Wednesday Night Intro
Down Under vs Mike Kaos
The Darkside vs Marcus Pain
22 Carrot Gold vs Dark LoTus
Hellz Angel vs Mad Dog
World Title Match: Logan vs Epic, ? and ?

  • Wednesday Night Intro

  • WCF Wednesday Night music plays, and the usual pyro goes off. We go right to the announcers, Zack Davis and Kyle Steel, to start the night.

    Zack Davis: It's time for WCF Wednesday Night!

    Kyle Steel: This is the last show before WCF Blast! It should be an explosive night.

    Zack Davis: Damn straight, Kyle. Damn straight.

  • Down Under vs Mike Kaos
  • Down Under by Men at Work plays, and Down Under walks out from behind the curtain.

    Kyle Steel: G'Day!

    Down Under slaps the fans hands as he walks to the ring, and they cheer.

    The lights go out and Freak on a Leash hits. The fans cheer, the arena lights go green and Mike Kaos walks slowly to the ring. He sits on the turnbuckle, but Down Under makes the first move and attacks him. The bell rings!

    Down Under throws Kaos off the top rope, and stomps on him. Down Under backs up a bit, and when Kaos is standing up does a Running Knee lift, sending Kaos back down. Down Under quickly pins, but only gets a two.

    Zack Davis: These two men will compete for the International Title at Blast, and Down Under wanted to score the quick pin.

    Down Under starts to pick Kaos up, but Kaos pushes Down Under away. Down Under runs at Kaos, and tries to clothesline him, but Kaos ducks. Down Under turns around, right into Tilt-A-Whirl Slam! Kaos goes for the pin now, but gets a two count as well. He then drops an elbow on Down Under, stands up, and tries another elbow drop but Down Under rolls away this time. Kaos stands up, holding his elbow, and Down Under throws him into the ropes. As he is coming back, Down Under executes a Samoan Drop. He jumps up to the top rope, and is about to try his finisher, the Thunder From Down Under.

    Kyle Steel: If he hits this move, the match is over.

    He flies off the top rope, into the air, but Kaos rolls away, sending Down Under into the canvas! Down Under holds his stomach, and tries to stand. Kaos rolls him up from behind, and the ref drops down to make the count. 1. 2. 3.

    Zack Davis: Mike Kaos has won his first match, barely. If he wouldn't have moved away at the last second, the ending would have been very different...

    Kyle Steel: That was only a taste of what we'l see at Blast, though!

  • The Darkside vs Marcus Pain
  • The lights go out and Bat Out Of Hell comes over the PA system. Smoke begins to fill the arena, silver glitter falls from the roof. It can be seen every now and then when the lights flash on. After about 30 seconds the lights come on and we can see a shadow kneeling down with his right arm outstreched. The smoke clears and we can see The Darkside clearly now, as he walks to the ring.

    Pyro shoots across the stage and Cocky by Kid Rock begins to play. Out from behind the curtain steps Marcus Pain. He stands at the top of the ramp as the fans boo him. He looks out across the fans then looks towards the ring and shakes his head. He slowly makes his way towards the ring and steps between the ropes.

    Zack Davis: Darkside made an impressive debut when he met Cyrus in the ring.. He may not have won, but now his chance to show his stuff.

    Darkside and Marcus Pain lock up, but Darkside shoves him away like a rag doll. Pain gets up and Darkside runs at him and hits him with a Lariat, sending Pain back down. Darkside then stomps away a few more times, and does a Leg Drop. He picks Pain up half way, and then Powerbombs him back down again!

    Kyle Steel: Darkside is really going to work on Marcus Pain tonight.. He is so pissed because of losing to Cyrus.

    Darkside picks Pain up, and executes his trademark move, the Pile DDT. He then pins Pain.

    Zack Davis: ...This should be all.

    Marcus Pain is nearly knocked unconcious, and Darkside easily scores the three count. The fans cheer as he stands up and raises his arms, and then rolls out of the ring.

    Zack Davis: Very short match, but Darkside got more than his share of offense in. In fact, I don't think that Marcus Pain got one move in!

  • 22 Carrot Gold vs Dark LoTus
  • Do You Wanna Hit It plays, and the words "22..CARROT..GOLD" are shown on the Jumbotron. Spark Man and Whit 2 K, 22 Carrot Gold, come out.

    House of a Thousand Corpses hits, and a circle of fire lights the stage. Whyte Zombie and Dragula rise from it, and they come to the ring. The bell rings.

    Spark Man and Whyte Zombie start off the match. They circle each other, and Spark Man throws the first punch. The force from the punch sends Whyte Zombie down, and Spark Man goes on the attack. Zombie tries to get to Dragula to tag, but Spark Man drags him away from his corner. Spark Man tags in Whit 2 K, and then holds Zombie. Whit does a Dropkick, and Spark Man climbs out of the ring. Whit 2 K whips Zombie into the ropes and does a Savat Kick as he comes back. Zombie is at his corner now, though, and tags in Dragula. Dragula goes to the top rope, and attempts a Missle Dropkick, but Whit 2 K ducks. Dragula turns around and walks right into a Double Arm DDT by Whit! Whit pins, but Whyte Zombie breaks it up.

    Zack Davis: That would have been the end, if it wasn't for Whyte Zombie.

    Whit tags Spark Man back into the ring. They both send Dragula into the ropes, and execute a Double Armdrag. Dragula crawls over, and tags Whyte Zombie back into the match, and Whit 2 K climbs back onto the apron. Spark Man punches Zombie, and then DDTs him to the mat. Spark Man pins, but Whyte Zombie kicks out after 2. Spark Man climbs up to the top rope, and does a Moonsault. Dragula pulls Whyte Zombie away before Spark Man connects, and then tags himself in. Spark Man is up, and Dragula runs at him, but he drops to the ground. Dragula jumps over but Whit 2 K kicks him in the back as he bounces off the ropes. Spark Man sends Dragula to the corner, and tags Whit 2 K in. Whit climbs one of the turnbuckles, and Spark Man Superplexes Dragula down. Whit 2 K then does the Five Star Frogsplash, and pins! The fans are going crazy, and the ref counts. 1. 2. 3.

    Kyle Steel: 22 Carrot Gold has won! They worked together well, as a unit.

    Zack Davis: These two teams haven't seen the last of each other, they will meet again at Blast..

  • Hellz Angel vs Mad Dog
  • A hawk screams and the lights dim. A Death March plays, and Hellz Angel walks out slowly as the crowd boos him. He walks down the ramp and climbs into the ring and the lights come back on.

    Zack Davis: Hellz Angel is a completely different man...

    The lights start flashing red and Mad Dog runs out screaming, as Follow the Reaper plays. He runs to the ring, and Hellz attacks him as he gets in. Bell rings.

    Hellz pounds on Mad Dog repeatedly, until Mad Dog fires back with a punch to the head. That sends Hellz reeling, and Dog runs at him, and does a Facebuster. Dog lays the stomps on Hellz, and starts choking him. The ref makes him break the chokehold.. He begins to pick Hellz up, but Hellz punches him in the gut and runs to the ropes. He does a Shoulderblock to Dog as he is coming back, and Dog falls. He then runs the other direction of the ring, and does an Elbow Drop. Mad Dog rolls out of the ring.

    Zack Davis: Hellz sends Mad Dog to the outside, and is definitly getting the better of his former partner.

    Hellz goes outside after Mad Dog, and grabs a chair. He is about to hit Mad Dog with the chair, but Dog gives him a Low Blow, and he drops it.

    Kyle Steel: No man deserves that.. Ouch..

    Zack Davis: That's OK... Hellz Angel isn't a man.

    Kyle Steel: Oh.

    Hellz is bent over, and Mad Dog backs up, and does an Axe Kick! He sends Hellz down to the concrete. He then rolls back into the ring, while the ref continues to count Hellz Angel out.

    Zack Davis: Mad Dog is a coward.. He is opting for the count out victory, rather than actually beating Hellz Angel via pin..

    Hellz Angel manages to get up, though, and crawls into the ring. Mad Dog goes to attack him, but he hits Dog with a low blow of his own!

    Kyle Steel: Oooh... Paybacks a bitch.

    Hellz then places Dogs head between his legs, and does a Jackknife Powerbomb. He pins. 1... 2... NO! Mad Dog manages to kick out. Hellz is angered, and picks up Mad Dog. He puts Dogs head between his legs again, and this time does the Needle Head! He pins once again, and is about to get the three count, but releases the pin.

    Zack Davis: Hellz Angel wants to deliver more to Dog.. The bastard. He has the match won!

    He gets Dog again, and puts him in the double underhook position.. he does another Needle Head!! He pins, and this time, stays pinning. 1... 2... 3. Hellz Angel has won the match. He pounds on Mad Dog some more, though, and then goes under the ring.. He pulls out a small casket! He puts it into the ring, and rolls the unconcious Mad Dog into it. He stomps on it a few times, and pushes it out of the ring. He drags it up the ramp with him, all the way to the stage..

    Zack Davis: What the HELL is he going to do!?

    Hellz Angel pushes the casket off the stage, and down to the concrete below!! Cameras flash as it flies through the air, and lands with a thud. Hellz smiles sadisticly, and walks back through the curtain as men begin to check on Mad Dog...

  • World Title Match: Logan vs Epic, ?, and ?
  • Forever by Kid Rock plays, and Logan and Seth Lerch come out. The crowd boos heavily as the two men walk to the ring, and they get in. Logan looks all business tonight, but Lerch appears to be his usual, care-free self. Lerch gets the mic.

    Seth Lerch: Come now, guys, you didn't think you'd go a whole show without hearing ME, did ya?

    Zack Davis: I wish...

    Seth Lerch: Well, I don't have much to say tonight, so I'll get right down to business. Logan, you had one person accept your challenge.. Epic. I will now announce the other two men in this match.. Logan, I hope you're ready for this.. Assasin, and The Tower.

    Kyle Steel: Who is The Tower? I've never heard of him before..

    With that, Epic, Assasin, and apparently the man named Tower run out from the back. Tower is wearing black jeans and a black shirt, with a black executioner style mask. He is about 7 feet tall. Lerch rolls out of the ring, and the match is on.

    Logan punches each of the three men, and neither get any offense in. Tower runs at Logan, but Logan reverses it into a Spinebuster. Tower rolls out of the ring, leaving Logan with Epic and Assasin. Logan runs at both of them, and does a Double Clothesline, sending them down.

    Zack Davis: Logan must win this match by making one pin. It isn't elimination.

    He stomps on both of them, and pins Assasin. Only a two, though. He then picks Assasin up and throws him out of the ring.. he lands next to Tower. Epic is up behind Logan, and does a Rollup Pin from behind! 1.. 2.. Logan kicks out!

    Zack Davis: Logan almost lost the match right there, to Epic. This IS for the World Title, so, Logan better be careful.

    Logan looks very pissed, and starts pounding on Epic. He does a Belly to Belly Suplex, and then applies the LoganShooter!!

    Kyle Steel: Logan dominated the match, but now it's over.. I didn't expect it to be very long...

    Zack Davis: Wait, no, Assasin and Tower are getting in the ring. They'll break it up.

    Assasin and Tower are both in the ring, but Tower turns to Assasin and does the Annihilation!! He takes off his mask, and is revealed to be Cyrus!!

    Zack Davis: Dammit, Logan, dammit!! That was the plan all along!! DAMMIT!

    Epic can't take the pain anymore, and taps out. Logan has retained his Title, thanks to Cyrus! Cyrus and Logan beat down on Assasin and Epic, and throw them out of the ring as Forever plays over the loudspeakers, and Lerch gets into the ring, smiling. Epic and Assasin are heading to the back, when Hellz Angel appears!

    Kyle Steel: What the hell.. What is he doing here!?

    He attacks Epic and Assasin! The Team of Treachery is still too self absorbed in the ring to notice them, though. Hellz has a black bat, and pounds on both Assasin and Epic. Epic manages to crawl away, but Assasin isn't as lucky. Hellz continues to pound on Assasin with the bat, and then Suplexes him on the steel ramp. The T.O.T. finally notices Hellz now, and a look of fear comes over their faces. They run into the crowd, each leaving a different way.

    Zack Davis: The entire Team of Treachery are all cowards.. But what the hell is Hellz Angel doing!?

    Hellz goes behind the curtain, and pulls out another casket! He throws Epic into it.

    Zack Davis: Is he gonna do the same thing he did to Mad Dog..?

    He shuts it, and locks it closed. Two ropes lower from the ceiling, and Hellz latches the casket onto them. They pull the casket up, and pyro shoots, hitting the casket! Hellz Angels Death March plays, and he walks away from the scene..

    Zack Davis: This is just crazy, but we're out of time.. See you at Blast!

    The WCF logo appears at the bottom of the screen, and the casket catches on fire as the scene closes.