Thursday Night Intro
Cruiserweight Title: Nate Nytro vs Reckless Jack
Snake/Walker/Tilley vs Spade/Willson/Smith
Over The Top Battle Royal

  • Thursday Night Intro
  • Audioslave's Set It Off blasts over the PA, and Thursday Night is on the air! We pan around the arena before going to the announcers, who, this week, are Luscious Jackson and Kyle Steel.

    Kyle Steel: Welcome to WCF Thursday Night. I'm here with.. sigh.. Luscious Jackson:

    Luscious Jackson: Still ain't firin' me, bitches!

    Kyle Steel: We have a huge over the top battle royal main event. Twister vs Howie vs Magnum vs J-X vs Pyro vs Bishop vs Portal vs Zero vs Drakion vs Davey-Kins vs Priest vs Suicide.

    Luscious Jackson: Bishop and Priest and Portalcice are gonna hafta fight their teammates, possibly. Or maybe it'll give them an advantage. I guess we'll see.

    Kyle Steel: We have a six man grudge match, with Snake, Walker, and Billy Tilley taking on the former Television Champion, Spade, and Willson and Smith. Walker and the other Freedom Fighters have never been too kind towards 'The Canadians', and Snake attacked Spade earlier. Lots of hate in that match.

    Luscious Jackson: No, Hate quit. Don't you watch Slam?

    Kyle Steel: I mean the emotion, not the wrestler. Ugh. Anyway, our opening match is for the Cruiserweight Title.

    Luscious Jackson: Crazy little jumpin' beans!

    Kyle Steel: Reckless Jack is going to take on Nate Nytro. Nytro was pretty impressive in his debut, he's part of WCF's new new blood. We'll have to see how he does.

    Luscious Jackson: And it's comin' up now!

  • Cruiserweight Title: Nate Nytro vs Reckless Jack
  • Remedy by Cold hits the arena and out comes Nate Nytro with blue strobe lights going all over the place.

    Kyle Steel: Here comes Nate Nytro who won his first match last week against J-X. I guess it was a number contenders match.

    Luscious Jackson: Yeah, this cat has some great skills that he showcased last week, but has to go against the best cruiserweight in the business.

    Go To Sleep starts and the lights go out. The words Reckless Jack appear on the Jumbotron. Then after the first verse Jack comes out with fireworks going off behind him. Along with him is the lovely Jacky who is wearing a black skirt and a tank top. He goes to the ring and poses on the turnbuckle.

    Luscious Jackson: Here is the man who won the Cruiserweight Title a couple of weeks ago in an Ultraviolent Ladder match. This is his first title defense.

    Kyle Steel: This should be a great match for the title.

    The bell rings and the match is underway. Jack runs at Nytro and goes for a clothesline, but Nytro moves out of the way and uses Jacks momentum to throw him out of the ring. Nytro stays in the ring as Jack is standing outside of the ring.

    Kyle Steel: Jack is taking his time getting back into the ring after being thrown out like that.

    Luscious Jackson: Itís all most like Jack is embarrassed because of what just happened.

    Jack gets back into the ring and locks up with Nytro in the middle of the ring. Nytro throws him into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Jack drops down and takes his legs out. Jack puts Nytro into a headlock. Nytro gets up and elbows Jack in the stomach. Nytro jumps up and hits a dropkick. Nytro picks up Jack and goes for an Arm Drag. Jack goes down and Nytro covers. One! Two!.. No Jack kicks out of it. Nytro tries to pick him up but gets low blowed. Both men are down. Jack gets up first and picks him up. Jack goes for a Belly to Belly Suplex and hits it. Jack then jumps up to the top rope and goes for a 450 Leg Drop and hits it.

    Luscious Jackson: Thatís all for Nate Nytro.

    Jack covers. One! Two! Thr!... no Nytro kicks out. Jack picks him back up and hits a T-Bone Suplex. Covers. One! Two!... no Nytro kicks out of that.

    Kyle Steel: What guts by Nytro to kick out both times. This kid is amazing.

    Jack goes back to work and hits a Sitout Rock Bottom on Nytro. Jack jumps up and hits the Shooting Star Leg Drop. Cover. One! Two! ThrÖ no Nytro again kicks out.

    Luscious Jackson: Jack has to be getting pissed off. He is going for a steel chair.

    Jack brings the chair into the ring and sets it up. He runs and goes for a Triple Jump Moonsault. Nytro sees it coming and gets the chair to block it. Jack sees this and jumps down to his feet. Both men are up and Jack runs at Nytro only to be Hip Tossed. Nytro then goes and jumps up to the top and hits the Whisper in the Wind. He picks Jack up and goes for the Life Cycle. Nytro hits it and both men are down.

    Kyle Steel: It looks like both men used up all their energy on that exchange. Wait, Nytro covers.

    One! Two!... no. Jack kicks out. Both men get up and Jack kicks Nytro in the stomach and hits the X-Factor. He then rolls out of the ring and gets the Cruiserweight Title and then throws it into the ring to distract the ref and it works. He then hits Nytro with the chair in the ring.

    Luscious Jackson: What the... he just cheated. Canít he win fairly?

    Jack covers. One! Two! Thr. No Nytro kicks out of it. Both men lay in the ring and the ref starts to count. 1..2..3..4..5..6. Both men get up and the ref is checking on Jack. Jacky tries to pull Nytro out of the ring but Nytro pulls her up to the apron.

    Kyle Steel: What a damn minute. Jacky is up on the apron thanks to Nytro. What is he gonna do?

    Jack gets up and sees this so he runs toward Nytro, but Nytro moves and Jack hits Jacky. Nytro hits a Back Suplex on Jack and then runs up to the top rope and hits the Leap of Faith. Cover.




    Nate Nytro is the new WCF Cruiserweight Champion.

    Kyle Steel: Oh my god!! Nate Nytro just won the title. I canít believe this. The fans are going nuts.

    Luscious Jackson: Wow, what a win for Nate Nytro. He has just upset the Champion. Too bad for Jack since it was for the title.

    Nytro goes up on the turnbuckle on shows the fans the title. Jack gets back up and has the chair in his hands. Nytro jumps down and gets hit in the face again. Jack then sets the chair down and picks up Nytro. He then hits the New Blood Rising right on the chair. He takes the belt and puts it on Nytroís back. He then grabs a mic.

    Reckless Jack: Are you listening Seth? I never want a shot at the Cruiserweight Title ever again. I will give my rematch clause to Davey-Kins.

    Jack drops the mic and leaves the ring. Nytro is still laying on his stomach. EMTS are coming out to check on him. He gets up and leaves under his own power as his music hits.

  • Snake/Walker/Tilley vs Spade/Willson/Smith
  • Luscious Jackson: We are back fans and this is gonna be one hell of a fight. We got the new and exciting team of Tilley and Walker going after the Canadians Smith and as Klubber calls them Wesson aka Wilson.

    Kyle Steel: Thatís right Luscious, and to make it even more interesting the former TV champ Alec Spade will join the Canadians and Snake will team with Tilley and Walker. Last week we saw as Tilley and Walker beat the Canadians, with a little help from their friends so Smith and Wilson have a little pay back in mind.

    Luscious Jackson: We also so this newbie Snake come in and attack the greatest TV champ in the history of WCF for no reason. So Spade and Snake for some strange reason get to meet as part of a tag team? All I know is Tilley and Walker better watch their backs cause I donít trust a guy named snake.

    Kyle Steel: I think Spade is going to be looking for some ďsnake eyesĒ and he wants to bury them at the bottom of the WCF arena.

    As Kyle is talking we hear VICTORY 2004 by 50 cent and see Richard Smith make his way to the ring, he is wearing a red singlet with black trim and a black elbow pad and white shin guards. As he enters the ring and begins to slap his chest we hear the music of Ludacris STAND UP and see a black man with a towel over his head making his way to the ring he is wearing a black singlet with black boots he slithers his way under the bottom and makes his way around all four corners. Suddenly Aerosmiths dream on begins to play. Strutting to the ring as cocky as ever is Alec Spade, as he makes his way to the ring he looks at the fans in disgust and even calls them names, he is wearing his trademark black wrestling pants with the white spade on them, he leaps onto the apron of the ring and then springs over the top rope to the center of the ring holding his belt up high. As he walks around the ring.

    Luscious Jackson: He should still be the TV Champ, cats.

    Suddenly all the lights go out and after a few seconds we hear the crowd screaming as from three different directions and through the crowd we see Snake, Tilley, and Walker high fiving fans as they make their way to the ring. As they get ring side they all slide under the top rope and begin attacking Spade and the Canadians sending them to the outside. Tilley and Walker stand on the bottom rope and toss their shirts into the crowd. Snake is standing over Spade.

    Kyle Steel: Snake has a lot of people to go thru before he can get a TV Title shot like Spade had. Ok looks like it will be Walker starting things off for his team and Spade will also go first.

    Luscious Jackson: Hold on Kyle snake is asking Walker to switch with him; he wants to get Spade right away. Walker is looking around the arena and the fans want Snake, so Walker makes the tag and as soon as he does Snake is up and over the top rope and begins to attack Spade.

    Kyle Steel: Snake really means business and is looking for revenge for Spade interfering in his match and costing him a victory.

    Snake continues to pound on Spade as he backs into the ropes. Snake then goes for an Irish whip but Spade counters with a reverse and the catches Snake with a clothesline knocking him to the mat, he quickly climbs the top rope.

    Kyle Steel: It looks like Spade wants to end this match right now. He is going for the Spade Flush he leaps and hits the Flush he hooks the leg and 1...!!! 2...!!!

    Luscious Jackson: The Natural is in the ring and kicks Spade in the head, and now Smith and Wilson are in the ring and here comes Tilley all hell has broken lose here and we just getting started.

    The ref quickly regains order and Walker now tags Snake. As Spade sees Walker come in the ring he waits for him to get half way across the ring and quickly tags Smith. Smith is now rushing at Walker who executes a hip toss Smith is back up and again Walker hits a hip toss. As Smith holds his lower back Walker moves in and kicks Smith in the head and then sets up a figure four leg lock: Smith is in pain and the ref is asking him if he is ready to give up, Smith is shaking his head no. While the ref is looking away Snake is on the floor holding the hand of Walker and adding more pressure to the leg and lower back of Smith. Wilson tries to enter the ring and as the ref holds him back Tilley climbs thru the ropes and stomps on the gut of Smith and just as quickly jumps out of the ring.

    Kyle Steel: Boy Smith is in some trouble now he is in the wrong corner here. And Walker, Tilley and Snake have been working well together. And they are even using a little underhanded play.

    Luscious Jackson: You know I talked to Walker and Tilley and part of their game plan is to do something different every match so as to keep their opponents off guard.

    As the ref heads back to the action we see Walker and Tilley make a tag. Walker still holding the figure four on Smith as Tilley climbs the top rope and jumps on the gut of Smith; he then heads across the ring and nails Wilson with a fore arm and then punches Spade in the face knocking them both to the floor. He quickly returns back to Smith as Walker is being helped out of the ring by the ref. Tilley Then grabs Smith and picks him up and then power slams him to the mat. As Tilley turns to the fans for their approval Spade grabs Smith by the arm and drags him closer to his side of the ring where Wilson makes a tag and hits Tilley with a big boot to the back of the head. As Tilley gets up Wilson hits a drop kick sending Tilley to the floor. Wilson then runs over and nails Walker with a forearm sending him to the floor and then returns to his corner and tags Spade who then leaps over the top rope and hits a cross body on Tilley who was just beginning to get to his feet. Spade the rolls back in the ring and taunts Snake and Walker. The ref holds both men back and while doing so Wilson is now on the floor with Tilley. Wilson has the Canadian flag pole and is choking Tilley with it.

    Kyle Steel: Where did that come from? Wilson has Tilley almost unconscious with that flag pole.

    Luscious Jackson: He reached under the ring and pulled that out. But it looks like Alex Spade is in control of this team as the momentum is now in their favor.

    Wilson rolls Tilley back into the ring, Spade quickly covers him but he manages to kick out before the ref gets the three count. Spade after arguing with the ref again tries to cover Tilley who again kicks out. Spade is now furious with the ref and begins to climb the rope for the Spade flush as he leaps into the air Tilley lifts his knees and Spade rolls into a ball on the far side of the ring. Tilley slowly gets up and tries to make his way back to his side of the ring but Wilson and Smith grab him and pull him back into their corner. At the same time Snake and Walker try to climb in the ring. The ref quickly holds them back, Smith and Wilson continue to hold Tilley in the corner. Tilley then grabs Wilson by the neck and flips him over the top rope and into the ring. He then turns and punches Smith and then falls to the mat. He is trying to get back to his corner as the ref rolls Wilson out of the ring Spade is rushing over to Tilley and Sylk throws a cross body on Spade allowing Tilley to tag Snake. Snake jumps over the top rope and heads right at Spade. As Snake charges Spade he pulls the top rope down and Snake goes out of the ring to the floor. Spade quickly tags Wilson who jumps out of the ring and grabs Tilley, he whips him into the barricade and the into the ring apron. Wilson then grabs him and rolls him back into the ring. As Wilson climbs back on the apron Snake stands up and lands a quick left to the chin of Wilson. With one man on the apron of the ring and the other in the ring Wilson and Snake exchange lefts while holding the rope with their right hand. Snake then puts Wilson in a head lock and suplexes him over the rope and into the ring. Both men lie on the mat stunned.

    Kyle Steel: We knew this would be an exciting match! Both of these teams are giving it their all. Wilson is now crawling back to his corner as is Snake. Itís going to be a race to see who makes the tag first.

    Luscious Jackson: Yo bother I said look out for some surprises and thatís what we got.

    Snake is tagging Walker while Wilson tags Smith. Smith is in the ring first and lands a clothes line to Walker who is down. Smith picks him up and sets him up for DDT. He hits it Walker looks like he is out.

    Kyle Steel: It could be over! Whatís that?

    Suddenly as the crowd chants U-S-A, U-S-A we see Pride of the USA heading down to the ring with Ms. Liberty. The Canadians and Spade all turn their attention to the unwanted visitors and as the ref is pointing for them to go back to the locker room. Tilley and Snake grab Walker and drag him to their side of the ring. Both men yell to the ref as he turns he sees Walker tag Snake back into the match. Snake gets into the ring and Walker runs at him, Snake hits a small package...

    Kyle Steel: Look at this they moved Walker to their side of the ring and Snake has Smith in a small package 1!....2!.... Kickout.

    Luscious Jackson: So close.

    Smith gets up and tags in Spade. Spade gets in with a head of steam, runs at Snake, and Clotheslines him into the turnbuckle. He kicks him mercilessly and then lifts him up like a Suplex and sets him on the top rope. he then climbs up with him.

    Kyle Steel: Uh oh, what could he be going for?

    Spade lifts Snake up, and gets him in the position for a Piledriver...

    Luscious Jackson: No.. no. He wouldn't.

    He goes and looks like he's going to Piledrive Snake off the turnbuckle and into the ring... but instead he turns around, and hits a SUPER PILEDRIVER TO THE OUTSIDE!!

    Kyle Steel: Oh shi-

    Luscious Jackson: Watch it, we're on TV.

    Both Snake and Spade lie there for a few seconds, and the crowd chants "HOLY SHIT" of course. Paramedics are soon out, and loading Snake onto a stretcher.

    Kyle Steel: I think his career may.. well.. it may be done. Tilley is in the ring, and taunting Spade to get back in and finish the match.

    Luscious Jackson: Not a wise move, Spade is.. insane..

    Spade quickly gets back in and runs at Tilley. He goes for a Clothesline but Tilley ducks it, Low Blows him, and then executes The Money! He quickly tags in Walker. Walker climbs up to the top rope, and Tilley lifts Spade up. Walker hits a Top Rope Belly to Back Suplex! He then pins, while Tilley keeps Willson and Smith out of the ring. One... two... three!

    Kyle Steel: We have our winners!

    The other members of the Freedom Fighters get into the ring, and all four men celebrate. Miss Liberty applauds them, and the crowd roars.

    Luscious Jackson: The crowd loves these cats.

  • Over The Top Battle Royal: Twister vs Howie vs Magnum vs J-X vs Pyro vs Bishop vs Portal vs Zero vs Drakion vs Davey-Kins vs Priest vs Suicide
  • Thursday Night's theme, Set It Off, plays. The entrants for the Over the Top Battle Royal begin coming out from the back.

    Kyle Steel: If everyone made individual entrances, we'd be here all night.

    Luscious Jackson: I have a hot date tonight with your mom, Kyle, I don't got time for that!

    Kyle Steel: Don't make me hurt you.

    We watch as Twister, Howie, Magnum, J-X, Pyro, Bishop, Portal, Zero, Drakion, Davey-Kins, Priest, and Suicide enter the ring.

    Luscious Jackson: Bishop is the Television Champ, so you gotta think he's got a little advantage here.

    Kyle Steel: Very true.

    The bell rings, and instantly mayhem erupts. All of the men beat each other down, and it's total chaos inside the ring.

    Luscious Jackson: Here we go! No prize for the winner of this match has been announced, but I'm sure he gets something cool!

    Predictably, Suicide and Portal, Bishop and Priest, and Davey-Kins and Pyro are working together. Portalcide are double teaming J-X, while Bishop and Priest are attacking Magnum. Twister and Howie are going at it. Davey-Kins and Pyro are beating down Zero and Drakion.

    Kyle Steel: Whoever gets eliminated from this match first isn't going to be too happy.

    Bishop and Priest go to throw Magnum out, and he goes over the top. He catches the bottom rope, however, and doesn't hit the floor. He pulls himself up as Bishop and Priest turn around. He then gets into the ring again and Clothesline's both men in the back. They fall to the ground.

    Luscious Jackson: Ouch.

    Kyle Steel: Yeah. You can brace for it when you see it coming from the front, but from behind you're screwed.

    Luscious Jackson: Screwed from behind? That's your kinda thing, Kyle.

    Kyle Steel: ...

    Meanwhile, Portalcide work over J-X. Suicide is going for a German Suplex, but J-X seems to keep blocking it. Portal hits a Super Kick and Suicide then hits the German Suplex! J-X rolls out of the ring, resting.

    Luscious Jackson: That's something a lot of cats don't think about - it's OVER THE TOP rules. He can go under the ropes and be fine.

    Portalcide turn back around and are met by Davey-Kins and Pyro. They throw punch after punch at Portalcide, but both Portal and Suicide reverse it. As they're coming back, Portal kicks Davey-Kins and hits the All Points Bulletin while Suicide picks Pyro up and hits the Death Penalty!

    Kyle Steel: OH! Great moves!

    Suicide picks Pyro up again as Portal picks Davey-Kins, and they both throw them over the top onto J-X, who just stood up.

    Luscious Jackson: Two of the Big Timers are out of this match! J-X isn't, but he just got hit by two other men!

    Twister has Howie in the apron, and is stomping away at him. Twister picks Howie onto the top rope, and then climbs up with him. He hits a Hurricanrana.

    Kyle Steel: Frankensteiner!

    Luscious Jackson: I believe they're calling it a Hurricanrana nowadays.

    Kyle Steel: What, how do you know? You don't know anything about wrestling!

    Luscious Jackson: The WCF production crew just told me through my headset.

    Kyle Steel: ...Oh.

    Zero and Drakion have now turned to fighting each other. Zero pushes Drakion into the turnbuckle, Drakion switches it, lifts Zero up to the top.. climbs up with him..

    Luscious Jackson: I think he's going for a Superplex!

    But, oh, no! Drakion slips, and both he and Zero fall out of the ring. The fans immediately start chanting "YOU F*CKED UP!", and they walk to the back embarrassed.

    Kyle Steel: Wow... that was sad.

    Meanwhile, Twister, J-X, and Howie have seeminly made a temporary pact and are beating down Bishop and Priest. Magnum soon joins as well, as does Portal and Suicide.

    Luscious Jackson: Look at that! It's 6 on 2!

    Kyle Steel: Good strategy, they need to get the big men out.

    Bishop and Priest are seemingly out of it. Twister, Howie, and JX lift Priest over the top while Magnum, Portal and Suicide lift Bishop. The two big men eventually both fall out!

    Luscious Jackson: That has to be an upset! The TV Champ is gone, and hell, they were the biggest daddios in this match!

    Portal and Suicide soon start kicking at Twister, while Howie and JX brawl. Magnum steps back and watches as the fighting goes on.

    Kyle Steel: Good move by Magnum, not getting into fighting when he doesn't have to.

    Howie goes for a Clothesline, but J-X ducks it and then executes a smooth German Suplex. J-X kicks at Howie mercilessly, and then grabs his leg and applies an Ankle Lock. Howie screams in pain.

    Luscious Jackson: Rookie mistake by J-X; a submission move isn't the kinda thing to use in a Battle Royal.

    Howie grabs onto the ropes and uses them to pull himself out of the ring. J-X is forced to let go of the hold. Howie stands up and hits a Springboard Missile Dropkick, sending J-X all the way to the other side of the ring! He then goes to Clothesline him over but J-X ducks it and hits an Angle Slam!

    Kyle Steel: Great move!

    Meanwhile, Suicide picks Twister up in a Fallaway Slam, and Portal hits the Neckbreaker as Suicide hits the move.

    Luscious Jackson: There's them wiggity wack double team moves again.

    Portal then picks Twister up, and he starts fighting back. He hits the Dynamite Twist out of nowhere! Suicide starts pounding away at Twister for that as Portal lays on the ground, and throws him to the ropes. Twister reverses it, sending Suicide to the ropes instead. Suicide stops himself, grabbing them, but Twister hits the Twisted Kick! Suicide then flies over the top!

    Kyle Steel: Oooh! Suicide is gone! This leaves Portal in there for his team. Things are a little more fair now.

    Twister approaches Portal, and goes to pick him up, but Portal fights back, punching him a few times. He hits a huge Belly to Belly Suplex, and then both men rest on the mat. Magnum quickly seizes the opportunity and approaches Twister, and begins kicking him over and over. Magnum picks him up and hits the Backlash!

    Luscious Jackson: OUCH! Devastating move!

    Magnum then picks Twister up and throws him over the top rope, to the outside.

    Kyle Steel: One more man gone. That's down to four.

    Magnum then turns back to Portal, who has just gotten up. The two brawl, and Magnum whips Portal into the turnbuckle. Portal hits it stomach first, and staggers back... Magnum then hits the .44! He easily tosses Portal over the top rope.

    Luscious Jackson: Make that three.

    He turns around, and Howie and J-X are standing there. They hit a Linked Clothesline, and Magnum goes over the top too!

    Kyle Steel: ...Make that two. We're left with Howie and J-X.

    Howie and J-X turn to each other, and begin brawling. Howie executes a Dropkick, sending J-X down to the mat. He then hits a quick Standing Moonsault. He then motions for J-X to stand up, getting ready for something... J-X stands slowly, and Howie hits the Death Sentence!

    Luscious Jackson: Ouch! Great move.

    J-X's momentum propels him upward after he hits the mat, and Howie grabs him and tosses him over the top.

    Kyle Steel: HOWIE WINS! What a match.

    The copyright logo appears as the show fades out.