Aftermath Intro
Chris Avery vs Allen Guiliano vs Johnny Anthrax
Logan Segment
Dake Ken vs Tank Reaper
US Title: Ryan Daniels vs Mikami
Gravedigger/Seth Lerch Segment
Corey Black vs Logan/Jack of Blades
Mikami Segment
World Title: Johnny Reb vs Torture

Aftermath Intro

Fresh Blood by Eels hits, the Aftermath 09 theme, and Aftermath is on the air! Pyro explodes everywhere and the fans roar just a little louder than usual. We go to our announcers.

Zach Davis: Welcome to Aftermath! We have an amazing show tonight, and I'm truly excited.

Shannan Lerch: We have a GREAT World Title match tonight, a big grudge match, and the return of Gravedigger.

Luscious Jackson: And I'm Luscious Jackson!

Zach Davis: No one cares.

Shannan Lerch: Seriously though, great card. Torture up against Johnny Reb tonight.

Zach Davis: What a heated feud this has become, and quite frankly I never saw it coming. Johnny Reb has been stuck in the undercard for a while up until his lucky break and proved himself up against Dake Ken, and managed to become the number one contender.

Luscious Jackson: He's never faced anyone like Torture, though. This is going to be the fight of Johnny Reb's life.

Zach Davis: Speaking of "fight of a life," we have Corey Black in a No DQ match up against the Team of Treachery, Logan and Jack of Blades.

Shannan Lerch: That is going to be a good one. A GREAT one. That is going to be the best match of the year.

Luscious Jackson: Gee, I wonder why!

Zach Davis: There is no love lost between these two groups. Logan and Blades hate Black for embarrassing them on Slam, and they retaliated by having Black arrested and assaulting one of his MCE friends. This match is going to be brutal.

Shannan Lerch: We also have a US Title match, with Ryan Daniels and Mikami finally getting their hands on each other. They've been booked to team with each other all month, and although they've fought each other one on one before, things are even more personal now.

Luscious Jackson: We got Dake Ken up against my man Tank Reaper. Ken cock blocked Reaper by getting mad Reaper wanted to impress his woman and hit him with the Bitch Kick, so now they're fightin' it out.

Zach Davis: And in our opening match, we have the newly freed Chris Avery taking on Allen Guiliano and Johnny Anthrax.

Shannan Lerch: Anthrax lost against Logan last week but put up much more of a fight than anyone expected so I'm excited for this one.

Zach Davis: And don't forget... we also saw Gravedigger return on Slam, though he didn't say a word. He had a new look and a new attitude... and according to Seth Lerch, he WILL make an appearance tonight.

Shannan Lerch: I'm scared for my brother. Hopefully he's smart and just fires him right away...

Chris Avery vs "Slickie T" Allen Guiliano vs Johnny Anthrax

Zach Davis: Time for our opening bout!

The lights go out and Let It Rock by Kevin Rudolf blares through the sound system. The arena boos as the lights flash back on on time with a set of fireworks on the stage. Chris Avery steps out onto the stage and smiles at all of the fans that are boo'ing. Ignoring each and every one of them he slides into the ring puts out his hands like 'what? You kidding me? I'm the best'. He awaits his opponent.

Shannan Lerch: Chris Avery, former associate of Torture, a great wrestler in his own right.

The arena fades to black as a red, white, and green spotlights begin to circle the crowd and a red glow appears on the left side of the stage, a white glow in the middle, and a green glow on the right, as “Gravesend (Lake of Fire)” by Lordz of Brooklyn begins to blast over the speakers and the three lights come together in the center of the stage where Slickie T stands with his back turned to the crowd, his arms extended to form the shape of a “T”. He watches as the screen shows a roulette wheel spinning as the pill comes to settle on the green 00 space and the camera zooms in on the pill until the screen becomes completely white and then “Slickie T the Ace of Hardcore” scrolls across the screen in black in front of a waving Italian flag. Slickie then quickly turns as the pill settles in the 00 space and red, white, and green pyros explode behind him as he slowly makes his way down the ramp, slapping hands with those who are reaching out to him. As he reaches the ring, he quickly climbs the ring stairs, looking out over the crowd before grabbing the top rope and vaulting over the top of it and into the middle of the ring. After glancing over the crowd with a thin smile on his face, he climbs a turnbuckle and throws his arms out once again to form a “T” before backflipping off the top turnbuckle and back into the middle of the ring as the lights come up once again.

Luscious Jackson: "Slickie T" Allen Guiliano, newcomer to WCF but I already like the look of this guy.

The lights flicker on and off and Metallica's Cyanide kick starts the audience into gear. Headbangers begin to bang, drinkers drink, and women start flashing. The vibration of the heavy riffs are gettin' some of the older women off as Anthrax makes his way to the stage with an array of fireworks with his right fist in the air. The crowd begins to sing along after the first chorus and cheers begin to pick up as Anthrax jumps to the apron then steps into the ring, spinning around taking a look out at the crowd then running to the ropes and pumping his fist back into the air as a huge explosion from all four ring posts blast into the air. The fire dies down as the lights come back on and the camera zooms in on the sadistic smile of Johnny Anthrax.

Zach Davis: And lastly, Johnny Anthrax, who almost defeated Logan last week!

The bell rings. Anthrax runs at Avery, but Avery simply tosses him over the top rope to the floor.

Shannan Lerch: Oof.

In that time, Slickie T takes the advantage and attacks Avery from behind. He hits a few forearms before spinning Avery around and hitting a Snap Suplex. Guiliano quickly pins Avery, but Avery kicks out right before two. Slickie T picks Avery up, but Avery pushes him away and goes for a kick. Slickie T catches the kick and then hits a Dragonscrew Legwhip!

Luscious Jackson: Good counter!

This time, Slickie T kicks Avery a few times. He then climbs to the top rope... and executes a 450 Splash!

Zach Davis: Wow!

But Avery rolls away! Guiliano crashes into the mat. Anthrax slides in and uses this to his advantage, rolling Slickie T up in a pin.



Avery quickly breaks it up. Avery picks Anthrax up and hits a Sitout DDT before pinning him.



This time Slickie T breaks it up. Slickie then picks Avery up, but Avery fights back yet again.

Shannan Lerch: Avery just won't stay down!

Avery hits Slickie T with a Snap Suplex of his own now. Slickie T gets back to his feet but Avery kicks him hard in the gut, sending him into the corner. Avery then backs up a bit, runs, and hits the Stinger Splash! The crowd pops.

Zach Davis: This could be it!

Slickie T stumbles out of the corner, and Avery catches him, getting him ready for a Piledriver and signalling for the Chi-Town Smash.

Luscious Jackson: Aw damn here we go y'all!

But no, knowing what's coming, Slickie T uses his strength to hit a Backdrop, sending Avery over the top rope! He then turns towards Anthrax, who is just getting up, and catches him... and executes an Unprettier!

Shannan Lerch: He calls that the T-Bone!

Slickie T makes the pin.




Zach Davis: Slickie T wins his debut match!

Guiliano's music hits, and he stands up as the ref raises his hand in the air.

Shannan Lerch: Very impressive debut here for Slickie T.

Luscious Jackson: I think we'll be seeing some great things from this man.

Guiliano slides out of the ring and heads to the back.

Logan Segment

We cut to the WCF parking lot, where several people have surrounded a car. Or, what used to be a car, anyway. The windshields have been smashed, and someone has spraypainted a smiling face on the hood. There is a novelty license place on the front that reads HTDG LVR.

Zach Davis: HTDG LVR... Hot dog lover?

Shannan Lerch: I'd know that back seat anywhere! That's Logan's car!

Luscious Jackson: Eh oh.

The crowd is murmering, and eventually starts to leave, not wanting to be there when Logan arrives to see his car having been destroyed.

Zach Davis: Could this be the work of Gravedigger?!

Shannan Lerch: Guess we'll find out later tonight!

Dake Ken vs Tank Reaper

Fireworks explode on the ramp, and everyone quickly turns their attention to it. Sympathy by Non Divine hits the speakers and the crowd goes nuts. Tank Reaper walks slowly out on the stage putting both arms in the air ala Stone Cold Steve Austin. The crowd again reaches their feet and cheers for their new favorite wrestler. Tank walks down the ramp pointing to his opponent in the ring and then pointing to the crowd for the approval of his fan base. Tank reaches the ring, where he pulls himself up onto the apron, and then steps his seven foot body over the ropes. Flashbulbs light from every which direction for the simple fact that Tank is one hell of an athlete to look at. Tank taunts one more time in the center of the ring for good measure. Fireworks explode off the ring posts and Tank's music stops.

Zach Davis: Reaper going one on one with Dake Ken..

Luscious Jackson: Dake Ken wants that World Title on Torture's waist.

"Bow Down" by Born of Osiris hits on the PA system. The lights dim down as the guitars and drums hit as spot lights focus on the curtain. Dake pops out from behind the curtain with both arms raised. He pauses for a moment and looks around the arena, soaking in the fan reaction, before lowering his arms and starting down the ramp. He slaps a few fans' hands as he makes his way to the ring. He walks over to the steps and quickly walks up them. He plays to the crowd a bit before stepping into the ring and making his way to the far turnbuckle. He hops up onto the second rope and poses to the crowd.

Shannan Lerch: The fans really love both of these stars.

Zach Davis: Dake Ken! Tank Reaper! The bell just rang..

Luscious Jackson: Here we go!

Tank and Dake circle each other before they tie up. And by tie up I mean Dake holds up one of Tank Reapers arms, but Tank shakes his head no and shoves him into the turnbuckle. Dake stumbles out and Tank hits a big boot of sorts. Dake hits the mat. Tank gets the cheers. Dake rolls to his feet and drop kicks Tank in the back of the leg, Tank doesn't go down though, and Dake dropkicks the midsection of the front side of Tank. Still not going down. Dake hits the ropes and clotheslines Tank Reaper. Still doesn't fall. Dake hits the ropes and when he returns, Tank hits a huge right hand sending Dake back against the ropes, flipping over and falling on to the apron. Tank walks over and bends over the ropes to pick up Dake, but he rolls back into the ring and flips his legs over and Tank falls over the top ropes and on the ground he goes!

Zach Davis: Listen to the crowd!

Shannan Lerch: Really surprised both men are getting cheers.

Tank gets up and shakes it off just as Dake slides out and rolls Tank back in. All six foot five of Dake Ken now in charge of the match. Dake rolls in and Tank steps toward him but gets armbar flipped by Dake making Tank land on his back. Dake hits a quick leg drop. Dake pins, but Tank throws him off. Tank gets to his knees but much slower than Dake who is already up and hitting another clothesline as Tank is still on his knees. Tank slams back into the corner. Dake steps backwards and hits the Bitch Kick right on Tank whose still sitting in the corner. Tank covers up his face as Dake taunts to the crowds pleasing attitude. Tank uses the ropes to help himself up when Dake begins an onslaught of punches and kicks to Tank Reaper. Tank blocks one finally, and just shoves Dake backwards into the mat. Dake rolls up and Tank levels him with a clothesline.

Luscious Jackson: Eww dog. That was nastay!

Tank bends down and picks up Dake by his head. He then picks up Dake over his own head and threatens to throw him over the top rope where the ref stops him. The ref suggests he not do it as he may throw Dake over the guardrail and into the crowd. Tank slams Dake down on his back and pins. Only a 2 count. Dake gets to his feet slowly again and Tank throws him into the ropes and then puts him into a sleeper. Dake has his neck swarmed by the very muscular and large arms of Tank Reaper. Dake tries to reach the ropes but Tank won't let him. Dake tries to reach for the ref and another set of ropes but Tank, again, won't let him. Dake hits one knee. Reaper keeps the hold on. Dake hits another knee. Dake Ken is just about passed out. The ref comes over and picks up the arm of Dake. It drops.


Shannan Lerch: Uh oh!

The arm of Dake Ken goes back in the air and drops back down.


Luscious Jackson: Tank is about to win my familia.

The arm of Dake goes back into the air but never drops. The fans come alive for the mighty Dake Ken! Tank begins to laugh and shake his head no. Dake gets to one knee, with one leg firmly in the mat. He bends himself upwards and gets to both feet. Tank tries to keep the hold on, but Dake sends a few elbows to the mid-section and Tank releases the sleeper. Dake runs and hits the ropes, but when he returns, Tank puts the sleeper right back on! Dake looks to be running out of gas.

Zach Davis: Oh! I thought Dake was going to get out of it, but Tank applies the pressure once again!

The crowd begins to chants DAKE! DAKE! DAKE! DAKE!. Ken feels it, and begins to 'power up' and elbows Tank in the midsection again, Tank releases the sleeper hold and Dake picks up Tank Reaper on his shoulders and hits a death valley driver!!

Luscious Jackson: !!!!!


Shannan Lerch: Dake Ken is more powerful than ever!

Dake Ken gets to his feet and turns around, Tank Reaper is slow to get up. Dake punches at Tank runs and hits the ropes. Tank bends down on the rebound of Dake and picks him up and slams him into the corner turnbuckles. He then picks up Dake and sits him up on the top rope. A woman yells out from the crowd for Tank.

Zach Davis: Who is that woman?

Shannan Lerch: Just a crazed fan, Zach.

The woman lifts up her shirt and shows her huge breast! The crowd cheers as Tank Reapers eyes open wide and he puts his arms into the air to cheer! Dake notices the chance to win. Dake wraps his arm over the throat and under the right arm of Tank. Dake leaps off the top rope and slams Tank Reaper back to the mat.

Zach Davis: He just hit him with the Urnage Slam! It might be over!


Shannan Lerch: It is over! Dake Ken wins!

Luscious Jackson: Dake Ken wins, but damn.. who was those boobies?

Zach Davis: Shut it Jackson. Dake Ken with a win here could solidify his improvement to get back to the main event scene!

Shannan Lerch: Certainly looking better after his loss to Johnny Reb just a few weeks ago. He might be the next one in line.

Luscious Jackson: Seriously, that was one awesome fan.

Dake helps Tank to his feet and Tank is clearly mad at himself. Dank taunts and leaves the ring as does Tank Reaper. The crowd cheers for both men.

Ryan Daniels vs Mikami

Zach Davis: Time for our US Title match of the night!

Voice: Welcome to Hollywood, may all your dreams come true

The suspenceful tone of the intro plays as the violins set the lets to flicker red.


Guitars hits and the crowd is on their feet and pyro rains down on the entrance ramp and Ryan Daniels emerges from the back with a random T-shirt on he stands underneath the pyro, his head bowed as the intro continues to play. After it finishes the pyro stops and Ryan walks down the ramp

This is a wake up call
To all who their eyes
This is our hope,
Hopeless beaten strife

HE stops at the middle and starts to hop up and down, getting himself hyped up and ready for his match.

You kill the messenger not to hear it
It doesn't mean it never happened
It doesn't mean it never happened

He runs up the ring steps and slingshots into the ring. HE runs up the turnbuckles and stop, one foot on the top buckle and the other on the second he points out tot he crowd, mouthing the chorus to the song.

"This is our mission
statement to go show the world
We must survive"

HE hops off the turnbuckle and removes his shirt as the music starts to fade out.

Luscious Jackson: Here is good old Ryan Daniels.

The lights go out and "The End of Everything" by Trivium plays. Two spotlights shine on the ramp entrance revealing Mikami standing there with his arms crossed. At the part of the song when the chanting starts, Mikami walks down the ramp and the lights follow him. He climbs into the ring and raises his arms, palms up, as the music ends.

Shannan Lerch: Mikami looks especially focused tonight, Zach.

Zach Davis: He sure does!

The bell rings, and Daniels scoffs at Mikami. Daniels starts flexing, trying to show how strong he is.

Luscious Jackson: All month, Daniels has been tryin' to prove himself to Mikami in their tag matches, and-

Mikami will have none of it. He doesn't even humor Daniels, hitting a stiff Dropkick before stomping at him mercilessly. He picks Daniels up quickly and hits a few more kicks, sending Daniels retreating to the turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: Wow! Mikami is on fire tonight.

Shannan Lerch: He's vicious.

Mikami grabs Daniels, climbing up onto the turnbuckle himself, and proceeds to execute a Diamond Dust!

Luscious Jackson: Wow! What a move.

Mikami then climbs to the top rope, wasting no time. He pauses briefly, steadying himself, before flying off with a Shooting Star Senton!

Zach Davis: The Hammer of Justice!

Mikami pins Ryan Daniels.




Zach Davis: And there you have it, folks.

Mikami stands up and takes the US Title back from the ref before immediately leaving the ring and heading to the back.

Shannan Lerch: No cryptic messages from some unknown stranger tonight.

Zach Davis: What a relief!

Gravedigger/Seth Lerch Segment

Master of Puppets hits the speakers and out walks WCF Owner, Seth Lerch. He receives a mixed reaction from the crowd.

Shannan Lerch: Well, it looks like the fans are over the huge cheers and all that he got during the Dark Side era.

Zach Davis: Indeed it does, Shannan. Your brother is about to be face-to-face with Gravedigger in a few moments.

3 men walk out from the back wearing black shirts with the word SECURITY written on the front of the shirts in white letters.

Zach Davis: Not surprised at all to see Seth with some security with him. That's a smart idea being in there with Gravedigger. You never know who is going to be with him when he comes to the ring. Dobbie and Chester are on the injured list for an undetermined amount of time.

Shannan Lerch: Yeah, Logan and Jack of Blades really did a number on them a couple of weeks ago which prompted Gravedigger's return last week. His escort, valet, or whatever she's called spoke for him because he was apparently too pissed off to speak. She claims he has vowed vengeance and will perform it soon.

Seth Lerch is finally in the ring and he walks around the ring looking out at the crowd. He walks over to the side of the ring and asks for a microphone. A ringside attendant hands him one and he lifts it up.

Seth Lerch: Yeah, so I'm going to cut to the chase. Gravedigger, I want to see you here right now in the ring. We have issues to address.

The lights go out. They stay off for about 15 seconds or so with complete silence before the opening sounds of "Awaiting the Turmoil" by Valley of the Dead starts playing. Smoke starts filling the entryway and stops as the song gets halfway through. The smoke starts to slowly fade away and Gravedigger can be seen standing in the entryway with Jessie by his side. Jessie has a black dress on that stops just below her knees. Her hair is hanging down around her shoulders. She has black and white facepaint on, done in the tribal design. A design different from last week. Gravedigger is wearing black pants and a black muscle shirt. His hair is still in black and white strands, his face covered in an almost identical design with the same colors as Jessie's.

Gravedigger walks out onto the ramp and stands at the top. The crowd starts booing harshly, raining hate down upon the former WCF owner. Gravedigger's face is expressionless as he stares out at the crowd. His gaze finally falls upon Seth in the ring and he locks eyes with him and starts walking down the ramp. Gravedigger reaches the bottom and climbs the ring steps. He pulls up the second rope, allowing Jessie to climb into the ring. Gravedigger then steps through the top rope and middle rope.

He walks over to where Seth Lerch is standing as the lights come back on. The security guards with Seth step up, thinking Gravedigger is about to attack him, but Seth holds his hand up and waves them back. Gravedigger's facial expression finally changes as the right side of his upper lip raises up in a sneer at Seth.

Seth Lerch: Wipe that look off your face, Gravedigger. If ANYONE should have that look on their face it should be ME, Seth Lerch. I'm the one who is in charge now. You've lost all your power and judging from a couple of weeks ago, you've lost your advantage in numbers. Not only are you no longer in charge around here, you're just another person in the lockerroom, all by yourself. You've got majority of the lockerroom pissed off at you and likely wanting to pay you back for the hell you put us through. It's about high time you answer for what you've done!

The crowd cheers like crazy. Gravedigger looks around at the crowd and smirks. He turns and looks at Jessie who walks over and asks for a microphone. She is handed one and walks back over to Gravedigger. Everyone expects her to lift it up and talk like last week but Gravedigger holds his hand out and is handed the mic. He lifts it up.

Gravedigger: Do you...HONESTLY....think I give a damn how people feel about me?

Seth Lerch starts to answer, but Gravedigger interrupts him.

Gravedigger: Do you...HONESTLY...think I care if I have no back-up and will have to watch my back?

Seth Lerch starts to answer again, but is once more interrupted by Gravedigger.

Gravedigger: Shut the hell up, Lerch. These are rhetorical questions!

Seth Lerch looks angry at Gravedigger.

Seth Lerch: Who the hell do you think you are? You think you can tal--

Gravedigger interrupts Seth again by getting in his face.

Gravedigger: I'm Gravedigger, the Epitome of Hardcore!

The security guards step up and Gravedigger turns from Seth and gets in their faces.

Gravedigger: What are you goons going to do? You going to throw me out of the ring, you going to put me down? Go ahead, you scum-sucking leeches! I'm BEGGING you to lay your hands on me. Not only will I physically destroy you, I will sue this company for all it is worth. HIT ME!!

The three security guards slowly back off and go back to the other side of the ring. Gravedigger turns back to Seth.

Gravedigger: WHO AM I? I'm the man who planted you on your head 23 weeks ago and took over this company! I'm the man that nearly destroyed this place just because I freakin felt like it! I'm the man who you had to throw everything at to stop me! I'm the man who has made your life hell for months!

Seth Lerch is looking really angry by this point.

Gravedigger: So I hear that everyone has been wondering where I've been, they've been wondering what I've been up to. I was training. I was getting ready.

Seth's face changes from that of anger to curiosity.

Seth Lerch: Ready for what?

Gravedigger: My run at the WCF world title.

The crowd goes nuts and Seth gets pissed off again.

Seth Lerch: Do you really think after the months of hell I went through that you'll be getting a shot at the world title? ESPECIALLY since I'm now the owner again?

Gravedigger grins at Seth and looks like he's in disbelief.

Gravedigger: I'm amused, Lerch. You actually think that you being the owner and me being some lowly wrestler on your payroll means something.

Seth nods at Gravedigger and shrugs like it should mean something.

Gravedigger: You think that just because you're the owner of this garbage wrestling promotion that you can just walk around denying title shots as you see fit.

Seth nods again, as if Gravedigger is correct.

Gravedigger: Did you hear me ASK for a title shot? NO! I'm taking one. Even if I have to eliminate every scum-sucking leech in the back there to get it.

Seth Lerch: TRY IT! I'll have you barred from the arena and make sure you have a police escort so that you're not allowed anywhere near the arena until it's time for your matches. I'll make every match of yours a lumberjack match and personally referee them myself!

Gravedigger grins and starts to say something, but Seth interrupts him.

Seth Lerch: You know what? Let's drop it for now. I'll address this with you later. I want to talk about the incident with the Team of Treachery and your fellow Dark Side members.

Gravedigger's grin fades from his face and changes into anger.

Gravedigger: You know, I love how you sit here and say that people can't go around injuring other people, but here we stand in the ring a couple of weeks after my brother and Dobbie were hospitalized at the hands of Logan and Jack of Blades.

Seth holds his hands up in defense.

Seth Lerch: Hey, can you blame me??? You guys made my life hell, did you honestly expect me to ride out there on a white horse like some kind of knight in shining armor and save the day? Doesn't matter anyway, seems like you're getting into their heads after what happened last week!

Gravedigger: Yeah, Jessie said that they were going to get theirs soon. And they will!

Seth looks at Gravedigger with a confused look.

Seth Lerch: No, I was talking about how you've been messing with them with the action figure last week, ruining Logan's car, and the messages and all that.

Gravedigger laughs.

Gravedigger: You think that was ME? I don't play such childish pranks. If I wanted to do something to them, it would be either in the ring or with a chair in hand. I play my mind games either on the microphone or in the ring.

Seth looks at Gravedigger's face for a few seconds and then nods.

Seth Lerch: Ok, so maybe it wasn't you. Look, I'll make you a deal. If you handle the problem I have with ToT, I will THINK about granting you that title shot.

Gravedigger starts to say something but Seth holds his hand up and continues.

Seth Lerch: Yeah, yeah, I know. You don't need permission, but it would be easier if you did. Unless you just want to hurt everyone.

Gravedigger grins.

Gravedigger: That is why I'm the Epitome of Hardcore.

Seth holds his hand out for a handshake. Gravedigger looks down at it and laughs.

Gravedigger: Kiss my ass, Lerch.

Gravedigger turns around as "Awaiting the Turmoil" by Valley of the Dead starts playing. Gravedigger climbs out of the ring and helps Jessie down. He walks back up the ramp backwards, staring at Lerch who is pissed off in the ring. Gravedigger walks back behind the curtain as Seth exits the ring.

Corey Black vs Logan/Jack of Blades
No Disqualification Match

The crowd is buzzing, and a spotlight hits somewhere in the crowd. No music, pyro, video, or anything. Standing there is Corey Black, wearing his hoodie with the hood up. He makes his way through the crowd as they cheer him on. Corey then hops the security barricade and rolls into the ring. He throws the devil horns to the crowd, and they do the same. Corey then sits in a corner, waiting for the match to begin.

Say Anything "Chia-Like, I Shall Grow" BLASTS the speakers. Logan comes sprinting down the ramp, he slides in the ring spearing Black down and showering him with punches. The two roll around the ring kicking and scarping. Ennio Morricone's 'Das Duell' begins to play. Jack of Blades enters the arena, a brown clip board tucked to his side.

Zach Davis: What's that?

Shannan Lerch: The police report!

Showing off her super vision.

Luscious Jackson: I could've told you that. Yo.

Jack of Blades stands ringside watching Logan snap suplex Corey's body. After going over the tightly snug documents in the police report, Jack enters the ring. Walking over to his partner Logan glimpses over the report as well and turns to shake his head at Corey Black in disappointment, however, Corey is already to his feet and manages to attack Logan with a surprising closeline that sends him reeling over the top rope.

Shannan Lerch: BOO!

Corey Black turns to Jack of Blades. The two meet eyes. Blades presents the report to Black, looking over him with a frown, Black stares. Logan begins regaining himself on the outside to which Corey notices, taking his eyes off Jack he is slapped over the forehead with clipboard containing the police report. Corey Black stumbles backwards, Logan reaches underneath the bottom rope and pulls his feet out from under him.

Zach Davis: There's the numbers game..

Corey goes down, Jack throws the clipboard into the crowd and strolls over to Corey dropping a knee against his skull. Logan slides into the ring and sends stiff kicks to Black's knee. Jack of Blades grabs Black's leg holding it up, Logan charges across the ring drop kicking Black's knee.

Zach Davis: Early 'warmings' of the Loganshooter.

Corey grasps knee and tries to limp up to his feet. Jack of Blades dives forward tackling the back of Black's leg taking him down. Logan joins the assault kicking away at Corey's knee. Black rolls amongst the ring in agony. Jack and Logan go into a huddle quietly discussing to one another, every now and then they peek out from their little huddle and crack smiles at Corey Black whom is still on the mat nursing his knee. The two reach an agreement and march over to Black. Logan grabs Corey's legs and flips him over locking him into a sharpshooter, Jack of Blades wraps his fists around the face of Black adding more pain to pain with a crossface. Corey Black's eyes light up and an agonizing howl escapes his lungs.

Zach Davis: That has to be painful.

Luscious Jackson: He's screaming like that white chick I was doing last night. Yo.

Feeling comfortable with themselves, Logan and Jack look back to each other while keeping the hold in and share their opinions on the latest 'All American Rejects’ album. Corey Black can't put up with the pain or their gossip... and he taps. The bell rings signifying ToT the victors.

Shannan Lerch: Haha! The All American Rejects talk was too much for Corey.

Zach Davis: His heart really wasn't in this match.

Suddenly, Awaiting the Turmoil by Valley of the Dead hits.

Shannan Lerch: Uh oh.

GRAVEDIGGER runs out from the back and slides into the ring! Not ready for it, Logan and Jack of Blades quickly try to hit a Double Clothesline, but Gravedigger ducks. GD bounces off the ropes then Clotheslines both men down! Jack quickly rolls out of the ring. Logan gets to his feet, however, and picks him up.... hitting the Death Driver!

Luscious Jackson: Gravedigger assaulting the Team of Treachery!

Jack of Blades pulls Logan out of the ring, pulling him towards the entryway. Gravedigger yells from the ring at them, talking trash. Jack of Blades yells back, and eventually Logan regains enough composure to yell back also, fire in his eyes.

Zach Davis: Whatever happens with this situation, it isn't going to be pretty.

The Team of Treachery leaves behind the curtain, leaving Gravedigger alone in the ring.

Mikami Segment

Zach Davis: And now, time for the main event.

Luscious Jackson: And it's a good one, Torture defending against Johnny Reb.

Shannan Lerch: Oh, this is going to be sweet.

Shannan's cackling is interrupted by Mikami's Trivium theme.

Luscious Jackson: The hell? He already had his match!

Zach Davis: If you'll remember, he did say last week that he was going to reveal some big secret about Seth Lerch tonight.

Shannan Lerch: Oh yeahhhhhh.

Mikami has walked down to the ring, still in his wrestling attire and holding a microphone.

Mikami: Oh, Seth? You forgot something. But I, I did not forget. And I have taken steps to ensure that there will be no meddling this time, but just in case, I am doing this right here, right now, whether you are here or not. Roll it.

The JumboTron displays footage of an episode of Sunday Slam, with a date in the corner reading "21/12/08". The scene is The Dark Side beating Seth Lerch and forcing him to sign over WCF.

Shannan Lerch: Oh God, I never wanted to see this again.

Zach Davis: I don't know what he's trying to prove by showing us this. We all saw it. There's no secret here.

Mikami: Now, there is one part here that you need to look at closely.

On the screen, Gravedigger puts the pen in Seth's hand and forges his signature with Seth's own hand.

Gravedigger: What we have here is the most important piece of paper in the history of WCF. They will talk about this piece of paper forever.

The screen goes blank.

Mikami: Well, he was certainly right about that part. But for the wrong reason. They will talk about that piece of paper forever...but not as an achievement by Gravedigger. Rather, it will be talked of as a failure by Seth Lerch.

Luscious Jackson: The man was being beat down, what else could he have done?

Mikami: I have right here, a definition from a business law dictionary of what happened on that night.

The screen displays a couple sentences, but only for a split second. They are suddenly replaced with the double-M logo. Letters start to appear underneath the logo, as if being typed on a keyboard.

D-O-N-T- -D-O- -I-T

Mikami: And here I thought you were a jealous god. I thought you would be happy if Seth Lerch were out of the way after what he did. You know what? I am sick and tired of trying to guess what it is you want me to do. I have gotten along fine without you holding my hand. I am going to do this. The truth must be heard, no matter what. That is how I live. Now, chaps in the back, get that nonsense off of the screen.

The letters and logo disappear and are replaced with the sentences from before.

Mikami: For those of you who can't see or read the screen, it says "Duress: Conduct that has the effect of compelling another person to do what he need not otherwise do. It is a recognized defense to any act, such as a crime, Breach of Contract or Tort, all of which must be voluntary to create Liability." Why, even Shannan Lerch knows this.

The screen goes back to that episode of Slam.

Past Shannan: He didn't sign that, Gravedigger. You forged his signature!

Present Shannan: Oh yeah, I did say that.

Luscious Jackson: But you can't remember what you did last night.

Zach Davis: Don't worry, I made sure to burn the photos.

Shannan Lerch: Phew.

Mikami: You were right, Shannan. Seth Lerch signed that contract under duress. In the eyes of the law, Gravedigger never owned the WCF.


Zach Davis: This explains so much about Mikami. Why he came in here acting invincible. Why he called Gravedigger a "paper owner". If Gravedigger ever gave him trouble, he could drop this bombshell and that would be the end of it.

Shannan Lerch: But why didn't he tell anyone this earlier?!

Mikami: Of course, for all intents and purposes, he did own the WCF. He owned the WCF because Seth Lerch let him. After all, you have lawyers, do you not? And I am positive there has to be at least one lawyer among the WCF's many fans. Surely, at least one of them sent you an e-mail. But for all your posturing, all your pleading with Corey Black and Logan and Torture to save the company, the fact is you just did not care. You had to go on this quest for redemption. You had to be the hero. When all that time, you could have just talked with a solicitor and been done with it.

Zach Davis: And all this time Mikami could have just told Seth Lerch this!

Luscious Jackson: He's a damn hypocrite, saying that Lerch is the one that didn't care.

Mikami: Seth Lerch, you are totally incompetent, and unfit to run the WCF. And now all these people know it.

"Master of Puppets" plays and Seth walks right back out.

Seth Lerch: Mikami...why the hell didn't you tell me this earlier?!

Mikami: As I have said, my mission here is not to fix things. I am only here to punish people for what they have done wrong. I wanted the Gravedigger situation to go on for as long as possible, so everyone could see the extent of the damage that you allowed to happen.

Seth Lerch: That I allowed to happen?! You almost let WCF go bankrupt!

Mikami: I would have stepped in if it went too far.

Seth is about to say something else, but is interrupted by the sound of static. The JumboTron lights up again, with letters in the font of Mikami's logo, except instead of "MM" they say "SK". More letters appear beneath.

Y-O-U- -H-A-V-E- -O-N-E- -M-O-N-T-H

Mikami starts yelling.

Mikami: What?! Why are you telling me this?! Why would you tell me this?!

Seth shrugs and walks to the back.

Mikami: Corey Black! I need to fight Corey Black!

Luscious Jackson: What the hell is he going on about?

Zach Davis: He's really upset by this.

Mikami: Next week! Corey Black, I challenge you to a fight next week! I know you will accept, you have wanted to get your hands on me again, right?! That is right, you will accept. You will.

Mikami has calmed down and he hands the mic to an attendant at ringside. He calmly starts walking to the back.

Zach Davis: Every time we get an answer, we get more questions.

Shannan Lerch: What a nutbar.

Johnny Reb vs Torture

The opening chords of "Bad Company" by Bad Company filter through the arena. The stage and the surrounding area go dark. As the actual lyrics begin, blue lights illuminate a figure dressed in a grey Confederate frock coat and an officer's slouch hat.

Always on the run.

The figure steps out onto the ramp and the stage lights return to normal.

Is the rising sun.

The crowd starts to boo, recognizing Johnny Reb. He looks up into the stands, as if curious about this reaction.

I was born 6-gun in my hand,
Behind a gun, I make my final stand.

The Inveterate Confederate starts down the ramp, slowly, and pauses halfway down.

That's why they call me...

Suddenly, a fountain of pyros erupts behind him to coincide with the change in the song's tempo. Johnny raises his hands and lifts his head, making a beckoning motion as if drawing more venom from the audience, and reveling in it.

Bad Company. And I can't deny,
Bad Company, til the day I die.

Johnny Reb lowers his arms and give the fans a disdainful sneer.

Rebel souls.
Deserters we are called,
Chose a gun
And threw away the sun.

Johnny keeps walking toward the ring at a stately pace, occasionally responding to a taunt from a fan.

Now these towns,
They all know our name.
6-gun sound...
Is our claim to fame.

Reb walks up the steel steps and climbs through the ropes, dignified. He stalks to the opposite corner and climbs onto the second turnbuckle.

I can hear them say..
Bad Company, and I won’t deny.
Bad. Bad Company, til the day I die.

He gestures out at the crowd, flinging insults back at selected individuals for a moment, before deciding they're not worth the effort. He hops off the turnbuckle and removes the hat and coat. The music fades away.

Zach Davis: Big moment for Johnny Reb..

Jamais Vu hits the airwaves and the crowd turns to total boos. Torture steps out on the entrance way with WCF and GWC titles around his waist. He walks down to the ring and steps inside. The ref takes the GWC title and gives it to a staff member, he then holds the WCF title in the air to show it to everyone before giving it to the said; staff member.

Shannan Lerch: This is it!

The ref rings the bell and Reb sprints and tackles Torture and begins a vicious ground and pound! Reb not letting up, left and right hands wildly thrown at Torture.

Lucious Jackson: Lookin' to end this match quick!

Zach Davis: Might be the only way to make it through a match. We already know Torture can hang around in matches for nearly an hour!

Reb picks up Torture and slams him down with a spinebuster. More ground and pound, and Torture tries to block most of them. Finally Torture catches an arm but is then given a stiff fist to the face from the other hand. Torture begins to roll out of the ring but Reb catches him and picks him up. Throws him to the ropes and hits a HUGE back body drop! Torture stumbles back to his feet, turns around and Reb lands a huge clothesline! Torture lands on his back. Reb pins!


Zach Davis: Close!

Shannan Lerch: Reb really working on Torture now!

Reb picks up Torture and throws him into the corner, where Reb begins another wild pounding-action. Punches fly everywhere before Reb throws Torture into the opposite corner. Torture stumbles out and Reb hits the ropes and comes up from behind and lands a sick bulldog! Reb rolls Torture over and pins.


Luscious Jackson: Another kick up!

Zach Davis: Reb is working him down!

Reb picks up Torture and Tort hits his back but grabs the trunks of Reb and throws him through the ropes out of the ring. The crowd reacts with boos.

Shannan Lerch: If there is one thing Torture knows.. it's the ins and outs of all the tricks of cheating.

Torture rolls out and throws Reb into the guardrail. Torture then throws Reb into the ring post before rolling him inside the ring. Torture slides in and throws Reb against the ropes, upon the rebound Torture bends down in the middle of the ring but Reb stops and kicks Torture right in the face! Torture stumbles up and Reb goes for a dropkick! Torture backs up and Reb falls right on his back. Torture motions that he's much smarter than Reb by pointing his finger to his head. Torture then walks towards the fallen Reb and gets rolled up!!!



Shannan Lerch: NEW WORL-

Luscious Jackson: Torture kicked out!

Zach Davis: That was super close!

When Torture kicks out he rolls to his feet but Reb ducks a clothesline/punch from Torture and hits a russian-leg sweep. Reb rolls into the pin but Torture kicks Reb off of him before the ref can even count. Reb is to his feet first and just as Torture gets to his feet Reb sets him up with a drop toe hold, and Reb floats over for Southern Hospitality! Torture crawls out of the ring however, and gets out. Reb pounds the mat as he almost had it so he rolls out of the ring and follows Torture. Tort doesn't know and he turns around to take a breath and gets a hueg clothesline from Reb! The crowds cheer. Reb picks up Torture and slides him into the ring. Reb climbs up on top of the ropes and Torture gets to his feet, and Reb flys off the top rope with a crossbody which turns into a pin!

ONE! TWO! Kickout.

Zach Davis: Another close call for Reb!

Shannan Lerch: My god, Reb is close to beating Torture!

Reb stands up and drags Torture to the bottom rope. He drapes a leg over the bottom rope and Reb goes to the apron. Reb jumps from the apron and axe-handle smashes the ankle of Torture!

Zach Davis: Workin the legs now!

Reb rolls in and grabs the legs of Torture. Tort struggles and eye-pokes Reb stumbling him off.. Torture gets to his feet and grabs Reb from behind for the Tortures Device! They turn the move and Reb throws Torture off into the corner-chest first, Torture stumbles backwards and Reb hits the Inverted Frankensteiner! Torture lands on his face, and Reb gets to his feet and goes to the top rope. The crowd cheers!

Shannan Lerch: High risk, Zach!

Reb leaps off the top rope for the Southern Discomfort! Torture however grabs the ref and pulls the ref into the move too! Reb crashes onto the ref, and Torture! The ref is knocked out, Torture is hurting, and Reb fell awkwardly on the ref and Torture after his shooting star elbow drop!

Zach Davis: Damn it! Torture again with his cheating tricks!

Shannan Lerch: The ref is out! The ref is out!

Reb rolls and puts an arm over Torture.

Crowd: ONE .... TWO .... THREE ....

Zach Davis: Look! Another ref! Here he comes!

The ref runs and slides in.

Luscious Jackson: Here's the real count!


Shannan Lerch: Torture kicked out!

Zach Davis: The new ref is sliding the old ref out and tells both men that he's the official ref now.

Reb slowly gets up and grabs Torture as he's to his feet now too. Reb armbars Torture, and twists it up. Reb then climbs on the ropes. Reb walks across the top rope and Torture nudges the ref into the ropes and Reb breaks the hold and falls on the top rope right on his groin! The ref shoves Torture and gives him a warning. Reb falls onto the mat and Torture picks him up. Torture grabs Reb from behind and goes for yet, another tortures-device! Torture spins the move but Reb throws him off and Torture clotheslines the ref in the corner knocking him out instantly!

Zach Davis: Oh no! Reb didn't mean to do that!

Shannan Lerch: Purely accidental!

Luscious Jackson: Rebs a cheater cheater pants on fire!

Zach Davis: Just shut up.

Reb grabs Torture from behind and goes for a german suplex, however Torture back flips out of it and lands on his feet. Torture then drop kicks Reb out of the ring! Torture slides out the other side of the ring and grabs the WCF and GWC World Titles.

Zach Davis: Someone stop him! He's trying to DQ himself!

Torture gets to the apron and rolls in. The GWC title stays in the corner as Torture has the WCF title in his hands. The crowd begins to boo. Reb rolls into the ring and knows nothing of what Torture is about to do. Another ref comes sprinting down the ramp and slides into the ring. Torture steps towards Reb and is about to hit him with the title. The ref strips the title out of Tortures hand at the last second and Reb kicks Torture in the gut and hits a quick, yet stiff, DDT ! The ref throws the World Title out of the ring. Reb climbs up the top rope.. The ref moves the second ref out of the ring as Reb leaps into the air for another Southern Discomfort but Torture reaches out his hand and grabs the GWC title! The title smashes right into the face of Reb as he lands with an elbow drop! The crowd boos. Torture turns over and lays on top of the GWC title. Reb holds his face and tries to get to his feet..

Zach Davis: REF! LOOK! STOP HIM!

Shannan Lerch: The ref is still trying to get the other ref out!

Reb gets to his feet and Torture smashes the GWC title into Rebs face a second time! Reb hits the mat and Torture throws the title out and falls on top of Reb. The ref turns around and counts.


Zach Davis: Not this way!


Shannan Lerch: NO! NO!


Luscious Jackson: Torture wins!

Zach Davis: Damn it... God damn it.

The ref asks the timekeeper to ring the bell and Torture is rewarded the winner. The ref slides out and grabs both titles and Torture yanks the titles from the ref and grabs them and hugs them tight. Torture rolls out of the ring and walks him self backwards up the ramp just as Reb gets to his feet and begins to tell the ref what happened. The ref doesn't understand. Torture holds the GWC and WCF titles in to the air as the crowd begins to throw trash towards his direction. Torture quickly escapes the ramp area as Jamias Vu plays out over the speakers.

Shannan Lerch: It's going to be a long week till Slam, I can tell you that.

Zach Davis: Johnny Reb deserves another shot!

Shannan Lerch: My brother Seth better open his god damn eyes and look into it!

Zach Davis: We'll see you next week on Monday Night Slam!