Explosion Intro
People's Title: Lance Ryan vs Jason Anderson
Dave Holland vs Felipe Salarose vs Epic
Outcast Segment
Steve Carr vs Outcast
Tag Titles: The Xtreme One vs Killswitch
Creeping Death Segment
Mike Ragnal vs Thunder
Hardcore Title: Creeping Death vs Danny Vice vs Johnny Craven
World Title: Bobby Cairo vs Skyler Striker

Explosion Intro

Given Up by Linkin Park hits, and Explosion is on the air! The crowd roars in anticipation of the PPV spectacle they're about to witness. We go to the night's announcers.

Zach Davis: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Explosion 2007!

Shannan Lerch: We have a STACKED card tonight, and it is truly one of the biggest PPVs of the summer.

Luscious Jackson: They're all big when Luscious Jackson is around!

Zach Davis: We have one of the most anticipated World Title matches in recent memory tonight, and the finale of the WCF Championship Series. Skyler Striker is defending the World Title against Bobby Cairo.

Shannan Lerch: Bobby Cairo is an evil bastard. Since he's returned, we've seen him kidnap Lonnie, Lawnmower Jones' lawnmower, and send her to the hospital. And now he kidnapped Jade Striker and.. who knows what he's done with her.

Luscious Jackson: Hopefully he kidnaps you next, Shannan.

Zach Davis: Bobby Cairo IS a former WCF World Champion, but it has been quite a while since he has held that gold. I can't wait for this matchup.

Shannan Lerch: We've got a Ladder match tonight, too, for the Hardcore Title. Creeping Death, Danny Vice, and Johnny Craven. A rematch from Timebomb.

Luscious Jackson: Since then, that Title has been a hot potato, being stolen every week. This ladder match will determine who gets to hold onto it once and for all.

Zach Davis: A lot of drama here, too. Creeping Death injured Craven's friend and partner, Davey Boone. Danny Vice wants that Hardcore Title bad, and has been having problems with Skyler Striker, his Index Three partner.

Shannan Lerch: We have a Television Title contendership match. Mike Ragnal is going one on one with Thunder.

Luscious Jackson: Thunder is basically the definition of "Champion" when it comes to WCF gold, and it is strange to see him without a belt around his waist. However, Mike Ragnal has been on quite the quest for that belt... tonight should be interesting to see who comes out on top.

Zach Davis: We have a Tag Titles match, but only one team. Killswitch. They're up against The Xtreme One. His partner, The Violent One, got injured last week. As did Davey Boone.

Shannan Lerch: And that leaves TXO all alone in his attempt to reclaim the Tag Titles... in a cage match, no less.

Luscious Jackson: BIG grudge match here, Steve Carr up against Outcast.

Zach Davis: Carr is a former World Champion, as is Outcast. Carr and Merc sent Outcast to the hospital, and Outcast only recently returned. We still don't know why Carr and Merc turned on Team NCW, exactly. I don't know if we'll ever find out.

Shannan Lerch: It'll be interesting to see if Outcast is able to defeat Carr, his longtime friend and mentor and the man that started NCW.

Luscious Jackson: We have the IN RING RETURN OF EPIC TONIGHT.

Zach Davis: That's right! The most anticipated return I can ever remember. Epic is a former World Champion in previous incarnations of WCF, but this is the first time we're seeing him here.

Shannan Lerch: He has been away from the WCF ring for quite a while, and I don't know if he has what it takes. He's taking on Dave Holland and Felipe Salarose, two promising newcomers.

Luscious Jackson: And in our openin' match, we got the People's Title on the line.

Zach Davis: Yes. Lance Ryan and Jason Anderson have a rivalry that began as soon as they stepped foot in WCF, and tonight they'll settle it.. and one of them will walk out with the People's Belt.

Shannan Lerch: Enough talk. More action!

People's Title Match
Lance Ryan vs Jason Anderson

"No More Sorrow" hits the PA system and the lights in the arena start to flash red and blue as Lance Ryan comes out from behind the curtain. He is dressed in his trademark blue tights and is immediately booed by the crowd. Lance pauses halfway down the ramp and stares into the crowd as his pyro goes off. The crowd continues to boo as Lance runs down the ramp and slides into the ring. He climbs one of the corners on the far side and puts his hand over his eyes to show that he is peering into the crowd. The boos get louder as Lance jumps off the ropes and lands in the middle of the ring.

Zach Davis: Lance Ryan has been in the business for some time now, but this is his first shot at gold here in the WCF. He gets a chance to play put up or shut up with Jason Anderson for his newly won People's Championship.

Shannan Lerch: What I don't get is why Lance is so keen on winning this title anyways. He has made it clear that he does not give a damn about the people that fill the seats in these arenas.

Luscious Jackson: Shannan, at the end of the day it has everything to do with any gold in this business.

Zach Davis: Here comes the champion.

"Daylight Dies" by Killswitch Engage hits and the lights all turn into a blue, and white in color on the entrance way and stage. The fans start to cheer, and others boo. Walking out of the entrance way with a towel on his shoulders is Jason Anderson. He walks out with a cocky smirk, yet determined look on his face. Hanging over his shoulder is the WCF People's Championship.

We cannot be so blind
Hear their cries
The wait 'til daylight dies

The cost of one life
The price of ones soul
Is too much to lose

Anderson walks down the ramp and says stuff like “ This is my night baby ain’t no other way else.” He walks around the ring smacking hands with some of the fans. After that he slides into the ring and jumps up high. The fans cheer when he gets up. He then climbs the turnbuckles and throws his fist up into the air highly. He then jumps off the ropes and hands the referee the title. The referee shows Lance and the fans the title and then hands it outside of the ring.

Zach Davis: Anderson has really put on a show so far here. He has not been here a long time, but he has already tasted gold.

Shannan Lerch: Indeed he has, but Lance has tasted a lot of gold in his career as well. I am sure that he would like to add some WCF gold to his mantle.

Luscious Jackson: Something has to give here. Neither man has been pinned or forced to submit, odds are that one of these men will do exactly that here tonight. The referee has called for the bell now, and we are underway.

Ryan and Anderson meet in the centre of the ring and go face to face. There are some words being exchanged. Anderson says something that seemingly incenses Lance and he shoves Anderson. Anderson steps in and shoves Lance back. Anderson being the stronger man knocks Lance right down to the mat. This gets cheers from the crowd and Lance looks irate.

Zach Davis: Lance is going to have to realize that he will not match power with Anderson here tonight.

Ryan gets to his feet and steps into Anderson and the two start to trade blows. Anderson starts to get the better of Lance but Lance comes back with a thumb to the eye of Anderson. Lance runs to go off the ropes but the referee steps in front of Lance cutting him off. He warns Lance that if he tries that again, this match will be over before it starts. This gives Anderson the chance to take advantage and he dropkicks Lance right in the knee, taking Lance down to the mat.

Shannan Lerch: Anderson sure took advantage of that distraction. He is doing the smart thing and going after the wheels of the much faster Ryan.

Anderson picks Lance up off of the mat and sends him into the ropes. At the cross-over Anderson goes for a back body drop but Lance leapfrogs over him and goes off the ropes on the far side. HE catches Anderson in mid turn and hits him with a high cross body. Lance goes for a quick cover but only gets a one count.

Luscious Jackson: He is not going to win this title with a high cross body, that is a given.

Lance follows that up by mounting Anderson and delivering some hard shots to the head of Anderson, and the referee breaks that up in a hurry. Lance gives a clean break and backs up to the ropes and waits for Anderson to get back to his feet. When he does Lance comes off the ropes looking for a clothesline, Anderson ducks down though and catches Lance with a drop toe hold. Her rolls over quickly and puts Lance into a headlock. Anderson is wearing down Ryan early here. Anderson drags Lance up to his feet, holding onto the headlock and putting all of his weight down onto Lance. Lance manages to hit a couple of elbows to the stomach of Anderson. Anderson breaks the hold. Lance takes advantage though and hits a beautiful standing dropkick to the jaw of Anderson. He then picks up Anderson and sends him into the ropes. Lance hits Anderson with a huge spear knocking him down hard. Instead of going for the pin though Lance looks out into the crowd and starts yelling "This is your champion?"

Zach Davis: This is a mistake by Lance here, he should go for the kill right now, and he is giving Anderson time to recover. He is too arrogant for his own good.

Lance then goes and places his foot on the chest of Anderson, and tells the referee to make the count. The referee does, but when he gets to two, Anderson rolls over quickly grabs the ankle of Lance and rolls the hold over into an STF. The fans go absolutely nuts at this point and Lance is caught right in the middle of the ring.

Zach Davis: See where arrogance gets you?

Shannan Lerch: Arrogance is also a benefit too, Lance won't tap here.

Lance is slowly making his way to the ropes, and it is taking an awful lot of effort, but he does manage to get there. He grasps onto the ropes and refuses to let go. The referee calls for the break and Anderson does break cleanly. The referee tells Lance to get off the ropes but he refuses. The referee starts to count and Lance rolls to the outside. He is trying to shake out his leg, and is limping around when Anderson slides out in frustration to meet Lance on the outside. Lance doesn’t seem to see Anderson and Anderson runs at him from behind. Lance side steps Anderson though and throws him right into the ring steps. This gets some loud boos from the crowd, and Lance smirks and suddenly doesn’t have his limp anymore. He goes in and starts laying the boots into Anderson who is writhing and holding his shoulder. Lance takes Anderson's arm and slams it down again on the top of the ring steps, and then Lance rolls into the ring to break the count.

Zach Davis: Very dirty moves there from the multi time champion.

Shannan Lerch: Why do you think he has been a champion before? He doesn't play by the rules, only losers play by the rules.

Lance again rolls to the outside of the ring and this time he rolls Anderson back into the ring, he has him exactly where he wants him. Lance climbs up to the top ropes, and just as Anderson gets to his feet, Lance hits him with a missile dropkick. Lance scurries over for the pin, but only gets a two count again. Lance looks frustrated as the crowd starts to cheer for Anderson to get back to his feet. Instead Lance scurries right over and puts Anderson right into a headlock. He is wearing Anderson down quickly here but the crowd starts to really get behind Anderson, who fights his way back to his feet, Anderson manages to break the headlock though and throws Lance into the corner. Anderson runs in and spears Lance hard in the corner. He then picks Lance up and sets him on the top rope.

Zach Davis: Anderson is going to hit his finisher here.

Shannan Lerch: Don't count on it.

Anderson goes to set Lance up, but Lance catches Anderson with two boots to the jaw sending Anderson stumbling back here. Lance manages to get down quickly and as Anderson comes back him he nails Anderson with a superkick to the jaw.

Zach Davis: He calls that move the Jawdropper.

The referee comes in and makes the count.




Zach Davis: We have a new People's Champion!

Shannan Lerch: I told you that Anderson's run would come to an end tonight!

Lance is handed the People's Title and instead of having any sort of celebration, he clutches the title close to his chest, hangs his head and goes straight for the back.

Zach Davis: This guy wins the people's championship and then shuns the crowd completely, what a disgrace.

Luscious Jackson: Ah, who needs these fans anyways?

Dave Holland vs Felipe Salarose vs Epic

Zach Davis: We already have one competitor in the squared-cirle, ready for our next match.

Shannan Lerch: Dave Holland, the multi-millionaire is already in the ring, awaiting his opponents.

Zach Davis: I now know two multi-millionaire wrestlers. Dave Holland and Tor..

The intro of On Site plays and Salarose walks onto the stage with a swagger. He has his hood on but u can barely see his face. He quickly pulls the hood back and has cocky smile on his face. He throws his hands up in the air and looks to the rafters and golden sparks fall down from the rafter. They stop and he looks back down and points to the ring. He slowly walks down the ramp taunting the crowd before getting to the ring. He rolls in it before taking off the robe and hanging it on the ropes. He settles into the corner and is ready to go.

Luscious Jackson: This will be a triple threat match..

The lights go out and the arena is blanketed in darkness. “Perfect Strangers” blares through the building and several spots flash on the ring and all the way up the entrance way. The spotlights shine of all different colors, but in the middle of each light is the letter “E” in a gold color light. Suddenly there is a quick pyro explosion, the spotlights disappear and the arena’s light turn back on. Standing at the entrance way is Epic. He slowly makes his way to the ring, once he gets to the ring steps he removes his robe and finally makes way in the ring.

The Ref calls for the bell to ring, as the three men step towards the center of the ring!

Zach Davis: Epic has been around this very ring a million times... and been in countless Three Way Dances..

Epic throws the first punch in Felipes face, but Dave returns the favor to Epic, as does Felipe! Dave takes no part in it, and as Epic reels back into the ropes, Dave throws a wicked left and right combo to Felipe. Epic grabs the back of Hollands head and throws him to the corner! Felipe walks over to Holland and begins to throw some kicks to the midsection. Epic looks over at Felipe and shakes his head no. Epic short arm clotheslines Felipe right over the top rope!

Shannan Lerch: WHOA!

Epic turns around and Holland gives a kick and a DDT! Holland covers for the three count!



Felipe drags Holland right out of the ring. Holland lands on his feet. Felipe goes for a clothesline, Holland ducks and grabs Felipe from behind and goes for a russian-leg-sweep, Felipe fights him off, and Holland steps away.. Felipe knees towards the midsection and throws him right into the Ring Pole. Holland falls backwards into the guardrail. Felipe jumps to the apron, but gets knocked off from Epic! Felipe flies into the crowd OVER the guardrail!!

Luscious Jackson: Epic with a HUGE shot! Salarose is in the crowd!

Felipe gets to his feet, as WCF Security clears the people out of the way. Felipe bends over on the guardrail and takes a rest. Epic taunts to the crowd in the ring. Holland slides in, but Epic notices. Epic runs at him and goes for a clothesline, Holland ducks, Epic hits the ropes and on his way back, Holland hits a huge backdrop! Holland nods at the crowd and goes to the top rope in the corner. Instead of noticing Epic in the center of the ring, he turns towards Felipe who is hanging over the guardrail! Holland turns around and leaps into the air... when he comes down, he lands on Felipe and the guardrail! The crowd goes f'n crazy!

Shannan Lerch: WHAT AIR TIME!


Epic crawls to the ropes and steps to the outside. He grabs Holland who is now to his feet and throws him back over the guardrail to ringside. Felipe tries to get up and is getting help from some of the veteran WCF fans! Holland slams the apron of the ring with his head, thanks to Epic. Felipe stumbles over the guardrail...

Luscious Jackson: This is a crazier match than I expected, thats for sure.

Epic throws Holland into the other guardrail. Felipe walks into a few punches from Epic, before he gets thrown into Holland! Epic now notices both men standing near the guardrail! Epic begins to run and goes for some sort of body splash. However, Felipe ducks, and Holland backdrops Epic over the guardrail into the crowd! Holland gets his feet set, but as soon as he does, Felipe is there with a Cuba Kick! Holland hits the mats hard!

Shannan Lerch: That is a trademark!

Zach Davis: Felipe can jump on this advantage, throw him in the ring, and go for the win!

Holland is picked up and slid into the ring, and Felipe follows suit. Holland gets to his feet, and Felipe jumps into the air from his feet, a nice vertical leap, and nails a hurricanrana in the middle of the ring! This could be it! It could be over! Felipe has the leg locked up for the pin!



Holland kicks up~!

Luscious Jackson: How'd he do it?!

Felipe gets to his feet and once again grabs Holland into a brainbuster! Snap. In the center of the ring. Felipe goes for the pin, but Epic slides in and breaks it apart.

Zach Davis: Epic isn't a slouch. He knows he can't let some other guy get the pin here.

Epic kicks down on Felipe and his back. Felipe gets to the ropes, where Epic throws him to the other corner as hard as possible! Felipe snaps hard, and stumbles out of the corner. Epic hits a mean looking spear! The crowd goes crazy as Felipe snaps his head and neck back! Epic taunts once again and turns around into Hollands arms. Holland trips Epic to his back and goes for the Epitome of Excellence! (A Sharpshooter). Epic tries to fight it off by kicking his feet. He brings his legs in, however, and pokes Holland to the eyes! Holland stumbles backwards. Epic nips to his feet, but gets tripped up once again! Epitome of Excellence is tried once more, and Epic tries to fight it off!

Shannan Lerch: Dave Holland is trying to put Epic into a submission! Epic is still fighting!

Felipe grabs Holland from behind and hits a german suplex right on the neck of Holland! Epic gets to his feet, and Felipe hits another Cuba Kick, but this time right in Epics face! Felipe hits the ground and crawls over to Hollands lifeless body!



NO~! Felipe can't believe it.. he crawls over to Epic though...




Luscious Jackson: ITS OVER?!

Zach Davis: NO! Epic Kicked up! At the very last second!

Felipe uses the ropes to get up as Holland does so on the other side of the ring. The ref checking on all three men. Epic now tries to get to his feet. Felipe walks over to Epic, and Epic kicks towards the midsection! In desperation mode, Epic hits Epic Falls on Felipe!! THE MEAN BRAINBUSTER! Epic gets to his feet and turns around


Zach Davis: Thats just like sweet chin music!

Epic is out cold. Holland fell to the ground as he was in desperation mode as well. He crawls over to Epic for the cover.



EPIC KICKS OUT! Holland doesn't even get a chance to try and believe it.. the crowd is going crazy for this match. Holland crawls over to Felipe as Epic rolls towards the ropes.




Shannan Lerch: I don't believe it!

Holland rolls to his back and looks up at the bright lights! Felipe is moving, but it's slow. Epic is on his feet, but just barely. Epic and Holland meet near the ropes where Epic throws a few punches, and Holland returns with some of his own! Holland with another right, and another right, now has Epic reeling back to the ropes. Holland has the advantage now! Holland picks up Epic into a fisherman suplex! He has the leg in the air for the count!



The Cuban Death Sault from Felipe off the top rope! The crowd goes MOTHERLICKIN CRAZZZAAYYY!!!! Holland gets hit with a huge frog splash from Felipe Salarose! Felipe flops around holding his midsection, as Epic holds his neck, and Holland is bent forward in pain on his back. The ref again, checks on all three men... and begins the dreaded 10 count...










Epic is to his feet, as is Felipe. Felipe grabs Epic into the The Cuban Crusher! Before he can hit it though, Holland kicks Felipe in the midsection, and Holland goes for The Magic Touch! Felipe ducks the huge sidekick, but Epic catches the foot! Epic spins him around and Felipe hits a missle dropkick from a vertical leap! Felipe gets to his feet, and him and Epic meet in the middle of the ring with a double short-armed clothesline to each other! All three men are out in the ring once more!

Shannan Lerch: Who has what it takes to win the match now?

Zach Davis: How much gas is left in their tanks!?

Luscious Jackson: Hopefully plenty, because with prices how they are it kinda sucks having to refuel and all.

Epic and Holland are the first ones up, and they begin brawling. Holland throws Epic to the ropes, and then goes for a Clothesline. Epic ducks it, bounces off the ropes himself, then hits a Clothesline of his own, sending Holland out of the ring. Salarose is up now, and Epic grabs him... Epic Falls! He then locks in the Canadian Maple Leaf!

Shannan Lerch: This is it!

This is, indeed, it. Salarose taps.

Zach Davis: Epic wins his first match back!

Luscious Jackson: Great effort by Dave Holland, though. This guy is the future and we've seen evidence of dat tonight.

Epic rolls out of the ring and heads to the back. Outside the ring, Holland regroups and realizes what has happened and is none too happy.

Outcast Segment

Personal Jesus hits as Outcast walks out of the back. A mixed reaction, but mostly boos, fills the arena. Outcast looks at the fans as he walks down the aisle and slides into the ring. He takes the mic from the announcer.

Outcast: Now, before I tell you all why I am here, I have got to get something off my chest. As you are all aware of I am no longer the...

Outcast pauses.

Outcast: The...People's Champion.

Crowd cheers upon hearing this and Outcast looks displeased.

Outcast: Yeah that's right, but I was robbed dammit! WCF forced me to defend that title when I was just released from the hospital, I wasn't even in top shape. So once again WCF screws Outcast. Which brings me to why I am here, and I want that asshole Seth Lerch out here to hear this. So get out here Seth, right now!!

Master of Puppets hits as Seth walks out, holding a microphone in his hand

Seth Lerch: Make this quick because I don't really have time for y-

Outcast: Shut the hell up! You will make time for this announcement. Because you see it involves you, your company, your champion and your entire roster. Apparently me, the guys, and Carr are not the only ones dissatisfied with the way you run your company. Though unlike Carr, this individual feels the same way I do. Unlike Steve he believes that drastic measures and violent tones must be taken in order to change this wreck of a place. Do you understand?

Seth Lerch: ...What? Hell no no one understands the babbeling of some old one time NCW bitch!

Outcast: You will, you see...there is someone in the back who just jumped ship. Thats right, one of YOUR WCF superstars just became the newest NCW superstar.

Seth Lerch: What? Who? NCW isn't even a company anymore-

Outcast: Well, he wishes to remain annynomous untill next week at Slam. So, I have a special event planned. Next Sunday on your show, will be his NCW Induction Ceremony. He will officialy be inducted into NCW, cutting all ties to WCF.

Seth looks confused.

Outcast: Also, for tonight..on my match with Steve Carr. I said I will take no responsibility for what I will do to him. Therefore, my match with him will be an unsanctioned match. That means, you don't take any responsibility for what happens, neither do I...or him if he gets a lucky shot in. You hear me? I will not take any responsibility.

Seth Lerch: Fine, whatever. As far as I'm concerned, you can both burn in hell.

Seth disappears behind the curtain, leaving Outcast in the ring.

Steve Carr vs Outcast

Zach Davis: And it is now time for the former owner of NCW up against the leader of Team NCW.

Shannan Lerch: How confusing.

The lights go out and "The Rising" by Trivium plays. Red spotlights shine on the entrance as Steve Carr walks out and raises his arms. The spotlights follow him as he walks down to the ring giving high-fives to the fans. He climbs up the stairs, steps over the ropes and the house lights come back on.

"Reach and touch faith" screams over the speakers as Marilyn Mansons' "Personal Jesus" plays. Outcast walks out of the backstage onto the ramps as explosions goes off.

Your own, personal Jesus
Someone to hear your prayers
Someone who's there

Outcast walks down the ramp to a mixed reaction, mostly boos now. He stops half way down the ramp and raises his right arm slowly up the the hair with his hand open, then slowly closes it to make a fist. He continues to walk down the ramp. He walks to some ring side fans and points to his NCW shirt. He trades words with the fans then gives them the finger and turns around to walk up the stairs leading to the ring. He slowly gets into the ring and walks to the middle. He looks around the arena slowly, then walks to his respective corner and sits on the top turnbuckle.

Luscious Jackson: Both men in da ring now.

Zach Davis: This is a different Steve Carr than the Steve Carr we saw in Team NCW. He's changed, his philosophy has changed... let's see how this goes.

The bell rings. The two men go to lock up, but Outcast kicks Carr in the gut. Outcast hits several forearms to Carr's head before throwing him to the ropes. Carr ducks a Clothesline, and then tackles Outcast down, hitting several punches and the like. Eventually the ref makes him get off. Carr and Outcast both stand, and Carr takes him over with a Hiptoss into a headlock.

Shannan Lerch: We won't be seeing any interference from Merc tonight. We don't even know where he is, after learning in Carr's interview series that he was nothing more than an actor. Not a real mercenary.

Luscious Jackson: I don't think its fair to say he was just an actor, Shannan - ain't never seen an actor fight like that.

Zach Davis: And I've never seen an actor defeat a World Champi- well, wait, nevermind that.

Outcast has struggled up from the headlock and jabbed Carr in the gut a few times, escaping. Outcast throws Carr to the ropes again and then goes for a Big Boot, which Carr ducks. Carr comes running back at Outcast but Outcast has the presence of mind to get his leg up again and this time Carr runs full force into it, knocking him down. Outcast begins laying the boots to him, over and over.

Shannan Lerch: Carr had control for the first bit of this match, but looks like Outcast has that control now.

Outcast waits for Carr to stand, hitting little jabs here and there as he does. Once Carr is up, Outcast grabs him and hits a big Belly to Belly Suplex! Carr hits the mat hard and Outcast immediately goes for the pinfall.



No! Carr gets the shoulder up.

Luscious Jackson: We've mentioned it before, but these guys are both former World Champs. They won't be beaten easy.

Outcast picks Carr up and shoves him into a turnbuckle. He then lifts him up, getting him in position for a Superplex.

Shannan Lerch: Why doesn't he just go for the Black Out while he's up there?

Zach Davis: He knows Carr isn't weak enough to let him execute that move yet.

And bam, Outcast executes the Superplex, driving The Ultimate to the mat. Outcast goes for another pin.



Carr kicks out again, and the fans cheer.

Luscious Jackson: Time for Outcast to get serious here. Ain't everyone gonna kick outta that.

Outcast begins picking Carr up again, but by this point Carr has had more than enough. He hits Outcast several times in the midsection, working his way back to his feet. Carr is soon up, and ducks a big Clothesline from Outcast before executing a Neckbreaker. Carr stomps away at Outcast now, who rolls out of the ring.

Zach Davis: Coward.

Carr slides out after him, much to the ringside fans' delight. He grabs Outcast's head and slams it into a guardrail, and then whips Outcast into the steel steps ringside! Outcast yells in pain and Carr picks him up, shoving him again into the guardrail but then letting loose with a series of knife edge chops. The fans WHOOO! of course each time. Outcast stumbles forward and Carr grabs his head, executing a Bulldog on the mats outside. He then picks him up and rolls him back inside the ring, and pins.



No! Outcast gets the shoulder up.

Shannan Lerch: Nearfalls from both men now.

Carr pulls Outcast into the middle of the ring, and then applies an Ankle Lock. Outcast yells in pain, but won't tap. Even if he would, it wouldn't matter, because the ref has been knocked out. Davey Ortega is in the ring.

Luscious Jackson: Here we go.

Ortega kicks Carr right in the head, breaking the hold. He helps Outcast up and then picks Carr up as well, and the two hit a Double Suplex. They then start stomping away at the former NCW owner.

Zach Davis: And Carr has no one to help him.

But no! Ortega gets a steel chair to the back!

Shannan Lerch: Who is this!?

MERC! Merc is in the ring, steel chair in hand! Outcast turns and he gets a chair to the head! Merc pulls Ortega out of the ring and carries him to the back.

Luscious Jackson: I didn't even think Merc was supposed to be here! But he's neutralized Team NCW!

Carr is struggling to his feet, barely comprehending what just happened. He hits a few kicks to Outcast, and then climbs to the top rope.

Zach Davis: I think he's ready for the Ultimatum!

Carr is about to fly off the top, but now Rick Mad has come out of the crowd. Rick pushes Carr off.

Shannan Lerch: Looks like Merc hasn't quite neutralized Team NCW yet.

Mad, like Ortega before him, helps the leader of Team NCW to his feet. He then has Outcast picks Carr up in the Electric Chair position. Mad climbs to the top rope, and he gestures for Outcast to bring him over.

Luscious Jackson: They're settin him up for the Wifebeater's Special!

And all of a sudden, Creeping Death of all people is in the ring!

Zach Davis: WHAT?

Shannan Lerch: Is he the one Outcast talked about? Is CD joining Team NCW!?

CD first throws a chair to Mad, hitting him right in the head.

Shannan Lerch: Guess not.

Creeps then hits a Dropkick to Outcast, taking out his leg and having Carr fall on top of him. CD turns to Mad and jumps up, executing a Snap Hurricanrana and then kicking him out of the ring. CD takes one look and then flies over the top rope with a crazy twisty plancha move, probably knocking Mad out.

Luscious Jackson: Friggin Creeping Death, always getting involved in crap that doesn't involve him.

In the ring, both Outcast and Carr have stumbled to their feet, groggily. They turn, face each other... and Carr's instincts are faster. He hits a swift kick before nailing Outcast with the Ultimate Stunner!! The crowd roars as Carr makes the pin!




Zach Davis: Steve Carr wins it!

Carr stands up, and the ref raises his arm in the air.

Shannan Lerch: Thanks to Creeping Death, ugh.

Luscious Jackson: Nah, he did this himself.

Carr rolls out of the ring and heads to the back, having finished business.

Tag Titles Cage Match
The Xtreme One vs Killswitch

The arena goes dark as the opening to Killswitch Engage's "This Fire Burns" fills the arena and kicks into high gear. Pyro explodes as Jay Williams appears on one side of the stage and Spike Kane appears on the other side, head banging to the song. The two meet in the middle of the stage and bump chests. Amy Skye-Williams follows the duo as the crowd is cheering loudly. Spike Kane and Jay Williams make their way down to the ring, slapping the hands of the fans along the way as they sing along with "To The Threshold" As they get to the ringside area, Spike Kane gets on his knees and throws his arms out as Jay Williams does the same. Red pyro shoots along the rampway as Spike Kane gets back to his feet. Both men hop up onto the ring apron as Spike Kane enters the ring and heads the turnbuckle closest to him and throws his arms out again as Jay Williams acknowledges the fan's love for him. As Jay Williams enters the ring, Spike Kane hops off the turnbuckle and heads to the one opposite from him and throws his arms out again as Jay Williams goes onto the other turnbuckle and throws his arms out again as Spike Kane crouches down. Jay Williams gets down and stands next to Spike Kane, both men ready to rumble.

Cameras are backstage as Rich “The Xtreme One” Marciano is about to make his entrance as Craven pats him on the back. As Rich approaches the tunnel, he notices Adam Knite, Kelly Fox, and Davey Boone’s little son Justin there to wish him the best.

Rich “The Xtreme One” Marciano: Shouldn’t you guys be at the hospital?

Kelly Fox: Carter is still there with TVO..we are here to watch your tag team match.

Adam Knite: Yeah, even though I don’t really like you..you stood up for my friend Boone. Good luck out there man..and don’t die completely! *Kelly elbows him in the side.* Okay, don’t worry Richie...he’ll show!

Rich “The Xtreme One” Marciano: Huh? Who will show?

Lights fade to black then you hear Voodoo by Godsmack playing. Then TXO emerges from the back area with a towel over his head and mouth guard in walks right down to the ring gets to ring apron and jumps right on the apron. He then wipes his feet off and then gets in the ring. He then lifts both arms in the air knocking the towel off his head, he then goes to all four corners and crosses his hands forming an x for his name.

Luscious Jackson: Looks like the referee is waiting to see if Rich has a tag team partner. Rich looks back towards the entrance way and doesn’t see anybody coming.

Shannan Lerch: That’s because nobody cares about TVO!

Zach Davis: It is TXO and the cage is being lowered! He’s going it alone folks! One man will challenge for the tag team titles tonight!

Luscious Jackson: I’m afraid Rich may end up in a bed next to his dear friend TVO going in this match alone tonight!

The cage lowers and the referee calls for the bell as Jay Williams and Spike Kane begin stalking their prey. No way out of this for Rich as he stands tall for a few moments and begs for them to come on and get it over with. Williams and Kane both look at each other for a second as they choose to prolong the beating. Rich doesn’t wait and dives towards them and knocks Williams back a bit as he catches him self and Rich and Kane are brawling it out! Rich is holding his own against the two for a few moments, but the numbers game catches up to him. They have Rich in the corner and are stomping a mudhole in his ass! They are just ruthless, not showing any mercy on this one man tag team! Spike Kane grabs the arms of Rich and ties them up in the ropes as they continue to massacre Rich in the ring as he has no use of his arms now! Kane continues the assault as Williams shrugs it off and walks over to the cage door. He looks back at Spike is and talking to him.

Zach Davis: Thank God! These guys are ending the match right here!

“Fight Like This” by Decyfer Down rings out through the arena as the crowd come to their feet. Nobody knows what is going on as they listen to the lyrics of the song and look towards the entrance way. Williams shrugs it off as he continues out the door.

Zach Davis: Who the hell is this?


Boone is taped up from his lower abdomen up to under his arms, heavily taped at that. He’s in a dead sprint to the ring as Williams has the cage door open and his head is hanging out as Boone slams the door shut on his head causing him to flip back into the ring. Boone climbs into the ring as Kane comes running at him and meets a SPINE BUSTER! Boone clutches his mid-section as he clotheslines Williams to the mat and then gives him another one as the crowd is going freakin crazy as the roof is literally blown off the arena! Boone releases Rich from the ropes as he goes after Williams and Boone goes after Kane. Rich stays on Jay as Boone is pounding on Spike Kane in the other corner. Kane blocks a punch from Boone and reverses him into the corner and starts in on him with punches of his own! Rich turns to see what’s going on as Spike doesn’t notice Rich and Jay in the opposite corner. He goes to swing him into the opposite corner, but Rich swings Jay as well! Both get reversed and Rich ends up nailing Spike Kane with a huge clothesline! Both Spike and Jay are down on the canvas. Boone is down to his knees clutching his midsection as Rich goes to check on him. Boone falls down getting up and rolls off to the side as Jay Williams is back up and delivers a huge drop kick to Rich that knocks him up against the cage! Williams begins to climb the cage as Spike Kane is still out. Jay gets near the top of the cage in the corner before Boone gets up to follow him, he’s literally gutting it out as he climbs up level with Jay and they exchange punches towards each other! Boone drops down a little and grabs Jay around the waist and pulls him close to him to give a powerbomb! They come off the top of the cage but WILLIAMS REVERSES IT INTO A HEAD SCISSORS TAKE OVER!!

Zach Davis: My God Boone tried to end it right there with the Boone’s Day Device from near the top of the cage!

Luscious Jackson: Remember, the only way to win this match is by pinfall! Jay Williams climbing out of the cage is pointless.

Spike Kane slowly crawls over and covers Boone’s crippled body!



BROKEN UP BY RICH! Rich picks up Spike Kane and swings him into the ropes, Kane ducks a clothesline and comes back off the ropes and leaps in the air..caught in mid-air by Rich and POWER SLAM! Rich with the cover!




Rich has Kane in a reverse ddt, but lifts him up in a suplex and down! Rich makes another cover!



SAVE MADE BY JAY WILLIAMS! Williams picks up Rich and hammers a couple of right hands into his face until he swings Rich into the ropes and nails him with a hesitation drop kick! Williams starts to climb the cage again as Kane is holding Rich at the bottom in the ring.

Shannan Lerch: What’s he doing? He can’t climb out of the cage to win!

Luscious Jackson: He’s going for the Williams Drop from the top of the cage!

Jay is perched on the top of the cage and holds his arms up high as Boone jumps Spike Kane from behind and throws him into the opposite corner and runs in for a splash but Kane moves aside as Boone smashes his mid-section on the turnbuckle and falls over in pain! Williams LEAPS OFF!! WILLIAMS DROP!!! HE LANDED IT! He also hurt himself in the process! Spike Kane crawls over and makes the cover on Rich!



3..SAVE BY DAVEY BOONE!! Spike has Boone now and lowers his head between his knees, FIELDS OF ATHENRY! Spike Kane has done it! Killswitch will remain the tag team champions! Spike makes the pin!



Zach Davis: It is over folks!


Luscious Jackson: What the hell? A mere week ago Boone was on his death bed and what a miracle it is for him to be here competing! He’s got the heart of a lion!

Spike Kane is now climbing up the top of the cage himself, he makes it to the top and signals to the crowd as they boo him wildly. He comes off..LEAP OF FAITH!! BOONE MOVES!! He gets up to his feet and grabs the legs of Spike Kane..SHARP SHOOTER! SHARP SHOOTER!! SHARP SHOOTER!!!! The referee is asking Spike if he wants to give it up, but he refuses to! Boone is screaming in agony himself as the move is paying a toll on his body as well! Williams is back up and nails Boone from behind! Williams attempts the Williams Driver, but Rich is there...DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!!! IN HONOR OF HIS FALLEN PARTNER TVO!!! Rich makes the cover on Williams!



3..KICK OUT BY WILLIAMS! Boone is back up to his feet as Williams comes running at him as Boone ducks down and pulls the ropes down as Williams goes face first into the steel cage! Boone with a roll up!


2...KICK OUT! Spike Kane meets Boone with a huge clothesline down! Spike grabs the ankle of Davey Boone and BURNING HELL TO BOONE! The referee is asking him if he wants to give up, Boone is screaming in pain! What Kane doesn’t realize is Rich is perched on the turnbuckle on the other side of the ring and leaps off with a huge elbow drop! He breaks the hold as Boone rolls over and is in obvious pain all over his body! Rich goes from behind Spike Kane, picks him up and begins the German suplexes! Meanwhile Jay Williams lifts up Davey Boone and nails him with the Williams Driver! Rich has Spike in a pinning predicament, but Williams also is covering Boone at the exact same time!

The referee sees both of them and begins counting!




Zach Davis: Wait a minute? The referee is confused because Rich pinned Spike Kane and Jay Williams pinned Boone at the exact same time! What will they do?

Luscious Jackson: Well, the ref raises Rich’s hand and also has Williams’s hand up as well.

The referee walks over to the ring announcer and is telling him something.

Ring Announcer: The referee by ruling has declared the match to be RESTARTED!

Shannan Lerch: Wow! They are going to start the cage match over!

Spike Kane nails Rich from behind and begins laying into him over in the corner. Boone staggers back up to his feet as the referee is talking to him and asking him where he is, Boone collapses down to the mat as he’s got a glazed look in his eyes. The referee is yelling for EMTs to come down! Medics are at the ring before Spike Kane realizes what’s going on and comes over and pushes the referee back. He’s yelling at the referee that Boone came into this match and that he plans on taking him out! Spike Kane turns around but is met with a kick from Boone, he grabs Spike and places his head between his knees and starts to climb the turnbuckle....BOONE’S DAY DEVICE! Boone isn’t coherent enough to make a cover. He is standing as Jay Williams runs at him and Boone hoists him up and SIT OUT POWERBOMB! Boone makes the cover!



3..KICK OUT BY WILLIAMS! Boone falls over in exhaustion!

Zach Davis: How in the hell does Boone know what he’s doing out there? He’s completely out of it right now and it is obvious you can tell it!

Luscious Jackson: I think he’s going strictly on instincts of his 8 years of veteran in-ring skills!

Rich is back to his feet as is Spike Kane, Rich begins hammering him with knife edge chops to the chest. Spike blocks one and smashes Rich's head into the turnbuckle, knocking him down. Spike begins kicking at him, but Williams simply stands there. Spike turns, asking Williams what's up, but Jay simply turns and begins climbing out of the cage.

Shannan Lerch: What is he doing? You can't win that way!

Zach Davis: Oh God.. he isn't going up top for a big move is he?... this is dangerous.

Williams reaches the top, looks down at Spike and TXO......

Luscious Jackson: What's he gonna do?

And Williams climbs down to the outside.

Shannan Lerch: He's leaving the match! He's leaving his partner!

Spike curses to himself, then turns to Rich, who has just stood up. Rich goes for a Clothesline, but Spike ducks it and then rolls rich up from behind!






Shannan Lerch: Davey Boone and Rich Marciano have overcame all odds and pulled off possibly one of the greatest wins in wrestling history as we know it today! REMARKABLE!

Zach Davis: Medics finally tend to all the wrestlers involved as both tag belts are given to Rich as Boone is lifeless!

Chuck Watson and “Sweet” Willy Carter are in the ring as the cage is being lifted and a stretcher has been brought out to the ring. Rich lays one of the tag titles across the body of Boone after he’s been placed on the stretcher. They get to the top of the ramp as they stop and Boone holds the title up in the air as the crowd is quickly placed into another frenzy!

Television Title Contendership Match
Mike Ragnal vs Thunder

"Money" by Pink Floyd begins to play. As the cash register sound ends and the music begins, Thunder walks towards the ring. He reaches the apron and climbs the turnbuckle, taunting the fans.

Zach Davis: This next match is to determine which man will wrestle Bobby Cairo for the WCF Television Championship! Michael “Thunder” Knight is entering the match first!

Shannan Lerch: A former Television champion himself, Thunder’s looking to wear some new gold around his waist to add to his collection.

The lights begin blinking several different colors as H! VLTG3 by Linkin Park hits. A lightning-like pyro blasts, and Mike Ragnal steps out from the back, with Sasha Pehl at his side, her arms wrapped around his. He walks to the ring, looking out at the thousands in attendance along the way. Sasha lets go of Mike as he rolls into the ring. Mike gets to his feet, and raises a fist high in the air, while Sasha heads to their corner and cheers Mike on.

Zach Davis: Next we have Mike Ragnal, a young man who’s been looking to hold that Television title close and dearly to himself and his girlfriend, Sasha Pehl!

Shannan Lerch: This might just be Ragnal’s last chance at winning the title. Otherwise, he’s going to have no chance for a long time coming.

Thunder and Ragnal meet up in the center of the ring, and the ref checks both wrestlers to make sure for no illegal weapons. The ref then calls the bell, and the match starts with the two men locking up in the center. Thunder takes Ragnal down with an arm drag, and attempting for an armbar, but Ragnal rolls to his feet while Thunder’s on his knees, springing to his feet for an enziguri.

Zach Davis: There’s something different!

Shannan Lerch: What’d you expect, the same old crap?

Ragnal runs to the ropes and leaps in the air, driving his knee into Thunder’s face. Ragnal goes to pin while Sasha cheers him on.



Thunder kicks out.

Zach Davis: A nice knee drop from Ragnal, but it won’t be enough to take down the Thunder.

Shannan Lerch:…

Zach Davis: What?

Shannan Lerch: Nothing. Just, forget it.

Ragnal picks Thunder up and whips him into the ropes, looking to hiptoss him to the ground, but Thunder counters and tosses Ragnal down instead. Thunder grabs Ragnal’s legs for the Texas Cloverleaf, but Ragnal kicks Thunder off of him, giving him time to get to his feet.

Zach Davis: Some good back and forth action right here.

Shannan Lerch: So far it looks like either one can win, but it’s way too early to call.

As both men get up, they charge at one another, with Ragnal getting the advantage with a Pele kick to the face. With Thunder down and on his hands and knees, Ragnal charges with a dropkick into Thunder’s ribs!

Zach Davis: I think I just heard his ribs crack!

Shannan Lerch: Oh, you did not!

Zach Davis: I did!

Shannan Lerch: You must be hearing weirdly.

Ragnal kicks at Thunder, then goes to pin, but Thunder rolls him into a Schoolboy pin.

Zach Davis: Well, whattaya know?



Ragnal kicks out. Both men get to their feet, with Thunder elbowing Mike in the face to get the upper hand. With Mike grabbing his face, Thunder uses the distraction to get behind him, and place him in the Cobra Clutch. Mike scrambles for the ropes as Sasha cheers him on, getting his right foot outside on the apron. The ref counts to four before Thunder lets go.

Zach Davis: A close call for Ragnal.

Shannan Lerch: You know, while Thunder has a size advantage with being two feet taller than Ragnal, Mike has a good weight advantage.

Zach Davis: Good point, Shannan. Mike can use that weight to make it to the ropes for a ropebreak more easily. Thunder’s going to have to wear Ragnal down if he wants to make him tap.

Thunder grabs Mike’s leg and brings it back into the ring, then drags him to the center, where he forces the ankle lock onto Ragnal. Ragnal scrambles for the ropes again, but Thunder grips onto it, keeping Ragnal in the middle of the ring. Eventually, Ragnal crawls closer to the ropes, and with no other choice, Thunder raises Ragnal’s leg high in the air, then slams it down into the canvas! Ragnal grabs his knee, screaming in pain.

Zach Davis: Thunder held onto Ragnal’s leg long enough to do some damage, but he also added insult to injury by dropping it into the ring.

Thunder drops an elbow on Ragnal to shut him up, and goes to pin.



Sasha grabs Mike’s foot and places it onto the ropes during the count. The ref sees it and tells Thunder to break the pin.

Zach Davis: Lucky break for Ragnal, wouldn’t you say?

Thunder gets to his feet, and looks down at Ragnal. He picks the Master of Elemental Disaster up to his feet and whips him into the ropes, but Ragnal counters and sends Thunder into the ropes, and clotheslines him to the outside. As Thunder gets to his feet, Ragnal springboards off the top rope, and hits a cross body, sending Thunder back into the barricade.

Shannan Lerch: And there’s another instance of Mike having a weight advantage!

Ragnal gets up on his feet first, and picks Thunder up, slamming his head into the guard rail. He then signals to Sasha, and Sasha gets on top of the apron, and leaps off, hitting a guillotine legdrop against Thunder’s neck. Thunder falls off the rail, and down to the ground.

Zach Davis: That’s some nice assistance from Sasha.

Shannan Lerch: Behind very great man is a great Aussie girl.

Ragnal picks Thunder up and whips him towards the steel steps, but Thunder counters, and sends Mike shoulder first into the stairs! Thunder then grabs Ragnal by the head and slams it repeatedly into the steps.

Zach Davis: What, the ref’s not gonna DQ this?!

Shannan Lerch: Are you kidding? After what’s in stake, I don’t think the ref would stop for a MINUTE!

Thunder then rolls Ragnal back into the ring, and slides in afterwords. Thunder hooks the leg to pin.




Ragnal gets a shoulder up!

Zach Davis: Wow.

Shannan Lerch: All that, and Ragnal is STILL in the match?! Unreal.

Thunder, having enough, waits for Ragnal to get to his feet. Mike only gets to his knees before Thunder charges with a Shining Wizard, and hits Ragnal in the head! Thunder goes for another pin!




Ragnal gets the shoulder up again!

Zach Davis: Thunder’s not having a good moment.

Shannan Lerch: Ya think?

Luscious Jackson: Sorry guys, I went to get some snacks. What’d I miss?

Shannan Lerch: Eh…not much.

Thunder slams his palms into the ring canvas, upset that he can’t keep Ragnal down. He finally gets ready for a Death Valley Driver, but Sasha gets on the ropes and distracts him. Thunder yells at Sasha to keep from getting inside the ring.

Luscious Jackson: Whatcha supposed she’s trying to do?

As all this happens, Ragnal sneaks up behind Thunder and hoists him onto his shoulders.

Zach Davis: Here it comes! He’s ready for the Ragnalrok!

Just before he can spin him over his head, Thunder slips out the back and spins Ragnal around, hoisting him onto his shoulders.

Luscious Jackson: Or not.

Before Thunder can do anything, Ragnal sneaks out behind Thunder, and locks him inside the Shock to the System!

Zach Davis: There’s Ragnal’s favorite submission move! He might be able to make Thunder tap here!

After about a minute, Thunder is able to free the arm from the hammerlock, and grabs Ragnals head, snapmaring him onto the ground and into a headlock!

Zach Davis: And the tables have turned for Ragnal!

Luscious Jackson: Man, you act like he might lose this!

About another minute, and Ragnal is still in the hold. Sasha, meanwhile, slaps her hand onto the ring apron, which the crowd soon follows up with. It takes a little longer, but Ragnal’s back on his feet, the headlock still in place. Ragnal starts to elbow Thunder in the ribs before he finally lets go.

Shannan Lerch: And Thunder has already been damaged from an earlier dropkick by Ragnal. This may just do Thunder in worse than he already had been.

Ragnal runs to the ropes and dropsaults Thunder onto the canvas. Thunder gets up, only to be met with a gutwrench DDT by Ragnal. Thunder gets back up, and Ragnal whips him into the ropes, and forcing him to the ground with a snap spinebuster! Ragnal quickly goes to pin!

Zach Davis: And there’s Ragnal’s powerful spinebuster! This could end it.



Shannan Lerch: Nope.

Thunder gets his arm up. Ragnal decides to go to the top rope in hopes of the High Voltage…but in mid-spin, Thunder gets his knees up, causing Ragnal’s back to hit them. Ragnal is now on the ground, grabbing his upper back in pain.

Luscious Jackson: Ragnal doesn’t look to be good right now!

Zach Davis: No kidding. And the shoulder injury from earlier doesn’t help him, either.

Thunder is already to his feet, and waits for Ragnal to get up. Mike is finally on his feet, and as he turns to Thunder, he’s immediately hoisted onto his shoulders.

Shannan Lerch: This might do him in!

Thunder goes for the Death Vallery Driver, but Ragnal slips behind him! Ragnal lifts him up and hits the Ragnalrok!

Luscious Jackson: There it is!

Ragnal pins Thunder, hooking the leg.




Zach Davis: Mike Ragnal has done it!

Ragnal stands up, and he's emotional as the ref raises his arm.

Shannan Lerch: He's one step closer to that Television Title. One more step to make.

Ragnal rolls out of the ring and heads to the back, Sasha on his arm.

Creeping Death Segment

We go backstage where Creeping Death is walking through a hallway backstage at the WCF Arena. CD comes up to a door with 'Seth Lerch' on it, and walks in.

Creeping Death: You wanted to see me, Mister Lerch?

Seth Lerch: Indeed I did. Who the hell do you think you are?

CD looks at Seth with a puzzled look on his face.

Creeping Death: Excuse me?

Seth Lerch: You get to book Thirteen (XIII) okay, I get it. But who gave you permission to book ME in a match?

Creeping Death: The contract that I have stating I can book anyone...

Seth slams his fist on his desk.

Seth Lerch: I am not on the 'active roster,' Creeps. You don't have ULTIMATE power here. You couldn't just book Roger from Accounting and expect him to show up.

Creeping Death: Damn, he was my second choice.

Seth Lerch: My point is this: my match against Torture is hereby null.

The crowd boos and it's obvious CD looks pissed.

Creeping Death: Alright, I'll make a deal. You find someone else to fight Torture, and I won't bring this up in court. Deal?

Seth Lerch: Hmm. I was hoping you'd suggest something like that. Deal. I have the perfect opponent in mind.

Creeping Death: Fantastic.

CD begins to turn to exit, but stops.

Creeping Death: Oh, by the way, you're welcome for getting TWO former World Champions back to spike some ratings, you unappreciative jackass.

Seth looks at CD with a scorn as he exits Seth's office.

Hardcore Title Ladder Match
Creeping Death vs Danny Vice vs Johnny Craven

Zach Davis: And now we have a special treat for you, ladies and gentlemen... it's time for the WCF Hardcore Title match!

Luscious Jackson: Fuck yes! This is what we been waitin' for!

Shannan Lerch: From a woman's perspective, I found the very premise of these hardcore matches to be absolutely barbaric. As the worldwide leader in sports entertainment, should WCF not pride itself on showcasing valor and athleticism rather than random acts of thuggery? I feel tha--

The lights slowly fade to black. Bells toll as the screen shows shots of a big wooden cross wrapped in barbed wire. It's a sunny day as the "happy" opening to "The Light That Blinds" by Shadows Fall plays. The crowd goes along with the sounds. "Doo-da-doo dooing" along with it. As the song gets darker and darker, the sunny day turns to night. Black clouds roll in and rain begins falling on the cross. Lightning crashes about. As the lightning crashes, white lights in the arena flash. When the song kicks up, thirty four seconds in, the entire crowd begins headbanging in unison and throwing the horns in the air as the lights come on just a tad, giving light to the dark. Standing on the stage is Creeping Death, wearing a black hoodie with the hood up, arms stretched out in a crucifix fashion. CD stands there for a second or thirty, until the vocals start, taking in the crowd's reaction. Then he slowly makes his way down the ramp, looking out into the audience. As he reaches the ring, he slides in under the bottom rope, and pops to his feet. CD walks over to a turnbuckle, jumps to the middle rope facing in the ring, does the crucifix pose once again, takes the hoodie off, and then takes a seat on the top turnbuckle, awaiting the match to begin.

Zach Davis: Yes! The Dark Avenger has arrived and he interrupted Shannan's blathering! Woo-hoo! Anyway, Creeping Death has to be considered the odds-on favorite in this match, guys. After all, most of the hardcore or "extreme combat" in North American wrestling is influenced by this man's work.

Shannan Lerch: I really don't appreciate being interrup--

Luscious Jackson: Yo, I hate to ever agree with "Zach the Wack", but Creep Death is definitely my pick to win the match. Let's go, Creep Death! I got money on this shit!

The lights go out in the arena as the crowd begins to emit electricity from their anticipation. The opening notes of "Map of the Problematique" by Muse hits the speakers to a huge ovation from the crowd. The lights flash several times before coming on full showing Danny "The Vagrant" Vice and his brother Jimmy standing a top the ramp. Danny raises his arms to his sides, exciting the crowd as he feeds off of them like they feed off of him. He rushes to the ring and slides in before climbing the turnbuckle and posing with both arms over his head. Two huge "V" pyros explode in the ring before Danny jumps down before focusing intently on his opponent.

Zach Davis: "The Vagrant" Danny Vice came within an eyelash of capturing the WCF Television Title last week. He had Bobby Cairo trapped in the Vicelock with nowhere to go. That's when Skyler Striker inexplicably attacked Cairo, causing Vice to be disqualified.

Shannan Lerch: Striker has been jealous of Vice from day one, Zach. Danny is better looking, a better wrestler and he wears that great-smelling cologne. Yes, I will marry Danny Vice one of these days.

Luscious Jackson: Yo, bitch, it ain't got nothin' to do with no jealousy. Striker was tryna get a piece of the man who kidnapped his little girl. Y'all need to get your facts straight.

Shannan Lerch: Fuck you!

Luscious Jackson: Fuck you too, bitch!

Zach Davis: Nevertheless, Vice will have to put last week behind him and focus on the task at hand if he wants to regain the title that he once so dearly held.

The lights dim as bells begin to toll very slowly. Then fire erupts from the ramp and entrance as the chorus of "Hey Man Nice Shot" by Filter plays. At this time Johnny Craven comes riding out on a Harley that is black colored with dark red and orange flames on the front, sides, and back. He has the WCF Hardcore title wrapped around his neck (kind of like a necklace). He stops at the top of the ramp to take the cheers all in and then he rides down to the ramp and gets off of his bike. He then enters the ring and climbs all four turnbuckles, raising his hardcore title high in the air on each turnbuckle. Then the lights come back on.

Zach Davis: The Hardcore Champion has arrived in all of his glorious glory. Johnny Craven has truly become one of the great success stories here in WCF, breaking out of his mentor Davey Boone's shadow to become one of the most feared competitors that WCF has seen in a very long time.

Luscious Jackson: Dude is one tough dude. I seen him arm-wrestle Fred Thompson once, and Thompson beat him but it was damn close.

Zach Davis: That is a very impressive accomplishment. As we all know Fred Thompson is the new Chuck Norris.

Shannan Lerch: I would like to renew my objection to his barbari--

Johnny Lennon Jr.: Ladies and gentleman, this is a triple threat hardcore ladder match for the WCF Hardcore Championship! The rules are as follows: The Hardcore Title will be suspended above the ring. The first man to climb the ladder and grab the title wins the match. Now who's ready for some bloodshed?!

The crowd erupts in a hysteria of drunkenness and bloodthirsty rage.

Johnny Lennon Jr.: Introducing first, from Des Moines, Iowa by way of Death Valley, California, he is the Innovator of Genocide, the Master of Disembowelment and, in general, one bad motherfucker, he is CREEEEEEEEPIIIIIIIIING DEEEEEEAAAAAAATTHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The crowd chants "CREEP-ING DEATH!! CREEP-ING DEATH!!" CD poses with a nailgun in each hand. CD fires off two shots, nearly nailing a pair of ringside fans right between the eyes and killing them instantly. The crowd goes bananas and chants CD's name even louder.

Johnny Lennon Jr.: Next, from sunny San Diego, California, he is a former WCF Hardcore Champion, he is known as the Vagrant, give it up for DAAAAAAAANNY VIIIIIIIICE!!!!!!!!!

The females in the audience scream those high-pitched screams as Danny flexes his muscles for all of the sexy mamacitas out there in the WCF Arena... in beautiful downtown Allegheny, Pennsylvania.

Johnny Lennon Jr.: Finally, from Lubbock, Texas, he is the reigning WCF Hardcore Champion, they call him "Texas Red", he is JOOOOOOOHNY CRAAAAAVEEEEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The crowd cheers roundly for the Hardcore Champion. Craven raises the Hardcore Title above his head to acknowledge his fans, and the cheers grow ever louder. Craven hands the title to the referee. The referee attaches the title to a cable, which is then pulled high above the ring by some sort of lever and pulley system.

Zach Davis: We are mere moments away from a historic showdown between three of the toughest sons of bitches in WCF history. Do either of you guys have any final thoughts before this match begins?

Luscious Jackson: Zach, matches like this are the reason why I decided to become a wrestling broadcaster all those years ago... two years, in fact. These three competitors represent the peak of this industry: Sacrifice and intensity with the heart of Christian-eating lions. I hope my sons fight each other in a match like this to determine who gets their father's love. That is, when I find a female to impregnate with my virile seed.

Shannan Lerch: Luscious, you are repulsive and, as always, I hope you die in a fiery car crash.

The ref signals for the bell and the match is on. Weapons such as rolling pins, shopping carts and wastepaper baskets litter the ringside area. The three competitors stand their ground and stare each other down. Vice makes the first move, charging CD and hitting a rolling wheel kick. Craven and Vice work together, each man taking turns punching CD in the face a bunch of times. Together they whip CD into the ropes. CD ducks a double clothesline, rebounds off the ropes and hits a Gore that knocks the shit out of both guys. CD fires the nailgun towards Craven's sternum, causing Craven to scream out and grab where he got hit. Rather than firing the gun at Vice, CD instead opts to repeatedly bash Vice over the head with it, opening a major wound and causing blood to gush. CD leaps over the top rope to the outside of the ring. CD grabs a bed of razors and slides it into the ring. CD leaps over the top rope into the ring. CD grabs a can of lighter fluid from his tights, then sprays the razor bed. CD lights a match, flicks it onto the razor bed and nods his head approvingly as it goes up in flames. CD grabs Craven and drags him over to the corner. CD climbs to the top rope, positioning himself and Craven for a superbomb. CD tries to get Craven up for the superbomb, but Craven blocks it. Craven headbutts CD in the nads. Craven grabs CD and hits an avalanche muscle buster onto the razor bed of fire. CD howls like a wounded wildebeest as the flames singe his mortal flesh. Craven turns his attention to Vice. Craven furthers his onslaught with a vicious double-eye poke, temporarily blinding Vice.

Luscious Jackson: Well good lord.

CD is back up and nails both of his opponents in the back of the head with a giant car battery from a monster truck. CD grapples Danny Vice to a standing position and hits an inverted crucifix brainbuster onto an ant farm filled with fire red army ants. Vice screeches and scratches as the ants bite at him. CD turns his attention to Craven only to be nailed in the crotch by a low blow from Craven's steel-toed work boot. Craven whips CD into the ropes and hits him with a Black Hole slam onto a pile of old phone books.

Zach Davis: I seriously have no idea where all these weapons are coming from.

Shannan Lerch: Yet, somehow, I get the feeling that in some alternate reality, this could have been even crazier.

Craven goes for the pin, but the ref reminds him that it's a ladder match. Craven climbs out of the ring and grabs a ladder. Craven sets the ladder up inside of the ring and slowly climbs up. Vice awakens from his slumber and dropkicks the ladder, sending Craven flying over the top turnbuckle like a bomb over Baghdad. CD gets to his feet and engages in some old school brawling tactics with Vice. CD whips Vice into the ropes and hits a Frankensteiner straight from Ann Arbor. CD digs around under the ring and finds a pack of C4 explosives. CD attaches the package to Vice's skull, then attempts a For Whom The Bell Tolls, but Vice lands on his feet and quickly tears off the C4. CD grabs him anyway and hits the For Whom The Bell Tolls.

Luscious Jackson: That explosion would've killed him!

CD then begins makeing his way up the ladder. However, before he can make it Johnny Craven comes out of nowhere with a flying clothesline from the top rope that knocks CD and the ladder to the canvas. Craven pulls a small box of toothpicks out of his pocket and spills them all over the ring. Craven grabs CD by the throat and hits a sitout chokebomb right into the toothpicks. CD's body spasms as blood streams out of his orifices. Danny Vice sneaks up behind Craven and hits him really hard in the back of his head with a double axehandle blow... that's literally a double axehandle not the wrestling move. Vice tosses Craven into the corner and repeatedly punches him in the face with a pair of brass knuckles. Vice grabs Craven and drives him down with a running bulldog onto a bear trap. Craven's leg is nearly crushed by the trap but luckily the bear trap was defective and doesn't totally kill him. Vice then turns to CD, who is up, and starts trash talking. CD trash talks back.

Zach Davis: Strong words being exchanged here by Creeping Death and Danny Vice, but who will flinch first?

Luscious Jackson: That's your boy, dawg! That's your boy!

Shannan Lerch: From a woman's perspec--

Suddenly, Vice notices that Creeping Death has brought a glass table into the mix.

Zach Davis: Another interesting twist has been thrown into the mix, gentlemen. The last time we saw the glass table, Creeping Death nearly murdered Danny Vice with an amazing Ryoujoku No Ame through the glass table. One can only wonder if we're in store for a replay tonight?

Shannan Lerch: Firstly, I am not a gentleman. Secondly, somebody please stop this insane bloodshed! It's like really freaking me out and stuff!

Luscious Jackson: Shut up, bitch. I hope one of these suckas gets killed tonight, fo realz yo.

All three competitors are in a mad scramble to reach the glass table. Johnny Craven trips over a Galapagos tortoise and takes CD down with him.

Zach Davis: WHAT.

Luscious Jackson: Maybe someone passed us some LSD at some point in the show.

The tortoise sniffs at both men as Vice reaches the table and drags it perpendicular to the ringpost. Vice scoops up CD and plants him on the top rope. Vice is setting CD up for a superplex through the glass table, but CD blocks it and hits some stiff shots to Vice's cheekbones. CD grabs Vice and hits a double-underhook superbomb to the mat. CD slides out of the ring and looks around under the ring apron. CD pulls out his trusty, old, 20-foot tall black ladder, Damien. CD sets Damien up next to the glass table. CD picks Vice up in a fireman's carry and carries him up the ladder. Vice elbows CD in the back of his head a bunch of times and they come to a deadlock atop Damien. Vice gains the advantage with a forearm shiver and goes for the Rejection, but CD reverses it and hits the Bid Farewell onto the glass table, shattering the table, sending shards of glass flying in every direction.

Zach Davis: What the fuck did we just see? What the fuck DID WE JUST SEE!!!

Luscious Jackson: Oh snap, son! Did you see that shit?! We just seen a homicide, yo! Cops gonna be roundin' up every one of us!

Shannan Lerch: Nope, just you. It is good to be white.

Zach Davis: The emergency medical team is tending to both men, Creeping Death and Danny "The Vagrant" Vice, as we await word on their condition... Oh noes it's the Steelchair of Death! That's barbed wire and two-by-fours bolted onto an American-made steel chair! What's Craven going to do with it?!

Craven chases the EMTs around the ring with his Steelchair of Death in a scene reminiscent of the Benny Hill show. Eventually, the EMTs give up and step back to the entryway. Craven nods and gets back into the ring, setting up the ladder. He begins climbing.

Luscious Jackson: Looks like Craven's got his belt retained!

Craven reaches the top, but Creeping Death is up as well now. He slowly climbs to the top as well, and once he's there he begins brawling with Johnny Craven.

Shannan Lerch: This is dangerous...

CD hits several chops to Craven, and Craven hits several shots to CD, and the ladder is rocking back and forth. CD smashes Craven's head into it, and then as Craven looks up CD hits him with the Black Mist! Craven falls off the ladder and thuds as he hits the mat. Creeping Death reaches up... and grabs the belt!

Zach Davis: Creeping Death wins it! Creeping Death is the new WCF Hardcore Champion!

Creeps climbs down from the ladder, belt in hand. He slides out of the ring and begins heading up the ramp.

Shannan Lerch: Damn it.

Luscious Jackson: And we know he has a World Title match coming up at XIII.

As soon as CD disappears, several men ride out on motorcycles and begin circling the ring.

Zach Davis: ...Zuh?

Danny Vice, who is in the ring, gets up and looks around, not knowing what is going on. One of the men picks up Craven and begins carrying him to the back.

Shannan Lerch: Are these... the Shadow Riders?

The men on motorcycles ride to the back as the man who picked up Craven carries him. As soon as they disappear, Vice rolls out of the ring and heads to the back as well.

World Title Match
Bobby Cairo vs Skyler Striker

Zach Davis: And now, time for the final match of the WCF Championship Series.

Shannan Lerch: Bobby Cairo is a former WCF World Champion, and he has been on a quest since he came back to recapture that belt. And he's gone too far, kidnapping Striker's daughter.

Luscious Jackson: The better man will be decided tonight.

Pyrotechnics explode at the top of the ramp, the lights in the arena flicker. "11 Dreams" by Mercenary echoes throughout the building and the crowd immediately boos. Bobby Cairo appears at the top of the ramp and the crowd boos even louder. Cairo slowly walks down to the ring with no expression on his face as middle fingers go up all around the arena. The crowd booes loudly as he enters the ring, which he seemingly feeds off of.

“Fallen, broken. Simply dissolved into an incomplete thought. An empty shell, cracked, and disfigured. With no remorse, I have been blinded by the darkness. With no disdain, I have received my punishment. And with no haste, I await them.”

After the words finish, the music of “Fallen Angels” by Ra kicks in as a bright white light flashes over the arena and fades to black again. The lights continue quickly changing between black and white as Skyler Striker enters the stage. He walks down towards the ring dressed in the usual black, unbuttoned shirt and the torn maroon pants, the World Championship around his waist. He slides into the ring and as the chorus hits, Skyler spreads his arms in a crucifix pose. He holds this, looking into the crowd, and then goes to the turnbuckle, repeating the crucifix pose. The lights return to normal as Skyler jumps down and the music fades as he holds his title belt high.

DING! DING! The bell rings and the two men circle one another in the center of the ring. The crowd immediately breaks out into a Skyler Striker chant, which only makes Bobby Cairo laugh. Finally, they lock up in the center of the ring with Striker slipping behind Cairo and hitting a quick german suplex. Cairo lands on his feet with a full rotation and follows up with a vicious clothesline to drive Striker to the mat.

Zach Davis: Did you just see Striker’s head smack against the mat?

Shannan Lerch: Of course I did, and I loved every single second of it.

Cairo follows up with a few Randy Orton stomps on the left leg of Skyler Striker and then pulls the World Champion to his feet. Cairo, angrily, ties up again. This time he hits a Drop Toehold, bringing Striker down and then stomps on him. Striker quickly gets to his feet, pissed Cairo got the best of him. Bobby runs, Striker leapfrogs over him, Bobby runs back and Striker catches him in an Armdrag. Cairo is to his feet again and then Striker executes a Backflip Dropkick, sending him to the mat. Striker follows up with a quick Standing Moonsault. One.. and Striker breaks up the pin for himself.

Luscious Jackson: Looks as if Striker is toying with Cairo right there.

Zach Davis: I would not take that man lightly. Few are as dangerous as he is when you step into that ring.

Skyler climbs a nearby turnbuckle and throws his arms up to a huge ovation from the fans. He takes off for a shooting star press, but Cairo is up and hits a perfect dropkick. Cairo with the cover.



Kickout from Striker. Cairo rips Striker up quickly and drives him down with a DDT. Cairo then locks in a chinlock and begins to apply pressure to Striker.

Shannan Lerch: No Bobby! These never end well for the bad guy early in the match!

Luscious Jackson: Wha!?!?

Striker uses all his strength to climb to his feet, he runs toward the corner and springboards off to this Sliced Bread #2. Cover by Striker.



Kickout from Cairo.

Zach Davis: Weird, she was right for once.

Striker pulls Cairo up to his feet and hits a tornado DDT. Striker quick to the top rope once again, executes a perfect swanton bomb across the chest of Cairo. Striker a little slower to his feet this time.

Shannan Lerch: Striker landed a little awkwardly on that left knee on that maneuver. It looks as if he might have twisted something.

Luscious Jackson: Which certainly is not going to make it any easier to retain that title.

Zach Davis: Wow, I’m agreeing with both of you now.

Both men slow to their feet and Striker connects with a right hand. Cairo follows up with a right of his own. Striker then with another right. And a right from Cairo. Now both men are just throwing wild right and lefts as they are truly giving it everything they have.

Zach Davis: I don’t know how wise throwing blows with Bobby Cairo can be for Skyler Striker.

Cairo finally blocks a right from Striker, and connects with a huge right. Cairo then whips Striker into the ropes, Cairo drops down and Striker leaps over him. Striker bounces back off the ropes and Cairo goes for a hiptoss which is blocked. Striker tries a hiptoss, also blocked. Cairo follows up with a kick to the gut and a powerbomb attempt, but Striker back body drops Cairo over the ropes and onto the arena floor. Striker stumbles in the ring holding his leg. He goes off the ropes then looks for a suicide dive, but his bad knee forces him to fall short and not clear the ropes. Striker falls down and smacks his head on the ring apron outside of the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Did he just botch a suicide dive?

Zach Davis: It wasn’t botched, he’s working with a bad knee out there. I’m honored to be watching a great champion giving it all even when he’s injured.

Cairo takes the opportunity and whips Striker knee first into the steel steps. The crowd booes loudly as Cairo soaks it in. He throws Striker back into the ring. Cairo rolls in and kicks at Striker's legs a few times before grabbing them and locking in a Texas Cloverleaf.

Zach Davis: Shades of the great Dean Malenko here! Will Striker tap?

Striker is obviously in pain, but refuses to tap. He tries reaching towards the ropes.. and grabs them. Cairo is forced to break the hold, but he pulls Striker into the middle of the ring and now applies an STF.

Shannan Lerch: Bobby Cairo focusing on the leg here, good call. Striker could give up right now.

Luscious Jackson: Absolutely, he’s bringin’ tha pain!

Striker again yells out in pain, and Cairo cranks the hold in as much as possible. Striker lunges for the ropes, but he isn't able to reach them. Cairo yells out, determination on his face. Striker starts fighting back, hitting violent jabs to Cairo's head. After several of them Cairo is forced to roll off. He gets to his feet and grabs Striker's legs again, but Striker manages to hop up, and hits a big Enziguri! He hooks the leg for a cover.



Kickout from Cairo. At about 2.9999.

Zach Davis: So very close there for Skyler.

Shannan Lerch: Big deal, a kick to the head. It takes a LOT more to keep Cairo down.

Striker pulls Cairo to his feet and looks for the Final Revleation, but Cairo counters and hits a big spinebuster. Striker begins to climb to his feet but Cairo hits the Shinbreaker and is able to apply the Cairopractor with Striker caught in the center of the ring.

Zach Davis: Nowhere to go for Striker, he’s caught in the center of the ring with a bad knee and a vicious man applying the hold.

Shannan Lerch: Tap dammit! Tap!

Luscious Jackson: No way the brotha taps!

Striker begins to pull Cairo toward the ropes. He uses everything he could possibly have inside of him to inch his way closer. Cairo further applies pressure on the knee and back of Striker.

Crowd: Jade! Jade! Jade! Jade! Jade!

Striker looks around, clearly in pain, and acknowledges the crowd. With every last ounce of fight he pulls himself over and grabs the ropes. Cairo holds for the four count before releasing as the entire crowd explodes in cheers. Striker slowly pulls himself up as Cairo is waiting for Striker behind him to hit Security Breach. Striker turns and Cairo goes for it, but Striker shoves the Cairo right into the referee.

Zach Davis: Ref bump! Ref bump! Ref bump! Ref bump!

Shannan Lerch: Now you sound like the idiot.

Luscious Jackson: It’s true.

Cairo turns around and Striker hits a kneeling jawbreaker. Both men are down on opposite sides of the ring. They are slowly pulling themselves up by the ropes, both trying to muster enough to gain the advantage. Suddenly, running down the ring is Danny Vice. He slides into the ring right down the center. A huge mixed reaction comes from the crowd. Vice stares over at Striker who seemingly glares back at him. Vice then looks over at Cairo, and Cairo smiles.

Zach Davis: Striker, his now teammate and former bitter rival, stole his chance at the Television Title just a week ago. While Bobby Cairo is one of the most heinous villains in the history of the WCF, where will Vice side?

Shannan Lerch: A smile from Cairo?

Luscious Jackson: It’s decision time.

Vice takes a few steps toward Striker, then spins and drills Cairo with the Outkast. Vice turns and stares back at Striker, who seems somewhat shocked.

Zach Davis: Yes! Yes! Yes! Index Three will stand as one. Danny Vice comes to the aid of Skyler Striker.

Vice rolls out of the ring as Striker limps over toward Cairo. He pulls Cairo into the center of the ring and locks in the Lockdown. Cairo is caught in the center of the ring as the referee begins to bring himself together. The referee looks up, and Cairo has nowhere to go and taps out.

Luscious Jackson: The bitch tapped! It’s ova!

Shannan Lerch: I’m going to cry.

Zach Davis: Striker retains! He’s done it!

Vice raises Striker's arm in the air, and Ragnal has entered the ring as well. He raises Striker's other arm.

Luscious Jackson: Skyler Striker has made it through the WCF Championship Series with the World Title!

Pyro shoots from all four turnbuckles.

Zach Davis: But he still has to deal with Creeping Death at XIII and Epic as well... he isn't out of the woods yet.

Explosion ends with the World Title around Skyler Striker's waist and Vice and Ragnal with their arms in the air, Index Three standing as one.