Revenge Intro
High Flying Freak/Greenfever vs The Big Time Jerks
Ryan Daniels vs Prince Jimmy Dean
Television Title: Anastasia Petrova vs D-Day
Hector Rodriguez vs JJ Biggs
Tag Titles: Truth Addiction vs The Superfans
Rick Mad vs Death
US Title: Anthrax vs Doc Henry vs Havoc
Seth Lerch vs Logan
Slickie T vs Dake Ken
World Title: Mikami vs Torture vs Johnny Reb

Revenge Intro

Uprising by Muse hits and Revenge is on the air! Red and blue pyro blasts, fans cheer, and we go to the PPV announcers.

Zach Davis: Welcome to Revenge! I'm positively ecstatic to be calling this PPV. I missed Ultimate Showdown last month, but DAMN does this show look good.

Shannan Lerch: This PPV is stacked from top to bottom! I'm Shannan Lerch, and of course, here with Luscious Jackson.

Luscious Jackson: Damn hizzy.

Zach Davis: Tonight's main event was scheduled to be Torture up against Johnny Reb for the World Title, but last week Mikami took Reb to the limit, nearly winning the World Title before Reb got DQed. Seth put Mikami into tonight's match, and if any match signifies the meaning of this PPV's title, this is it.

Shannan Lerch: Torture put Mikami out for several weeks recently, giving him a concussion, and Mikami has been an enemy of Torture since before that, as it is. Torture, of course, wants revenge from Johnny Reb, for causing Torture to lose the World Title in the first place. And Reb wants revenge from Torture for all of the attacks throughout this month! This is madness.

Luscious Jackson: No, Shannan. THIS.. IS..-

Zach Davis: Quiet, Jackson. 300 jokes are old and lame now. But in addition to our great World Title match, we also have a match that is quite a while in the making. Slickie T up against Dake Ken.

Shannan Lerch: These men are XGWO icons.. and they're quickly becoming WCF icons as well. Dake Ken has done it all here in WCF. He's won the Titles, he's beaten the best. Slickie T is on the rise, however, and has been nearly unstoppable thus far in his WCF career. I have a feeling, though, that Dake Ken will take him to his limits.

Luscious Jackson: One thing neither of these men have done is won War, though Dake Ken came damn close! The winner of this match gets the lucky chance to be the very last person in next months huge matchup... which could very definitely spell victory for them, and a shot at the Title.

Zach Davis: We have yet another match in probably the longest running feud in WCF history... Seth Lerch up against Logan. Seth has been on the attack since he brought Logan back, seemingly only to keep fighting him. And I have a feeling if Seth wins here, he's going to fire Logan once and for all.

Shannan Lerch: But if Logan wins, he gets what HE wants... whatever that may be....

Luscious Jackson: Big US Title match. The new Champion, Havoc, defends against Anthrax and Doc Henry. Both Anthrax and Henry have been having problems with each other lately, to say the least.

Zach Davis: Anthrax has repeatedly attacked Henry while they have been teammates, and Henry sure doesn't like that. And now that Henry is aligned with Reb, and Reb is fighting Torture, and Torture is aligned with Havoc... you get the picture.

Shannan Lerch: We've got a huge feud spanning many, many years coming to the end tonight: Rick Mad versus Death. Death has always gotten the upper hand on Rick Mad, taking the XCW Title from him and pretty much beating Rick at every turn. Death attacked Mad in his US Title match last week, too.

Luscious Jackson: Another Title match, the Superfans defend against Tank Reaper and Chris Avery, Truth Addiction! I don't know how Tank is resisting that sexy little ho Anastasia Petrova... his sex addiction classes must have turned him gay.

Zach Davis: Erm... anyway. We have the returning JJ BIGGS in the house! He's up against newcomer Hector Rodriguez in what should be a great match. JJ Biggs is a former World Champion, and he had the balls to interrupt Dake Ken and Slickie T last week. This should be great.

Shannan Lerch: In our match to determine the first Television Champion, Anastasia Petrova is facing D-Day. She was scheduled to face Apollo, but he got eliminated in Seth's silly "get eliminated and you're fired" match. The same match which D-Day ended up winning, earning himself this Title shot.

Luscious Jackson: What a hot piece of ass.

Zach Davis: Please, don't talk about D-Day like that on air.

Luscious Jackson: No, I meant-

Shannan Lerch: We've got Ryan Daniels vs Prince Jimmy Dean, and two newcomers, the High Flying Freak and Greenfever, up against a new tag team, the Big Time Jerks! These matches should be exciting.

Zach Davis: I'm tired of talking. Let's get to this show!

High Flying Freak/Greenfever vs The Big Time Jerks

The Lights in the arena go out. We see the flashs of cameras before the words "The Freak" are posted on the tron. After a moment "Matter Of Time" by HellYeah hits.


Can’t touch this, we rule it with a clenched fist,
On, top fuel with a death grip
Judged, by a weak little man with a pen in his hand and just doesn’t fucking get it
Own, couldn’t stop us if you wanted to
School, breaking knuckles with a ruler,
Done, no more, emergence, to dominate you

From the back comes out a confident Justin Turner. The fans raise to their feet and cheer as he makes his way down the ramp.

Run, hide, your time is coming
Hunt, find, walking a fine line
Run, hide, my time is coming
Hunt, find, it’s just a matter of time

Justin rolls under the bottom rope before posing for the crowd.

Shannan Lerch: WCF's newest acquisition, Justin Turner. The High Flying Freak, or HFF as we'll surely call him.

Luscious Jackson: Well, all four of these guys in this match are WCF's newest acquisitions. And here comes HFF's partner!

The lights drop inside the arena as "Run Rabbit Run" by Rob Zombie begins over the P.A. system. As the first verse kicks in Greenfever emerges from the darkness. His face and hands are dripping fresh blood. His clothes are covered in bloodstains. Some of them are old, some are brand new.

Zach Davis: This man scares me. He scares me a great deal.

The arena lights go out and the jumbotron reads BTJ in silver letters. "Our House" by Burn Halo hits and hhuge bursts of pyro burst from under the stage up. Out walk Adam and Austin in black BTJ t-shirts. They walk to the ring with Ice glares.

Shannan Lerch: These two men are a tag team, an actual, cohesive unit. They may be Big Time Jerks but they may work together better than Greenfever and Justin Turner.

In the ring, Turner lets Greenfever start the match. Austin Adams starts for his team. The bell sounds.

Luscious Jackson: Here we go!

Greenfever runs at Adams, but Adams wisely rolls right out of the ring. Greenfever follows him, chasing him. Adams slides back into the ring and as Greenfever slides back in after him, Adams kicks Greenfever right in the head. Adams hits a few more strikes and forearms to Greenfever's head before throwing him to the ropes and then hits a Spinebuster!

Zach Davis: Big move!

Austin Adams pins Greenfever.

One! Two!

Shannan Lerch: Kickout!

Adams picks Greenfever up and tags in Adam Young. Young comes in and hits a few more forearms to Greenfever's head before backing up and going for a Standing Dropkick.. but Greenfever sidesteps it, moving out of the way. Young gets back to his feet and Greenfever grabs him, hits an STO.. then a Russian Legsweep.. and then a Chokeslam!

Luscious Jackson: What a crazy combination! That shit is insane!

Greenfever pins Young, hooking the leg.



No! Adams is back inside, kicking Greenfever off. He then exits the ring. Both Greenfever and Young take their time getting to their feet, but once he's up Greenfever tags in Justin Turner.

Zach Davis: And here comes the High Flying Freak himself!

Turner Springboards over the top rope, hitting a Dropkick to Young. Young drops to the mat. Turner then rolls out of the ring and onto the apron, Springboards again, and hits a 450 Splash! The crowd pops!

Shannan Lerch: They love Turner's high flying moves, I'd say!

This results in a pin.



Again, Adams saves his partner. This time Adams kicks Turner several times, but Greenfever gets in the ring and runs at him, Clotheslining him over the top rope, with both men spilling to the outside. Young and Turner stumble to their feet, but Turner is dazed. Young hits a Spinning Toe Hold and then locks Turner into a Boston Crab!

Luscious Jackson: Good strategy! This guy uses his legs for almost all of his moves I bet, he can't be high flyin' if his legs are taken out!

Turner crawls towards the ropes, slowly.. trying to reach them.. Young cranks the hold in even more.. Turner keeps crawling.. and he makes it! The crowd cheers.

Zach Davis: Close call! He almost had to tap.

Shannan Lerch: But the damage to his legs.. I'd say the Big Time Jerks might have an advantage now.

Young picks Turner up, but Turner pushes him away in time to dive and tag back in Greenfever! Greenfever comes in and Young runs at him, but Greenfever catches him with a kick to the gut and hits the Dislocated Piledriver! The crowd pops.

Luscious Jackson: What a move!

Greenfever now locks in the Move You Fear! Turner quickly hits a Springboard Dropkick on Adams, who tried to break it up. And within several moments, Young is forced to tap!

Zach Davis: Greenfever and The High Flying Freak get the win!

The crowd boos as Greenfever stands up, victorious. Turner tries to congratulate him, but Greenfever ignores him. Turner backs off as Greenfever leaves the ring and heads to the back.

Shannan Lerch: I sure wouldn't want to get on Greenfever's bad side.. if anyone is a freak, I'd say it is him.

Ryan Daniels vs Prince Jimmy Dean

A camera is shown backstage as Dean arrives on a horse and trailer. Dean gets off to let a backstage announcer interview him. Dean agrees to the interview when Daniels attacks Dean from behind. Dean is thrown into a wall, and then onto a table. Daniels unleashes a lethal attack of punches to the head of Dean! Daniels takes Dean off the table and throws him through a fence and curtain. The crowd cheers as we now see it's on the side of hte stage.

Zach Davis: Now they're out in the arena!

Luscious Jackson: Dean isn't even on his game!

Daniels hits a suplex on the concrete. The crowd cheers for Daniels and his very sarcastic and funny side of him as of late. Daniels throws Dean into the side of the entrance ramp. Dean crawls up on the ramp and is crawling away from Daniels. Ryan stops him with a kick to his face! Dean rolls down the ramp and into the side of the ring. Daniels throws Dean into the ring and the shocked ref, for another match, is asking what's going on. Daniels demands the bell to be rang! Daniels picks up Dean and hits the Breaking Point! Daniels picks up Dean and hits the Breaking Point again!

Zach Davis: Wow! Daniels looks meaner than ever.

Daniels picks up Dean and hits a third Breaking Point! Dean is out cold. Daniels covers with one arm across the face of Dean, and the other arm hooking the leg. The ref counts slowly.




Zach Davis: It's over! So much for Prince Jimmy Dean showing Daniels a thing or two.

Shannan Lerch: Daniels is seriously MEAN right now.

Luscious Jackson: I think I like it.

Daniels' arm gets raised by he takes his arm back from the ref and then slides out of the ring and walks back up the ramp. The ref checks on the out-cold Jimmy Dean.

Zach Davis: Well, Revenge was tasted!

Shannan Lerch: That it was, Zach, that it was.

Anastasia Petrova vs D-Day

Zach Davis: And now, time for our match to crown the first Television Champion!

Shannan Lerch: I hope Anastasia Petrova wins. Girl power and all that, whooo!

Dead and Gone by T.I. ft Juston Timberlake plays in the speakers. The lights are dim.The lights flash on to D-Day walking out to the top of the ramp and falls on his knees and throws his arms in the air, as soon as he throws them in the air fire works go off and surround him. The screen shows all of D-Day moments of his dead and forgotten special move. As also the screen shows a ring then the words in white and in cursive, the words D-Day. When D-Day get in the ring he raises his hands to his name on the screen.

Luscious Jackson: Here's D-Day, who almost didn't make it to this match but he got lucky when Apollo got fired.

Na Rasputye by Kipelov plays and the lights turn red as Anastasia Petrova prances about the stage. She goes to the ring and says hi to the fans and blows them kisses while shaking her booty!

Zach Davis: Anastasia Petrova, a breakout star here in WCF.

The bell rings. The two of them circle, apprehensive of one another, and tie up in the middle of the ring. D-Day overpowers her and pushes her into a corner, and the ref calls for a break. D-Day moves back and gives Petrova the clean break, as ordered. They then tie up again, and this time Petrova hits a Drop Toehold. She goes to drop an elbow on him, but he rolls away. He gets back up and throws her to the ropes, and as she comes back he picks her up and hits a Backbreaker!

Shannan Lerch: Damn, great move by D-Day.

D-Day picks her back up and then hits ANOTHER Backbreaker! Anastasia falls to the mat, clutching her back in pain.

Zach Davis: Not looking good for Petrova here, she's hurt.

D-Day then begins climbing to the top rope. He gets there and raises his arms, getting boos from the crowd, before flying off and hitting a Frogsplash!

Luscious Jackson: Beaaautiful move!

This results in a pin.



No! Petrova kicks out!

Zach Davis: That kickout must've taken a lot of strength; Petrova wants to be the Television Champion!

D-Day decides that if two Backbreakers were effective, two Frogsplashes will be too. He climbs to the top and again taunts, getting boos, and flies off... but this time Petrova gets her knees up! D-Day flies into them, then rolls away, holding his stomach in pain! The crowd pops.

Shannan Lerch: This could be time for Anastasia's comeback!

Anastasia gets up as D-Day does and hits him with a Headbutt. D-Day reels back, Anastasia hits him with several punches before DDTing him to the mat! The crowd cheers!

Luscious Jackson: They love Anastasia Petrova! And so do I. Damn, look at that girl.

Petrova looks down at D-Day, backs up, bounces off the ropes... and hits a Leg Drop! She stays down, effectively pinning him.



No, D-Day powers out, moving Petrova off of him. She again picks him up, and this time she goes for an RKO!

Zach Davis: She calls that the Rasputin!

But no, D-Day pushes Petrova off! She hits the turnbuckle front first, and D-Day grabs her from behind and hits a huge German Suplex into bridge pin! The crowd pops for the move and the ref drops to count.



NO! Petrova kicks out!

Shannan Lerch: YAY!

Luscious Jackson: VERY close call, daaamn.

Both wrestlers lay on the mat for several seconds. D-Day is the first one up, and he starts picking Petrova up with him. He's about to hit a move, but she pushes him away, grabs his head... and hits her Rasputin!! The crowd cheers like crazy!


Petrova pins!



NO! D-Day kicks out!

Shannan Lerch: Whaatt?!

Luscious Jackson: So close again, DAAMN!

Zach Davis: And just think, whoever wins this belt has to defend their Title on every single show after this.. geez.

Again, both wrestlers lay on the mat, both pretty exhausted. Both of them work their way to their feet, throw punches at one another... Petrova kicks D-Day, and then hits the Cold War! She quickly pins him!




Shannan Lerch: YAAAYY!!

Luscious Jackson: We have our first Television Champion, and she is Anastasia Petrova!

The ref hands Petrova the belt, which she puts around her waist. She jumps up and down, happily, entertaining the male audience. She then pulls out a flask and has a victory drink.

Zach Davis: Good job, Anastasia Petrova, good job.

Petrova heads to the back, wearing her gold.

Hector Rodriguez vs JJ Biggs

Gasolina by Daddy Yankee starts playing and a Hispanic man comes walking out from the back wearing a business suit and his hair slicked back. He points to the entrance as a man wearing a mask comes walking out. It's Hector Rodriguez. Hector stands at the top of the ramp and looks out at the crowd as they cheer him on a little. His manager, Carlos Estrada, walks down the ramp ahead of him and then they climb up the ring steps and enter the ring. Hector walks to each side of the ring and raises an arm up in respect to the crowd.

Zach Davis: Here is Hector Rodriguez!

Hector waits in the ring for his opponent... but Master of Puppets hits instead.

Shannan Lerch: Zuh?

Out walks Seth Lerch, to booing from the audience.

Luscious Jackson: Why is Seth here?

Seth Lerch: I'm here to give you all some bad news. Mr. Rodriguez, you have the night off. JJ Biggs will not be competing in WCF, and we've mutually agreed to grant him a release from his contract.

The crowd boos, everyone was excited for Biggs. Hector doesn't seem happy, either, as he was more than ready to compete tonight.

Seth Lerch: However, I HAVE resigned a different WCF superstar from the past. Wonder who it is? You'll find out next week!

Master of Puppets hits again, and Seth heads to the back, leaving Hector confused and unhappy. He leaves as well.

Zach Davis: Seth has signed someone else? I wonder who it could be?

Shannan Lerch: Just gotta wait one week to find out, Zach.

Luscious Jackson: You know what guys? I think I'd like to go take a break in the back. Go hit on Anastasia Petrova maybe. See ya.

Zach Davis: What the?

Shannan Lerch: Oh, Luscious... you so crazy.

Truth Addiction vs The Superfans

Kyle Steel: The next match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WCF Tag Team Championships!

Let It Rock by Kevin Rudolf hits the airwaves. A special dance-techno remix special for the Wrestling Championship Federation and the crowd mildly pops. Avery comes out from behind the curtain with his hoodie on over his head. He's looking down and hopping around but he stops with both his hands together in front of him. Through the smoke comes Tank Reaper walking right up behind him and stops. As the music continues to play, Avery spreads out one arm in unison with a huge gold firework. He stretches out the other arm with another huge gold firework. Then Tank raises both arms in the either with the third and final bang as the firework explodes into the air and the smoke clears. With that third firework, Avery flashes his head up and the hoodie slides off and both men begin to high five the fans as they jog their way down to the ring. Avery slides in first and jumps on to the nearest ring corner. He spreads out his arms then folds them together. Tank steps over the top rope and just raises both arms in the air and the crowd eats it up. Avery takes off his sweatshirt and both men prepare for the match.

Shannan Lerch: Truth Addiction ready to go here, awaiting their opponents, the reigning WCF Tag Team Champions. Who are they going to be this week?


“Lie, Cheat, Steal,” the theme for Los Guerreros begins to play over the PA system as the crowd goes absolutely ape-shit.

Shannan Lerch: NO WAY!

Zach Davis: Listen to this crowd cheer!

The fans immediately begin chanting “Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!” for the late, great, Eddie Guerrero. After a few moments a yellow and blue low rider emerges from the side of the set. On the hood of the yellow and blue painted low-rider is a familiar emblem, the Superfans “F.” The low-rider pumps out the hydraulics for a few seconds, and then the doors open. The man that comes out has his hair cut rather short, and is wearing a t-shirt sporting the slogan “Eddie Guerrero is my favorite wrestler!” He carries one half of the WCF Tag Team Championships with him, and it is Marc, dressed up like Chavo Guerrero! Following him is Tiffany Jane, looking fantastic in a red top, black skirt, and heels. And finally, the driver’s seat door opens up, and out comes a man with a mullet, a black “Cheat 2 Win” t-shirt, and flaming tights on. He carries the other half of the WCF Tag Team Championships, in tribute to the late, great Eddie Guerrero, its Mark! The crowd explodes as all three make their way to the ring, shimmying, smacking their chests, and pointing to the sky in tribute. The Superfans slide into the ring and both grab a corner, as Tiffany Jane does her trademark scissor kick back flip over the top rope. Mark slaps his chest a few times, does a few shimmies, and then points to the sky once more as the “Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!” chant only grows louder.

Kyle Steel: First, the challengers. Weighing in tonight at a total combined weight of five hundred and twenty five pounds, Chris Avery and Tank Reaper, TRUTH ADDICTION!

The crowd dies down a bit, with a mixture of boos and cheers directed toward Truth Addiction.

Shannan Lerch: This crowd is clearly not fully behind Truth Addiction, and it is hard to be, despite them being some relatively good guys!

Zach Davis: They are just sheep! They’ll cheer anything the Superfans do, anything!

Shannan Lerch: They just might, but they are paying a great tribute to the late, great Eddie Guerrero here tonight. Let’s hope it turns out well for them!

Kyle Steel: And their opponents. They are accompanied by Tiffany Jane, and they weigh in tonight at a total combined weight of three hundred and ninety-six pounds, they are the reigning WCF Tag Team Champions… THE SUPERFANS!

The crowd explodes, cheering heavily for The Superfans. The crowd once again kicks up the “Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!” chant, to which Mark and Marc again pay their respects by pointing to the sky, and then their armbands, which are black with “EG” in white lettering.

Shannan Lerch: Pure class being shown by the Superfans here, Zach.

Zach Davis: I can’t argue with that, Shannan. And I’m willing to bet anything that Tiffany Jane is definitely a classy lady.

Shannan Lerch: Would you stop it? Honestly?

Zach Davis: Only when she turns me down, Shannan, only when she turns me down.

The referee retrieves the WCF Tag Team Championships from the Superfans, and then raises them high in the air for the crowd to see. He brings them over to the ropes, and hands them to the ringside assistant. The referee then signals to the timekeeper and the bell rings. Marc and Chris Avery start out, and Mark and Tank Reaper go to their aprons.

Zach Davis: Looks like Marcus “Chavito” Guerrero is starting off here against Chris Avery. The past few days for these two teams have been heated. Sure, they aren’t bitter rivals, but there is tension there.

Shannan Lerch: And it’s time to turn up the heat!

Marc and Chris entangle into a collar and elbow tie up, which Chris Avery wins and grabs Marc in a headlock. Marc resists, and tries to find a way out. He tries to grab Chris’s leg, but that doesn’t work. He tries for a snap mare, but that doesn’t work either. Marc eventually ends up shoving Chris off of him and toward the ropes. Chris bounces off the ropes and looks for a flying lariat, which connects!

Zach Davis: Flying lariat from Chris Avery connects with Marc! The cover!

One! Tw—Kick Out!

Shannan Lerch: Marc won’t go down that easy, that’s for sure.

Marc fights his way off the mat, and takes a few shots at Chris Avery. They trade punches back and forth, and then as Chris goes for a clothesline, Marc ducks and kicks him right in the pit of the knee. Marc then follows that up with a neck breaker! The cover! One! Tw—Kick Out!

Shannan Lerch: Quick covers from both sides early on, these teams know what is at stake!

Marc and Chris Avery meet each other back at their feet. Marc goes for a kick, but Chris grabs his boot. Chris laughs at Marc, but Marc then takes his other boot and connects with a vicious ensugiri. Chris Avery falls to one knee, and Marc quickly hits a snap suplex, and floats over for the cover. One! Two—Tank makes the save!

Zach Davis: Tank Reaper quickly making the save for his team, knowing full well that if he wins this match, he will have championship gold.

Shannan Lerch: Not if the Superfans have anything to say about it!

The referee waves Tank off as Marc and Mark switch places without a full tag. Marc claps his hands in the air to create the sound, but the referee, with his focus on Tank, never sees a tag.

Zach Davis: Wait a second! The Superfans can’t do that!

Shannan Lerch: Oh come on, Zach. If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying. What are you going to do, tell the ref what happened?

Mark puts a few boots to Chris Avery who attempts to get up. Mark steadies himself, waits for Chris Avery to get up, and connects with an amazing leaping leg lariat! With Chris down near the ropes, Mark quickly goes to the apron. Mark flies over the ropes with a senton, and it connects on Chris Avery!

Zach Davis: Mark studied his tapes very well before the match, as that was a picture perfect Guerrero senton.

Mark goes for the cover, but Chris gets his foot on the rope. Mark obliges, brings Chris Avery up, and then tosses him into the turnbuckle. Mark charges, but Chris Avery moves out of the way and Mark collides with the turnbuckle! Chris Avery makes the tag to Tank Reaper, and Tank comes in with a full head of steam. Tank comes straight for Mark, who is making his way back up, and attempts a German suplex. The suplex connects, but Tank doesn’t care, and goes to hit another. This time however, Mark back flips out. Mark then hits a low dropkick right to the knee of Tank and Tank falls to one knee.

Shannan Lerch: Good strategy, aim for the knees. Ground the big man, and he can’t do anything.

Mark then starts punching away at Tank, but Tank just shrugs off all of the blows. Tank begins laughing, despite Mark’s best attempts. Tank slowly gets up, and Mark falls to his knees. Mark pleads with Tank, begging for mercy, and even once he shows the “time out” hand gesture.

Zach Davis: Time out!? There are no time outs in wrestling!

Shannan Lerch: Why don’t you go fight Tank Reaper, see if you really want to fight that three hundred pound man, huh?

Zach Davis: Nah, but I’ll get in the ring with Tiffany Jane—

Shannan Lerch: Oh shut up!

Mark continues begging, pleading with Tank. Tank looks at him intensely, and then smiles. After a few seconds, Tank grabs Mark by the throat and lifts him up high for a gorilla press slam. With Mark high in the air, Tank moves around the ring, smiling and laughing.

Zach Davis: What an awesome display of power! How long do you think he can keep him up there?

Shannan Lerch: I have no idea, but this does not bode well for Latino Heat’s tribute.

Tank, with Mark up high, moves right near the corner Marc is in. Tank laughs and smiles, and teases throwing Mark at Marc. Marc sneers back at him, and attempts a punch. Tank shrugs it off, and turns around. Tank begins heading over toward his corner, with Chris Avery on the apron, but Chris’s eyes grow wide. Tank turns back around and Marc flies through the air with a missile dropkick connecting right in Tank’s face. Tank falls over, and Mark falls on top of Tank as Marc rolls out of the ring. Mark has a pin! One! Two! Thr—CHRIS AVERY with the save!

Shannan Lerch: What a close call!

Chris Avery remains in the ring and starts putting the boots to Mark. Tank slowly manages to get up, but also puts the boots to Mark. The referee approaches the two men and demands that Chris Avery get out of the ring. The referee starts his five count, and by the time he reaches four, Chris Avery finally gets back on the apron. Marc is seen finally getting back to his corner, taking the long way back to it, after rolling right next to the announce booth.

Zach Davis: Chris Avery and Tank Reaper must be a little aggravated right now, Shannan. The Superfans are putting up one hell of a fight.

Shannan Lerch: The Superfans always do, Zach. Don’t forget they’ve been in two close calls with Exodus, but they still pulled out the win!

Zach Davis: Too true. These Superfans are very durable, and have strategy possibly beyond their years. Maybe they really do channel these teams they imitate…

Tank picks up Mark and flings him into the ropes. Mark bounces off, and Tank goes to hit a big boot, but Mark rolls under Tank and connects with another dropkick to the pit of the knee.

Shannan Lerch: Ultimo Rechazo!

Tank goes down hard, and Mark rolls all the way over to Marc. They make the tag, and Marc is back in. Marc flies off the top rope as Tank is getting back up and Marc aims for a hurricanrana. Marc lands on Tank’s shoulders, but Tank reverses and holds Marc there. Tank lifts him up for a power bomb, but Marc spins around on Tank’s shoulders and connects with a reverse hurricanrana. Tank hits the mat hard, and Marc quickly hits a standing shooting star press! Marc with the cover! One! Two! TH—KICK OUT! And with authority, too, as Tank throws Marc off of him. Chris Avery rushes into the ring and attacks Marc while Tank is down! And Mark makes the save, attacking Chris Avery!

Zach Davis: This match is getting out of control.

With the referee being distracted by Mark and Chris Avery, Marc slips out of the ring, grabs a steel chair from ringside and slides back into the ring. Marc sees Tank getting up, and nails Tank right in the head. Marc then slams the chair down on the mat, places it in Tank’s hands, and flops backwards.

Shannan Lerch: Cheat to win!

Zach Davis: Not this way! Not this way!

The referee turns around to see Marc and Tank Reaper both down. The referee sees the chair in Tank’s hands, and as Tank gets up, the referee begins accusing Tank.

Shannan Lerch: Guess this ref didn't watch very many Eddie Guerrero matches or else he'd know this trick!

Tank throws the chair away, angrily, and approaches Marc. But as he gets there, Marc grabs him and rolls him up in a pin!




Zach Davis: The Superfans retain!

Marc gets to his feet as Tank realizes what happened, shocked. He slides out of the ring as the Superfans celebrate, along with Tiffany Jane, inside of it.

Shannan Lerch: It was a hard fought match, that's for sure.

Marc and Mark hug each other, and Mark sits himself up on the top ropes at the turnbuckle, watching as they go.

Zach Davis: I'm starting to wonder if anyone can stop the Superfans, Shannan. They may be the most dominant tag team we've ever seen here in WCF.

After a little more dancing and celebrating, the Superfans and Tiffany Jane exit the ring and head to the back.

Rick Mad vs Death

Luscious Jackson: Okay guys, I'm back!

Zach Davis: Next we have Rick Mad vs Death, and it has just been announced that it will be for the Rick Mad title. You may be asking yourself, whats the Rick Mad title?

Shannan Lerch: Something stupid I bet.

Zach Davis: No Shannan, it's what Rick Mad has held his whole career. He's used it to his advantage as a weapon, he's used it to cover his bare genitalia.

Lucious Jackson: Probably used it on the down payment to his house.

Zach Davis: No, he's not poor. Anyways, this is an XCW rules match up; where anything and everything goes. XCW is where Rick Mad and Death both met. Let's take a quick look back and the bad blood between these two men.

Archive Footage from May 3rd, 2002 is shown from XCW Shockwave their first match-up: Rick Mad (Champion) vs Death for the XCW World Title.

Death and Rick Mad tie up, Death irish whips Mad to the ropes and hits a big boot, later in the match Rick Mad goes for the Mad DDT and hits it, but DEATH KICKS OUT! A few moments later Rick Mad again goes for the Mad DDT but Death reverses it into the Rolling Death, pins Rick Mad and holds the XCW Title proudly above his head.

Archive Footage from December 1st, 2002 at XCW's original farewell night: Rick Mad (Rick Mad) and Death in a triple threat match for the US Title.

Rick Mad and Death exchange blows in the middle of the ring and eventually Death lays Rick Mad out with a sidewalk slam, climbs to the top rope and hits the Deathstar. Pinning Rick Mad for the US title, while red, white, and blue, confetti drops from the rafters.

Archive Footage from December 14th, 2003 on WCF Sunday Slam

Death: You have a problem, Bob?

Rick Mad: Yeah, we have a problem, you're using our vending machines, jobbers use those over there.

Death and Torture quickly get into Bob's and Rick's faces as they begin to push each other back and forth, Death drops his drink, and Bob throws a punch at Torture connecting fist to jaw. Death nails Rick in the face, but Rick comes back with some hard right hands, Torture Spears Bob into the cement wall as they begin to fight, Rick and Death throwing punches like wild animals, WCF refs and officials step in, putting a stop to the fight. Refs break apart all four men as they try so hard to get to thier opponents, the refs take Torture and Death away as Bob and Rick are screaming out profanity and dirty names. The scene fades to black.

Archive Footage from December 21st, 2003 from WCF's Explosion in the Tag Team Explosion match

Kyle Steel: Torture is finally eliminated, and now it's time for Death.

Torture rolls out of the ring, and flips Neo off as he walks to the back. Death runs out, runs around the ring to where Mad is, picks him up, and quickly hits a Rolling Death out of nowhere. Death rolls Rick into the ring and pins him quickly... One, two, three!

And now more recently; July 26th, 2009 WCF Ultimate Showdown:

The mask starts getting lifted slowly.. then just gets pulled off and the mask goes flying into the crowd. He stands there. Rick Mad's grin.. slowly.. goes to a jaw-dropped shocked face.


Luscious Jackson: I knew it! I knew it!



Shannan Lerch: So Death is NOT with Rick Mad! Look out!!

Death connects with a big boot sending Rick Mad to his back. Death bends down and slaps a chokehold on Rick Mad. Death lifts up Mad from him laying out on his back to the air. Death slams Rick Mad down in the center of the ring. A camera shows Torture sitting in the corner with his sadistic grin. The crowd is going nuts, with more boos than cheers. Rick Mad is out. Torture stands up and yells for Death to pick him up. Death picks up Rick Mad and Torture grabs Mad from behind and quickly hits the Torture's Device! The ref bends down and pins.

Zach Davis: And, of course, we saw Death cost Rick Mad his chance at the US Title last week. Let's get to this match, more than a decade in the making!

"Evenflow" by Pearl Jam hits, and Rick Mad steps out. The fans boo him as he walks to the ring, ignoring them. He slides in, climbs up a turnbuckle and poses as green pyro shoots from the other three turnbuckles. Rick jumps off the turnbuckle and looks towards the ramp.

"Fuel" by Metallica rages through the arena and the fans get off their feet for one of the hottest rivalries of all time. Death takes a step out from the backstage area and looks out towards the arena. Absorbing the atmosphere of his first match back in nearly five years. Death walks down the ramp; jawing to Rick Mad the whole time. Death reaches the base of the ring, grabs the top rope and pulls himself onto the apron. Staring at his opponent, Death walks to the turnbuckle on the outside, climbs up and throws his arms backwards, taunting to the crowd as red pyro goes off in the background on the stage. Death hops over the top rope and into the ring. The Ref points both men to their corners, and then ring's the bell.

Luscious Jackson: This match is officially underway!

Death and Rick Mad meet immediately in the center of the ring for a test of strength. Death reaches his hand up first, Mad puts his up to match the challenge. Death puts pressure on Mad's hand immediately and Mad quickly kicks Death in the stomach and locks in a headlock. While firmly holding the headlock Mad punches Death in the head a few times. Death backs up into the ropes and pushes Mad across the ring into the ropes, and follows that up with a powerslam!

Zach Davis: Oh my! The power!

Death covers but only gets a one-count from the referee.

Shannan Lerch: Rick isn't giving up that easy. This is his shot at redemption.

Death pulls Rick Mad off of the canvas, and hits him with a hard right across the face, and another, and another. Death irish whips Mad into the ropes but Mad comes flying back with a forearm sending Death to the mat. Rick Mad quickly pounces on his opponent, landing fist after fist on Death's head.

Zach Davis: He's almost like a man possessed in there.

Shannan Lerch: He's almost attractive this way.

Luscious Jackson: ...what?

Rick transitions nicely from full mount into side control, and then to standing at Death's feet. Mad quickly grabs Death's leg and starts to put a figure four on. But Death kick's Mad off of his leg and through the middle rope.

Zach Davis: Oh here we go! this is an XCW rules match and it looks like it's time they're going to get Xtreme.

Death rolls out of the ring where Mad is crawling around trying to get his bearings. Death grabs Rick Mad by his long red hair and pulls him to his feet, quickly grabs Rick mad for a power slam and drops him face first on the guard railing. Rick collapses to the ground holding his throat. Death calmly walks over to the announce table.

Zach Davis: He's coming our way.

Shannan Lerch: why is he coming our way?

Luscious Jackson: I don't know but I don't like the look of it.

Death stares at the announce team for a minute before grabbing a chair and turning back to Mad.

Zach Davis: Oh look out!

Death turns just a little to slow to stop Rick Mad who used the guard rail to spring board dropkick the chair in Death's hands into his head. Death falls back on the announce table.

Luscious Jackson: Damn what the hell are you fools doin!? Get off our table!

Shannan Lerch: Help him up Zach, he needs some help obviously.

Rick Mad finally gets over to the announce table and grabs Death off the table. He hooks a standard suplex on Death but suplex's him forward onto the outside area between the announcer's table and the ring. Rick Mad grabs the chair Death had just moments ago and hits a vicious chair shot on the back of Death's head. Rick Mad grabs Death by the hair and lifts him off the ground and throws him into the ring. Rick Mad walks to the middle of the ring and lays the chair down. Death slowly gets off the mat and Rick attacks again with a swift kick to the gut, he grabs Death and everyone know's that he is going for the Mad DDT. But Death has other plans as he lifts him off the mat and spinebusters him onto the chair. Rick Mad arches up after the impact holding his back. Death starts to attack immediately. Kicking Mad on the ground. Death lifts Mad up by the neck and irish whips him against the ropes and hits a huge big boot.

Zach Davis: We've seen enough matches to know what comes next.

Shannan Lerch: what's that?

Zach Davis: THE LEG DROP!

And on cue Death hits a huge leg drop on Rick Mad, he pins again but still only gets a one-count.

Luscious Jackson: Death is clearly frustrated. What has worked on Mad in the past clearly isn't work as well as it used to.

After Death finishes complaining to the ref about the one-count. He turns around into a punch in the stomach, and then another, Rick Mad finally gets on his feet again, hits another punch to Death's face, bounces off the rope behind him and hits another punch. Death is reeling back, Rick goes back to the ropes to finally knock the big guy down, but misses the punch!

Zach Davis: Death ducked! The Agility of the man who's almost seven feet tall astounds me.

Rick Mad put all of his effort into the swing, missing and spinning a full circle to be met with a Chokeslam!

Shannan Lerch: Rick goes up, and then he comes down.

Death signals out to the crowd that the match is over, cutting his throat, and motioning for the Rolling Death.

Luscious Jackson: There it is, he's calling for his finisher Shannan, it doesn't look good for Mad now.

Shannan Lerch: There's no way it can be over now!

Death quickly flips Mad over into a tombstone position, walks neatly into the middle of the ring,

Zach Davis: That little hesitation gave Rick the time he needed! Look at this!

Rick Mad violently shakes his legs back and forth to knock Death off his balance and get the upper hand, Rick Mad now has Death in the Rolling Death position!

Shannan Lerch: No Way! THERES NO WAY!

Rick Mad leaps off his feet and hits the rolling death!

Luscious Jackson: I can't believe it! Rick Mad has utilized the move that has made him the victim of so many pinfalls! What a smart counter, what a way to get the upper hand.

Rick falls on Death after the move, and the ref slides down next to them.



Zach Davis: 3?!?! OH MY GOD WHAT A KICK UP

Death raised his shoulder right at the last moment, knocking Mad off of him in the process. Both men lay tired on the mat with this match taking it's toll on both men.

Luscious Jackson: Look at Mad's eyes!

The camera has a close up on Rick Mad's face, staring at Death on the ground, the man who has caused him most of his troubles in his career, and now is seemingly unbeatable. Rick Mad uses the ropes to pull himself off of the ground. he waits for a moment in the corner, watching his opponent stir to his feet.

Zach Davis: Look at Mad now, he has this determined look on his face, he's watching over like an assassin waiting for the perfect time to strike!

Rick Mad rushes out of the corner at Death, but Death backbody drops him over the top rope. But Rick Mad lands on the apron and pulls Death back towards him and suplexes Death over the top rope. Rick Mad quickly goes to work climbing the top turnbuckle and jumping for a diving headbutt.

Shannan Lerch: What has gotten into Rick? he has seemingly gone Mad! That move nearly did more harm than good.

Both men lay outside of the ring on the, Death holding his head, Mad holding his torso. Unfortunately for Rick Mad fans, Death is the first to stand up. He heads over to the steel steps, looking to give Rick quiet a bit of punishment. But Rick Mad quickly strikes from behind with a kendo stick.

Zach Davis: Oh my! Look at what Rick Mad pulled out from under the ring. I bet he had a stage hand put that there for him!

Shannan Lerch: Everyone know's that every possible weapon is ALWAYs under the ring Zach, have you never played a video game?

After a few quick strikes Mad wraps the Kendo stick around Death's neck, turns his back towards the steel steps and goes for a White russian legsweep. pulling Death violently into the steel steps, rattling the steps ajar from each other. Mad throws Death into the ring again, and throws the stick over the top rope, and slides in from the bottom. Mad steps over Death to get to the Kendo Stick, but Death quickly rolls Mad up!



Zach Davis: My god that was close, Mad was surely caught off guard.

Death and Mad both adjust from the near pinfall to their feet with agility. Death and Mad exchange punches until Death gets the upper hand hit Mad into the ropes and getting his arms tangled.

Luscious Jackson: Uh oh.

Shannan Lerch: This is not going to be good.

Death quickly realizes what's happened and reaches for the Kendo stick as Rick mad violently kicks at Death from the ropes but misses everytime. Death steps back and winds up and strikes Rick Mad squarely in the forehead with the stick shattering it and sending little wooden splinters into the air.

Zach Davis: WOW, I can't believe it, Rick Mad has got to be knocked out.

Sure enough; Rick Mad is hanging limply from the ropes, eyes closed with a tiny stream of blood running down his forehead. Death unties Mad from the ropes, moves Mad a little closer to the middle of the ring and hits a huge powerbomb. Mad lays motionless in the ring. Death points over to the top rope.

Zach Davis: he must be going for the Death Star, a shooting star press that is sure to destroy anything in it's path.

Lucious Jackson: Are you sure it's a star and not a space station?

Death rushes over to the turnbuckle not to waste anytime. He climbs up the ropes and turns to face his opponent.

Zach Davis: Oh my!

Rick Mad's last ditch effort off of the apron into the top rope, sends a vibration through the ropes, causing Death to lose his balance and fall on his family jewels.

Shannan Lerch: I don't care who you are, you know that has to hurt.

Death sits stunned in the corner as Mad pulls his way to the corner. He grabs Death by the Neck and pulls him out suspending him over the top rope with his legs, and hits a MAD DDT!





Zach Davis: Oh My God! I can't believe it Rick Mad has finally done it! He has pinned Death in the ring!

Death rolls out of the ring. Rick Mad stands and gets his arm raised by the ref.

Luscious Jackson: You know Torture and Havoc ain't happy about this!

Shannan Lerch: But what about our mystery coma patient-

Suddenly, the lights go out, and a video starts to play on the screen.

Zach Davis: Here we go again.

The same coma patient from before is rapidly moving his fingers. He stops, and then clenches them into a fist.

Rick Mad: Alright, that's enough of this crap. Shut it off!

The lights turn on and the audio/visual people oblige Rick Mad, who now obviously has a microphone.

Rick Mad: You want me, come get me!

Shannan Lerch: Rick Mad, showing no fear.

Luscious Jackson: Or maybe he just wants to get the beatdown over with.

Rick Mad: Get out here. Let's do this. Now.

The sound system comes to life, playing "Sound of Madness" by Shinedown.

Shannan Lerch: Finally.

Zach Davis: I'm having deja vu. This feels exactly like when we were waiting to find out who was behind Mikami.

Luscious Jackson: And then it was Rick Mad.

Zach Davis: Right, full circle.

Shannan Lerch: Wait, what's happening on the other side of the ring?

Rick Mad is still staring down the entrance way, not noticing that someone very large and disheveled has jumped the crowd barrier and is now right behind him, towering over.

Zach Davis: That's definitely the same guy who broke into Mikami's apartment.

Shannan Lerch: He's huge! Who is it?

Luscious Jackson: Don't ask me. I'm only here once a month.

The music fades out.

Rick Mad: Come on! Get out here already!

The man reaches and grabs the microphone from Rick Mad. Rick spins around and his eyes go wide.

Luscious Jackson: Oh, damn.

Before Rick can react, the man hits him in the head with the microphone, sending him to the mat.

Zach Davis: Talk about bad feedback.

The large, bearded man throws the microphone out of the ring and kneels down, raining punches on Rick Mad's face.

Shannan Lerch: In any other line of work, this is where security would show up.

Luscious Jackson: The wrestlers police themselves. It's a good system!

As if to prove Luscious' point, Mikami runs down the ramp with a steel chair and slides into the ring. He raises the chair to hit the man in the head...but then stops.

Zach Davis: Something's going on here.

The man stands up. Mikami drops the chair, a look of shock and confusion on his face.

Shannan Lerch: I think he recognizes him.

The man takes all the hair hanging in front and pulls it back, revealing a familiar face.

Luscious Jackson: Is it?!

Shannan Lerch: It is!

Zach Davis: It's Steve Carr! Almost eleven months since we've seen him last!

Shannan Lerch: He looks like he hasn't shaved or cut his hair since then, but that's definitely Steve Carr!

Luscious Jackson: We get this shocking news, and the first thing you talk about is his hair. Women.

Zach Davis: It is pretty weird seeing him with anything other than that crew cut.

Mikami cocks his head sideways, mouth gaping.

Shannan Lerch: Despite apparently knowing who Steve Carr is, Mikami doesn't seem to understand any more of this than we do.

Zach Davis: That seems to be a recurring theme. For someone who thinks of himself as a master planner, he sure gets left in the dark a lot.

Carr looks back at Rick Mad, spits on him, and then calmly leaves the ring and walks up the entranceway, leaving Mikami to stand there.

Luscious Jackson: I'm trying to think of all the things this could mean. I got nothing.

Zach Davis: I think we might have to wait a week to find out what went on here.

Shannan Lerch: Yeah, a week if we're lucky. These guys seem to just love dragging out the drama.

Rick Mad starts to come to. He reaches out for Mikami to pull him up. Mikami slowly backs away and gets out of the ring.

Zach Davis: Whatever just happened, it seems like he doesn't know whether he should trust Rick Mad anymore.

Luscious Jackson: That's been buildin' up. This was the last straw.

Mikami walks to the back, leaving Rick Mad to use the ring ropes to get to his feet and leave.

Anthrax vs Doc Henry vs Havoc

The lights flicker on and off and Metallica's Cyanide kicks through the airwaves. Anthrax steps outs through the smoke but stops on the edge of the ramp. Colton stands with him and both men do the same taunt; both hands in the air with a very mean face. Colt leads Anthrax down the ramp and into the ring. Colton makes sure everyone knows that Anthrax is here to fight.

Zach Davis: Anthrax in the ring.. with Colton I might add.

Lights dim, to an orange glow as if at sunrise, as music starts.

With the main guitar riff, Doc enters the arena in a light haze.

As lyrics start, he slowly raises his head looking into the ring, raising his hands up for a slow pop. Lights fade up as he does this.

I wake up in the morning
And I raise my weary head
I got an old coat for a pillow
And the earth was last nights bed

Doc proceeds to the ring high fiving the crowd.

Only God knows where Ive been
Im a devil on the run
A six gun lover
A candle in the wind

Walking up the steps and ducks under the top rope. Pumping his fists and getting the crowd riled, he fist pumps facing all four sides.

When youre brought into this world
They say youre born in sin
Well at least they gave me something
I didnt have to steal or have to win
Well they tell me that Im wanted
Yeah Im a wanted man

Gallantly removes hat and saddle coat before extinguishing cigarette on ring post.

Im colt in your stable
Im what cain was to abel
Mister catch me if you can
Im going down in a blaze of glory...

Shannan Lerch: And Doc Henry in this match as well.

"Undead" by Hollywood Undead hits and Havoc walks down the ramp with his United States Title around his shoulder. Havoc gives off the title to the ref and taunts to the loud chorus of boo's. Anthrax and Doc hit Havoc from behind and he goes over the top rope! The crowd cheers and Doc rolls up Anthrax!

Luscious Jackson: Da match iz startin' yo!

Zach Davis: One! Two! Kick out!

Anthrax kicks out and then gets up and throws Doc into the turnbuckle. The bell already rang before, and Colton is yelling at Anthrax to punch harder. Anthrax keeps the punches going and going then throws Doc across the ring into the other corner. Anthrax hits a clothesline in the corner! Doc stumbles out of the corner and goes down. Anthrax gets to the apron, but Havoc grabs him by the legs and throws him off. Havoc slides in, and waits for Doc to stand up. Doc gets to his knees and Havoc runs looking for the Boot to the Skull! Doc moves out of the way catches Havoc from behind and hits a German Suplex! Doc pins! One! Two! Anthrax breaks the count.

Zach Davis: What a match up for the US Title!

Anthrax picks up Havoc and throws him into the corner. Havoc just runs out of the corner hitting a clothesline on the shocked-Anthrax! Henry kicks Havoc in the gut and hits a suplex out of that! Henry pins, but it's broken up by Anthrax again. Henry gets up and throws Anthrax out of the ring to which Colton tries to get him back up and back into action. Havoc grabs Henry and throws him to the ropes hitting a dropkick to the front of his knee sending him in a violent flip! Havoc drops a knee on the back of the head of Henry and pins. Two count with a kick up. Havoc argues with the ref and drops another knee on the back of the head of Henry. Stands up. Drops another knee to the back of the head of Henry. Henry decides to roll out of the ring. Havoc goes to get up but Anthrax clotheslines Havoc down. Anthrax picks up Havoc and throws him inside. Anthrax gets between the ropes to get in and Havoc hits a dropkick sending Anthrax backwards with his feet caught in the ropes. He now hangs upside down!

Shannan Lerch: Whoa! Henry is back in the ring behind Havoc!

Havoc turns around and Henry hits the Gambler's Hand! It could be over! Henry pins the leg. The ref counts One! Two! Colton pulls the ref out and argues that Anthrax is still hanging upside down! The ref slides back in and starts the count all over again! One! Two! Havoc kicks up! Henry gets mad at Colton and gets out of the ring, and follows Colton around the ring. Anthrax still can't get out of the ropes. Havoc hits a baseball slide dropkick to the face of Henry on the outside of the ring! Henry crashes into the guardrail. Colton gets to Anthrax and helps him down. Anthrax holds his legs and takes a breather. Havoc slides Doc Henry into the ring. Havoc slides in, but notices Anthrax taking a breather. Havoc slides back out of the ring and sneaks up behind Anthrax. However, Anthrax has the help of Colton. Anthrax turns around and delivers a right hand to the face of Havoc sending him down. Anthrax gets in the ring and ducks an attack from Doc Henry. Henry turns around and Anthrax hits a pump handle slam!

Zach Davis: Torque! It's over

Shannan Lerch: It's over!

One! Two! Havoc slides the ref out and then slides back in. Anthrax doesn't know what's going on and as he turns around, Havoc hits a kick and a DDT. Havoc slides Anthrax into the corner and goes to the top rope. Havoc bounces off and hits the Vader Bomb! Havoc signals for it again. Havoc goes to the middle rope then bounces, but Reb catches Havoc on his shoulder, walks over to the middle of the ring and smashes his shoulder into his knee! Henry hits the ropes but Colton pulls the top rope down and Doc flies over the top rope but lands on his feet. Colton is shocked. Anthrax slides out. Henry goes to punch Colton, but Anthrax catches it, turns him around and throws him into the ring post! Anthrax slides in and catches Havoc and puts him down with a spinebuster!

Zach Davis: Anthrax wants to end it now! Winning the United States Championship!

Anthrax signals for it and picks up Havoc. Henry slides in, however, and shoves Anthrax to the side and hits a Russian Leg Sweep on Havoc!

Shannan Lerch: What a match!

Henry gets up and picks up Anthrax, but Anthrax hits a low-blow so no one can see, and then pushes Henry out of the ring. Colton hands Anthrax some brass knuckles, and tells him to hit Havoc over the head with them. Anthrax turns around and Havoc hits a stiff running Yakuza Kick! The Lungblower as it's called! Colton doesn't know however and Havoc pins Anthrax! Colton holds Doc Henry back from getting into the ring!

One! Two! Three!

Zach Davis: Havoc wins!

Hollywood Undead sounds off and Colton turns around to notice the ref raising Havoc's arm! Havoc slides out of the ring with the US Title and goes up the ramp. Henry gets mad and slides into the ring trash talking Anthrax whose out cold. Colton slides in, but Henry turns around and catches him. The crowd cheers for Henry! "DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT!" Henry smiles and hits the Gambler's Hand on Colton! Crowd cheers but the United States Champion is Havoc.

Shannan Lerch: This whole Anthrax and Doc Henry thing is far from over.. and how about Havoc. He survived, and gets the win!

Zach Davis: Henry will get another shot. Mark my words!

Winner Gets What They Want
Seth Lerch vs Logan
No Disqualification Match

Master of Puppets hits.

Luscious Jackson: Set--

The sound from the announce booth becomes interrupted.

Zach Davis: Seth Lerch..

Chia-Like, I Shall Grow cuts over Master of Puppets.

Shannan Lerch: Logan.. ?

Each of the competitors music comes to a closing, the two both walk out from the back arguing with one another.

Luscious Jackson: It looks like Loga--

Shannan Lerch: From what I can hear, Logan is insisting that he make his entrance first.

Zach Davis: These two arguing over who comes out first? Christ.

The two rattle off to one another, standing on the top stage, spot light to the audience. Lerch levels the argument stuffing a finger into Logan's chest. Logan, of course, responds kicking Seth's shin. Hopping the stage in annoyed agony of the shinkick, Seth further encourages the Three Stooges-like encounter by poking the 'eye of treachery'. Logan sells the eye poke to the full extent, staggering the stage in circles claiming he'd been blinded. Taking advantage of the effect blinding maneuver/poke, Lerch clinches the sightless Logan into his side and begins descent down the ramp.

Zach Davis: Seth Lerch with the early advantage.

Luscious Jackson: Inde--

Shannan Lerch: Indeed, as sexy as that eye of Logan may be, it can be poked.

Zach Davis: Shades of Flair.

Shannan Lerch: Very effective.

Luscious Jackson: Ver--

Zach Davis: Very.

Seth Lerch shoves the near eyeless Logan under the bottom rope and instantly joins him, the bell rings. Lerch provokes Logan, egging him on to get up with wild slaps to the back of the head and face full middle finger taunts. Logan raises, the crowd raises.

Luscious Jackson: A look of determin--

Zach Davis: Determined! Logan looks determined!

Luscious Jackson: What the fuc--

Shannan Lerch: Determination is especially sexy when it's Logan being determined.

With the crowd behind Logan, he finds the long lost adrenaline rush he needed from the get go, and with that, he charges Seth spearing him to the mat. Seth counters rolling Logan off of him, climbs to his feet, Logan fires back on the attack with a close line, Lerch ducks, Logan's momentum gets the best of him and he flies into the ropes, Logan bounces off and springs back to Lerch with a cross body, it connects! Logan makes an early pin.



Seth kicks out. Logan calls for an early end, signaling for a Connector. The crowd digs such calling. Lerch notices this, shaking his head, a look of fear stretching his face for he knows how devastating the move can be. Logan grabbys at Seth, wraps him in a sleeper, Lerch throws elbows into Logan's side to break free but it's not enough! Logan hits the Connector on Seth and pins!




Luscious Jackson: Early vi--

Zach Davis: An early victory.

Shannan Lerch: Indeed.

Chia-Like, I Shall Grow plays through the arena. Logan climbs the turnbuckle, raising his arms on que with the crowds anticipation of raising arms.

Zach Davis: Logan is going to get what he wants... and that can mean only one thing!

Luscious Jackson: Logan versus Tort-

Zach Davis: Logan versus Torture!

The referee looks a bit puzzled talking to another officer who stands by at ring side, the jumbotron comes to life, we clearly come to realize Seth's foot was lazily slung over the bottom rope. Logan notices this.. a little late.. Seth throws an arm between his legs slinging him off the turnbuckle and low blowing him in the process, the back of Logan's head smacks off the ring mat and in result we get Seth Lerch with a school boy pin on a dazed surprised Logan. The referee drops.




Luscious Jackson: Wha--

Shannan Lerch: What?!

Seth Lerch, still suffering a bit from the Connector, rolls out of the ring and Master of Puppets hits. Logan remains laid out on the mat still temporarily unconscious from that awkward landing on his head. Lerch limps up the ramp and goes into the back. The referee tries to wake Logan.

Shannan Lerch: Oh m--


Zach Davis: ...

Shannan Lerch: ...

Zach Davis: What does this mean for Logan? Is he fired... again?

Shannan Lerch: We'll see what Seth has in store for him next week...

Winner Gets Final Spot in the War Match
Slickie T vs Dake Ken

Zach Davis: And now... one of the most highly anticipated matches in WCF history, I'd say.

Shannan Lerch: A bold claim! But not far from the truth. Slickie T versus Dake Ken.

The arena fades to black as a red, white, and green spotlights begin to circle the crowd and a red glow appears on the left side of the stage, a white glow in the middle, and a green glow on the right, as “Gravesend (Lake of Fire)” by Lordz of Brooklyn begins to blast over the speakers and the three lights come together in the center of the stage where Slickie T stands with his back turned to the crowd, his arms extended to form the shape of a “T”. He watches as the screen shows a roulette wheel spinning as the pill comes to settle on the green 00 space and the camera zooms in on the pill until the screen becomes completely white and then “Slickie T the Ace of Hardcore” scrolls across the screen in black in front of a waving Italian flag. Slickie then quickly turns as the pill settles in the 00 space and red, white, and green pyros explode behind him as he slowly makes his way down the ramp, slapping hands with those who are reaching out to him. As he reaches the ring, he quickly climbs the ring stairs, looking out over the crowd before grabbing the top rope and vaulting over the top of it and into the middle of the ring. After glancing over the crowd with a thin smile on his face, he climbs a turnbuckle and throws his arms out once again to form a “T” before backflipping off the top turnbuckle and back into the middle of the ring as the lights come up once again.

Luscious Jackson: The Ace of Hardcore, Slickie T, Allen Guiliano.

"Bow Down" by Born of Osiris hits on the PA system. The lights dim down as the guitars and drums hit as spot lights focus on the curtain. Dake pops out from behind the curtain with both arms raised. He pauses for a moment and looks around the arena, soaking in the fan reaction, before lowering his arms and starting down the ramp. He slaps a few fans' hands as he makes his way to the ring. He walks over to the steps and quickly walks up them. He plays to the crowd a bit before stepping into the ring and making his way to the far turnbuckle. He hops up onto the second rope and poses to the crowd.

Zach Davis: And here is Dake Ken. Former World Champion, the man that took the belt from Torture, member of the Elite... truly a WCF legend.

Dake hops off the turnbuckle, and looks towards Slickie T. The bell rings.

Shannan Lerch: Here we go!

Both Slickie T and Dake Ken meet in the middle of the ring, cautiously. Dake Ken puts out his hand, and Slickie T shakes it. The crowd applauses, and both men immediately back off from one another afterwards.

Luscious Jackson: A sign of sportsmanship! Don't see that every day 'round here, thats for sure.

The two circle one another for several moments before tieing up. The crowd is buzzing, wanting to see who gets the upper hand. The two both fight for control of the grapple, and eventually they break it, no one having gotten an advantage. Both with heads of steam, they grapple again. This time Dake gets the advantage, and takes Guiliano down to the mat. He quickly goes to lock in the Canadian Maple Leaf, but Slickie T knows whats coming and quickly gets away and back to his feet. The two are again at a stalemate.

Zach Davis: If Dake Ken had locked in that move, he'd have such a huge advantage throughout the rest of this match, and Slickie T knows it.

Slickie T comes back at Dake, but Dake kicks him in the gut. Dake throws Slickie to the ropes, and then executes an Arm Drag. Slickie T gets up, Dake hits another Arm Drag. Slickie T gets up again, and Dake hits yet another Arm Drag. Slickie T gets up once more, and this time he picks Slickie T up onto his shoulders, going for a Death Valley Driver. Slickie slides behind Dake, however, and Dropkicks his back. Dake is sent chest first into the turnbuckle. He stumbles backwards, and Slickie T takes him down with a Russian Legsweep. He then goes to the turnbuckle, jumps up, and hits a Split Legged Moonsault! The crowd pops.

Shannan Lerch: Never know what you're going to get from the Ace of Hardcore!

This results in a pin. One!, Two!, no, Dake gets his shoulder up. Slickie T presses his advantage, getting up and kicking Dake several times. He then slides under the ropes and gets onto the apron. He waits for Dake to stand up, and once Dake is vertical Slickie T springboards from the ropes and hits a Springboard Bulldog!

Luscious Jackson: Dake came out looking strong, but looks like Slickie's speed and high flying have gotten him the advantage now!

Dake hits the mat hard, and Slickie covers him again.



No! Dake again gets his shoulder up.

Zach Davis: One thing to think about, Dake Ken is no stranger to high stake matches here in WCF. Slickie has been in a main event or two and had several US Title matches, but he's never had a match at this level in WCF before. The longer this match goes, I think it gives Dake Ken the advantage in that aspect.

Slickie pulls Dake into the middle of the ring, and locks in the Boston Crab.

Shannan Lerch: Going back to Dake going for the Maple Leaf earlier, if you take out someone's legs, they're very very vulnerable. Both Dake Ken and Slickie T use Superkick variations as big moves, and damage to the legs could take that away.

Guiliano has the move locked in good and he's torquing Dake's legs as much as possible. Dake is yelling in pain and crawling towards the ropes. Very quickly, in fact, as he hasn't been too worn out at this point in the match. Dake reaches the ropes before any serious damage has been done, and the ref forces the break.

Luscious Jackson: Very close call for Dake Ken.

Slickie pulls Dake back into the middle of the ring. He climbs to the top rope, quickly as possible.. pauses for a second, getting ready.. and flies off with a 450 Splash! Dake gets his legs up at the last second, with Slickie's stomach hitting them with a big impact. Slickie rolls away, clutching his stomach.

Zach Davis: This is Dake Ken's chance to get back in this!

Dake Ken and Slickie T both slowly work their way to their feet. Dake hits Slickie with a forearm, Slickie hits him back. Dake then kicks Slickie in the gut, hard. Slickie doubles over, Dake Ken quickly pulls him in and hits a Powerbomb! Slickie hits the mat hard and Dake Ken falls on top of him.



No! Slickie kicks out now!

Shannan Lerch: That was a great move on Dake Ken's part, and he almost had Slickie there. He just needs to keep this momentum going.

Dake Ken gets up, and pulls Slickie into the middle of the ring now. He grabs Slickie's leg and kicks him several times before locking in a Figure Four!

Luscious Jackson: Woooo!

Dake pulls on Slickie's legs, and Slickie yells in pain.

Zach Davis: The tides have turned! Several moments ago it was Dake in this position, but now Slickie is in danger!

Slickie thrashes around, trying desperately to grab onto a rope, but he can't reach anything. Instead, he tries to shift his weight so as to turn the Figure Four over and reverse the pressure onto Dake's legs instead. Right as Dake is about to flip, however, he releases the hold. He quickly grabs Slickie's legs again and this time puts him in a Boston Crab!

Shannan Lerch: The exact same hold Slickie had Dake in! What is Slickie going to do now?

Now Slickie T is able to at least crawl towards the ropes, which he uses all of his strength to do. Slowly, slowly. The Slickie T fans in the audience begin to clap, urging Guiliano towards the ropes. He's almost there.. within inches..

Luscious Jackson: He's so close, he's got it!

But no! Dake releases one of the legs, pulls Slickie back into the middle of the ring... he has the Canadian Maple Leaf locked in!!

Zach Davis: There it is! The Maple Leaf!

Shannan Lerch: Things are NOT looking good for Slickie T here!

The Dake fans in the audience cheer loudly while Slickie T fans start a "PLEASE DON'T TAP!" chant. And, once more, Allen Guiliano must fight out of a hold. Again he begins crawling towards the ropes, though this time he's even slower than before as he's been in submission moves for a long period of time now and they have taken their toll. But inch by inch, he's making it. Dake looks back at Slickie, unhappy, wanting him to tap. But Slickie keeps crawling... and eventually gets to the ropes! The crowd pops huge as he grabs it!

Luscious Jackson: SLICKIE T STAYS ALIVE!

Dake releases the Maple Leaf, but quickly grabs Slickie's legs again. Slickie knows that one more submission move would end the match and quickly kicks Dake away. Dake comes up once more and Slickie trips him up, grabbing him and sending him through the middle of the ropes and outside of the ring!

Zach Davis: Looks like things are going to spill to ringside now.

Shannan Lerch: Which is good news for Slickie. He's the Ace of Hardcore and if he wants to get back into the match, this is the way.

Slickie rests in the ring for several moments, regaining his composure. He gets to his feet just as Dake Ken, on the outside, is getting to his. Knowing he doesn't have any time to spare, Slickie hurls himself over the top rope with a Cross Bodyblock onto Dake Ken! Both wrestlers crash on the outside.

Luscious Jackson: Slickie is giving it his all, but I hope he didn't hurt himself doing that move more than he can deal with.

Slowly but surely, Slickie T works his way up, pulling Dake with him. He throws Dake to the ring steps, and Dake crashes with a loud thud. Slickie then picks Dake up for a Vertical Suplex, but lets Dake's stomach hit the guardrail. Slickie climbs up to the apron, and jumps off, hitting a Guillotine Leg Drop on Dake's prone body! The crowd chants "HOLY SHIT!"

Zach Davis: Slickie is laying it all on the line here!

Slickie picks Dake up and rolls him back into the ring. He pins him, hooking the leg.



No! Dake gets the shoulder up!

Shannan Lerch: So close!

Exhausted, Slickie T once again works his way up. And again, he and Dake Ken are hitting each other with blows, lefts and rights. Slickie swings with a big Clothesline, Dake ducks it, HITS A BIG GERMAN SUPLEX!

Luscious Jackson: Dake Ken is back in the match-

But Slickie T lands on his feet! He's behind Dake Ken, and quickly he spins him around... T-BONE!

Zach Davis: THIS IS IT!

Slickie falls on top of Dake, pinning once more.




Shannan Lerch: SLICKIE T WINS!

Zach Davis: What a huge matchup! Slickie T gets the victory!

Slickie's music plays, but neither man moves for several moments. Eventually, Slickie gets to his feet as Dake rolls out of the ring. The ref raises Slickie T's arm in the air.

Luscious Jackson: Slickie T is going to War... as the last entrant in the match. This is going to be interesting, yall.

Shannan Lerch: Interesting to say the least!

Slickie rolls out of the ring, heading to the back after his hard fought matchup.

Mikami vs Torture vs Johnny Reb

The lights go out and "The End of Everything" by Trivium plays. Two spotlights shine on the ramp entrance revealing Mikami standing there with his arms crossed. At the part of the song when the chanting starts, Mikami walks down the ramp and the lights follow him. He climbs into the ring and raises his arms, palms up, as the music ends.

Zach Davis: Mikami playing a sleeper here tonight. He just was announced into this match up, and like we've said before, you never know what you're going to get out of the World Championship Series.

Shannan Lerch: Mikami is one tough cookie, no doubt.

Luscious Jackson: Here comes my boy!

Jamais Vu by Dredg hits the speakers and the crowd erupts into a loud chorus of boo's. Torture comes walking down slowly through the isle and through the boos. Loud vulgar language is hurled Torture's way but he doesn't care. Torture smirks. He stops at end of the isle. He looks out at the fat, toothless crowd and slides into the ring. Torture leans against the rope and signals for the World Title being wrapped around his waist. Torture's music stops.

Zach Davis: Well, Torture is in the ring looking for gold for the third time in his career..

Luscious Jackson: I love this du-

The lights go out.

Shannan Lerch: OHHHH YEAAHH!!!

The crowd erupts in anticipation.

The first notes of "Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynyrd Skynyrd begin to filter through the PA system. Lights dim slightly, and colored spotlights play across the arena in time with the music. As we hear Ronnie Van Zant's voice, Johnny Reb walks out on the stage, Doc Henry a pace behind him. The Birmingham crowd gets to their feet, cheering wildly.

Big wheels keep on turning
Carry me home to see my kin
Singing songs about the Southland
I miss Alabama once again
And I think its a sin, yes

Reb and Doc stride to the head of the ramp, surveying the arena imperiously for a moment before starting toward the ring.

Well I heard mister Young sing about her
Well, I heard ole Neil put her down
Well, I hope Neil Young will remember
A Southern man don't need him around anyhow

Side by side, the two men proceed down the ramp, beckoning to the audience, encouraging even more adulation.

Sweet home Alabama
Where the skies are so blue
Sweet Home Alabama
Lord, I'm coming home to you

As the fans sing along, Johnny leaps onto the outer edge of the ring and turns to face the audience, leaning casually against the ropes, and grinning like a fool. Doc joins him, glaring balefully at Reb's opponents.

In Birmingham they love the governor
Now we all did what we could do
Now Watergate does not bother me
Does your conscience bother you?
Tell the truth

Johnny turns again toward the ring and vaults over the top rope. He removes the WCF Title from around his waist and climbs the nearest turnbuckle, holding it high and eliciting another huge pop from the crowd. He waits there, poised, soaking in the attention.

Sweet home Alabama
Where the skies are so blue
Sweet Home Alabama
Lord, I'm coming home to you
Here I come Alabama

Johnny steps down off the turnbuckle, handing the belt off to a ring attendant, and the lights return to normal as the music fades away.

Zach Davis: An entrance fitting for a World Champion!

Shannan Lerch: That's right Zach! Damn that was great!

Luscious Jackson: It was alright.

Zach Davis: Shut it Jackson.

The ref holds the World Heavyweight Championship high in the air to show all three competitors and all four sides of the ring. He gives the title to a staff member, and then signals for the bell, but Torture catches the ref's hand.

Zach Davis: What's going on here?

Torture stands in the ref's face discussing something. Torture points to himself, and shakes his head no, then puts his finger in the chest of the ref. The ref agrees and signals to NOT ring the bell just yet. The ref walks over to the side of the ring with the isle, where Doc Henry is standing. The ref points at Doc.. then violently points at the back! The crowd boo's hardcore.

Zach Davis: Wait what?

Shannan Lerch: I don't get it!

The ref rushes over to Kyle Steel, the ring announcer.

Kyle Steel: I've just been informed, that Senior Official; Thomas Naveed is demanding Doc Henry to leave the ring side and to watch the rest of the event in the locker room!

The crowd erupts into more heat.

Zach Davis: What? That's horse.. You know what!

Shannan Lerch: Torture is saying something.

Torture looks into the camera, and with no microphone mutters the words. "Hey, you don't see my guys out here. Doc Henry has to go! He has to go!" The ref keep's signaling for Henry to go to the back. Reb bends through the ropes, and Henry and Reb discuss something before Doc Henry walks up the ramp pointing at Torture... Henry exits through the curtain and the ref signals for the bell to ring!

Ding Ding Ding!

Zach Davis: Mikami! Torture! Heavyweight World Champion; Johnny Reb! Three way dance! WCF-Style!

Shannan Lerch: Here we go!

Luscious Jackson: Ohhh yeah! I'm ready!

Reb, Mikami and Torture stand in the ring and are about to go at it when Torture hits his back and rolls out of the ring. Reb is distracted by it and trash talking Torture to get back in the ring so Mikami takes advantage! Mikami hits a small punch-attack on the back and now face of Reb in the corner. Mikami throws Reb into the opposite corner where he stumbles out and Mikami goes for a crossbody. Reb catches Mikami, side steps to the ropes and throws Mikami over the top rope and lands on Torture! Reb taunts and the sold out arena goes CRAZY! Mikami gets off the mats and slides back in where Reb throws him against the ropes and hits a standing front flip clothesline! The crowd loves it! Reb pins. One! Two! Torture slides Johnny Reb out of the ring, grabs his head and smashes it in the ring post! Torture slides in just as Mikami is standing up. Torture kicks the midsection of Mikami then hit's a quick T-Bone suplex! Torture looks at Mikami whose down and Johnny Reb slides in. Torture hits his back and rolls out of the ring. The crowd boo's, and Reb holds out his hands like what the hell pussy? The crowd loves it. Mikami hits Reb from behind and gets back on the advantage. Mikami throws Reb against the ropes and hits a back body drop to the outside. Reb lands on the apron however, and Torture still doesn't realize what's going on behind him. Mikami doesn't either. From the apron, Reb just springboards into a moonsault and lands on Torture on the outside! The crowd erupts and Mikami realizes what's going on. Mikami hits the ropes, runs, and leaps over the top ropes into a flat spin flip and lands on Reb and they smash into the guardrail! Mikami and Reb lay out along with Torture. The crowd chants Reb's name and he's the first up, he slides Mikami into the ring. Reb slides in, but Torture trips Reb and he lands hard on his front side. Mikami hits a leg drop on the back of the head of Reb. Mikami pulls Reb in the middle of the ring and pins. One! Two! Torture breaks it up.

Zach Davis: Wow what an opening to this match.

Shannan Lerch: Torture needs to get in this match, he keeps escaping out.

Luscious Jackson: Master plan yo. Might be a plan.

Torture picks up Mikami and throws him out of the ring. Torture then stalks Reb from behind and signals for the Tortures Device. He locks on Reb with the Tortures Device, spins out of it, but Reb shoves Torture off into the ropes where Mikami hits a kick to the head! Torture stumbles backwards and Reb hits a kick to the back of the head of Torture sending him down and rolling out of the ring. Mikami springboards to the ropes, leaps at Reb, but Johnny hits a standing dropkick to the face of Mikami sending HIM down! Reb hooks the leg and pins but it's only a two count. Reb picks up Mikami and throws him into the corner. Reb goes to the opposite corner and taunts to the crowd. Torture stands up on the apron behind Mikami and begins to choke him out! The ref doesn't even notice at first as the crowd begins to boo, and Reb runs over, but Torture throws Mikami into Reb and jumps off the apron to the outside. Reb and Mikami collide and they stumble, Torture slides in, and bulldogs Johnny Reb to the ring mat! Mikami gets up just as Torture starts right hands backing Mikami up in the corner. Torture throws Mikami against the ropes and hits a standing shoulder tackle! Mikami goes down as Torture stands above him. Reb pops up and goes for a clothesline, but Torture ducks that, Reb hits the ropes and Torture hits a mean back body drop in the center of the ring. Torture pounds his chest with both fists and holds his arms in the air. Mikami squirms around on the mat so Torture picks him up and sets him up between his legs for a powerbomb. Torture lifts Mikami up, in the air for the powerbomb, but Reb catches the back of the head of Mikami as Torture sits out for a powerbomb, and Reb hits a neck breaker! Torture gets frustrated that Reb upstaged him, so he gets off his ass, picks up Reb and hits a lethal attack on his back then throws Reb outside through the ropes.

Luscious Jackson: Torture's in control now.

Zach Davis: What a move on Mikami however. A power bomb and a neck breaker?

Shannan Lerch: Mikami is out in the ring, but Torture has Reb up!

Torture drops Reb chest first on the guardrail! Torture picks up Reb and throws him into the ring apron before hitting a few back hand chops and then picks up Reb on his shoulder and walks to the far end of the side of the ring. The crowd is yelling at Torture to drop him. Torture runs with Reb on his shoulder and smashes his head right into the ring post! Reb falls off the shoulder of Torture and into the mats of the outside. Torture rolls inside of the ring and hits a clothesline on Mikami who was just getting up. Torture picks up Mikami from behind and drops his legs on the top turnbuckle and Mikami lands hard on his back and neck! Torture looks vicious. Torture slides out of the ring and drags Mikami by his legs to the ring post while he lays out inside the ring. Torture takes one of the legs and smashes it over the ring post. The ref bends down and checks on Mikami and Torture notices an opening. Torture takes one of the chairs from next to the ring and walks over to where Johnny Reb is and swings it, but Reb ducks and Torture smashes the chair against the other ring post. Torture drops the chair and Reb hits a standing side kick to the chin of Torture causing him to lay out on his back. Johnny Reb slides in and grabs Mikami and hits a back suplex. He pins. Only a two count. Reb picks up Mikami and throws him against the ropes where Torture lowers the top rope and Mikami goes flying to the outside and stumbles into the announcers table. Reb notices Torture on the apron and shoulder-attacks him off the apron, and into Mikami which both men fly into the announcers table, Tort taking the brunt of the hit as he went over the announcers table into the guardrail.

Luscious Jackson: Well look out, they're right out here in front of us!

Zach Davis: We just put this announcers table back together, jesus christ!

Shannan Lerch: It's not broken yet, Zach. Calm down. Look out! Mikami has Torture!

Mikami throws Torture into the ring apron and hits a dropkick. Torture sits out. Mikami stands up and Reb crashes down on him over the top rope! Reb picks up Mikami and throws him over the guardrail into the crowd! Reb jumps over the guardrail and follows Mikami whose stumbling towards some sort of balcony. Reb attacks Mikami on the back with a water bottle and some pretzel tray! Reb stands Mikami up and slams him into a popcorn machine! WCF Security has an entire place blocked off now, to let these two fight! Reb picks Mikami up and hit's a suplex! The ref doesn't know what to do, as he's getting official word in his ear piece. He let's the two fight through the crowd. Reb goes to pick up Mikami but he scrapes across the eyes and throws Johnny Reb into a electrical box! Mikami clears off a near by wooden table. He drags it to the middle of the cleared path for the two to fight. Johnny Reb tries to climb up to the next level of the stadium but Mikami hold's on to his leg and then slams him off and Johnny Reb lands on cold concrete! The crowd "whoa's" in unison! The hit looked stiff and real. Mikami doesn't care and punches away at Johnny Reb cutting him open across his forehead! Mikami punches Reb at least fifteen times with straight right hands and throws Reb up on the table. He lays him out. Mikami thinks for a second then turns around and climbs up the wall to get to the next level of the stadium. He reaches the top and more than 2/3rd's of the crowd is booing. Mikami think's about it, then looks down.

Zach Davis: He's more than thirty feet easily!

Shannan Lerch: World Champion is laid out on the table, and Mikami is on the second level of the Stadium! He's seriously thinking about jumping? This could be career-suicide!

Luscious Jackson: Torture is still out in front of us.

Zach Davis: You have to wonder if he's thinking about the last hour and a half! Rick Mad might be in his head..

Mikami think's about jumping once again and then turns away. Mikami isn't going to jump, just when, out of nowhere, he turns around and taunts and leaps off the edge and frog splashes off the second level of the stadium and crashes right through Johnny Reb and the table! The crowd stands up in unison and begins to chant "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!"



Luscious Jackson: Hey look! Torture is over there!

Torture clears the table out of the way, moves the security and medical personell who just got to the scene, and picks up Mikami. Torture lifts Mikami up and walks away from the crash-site and through the crowd. Torture puts Mikami down and then throws him over the guardrail back into the area of the ring. Torture jumps over the gaurdrail.

Zach Davis: Mikami is limping, something may have happened with his legs.

Shannan Lerch: Torture back on the offense.

Torture picks up Mikami and rolls him onto the ring apron. Torture slides in and smiles like the cocky son of a bitch he is. Torture, whose in the ring, stands Mikami up whose on the apron. Torture drags Mikami over the top rope and holds him in a headlock (like a DDT) and now Mikami is hanging over the top rope in the grasp of Torture. The ref slides in and begins to yell at Torture to drop/let go of the hold! Torture then hits a vicious and stiff dragonscrew neckwhip DDT right in the middle of the ring!

Zach Davis: OH MY! Torture just killed Mikami!

Shannan Lerch: The neck of Mikami looks worse for wear!

Luscious Jackson: Tort calls that the Finishing Touch!

Torture crawls over to Mikami and pins!


Shannan Lerch: One! Two!


Reb is in the ring and he just hit Torture over the head with a flying punch to break the hold! The ref stopped JUST before he hit the mat for three. The crowd erupts into cheers as this happened. A replay shows Reb slides into the ring and leaps forward with a punch to the back of the head to indeed, stop the three count. Mikami rolls away as Torture picks Johnny Reb and throws him into the corner. Torture gives right hand after right hand after right hand after right hand until Reb is slowly sliding down the corner onto his ass. Torture takes a step back from the corner and then quickly turns his attention back to Johnny Reb who is hardly moving. Torture runs full speed and delivers a knee right to the face of Reb! Torture turns around and taunts to the crowd. The crowd erupts in boo's. Torture turns around and Mikami runs, catches Torture by the head, runs up the ropes and 180's back into the ring hitting a cutter right on Torture! Tort rolls around in pain, and Mikami pins. The ref goes down, one! Two! Reb breaks the count once again before rolling out of the ring. Torture stands to his feet, and Mikami get's to his as well.. Mikami walks right into Torture taking him down and locking on the Boston Crab! Mikami reaches the ropes, and thus, breaks the hold, Torture let's go, and Reb hits a high-knee right to the face of Torture! The crowd erupts.

Zach Davis: The resilience of Reb astounds me!

Shannan Lerch: He's back in offensive mode again!

Reb picks up Torture and hit's a monkey flip sending Torture into the turnbuckle and landing very awkwardly on his back and neck! Mikami stands up holding his legs and Reb dropkicks him out of the ring! Reb slides out and throws Mikami into the steel steps breaking them apart! Reb walks over the one of the steps and tries to pick it up. Doesn't work. Tries and yells out again and it doesn't work. The crowd starts to chant Reb! Reb! Reb! Reb! Mikami gets up and turns around just as Reb screams out in anguish and picks up the steel steps up over his head! Torture kicks Reb's legs out from behind him however, and the steel steps drop right on Reb! Mikami comes flying over that mess with a forearm smash over Torture's face! Mikami and Torture crash down next to Reb! Mikami gets up using the guardrail and grabs Torture and slides him into the ring. Mikami picks up the near-lifeless Torture and hits a brainbuster! Mikami gets back up and rolls out of the ring to the apron. He stands up on the apron, then moves to the turnbuckle. Mikami climbs up the turnbuckle slowly and stands up on top. Flash bulbs go off, as Mikami leaps off hte top rop and hits his finisher!

Zach Davis: Hammer of Justice !!

Shannan Lerch: Mikami looks hurt though! He's not making the cover!

Luscious Jackson: Damn Torture! Don't let him pin you!

Mikami crawls over to Torture and makes the cover!

Zach Davis: One!

Shannan Lerch: Two!

Zach Davis: THREE!?!?!

Torture's shoulder is up.

Shannan Lerch: No Zach! No Zach! No! Torture kicked up! Somehow some way that sick son of a bitch kicked up!

Zach Davis: Mikami is frustrated!

Mikami sits on his knees at the head of Torture and gives two or three punches. Mikami punches the mat before slowly picking Torture up. They both reach the feet and Mikami goes for some move and puts Torture on his shoulder, but out of nowhere, Torture lands behind Mikami, locks on the reverse-head-lock, and flat spins hitting the Tortures Device !!


Shannan Lerch: Torture pins!


Shannan Lerch: Mikami Kicked out!

Luscious Jackson: Torture is about to put this away!

Torture looks out at the crowd and they begin to boo. Mikami is still out on his back in the middle of the ring. Torture looks back and realizes this. He goes to the apron nearest to the announcers table. Torture climbs up to the top rope and just as he reaches the top, Johnny Reb, bloodied and all, slides into the ring and runs across!

Zach Davis: Reb attacks Torture!

Reb grabs Torture whose on the top rope and throws him off.. Torture lands through the announcers table in one sick, stiff looking spot! Luscious, Zach and Shannan got out of the way just in time!


Luscious Jackson: Tort.. the.. table and right here.. front of us..

Zach Davis: Torture took out some of our headphones and cables here. Shannan is alright, trying to work on her audio now as well.

Reb turns around and Mikami hits a crossbody!

Shannan Lerch: Can you hear me?

Luscious Jackson: I think we're good now.

Zach Davis: We're all good now, Mikami has Reb down though in the ring! Torture is out cold right in front of us!

Mikami picks up Reb, but Reb small packages! One! Two! No! Kickout. Reb gets to his feet, and Mikami gets to his! Mikami goes for a kick but Reb ducks and catches Mikami from behind and goes for a back suplex hitting both men in the turnbuckle corner! Both men crash down towards the ring mat. Reb gets back up however, a bloody mess, and goes for a DDT, but Mikami twirls out of it, and goes for a sidekick! Reb ducks that, and hits a drop toe hold on Mikami and goes for Southern Hospitality !! Reb has it locked on! The Boston Crab move is locked on Mikami right in the middle of the ring! The ref goes down in front of Mikami to make sure the submission is seen!

Zach Davis: The crowd is electric! They want Mikami to tap! They want Mikami to tap!

Shannan Lerch: He's trying to reach the ropes!

Luscious Jackson: Mikami is crawling close to those ropes yo!

Mikami reaches out and grazes it, but just can't grab it, the crowd is a chaotic-riot, chanting Reb's name. Mikami reaches one more time and grabs the bottom rope breaking the hold. The ref tells Reb to break it and he does so falling forward as if he's out of energy once and for all. The huge "aww" from the crowd is heard. Reb fixes his hair, wipes the blood out of his eyes, and gets back up. Mikami gets to his feet holding his legs, Mikami goes for a kick spin kick, but Reb ducks and Mikami kicks the face of the official! The ref goes down in the corner holding his face! Mikami turns around and Reb trips him to his back, and turns him over back into Southern Hospitality !! The crowd goes bizerko-fuckin-nuts! The camera zooms in on Reb's bloody mess of a face and he's yelling out to Tap!!!! The crowd is in a frenzy. Mikami lifts up his right hand yelling out in pain.



Luscious Jackson: He took a hit that's why.


Mikami reaches for the ropes one last time but he can't do and his right hand starts to bounce off the mat signaling for a submission tap out! The crowd erupts but the ref doesn't see it! Mikami is screaming in pain and tapping, Reb is looking back watching the submission and yelling for the ref to turn around! The ref turns around..


Torture slides into the ring and throws Reb out of the ring breaking the hold, Torture turns around and picks up the legs of Mikami and slaps on the Boston Crab! Mikami doesn't know the difference and begins to tap again the ref notices and rings the bell!


Luscious Jackson: Dat's Mah Boy!

Zach Davis: ITS OVER?

Ding! Ding! Ding!


Zach Davis: God damn it!

Shannan Lerch: Reb had it won damn it! Reb won that match!

Torture slides out of the ring and starts walking back up the ramp, stumbling over and falling down. The ref catches up with Torture and holds up his arm and slaps the World Heavyweight Championship down on his lifeless body. Death and Havoc join Torture and pick him up. Jamais Vu by Dredg is over the loudspeakers. Death and Havoc under each arm drag Torture back as garbage and sodas among water and adult beverages begin to shower over the threesome. Torture raises the World Heavyweight title over his head and Death and Havoc hold Torture up right at the entrance stage.

Zach Davis: He stole another one. He stole... another one, Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: I don't even know what to say anymore.. this is getting crazy.

Johnny Reb is in the ring standing up against the turnbuckle corner getting checked on by two WCF officials who are looking over his major cut across his forehead. Reb is discussing something to them, and it looks as if he's very heated. The very chaotic-crowd is chanting.. "YOU GOT ROBBED! YOU GOT ROBBED! YOU GOT ROBBED!" Reb nods in appreciation. Mikami is still in the same position, holding his leg however as another ref checks on his condition.

Zach Davis: Sigh... people in WCF-land aren't going to be happy. Torture has won yet again.

Luscious Jackson: Shit is crazy, yo.

Steve Carr walks out from the back, and all attention turns towards him. Including Mikami, who looks towards the entryway. Carr seems to stare directly at Mikami, and starts clapping. Sarcastically.

Shannan Lerch: Oh, come on now. This is uncalled for.

Mikami's face is unreadable, as is Carr's, but the two men stare at one another for several moments before Carr exits the stage.

Zach Davis: Well fans, I guess we'll see you next week on Slam.

Luscious Jackson: And I will see you next month at War. Unless your name is Anastasia Petrova, I'll see you later tonight after the show.

Shannan Lerch: Sigh.. goodnight.

Revenge fades out.