits the USA against Canada. All that, in just one match.

    Shannan Lerch: I think Reckless Jack may have a little more to worry about because Eric Willson has his tag team partner Richard Smith on the outside. And we could possible see a two on one. Right now both men are talking a lot of smack up there. Here's the bell and Reckless Jack jumps right into it as he hits Willson with a standing drop kick to the face.

    Jack now grabs Willson and whips him into the ropes, he follows him and hits him with a clothes line sending both men over the top rope. Smith now over there to check on his partner as the ref starts a 10 count. Jack rolls back under the rope and into the ring while Smith helps his partner up and is dusting him off. Jack is standing on the side of the ring with the ref telling him to get back in the ring. Both Canadians are telling the ref to move Jack back. Reckless Jack takes a step back and then leaps to the top rope and over and hits both Canadians with a cross body. All three men are now on the floor.

    Luscious Jackson: Well it looks like the USA is takin care of BizNaz, Reckless Jack is not concerned about the two on one he is going after both.

    Reckless Jack is first to his feet; he then stomps on Willson and Smith. The referee is now at eight in his count and Jack again rolls back into the ring. Again the two Canadians work there way back to their feet, Jack has now been moved to the far corner and Willson reenters the ring. Jack is back on the attack again and runs right into a spinning Heel kick from Willson. Eric Willson grabs Jack by his mask and pulls him back to his feet. He then deliveries three consecutive German suplexs, Willson now climbs the top rope and as Jack staggers to get up Willson lands a Elbow drop from the top rope.

    Shannan Lerch: That could be it for Reckless Jack, listen to this crowd with the U S A chant! Willson is now getting mad at the crowd. He is holding his ears, and the fans are getting louder.

    Luscious Jackson This is amazing Shannan, I haven't seen this much patriotism since 1980 in Lake Placid.

    As Willson and Smith continue to fight with the crowd. Reckless Jack gets back to his feet. He runs up behind Willson and rolls him into a small package, 1.. 2.. Willson kicks out. He grabs Jack and whips him into the corner he follows him into the corner and begins to chop at the chest of Jack. Meanwhile from the floor Smith is holding Jack by his red tights. Willson now is in the face of the ref while Smith pulls the legs of Jack out from under him. Reckless Jack lands face down on the mat. Smith is now setting him up for a pole slam.

    Luscious Jackson: Oh my Smith is going to make Jacks unborn kids feel this. Wait what's this? Look in the stands it's Sylk Walker! Walker isn't even supposed to be here.

    Shannan Lerch: That could be why he is in the stands, he paid for his ticket.

    Smith sees Walker and is distracted just long enough for Reckless Jack to kick out sending Smith into the barrier. Jack is now on his knees and crawls to Willson who is pointing at Sylk and telling the ref to get him out of here.

    Shannan Lerch: Willson is trying to have the ref throw Sylk Walker out of the arena. But Sylk is holding up a ticket.

    Reckless Jack now low blows Willson who is now down. Jack climbs the top and is about to deliver the RKO.. until Creeping Death cracks him over the head with a Kendo Stick!

    Lucious Jackson: What the hell?!

    Jack is sitting on the turnbuckle now, and Willson grabs him and hits the Super RKO! Willson wins! Creeping Death runs through the crowd as Reckless Jack quickly rolls out of the ring to chase him. Willson is celebrating in the ring, and turns around. NEO is in the ring, he runs at Willson and hits a Spear, lifts him up like the Hating You!, but turns it into a Spinebuster!

    Shannan Lerch: He calls that the New End.

    Smith runs to Willson's aid and pulls him out of the ring. The two leave to the back. Neo gets on the mic.

    Neo: Hey, guys, that was just a little taste of revenge for helping to put Death and Torture out of WCF. Those were my stablemates, and I didn't want to let you get away with it!

    Crowd cheers... but Anger Rising plays again, and Seth walks out.

    Neo: Deja vu! Whaddaya want, Seth?

    Seth Lerch: Neo.. we have a little problem. First of all, you can't just come out here and interfere whenever you wish. Second of all, some of the other big names are starting to wonder why you get all the Title shots, and not them.

    Neo: ..So? I'm still going to face Trent at One, right?

    Seth Lerch: Yes, but you have to prove to me that you deserve it. I'm booking you for the next Thursday show, AND every Sunday show until One. Let's see what you're made out of. Next Thursday, you'll face Willson and Smith in a Handicapped match!

    Neo: Fine by me, Sethy boy.

    Anger Rising plays again as Seth walks out. Neo smiles and laughs to himself and leaves next.

  • Elite Title Match: Hate vs. Jason Tilley
  • Luscious Jackson: These are those two cats we saw at Payback.

    Shannan Lerch: That they are. They want to go toe to toe for the Elite Title since Hate thought that Jason doesn't deserve the title.

    Luscious Jackson: Yeah. I call see how he got that idea.

    The lights fade out as the crowd settles down. Soon, Expendable Youth plays out of the sound system. As the lights come back on, Hate is on the top of the ramp coming down. He gets a mixed reaction from the crowd. Next, Smack My Bitch Up sounds out the entrance of Jason Tilley. He's clean shaven and now has his hair in a mohawk. And he is accompanied by none other than Lee Todd.

    Shannan Lerch: We've been hearing a lot about Lee Todd as of late, apparently he's a very talented individual.

    Luscious Jackson: And he's backing the Elite Champ!

    As usual, Tilley has a shopping cart full of toys. He gets to the ramp, and Hate steps back from the ropes. Jason parks his cart o' toys by the turnbuckle. Then, he rolls in. The referee signals for the bell.

    Shannan Lerch: Here we go...

    Hate and Jason circle a bit before they lock up.

    Luscious Jackson: They cats are big.

    Shannan Lerch: But they are pretty even in size.

    Hate gets the hand over on Jason with a headlock. Jason shoves Hate away. Hate comes flying off of the ropes. Jason tries to take his head off with a closeline, but hate ducks. On his way back, Hate tries for a closeline, but Jason drops him with an arm lock.

    Shannan Lerch: Nice reversal on Tilley's part.

    Jason is quickly to his feet. Slowly, Hate gets up, but Jason dropkicks him back down. Jason goes over to lift Hate up, but Hate give a stiff hook to Jason's gut. Tilley doubles over and stumbles backwards. Hate readies him for a powerbomb. He lifts an arm to get the crowd pumped, but he gets a lack-luster acknowledgement. He shrugs it off and lifts Jason up. Jason begins to hit Hate in the head, but it's no use when he drops him on his back. Hate goes for the pin.


    Jason gets an arm up.

    Luscious Jackson: That was a close call there, daddio.

    Hate stands up. Meanwhile, he picks Jason up by his hair. Jason delivers an elbow to the ribs of Hate. It takes two or three, but Hate is off of him. Jason runs at Hate, and Hate runs at Jason, they deliver a double closeline to each other. The blow could be heard all around the arena.

    Shannan Lerch: You know that hurt!

    Luscious Jackson: These two cats could be out.

    The referee starts to count. Soon, Hate and Jason stir a bit. They stumble to their feet. Jason goes over and kicks Hate in the mid-section. Then, he gets him in the powerbomb position, instead he hops up and piledrives the head of Hate into the mat.

    Luscious Jackson: That must have hurt the head of Hate.

    Hate falls to mat holding his head. Jason begins to kick him while he is down. Soon, Hate grabs Jason's foot, this makes Tilley fall to the mat. In the mean time, Hate gets up. Jason gets up and runs at Hate. Hate lifts Tilley into the air with a body press, then, he drops him in a Samoan drop. He goes for the pin. One.. two.. kickout. Hate picks Tilley up and whips him into the ropes, and goes for a Big Boot. He hits it, but Tilley flies into the ref, knocking him out.

    Shannan Lerch: Here's where things get crazy.

    All of a sudden, Billy Tilley runs out from the back, and he has a tazer. He rolls into the ring and goes to hit Jason with it, but Jason moves out of the way and he hits Hate! Hate goes down to the mat. Jason then low blows Billy and throws him out of the ring.

    Luscious Jackson: Hate may be done.

    Jason turns to Hate and is about to cover him, but Hate manages to find the strength to punch Jason right in the face. We zoom in and see that he's wearing brass knuckles! Both Hate and Tilley lay on the mat, not moving. The ref soon comes to, and begins counting.

    Shannan Lerch: Who will be the first one up?

    One.. Two.. Three.. Four.. Five.. Six.. Seven.. Eight.. Nine...

    Luscious Jackson: No one's moving!


    Shannan Lerch: The match is a draw! Neither man wins.

    Eventually, Jason begins to stir, and stand. Billy Tilley rolls back into the ring and is about to attack him, but Lee Todd pulls Jason out of the ring. Jason and Todd run to the back with Billy shaking his fist.

    Luscious Jackson: Hate may have very well won the Title there if it wasn't for the interference.. that sucks.

    Shannan Lerch: You have to assume that he's still the Number One Contender, though.

  • Bishop/Priest vs. Portalcide
  • Shannan Lerch: Well Jackson, up next we have a match scheduled for Payback, but Bishop and Priest couldn't wrestle that night. These two teams have been trading barbs for the last couple of weeks, and this is bound to have massive ramifications to the WCF Tag Team rankings.

    Luscious Jackson: Fo' rizzle my nizzle Shannizzle Lizzle.

    Shannan Lerch: Shut up, Luscious.

    Luscious Jackson: Ooooh, that time of the month baby?

    Before Shannan can retort, "Y'all want a Single" by KoRn hits. Amanda parts the curtain, followed by... no-one. Amanda is carrying a microphone and the fans murmur to each other, wondering where Portalcide are. Amanda climbs into the ring.

    Amanda: Ladies and gentlemen... I just got off the phone with Portalcide, and it seems they aren't coming tonight.

    The crowd cheer loudly

    Amanda: But that's ok, because frankly they sucked.

    The crowd cheer even more

    Amanda: However, Seth Lerch gave me the option to either forfeit the match or find myself another tag team. So without further ado, I give you... Spiralcide!!!

    "Spiral" by Godsmack plays throughout the arena. A man dressed in black and a man dressed in white part the curtains. Both are wearing face masks, the man in white has a bandage tied around his arm. Both men make their ways to the ring.

    Shannan Lerch: Spiralcide? Ok, let's go with it.

    The sound of a single drum being beaten signals the arrival of Bishop and Priest. The arena lights go out and the crowd scream with excitement. Bishop and Priest part the curtains, making their way to the ring. Both big men in stereo step over the top rope.

    Luscious Jackson: Two bad cats right here, Shannan.

    Shannan Lerch: No shit, Sherlock

    The smaller Homicide marches right up to the staggeringly huge Bishop.

    Shannan Lerch: He's dead

    Bishop seems to silently chuckle at the prospect of fighting a man the size of Homicide. Bishop lunges forward, attempting a decapitator clothesline. Homicide ducks, dropkicking the back of Bishops knee. A quick tag later, Spiralcide hit stereo dropkicks to the sides of Bishops head. Bishop falls down face first.

    Shannan Lerch: Great strategy by Spiralcide here

    Spiral begins stomping away at Bishop, who makes his way onto one knee. Homicide runs in, hitting a stiff shining wizard to the side of Bishops head. Priest hits the ring, hitting a devastating yakuza kick to Homicides face. Homicide goes down, and Spiral quickly exits the ring at the sight of the rampaging priest. The referee restores order, and Bishop makes the tag.

    Luscious Jackson: Here comes another big boy, Shannan.

    Priest attacks Spiral on the outside, driving his head into the ring post. Spiral goes down, and Homicide leaps from the apron, hitting a diving clothesline. Priest staggers back, running at Spiral, who hits a drop toehold onto the steel steps.

    Shannan Lerch: Ow!

    Both members of Spiralcide begin stomping on Priest. Suddenly, from out of the crowd, two fans jump the rail!

    Shannan Lerch: What the!? Where's the security?!

    The two fans attack Spiralcide, beating them down. They grab Spiral, hitting a double powerbomb through the announcers table!

    Luscious Jackson: Holy hell, dawg!

    Homicide gets Piledriven on the ring steps, and the fans remove their disguises.

    Shannan Lerch: It's PORTALCIDE! They're here!

    Portalcide quickly hit the ring, shedding their street clothes. APB slides in under the bottom rope, quickly attacking Bishop who is standing on the apron. Priest goes after Suicide, who disappears underneath the ring. Priest gets down on his hands and knees, looking underneath the ring. From no-where, Suicide appears behind Priest, dropkicking the back of his head! Priest falls forward, as Suicide takes his place on the apron.

    Shannan Lerch: Well, Portalcide had everyone fooled, and I think Amanda was in on it.

    APB rolls Priest back into the ring, stomping away on him. APB picks priest up, signalling for the All Points Bulletin. Bishop runs in, hitting a quick high knee liftt the face of APB. Priest drops down for the cover, getting a quick 2.

    Luscious Jackson: Damn! Domination from the black man!

    Priest grabs APB by the head, pulling him to his feet. A snap Russian leg sweep later, and APB is down again. Priest tags Bishop, who immediately starts going to work on the back of APB.

    Shannan Lerch: These guys didn't come here for fun, Luscious. Bishop could end Portal's career in the WCF before it really starts!

    APB writhes in agony as Bishop drives his knee into APB's kidneys. Somehow, APB makes the ropes, and the referee is forced to break the hold. Bishop gets in the referees face, and APB quickly tags in Suicide. Suicide hits the ropes, returning with a sickening suicide DDT.

    Luscious Jackson: As usual, the man trying to hold the brother man down!

    Suicide signals for the end, mounting the turnbuckle.

    Shannan Lerch: This is the sweetest moonsault the WCF has ever seen, Luscious!

    Suicide leaps, hitting a huge Sui-sault! The referee begins to count as APB attacks priest on the apron.




    The bell rings, and Portalcide celebrate in the ring. Priest comes in, hitting a big double clothesline on the two of them. The crowd is stunned as Priest stands tall, helping Bishop to his feet.

    Shannan Lerch: Wow! This is a new side to Bishop and Priest!

    Luscious Jackson: That's right, Shannan! The black man ain't taking this anymore!

    Both of the huge monsters look out into the crowd as Thursday Night's goes off the air.