WCF War IV Intro
Logan Promo
Road Rage vs Seth Lerch
World Title: War Match

  • WCF War IV Intro
  • A bell rings. It chimes three times, and goes into For Whom The Bell Tolls by Metallica, which is the War IV theme. The camera scans around the audience, and then to our announcers. Zach Davis, the WCF veteran, and Shannan Lerch.

    Zach Davis: And here we are, ladies and gentleman, WCF War IV! I can't believe it. My name is Zach Davis, and I'm your announcer for the night. And with me is the beautiful -

    Shannan Lerch: Make that VERY beautiful, and intelligent, and...

    Zach Davis: And with me, is Shannan Lerch.

    Shannan Lerch: I'm very qualified for this job, you know. Just because my brother is the owner of this place doesn't mean anything; I'm still the best announcer today. And besides, the men love me.

    Zach Davis: Yeah, whatever. Tonight, we have two matches. First of all, your brother, Seth, in a match against the newcomer, Road Rage. Then, of course, the main event where we'll see who becomes the WCF World Champion.

    Shannan Lerch: My bro is going to demolish Road Rage, I know it. And as for the main event... My pick for the night has to be Mace. He's back, and with a vengeance.

    Zach Davis: I think I have to go with Hellz Angel. He's been there, done that, and can do it again. There are A LOT of serious contenders though.

    Shannan Lerch: I wouldn't count Epic out. He's been very impressive lately as well. And the tag team Monster Squad has is definitly being talked about.

    Zach Davis: And the hated as ever Logan, biggest bad guy in WCF. I can hear him telling me to "SHUT UP!" already...

    Shannan Lerch: Speaking of Logan, he's backstage right now. A lot of talk is going on about him, and he's probably the one most people expect to win this thing. Let's check it out.

  • Logan Promo
  • The cameras catch Logan backstage standing near the exit door munching on a cheese burger. Logan appears to be talking with a few backstage engineer workers before turning his head to notice the camera.

    Logan: Hey what's up boudles? Nothing here just wolfing down a burger of Treachery before I go out there and whoop..

    Logan turns his head to the camera man.

    Logan: How many people are in the match?

    Engineer: I have no idea man.

    Logan: Me neither. But anyhow..

    Logan burps.

    Logan: Damn this is a good cheese burger. Almost as good as me but we all know there ain't no boudles in this building as good as The Face of Treachery.

    Logan chuckles a bit.

    Logan: But down na simma man go get me another one of these things!

    We see the backstage worker trout off down the hall as Logan begins to rub his stomach.

    Logan: Somebody poison these cheese burgers?

    Logan begins stumbling forward catching himself by setting his hand down on a table.

    Logan: Boudle.. 911... ugh..

    Logan falls down on the table causing it to fall over making Logan roll over on his back on the cement floor closing his eyes.

    Engineer: Someone get the EMT'S!

    We see Logan open his eyes watching the EMT's coming before closing them real quick. The EMT's roll Logan over in a stretcher before hauling him off through the exit door. We then go back to the announcer's booth.

    Zach Davis: What does this mean for Logan? Is he.. out of the War match?

    Shannan Lerch: Looks like it's anybody's game now. Someone's going to step up and win the WCF Title tonight, and I can't wait.

    Zach Davis: Well you're going to have to, because first we have Lerch vs Road Rage.

  • Road Rage vs Seth Lerch
  • Bad to the Bone plays, and the crowd cheers. Partly because it's the first match, and partly because that's a cool song. Road Rage runs to the ring and slides in, apprently prepared for his match.

    Anger Rising by Jerry Cantrell hits next. There is mixed reaction as the owner of WCF, Seth Lerch, steps out.

    Shannan Lerch: YAY!!!

    Zach Davis: Oh, calm down.. geez..

    Lerch is wearing jean shorts and a Metallica T-shirt. He walks slowly to the ring, and before getting in, he pulls a mic out of his pocket.

    Seth Lerch: Before I get this very first match in the new WCF ever underway.. I'd like to add a stipulation. This will be a NO DISQUALIFICATION match!

    Road Rage shrugs, and motions for Lerch to bring it on. Lerch rolls in, and starts getting pounded on immediately.

    Zach Davis: Maybe it wasn't a good idea for Lerch to try to intimidate Road Rage like that. He just made R.R. mad.

    Shannan Lerch: I think Seth has a trick up his sleeve. I guess we're going to see.

    Road Rage throws Seth to the ropes, and then goes for a Clothesline but Seth ducks and hits Road Rage with a kick to the gut followed by a DDT. Lerch stomps away at R.R. a few times, and then pulls something out from his pocket. Brass knuckles! He slips them on, and punches R.R. with them as he's standing up. He then makes the pin. 1.. 2.. No! R.R. somehow manages to kick out.

    Zach Davis: You were right, he DID have something up his sleeve.. but not quite enough.

    Lerch looks angrily at the ref, and begins picking R.R. up. R.R. punches Lerch in the gut, and then takes the knucks off his fingers and throws them into the crowd. He then throws Lerch into the turnbuckle, and throws a few fists at him. He jumps backwards a few feet and hits a Bodysplash, before running to the ropes and following up with a Bulldog! He then jumps to the top rope and hits a Guillotine Leg Drop.

    Zach Davis: Lerch isn't in good shape here..

    Road Rage picks Lerch up, and sets him up for the Rager Edge. Lerch counters with a Back Bodydrop though. Lerch stomps more on R.R. and climbs to the top rope, executing a Frogsplash! He picks R.R. up and throws him to the ropes, and catches him, ready to hit a Fallaway Slam. R.R. escapes, however, and sends Lerch to the ropes himself. He then hits the Road Buster! Road Rage signals that he's about to end the match, and sets Lerch up for the Rager Edge again.

    Shannan Lerch: NOOO!!

    Zach Davis: Haha! I mean.. uh, too bad.

    Right before R.R. can hit the move, the lights go out.

    Zach Davis: What the hell?

    There are brief, half second long gold flashes. Short Fuse Burning by Less Than Jake is playing.

    Shannan Lerch: I think I know what's going on...

    Zach Davis: Ugh, me too.

    As the music fades out, the lights come back on fully, and another man is in the ring. He's wearing a sleeveless jersey and jeans. Road Rage throws a punch but the man ducks it and hits a Powerbomb to Facebuster! He then jumps to the top rope and does a Phoenix Splash!

    Zach Davis: For those of you who don't know, that's Lerch's long-time best friend, Rage. He's been with him his entire career.

    Rage raises his arms in the air to a chorus of booing from the crowd. He gets a mic from the ring announcer.

    Rage: Yeah, I missed you guys too.

    Booing, of course.

    Rage: I can't believe this "Road Rage" guy had the nerve to come in here and try to take MY name. I'm the only Rage in WCF! He got his just desserts, though. Now that my name is soiled forever, I suppose I'm going to have to use something different. You can call me Roger Mason from now on. Not only that, but-

    Zach Davis: Well, Roger Mason should take a look behind him..

    Road Rage is up, and quickly taps Mason on the shoulder. As Mason turns around, he is met with a Super Kick! He rolls out of the ring. Lerch is back up as well, and runs towards Road Rage. R.R. catches him in ANOTHER Road Buster. He then hits the Rager Edge, and quickly makes the pin. 1.. 2.. Mason tries to get in the ring to stop it.. 3!

    Zach Davis: Mason was too slow! Road Rage has beaten Seth Lerch!

    Shannan Lerch: Whaaaaa!! Noooo...

    Bad to the Bone plays over the loudspeakers as Road Rage rolls back out of the ring, and begins making his way to the back. He looks menacingly at Rage, who looks back at him as he tries to revive Lerch.

    Winner: Road Rage

  • War Match
  • Zach Davis: You ready for this?

    Shannan Lerch: I am, but we'll have to see about the new generation of WCF superstars.

    Hells Bells by AC/DC hits, and the first man to come into the ring is Joltman. After the 4th bell the pyro explodes and Joltman walks out. He runs to the ring, high-fiving all of the black glove wearing fans. He gets in the ring and tests the ropes as he awaits the 2nd man.

    Run by ICP hits next and Blaze walks out as his pyro goes off. He slides into the ring, and the bell rings.

    Zach Davis: And here we go.

    The two men circle each other, and eventually tie up. Joltman puts Blaze in a headlock, but Blaze pushes him off into the ropes. Blaze starts punching him a few times, then hits a Bodyslam and starts laying on stomps. After a few seconds Blaze picks Joltman back up, but Joltman begins fighting back. He runs to the ropes and hits a Clothesline. He grabs Blaze's leg and drops an elbow into his ankle. He then applies a Leg Lock. Blaze refuses to tap out, however, but the bell sound from For Whom The Bell Tolls plays over the PA system, signalling another wrestler is coming out.

    Zach Davis: Who will it be?

    The theme from Friday the 13th plays, and The Creeper enters the match next. He walks there slowly as Joltman keeps the Leglock in. Creeper gets in the ring and starts stomping on Blaze, trying to get him to submit, but he refuses. Creeper soon turns his attention towards Joltman and kicks him right in the head, forcing him to release the hold. He then hits a Leg Drop on Blaze. He covers him, but Blaze manages to get the shoulder up at 2.

    Shannan Lerch: First nearfall of the night.

    Creeper picks Joltman up, and grabs his throat, signalling for the Chokeslam. He lifts him up in the air, but Joltman manages to kick him and get down, avoiding the move. Joltman follows up with a Russian Legsweep, and as he does, the bell chimes again.

    Zach Davis: To quote a talentless hack from another federation, "Who's next?".

    Bow Down by Westside Connection plays and Kreptian enters. He gets into the ring and begins working over Blaze, as Creeper and Joltman are still fighting. Kreptian hits a Hard Clothesline, sending Blaze down. Joltman throws Creeper over the top rope, and goes over to Kreptian and Blaze.

    Zach Davis: If this was some crappy Royal Rumble, Creeper would be eliminated. Luckily for him, it's not.

    Joltman throws Blaze over the top rope as well, and hits the Backbreaker Drop on Kreptian. He then applies Inverted Indian Deathlock Surfboard as the crowd goes wild, and Kreptian taps out!

    Shannan Lerch: Joltman has eliminated the first man out! He's such a hunk... In such good shape....

    Zach Davis: Calm down, you're here to do commentating, not oogle over the workers.

    Shannan Lerch: Calm down and let me have a good time.

    Kreptian goes to the back, and Blaze rolls back into the ring, as does Creeper. They both team up against Joltman momentarily, until he's down. Creeper turns to Blaze and kicks him in the gut, following up with a Powerbomb! Creeper quickly pins him, and 1, 2, 3, Blaze is out of the match.

    Zach Davis: That leaves Joltman and Creeper.

    Shannan Lerch: Not for long, though..

    The theme music from Friday the 13th plays again following the bell chime, and none other than The Hacker is the next man to enter the match. He walks cockily to the ring, and Creeper is obviously happy.

    Zach Davis: This doesn't mean good things for Joltman. It's basicly turned in to a handicapped match for now.

    Hacker rolls in and high-fives Creeper. They talk for a second and from behind, Joltman is up, and hits both of them with a Dropkick!

    Shannan Lerch: YES GO JOLTMAN! My sexy sexy boy!

    Zach Davis: ...

    Joltman stomps both of them and rolls Creeper out of the ring. He picks Hacker up and throws him to the ropes, and gets in position to hit a back bodydrop, but Hacker notices it and kicks him. Hacker then attempts a Clothesline but Joltman ducks and executes a Gutbuster Drop. Creeper jumps back up onto the apron and grabs Joltmans head and slams it to the ground. Creeper climbs up onto the top rope and Hacker Bodyslams Joltman. Creeper hits a Moonsault into pin, and 1, 2, 3... Joltman is out.

    Shannan Lerch: NOOOOOOO!!!

    Zach Davis: It took the combined effort of The Monster Squad to get Joltman out of the match, look at it that way.

    As Joltman rolls out of the ring, the bell rings, and it's time for another participant.

    Zach Davis: This next guy has to be good, he has to deal with two men at once.

    Painkiller by Judas Priest hits.

    Shannan Lerch: Something tells me we've found our man to do that.

    The crowd goes wild as Hellz Angel walks out from behind the curtain. Monster Squad shows no sign of fear as Hellz stalks to the ring. Hellz goes to roll in, but Monster Squad tries to attack, so he doesn't. He instead trips Creeper and then pulls Hacker out of the ring. Hellz starts throwing fist after fist at Hacker before hitting him with a Brainbuster on the outside! He then rolls into the ring to deal with Creeper. He picks Creeper up and throws him to the ropes, kicks him in the gut as he's coming back and hits the Hellz Face! Despite Hellz being a normally hated man, the crowd is going wild.

    Zach Davis: They sure are glad to see Hellz back.

    Hellz pins Creeper, but pulls himself off him after the 2 count, showing he wants to inflict more pain. He goes to the top rope and signals for the Angel of Death. Creeper stands up groggily, and as Hellz goes for the move, he's able to get out of the way right in time.

    Zach Davis: Hellz' cockyness cost him. He could have Creeper out of there already.

    Hacker rolls back into the ring, and the two start working over Hellz. They pick him up, grab him by the throat, and hit a Double Chokeslam.

    Zach Davis: He could use some help to even the odds...

    The bell chimes.

    Shannan Lerch: Who'll it be?

    Get Yourself Up by KRS One plays, and Javon "The G.Killah" Jam walks out.

    Zach Davis: That's definitly NOT what Hellz needed.

    Jam runs to the ring, and the first thing he does is hit both members of the Monster Squad with a pair of Cash Kicks! They both go down, and Hellz slowly stands up. The two greats look each other in the eyes, calmly for a few seconds, before they explode and start throwing fists at each other! Hellz eventually gets the upper hand and whips Jam into the ropes, kicks him in the gut and goes for another Hellz Face but Jam counters it and sends Hellz onto the mat! The crowd is again going wild as Jam hits the GaMeEnder! He pins, and right at the 2 count.. the lights go out.

    Shannan Lerch: Again? What's going on?

    Call The Ambulance by Busta Rhymes hits.

    Zach Davis: Uh oh.

    As the lights come back on, both Mace and Jax are in the middle of the ring. They grab Jam and throw him off of Hellz and to the ground. Jam hits the Jax Drop 'Em, and Mace follows up with his Mace Drop! Mace cockily pins Hellz, and the ref counts. 1, 2, 3, Hellz has been eliminated.

    Zach Davis: I didn't even think it was time for another participant yet.

    Shannan Lerch: Just goes to show you, they'll do what they want to do. I think Mace wanted the pride of eliminating Hellz himself.

    Jam rolls back into the ring, and gets up in Mace's face. Jax goes to hit him, but Mace says no, and to let him handle it himself. As Mace goes to tie up with Jam, Monster Squad is back into the mix and hits Mace with a Double Dropkick from behind. They then split and attack Jax and Jam.

    Zach Davis: This has become an all out brawl!

    And the For Whom The Bell Toll bell hits again. Scavenger of Human Sorrow plays, and the newcomer, Scavenger of Sorrow, slowly walks out.

    Zach Davis: This is when the next participant SHOULD have been coming out, before Mace and Jax interrupted things.

    Mace gets back up and helps Jax out with The Creeper. Jax holds him as Mace throws punches, and then follows up with a Powerbomb. Mace pins, and eliminates Creeper.

    Zach Davis: The first member of Monster Squad is gone. But can anyone stand up to Mace and Jax?

    Scavenger gets in the ring now, and yells something to Mace. Mace turns around, and BAM! Scavenger Spears him down! Jax immediately turns and starts pounding on him. Jam, however, begins attacking Mace. Hacker just watches, not wanting to get involved with anyone. Jam throws Mace into the turnbuckle and then attempts a Tornado DDT, but Mace reverses it into a Northern Lights Suplex! Mace picks up Jam and hits another Mace Drop. A 3 count later, and Jam is eliminated.

    Zach Davis: Man, Mace is just about unstoppable.

    Hacker turns to Mace now, and starts kicking at the leg. Meanwhile Scavenger and Jax are still brawling. Scavenger throws him to the ropes and hits the Flattening of Emotions! He then climbs onto Jax and starts punching him mercilessly. The bell chimes, and Perfect Strangers by Deep Purple hits. Epic runs out from the back.

    Shannan Lerch: I've been hearing a lot about Epic, he's looking good.

    Epic slides in and immediately goes after Mace, helping Hacker out temporarily. They both kick at Mace, and eventually he goes down. Scavenger and Jax are still at it. Scavenger gets him in position for the SOS, and the crowd chants as he hits it. He quickly pins. 1, 2, 3.. Jax is eliminated.

    Zach Davis: Mace doesn't have his buddy to back him up anymore.

    Mace barely notices Jax is gone as he continues fighting with Epic. Mace throws Epic to the ropes, but as he's coming back Epic grabs Mace and throws him. Epic hits the Big Boot as Mace is coming back. He then hits a Leg Drop, and as he gets up, does one of the Hulk Hogan taunts.

    Shannan Lerch: Haha, Epic's out here having fun.

    Zach Davis: Yeah, but let's hope that isn't a weakness. Mace isn't the kind of guy you should be having fun with.

    Epic climbs to the top rope, and as Mace is standing up, goes for a Flying Clothesline but Mace moves out of the way. The bell chimes. Hail Mary by 2-Pac hits, and Da Killa is the next one in the match. He runs out and attacks Scavenger and Hacker, who have been fighting. Scavenger and Hacker look at each other, shrug, and Scavenger hits the Big Boot followed by Hacker hitting the Hack Attack. Da Killa is eliminated.

    Shannan Lerch: Da Killa sure didn't last long. Ah well.

    Mace is kicking at Epic, and picks him up. He goes for a Powerbomb, but Epic starts punching him and slides down. Epic throws him to the ropes and as he's coming back grabs him and hits the Epic Falls! He then picks him up, throws him to the ropes, and hits the Tranquilizer. One. Two. Three. Mace has been eliminated!

    Zach Davis: Holy crap. Epic has eliminted Mace!!

    Mace looks angry, but has no other choice than to walk to the back. This leaves Hacker, Scavenger, and Epic in the ring. The bell chimes. Changes by Deftones plays, and Gravedigger steps out. He walks slowly to the ring, and when he gets in, grabs Hacker and hits the Death Driver. 1, 2, 3, Hacker is gone.

    Zach Davis: Gravedigger making an impact already.. but man, Hacker sure was in there a while.

    Scavenger and Epic both start beating down Gravedigger, teaming up against him. They kick at him as fast as possible in the legs until he's to the ground. Scavenger locks in the Figure Four, and Epic rests at the turnbuckle. Gravedigger struggles and struggles to get to the ropes, but to no avail. He won't tap, though. Eventually he manages to roll over and force the pressure onto Scavenger. Another few seconds later, and the hold is released. The bell goes off, and it's time for someone new. Excess by Tricky hits, and SuiCyde runs in. He attacks Epic from behind with a Springboard Dropkick from the apron. He then starts kicking at him. Meanwhile, Epic and Gravedigger fight. SuiCyde goes up top and signals for a Moonsault, but Epic is up and sends forearms across his back. He grabs Epic and hits an Electric Chair Drop!

    Shannan Lerch: Epic looking pretty good here.

    Epic pins SuiCyde, and another elimination.

    Zach Davis: Another one bites the dust.

    Epic sends Gravedigger to the ropes and attempts a Powerslam as he's coming back but Gravedigger slips past him and hits a Diamond Cutter as he turns around. Gravedigger pins, 1, 2.. No! Epic kicks out. Gravedigger picks Epic up and goes for a Powerbomb but Epic reverses it with a Swinging DDT, and as he does so, the bell rings. Not Falling by Mudvayne hits, and Matthew Steele is in!

    Zach Davis: I've heard a lot of good things about this young man.

    Steele gets into the ring, and is met with a Clothesline by Scavenger. Scavenger then goes for the Flattening of Emotions but Steele grabs him by the leg and executes a Shin Breaker. He then picks him up into the Torture Rack.

    Zach Davis: For being so new, he's doing excellent.

    Scavenger won't tap, though... at least for the first 15 seconds, but after that, he's out.

    Zach Davis: This leaves 3 serious contenders.

    Do You Call My Name by Ra plays following the ceremonial bell and Mr. Detroit enters. He runs in and starts pounding on Steele, but gets hit by the Steele Driver almost right away, and gets eliminated.

    Shannan Lerch: Geez, guys are getting eliminated left and right..

    Anger Rising by Jerry Cantrell plays.

    Zach Davis: What's this? Seth isn't in the match.

    Seth Lerch: Alright, I'm sick of this. There are a lot of jobbers that don't even deserve to be in this match. Spider, Twiztid Child, Dragula, and Droxide are hereby suspended from the match. Madd Dogg decided he didn't want to participate either. Forget them.

    Lerch leaves, and Break Ya Neck by Busta Rhymes hits. Rush runs into the match and locks the fallen Gravedigger in the Sharpshooter, as Epic stomps at him. Steele grabs Epic from behind and hits a Reverse DDT. Gravedigger manages to reach to the ropes and grab them, forcing Rush to release the hold. Rush picks Gravedigger up and throws him to the ropes, following up with a Spinebuster. He pins Gravedigger. 1. 2. No, Gravedigger kicks out. He picks GD up again and is about to hit a Belly to Back Suplex, but Gravedigger counters it and hits an Overhead Suplex of his own! Steele has Epic in the corner, throwing punch after punch. Epic soon reverses it and throws Steele into the turnbuckle, and climbs up and starts punching him as the crowd counts along. After the 10th punch, Epic climbs down and grabs him by the neck. Chokeslam! The bell chimes, and the next man is sent in.

    Zach Davis: The next few men have a big advantage, because soon everyone has been in.

    Dragula by Rob Zombie plays and it's none other than Chaos "The Prodigy" Drakkar. He walks to the ring and as he climbs in, he is met with a punch by Epic, sending him back to the floor. Epic then turns back to Steele, who has had time to recover a bit, and Epic gets hit with a Snap Powerbomb! Prodigy rolls back in the ring and stomps at Epic along with Steele. Meanwhile Gravedigger and Rush are still going at it. Rush runs at Gravedigger, but GD kicks him in the gut and hits a Pumphandle Slam. He backs up, and waits for Rush to start standing up, getting ready for the Leaping Superkick. Once Rush is up he goes to hit it but Rush moves out of the way, sending Gravediggers leg over the top rope. Gravedigger is now straddling the rope, and Rush moves it up and down, which isn't exactly fun for GD. Rush climbs the turnbuckle and jumps down, grabbing Gravediggers head while doing so. Gravedigger falls off the rope and to the outside. The bell rings, and the next participant is on his way out.

    Shannan Lerch: We're really down to the wire here, I count three men left to come in, including this one.

    Last Resort by Papa Roach plays, and out comes the one and only Cyrus! He runs to the ring and joins the battle.

    Zach Davis: That's six men in the match right now, which is the most that have been there so far. The competetion is stiff.

    Rush goes to the outside, continuing to work over Gravedigger. Cyrus gets into the ring and grabs Prodigy from behind and locks in a Full Nelson, before following up with a Full Nelson Slam. He stomps at Prodigy a bit, and picks him up and hits a Choke Toss. Epic then attacks Cyrus from behind, kicking him in the back of the knee to get him down. Epic locks Cyrus in a Sleeper, and once Cyrus is on the mat, puts him in the Maple Leaf. Cyrus won't tap, and after about 15 seconds reaches the ropes and makes Epic let go. On the outside, Rush has just DDTed Gravedigger. Rush goes back onto the apron, but before he can do anything else, from inside the ring, Prodigy pushes him off. Prodigy then climbs out and starts stomping at Rush. The bell chimes, and it's time for the second to last participant.

    Shannan Lerch: Who now?

    The Key To Gramercy Park by Deadsy plays, and Mike Kaos runs into the arena and straight into the ring. Cyrus runs towards him but Kaos catches him with a Tiltawhirl Slam.

    Zach Davis: A whole seven people in there, wow.

    Epic then grabs Kaos from behind, turns him around and kicks him in the gut. He follows up with the Epic Falls, and pins.

    Zach Davis: Those two men were rivals in the International Division of the old WCF, it's kinda nostalgiac to see them fighting each other.

    Kaos manages to kick out of Epic's trademark! Epic is clearly stunned, but picks him up and whips him to the ropes. He's going for the Tranquilizer but Kaos leapfrogs over him, turns around, and grabs him and executes a German Suplex. He doesn't let go, stands up, and hits a 2nd German Suplex. He stands up again and hits the 3rd, this time holding on for a pin. 1, 2, and NO! Epic kicks out as well!

    Shannan Lerch: I'm really impressed with both Kaos and Epic here.

    On the outside, Gravedigger, Rush, and Prodigy are all brawling with each other. Gravedigger has a chair, and attempts the Grave Marker on Prodigy but he ducks. Rush then grabs the chair away from Gravedigger and hits Prodigy square on the top of the head! Prodigy goes down, but before Rush can capitilize, Gravedigger hits the Death Driver on him. He pins, and 1, 2, 3. Rush is out. Gravedigger then picks Prodigy up, hits ANOTHER Death Driver. Another 1, 2, 3.

    Zach Davis: Wow, he eliminated two guys in a matter of seconds!

    Gravedigger then rests outside the ring, as Epic, Steele, Cyrus, and Kaos continue to fight on the inside. The For Whom The Bell Tolls bell rings one more time.

    Zach Davis: Time for the last participant!

    Bad to the Bone plays, and it's Road Rage!

    Shannan Lerch: I guess Seth was kind enough to give Road Rage the last spot, since he competed in another match already tonight.

    He runs to the ring and slides in. He attacks Matthew Steele with a headbutt, sending him down. Cyrus and Road Rage start kicking on Steele. Epic and Kaos are still fighting as well. Kaos sends Epic to the mat with a Snapmare, and then locks in a Sleeper. Cyrus picks Steele up, and throws him to the ropes. Cyrus and Road Rage attempt a Linked Clothesline but Steele ducks it, turns around, and hits a Double DDT on both of them! He picks Cyrus up, and hits the Steele Driver. One, two, three, and Cyrus is gone. He then turns to Road Rage and kicks him, but Road Rage catches his leg and brings him down into the Ankle Lock!

    Zach Davis: Will Steele tap?

    Steele screams out in pain, but manages to roll over and kick Road Rage off. He throws R.R. to the ropes and then catches him in a Belly to Belly suplex. He quickly pins, and now Road Rage has been eliminated as well.

    Zach Davis: Looks like Road Rage wasn't quite rested after his match with Lerch. Regardless, we're down to our Final Four. Epic, Gravedigger, Matthew Steele and Mike Kaos.

    Gravedigger decides it's time to get back into the match, and rolls back in. He goes for Mike Kaos. He throws Kaos to the ropes, then catches him and hits a Running Powerslam. He picks Kaos up, and he begins fighting back. Kaos runs to the ropes, and Clotheslines GD, but he doesn't go down. Kaos hits another Clothesline, this time GD falls to his knees, but stands up again anyhow. Kaos hits a third Clothesline and this time GD goes down. He quickly jumps to the top rope and hits the Tidal Wave! He pins Gravedigger, 1, 2, NO! Gravedigger just manages to get his shoulder up in time. Kaos goes to the top rope again, and signals for another Tidal Wave. Gravedigger gets up, however, and grabs his throat. Gravedigger Chokeslams Kaos from the top rope! He then makes the pin... Kaos is eliminated.

    Shannan Lerch: Kaos is out, but that was a good showing by him anyhow.

    Epic is stomping away at Matthew Steele in a corner. Gravedigger rolls out of the ring, and lets the two fight. Epic picks Steele up, and attempts to Powerbomb him. Steele counters this with a Swinging DDT, sending Epic down hard. He goes to the top rope and hits an Elbow Drop. Epic stands up slowly, and Steele hits him with the Steele Driver. A pin later, Epic has been eliminated.

    Zach Davis: The final two men. Matthew Steele and Gravedigger. One of these will be the World Champion. Epic did quite a good job himself, though, I was very impressed.

    Shannan Lerch: Me too, me too.

    Steele looks around and doesn't see that Gravedigger is outside the ring. He raises his arms in the air, thinking he's won the match, but Gravedigger rolls in and starts pounding at him from behind! Steele goes to the ground, and GD continues stomping on him. He picks him up, and lifts him into the air. He looks like he's going for some kind of Gorilla Press type move, but Steele manages to get off before he hits it and kicks GD in the gut. He hits the Facelift!!

    Zach Davis: Matthew Steele could be the WCF Champion in a matter of seconds!

    Steele covers Gravedigger.





    Gravedigger gets his shoulder up at the LAST second! The crowd groans in unision, thinking Steele had it. Steele signals that he's going to finish GD off, and motions for the Steele Driver. Gravedigger stands up slowly, and as Steele goes to hit the move, GD elbows him in the head, blocking it. He then hits a Diamond Cutter. GD rests for a second or two, then stomps at Steele a few times. He picks him up, and Piledrives him back down to the mat. He pins, hooking the leg. One.. two... and another nearfall, Steele is able to kick out. Both men rest for a few seconds. Gravedigger is the first one up, and picks Steele up with him. He throws Steele to the ropes, and goes to hit the Grave Marker, but Steele catches his arm and brings him down in an Armlock! The crowd goes wild, just waiting for Gravedigger to tap. The ref asks if he wants to, he says no. He crawls closer, and closer to the ropes.. he's about to grab them.. No!, Steele pulls him back away again. Gravedigger screams in pain, and kicks his legs, doing anything he can to get out of it. Steele keeps it locked in. Gravedigger is finally able to get his leg under one of the ropes, and Steele is forced to let go.

    Zach Davis: Matthew Steele has continually come SO close..

    Steele kicks at Gravediggers arm, then brings him up with it. He elbows it a few times, then throws him to the ropes. Gravedigger manages to get himself together and hits Steele with a Leaping Superkick, but Steele ducks it, kicks GD in the gut, and tries the Facelift once more. GD catches Steele, however, and reverses it into the Death Driver!! He makes the pin.




    Gravedigger has done it! Gravedigger is the WCF World Champion!! Matthew Steele rolls out of the ring, although he's getting a standing ovation from the crowd. The ref hands Gravedigger the World Title, which he holds proudly in the air.

    Zach Davis: It was anyone's game going into this, but Gravedigger has accomplished it. He is our World Champ. I don't believe it.

    Gravedigger puts the World Title around his waist, and Changes plays again. He's about to step out of the ropes, until someone grabs him from behind. Gravedigger is spun around and met with an IMPACT STYLE by LOGAN! He goes to the ground and the crowd is booing like crazy. Logan then rolls out of the ring and walks to the back, holding his stomach.

    Zach Davis: He expects us to believe he's actually sick!? BS!! There's no way he's sick. He was just scared to compete in the match, I know it. He's a coward.

    Shannan Lerch: Logan? A coward? I don't think so!

    Zach Davis: Regardless, we're about out of time. We'll see you on Saturday Slam!

    Despite just receiving Logan's Impact Style, Gravedigger is standing up already. He still wears the World Title proudly around the waist as the copyright information is shown on the bottom of the screen and War IV fades out.