Wednesday Night Intro
Seth Lerch Promo
Epic vs Death
Mad Dog vs The Assasin
Creeping Death Backstage
Francine Marie vs Katie
TV #1 Contendership: G Funk Kid vs Outcast
Creeping Death vs Logan

  • Wednesday Night Intro

  • WCF Wednesday Night music plays, and the pyro goes off. There are three different Jumbotrons. One is big, in the center of the entranceway, and has the WCF Logo on it. There are two others on either side, with the Wednesday Night logo on them, and they are about half the size of the other two.

    Zack Davis: Hello fans, this is the first WCF Wednesday Night! I'm Zack Davis, and my partner for the night will be my long time friend, Kyle Steel.

    Kyle Steel: Yeah, you know it.. let's get on with the show.

  • Seth Lerch Promo
  • The Mob Mentality theme hits, and out comes Mob Mentality. Seth Lerch and Rage. Seth walks in front of Rage, and Rage yells at the fans, but Seth pays no attention to them. Seth rolls into the ring, and takes a mic out of his pocket. He looks around at the fans, booing loudly, before speaking.

    Seth Lerch: You all suck ass.

    A lot of booing, but Lerch is loving it.

    Seth Lerch: You all suck ass, and therefore, you don't even deserve to know what I'm going to tell you...but I'm announcing the Main Event for the next Saturday Slam! I've put a lot of thought into it, and let me tell you..this match should be great. People have been asking me, "Seth, when are you going to get some Tag Team Champions?" or "I want Tag Team Champions" or "Give me some goddamn Tag Team Champions"...well, on Saturday, we will crown the first Tag Team Champions!

    Kyle Steel: Listen to the fans cheer that! The Tag Team division is always one of the best. Who will compete in this match, though?

    Before Lerch can announce the men, Hellz Angel runs into the ring! He is behind Lerch, and he starts pounding him on the head! Rage quickly breaks it up, and punches Hellz. He appears to be wearing iron knuckles. Logan soon appears in the ring, and he attacks Hellz as well. Logan hits The Connecter on him! Hellz is barely concious after this attack, but Lerch has his mic back.

    Seth Lerch: What in the hell was that!? Hellz, you have no right interfering in my speech. You want to know you match on Slam, eh? Well, this is going to be one hell of a big match... A Four Way Tag. Let me explain the rules. There are four men in the ring at one time, one man from each team, and he can tag in his partner at any time, of course. The first person to make the pin, gets the win..


    Lerch pulls a paper out of his pocket, with the teams written on it. Hellz continues to watch, unable to get away from any of the men.

    Seth Lerch: And, the people in this match...MY boys, the team of Logan and Cyrus. The Children of Filth, Hellz Angel and Mad Dog. Some crappy jobbers, I can't really remember their names...oh, yeah, G Funk Kid and Outcast. And, Creeping Death, who will have to find himself a partner.

    Zack Davis: Holy crap on a stick! That is one monumental match. If Creeping Death can somehow pull off the win tonight, well, he will definitely have the momentum going in...IF he can find himself a partner..

    Kyle Steel: Hey, maybe Rick Mad will be his partner. I mean, Rick will be here tonight, to help him in his match against Logan..

    Zack Davis: You're not that stupid, Kyle, you know Rick won't be here. That was just a plan by Logan to get Creeping Death to go easy on him...and I know Creep would never go easy on anyone.

    Lerch drops the mic, and rolls out of the ring. Rage follows, without ever saying a word, and the two men head to the back. Logan, however, stays in the ring, punches Hellz Angel a few more times. He eventually gets out, while the EMTs come to take away Hellz. Hellz won't have any of it, and delivers the Needle Head to one of them. The rest back away from him, and he walks to the backstage area himself.

  • Epic vs Death
  • Giving In plays across the arena. Death walks out slow, raises arms to the audience, hits the ramp, and charges to the ring, then sits down in the corner.

    Perfect Strangers starts, pyro shoots down, and Epic walks out with his nice robe on.

    Death tackles Epic. Epic gets back to his feet. Epic punches Death hard, and Death is sent across the ring. Epic is ready for his next move. Epic uses a snap mare takeover on Death. Death gets back to his feet. Death hits Epic with the back of his elbow. Epic puts Death on the top rope and executes a superplex. Epic climbs to his feet. Death is back on his feet. Death body slams Epic. Death sucks chants start in the crowd.

    Zack Davis: Death with a body slam.

    Death covers Epic. The ref starts the count. ...1 ...2 Epic kicks out.

    Kyle Steel: That was almost the end of the match right there!

    Death puts a knee to Epic's back and pulls hims arms back. The referee is checking the situation. ... Death tightens the hold. ... ... Death tightens the hold. Epic escapes. Epic takes a slap to the face from Death. Death is up again. Epic kicks Death in the gut. Epic delivers a kick to the head of Death. Death moves back to his feet. Epic swings at Death, but Death ducks and gets behind him. Death with a Sleeper Drop! Now Death standing. Death slaps Epic. Death jabs Epic. Death vertical suplexes Epic to the mat.

    Kyle Steel: What a vertical suplex!

    Death applies the camel clutch on Epic. Referee Billy Flew is checking for a tap out. ... ... ... Death breaks the hold.

    Kyle Steel: The WCF is the only place for entertainment like this! Thank god.

    Death measures Epic up and drops a closed fist. Death is up again. Death hits Epic with an elbowdrop. Now Death standing. Death stomps Epic's head. Death hits Epic with an elbowdrop. Death climbs to his feet. Death measures Epic up and drops a closed fist. Death moves back to his feet. Death stomps Epic's head. Epic lifts Death into the air. Holds him and drops him to the mat. Epic climbs to his feet. Death climbs to his feet. Epic goes for a figure four. The referee is checking the situation. ... Death trys to escape. ... ... ... Death escapes. Death grabs Epic's head and DDT's him on the mat. Death gets up.

    Kyle Steel: I wish every match could be like this! These guys are almost as good as me. Wouldn't you agree?

    Zack Davis: Not in this life time.

    Epic punches Death in the head. Epic kicks Death in the back of the leg. Epic goes for a pin. Billy Flew counts the pin. ...1 Death kicks out. Death is back on his feet. Epic gets sidewalk slammed by Death. Death piledrives Epic into the mat. Epic is up again. Epic and Death move from the ring to moon Epic with an illegal chokehold on Death. Death stands up. Epic uppercuts Death. Epic picks up Death and does the Epic Falls, a version of the Razors Edge! Epic covers Death hooking the leg. Billy Flew counts the pin. ...1 ...2 ...3.

    Kyle Steel: Epic has won, this match is finally over.

    Zack Davis: The winner of this match, Epic!!!

  • Mad Dog vs Pete "The Assasin" Wright
  • The lights go off, and Iron Man plays. A red spotlight is on the entrance, and The Assasin walks through and slowly walks into the ring.

    Follow The Reaper plays, and the lights start flashing red. Mad Dog runs out screaming to the ring.

    The Assasin checks his boots. Mad Dog tests out the ropes. (ring, ring, ring) Pete Wright hits a kneeling headbutt to Mad Dog's groin. Mad Dog gets back to his feet. Mad Dog pokes Wright in the eye with his thumb. Mad Dog uppercuts Wright. Mad Dog pokes The Assasin in the eyes. Mad Dog uses a snap mare takeover on Pete Wright.

    Zack Davis: snap mare!

    Mad Dog kicks Wright on the mat. Mad Dog puts Wright in an arm grapevine submission. Wright gets up. Mad Dog is nailed with a waistlock suplex from The Assasin.

    Kyle Steel: Nice waistlock suplex by Pete Wright.

    Pete Wright drags Mad Dog to the floor. Billy Flew starts the count (.1) Wright chokes Mad Dog with a microphone cable. (..2) They lockup. Pete Wright sends Mad Dog to the corner of ringside.

    Kyle Steel: Pete Wright executes a weak move.

    (...3) Mad Dog bites Pete Wright's arm out of desparation. (....4) The Assasin kicks Mad Dog in the head. (.....5) They fight into the aisle. The Assasin and Mad Dog move back to ringside. Wright and Mad Dog move back into the ring. Wright punches Mad Dog repeatedly. Mad Dog bounces The Assasin off the ropes and faceslams him onto the mat. Mad Dog gets up. Mad Dog applies an arm wrench to The Assasin. The Assasin gets back to his feet. Mad Dog trys for a stomachbreaker but Wright avoids it. The Assasin is locked in the elbow submission by Mad Dog. Billy Flew asks Pete Wright if he quits. ... Mad Dog tightens the hold. ... (AHHHH!) ... Pete Wright is fighting the hold. Pete Wright escapes. The Assasin grabs Mad Dog's head and DDT's him on the mat. Pete Wright climbs to his feet.

    Kyle Steel: What a match!

    They lockup. Pete Wright sends Mad Dog to the corner of the ring. Pete Wright kicks Mad Dog in the groin. Pete Wright kicks Mad Dog in the gut. Wright kicks Mad Dog in the back of the leg.

    Zack Davis: The Assasin executes a kick.

    Mad Dog climbs to his feet. Pete Wright is speared by Mad Dog, who then picks him up and does the Scream 4 Me!

    Kyle Steel: Nice Crucifix Powerbomb by Mad Dog.

    Mad Dog pins The Assasin. 1. 2. 3.

    Zack Davis - Mad Dog has won the match!

    Kyle Steel - The winner of this match, Mad Dog!!!

  • Creeping Death Backstage
  • We go backstage, and Creeping Death is standing at a payphone.

    Zack Davis: I wonder who he's talking to..

    Creeping Death: Can you be here tonight?...Perfect. See ya then.

    Creeping Death looks at the camera, a smile on his face.

    Creeping Death: Logan, it's true. It's frickin' true, boy.

    He begins walking away, looking confident about tonights match.

    Kyle Steel: ...I don't believe it...could Rick Mad really be coming?

    Zack Davis: No, he couldn't. This has to be part of Logans elaborate trap for Creeping Death...

    Kyle Steel: Screw all this serious crap, we have a Womens match now! YES!

  • Francine Marie vs Katie
  • Katie comes out with Cyrus, and walks down the ramp. The crowd blares with excitement. Cyrus lifts her up and puts her in the ring, but he stays at ring side and waits as she struts around the ring. She then waits for her opponent, when unexpected music hits..It's the Mob Mentality theme.

    Zack Davis: Ugh..why would Lerch or Rage be coming out AGAIN? I've had more than enough of them.

    Sure enough, Lerch steps out on the entranceway, with a microphone in his hand. He also has a piece of paper.

    Seth Lerch: Sorry to inform you, Katie, but you have the night off tonight. Earlier today, Francine Marie quit, so you don't have an opponent.

    Katie: That isn't fair!! I wanted a match! I want to get my first win in WCF!

    Seth Lerch: Uh..fine. You'l have a match. It's against.. Me. Let's get this on.

    Seth walks to the ring, and rolls in. Katie looks confused, until Lerch just lays down in the ring. She pins him, and the ref has to count. 1. 2. 3. Katie has won her first match.

    Zack Davis: Well, that was pretty damn stupid...

    Katie jumps up and down excitedly, and Cyrus rolls in the ring, and hugs her. They french kiss in celebration, and Lerch shakes his head in disgust at the two.

    Seth Lerch: Get a room....

    Lerch rolls out of the ring, and Katie and Cyrus follow.

    Kyle Steel: I was looking forward to a good womens match, and I get this? I get Cyrus and Katie making out, and Lerch letting himself be pinned..again.. NOT FAIR!!

    Zack Davis: Look at it this way, Kyle... we have a great match next, friend vs friend..for the Number One Contendership for the TV Title!

  • TV Title #1 Contendership: G Funk Kid vs Outcast
  • Who We Be begins to play over the pa, suddenly two huge gold pyros blast off from the stage area as Who We Be goes into full flare. G Funk Kid steps out from behind the curtain, he reaches to his back and brings around a white bandana, he ties it around his forehead and fixes his hair over the top of it. He begins to walk down the ramp, he climbs onto the apron and then further up onto the top of the turnbuckle. He stands and takes a long full sniff at the air, he then jumps into the ring, waits for his music to come to a stop and takes a fighting stance.

    Lights go out for ten seconds. Fog fills the entrance way prior to an explosion of black and white pyro. Outcast comes out. He raises his hands to an approval of the fans.

    Zack Davis: This is interesting, because I know both men want to win, but both men also are friends..who knows what will happen?

    The Mob Mentality theme plays.

    Zack Davis: ..Dammit.

    Seth Lerch and Rage walk out, quickly, and go to the announcers booth. Lerch sits down and puts on a headset, and Rage just stands there, watching the two men in the ring.

    Zack Davis: Is there going to be a segment that you too AREN'T involved in!?

    Seth Lerch: I don't think so..I run this company, and me being on TV is sure to get some ratings. Which is why I'm color commentating for this match.

    G Funk Kid and Outcast shake hands, and the bell rings. They circle each other, and eventually tie up. G Funk does a Spinning Leg Takedown, sending Outcast down to the mat early. G Funk is on him, and puts him in a sleeper on the canvas.

    Zack Davis: G Funk trying to make this a mat wrestling match..definitely not Outcasts style.

    Seth Lerch: Outcasts style is boring the hell out of us..

    Outcast eventually overpowers G Funk, and stands up. He elbows him in the stomach, and Funk breaks it. Outcast then runs to the ropes and Clotheslines G Funk down. He then drops an elbow onto G Funk, and punches him a few times. He stands back up and stomps away, until G Funk is able to roll out of the ring and onto the apron. G Funk then does a Springboard Hurricanrana Takeover, which sends Outcast into the turnbuckle. G Funk does a Bodysplash which sends Outcast down, and then a Split Legged Moonsault. He pins, and the ref counts to 2. Outcast slowly stands up, and G Funk tries a Cross Bodyblock but Outcast catches him and turns it into a Powerslam into pin. Again, a 2 count nearfall.

    Kyle Steel: It seems like both men are trying to end the match early, with two nearfalls already.

    Seth Lerch: I hope this match DOES end early, I'm about to fall asleep. These guys suck.

    Outcast picks G Funk up, and then DDTs him back down. Another pin, another 2 count. Outcast seems a bit frustrated, and whips G Funk to the ropes. As he is coming back, Outcast picks him up over his shoulders, and drops him to the mat.

    Kyle Steel: Outcast using his strength advantage...I think the Kid should start using his high flying a bit more.

    Seth Lerch: I think the Kid should start putting on a good match.

    Outcast approaches G Funk, but G Funk grabs his leg and brings him down. He does a Standing Senton Splash, and then climbs to the top rope. He does a Shooting Star Press, but Outcast gets his knees up!

    Zack Davis: Ouch...I hope G Funks ribs aren't injured.

    Seth Lerch: Thats funny, because I hope they are.

    Outcast goes back to work on G Funk. G Funk slides under Outcasts legs, though, and does a Reverse DDT, bringing him down. He again climbs up top, breathing heavily, and hits the G Force! This results in a pinning situation, and the ref does the count. 1.. 2.. 3. G Funk Kid is the winner. Suddenly, he is hit behind with a chair!

    Kyle Steel: What the-

    Junkyard Justice has just come from behind, hitting G Funk! He continues pounding on him with the chair, and then takes the turnbuckle pad off the turnbuckle. He sets G Funks head there, and hits it with the chair!

    Zack Davis: Thats the man you meet on Saturday, Lerch.

    Seth Lerch: ...

    As Junkyard turns around, Rage runs over to the ring, grabs his legs, and trips him. He then gets in the ring, grabs Junkyards own chair, and starts hitting him with it over the back.

    Seth Lerch: Time for me to go..

    Lerch gets up and gets into the ring. Rage picks up Junkyard, and Lerch grabs him and does the Presidential Powerbomb. He then climbs to the top rope and flies down with the Final Authority, as Rage holds Junkyard to the ground. Junkyard is hurt, and Lerch smiles and walks to the back. Junkyard manages to get up, and chases Lerch and Rage, as G Funk and Outcast are just getting up.

    Kyle Steel: Outcast had control of G Funk through this entire match, but the Kid somehow managed to pull out the victory! He doesn't look like a winner after that attack from Junkyard, though.

    Outcast is up, and raises G Funks arm in the air as the fans clap. They hug for a second or two, and then both roll out of the ring. Who We Be plays as they walk to the back.

    Zack Davis: Amazing show of respect from Outcast, any lesser man, cough, Logan, cough, would have attacked G Funk Kid.

    Kyle Steel: Logan, a lesser man?! I think not..but we're about to find out. Creeping Death. Logan. Next.

  • Creeping Death vs Logan
  • Zack Davis: I have just been told that Creeping Deaths wish has been granted, and this WILL be a TLC match! Bad news for Logan.

    Kyle Steel: I think thats good news for Logan... It means Logan can do whatever the hell he wants.

    People = Shit hits, and the lights go black. They come back on, and Creeping Death is standing on the stage with his hands up. He walks to the ring, and jumps over the top rope.

    The lights dim blue as Forever by Kid Rock blasts throughout the arena. Logan comes out from behind the black curtain to a series of boos. He walks down the ramp and enters the ring by going through the middle rope. Once in the ring, he climbs the nearest turnbuckle throwing his arm into the air. He climbs down and his music cuts.

    Zack Davis: We have to wonder if Creeping Death bought into that note Logan left...I don't think so, but he was talking on the phone like someone would be here.

    Kyle Steel: You saw his promo about killing his dad...the guy is crazy. Rick Mad has not signed with the WCF, and that is a fact.

    Creeping Death gets on the mic.

    Creeping Death: Rick, it's time. Get your ass out here, the match is on!

    There is no answer.. no one comes out. Creeping Death looks dissapointed, and Logan attacks him from behind! The bell rings. Logan continues sending forearms over C.D.s back, until C.D. goes down and out of the ring.

    Zack Davis: Uh.. Not sure what to say about Creeping Death. He's off his rocker.. but he was smart by getting out of the ring. He's best when he has weapons..

    C.D. hits a Dropkick on Logan as he walks over, sending Logan down to the concrete. One of the fans gives Creeping Death his chair, and C.D. whacks Logan with it.

    Zack Davis: Unless that fan was sitting on some kind of "fake chair", that was all real, fans.

    C.D. raises the chair high in the air, and tries to hit Logan, but he rolls away this time. He goes around C.D., and when C.D. turns around Logan Superkicks the chair into his face! C.D. falls down, and Logan goes under the ring, and pulls out a Table. The fans cheer, and Logan hears. He puts the table back under the ring.

    Zack Davis: I don't believe that!! Logan put the Table back, just to piss the fans off!

    Logan instead punches Creeping Death a few times, but C.D. counters with a hard DDT to the concrete. Logan is dazed, and C.D. gets a Table this time! The fans cheer again, and C.D. nods his head with satisfaction. He places Logan on top of it, and then climbs up the apron. He attempts a Bodysplash onto Logan, but Logan rolls off, and he is sent through the table! Logan is still dazed, however, and falls down as well. Creeping Death chants are heard through the arena, and he begins to get up.

    Zack Davis: Creeping Death showing tremendous heart.

    Logan also begins to get up, however, but not before C.D. can grab another chair. C.D. throws the chair at Logan, kicks him in the gut, and does an X-Factor! Logan was holding the chair, and his face hits it when going down. Creeping Death goes under the ring, and pulls out about four tables. He puts them in the ring, and then gets in himself, pulling Logan with him. He then pins Logan, who is still out from the X-Factor. 1...2... NO! Cyrus has come down to the ring, and pulled the ref out of the ring.

    Kyle Steel: That is legal in this TLC match...

    Zack Davis: Legal or not, it wasn't fair. Creeping Death would have had this match won, I know it! Logan is STILL laying on the mat!

    Cyrus punches C.D., and C.D. punches Cyrus back. C.D. then throws Cyrus back into the ring, and sets up a table. He puts Cyrus on top of it, but Logan attacks C.D. from behind before he can do anything. While Logan and Cyrus are brawling, someone does a Diving Headbutt onto Cyrus, sending him through the table...

    Kyle Steel: OH MY GOD!

    Zack Davis: It's Rick f'n Mad!

    Rick Mad is in the ring! Creeping Death catches Logans foot, and spins him around to face Mad. Mad kicks Logan in the gut and does the Mad DDT, which is a Jumping Evenflow DDT! Creeping Death and Rick high five each other, and then C.D. pins Logan. The ref goes to count. 1... 2... NO!! Somehow Logan has managed to kick out!

    Kyle Steel: Amazing strength by Logan, how he is able to kick out is beyond me...I'm in shock Rick Mad is here though. For those of you that don't know, Creeping Death and Rick Mad were the NCW Tag Team Champions..

    Rick throws Cyrus out of the ring, and drags him to the back, leaving Creeping Death and Logan alone. Creeping Death sets up yet another Table, and sets a chair on top of it. Rick Mad suddenly runs back into the arena, carrying Damien, C.D.s 20 foot ladder! Rick rolls it into the ring, and C.D. smiles evilly. Rick begins walking back out, to a huge pop. C.D. places Logan on the Table, and begins climbing the ladder. Logan rolls off, and climbs up the ladder himself, on the other side. They both reach the top at the same time, and start throwing punches at each other..and Logan manages to jump over the ladder, to Creeping Deaths side, and does The Connector!! The Connector sends Creeping Death 20 feet down, onto the Chair, which breaks the Table in two!!

    Zack Davis: Oh...My...God.

    Creeping Death is out, and Logan crawls on top of him. 1. 2. 3. The match is over.

    Kyle Steel: The most brutal, hardcore match in WCF History has come to an end, with Logan winning. I am thoroughly impressed with both men.

    Logans arm is raised, and he gets out of the ring, walking to the back. Rick Mad runs back down the entryway, again, and checks to see if Creeping Death is OK.

    Zack Davis: That's all the time we have tonight, fans. I'll see you at Saturday Slam.

    The WCF logo appears on the screen, and we fade out as Creeping Death amazingly manages to stand up under his own strength..