Explosion Intro
Nate Nytro vs Matthew Draven
Ripper vs Burn Out vs Road Rage vs Bobby Cairo vs David Cook vs John Cook
JJ Biggs Segment
Television Title: Ace vs Shaun Sexton
Logan/Seth Lerch/Bobby Dole Segment
Hardcore Title: David Alastair vs Creeping Death
World Title: Torture vs JJ Biggs

WCF Explosion Intro

Mojo by Peeping Tom hits and Explosion is on the air! We scan the crowd for signs, "Sign the Zombie!" "Bring back Ellis!" "Logan, Pick Me!" and the like. We then go to all three of the evening's announcers.

Zach Davis: Fans, welcome to WCF Explosion! We've got a huge crowd tonight, and what a card!

Luscious Jackson: Dat's right Zach! And we got LUSCIOUS JACKSON IN THE HIZZZOUSE!

Shannan Lerch: Sigh.

Zach Davis: In addition, Logan will pick either former owner Seth Lerch or Bobby Dole to be the new owner, too. I wonder who he'll pick.

Shannan Lerch: He'll pick Seth. I'm sure of it.

Zach Davis: Well either way, our main event of the night... Torture is finally getting his shot at the World Title, and he's up against JJ Biggs.

Luscious Jackson: Biggs got a tough path ahead of him. WCF Champs ain't doin' too good a job retainin' the belt lately, the thing is cursed.

Shannan Lerch: I don't know about that. Biggs is a skilled guy, and Torture is a skilled guy too. This is going to be a good matchup.

Zach Davis: And they've been attacking each other throughout the last month, so yeah, there is a lot of animosity there. It won't be a pretty match, that's for sure, but it'll be a good one.

Luscious Jackson: Speaking of matches that won't be pretty, we got a crucifixion match tonight for the Hardcore Title!

Shannan Lerch: Finally, Creeping Death will get what is coming to him.

Zach Davis: I know, Shannan, you hate him. But yeah, this match will be brutal. Creeping Death took out Ellis and Josephine Miyazaki last week, stealing the Hardcore Title in the process. And he's out to kill another of his "n00bs" tonight, David Alastair... I don't know what to expect, to be honest. Lordy.

Luscious Jackson: Expect violence. Fo sho.

Shannan Lerch: Besides Creeping Death's execution, we also have a Television Title match. The new Champion, Shaun Sexton, is taking on Ace.

Zach Davis: This is an interesting one. Those two were the last two men in the Battle Royal last week, and Ace is Jack of Blades' friend. So I'm sure Ace wants to avenge the loss and get the Title back for those two.

Luscious Jackson: Except that it seems that Jack of Blades has quit.

Shannan Lerch: That's right. To be honest, I have no idea what is going on there. No one in WCF does. He was a good talent....

Zach Davis: We're also deciding a new Television Title contender tonight in a Battle Royal. All three members of the Dreadnoks will be competing, plus two members of a new tag team known as the Brotherhood, PLUS Bobby Cairo.

Luscious Jackson: This match is gonna be interesting. The Dreadnoks are the new Tag Champs and I'd say they have the best chance. Then the new Brotherhood, they only got two guys, then Bobby Cairo is on his own so his chances are the worst.

Shannan Lerch: It sure will be interesting, at least, yes.

Zach Davis: And lastly, in our opening match... apparently Logan thought these two men haven't been living up to their potential. Nate Nytro and Matthew Draven are competing in a Loser Leaves Town match, where the loser will be fired.

Luscious Jackson: That "tripod" group sure wouldn't be happy. Let's see what goes down.

Loser Leaves Town Match
Nate Nytro vs Matthew Draven

An eerie shade of green envelopes the arena. After the brief opening of "The Everlasting Gaze," the drums kick in, and green and grey light cues kick in, spinning and twirling. Nate Nytro makes his entrance and walks up the rampway. Upon entering the ring, he interacts with the crowd on the corners however his mood sees fit.

Shannan Lerch: These men are fighting for their jobs. This is a big deal to them.

The bassline that starts off Prince of Darkness plays and goes into a drumline with a bassline. The arena goes black and a huge explosion is seen turning the arena an eerie dark red. "My victims are rich of poor, young or old, strong or weak! I cause millions of accidents, I am cancer in your bones! I fathered the lie, twist what you say, speak not the truth! I am insidious, impartial, deep inside your chromosomes!" Matthew Draven steps out and another explosion happens, and Matthew walks out unscathed. Father Chuck Manson steps out and yells at the crowd. "I take what you love, and leave you in tears! I imprison your soul, your hopes are my games! I strip you of pride, my promise is in vain! While you burn at the stake I dance with the flames!" Matthew slowly starts walking down to the ring tightening his righ glove. "I bring poverty, sickness and death! A worthless handshake, the slickest thief, I steal your wealth! I answer your prayers for greed and lust! More than evil, I laugh at your trust!" Matthew grabs the top rope and climbs up onto the apron and gets in the ring. He looks around for a bit and then does a double thumb throat cut and when his arms come down pyro shoots out of the corners. He then waits as Father Chuck Manson leaves the ring and stands next to the nearest steps.

Zach Davis: I love that song. But yeah, Draven is all business tonight.

The bell rings. Nytro and Draven go to hook up, but instead Draven hits a few forearms to Nate. He then knees him in the gut and then hits several forearms to Nate's back before executing a mean looking Gutbuster.

Luscious Jackson: Draven, takin' control right from the start.

Draven goes for a quick pin, but Nate kicks out at two. Draven kicks him a few times before picking him up and throwing him to the ropes. Nate bounces off and is met with a Big Boot! He goes down to the mat and Draven again goes for a pin. One, two, no.

Shannan Lerch: Nate's gotta get some offense in. He can kick out now, but this can't last long.

Draven again kicks at Nate a few times. This time he starts choking him and lifts him up by his throat! He bounces himself off the ropes and goes for a Clothesline STO but Nate is able to sidestep him! Nate quickly jumps to the top and hits the Whisper in the Wind!

Zach Davis: Nate's coming back! Great move!

Both Draven and Nytro lay on the mat for several moments, catching their breath. They both slowly get to their feet and begin exchanging blows. Nate goes to whip Draven into the ropes, but Draven reverses it and sends Nate into the ropes instead. Draven runs at the already in motion Nytro and hits a huge Spear!

Luscious Jackson: DIZZAMN! Dis could be it!

Draven goes for the pin! One... two .... no! Nate kicks out.

Shannan Lerch: Nate Nytro keeps his job.. for now. Somehow.

Draven taunts, showing that he is done. He picks Nate up and grabs him by the throat, lifts him up... CHOKESLAM!

Zach Davis: THIS could be it.

Draven quickly drops down and pins, hooking the leg.



NO! Nate kicks out!

Luscious Jackson: How the hell does Nate keep gettin outta these pins?

Shannan Lerch: Not wanting to lose your job is a pretty good motivator.

Draven gets up, pissed. He stalks around Nate, once again showing that he wants to end this match, once and for all. He pulls Nate in, between his legs, and lifts him up...

Zach Davis: He's going for the Satantic Gatherings! This is it!

But no! As he has Nate up, he begins punching down on him. Draven falls backwards and Nate falls on top of him, Nate hooking the leg in a pin!!




Luscious Jackson: SO CLOSE!! I THOUGHT HE HAD HIM!

The crowd "OH!"s at this nearfall as well. Nate gets up, signalling that he's ready to end this. He grabs Draven, pulls him in, and hits the Catatonic Finish!

Shannan Lerch: This is all!




Zach Davis: Nate Nytro wins!

Luscious Jackson: And Matthew Draven is outta here!

Nytro rolls out of the ring, walking to the back. Draven gets up, pissed. The crowd chants "NA NA NA NA, NA NA NA NA, HEY HEY HEY, GOODBYE!" of course. Draven rolls out and heads to the back as well.

Television Title Contendership Match
Ripper vs Burn Out vs Road Rage vs Bobby Cairo vs David Cook vs John Cook

Rollin by Limp Bizkit plays, and Ripper, Burn Out, and Road Rage all walk out from the back. All three of them are wearing Tag Team Title belts.

Zach Davis: Here come the Dreadnoks, the Tag Team Champions.

They roll into the ring and raise their Tag Titles into the air.

There's a huge pyro explosion at the entranceway followed by the opening strains of Helmet's "In The Meantime". Bobby Cairo appears at the top of the ramp with a smug look on his face and his arms hoisted above his head. Cairo arrogantly struts down to the ring as a highlight package plays on the Jumbotron. He slides in under the ropes and stands in the corner with a cocky smile on his face.

Revolutionary Beat by Flipsyde plays throughout the arena as John and David Cook come out from behind the curtain. They're ready for action as always. They slide into the ring together and pound their chest and point to the air above.

Shannan Lerch: There is WCF's newest tag team, the Brotherhood.

The bell rings, and the Dreadnoks rush at the Brotherhood and Cairo. Cairo simply drops down onto the mat and rolls out of the ring, through the bottom rope.

Luscious Jackson: Bobby Cairo, playin' it smart. Can't get eliminated if you ain't in the ring!

Zach Davis: He's a coward.

The Dreadnoks pound away at the Brotherhood, as they have the numbers game. Road Rage and Burn Out beat down John, and Ripper beats down David. Road Rage and Burn Out grab John's throat, going for a Double Chokeslam, but John kicks them both in the gut, bounces himself off the turnbuckle and Clotheslines them both down! Meanwhile, Ripper and David have started brawling. Ripper goes to send David to the ropes, but David reverses it. From the outside, Bobby Cairo pulls the top rope down, and Ripper flies over the top!

Shannan Lerch: Ripper is eliminated! Thanks to Bobby Cairo.

David Cook quickly joins his brother, kicking away at Burn Out and Road Rage. Bobby Cairo stays on the outside, watching the action in the ring.

Luscious Jackson: Cairo's one smart cat.

The Brotherhood picks up Road Rage, throw him to the ropes, and both hit him with a Hip Toss at the same time. They high five, then hit a pair of elbow drops. They quickly get up and hit a pair of leg drops! They both run to opposite ends of the ring, hit the ropes, come back, and David hits a flipping leg drop to the face as John hits a flipping leg drop to the lower section!

Zach Davis: They call that combination "Old Skool!"

The two quickly pick Road Rage up and go to throw him out of the ring, but Burn Out is up! He grabs David Cook out of nowhere and throws David over the top! He then quickly hits a Big Boot, sending John Cook down!

Shannan Lerch: David Cook is eliminated! We're down to Road Rage, Burn Out, John Cook and Bobby Cairo!

And now Bobby Cairo rolls into the ring. He goes right on the attack on the fallen Road Rage.

Luscious Jackson: He's goin after the weakest guy in there! Smart man!

Zach Davis: Coward! He let the Brotherhood hit Road Rage with lots of double team moves before he'd get involved!

He picks Road Rage up and runs back a few steps before hitting a Yakuza Kick, sending him smashing into the corner. Bobby then backs up, runs, and hits a stiff Roaring Elbow! Road Rage stumbles forward, and Cairo picks him up and throws him over the top rope!

Shannan Lerch: Aaandd Road Rage is eliminated.

Luscious Jackson: This leaves three men! John Cook, Burn Out, and Bobby Cairo!

Zach Davis: And one of these men will earn the Television Title contendership.

All three men are in different parts of the ring. They circle around, staring at each other, wondering who is going to make the first move. Burn Out does, running and John Cook and smashing him into a turnbuckle. Cairo leans into a turnbuckle and watches. Burn Out hits several Clotheslines on Cook, one after the other, and then hits a Bulldog coming out of the corner! He picks Cook up and goes to throw him out of the ring, but Cook hangs on to the ropes and lands on the apron. Cook shoulders Burn Out in the gut from between the ropes, sending him stumbling back.

Shannan Lerch: John Cook almost eliminated, there!

Cook comes back in and grabs Burn Out, going for a DDT, but Burn Out picks him up and hits an Atomic Drop! Burn Out wastes no time and picks him up in a Torture Rack!

Luscious Jackson: He's goin' for the Afterburn!

But no! In the blink of an eye, Bobby Cairo is there, and as Burn Out leans towards the ropes Bobby grabs him and flips him over, sending both Burn Out and John Cook flying out of the ring!

Zach Davis: What!? Bobby Cairo came out of nowhere!

The crowd boos, but the bell rings.

Shannan Lerch: Doesn't matter! Bobby Cairo has just won Television Title contendership!

Cairo raises his arms in the air, taking in the booing as if it was cheering. He heads to the back.

JJ Biggs Segment

The camera opens up to reveal Hank Brown standing in front of one of the many locker rooms in the backstage area. The camera focuses on the door and the name becomes clear, "JJ Biggs." Hank has his microphone in his right hand and he has a huge smile across his face. He clears his throat before raising the microphone up directly under his chin.

Hank Brown: Ladies and gentlemen, I am standing outside the locker room of the Wrestling Championship Federation World Champion! He has had a crazy week as the road to Explosion rolled onward. He was in a word war with Torture, who he'll be facing tonight, and he had some unfortunate personal problems, as well. I'm hoping to be able to score a quick interview.

He finishes speaking and he lowers the microphone down to his side. He turns around and he quickly knocks on the door. Moments later, the door slowly opens and JJ Biggs appears in the doorway with the World title over his shoulder. He is wearing a WCF Explosion T-shirt and he has his wrestling tights on. He motions for Hank and the camera crew to enter his locker room -- and they do. Jake Hudson is sitting in the reclining chair which is perpendicular to the couch, which is where JJ immediately goes. Hank walks over to the couch as well and he takes a seat next to the World Champion.

Hank Brown: JJ, I realize, as many of the fans do, that you're going to have a lot on your mind when you step into the squared-circle later tonight to put your title on the line. Will you be able to concentrate after what took place just a day before?

JJ Biggs: Of course, Hank. People get screwed over every day. That is just how life is. But I'm not going to let it bother me because I have a bigger problem to handle. At this moment, the WCF World title is the most important thing in my life. I don't care about Erica, I'll deal with that when I get back to Miami. I am just focused on defeating Torture and leaving this arena still the champion.

Hank Brown: Speaking of that, Torture is one hell of a competitor, JJ. He's been in the WCF for a long time and as you know, he's undefeated in his last fifty-six singles matches.

JJ Biggs: I don't care. He's never beaten me before and he isn't going to beat me tonight. I'm the champ, why should I be intimidated by a winning streak? He has the opportunity tonight to prove me wrong. He has the opportunity to throw me to the side and leave with the title around his waist. If he wins, I'll admit; he deserves it.

Hank Brown: While we are on that topic; it seems that most of the competitors in the arena seem to believe that Torture has the advantage. I took the time to ask as many of them as I could before coming to your locker room.

It's obvious that Hank Brown is beginning to get under JJ's skin. JJ is grinding his teeth together in anger as he listens to Hank ramble on about how the champion, yes, the champion is actually the underdog going into the match.

JJ Biggs: Really? Why the hell won't you people realize that I'M THE FUCKING CHAMPION! I own this belt, not Torture! He's not worthy enough to be a piece of dog shit on my shoe. Matter of fact, you're not worthy enough to be a piece of shit on his shoe, Hank. So, why don't you get the hell out of my locker room? I have to get ready for my match so I can prove all of these WCF "competitors" wrong.

Hank is beginning to sweat now as he's afraid he won't be able to get out of the locker room without being harmed. He slowly gets up from the couch and he walks backwards until he reaches the door. He exits the locker room and he hurries quickly down the hallway. JJ lowers his head into his hands as he goes into the process of thinking up his game plan for one of the biggest matches in his career.

Television Title Match
Ace vs Shaun Sexton

"The Noose" plays over the sound system and as the song begins the lights go dim and you can only just make out the stage, about a minute into the song the lights come back on with Ace at the top of the ramp. He begins to make his way to the ring, halfway down he turns in a half circle whilst raising his arms, he turns back around shruging his arms before pointing to himself. When he gets to the ring he slides under the bottom rope and sits in the corner waiting for the match.

Zach Davis: This man could very well be the new Television Champion after the match is done.

Shannan Lerch: We'll see about that!

Battle Without Honor or Humanity hits. Shaun Sexton comes out with a vest that is white trimmed with pink and white fur, the vest has a hood made of this pink and white fur. A star and two S on each side of the star are on the back. The Television Title is around his waist. He walks to the ring. He steps up on the apron and makes the ref open the ropes so he can walk through. Once in the ring he ascends to the second rope flips his hood off, and brushes off his chiseled abs. After jumping down from the second rope he poses in the ring showing off his body for the women in the audience.

Luscious Jackson: His body ain't near as sexy as the Luscious One's.

Shannan Lerch: No.

The bell rings, and the Television Title match is on. The two meet at the center of the ring and are about to tie up, but Sexton hits a few forearms to Ace's head, rocking him backwards. Ace is against the ropes, and Sexton hits a Dropkick, sending Ace over and tumbling to the outside! Ace gets to his feet and Sexton runs to one side of the ropes, then the other.. and hits a Suicide Dive! Both men crash to the ground on the outside!

Zach Davis: The Television Champion bringing it on right in the beginning of the match!

Slowly, Sexton is the first to his feet. He pulls Ace up, and goes to throw him into the guardrail, but Ace reverses it and Shaun is sent crashing into it instead! Ace regains his composure and heads toward him. Sexton is getting up, but Ace goes faster and hits a Running Knee Lift, sending him back down. Ace picks him up and hits a quick Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex!

Luscious Jackson: Dizzzaammnn!

The crowd "ooh"'s at that one. Ace is close to being counted out, so he picks Sexton up and rolls him in the ring. He rolls in with him and makes a pin. One... two.... no, the Champ is able to get the shoulder up. Ace gets up and starts kicking at him a few times. He then jumps up and hits a Split Legged Moonsault! This results in another pin. One... two... no! Another kickout!

Shannan Lerch: The Shuggah isn't being pinned easily, that's for sure.

Ace picks Sexton up, but he's had enough and starts fighting back. Sexton is to his feet and he and Ace are trading blows! Ace goes to throw him but Shaun reverses it, brings Ace in and hits a Chestblower! The crowd ooh's again.

Zach Davis: Good move!

He follows this up with hitting a big Double Stomp to Ace's chest! He quickly makes a pin now.



No. Ace kicks out.

Luscious Jackson: Ace ain't easy to put away, either!

Shannan Lerch: This is true, but after those attacks to his chest he can't be feeling very well.

Sexton picks Ace up and shoves him into the corner. He continues his attack by hitting a knife edged chop across Ace's chest, which gets WOOOOOOOing from the crowd, of course. And another chop, and another wooo! Chop! Wooooo! Chop! Woooo! But Ace has had enough, he grabs Sexton and throws him into the turnbuckle and fires away with some stiff punches to Shaun's body! Ace runs back a few steps and then runs into Shaun, hitting a big Clothesline. He then catches him and hits a big T-Bone Suplex!

Zach Davis: NICE!

Ace goes for the pin.



NO! Shaun gets the shoulder up!

Luscious Jackson: Dat was close.

Ace gets up and backs up a few steps, waiting for Shaun to stand.. He runs and goes for a Shining Wizard!

Shannan Lerch: The Cards Under the Table!

But no! Shaun ducks, quickly grabs Ace, picks him up and hits a Brainbuster!

Zach Davis: He calls that the Code Adam!

Sexton, without missing a beat, jumps up to the top rope and flies off with the Scott Stapp Splash! This results in a pin!




Luscious Jackson: The Shuggah retains the Title!

The bell rings, and the ref hands Sexton the Television Title. He rolls out of the ring and heads to the back with it.

Logan/Seth Lerch/Bobby Dole Segment

The Struggle Within by Metallica plays.

Shannan Lerch: Here comes Logan! It is time to find out the new owner!

Logan steps out... wearing sunglasses,a hawaiian lai, and bright green and blue swimming trunks.

Zach Davis: What in the blue hell is this?

Logan walks to the ring, acting completely serious. He rolls in and demands a mic.

Luscious Jackson: He's lookin' good!

Logan: Now listen up, boudles. I know you haven't seen me in a few weeks. Why? I've been paying very close attention to every WCF show, watching every single little thing that Seth Lerch and Bobby Dole did. I've been watching every move they make. Like that guy in that Police song.

Shannan Lerch: Logan's such a hard working man!

Zach Davis: He's a liar! Look how he's dressed! He just put Seth and Bobby in charge so he could go on vacation!!

Logan: Now I know some of you, including Zach Davis, that boudle, may be wondering why I'm dressed like this. Well, that is quite a story. See, I was coming to WCF, all dressed up nice and fine like only the Face of Treachery can dress, when I saw this beach party taking place with a bunch of hot chicks. I had to get to WCF, though, so I wasn't gonna stop, but I got a flat tire! So I had to get out and I went and asked these girls to help me fill up my tires, but they wanted my Jumbo Hotdog of Treachery SO bad, they wouldn't even let me leave until I partied for a little. So I partied with those sluts, not because they had big giant titties or anything, but because damnit, I LOVE WCF AND I WAS GOING TO GET HERE NO MATTER WHAT!

Luscious Jackson: Logan is such a trooper.

Zach Davis: I can't believe I'm hearing this.

Logan: Well, after some partying, they wouldn't give me my clothes back but they sent me on my way wearing this. But the Face of Treachery was not, I repeat, was NOT on vacation in Hawaii this past month. I love WCF too much to do that.

Shannan Lerch: I love Logan. I'm not afraid to say it. He's so dedicated, he's just... so wonderful. Best owner ever.

Logan: But SHUT UP, everyone, SHUT UP. It's time we got on with it. I said I was going to name a new owner tonight. Seth Lerch, Bobby Dole, get out here.

Seth Lerch and Bobby Dole walk out from the back, no music, no nothing. They both have looks on their faces like they know they're getting the job. They slide into the ring and face Logan.

Logan: Seth, you got the first chance. Your main event was Brad Wallace against JJ Biggs, and what happened? Brad Wallace got put out of action or something! I haven't seen him since!

Seth starts looking nervous.

Logan: Not to mention booking a GIRL YOU THOUGHT KILLED HERSELF in a tag match! You idiot!

Seth looks down, definitely not happy now.

Logan: Next week, Bobby Dole, you were in charge. You did a rematch of Seth's stupid Tag Title match, but Ellis and Josephine ended up BRUTALLY ATTACKED and also put out of action! And Creeping Death just stole the Hardcore Title! We had three different Title changes on that show, Bobby! What the hell were you thinking?!

Bobby looks down at his feet now, too, not happy at all.

Logan: THESE are the guys I have to pick to run WCF?! These worthless pieces of boudle!? These motherboudling motherboudlers?! Eh eh! The Face of Treachery isn't giving away WCF to either of you two boudlebags. Maybe I'll make a decision next month, maybe I won't! Maybe one of you two can show me you really DO deserve it! But until then, LOGAN IS STILL THE OWNER!

The crowd doesn't know how to react.

Logan: Now, if you'll excuse me, the Face of Treachery has more important business. Like calling back one of those girls from Hawai-... from that beach party I was forced to go to against my will. SHUT UP!

The Struggle Within plays again, and Logan rolls out of the ring, leaving a disappointed Seth Lerch and Bobby Dole in there. He walks to the back cockily, while the two losers slide out and follow behind.

Zach Davis: Well... um... okay.

Shannan Lerch: Logan in charge for another month at least! Hooray!

Hardcore Title Match
David Alastair vs Creeping Death

“Dead End” by In Flames hits the WCF arena as David Alastair slowly steps out of the entrance way, looks around, and does his "Messiah Cross" taunt (arms spread with pumped fists while head banging to the music). He then sprints to the ring and slides under the ropes. He gets up to his feet, runs to the nearest turnbuckle, proceeds to do his "Messiah Cross" taunt, and steps off the turnbuckle, eager to start his upcoming match.

Zach Davis: This match... isn't going to be fun. I wouldn't be so eager if I were him.

The lights slowly fade to black. Bells toll as the screen shows shots of a big wooden cross wrapped in barbed wire in the middle of a thunderstorm. While the cross is shown, "Take This Life" by In Flames begins to play. When it kicks into high gear, around the 17 second mark, the lights come on just a tad, giving light to the dark. Standing on the stage is Creeping Death, arms stretched out in a crucifix fashion. Hardcore Title around his waist. CD stands there for a second, taking in the crowd's reaction. Then he slowly makes his way down the ramp, looking out into the audience. As he reaches the ring, he slides in under the bottom rope, and pops to his feet. CD walks over to a turnbuckle, jumps to the middle rope facing in the ring, does the crucifix pose once again, and then takes a seat on the top turnbuckle, awaiting the match to begin.

Luscious Jackson: And... they're ready. This is it.

Creeping Death and Alastair look at the cross that is in the middle of the ring, hanging from the ceiling. They lock up. Alastair pushes Creeping Death into the corner, and knees him in the gut. David keeps on kneeing CD. Finally David stops and CD slumps to the bottom rope. David knees him in the head. David pulls CD to his feet and slams him into the cross. David stands CD on the platform and puts an arm on the cross. David grabs the barbed wire from behind but CD fights him off with punches.

Shannan Lerch: Gah! This is already violent.

CD whips David into the ropes, and on the way back, hits a big dropsault. Alastair crashes to the floor. CD bounces off and heads toward him in a front flip tope, taking David down! Creeping Death takes Alastair and slams his head on the steel steps. David stumbles over to the guard rail. CD jumps off the steps toward David and hits a twist guillitine legdrop to David who is bent over the rail!

Zach Davis: Ahh! Lordy!

CD looks under the ring and pulls out a table, then sets it up. CD grabs a nearby fan's chair and smashes it across David's back. CD puts David on the table and climbs up to the apron. David reaches over and chops at CD's calf, stopping the move. Alastair rolls off the table and hits Creeping Death with a clubbing blow to the back. Alastair moves the table so it's against the ring with the short side at the apron. Alastair joins CD on the apron, and a fist fight begins. Blow after blow delivered until David hits a straight kick to the groin. David lifts CD into a Cross Powerbomb and sits out through the table with the Golgotha Powerbomb sending CD to the floor through the wood!

Luscious Jackson: He's hardcore.

As quick as ever, David rolls Creeping Death into the ring and comes in after him, standing him up against the cross. David grabs one strand of barbed wire and wraps CD's right arm all up in it, cutting it to shreads. With his left hand, CD punches at David, fighting him off again. But CD can't get his arm free of the barbed wire. He's too tightly wrapped up. David once again tries to wrap the other arm, but CD fights him off with punches and kicks. David reaches to the floor and grabs that chair. Alastair comes back in, bounces off the ropes, and delivers a shot to CD's barbed wire arm!

Shannan Lerch: I hate Creeping Death and this is hard for me to watch anyway.

Creeping Death screams in pain. His arm is dripping blood. David goes for a spear, but CD rolls toward the wire, sending David shoulder first into the wooden cross. Quickly, CD hits a knee to the side of his head while his shoulder was on the cross, violently snapping it to the left side! This gives CD time to free his arm from the barbed wire. CD gets his arm out, and goes over to Alastair who is sitting in the corner. CD dropkicks him in the chest. CD picks Alastair up and hangs him in the tree of woe, the grabs the chair and places Alastair's head on it while open. CD climbs the turnbuckle and gets David with a double stomp from the top rope onto his head that's on the open chair!

Zach Davis: RIGHT ON THE HEAD! Ow.

CD takes David over to the cross and choke pushes him into it. CD grabs David's left arm and completely wraps it in barbed wire. David, however, kicks CD away. David turns his back to CD and works on getting his arm out. CD turns, jumps off the middle rope, and hits a spin kick to the back of David's head pressing his face into his barbed wire wrapped arm!

Luscious Jackson: DIZZAMN.

David's head is now bleeding along with his arm. CD takes the chair and waffles David in the head with it. CD, though, unwraps David's arm and stands on the crosses platform with him. CD then puts his thumbs in the air, telling them to raise the cross up. And it does. It raises probably ten or twelve feet above the ring.

Shannan Lerch: My God.. what...

Zach Davis: What is he doing?!

Up there, CD hits some punches, and then a big punch to the gut, doubling Alastair over. CD hooks David up and drops him ten feet in a Fisherman Brainbuster!

Luscious Jackson: HOLY SHIT!

David lands flush on his head. Creeping Death rolls to his stomach holding his lower back in pain. The crowd starts up a "HOLY SHIT!" chant. Slowly, Creeping Death stands up and goes to David, trying to lift the dead weight up, but can't with his injured arm. CD gets David half up but David is aware of what's happening, and drops CD with a stiff clothesline, dropping to his knees himself. David wraps the arm of the cross with the barbed wire and takes CD to the turnbuckle.

Shannan Lerch: How are they.. still moving? Let alone going to the turnbuckle!?

David sits CD on the top and climbs up to the middle rope. David stands CD up and grabs CD in a press slam position. David launches CD as he drops off the middle rope, and CD lands ON the arm of the cross wrapped in barbed wire chest and stomach first!

Zach Davis: OW. Ow. Ow ow ow.

CD falls off the cross and David gets right on the attack. David stands CD up and leans him face first on the barbed wire. David goes to the other side, bounces off the ropes and hits an Ole Kick to the other side of the cross, pushing it into CD's face! CD falls back into the ropes. David picks CD up and gives him Heaven's Gates, the DVD to Ace Crusher!

Luscious Jackson: That may be the Heaven's Gates, but you know Creeping Death is going to Hell.

David picks CD's body up and leans him on the cross. David wraps CD's right arm up. Then his left. David reaches for the razor wire crown, but is met with a kick to the side. CD then jumps up and puts both feet in David's gut, doubling him over. CD lifts his knees to his chest, and using the barbed wire, raises up more, then drops and hits David with a stomp to the back of the head! CD stands on David's head to get his arms up and be able to slide his left out, and then unwrap his right. David crawls to the ropes and gets himself to his feet, only to be met by CD. Creeping Death takes David by the head and leads him to the cross. Standing before it, CD sticks his arms out in the crucifix taunt with David's head between his legs. Like lightning, CD flips over and hits David with the Eulogy of the Dead flip piledriver!

Shannan Lerch: Ouch, there it is! Come on Alastair, get up!

Alastair does get up, but it is because Creeping Death is helping him up. Creeps throws him into the cross and quickly wraps his right arm up, then his left..

Zach Davis: Is this it?

Creeps gets the crown... and places it on David Alastair's head.

Luscious Jackson: That's it, it's over, Creeping Death retains the Hardcore Title.

The bell rings as the cross raises up David Alastair above the ring. Creeping Death celebrates in the ring, arms spread outward and embracing numerous pops from the crowd. However, one of the cameras goes to a shot of David hanging on the cross, whose mouth seems to be moving…

Zach Davis: And just who is David is talking to? Himself?

Shannan Lerch: Maybe we can see what he’s murmuring up there, Can somebody get a closer shot…

Suddenly, the lights go off for a couple moments. The crowd goes silent as the lights turn on. The same camera that put David hanging on the cross, sees something different this time…

Luscious Jackson: Holy shit, son! He’s gone!

What Luscious said was dead on. David is absent, except for the blood smeared all over the wooden feature. However, the crown is hanging on the top, the barbed wire that was holding David in his place was still there. With everything still intact, David had vanished.

Shannan Lerch: Did he disappear into thin air?!

Back to the ring area, as Creeping Death is exiting the ring itself as a large, hooded figure is standing in the middle of it.

Zach Davis: That must be one of WCF’s newcomers, Crimsin Apocalypse. Although our cameras didn’t show it on last week’s Sunday Slam, Crimsin eliminated himself by vaulting himself over the ring and ghetto stomping Draven on the outside and walking off. What is this supposed to mean?!

Crimsin flips off his hood and looks up at the empty cross. He crosses his arms in disgust and proceeds to get out of the ring and back up the ramp...

Shannan Lerch: I’m sure he has some issues with the crucified and recently vanished David Alastair. This is will surely be intriguing…

Luscious Jackson: That’s one pissed off motherfucka, that’s fo sho, fo sho!

World Title Match
Torture vs JJ Biggs


Zach Davis: YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS! It's time, everybody!

The crowd goes wild as the one and only Torture comes out from behind the curtain. Not his usual self, but the crowd knows that. They still love him anyway. Torture taunts to the crowd but his face spells determination all over it. He walks down the ramp and gets into the ring.

Luscious Jackson: Here's the challenger. Time for the WORLD CHAMP!

"Voices" by Disturbed hits the PA System. The curtain brushes open and out steps JJ Biggs followed by Jake Hudson. JJ walks down the ramp at a steady pace with Hudson by his side. Both men climb up onto the ring apron and enter the ring. They walk over to a corner and talk the match over as JJ waits.

The bell sounds and both men circle each other around the ring.

They tie up.

Shannan Lerch: This is it!

Zach Davis: This is what it’s all about!

JJ Biggs gets the advantage and pushes him back into the nearest corner. The ref breaks them up. Biggs backs up but not before flinching a punch at Torture. Torture doesn’t really move, but Biggs thinks he did. Biggs laughs as the crowd begins to boo again.

Luscious Jackson: Don’t be messin’ wit my boy!

Zach Davis: Biggs is just showing that he may have Torture where he wants him.

Torture walks out of the corner and ties back up with Biggs. Torture gets the advantage and pushes Biggs into the corner. The senior official breaks them apart one more time. This time Torture backs up from Biggs and smiles. Torture then taunts, while pointing to his chest.

Shannan Lerch: SO DAMN COOL!

Zach Davis: Gotta love him!

The crowd erupts into a large applause. Biggs walks out of the corner and they tie up once more. Torture gets him in a headlock, and Biggs throws Torture to the ropes. On his way back, Biggs hits a hip toss. Torture quickly gets to his feet as Biggs runs to hit the ropes. On his way back Torture hits an arm bar takedown. Torture keeps the arm locked and stretches it out. Biggs uses his feet to reach the ropes. The ref breaks the hold. Torture backs up as Biggs gets to his feet. The crowd erupts in speculation.

Luscious Jackson: This is good already!

Biggs and Torture go face to face and begin to return right hands with each other. Lefts and rights, back and forth. Both men giving and taking.

Shannan Lerch: The match pace just picked up!

Biggs grabs Torture by the head and throws him out of the ring. Biggs goes out after him Biggs takes Tortures face and shoves him into the guardrail. Biggs lifts him up and drops him face first on top of the guardrail. The crowd boo’s.

Zach Davis: That will ruin a weekend!

Biggs picks him up and rolls him into the ring. Biggs follows. He pins.

Shannan Lerch: Torture isn’t down yet..

1... kick out.

Zach Davis: You we’re right, Lerch.

Biggs picks up Torture and throws him to the corner. Biggs runs, but Torture lifts him up and Biggs flies over the ropes and lands on his feet. Torture turns around and grabs Biggs head and locks it in a suplex. Torture springboards off the bottom rope, pushes off backwards and hits a suplex from outside to inside of the ring!

Luscious Jackson: What a move!

Zach Davis: What a move indeed, Jackson!

Torture gets to his feet and grabs Biggs by his legs. He catapults him over the top rope. Torture hops up and gets on the apron. Biggs gets up and turns around, Torture springboards into a moonsault and himself and Biggs crash to the mats below. The crowd erupts into a small Torture! chant.

Torture and Biggs get up and begin to trade rights and lefts.

Shannan Lerch: This is an all out battle to the finish!

Biggs gets the upper hand and shoves Torture against the ring. Biggs quickly sprints but Torture throws him over his head. Biggs lands on the apron. Torture turns around and is kicked in the face from Biggs. Biggs jumps off the apron and lands on Torture spinning around for a tornado-DDT. Torture spins 360 degrees, Biggs hits his feet though, from here Torture overhead-belly to belly suplex’s Biggs back first into the guardrail. Biggs hangs down from the guardrail with his head and neck on the cement/mats.

Zach Davis: Ohh!

Luscious Jackson: Even worse, Biggs is now hanging, motionless!

Torture gets up and looks at Biggs. Torture taunts to the crowd as they erupt. Torture runs and leaps going for a leg drop of some kind. Biggs moves out of the way and Torture crashes into the guardrail! The crowd boo’s. Biggs gets up and rolls into the ring. He then rolls out and grabs Torture and throws him into the ring. Biggs slides inside.

Shannan Lerch: We’re now back inside the ring!

Zach Davis: Biggs is wrestling like a true World Champion. He knows he can’t beat Torture on the outside.

Luscious Jackson: You can’t beat Torture, period.

Shannan Lerch: Shut up, Torture-mark.

Biggs and Torture are face to face. Torture goes for a right hand, Biggs ducks and grabs Torture from behind. He hits the Lights Out!

Torture is out on the mat. Biggs takes his time to cover. The crowd is pouring down boo’s. Biggs rolls Torture over and pins.




Shannan Lerch: He kicked out!

The crowd goes from boos to an eruption as Torture puts his left arm up.

Zach Davis: I didn’t think he could be over, but Biggs was just about to be the first to beat Torture.

Luscious Jackson: That’s my boy! Tort is my boy!

Biggs gets up and lifts Torture to his feet. Biggs throws some right hands at him. Biggs throws Torture to the ropes, and on his way back, Biggs hits a mean clothesline sending Torture to the mat. Jake Hudson hops onto the apron with a chair in hand. He grabs the refs attention and throws in the chair. Biggs catches it and stands behind Torture.

Luscious Jackson: Oh snap!

Zach Davis: Not this way!

Torture uses the ropes to get to his feet, he slowly stands up. The crowd is pouring down boo's already. Torture turns around.

Shannan Lerch: Look out!!

Biggs delivers one mean god damn chair shot to Torture's fore-head. Torture lays out on his back. Biggs throws the chair down in the corner. He lays ontop of Torture. Jake jumps off the apron and the ref turns around. The ref notices the pinfal and hits his hands and knees.


Shannan Lerch: NO WAY!


Zach Davis: What the?!


Torture kicks out right before the three! The crowd goes fuckin' nutzz. Biggs looks at the ref with total shock. Jake thought it was over and now has his hands in his hair. Torture is still glazed over. The ref stands... and Biggs crawls over to the ropes to talk to Jake. They're making some sort of plan.

Luscious Jackson: Torture has kicked up twice when there was no way he could have kicked up!

Torture uses all his energy to get on his feet. Jake jumps back onto the apron. Biggs grabs Torture and throws him to the ropes, but Torture reverses it! Biggs runs into the ref who knocks Jake off the apron! Jake hits the mats below, the ref hits the mat and rolls out of the ring, Biggs stumbles into a TKO! A modified version of The Tortures Device! (Its an RKO)



Torture is holding his head, still wounded from the chair shot. WCF Arena is packed, standing, cheering, making so much noise it's hard to even hear... Torture crawls.. and lays on top of Biggs. The crowd in unison along with Shannan Lerch..

Shannan Lerch: ONE! TWO! THREE!

Zach Davis: THERES NO REF!

Luscious Jackson: BIGGS RAN INTO THE REF!


The crowd is going bananas. Never would they think they'd see the day that Torture might become World Champion. However, he still hasn't won. Torture gets off of Biggs and rolls to the outside. He picks up the ref and slides him in. Jake jumps on Torture's back. Torture flips Jake over to the mats below. Looks as if Jake is almost out cold. Torture notices Biggs baseball sliding underneath the bottom rope. Biggs lands on his feet, Torture grabs him from behind and hits a quick Tortures Device!@!!~@




Zach Davis: It's on the outside though guys!! Torture has to get back in the ring!

Shannan Lerch: The move was out of desperation. Both of these guys are giving everything!

Torture uses the apron to get to his feet. He notices the ref is still damn near out-cold in a corner of the ring. He notices Jake all groggy trying to get up and he also notices Biggs whose hardly moving at all. He grabs Biggs, lifts him up and rolls him into the ring. Biggs just lays there. Torture gets on the apron and pounds the top of the turnbuckle pad. The crowd all stands up.

Shannan Lerch: COOL MINT TIME?


Luscious Jackson: YYEEAAAHHHH!!!

Torture leaps to the top. He stands up and points to the crowd. The crowd chants with Torture. SO DAMN COOOL! Torture looks at Biggs and leaps! While The Tort is in mid-air, Jake slides in and puts the chair on Biggs stomach. Torture crashes down ontop of the chair and Biggs! A wicked thud echoes through-out the arena! The crowd half cheers and half boos! Jake sighs as he got there just in time.




Zach Davis: Looked like Biggs had to sacrafice a pinfall!

Shannan Lerch: Holy crap when's this match going to be over!

Torture rolls around grabbing his stomach, while Biggs just stays in one spot holding his. The ref is moving but it's dead slow. Jake is the first one to get to his feet. He walks over to Torture, but Tort grabs him by the pants and swings him out of the ring through the ropes! Torture gets up while Biggs is now standing. Biggs turns around and Tortures hits another TKO! This time on the chair! Biggs face bounces off the chair and now he's laid out on his back. Torture just lays out, again, using every ounce of energy.

Zach Davis: TKO! TKO!

Shannan Lerch: PIINNN HIIIMMM!!!!

Torture is holding the arm that crashed onto the chair along with Biggs' face. Torture rolls over... he crawls a few feet before stopping.. again, he's using everything to crawl.

Luscious Jackson: He's Two feet away!

Torture lays out on his stomach and flops an arm over Biggs' chest. The ref rolls over and slowly counts.


Shannan Lerch: OH COME ON! FASTER!



Biggs lifts a shoulder up just before the ref slaps his palm down. The crowd erupts into a large boo. So loud we can't even hear the announcers.

Shannan Lerch: HOW DID HE KICK OUT?!

Zach Davis: WHAT?

Luscious Jackson: I want some take out?


Torture and Biggs just lay there, while the ref uses the ropes to get to his feet. Obviously still shaken up. Torture starts to move first. Biggs rolls over to one side, before trying to get back up. Torture stands up and notices the crowd chanting Torture! Torture! Torture! He nods, taking them in, he turns around, Biggs goes for a clothesline! Torture ducks grabs Biggs from behind and hits a Tortures Device in the center of the ring!



Torture jumps ontop of Biggs. This is it!



The ref is slide right out of the ring by Jake Hudson. The ref hits the mats and crashes into the guardrail. The crowd erupts into boos. Torture stands up. He doesn't know whats going on. Jake gets into the ring. He picks up the chair and hits Torture across the back with it. Jake is helping Biggs get up. Another WCF Ref comes sprinting down the ramp! He checks on the hurt ref. Jake hands something to Biggs. Jake grabs Torture on the other side of the ring. He goes to throw Torture. Torture reverses! Jake goes running at Biggs. Biggs turns around to hit him with whatevers in his hand. Biggs stops right before hitting Jake! They both sigh. Jake turns around and gets superkicked to the jaw!

Shannan Lerch: OH WHAT A KICK!

Biggs runs at Torture. Torture grabs Biggs and hits another Tortures Device!

Zach Davis: OH SHIT! ITS OVER!

Shannan Lerch: WHAT DID YOU SAY?!

Torture covers Biggs. The crowd is yelling at the other ref! The other ref notices the pinfal and slides in!




Shannan Lerch: NEW WORLD CHAMPION!!!

Luscious Jackson: OH HELL YES!!!!


The crowd erupts into the biggest cheer ever heard in Wrestling Championship Federation.





Torture stands up and the ref hands him the WCF World Title. Torture hits his knees and hugs the World Title. He doesn't believe it! The ref raises Tortures' arm and the cheers get even louder! Torture hops to his feet as the ref leaves.. he looks up..

Shannan Lerch: Love him or hate him... He's our World Champion!

Zach Davis: You have to think, he's looking at Natasha and Benjamin right now..

Luscious Jackson: Or they're looking at him..

Torture lifts the title up in the air with both hands, and the crowd goes bananas! Screaming fans are hugging each other, complete strangers are high-fiving. Girls are screaming, Serious wrestling fans are tearing up, and smarks are calling into their wrestling websites. Torture goes over to the corner and holds the belt high into the air. Confetti begins to fall down. Torture goes to the second turnbuckle and holds it into the air. The crowd goes nuts. Torture goes over to the other turnbuckle and does the same.

Shannan Lerch: JJ Biggs put up the biggest fight I've ever seen..

Zach Davis: Biggs isn't done by a long shot..

Luscious Jackson: That match was off the hook!

Torture goes to the final turnbuckle... he looks out at the crowd.. and then jumps onto it... the crowd goes carrrzzyy. Torture holds the belt high into the air... Torture jumps down and is covered in confetti and balloons. Torture stands in the middle of the ring. He lifts the WCF World Title high into the air above his head. Tortures got tears running down his cheeks, and the biggest smile you've ever seen. The crowd isn't leaving yet. They still want more Torture.

Shannan Lerch: We just heard.. This was the highest rated World Title Match on Live Pay Per View!

Zach Davis: The match alone was worth the thirty-five bucks! And we only charge twenty nine ninety five!

Lucsious Jackson: Wrestling fans.. what an incredible night!

Shannan Lerch: This ones for you Torture!

Zach Davis: Congradulations to Torture! Wow!

Shannan Lerch: Well fans.. Thank you for watching Explosion.. For Zach Davis, and Mr. Jackson himself, I'm Shannan Lerch.. and we'll see you next week at Sla.. Wait a minute!

The arena lights go out as the intro for “Bulls on Parade” hits. When we hear the funky guitar sounds, strobe light starts up. Then once Zach Da La Rocha says “Come Wit It Now” pyro explodes from the stage. The arena stays dark as the first verse is being sung. Once the chorus starts, fog fills the stage as we see a figure come out. Light bulbs are flashing to get a picture. As the figure steps out of the fog, we see that is it Reckless Jack.

Zach Davis: What in the hell?!

Shannan Lerch: I thought he got fired?

The fans boo as he flips them off. He shakes his head as he starts to walk down to the ring. When on the ramp way, he spits out his gum towards the fans. They boo at him some more. He continues walking to the ring. He walks around the ring towards the timekeepers booth. He grabs a chair and smacks it shut. He slides the chair into the ring before climbing in himself. J.J. Biggs and Torture look at each other. Jack gets in both their faces. He acts as if he is gonna hit J.J. Biggs, but drills Tort with a stiff right hand. Tort reels back as J.J. gets out of the ring. Reckless Jack keeps on hitting and stomping on Torture. The crowd is booing and throwing stuff in the ring. Reckless Jack takes his new Reckless Jack shirt off and throws it into the crowd.

Luscious Jackson: What in the hizzle?

Zach Davis: We are all thinking that. Maybe in slightly different terms, but..

Jack gets the chair and waits for Tort to get on his feet. Once Tort does, he is met with a hard chair shot to the head. He goes down as Jack taunts the fans. Jack then sets the chair in an open position. He picks up Torture and we notice that Tort is bleeding. Jack lifts Tort onto his shoulders. It appears he is going for a Death Valley Driver, but switches that into a Michinoku Driver II. Jack appears not to be done yet as he gets another chair. He throws it into the ring and climbs back in.

Shannan Lerch: The crowd is dead silent right now.

Zach Davis: I can’t blame them.

Jack puts Tort’s head into the open chair before heading to the top rope. He flies off with a Somersault Leg Drop with that other chair. We hear the smack on impact. Tort looks lifeless as Jack shakes his head. He raises the chair into the air, only to be booed. “Bulls on Parade” hits as Explosion comes to an end. The copyright info appears at the bottom of the screen.

Shannan Lerch: Well, um, fans, see you at Slam.

We fade out.