Sunday Slam Intro
Jimpy vs Johnny Craven vs Jay Williams vs Ryu Kecendrai
Logan/Madd Dogg Segment
Logan vs Mike Ragnal
Seth Lerch Segment
People's/TV Title: JJ Biggs vs Outcast
JJ Biggs Segment
Team Xtreme/Texas Red/Alliance of Violence Segment
Tag Titles: Team Xtreme vs The Alliance of Violence
Lawnmower Jones/??? vs Bobby Cairo/Biohazard
Jack Segment
Hardcore Title: Danny Vice vs Thunder vs Skyler Striker
World Title: Creeping Death vs Jack of Blades

Blast Intro

Bros by Panda Bear hits, and Blast is on the air! The fans roar and pyro blasts from all areas of the set. We go to our three announcers for the evening.

Zach Davis: Welcome to Blast!

Shannan Lerch: Here's some trivia for you: Seth thought of this PPV name by copying DDP's whole "BANG!" thing. Blast, bang, they're kinda similar.

Luscious Jackson: Sometimes a ho gotta know when to shut her mouth, and ho, you gotta shut yo mouth.

Zach Davis: Erm, well, anyway guys, we have an action packed show tonight. We've got a World Title match between Creeping Death and Jack of Blades.

Shannan Lerch: This is a pretty big deal. It started when a member of the MCE division challenged Blades, that man being Dehart. Blades defeated Dehart, and then the challenge went out to Creeping Death. And, well, obviously, Creeping Death has accepted.

Luscious Jackson: And actually, we haven't seen a whole lot of him lately. Is he preparing for this match? Who knows?

Zach Davis: We have another big Title match as well, and that is the Hardcore Title match. The belt is on the line as three of WCF's top stars compete. Skyler Striker, the Champ. Danny Vice. And Thunder.

Shannan Lerch: This is a long term thing. Firstly, Striker and Thunder are former Tag Champs, and as you all remember, Thunder turned his back on him recently. Vice and Thunder have also been feuding with one another before that, and the history between Striker and Vice is well documented, and everything will come together tonight.

Luscious Jackson: What a brutal match this is gonna be.

Zach Davis: Speaking of long term rivalries, we've got Bobby Cairo and Biohazard teaming up to take on Lawnmower Jones and.. well.. we don't know.

Shannan Lerch: Quite frankly, I doubt Lawnmower Jones can find someone to team with him. He's a freak.

Luscious Jackson: So are you, and you don't seem to have no problem findin' "partners."

Zach Davis: And plus, who in their right mind would want to wrestle Biohazard?! He and Cairo have made for a good pairing thus far, and I'm interested to see how this whole thing turns out.

Shannan Lerch: Speaking of tag matches, we have a huge Tag Title match. A TLC match, in fact.

Luscious Jackson: That's right! Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins, Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas, and the apparently back-from-the-dead Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez will be ringside.

Zach Davis: ...

Shannan Lerch: No, Jackson. Tables, Ladders, and Chairs.

Luscious Jackson: ...God damn it.

Zach Davis: Seriously though, these two teams have been at each other's throats for quite a while now, and this match will be nothing short of incredible.

Shannan Lerch: At War, a feud began between JJ Biggs and Team NCW's Outcast. Tonight, they're both putting their belts on the line against each other.

Luscious Jackson: It was originally gonna be a unification match, but not anymore. So there's that.

Zach Davis: We have Logan taking on none other than Mike Ragnal. Ragnal is a rising star here, and Seth Lerch must have convinced him to challenge Logan. That way, Logan can't fight Seth himself.

Shannan Lerch: Nonsense, Seth has defeated Logan before, he wouldn't be scared to do it again.

Luscious Jackson: Either way, tonight is put up or shut up time for Mike Ragnal.

Zach Davis: And in our opening match, we've got a fatal four way between Jimpy, Johnny Craven, Jay Williams, and Ryu Kecendrai.

Shannan Lerch: Craven has been associated with AoV so far, so you know he's a competitor. Ryu Kecendrai was impressive last week, and Jimpy was impressive in his debut. Jay Willaims, we know nothing about, but I have a feeling we'll find out a little something tonight.

Luscious Jackson: Let's get started, then!

Jimpy vs Johnny Craven vs Jay Williams vs Ryu Kecendrai

The lights dim as bells begin to toll very slowly. Then fire erupts from the ramp and entrance as the chorus of "Hey Man Nice Shot" by Filter plays. AT this time Johnny Craven comes riding out on a Harley that is black colored with dark red and orange flames on the front, sides, and back. He stops at the top of the ramp to take the cheers all in and then he rides down to the ramp and gets off of his bike. He then enters the ring and climbs all four turnbuckles , raising his arms in the air on each turnbuckle. Then the lights come back on.

The Lights go dim and a gong echoes throughout the arena and the screen flickers from black to white and then stays on Black and flames swarm the screen. An oriental theme starts to swallow around the arena at which time Kecendrai slowly walks out with his fists together. He slowly walks down the ramp and enters the ring via flip over top rope.

"It's All Over" by Three Days Grace. The lights are out. Once the main guitar solo hits on song, a big bang of pyrotechnics go off and Jimpy is standing at the top of the ramp. Then there is a medley of lights flashing on and off at different points of the arena. Jimpy gets into the ring and goes to a turnbuckle. Jimpy does a backflip off the top rope and lands with his dead center in the ring and at the moment he lands, 4 fireworks burst out of the 4 turnbuckles.

The lights dim around as the opening sadistic riff of Born of a Broken Man by Rage Against The Machine plays. Once the song kicks in, the lights start flickering and out walks "Dynamite" Jay Williams with his manager and wife Amy Skye-Williams walking behind him smiling as Jay walks to the ring, jumps on the apron and gets on the top rope raising his fist in the air as the song fades.

Luscious Jackson: I expect all 4 competitors to give it everything they've got tonight to show Lerch and the committee just how much talent they truely have!

Zach Davis: All 4 competitors look to be feeling each other out as none of them know who they will tie up with first.

The 2 big men in Craven and Jimpy tie into each other first and don't even bother locking up with each other but just take turns smashing each other in the face. As this is happening, Williams and Ryu lock up with each other as Williams gets the upper hand and begins slamming him back into the corner and nailing him with rights and lefts of his own! He swings Ryu into the opposite corner as he charges in nailing him with a huge splash! Jimpy gets the upper hand over Craven and clotheslines him outside of the ring! Jimpy quickly follows up after Craven as they continue to fight each other outside the ring. Meanwhile, inside the ring Williams slings Ryu into the opposite ropes and a drop kick down to the mat! Williams makes the cover!



KICK OUT BY RYU! Meanwhile, Craven now has the upperhand on the outside of the ring and slamps Jimpy face first into the steal steps. Inside the ring Williams slings Ryu into the ropes again and hoists him up and spinning sit out powerbomb into a pinning combination!


2.... KICK OUT AGAIN BY RYU! Back to the outside as Craven is slamming Jimpy face first into the commentator table. Craven climbs up on the table as the announcers get up and move to the side, Craven grabs Jimpy and places his head between his knees as the table collapses with all the weight pressing down on it as both competitors go spilling to the floor with the table breaking! The announcers finally get their seats back as they sit down and continue calling the match.

Shannan Lerch: Well, we just lost our announce table but the show must go on!

Both big men are back to their feet as Ryu is down in the middle of the ring and Williams takes the opportunity to sling shot himself off the top rope and out onto both big men as they all go crashing down to the floor! Williams stands up and begins pounding his chest as the crowd is all on their feet. Williams slides back into the ring and grabs Ryu and slaps on the STF as Ryu looks to want to tap out! The referee is asking Ryu if he's ready to give up but Ryu refuses to tap out! Jimpy has finally slid back into the ring as Williams still has the hold clamped on Ryu! Jimpy slams down a huge elbow to the back of Williams as he breaks the hold! Jimpy grabs Williams and throws him into the ropes and comes back with a tilt-a-whirl slam! Jimpy kicks Williams out of the ring as he waits for Ryu to get to his feet. Ryu slowly comes to his feet as he takes a kick from Jimpy who places his head between his knees and holds out his arms and then lefts up Ryu! HANGMAN'S HORROR! Jimpy takes a moment to admire his power before making the cocky cover as Craven has already entered the ring.


2...CRAVEN NAILS JIMPY IN THE HEAD WITH A BIG BOOT! Craven lifts up Jimpy and swings him into the ropes as Jimpy comes back, Craven POWERSLAMS JIMPY! Craven clutches his back slightly as he just picked up with 300 pound monster and slammed him down! Craven is back to his feet as Williams is perched up on the apron and jumps up on the apron and leaps off the ropes into a hurricanrana on Craven and into a pinning combination!




Luscious Jackson: All of these guys are impressive, but Texas Red might be one of the best.

Williams is back to his feet as he runs towards Craven who ducks a clothesline but still nails Jimpy causing him to go to the outside. Williams turns around and lifts up Craven looking for the Williams Driver but Craven is just too large for him to pull it off and works his way out of it but Williams is still able to pull off a DDT! Williams is looking around as Craven looks to be completely out of it! Jay Williams climbs to the top rope and points towards the air and he's looking for the Williams Drop! He comes off...CRAVEN MOVES OUT OF THE WAY! Williams clutches his tail bone as he hopes out of the way. Ryu is groggy and back to his feet as he turns around and is met by Craven LIGHTS OUT TO RYU! Craven lifts the leg up and looks to have it sealed!!!



3...JIMPY SAVES THE MATCH AND BREAKS THE COUNT! Craven is back to his feet as Jimpy hooks the arms of Craven and GORY BOMB! Jimpy makes the cover and lifts the leg!



3..KICK OUT BY CRAVEN! Jimpy is beside himself and can't believe Craven kicked out of that!

Zach Davis: I'm in disbelief of this match! SETH LERCH IS A GENIUS!

Luscious Jackson: As much as I hate Lerch, I will hand it to him with placing this match on the card. This isn't a "dark match" at all and actually looking like a possible future main event!

Williams is back into the ring and waits for Jimpy to get up as he gets up and sprints towards Williams...SPINEBUSTER! Williams makes the cover on Jimpy!



JIMPY KICKS OUT! Williams is back up and is waiting for Jimpy to climb to his feet, Jimpy gets to his knees and SHINING WIZARD! Jimpy flips over to the side and outside of the ring! Williams is beating on his chest as he can feel victory coming towards him, but what he fails to realize is that's not victory coming towards him but a HUGE boot from Craven! Nails Williams in the face which seemingly knocks him unconscious! Craven picks him up and places his head between his knees and signals to the crowd whom cheer him on! He hoists up Williams in a powerbomb! Williams is trying his best to fight out of the hold as Jimpy is back to his feet on the outside of the ring. Craven walks around the ring as the punches by Williams seem to be taking some affect! Craven runs over towards Jimpy and POWERBOMBS WILLIAMS TO THE OUTSIDE ON TOP OF JIMPY!!!! Ryu is now back up and runs towards Craven who lifts up Ryu and then powerslams him down! Craven quickly stands up and picks Ryu up with him, he lifts him up and nails the LIGHTS OUT AGAIN! Craven makes the cover!

Luscious Jackson: This is how you win fatal 4 ways, you incapacitate 2 of your opponents and focus your attention on the last one for the win! Craven has done it!



Ryu's foot is on the ropes! But how?!

Shannan Lerch: During the pin, Amy Skye-William put Ryu's foot on the ropes so the match wouldn't end!

Craven stands up, pissed, and begins yelling at Amy. She yells back, long enough for Williams himself to come behind Craven and throw him out of the ring! He then quickly pulls Ryu into the middle of the ring and hits the Williams Driver! This leads to the pin...




Jay Williams has won his debut match!


Luscious Jackson: I don't think it is safe to say the newcomers can't put on a hell of a show because they just did! Ryu didn't look too well during this match, but the other 3 competitors looked like Television title contenders to me. It was anyone's match, Williams just had luck on his side this time!

Shannan Lerch: I can't believe it either!

Jay Williams has his arm raised and now exits the ring and heads to the back with his wife.

Zach Davis: There goes your winner. Amy was a big part of that victory, I must add.

Texas Red is up too, and not too happy. He slides out of the ring and gets on his Harley.

Shannan Lerch: Craven rides his harley back up the the backstage oh man, I wish I was riding him too!

Zach Davis: That doesn't surprise me!

Luscious Jackson: That makes two of us Zach! Ha!

Shannan Lerch: I meant riding back up the ramp with him! GRRRRR!!

Logan/Madd Dogg Segment

The cameras switch backstage to the front of Logan's locker room, we peak inside to see him pacing back, and fourth.

Logan: I've got a match in five minutes, I wish that boudle would hurry up.

Just then Madd Dogg passing by the camera with a drink in his hand walking inside the locker room giving us full view of the inside room.

Madd Dogg: Master.

Logan grabs the drink from Madd Dogg's hand, takes a sip, and then slams it against the wall.

Logan: I said UNSWEET! This is sweet tea.

Madd Dogg: I'm sorry, master.

Logan: Yeah, whatever.. just clean up the mess.

Madd Dogg: Yes, master.

Madd Dogg moves over to the broken glass.

Logan: You know what, forget it.. there is plenty of lazy janitors walking around here that would be more than happy to clean it up.

Madd Dogg: Okay.

Logan: Hey..

Madd Dogg looks to Logan.

Logan: I'm about to go one on one with Mike Ragnalboudle. He's young, fresh, and might just have a few tricks up his selves. You understand where I'm going with this? Since he wants to make a big name for himself, he might just want to try, and treachery "The Face of Treachery." If I need you, you'll know.

Madd Dogg: Yes, master.

Logan: Good job, Dogg. I'm glad you understand. And Dogg, remember. Seth Lerch is going to try and interfere, you know him. You know what to do.

Dogg nods, and Logan pats Madd Dogg on the shoulder a few times.

Logan: I've got to go now.

Logan goes to exit the locker room, before he does he looks back to Madd Dogg.

Logan: You need to watch my back at all times.

The cameras quickly span back to the arena.

Logan vs Mike Ragnal

The lights dim in the arena, blue pryos shoot down the ramp, and a drum beat rolls into the PA speakers. Metallica's "The Struggle Within" blasts out of the speakers, and Logan steps out from behind the black curtain with a cocky look on his face as he walks down to the ring. On the way, Logan spits at the fans every now and then, telling them to shut up and whatnot. Once he's by the ring Logan climbs the steps, stepping into the ring through the middles ropes and climbing the turnbuckle to throw both arms into the air for a booing crowd. Logan hops off the turnbuckle, pacing around the ring intill his music cuts.

Zach Davis: Here is Logan, THE cornerstone of WCF.

The lights begin blinking several different colors as High Voltage (Footsoldier Remix) by Linkin Park hits. A lightning-like pyro blasts, and Mike Ragnal steps out from the back, with Sasha Pehl at his side, her arms wrapped around his. He walks to the ring, looking out at the thousands in attendance along the way. Sasha lets go of Mike as he rolls into the ring. Mike gets to his feet, and raises a fist high in the air, while Sasha heads to their corner and cheers Mike on.

Shannan Lerch: And here is Mike Ragnal, a man with so much potential.

The ref checks to see if both men are ready to start. Logan nods to the ref, as does Mike. With both men ready, the ref signals for the bell. Three dings later, Mike and Logan are locked up in the ring's center. Mike puts Logan into a headlock, and Logan's quick toi counter with elbows to the gut. Mike releases, and Logan runs to the ropes. Logan bounces back for a clothesline, but Mike ducks under and bounces off the opposite ropes. Both men meet up in the center, with Logan getting a Belly to Belly release on Mike! Logan grabs both of Mike's feet as if to go for one of his submissive moves, but Mike is quick to kick Logan off of him. As Logan falls to a sitdown position, Mike gets to his feet fast and runs at Logan, hitting a dropkick to the chest! Mike quickly crawls onto Logan for the pin.



Kickout from Logan.

Luscious Jackson: You can't beat the Face of Treachery just like that!

Mike gets to his knees and looks down at Logan, as if to plot out his next step. He grabs Logan by the head, kneeing his stomach as he brings him to his feet. Mike tosses Logan into a corner, and shoulder tackles Logan's ribs into the cornerpost. Mike then leaps onto Logan's shoulders for a hurracanrana, but as he tries to fling him halfway across the ring, Logan shifts his wieght and keeps Mike from executing the move. Logan piledrives Ragnal into the ring and stays on for the pin!



Mike chops Logan's neck with both his legs, causing Logan to fall back.

Zach Davis: Almost thought that was it.

Mike rolls onto his feet and picks Logan's legs up. Sasha, meanwhile, gets onto the apron, and the ref sees her, trying to get her back onto the floor. Mike takes advantage of this, first delivering a HARD kick to the groin, and following it with a legdrop into the same section. Sasha finally gets off the apron, looking away from the ref with a smile. Mike, meanwhile, gets up and runs to the ropes, coming back at Logan with a kneedrop to the face. Mike hooks the leg for the pin.



Logan gets his shoulder up.

Shannan Lerch: Holy nearfalls, Batman!

Mike drops a few elbows on top of Logan, then climbs up the turnbuckle. Mike leaps off with a leg drop, but Logtan rolls out of the way, causing Mike to land squarely on his ass. Logan, already on his feet, picks Mike up and tries for a suplex, but Mike wraps his leg around Logan's. Logan tries it again, but meets with the same results. This time, Mike brings Logan up into the suplex, and drops him down hard into an Orange Crush! Mike goes to pin.



Kickout by Logan.

Luscious Jackson: This is Ragnal's toughest opponent to date, and he needs more than an Orange Crush to defeat him, that's for sure.

Mike picks Logan up and looks to whip him into the ropes, but Logan reverses it and sends Mike into the ropes. Mike bounces back, and Logan is quick to hit a drop toe on Ragnal. Logan immediately puts him into an STF, and Mike tries for the ropes. Unfortunately, he's a few inches short of the ropes. For the next few seconds, Mike struggles for the ropes, but no luck. Eventually, Mike slowly rolls the maneuver over, pinning Logan to the canvas.



Logan releases the hold, and Mike rolls off of Logan. Logan picks Mike up and whips him into the ropes, but Ragnal reverses it and sends Logan in instead.

Zach Davis: Great reversals right there, great wrestling.

Mike charges at Logan while he's just turning around, and hits with a Cactus Clothesline, sending both men over the ropes. Logan falls right to the ground, while Mike catches the top rope at the last second. Planting his feet back onto the apron, Mike turns his back to the outside, looking on at Logan. As Logan finally gets back to his feet, Mike springs off the second rope, and moonsaults in the air...hitting the Asai Moonsault to Logan! As Sasha helps Mike back to his feet, the both of them can hear the crowd cheer for the action in this match. Mike takes it in for a second, but then remembers he has a match to finish. Mike picks Logan up and whips him into the barricade. Mike gets a running start, leaps up into the air, and DROPKICKS Logan's ribs against the gaurdrails! The crowd is now chanting "Holy shit!" Mike gets to his feet, and hears the ref count up to seven. He quickly rolls back into the ring to break the count, then rolls back out to finish off Logan. Mike grabs Logan and looks to whip him into the ring's apron, but Logan counters the whip and brings mike towards him, locking his arms around his waist, and hits a SNAP BELLY TO BELLY against the floor! Logan picks Mike up and rolls him into the ring, following after him and going right for the pin.

Shannan Lerch: This could be it...



NO! Mike gets the shoulder up!

Luscious Jackson: Ragnal is proving just how tough he is!

Logan grabs Mike by the head and throws a few fists into his face. He then lifts Mike up into a suplex position, then brings him back down with a brainbuster! As Mike grabs his head in pain from the fall, Logan punches his head a few times more and goes to pin.



NO! Mike kicks out.

Zach Davis: Mike Ragnal won't stay down!

Logan stands up and looks down at Ragnal, showing he's fed up with this. He grabs both of Mike's legs, and turns him over into the Boston Crab! Mike does his best to keep from tapping, grabbing hold of his hair. Soon, Mike crawls to the ropes to try and break the hold. As he inches closer, the fans all stand in suspense, hoping for him to make it before the pressure in his legs become too much. With his hand close to touching the ropes...he grabs them! The ref counts to four before Logan lets go of his legs! Logan looks down at the fallen Ragnal, who's grabbing his legs in pain. Logan kicks at Mike once, then grabs his left leg for an anklelock! This time Mike scurries to the ropes quickly, but Logan tries to hold him back. After two minutes of struggling, Mike grabs the bottom rope, and the ref counts to three before Logan lets go. fed up with this, Logan picks Ragnal up and throws him into the ropes. Logan runs looking for the Impact Style, but Ragnal ducks and pulls the top rope down, sending Logan over onto the apron. Mike gets to his feet and chops at Logan, to which the fans "WOOO!" with every chop the two wrestlers trade with one another. Mike gets the upperhand with several chops, and picks Logan up for a suplex... and drops him on the top rope. Logan falls inside the ring, and Mike climbs the ropes for the High Voltage. Ragnal leaps off...Logan gets his knees up! Mike's back hits his knees, and Ragnal is grabbing his back in pain while Logan struggles to the ropes. The ref begins a count as both men try to stand up.

Shannan Lerch: What a terrible way for this match to end, come on! Let's go, Logan!


Luscious Jackson: Someone get up!

Logan's first to his feet, while Ragnal gets up a second after. Mike has his back to Logan, and Logan takes note of this, a smile on his face. Logan sneeks behind Mike, and locks in a sleeper hold! Ragnal's eyes widen up, as he realizes he's in big trouble unless he can break this hold. Mike tries for the ropes, but Logan continues to hold him off in the center. Mike shuts his eyes, looking as if he's saying his prayers. Suddenly, Mike elbows Logan in the gut several times, until Logan finally releases his sleeper hold. Mike grabs Logan's arm and twists it into a hammerlock, then locks Logan's free arm into a Half Nelson. The Shock to the System is locked in! Logan does his best to move around, but Ragnal has a strong grip to keep him in place. After two minutes, Logan raises his leg up, and kicks at Mike's leg, until Mike lets go of both arms. As Mike grabs his leg, Logan stumbles around feeling his arms and goes by the ropes. As the ref goes to Mike to see if he's alright, Sasha gets onto the apron and grabs Logan's head, jumps off, and springs Logan's throat off the top rope. Mike is back to his feet, and taking advantage of Logan's semiconsciousness, he hoists him onto his shoulders. Mike spins him over into a powerbomb...Ragnalrok connects! Mike stays on to pin!





Luscious Jackson: Mike Ragnal has it!


Logan kicks out! Mike decides to go for one more attempt to finish Logan off. He climbs onto the top rope, and leaps off...

Zach Davis: If this move connects, this would be it!

Logan rolls out of the way! Mike misses the High Voltage. Quickly to his feet, Logan goes behind Ragnal and picks him up, and locks in the sleeper hold, Logan flips over Mike...Connector! Logan goes to pin!




Shannan Lerch: Logan wins!

The Struggle Within plays, and Logan rolls out of the ring, mocking Ragnal and the crowd as he makes his way up the ramp. Sasha slides into the ring, checking on Mike. As she helps him to his feet, Mike looks around the arena, and sees the fans applauding him, even a chorus chanting "Ragnal! Ragnal!"

Luscious Jackson: Where was Seth Lerch during this match? I'm surprised he wasn't here to help his man going against Logan to victory...

Mike looks in disbelief, but still, he looks down at the canvas, then out to the crowd, and raises a fist high. As the crowd applauds Mike, Sasha helps him out of the ring, and the two walk up the ramp towards the back.

Seth Lerch Segment

We go backstage to Seth's office. He's talking on his cell phone.

Seth Lerch: Yes, baby... your voice sounds beautiful. I've never heard someone as angelic as you. Tell me again where you got my phone number?....... Ah, it doesn't matter I guess..... You want to meet me?!

A smile comes across Seth's face.

Seth Lerch: Oh baby... mmm yeah I can't wait... When do you wanna get together? Hell, what time is it?

Seth looks at his watch.

Seth Lerch: OH DAMNIT I MISSED THE ENTIRE LOGAN/RAGNAL MATCH! Oh, sorry baby.... you called right before this wrestling match I wanted to get involved in, but you got me so distracted.... but yeah, when do you wanna meet me?

Seth's eyes go wide.

Seth Lerch: Right now? But... where are you?

Suddenly, Seth hears a knock on his door. He goes to talk on his phone, but the line has gone dead. Hesitantly, he gets up and heads toward the door. There's another knock.

Seth Lerch: ...Is that you, baby?

Seth opens, the door, and a figure is there. Holding flowers.

Seth Lerch: MADD DOGG!?

Madd Dogg: Hey there, Sethie-poo!

Seth turns, nearly vomiting.

Madd Dogg: I'm touched you talked to me for so long, Logan'll be happy I kept you distracted from his match!

Seth is still trying to hold back the vomit.

Madd Dogg: Aw, what's wrong? I thought you wanted me?


Seth slams the door in Dogg's face.


Seth goes back to his desk, sitting down, his head in his hands.

Seth Lerch: Goddamnit, Logan... I'll pay you back, I swear to God...

The camera fades back to the ring.

People's/Television Title Match
JJ Biggs vs Outcast

''God of Thunder'' hits and Outcast walks out, with Merc by his side. Outcast points to his NCW shirt halfway down the ring. He slides into the ring and takes off his shirt, holding it up for everyone to see before putting it back on. Merc stands by ringside.

Zach Davis: There is the current WCF People's Champion.

Shannan Lerch: He has the opportunity to capture the WCF Television Championship tonight. The winner of this match will become a double-champion!

Luscious Jackson: Truth!

"Voices" by Disturbed hits the sound system and it echoes throughout the arena. The audience, with an exception of a few, are on their feets yelling insults and such in the direction of the entrance ramp. A few moments later, the curtain brushes aside and Jake Hudson walks out onto the top of the stage and he's followed by JJ Biggs, with the WCF Television Title over his shoulder. Biggs is wearing a pair of expensive sunglasses and a self-promotion shirt. The shirt reads, "The Greatest" on the front and on the back it reads, "That Ever Lived." The two men slowly make their way down the ring. Jake climbs up onto the ring apron while Biggs makes his way up the steel steps. Hudson holds down the middle rope as Biggs enters the ring. Biggs takes off his shirt and sunglasses; and he acts as if he's going to throw them into the crowd for souvenirs, instead, he hands them to Hudson. He also hands Hudson his Television Championship.

Zach Davis: "The Greatest" JJ Biggs. He has been dominant during his tenure with this company. I don't think anyone can deny that, whether you love him or hate him.

Shannan Lerch: Sure, he has been dominant. But, does he have what it takes to beat a true icon in Outcast?

Luscious Jackson: Outcast isn't an icon! I'm more of an icon than he is!

Zach Davis: Why don't you go say that to his face?

Luscious Jackson: Nah, dog. You can tell him for me, though.

The bell rings. Outcast and Biggs slowly begin to circle around the ring, looking intently at each other. Outcast has the weight advantage, but Biggs has the height advantage. Suddenly, Outcast decides to go for the attack first and he charges in Biggs' direction. Without thinking, Biggs sticks his foot up in the air and he catches Outcast right in the nose with a Big Boot. Outcast falls back hard onto the mat and Biggs has a smile on his face as he circles the ring. Outcast gets back to his feet a few moments later and he's ready to continue the match. Now, the two men lunge forward towards the center of the ring and they lock up. It's a struggle for power. Finally, the two simultaneously back away from each other. Outcast, however, charges forward once again and this time he drills Biggs with a Clothesline! Outcast motions for Biggs to get back to his feet, which he eventually does, and Outcast quickly wraps his arms around Biggs. Without hesitating, he lifts Biggs up from the mat and he throws him over his head with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Outcast crawls over quickly and he goes for the lateral press as the referee counts, 1...............2....KICK OUT!

Zach Davis: Outcast seems to have some momentum now!

Shannan Lerch: Indeed. He's on fire!

Luscious Jackson: The roof! The roof! The roof is on fire!

Outcast is quickly back to his feet and he grabs a handful of Biggs' hair; pulling him up, as well. Outcast uses the Irish Whip to send Biggs flying across the ring into the ropes. Biggs manages to duck under another Clothesline attempt by Outcast and he continues running, bouncing off the ropes once again. Outcast doesn't have enough time to turn around as Biggs comes back and he grabs a hold of Outcast's head. He keeps the momentum going as he drops to the mat, nailing Outcast with a Bulldog. Biggs doesn't bother going for the lateral press or any submission maneuvers, as he gets right back to his feet and he pulls Outcast up, as well. He grabs Outcast and he throws him across the ring into the corner. Biggs charges forward and he nails Outcast with a huge Big Splash! Biggs proceeds by ripping Outcast's shirt clean off his body and he uses it to choke his opponent! The referee is trying to get in between the two men, but he isn't able to. Finally, he starts his mandatory five count and Biggs continues with the illegal choking until the referee gets to the count of four.

Zach Davis: I don't understand why he can't just follow the rules! They are not asking too much!

Shannan Lerch: You have to do what you have to do to win. I'm not saying I support his actions, but he just wants to win.

Luscious Jackson: True that!

Biggs tosses the shirt outside of the ring and he proceeds with a loud Knife-Edge Chop to the bare chest of Outcast. The crowd in attendance makes sounds as the sickening smack of the shot. With a smile, Biggs nails Outcast with another Knife-Edge Chop, followed by another and another! Biggs backs off for a moment and you can see the chest of Outcast is now blood red. Biggs proceeds with his offensive by grabbing Outcast's head and dragging him out of the corner. Biggs bends Outcast down and he places his head between his legs. He wraps his arms around Outcast's midsection and he lifts the heavier man up onto his shoulders! He slams him down onto the mat with a thud, but he doesn't let go. Instead, he manages to pick Outcast back up again and he slams him back down with a second Powerbomb! He holds the position as the referee counts, 1...............2..........Outcast nails Biggs with a right hand that sends him staggering backwards, thus breaking up the pin.

Zach Davis: Biggs showed great strength by being using the Powerbomb not once, but twice on Outcast!

Shannan Lerch: Indeed! That man weighs three hundred and fifty pounds!

Luscious Jackson: Oh, so about how much you weigh, Shannan?

Shannan Lerch: Shut up.

Biggs rubs his forehead for a moment before pressing forward on with the match. Outcast has made his way near the ropes and he's using them to get back to his feet. Biggs stops him from doing so, though, as he kicks him in the head with a boot. Outcast slumps back down to the mat and Biggs continues the assault with a series of boots. Outcast finally manages to roll out of the ring and Biggs quickly backs up to the other side of the ring. Outcast is slowly using the apron to get back to his feet and he's up in just enough time to see Biggs charging in his direction. Biggs is going for a Baseball Slide, but Outcast moves out of the way and the instant Biggs hits the mat he picks him up. Outcast charges forward and he smashes Biggs' back first off of the ring post. He drops Biggs down to his feet and he rolls him into the ring. Biggs is grimacing in pain and holding onto his lower back as Outcast rolls back into the ring. Outcast climbs to his feet and he pulls Biggs up to his, as well. He kicks Biggs in the midsection and immediately drops him with a Double-Arm DDT! Outcast is back up quickly and he quickly runs into the ropes. He comes back with a HUGE Leg Drop and he quickly goes for the pinfall!

Zach Davis: It may be over right here!

Shannan Lerch: Biggs will get his shoulder up in time!

Luscious Jackson: What? Just a second ago Biggs was in control. Now it's Outcast? Damn!

Anyway, the referee is counting, 1.....................2......................KICK OUT!

Zach Davis: Outcast almost had it!

Outcast picks Biggs up, but Biggs shoves him away. The two big men start brawling, trading lefts and rights... suddenly, Biggs ducks one of them, kicks Outcast hard in the gut and hits the Biggs Implant!

Shannan Lerch: That move comes OUT OF NOWHERE.

Biggs pins!



Merc is entering the ring. Biggs gets up, but Merc punches him right in the face. The bell rings.

Luscious Jackson: Well, guess that's a DQ then.

Zach Davis: Merc just saved Outcast, because he was about to lose the People's Title.

Biggs simply rolls out of the ring. Merc readies himself, expecting Biggs to come back into the ring, but he does not. Merc shrugs.

Shannan Lerch: Looks like Biggs doesn't want to fight anymore!

Luscious Jackson: Well, the match is over, it would be kind of silly. And I'm sure he doesn't want to injure himself.

Outcast and Merc slide out of the ring.

JJ Biggs Segment

The hellacious battle between Outcast and JJ Biggs has finally come to an end. Outcast and Merc are slowly making their way up the ramp. Biggs, however, is walking over to the ring official and asking for a microphone. He hands him one and Biggs stumbles back into the ring.

JJ Biggs: First off, I'd like to congratulate Outcast on wrestling one hell of a match! It was a great way to end my career in Wrestling Championship Federation.

Zach Davis: What?

Shannan Lerch: End his career?

Luscious Jackson: Why in the hell does this man have a microphone?

JJ Biggs: That's right. I didn't mention it before this match, but Blast is my final event in this company. I'm hereby vacating the Television Title. I've had some great times in this company. I've had some shitty times in this company. However, I felt that after wrestling in WCF for a year, I've accomplished just about as much as I'm going to. I've won almost every championship belt this company has to offer. I've beaten almost everyone that has stepped into the ring with me. And whether you people cheered me or booed me, I always had your entertainment on my mind when I was wrestling inside of this ring!

The people in attendance are on their feet and their chanting: "Biggs! Biggs! Biggs!" very loudly. "The Greatest" is almost in shock as he looks around at the fans with a smile on his face. He waits a few moments as they slowly quiet down.

JJ Biggs: I've put my body through quite a lot these past eight years. As far as I'm concerned, WCF has been one of the greatest companies I have ever wrestled for! This company has some of the best wrestlers and some of the best fans this business has ever seen!

Zach Davis: I'm still in shock about him leaving! He's one of the best this company has!

JJ Biggs: I know you people want to see wrestling. I know you don't want me to stand in this ring and talk all night. So, I just want to thank all of you. It's been fun.

Biggs is about to exit the ring for the final time. However, we hear the start of A.F.I.'s "This Time Imperfect" comes into the arena as the lights go out. Blue strobe light starts up as the crowd rocks out to the song, awaiting the next wrestler to come out down to the ring. The strobe light stops only to see it start again, this time with a reddish hue to it. A faint silhouette is shown in the entry way, kneeling down with his head down. There is also a white mist surrounding the area where the silhouette is at.

Zach Davis: Could it be?!

Shannan Lerch: I THOUGHT HE QUIT!!!

The crowd knows who it is at this point and they start to all throw their arms in preparation for who is about to do it. The strobe light stops when the chorus comes in for a second time when pyro explodes as a red spotlight shines brightly on Reckless Jack as he is kneeling down. He springs to his feet and throws his arms out. The fans are cheering seeing Reckless Jack as he starts to breath deeply and exhale. Reckless Jack looks on at the fans, some of which happening to be headbanging out to the song while the others are just kinda enjoying what is going on. Reckless Jack smirks as he starts to walk down to the ring in a WCF Hoodie, jean shorts and ADIDAS shoes. The spotlight stays on him as the people continue to cheer. He slaps a few hands on his way to the ring.

Luscious Jackson: Wow, I never expected this.

Zach Davis: I had heard rumors but honestly...

Once Reckless Jack is in the middle of the ramp, he stops and starts to hype himself up as he throws his arm into the air and lifts it high. A string of pyro shoots down the ramp as he brings the arm back down. He continues slapping hands with the cheering fans. After he gets to the ring apron, he rolls into the ring, hopping on the nearest turnbuckle, throwing out his arms once more. The crowd cheering, as he hops down and does the same on the opposite turnbuckle. He jumps off the turnbuckle, then crouches down, pulling a microphone out of his hoodie.

Reckless Jack: Whoa there JJ. You hold up for a minute there. You are walking away from this company? This company turned you from a potential star from NWA to a fucking superstar. This company helped make you Biggs, much like it did me. I remember when NWA closed, you had no where to go and I told you about this place. It was a little more then a year ago you joined WCF, hell, at last year's edition of this pay per view, Blast! The eight man tag match while I defend the WCF Title in the main event spot. But now look at you, you had the World Title JJ and you blew it. Not to say I didn't blow it myself but dammit, why are you leaving?

JJ Biggs mouths a few things towards Reckless Jack.

Reckless Jack: But this isn't going to be your last match in WCF JJ Biggs, no. You see, what I am doing here right now is issuing a challenge for you at XIII. Reckless Jack vs. JJ Biggs.

The crowd cheers.

Reckless Jack: Yeah but with one added stipulation. This was the stipulation that was used back in NWA when we first met in the ring. You remember what it was JJ? Do you remember what the match was? It was a Submissions Count Anywhere match. A match that saw you making me tap out. JJ, think of all the classics we had in NWA and think of the classics we have had here in WCF. What do you say, do you want to go one last time against me? Or is this how you want to end it? Your call Biggs...

The fans in attendance definitely want this match to take place as they are on their feet cheering loudly! Biggs scoffs has he looks at Reckless Jack before glancing at all of the people chanting his name, followed by chants for Reckless Jack. He slowly raises the microphone up to his mouth to speak.

JJ Biggs: You and me? At XIII? Submissions Count Anywhere? You know what? I accept. You and I have had quite a few battles in the past, and it'll be a great way to end my career.

JJ extends his hand and Reckless Jack shakes it. The fans are cheering even louder now as the two men stand inside of the ring.

Zach Davis: Reckless Jack against JJ Biggs at XIII! I can't believe my ears!

Shannan Lerch: It's going to be exciting!

Luscious Jackson: Man, I'm glad I won't have to sit through that snooze fest.

Team Xtreme/Texas Red/Alliance of Violence Segment

Cameras cut to the back as Johnny Craven is seen walking around. He doesn't look to be too pleased with the way things have been going on. Just then, Team Xtreme comes into view smiling as the crowd gives a cheer.

TXO: Hey Craven, I wanted to apologize for everything and let you know that I'm real sorry for what I've heard about you from Adam Knite. That guy is a real jerk don't you think?

"Texas Red" Johnny Craven: .....

TVO: Oh, you didn't hear? Adam Knite called you a 2-bit loser and said you didn't deserve to be in wrestling. Something about you being better off wearing diapers and sucking on your thumb...don't know where he got that. But if he said something like that to me...I'd be pretty pissed off at him. Are you?

Craven is steaming mad now as he's still silent and then pushes Team Xtreme out of the way as TXO and TVO both have smiles in their faces. More cameras to the backstage area as Davey Boone is seen speaking to Adam's girlfriend and his cousin, Kelly Fox.

Kelly Fox: Good luck tonight!

Davey Boone: Good luck? What are you doing here?

Kelly Fox: I'm coming to ringside with you guys, I'm AoV remember?

Davey Boone: Are you kidding me? You are not coming to the ring with us in this match. Everytime you get involved you always...

Adam pops into the scene.

Adam Knite: She always whats?

Davey Boone: She always costs us the match because of her stupid involvement and you go all soft on me and have to attend to her and I get my butt handed to me on a silver platter!

Adam Knite: First of all, she's never cost us any match and has only helped us..and second of all, you get your ass handed to you REGARDLESS!

Willy Carter is now into the scene.

"Sweet" Willy Carter: Guys come on, we've got tag team gold to defend tonight. We don't need any of this bickering!

Kelly Fox: A black man using the word bickering?

Davey Boone: He means BITCHING like you do!

Adam Knite: You can't speak to my woman like that!

"Sweet" Willy Carter: ENOUGH EVERYBODY! We will compromise here.

Adam Knite: One think I can't stand and that's this Craven guy wearing OUR shirts and thinking he's a member of the AoV! He doesn't need to be coming to your aid anymore and that should be me! I want him out of AoV and to quit helping us! We don't need his stinking help at all man!

Davey Boone: Alright, I tell you what...Craven won't come out and help us anymore in our matches if Kelly doesn't come out to any of our matches. Deal?

Adam Knite: DEAL! Now lets go defend our titles!

The scene cuts back to the ring.

Tag Titles TLC Match
Team Xtreme vs The Alliance of Violence

Luscious Jackson: Now we are at one of the most hyped matches as tables are being set up around the ring along with ladders and several chairs.

Zach Davis: The Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match that I’ve got a feeling will be EXTREME and VIOLENT!

Shannan Lerch: I hope so, you have Team Xtreme and Alliance of Violence! Their past with each other is pretty much unknown though, but we do know that all 4 of them don’t see eye-to-eye real well.

Luscious Jackson: This is going to be crazy yo, probably the best match of the night! I’m callin it, the best match of the night will be this one right here!

The lights fade to black, Alice N Chains: Man In a Box begins to blare, red and white pyro shoots out from the entrance as The Violent One and The Xtreme One Emerges from the smoke. They make their way to the ring very slowly making sure to smack the hands of the fans. They enter the ring and make their way to the corner and TVO cracks his knuckles while TXO stands up on the opposite corner waiting for their opponents to enter the ring.

Shannan Lerch: The focus on their faces are incredible!

Zach Davis: Last week TXO was beaten one on one by Adam Knite as they were almost able to destroy Knite following the match until Davey Boone hit the ring to save the day.

Luscious Jackson: You know the saying, “better late then never”? This definitely applies in their case man, Adam Knite would be scrapin his brains up off the mat right now if Boone hadn’t have came down when he did.

Rooster by Alice in Chains hits. The Alliance of Violence steps out from the back, composed of Davey Boone, Adam Knite, and their manager "Sweet" Willy Carter. The three men head to the ring together, the crowd cheering them on the whole time.

Zach Davis: And here we go folks! TLC for the tag team titles happening right now!

The referee calls for the bell as the crowd is standing on their feet cheering both teams on as it is a mixed crowd as some are chanting A-o-V followed by others chanting Team-X-treme. Carter is standing at ringside as the referee demands Carter to go to the backstage area as he does in frustration. Knite and Boone look towards the crowd as the roof is almost blown off of the arena as TXO and TVO waste no time and attack both champions. TXO is on Adam Knite and giving him a beat down in one corner as TVO has Boone and giving him a beat down in the other corner. You can hear the Team Xtreme fans going crazy as the AoV fans are booing. Adam Knite grabs the ropes and lifts himself back up and throws TXO into the corner and starts feeding fists of his own as Boone finally gets the upper hand on TVO! This has turned into a brawl for all!

Luscious Jackson: Looks like the pot has already gotten sweeter both teams have the sweet tooth early!

Zach Davis: And just think Jackson, there are WEAPONS to use at their disposal on the outside!

Shannan Lerch: Speaking of which, there goes Adam Knite to the outside of the ring!

Knite grabs a ladder and slides it back into the ring as Boone swings TVO into the corner and follows up with a huge clothesline! TVO drops down as Knite sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring and points at Boone, but Boone has other ideas. He takes the ladder and folds it up into the corner. Knite shakes his head as he grabs TXO and swings him into the corner where the ladder is and SMASH as TXO clutches his back and is followed in closely by Davey Boone as TXO barely gets out of the way and Boone smashes into the ladder as well! Boone drops to a knee as TXO takes a couple of steps to the middle of the ring before he’s clotheslined down to the mat! Boone is down on the side as Adam Knite grabs the messed up ladder and attempts to fix it and set it up under the belts. Knite begins to climb up to the top as he’s already up to the next to last rung and reaches up for the titles. TVO slides back into the ring and runs over to the ladder and pushes it over as Adam slams down to the mat! TVO walks over to Knite and picks him up, he then has him in a body slam position and hangs in up in the corner into the “Tree of Woe”. Knite is trying to get out of the hold as TVO picks up the ladder and runs smashing the ladder into the gut of Adam Knite as Knite’s feet flip up causing him to crash down on the back of his neck. TVO then slams the ladder down on top of Knite and then lays it across him. TVO points to the crowd as he attempts to go up top and do a high risk move! He points to the sky and lets out a yell as Boone jumps up on the apron and shoves TVO off the top and onto a table outside the ring! HOLY SHIT chants begin to echo throughout the crowd as Boone holds himself up on the ropes as Knite throws the ladder off of him and attempts to climb to his feet. Boone grabs a ladder outside the ring and slides it into the ring as Knite sets it up on the side. Boone then grabs a chair and throws it into the ring and a table and slides it into the ring. Knite begins setting it up and placing it just where he wants it to be. Knite points over at TXO as Boone walks over and grabs him as TXO punches him in the gut a few times before Boone delivers a hammering blow with his elbow to the back of his head. TXO is thrown into the ring by Boone as Boone climbs into the ring as well. Knite is perched up on the ladder and motions for Boone to bring him up. Knite could easily grab the belts if he wanted to right now, but they are looking to do some damage! Boone lifts up TXO into a back drop and attempts to climb the ladder and goes up 2 rungs and hands off TXO onto the shoulders of Adam Knite as TVO is now back into the ring. Boone climbs off the ladder as Knite has TXO in a powerbomb position! TVO attacks Boone from behind as both men fall out of the ring together fighting. Knite lets out a scream and then leaps off POWERBOMBING TXO THROUGH THE TABLE!!! THE CROWD IS GOING CRAZY CHANTING W-C-F OVER AND OVER AGAIN!

Luscious Jackson: That did it right there, match over! Man, I can’t believe he had the chance to end the match right there but elected to powerbomb his cracker ass through the table!

Zach Davis: A very high risk move indeed Jackson, look on the outside as TVO and Boone both have chairs and are fighting each other off with them!

Boone and TVO are having a “chair fight” instead of a sword fight on the outside of the ring as Knite and TXO are broken into pieces in the middle of the ring. TVO finally knocks the chair out of Boone’s hand and then smashes him in the head with it as Boone crumples to the ground. Blood is now seen pouring from Boone’s head as TVO slides back into the ring. He picks up the ladder and sets it back up under the belts and points towards the crowd as officials on the outside of the ring begin pulling pieces of the broken table out of the ring. TVO begins climbing the ladder as Boone reaches up on the apron and looks into the ring. TVO is on the 3rd from the last rung and attempts to reach for the belts but is just a bit short as he climbs up to the next rung as Boone climbs into the ring and quickly starts up the ladder and starts to punch TVO as he’s got a hand on one of the title belts. They take turns punching each other back and forth as finally TVO gets the upper hand. Boone swings wildly as TVO hooks him and VIOLENT DROP RIGHT OFF THE LADDER AS TVO GOES DOWN WITH HIM!!!!!! MY GAWD WHAT A MOVE! The ladder falls over to the side as all 4 men are down and out as the crowd is back to some cheering for AoV and some cheering for Team Xtreme. Knite and TXO begin to stir on the outside as TVO crawls back to his feet as Boone is slowly to follow. TVO goes to the outside and has another ladder and slides it into the ring as Boone is looking around and looks to be in a daze. TXO is now barely seen sliding into the ring as he just lays on the apron as TVO is back into the ring and sets up the other ladder and then walks over and sets up the second ladder already in the ring next to each other. He tries to wake up TXO as Boone begins to climb one of the ladders behind their back as the crowd is going nuts, Boone is going to try to sneak is way up. TVO sees this and begins climbing the same ladder. Halfway up the ladder the two start punching at each other again as TXO finally gets back up as Knite slides back into the ring and is just laying on the edge of the apron. TXO climbs up the other ladder and begins helping TVO against Boone before realizing he is right above the titles as Knite begins crawling over to the ladder too and starts his climb up. Now we have all 4 competitors on both ladders that are taking turns punching each other. Knite and Boone both finally get the upper hands as Knite grabs TXO and Boone grabs TVO with his head between his knees as they both look at each other and leap off the ladders! KNITE WITH THE KNITE’S OF THE ROUND AND BOONE WITH THE BOONE’S DAY DEVICE OFF THE TOP OF THE LADDERS!!! All 4 men are down again as Knite rolls out of the ring and onto the outside, he begins setting up tables as Boone begins to crawl to his feet.

Zach Davis: I’ve never in my life seen such carnage! This match has been incredible, and all 4 men are giving it everything they’ve got!

Luscious Jackson: This match has been everything we thought it would be plus more man!

Shannan Lerch: Wait a minute, look who is coming! KELLY FOX! Didn’t Boone say he didn’t want her out there EVER?

Adam stops Kelly and asks her why she’s out there and as the 2 are having a conversation on the outside, TVO and TXO are both back up and notice the distraction as they grab Boone up. TXO lifts Boone up on a body slam position as TVO comes up off the ropes and grabs his neck slamming him down! Boone is out cold in the middle of the ring as TVO slides outside the ring as TXO slides out behind Adam and Kelly. TVO comes around as Adam turns his back and is waiting to fight him. TVO starts to come at Knite as TXO comes up from behind and grabs Kelly as she begins to scream Knite turns around to swing but is nailed from behind by TVO! TXO tosses Kelly to the ground as she hits it screaming. Boone looks up and notices what is going on as blood is pouring from his head as TXO picks up Adam Knite and delivers him his own move of Knites of the Round! Boone is back to his feet in the ring as he begins yelling for Kelly Fox to leave the ring as Kelly begins going up the ramp. TXO and TVO slide a table into the ring along with 2 chairs. The come up behind Boone…CONCHAIRTO! Boone drops to the table as TVO pushes him on it as TXO climbs up to the top of a ladder and points to the sky and spits out towards Knite who is coming to his feet and is looking back towards Kelly. Just then, a man wearing a bandana on his head and face shoves Kelly off to the side and begins walking down to the ring as Knite stops him at the end of the ramp. Team Xtreme stops to see what is going on as TVO slams a forearm into the chest of Boone for extra measure. Knite shoves the man who is now seen to be Texas Red Johnny Craven and Knite demands him back up the ramp and is yelling that they don’t need his help. Craven pulls down the bandana and smiles and begins walking back up the ramp. Knite turns around and attempts to climb into the ring but is grabbed be Craven who nails him with a HUGE right hand knocking Knite back. He comes back at Craven as he ducks a wild punch by Knite and CRAVEN SLAMS KNITE THROUGH THE TABLE! TXO leaps off the ladder and does a SWANTON BOMB ONTO DAVEY BOONE THROUGH THE TABLE! The crowd begins to chant holy shit throughout the arena as Craven stands over Knite laughing. TVO now begins climbing up the ladder to the titles as Craven turns his attention to the ring as TVO grabs the titles! Boone is out cold, Knite is out cold and Craven slides into the ring as TXO baseball slides into his face knocking him back!!! TVO HAS BOTH TITLE BELTS!! TEAM XTREME HAS DONE IT! NEW WCF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!

Luscious Jackson: There it is..the champs have been dethroned and Team Xtreme are the new tag team champions! Man, what controversy in this match and I just hope AoV is able to regroup and get those titles back…what a hell of a match!

Zach Davis: Johnny Craven was coming down to aid Davey Boone, or so it looked that way and Knite stopped him. Boone took it for AoV again and that cost them the championships ultimately.

Shannan Lerch: That slut Kelly Fox is what cost them, Boone told her to stay away and she didn’t listen and now AoV are no longer the champions as Team Xtreme embrace each other and hold up the titles in victory!

Kelly Fox and Willy Carter are both back down to the ring as Kelly is tending to Adam and Carter tending to Boone. Team Xtreme are heading back up the ramp way holding their titles up high. Boone is awake and looks towards the entrance area and stands up and then looks down at Knite who is now coming awake on his own. Boone is yelling at Team Xtreme and then looks at Knite and Kelly and is visibly upset as EMTs come to the ring as Boone collapses in the middle of the ring. Probably because of blood loss as Adam is also bleeding himself outside the ring. Was Craven going to help Boone and what will happen between AoV now that this has happened to them? Maybe we can get these questions and more answered next week!

Lawnmower Jones/??? vs Bobby Cairo/Biohazard

Luscious Jackson: I just got personal call, and I need to step away for a bit. You two can handle this match on your own, Zach and Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: Thank God. Well, we've got Lawnmower Jones and.. someone.. up against Bobby Cairo and Biohazard.

"Crippled & Broken" by Kataklysm pounds through the PA system as the crowd roundly boos. The lights in the arena flicker and pyrotechnics explode as the music builds. Biohazard and Cairo appear at the top of the ramp. The fans boo ever louder. Biohazard and Cairo take a moment to pose and flex, all the while taunting the crowd. Biohazard and Cairo finally make their way down to the ring, refusing to slap hands with any of the fans. Once in the ring, Cairo does the Ric Flair strut while Biohazard does a bunch of crazy flips and jumps.

Zach Davis: The Serpent Saints have made their way to the ring, Shannan. These two men look focused and ready for combat.

Shannan Lerch: Yes they do, Zach, and both of these guys have been on a roll as of late. In fact, Cairo recently captured the Northern States Imperial Championship by defeating "Too Fast" Eddie Chavez and "Dancing Machine" Roscoe Lunar in a triple threat match.

Zach Davis: I'm not familiar with that particular championship, Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: That says a lot about your lack of talent and integrity, Mr. Davis.

The words My Name is Lawnmower Jones, and I Love to Mow! are heard across the arena. Then, Scottish bagpipes are heard around the arena, as a motor starting then a lawnmower mowing is heard. Lawnmower Jones appears on the stage without Lonnie, his lawnmower. He looks saddened and depressed as he walks down the ramp and he rolls into the ring.

Zach Davis: Lawnmower Jones laid down the challenge two weeks ago, Shannan, and now we're mere moments away from discovering the identity of his mystery partner!

Shannan Lerch: My money is on Stamos. The man needs the work and, quite frankly, we pay people under the table here in WCF. It's a wonderful arrangement.

Baby Boy comes over the loud speakers and Chris Avery makes his way to the ramp. He takes in all of the cheers and applause and makes his way down the ramp.

Zach Davis: Oh my god! Chris Avery is Jones' mystery partner! I never expected this!

Shannan Lerch: Me neither, Zach. I heard that Avery was eaten by an alligator.

Oh noes it's a swerve! "Chris Avery" removes his face or "mask" if you will to reveal none other than baseball legend Ken Griffey Jr!

Zach Davis: Oh my god! Ken Griffey Jr. is Jones' mystery partner! I never expected this!

Shannan Lerch: Me neither, Zach. I heard that Griffey fractured his tibia while bending over to tie his shoelaces.

Griffey slides into the ring and grabs a mic.

Ken Griffey Jr: What up yo? Ken Griffey Jr. in da house!

The crowd cheers wildly for the future Baseball Hall of Famer.

Ken Griffey Jr: I hate to disappoint all of you great WCF fans, but Ken Griffey Jr. is not Lawnmower Jones' mystery partner!

The crowd boos loudly and vents their anger toward the fat children in the audience.

Ken Griffey Jr: Don't get upset, guys. Hear me out on this. Ken Griffey Jr. is the special enforcer! If anybody tries any funny business, Ken Griffey Jr. is gonna kick their ass from Allegheny, Pennsylvania all the way to Albuquerque, New Mexico!

The crowd cheers wildly for the future Baseball Hall of Famer.

Zach Davis: Wow! This is huge news! Ken Griffey Jr. will act as the special enforcer!

Shannan Lerch: That is big news, Zach, but it still leaves us with one burning question: Who will be Lawnmower Jones' mystery partner?

Zach Davis: We may never know the answer to that question, Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: Why wouldn't we know? The match is starting in mere moments!

Zach Davis: Oh, right. Hmm...that is quite a pickle, isn't it?

Lawnmower Jones has a nervous look on his face. He grabs a mic and hesitates for a moment before speaking.

Lawnmower Jones: I'm sorry to say that me tag team partner has pulled a no-show.

The crowd boos, but doesn't get angry. They empathize with Jones. They feel his pain. Tears roll down their respective faces as their brains process the information.

Lawnmower Jones: Don't worry, everybody. Lawnmower Jones has never backed down from a fight and me isn't about to start tonight! I'll beat these two arseclowns all by meself!

Cairo walks over and snatches the mic from Jones' grasp.

Bobby Cairo: Now you wait one goddamn minute, Jones! Me and Biohazard didn't come out here for no handicapped match! We've been busting our asses in the gym for these past two weeks to prepare for a tag team grudge match from Hell! I don't care if you have to pick somebody out of the audience! We ain't wrestling no damn handicapped match! We already beat your sorry ass two weeks ago!

Jones walks over and snatches the mic from Cairo's grasp.

Lawnmower Jones: You don't dictate nothin' to Lawnmower Jones! I beat you to within an inch of your life the first time I ever met you, Cairo! Bah gawd I'll do it again tonight!

Cairo walks over and snatches the mic from Jones' grasp.

Bobby Cairo: You just said the wrong damn thing to me, punk! You want a handicapped match? You're gonna be handicapped after we cripple your ass, suckah! Ring the damn bell, Mr. Timekeeper!

Cairo tosses the mic to the ground and stomps over toward his partner Biohazard.

Zach Davis: I don't even know what to say. This is a terribly disappointing turn of events.

Shannan Lerch: You're not kidding, Zach. We all saw what happened two weeks ago on Slam when Cairo and Biohazard beat Jones. It became a numbers game and ultimately the Serpent Saints managed to overwhelm their outmanned opponent. Jones is tough, but I think it would be in his best interest to forfeit this match.

Zach Davis: Knowing the type of man that Jones is, the type of character that he possesses, I think that he would die before he would ever surrender.

Shannan Lerch: That might happen, Zach. It might happen tonight.

The bell rings to start the match. Cairo and Jones stare each other down. Cairo says something about LJ's momma. Jones decks Cairo with a right hand that knocks Cairo to the mat. Cairo jumps up and takes a swing at Jones. Jones ducks and hits Cairo with a low blow. The crowd cheers as Cairo drops to the mat and grasps his groin. Jones stomps away at Cairo's head and chest area. Jones pulls Cairo up by his hair and slings Cairo up on his shoulder. Jones charges into the corner and Cairo's back hits hard against the turnbuckles. Jones repeats this task in the opposite corner before slamming Cairo to the mat. Jones makes the cover and hooks Cairo's leg.




Zach Davis: Jones is off to a hot start in this match, Shannan. I told you that he wouldn't lay down and play dead!

Shannan Lerch: I wouldn't celebrate too early, Zach. As a wise man once said "He who laughs last, laughs best." That wise man was named Bob Saget.

Jones whips Cairo into the ropes and takes Bobby down with a huge backbody drop. Bobby grasps his back after crashing down to the mat, but Jones shows no mercy. LJ whips Cairo into the ropes again and this time he takes Cairo down with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Cairo screams in pain as he writhes around on the mat like a little sissy. LJ stands poised in the corner of the ring, waiting for Cairo to stand up. Cairo slowly rises to his feet and turns toward Jones. Jones absolutely creams Cairo with a vicious-looking spear. Jones make the cover and hooks Cairo's leg.




Zach Davis: Cairo barely kicked out! Jones is dominating this match right now, Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: I'm worried about Bobby. He switched to oatmeal and raisins this morning from his usual breakfast of steak and eggs. He claimed that raisins are the brainfood of madmen the world over, but they don't seem to be helping him right now.

Jones plants Cairo in the middle of the ring with a snap DDT. Jones locks Cairo in a Boston crab. Bobby screams in pain as Jones leans back and increases the pressure. The fans cheer wildly as Cairo frantically struggles to escape. LJ continues to pile on the pressure and Cairo appears to be on the verge of tapping. Cairo uses all of his remaining energy to make a final grab for the ropes, but he fails short. Cairo raises his arm, but before he can tap out Biohazard flies off the top rope with a corkscrew senton to break up the hold.

Zach Davis: Biohazard just saved the day for his team! Cairo was on the verge of tapping for sure, Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: That's where the numbers game comes into play, Zach. Cairo and Biohazard can bail each other out when they get in trouble. Jones doesn't have that luxury.

Biohazard returns to his corner as Cairo and Jones are both dead on the mat. The ref begins to count both men down before Cairo begins to stir on the mat. He slowly inches over to his corner and tags Biohazard into the match. Jones stands up and walks right into a running enzuigiri from Biohazard. That move might have decapitated a lesser man. Biohazard goes to work on Jones in the corner with a series of martial arts kicks, punctuated with a spinning roundhouse kick to LJ's face. Jones crumples to the mat as Biohazard quickly ascends to the top turnbuckle. Biohazard spits some green ooze into the air before leaping forth and connecting with a Phoenix splash on the fallen Jones. Biohazard has Jones covered and he hooks the leg.




Zach Davis: Biohazard is a truly remarkable athlete, Shannan. This man flies through the air like Jushin "Thunder" Liger, Ric Flair's leer jet and Superman all rolled into one.

Shannan Lerch: That's what makes this Serpent Saints tag team so effective, Zach. You have Cairo's technical prowess and you combine that with Biohazard's aerial's a very difficult combination to overcome.

Biohazard attempts an Irish whip into the ropes, but Jones reverses it. Biohazard leaps onto the ropes and levels LJ with a springboard back elbow. Biohazard climbs outside to the ring apron and waits for Jones to stand up. Jones eventually stumbles to his feet only to be greeted by a hurricanrana from Biohazard, which Biohazard turns into a cradle pinning combination.




Zach Davis: That was a close call, but Jones managed to kickout. Things don't look good right now for Jones.

Shannan Lerch: I hate to say I told you so, Zach, but I told you so, you motherfreaker!

Biohazard tags Cairo into the match and they hit Jones with the Discordant Memento before Biohazard exits the ring. Cairo taunts Jones by slapping him the face as he lies on the canvas and the crowd responds with boos. Cairo picks Jones up and hits him with the rolling Germans. Rather than making a cover Cairo instead taunts the fans with knock-knock jokes and a recreation of his drunken rant about Italians being superior to Canadians in the lovemaking department. Jones manages to recover enough to roll up Cairo from behind.




Zach Davis: Cairo was nearly caught sleeping that time by Lawnmower Jones!

Shannan Lerch: Aw, come on! I wanted to hear the end of his rant!

Cairo is pissed and he nearly kills Jones with a Shining Wizard. Then, Cairo picks Jones up and plants him with a Death Valley driver. Cairo signals that he's going to the top rope and the crowd boos. Cairo climbs to the top rope and hits Jones with a frog splash. Cairo once again opts to forgo a cover. This time Cairo climbs out of the ring and grabs a metal folding chair. Cairo attempts to re-enter the ring with the chair, but he is stopped by Ken Griffey Jr! Griffey snatches the chair from Cairo's grip. Cairo screams at Griffey, calling him all sorts of profane and degrading names. Griffey has heard enough and he clobbers Cairo over the head with the chair! Griffey rolls Cairo back into the ring. Jones slowly crawls over and makes the cover.




Zach Davis: Ken Griffey Jr. has asserted himself in this match and it nearly resulted in a victory for Lawnmower Jones!

Shannan Lerch: Griffey has always been jealous of Cairo. Griffey is a washed up old hag and Cairo is the wave of the future. Get out of here, Griffey, you goddamn cripple!

Cairo and Jones are both slow to their feet. Cairo is up first. He charges Jones, but Jones recovers in time to plant Cairo with a spinebuster. Jones signals that it's time for the Rev the Engine. The crowd erupts in cheers, but Biohazard cuts short their celebration by attacking Jones from behind. Biohazard attempts an Irish whip, but Jones reverse it and gives Biohazard a spinebuster of his own. Jones hits Biohazard with the Rev the Engine. Jones makes the cover and hooks the leg, but Cairo quickly breaks up the pin. Suddenly, there's a puff a smoke and the entire ring is engulfed.

Zach Davis: What the hell is this? The entire ring has been shrouded in smoke! I can't see what's going on!

Shannan Lerch: This is just like the time that I was supposed to marry Rod Stewart in Acapulco. He made me all of the promises in the world, but when it came time to say "I do" it was nothing but a big puff of smoke. My dress was completely ruined.

The smoke gradually clears from the ring and we can see that a man in a black skimask has entered the fray. The man attacks Cairo from behind and lays him out with a full nelson slam. Then, the mystery man turns his attention to Biohazard. The man builds up a had of steam and knocks Biohazard over the top rope with a Yakuza kick. Next, the man helps Jones to his feet. The crowd sits in a hushed silence waiting to see what's going to happen. Jones and the mystery man have a brief staredown before shaking hands and embracing. The crowd goes bonkers.

Zach Davis: It looks like Lawnmower Jones' mystery partner has finally arrived and, oh man, what an entrance!

Shannan Lerch: The mystery partner has arrived, but his identity remains a mystery, Zach.

Bobby Heenan: BUT WHO'S SIDE IS HE ON!?

Zach Davis: Hold on, Shannan. I'm being told that the mystery man's name is Thomas E. Dewey Tell Them What They Won, Frank. That can't be right, can it?

Shannan Lerch: Hmm...he must be one of Anna Nicole Smith's children.

The mystery man picks Cairo up and throws him at Jones' feet. Jones pounces on Cairo and locks him in the Jonesmission. The crowd collectively rises to its feet and cheers, just waiting for Cairo to tap out. Cairo fights for all that he's worth and nearly makes it to the ropes, but ultimately falls short. Cairo taps! The match is over!

Zach Davis: Cairo tapped! Jones beats Cairo! This match is history!

Shannan Lerch: Oh, I don't believe this. This mystery guy comes out of nowhere and helps Jones defeat Cairo. What the hell type of organization are we running?

The crowd enters a state of near-pandemonium as Jones and the mystery man celebrate in the middle of the ring. Alcohol flows freely as even the youngsters get involved in the party. Biohazard slowly climbs into the ring and scrapes his partner Cairo off of the canvas as their plot for world domination falls short on this chilly spring evening.

Luscious Jackson: Okay, guys, I'm back!

Zach Davis: Just in time for the party. Where'd you go, anyway? What was the emergency?

Luscious Jackson: My girlfriend needed help with her homework.

Shannan Lerch: What'd she need to know?

Luscious Jackson: Who the dish ran away with.

Zach Davis: ...

Jack Segment

We open up backstage to see Reckless Jack getting ready to walk out the door after what has transpired tonight with JJ Biggs. Just when he is about to leave for the garage, we see a hand come off screen and tap him on the shoulder. Reckless Jack turns around, only to see it is Jay Williams. The two men look at each other as they have been heated rivals elsewhere in the wrestling world. The smark boys in the crowd go nuts as we can hear them. Regardless, the two men stare at each other.

Reckless Jack: I see you found your way to Wrestling Championship Federation, right when I make a somewhat return.

Jay Williams: Yep.

The two men continue starring at each other.

Reckless Jack: How's the leg holding up?

Jay Williams: Good.

Reckless Jack turns and goes to leave but Jay Williams prevents him from doing so. Reckless Jack turns around frustrated.

Reckless Jack: What? You aren't pissed at what happened there on Monday are you?

Jay Williams doesn't say a word but instead extends his hand for a handshake. Reckless Jack extends his hand as the two men shake hands, showing some form of respect to one another.

Jay Williams: We may have history elsewhere but WCF is a fresh start for me. My leg is fine, my head is fine. We've beaten each other senseless numerous times but that's all in the past.

Reckless Jack nods his head in agreement.

Reckless Jack: Good to hear it Jay. Anyways, see you around.

Jay Williams: Yeah, good luck.

Reckless Jack leaves as Jay Williams continues to stand there as we headback to ringside.

Hardcore Title Match
Danny Vice vs Thunder vs Skyler Striker

Zach Davis: And now it is time for our Hardcore Title match.

Shannan Lerch: Three of WCF's biggest stars, in one ring, at one time.

Luscious Jackson: The animosity and tension is high.... I can't wait.

"Faint" by Linkin Park hits the speakers as the lights of the arena go out for several seconds. Two spotlights shine at the top of the ramp where Danny "The Vagrant" Vice stands. He is dressed in a black long tights, and a long black leather jacket. He looks to his left and right as the crowd cheers, but his eyes give off almost a look of paranoia. He walks to the ring with a dead stare towards the center of the ring, and Jimmy Vice walks behind him, following him to the ring. Danny nods to him before sliding under the bottom rope. He climbs the top rope and lifts a single fist in the air as a “V” pyro hits behind him.

"Money" by Pink Floyd begins to play. As the cash register sound ends and the music begins, Thunder walks towards the ring. He is accompanied by Janie Vice. He reaches the apron and climbs the turnbuckle, taunting the fans.

“Fallen, broken. Simply dissolved into an incomplete thought. An empty shell, cracked, and disfigured. With no remorse, I have been blinded by the darkness. With no disdain, I have received my punishment. And with no haste, I await them.”

After the words finish, the music of “Fallen Angels” by Ra kicks in as a bright white light flashes over the arena and fades to black again. The lights continue quickly changing between black and white as Skyler Striker enters the stage. He walks down towards the ring dressed in the usual black, unbuttoned shirt and the torn maroon pants. He slides into the ring and as the chorus hits, Skyler spreads his arms in a crucifix pose. He holds this, looking into the crowd, and then goes to the turnbuckle, repeating the crucifix pose. The lights return to normal as Skyler jumps down and the music fades.

Shannan Lerch: And here are all the competitors, lets get this match on the road.

The bell rings. All three men stare in opposing corners, glancing quickly from one to the other to decide where to strike first. After several seconds of this, Vice and Striker seem to lock eyes and both attack Thunder with several kicks and stomps, driving him into the corner where they continue their assault. Suddenly, Striker dropkicks Vice in the head, sending The Vagrant over the top rope to the outside.

Zach Davis: Seems as if Striker wasn’t going to let their latest friendship last long in this match.

Luscious Jackson: Don’t forget now, but Striker nearly got his head kicked in by yo Danny on Slam.

Shannan Lerch: Who the hell let Luscious say a full sentence?

Striker lifts Thunder from corner and hip tosses him to the center of the ring, much to the delight of the crowd. Striker bounds off the ropes and hits a snap leg drop across the throat of Thunder. Cover by Striker.



Kickout by Thunder.

Zach Davis: Could you imagine a hardcore title match with no weapons?

Shannan Lerch: It be original!?!?

Striker pulls Thunder to his feet and attemps a suplex, but Thunder blocks it and hits a suplex of his own. As Thunder gets to his feet he receives a springboard chairshot from Vice who makes his way back into the match with a vicious shot to the skull. Vice covers Thunder.



Striker breaks up the cover to save his championship. Striker and Vice begin to exchange right hands in the center of the ring, bringing the crowd to their feet to see once an extremely hot rivalry renewed. Meanwhile, Thunder grabs the steel chair and swings, but both men duck the attack. Vice kicks Thunder in the back of the head directly into Striker who hits a sitout facebuster. Striker places the steel chair across the back of the head of Thunder and tells Vice to go high risk. Vice agrees and climbs the turnbuckle, leaps looking for a leg drop but Striker grabs the chair and drills Vice over the head with it, busting him wide open. Vice rolls out of the ring in pain as Striker makes the cover.



Thunder gets his foot on the ropes.

Zach Davis: Brutal attack by Striker as he suckered Vice into believing the two were working together on that attack.

Shannan Lerch: Skyler is fighting like a veteran champion. Using his opponents to his advantage when he needs them, and then attacking them when it’s time to survive. He’s held that title for a long time, and he knows exactly what it takes to keep it in his possession.

Luscious Jackson: The man defines hardcore.

Striker pulls Thunder to his knees, and Thunder low blows Striker.

Shannan Lerch: Yes! That’s how you define hardcore, Jackson.

Thunder follows up with a quick DDT. He shouts to Janie outside of the ring, something about a table. She runs over and begins to set-up a table outside of the ring while Thunder pummels Striker with right hands to the skull. Thunder lifts Striker with a side headlock, then slams Striker’s head into the turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: What does Thunder have in mind here for the champion?

Thunder and Striker scale the turnbuckle, and Thunder sets Striker on his shoulders just above the table on the outside of the ring. Janie begins to shout at Thunder to reconsider, but he disregards her and drives both bodies through the table with a Super Thunder and Lightning. The crowd hits their feet with the huge bump.

Crowd: WCF! WCF! WCF!

Shannan Lerch: Oh…

Luscious Jackson: My…

Zach Davis: God! Thunder just sacrificed himself to hit a massive Thunder and Lightning off the top rope through a table. Both he and Striker are down outside of the ring and this arena is going wild!

Thunder and Striker are now also donning the crimson mask as they lay on the heap of rubble that was once a sturdy table. Vice stumbles around the corner and grabs Striker and rolls his lifeless body inside the ring. He covers Striker…



No! Janie Vice threw a trashcan from outside of the ring that struck the Vice in the head as he was making the cover. Jimmy Vice comes rushing around the corner to chase Janie, but Thunder pops up and hits a stiff clothesline on Jimmy. Thunder rolls back into the ring and charges Vice, but Vice hits a back body drop. Thunder is up again but this time catches a spinning heel kick to the face from Vice. Striker gets to his feet, but Vice drills him with the Outkast.

Zach Davis: Danny Vice is a ball of fire right now!

Vice makes the cover…



Striker somehow gets his shoulder up. The crowd is stunned and begin to scream and shout at the nearfall. Vice is beside himself that Striker was able to stay the champion, as he could nearly tastes his first singles title.

Zach Davis: Striker’s heart has never been doubted, and he proves again why he is the longest reigning champion in the WCF.

Luscious Jackson: The boy is stayin’ alive!

Thunder is first to his feet of the three men, he kicks Vice in the head and grabs Striker for a snap suplex. Thunder then waits as a dizzied Vice climbs to his feet. As Thunder locks in a cobra clutch on Danny Vice, the crowd booes loudly.

Shannan Lerch: This could be it, new champion!

Jimmy Vice slides into the ring to break up the submission hold, but Janie Vice flies in out of nowhere and jumps on the back of her twin brother. The two tussle in the ring and the referee tells them both they are to return backstage.

Zach Davis: The referee has just thrown Jimmy and Janie Vice out of here! They’re barred from ringside!

Luscious Jackson: Look in the ring!

Shannan Lerch: Turn around ref! Vice is tapping out!

Vice is tapping out to the cobra clutch while the referee has his attention focused on the Vice twins. Striker grabs the loose trash can in the ring and drills it over the head of Thunder, breaking the submission hold. Vice rolls out of the ring to attempt to regain himself. Striker places the trash can over the head of Thunder and delivers two strong kicks to the outside of the trashcan. Striker hits off the ropes and hits a flying leg lariat into the trashcan, dropping Thunder to the mat. Meanwhile, Vice springboards himself off the ropes and hits a spinning springboard DDT on Striker. Vice covers Striker…



Three! No! Striker got his leg on the bottom rope!

Zach Davis: Once again Striker holds on! Unbelievable. This man is a testament to inner strength.

Vice and Thunder both make it to their feet, as Thunder hits several chops on Vice, followed by a sidewalk slam into a cover.



Striker breaks up the count. He grabs Thunder and throws him through the ropes to the outside. Striker lifts Vice to his feet and drops him with Last Chance. Striker covers Vice.



No! Thunder slid a ladder into the ring and hit the referee square in the head with it, knocking him out.

Luscious Jackson: Referee down, how convenient.

Thunder also slides a table into the ring, which gives Striker a sadistic smile across his face. Thunder begins to roll into the ring, but he catches two kicks to the head from Striker. Striker pulls Thunder to his feet and kicks him in the gut, then hits Final Revelation.

Zach Davis: That should do it!

Shannan Lerch: Still no referee, Zach.

Zach Davis: Ahhhh. Right.

Striker looks to his left and right and see both challengers down on the mat. He walks over to the table and begins setting it up in the middle of the ring. He then grabs the ladder and begins to set it up in one of the corners of the ring. Thunder begins to stir, so Striker runs across and hits a running knee to the side of the head of Thunder, knocking him out of the ring. Striker walks back to the ladder and gets it entirely set-up.

Zach Davis: This WCF crowd is on their feet. They know when they see Striker and Vice in a ring with a ladder, that only fireworks are going to follow!

Striker picks Vice up out of the pool of his own blood forming on the mat and rolls him on top of the table. Striker begins his ascent up the ladder as the crowd cheers wildly.

Shannan Lerch: If he’s going all the way up there…

Luscious Jackson: He’s gotta fly back down!

Striker spreads his arms atop the ladder in a crucifix pose, then leaps off hitting the Skyler High Dive on Vice through the table.

Zach Davis: Sweet Jesus Skyler Striker has just broken Danny Vice in half. Someone get a medic out here, hell just bring an ambulance. Forget the ambulance, get the entire ER out here as soon as possible. This is absolute carnage.

Luscious Jackson: I just crapped myself.

Thunder is back in the ring with a stop sign in hand. He swings at Striker, but Striker ducks it and clotheslines Thunder. Vice begins to climb to his feet off of the broken table in the ring.

Shannan Lerch: How is The Vagrant alive, let alone moving!

Striker sets Thunder up for Last Call, but Thunder reverses with a back body drop. Thunder looks for a short arm clothesline on Vice, but Vice ducks it and attempts to hit a Side Effect, but Thunder elbows Vice in the head to break the clutch. Thunder lifts Vice on his shoulder looking for Thunder and Lightning, but Vice slips off and shoves Thunder toward Striker, who clotheslines Thunder. Vice kicks Striker in the gut, and hits Rejection! Here's the pin!



Zach Davis: We've got a new Hardcore Champion!

NO! Thunder just managed to dive and knock Vice off. Vice stands, as does Thunder, and the two men begin brawling. Thunder throws Vice to the ropes, but Vice ducks a Clothesline attempt, bounces back, runs towards Thunder and Clotheslines him right over the top rope! Both men are sent flying to the outside.

Luscious Jackson: Skyler is alone in the ring-

But not for long. The World Champion, Jack of Blades, has just come out from the crowd. He has a chair. He waits for Striker to stand, and BAM! BRUTAL chair shot right to Striker's head.

Shannan Lerch: Jack of Blades... What is he doing here!? Now?!

Zach Davis: Easy. Skyler Striker won War, remember? Striker is a threat to Jack's World Title. This is the perfect time to eliminate that threat.

Striker was already hurting, but now he's bleeding. Jack isn't done, picking Striker up... Joker's Wild right onto the chair!

Luscious Jackson: AH NO.

He's still not done. Knowing he doesn't have unlimited time, he quickly puts Striker's head in the chair. He proceeds to stomp it with brutal force. Striker's face is smashed, and blood streams from his nose. He most likely has a concussion. Jack stomps Striker's head a few times with his bare boot, smiling to himself. Vice has taken care of Thunder, and slides back into the ring. Jack immediately slides out, heading back out through the crowd.

Shannan Lerch: We need medical attention for Skyler Striker. Immediately.

Danny Vice actually appears worried, and yells at the ref to get EMTs out here. The ref shakes his head, saying that since this is a Hardcore Title match, Striker can't be taken away until the match is over.

Zach Davis: Come on! This man needs to get out of here, now! Just pin him, Vice!

Vice, hesitantly, pins Striker. He obviously doesn't want to win like this.




Luscious Jackson: Aw hell.

Thunder is back in the ring, like a shark who smells blood, and kicked Vice off. Vice has an angry look on his face, realizing that Thunder would keep fighting for quite a long time. He looks conflicted.

Shannan Lerch: No, Vice, don't be stupid. This is your chance to win the Hardcore Title.

Vice curses to himself... and rolls out of the ring. Thunder smiles, covering the unconscious Striker, and hooking the leg.




Zach Davis: Thunder has won the Hardcore Title. Danny Vice let him do it, as an act of mercy.

Luscious Jackson: Now can we PLEASE get some EMTs?!

By the time the three count was made, the medical staff is already halfway down the ramp. Thunder grabs his Hardcore Title and slides out of the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Thunder might just be the smartest man in WCF right now. There's no place for mercy in wrestling.

Danny Vice is helping the EMTs get Striker onto a stretcher.

Zach Davis: Quite frankly, I don't know if we'll be seeing Skyler Striker again for a long time.

The EMTs and Vice take Striker up the ramp as Thunder disappears to the back with the Hardcore Title around his waist.

World Title Match
Creeping Death vs Jack of Blades

Luscious Jackson: Main event! Main event! Oh my God, main event!

Zach Davis: Why's he doing that?

Shannan Lerch: He's pushing for a Hall of Fame entry.

Zach Davis: Anyway, the Oklahoman gangsta' is right. It's the main event where we see two staples of the current Wrestling Championship Federation face off for the gold in Jack of Blades and Creeping Death. Of course, these two have shared fists before.

Shannan Lerch: Indeed. This is just the most recent plateau of the feud between these two. Although not as hostile as other rivalries, Blades and Creeping Death are dialectically opposed to one another. Blades represents the future and new style of WCF where the traditionalist, Creeping Death was, is and will be a central factor of the WCF regardless of era.

Zach Davis: Dialectically opposed? You didn't come up with that.

Shannan Lerch: Fine. Blades told me to say it.

Luscious Jackson: Fruity carnage!

The lights slowly fade to black. Bells toll as the screen shows shots of a big wooden cross wrapped in barbed wire. It's a sunny day as the "happy" opening to "The Light That Blinds" by Shadows Fall plays. The crowd goes along with the sounds. "Doo-da-doo dooing" along with it. As the song gets darker and darker, the sunny day turns to night. Black clouds roll in and rain begins falling on the cross. Lightning crashes about. As the lightning crashes, white lights in the arena flash. When the song kicks up, thirty four seconds in, the entire crowd begins headbanging in unison and throwing the horns in the air as the lights come on just a tad, giving light to the dark. Standing on the stage is Creeping Death, wearing a black hoodie with the hood up, arms stretched out in a crucifix fashion. CD stands there for a second or thirty, until the vocals start, taking in the crowd's reaction. Then he slowly makes his way down the ramp, looking out into the audience. As he reaches the ring, he slides in under the bottom rope, and pops to his feet. CD walks over to a turnbuckle, jumps to the middle rope facing in the ring, does the crucifix pose once again, takes the hoodie off, and then takes a seat on the top turnbuckle, awaiting the match to begin.

Shannan Lerch: Timeless entrance and the embodiment of the WCF, Creeping Death.

Luscious Jackson: An' we about to see another timeless entrance and the saviour of the WCF, Jack of Blades.

The sharp fiddle that opens David Draiman's 'Forsaken' preludes Jack's entrance. Simultaneously, a deep crimson envelops the entire arena. The large video screen begins to play a video featuring dark silhouettes. As the fiddle dies out in transfer for the gruff vocals and electric guitar, the red is dispelled with a sharp explosion of fireworks coming from the ramp. As well as this, the silhouettes in the opening video are also given form showing Jack seemingly in a ritual of preparation and grimacing. As the pyro clears and the video evolves, the camera pulls to the top of the ramp where Jack of Blades is kneeling in ceremony. Soon after, Jack of Blades moves upwards to his feet and poses as if he were being crucified; his arms leant out, his body forced forwards. At the same time, a red rain of sparks fall from behind him where the curtain lays, adding effect. As the 'rain' dies down, two walls of flame burst from the each side of the ramp and Jack sets down it, his face changing from ecstatic grin to professional glare. When at the ring, he slides through the bottom rope and spends a few moments on the canvas as if establishing the surroundings before charismatically getting to his feet by spinning on his heels. At his feet, he launches himself onto the second rope of a turnbuckle, sideways, and reveals to the crowd a red rose from his trenchcoat pocket, raising it up beyond his head with one hand before catching it in his other and crushing it. This cues a steady stream of rose petals to fall from the ceiling around him as he apes the same crucifix gesture. They both hope off their respective corners and face each other in the middle of the ring.

Zach Davis: What to say that hasn't already been said in reference to these guys—

Shannan Lerch: And what to say that they haven't already said themselves.

Creeping Death, upon hearing the bell ringing, reacts by immediately whipping Blades onto the ropes and waiting for his return. As Blades' momentum forces him towards the stationary challenger, he finds himself thrown over Death's shoulder with a Back Body Drop. Upon bouncing onto the mat, Jack is hung onto the middle rope. CD seizes the opportunity by charging onto them and swinging through them trying to connect with a Feint Tiger Kick. Blades, however, rolls backwards before concussion and onto his feet waiting to lock in the Katahajime on a confused Creeping Death. CD quickly seeing this attempt rolls around to Jack's back and tries an arm-drag. This is soon cut down with a meaningful shove that forces CD away. As the pair once again face each other, the crowd applauds the chain wrestling already shown.

Shannan Lerch: If one of these two is in a match, you know it's going to be good. With both of them, it's just gonna be chaotic.

Creeping Death nods at the crowd's favour as if himself impressed with his and enemy's ability. However, he soon breaks his boasting by charging Blades. Jack, who was completely ignorant to any favour from the audience, simply meets him with a clothesline. With his opponent grounded, Jack leaps onto the middle rope and spins off it catching the supine Creeping Death with a Springboard Legdrop. He then brings Death's legs into a cradle for the cover.



Creeping Death kicks out of it and forces Blades off him. Jack, still retaining the advantage, gets to his feet before his counterpart and thus tries to drag CD to his level. He is met with resounding knuckles to the stomach. Creeping Death then rolls onto the shoulders of Jack and throws him over with a Hurricanrana.


Blades rolls out of it, as does Creeping Death. The former is then met with a sharp dropkick to the jaw at an incredible angle from the contender who then points to a nearby turnbuckle.

Luscious Jackson: White boy gonna fly!

Zach Davis: I thought you were Oklahoman?

Luscious Jackson: Yee-haw!

Creeping Death balances himself on the turnbuckle and moves to a standing position. The crowd erupts in a combustion of white lens flashes as Death paces off the ropes and turns a magnificent 450. splash onto Blades. On arrival, he clutches his ribs in agony until returning to the champion for a cover attempt.



Blades pulls his legs away from the pin and breaks it up. Creeping Death spurred on gestures a climactic end before planting Jack in between his legs. In a moment's swiftness, Jack is found hanging vertical against Creeping Death's torso before being dropped with a thunderous vertical piledriver. As Jack's head sickeningly rebounds off the canvas, Creeping Death screams and vents his adrenaline. He then returns to Jack hoping for a successful cover but then finds himself forced into a cradle.



Creeping Death falls through-it with that expression of surprise that Jack could regain such energy to do that after such a powerful move on his part. Blades remains on the ground fatigued from his effort allowing Creeping Death first stance. Upon finding his feet, Creeping Death moves to the opposing sides of the ropes and lines his body up with Blades preparing for another attack. Blades, still unaware of this, makes it to his feet and witnesses a charging Creeping Death projecting his legs through the air. Using some illusive strength, Blades reverses this by German Suplexing his opponent through the air, over the top rope, and to the ground below.

Zach Davis: Flip German Suplex to the outside! Amazing.

Luscious Jackson: That'll be shown on all those WCF Desire clips on YouTube. And by the way, them are illegal. WCF Desire Clips, I mean, not Flip German Suplexes. Well, it depends who you did it on. I mean if you did it on one of dem kiddy fiddlers than that's cool but like you couldn't do it on da Queen.

Zach Davis: Shut up.

Luscious Jackson: Right.

Creeping Death picks himself from the incredible impact which more a credit to him than a detraction from Blades. Rather irritated by his resilience, Blades paces away from the ropes before soaring through them onto Creeping Death.

Zach Davis: Stage dive to the outside.

Blades pulls himself away from the heap of limbs and sweat and by the hair, takes Creeping Death with him. They move along the outside until stopping at the announcer table. Creeping Death tries to add some dead weight but is met with knife -edge chops for his attempt. Creeping Death comes right back by hooking a Chancery and positioning Jack for a snap suplex through the announce table. As Blades is lifted, however, he falls from it and pulls Creeping Death along with him into a Cobra Clutch Bomb.

Zach Davis: Creeping Death's neck was jacked right back there.

Shannan Lerch: Indeed, it was very good.

Blades takes a few moment to regain some of his breath before clamouring back to his target. Lifting Creeping Death once again, he drags him to the steel steps where he forcibly opens Creeping Death's jaw and rests his lips on the sharp edge. Blades then moves backwards and examines the position he has placed his victim in. At this, the crowd begins to realize what Blades had in mind and starts a clap that as it grows in intensity forces Blades into action as he drives a boot directly into the back of Creeping Death's neck.

Luscious Jackson: Curb stomp! Curb stomp!

Shannan Lerch: Ouch!

Zach Davis: Gotta hope Creeping Death is ok after that.

Creeping Death collapses, seemingly unconscious from the manoeuvre, and onto Blades feet. Jack capitalizes by forcing Creeping Death through the ropes, leaving his head exposed, and joining him thus breaking the referee's count. He then rubs his forearm along the facial features of Death as if to simply demonstrate his superiority as opposed to providing a pathway to victory. Feeling that he has learnt this lesson enough, Blades moves through the ropes and moves to a nearby turnbuckle, leaning forward while clutching onto the rope.

Shannan Lerch: Looks like Blades is going for a spear!

Zach Davis: Looks it.

Creeping Death does eventually make his way to his feet, clutching his jaw with his tongue hanging out. His concern over his mouth however delineates away from his concern over Blades current position until he finds the World Champion driving his shoulder into his ribcage. Creeping Death once again finds himself on the floor as Jack quickly follows up on his assault with a Crippler Crossface.

Zach Davis: Jack's going for a submission.

Shannan Lerch: Could get it considering the damage done to Creeping Death's face.

Luscious Jackson: This is CD though. Fool not gonna tap.

Zach Davis: Maybe not.

Creeping Death's arm flails in mid-air as if trying to decide whether to remain where it is or simply tap. He chooses the former as Creeping Death pushes himself from the mat and to his feet carrying the larger Jack of Blades with him. He stumbles around, blinded by the Crossface, until trying to throw Jack off by charging at a corner. Blades, however, simply hops onto it and moves it to a Front Face Lock. After bouncing on the rope for momentum, Blades flies from it looking for a Tornado DDT.

Zach Davis: Creeping Death counters!

Zach speaks correctly as Creeping Death grasps onto Jack's tights in mid-air preventing him from turning around. After a few moments of struggling, Creeping Death pulls Jack onto his own back before dropping him with an Air-Raid Siren. He promptly pins.



Blades kicks-out awkwardly.

Luscious Jackson: How'd he do that?!

Creeping Death isn't too happy. He stomps at Jack a few times before beginning to climb up to the top rope.

Shannan Lerch: Jack is in position for almost any move here that could result in a pin, from a Phoenix Splash to a Shooting Star Press, this could be it!

But no! Jack lunges to the ropes, causing CD to crotch the turnbuckle. Jack slowly works his way up, and grabs CD off the turnbuckle... and executes a beautiful Cradle DVD!

Zach Davis: Owies. Jack planted him hard into the canvas.

And now Jack is the one climbing to the top rope. He slowly gets to the top, looks down at CD.. and flies off with the Aerial Armageddon!

Luscious Jackson: Now this gotta be it!




Shannan Lerch: For once, Luscious, you're right. Jack of Blades has retained his belt.

The bell rings. Jack stands up as the ref hands him his Title. He looks down at Creeping Death, emotionless.

Zach Davis: Is he planning on continuing the attack!? Damnit, Blades, the match is over, just get out of there.

And, Jack does just that. He slides out of the ring, World Title over his shoulder.

Luscious Jackson: Could Creeping Death have possibly earned Jack's respect?

Shannan Lerch: I doubt it.

Zach Davis: Either way, what a match! Both men gave it their all, but Jack was just too much. And an announcement, fans... The next WCF show will be Creeping Death presenting XIII, this Friday the 13th.

Shannan Lerch: Why did we let Creeping Death get another one of these shows?! Blargh.

Luscious Jackson: See y'all then!

Zach Davis: No, you won't, Luscious. I don't know who the announcers for that show will be. But someone will see you then, fans!

Jack is walking up the ramp, looking back at Creeping Death as he does so. The copyright image appears and Slam fades out.