Thursday Night Intro
Portalcide vs Pyro/Davey-Kins
Xtreme Xistence vs Bishop and Priest
Epic vs Magnum
Hardcore Title: J-X vs Howie vs Outcast
Seth Lerch Promo

  • Thursday Night Intro
  • Audioslave's Set It Off hits as the show is, well, set off! Pyro explodes as the show comes on the air, and we go around the crowd seeing the fans and signs and whatever else you see when you pan around crowds. We then go to Luscious Jackson and Kyle Steel.

    Kyle Steel: Hello fans. I'm here, unfortunatly, with Luscious Jackson.

    Luscious Jackson: Hellz yeah, and this show is wiggidy wack!

    Kyle Steel: Uh... yeah. We have a huge announcement from Seth Lerch coming later tonight.. I wonder what that could be?

    Luscious Jackson: I don't know, daddio, but I've heard it will impact all of WCF. Let's wait and see.

    Kyle Steel: Our opening match is Portalcide taking on Pyro and Davey-Kins. The winner of this match could see big things in the Tag division. A shot at Logan and Cradle, perhaps? We'll have to see.

    Luscious Jackson: Hold up, dawg, we also have Xtreme Xistence vs Bishop and Priest. I'm sure those teams want a shot at the Champs too.

    Kyle Steel: True. I think Bishop and Priest might be a little tied up with Gravedigger right now, though. Speaking of Gravedigger, he is no longer the Thursday Night General Manager. I wonder who will be.

    Luscious Jackson: It's gonna be me, baby.

    Kyle Steel: Uhh.. I doubt that. But oh man, we also have the return of EPIC! With the except of PC Cradle, maybe, Epic is probably the greatest WCF wrestler ever to not hold a World Title.

    Luscious Jackson: Really? There's also Dake Ken, Madd Dogg, Rick Mad... OK, well, not Rick Mad, but still.

    Kyle Steel: Whatever, the point is that Epic is awesome and it's good to have him back. He'll take on Magnum. And in our main event, J-X and Howie get a chance at Hardcore Champion, Outcast.

    We show a quick promo for the Outcast, Howie, and J-X match, showing clips of all of them before going to the main event.

  • Portalcide vs Pyro/Davey-Kins
  • Therapy by Finger Eleven hits, and Portal and Suicide walk out. They walk to the ring, looking all business. Pyro and Davey-Kins are already in there.

    Kyle Steel: Let's go!

    Suicide waits on the outside while Pyro starts the match for his team, leaving Davey-Kins on the apron. Portal and Pyro approach.. tie up... Neither gains an advantage. Pyro goes for a Clothesline, Portal ducks it and quickly hits the All Points Bulletin!

    Luscious Jackson: That's his finisher, cats!

    Portal pins. One... two.... Davey-Kins is in the ring, but Suicide stops him from interfering... three!

    Kyle Steel: In a matter of less than thirty seconds, Portalcide wins!

    Portal and Suicide roll out of the ring, smirking, and head to the back.

    Luscious Jackson: I'll be surprised if Davey-Kins or Pyro ever show their face around here again after that embarassment.

  • Xtreme Xistence vs Bishop and Priest
  • The sound of drums are being played and out comes Bishop and Priest.

    Kyle Steel: Here comes Bishop and Priest. One of the great tag teams you will see in WCF.

    Luscious Jackson: Not only that, but Bishop is now an accomplished singles guy to. There is that TV Title he won a while ago.

    Remedy by Cold hits and out comes the Cruiserweight Champion Nate Nytro.

    Luscious Jackson:: Here is the cat that beat Reckless Jack last week for the title. Jack hasn? shown his face all week.

    TNT by AC/DC hits and out comes Twister. Twister dances his way to the ring and gets in the ring. He drops to his knees and flexs while rockets shoot out of the ring posts.

    Before the bell can ring to begin the match, "In My Life" by Juvenile hits the speakers. Bishop and Priest both look up at the entryway as the crowd goes insane. Out from the back walk Gravedigger and Dobbie. Both men stand at the top of the ramp for a few second absorbing the cheers of the crowd. Then they slowly make their way down the ramp. The referee slides out of the ring and tells them they need to go to the back. They shove him out of the way, but are met by security before they can advance any further. Gravedigger reaches into a pocket and pulls out a pair of tickets. One of the security guards looks at it and then says something to the other guards. They escort Gravedigger and Dobbie over to a pair of ringside seats where both men step over the guardrail and sit in their seats. They run their mouths at Bishop and Priest who are leaning over the top rope yelling at Gravedigger and Dobbie.

    The bell finally rings and the men talk over who is starting. Its Nytro and Priest. Nytro goes over and extends his hand to Priest and Priest looks at Nytro's hand and slaps him in the face. Priest throws Nytro into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Nytro ducks under and hits a forearm clothesline off the ropes. He picks up Priest and throws him into Xtreme Xistence's corner. He tags in Twister. Twister throws Priest into the ropes and goes for a dropkick, but it doesn? hit as Priest grabbed the ropes. Priest picks up Twister and hits a Russian Legsweep.

    Kyle Steel: Good move there.

    Priest tags in Bishop. Bishop lets Twister get up. Twister turns to meet the knee of Bishop. Bishop picks up Twister this time and kicks him in the stomach and goes for a Powerbomb. Bishop covers. One! Two!.... no Nytro breaks it up. Priest goes and gets a chair. He throws it into the ring. Bishop picks it up and tries to hit Twister with it, but Twister dropkicks it right in his face.

    Both men are down and the ref starts his count.


    Twister jumps for a tag and gets it as well as Priest. Nytro hits the forearm clothesline on Priest and Bishop gets up and charges at him. Nytro gets a Hip Toss on him. Nytro picks up Bishop and hits the Life Cycle. Twister gets up and gets a headlock on Priest, so does Nytro. Twister hits the Dynamite Twist while Nytro hits the Life Cycle. Nytro covers.



    Bishop breaks it up!

    Luscious Jackson: That was close!

    Bishop then throws Twister out of the ring. Nytro stands up and Bishop knees him in the gut before hitting a Powerbomb.. followed by another!

    Kyle Steel: The Last Sermon!

    Priest crawls over and pins Nytro. The ref makes the count.




    Luscious Jackson: Hmm.. maybe Bishop and Priest CAN take care of the rookies after all.

    Kyle Steel: Yes, I'm sure having Gravedigger and Dobbie ringside motivated them here.

    Bishop and Priest get out of the ring and walk over to where Gravedigger and Dobbie are seated. Security guards start walking over to the four men as Gravedigger and Dobbie start talking junk to Bishop and Priest. Bishop steps up towards Gravedigger and staggers back when Gravedigger slaps Bishop in the face. The four men start hitting each other as the security guards finally get the men separated. Bishop and Priest are pushed back long enough for security to get Gravedigger and Dobbie over the railing and escorted to the back. Then the security guards let Bishop and Priest go. Bishop has a pissed off look on his face due to what Gravedigger did.

  • Epic vs Magnum
  • Kyle Steel: Welcome back to the WCF Thursday Night! Our next match brings back a veteran and puts him up against a rookie!

    Luscious Jackson:: Yo Yo my brother! A veteran? Thatís all you can say bout him? Listen fans this next match is more than just some walk in the park with a vet against a newbie. This match will feature the legendary! A man who once led the WCF! he is as his name says an EPIC! And he is going up against a man who not new to wrestling but to the WCF and a pretty good fighter in Magnum.

    As Luscious Jackson is finishing his sentence the Nirvana song BREED begins blaring through the loud speakers, The screen turns white, the words "Simply the Best" paint themselves across the screen, the M in simply turns blood red, dripping down into "Magnum" As the song starts, the arena flashes a bright white light, as Magnum appears at the top of the ramp. He has a smug look on his face, as he walks down the ramp and slides into the ring.

    Kyle Steel: Here he is fans Magnum makes his way to the ring all the way from Baltimore Maryland. This man is like a little fireplug and just as tough as one.

    As Kyle speaks The lights blink on and off a couple times, the third time they blink off they stay off, and green lights write the name EPIC in the middle of the ring. Perfect strangers hit and fireworks blast off from the stage. Epic walks outs and slowly walks to the ring.

    Luscious Jackson: Well it looks like we is about to git dis party started. Epic looks to be in great shape as he towers over his opponent. Now this is a man and the way a wrestler should look. And you talk bout coming all the way from Maryland this man comes to us from Manitoba, Canada. He is a real Canadian.

    Magnum attacks Epic right off the bat and begins chopping him across the back. Epic is now forced into the ropes and almost draped over the top rope as Magnum continues to chop.

    Kyle Steel: Look at that Magnum wasting no time attacking Epic. He looks to be pretty much in control at this point.

    Magnum feeling a little brave starts mugging for the crowd. As he turns his attention away from Epic we see the big man get back to his feet and turn to Magnum, who is now standing with one foot on the bottom rope and the other on the second rope. He is arguing with the fans at ringside. Epic is now behind Magnum and as he flips off the crowd and climbs down from the ropes and turns right into the chest of Epic who lifts him high in the air and body slams him to the mat. Magnum tries to squirm away but Epic now picks him up and slams him to the mat again.

    Luscious Jackson: It looks to me like Epic is now in control. For having spent so much time in the woods I thought he might be a little rusty. But I was wrong, he looks to be in the best shape of his career and he looks meaner than ever. This little Magnum is go na be sorry he signed for this match.

    Magnum has now crawled out of the ring and is lying on the floor holding his back. Epic is being held back by the ref. The ref has now begun the count and as he gets to five Epic is back on the ropes attempting to get to Magnum. He is again restrained and moved to the far side of the ring as the ref makes his way back to Magnum we see him reach under the ring and grab something and stick it in the waistband of his trunks. The ref again begins to count; Magnum slowly rolls back into the ring and gets on his knees pleading with Epic to have mercy on him. Epic looks around the arena and hears the fans cheering his name. As he is looking around Magnum lands a low blow dropping the big man to his knees. Magnum then stands up and flings himself off the ropes to clothesline the kneeling Epic who falls flat on his back in the ring. Magnum hooks the leg and goes for the cover but is quickly thrown off the prone Epic and into the ref knocking him out of the ring. Magnum gets up quickly and reaches for his foreign object. He pounces back on Epic and is driving something into his neck area. The ref is back in the ring a little dazed and Magnum goes for the cover again only this time he is using that object into the throat of Epic.

    Luscious Jackson: That dude has got something in his hand and my man Epic just canít get his wind. Oh My! Look at this Epic has grabbed the wrist of Magnum and is sitting up!...... He is slowly getting up to his knees!.....

    Kyle Steel: This could be it for Magnum! Epic is now on his feet. Magnum with a rake of the eyes, but to no avail, he is now chopping at Epic but they are having little effect.

    Luscious Jackson: Epic now whips Magnum into the ropes and clothesline! Epic is back on top and itís the MAPLE LEAF! He has it hooked.

    Within seconds, Magnum taps!

    Kyle Steel: There you have it! Epic making a triumphant return to WCF!

    Luscious Jackson: He was one of the Final Four in the War last year, maybe he'll win it this year. I can't wait to see.

    Epic rolls out of the ring and heads to the back, satisfied.

  • Hardcore Title: J-X vs Howie vs Outcast
  • Kyle Steel: Up next is the Triple Threat Hardcore Match. This ought to be a bloody affair.

    Luscious Jackson:: Damn hippy skippy. This match pits the Hardcore Champion against two newcomers in the WCF.

    96 Quite Bitter Beings by CKY hits and out comes J-X with Green and Blue Strobe Lights.

    Roll Out by Ludacris hits and here comes Howie driving out in a red 69' Camaro with ghost flames, hydraulics, red and white strobe lights flashing all around.

    Luscious Jackson:: This cat has an awesome entrance. He rolls in a sweet ride.

    God of Thunder hits and the arena lights dim. The titantron says ''Without Fear'' and Outcast comes out slapping hands at ringside. He slides into the ring and the lights go up then.

    Kyle Steel: Here is the Hardcore Champion. He beat Hate a couple of weeks ago for the title.

    All three men are in the ring and the bell rings. J-X and Howie both go for Outcast. They throw him into the corner and start to pound on him.

    Luscious Jackson:: These guys are doing the right thing by beating the Hardcore Champ.

    Howie picks up Outcast and drops him for a DDT. Howie then rolls out of the ring to grab a chair, but J-X covers. One! Two!... a kickout at two by Outcast. J-X gets up and gets introduced to the steel chair.

    Kyle Steel: He better look for his teeth after that shot.

    Outcast gets to his feet and pulls the chair out of Howieís hands and throws it down. Outcast kicks Howie in the stomach and goes for a Piledriver and hits it on the chair. He doesnít go for the cover, but goes and gets some goodies from under the ring.

    Luscious Jackson:: Holy cow! Look at the stuff Outcast is getting.

    Outcast is throwing 2x4s into the ring as well as: chairs, thumbtacks, tables, barbed wire, and a bowling ball.

    J-X gets up to his feet and meets Outcast when he gets into the ring. J-X hits an Angle Slam. J-X goes for a cover, but Howie breaks it up really quickly. Howie sets up a table in the middle of the ring. Howie grabs a 2x4 and smacks J-X with it. Then Howie puts J-X on the table. Howie then rolls J-X off the table.

    Kyle Steel: What in the hell is Howie thinking?

    Luscious Jackson:: I donít know, but Outcast is getting back up.

    Outcast is up and hits a clothesline on Howie. Outcast then gets hit in the head with a bowling ball by J-X, who has blood coming down his face.

    Luscious Jackson:: Oh man! J-X is busted open.

    J-X picks up Howie and sets him right by the table. Puts him in a waistlock and goes for a German, but Howie reverse for a German right through the table. Outcast gets back up and grabs a chair. Howie manages to get to his feet only to get hit right in the face by the chair. Outcast picks him up and throws him into the turnbuckles. Outcast then places a trash can by where he is. He puts Howie up on the top rope and hooks him for a Superplex. Howie fights back and Backdrops Outcast to the floor.

    Kyle Steel: Ouch! He is gonna feel that one in a while.

    Howie sets up a table on the outside of the ring and gets a ladder out as well.

    Luscious Jackson:: What in the hell is he gonna do with that ladder??

    J-X rolls out of the ring and hits Howie in the back with a fist. J-X then rolls Howie onto the announcers table. He picks him up and hooks his head in between his legs. Then proceeds to drop him with a Pedigree through the announcers table.

    Kyle Steel: Howie has to be dead. We need to get the EMTs out here.

    Luscious Jackson:: No we canít. This is hardcore baby.

    Outcast gets up and staggers around. He starts to climb the ladder looking for a title like it was a ladder match.

    Kyle Steel: I think that bowling ball knocked him loopy.

    J-X goes up there after and hits in the head at the top of the ladder. Outcast fights back and pounds J-Xís head against the ladder and moves over to the side he is on. He hooks him for a Piledriver.

    Luscious Jackson:: No way. It will kill him.

    Kyle Steel: I hope J-X fights out of this.

    J-X doesnít and gets drilled with the Black Out from the ladder threw a table on the floor. The crowd has mixed chants of "HOLY SHIT" and "WCF! WCF!"

    Kyle Steel: I hope the table broke some of that fall.

    Outcast doesnít cover but instead throws Howie into the ring. He throws Howie into the turnbuckles on again and places a chair right next to it. He gets Howie on the top and hooks him into a Piledriver. He hits the Black Out on Howie right on the chair. Outcast cover.



    J-X breaks it up!

    Luscious Jackson: This match would have been over if it wasn't for that.

    J-X picks Outcast up and kicks Outcast in the gut, and hits a Pedigree on the chair! Outcast rolls out of the ring, and J-X then turns to Howie. Howie is amazingly on his feet, and J-X walks right into the Death Sentence! Howie quickly makes the pin.




    Kyle Steel: Thank god its over. Now we need the goddamn EMTs out here quickly.

    Luscious Jackson: New Hardcore Champion!

    The EMTs come out and check on all of the guys. They take out J-X on a stretcher.

    Kyle Steel: Gravedigger isn't going to be too happy about this...

  • Seth Lerch Promo
  • Anger Rising by Jerry Cantrell hits, and Seth Lerch walks out. All business.

    Luscious Jackson: I bet this is about him makin' me the new GM, baby!

    Kyle Steel: Somehow.. I doubt that.

    Seth rolls into the ring, and gets on the mic.

    Seth Lerch: Let's face it, folks. Even the smartest men in the world have brain farts. Even me, as hard as that is to believe.

    Kyle Steel: Hiring Luscious Jackson was one of them.

    Seth Lerch: And I've realized... WCF Thursday Night was a brainfart. This has been a piss poor show the last few weeks. So, should I elect a new General Manager to fix it? To fix the ratings, and fix the quality? No. This show is hereby dead. Cancelled. Gone. No more WCF Thursday Night, folks. Tune in to WCF Sunday Slam, though!

    Luscious Jackson: Wait.. WHAT!? MY JOB!!

    Kyle Steel: Uh... yeah... well.. crap. I hope Seth doesn't fire me.

    The fans boo a bit as Seth drops the mic and rolls out of the ring. He heads to the back as the last episode of WCF Thursday Night comes to a close.