The WCF Wednesday Night pyro goes off at the entryway, and the crowd roars. We zoom out to a full shot of the soldout arena, and many signs are being waved around. There is also a lottery wheel in the middle of the ring. We cut to the announcers booth.

Zack Davis: Hello and welcome to WCF Wednesday Night, and from the card we have, it will be action packed.

Kyle Steel: Damn straight. Can't wait to find out these Lethal Lottery teams...and we should have that coming up right, about, now!

Lethal Lottery Announcement

Red blasts of pyro go off around the stage, and Commissioner Drake Kannon walks out holding a bottle of Gatorade. He looks around the arena, takes a sip of Gatorade, nods his head, and starts down the ramp and into the ring. He walks around the ring, and grabs a mic from the ring announcer.

Drake Kannon: Now, I'm sure you all know why I am here...and that is to announce the members of the Lethal Lottery. I actually thought Seth Lerch was going to do this, but since he's not here, I guess I am going to. Here goes nothing.

He begins to spin the wheel, and the names of the wrestlers inside get mixed around. He then stops, and opens the door. He begins to reach in...the Mob Mentality theme hits, and the lights go off. Three small golden blasts shoot at the entryway, followed by one huge explosion. The lights come back on, and Rage is at the entryway. He walks quickly to the ring, ignoring the fans, and Kannon has paused. Rage rolls into the ring, and takes another mic.

Rage: Drake...Drake...Drake. No. Not now. Your a little impatient, my friend. Seth Lerch is just a little, uh, late right now. He WILL be here tonight! And he WILL announce the Lethal Lottery competitors! So just calm down, and wait a tad bit longer.

Drake Kannon: What's wrong, Rage? Why can't I just do it myself...I mean, it's not my fault that Lercho isn't here, and the fans want to know who is in this Lethal Lottery!

The fans pop, and Rage taps his foot impatiently. When they stop cheering, he talks some more.

Rage: Can't you damn commissioners stop sucking up to the crowd...but I, and Lerch, say that you are going to wait. I don't care about what ANYONE else says, your waiting. The fans are waiting. Those halfass announcers are waiting. Hell, I'm waiting. Now get out of this ring...before I have to remove you from it.

Kannon looks angry, and reluctantly rolls out of the ring. Rage snickers as Kannons theme plays again, and he heads to the back. Rage takes the Lottery Wheel and throws it out of the ring, sending it clashing onto the cement below. His music then plays again, and he jumps out of the ring. He walks quickly to the back.

Kyle Steel: Dammit! I wanted to find out...

Zack Davis: Looks like your just going to have to wait a little bit, Kyle. We now go to our first match, and I should point out it's really the first singles match since WCF re-opened.

Shotgun Kid vs Ken "Smooth As Silk" Karagias

Shotgun sound, and cowboy style music plays. The music plays and the Shotgun Kid comes out with two guns. He spins them around and laughs as the crowd boos. He runs to the ring and slides in. He gets on a turnbuckle and pyro shoots off behind him.

Pyro sprays and Ken Karagiaswalks through it. He raises his arms and looks cocky. He goes to the ring ropes, steps between them, and before he goes in he gives a few pelvic thrusts and steps in while the girls go nuts.

The two men circle the ring, being careful of each other. They eventually tie up, and Ken Karagias pushes Shotgun Kid down. Kid quickly gets up, and stares at Ken. He then leans against the ring ropes, and bounces off, and slides under Ken. As Ken turns around Kid punches him in the face a few times, then steps back, runs at Ken, and does a Running DDT. Kid then lays the stomps on Ken, and does a Standing Senton Splash. Ken rolls away in the nick of time, sending Kid's back crashing into the mat. Ken slides to the outside of the ring and then slingshots himself over, and does a Guillotine Legdrop. He pins, but Kid gets his shoulder up before the 3 count. He then runs up and onto the turnbuckle, and as Kid stands up tries a Verticle Bodypress. Kid does a Dropkick to the airborn Ken Karagias, and Ken falls down in a heap.

Zack Davis: Great action from these two cruiserweights.

Shotgun Kid stomps on Ken, and then picks him up by the head. He whips Karagias into the ropes, and stands at the opposite end of the ring. He does a Back Bodydrop, sending Ken over the top rope and tumbling outside. Ken starts standing, and Kid does a Slingshot Bodysplash over the top rope to the outside, sending both men to the ground. The referree, on the inside, begins counting for the men to get back in. Shotgun Kid is up first, and rolls Karagias into the ring. Karagias gets up, and kicks Kid as he is getting in the ring. He then executes an X-Factor. He pins Kid. 1...2...No. Kid barely kicks out. Kid slowly stands up, and Ken gets him in position for the Nightmare on Helms Street. Kid punches Ken in the side, and does the Gunz and Rosez.

Kyle Steel: He is setting him up for his finishing move..

Shotgun climbs up to the turnbuckle, and makes a gun sign with his hands. He then executes the Yahoo, and pins Ken Karagias. The ref counts, 1, 2, 3, Shotgun Kid wins the match.

Interview with Hellz Angel and Mad Dogg

Hellz Angel and Mad Dogg are sitting in the boiler room. David Schappel enters. He comes up to The Bloody}{awks with the camera man behind him.

David: Mr. Hellz Angel, you have a title defence tonight in a 4 way elimination match against Steve Carr, AJ Jam and Logan. They are pretty much the top competitors in this federation, is there anything you want to say?

Hellz Angel: David, you just said that Steve Carr, Logan and Jam are the top competitors... what were you smoking in the halls five minutes ago? I'm the World Champion, that means I AM THE TOP COMPETITOR! Until someone takes away my belt-- well actually my title, I am the World champ, and there is nothing those yella bastards can do about it!

David: Very well, but AJ Jam is trying to get to you by saying you're soft...

Mad Dogg: Excuse me, what's your name again?

David: I'm Davi---

Mad Dogg: It doesn't matter wh--

Hellz Angel: We're not doing the Logan scenes right now, save it until then.

Mad Dogg: Yeah, no problem.

Hellz Angel: AJ Jam is nothing but a dumb S.O.B. He called me soft and sais "well where is all the blood Hellz Angel?" Jam, you want to know where all the blood is? In your body until I split your head open and make your blood leak out... and when will that happen? Tonight is one, and two... this Saturday in this very ring because I'm challenging you to a First Blood Match, and it doesn't make a difference if you accept it or not, I will come to the ring anyway and split your head into two!

David: But is AJ Jam wins the match tonight, will he have to put the title on the line in the First Blood match?

Hellz Angel: What will be the point of that? IF I loose tonight to AJ Jam, I want Jam to keep the belt for at least a week or two, and that's IF he beats me.

David: Well what about Carr and Logan, if they team up on you and eliminate you, either Jam, Logan or Carr will be the new champion.

Hellz Angel: Their "tag team" wouln't last five minutes because they don't trust one another, and they all know they have no chance of beating me anyway. I'm a New Yorker David, and I know all kinds of people better than anyone else. I can speek like 20 different languages. The only one that I had difficulty learning was Japanese because I don't watch Sumo Wrestlign. I knew Steve Carr and AJ Jam my whole wrestlign career, and I bet they know me too and they know that once they step into the ring with me, they come out to be the loser.

David: Don't you think that you are a little bit overconfident?

Hellz Angel: Overconfident? I'm UNDERCONFIDENT! With my opponents in the ring, all I have to do is sit on a turnbuckle and watch them eliminate one another.

David: Well I heard Logan is quite pi$$ed off because you and Mad Dogg did those scenes with Logan and The Rock. Logan is very strong, and confident... do you think he has a master plan?

Hellz Angel: Well look how confident I am David, it makes you wonder if I have a master plan doesn't it?

Hellz Angel gets up and leaves the boiler room.

Mad Dogg: Yeah David..... what he said!

Mad Dogg leaves the boiler room and follows Hellz Angel.

Cyrus vs Death Skull: Hardcore Title Match

Cyrus walks out and does the Hardy Gun taunt he then walks out, and stands at the entryway. He is holding a steel chair.

First the lights go out. Then a loud, scary voice screams, "WELCOME TO HELL!" Then fire shoots down the entry ramp and then after that fire shoots out the turnbuckle. Then scary invasion music plays. Lights are still off and, "WELCOME TO HELL!" is heard again and then the lights go on. Death Skull walks out from the behind the curtain, and Cyrus hits him over the head with the chair. The bell rings.

Cyrus hits Death Skull multiple times with the chair, but Death Skull won't go down. Cyrus looks frustrated already, and throws away the chair. He then DDTs Death Skull on the ramp, and pins. The ref counts, and Death Skull manages to get the shoulder up at the last second. Cyrus then picks Death Skull up, and tries to whip him over the edge of the entryway, but Death Skull reverses it and Clotheslines Cyrus. Cyrus is down, and Death Skull picks him up and begins walking backstage with him. He punches him several times in the hallway, and people scream and run away from them as they walk down the hall. They stop in the middle, and Death Skull slams Cyrus' head into the wall. He then throws him against the other wall, and starts kicking him down. He grabs a janitors bucket, full of water, and puts it over Cyrus' head. Cyrus is soaked in water now, and Death Skull does a Standing Buzzsaw Kick. Cyrus falls down again, and Death Skull pins him. Cyrus kicks out at 2.

Kyle Steel: Great looking Hardcore match so far, but mostly Cyrus has been getting beat up. Lets see if he can come back from all this.

Cyrus is slowly getting up, and gives a low blow to Death Skull. Death Skull falls, holding his groin, and Cyrus starts kicking him below the belt. Cyrus then grabs a chair, and sets it up. He slams Death Skulls hand on it a few times, then pulls a table from the side of the hall. He rolls Death Skull onto it, and sets the chair in front. He runs back, jumps onto the chair and then onto Death Skull. He elevates himself high into the air using the chair, and lands hard on Death Skull, breaking the table. He pins him, and Death Skull amazingly kicks out before the 3 count. Cyrus looks astonished, as does the ref. Death Skull stands up, with an angry look on his face, and kicks Cyrus in the gut. Death Skull then does the Death Drop of Doom, and pins Cyrus. The ref makes the count, and Death Skull wins, making him the Hardcore Champion. Cyrus' face is busted open, and Death Skull raises his arm in victory. He then pulls something out of his kneepad...a metal plate!

Zack Davis: Death Skull had a metal plate hidden under his kneepad, which must have made his Death Drop of Doom a LOT more lethal. Let's hope Cyrus is OK..

Mad Dogg vs Outcast

The arena goes dark for ten seconds. Then an explosion of black and white pyros goes off. Outcast comes out to a huge pop from the crowd. He high-fives people at ring side. He points at the people in the back of the crowd. He slides into the ring and takes off his shirt. He then throws it to the crowd.

The music starts playing and the lights flash as Mad Dogg runs to the ring through the crowd, with a chair. He slides into the ring and starts "playing the chair" like a guitar as pyro shoots out from the turnbuckles. Outcast watches, laughing to himself, and Mad Dogg notices. He gets angry, and throws the chair at Outcast. He isn't DQed, as the match hasn't officially begun yet. The bell rings; NOW the match has started.

Mad Dogg pounds away at Outcast with his foot, and eventually Outcast just rolls out of the ring. Mad Dogg stays in the ring, laughing at his opponent, and taunting the crowd. The crowd then boos him loudly, causing him to only taunt the crowd more. He climbs up the turnbuckle, yelling at them, as Outcast rolls into the ring. He runs up to Dogg and does a Forearm from behind. He then climbs up the turnbuckle with him and does a Super Backdrop. He pins, only a 2 count. Outcast then scoops him up, and slams him down. Outcast then climbs the turnbuckle and attempts a Flying Elbow Drop, but Mad Dogg rolls away in the nick of time. Outcast clutches his elbow, and Dogg puts him in an Armbreaker, whick cranks on the already hurt elbow of Outcast. Outcast screams in pain, but oddly enough has a sick smile on his face. He can't reach the ropes, and Dogg keeps the hold on, but Outcast just won't give up. Dogg realizes this, and eventually lets go. He then stomps on Outcast's arm some more, and then picks him up. He tries to lift him up for a Gorrilla Press Drop, but Outcast wriggles free, dropping behind him. As Dogg turns around he is met with a punch to the face, and then Outcast irish whips him to the turnbuckle. He runs at him, and does the Sick Twist. He then climbs up the turnbuckle with Dogg, and gets him in position for the Black Out. He does it perfectly, and pins. 1, 2, 3, Outcast wins the match.

Steve Carr vs AJ Jam vs Logan vs Champion Hellz Angel: World Title Match

The lights turn off and a red strobe light flashes on the entrance. Steve Carr comes out and raises his arms in the air; the light stops flashing. It follows him to the ring as he slaps the fan's hands. He steps over the ropes and the lights turn back on. He then takes his shirt off and stretches.

AJ Jam comes out with a mic, yelling to the crowd to throw their hands up. He walks out and holds his arms out straight while bobbing his head to the music as pyro sprays from the ceiling. He is slapping hands on his way to the ring, and slides in and does the spinning taunt like D'Von Dudley. He then sets his sights on Carr, and immediatly Clotheslines him.

Logan walks slowly down the ramp punching the air. As he enters the ring he goes through the middle rope, and stands, watching Carr and Jam brawling.

The lights turn off completely. Huge flames of fire explode and keep burning along the sides of the ramp. Hellz Angel, the WCF World Champion, walks out and looks around at the crowd. He shakes his head and climbs into the ring slowly as the lights come back on. Logan runs at him, and punches him down. The bell rings.

Jam and Carr are brawling on the inside of the ring, and Logan and Hellz Angel on the outside. Hellz has a vicious look on his face as he punches Logan, then he slams Logans head into the turnbuckle from the outside. He leaves Logan lay, and rolls inside the ring. Jam has just now gotten Carr down, and Hellz does a Schoolboy from behind.

Kyle Steel: How ironic. Thats how Jam lost at the Battle Royal...

This time, Jam manages to get out of it, keeping himself in the match. Jam lays on the ground, getting back his breath, but Carr gets back up. He starts stomping on Jam. He then looks toward Hellz, and decks him too. Hellz stumbles back, and Carr pins AJ. The ref counts, but Jam again kicks out. Carr frowns, and picks up AJ by his head. He then whips Jam to the ropes, and does a Big Boot as he comes back. Hellz then sneaks up from behind, and Low Blows Carr. Logan is back up, and rolls into the ring. He runs at Hellz, only to get another punch straight to the head. He stumbles backwards, and Hellz Clotheslines him down to the mat. He starts stomping on his face, and a bit of blood comes out from Logans forehead. Hellz smiles sadisticly, and keeps stomping on it some more. Carr runs up behind Hellz, and does a Bulldog. Jam is back up now also, and stomps on Hellz with Carr. Hellz rolls out of the ring.

Zack Davis: Not a smart move by our champion...if someone in that ring is pinned or submits, he will lose his belt!

Logan is up at the other end of the ring, and dives through the middle rope, with a Suicide Dive. He misses Hellz, and hits his head square on the guardrail. More blood is oozing down his face, and as he again stands up Hellz does a Clothesline from Hell to him. He sets grabs a chair from ringside, and sets it on the ground. The ref is too busy watching Carr and Jam to notice, and Hellz Angel executes the Hellz Face to Logan, onto the chair.

Kyle Steel: Hey...look toward the entryway. Its Seth and Shannan Lerch, and they are heading this way. We will find out the Lethal Lottery teams as soon as this match is over!

Shannan walks over to the commentators booth, and sits down with them. She grabs the headphones and puts them on.

Shannan Lerch: Yes, yes, your goddess is back...and first thing I notice is that Logan is basicly dead, and definitly out of this match. Here come the paramedics. And, yes, you WILL find out the Lethal Lottery after this match.

Back to the match. Hellz just rolls into the ring now, he was watching Lerch suspiciously before. And the paramedics have taken Logan away, this is now a 3 Way Dance. Carr executes an Ultimate Powerbomb to Jam, and pins him. Right before the ref counts 3, Hellz kicks Carr, breaking up the count. Carr punches Hellz back, and we..again..look toward the entryway. Two men are carrying a casket down to the ring. They set down the casket, and then leave as quickly as they came. Carr looks suspiciously at it, and Hellz Angel runs at him and punches him from behind. Carr turns around, and punches Hellz back. He then does the Ultimate Stunner. The casket is slowly opening, and a man in a mask gets out. Carr pins Hellz, but the ref is pulled from the ring! The masked man pulled him out, and then did a Mace Drop to him. He takes off his mask...sure is MACE! The bell rings, and the match is a No Contest.

Shannan Lerch: WHOA...he is pretty cute..for a dead guy.


Even Jam looks surprised at this, and Mace rolls into the ring. Carr gets in his face, and Mace punches him down. He then throws Carr out of the ring, and goes out after him. Mace and Carr exchange punches on the outside, and brawl around the ring and up the entryway, and eventually backstage. Jam slowly follows them, simply watching, and amazed. The ref hands Hellz his World Title, which he barely retained, and Hellz runs backstage next, eager to see the fight.

Lethal Lottery Announcement

Seth Lerch now rolls into the ring, and takes a mic.

Seth Lerch: That was...weird...and I knew nothing about it..anyhow, I have the Lethal Lottery Teams right here, on THIS very list.

He pulls a piece of paper out from his pocket. It has several teams written on it.

Seth Lerch: Alright, here they are. Shotgun Kid, and Wreck. Cyrus, and Death Skull. Jam, and Mad Dogg. Carr, and Karagias. Hellz Angel, and Outcast. Triple Sykx, and The Wizard. Tincer, and Psyco.

Kyle Steel: Even after everything we have seen tonight, I have to say those are some, uh, "interesting" teams.

Seth Lerch: Now, if you look at the number of teams, we have a slight problem. Its an odd number. No, no one is getting a free win...but on Saturday Night, the first match of the tournament will be Jam and Mad Dogg vs Carr and Karagias vs Hellz Angel and Outcast. Watch it on Saturday to find out what happens...and thats all the time we have.

The Copyright Logo shows up at the bottom of the screen, and we fade out, awaiting a great Saturday Slam.