Thursday Night Intro
Nate Nytro vs. J-X
Alec Spade and Snake Backstage
Reckless Jack/Davey-Kins/Pyro vs Snake/Drakion/Zero
Big Timers Promo
Billy Tilley/Sylk Walker vs Willson/Smith
Hardcore Title: Outcast vs Hate

  • Thursday Night Intro
  • The pyro explodes as Audioslave's Set It Off blasts out of the PA system. The crowd roars as we go throughout the crowd, looking at various signs and people and the usual stuff that happens in a show intro. We then go to the announcers booth.

    Shannan Lerch: Hello fans, I'm here, and I'm unfortunatly still with Luscious Jackson.

    Luscious Jackson: That's right, bizzitches! Ain't no one gettin rid of me!

    Shannan Lerch: I can assure you, once the paperwork goes through, Luscious will be fired and Kyle will be here. But we have to put up with him for one more night, at least.

    Luscious Jackson: I ain't goin nowhere.

    Shannan Lerch: Regardless, we have a great night of action, following WCF's extravaganza One. In our main event, Outcast and Hate will compete for the Hardcore Title. Outcast has always been a hardcore guy, so this'll be a good one.

    Luscious Jackson: Neither of these cats goin' be in one hunder percent top condition. Outcast fought in a hellacious Ironman match, while Hate was in a crazy barbed wire match with two falls.

    Shannan Lerch: We'll see Billy Tilley and Sylk Walker teaming up once again to take on Willson and Smith. This is only Tilley and Walker's second tag match together, and Willson and Smith are a pretty established team. We'll see how that goes.

    Luscious Jackson: And we got some crazy Iowan crackers fightin each other! Cracker Jack, Davey-Kins, and Pyro are up against Snake, Drakion, and Zero.

    Shannan Lerch: What an odd list of names. Regardless, yes, they're all from Iowa and they're all going to kick ass, I guess. We'll see.

    Luscious Jackson: And two other rookies are makin they debut tonight!

    Shannan Lerch: Nate Nytro and J-X are going one on one. We've heard a little from these men leading up to their debut, and we know they know each other. This should be a really good one, with two of WCF's future stars. Let's get to it!

  • Nate Nytro vs. J-X
  • Nytro and JX are in the ring and stare at one another. Nytro runs at JX andknocks him down with a clothesline. Nytro stomps on JX viciously. Nytro picks JX up and hits a perfectly executed suplex. he floats over for the pin.


    Luscious Jackson: Ooh, only a one count.

    No. JX kicks out with intensity. JX and Nytro are now back in standing positions. They tie up and JX over powers Nytro and backs him into the cornor. He backs off momentarily then gives Nytro a stiff elbow shot. JX then puts Nytro on the top turnbuckle and hits a superplex. JX covers



    No. Nytro is able to get a shoulder up.

    Shannan Lerch: Almost had a winner.

    JX grabs Nytros head and begins to pick him up, but Nytro hits JX in the mid section with an elbow. Nytro runs to the ropes, bounces off, and hits a dropkick. Nytro gets up quickly and grabs JX's leg. He puts him in the single leg crab. JX reaches for the ropes but can't get to them. Nytro torques the hold more, and JX screams in pain. The ref checks if JX wants to tap, but JX refuses. Nytro lets go of the hold, and JX rolls over and holds his leg. Nytro grabs the injured leg and stomps on it. Nytro picks up JX and hits a body slam. Nytro climbs the turnbuckle, he then leaps off and atempts an Elbow Drop, but JX rolled out of the way.

    Luscious Jackson: Ouch, Nytro hits the mat hard.

    JX grabs the rope and slowly pulls himself up. Nytro gets up and runs after JX, but JX dunks down and pulls the rope with him, causing Nytro to fly outside the ring. JX again gets up and taunts Nytro from the ring. Nytro slowly starts to get up, and he gets back in the ring. JX picks him up and hits a DDT. JX flips Nytroon his stomach, then applies the Ankle Lock. Nytro reaches for the ropes but JX pulls him back to the center of the ring and cranks the hold. Nytro screams in pain, but doesn't tap. JX releases the hold, and picks up Nytro. He puts him in a german suplex position, lifts him up, and attempts the Winning Element, NO...Nytro grabs his head, sending JX face first into the mat!! Nytro covers.




    Shannan Lerch: Nytro wins! Nytro beat JX!

  • Alec Spade and Snake Backstage
  • Alec Spade is backstage, getting a drink from a table and looking at "WCF The Magazine". He nods as he apparently reads an article.

    Shannan Lerch: Guess Spade is here to check out the competition for that TV Title of his.

    Suddenly, someone attacks Spade from behind! He punches Spade several times, and then Bodyslams him to the ground. It's Snake!

    Luscious Jackson: What's that daddio doin?!

    Shannan Lerch: I guess he wants a chance at the TV Title!

    Snake kicks Spade a few more times, and then makes the "Title around waist" motion. He walks away calmly, ready for his match.

  • Reckless Jack/Davey-Kins/Pyro vs Snake/Drakion/Zero
  • Megalomanic by Incubus hits and out comes Zero. Zero waits until the song picks up and pyros go off behind him and walks in the ring and Ravens stance on the turnbuckle.

    Mnemic Liquid hits and out come Drakion standing on the stage while hyping him self up. He then proceeds to run down to the ring and pose on the turnbuckle.

    Do You Call My Name by Ra starts and the lights go out. 40 seconds into the song, the lights come back on and we see Snake coming down throught the arena. He's high fiving the fans on his way and then jumps the barricade. He jumps into the ring and jumps onto one of the turnbuckles as pyro goes off behind him.

    Low Rider comes on and out comes Pyro with a pissed off look in his eyes.

    The Sailor Moon Theme song hits and out comes Davey-Kins being accompanied by ďHohoĒ Suzuki. On the way to the ring Davey-Kins pushes a camera man and then gets into a ring and does a girly dance.

    Go To Sleep starts and the lights go out. The words Reckless Jack appear on the Jumbotron. Then after the first verse Jack comes out with fireworks going off behind him. With him is the lovely Jacky who is wear a black mini skirt and tank top. He goes to the ring and poses on the turnbuckle.

    Luscious Jackson: This ought to be a good six man match full of WCF rookies. In fact two of these cats havenít even been in a WCF ring before.

    Shannan Lerch: Thatís right. Zero and Drakion are both making their debuts tonight and boy do they look nervous.

    The bell rings and the match starts. Snake and Davey-Kins start off with a collar and elbow tie up that goes to Davey-Kins coner. Davey lays off and distracts the ref while Pyro is choking Snake out.

    Shannan Lerch: What great team work for a bunch of newcomers.

    Davey-Kins takes Snake to the middle of the ring and hits a foot stomp. Snake is unfazed by it and hits a major Side Kick to Davey-Kins. Cover, one two, thrÖ no Pyro comes in and breaks it up. Snake tags in Drakion. Davey-Kins is still down and Drakion starts to put the boots to him. Drakion goes to a corner and lowers him self down, begging for Davey-Kins to get up. Drakion runs for a spear, but Davey-Kins side steps it and Drakion goes in the ring post.

    Luscious Jackson: It could have been over already if he would have hit that.

    Shannan Lerch: Youíre right, it could have been. It now looks like Drakion has a separated shoulder.

    Davey-Kins tags Pyro in. Pyro pulls Drakion out and puts him in a crossface. Really tearing into the body of Drakion. Drakion somehow gets to the ropes.

    Shannan Lerch: Man, is he in pain. It looks like this could be all over for Drakion.

    Pyro jumps up to the top turnbuckle and hits a missle dropkick to Drakionís shoulder. Cover, One! Two!... NO kickout at 2 Ĺ. Pyro goes and tags in Davey-Kins. Davey-Kins goes up top and tries for a Sailor Moon Death Kick, but Drakion feels it coming and hits a huge powerslam as Davey-Kins was coming down. The ref starts the count. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7 Drakion crawls over and tags in Zero. Zero pulls Davey-Kins towards the middle of the ring.

    Luscious Jackson: What is Zero gonna do?

    Shannan Lerch: I donít know, what I want to know is why Reckless Jack hasnít even got on the ring apron.

    Zero puts Davey-Kinsí head in between his legs and picks him up. Davey-Kins is screaming like a little girl. Jacknife Powerbomb connects. One! Two!.. No Reckless Jack breaks it up.

    Shannan Lerch: Finally Jack has done something is this match.

    Snake gets tagged back in. Pyro distracts the ref as Jack slaps his own hand to make it sound like he tagged in. Snake and Jack lock up in the middle of the ring. Snake throws him into the ropes and hits a Spinebuster. Then Snake picks up Jack for a Snakebuster. Jack reverses it in to a Tornado DDT. Jack jumps up to his feet and hits the amazing Standing Shooting Star Leg Drop.

    Luscious Jackson: My god. Its always impressive when ever you see that.

    Shannan Lerch: With moves like that, its know wonder why Jack is the Crusierweight Champ.

    Jack picks Snake up and hits a X-Factor. One! Two! Thr.. No! Snake kicked out. Jack is going to get a steel chair.

    Shannan Lerch: He better not use that. His team will get disqualified.

    Luscious Jackson: You damn right, but who know what he is thinking.

    Jack gets the chair into the ring and sets it up in the way so someone can sit on it. Jack gets a running start, jumps over Snake, jumps on the chair, then off the ropes. Shannan Lerch: Oh my god, he is going for a Triple Jump Moonsault.

    Just before Jack hits it, Snake pulls a chair into the way and Jack bounces off of that. Davey-Kins is climbing the top rope while Snake is clearing his head. Snake gets up and Davey-Kins jumps off the top rope, landing in a forward role, and then uppercuts Snake. Zero comes in a kicks Davey really hard in the stomach. Zero put him in a Piledriver like move. He drops straight down, right on to Davey-Kins face.

    Luscious Jackson: Davey-Kins just got Zeroized.

    Shannan Lerch: Look at Reckless Jack.

    Jack is on the apron. He jumps up to hit a moonsault on Zero, but goes into a DDT.

    Shannan Lerch: He hit the RJ Calling. Wow what a move. There is just total chaos in this ring.

    Drakion gets in the ring and kicks Jack in the stomach. He picks him up for a Firemans Carry, but spins it out into a Stunner. Pyro is on the top turnbuckle waiting for Drakion to turn around. Drakion does and Pyro hits the Face Grabber. Snake is back up and hits a Dropkick on Pyro. Snake then picks him up and hits a Snakedriver. Jack is back up and Jacky is on the ring apron. She is distracting the ref while Hoho throws the Crusierweight Title to Jack. Jack grabs it and hits Snake in the back with it. Jack then throws it out of the ring.

    Luscious Jackson: Hey ref, look at that. He just cheated.

    Jack then picks up Snake and hooks him into a Double Underhook Piledriver, but then puts into a Double Underhook Sitout Face Plant. Snake is thrown into the ref, knocking him down.

    Shannan Lerch: Now things'll get fun.

    Jack goes to pick Snake up, but Snake low blows him, causing Jack to fall to the ground. And within seconds, the TV Champion, Alec Spade, is perched on the top rope. He yells, and Snake turns around. Spade hits the Lights Out! He then quickly jumps to the top and hits the Spade Flush!

    Luscious Jackson: Payback from earlier.. that Snake daddio was askin' for it.

    Spade rolls out and heads to the back. Jack rolls over and pins again, as the ref comes to his senses.




    Shannan Lerch: This match is over and the winners are Reckless Jack, Davey-Kins, and Pyro.

    Luscious Jackson: Yeah, these cats won, but not without cheatin to do it. Got to give props to the new guys.

    Shannan Lerch: Why is Reckless Jack grabbing a mic?

  • Big Timers Promo
  • Reckless Jack: Well, it seems to me that the WCF needs us. Yeah thatís right, they need us badly. Davey-Kins, Pyro, and Myself were talking about, well making the most dominant faction ever in the WCF. We may not seem like much, but we got it. I mean look at us, we are in the big time. The Big Timers will run rampant all over the WCF.

    Davey-Kins: Thatís right Jack, we will show all of these fans the power that the Moonies have.

    Reckless Jack: Donít you ever talk bout Sailor Moon in this ring.

    Pyro: Youíre right holmes. I mean, a Latino, a mask man, and a fruitcake. Talk about unlikely friends ese. But it happened anways.

    Reckless Jack: Your damn right. We will show these people who we are starting.. now.

    All three members of the Big Timers are beating the hell out the men they just beat. Davey-Kins and Pyro are setting Zero up for a Double Superkick and they connect. Jack hits a 619 on Drakion. All three members are working over Snake.

    Shannan Lerch: What a horrible beating at the hands of The Big Timers.

    Luscious Jackson: Finally they are leaving, but look the destruction they left in the ring.

    The Big Timers leave to a chorus of boos and beer being thrown at them.

  • Billy Tilley/Sylk Walker vs Willson/Smith
  • Shannan Lerch: This should prove to be an interesting match up as Sylk ďThe NaturalĒ Walker teams up for only the second time with Billy Tilley. They will take on the team of Smith and Wilson.

    Luscious Jackson: Thatís right Shannan Tilley and Walker put up a decent battle last week at ONE but they could not get the job done.

    Shannan Lerch: I think they did well until the unprovoked attack on Ms. Liberty.

    Luscious Jackson: They looked good together but their opponents found a weakness and used it to their advantage. Ms Liberty is the down fall of this team. And especially Billy, the kid is in love and that could haunt him.

    Stand up by Ludacris begins to play as Eric Wilson makes his way to the ring; He has a towel over his bald head and Shannan Lerchides in the ring under the bottom rope. He then heads to a corner and raises his arms in the air. Victory 2004 by 50 cent begins playing as Richard Smith makes his way to the ring with his towel around his neck. He enters the ring and starts smacking his chest hyping himself up.

    Shannan Lerch: Listen to that crowd boo these two Canadians. They are obviouShannan Lerchy not the fan favorites tonight.

    Luscious Jackson: Fans know nothing about great athletes. Look at this team they are in great shape and have been together along time.

    Suddenly we see Walker and Tilley run to the ring. No music or fan fare, they Shannan Lerchide into the ring and begin pounding on the Canadians who quickly escape to the outside of the ring.

    Shannan Lerch: Well looks like Billy and Sylk mean business, no fan fare, no nothing just into the ring and go. Smith and Wilson look stunned. They are complaining to the ref that they are not ready.

    Luscious Jackson: You know Shannan I donít see Ms. Liberty here. You think she has lost interest in Billy?

    Shannan Lerch: No, I think she has been kept out of harms way. Walker and Tilley are her looking for a victory and donít want any outside interference. Listen to this crowd chanting USA, it is really getting to the Canadians who are still on the outside of the ring holding their ears and telling the crowd to shut up.

    The ref regains control of the match and moves Tilley and Walker to the other side of the ring. Walker is on the outside letting Tilley start. Wilson will start for the Canadians. While Tilley has his back to Wilson he is charged by the bald Canadian. Tilley hooks the arm and hip rolls Wilson over to the mat. Wilson is up quickly and again attacks Tilley who uses the same move again only this tim he hangs on to the arm and applies a wrist lock on it. Smith then jumps in the ring and hits Tilley in the back of the head with a boot. As Walker jumps into go after Smith the ref grabs him and is pushing him back into his corner.

    Shannan Lerch: This has given the two Canadians a chance to double team Tilley. Both men have him in their corner and are really working him over.

    As the ref makes his way back to the action Wilson climbs out of the ring and Smith stays in continuing to work over the mid section of Tilley. Smith then Irish Whips Tilley in to the ropes and follows with a clotheShannan Lerchine knocking Tilley over the top rope and onto the floor. Again Walker jumps in the ring to go after Smith who grabs the ref and sticks him between himself and Wlaker. As this is going on Wilson is now down on the floor stomping on Tilley.

    Luscious Jackson: This goes to show the inexperience of Walker and Tilley. The Natural is hurting his partner more by this than he is helping him. Walker needs to control his temper.

    Sylk moves back to his corner as Wilson rolls Tilley back into the ring. Smith grabs Tilley by the hair and lifts him to his feet. He then picks Tilley up into a fire mans carry and Shannan Lerchams him to the mat. He then hooks the ankle and applies an ankle lock on Tilley. Walker again gets in the ring and before the ref can stop he hits Smith with a drop kick to the face forcing him to release the hold. Walker quickly gets out and is stomping on the apron of the ring for his partner to tag. Smith crawls back to tag Wilson and as he does Tilley tags Walker who jumps onto the top rope and lands a clotheShannan Lerchine on the attacking Wilson. Walker gets up quickly and nails Smith in the back of the head with a forearm sending him over the top rope and to the floor. Sylk turns around to continue his attack on Wilson who is now up and lands a spinning right heel kick to the face of Walker.

    Shannan Lerch: A nice recovery by Wilson after Walker came in the ring on fire. Wilson grabs the blonde haired black man and snap mares him to the mat.

    Smith gets back up on the apron and Wilson moves Walker into his corner, he tags Smith who climbs the top rope as Wilson exposes the ribs of Walker; Smith comes down on Sylk with an elbow to his ribs, the ref move Wilson out of the ring. Richard Smith lifts Walker up tags Wilson who climbs the top rope Smith lifts Walker up to hand him to his partner when Tilley runs over tackles Smith and starts punching him; Walker is now lying prone on the mat as Wilson leaps in the air and attempts a leg drop.

    Luscious Jackson: Walker moves out of the way! Wilson finds nobody home and now Walker is on top of Wilson and with a handful of tights hooks the leg!!!!!!! Wait! The ref is pulling Tilley off Smith and cannot make the count.

    Shannan Lerch: This match should be over but as you pointed out earlier the inexperience of Walker and Tilley may have just cost them the match!

    Walker gets up and is yelling at the ref, Tilley throws Smith out of the ring to the floor. And then heads back to his corner. Sylk turns his attention back to Wilson who is now up and grabs Walker for a Belly2Belly suplex. He then picks him up and throws him through the ropes to the floor. Smith and Wilson are both in the ring and head for Tilley who climbs the top rope and hits a double ClotheShannan Lerchine on both men; Billy then tosses Smith from the ring as Sylk slowly climbs back in he sees Wilson about to deliver a football clip to Tilley, Walker throws himself at Wilson just as Tilley turns around. Walker is now on top of Wilson delivering lefts and rights. Smith now crawls back in the ring with a chair and nails Tilley in the back! Chief Bald Eagle and Klubber Klabanski are seen heading to the ring; close behind is Ms. Liberty carrying the American Flag. As the ref sees them he stops his count and warns them not to interfere. Liberty begins waving the Flag in the air as the crowd chants U-S-A- U-S-A.

    Luscious Jackson: Hey this is wrong! They can not be at ringside! Thatís cheating!

    Shannan Lerch: And you call the use of the chair legal? They have not entered the ring.

    Smith pins Tilley. The ref turns around to count, and as he does, Bald Eagle and Klabanski begin attacking Willson!

    Luscious Jackson: See! I knew those cats would cheat!

    Tilley kicks out of the pin! Smith picks him up but he starts fighting back, and DDTs Smith to the ground. He then picks him up and throws him out of the ring. Pride of the USA throw Willson back into the ring, and Tilley picks him up and hits The Money! He then pins.

    Shannan Lerch: We have a winner!

    One... two... three! Yes, indeed we do. The rest of the Freedom Fighters climb into the ring. Walker, Klabanski, and Eagle climb up the turnbuckles, celebrating, and Liberty and Billy hug.

    Luscious Jackson: Aww.. how cute.

  • Hardcore Title: Outcast vs Hate
  • Shannan Lerch: Well here we go the this match will be for the hardcore championship.

    Luscious Jackson: Hate just won that title at One.

    Shannan Lerch: It took Hate three pin attempts to pin Jason to win that title.

    God of Thunder hits and the arena lights dim. The titantron says ''Without Fear'' and Outcast comes out slapping hands at ringside. He slides into the ring and the lights go up then

    Luscious Jackson: Well here is the challenger Outcast.

    Shannan Lerch: He had one hell of a match at One but came up on the losing side of the stick.

    The lights in the arena go down and silence washes over the crowd. A woman's voice says "Hate makes Fate", then "Cast Me Aside" begins to play and the lights come back on with Hate walking to ringside.

    Luscious Jackson: Here is the champion.

    Shannan Lerch: Yeah but for how long?

    Luscious Jackson: Only time will tell.

    Shannan Lerch: Here we go!

    The two begin circling each other and finally tie up, but just then the stage explodes.

    "It is dark and hell is hot!"

    The fans go crazy as Dogg comes out onto the ramp.

    Shannan Lerch: It canít be!

    Luscious Jackson: It is, and by the sound of the fans, business is picking up.

    Both Hate and Outcast watch warily as Dogg makes his way around the ring to the announcerís table.

    Shannan Lerch: Dogg, what a surprise!

    Madd Dogg: Shannan, you still have your job? Thatís a surprise too.

    Luscious Jackson: Ha, he got you.

    Madd Dogg: And who the hell are you? Some reject from the 70ís who missed the memo? It ended.....everyone moved on. And the world is better for it.

    Luscious Jackson:, Hi Iím Luscious Jackson.

    He extends his hand and Dogg looks at it for a second then back at Luscious. When he doesnít get the hint, Dogg reaches inside his trenchcoat and slowly unsheathes his kitana. Lusious pulls his hand back and the three of them look at the match. Hate comes to Doggís side of the ring pointing at him and complaining. Outcast takes advantage of the situation and punches him in the back of the head before rolling him up, 1, 2, thre... kickout.

    Shannan Lerch: That was cheap.

    Madd Dogg: But it was close. A little harder and weíd be looking at a new Hardcore champ. It seems that no one wants to do whatís neccessary anymore.

    Shannan Lerch: What do you mean?

    Madd Dogg: I didnít tell you to address me. Shut your mouth.

    Outcast runs at Hate with a hard closeline. Outcast picks up and nails a suplex. Outcast now putting the boots to Hate. Outcast slides out of the ring and grabs a steel chair.

    Luscious Jackson: Now this is going to get good.

    As Outcast climbs backs in the ring with steel chair in hand, Hate gets to his feet but Outcast swings the chair and smashes it across the face of Hate.

    Shannan Lerch: Hate could be done now.

    Luscious Jackson: This is way to early in the match to be taking a chair shot like that.

    Hate is bleeding from his skull. Outcast now sets the chair up in the middle of the ring, and picks up Hate. Outcast swings Hate into the ropes and drops his head, but Hate holds onto the ropes and kicks Outcast straight in the mouth. Hate runs at Outcast and hits a spear. Hate gets up and picks up the steel chair, Outcast pulls himself up and Hate nails Outcast in the back with the steel chair. Hate drops the chair and slides out of the ring.

    Shannan Lerch: It looks like Hate has now taken control of this match.

    Hate lifts up the ring apron and pulls out a sack, a table, and a kendo stick.

    Luscious Jackson: This isnít going to be pretty.

    Shannan Lerch: This is going to get more bloody.

    Hate takes the kendo stick and slides back in the ring, Outcast is pulling himself up to his feet and Hate cracks the kendo stick over the head of Outcast. Hate now picks up Outcast, swings him into the ropes and hits the big boot. Hate now picks up Outcast and hits a snap powerbomb.

    Madd Dogg: These two men are fighting for the most valuable prize in this company.

    Luscious Jackson: You think the Hardcore title is that important?

    Madd Dogg: No. The winner of this match gets to drop the belt to Madd Dogg. And getting in the ring with me is an honor.

    Shannan Lerch: What force by Hate.

    Luscious Jackson: It looked like he just broke Outcastís neck.

    Hate now slides out of the ring and picks up the sack and places it into the corner. Hate now grabs the table and sets it up on the outside. Hate slides back in the ring as Outcast is starting to pull himself up by using the ropes. Hate lays a knee into Outcast. Hate know pulling Outcast over to the corner by his hair. Hate now place Outcast on the top turnbuckle, Hate punches Outcast a few times. Hate now grabs Outcast by the neck.

    Shannan Lerch: Oh my it looks like he is going to choke slam Outcast from the top onto that table.

    Luscious Jackson: If he hits this it should be over.

    Hate goes for the choke slam but Outcast pushes Hateís hand off his throat, Outcast hits a top rope ddt through the table. The crowd bursts into "HOLY SHIT!" chants as Hate and Outcast go crashing through the table.

    Shannan Lerch: Oh my god!

    Luscious Jackson: I hope there both okay.

    Outcast slowly starts moving, as Hate just lays there. Outcast gets to his feet and stumbles around, and picks up a bloody Hate and slides him into the ring. Outcast grabs a steel chair and climbs to the top rope, and hits a arabian facebuster on Hate. Outcast covers one.. two.. thre. Hate just gets his shoulder up.

    Shannan Lerch: Oh my he kicked out.

    Luscious Jackson: Hate must have something left in the tank.

    Shannan Lerch: Well Hate is now wearing the crimson mask.

    Outcast rolls out of the ring and lifts up the ring apron and pulls out a roll of barbwire, and another table. Outcast pushes the table in the ring and pushes the roll of barbwire in the ring. Outcast gets in the ring and sets up the table in the middle of the ring and starts wrapping the table in barbwire. Outcast walks over to Hate picks up and suplexs him onto the steel chair, goes for the cover one.. two.. th.... Hate again gets his shoulder up. Outcast walks over the corner and picks up the sack, Outcast opens the sack and poors out thumb tacks all over the ring and some on the table that is wrapped in barbwire. Outcast picks up Hate rolls him onto the table. Outcast gets on tope of the table as well. Outcast holding Hate by his hair, and Hate low blows Outcast. Outcast drops to his knees, Hate gets up and picks up Outcast and hits the H8ER Driver. As Outcast and Hate go crashing through the table the crowd starts chanting "HOLY SHIT!".

    Luscious Jackson: Outcast is now wearing the crimson mask.

    Shannan Lerch: That was awesome!

    Neither man moves for several moments. Hate is the first to roll over, and throws his arm over Outcast, pinning.

    Luscious Jackson: This is it, daddios! Champ retains!




    Shannan Lerch: HOW!?

    Hate is obviously frustrated. He picks Outcast up and grapples from behind, going for some kind of German Suplex for sure, but Outcast holds on to the ropes. Hate tries to whip Outcast to the other end of the ring, but Outcast reverses it and sends Hate into the turnbuckle. He then runs and hits the Sick Twist!

    Luscious Jackson: Outcast, gaining momentum...

    Outcast lifts Hate up onto the turnbuckle, and sets him up. He hits the Black Out off the top rope and onto the previously broken table!!

    Shannan Lerch: Oh Jesus.. Hate is dead.

    After a few seconds, Outcast pins.




    Luscious Jackson: NEW HARDCORE CHAMPION!

    Dogg stands up and applauds the winner.

    Shannan Lerch: Iíll be damned, a sign of respect from Dogg to Outcast.

    Luscious Jackson: I donít quite think this is about respect. I think this is Doggís equivalent of the Italian Mobís kiss of death.

    Shannan Lerch: You think?

    Luscious Jackson: I doubt thereís any love story between these two. Dogg did have some choice words for him.

    Suddenly Anger Rising plays and Seth storms out to the ring. He pushes Outcast and Hate out of the way and grabs a microphone.

    Seth Lerch: glad you could join us. It sounds like everyone in the audience is happy youíre back.

    The crowd goes crazy.

    Seth Lerch: Well, Iím sure as hell not happy youíre here. I seem to remember you walking out on me when I needed you here. No world champ. Logan gone. And all of a sudden so was Dogg. No explaination. No excuse. Just gone. And ANOTHER TITLE vacant. Another space on the roster empty. You just leave, the hell with what happened to WCF. And now here you are, back like nothing happened. No, no you didnít leave it vacant though did you, I couldíve dealt with that, made a new champion. But instead, you had some terrible god forsaken horrendous match that by some sick twisted sense of humor, you decided to name it "Euthanasia Chamber". Euthanasia...painless death. THERE WAS NOTHING PAINLESS ABOUT THAT MATCH! And worse, YOU PUT ME IN IT!

    The crowd goes crazy at the thought of Seth is massive pain.

    Seth Lerch: You all like that huh? Well, hereís something you wonít like. NO ONE walks out on Seth Lerch. No one. You wanna walk out Dogg, thatís great. But you donít get to walk back in. We made it just fine without you, and weíll continue to make it along just fine without you. You are not now nor will you be a part of WCF ever again. You like to say you quit, but now, you ARE FIRED.

    The crowd boos as Seth leaves the arena. Madd Dogg stands and nods a little bit before leaving. Outcast is still in the ring, and he now climbs the turnbuckle and raises the Hardcore Title high in the air.

    Shannan Lerch: If anyone deserves it, it's him.

    Luscious Jackson: You hafta thing though, Hate deserves a rematch sometime in the future.

    Outcast climbs down, and goes over to another turnbuckle and climbs up. While he's been doing this, Dogg has left.

    Shannan Lerch: Goodnight fans, I'll see you-

    Luscious Jackson: No, wait, I hear we're going backstage!

    Seth is in the hall in front of his office.

    Stage hand: Mr. Lerch.

    Seth Lerch: I donít have time for you.

    Stage hand: But you should know....

    Seth Lerch: I said, shut up!

    As he opens the door a giant Rottweiler jumps from behind his desk at him. Seth just barely gets the door closed, but the beast gets itís head through the door and is snapping at Seth. Several security guards appear and help force the head through the door and close it so Seth can escape.

    Seth Lerch: What the hell was that?

    Stage hand: Thatís what I wanted to let you know. Someone has been in your office and left that in there.

    Seth Lerch: Describe him.

    Stage hand: Head to toe black body suit with crazy tribal markings all over it. Long flowing trench coat, and a KITANA!

    Seth Lerch: Goddamnit. Madd Dogg.

    The screen fades.